Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Archangel Gabrielle – I Am Gabrielle and I Am Gabriel ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

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ART :  Gabrielle by Mara Diop


Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Archangel Gabrielle – I Am Gabrielle and I Am Gabriel, March 24, 2015

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset

Linda Dillon                Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca        Host, InLight Universal

SM: Today we welcome Archangel Gabrielle to the show to discuss the topic of integrated wholeness. Speaking to wholeness as it relates to gender and orientation. This is also about being at peace with our own choices, as well as the choices of others. Our evolution into the higher dimensional expressions of ourselves leaves no room for judgment, nor can we afford to identify with being an oppressed section of a population in flux. Compassion for ourselves and others is key for the world we want it to be. Good Morning Linda.

Linda: Good Morning Suzi. It’s really a pleasure to be here this morning and of course Archangel Gabrielle is my go-to archangel, my go-to gal, and so whenever she’s coming forth, I’m all excited. Not that there’s a hierarchy of the Council of Love, but she’s an incredibly special one to me because she’s been my teacher.

Archangel Gabrielle or Gabriel will and can come across as the most gentle flower or breeze, and also as the strongest – well the Central Administrator of the Omniverse. So there are times when she very softly coaxes you into your understandings, and there are other times, in my words, when she sort of smacks you upside the head. She’s forthright and she doesn’t mince her words, so I’ll be very interested to see what she has to say to us today about the Integrated Self.

SM: And it can be a sensitive topic. People have their wounding around this and I can certainly understand if you’re someone who has dealt with ridicule and shunning all your life. It’s understandable how we can identify with those things, but it does not serve us to identify with those, or any label whatsoever…or what people say we are. We’ve gotta let it go.

Linda: Yes, that’s the thing. There comes a point at which you just say, “Let it go” because it doesn’t serve. Not only does it not serve the collective, it doesn’t serve you. And if we are told one consistent message through every single Being we talk to it’s, ‘Let go of judgment’ – that there’s never any element of love, of peace, of joy in judgment. And so when you fall into judgment, whether it’s of yourself, somebody else, or a group, it just creates chaos and distortion; what Archangel Michael describes as distraction in your very core. And then what you do is you pay attention to your distraction and judgment rather than really focusing on the love that you are, and embodying that love and going forward on your own journey.

SM: Yes, and when you let this judgment of other people affect you, then you in turn are the one who’s doing the judging. It doesn’t matter what other people think.

Linda: What’s that expression? What you think of me is none of my business. And I think that really sums it up. And we see this. We still see it in ourselves from time to time. And we certainly see it in high school and all the peer pressure – how kids are socialized and acculturated to buying into what the clicks or small groups think, or think you should be up to, or what you should be doing. And that doesn’t, in any way, promote being a future member and a current member of the Creator Race.

SM: Well, we could go on, but I imagine you have a nice meditation for us, and we can welcome our fabulous guest and see what she has to say.

Linda: So let’s begin by sinking into your heart, deeper and deeper and deeper, like a penny dropping into the water of a very still pond. Feel your energy dropping down out of your head, out of your mental body, your emotional body, out of the business of your day, of the week ahead. And just feel yourself sinking into your heart, into your chair or the floor, your bed, or your car seat…wherever you are. And let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of gold…that beautiful gold of Archangel Gabrielle…that rich molten gold, that old Florentine gold, the brilliance of the great central sun…the daffodils of Spring…of dandelions…of marigolds and canaries. Breathe in that gold…that rich gold, and feel yourself warm as this just flows right through you, like molten lava filling your head and your neck and your chest, your tummy, your root, your legs, your feet…and spreading that gold all over our beloved Gaia.

And it’s the gold of wisdom. And it’s the gold of joy. And breathe in that sense of joy. When you’re in wisdom, when you’re in joy, there really isn’t much room for anything else. So let it fill you, as once again we go into our hearts, and through that pin-prick of light, into your corridors of your inner heart, into the beautiful golden chamber. And take a moment and look on the walls. Look at the messages, the pictographs, the images, the symbols that you have written there to remind yourself of who you are, in the largest sense, in the most universal sense, and in the smallest sense of what gives you joy and brings you that sense of peace and balance right now. So look.

And as you stand there, I want you to see Archangel Gabrielle standing directly in front of you…this mighty archangel, with her hair of spun gold and her eyes of the most incredible crystal blue, and a smile that has lighted thousands of universes. And she is looking directly into your eyes and into your very core. And she is holding a set of scales, what you have often thought of as the scales of justice.

Archangel Gabrielle: Child. I bring you these scales this day that you will learn how to balance. That you will learn and incorporate, and come to love this sense of balance, this sense of stillness, this sense of integration. It is part of your journey. And it is part of the journey that you have arrived at in this very moment of new times. And it is not a question of whether or not you will do this. This is a piece of your essential undertaking. It is a part of your claiming not only your birthright, but your joy. It is a time when you are declaring yourself as not “either-or,” but as all. Take these scales from me. I give them to you freely as a reminder for you to maintain this sense of balance.

Linda: Reach your hand out and take the scales from Archangel Gabrielle. Hold it out in front of you and see how those scales set. Does one side lean to the right or to the left? Do not judge. Simply be the observer.

Archangel Gabrielle: I am Gabrielle and I will continue. I help you reset the scale and I help you – there are times when you will wish to lean to the right or left and that is perhaps necessary and fruitful at given times. But every day and in every moment, we suggest you set yourself in the center of the stillness, because that is the place of balance and that is the place where you will be able to have the perspective to see not duality, but the center point of integration.

Let me announce myself. I am Gabriel. I am Gabrielle. Now that alone should settle the conversation and the discussion about gender. Do you see what I am saying? Let me continue. I am lily of love, trumpet of truth, messenger of One, Central Administrator of the omniverse. Now – who would have thought that a feminine archangel could have such a prestigious job? (Laughing) And yes my friends, I come this day to bring you joy, but also to bring you this balance and the perspective of what and who you are.

Let us begin. You – first of all let me digress – why on earth, and it is peculiar in particular to earth, because we are not merely galactics, or intergalactics, or archangels; we simply are. And so there has been an assignment that has been quite strange and peculiar, that in the last few hundred years there has been assignment to the archangels as to gender. And what we also find peculiar is that you decided that we were all going to be masculine. That is not correct. And why I announce myself as Gabriel and Gabrielle is so that you will realize that infinite, eternal balance. I choose, and particularly through this channel, I choose to present myself, to operate and to be known as the representation of the Divine Feminine. Because let us suggest that this representation has been grossly unbalanced. But let us say, look to yourselves my beloved ones…what you are suggesting, of gender preference, of actuality, well I could go off on a diatribe on this one…but nevertheless, let me suggest that duality and polarity rest within.

You are saint and sinner, victim and perpetrator, hero and martyr, electric and magnetic. You are male and you are female. And all of these attributes rest within you. You are above, you are below, you are divine, you are human. Why, sweet angels of light, pathfinders, wayshowers, portals, gate keepers…why are you focusing on defining yourself in such a narrow manner? You are all of the above and so much more. We have spent years, we have spent millennia trying to help you remember the truth of who you are; to rediscover and to reanchor and find the balance of love within, without, above, below; to be the embodiment of the Mother/Father/One. You are being offered in so many ways: new times, new reality, nova earth. Why, sweet angels, children of Light, children of the Mother, why are you distracting yourself? And you say to me, ‘Gabrielle, sweet Gabby, I feel like a victim. I feel I have not been seen. I feel that I am not being heard.’ There has been a history, a very sad and pathetic history of terrorism upon this planet. And it did not just start yesterday. And this terrorism has been the diminishing of the human spirit, of the angels in form into such solidity that the Old Third dimension actually took institutional form, mental form, emotional form…and now you are at a time of liberation and freedom. So do not cling to the old, which has never served you. It has only shackled you and kept you as prisoner…less than you are.

It is time of declaration. It is time for claiming who you are. Each of you – now let me be very clear about this, and I speak to every single person upon Sweet Gaia – each of you has been male and female. Do you have a preferred form? Most of you do, just as I do. But you have all been both genders. You have all been heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian. You have been straight. You have been gay. You have been thief. You have been generous to a fault. You have been saints. You have been sinner. Dear hearts, you have done it all. You have completed that cycle. Dearest, do not begin to reinvent the wheel.

What is the truth of this discussion about whether one has sexual preference because of karmic debt? It is absolutely absurd. Yes, I know, I am known as being very frank in my discussions. So let me be very clear. This is not about guidance. This is about the declaration of truth. So first of all, you have been given the gift of karmic dispensation by Jesus, Jesus Sananda, Jesus Christ, Yeshi, Yeshua, it does not matter how you choose to call him, he has given you this gift and he has given it again and again. And I would really wonder why you are not taking advantage of this? So if you have an issue about karmic debt, we would suggest that you go ahead and do this exercise and erase that notion from who you are. Because there is no place for it within the process of ascension. You do not carry karmic debt…not that is owed to you and not debt that you owe. So let that one go.

You are electro-magnetic. Yes, as you are becoming more of your light body, of your crystalline self, you are becoming more electric and less magnetic, but that is part of the DNA shift. That DNA shift has already been accomplished the first time you entered into the thirteenth octave when your twelve strands of DNA were woven into one strand, the thirteenth. So you can let that one go as well.

You embody the Father, the Mother, the One. You carry the masculine and the feminine, and all beings have traits of both genders. It is simply that for this round, for this incarnation and in service to the Mother, you have chosen one form. But that doesn’t mean that you have not inhabited all forms, because you have. You could not reach this time and this place of mastery without having gone through all of these experiences. You know the pain and suffering that the human race has gone through and you know the joy and victory and the sense of becoming that the human race has gone through. It has never been duality. It has never been either-or. That was a construct of the old and it does not exist.

When we have declared that we are in sacred union, that we are in sacred partnership with thee…do you really think that we have said, ‘Alright now, you line up with the masculine masters and archangels, and you line up with the feminine?’ Now, each of you has a heart and soul and spirit connection to certain angels and to certain masters, to the divine masculine, to the divine Mother…but that is more a dictum of your soul, of your love, of who you have offered eons ago to align with and to serve. It has never been a definition of gender or sexuality or preference in any way, shape or form. What you are doing when we have requested… begged for you to be in sacred union with us, in partnership with us – there has been a precondition, a presupposition. And that precondition dearest, has been that you are in sacred union and partnership with yourself, with the totality of your sacred self, of all aspects, all forms, all history past, present, future in terms of how you think of it. It means that you have come to that place of love and from that place of love you do not enter- you cannot enter- into discrimination or judgment about another. The entire purpose of what humanity has chosen for this ascension process is in fact unity, the unity of the collective as one. Therefore, all the barriers: race, gender, financial wherewithal, societal status, nationality, all of these have been eliminated. You are Gaians as one, proceeding as one in love. If you truly are at that place, then all else falls away.

Now, there has been a great discussion, and we do mean this in the best sense of the word…a great and important, critical, pivotal discussion about the nature of intimacy, about the nature of sacred partnership, about the nature of sex. Because that is part of the gift of being in human form. It is part of the reminder, the spark of ecstasy, of bliss, of being in form. But you cannot even reach that place of unity, of bliss, of true intimacy if you are in discrimination with yourself or with anyone else regarding gender, sexual preference, race, color, creed, social status. Do you understand what I am saying?

Yes, Dear heart, I guess I have gone on my diatribe.

Where do you wish to begin dearest Suzanne?

SM: Oh, I’m so appreciative of this conversation and your directness. It’s very wonderful and brilliant and very much needed. And I could let you go on, but I could also ask questions. I just want to confirm: The end of duality is not necessarily the end of gender, like when we’re firmly in the higher dimensions, we’ll be able to choose form and expression and shift as we wish?

Archangel Gabrielle: That is correct. Now let me explain. The formulation of this beautiful planet is so much more diverse than the human understanding, if you think of it in terms of where you are at the moment. Now, we have been declaring and inviting with the New You, with Nova Earth, with ascension, with all the major aspects of the shift, for you to claim and integrate the fullness of yourself. When Gaia volunteered for the Mother, as my sister, Gaia is a primarily feminine archangel. And what does that mean? It means that her alignment, her first love is for the Divine Mother. That is all it means, but in that, the diversity was created for this planet which was a place for angels and others to come to play, to know the joy of physicality. So there was gender created so you could have the experience and the joy of being male or female. But you could also choose to be a rock or a mountain or a tree…

SM: Or a whale…

Archangel Gabrielle: …or a whale, or a goldfish. So here was the diversity and there still is. This is what the humans do not understand. There was a diversity of choice and so yes, interdimensionally, you have a choice of gender in physicality, and in spirit when you are completely home with us – out of what you think of as human form, not out of form completely – but you adapt to various forms. You still have a preference about how you align. So it is that simple. Yes, the gender differentiation and the variety of choices will still exist.

SM: It’s been said, I believe Drunvalo is the one who put this across, that the merkaba vehicle is set before incarnation as in the orientation of the top pyramid, and it determines sexual orientation, among other things. Can you speak to that?

Archangel Gabrielle: What you think of as your merkaba is basically your Seal of Solomon … it is the seal that was placed. It is a – think of it as a holographic patterning and seal that was placed upon you to keep you safe. It was not a seal of predetermination. That would require that you would come again and again in one gender, in one form, and even if you were in the predetermination of feminine, that if you embodied as male you would be gay, or you would be neutral. You would not have the full joy of the experience that you are choosing. So the predetermination factor in this discussion, can we say, is incomplete. This Seal of Solomon was placed upon you to keep you contained and safe as you descended into a realm that you weren’t familiar with.

SM: And it’s also called the ascension vehicle.

Archangel Gabrielle: Yes it is.

SM: We can use it to move out as well?

Archangel Gabrielle: You can use it to move interdimensionally. You can use it to move out as well. It is a sacred symbology. You can think of it as your personal spaceship. Think of it as your personal bubble. But yes, it is a vehicle to move around the universe. There is a saying that now you are free to move about…well, now this is it, your merkaba.

SM: If we can talk about form, the focus on this ascension is that we are bringing our physicality with us. It doesn’t require physical death, although that can be part of it if we so choose. What I’m wondering is, I know there’s so much letting go of the “how” of all these things that are happening. My flesh and blood body, how different is it actually going to be? I mean, the changes are already taking place, although my back doesn’t hurt the way it used to and interesting things are happening. Is there ever going to be a time that it becomes clear to us that, “Wow, my body is crystalline and I have a form, and how neat is that.” It’s hard to see how it can be in this flesh and blood body that has aches and pains.

Archangel Gabrielle: Part of this difficulty that you are describing is because there is still what you might think of as a mental, emotional blockage to accepting the truth of who you can really be. So many of what you have called the ascension symptoms – you have been focused on the symptoms, and let us talk if I may for a moment – is that right now, in addition to the plethora of ascension symptoms that you have been experiencing, there is a great deal of mental fogginess which many of you have been experiencing. That is in an attempt to get you out of your marriage, your union with the idea, the limited idea of who you are, who you can be…of as you have put it sweet angel, what your flesh and blood body can be.

So you are integrating, integrating, integrating, integrating more and more energies into your physical bodies. Now the other thing that is occurring is that you are flat out exhausted. And that is because with this flesh and blood body, many of you have decided…decided…chosen…made the distinction that your body isn’t perfect. And this is a construct. And you say, ‘Well, no Gabby, this is not a construct, this is a pain in my back; this is a fierce headache; this is me doing one healing and feeling like I have to sleep for four hours.’ Yes, you are holding more energy and your physical form is adapting to that. But the other thing that is taking place would be that you are integrating more energies and while you are integrating every single aspect and fiber of who you are, your physical form is changing as well. As you begin to decide that in fact your physical form, as is, is perfect, is delicious, is supreme, is divine, is beautiful, is the perfect shape and form and color and size…as you make that discernment, what happens is your body begins to shift into its, what we would call ‘original form.’ Your original form is the form that you had envisioned and we had all agreed upon, when you were deciding to incarnate. So it is that blueprint. When many people have visions or visitations of their loved ones who have passed back to join with us, they will often appear in a range of about 20 to 35. And that is because, in that period, most often, you are in your true imprint that you decided that you wanted for this round. Because you have had many many many forms. So you say, “Well, wait a minute, at 27 I was very overweight.” That was not the imprint. The imprint is when you close your eyes. Go back and look at your merkaba and look at the form that is inside that. Look at that perfect body. That is who you are. That was your plan within the Mother’s plan and they are identical. So that is the form that you were assuming, but first what you are going to have to do…and I know, we archangels do not use these words, but I do, ‘You have to let go of your judgment of your current body.’

SM: That’s a toughie.

Archangel Gabrielle: Yes, it is. But that is why I have begun this day by giving you the scales. So you can take the scales and you can look at it and you can say, ‘Oh look, it is tilted. It is way heavy to the right.’ And you bring it back into balance…back into that perfect balance, whether it is mental patterns, emotional patterns, weight patterns, or health patterns until you are in that place of balance…not how we determine it, but how you determine it. This war, and yes Michael has spoken of this war within and the war without, but the war that so many have with their body, with various aspects of their form, of sexuality, of gender…it is a war within and it has need to be brought to a place of peace.

SM: If I might add that my practice lately – I understand that there’s so much energy and help around now that what used to take ten years in therapy could now be just intention and attitude about, ‘I am willing to release all that no longer serves.’ And that includes experiences, memories, trauma, pain, systems that were put into place for survival at some point but are no longer necessary. Would that be accurate that we can give it up, give it away?

Archangel Gabrielle: Child, that would be incredibly accurate. Now let us, as we are talking about the fulfillment right now of the Mother’s plan – now the Mother’s plan has many variables, many elements, et cetera, and we could go on literally for millions of years talking about the Mother’s plan. But really, what is the Mother’s plan? The Mother’s plan is the reflection of her intention. And so when you align with the Mother’s intention, which is to be in alignment with that which is of love, it is therefore to be in alignment with the highest part of your being. So your statement that you are letting go of what does not serve is ultimate perfection.

SM: Beautiful, because I have been understanding that my patterns in this life are a reflection of things that have happened in past lives. Emotional wounding seems to play out in event after event, and it seems that it was actually designed to bring up the original event for healing and awareness. So it’s not necessary to track the original event and know exactly what happens. Just be willing to let it go.

Archangel Gabrielle: That is absolutely correct because what has taken previously 10 or 20 or 30 years in therapy, which is expensive in the truest meaning of the word, can be accomplished within 10 minutes to an hour. So think of it in that way, that you do not need – yes, in addition to the rebirth of love which the Mother has just spoken of, what is occurring right now is what we would call the wounded self, the wounded warrior. That is all coming to the forefront, not necessarily for picking away at understanding the details of the atrocities that were committed upon your soul, upon your body, upon your being, but rather for absolute release and relinquishing so that that wound can be healed. And you say ‘Well how do I go about that Gabrielle?’ And I say, how you go about it dear heart is, take my gold…now it is the Florentine gold, it is the elixir, it is many forms of golden bubbles of joy…but take it and see it as the liquid gold, and you simply cauterize your wounds, and when you do that it is filled with love and joy. Your heart is injured? Fill it with my gold and cauterize it, seal it so that you don’t leak out, so that you are restored, that you are renewed and that you can go forward in joy.

SM: Yes. Beautiful. This is brilliant. I really appreciate it. It’s wonderful. So, do you have anything else that you would like to add to this fabulous conversation?

Archangel Gabrielle: I would like each and every person, not merely you who join me this morning, but all of you upon this glorious planet of my beloved sister Gaia – I would like you to embrace the totality of who you are. If you are gay, if you are straight, if you are neutral, if you are bi-sexual, embrace it. Enjoy who you are. And enjoy the joy that intimacy with your sacred self, with us, and with others – with human beings, with intergalactics that populate your planet. Do you really think that there is any discernment on our side or throughout the galaxies about whether you are straight or gay, male or female? We have reached a place of equality a while ago dear heart. So embrace the truth of who you are. Celebrate it. And in so doing, it acts like that penny that I have started with this morning. It will have a ripple effect. It is when you hide away in fault and shame, in blame or guilt, that you suffer. And you are suffering in ways that no longer apply. You are suffering for an old paradigm that does not exist and never, never hurt you or restored you in any way. It is your ideation that is hurting you. Yes, the actions of others and their ideations as well, but it’s not of truth.

So begin with me this day embracing who you are, embracing the love that you are because that is all that counts. You are love, plain and simple. That is all you ever have been and all you ever will be. And it is in that embrace, that embodiment, that engendering, that you reach back home. Come with me and be free.

Go with my love and go in peace sweet angel.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

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Heart Openings and Ascension – Part 1/2 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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ART : Rapture of The Heart ~ Flora Aube @ Fine Art America


Heart Openings and Ascension – Part 1/2

Sri Ramana Maharshi

It intrigued me that Archangel Michael would characterize my heart opening as permanent:

AAM: And, yes, your heart is open. The opening is, and will, and shall continue.

S: You mean permanently Lord, really?

AAM: Yes

S: Oh my! Please!

AAM: Because, you have said yes! (1)

The only permanent heart opening I had been aware of until then was the enlightenment deep within the Fifth Dimension called “sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi.”

Achieving sahaja samadhi is the end of our unfolding Ascension process.

Let’s look at the differences between the very joyful experience that I had, which was not enlightenment, and sahaja, which comes a ways down the road and is the culmination of our present phase of evolution.

First of all, though a “permanent heart opening,” mine did not result in a realization of the Self, not even a glimpse.  Bliss, yes, but not enlightenment. Sahaja is a stage of illumination. Mine was a stage preliminary to illumination.

Moreover, rather than leaving me in the permanent enjoyment of that love and bliss, it left me in a state of potential. I had access to the love that flows through the heart and in the breath, but I had to work for it.

So effort was involved and sahaja is known to be effortless. Sahaja means “natural.” Mine was not that.

So the only thing common to the two experiences is the fact that both are said to be heart openings and permanent.

Let’s look in more detail at what the sages – primarily Sri Ramana – have to say about sahaja.

Sage Dattatreya said millennia ago: “A man is said to be free even in this life when he is established in illumination.” (2)

So first of all, there must be illumination or enlightenment and secondly the individual must be “established” in it.  “Established in it” implies permanence.

In a conversation, Ramana compared sahaja with the next level of enlightenment “below” it: seventh-chakra Brahamjnana, or God Realization, which Ramana calls kevalya nirvikalpa samadhi.

“Sahaja is also Nirvikalpa [trance with no movement in the mind]. You are probably meaning Kevala [sic] Nirvikalpa, which is temporary, while the Samadhi lasts. The Sahaja Nirvikalpa is permanent and in it lies liberation from rebirths.” (5)

Ramana tells us that, unless enlightenment is permanent, effortless, and natural, we’ve only glimpsed, rather than realized, the Self.

“By repeated practice one can become accustomed to turning inwards and finding the Self. One must always and constantly make an effort, until one has permanently realized.

“Once the effort ceases, the state becomes natural and the Supreme takes possession of the person with an unbroken current. Until it has become permanently natural and your habitual state, know that you have not realized the Self, only glimpsed it.” (6)

Sage Dattatreya tells us what the reward of sahaja is: “[The seeker’s] bliss is unending. He almost forgets this world of appearances. This highest Consciousness is identical with liberation.” (3)

We’d say that the individual with Sahaja would forget the Third Dimension, which is, comparatively speaking (since all that we know is illusion – Fifth, Sixth, and all dimensions),the world of appearances or illusion.

This is the stage called sahaja: being “established” in enlightenment. And this is liberation. (4)

Tomorrow we’ll conclude our look at sahaja as a permanent heart opening.


(1) Personal reading with Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 13, 2015.

(2) Dattatreya in Swami Chetanananda, Avadhuta Gita. The Song of the Ever-Free. Calcutta: Advaita Ashram, 1988, 95. [Hereafter AG.]

(5) Ramana Maharshi in S.S. Cohen, Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 88.

(6) Ramana Maharshi in Paul Brunton and Munagala Venkataramaiah. Conscious Immortality. Conversations with Sri Ramana Maharshi. Rev. ed. 1996, n.p.

(3) Dattatreya, AG, 95.

(4) So many people consider Brahamjnana as the point at which liberation occurs and it’s not.  During the seventies we used to call Brahamjnana “full enlightenment.” Not even sahaja is that.

The Process of Ascension Part 2 – The Arcturians and Your Galactic Family @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 30.2.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Process of Ascension Part 2 – The Arcturians and Your Galactic Family

3-29-15 The Process of Ascension Part 2 The Arcturians and Your Galactic Family

As you continue your process of ascension, and it is indeed a process, your consciousness expands into higher and higher frequencies. Therefore, you will be able to consciously perceive and collect higher and higher frequencies of thoughtforms and energy fields. By “collect” we mean that once you perceive an energy field, it awaits in your aura until you decide what to “do” with it.

In other words, you are no longer a passive observer of life. The very creative and/or destructive forces of your reality, thoughtforms and energy fields, allow you to chose whether you wish to feed that energy with fear OR send it your unconditional love and transmute it with the Violet Fire.

Furthermore, the energy field and thoughtforms that you send into you reality will return more and more quickly. Hence, you will no longer be able to be “unconscious” about what is occurring in your reality. The best part of your expanded awareness is that you can observe your own energy fields and thoughtforms to see if you want to send them out into your world, or transmute them with unconditional love and Violet Fire.

In other words, you become multidimensionally aware of your self and of your reality. If you are in a fearful state, which is often because you are stressed, tired, hungry or have become embroiled in a negative thoughtform, you can instantly release and transmute it within the NOW. However, if you become embroiled in the 3D Matrix, you will be unconscious of that which precedes the creation of your reality.

If you thoughts and emotions are based on love, you will be happy when they return to you. However, if you fall into fearful thinking and emotions, they too will return to you very quickly. Since Gaia is a “cause and effect” planet, Her ascension is based on having myriad “causes” (thoughtforms and energy fields) that return to Her planet to facilitate Her process.

Therefore, dear emissaries of Light, mind the thoughts and emotions that you send out into your world, as they will return to you more and more quickly. On the other hand, those who are far from expanding their consciousness and actually live in the frequency “power-over-others,” will not receive their energy “back in their awareness” for quit a bit of your “time.”

This may appear unfair to those of you who do not understand that ascension is a process of complete mastery over your earth vessel. When you do not understand that fact, you may become impatient because you not understand that YOU are the one who is gauging the speed of your ascension by the frequency rate of your consciousness that YOU create with your own thoughts and emotions.

In past ascensions, humans would study for at lease seven lifetimes, as well as for their entire life previous to their ascension. They all faced great challenges, had to go into the Astral Plane and heal ALL their selfish acts, and often lived many decades of absolute poverty, constant meditation and immense self sacrifice.

The term “ascension” has become modernized in your world of “get it quickly,” and “where do I pay for it?” You “pay for your ascension” with complete and total control of your every thought and emotion. Therefore, ask not what ascension can do for you, but what you can do for ascension.

Furthermore, in your era, ascension is not just for an individual, but for an entire planet. Therefore, humanity, who is supposed to be the most evolved species on Earth, must release their attachment to being human. In this manner, you can remember that a very small component of the lowest frequency of your Multidimensional SELF has “logged in” to this 3D reality.

When you logged in to your present reality, as you have myriad realities running simultaneously within the NOW, you did so via your “signature frequency.” Your signature frequency is the spark of your individuality that lives in an “individual” earth vessel that you are wearing in order to participate in the holographic project of life on the third/fourth dimension.

Your signature frequency is the core frequency of your Multidimensional SELF. The 3D aspect or your signature frequency intermingles with other your 4D signature frequencies and flows in unity consciousness with your signature frequencies in the 5D and beyond. In all of your myriad versions of reality, you are the same signature frequency.

