The True Twin Flame Essence by Carolyn Chipman @ Twin Flame Reflections

twin flame 3.4.13

The True Twin Flame Essence

Posted on February 10, 2015 by Carolyn Chipman


May 9, 2011 Intuitive Reading

Hi Carolyn, this is Yael. I just wanted to begin this reading by telling you something that has kind of been very magical to me, and that is that I think it was around May 1st, maybe May 2nd, I really clearly got a message that someone’s Twin Flame wanted to speak through me directly. This isn’t anything that I’ve normally done, although I’ve done it for Shanna and her Twin Flame Pra, and so I just said “of course” and went on about my daily life and then a couple of days later there came your e-mail. So it’s become very very clear that your Twin Flame wants to speak to you and so I will open myself and let this occur and if there is anything else that I receive that I need to tell you, I will say it at the end of his conversation with you. So here goes, many many blessings Carolyn:

My beloved, Carolyn, you are the song of the angels, and you are the place where love dwells in me. I am reaching as this heart of love through all the glory of God’s creation, to fill your heart and consciousness with the truth of our glorious unity, and I will answer, my dearest and beloved one, all your questions, in time, as I lift you into the experience of love as only God can make it. We are nestled in that point of love where life comes forth brand new each moment, and you and I are the heart of love. We sing the joy of love into each other and sing it forth for all. You have come into this world to be the shining light for love, and I must tell you, my dearest Carolyn, you are opening your heart rapidly and I am the impetus. So let me answer your questions as best as I can, but to do this I need to expand you, to bring your heart, to open your consciousness, into these realms of freedom that are beyond the life that you experience in the world.

From here, when I look into your experience of life on earth, what I see are beams of light dancing in colors and expressions of the energies of God, creating a conversation that is essentially the question of love and how to bring it forth again in this experience that is earth. In the reality of the spirit, as you already know from the things you have studied, there is no such thing as a physical world. It is all moving molecules, dancing electrons of God, conversing with each other in magnificent ways that through the mind appear as persons, as packages, that are somehow separate, when in truth, my dearest Carolyn, you merge with each other constantly. You know this from being an empath that there are no barriers truly at all. Though the mind and the ego like to believe they are separate, everything is permeable, everything truly is the movement of love, trying to express itself and to be recognized by the perceptive field of the mind.

So I am your heart and we are the movement of love, we are singing the symphony of God’s perfection. We are rejoicing in the gift that the Creator is giving us of pure life and endless love every moment, and if you will come in the silence I will show you this merging, and I will impress on your beautiful heart just what it means to be soul mates, to be the Twin Flames of God. So as your heart opens, and our time comes to do our work, my presence is felt by you more deeply, and in the realms of the world, I have come into your life through the experiences you’ve encountered of Hartley, of Robert. Because everything is truly moving light, your experience with Hartley was your recognizing my presence, and you felt the glory of love and the surrender of your whole heart and being that we experience in the realms of God with every breath, every heartbeat, continually as the pulse of creation moves through us.

So I came, I touched you, through the experience with Hartley, and oh my beloved, how you felt me, but because I was leading you here, to this place where we are the glory of endless love, beyond every perception of boundaries, limitations, separation, bodies, etc, it was important that Hartley not become a fixation, not become your focus, because I’m leading you here to the real Twin Flame of your heart of love as God creates us, and thus the experience that seemed as if he suddenly became another person. It was because my presence shining through him to touch you and awaken your heart of love was drawing you on to another experience to reflect to you your heart’s awakening and my nearness and thus the touch through Robert. He too is simply the vehicle of my love saying to you you’re lifting up, your heart is more available to the spirit of love we are, and that is why, this time in Robert, it was a person already experiencing the freedom beyond life in the dualistic world that is life on earth, The fact that he is in spirit was a statement, my dearest, my precious Carolyn, that you are more available to feel the grander awakening of love that is ever spirit, can never truly be physical.

