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The Guardians by Flora Aube at Fine Art America ART

ART : The Guardians ~ Flora Aube @ Fine Art America 

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By Mercedes Kirkel

Mary Magdalene: When you feel pain, turn to God. You may need a spiritual friend to help you in that moment if it is too hard for you to turn in the midst of pain. It is a good time to call on your strongest spiritual friend who will help you turn to God.


However you do it, through prayer or asking for help from another or meditating, turn to God first. Ask God to help you. Ask all your angels, Spirit helpers, and beings of light you’re connected to, to help you. Ask them to work with the situation. Ask them to connect with the Christ consciousness of the other people involved and to help you connect with Christ consciousness. Ask your Spirit helpers to connect with the Spirit helpers of any other beings involved. Ask for the highest outcome for all involved. Ask that, “Thy will be done,” which is a way of inviting the highest beings to be involved for the good of all. Ask that Christ consciousness be infused into the situation and that it alter the events in whatever way is for the best for all. Ask until you feel yourself let go. That is surrender. You will know it because you come to peace.


Ask to be guided as to what you should do. Then your actions will come from your connection to Christ consciousness, from your surrender and peace. You may do things you would never have thought of otherwise because your creativity has been opened up through your connection to Source. You are being infused with higher ideas. You might be guided to do what you would have done before you turned to God, but you will be doing it from a different place, from a place of peace and surrender.


Do this as often as you need to when you are in pain—physical pain or emotional pain. You might feel the surrender and peace for a while and then slip back into your old way of thinking—fearing the pain and worrying about what’s going to happen, perhaps feeling angry about what you think are the causes of the pain, maybe even angry about life or angry at God. “It’s not fair. Why me? What did I do to deserve this?” And so on. All of that is a sign that you’ve slipped back into your little mind, where you’re not connected to God. Then you need to take another step: go back to prayer, to meditation, to asking for help from someone stronger in that moment, to asking for help from God.


Asking is so important. We respect your free will. Even though we want to help you, we will not step in until you ask. We ask the same of you with others. Respect their free will. . . . Free choice is a divine attribute that you on Earth have been given, and respecting it is part of being aligned to the Divine. . . .


You are not alone. You are never alone. This is the greatest challenge for human beings to learn. It is the challenge of having been born as a seemingly separate individual. We are here with you always. Just call upon us, and we are here. We are powerful and we are for your highest good.


I love you, and my heart is with you.

I AM Mary Magdalene


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The Guardians by Flora Aube at Fine Art America ART