Once you perceive your reality via the higher perceptions of thoughtforms and energy fields, you begin to recognize how every personal thoughtform displays the signature frequency of its creator. There are also “group thoughtforms/energy fields” of the groups that are so united that they have a “group signature frequency.”

This group is very intimate and is able to take excursions in consciousness as ONE being.

The group is much like the members of an airplane, except that every one knows and unconditionally loves each other. Some of these groups are small and some are quite large. Either way, the members of these groups are so aligned with each other that their individual thoughtforms easily merge into the group thoughtform.

Once your individual consciousness expands into the fifth dimension and beyond, you move into “Unity Consciousness,” because you are on the cusp of ascension. Therefore, you begin to collect all the thoughtforms and energy fields you have ever created while logged into the 3/4D Matrix. You begin first with that which you have created in your current incarnation.

Then, your unity consciousness begins the merging with all the myriad versions of your SELF. Therefore, your fifth dimensional consciousness seeks to unite with all the thoughtforms and energy fields you have every created in the ALL of your third dimensional incarnations.

All these thoughtforms and energy fields reunite into the sender’s signature frequency to exist as ONE. In other words, as you consciousness expands into higher and higher frequencies and dimensions, all your “markers,” all the elements and derivatives of your signature frequency, become reunited within the growing unity consciousness with your ever- expanding sense of SELF.

Therefore, once all the elements of your thoughts, emotions and actions from your current earth vessel are reunited with your signature frequency, you begin to collect the thoughtforms and energy fields from all your incarnations on Gaia.

Ascension is NOT about leaving.  Ascension is about taking full responsibility for every thoughtform and energy field that you have ever created while holding a form on the Earth. Do you understand how you are gathering all components of your signature frequency, your SELF, to resonate in Unity Consciousness with the creator or your reality, YOU?

As you continue your Mission to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension, you must gather, unconditionally love and transmute all that you have ever thought, felt and done while wearing an earth vessel. Once you have gathered all the thoughtforms and energy fields from all your incarnations on Gaia, you begin the process of transmuting all these elements back into their innate fifth dimensional expressions.

Your contribution to planetary ascension is that the transmutations of your personal elements of earth (symbolizing your actions), air (your thoughts), fire (your spirit) and water (your emotions) flows into the earth, air, fire and water of the planet.

You volunteered to enter this incarnation to assist with planetary ascension. Therefore, you are the Captain on the Ship, who is last to leave. Therefore, you remain with the planet (ship) to open the portals into the higher dimensions by calling in all elements of your SELF to work as ONE within your own signature frequency.

As your consciousness expands to embrace your Multidimensional SELF you remember the promise you made to assist Gaia to ascend back to Her Multidimensional Planetary SELF. You will keep this promise by expanding your personal consciousness into planetary consciousness. In this manner, as you transmute your personal self, you also transmute your planetary self.

While you resonate to planetary consciousness, you offer up your personal elementals of earth, air, fire and water to flow in unity consciousness with earth, air, fire and water that resonate to planet Gaia. Thus, any transmutations that you create within your own form, is automatically shared with the Gaia’s form.

In this manner, all third dimensional elements are transmuted into fifth dimensional elementals. As you continue to work in this multidimensional manner, your signature frequency returns to its full multidimensional expression. At this point you do no longer need to “ascend” to go to the fifth dimension and beyond, as you have remembered that you ALWAYS were in the fifth dimension.

You did not “leave” the higher worlds to “come” into your earth vessel. Instead, you extended your multidimensions consciousness, the core of your own multidimensional signature frequency, to consciously perceive the third/fourth dimensional matrix.

You had forgotten how easily the illusion of separation could lower your consciousness by filling you with fear. In fact, eventually, you forgot that you were multidimensional. Then, you became stuck on the fourth dimensional wheel of life and death in which you were born to 3D—died—to 3D and become aware of 4D, then died to 4D and return to 3D—then you would start the wheel again.

You believed that you lived and died and lived and died and lived and… Once you entered the 3D/4D Matrix, you began to forget that YOU never left anywhere. YOU extended your awareness into another frequency of reality. It is the NOW to extend your consciousness back into the higher dimensions.

But first, you must collect ALL of your SELF so that you can transmute it.

Then you will share that transmutation with Gaia.

Additionally, you will share ALL the transmutations of ALL the Earth realities you ever experienced with Gaia in any timeline. With the memory of your personal, signature frequency, you can send out the power of your unconditional love and Violet Fire into every parallel and alternate life you experienced on Gaia.

Once you have gathered all your human expressions of self on Earth, you gather your non-human expressions. Yes, many of you have chosen to take on the forms of animals, plants, as well as some higher dimensional beings such as Faeries, Devas, and over-lighting  Spirits.

The challenge that you promised to fulfill before you took any form on third or fourth dimensional Earth is that, you promised to remain “conscious” while you gathered your SELF. To remain connected to your Multidimensional SELF you cannot allow any thoughts, emotions, behaviors and/or desires to arise from your “unconscious.”

In fact, you promised, “No more unconscious self.” You are ascending, and if you choose to fulfill the contract you made before you took your earth vessel, you will need to remain fully conscious of your own thoughts and emotions.

Please understand that once your frequency returns to the fifth dimension, your thoughtforms and energy fields manifest in your reality VERY quickly. If you have a fear-based thought and fill it with the emotion of fear, it will become manifest almost instantly. Remember, there is no “time” in the fifth dimension!

Do you understand why you must maintain mastery over your thoughts and emotions?

If you could see your reality from our perspective, you would see myriad thoughts of ascension, unity, unconditional love and Violet Fire being suddenly shut down by a random negative, insecure, frightened and/or selfish thought that just touches the edge of your consciousness.

You are no longer children in training. The frequency of Gaia is moving into the fifth dimension. In fact, there are certain “NOWS” in which the fifth dimension touches down into Gaia to create beautiful “miracles” that extend beyond time and space to transmute all time and space on planet Earth.

On the other hand, there are still “random acts of violence.” These acts of violence mostly come from humans. Therefore, humanity must be the ones to unconditionally love and transmute them. Remember, Gaia is a free will planet based on learning the laws of cause and effect.

We, the Galactics and Celestials, need you, our Emissaries of Light, to perceive these thoughtforms and energy fields BEFORE they land into the body of Gaia and become manifest. YOU have the ability to send your unconditional love and Violet Fire into the Core of those negative thoughtforms and energy fields, so that they will NOT manifest.

You can best do so by saying, “I REFUSE to participate in that possible reality and send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.” In this manner you not only keep your personal consciousness above fear, but you also serve to transmute that energy field or thoughtform before it becomes manifest.

Can you imagine how surprised the forces of “power over others” will be when they understand that their power-over others thoughtforms are being transmuted into power-within creations?

We complete this message by recognizing and thanking ALL of you who are regaining mastery of your own thoughts and emotions, as well as serving as our “clean up crew” to halt fear and destruction while still in the potential form of thoughtforms or energy fields.

We are the members of your Galactic and Celestial Family. Our contribution to you, our brave volunteers to assist Gaia, is to instantly assist you whenever you call us. Just go inside your SELF, and you will find our infinite gift.


The Arcturians and your Galactic Family QUESTIONS AND DISCUSSION: Thank you wonderful readers for all your insightful comments.  I ask you NOW, “How are YOU are perceiving thought forms and energy fields AND how are YOU transmuting them.”

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The Atlantis Heritage – Jeshua – channeled by Pamela Kribbe @ Aurelia

 art martin bridge red female

 ART : Martin Bridge

The Atlantis Heritage

Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends,

I AM Jeshua. I stand before you and send you my energy and love.

I would like to be of support to you in these challenging times.

This time of transition on Earth brings many old things to the surface. Old energies emerge from times long gone by, times in which you were incarnate and had lives in which you experienced much. All these old layers now resurface.

I would like to speak of these old times today, to bring you to a deeper understanding of yourselves, of who you are here-and-now. You are old, ancient beings, who carry within a great deal of experience. Long journeys through time and space you have made, and not just on planet Earth.

Please let me take you back to the beginning. There was never a beginning, but for the sake of this story, I speak of a beginning in time, because there was a starting point to the large cycle of lifetimes in which you are now caught up.

I am taking you to the time of your birth as an individual soul, as a separate ‘I’. The ‘I-ness’ that is so familiar to you now, was an altogether new phenomenon in the universe. Being separate and individual, enables you to gather a multitude of experiences, and yes, illusions as well. But that does not make it less valuable. It is precisely in being an ‘I’, in being separate from the whole, and experiencing the illusions that go with it, that you can discover what is not. You can discover an illusion and experience it from the inside out. At first, this was not possible. At first, there was the One and nothing outside of it, like an undifferentiated ocean of love and oneness. Now try and experience fear and ignorance from in there!

In being vulnerable and prone to illusion, you gather an enormous amount of experience, which enables you to really understand what oneness means, what love means at the level of experience. You will understand what love is, not as an abstract concept, but as a living, creative force that moves you and fills your heart and spirit with a deep sense of joy and satisfaction. This is the end goal of your journey, the Homecoming you are longing for: to be God-as-you, to experience oneness as an ‘I’. You do not want to give up your ‘I’ness. It is through the connection of your ‘I’ with the whole, that you experience the deepest joy and that you add your own unique energy stamp to the whole of creation. God-as-you adds something new and precious to creation.

I ask you to go back to the time that this ‘being an I’ took shape for the first time. Back then you were, or were created as, angels. Can you feel the tenderness and innocence of that original energy, that distant beginning in which you were first ‘moulded’, got to know ‘form’.  All of a sudden you were ‘you’, distinct and separate from the others around you, and you experienced the miracle of being an individual. You were still so close to the source of divine light, that you were filled with love and overflowed with joy and creativity. There was an incredible desire in you to experience, to know, to feel and to create. Please go within for a moment, and see whether you can sense the truth of it: that you are an angel in the deepest part of you….

I now take a big leap in time, as I can only give a broad outline of this extensive history. I take you to the beginning of planet Earth. You were present there, you are older than the existence of Earth as a physical planet. Your birth as a pristine I-consciousness, lies much further back than the origin of Earth.

Now imagine that you were contributing to the development of life on Earth. Slowly, life evolved on Earth, through the presence of material elements which offered a broad range of possibilities for consciousnesses to incarnate in material forms or bodies: minerals, plants, and later on, animals. And you were deeply involved in this process of creation. How?

You were the angels and devas who supported and nurtured the vegetable kingdom, who knew the ‘web of life’ on Earth intimately and cared for it deeply. You have also provided animal life forms with love, care and etheric nourishment.

Memories you carry within of ‘paradise’ or the Garden of Eden, of a perfectly balanced nature in which you participated as caregiver and keeper of life, stem from this ancient age. You were not incarnate yet then, but hovering between the ethereal and the physical realms. You were and angel on the verge of being born into matter.

Remember the innocence of that age, remember what it was like to be this angel-deva-consciousness and how dearly you loved the Earth and all manifestations of life on it. Feel the childlike aspect of your consciousness back then. You were like children playing in paradise, always in the mood for adventures, kidding around, laughing, experiencing the joy of freely expressing yourself in a safe environment. Despite your playfulness, you were in great awe of the guiding laws of life and you would not think of treating life forms with anything less than deep fondness and respect.

So, you have been in some sense the parents of life on Earth. This explains why you can be thoroughly shocked by the disturbances of nature by modern technologies, and the general abuse of the forces of nature. Why does it affect you so? It is because you have cherished and nurtured these very energies from the beginning. From your essence you are connected to it, to Earth and its many life forms, as a parent is to her child and a creator to his creation. And back then, when you were angels nurturing Earth life, you knew not why you were doing it.  You acted as children who felt drawn by the calling of yet another adventure, the thrill of the new, and you let yourself be guided simply by what felt joyful and exciting to you. You planted your energy wherever it felt welcome.

Thus, you helped create paradise on Earth: the splendour of life, the abundance of the plant and animal kingdoms, the diversity of life forms and the unconstrained development of it all.

Please hold on to this image for a moment…….remember who you are.

Even if it seems too grandiose, when I tell you this, just allow yourself to fantasize that you were part of this, that you were present as an angel in that Garden of Life, playful, innocent, nurturing and cherishing life.

Companions_Susan%20Seddon%20Boulet_AllPosters%20com art

Out of paradise  – the first Fall into Experience

Many developments occurred on Earth over millions of years, which are hard to describe in a nutshell. But, at a certain point in time, your blissful adventure in the Garden of Eden was disturbed by an outside influence, which might be termed ‘bad’ or ‘dark’.

From other dimensions in the universe, beings started to meddle with Earth. Their purpose was to exert power and influence over life on Earth. This happening, the interference of powerful dark energies which emerged out of nothing from your point of view, deeply shocked your angel-selves. You were not prepared. This was your first encounter with ‘evil’ and it shook your world to its foundations.  For the first time, you experienced what it was like to not feel safe anymore. You got to know ‘human emotions’: fear, shock, anger, disappointment, grief, outrage: what is this?, what is happening here?!

Sense how the shadows fell upon you in that first encounter with darkness, the dark side of duality. Slowly, the craving for power, which had shocked and horrified you, started to take possession of you yourself. This was because you felt indignation and outrage towards the attackers, and you wanted to defend and protect the Earth against this strange invasion.

I speak of an extraterrestrial influence, a certain race so to speak, the origin of which does not matter much for our tale. What matters is that you partly absorbed the energy of these beings, and thus made a fall. I do not speak of a biblical Fall, as this phrase is associated with sin and guilt, but a fall into experience, into darkness, which was in a sense ‘predestined’ because you were part of the world of duality. By being an ‘I’, by experiencing separateness from the whole, the seeds for duality were born inside of you. It is part of the logic of creation that you will explore all extremes of duality, once you are in it.

You gradually became warriors yourselves, as you desired the power to protect your ‘territory’. A new stage ensued in your history, in which you got caught up in various galactic wars and struggles. Please take a moment to feel this happening, the fall from the playful energy of the angel-child to the harsh and angry energy of the galactic warrior. We are speaking of long periods of time. It may seem grand and unfathomable that you have gone through all this, yet I ask you to allow your imagination to travel with me for a while.

You got caught up in a fierce and grand battle. Part of the science fiction literature familiar to you, describes all this and is actually inspired by real events in a distant past. It is not mere fiction. Much has actually happened and you were deeply involved in it. You lost yourselves in the struggle for power and during this stage of your history you thoroughly experienced the energy of the ego.

I have talked of this before in the Lightworker series (published on this site), and I now want to take another huge leap and tell you what the next important stage was.

After a long, long time, you got tired of fighting. You had had enough. You were getting sad and battle-weary, and a kind of homesickness crept into your hearts. You had long been obsessed with the wars and conflicts you were involved in. The illusion of power can exert an hypnotic influence over an untested, naïve mind. You were naïve and untested when you experienced your first fall into darkness.

But then, at a certain point, an awakening occurred within you. A vague memory of the old days in Paradise stirred in your minds and hearts, reminding you of the joy and innocence you once knew. You wished you could go back there and did not desire to fight anymore. One might say that the energies of the ego had been exhausted in you, by the full experience of it. You had known all sides of the battle, the whole range of emotions having to do with winning and losing, controlling and surrendering, being slayer and slain. You had become disillusioned with power and had discovered that power does not give you what it promises to: love, happiness, fulfilment. You awoke from your hypnotic slumber and yearned for something new.

When you reached out to rise above the energy of struggle, and connect to the energy of the heart, you were again naïve and ‘untested’. You were like children who popped your head over the wall of an altogether new country, in which not struggle or power were the leading forces but love and connection. You followed the calling of your soul and climbed over the wall. And you started to meet each other again and to recognize each other as soulmates, members of the same family. Once you had played together as angels in the Garden of Eden.

The members of the lightworker family, who are part of a same birth wave of souls, looked up on each other again and felt drawn by a common calling, a shared mission. You knew you had to do something to make the major step towards heart consciousness, the return to Paradise, actually happen for you. You felt you had dealings with Earth once again, but this time as a human being, incarnated in a human body, to experience from within what had happened on Earth due to the galactic wars, and your abuse of power.

In your struggle for power, the Earth had always been the focal point of attention. Many galactic parties battled for dominion on Earth and this negatively affected the Earth, all life upon her and the collective soul of evolving humanity. The reason why Earth was such an important target for all these warring parties is not so easily explained. Briefly put, Earth is the starting point of something new: it is a place that brings many different dimensions and realities together and therefore constitutes a crossroads toward the future. Many, many energies meet and mix together on Earth – within the plant, animal, and especially the human kingdom. This is very special. When these energies can peacefully coexist together, it will bring about a huge explosion of light throughout the cosmos. That is why Earth is playing a key role and why she had been in the centre of a great Battle.

You were once part of this battle, as offenders, trying to manipulate life and consciousness on Earth in quite an aggressive manner. This caused harm to the developing human being. Humanity was then in its infant stage, the ‘stage of innocence’. Humanity was ‘inhabited’ by souls who were from a different birth wave than you. We have called them ‘Earth souls’ in the Lightworker Series. It was a group of souls younger than you were, who had manifested on Earth from early on and had to deal with outside, extraterrestrial manipulations which narrowed down the capabilities of the human being. The extraterrestrial forces projected energies of fear and inferiority into the open and young consciousness of man. This enabled them to gain control over them.

I return now to your decision to incarnate on Earth as a human being. You had two motives. First, you sensed you were ready for an inner change and transformation. You wanted to let go of the ego’s battling attitude and grow towards another way of ‘being’. You did not know what exactly this meant; you could not grasp it fully yet, but you sensed that incarnating on Earth would offer you precisely the challenges and possibilities you needed.

Secondly, you knew you had to make up for things that happened on Earth, partly because of your doing. You somehow sensed that, originally, you had a deep bond with Earth based on love and mutual respect, and it had gotten corrupted when you let yourself be enmeshed in war and battle for this very Earth. The two extremes of you, of angel-child and hardened warrior, needed to be brought together and transformed, and what place could be more suitable for this than Earth? You felt deeply connected to this planet and you also sensed a ‘karmic obligation’ to improve conditions on Earth. You wished to change and lift the state of consciousness on Earth. So you became ‘lightworkers’.

You incarnated on Earth at the time of Atlantis.

Companions_Susan%20Seddon%20Boulet_AllPosters%20com art

Atlantis – the second Fall into Experience

Atlantis was a civilisation that lies much further back in time than the familiar historical era’s. Atlantis gradually came into being about 100.000 years ago and it ended about 10.000 years ago. The first beginnings even predate 100.000 years. Atlantis gradually evolved when extraterrestrial races started to ‘invade’ Earth by actually incarnating in human bodies. These souls in general had a high level of mental development. At that time, societies and communities on Earth were largely made up of Earth souls, and they were ‘primitive societies’ as you call them.

There were, even before Atlantis, many extraterrestrial influences on Earth, from galactic realms that sent thought forms to Earth in different ways. Thought forms are energies that connect themselves to humans at the ethereal or auric level, and thus influence the thoughts and emotions of people. This happens continuously as you absorb ideas and beliefs from your upbringing and society. These surround you as an infectious web. But it can also happen from the ‘astral levels’ surrounding you. The thought forms projected unto you by the galactic warriors were in general controlling and manipulative, but there have always been influences of light and gentleness as well. It is the human himself who decides what he allows in and what not. At a certain moment, the galactic parties wished to have a more profound influence on Earth and there was an opportunity for them to actually inhabit human bodies, in short to incarnate on Earth. Spirit or Life opened up this possibility for them because it fit into their inner path of development. You were one of these parties. In your spiritual literature, folks that stem from these galactic realms are often referred to as ‘star people’ or ‘starseeds’.

Atlantis was the result of a coming together, a mixture of the native Earth societies and the influx of souls that came ‘from the outside’. You, the wave of the lightworker souls, incarnated on Earth because you wished to bring about change and progress and because you wanted to grow yourselves, from an ego-based consciousness to a heart-based consciousness.

When you arrived, it felt very awkward and uncomfortable at first, to be inside of physical human bodies. Living in such dense physical matter gave you a sense of oppression and imprisonment, as you were used to much more fluid and volatile bodies, that possessed more psychic power. In higher (less material or dense) frequencies or dimensions, your psyche has a much greater direct influence on the material environment. By simply thinking of, or wanting something, you can create or attract it immediately to you on these planes. Your mind was used to creating much faster than was possible on Earth. You might say that the reaction time on Earth is much slower. So when you are here for the first time, you have the sensation that you are somehow locked into a solid and unyielding body and you get insecure, since what you desire and aspire does not materialise so easily anymore and your hold over your life and circumstances seems to be quite limited.

So you were confused when you got here. At the same time, you had highly trained mental abilities that were developed during your previous galactic lifetimes. To send out thought forms and project them unto other living beings, requires that you own quite some psychic power. Your mind was like a set of sharp knives, which had to prove their value in an altogether different environment. Your trained mental capacities were an old attainment, and because of the sense of alienation and oppression you experienced on Earth, you instinctively tried to find your way here by using this old attainment. You thus started to exert your mental powers on Earth. Originally, your intention had been to connect with Earth reality from the heart. Before you incarnated, you knew that, despite your formidable analytical and psychic powers, the grounds of your heart lay fallow and were in need of seeds, little seedlings of light. This, however, you ‘forgot’ when you plunged into Earth reality and your consciousness got veiled.

On Earth, you had to deal with the Earth souls, who lived there as human beings, and you did not understand them well. You thought they were instinctive and barbaric beings. You did not understand their direct, spontaneous way of expressing emotions. They were primitive in your eyes, they were attuned to their emotions and instincts more than to their minds. You had abilities and gifts that were different from the natural dispositions of the people on Earth.

Even though you were frequently born and raised as their children (when you were born to Earth soul parents) there gradually developed a social divide between you and them. Because of your superior mental skills, you developed technologies that were formerly unknown. This all happened slowly and naturally. We speak of thousands, even ten thousand years of time.

Without going into the details of this process, I want to ask you to feel the essence of what was happening there. Can you imagine you were part of that? Can you imagine what it must have felt like to end up somewhere you do not truly feel at home and to know: there’s something I planned to do here, but what was it…? Let me see, I have certain abilities and powers at my command……this distinguishes me from many others in my environment……I will make use of these talents to assert myself. Do you recognise this kind of pride and ambition within you? Can you remember it was yours? This is a typical Atlantean energy.

Gradually, a new culture came into being on Earth, a civilisation that brought forth an unprecedented technological development which affected all parts of society. I would like to say a little more about the kind of technology that evolved in Atlantis. What you as ‘star people’ still remembered brightly, despite the veil of forgetfulness, was that you can influence material reality by using the power of your mind, specifically the third eye. The third eye is the energy centre (chakra) of intuition and psychic awareness, and it is located behind your two physical eyes.

The power of the third eye was still very familiar to you in those first incarnations, like a second nature to your soul. You knew ‘how it worked’. You knew that matter (physical reality) has a form of consciousness, is consciousness in a certain state of being. Through this essential insight into the oneness of consciousness and matter, you could affect and form matter, by making inner contact with the consciousness in the piece of matter. In this way, you could literally move matter, manipulate it from the mind. You knew a secret that was  forgotten in more recent times.

Presently, you see matter (physical reality) as separated from consciousness (the mind). Influenced by modern science, you have forgotten that all beings are ensouled: all that is has some form of consciousness that you can connect with and cooperate with in a creative way. This knowledge was self evident to you in those ancient times. But, during Atlantis, when your heart centres had not been awakened fully, your third eye was predominantly controlled by the centre of the will or ego (the solar plexus or third chakra). You stood on the doorway of a new inner reality, the reality of heart-based consciousness, but due to the shock of being submerged in the dense reality of Earth, your tender and fresh inspirations got lost temporarily. You allowed yourselves to be led astray by the excessive use of the will mixed with the power of the third eye. You did aspire to make things better on a larger scale (‘lightwork’) but you did it in a self-centered way, with an authoritarian attitude toward the Earth souls and nature.

In the hey-day of Atlantis, there were many possibilities and the technology was highly advanced, in some areas even more than your present technology, because the power of telepathy and psychic manipulation was much better used and understood. Instantaneous, telepathic communication could take place between different persons at great distance from each other. It was possible to leave your body consciously and travel around. Communication with extraterrestrial civilisations was pursued and effected.

Much became possible during Atlantis, but much went wrong as well. There generally was a divide between the political-spiritual elite and the ‘common people’, which were made up of Earth souls predominantly. They were looked upon as inferior beings, means to an end, and they were actually used for genetic experiments that were part of the Atlantean ambition to manipulate life on the biological level, so that more superior life forms could be created.

A positive aspect of the Atlantean society, by the way, was the equality of men and women during that age. The power struggle of man and woman, in which women were horribly oppressed during the last stage, was not a part of Atlantis. The feminine energy was fully respected, especially because it is directly related to the power of the third eye (intuition, clairvoyance, spiritual power).

I now wish to take you to the downfall of Atlantis. Energies were at work there that you are still trying to come to terms with. You were deeply involved in what went wrong at that stage.

In Atlantis, you lived from the centres of the will and the third eye. Your heart energy did not open up significantly. At a certain point, you fell in love with the possibilities of your own technology and the ambition of creating more superior life forms. You applied genetic engineering and experimented on several life forms, and you were unable to understand, to feel, that you were disrespectful to Life in this. The ones you experimented upon could not count on your empathy and compassion.

The energy present at this stage of perversion in the Atlantean civilisation specifically returned in the 20th century as the Nazi regime in Germany. Cruel experimenting and a general attitude of clinical coldness towards ‘inferior life forms’ was a substantial part of that regime. The lack of compassion and empathy displayed towards the perpetrated, the lack of emotion and the mechanical way of ‘dealing with’ the victims, was similar to the Atlantean attitude. This now fills you with a deep sense of horror. You have seen and felt the other side of it, the victim side, in lifetimes that came after Atlantis.

But during Atlantis, you were the offender. That’s where a particular ‘karma’ ensued. Atlantis is the key to your ‘offender lifetimes’, your dark side. I’m telling you this, not to make you feel ashamed or guilty, not at all. We are all part of this history, taking on various roles and disguises, and this is what it is like to be in duality. It is to experience and play all thinkable roles, from very light to very dark. If you allow yourself to know your dark side, if you can accept that you played the role of perpetrator as well, you will be more balanced, free and joyful. That is why I tell you this.

At one point, the technological developments that you – and other soul groups – pursued, had such a great impact upon nature, that the ecological systems on Earth got disrupted. The downfall of Atlantis did not take place all at once. There were many warning signs – nature’s beckoning – but when they were not heeded, enormous natural disasters occurred through which the Atlantean civilisation got flooded and destructed.

How did it affect you on the inner level? It was a shocking experience, a traumatic experience; it was another Fall, a second Fall of Experience into the deep.

During your incarnations on Earth, you had eventually lost the connection to the heart energy that you had reached out to. Stronger than ever, you realized after the downfall of Atlantis that truth was not to be found in the controlling of life, even if the purpose seemed noble. You then really began to open up to the still voice of the heart, which tells you that there is a wisdom working through Life itself, that needs no managing or controlling. In the flow of life itself, in the flow of the heart and the feelings, there is a wisdom that you can attune to, or align with, by listening and surrendering. It is not a wisdom created from the head or by the will, it is a wisdom that comes from allowing in a higher perspective, the voice of love.

This mystical knowing, which is accompanied by a sense of humbleness and surrender, you slowly started to feel from within. But even then, the time was not yet ripe for a joyful awakening of the heart energies. A shadow had fallen upon you during Atlantis, the shadow of having affected other beings negatively. The effects of this would have to be deeply felt and experienced by you before the awakening could take place.

Again I take another huge step in this old history, and I take you to the moment you return to Earth, after Atlantis had vanished, washed away by ocean waves. Once again you incarnated in human bodies, the memory of Atlantis buried deep within your soul memory, tied with a sense of shame and self-doubt. The downfall of Atlantis had stunned and perplexed you, but it had also opened up your hearts a little wider.