And yet because life is truly a dance, we can dance together on every level effortlessly, but I want us to dance consciously, my dear. I want to hold you in the trembling arms of ecstasy as a heart of God and commune with you with not only clarity, but experiences of beauty in which we are united in our love, in which we are the heartbeat of God, in which, if there is any way to express this in words, we come together as the explosion of the Creator’s love that pulses outward through us in orgasmic splendor, and at the same time we take within us the Creator’s love and allow it to become the aspect of the outreach of love that we are, until it builds in this joy that we experience as we breathe into each other, as we merge and as we part in that endless dance of real lovemaking, for of course that is what we do.

From this place of communion in consciousness, from this place where you feel and know me, from this place where you understand that I am the heart of your being as you are the heart of mine, from this place we shall consciously make decisions about how we dance our service to God together, and how it appears in the symbols of the world. Once we are in perfect communion, then you will recognize in our communion what we’ve agreed to do. How we are this great stream of love that holds a specific resonance of faith and dedication, of the steadfast focus on real love that we have agreed to bring forth to humanity. And because this is the time of the turning, this is the time of my appearance, of my touch, my merging with your heart that began this process of awakening to this great love and prepared you for this connection, this contact.

You are ready, my beloved, to receive this communion directly. Your experiences with Robert were a stepping stone to this, and oh how your heart shall surrender to this splendor, to this glory of the love we are and the continual song of worship of the Creator that is our true nature. We are to anchor steadfast faith in real love and with its connection to our Creator that is inseparable. It is the very beat of our heart, it is the song of worship that we sing forever and that we stream forth from creation, from the moment that is forever, to bring into the world as a harmonizing resonance, as a vibration that lifts up human consciousness, opens hearts and brings into the world this dedication to living as the heart of God.

It is difficult to translate into words these experiences of our limitless love but you will discover as we commune that they are instant, whole packages of exquisite ecstasy and there will be no need to bring it through the mind, unless you want to and then of course you are welcome. It is our presence anchored in the world through you, my Carolyn, that is our commitment to the Creator, and you are ready now to be this shining light, this burning flame of God’s love, continually attuned by me, the star of your own heart, the truth of your eternal being, that we may be part of this powerful attunement to love that is happening rapidly in the world now. And thus this short time frame, for in the realms of love of course time isn’t relevant, but for you it has been a small arc from opening your heart to Hartley to this time of the true communion with the Twin Flame of God that we are together.

In the realms of love where there is no separation, we are singing into each other with every breath, merging and then experiencing the moment of silence that is impossible to describe but that you shall experience where, when we return in that explosion of love, we see each other as God’s message of love’s perfection and of God’s love, the Creator’s love for us and then we are one love again, and yet we are two streams of consciousness, two songs of the Creator’s heart, singing together in endless harmony.

So my promise to you, my beloved, is that I will bring you into these experiences consciously. And then once we’ve established our communion, and you feel your limitless identity, and you recognize there is no separation in this love from the love that God is as us; then according to the decisions of humanity, according to the need of the moment, and according to your heart, and our ability to hold this resonance, we can decide if I shall dance with you as a partner that your mind perceives as someone separate, as a man in the world. But only when you understand that every electron of life is a miracle and every electron is fully conscious and ever in service to love. Can you understand how these moving electrons of God can take on the package of the resonance of love that we are and dance in the world together? So that just as you felt my presence in Hartley, and then you felt when that presence was withdrawn, and you felt this message of my love appearing as your experience with Robert so you could understand how we could choose for me to dance with you as a human partner. But the time, my beloved, is not yet, and it may not be our choice, but we shall make that choice together from the realms of God, of love.