What immense developments taking place on such a grand scale of time!

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Rejection as a lightworker- the third Fall into Experience

The next important cycle started with the coming of the Christ energy on Earth, most visibly represented by me. Many of you were present then or around that time. A few centuries before my birth, you started to incarnate again in great numbers. A voice from your heart enticed you, summoned you. You sensed that ‘you had to be there’, that it was time for you to take another step on your spiritual journey, which got so intertwined with Earth.

The coming of the Christ energy, my coming to Earth, was partly prepared by you. I could not have come without a layer of energy present on Earth that would receive me, ‘catch me’ so to speak. Your energy provide the channel through which I could anchor the Christ energy on Earth. It was a joint effort, truly. Your hearts had opened up to me, to what I represented. At that time, you were the part of humanity most open to receive the love and wisdom from the heart.

A certain humbleness had arisen within you, in the best sense of the word: a surrender to not-knowing, not wanting to control or ‘manage’ things, and a genuine openness to something new, something that stands apart from power and control, something different. And because of this trust and openness in your hearts, you could receive me.

I was like a light beam falling on Earth, reminding the ones who were ready of their angelic nature, their divine core. You were moved by me, by what I expressed and radiated to you from my inner core, and the Christ energy has thenceforth affected you deeply, in that lifetime around Christ and in the lifetimes after it, up to now. In all of those lives, you have tried to bring the Christ energy down to Earth, spread it through teaching and healing in different forms. You were inspired and passionate lightworkers, working hard to bring more justice, fairness and love to this planet.

In that era, the era of the awakening Christ energy, you were the ones who were opposed to religions that were too tightly organized, to authoritarian ways of subduing people. You fought for freedom, emancipation of the female energy, heart-based values in an age that was still barely aware of it. In the past two thousand years, you were freedom fighters and you were rejected and persecuted for it. You were punished and tortured for who you were, and frequently ended up on the stake or the scaffold. You carry a lot of emotional trauma from this episode of history.

In the struggles and the resistance you met, the Atlantean (and galactic) karma was working. The roles were now reversed. You became victims and went through the depths of loneliness, fear and despair. You got intimately acquainted with the deep emotion pain of rejection. This was your third Fall, a third Fall into Experience, and the one that brought you to the heart of your mission: understanding the oneness underlying both Light and Dark, learning what Love truly means. This third Fall has led you to the present, to who you are now.

Today, at the edge of a new cycle, in these transformative times, you are truly open to the meaning of the Christ energy. In your heart, a wisdom is sprouting that embraces and transcends opposites and recognizes the one divine flow in all different manifestations. Your love is not a mere abstract knowing, but a real, pure and sincere flow from the heart, that reaches out to others, and to Earth. You now recognize yourself in the countenance of the other, whether they are ‘light’ or ‘dark’, rich or poor, lightworker or earth soul, man, animal or plant. The love embedded in the Christ consciousness bridges the gap between opposites and gives you a palpable sense of the interconnectedness of all that is.

As an angel, you once guarded paradise on Earth. You cut yourself off from this state of innocence, when you engaged in the dance of power with energies that wanted to steal paradise from you. Through this, you abandoned the spiritual realm and incarnated deeper into the material reality of form and illusion. From angel you became warrior. When you incarnated on Earth and went to experience what it was like to be human, you were again tempted by the desire to control things and this led to the downfall of Atlantis and of you as a warrior. You came back to Earth to experience the downside of the power play, to feel what it is like to fall prey to aggression and violence. The aftermath of this latter part of the cycle is still clearly present in your way of experiencing things and you are all working hard to overcome the trauma of rejection inside of you. With that, you are coming full circle, to the point where it began. You come back to your true nature as an angel, but now a fully incarnate angel, with a real and alive knowledge of the extremes of light and dark, love and fear. You are a wise and compassionate angel, a human angel…

I have great respect for you, for the incredible journey you have made. I stand before you now as your equal. I am here as a teacher and guide, but also as a brother and a friend. I would like to offer you my love and friendship, not in an abstract manner, but as a tangible energy of companionship and understanding. I know who you are. Now recognise yourself in my countenance.

You are at the end of great cycles of time, in which you have gone through many experiences. Today I wanted to speak of Atlantis, as the recognition of the energies that you embodied there, can help you get into a state of peace and wholeness with yourself. The Atlantean energy is the energy of great mental power, combined with a distinctive pride and arrogance. Dare to recognise this ‘dark energy’ within, dare to accept that you have experienced and lived it once. Feel that you have been offender and perpetrator as well as victim. Allowing this fact into your consciousness opens the gateway to the greatest wisdom you can embrace in your life: the wisdom of non-judgmentalness. By being aware of your dark side, you will let go of judging others, for being right or wrong, or even yourself. All grounds for judgment will fall away. Judgment makes way for understanding and compassion. Then you really start to understand what love is, what ‘light work’ means. The word ‘light work’ in fact suggests falsely that there is some kind of struggle going on between the light and the dark, and that the lightworker is the one beating the dark. But true light work is none of that. Real light work entails that you are able to recognise the light of love and consciousness in all that is, even if it is hiding behind masks of hatred and aggression.

You are still often tempted to pass judgments on the reality of Earth, for instance on the way politics work or the way people are treating the environment. It is easy to say that it’s all wrong and to feel yourself a stranger on this planet Earth, alienated and homeless. Try to make contact with the offender energy within you in such moments. Allow yourself to access the Atlantean energy, which is still there in your soul memory, and feel that you have been that too, and even that it was okay. All of your ‘falls into experience’ eventually bring you full circle and open up your heart to the essence of God’s creation: love, creativity, innocence. You, who have experienced the extremes of darkness and light, have all along your journey been none other than an innocent child from paradise, setting out with a spirit of frankness, bold curiosity and zest for life. On this journey, you could only learn from experience. The ‘falls into experience’ could not have been avoided, as they were the means to reach out for something new and more fulfilling. The essence of your journey is that you reach wisdom through experience. Therefore, please recognise and honour the courage of this angel-child that you were. See its vitality, courage and perseverance in venturing into the unknown, and then feel your own innocence, even in your darkest side.

I ask you to respect yourself, including the dark side of you. Just feel the power and self-consciousness of the Atlantean energy for a moment. There is a positive side to it as well. You were gifted in many ways. Invite that energy in, here and now. Allow the sense of self-esteem and self-command to return to you, and forgive yourself for the atrocities that took place in the past. Yes, you have inflicted pain on others, you were the aggressor there……but feel also how you have come to regret this deeply, and how much you have opened up now to genuine respect for all that lives. When you forgive yourself, you open up to the joy of letting go of judgment. That is the consequence, you see: if you recognise the dark part of you and are able to forgive yourself for it, you need not judge either yourself or others any more. This is such a delight for your soul…..

So often you still put yourself on the rack of your judgments. You tell yourself there is so much you have to accomplish yet. Today, I ask you to look back and see what you have accomplished already. Be aware of the profundity of your journey throughout these great cycles of time. And do not look up to me as a master anymore. I have fulfilled that role, two thousand years ago, but that time is over. You are the Christs of this new era, you will bring peace in a world of duality and polarity, by radiating the peace that lies within your own hearts. Feel how you are ready for this role and let me simply offer you some support and encouragement as your friend and brother. We are one.

© Pamela Kribbe 2006

– The Jeshua channelings are available in book form. –

– “The Lightworker Series” is also available as audio book. –


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 ART : Susan Seddon Boulet

Archangel Michael – Fine-Tuning Your Spiritual Awareness ~ Ronna Herman @ Star Quest

A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose (11)
ART : A. Andrew Gonzales ~ by Catherine La Rose
            Beloved masters, let us pause for a moment before we begin our discourse. Close your eyes and allow the sense of time and space to fall away.  Envision streams of Love/Light radiating from within the wellspring of your heart center, and see them flowing forth to encompass everyone and everything on the Earth. Via your inner vision, watch as billions of various size streams of Light radiate back to you from every sentient Being on Earth. Let go of your fear, judgment, and your different beliefs as you connect with the Core Essence of your brothers and sisters around the world. 
            Every person on Earth is unique, and yet, deep within your Heart Core, you are all the same. Every Sentient Being is composed of the same substance as that of our Father/Mother God: the pure Divine Essence of the Supreme Creator. You, as a manifested physical Spark of Light, are encoded with a Divine Blueprint, which consists of specific vibrational patterns and enough Divine Light Substance to fulfill your current earthly destiny.  
            Allow your consciousness to be lifted to a rarified place where you are a soaring, radiant Being of Light, connecting to every other Being of Light within this solar system. There is no separation. There can be no separation, no matter how far you journey forth from the Heart Center of the Creator. It does not matter what assignment you have accepted down through the ages, or the appearance of the cloaks of flesh you have assumed; it does not matter how many times you have divided your Soul Ray into smaller and smaller fragments, you have always been connected to your God-Seed Atom, your Divine I AM Presence, and ultimately, to the Creator. There is also a minuscule Stream of Creator Light which connects you, one with anotherTHE CONNECTION HAS NEVER BEEN BROKEN, AND IT NEVER WILL BE.            
           Breathe deeply and slowly, as you sense multicolored, luminescent waves of Light, filled with the Love/Light and the virtues of our Father/Mother God, surrounding you. Within these rarified streams of Light are all the energy and components you will ever need to build your field of dreams; to establish your personal foundation for the New Age to reclaim your Mastery of Self.  Know that the barriers between us no longer exist, even though we were never truly parted. Because of the pre-ordained evolutionary process now in progress, for many years now, we have been strengthening our connection with each of you, moment by moment, day by day. 
            No longer are you children stumbling through the dark on a path to nowhere.  You are awakening, and you are remembering that your many past worldly experiences have all been a part of a grand experiment. You are aware that the era of the past several thousands of years is swiftly coming to a close.  No longer do you feel as if you are pawns of fate.  As you fully claim your God-given rights as a cocreator, no longer will you create that which brings pain and suffering. Why would you when just as easily you may create joy, peace and abundance? All you have to do is give us permission to become an integral part of your life. Will you open your heart and your mind to the possibility that we are real and  that we are ready and willing to guide, direct, inspire and protect you to the limit of Universal Law?
            Make it your goal to move into the magical realm of harmlessness, whereby you no longer feed the negative-energy, Astral Plane force field of the Third and Fourth Dimensions. Instead, add your vibrant, loving energy to the auric field of Love/Light that surrounds the Earth‒the Iridescent, Crystal Grid of Illumination.
Your old world and limited reality are swiftly slipping away. The negative thought forms of the mass consciousness belief structure that were captured within the lower Astral (emotional) Planes are swiftly being dissolved. The broad-spectrum game of duality / polarity is gradually losing its hold on you as you slowly return to balance and harmony, thereby loosening the grip of your shadow-self, which allows you to project more and more Light into the darkness. The rules of the game also change as you move up the Path toward en-Lighten-ment. It is often called the narrow Path, and this is true. Each of you is held accountable (not judged), according to your level of awareness. Your Guardian Angels and Higher Self constantly present you with opportunities or challenges to assist you in your awakening process. As you become the observer and begin to operate within the Universal Laws of Creation and the rules of cause and effect, you begin to see the wisdom and justice in all that occurs within your life.
            If you are to become the master of yourself and of your world, you must begin to fine-tune your spiritual awareness.  Constantly, you will be presented with many levels of choice. Know that no choice is wrong, unless it harms you or others. You will find that there are good choices, better choices, and the highest / best choices. Your choice spectrum will change as you move up the spiral of higher awareness.
          Allow us to give you several examples. We will designate the range of choices (or choice spectrum) as one percent to one hundred percent. Becoming a master of your destiny means your choices will become more subtle, and not so easily defined. Therefore, you must sharpen your discernment and objectivity, and please take into consideration that you may have to rise above a situation in order to get a greater overview and clearer picture. Compassionate detachment is also required. 
          Our first example will be a person who has chosen an existence of deprivation, who is functioning mostly within the frequencies of the instinctual nature / sub-conscious mind as he strives to learn the lessons of the Third and lower Fourth Dimensions, and as he struggles to survive. His negative choices would have a vibratory rate of up to 50%, and his positive choices would be in the range of 51% to 70%.
            Our next example is a person who has chosen a lifetime in which there is an opportunity to experience the riches of the Earth Plane, and she is ready to begin the process of spiritual awakening. She has stepped onto the Path of higher awareness, and as we explained some time ago in a message called The Golden Promise, she has drawn forth a greater amount of the Essence of Self, which her God Self / I AM Presence will hold in reserve until she is ready to begin integrating the multiple Facets of her Higher Self. Because of this, gradually over time, her choice spectrum increases in refinement and vibration to, let us say, 70% to 85%.
            Greater awareness begets greater opportunities, but also requires more responsibility. The spiraling journey homeward can be a gradual climb or a swift one: however, it entails making the right choices within your current level of enlightenment, as you strive to enhance your abilities to the highest obtainable potential.
            Our last example will include most of you who resonate to our messages. This group includes those of you now firmly on the Path‒those of you who have experienced many trials, tests and battles with the ego-desire body in order that your personality could become honed and disciplined, and once more, become a servant of the Soul. You have sought, tested, rejected and refined what you now accept to be your truths, thereby creating your new reality along the way.  Through trial and error, you are learning to become proficient in the use of the Universal Laws of Manifestation. The results of your choices are quickly being brought into your awareness so that you will know that the laws of cause and effect are immutable, and that you really are the creator of your reality, and the world around you. As you become a Master of Self and your world, your choice spectrum changes so that the frequency range of choice is of the highest order: from 85% to 100%. When you accomplish this, the blessings of our Father/Mother God will surely be showered down upon you. 
          As you become attuned to the higher frequencies of Light, you will become accustomed to the flow of Sacred Fire Breath, which has been called the River of Life/Love/Light.  There is a hidden, powerful, radiant current of knowledge encoded within this Living River of Life.  It is a code of creative genius; however, you must tap into the wisdom of the Sacred Mind and your Soul Self in order to access this inborn power.
          We also wish to remind you that your hands are one of the most highly developed links to your brain, for there are etheric generator crystals embedded within the palms of the hands.  They were designed to be some of the strongest, electromagnetic impulses of the physical vessel.  That is why those who have activated or developed the healing power within their hands are so effective in the healing arts. In the future, you have the potential of redeveloping the memory cells within your fingertips so that you may access conscious and subconscious information through touch. 
          A good exercise would be to hold a crystal which you have Self-programmed as a generator healing crystal in one of your hands as you focus on activating the healing abilities within the palms of your hands. Via the Infinity Breath exercise, concentrate on sending/feeling the Adamantine Particles of Light within your palms. Your palms may become very warm or begin to tingle.  It may take a while for you to feel the sensations; however, you will gradually gain the ability to send healing Creator Light to localized parts of your own body. Future healing will include en-Lighten-ed, dynamic healers with the ability to send almost laser-like healing beams of Divine Light to their patients. Reiki and other energy modalities are based on this ancient, esoteric knowledge.
          You, the StarSeed, are awakening to the awareness of your Celestial Heritage, which has been encoded within Atom Seed Crystals and stored within your Sacred Mind.  Also, be aware that there is a magnificent history of bravery and excellence woven into the violent and often tedious journey of human evolution. You are experiencing a resurrection of extra-sensory abilities and higher consciousness abilities, which have been dormant for many ages. However, it takes dedication and effort to open the sealed door to your inner wisdom, the Sacred Mind. It is vitally important that you learn to trust your own inner guidance once more. A loving and grateful heart purifies the consciousness, and creates tranquility and peace of mind. It develops into a constant State of Being and not just an occasional practice.
          It is apparent in every facet of earthly existence that humanity is awakening from the illusional dream of past ages as the refreshing Light of God-consciousness permeates all Creation.  You are laying the foundation for the coming decades of change.  As we observe, we can see the energies which form your probable futures, and how they change through the use of your free will. That is why no one, and we repeat no one, can predict the future with certainty, for the use of free will is always the determining factor. We fervently ask you: “Are you willing to take full advantage of your God-given gift of free will? Are you willing to endeavor to make the highest choices available to you?”  In doing so, you will add your energy to the highest potential future for all humanity. You are much more powerful than you realize. As you join together in prayer for the greatest good, you have the potential capabilities to divert wars, stop the devastating destruction of the Earth, and assist in creating peace and abundance for all. 
          Each and every one of you is responsible for the energy you draw forth from the Cosmic Bank of Divine Life Substance, the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. How are you spending your spiritual inheritance?  As we embark on this important phase of evolution together, please take time to define your commitment to yourselves, and to your spiritual family. 
When you allow the shackles of time / space, and the density of the lower Dimensions to fall away, your visions become sharp and clear, and you will place no expectations or restrictions on how or when they will manifest. Your resolve will gain strength, and you will confidently move forward with ease and grace, for your constant mantra is: “I ask for the greatest good for all.”
          Join us, beloveds, in manifesting the highest choices within the Creator’s Divine Plan for the coming Age. We began this journey together in great joy and expectation, and when we come together again in our victory celebration, we will add:  Well done, brave warriors of Light, well done!  I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.
Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from :

The Process of Ascension Arcturians and Galactic Family @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 27.3.

The Process of Ascension Arcturians and Galactic Family

March 26, 2015

The Process of Ascension

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

Quietly and introspectively the changes are slowly, yet steadily taking place in your consciousness. You are now beginning to loose “time” in your daily life and, simultaneously, have brief experiences of being in the NOW. Within the NO-time of the NOW there are no expectations, disappointments, failures or even victories, as these are all time-bound concepts. You may briefly feel these concepts in the NOW, but they usually “live” in the past or present.

For example, “expectations” live in the future, “disappointments” live in the past, “failure” is a fear that can haunt you from the past or frighten you in the future, and victories are something that you hold on to from the past or hope for the future. However, in the NOW there is no past or future.

Life in the third dimension has trained you to live in the past or the future, but offers very few models of living in the NOW. Therefore, as you begin to experience what almost feels like a frozen moment of the NOW, it is difficult for 3D brain to grasp it.

The confusion of the 3D brain is important for your ascension process, as it reminds you to call on your Multidimensional SELF. Time is very attractive because it is familiar. Also, it is quite easy to become lost in the concept that something comes “before” or “after.” You 3D brain is accustomed to sequence.

Without time, myriad realities coexist within the NOW. However, these realities appear “separate” from each other when you experience them via your 3D consciousness. But, when we are outside of time, there is no past experiences or future expectations. All realities are inter-woven into the NOW of the ONE.

When your perceptions are limited to the third dimension, you are unable to perceive the ornate tapestry of the NOW. Fortunately, as your higher perceptions of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience come online via your higher states of consciousness, you become aware that there are many different dimensions, as well as parallel and alternate realities, all running within the same NOW.

To be more accurate, all your realities are interwoven into the NOW of the ONE. When you begin to personally experience brief moments of being interwoven with the ONE, it can be quite confusing, amazing and breathtaking. Hence, you may need to create some “time” to become accustomed to this new version of reality.

At first, you may remember that these many feelings, pictures, thoughts and experiences all occur simultaneously, but your 3D brain has no means through which you can share it with others. In other words, you are able to understand this 5D “light language,” but you cannot speak it—yet.

Thus, ability to understand a new language precedes your ability express that new language. In this case, we are speaking of the language of thoughtforms and energy fields. This form of language, just like light language, comes in packages of information.

Instead of a stream of sequential words in a sentence, then a paragraph, then a page, these messages come as a package of interwoven files. These files are not “read” in a separate, sequential manner. They are all “felt” within the NOW.

Your multidimensional mind is able to receive these files and feel them in this manner, but your 3D brain is unable to translate this information. Therefore, you are called upon to expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension so that you can read/feel the messages stored in your multidimensional mind.

Translating the energy packages of thoughtforms, energy fields, and light language into your 3D language is usually best accomplished through storytelling, art, music and dance. The translation of these messages into daily life is one of the challenges of our representatives wearing earth vessels within your NOW.

Another difficult task for those returning to their multidimensional self is to re-define the concept of “self.” While wearing a 3D earth vessel, most of you consider your present incarnation as your “primary reality.” But, as your perceptions increasingly expand, you will increasingly feel a much deeper connection with higher dimensional realities.

When you first become aware of your multidimensional world, you often become very lonely for the higher dimensional realities that you are just beginning to remember. There is something strangely familiar about these “other realities” that flashes through your meditations and higher perceptions.

These “higher realities,” as you may call them, feel so safe and comfortable in juxtaposition to the trials and hardships of the physical world. You want to go back to that place that you remember, back to that safety and unconditional love.

Many of you are becoming impatient with the apparent slowness of your ascension process, which is usually because you are thinking in terms of humanity instead of in terms of the planet. Planetary time is much different than human time, and many of you forgot that you came to help the planet ascend.

In truth, your primary reality is not your human life, but your higher expressions of SELF. Creation starts in the core/center and moves out into the 3D matrix to be observed as a third dimensional reality. Fortunately, now that your consciousness is expanding, you are increasingly able to identify inter-dimensional energy fields and thoughtforms.

With your ever-expanding consciousness, you are having moments of “bleed through” in which you perceive higher dimensional energy fields, simultaneously with 3D energy fields. When you attend to these higher dimensional energy fields and thoughtforms, while remaining aware of your earth vessel, you are returning to your multidimensional consciousness.

The difference between an energy field and a thoughtform is that an energy field arises from all life and a thoughtform often arises from an individual or a group. Since individuality as you know it a third dimensional experience, many thoughtforms are more third dimensional.

However, there are also collective thoughtforms and planetary thoughtforms, which are the beginnings of your return to multidimensional consciousness and perceptions. We are joyous to announce that more and more of you are beginning to consciously perceive reality in this multidimensional manner.

Before, when you would suddenly “get a feeling,” you did not consider that it was a thoughtform, especially a multidimensional thoughtform. But now, because of the increased “dimensional leakage,” there are more multidimensional thoughtforms floating through your reality awaiting manifestation.

This situation is occurring because the veil of illusion between the 3rd/4th dimensions and the 5th dimension and beyond is becoming increasingly thin. Therefore, images, sounds, smells and feelings that disappear when you try to perceive them are entering your conscious awareness while you are relaxing into your Multidimensional SELF.

Pay attention to these perceptions. Do not be worried about what others say about your process. You can share your experience with others, or you can keep it deep inside yourself. Either way, you will be returning to your own Multidimensional SELF.

It is the NOW in which the past and future is starting to merge into ONE. All your separate, time-bound memories and illusions will evaporate under the light of the higher frequencies.”

One of the tasks that you chose to accept before you took your human form was to be a “Keeper of the Land,” so that you could open as many portals as possible into the core of Gaia. Once you open a portal, you will bless it with unconditional love and transmute it into it’s true multidimensional form via the Violet Fire.

When you open a portal, or portals, both into Gaia as well as into the higher dimensional worlds, you will increasingly receive a “knowing” about why you took your earth vessel in this NOW. In other words, by opening your portal, you will regain conscious access to what you once thought of as “lost.” When this happens, you will want to visit some of your most amazing and instructive lifetimes.

By opening your portal, your perception of “normal” will become multidimensional. You are preparing to take a “quantum leap” from a third/fourth dimensional reality into a fifth dimensional reality. Within this 5D reality, everything exists in what your 3D self would determine as NOW.

However, the term NOW, which is “time to do it now” to your 3D consciousness, is transmuted into NOW, meaning there is NO separation into time. There are no polarities, individuals or events. All life flows together like the molecules of water flow to create a river, lake or ocean, and all molecules of air flow together to create the sky and the atmosphere.

How will your 3D brain be able to embrace such a reality?

Don’t worry about that question. Just as time, energy fields and thoughtforms are separated into polarities in the third dimension, they are united into the HERE and NOW in the fifth dimension and beyond.

We ask that you remember your fifth dimensional ability to perceive energy fields and thoughtforms before they have lowered their resonance into your third dimension. In other words, trust your SELF when you have a “feeling” that an energy field or a thoughtform has come into your awareness.

Instead of excusing them as “just an energy” or “just a thought,” remember that energy and thoughts are alive and have come into your awareness to give you a multidimensional message. These multidimensional messages come in energy packages that do not have words, spelling or physical characteristics.

These packages of information originate in the fifth dimension and beyond and beckon you to “feel” the unconditional love of that message. We will remind you that there are also energy fields and thoughtforms that have originated in the third dimension.

These messages will, at best, feel like human love, which is very enticing, or human fear, which is something which you will likely wish to avoid. Since third dimensional thoughtforms and energy fields are often just the lower frequency of a multidimensional message, expand your consciousness to see if you can perceive the higher frequencies. Suzille remembers when she was a child that she so wanted to see the pretty mirror on her grandmothers sideboard, but she was too short and could only see her eyes and above.

At first, you may feel that way about your higher dimensional messages, in that you can only perceive part of them. But don’t worry, as you “grow” you will be able to consciously experience higher and higher frequencies of the energy fields and thoughtforms that are entering your reality. As your Third Eye continues to open and your higher powers start moving into your daily life, you will need to discipline your self to choose to consciously perceive these energy packages.

Then you will know to which multidimensional packages you will attend and which lower-dimensional packages you may want to unconditionally love and transmute with the Violet Fire. The reason for this disciple is because your own thoughtforms and energy fields will manifest faster and faster.

Therefore, your lag time in-between creating and/or perceiving a thoughtform and the manifestation of that thoughtform is greatly diminished. In fact, in the fifth dimension and beyond, there is NO time. Thus, what your think about and/or attend to becomes instantly manifest.

This fact is same for loving or fearful thoughtforms/energy fields. Along with that gift or challenge, you will be pulling in initiations. Whenever your frequency is preparing to go to the next octave, you come to the sledge, the barrier, in-between the lower and higher frequencies.

This “sledge” cannot resonate to the next higher frequency, so it patiently waits an ascending being to transmute it into a higher frequency. You are coming into the frequency in which all that has ever stood in the way of going to that next octave HAS to be addressed.

Therefore, situations will occur in your life that will force or allow (depending on your state of consciousness) your own inner darkness/fear to come to the surface of your awareness so that it can consciously be transmuted and loved free.

There is a feeling difference between the experience of having a negative thought, and manifesting it because you did not have mastery over your thoughts and the experience of “it’s time to do some house cleaning, because you are moving up into a higher frequency.”

It is very helpful to be able to discern the two different feelings, so that when you get to the “It’s time to clean house,” then you DON’T BLAME YOURSELF.

The feeling of “OK, I did it again. I need to remember to refuse to participate in that reality, send it unconditional love and blaze it with the Violet Fire,” reminds you that you were not paying attention to your self.

On the other hand, when it’s time to “clean house,” something comes out of nowhere and you ask, “WOW! Why did this happen?” This is how it feels when it’s time to clean house. This situation means that there are things you need to “let go.”

Once you get through this release process, the skies open! You will know when you are in this clearing, because it just came out of nowhere. It feels like, “Ok, initiation time. I have to clean up, because I am moving on!”

You won’t like these situations as they are NOT fun, but you just have to LET GO, LET GO, LET GO. You may hear yourself saying, “There’s nothing I can do, I have to RELEASE, RELEASE, RELEASE.”

This process of release is SO important, because this letting go is an important component of Ascension! In fact, ascension is a process of letting go. You have to LET GO of everything physical, every single thing. Everything that is unfinished, everything that you wanted, EVERYTHING! It’s not fun, it’s not easy, but it’s vital, and it IS part of the process.

Do NOT judge your self by thinking, “Oh no, how did I do this to myself. I have to just stop…” YOU DIDN’T DO THIS! It is not your “fault.” Your ego self is getting a deep cleaning, so that YOU can get more connected to your Multidimensional SELF.

Thank you, dear brave volunteers to ascending Earth. We, your higher dimensional selves and members of your Mothership, salute you. Keep up the good work! And come Home to visit as often as possible.

Remember, you are “working” even while you sleep. That is unless you come home to the Ship to visit us.

The Arcturians and you Galactic Family

How is your Process Going?


Thanks for your great comments in advance

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Twin Flame Relationships ~ Linda El Lumina @ Grace Elohim

Linda el L blog
Lately I read a lot of posts here on fb originating from a consciousness of separation related to the issue of twinflames giving evidence of a lot of misconcepts to1. the nature and function of twinflame relationships
2. the nature and function of manifestation thru conscious or unconscious thought
3. the nature and function of duality/polarityIt is claimed that forces or entities come inbetween twinflames to destroy their relationship to keep the twinflame couples from anchoring the twinflame energy.Sorry guys such statements are deriving from the illusion of separation and of duality, which are based on the illusion of victim and an abuser… aka us versus them, good versus bad.

First understand that you create your reality thru every thought you give your energy to, thru all the beliefs that you hold. Even if your intellect “knows” about the illusion of separation, it will not be of any good, if you do not cultivate thoughts, that are deriving from an inner knowing of oneness (unity consciousness) within. Even if you are aware of negative limiting thought patterning within your being, you need to monitor your thoughts 24/7 to recondition yourself to thoughts that derive from love~unity consciousness.

There is no one out there who is there to “get you”, that can truly “get you” unless you give your power to such a belief. However if you do, it will be mirrored back to you. As within, so without, as below, so above WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Everything that is existing in your reality is there because you gave it life thru conscious or unconscious thought manifestation. What you manifestate is based on your beliefs and your thoughts. Everything is energy…. every thought (conscious or unconscious), every belief, every spoken word, every deed carries a certain vibration (energy) and your reality is a direct response to that energy meaning that what you experience in your reality is there because you created it by sending out a certain vibration to the universe and the universe magnifies this energy by creating a physical manifestation matching that exact energy in that which you call your reality.

Unfortunately you cannot be a master of your reality, if you act out of the belief, that others are responsible for your reality. When you blame someone or something you give it/them power over you and your reality. When we experience negative things we tend to blame it on someone or something….. whether it be dark forces, negative karma, destiny our childhood, partners etc. As long as you give your energy to such “abusers”, you will make the experience of being a victim. The only way to get rid of such misconcepts is to accept that you created them in the first place and taking responsability for having created them, because of a patterning in you of separation. Your external abusers are just mirrors of your inner “demons”, that are craving to be embraced and loved and return home to love. They are aspects of you, that you have disowned and rejected as being non-deserving of love.

Until you become a full embodiment of all aspects and shades of self all worthy of being loved in full acceptance, you withhold love to parts of self and will not be able to embody unity consciousness and attain divine union within, which is compulsive to experience a harmonious twinflame relationship with self (or for that matter any relationship)…. without being threatened by negative forces from within your twin (a mirror of your internal beliefs) or external entites (dark forces etc.). The belief that you are in need of another person (twinflame) to become whole, is based on the misconcept of separation. Your divine essence of love when fully embodied is ONE with all of existence and un-needy of any other being to complete you. Embracing this oneness, which is nothing more than a vibration within your very being lying dormant in every cell and atom of your being, is what will assure divine equilibrium and union within, where all aspect and parts of you are equally accepted and honored as part of who you are. This is the premise for divine union and as you embody and vibrate in this consciousness all your self created “abusers” will disappear from your reality. The war between intellect and heart has ended, your divine masculine and feminine have become allies of love honoring each other in full acceptance of each other as divine equals. So you may say that when you have achieved divine union within, you embody your twinflame from within your very being. You can form a relationship with any one person, that equally embodies divine union and their inner twinflame and share in your oneness, not out of lack or need of anyone to complement you, but out of the pure pleasure and soul urge to co-create and fulfill your planetary mission to anchor the twinflame energy and unity consciousness whether this person be the part of your soul, that you split from by incarnating or not. Your main soul purpose is to realise your oneness with all of existence and become a divine embodiment of unity consciousness. ~ Linda El Lumina

Linda el L blog

Archangel Zadkiel – “Clarity and Your Energy Field” – Transmitted Through Linda Robinson @ Personal Pathways of Light

Ognian Kouzmanov _ paintings _ Bulgaria _ artodyssey  (22)

ART : Ognian Kouzmanov @ Artodyssey


“Clarity and Your Energy Field

April 2015

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and we greet you in Love and Light from the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation. Today, we would like to discuss the clarity and purity of your vibration and energy field.

Your energy field reflects your vibration. It is mirrors your intentions, thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Each intention, thought, feeling, or action carries its own vibration. Thoughts and feelings such as love and kindness carry a higher vibration than those of anger and resentment.

Each time you experience a thought or a feeling, it is recorded and reflected in your energy field. It is a record of who you are, and it changes based on your current state of being.

For example, if you are feeling peaceful and something suddenly disrupts your surroundings, your energy field will reflect this change unless you have mastered the art of remaining calm during disruptions.

The more time you spend in a certain vibration, the greater its reflection in your energy field. If you are usually a kind and loving person, this is the vibration that will be reflected in your energy field.

The clarity of your energy field is a reflection of both your inner and your outer vibrations. Your outer vibration may be considered to be your outward actions, spoken words, and expressed emotions, while your inner vibration is composed of your inner thoughts and unexpressed emotions. When your inner and outer vibrations match, your energy field is a clear reflection of what you are thinking, feeling, and expressing.

However, when you are thinking and feeling one thing inside and expressing something completely different on the outside, this can lead to a cloudiness of your energy field. The inner and the outer are in conflict, and this can cause a disruptive vibrational pattern.

In the previous example of having your peaceful feeling disrupted, if someone asks you if the disruption bothered you and you say no when, in fact, the disruption greatly bothered you, your inner and outer vibrations will be in conflict. You are feeling one way inside but saying the complete opposite outwardly. This can lead to cloudiness in your energy field.

Of course, there may be occasions when you cannot always say exactly how you feel, but a prolonged pattern of having the inner and outer vibrations in conflict may not be a productive pattern for clarity in your energy field. The more often your inner and outer vibrations and expressions match, the clearer your energy field will be.

The qualities that you focus on most often will be the predominant vibration in your energy field. When you set your intention for attributes such as love, peace, and compassion and meditate on them, you build up a vibrational pattern of these attributes. This is then reflected in your energy field. The more you focus on them, the more strongly they are carried in your aura.

By intentionally focusing on the qualities you wish to reflect, this becomes your default pattern. You may find that you are drawing situations of a similar vibration to you. Also, if you happen to encounter a situation that does not match your intention, you can remain centered more easily because you have set your intention as your default pattern.

If you have set love, peace, and kindness as your intention, this becomes the natural state that you reflect in your energy field. When you think loving and peaceful thoughts and express them in your words and actions, then the inner and the outer are carrying a similar vibration. This leads to harmony in your energy field and reflects a clear vibration of your state of being.

A state of purity becomes part of your vibration as you focus on qualities such as love, peace, and kindness for all of creation. When you desire the greatest for all, you are expressing the oneness of all of creation. You are able to relate to the Divine Spark that is part of everything. When this occurs, your own vibration rises to a higher level because you are expressing a purity of desire in your intentions, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

As greatest good becomes your default pattern, your energy field will reflect clarity and purity, and you ascend to higher and higher dimensions.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are focusing your intentions, thoughts, feelings, and actions on qualities that lead to the greatest good for all. Your energy fields are reflecting a clear and pure vibration.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst, …and We surround you with love

And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson,

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson,

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email:


Uncertainty, Confusion and Lack Of Direction As We Move From Our Soul’s Purpose Into Our Soul’s Mission: By Sabrina Reber

Vine by Escume at Deviant Art ART

ART : Vine ~ by Escume @ DeviantArt

Uncertainty, Confusion and Lack Of Direction As We Move From Our Soul’s Purpose Into Our Soul’s Mission: By Sabrina Reber


Many people, choosing to ascend in consciousness, are finding themselves in a transitional period of uncertainty, confusion and lack of purpose while their vibrations evolve from their current state of being to a higher level so they can activate their souls “mission” during this auspicious time on Earth. Each one of us comes into incarnation with a soul “purpose” that carries specific vibrations to help us manifest our needs so we can provide for our families. These personal vibrations inspire us to pursue careers in service to others through business, art, medical, technology, culinary, gardening, music, teaching etc. However, as we focus our direction of energy towards the spiritual realms of our being, we will rise in vibration – activating our dormant spiritual glands and additional strands of DNA – where our soul’s purpose will naturally evolve into our soul’s mission as we begin to work with our newly activated gifts from our holy spirits (higher souls).

The potential to activate our soul’s mission is part of our ascension process and is available for ALL souls who choose to alchemicalize the lower vibrating energies held within their souls energy fields. Once the emotional, mental and physical bodies have been purified to a specific level, the kundalini will rise in perfect divine timing for each soul – breaking the seals of amnesia/veils held within our chakra systems. Once the kundalini makes its full ascension from the root chakra all the way up to the crown chakra our higher spiritual chakras will be activated and our higher souls/christ selves will come into our physical bodies. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hears my voice and opens the door I will come into him and we will become one.” (Revelations 3:20)

It is each souls responsibility to use their free will to open the doors (chakra system) to their christ selves through the process of soul purification. As the soul focuses more of its energy on building a relationship with their higher soul and the Creator Of All That Is, through meditation, they will be asked to “face the self” and they will be shown the things within them that need to healed. This is when our ego and shadow consciousness will put up a big fuss and create great resistance and fear within our beings as our comfort zones get expanded and old vibrations that once served us begin to fall away. Everything we once held to be true, no longer resonates with us. Relationships, activities, passions, beliefs even our long held dreams begin to shift and oftentimes disappear as the ego dissolves and the higher soul begins to work more intimately with our beings. We find ourselves in a period of dying to the old so the new can be reborn, and it is this transitional phase that oftentimes will halt people from moving forward on their ascension journey because their old sense of purpose and direction no longer suits their new vibrational frequency.

Depending on the determination and commitment of the soul to fully surrender to the process of soul alchemy and transformation will determine how long this period lasts. We will be tested in our faith and we will also be required to release our attachments. Not only are we emotionally, physically and mentally attached to the way things “use to be” we are also attached to our ego’s expectations of how things “should be.” We continue to allow ourselves to be motivated by our ego’s will and we have not surrendered ourselves to divine will and divine timing. We have not fully taken dominion over the words we speak, the thoughts in our minds nor have we fully connected to the wisdom from our hearts. Our egos will tell us we have accomplished these things because our egos want to be in control. But if we are really honest with ourselves, we know there is much more that needs to be mastered within ourselves before we will truly be able to activate and fully integrate our soul’s mission into our lives.

Uncertainty, confusion, fear, doubt, lack of purpose, disappointment, apathy….all of these are normal egoic thoughts/moods we will experience as we enter the void of greater expansion. We will be asked to take dominion over our egos tricks and to remain steadfast in our souls ascension into self mastery. There will be days when we feel on top of the world and very clear with our missions and there will be days where we run into doubt. The ascension journey is not a straight shot up. We will descend into our lower states of consciousness and then we will ascend into greater states of awareness to find ourselves descending into the depths of another hidden layer of distortion. We need to make the ascension process a life style and not a destination because ultimately we will never stop expanding into something greater than we were before. That is the essence of creation. So release expectation – it will create suffering and replace it with Faith. ~Sabrina

Suggestions To Help You Get Through This Phase:

1. Do not give up on your meditations. Stay dedicated to nourishing your relationship with your higher soul. 15 minutes a day or 30 minute meditations 4 days a week will bring forth powerful healing vibrations to assist you in the purification of your chakra system and will also activate “light packets of information” held within the higher dimensions within your energy fields to be released into your conscious awareness.

2. Take dominion over your victim consciousness. Take full responsibility for whatever is happening in your life. Everything, whether it is negative or positive, is a gift you have attracted to your self so you can know your self better and expand into greater states of being.

3.  Allow yourself to not have everything figured out. Go with the flow. You can make plans and set intentions but don’t be attached to the outcome. Allow the energy of synchronicity to work with you.

4. Accept your self exactly where you are. Know you are fully supported on this journey and never separated from your higher soul even though you have energetic blocks within your being that make you “feel” as if you are separated. Your higher soul is the observer of your entire life experience, is the essence of your life force and is in constant contact with you. It is your higher soul that takes over driving for you when you zone out in the car, and is also responsible for keeping all organs, blood etc. working in unison to sustain your life without you even having to think about it.

5. Be careful of your thoughts and the words you speak. They are prayers.

6. Seek out activations to accelerate your healing process:

~ Reiki Attunements

~ Deeksha/Oneness Blessings

~ Sacred Spots on Earth/Vortexes

~ Mother Meera Darshans

~ Amma Darshans

7. Seek out healing to remove energetic blocks and negative subconscious beliefs:

~ DNA Theta Master Healer

~ Pranic Healing

~ Reiki

~ Or any healing modality you resonate with.

8. Step out of your comfort zones:

~ Sign up for a new spiritual or healing class

~ Do something that will make you face your fears developing confidence in your self and faith in the Creator Of All That Is. (rock climbing, repelling, traveling on an airplane to a new city by yourself etc..)

9. Change up your usual routine. Meet some new friends, add incense/crystals/new music to your meditations, incorporate new spiritual teachers as each teacher will bless you with something different, seek out new spiritual information/books/classes, commit your self to a juice fast to detoxify your body etc. When you generate change in your outer worlds your inner worlds will change as well and vice versa.

10. Remain in gratitude. Give thanks for the opportunity to be alive and to grow and expand in consciousness so you can know your Self/God better. Talk to your higher soul/God and invite them to be more involved in your life. Ask them to make their presence known to you. Tell them you would like to have a direct experience of their/your love. The more you use your free will to invite them in, the more you will be aware of them, but release any egoic ideas of how this should be for you. Just allow it to occur naturally in a way that you could never imagine.

11. Daily prayer for your self, the Earth, humanity and all living beings – in all time frames and all dimensions – will also align you with a deeper connection to universal healing energies that will catapult your ascension journey and help you to step into your soul’s mission.

12. Read the “Raise Your Vibration” book. Refer to it when you fall out of alignment. It is meant to be a guide throughout your soul’s ascension journey to help you remain on track. USA delivery click here:

For orders outside the USA please click here to search on


* If you would like a Kindle format of the book it is also available on USA Amazon and Europe Amazon.

A Three-Part Conversation with the Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 24.3.

Monday, March 23, 2015

A Three-Part Conversation with the Arcturians


A Three-Part Conversation

With the Arcturians


Part ONE

I just woke up from my dream saying, “Tell me what I need to do to keep my home.”

In my dream there was a long story going on and on about this person who was supposedly helping me, then that person was going to help me, but no one was actually helping me. Finally, I took charge of the situation and opened the door to the “room” and marched in firmly saying to the man behind the desk, “Tell me what I need to do to keep my home.”

The dream felt very important, but did not know how. Therefore, I grabbed my journal and a pen and went into the next room to ask the Arcturians what that dream was about.

“Dear Suzille,” they said, “You will need to release you ego self in order to clearly receive our answer. You (meaning you and the greater you) are on the cusp of ascension. Yes, you. Now, before you ask us questions, let us define “the cusp of ascension.” The cusp of ascension means that you must LET GO.

“You must LET GO of all that is physical. In other words, you must detach from what is physical and attach to what is fifth dimensional. This process begins with your thoughts. While you are in this corridor, OUR Corridor, that which has defined you in the physical world is of NO consequence to your ascension process.

“Just as millions of people never consider their higher dimensional life for even what you would call a second, YOU, the ONEs on the cusp of ascension, must diminish how you consider that which is considered to be physical.

“Do you remember the reality in which you were a Tibetan monk? In that reality, you lived in a completely safe environment on the top of a mountain. Therefore, releasing all that was physical was simple. However, you did not release the physical. That is you did not release it until your Monastery was invaded.

“Do you remember that?”

“NO,” I reply, “but I have always had a distant memory of that Monastery and cried through an entire move about Tibet.”

“You lived many happy lives there,” continued the Arcturian, “but in one life your Monastery was attacked. You then went into a deep meditation and completely left your physical body so that you could speak to the higher minds of the attackers.”

“You showed them, in their minds, the reality they would live if they were responsible for the downfall of the pinnacle of that area. Some of the attackers left their bodies because of that message. Some of them even rose into the fourth dimension because of the power of the message’s unconditional love. But YOU remained neutral.

“YOU refused to participate in that reality and sent unconditional love and Violet Fire to your attackers. Many tried to kill you, but your body was resonating to such a high frequency that they could not harm you.

“In fact, you expanded the frequency of the Monastery into a higher frequency that the attackers could not perceive. All the monks who could resonate to that frequency populated that higher dimensional Monastery.

“Meanwhile, the monks who chose to fight for their Monastery died as brave warriors. When they died, they too populated the higher dimensional Monastery. The escaping marauders took other monks away.

“However, once they left their sacred space, they ALL chose to release their life force to “die,” and return to the higher frequency of the Temple. They too joined you in the higher dimensional Monastery.

“Every single monk returned to his higher dimensional body to live within the higher frequencies of the Monastery so that they could serve the sacred land and ground the thoughtform of a brighter future for their people.

“We are not saying that you will need to leave your physical form, as in your NOW that form of dying is not longer necessary. We have trained our representatives for many incarnations, as well as for decades of their present earth body. We do not want YOU, meaning ALL our emissaries of LIGHT, to leave your earth vessel before you have completed your Missions.

“You are all just NOW coming into the pinnacle of your Missions. When you chose to take an earth vessel to assist with personal and planetary ascension, you did so as Initiates. Every moment of your lives, whether or not you knew it, has been a component of your ascension.

“We remind each individual that you are not the only ONEs who has chosen this mission, but you are the ONEs to whom we are speaking. You are among the ONEs who have volunteered to go first. YOU, the first ONEs, must clear away the rubble of that which has blocked the way for more ‘time’ then you could count.

“In fact, you all had many similar incarnations to Suzille’s. In these lives, you came into a 3D reality that had been destroyed to clear the rubble and create hope and rejuvenation. In many of these lives, you ‘died’ (crossed over) when your work was done and new life was restored to that which had been destroyed.

“Now, our dear representatives, you are moving through the rubble of your myriad lives on Earth to ascend the components of those lives that became trapped in the 3D illusion. Can you LET GO of those earthly worries and remember how to live in total faith and complete peace?

“Perhaps, right now you can. But, can you LET GO when fear of loss creeps into your consciousness? Then, can you perceive your third dimensional reality as an illusion, yet live it every day as if it were real?

“We highlight these sentences because they represent your greatest challenge. You want the peace and enlightenment of absolute surrender to your process, but can you find the SELF-discipline to live your life as a Master?

“Mastery begins by becoming the Master of your thoughts. Only after you are the Master of your thoughts, can you become the Master of your emotions. The process begins with the mastery of thoughts, as thoughts initiate and emotions respond to that which has been initiated.

“You may believe that your thoughts are in response to your emotions, but you would not have those emotions without the corresponding thoughts. Therefore, dear Masters, in order to master your emotions, you must BE the master, the conscious creator, of your every thought, even in your fourth-dimensional dream life.

“Your thoughts call for emotions to live within them, so that they can become a thoughtform. Ascension begins with your thoughts and is fueled with your emotions. Emotions are very important in your process, as those wearing an earth vessel are accustomed to ignoring their thoughts. On the other hand, emotions refuse to be ignored and will amplify until they are recognized.

“Fortunately, thoughts are often invisible to your conscious perception. They can act as a sniper in the tree that creates your fears. Conversely, your thoughts also receive the messages from your Higher SELF who guides you through your life.

“Since these higher frequency messages are in Light Language, you will often perceive them as a certain feeling that may be perceived as an emotion. When these messages carry the feeling/emotion of unconditional love, you will know that they come from your own higher dimensional SELF.

“We often commune with you when your return from sleep (your inter-dimensional travel) to hitch a ride in your consciousness in the form of an “awakening dream.” Many of you, have learned to ‘wake your self up’ after you have an important dream/message so that you can carry it into your waking consciousness.”


We were leaving town for a fun retreat, so I had no more “time” to write. I had to pack and get ready to leave, which is a metaphor in itself. Several hours later, we had gone through Sunday traffic, had a nice meal in Malibu and were listening to music as we drove along the beautiful California coastline when I “felt” another message.

My computer was packed, so I rummaged through my purse to find a pen and a small notebook. Balancing the notebook in one hand while I wrote with the other, I wrote down the next part of my morning message.

I began my inter-dimensional communication in the manner I often use by writing, “Dear Arcturians, do you have a message for me?” In this case, I was asking for more information about my dream?

I instantly received, “Let GO Suzille. Let GO of ALL 3D concerns.”

“Yes, sure,” I thought. “No small task.”

Ignoring my remark, the Arcturians continued, “Where your attention is, there you are also. FEEL the higher frequencies. FEEL these higher frequencies within your body, within you core and within your Kundalini.

“The first ONEs to enter our Corridor must be willing to do so:



And most important,


“Suzille, do you remember the feeling of unconditional love we sent to you in your March 20, 2015 meditation? When ever you feel a message accompanied by that FEELING, you know that it is from the higher dimensions.”

(The Arcturians then began a deeper interpretation of my dream.)

“When you asked, ‘What I need to do to keep my home?’ The ‘house’ was NOT the house of your body, but the house of your SOUL. The house of your body is your 3D home. The ‘house’ of your Soul is your 3D earth vessel.

“When you asked, ‘What do I need to do to keep my home?’ what home were you speaking of? Were you speaking of the home of your body or the home of your Soul? Remember, letting GO does not mean to die. Instead, we ask you to Let GO of the fear of dying, as Tibetan monks did. Dying is a 3D term. Nothing dies in the higher dimensions, but transmutes back to the higher frequency that it has always been.

“Transmutation is NOT a system of releasing or even repairing. Transmutation is a system of expansion back to your Multidimensional SELF. You do not leave. You expand. Your physical house is the symbol of your physical body. There is no need to leave your body to ascend.

“There is no leaving in ascension. Jesus and other Ascended Masters did not die to ascend. When they ascended, they stayed on Earth to give great service to others. They did not need to “die” to gain the fifth dimensional consciousness that allowed them to perform “miracles” in their physical world.

“What humanity sees as ‘miracles’ is normal in the fifth dimension and beyond. Ascension is the process of remembering your higher dimensional consciousness and abilities, then choosing to remain in what appears to be a ‘physical body’ in order to service others.

“Ascension has nothing to do with dying. In fact, dying is a third dimensional concept. There is no ‘death in the fifth dimension and beyond. Ascension does mean dying to the 3D to go Home.

“Ascension means staying to serve others when you KNOW that you could flow Home into the fifth dimension and beyond.

“You do not die for ascension.

You LIVE to for ascension.”

 suzanne lie 3


The next day in the hotel room, after a fun night and lovely morning, I tried to take a nap. Instead, while listening to lovely music, I reached over to the computer beside the bed and wrote with one hand:

Release 3d consequences to find 5d solutions.

3d is illusion. 5d is creation.

In the 3d we create illusion. In 5d we KNOW truth.

We live in, and die from, the 3d. In the 5d we are FREE.

In between, in the 4d, we remember.



Posted by Sue at 7:08 PM

Transcript: Archangel Michael – Embrace the Love That You Are ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

helena nelson reed ART,

ART : Helena Nelson-Reed


Transcript: Archangel Michael – Embrace the Love That You Are

March 20, 2015 By

archangel michaelThanks to Erika for our transcript today in record speed for your enjoyment.

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. And I’m looking forward to the discussion with Archangel Michael.

And just before we begin, Linda, we’re again in another new phase of things – who knows if it’s not the final phase of things before Ascension; do you have some insights from your perspective that you can share with us about this phase?

Linda: Hello, everybody. And yes, I do, actually. As I was meditating and getting ready for this conversation, the Council of Love came in and reminded me of a couple of things: One was the name, which you know has never changed, and they said, “We are not the Council of Joy, we are not the Council of Peace, we are not the Council of Creation – we’re the Council of Love.”

And then they went on to remind me even further that all we needed to get home was love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and balance. And today they reminded me again that after we’ve done all that, we’re back to the love. So it’s like coming full circle.

And I know for years, we as lightworkers worked on that love, especially love of our sacred-self, trusting, forgiving. Now we’ve moved past that, and we’re really working on the connectedness and that final piece of using all this energy and bringing ourselves, our planet, each other, into balance. And of course that balance is found in the love. So I think that we’re really in an exciting time, Steve.

SB: Me too.

LD: And I’m excited to hear what Archangel Michael has to share with us today.

SB: Yes. I totally agree. The amount of progress that can be made at this time too, it’s all going up exponentially. It’s just a wonderful time.

LD: You know they talk about this quantum leap of love and moving at the speed of love. And we’ve talked about this really briefly on other shows, and as human beings we tend to think of the fastest speed – literally in time and space that we can achieve – is the speed of light. But when they talk about the speed of love, they say it’s the speed of light, squared.

That’s phenomenal. So we can move at rates of expansion and awareness that we haven’t even begun to comprehend.

SB: Wow.

LD: Bring it on.

SB: Pretty exciting! Okay. Let’s give you a moment to transition. And you said earlier that Archangel Michael was raring to go and we’re raring to hear him! So we’ll let you transition and thank you for your comments.

Archangel Michael: Greetings. Greetings, Gaians.

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AM: And greetings to all beings throughout the universe, greetings to all beings throughout the multiverse, greetings to all beings throughout the omniverse.

And I am honored and I am humbled, and I am joyful and I am peaceful. And I am Michael; I am Mee-keye-yel – Warrior of love, Archangel of peace, Bringer of news, and so much more.

Often my beloved friends, I have spoken to thee about my original plan. And it has been so distant for so long – not entirely set aside, but most certainly at arms length.

But I have shared with thee that I am artist, I am musician, I am creator force. For it is not simply the skies and the midnight sky that I love to paint, it is the music of the spheres. It is the harmony of creation. It is ALL these things that I have deep love and interest in.

Now why do I begin in this vein this day? Why do I begin speaking of music and harmony and artistry, when we have decided that we are going to speak about love?

Because I wish to speak about the freedom that love – within, without, above, below – brings. And you, my sweet brethren, my family, my friends, are beginning to understand, comprehend, and to embody this love. That is the essence of the freedom that I have spoken so frequently about.

I know that I have spoken at length to each of you – both within this medium [InLight Universal] and, yes, upon your sweet platform, dear Steve, and to each of your hearts – about peace.

And the need for peace as we go forth in the final phases of Ascension, and the complete anchoring, the complete embodiment of love in your form – not merely as a concept or precept, not merely as a virtue or a value, but the complete embodiment of love in your very core and very cell, in your subatomic matter, in your physicality, in all your bodies in your entire beingness. And what is this except the deep acceptance and the anchoring of who you really are?

There has been a myriad of conversations and we have approached this subject of love from many, many different perspectives. And we have done so – if you can think of it this way – chipping away at your resistance, at your fear, at your sense of unworthiness, at your sense of limitation, your sense of your own divinity and power.

And I daresay, this constancy of your commitment, in partnership with our commitment – and I do not merely mean my commitment – I speak this day for the entire Council of Love, for the Company of Heaven, on behalf of the Divine Mother, and on behalf of your Star brothers and sisters.

This arrival at the discussion, the understanding, the embodiment, the embrace, the expansion of love – is everything. It is what you have waited for. It is what we have waited for. And it is the blossoming and the fulfillment of the Mother’s plan.

To feel and to be in this state of love, of ecstasy, of bliss, is a heart opening of your fundamental, core-consciousness. We have talked a great deal about core issues. But what about this concept, this state of being in your core-consciousness?