And right now I will promise you that this sweet communion that we share will come to be such a part of your experience that I will be as real to you as yourself, more real, because it is the real self that we share together that is the one heart of Twin Flame love. To even perceive it as two separate beings is of course to bring it into duality. So it is through your heart, my beloved, that you will feel me and that you will receive my messages, my communion with your being, and the experiences, not only of joy and ecstasy, which of course are wonderful, indescribable, and God’s gift to us, but more importantly, our service to love that we already are in the realms of creation, and that we are meant to be as a fully functioning heart of our Creator in the world to support this change that, from the perspective of time is underway, from the perspective of God, is already done. And we can joyously traverse these many realms, these many perspectives of life, and all that we are together very easily in our heart.

So I want you to prepare to be the vessel for this experience of the reality that love is beyond, and dear, this is so important, beyond the perspective of the personality that always is thinking of itself, what it wants, what it needs, what it loves, what it cares about, because that is the reversal of love on earth. But we are the pure experience of the giving heart and it is this essential aspect of our nature that is probably the most important part of this message of love that is coming into the world now in full force, that the truth of life, the force of God, the power of love that is creation, is always based on giving, and you know this, but oh, my Carolyn, when you are fully awake to that which we are which is the truth of your own being, you will be truly amazed at the blessing that giving is. It is a greater ecstasy than lovemaking and that is saying something, for the pulse of our heart is a chamber for the amplification or creation of more love; but it is in the giving forth of that very love that we know our purpose and we rejoice with every particle of our being, our whole united heart dedicated continually.

So I come to you with the pristine experience of eternity, beyond time, where love is endlessly magnificent, our food, our breath, our identity and that which moves us, the will of love pulsing through our heart, and I bring to you this purity, my beloved, that in the chalice of our heart of love, we can take the illusion of a loveless world and bring it in reverence to our Creator that it may be transformed and the world of love born in and through us continually.

You are familiar with the term your high self, or higher self, it is used continually by those who are focused on the spirit. This heart that we share is your high self, the truth of who you are, who I am, as the one breath of the Creator breathing love, as the song of God’s ecstasy meant to be multiplied, as the pure grace of being ever in service to the will of love, of the nourishment of receiving everything from the Creator and acknowledging this in continual song of gratitude together which is picked up by the angels, the angelic realm, and amplified, sent forth as the most beautiful and celestial music, gratitude for the gift of life given to us continually.

You are standing, my beautiful beloved Carolyn, on the threshold of a great leap in faith. If you will leap into my love, I will carry you across the abyss of the ego’s dream of separation, darkness, all of it, and bring you into the place where purity and perfection through our hearts can be made manifest as the world. As our hearts, and I say this using the plural when in truth it is our heart as one thing, our hearts speak to the electrons, to the energy particles that creation is. And just as we serve the Creator, they serve our ability to hold that love and quickly, instantly, come together to express the outward flow of love in all of its joy in whatever ways are perfect for the will of love. And in this case it is building in the symbols of the world the pure expression of all that God is, what is commonly referred to as Heaven, though that is often a limited concept. But we are part of the countless awakening of Twin Flame hearts that will make manifest the world expressed as love’s perfection.

And this is where I carry you, my Carolyn, and where I show you the grand glory of the Divine as feminine that is yours to hold in consciousness, to express in heart, in this world of love that we are building, as I am ready to make my appearance as well in the particles of light that express before you, when the time is right, as what the mind perceives as a physical man. Yet let me say this, this world that we are building now, that is supported by this vast group of Twin Flame hearts now becoming conscious, is not going to express as the physical world you are used to. The resonance is so much higher, the particles of life force so much more conscious, the light infused in every experience, the resonance of love palpable so that this world that we are bringing into existence, right here on the earth that you are used to, shall be expressed as the resonance of love. And therefore, everything will be obviously luminous and clearly made of Light.