This is the truth, and the might and the totality of who you are – without the obstacles, without the “buts” or “what if’s.” And what it does, my beloved friends, is that it absolutely changes your internal landscape and your external environment – it fundamentally changes and shifts who you are, not merely how you perceive, but who you are.

Think of this. And you say, “Well Michael, how does this occur?” Because when you are anchored in the love, when you are the love – everything else fades away.

And that is the phase that you are now in. (1)

Now I have spoken and said, many of you committed lightworkers, love holders, have been floating, flying, walking, even crawling in and out of the Ascension portal for years. And the reason that you have kept returning – into what you can think of as the human realm – was the commitment to the collective.

When the channel has referred to connectedness as one of the keys of Ascension, as one of the keys of coming home – it is this sense of connectedness to all that you had need to achieve, if need, in the fulfillment of your plan, within the Mother’s plan.

But when you are in the love, that effort, that sense of working on this, of working on unity or even unitive consciousness simply disappears. (2) Because when you are in the love, when you are the love, that sense of complete connectedness and unity is a given. (3) It is that simple.

And so, sweet angels of light, where do you wish to begin today?

SB: You’ve answered every question I had on my question paper, Lord. Thank you for that.

But there’s more, much more to discuss. So first of all, I can validate everything you just said from my own personal experience. It’s very, very useful to be able to do that.

In the face of love, judgment disappears, resentment disappears, irritation, forgiveness is no longer needed because you can’t remember anything that ever happened to you that’s bad, your memory is wiped of all those pressing memories.

So I validate everything you’ve just said from my own experience, and I’m sure there’s a lot of listeners out there who are saying to themselves, “Well, how can I experience this heart opening? What do I need to do to encourage it? What barriers do I need to let go of, obstacles that I need to walk around to be able have a heart opening?” – What would you say to them?

AM: I would say, “Keep going!” And I won’t say soon, I won’t say near, I won’t say often. I will not put a timeline on it because there is no need for timelines. I have told you, and the Mother has told you that you are operating within a concept – because that is the only way we can explain it – of new time, new times. And what this means is that there is a re-definition – now we know you still use the 24-hour day, and that is a global concept, even though in fact your day has shrunk, in terms of reality to about 11 hours. But that is an entirely different conversation.

In the new time, you are able to flow in and out, above/below, inter-dimensionally. It is a different usage and a different experience of time. Now many of you who are listening will say, “Well Michael, I have not experienced that.” And I would say to you, “Have you asked to? Are you allowing yourself to?” But your question is, “How do I get there? How do I become the love?”

Let us be very practical, because although Gabrielle and Jophiel claim the practicality in our family, I can be extraordinarily practical. So let us begin with the question – Are you in your heart? Are you in the richness, the center of your tri-flame? Are you in and filling, receiving, giving, sharing, living, love everyday? Or are you, my beloved friends, still living in your head or in your lower chakras? Are you still in fight or flight? Are you still in survival?

And then you say to me, “Oh yes, Michael, I am in survival because I am broke – I do not know how to pay my bills. I’m not sure if the electricity’s going to turn off. I’m not sure whether I will have food for my children. And by the way, I am in exceptional pain.”

Now I do not make light of this. But I am giving you the key. And it is the same golden key that Archangel Gabrielle has given you years ago. And the key my friends is – are you in your heart? This is the first step.

And we have talked about this time and again, but I say it again, I hope – and Steve, correct me – yes, you can correct an angel – correct me if I am not very straightforward and simple.

SB: Actually I’ve been sitting here saying, “Yes. Yes. Yes!” So no corrections so far. [laughing]

AM: So it does not mean that I am guiding thee not to confer with your brilliance, with your mental body, even with your delightful egos. I am not saying to ignore the phone bill, the electricity bill. But where you anchor your core is your heart, because that is where you are experiencing the love and becoming and being the love.

Now, once you are in your heart I will say to thee, I will guide you, I will take you by the hand, and I will ask of thee – go deeper, go deeper, go deeper! – until you are in the bottom, the seat of your soul. And you can think of this as the bottom of your heart, your physical heart – for there is such a place.

But the point being – many of you say, “Oh yes, I am in my heart.” But you don’t feel the love; you aren’t the love – I do not say this in a way of judgment or criticism.

My beloveds – if you are not feeling the love, if you are not feeling that you are able to live the love, then you are not firmly enough anchored in your heart consciousness. You are allowing – what I have referred to as the distractions – to take too much of your attention. Think of it as your life force of your love force.

So every day you awaken and the first thing you do in your heart – and you can simply think of this in a physical way because it is becoming a physical experience, finally. And you say, “Do I feel it? Am I the Mother? Am I the Father? Am I connected with All that is? Am I One in my love with my guardians, with my circle?” And then you proceed throughout your day to cocoon yourself in that love, in that sense of extraordinary bliss.

Now part of this adjustment, what has so often been called the shift – the shift was not cataclysmic disaster or this or that event or the turning of the axis of your planet – the shift is in your heart. And in your heart are you able to act.

Now you say I am too blissed out to even act. I am simply afloat in the ecstasy. But that is the first part of this adjustment, and in many ways, sweet angels, it is the most exciting part, it is the most joyful, it is the most extraordinary because you feel and know and are the breakthrough that we have discussed for so long.

Now this expanse: this is not the final arrival point. And as this channel has said, there is always more.

And where do you think she gets that from? It is directly from us! There is always more. But as you adjust to this sense of the truth of who you are, is this a gift? Yes. Is this a co-creation? Yes. Is this your creation? Yes. Is this a new normal? Yes.

But what you will do as this new state of beingness anchors within thee is you will feel, in physical reality, the expansion of what we have referred to as your capacities, your inter-dimensional self, your vision in terms of your regular eyes, your physical eyes, your third eye, your fourth eye, your fifth eye, your auditory capacity, your clairaudience, your clairsentience, your clairvoyance – all of these are expanding.

And then you find that you are in relationship, whether it is a nod to the clerk at the bank, the policeman on the beach, or your dearest beloved, your exchanges are loving.

Let me be even more clear. They are love. You take your love and you give it to the other person. So it is not simply a loving action. It is not simply a kind action. You are taking your love – that is the mother’s love, that is all love – and you are giving it to every being you meet.

And you say, “Well, maybe I will be empty.” And the answer is, no, it is an ever-present, infinite, eternal flow. And when you have keyed into this – and I invite you to do so – you are there.

Now can you eradicate this by an act of will? Yes, that is possible. But that sense of will that has been so defeating in terms of control and fear is gone when you are in the love. (4) So that is how you do it. And you say, “Yes. I receive, I am ready, I allow, I surrender, I welcome, I celebrate…” – whatever the words are for you.

We understand intent. So yes, is this clear?

SB: Very clear. I think I should get a gold star for patience here because I’ve wanted to interrupt you so many times in the last ten minutes, but all I’d be saying is, “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!”

I’m in the experience that you’re describing, and in interacting with other people I’m very conscious of the fact that what I’m doing is sending them love. And then there’s also a conversation that’s going on – and the conversation of course is impacted by the love I feel – but I’m well aware of this intention of sending this love that I feel.

Could I just say a word for men, Lord, because they may have trouble with this whole concept of heart, being in the heart, as you know – and that’s just to suggest to men that they think of it as being in dead center, right in the middle, but right in the center in a place of balance, in a place of equanimity. So not on the peripheries of emotion as so many men are because they’re being strong, going for power and control, and all that stuff – but to come back, be in the center, and then go as deeply into the center as you possibly can. That is the heart.

So it’s not like we’re in a different place, but it just may be a way that they could picture it this way.

Lord, the love does quiet down. It’s brimming over right now because I’m listening to you and your words carry love, but also your words are awakening the love just unto themselves. But the love does quiet down, and it’s almost like love has to be paid attention to.

If I neglect love, it grows quiet and waits for me to come back.  But then when I do the exercise of bringing love up from the heart and sending it out, it comes up again like magma from a volcano. Can you talk just a little bit about the fact that you said this was a permanent heart opening. That doesn’t mean that it’s always volcanic, right?

AM: That is correct. Think of it in terms of the volcanoes; not all volcanoes are always spewing. So it does not mean that inside the volcano, on the volcano floor, in what you think of as in the heart of Gaia, or as you have put it the center of the volcano – it is still there. It is still bubbling. It is still waiting for the appropriate moment.

And you are defining those moments. And when I say you, I mean ALL of you are defining those moments when you choose. So we are not removing or trying to override choice. What we are trying to do is allow you to adjust to this sense of such extraordinary expansion but still maintain, what you think of as your life.

But does love need to be paid attention to? Absolutely.

If you have three billion dollars and it is all in precious metals, and you take it out and you bury it in the farmers field 12 miles away, and then you come home and you forget about it, and you say, “Oh that’s really good because I have this security,” what good is that money doing you? You are not tending to the most precious treasure you have ever been given, that you have ever claimed. You are not living in your certainty.

If you are in relationship and you are deeply, devoutly, passionately in love with your sacred partner, and you never say to her, “I love you. I honor you. You are precious to me,” then you are not tending to the relationship and to the love. So if you do not tend – think of it as this – the love is the sheer energy of the Mother/Father One, and particularly the Mother because it is a movement. It is an activity. It is creating.

If you never tend to it, it will go quiet. It will be like a child waiting for you to turn and to say, “I love you. I cherish you.” So, yes, the more you work with this, the more you tend – because we do not really like the word “work.” But it is a term you use and understand.

But if you tend to it like the most precious commodity – because it is you, it is her, it is All – if you tend to it, it grows and grows and grows. If you ignore it, it will still be there.

SB: What does tending to it look like, Lord?

AM: Tending to it is simply allowing yourself to be in that heart center and feeling, experiencing, sharing, being that love, every day – every single day. And if we were to have our preference, we would say many, many times a day of allowing it to wash through you, to explode, to feel that orgasmic love.

SB: Wow. Love seems to be very accommodating to our foibles and everything else. If I feel fear, love quietly goes away, and I’m sure it’s the same with irritation or anger. Can you talk to us a bit about how that happens? Why does love allow fear to kinda push it aside? Why does love not say to fear, “Get thee gone!”? Is this free will?

AM: This is absolutely free will. And it is you, and when I say you, I mean humanity arriving at the point where you are fundamentally understanding and living your free will. So there is a choice when you are falling into fear, you can say to yourself, “Well I think I’m going to wash that with love.” And the fear is gone.

SB: Yes. And loneliness will go in the same way if you wash it with love.

AM: It is exactly the same way.

SB: Yes.

AM: And when you are in fear, you are in your lower chakras. You are not anchored in your heart.

SB: Right. And you’re also creating this icy feeling, which results in the contraction of muscles, so you become more dense.

AM: You are denying the expansion of your true light body.

SB: Right.

AM: And so the point is – you see there has always been great discussion upon your planet about whether the angelics or myself, or any of the ascended ones have this element of free will. We do.

Now long ago we have chosen. And it is beyond what you would think of as a conscious or a thought process – but our choice is to align with the love. That is the choice that we have made and it has been so long and so consistent that there really isn’t another choice for us.

And that is the point at which you are at – do I choose to be the love, to know this blissful ecstasy, to know fully who I am, or do I choose to minimize, reduce myself? Because it is your choice. It is not our choice, it is not the person down the street’s choice, it is not a dictator in Iraq or Iran’s choice – it is your choice.

And it is strange, as in baffling, as in confusing, that the choice for something that hurts you had been so consistent for so long. Now what you have chosen is to change – that was the precursor – you were washed by the Mother’s tsunami. You have been given gift after gift after gift – most important being clarity.

And in that you have said, “I think I’m going to choose change, because this situation, this reality that I have been occupying – whether it has been for ten years or seventy years – doesn’t really work for me. It doesn’t give me the joy, the love, the peace that I want.” So now you have gone through the change choice and you are choosing love.

SB: Why would anyone not choose love? Perhaps if one doesn’t know this love. And I’m talking about transformative love. I’m not talking about romantic love. I’m not talking about these lesser states of being, but transformative love, the kind of love that erases from your mind everything that you were thinking about and all the persnickety little thoughts you had and the irritable little feelings, and just erases them all. Why would anybody – except that they don’t know about this state – choose not to have this state of love?

AM: Now you say that perhaps they don’t know about it. But in fact it is a seed, a knowingness that is planted within the hearts of all beings, all beings. (5) Think of it.

And so it expresses for some as this deep amorphous yearning – and you are correct. They’re not quite sure that they are yearning for this level of absolute, infinite love. What you term, transformative love – and that is an excellent term – is also a conspiracy. Let me use that word in the truest meaning of it.

It is a conspiracy of the ego. It is the ego that has been the driving force for so long, and the ego intervenes along with the root chakras, with the lower energies of fight or flight and says, “Don’t go there,” because you are risking rejection, risking finding out that in fact there is nothing but empty promises. And that is a dire threat that has been the conspiracy of the old Third and no longer applies.

So I announce [that conspiracies are laid to rest]. That is why I have said I speak not only to Gaians, but throughout the multiverse this day. I have said that the echoes of the third are just that, that conspiracy is laid to rest. We invite you to come and to claim your birthright, your truth.

And the truth is you are loved. You are not merely loved. You do not merely have the capacity to love. You are love. It is the essence, it is the foundation – energetically and physically – of who you are.

So now you know and the choice is yours.

But we know that once you have reached this stage – not of simple understanding or knowledge, but of wisdom – your choice will be for the love and to tend that love.

SB: Absolutely. There’s actually two conspiracies, Lord, is there not? There’s the conspiracy of the ego to hold us in protection and safety and watching out, alertness, but then there’s a second conspiracy that you’ve referred to as the seed of love placed in us from the beginning. Now I, after Shankar and other people, call that the longing for liberation. It’s always pulling us back to God, right?

AM: That is correct.

SB: So that’s the second conspiracy isn’t it? Against the conspiracy of the ego is the conspiracy of love, where God is constantly pulling us back, and we feel the yearning and fill it with a new car or a yacht or a trip to Hawaii or a new romance, and it never satisfies for long because only God can satisfy, right?

AM: That is correct.

Well, the Mother is very thorough in her plan. So yes, you may call it a conspiracy – I would call it a perfect plan.

SB: Right.

AM: But, yes, the conspiracy – your soul, your very core conspires with you, and sometimes against you, but it conspires to bring you back and forward, and in the present moment of what you have termed the eternal now into the love.

And it is a conspiracy that you cannot escape from. That is what surrender is truly about. It is you falling back into the infinite arms of love and saying, “Alright. I get it. I receive. I allow. I am.”

SB: I give up. [laughing]. I surrender.

AM: Yes [laughing], I give up – And that is truly the meaning of liberation, of freedom.

SB: There’s an irony to all this too that one doesn’t get to see very often. It just comes at really clear moments. But the divine plan is my plan, right? It is my plan. I am God, just as every listener is God, and every person in this world is God, and every plant, and every rock. So the divine plan is my plan.

I’m not giving something up in surrendering my ego, or at least its demands, or in surrendering my anger and my fear.

I’m not giving something up. I’m realizing my own plan. Is that not the case?

AM: That is absolutely correct. What you are doing is truly embracing and choosing to embody the plan that you had, and that you have always had because the Mother is within you and you are within the Mother.

SB: Yes.

AM: It is that sacred union. It is the ultimate partnership from which all else flows. It is who you are. Are you a unique expression? Yes. And are you exactly the same as all beings, all energy? Yes.

SB: Now that’s a paradox.

AM: It is the paradox of uniqueness, of separation, and of unity.

SB: Right. Now I have noticed that there is a relationship between love and unity. When my love comes up like a volcano, it takes in everybody. It will not permit me to carve it up and give a big chunk to this person, a little chunk to that person. It will not allow me to discriminate in that manner or it will run away down the block, so to speak.

AM: That is correct, or it will go quiet.

SB: So there is this tie-in between love and unity. Can you help me develop that please? What is the tie-in?

AM: When you are love, you are the part of One. When you are love, you are in union with One and with All. There cannot be any sense of separation. So it is not discriminatory. You cannot separate it.

SB: Hmm. Well, the whole plan, the whole drama is all the created beings returning to the One, and the One having the wonderful experience of meeting itself in the moment of their enlightenment. Now is it just that love has these qualities of unification, no separation, etc. unto itself, period. Or was love an invention of the divine to bring everyone back to the divine?

AM: No. Love is the divine. It is the expression, the essence – you want to put a distant face on it – well, not you, but many. The only face, the only existence of Source, One, God – however you think of that creator force – is love. And when you are truly and fully anchored in that love, you are in unity.

SB: Alright. Could I be the devil’s advocate here for a moment and say, I could forget about God and just fall in love with love and everything would be fine. Is that correct?

AM: If you fall in love with love, if you are the love, then you are in union. You are in and with and part of God, within and without. So you can call it Henry if you choose, but you will be with One.

SB: [Laughing] Well, I’m thinking particularly of atheists who may have a hard time coming back to the pack. But if they think of it as just love and forget about God, so to speak, it may make their re-entry easier.

AM: Yes, because there are many prejudices and opinions about God, and about what God has and has not done, what “they” have not blessed you with, or what terrors have been wrought upon you. So if you simply think of it as love, then you will feel safe. And that is fine.

SB: So what can we expect to see, Lord? Can we expect to see people suddenly bursting into heart-openings here, there, and everywhere, or is there another phase that’s going to open up that we don’t even know about? What can we expect in this movement towards Ascension now?

AM: This is the love portion and this is the “jet fuel” for the catapulting of you into the anchoring in the physical realm of your unique talents, abilities, the inter-dimensional reality, which was always the plan for humanity – the acknowledgement of that and the creation of love, of the expressions of love in tangible, physical form on Nova Earth. So what you are about to see is love become practical.

SB: Hmm. Wow – We have only five minutes left and I’d like to ask a question along a different line, Lord before we go off the air. There’s a news report out of Iraq that Al-Baghdadi had a dream of Mohammed, and Mohammed told him, “Leave Mosul,” which means the start of a retreat. Once you leave a place you’re often viewed as being in retreat. And in fact this report also says that ISIS forces are being defeated in other areas of Iraq. Is all of that new report credible?

AM: Let us put it this way, we continue to work. I continue to work with all of you and with your Star brothers and sisters, with the Archangels, with this issue of peace and the anchoring of peace, and the expansion of love. So none are exempt from this, and Mohammad himself is speaking to these people that you think of as ISIS. So let us leave it at that.

SB: Alright. Well, that’s good. So we have time to return to our discussion. People hearing this broadcast, what they hear will sit for them as intellectual knowledge. Some will have it at a higher level, I know, but for many the first entry of it into their field of awareness will remain intellectual knowledge.

Intellectual knowledge doesn’t move very many people, experiential knowledge gets some to move, but really realized knowledge, as in “I got it! – I just realized I’ve become my Father; I’ve just realized I’ve become love.” How do you get intellectual knowledge up to realized knowledge in the case of love?

AM: The intellectual knowledge is a starting point, but let it flow down as if you are going over Niagara Falls. Let it come down like the teaming water into your heart. It is that simple.

You can say, “Well, isn’t this interesting. This is a good piece of information,” and it means nothing if you are staying it in your head. Allow it – we beseech you – I do not speak to your intellect, to your mind this day, this night, every day, every night – I speak to your heart – let us in. Please, let us in.

SB: Okay. Thank you, Lord. The music is starting and we’re going to have to wrap up I’m afraid. Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?

AM: Embrace the love that you are. Embrace the truth, the peace that you are. It will reign upon your planet from henceforth.


SB: Farewell, Lord. Thank you very much.


(1) I had a heart opening on March 13 and I think AAM is making veiled references to it here. I’m sure it happened to me because they knew I’d write about it!!!!  To think that this is the next phase of Ascension we’re entering – that others and perhaps everyone could share the same experiences, as he implies here – brings great joy.

(2) Yes, it does. I can vouch for that.

(3) Yes.

(4) When you are in the love, not only fear and control are gone, but resentment, irritation, impatience, everything is gone.

(5) The longing for liberation. See and


helena nelson reed ART,

Méline Portia Lafont ~ My Solar Eclipse Experience @Awaken Spirit from Within

Méline Portia Lafont ~ My Solar Eclipse experience

March 21, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

The Solar eclipse was a Breathtaking event !! The energies that are accompanied with this beautiful moment is just amazing and profound.  It really enters your heart and it has touched so many souls!  I woke up with a huge headache the same morning, finding myself trying to come back into this body and reality.  I went to see outside and saw nothing but clouds.  The Eclipse would start at 9.30 AM my time (CET) and would be at the fullest around 10.35 AM.  Yet, no sun was there to see because of the clouds!

I got this strong message to not only meditate but too that it is extremely important to go outside and look at it!  I was told that the codes of this massive energetic event would then be integrated through the third eye to enter the pineal gland.  So I was guided to go outside and look at it. Since we could not see anything here due to the clouds, I picked up my friend and we drove until we could see the sun.  I asked Spirit to guide us to the right spot!  So after driving 30 minutes East we finally could see the Sun taking a peek behind that endless cloudy deck.  We drove off the Highway and placed ourselves at a parking space next to the highway between some trees.

What made this experience even more beautiful was that we saw a few people doing the same, and we were gathered there together with a small group of complete strangers to each other and sharing this precious moment heart by heart.  There was even a family with their children, as they have kept them home from school to see this event, whom had to drive a long end to be able and see this.  We were fortuned to see this Eclipse behind the clouds and we shared our joy all together.  The Eclipse glasses that I have bought for this event was not really needed as the clouds were breaking down the brightness of the sun so we could look at it with our physical eyes.  Yet at times the sun could break through and then we could use the eclipse glasses to see the magnitude of its power! Nobody had eclipse glasses as these were sold out in our country, so we passed on my eclipse glasses from individual to individual so all could take in this beautiful event.

To see this was AMAZING and I felt so much serenity and inner peace the whole time!  We in Belgium, could only see the eclipse going to its maximum of 83%, leaving the Sun with a smiley, nevertheless it was beautiful!  I tell you: the energy behind it was powerful!

We ended with sharing this precious moment with a bunch of “strangers” all standing next to each other and sharing this unique event.  What has touched me the most is how much it opened peoples heart and the fact that these were willing to take a moment out of their “busy” schedule to see this and connect with others.  That’s the Spirit! It melts my heart.  People are way too lost in their “busy” schedules.  I especially enjoyed the smiles and the bright eyes of the children as their eyes went even brighter looking at this event with AWE.  Precious moments indeed.

We ended up sharing a beautiful moment, connecting with new people and exchanging pictures with each other.  The pictures that I share in this post with you all, were taken by one of these people that was there with us and this man was so kind to ask my e-mail and send these to me.  He was taking these pictures to share with his grandchildren.  He too felt the beauty of this shared moment together as he send me a note to say: “Dear Méline, what a lovely experience this morning to share this Unique natural phenomenon with complete strangers, yet very enjoyable people”.  And so it was! I treasure such moments.

After the Eclipse was over, my headache was completely gone and I felt energized!  Soon after that my body became tired and I had to lay down after my meditation to absorb this all.  Still am absorbing it! I AM grateful !!!Méline-Portia-Lafont-My-Solar-Eclipse-experience/c112t/550d37fe0cf292acc4ddf88d

The Illuminating and Awakening of the Crown Chakra by Archangel Michael & Archangel Faith ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of OmNa

art  Julio Visconti Merino

 ART :  Julio Visconti Merino           

The Illuminating and Awakening of the Crown Chakra by Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 19th March 2015- Sacred School of OmNa

Through our loving angelic frequency we bring forth our divine consciousness of inspiration and healing to touch your being and awaken remembrance from your soul, a remembrance which is beyond your current reality, beyond the dimensions and realities of consciousness of the inner planes. Such a remembrance cannot be contemplated by the mind only digested as a familiar vibration through the soul. Your soul is capable of immense magnitude of abilities and creations. As an Earthly aspect of your soul, the greatest and most empowering way to recognise your soul is as truthful loving magic. Imagine if consciously you held the belief of your soul being the most awe-inspiring magical vibration, light and substance capable of anything and everything. You would take notice of your soul, consciously weaving it into every aspect of your reality, your creations, thoughts and experiences. You woul d become the acknowledged divine creator of your reality; a sacred force attuned to and flowing from the Creator. Imagine how exciting and fulfilling each day upon the Earth would be, it would be a fulfilling journey of evolution, understanding and acceptance of the Creator. Your soul is greater than any magic you could possibly imagine, it is already the truth of your being there is simply a need for your recognition. 

Let the only limitations you choose to hold onto within your being and reality, especially when existing in harmony with your soul, be the limitations of love.

Allow yourself to exist, create, think, feel, experience within the limitations of the Creator’s love. Of course the love of the Creator has no limitations and this is one of the understandings we wish to bring forth and yet when you exist in the limits of love this signifies you are always creating and experiencing in a space of love. You know love to be expansive and so this space is extensive. When we move beyond the love we enter into fear, anger, pain and suffering which allows each soul upon the Earth to evolve, understand and learn, and yet this process of learning is no longer fully satisfying to many. When you allow yourself to exist in a space of love within your being, mind, emotions, reality, creations and experiences you are offering to yourself an ever evolving and inspiring freedom. Allow yourself to let go of barriers which hinder the glorious magic of your soul and yet if you must hold one limitation let it be to stay within the confines of love. This can be a challenging concept as limitations and barriers encourage a feeling of disempowerment and yet living within the confines of love is completely freeing because love is more expansive than you could possibly imagine. By existing in the limitations of love you are asking yourself to change your perspective of limitations while realising that love is the most expansive and freeing space you can exist within.

To remain in the space of love within your being, mind, emotions, creations and experiences is a conscious choice due to your understanding and experience of the sacred love of the Creator. All of your actions and reactions, even the way you perceive yourself and your reality is a conscious or was once a conscious choice.

‘I choose to exist in a conscious space of love.’

The greatest tools for remaining consciously in a space of love are awareness, release and then returning to love. This is awareness of energies, thoughts, emotions or blockages arising from within you which are not born from the space of love. A conscious release, detachment and breathing away of that which no longer serves you and then the ability to recognise the space of love once more. Your space of love evolved from the Creator and yet it is personal to you and can span across the entire universe of the Creator, it is so magnificently free. With these tools and allowing yourself to consciously exist in a space of love (an energy, vibration, feeling, resonance) within you, the magic of your soul is far easier to see, sense and utilise within your physical spiritual reality on the Earth.

We can acknowledge any experience, thought or emotion beyond the space of love as a conflict to love. When we accept a reality beyond the limitations of love we are accepting contradictions, which is akin to believing in two realities, one within the limits of love and maybe one within the limitations of fear or illusions.  The second phase of the energy wave of ascension labelled the Crucifixion energy  brings forth the illumination of contradictions, asking you to consciously choose the space you wish to create from within your being. The illumination of contradictions proposes a deep purging especially at a mental body level. Many people upon the Earth wish to see beyond the illusions of the Earth, to see and sense the inner planes and yet a mental shift and modification is required. With illumination of contradictions you are able to consciously choose which you believe to be untrue and which you wish to accept as your truth. You may believe that your contradictions like habits are a part of your personality; they are what make you who you are, unique and create your personality. To some extend this is true and yet your contradictions do not belong to you, they are energies, beliefs and perspectives you have chosen to carry with you, they do not define you. It is your conscious choices especially when born from your soul which create and maybe even define who you are and wish to be as a soul upon the Earth.

When you observe your contradictions, consciously choosing that which you believe in, wish to energise and experience, then you are creating a focus perspective within your mind and a focused pathway before you, a clear pathway more fully resonating and aligned with the Creator.

Notice your spiritual beliefs; notice how these alter throughout your day, even becoming the complete opposite.

Through the dissolving of contradictions you are dissolving rifts within your being, within the consciousness of the Earth and humanity and even within the universe of the Creator. This purging within the mental body symbolises a coming together, a unification and fusion of the Creator’s light within all while dissolving the illusion of separation which is still so prominent within the language and actions of many upon the Earth.