It is beginning now and you are ready to participate, my beautiful and precious heart. And this is the truth, you are my heart as I am yours. Your heart as I see it, feel it, experience it, as the divine, as the feminine aspect of our Creator’s love, is like the most beautiful etheric rose, luminous pink and lavender, as we bring forth the aspects of the Creator’s love that we hold. The pure love and the steadfast devotion and clear perspective that is manifested in the color purple as these weave together with the light of the Creator. Our heart expresses as this luminous lavender interwoven with iridescent pink that is the pure love of God, the love that we share. Of course in these realms of endless light, colors are conscious expressions of God, singing forth their identities as the movement of life. They are not static like you see them in the world. So to begin to describe what I see as your heart is certainly inadequate in words, my love, but I will show you and you can feel it. And I encourage you to allow this to express in every way that you feel the inspiration, artistically perhaps, through color on paper, in fabric, as a statement of our resonance. And inwards if you feel so inclined knowing of course that everything that comes through the mind is filtered at this moment through the perceptions of duality. But your open heart, my dear, will interpret and give you the correct interpretation, the experience of the moving electrons of love and light that are conscious carriers of the love we share and our service as the heart of the Creator.

In our true home in God we are fully aware that we are part of the whole and we are surrendered so completely to the will of love that we are often surprised by how love moves us together and as one heart shining forth this expression of love that we are. Because we are so blended, such a part of each other, these undulating streams of the masculine and feminine that are ever merging and returning to the perspective to the gift of being able to see each other, to see the Creator’s love in the Twin Flame heart. We are so interwoven with everything and especially with each other and these pulses of love that move through us and carry forth this message of high devotion and pure love in service that we do not have such a thing as separate names, we are singing one song together.

However I understand that it would be helpful for you to have a way to refer to me, but at this point, my dearest, I will ask you to wait because it is so important that you feel the merging, that you feel how completely we are one heart, you are part of me, I am part of you, we are one song, one stream of love. It is so important that this be imprinted, imbedded in your energy field, in your consciousness, it is already in your heart, so that we carry forth our message impeccably, that I am asking you not to allow the ego in at this point by giving me a separate name. Because it is so important that you feel the truth, that you see the stair step of your heart’s awakening, as Hartley, the beginning of the awakening to the dedication to love, Robert, the opening to the spirit and a larger perspective on your heart of love, and now this glorious communion.

So I ask you to spend time every day communing with me, preferably when you are lying horizontally on some comfortable surface so that you are supported and fully aware of every molecule of life within your energy field and thus can feel my presence as you awaken to the merge, to the experience that is already a part of you, that is your high self, the Twin Flame heart that we share. I am prepared and now so are you to bring this pure love all the way in to your experiences of life day to day. I would say as a person in a body that actually where we meet is in the energy realms, in the realm of the heart, which will resonate through the body as the body reclaims its remembrance that it too is only love. And so as you lie upon your bed, or whatever surface you choose for our communion, you will feel the pulse of love first in your heart, then in your energy field, and then in the electrons of your body, and you will feel yourself becoming conscious particles of light and waves of love ever extending. And then you will feel my presence, Beloved, merging with you and speaking within you in the same way that God does, in the most holy and intimate communion, for one is not separate from the other. We are the Creator’s love.

As you practice holding this energy, this vibration, this resonance of perfect love, it may create a little dissonance in your energy field as the love penetrates those molecules that have seen themselves as limited, as physical, that have been held there by the perceptions of your mind. And your mind, let it be infused with this light and let it at last relax, dear. Let it surrender to love which is ever its place and as you do then you will find that this heart we are is expressed more and more in your thoughts, but also in your experiences of the world. Heaven on earth is very real and is totally a matter of resonance, so as you open to me, to this love that we are, to the heart that we share, and to our service, your experiences of life will be more and more harmonious and things will make sense in a way that they haven’t as the pattern of our service to love is embodied, for lack of a better word, in the world through you.