At this time when the energy wave of Crucifixion brings forth the illumination of contradictions a powerful penetration of light is streaming through the universe of the Creator, anchoring into all dimensions while piercing the Crown Chakra of the Earth and the Crown Chakras of Humanity. This penetrating light moving forth from the Core of Enlightenment within the Source of the Creator has a purpose of enlightenment and illumination. In awakening the Crown Chakra the light stream holds the purpose of penetrating the mental body while awakening wisdom of the soul and wisdom already held within the Crown Chakra. A shower of illumination of wisdom, understanding and enlightenment is upon us all now. It is a time of the activation of the Crown Chakra, a time of receiving the divine luminosity within the mind and mental body to bring forth tremendous healing for all and the Earth.

This divine intervention is being supported and encouraged by many upon the inner planes with Lady Quan Yin and Lady Pallas Athena overseeing the shift and awakening. Lady Quan Yin is the Chohan of the Eleventh Ray of Light focused upon embodiment of the soul while Lady Pallas Athena is the Chohan of the Twelfth Ray of Light an expression of the Christ Consciousness, an active love. Lady Pallas Athena also assists many to complete their ascension processes at an Earthly level while supporting each soul’s Christ Initiations, she is a source of empowerment. With these two divine goddesses supporting a needed activation within your crown chakra to develop your soul light flow and understanding within your being, they also act in assisting light, soul, enlightenment, embodiment and empowerment within your being and ascension process. This activation is beginning now and will continu e for several months thus supporting acceleration of your energetic and light vibration.

You may wish to use this invocation to support your unification with this activation of the Crown Chakra of the Earth and humanity:

‘I embrace myself in the energy, light and consciousness of Lady Quan Yin and Lady Pallas Athena, with your support and as you oversee all aspects of my being and ascension, I invite the penetrating light from the Core of Enlightenment within the Source of the Creator to connect with my Crown Chakra, awakening, purifying, activating and empowering my Crown Chakra.  Light streams through my Crown Chakra into my Mental Body creating states and insights of enlightenment and illumination born from my soul and sacred wisdom. Let the light of the Core of Enlightenment within the Source of the Creator simultaneously dissolve all forms of contradictions within my thoughts, beliefs and perspectives. I now consciously choose the space of love within my being allowing my sacred vibrations to unfold with ease and perfection. All aspects of my being are now showered with illumination of wisdom, understanding and enlightenment.

I know I am connected with Mother Earth, the activations now occurring within my Crown Chakra and being also occur simultaneously within Mother Earth’s Crown Chakra allowing expansion, illumination and the release of sacred wisdom from Mother Earth’s Crown Chakra to either be returned to the inner planes or anchored into the consciousness of humanity, whichever is appropriate.

I know all is in balance and harmony as we all resonate with the truth of the Creator.

We are all divine receivers and magnifiers of the light of the Creator. And so it is.’

Please practice this invocation as often as you wish, always leave time after the invocation to allow the energy to flow into your Crown Chakra. Imagine the light from the Core of Enlightenment within the Source of the Creator flowing and penetrating your Crown Chakra, observing as the light fills your entire being while being aware of the shifts it instigates within your being.

With Angelic Love Eternally,

Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith

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art  Julio Visconti Merino

Arcturian Corridor Opening Video and “The Road” @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Arcturian Corridor Opening Video and “The Road”



Hello wonder friends and followers, I wanted to share this YouTube with all of you about our wonderful Arcturians Corridor Opening. 

I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did

suzanne lie the road


I don’t understand a lot,

but I know that

something is different.

Not something obvious,

oh no, its very subtle,

a small, still feeling deep within.

Perhaps, just perhaps, deep within

where there has always been

pain and longing

something like satisfaction

is beginning to take root.

Something like satisfaction

only because I don’t really know

how satisfaction feels,

never having REALLY experienced it.

Always, I have needed more.

Nothing has ever been enough

because nothing has ever soothed

the constant longing

that has haunted my unconscious mind.

Now, I am beginning to realize

that I have been trying

to ease my pain from the outside

when it really exists on the inside

where nothing and no one external to me

can touch or heal the wound

that festers deep inside.

And so, I must heal myself

But, can I?

Can I actually find alone

what no one else has been able to find for me?

No one, that is, on the outside.

Inside there another world,

another reality.

Inside is where I have always lived

and always longed to return.

Often I have hated the outside world

because it seemed to keep me from my true Self.

And what was out there anyway?


which had only caused me problems


which seemed to mean only more money

to cause more problems

And Love?

Yes, the Love is why I have stayed

Without Love

I would have retreated deep inside

long ago.

Without the Love I would have

left the outside world,

left it and never turned around.

But, even though I didn’t  always understand why,

and though it often hurt,

I stayed for the Love.

Maybe now the Love without

and the Love within could unite.

Imagine the glory of that.

Imagine a road of Love

leading back and forth

from the heart of my inner reality

to the heart of my outer world.

This road could connect the

two portions of me that have

always seemed to be at war.

If my inner and outer worlds

were truly united,

I could find Peace,

In fact, I could BE Peace.

And then,

yes then,

I could help.

(Dear Readers, This poem was written long ago when I actually felt this way. I include it now in hopes that you, too, can find YOUR road.)

If any of you would chose to tell a bit about how your found your “road,” or even if your still feel lost, that would be wonderful.

Blessings to you all 


Posted by Sue at 7:48 AM

The Trinity of Light ~ Lord Metatron ~ Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah @ Walking Terra Christa

The Trinity of Light ~ Lord Metatron

 portal_light-fbGreetings, My Dearest Beloveds,

It is my pleasure to walk with you during this time and all times of creation of the New Earth.

We are entering into another Portal Of Light that has not been felt upon this planet previously. On March 20th with the New Moon, Solar Eclipse, and the Eqinox all showing their beautiful energies as an extremely entryway of light into GAIA, I believe it will be a welcome entryway into the next phase of growth for Gaia and each of you. But I assure you, that preparations must be made within yourself to accept these energies on a much deeper level within your core essence.

I know that many of you are doing fabulous work but in truth, we must go deeper. The effects of the changes within Gaia are so strong that each of you needs to step up to the next level of your responsibility. Otherwise, you will be taken into a completely different direction than you truly thought you were going.

This is not because you are not doing as well as you would like to be. In fact, it is because the light infractions are so strong that each individual within the planet must go further into their soul’s existence. It is a time of great renewal, which takes us into a completely different paradigm of light and existence than has ever been felt before.

The power can only be as great as One that Can Hold That Power.

This Trinity of Light represents light coding that is being implanted within the earth through the effect of the Sun and the Moon, but with the entire existence of the Earth. It is a cataclysm event in proportions of the light infractions. It is something that none of us could ever imagine would occur, but yet we are here experiencing it together.

This focus of light is the start of many elements upon the planet. It is an entryway for more of the Christed Light frequencies to be implanted within the earth as we come upon the Festivals of Ascension with the Christ (April), Wesak (May), and Humanity (June) through the next season. It is an opportunity for each individual person to see what is within him or her so that they can achieve the highest possible reflection of the Wesak energies.

As initiates, each of you are standing in a place of renewal; that process of regeneration is only possible when an individual understands deeply what keeps them from the full potential.

The pathway of Mastery is not just about being an Ascended Master to achieve great things; the first component is the pathway of the Self as the energies assist in removing all particles that have kept that soul from achieving these things in previous timelines. Each of you is being gifted to go further than you have ever done before and being grounded within a physical body. That is a huge achievement in itself.

The next element is that this Portal Of Light is going to assist the Earth to awaken in different ways than it did before. So there could be quite a bit of turmoil in places around the world. In order to allow the shift to occur into a higher frequency, the areas that don’t hold that light element within itself must be changed. This is where it becomes very difficult, as the changes occurring within and around the world could be quite monumental.

The other side of this event is the beauty that the Light and the Dark are standing in equal parts of each other. It is a time for Gaia to fully move into more Light and allow the Dark not to take precedence over elements.

Each of you, as the initiates upon the earth, then are able to see a difference within yourself. The infractions of the light and dark can be shifted dramatically if you allow it to be. This is why this energy is so very powerful. Great change can happen to everyone but only if they are willing to step into the next doorway of opportunity.

So as this event occurs, it will give each Initiate, each Ascended Being, each Angelic Being, and Inner Earth Being to take on a huge responsibility.  It is time for each of you that are on the planet to hold the light you receive to take it into Gaia so that her foundation will be illuminated by the Light you are receiving.  This will assist in the process of the future months to be more grounding for the planet and all of humanity.

This will also assist each of you on a personal level.  The more light infraction that you can hold within yourself, the easier your transition will be for the New Earth.  The energies of Wesak represent moving into a higher level of the initiation process so having this Portal of Light at this time to be activated within you is a gift in itself.

This is when each of us together with the God Force and the Source of Oneness with each of you upon the Earth unite with one another to create a force of Light that is beyond your wildest dreams. It is a place of great renewal but not without removing the old elements that have been in place for eons of time. This includes your timelines, Earth’s timelines, and all of ours. We all must step into wholeness for this project of the New Earth to be created.

The Trinity of Light with the Super Moon energies is our doorway into a new world.

I extend my hand to each of you, helping you to aspire to the greatness that you are so that we can do this job together.

It is our Opportunity of Light, Love, and Freedom Within to be Fully Acknowledged.

It is my Divine Purpose to stand with you as we unite as One.

I Am Lord Metatron at your service.

Integrative Channel:  Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

©2012-2015 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Super Moon is Upon Us with March Activations ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa



Super Moon is Upon Us with March Activations

On March 20th, 2015 we are going to experience a powerful intersection of energies coming into the planet with the New Moon, a Solar Eclipse, and the Equinox all within the same day. This truly will be a very powerful exchange of light that is assisting Gaia and each of us at this time.

The New Moon which is still in Pisces (on the cusp of Aires) occurs at 2:36 AM Pacific, 5:36 AM Eastern, 9:36 UTC with the Solar Eclipse.

This moon brings represents new beginnings, taking a leap of faith, acceptance of the lower energies, and having a great imagination in creating ideas to flow. The Solar Eclipse is like a burst of energy that is turbo charged to bring forth change in our lives.

As you can see, the Piscean energies of this new moon is more flowing and filled with balance of emotions; the eclipse breaks up those energies to make us to step out of the old world of silence to allow for new ideas to come to us. This could be quite a challenge for many individuals.

Those of us in the Winter months have been isolated from the world with extreme weather conditions; it truly has been very intense for the past three-to-four months. We have had to make many changes within our own consciousness and lives. The shifting of our world is happening each moment.

Then, we experience, the Equinox at 3:45 PM Pacific, 6:45 PM Eastern, and 22:45 UTC time zones.

This is when we step into a new season; Spring for the Northern Hemisphere and Fall for the Southern Hemisphere. It is a time when the light and dark is the same on the planet ~ they are equal elements of the Earth. Whether you experience the Spring or the Fall, the energies will be the same at that moment in time. It is a time of renewal and growth; the Spring representing planting new seeds to grow and the Fall representing the harvest and reaping rewards that are due. It is a time of growth and renewal for the entire planet.

All of these energies together are being considered a Super Moon. Usually a Super Moon can be seen, but since it is a New Moon it will not be visible. It does not mean that it isn’t there as it will be felt by humanity. It is very uncommon for each of these transitions of light within the planet to occur at the same time so it brings with it moments of great change for everyone.

We thought February and then March was intense, so now we go through yet another transition within the planet. It is like we do not have time to breathe in order for the next shift to happen in our existence. That is the way this year is going to occur, as the changes must happen, in order for humanity to wake up. The Universal structure is truly assisting us in stepping into our new existence within each moment and through each month.

So How Do We Get Through the Next Phase with Ease and Grace?

The only way that each of us can feel the joy at this time is to realize the changes we have made from the past three months. As we go from season to season, it is important to always reflect upon our progress as without that guidepost, we can simply get lost in the process.

Look at your spiritual tools and see if they have helped you, as you would have like them to do. Make changes where they need to be, as we don’t always need to do things the same exact way as we did before. This is because we change with the process, and we become more aware of elements than the previous cycle due to our inner growth. Acknowledge those parts of yourself that have been challenged, what you did to get through those doorways, and celebrate the “New You”. Create a ceremony of realizing the obstacles that you stepped through and seeing your achievement within how you feel and think about yourself. Also look at the parts that you don’t always want to acknowledge as it is a scary place to go, but being prepared at this time will assist in your transition through this cycle of change.

The more grounded we are within the process, the easier it will be when the shift occurs. This energy is going to hit us pretty hard so it is important to have a strong foundation within your Earth Star so that when the turbulent energies come, you will be totally prepared as You Will Know Who You Are. Yes, we will all be challenged, but the stronger our basis of existence, we will not be thrown down to the ground (so to speak).

It is a very powerful time and one that we need to embrace as Lord Adama always shares to us that when you embrace something you are unsure of, it is easier to walk through that next doorway of Light.

Walking Terra Christa is holding a special ceremony for these energies on Saturday, March 21st at 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern, and 5:00 PM UTC. This is a free open teleconference call; details to join are available on Featured Classes & Events.

Lord Metatron will be speaking at our ceremony; he also has asked to share his message on the TRINITY OF LIGHT. Please click the link to read the article.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

©2012-2015 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Elders Equinox Transmission~ Pyramid Above the Grids over Europe – VIDEO – Anrita Melchizedek @ The Melchizedek & Pleiadian Light Network

Elders Equinox Transmission~ Pyramid Above the Grids over Europe


Published on 11 Mar 2015

The Elders Equinox Transmission ~ March 2015
The 12 Pyramids of Light ~ The Pyramid Above the Grids over Europe ~ By Anrita Melchizedek
Mp3 download
Artwork by Endre Balogh Facebook…
Music Emerald Heart Solfeggio frequencies

A pyramid was placed above the grids over Europe
creating great mythologies for the souls to experience.

The soul who creates through this pyramid goes
by the frequency, Triogenes the Storyteller.
He is one who can capture the imagination of one
soul, or all souls, as he weaves the patterns of
his stories throughout the energies of the matrix.

These patterns would appear to repeat in cycles,
each with its own cast of characters incorporated
in a body of work that would have no beginning
nor end but would weave forever creating new stories.

Woven into the fabric of each myth are the keys of
the creational process. These myths would be regarded
as the Great Mysteries of the Creation of Humanity.

And these myths would take on many dimensions and
lessons in which the souls could select one or more roles.

Myths are not bound by space nor time,
and may be entered as the souls may desire.

Let us enter the Halls of the Pyramid of Mythological Rendering.
There you will be able to interact in all myths, at the same time,
by merely placing your consciousness into their matrix.

For it is here that I, Thoth the scribe, write many of
the storylines as dictated to me by the souls.
Perhaps you and I can create a myth of our own.

For in truth,
All is Myth,
Myth is All.
By Thoth the Atlantean

Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this magical month of March as you experience the New Moon Solar Eclipse and Equinox on March 20th, and following this, the third Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4th. Additionally, sweet ones, you are offered an opportunity to enter in Soul consciousness into the Pyramid of Creation above the Unity Grids over Europe holding the mythologies of creation and amplified through the Sun, Central Sun and Galactic Center and the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light.
The New Moon Solar Eclipse sweet ones, merges into a deeper level of the myths, roles and stories you are creating and co-creating individually and collectively to experience Heaven on Earth and the New Earth Templates of Light. It is a passageway that continues the dance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine archetypes with a focus in March on the Divine Masculine and the energy of Mars, which takes you into greater leadership and creative roles as you draw upon the Divine Will and Power within you and around you through these beautiful planetary activities of Light and further move beyond the veils of illusion. And as you experience the doorway of the Eclipse multidimensionally, you draw upon the parallel realities of the roles of leadership you have experienced in each Now moment, and the myths and legends, that take you into the next level of your service work, in initiative, balance and individuation within the collective Christ Consciousness and I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light.



buddhabe at tumblr BUDDHA

Mar 20, 2015 10:48:15 AM


by Patricia Cota-Robles

MARCH 20, 2015



There were three very powerful Solar Storms that bathed the Earth in highly charged particles from the Sun. These Storms occurred on March 7th, March 11th, and March 17, 2015

The Divine Intent of that monumental influx of Light was to accelerate the cleansing process Humanity and the Earth are now experiencing. This process is pushing the negativity and our human miscreations from the old Earth to the surface, so that this misqualified energy can be transmuted back into Light. This is a critical and necessary step before the patterns of perfection for the New Earth can be encoded on this Planet at an atomic cellular level. Only with the completion of this purging process will we be able to tangibly experience the wonders of the New Earth on a regular basis in our everyday lives.


SUPER NEW MOON – March 20th –  2:36 a.m. Pacific Time (Los Angeles) or 5:36 a.m. Eastern Time (New York)

Perigee is when the Moon passes closest to the Earth which greatly increases the impact of the New Moon or Full Moon energies making it a Super Moon.

SOLAR ECLIPSE – March 20th – 2:45 a.m. Pacific Time (Los Angeles) or 5:45 a.m. Eastern Time (New York)

MARCH EQUINOX – March 20th – 3:45 p.m. Pacific Time (Los Angeles) or 6:45 p.m. Eastern Time (New York)

The Equinox is when the axis of the Earth is perpendicular to the Sun’s Rays. This only happens twice a year, on the March and September Equinoxes.


We will not experience another March Equinox with a Solar Eclipse until 2053. That does not even include how long it would take for a Super New Moon to be figured into this alignment.

The power and might of this unprecedented influx of Light will be greatly intensified during the Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Passover which is April 4th, and the celebration of Easter which will be on April 5th. From that point on, the Light on Earth will increase exponentially through the remainder of 2015, thus paving the way for Humanity and ALL Life on Earth to be Initiated into a Higher Order of Being.

Under normal circumstances the synchronicity of the Equinox, a Solar Eclipse, and a Super New Moon occurring at the same time would be very powerful, but there is nothing normal about what is happening on Earth at this time. We are truly in uncharted waters.

Due to the monumental shifts of energy, vibration, and consciousness that have occurred over the past few years, Humanity en masse is now able to withstand higher frequencies of God’s Light than ever before. This is allowing the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth to actually raise the frequency of vibration within our Earthly bodies the maximum we can withstand in every 24 hour period. This facet of our Ascension process is accelerating the purging taking place within each of us, so that everything that conflicts with the Harmony and Balance of God is being pushed to the surface to be transmuted back into Light. From outer appearances this process makes it look like the World has gone amuck. But that is an illusion.

This purging process is necessary in order for us to tangibly manifest the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. To help us God Victoriously accomplish this facet of the Divine Plan, we are receiving more assistance from the Beings of Light Realms of Illumined Truth than ever before in the history of time.

This past two week there were incredibly powerful Solar Storms on our Sun that bathed the Earth and all her Life in monumental frequencies of Light. This was the final step to prepare all Life on Earth for the unprecedented influx of Light we will receive this weekend.

This influx of Light will accelerate the purging process taking place at this time. We are being asked by the Company of Heaven to intensify our invocations of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame, so that this Sacred Fire from the Heart of our Father-Mother God will transmute the surfacing negativity before it can cause any more chaos on the Planet.

The Beings of Light have given us a very powerful invocation that will enable us to invoke the NEW 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame in life-transforming ways.

Violet Flame of 1,000 Suns

by Patricia Cota-Robles

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As One Voice, One Breath, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration, and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love we invoke the most intensified frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame that Cosmic Law will allow.

Saint Germain and your Legions of Violet Fire Angels, we ask that you blaze, blaze, blaze this Violet Flame with the power and might of a thousand Suns in, through, and around every thought, feeling, word, action, memory, and belief that Humanity has ever expressed in any time frame or dimension, both known and unknown, that is reflecting anything less than Heaven on Earth.

Transmute this energy cause, core, effect, record, and memory back into its original perfection and seal it in an invincible forcefield of God’s Infinite Light.

We now invoke the Goddess of Liberty who takes her strategic position at the Cardinal point to the North of this Planet. We now invoke the Goddess of Divine Justice who takes her strategic position at the Cardinal point to the East. Now we invoke the Goddess of Freedom who takes her strategic position at the Cardinal point to the South, and the Goddess of Victory who takes her strategic position at the Cardinal point to the West. Joining these powerful Beings of Light are the Silent Watchers, the Mighty Guardians, and ALL of the Beings of Light who are assisting Humanity at this time from the Heavenly Realms as we establish the patterns of perfection for the New Earth on the physical plane.

Blessed Ones, come now, and blaze forth the most powerful cleansing activity of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame that Humanity and the Earth are capable of receiving during this Cosmic Moment.

Humanity’s I AM Presence now opens the Stargate of our Heart, and instantly we are the Open Door for this unfathomable frequency of the Violet Flame. This exquisite Sacred Fire pulsates through our Heart Flames and blazes in, through, and around all inharmonious actions, all lower human consciousness, and all obstructions of the Light that any person, place, condition, or thing has ever placed in the pathway of Life’s perfection.

Through the Divine Power of Liberty, Justice, Freedom, and Victory the Violet Flame Transmutes this discordant energy back into Light – cause, core, effect, record, and memory – NOW and FOREVER.

With the influx of this unprecedented frequency of the Violet Flame the Silent Watchers over every country, state, city, town, village, and hamlet on the Planet now reach out their great loving arms and raise up a limitless number of Lightworkers in every location who are willing to participate in the faithful use of the NEW 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

Each of these Lightworkers understands the full importance of this sacred gift now being offered by our Father-Mother God to help free Humanity from all of our human miscreations.

The conscious use of this Sacred Fire from the Heart of God will cause to be established within every one of these places great Forcefields of the Violet Flame, which will continually bathe every person in each vicinity.

Now, through the Clarion Call of the I AM Presence of every person on Earth and the Legions of Light throughout infinity, this monumental Violet Flame begins to expand and expand.

It merges with the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame, the Divinity that is blazing in every person’s heart, and expands into a tremendous Starburst of Light.

This influx of the Violet Flame now increases exponentially to the intensity and might of a thousand Suns.

Beloved Legions of Light associated with this NEW 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame…

  1. a)  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the thoughts, words, actions, and feelings of every man, woman, and child evolving on Earth until every person individually acknowledges and accepts the Divinity within ALL Life, and every expression made by Humanity is a healing benediction to every particle and wave of Life on this blessed Planet.
  1. b)  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all incoming babies, the children, their parents, and guardians until ALL youth are raised up in energy, vibration, and consciousness to carry out the directives of their I AM Presence.
  1. c)  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all youth centers and activities, all schools, colleges and universities, all leaders, teachers, instructors, and professors in every line of endeavor until the Flame of God Illumination and Enlightenment is manifest and eternally sustained within the heart and mind of every person.
  1. d)  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all religious and spiritual teachings, so that Divine Love, Truth, Tolerance, Oneness, and Universal Sisterhood and Brotherhood will become a manifest reality.
  1. e)  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all doctors, nurses, healers, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical conglomerates, and every institution associated with healing of any kind until Divine Mercy, Compassion, and Healing are tangible realities for every evolving soul.
  1. f)  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all banking and financial institutions, all economic systems, all money and the people associated with monetary interactions of any kind until every person on Earth is openly demonstrating true integrity, honesty, generosity, fairness, abundance, and the God supply of all good things.
  1. g) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all places of incarceration and all employed there, through every correctional institution and every judge, jury, and court of law, through all police officers and every law enforcement organization until Divine Justice is manifest and eternally sustained.
  1. h)  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through ALL of the governments of the World and every person, place, condition, and thing associated with the governments of the World at national, state, and local levels throughout the Planet. Intensify this Violet Flame until every government is focusing on Oneness, Reverence for ALL Life, and cocreating the highest good for all concerned in every instance.
  1. i)  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all space activities throughout the World until every nation unites in cooperative service, so that God’s Will may be manifest with our sisters and brothers throughout the Universe.
  1. j) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies of Humanity until all disease and human miscreation, its cause and core, is dissolved and transmuted into purity, vibrant health, eternal youth, and physical perfection.
  1. k)  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the food and water industries and through all of the food and water used for human consumption until every particle of food and every molecule of water is filled with Light. Empower this Elemental substance to raise the vibratory action of Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies until physical perfection becomes a sustained manifest reality for every Human Being.
  1. l)  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns in, through, and around every remaining electron of precious Life energy until the Immaculate Concept of the New Earth is tangibly manifest.

We accept that this Activity of Light is being God Victoriously accomplished right here and right now, even as we Call. We also accept and KNOW that this Violet Flame is increasing daily and hourly, moment by moment, with every Breath we take until this sweet Earth and ALL her Life have Ascended into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light on the New Earth.

And so it is! Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM.

While you are still centered in your Heart Flame, I want to tell you that YOU are precious to ME.

I know that sometimes it is difficult for us to believe when someone tells us that we are precious to them. But in this case, that statement is professed as a Profound Truth that may be beyond the comprehension of your finite mind.

As the Awakening into higher levels of Christ Consciousness progresses, day-by-day, within the hearts and minds of the masses of Humanity, we are all being lifted into greater levels of clarity and understanding. In my personal experience, the magnitude of who YOU are as a precious Son or Daughter of God has been revealed to me in wondrous and miraculous ways. That is true regardless of how far your everyday life experiences or your behavior patterns may be from reflecting the Being of Light I see pulsating within the Divinity of your Heart Flame.

As this process continues and your I AM Presence takes full dominion of your thoughts and feelings, you will begin to experience glimpses of the unfathomable Divine Love your I AM Presence is perpetually expressing to every single facet of Life on this Planet. In the beginning, this may feel overwhelming. You may even erroneously think that it will take aeons of time before you can actually live, move, breathe, and have your Being within the full embrace of this level of Christ Consciousness, Oneness, and Reverence for Life. But in fact, that unfathomable Divine Love is WHO YOU ARE! And contrary to outer appearances, it will only involve a slight adjustment in your belief system for you to remember that Truth.

The Company of Heaven is guiding us through our Awakening process. Every single day, we are being reminded in one way or another that as Christ Conscious Sons and Daughters of God we are Beings of Love. If we follow our inner guidance and utilize the powerful tools the Company of Heaven is presenting to us from On High, we will quickly transform our life experiences into what we want them to be. That is why it is vitally important for people everywhere to have easy access to this life-transforming information. That is my goal and my deepest Heart commitment to YOU and to every person evolving on this Blessed Planet.

Precious Heart, you are Loved beyond your knowing.

God Bless YOU, and I wish you a Glorious and God Victorious Equinox, Solstice, and Super New Moon.

Patricia Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

FAX: 520-751-2981

Phone: 520-885-7909

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

PO Box 41883,

Tucson, Arizona 85717

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Posted By Patricia Cota-Robles

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Opening The Portal 4 and “register NOW” @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

the realization suzanne lie

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Opening The Portal 4 and “register NOW”


Let this be your official invitation to join the upcoming opening of our new site: Arcturian Corridor.

Join us on Friday, March 20th, at 10 AM PDT Check for your time zone

During the Total Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox


Join us for this exciting Arcturian Corridor FREE Launch Party!  Let’s Make Cosmic History Together as we Celebrate this Amazing Event.  Everyone is Invited for FREE!


Part I

Part 2

Part 3


Part 4

The Realization

With that realization that this darkness could attack me only through my own inner darkness, the battle waned for a moment, just long enough for me to gather myself about me. Yes, ME.  There was more to me than this darkness. There was Love and Wisdom and Power. Slowly, my mind began to recall all the beautiful memories of my life and my heart loved them from my very core.

With that love I found the power and wisdom to also love the darkness. It too was just a part of me. Yet, it was a part from which I had always been shielded, as well as and a part that had to be explored for me to be a complete being.

With my heart open, I began to send love to all the angry and terrifying entities that sought to do battle with me. Some of them turned from the light and sulked away like a wild beast that had lost its kill. Others embraced the light and rose to higher dimensions. As they rose, so did I.