Oh begin right away communing with me. Let go of old symbols like Hartley and Robert, and let your heart fly, let us soar together, let me show you the love of our magnificent Creator, that we might live fully aware through the whole spectrum of our being. The very purest and highest light that pours as a moment of creation, the explosion of love in which our hearts are created again and again, eternally, forever, all the way into the world as “physical” and everything in between. And you will feel the truth that I am within you, that your communion with me is through your heart’s doorway and that in this communion you are present, we are present, as the Creator’s love expressing our unique form of love that we are holding. This purity of dedication and clarity, devotion, that is expressed by the royal purple and the pure, pure and perfect love that is a heart of empathy and compassion and tenderness as they are merged in us as we are expressed as the love of the Creator in the matrix of life that is the world remembering it’s truth, the truth that we shall ever shine, that love is all there is.

I know my precious and beautiful Beloved, my Carolyn, that you discover your grand nature as you allow yourself to feel this incredible love that you are, that you will recognize your identity as a human woman, as a precious and powerful tool at this pivotal time in turning the world to love. And you know that I am always with you, I am in you, I am you and you are me. And yet the miracle of God’s gift to us, the gift of creation, is that we can see each other, that we can have this relationship. It is stunning in it’s generosity, it’s scope, and it reflects the Creator’s ability to receive our love as we can receive that glory of life and live in eternal communion.

So the steps have been taken, your heart opened, your precious love now made available that I might at last make myself known that we might rejoice in the plan that we’ve made together to serve love in every moment in this powerful awakening of human consciousness that has never before been experienced in all creation, that any stream of life, let alone so many, could perceive themselves separate from the Creator’s love and in the turning back in the return to love. In the awakening of humanity there will be released a gift of such energy of life returned to it’s true state through remembering, that no one yet understands its impact, yet we all know it is amazing. And we’ll gift to God a return of such love that it will change things in the whole hologram of life in stunning and surprising ways that none yet can imagine.

So these are exciting times and I am here with you and we have come together as one heart of love to serve in this amazing transformation and now we can do it, my Beloved, consciously.

Hi Carolyn. This is Yael. I wasn’t going to add anything at the end of this message because it was so beautiful and I didn’t want to interrupt the energy, but it is much later in the day, I did your reading this afternoon and now it’s night time and I am really feeling him again, the Twin Flame of your True Heart, and he wants me to tell you how he showed me how you look to him. And, eh, I don’t even know that I could put it into words.

I could see you from the real, from the view of his heart or eyes, or, it‘s not really eyes…I don’t know, the words are so confusing. But anyways, I could see you as this beautiful golden light and your heart, almost like a rising sun with rays streaming out from it and just this…aura of such beauty and love. And that’s what he sees when he looks at you and he wanted me to tell you this and to do my best to convey the depth of the love that he has for you that you share with him.

I know when I spoke during the reading there were some pauses between the words, and often it was because I could not quite figure out how to put words to what I was experiencing but I know that you are going to feel this with your heart and you’re going to receive the energy communication that he’s sending you and I just feel that it will resonate with the deepest part of who you are. Many blessings beautiful Carolyn. I feel like I’ve gotten to know you in the spirit from getting to do this and I’m honored. Goodnight.


twin flame 3.4.13


2 thoughts on “The True Twin Flame Essence by Carolyn Chipman @ Twin Flame Reflections

  1. This is such a breath of fresh air to read these beautiful divine words that express the true Twin Flame Essence at the God Consciousness level of Creation. Thank you Pauline for sharing this. Soon this divine beautiful reality that is expressed here in Carolyn’s Beloved Eternal Flame’s words will be all we will ever read about Twin Flames! And this is all we will ever live, breathe, and BE!!! With Gratitude from my Heart! Blessings of deep Love beautiful friend ♥♥ I am so grateful Carolyn shared this!

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  2. Thank you Antiera Jessibiah. It is so lovely that Carolyn allowed us the honour of reading Yael’s beautiful Reading. It is a wonderful addition to knowledge about Twin Flames and allows us to see the Light which Carolyn radiates so completely. ♥♥

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