At last I was in the Higher Astral Plane. All the fairies, gnomes and little people welcomed me and congratulated me on my victory. They led me through the beautiful green fields of the Upper Astral Plane. Everywhere there were beings of beauty that wore auras of spring. I recognized some of them and found some that I had not met.

I continued into the Mental Plane. I was careful to guard my every thought and feeling, knowing that they would instantly manifest before me. Finally, I found myself at the Portal to the Causal Plane. All my lives on the planet Earth rushed to meet me to remind me that energy out was energy back.

I then journeyed into the Spiritual Plane and saw the moment of my individuation from Creation. I embraced my monad, the portion of myself that is eternally a speck of Creation.  Then I moved into the Great Void. All was totally black. I sought the Corridor to the fifth dimension, and at last found it.

As I entered the Corridor, I felt it swirling about me. I saw the face of the Guardian of the Fifth Threshold, and lay down on the tall, green grass. I found that I had to rest there within the “no-time” and “no-space” to gather myself together for the rest of my journey.  Why was I tired? Was it because I was making this journey alone for the first time? Was that why I felt so overwhelmingly lonely?

The Guardian smiled at my questioning and led me to a small group of beings that were making the same journey as myself. I could see that some were in their night bodies, some were meditating, like me, and some were in-between lives and in the process of discovering their greater selves. Yet, even in the company of this lovely group, my loneliness did not fade.

I excused myself from the group and began to wander around. Wandering in the higher planes is quite different than on the physical plane because reality constantly shifts according to your thoughts and feelings. I “felt” a call for someone feminine, and then a lovely woman came to me. She brought me to a beautiful pond with a waterfall at the opposite end.  Even then, my loneliness did not dim. In fact, it became more intense.

My guide smiled and beckoned me in a wordless motion to look into the pond. As I did so, I saw something, or was it someone, flicker just beyond my vision. I had to follow it.  Without another thought, I dove into the pond and swam in search of it. The waterfall called me, and I followed the call.

The pool was not deep, and there were layers of rock upon which the waterfall landed. I discovered that I could stand on these rocks and walk straight into the waterfall. As the water cleansed my face, my vision cleared, and I saw, standing before me, my Twin Fame, my Divine Complement. All my loneliness vanished as we embraced each other and merged into one.

“How could I have forgotten you?” I cried.

“I have not forgotten you,” she replied, from deep within our heart.

I was no longer alone.  I was complete.  Now I was ready to find the Vortex to Arcturus. I attuned my consciousness to the Network of Light, which I had been shown long ago by my father. I felt the field of Light reverberating all around and within me.

When I focused my attention on my Third Eye, I saw the two vertical and two horizontal lines of Light intersect, forming a small square. In response to an inner instruction, I stared deeply into the space in-between. Slowly, I saw the Vortex off in the far distance. As it approached me and I approached it, the spin of the Vortex became stronger, and I found myself being pulled into it.

The Vortex swirled around me, over me, under me, and through me. I was within the vortex and it was within me. Then, off in the distance of no-space, I saw the face of my father. I was instantly filled with the euphoria of reunion. We embraced forever within the no-time of the Vortex.

“My son, I am very proud of you. You have come to me on your own. You have become a complete person. I bow to your accomplishment,” he said as he actually bowed to me.

I was filled with humility and honor, as my father was not one to easily give compliments.  I wanted to ask him about my brother and sisters, but he waved his hand and said,

“First come with me to Arcturus. I think that all your questions will be answered there.  Remember now, my son, to ignite your Merkaba. I see that you do remember the two superimposed tetrahedrons which form a multidimensional six-pointed star.”

I found my internal Merkaba, and as I stepped into it with my consciousness, it surrounded my entire form. In a flash we were on Arcturus.

My brother and sisters were there to greet me. We held each other so closely that we became one being. Finally, my father called for us to follow him into the Temple of Initiation. Travel on Arcturus is a multidimensional experience. One must focus all thoughts and feelings into a unified purpose.

Always before, my father would surround us with his energy to keep us on track. But now that we had reached our maturity, he left each of us to find our own way. I was curious to hear my brother and sisters’ experiences, but I needed to concentrate on my first solo journey on Arcturus. The Temple of Initiation slowly rose before us. It was beautiful beyond all earthly words.

We had never been taken there before and were all awe-struck by its magnificence. Huge golden doors opened to welcome us, and a glittering pathway of an unknown substance showed us the way. The Arcturian fathers of my brother and sisters were waiting just inside the doorway.  They waved us on without them.

“This is for your honor,” they stated together.

The four of us followed the glimmering pathway to the Alter of the ONE. A huge being of light sat on a throne and called us forward. As we knelt before him/her, it placed a Mantle of Light on each of our heads. Instantly our vibrations accelerated, the room dimmed, and we were gone.

Where we went and what we learned there is not to be spoken of, only experienced. But when we returned, we were ready to go back to the Earth to complete our mission.  We had learned from our journey that we were to open a Portal of Ascendance for the Mayans who had completed their service and were ready to return to their various Homeworlds.

The time of Mayan power was coming to a close. It had seemed a lifetime ago since I had seen the invaders in my dreams. The invaders were coming and all would be lost, except for what was hidden or stored in code.  It was time for us to return.  Many preparations had to be made on Earth.

Return to Temple Life

When we returned to our temple life, everything was different. We had faced all our inner darkness and expanded our consciousness beyond the reach of any of the Dark Ones. We held no negativity toward them, as all has a purpose. Each cycle on the third dimension must come to a close, and so it was with the Maya.

We neither ignored nor confronted the Dark Ones because to confront the darkness merely causes an alignment that can pull one into it. If anyone dared to intercede in our endeavors, we simply raised our vibration beyond what they could perceive with their third dimensional perception.

At last we were ready, and the time was nigh. With our distant vision, we could see the conquerors sailing toward our Mayan home. I thought of Lenexa and my adopted mother and wondered if they would hear the silent call to return Home to their higher selves.

Hopenakaniah and I were to open the Portal, and Leatunika and Hegsteomen were to hold the Portal open and be the last to travel through it. It was their job to close the passage, just as it was our job to open it.

None of us had spoken of our time in the city with the third dimensionals. It was the only secret that we had ever kept. I never discovered how they had traveled to Arcturus or even if they had had such a difficult and wonderful time in the city as I had. I think that Hopenakaniah had also found love, as there was something in her that struck that familiar chord of lost love.

Finally, the day arrived for our ceremony. We had practiced it over and over and felt confident in our roles. We had sent out the silent call for seven days and seven nights. It was the highest of ceremonial days, so the Dark Ones were not suspicious of our intentions.  We donned our ceremonial costumes and the four of us ascended the thirteen stairs to the highest apex of our most sacred pyramid.

Hopenakaniah and I were in front and Leatunika and Hegsteomen followed us. With every stair that we ascended our vibration rose higher and higher so that when we reached the Altar, we could barely stay anchored in our third dimensional forms. We felt the confusion of many of the Dark Ones as we disappeared from their vision. However, their pride did not allow them to admit that they could no longer see us.

Hopenakaniah and I had made love many times, but this was to be different. This was not for our selves, but for the awakened ones of Maya. We began our ritual while the Priests around us chanted the Sacred name of our Sun—KEIN.  The chanting grew louder and louder as our spiritual/sexual energies rose up our spines merging our male and female energies into ONE.

At the exact moment that the first rays of the rising Sun struck our Altar, we pulled all theses energies into our ONE Heart and surrendered it to KEIN. Instantly the Portal into the fifth dimension opened. Again, the four became two teams of two, as Hopenakaniah opened the Portal. We assisted the many who passed through the Portal while our brother and sister held it open.

I saw many familiar faces from the temple and from my life in the city. And yes, there was Lenexa, pregnant with my child, and her family, which now included my adopted mother.  As they passed through the Portal, they each shed their three dimensional forms and expanded into their true bodies of light.

The child of Lenexa and I became a small being of light who was held closely by his mother. I smiled and realized that, indeed, Lenexa had been the reincarnation of our dear, lost sister. At last, all that could answer the silent CALL had passed through the Portal. My brother and sister entered the Vortex and closed it behind them. We had completed our mission!

I give you this message NOW in the hopes that it will stimulate your remembering, for the mission that we have completed, is just beginning for YOU!

Dear Readers, I received this story many years ago, but it never felt right to share it. Fortunately, it is the time to share it NOW.

What have you known for many years, but could not share till now? Please share…

And thank you for your wonderful sharing so far,


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Opening the Portal–Part 3 FINDING LOVE @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 19.3.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Opening the Portal–Part 3 FINDING LOVE


Part I

Part 2




The beautiful woman’s eyes were sweet and clear, and she looked directly into my heart. I could not resist her gaze and opened the stand again. She bought what she had come for and turned to leave.

“Wait,” I called to her. “Please don’t leave yet. Let me close up, and I will walk you home.  It is almost dark, and it is unsafe for a woman as beautiful as you.”

“How do I know that it will be safe to be with you?” she asked, with a glint in her deep brown eyes.

“Why, I am of the Royal Family. Of course you are safe with me.”

I was shocked and embarrassed at what I had said, but a long forgotten memory began to form in my mind. It was another child’s face. Yes, it was my sister’s face, the one whom we had released. I looked at the woman before me.

Would my sister have looked like her if she could have survived her explorations of the third dimensionals? And then, as if a lightening bolt had hit my mind, I remembered. I did not remember all, but the fog began to clear, and I could see visions of purity waiting at the edges of my mind.

I looked up at the woman. How long had I stared off into my reverie of remembering?  Her face showed a slight concern, but she did not ridicule my statements.

“Then come, my Lord, and see me home.” She smiled warmly, almost as if she believed me.

As we walked to her home at the edge of the city, she talked lightly about her life. Her family had just arrived in this city. They were very poor and had come to find a better life.  Her mother and father and little brothers and sisters greeted me like a long-lost friend.

It was then that we realized that we had not exchanged names. We had felt so comfortable from the moment that we began to walk, that introductions seemed unnecessary. Her name was Lenexa, and I think that I started loving her from that very first day.

Lenexa began bringing me my noon meal and stayed to share our meal. She would save her shopping for the end of the day, and I would walk her home. If there were anything left over in my booth, I would bring it to her family. I would, of course, save some for my dear adopted mother. When my mother, first met Lenexa, she embraced her warmly.  She knew that this woman was my savior.

As my memory began to return, I told Lenexa a continuous story about a mythical character who was really myself. She loved the story and every day asked for more. I told her everything, except of course, for the secret doctrines of the Maya. It was not too long before we made love.

It was very different than making love to Hopenakaniah. With Lenexa, it was sweet and loving and grounding. Every time we had an orgasm, we would go deep into the earth together. We were like two trees with our roots running deep in the earth. I tried to find the herb so that she would not have a child, but she said that she wanted to have my baby.

“But I cannot take you as my wife. I have to leave soon.”

“We will meet again,” she always replied.

“My time in the city was coming to an end, and to my surprise, I found that I did not want to leave. I had grown to love Lenexa in a calm and simple way. I loved Hopenakaniah like a part of myself, but I loved Lenexa like a tree would love its roots or a plant would love its flower. How could I leave her?

She had saved my life! Could I just abandon her? But could I abandon my purpose? I didn’t know what my purpose was. Lenexa had taught me how to love life in the third dimension and now I would have to leave it, probably forever. I would have to leave her!

I became more and more distracted. Our lovemaking became desperate and deeply passionate until one time, we did not go deep into the earth, but instead, rose into the higher planes like I had done with Hopenakaniah. I saw her as a winged angel, and she saw me as a God from another world. When at last we returned to Earth, she looked into my eyes with her deep wisdom.

“It is time for you to leave now. We will meet again. Go now, Beloved, while I still have the strength to send you away.”

“I tried to stay, but she would not let me. She literally pushed me away from her. I realized that I was crying, as was she.

“Go Home!” she cried. “Don’t make me say it again.”

Then my beloved Lenexa turned and ran away from me. Every muscle in my body wanted to follow her. But, as always, she was right. The six months were over by more than a week. I slowly walked home and kissed my dear adopted mother goodbye. I had some tokens of value that I had saved.

“Give half to Lenexa and save the other half for your self. Please watch over her like you have watched over me.  I must leave.”

As usual, my mother did not question me. She understood. I turned and left her in the small shack which I had grown to love.

“I waited for three long days and nights and still my brother and sisters had not joined me.  Perhaps they had forgotten like I had. They may not have been as fortunate as me in finding someone to take care for them or to make them remember. Maybe they were even dead.

I searched for them in my mind like we did as children. As children we would play a game like your hide and seek, but we would search with our minds. The rules were that we could only look for each other inside ourselves. We had one chance to go to a hiding place, and we became very good.

We could find and contact each other every time, no matter how far apart we were. We had started this game after our sister was released. What a brave soul she had been. It was the vision of her that had made me remember. I had often wondered if Lenexa was her reincarnation. If that were true, perhaps she could also find the others and help them as well.

Another day passed and still no sign of them. Maybe they had already been there and left. I had been late, myself. But if I went to the temple without them, then they might wait here for me. I was frozen with indecision. I decided to call my Arcturian father to ask for his counsel.

For all of my life, he had been there, either in person or in thought, with the simplest call of my mind. However, this time it was different. I called and called to him with no response.  What had happened? Had I lowered my vibration so much that I could no longer communicate with my family? Had I forgotten how to call them?

Perhaps that was why I could not find my brother and sisters. Desperation and fear were starting to arise in me. I knew that if I allowed my emotions to get the better of me that I would never be able to reach my father. I tried and tried, but there was no reply. Finally, I decided that I would have to travel to Arcturus and find him.

I knew that I would have to meditate for a long time in order to raise my vibration into the seventh octave so that I could journey Home in my mind. I had never gone to Arcturus alone. I had always gone with my father, or with Hopenakaniah during our sexual mating.  Would I be able to raise my vibration that high without the assistance of others?

I determined not to ponder that question, since it would only create doubt and fear. I found a favorite meditation spot in the crook of a large tree that I had often used when we lived in the jungle. I expected peace and calm to overtake me in this spot as it had always done before, but it did not happen. My mind was closed. My heart was empty. I had not meditated in many months and now I had forgotten how.

Negativity, anger and fear closed me off from that higher portion of myself. I tried and tried to raise my vibration, but nothing worked. My eyes flew open and the world around me that had been safe and protective became a dense and threatening jungle.

In a rage, I grabbed a large stone and began to beat the earth in front of me. A hole began to form. I pounded more and more, harder and harder. The hole became larger and larger until finally, in exhaustion, I lay back against the tree and closed my eyes.

I then saw that same hole; only it was in my mind. It was calling me to enter it. It was dark and foreboding, but it would not leave my consciousness. I needed to journey down to the depths of myself. I had to enter that hole and follow its winding route deep into the core of my anguished mind.

Many pictures and feelings of my life with the third dimensionals swirled before and within me, interrupting my journey. I remembered that if I put my attention on any of these distractions that I would become trapped in their mire. The hole wound deeper and deeper into my psyche, and in fact, into my physical form.

I began to realize that I was journeying into the cellular structure of my physical form. The deeper I traveled, the smaller everything became. I was no longer three-dimensional. I was two-dimensional, and then I was a speck of one dimensionality.

“And then everything stopped. I was at a wall within myself. I needed to break through that wall. I couldn’t let it stop me. I was more. I knew that I was more. With the force of my convictions, I pushed through the wall and found that I was in deep outer space. I saw the stars about me.

“I AM LIGHT!” I cried with exaltation. “I AM LIGHT, AND I AM OF THE ONE!”

I went back into the long hole again, spreading the message to every cell and atom of myself.


I allowed that message into every portion of being. There is no separation.  We are all “of the One.” None are too grand or too small. Darkness is an illusion. Pain is an illusion.  Loneliness is an illusion. SEPARATION IS AN ILLUSION!

I concentrated on my breath, and my heart felt complete, unconditional love and unity with all life. Slowly I raised this expanded awareness to my head and sent a beam of light down my spine to anchor myself in the Earth. I felt the tree around me reverberate to the increased energy flowing from my presence. I thanked the tree for its ancient protection.  Little did I know how much I would need it?

At first, this meditation was much like the many I had experienced throughout my life. The external world faded away and all the illusions of life, even my journey into the city, began to fade from me. But then suddenly, I found myself in the most awful place of darkness that I had ever experienced.

The only thing that I could recognize about it was the murder that I had witnessed on my first day in the marketplace. Angry and needy ghosts and discarnates pulled at me and beckoned me into their lair. My solar plexus was burning and I reached out to grasp the tree to protect me further, but the enemy was not in the physical. My enemy was in the Lower Astral Plane, the psychic waste-can of life on the third dimension.

I had never before experienced it, as I had always been protected from any negativity of the physical world. Therefore, I had passed through this area of the inner worlds protected by my lack of experience. I had not had the experiences in my life that could have even made me recognize the possibility of such a world.

Now I had had those experiences, and they all flashed before my mind at once, accompanied by all the negative thinking and unpleasant emotions that I had experienced and observed. I began to feel ill and wanted to come out of this awful place. However, I knew that I must not allow my fear of becoming trapped to close me off from the higher dimensions forever.

This experience must have been the reason why they had wanted us to live in the city. We had to experience the darkest portions of ourselves in order to complete our mission. But I did not even know what my mission was. However, thoughts of my mission brought me courage, and I began to battle the darkness.

But as I battled the darkness, I found that it was infinite, and for every portion of it I conquered, there was more to take its place. I was losing the battle. I could feel myself becoming drained of my essence. The darkness was stealing my light.

But wait! I had to remind myself why I had not experienced this darkness before. Yes, it was because I had not known darkness in my life. This darkness could attack me only through my own inner darkness.

I had to remind myself why 

I had not experienced this darkness before. 

Yes, it was because I had not known darkness in my life. 

This darkness could attack me only through my own inner darkness. 


How is YOUR initiation going. Mine is amazingly wonderful, then suddenly just the opposite, gets resolved more quickly. BUT I still fall into fatigue and the ensuing drama.

Please Share 🙂

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Fifteen Minutes of Magic – Re-member Your Power – Steve Rother & The Group @ Lightworker

art fairy new

Beacons of Light—March 2015
Channeled Live on 2015_02-28

Greetings dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

Energy Waves

I am here this day to share with you what is happening on this magical planet of yours. You are changing everything every moment and it is so magical to see. As we have mentioned, all of this comes in a wave that also recedes. Many of your difficulties occur on the wave of the energy as it comes in. Fortunately it never recedes completely like the oceans do, but somehow always manages to go a little further every time the waves come in. This is part of the new physics that will begin to make sense as you start to understand what dark energy is all about. You are right on the verge of uncovering more of your understanding about the world around you, and all of its many dimensional levels. Dear ones, there are some magical things taking place on Earth.

The Energy of the Water

We have mentioned before that there are many of what you call sink holes happening on Earth. All of a sudden, the Earth literally opens up.. The other day we saw two people get off of a bus and fall right through the sidewalk. Interesting. What causes this? Well, it is a phenomenon that is happening globally because it has to do with the currents and the energies of the water beneath the surface of planet Earth. You are going to see more of these and they also move in these waves, dear ones. That is the magic that we share with you here. When you learn about the waves and you can feel them, you do not need to know exactly when they are coming in or how to be in the best position for their arrival. You will simply start to feel the energy, and that is what you are experiencing on Earth right now.

Over the next several months you will feel a new energy, and a lot of it comes from the movements underneath the Earth. Water, dear ones, is a form of energy all its own. As you can tell, water can be transformed from one form to another but never completely goes away. In truth, the water you are drinking is the same water that the dinosaurs drank eons ago. In fact, it actually circulates through the universe in different ways and that is magical too. You will start to understand more of your own origins here on planet Earth as humanity evolves to these next steps. We are telling you all of this because the magnetism of Earth has reached a level where you will resonate with it. You will feel the magic come back.

15 Minutes of Magic

Have you ever heard that every human on Earth has their 15 minutes of fame? It is quite an interesting process to think about that. At some point each of you steps in front of the camera and has at least a few moments of fame. At time when everyone is watching, you have the opportunity to be the teacher, to impart the knowledge and wisdom that you have carried so sacredly onto this planet. You have so perfectly brought your own light to planet Earth and anchored it as such. Well done, well done. Now that is the 15 minutes of fame. What if we told you everybody will be experiencing more than 15 minutes—but of magic. That is what is returning. Are you ready, dear ones, for your 15 minutes of magic? What would you do? What would you create?

Well, this goes all the way back to the famous three wishes that you would have. Of course,  as everyone knows, the only wish you would have to make is for more wishes. How simple that would be. In truth, you already have this 15 minutes of fame but it is not going to be limited to 15 minutes. There is another wave coming in, dear ones, and almost all humans are in a position to feel this in a new way. Now, when someone feels their magic it is especially important to have them ground their magic through their actions, speech, belief systems, teaching and so forth. Now what is happening is that all humans will be feeling this magic in beautiful ways. Now you have capabilities of igniting the collective heart of humanity globally, which has never happened to this degree before. You realize that many times you are now more aware of the events that are taking place in your world. You basically have given the credit for that to your technological advances on Earth. But in reality, it is your own spiritual and vibrational advances that allow that technology to land on planet Earth and to find its way into your life. So, whether you take credit for it or whether you pass the credit on, it makes no difference; you will feel it. Are you ready for 15 minutes of magic? What would you do to extend that? What would you create if you could have anything? These are the times to seriously think about them and of course, all of you are right away going into your beliefs in limitation. It is natural. You live in a field of duality where you only see things as light and dark so, of course, you will see the limitations. What are the limitations?

The Redistribution of Water: Update

First of all, you think you only have 15 minutes. There is a limitation right there, is it not? The reality is pretending that is all you have, and living as if 15 minutes was your full incarnation of that magic. Now you will see that the Earth is also re-balancing herself. We have spoken of this at great length over many years, sharing that the Earth has been wobbling ever so slightly so she had to form a new balance. This has been done, dear ones, through the re-distribution of water that you see so clearly on your Earth. The reality is that you see this as excess rainfall, or quite often as flooding. We have shown you areas of the Earth that will be most affected by this, and we will again share with you how to be in the best position at the right time wherever you are. Most of the re-distribution of water has been done on the surface of the Earth. It is now starting to take place in the subterranean parts of the Earth, such as in many of the rivers that you do not even know are connected. Now this is very important for all of you because, quite honestly, your oceans are reaching a level of pollution that is of great concern. It all has to do with particles of plastic and other pollutants. All oceans are connected, so your pollution and even Fukushima is bringing all this energy into the water of the oceans. Since the re-distribution of water mostly came from the evaporation of the oceans, it is now possible to redistribute fresh water underground. That is an advancement. Now, will you see difficulties with this? Well, we told you that you were going to see an enormous amount of sink holes and they will not always have explanations. Suddenly you see a house and the next moment it will be gone. You will see more of this in varying parts of the world, not just where they are doing what you call fracking, but every place. Of course there are many places where you know the subterranean is moving and has been for many years. The state you called Florida is filled with these underground caverns and places where water has moved and sometimes has left a vacancy. As the waters begin to rise on planet Earth, these vacancies will fill with water. These will change in many ways, dear ones, which is the reason we wanted to have another opportunity to walk you through what is coming so that you can take part.

Now, this is so beautiful to us. Many of the pieces that you have been told in the last round of Earth changes have started to shift ever so slightly. This proves to us one thing: if you give a group of very powerful creators on Earth a focus to come together for and work with, you will change your planet. You will change the evolution of humanity and your social environments, because you will start to see that you are all connected. You will stop putting this separation between yourselves that has been happening for so long. This has created the opportunity for you to play this game pretending to be separate from each other, and now here you are at this magical point about to catch this magical wave. Look for your 15 minutes—not of fame, dear ones, but of magic where everything seems to come together. And when you find that 15 minutes of magic simply extend it because you are magic, are you not?

The Beginning of a New 26,000-Year Rhythmic Cycle

You are learning a little bit of what is ahead, and this is very important. Are there challenges coming? Of course there are. You are very well aware of the planetary cycles that have been moving forward, but we also tell you of the larger rhythms and that is the piece that Elrah has brought in. You are beginning a new rhythmic cycle; it is a 26,000 year cycle and you are at the beginning of the opening of this cycle at this moment. You had to clear all the aspects of the past, letting go of many of those old pieces in order to step forward into this new energy. There simply is no room for vibrational disharmony. You must be in integrity with your heart and as you do that, a new world opens. That is the only thing that is necessary for you to activate and put into use your magic. Are you ready to do so? What if we turn the spotlight on you and say, “Here are your 15 minutes. What will you do with it?  Well, that is pretty close to what will be taking place and we hope you enjoy every part of this. You deserve to be happy. You are not only on this planet just to strive and work hard. You shine when you are happy, dear ones, and you send out a different vibrational pattern. That is what draws everything to you and causes the reaction of the universe to bring together all the particles that are aligned with your heart. In the old energies you used to do this with your head. It is what you have been working on, but now it is more about the heart. We are not asking you to disregard your head, to stop thinking or reasoning all together. We are asking you to start feeling with your heart first, because that is the new energy of the new world.

Leading with the Heart

Dear ones, you have progressed so many levels. At one point in your lives, it was more important than anything else simply to have physical strength. It was part of what your survival was based on as a species, to be strong and healthy. To possess a bigger life force energy meant your survival and success on planet Earth. As time moved forward, it was as if your grandparents became part of a certain paradigm and they had to work very hard. Then your parents started working smartly and the levels of humanity literally moved into the head. This originally took place long before your parents’ days. It was actually a wave of energy that came in with the philosophers and all the important ideas that had to be in place on Earth, so you could step forward to start the time clock moving in that direction. You have learned to think and be led by your head, not your heart, because your belief systems tell you that the only difference between you and the animals is that humans can reason. Well, we hate to disappoint you, dear ones, but animals reason quite well. You simply have not learned to completely communicate with them, but you will understand more of this as you evolve. It has been very important for you to believe that you are leaders at the top of the evolutionary process. We hate to disappoint you once again, dear ones, for you are not at the top of the evolution ladder. You are evolving each individual, as well as the entire collective, which is moving at an astounding rate on planet Earth right now. We could not be happier, dear ones. You are workers of the light, for you have agreed to carry in a specific ray which you have taken responsibility to ground on planet Earth. Now more than ever before, you have moved through eras where your physical strength was important and others where your thinking ability was king. You are now moving into the heart. How much can you feel? What can you anchor here?

Dear ones, we have worked with so many humans over many years that have laid out their life’s course according to their head. They were looking for the path of least resistance, studying and analyzing every step. They put one foot in front of the other, even though sometimes it was painful because they felt the resistance of the wind of their face. In effect, they would create something and reach their goals only to find out that their heart was no longer there, which was a very sad situation. You are going to need to find that balance between your heart and your head, to move forward. The left brain is for the Earth, and the right brain for Home. Balance and carry them both, but lead with the heart. Start first by asking what you are feeling and then lift it into your head, using the rest of the process that you have. These are new tools that can help you anchor your 15 minutes of magic. Are you ready? We are and so is the Earth. We tell you, dear ones, there are many changes still coming on Earth. You are waiting for things to settle down, but they will not be settling for a time. You have clearly stepped clearly into a new world, anchoring and bringing in your ray of light as an expression of love into this world. This is now most important.

Extending Your 15 Minutes of Magic

These are situations in which you not only reclaim your magic, but when you will help others to claim theirs. How do you extend your 15 minutes of magic?  You do it by making other people around you magical. That is the key, dear ones, for many of you have come lifetime after lifetime to be teachers on planet Earth. Sometimes you have been part of a very similar wisdom, often in many separate lifetimes that took place on the line of time. In truth, now you are here for a very important reason indeed. All of the energies that you have gathered through your collective experiences on planet Earth are coming to bear. You are bringing these forward to have all of the magic at one time. We tell you dear ones, this is the time to set things into motion for grounding your light, passion, and energy which you specifically brought from Home. It is necessary on Earth, but now it is also safe for you to do so. Before there have been many times where it was not. You will find an opening as long as you lead with your heart. Take those 15 minutes of magic and empower the others around you. Ah, that is the secret. That is the extension of everything, because you are not separate from them. They are part of you, so if you wish to extend your magic look for ways to enlighten others and empower everyone you have an opportunity to.

These are magical times on Earth, dear ones, and we applaud each and every one of you for playing this incredible game of pretending to be a human. The magic is yours and we will watch with greatness and with the most incredible love as you bask in your 15 minutes or more of magic.

It is with the greatest of honor, dear ones, that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Play well together.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

art fairy new

Opening the Portal Part 2–Countdown to The Arcturian Corridor @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

opening the portal 2 suzanne lie

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Opening the Portal Part 2–Countdown to The Arcturian Corridor

Let the Countdown Begin!

Let this be your official invitation to join the upcoming opening of our new site: Arcturian Corridor.

Join us on Friday, March 20th, at 10 AM PDT Check for your time zone

During the Total Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox


Join us for this exciting Arcturian Corridor FREE Launch Party!  Let’s Make Cosmic History Together as we Celebrate this Amazing Event.  Everyone is Invited for FREE! 

We are excited to join in unity consciousness as we embark upon an expansive journey into the Arcturian Corridor.  Dr. Suzanne Lie, PhD, guided by the Arcturians, will lead us in a live interactive, meditative journey as we open our personal inner portals to connect into the Arcturian Corridor to join a unified effort of higher connection.

Get ready to ride the energetic waves of possibility offered by the spring equinox and solar eclipse, along with additional important cosmic influences. It is time to usher in an uplifted humanity connected in a very expansive way.


Register Now and Join us LIVE for the Arcturian Corridor Launch Party!


Part 2

opening the portal 2 suzanne lie

See Part I


It was the NOW for our initiations to begin. Even though we had never had much interaction with the society of the Maya, it was the Land of our Mothers. Our Arcturian fathers had hinted about our “destiny,” but would not answer any questions that we had asked them.

“You must find the answers within yourself,” they always said.

Our fathers came to us very often now and took us to Venus, Arcturus and/or the Mothership. They showed us how to bend time and space and to find Portals through which we could travel. We were no longer children on an adventure, but inter-dimensional pilots in training. Sometimes we made our journey in a vehicle and sometimes we made the journey in our minds.

To make the journey in our minds was very difficult because we had to raise our vibratory rate to the seventh dimension in order to travel without a vehicle. Only Hopenakaniah and I could do it without our fathers’ assistance. This was the first time that any of us were different from the others, and it worried us greatly.

“Do not fear,” spoke my Arcturian father, “There are sprinters who run very, very fast, but they cannot run for a very long time. Then there are others who cannot run as fast, but they have great endurance and can keep a steady pace for a long distance. Tutenakqua and Hopenakaniah are the sprinters. Hegsteomen and Leatunika are the long distance runners.  All is as it should be.  The four of you are a team, as always.”

My father’s words comforted us, but our team of four gradually became two teams of two.  The sprinters and the runners had different lessons. And then there was sex. Even though sex had been explained to us as children, we didn’t really understand it. But now, it had become an urge, a hunger. Again it was the two teams of two, but there was no rivalry or jealousy.

As usual, Sackatukeneon was the first to notice. All four of us were with him and, as usual, he spoke in riddles.

“Some foods are to be taken every day in the most casual and necessary way. Other foods, however, are power tools and should only be taken in ritual.”

Although he was above the vibration of a sexual urge, he understood that our mothers were third dimensional and we would inherit their needs. He showed us how we could use our sexuality to raise our vibration and to travel above time and space together upon our mutual orgasms.

“This gift is not a toy!” he warned us. “There is great power in this type of sexual act, and it can lower your vibration as easily as it can raise it.”

Our sleeping room of four was changed to two rooms of two with two sleeping mats instead of four. The sisters drank a special drink every morning so that we would not create a child.

“You four will create something much more necessary than another Mayan baby to be killed by the invaders.”

Sackatukeneon’s words sobered us. We had always had special privileges because we had a special responsibility. We must not shirk it! As we became sexual, things began to change for us. Our teachers allowed us the freedom and pleasure of being sexual ‘adults’ for three cycles of the moon. Then we were summoned, all at once, to a special meeting with our three father Priests, our Arcturian fathers, Sackatukeneon and our two caretaker mothers.

“It is time now for your final initiation.” Sackatukeneon was speaking, much to our surprise. “I see that you are surprised that I speak for the group gathered before you,” continued Sackatukeneon. “It is I who speak because I know you the best and because it is I who initiated and engineered the entire process of your births.  I have presented myself to you as a servant because I am a servant to your needs and because “the first shall be the last.”

The Dark Ones must not know who I am, and I have shown you that power is something to hold, not something to display. I have not kept a secret from you. If any of you had asked who I was, I would have told you. However, I was presented to you as a humble servant, and you never inquired why I could hold all the powers that I have displayed and taught you.

“It has been my responsibility to teach you the most important lesson that you will need to successfully pass the initiation that lies before you. Power is safest in a simple form. If you can hold your power deep within yourself without the need of recognition and adulation from others, your power shall remain incorruptible.

“You have seen how the Dark Ones will surrender being powerful in order to look powerful. This is because, rather than being ruled by themselves, they are ruled by others. Because they need others to recognize them, they must also gather their power from others.  They have distorted the lessons of our homeland, Arcturus.

“These lost ones dropped their vibration to seek acclaim and were unable to raise it again. Once you need something outside of yourself, you lose the connection to your greatest powers that are inside of YOU. It is important that you learn this lesson now. For your initiation you will go out into the very community from which we have been protected for your entire life. We know that you are ready because you have all passed the challenge of sexuality.”

We all asked at one what he meant by that statement.

“When one becomes a sexual being, he/she ignites the creative force. This creative force can either rise up the spine to the higher chakras to be channeled into service of the Light, or it can remain in the animal self. Animals in the jungle use their sexuality in an instinctual manner and, thereby, obey the laws of creation. However, man, with his uncontrolled thoughts and emotions, can use sex as a tool of conquest over another person.

“People can use sex in a disrespectful or even cruel manner. They may also lust after the partner of another simply because they desire what they do not possess. You, my children, have not fallen into that darkness. You have shared your sexual nature either to raise your consciousness or to play and enjoy each other’s essence. Never once did any of you lust after anyone other than your mate. We are very proud of you for that and commend you for your mastery.”

Then all of our mentors came to each one us and gave us a small gift for our journey into the third dimensional world. They each gave us a special message and warm embrace.  We all were crying from joy. It was a beautiful moment, which will always live in our Souls.

It is time to go now,” spoke Sackatukeneon.

“But why must we journey out into that land?” we asked at once.

“Part of your initiation is to answer that question for yourselves,” was his only answer.


We left our temple sanctuary as naive as children. We told were told to keep our identity secret at all cost. Then, we were taken blindfolded, as if we couldn’t see with our inner vision, into the jungle surrounding the city of the third dimensionals.

“Stay in the jungle first,” they warned. “You will find it much easier to cope with than the city.”

Before we could say a word, they stole away from us like ghosts. The four of us stayed huddled together in the jungle the entire night and well into the next day. The sounds and sights were terrifying. We had journeyed to distant worlds and planets but were frightened by the jungle, even though it had surrounded us our entire lives.

Finally our stomachs forced us to venture into the jungle in search of food. We found that we could kill no living beings, but the jungle was rich with fruit and roots. We quickly learned to use our highly developed instincts to determine what food was edible and what food was poisonous.

We ate sparingly of each food until we were sure that our instincts were correct. We decided that we would spend six moon cycles in the jungle together and then we would venture into the city separately for the final six moons of our initiation.

We had been instructed that, in order to fulfill our destiny, we would have to experience life on the third dimension, and now, we were doing so. The time in the jungle was beautiful. We four worked as one. We built a shelter in a densely forested area and used our skills to camouflage our home and meditated at night to raise the vibration of our area in order to create safety and invisibility from the creatures of the darkness.

We were able to quickly establish contact with the fairies, gnomes, elves and other small people of our area. They were our friends and taught us how to survive in the jungle. In this way we lived the life we were accustomed to with our vibration embracing mostly in the fourth dimension, but also the third. Every day we practiced moving our vibration solely into the third dimension to prepare ourselves for our time in the city.

To our fear and regret, the day came in which we had to venture alone into the city, facing the vibrations of many, many people as well as the effluvial of their myriad thoughts and feelings. The preparation had not been enough for me. I was not in the city for more than a few days when I became violently ill from the dissonant thoughts and feelings of those around me.

I knew no one, had no food or shelter, and was experiencing illness for the first time in my life. I desperately wanted to put out a telepathic call to my brother and sisters, but we had agreed that we would experience this last portion of our initiation alone. Finally, on the third day of my illness, when I had only eaten and drunk what I could steal, an old woman found me huddled in a small alcove at the end of an alleyway. She seemed to recognize me and led me to her nearby home.

I do not remember what happened in the ensuing days. I think that I was delirious. The old woman cared for me and kept me in her home. She told her neighbors that I was a distant cousin from another town who had shown up at her doorway unexpectedly, and that I had suddenly become ill. We were left alone.

I don’t know what I said to her while I was ill, but I could see in her eyes when I finally recovered that she knew more about me than I could remember telling her. She never questioned me or limited me in any way. One day she told me that she had been waiting for me for many years. She would explain no more. This home served as my base for the rest of my time in the city, and this lovely old woman served as a mother to me.

When I was finally well, my first task was to learn to protect myself from the emanations of others. I had spent my entire life learning to be open and empathic. My life was completely sheltered, and I had been exposed to only those who had mastered their thoughts and feelings.

Now I was in a sea of psychic turbulence, and I had to learn to protect myself if I were to survive. Gradually, I exposed myself to more and more of the city around me until, at last, I could protect myself enough to find a job. My new-found mother had told me that people had to do work here to get food. This was one of the many times that I felt she knew about me. But we had an unspoken agreement to not discuss her private life or my own.

The first day on my job as a peddler in the marketplace, I saw a murder. I had never experienced even the concept of murder. Therefore, when I saw a man kill another over some small possession, I was shocked. I saw the dead man’s life force hovering over the spot of his body’s death for many days.

Others walked right through that essence and didn’t even know that it was there. I was determined not to communicate with it, as my new-found skill of psychic protection was not perfected, and I dared not release my psychic shield. Also, the ghost was very angry and vengeful. I could not risk my mission over one angry discarnate.

The six moons dragged on for what felt like a lifetime.  I found myself having thoughts and feelings that I had never known existed. Fear, anger, sadness, loneliness, negativity and confusion crowded my heart and mind. It became increasingly difficult to determine if these experiences were mine or someone else’s.

My psychic shield grew thinner and thinner until it seemed to not exist at all. I gained weight because eating became a way to distract myself from what was happening around and within me. My body had other changes as well. It seemed denser and slower. I no longer had the mastery over it that I had had in the sheltered home of my childhood. Worst of all, I began to forget who I was.

Every morning I would awaken more and more disassociated from my true self and more embedded in the small person who toiled all day in the marketplace. I saw a growing concern on my new mother’s face. She talked often of how she met me, as if to keep my memory alive. One morning, when she was trying to remind me of who I had been, I threw a cup across our small living quarters, barely missing the dear woman.

“I don’t know what you need me to be!” I screamed in rage and confusion.

She calmly picked up the cup, refilled it and placed it in front of me again. “My dear boy, I only wish you to remember who you are.”

Her words stunned me like a slap across my face. Remember who I am? Remember who I am? Yes, there was a reason for my being here. But what was it? I could hardly think back more than a few days, and even they were as foggy as if I were drugged. You would think that I would thank this kind woman, wouldn’t you? But I merely rose and stomped from our home like an angry child.

All day at my work I could hardly concentrate. Visions of temples, caverns and three children’s faces swirled in my head. Yes, I had to remember. But I could not. The images I saw in my mind had no connection to the person that I had become.

I passed the day in the deepest turmoil. Finally, it was time to close my stand when a beautiful young woman came to buy some fruit from me.

“I am closed.” I yelled at her as if she were a beggar. QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS: What do you remember as an important initiation? What is your “mission/work”? Have you ever forgotten your Mission? How did you remember it? It would great if you wish to answer in the comments, as we are NOT alone. For every one of us who finds the courage to share their process, there are several, or more, who are inspired to share there experience, as well. Thanks to you all! sue

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Arcturian Corridor Launch Party and Opening the Portal (Part 1) @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie portal 1

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Arcturian Corridor Launch Party and Opening the Portal

Join Us March The 20th At 10 AM PST,

Find Your Local Time

During The Total Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox For The



The New Portal Featuring The Arcturians, 

Unity Consciousness, Meditations, and Tools for Ascension

Find out MORE

Join us for this exciting Arcturian Corridor Launch Party!  Let’s Make Cosmic History Together as we Celebrate this Amazing Event.  Everyone is Invited!

We are excited to join in unity consciousness as we embark upon an expansive journey into the Arcturian Corridor.  Dr. Suzanne Lie, PhD, guided by the Arcturians, will lead us in a live interactive, meditative journey as we open our personal inner portals to connect into the Arcturian Corridor to join a unified effort of higher connection.

Get ready to ride the energetic waves of possibility offered by the spring equinox and solar eclipse, along with additional important cosmic influences. It is time to usher in an uplifted humanity connected in a very expansive way.

See you there!


To fully prepare yourself for these transmutational times,

please consider checking out the very important and helpful book series below:



Join The Arcturian Family


Find out More!

The Arcturian Corridor has opened before, so let us go back into the past to take a peek at our future. Nothing is New in the NOW of the ONE. We have all had myriad lives on many worlds, realities and dimensions. As our perceptions awaken to see the energy fields that were once invisible, we begin to remember how we opened portals into higher dimensions, so that we can do so again.  The Corridor of ascension awaits us. How do we open our personal portals to accept it?


Part 1

suzanne lie portal 1

My name is Tutenakqua. I am a High Priest of the Sacred Maya.  I speak with you today to tell you the mission of my life that existed about 520 years (as you count them) before your time of 1995 AD. I feel that it is appropriate to speak to you now, as my contribution in my timeframe is not unlike yours in your timeframe. Our spirit runs continuously through third dimensional time and space via the unity of our sixth dimensional consciousness.


I will begin the story with my early adulthood.  I was specially chosen to fulfill a destiny for my people.  The Priests had been awaiting the sign of my entrance into embodiment for many years.  Finally, the portents came to pass.  The Mothership had come and the Sons of Heaven had chosen the Daughters of Earth to create bodies for me and for my fellow travelers.  When the women were all with child, the Home Ships returned to the skies.

It is very difficult for a third dimensional woman to mate with and successfully carry a child of a sixth dimensional male.  The men had to take the great risk of lowering their vibrations, and the women had to stay very pure and meditate for many years in order to raise their vibrations.  The result, if successful, would be a child who could easily exist on the third, fourth and even fifth dimensions at the same moment.  Three others and myself were born in this manner and survived to adulthood.

We lived most of our lives within the confines of the temple. This may seem like a harsh life, but since we could so easily travel in the inner worlds, the sacrifice was minimal.  Also, our fathers would come at regular intervals to take us on our Arcturian Mothership. You see, our Arcturian fathers were chosen for this mission because Arcturians arose from a Star Gate world.

As a Star Gate world, many different dimensional worlds can be accessed in the regions of the Bootes Constellation, where Arcturus lies in the heavens. Our fathers actually functioned on dimensions higher than the fifth while they were away from Earth and traveling the universe. However, when they came to Earth they had to restrict themselves to a fifth dimensional Lightbody.

The four of us were always joyous when we received messages from our fathers, as they gave us many important lessons. We were very telepathic and empathic, and communicated with them in this fashion.  We were actually quite glad to live our lives separated from the third dimensionals, as their uncontrolled thoughts and feelings were a constant intrusion on our minds.

There had been a fifth one of us, but she was so open to the higher planes that she could not stay functional in her third dimensional shell.  She became what others thought of as insane.  Actually, she was quite sane in the higher planes.  Finally, her third dimensional form became ill due to the turbulence of emotions.

We begged the priests to release her from her clay prison so that she could be free of its painful limitations, but they did not wish to terminate one of their ‘experiments.’  Our fathers intervened in her behalf.  They released her to her higher form and took her with them to Arcturian Mothership.

Our fathers often took us to Venus. Venus’s life forms vibrate at the fifth and sixth dimensions.  We loved it there because we could totally be ourselves and run freely around without the guards who constantly surrounded us on Earth.  I actually thought of Venus as being my home more than anywhere else.

Arcturus was our fathers’ homeworld and when we went there, we stayed with them and their families.  When I was there I felt somewhat like an “experiment” because I was a “hybrid.”  My Arcturian father had another mate and other children from whom I felt excluded.  It is not that they were unkind to me, but rather, that their lives did not include me, and I always felt like a visitor.

On Venus, there were many “hybrids” and Earthlings who were resting and restoring themselves there after their Earthly sojourn.  Our fathers took us to Venus more often than Arcturus or the Mothership.  They would come to Earth to take us to Venus, leave us with our many friends there, and return to Earth to complete their mission.

Fortunately, we soon learned to travel to Venus via our higher consciousness. Our friends could see us in our higher bodies and we could visit and play freely.  Earth was merely the location of our mission, but we did make some friends on your planet, like Serenathenia.  Serenathenia was our mother figure and cared for all of us with great love.  We were only with our birth mothers the first two years of our life so that we could bond with our third dimensional shells.

However, the priests were concerned that we would forget our powers if we became too bonded with the third dimensional plane, so at two years of age, we were taken into the care of our dear Serenathenia.  She was chosen to mother us since she could live in both worlds.  Serenathenia was a Venusian, and was the one who taught us to travel to Venus in our minds.

We saw our Earth mothers on special holidays only, and since they had all taken husbands and had other children, we began to feel as left out of their lives as we did from our father’s live’.  Hopenakaniah bonded deeply with her mother, Ashathkania, who never married or had other children.  In fact, Hopenakaniah became a special friend to all of us, as well as a second mother.

Hopenakaniah was very happy to share her mother with us, as we all felt of one blood.  We were constantly together from the time we were two years old, so we were very close.  Outside of the two women who cared for us, there was only one other Earthling with whom we were intimate.  His name was Sackatukeneon.

Sackatukeneon was supposed to be our servant, but his secret wisdom far surpassed that of the rigid, pompous priests.  We discovered just before our transition that he was actually an ascended being who had manifested a body so that he could assist us. Our fathers were also close to us, but we preferred to see them on the Mothership or on Venus, where we could feel more a part of their world.

When our dear sister died to her Earth shell, everyone was concerned that the same thing would happen to more of us, so we became even more sheltered from the third dimensionals.  Several of the priests had streaks of anger, greed and fear in their auras.  When we told our fathers this, they discreetly limited our exposure to only three priests.  Our fathers were careful to give an acceptable reason so as not to make enemies for us among the third dimensional priests.

It was known among the enlightened members of the priesthood that there were many unenlightened souls among them.  They also knew that this fact signaled the eventual end of their great empire.  The sacrifice of the heart had degenerated to the actual removal of the physical organ and became the sacrifice of the enemy rather than a sacrifice of the highest citizens.

The three Mayan priests, who we called our “Father Priests,” were our teachers. Their names were Lux, Uk, and Kahn, which when spoken as “Luxukkahn” meant the three essences of truth.  Lux was the human representative of love; Uk represented wisdom; and Kahn represented power. These three were our teachers.

They were in such perfect harmony with themselves and with each other that they finished each other’s sentences, harmonized their voices in perfect unity and operated as one consciousness. Yet, at the same time, they were complete individuals.  Only a few priests knew of their abilities, as the Dark Ones (the unenlightened priests) would surely do them harm if they knew of their combined ability.

We telepathically called our father priests “Lux-Uk-Kahn”, and the one to whom we spoke would answer while the others listened and augmented his reply when necessary.  The priesthood thought that Lux-Uk-Kahn were teaching us the Sacred Rituals and history of Maya.  They did not know that they were teaching us much more!

Now you know of our Earthly family.  From the time we were seven, when our sister translated back to spirit worlds, until our moment of final initiation, these were the only Earthlings that we saw.  We lived our lives within the great pyramids. There were three pyramids at that time, which were all connected by a vast underground network of tunnels.

Since all of these grounds were consecrated, we were free to go anywhere we wished as long as we were accompanied by one of the aforementioned adults. You might think that we would want to escape from our bondage, but we did not. In fact, we saw it not as bondage, but as protection.

From the heights of our pyramid, we could see the confused and unhappy auras of many of the third dimensional people below.  Our sister, who could no longer remain in her shell of clay, had sneaked out one evening just before she lost her Earthly reason.  We never told anyone that she had done so, but when we saw her months of agony, we knew that we would not follow her example.

Our childhood passed quite pleasantly.  The four of us became one being, in the same way Lux-Uk-Kahn had modeled for us, but simultaneously, we retained our individuality.  Our two mothers loved us deeply and also grew to love each other. They were content and happy in their lives and passed on that aura of love and contentment to us.

Sackatukeneon was our best playmate.  He took us with him on many journeys into the inner worlds.  We moved beyond time and space to visit different planes and time frames. One of our favorite trips was to Atlantis, the home of our ancestors.  We visited with our past selves, in their night bodies, so as not to alarm them, and learned our Atlantian lessons directly from the source.

We quickly recognized that the fall of the Atlantian Empire was not unlike the present state of our Maya world.  The four of us had worked together on Atlantis on a mission similar to the one we had accepted on Maya.  However, Sackatukeneon would not inform us of any of the details of what our mission here would be.  “Your mission must come to each of you from deep inside yourselves when you are ready to receive it,” he would say.

It was shortly after that statement that I began to have the dreams.  I was reaching my manhood and hoped that the dreams symbolized a deep change in me.  I was afraid, however, that the dreams were somehow a part of my mission.  The dreams were not good. In fact, they were actually nightmares.  Strange creatures with four legs and hair on their faces were invading our land.

Their heads were made of a strange metal that I had not seen before, except on my travels with my father.  These creatures were Lords of Fire.  They had large sticks, which emitted a fire that would hurt or kill anyone in its path.  They also had a dragon that they pulled with large four-legged animals.  This dragon had a fire much stronger than the sticks.

“We must leave, we must leave!” I would cry.  Morning after morning, I would awaken with these words screaming in my head or in my voice.  Sometimes I would wake myself up with my own voice.  The other three, who slept in the same room, grew weary of my nightly cries and begged me to be quiet so that they could sleep. But hey told no one else.

The four of us had established such a special trust that anything that happened between the four of us was an absolute secret, even from our Earth family.  Sackatukeneon knew about our special agreement, as he could read it in our minds.  He said nothing.  He only nodded as if to encourage us.  Once he even said, “You four must be as ONE.  Nothing must infiltrate your group uninvited.”

At last, however, after many nights of my screaming, the three gathered around me in the dead of the night.  As one person, they said, “We can no longer bear to see you suffer.  We are afraid that you may become like our sister who had to be released from her clay form.”

“Yes,” I replied.  “I too have that fear.  But, when I am not dreaming, my reason is still with me.  Perhaps it is time to share my dreams with you.  Maybe you can help me.  We are becoming adults now.  The dreams may be a product of my maturing vision.”

They agreed and listened intently while I relayed the overall theme of my recurring dreams.  My worst fear was realized.  Each one of them, in their own time, registered a look of recognition on their face.  I knew that they too had had the dreams, only not as extreme.  The visions were not of the end of my own personal life, but rather, the end of our entire society!

“Yes,” they answered me one by one, “I too, have had that dream. What will we do?  We must tell someone, but who?” After much discussion we decided that we would first tell Sackatukeneon.  He was the most detached from the Mayan Society.  We decided that because of that fact, he could be more objective.  It took a full cycle of the moon before the time was right to share our story with Sackatukeneon.

Fortunately, my dreams ceased after I had shared them with my siblings.  In fact, we had almost decided to keep it to ourselves, when Sackatukeneon told us a story about a race of people who lived across the wide body of land and the waters, who rode upon an animal called a “horse.”

“Then that is not their own legs?” blurted out my brother Hegsteomen.”

Sackatukeneon merely said, “Continue children, or must I now call you adults?”

“Yes, yes, we are adults now.  And we have all had the same vision.  Tutenakqua kept us awake for many nights with his dreams.  Finally, we spoke to him about what all of us had seen in our dreams.  These horse people are horrible barbarians and will lead our society into ruin.”

“My children, our society, as you have called it, has already led itself into ruin.  All things third dimensional must eventually die, even the Great Maya!”

“But what can we do?” we replied at once.

“Come now,” he said, as he rose. “We must tell this to your three father priests.  They have been waiting for you to be ready.”


Are YOU ready? SUE: YES I AM ready

How did your childhood prepare—or NOT prepare—you for the important mission for which you volunteered? SUE: I remembered many past/alternate lives, which were far more interesting than the one I was living, so I was inside my imagination most of the time. However, NOTHING in the 3D prepared me at all.

Are you aware of your galactic heritage? SUE: Yes, but it took many years, decades, before I was sure it was real and that I was NOT crazy.

If so, how did you become aware?

Are you aware of your inner messages?

If so, how do you receive them? SUE: Yes, I am very aware of them. They come into my inner vision and I draw “out there” pictures and into my hearing, so I learned to channel.

Sharing our personal experiences with others greatly assists us all to: Make ascension NORMAL.

I have left my answers to let you know they do not need to be long.  It is the NOW that allow our SELF to speak!! 



Posted by Sue at 2:37 PM

A Message for Spring Equinox from Archangel Gabriel – Planting the Garden of Your Soul ~ Shanta Gabriel

melina del Mar ART..

ART : Melina del Mar


Planting the Garden of Your Soul

A Message for Spring Equinox from Archangel Gabriel

Dear Ones,

Planting the Garden of your Soul invites the Grace of the Angels to work in your daily life. This focused activity demonstrates your desire to co-create what you need to harvest a more bountiful future.

The northern hemisphere will experience the Spring Equinox on March 20, a season of new birth and renewal. If you are in the southern hemisphere, planting your inner garden now will allow you to create a winter focus that will bloom in its proper time. Equinox is the optimum time to plant your personal garden of powerful intentions within your being. This timely action will bring great rewards as you till the rich and fertile soil of your soul, elevate your thoughts and activate new life within and around you.

The Equinox is always a moment of Profound Balance — a time to reassess your life and choose anew. On March 20 as a demonstration of perfect Alignment, you will also experience a Solar Eclipse. These two events will set forward into accelerated motion your new life experience for the remainder of the year. When you plant clear intentions for your most empowered future, the manifestation of your dreams will become your new reality.

What does it mean to plant the Garden of your Soul?

It is really very simple to plant your personal garden. What are the qualities you most want to see manifest in your life? What are your goals and dreams for a joyous future? What needs have to be met so you can be happy? These are the seeds to plant within the garden of your being so you can create a new structure for your life.

When you plant the seeds of growth and renewal, it can be a fun, creative and positive way to promote a joyous, abundant life. Consider those things you most want to have thriving in your interior garden. Maybe you would like to plant the fertile seeds that lead to Abundant Prosperity? Perhaps you want to empower the seeds of Harmony in all your relationships? What about planting the seeds for Health and Well-being deeply in your base chakra so they can grow with zest and vibrancy?

The soil of joyous potential exists within you and awaits your attention.

Are you too busy to plant your Soul’s garden?

These vast exalted ideas surprisingly require very little time during your busy life, full of commitments and deadlines. In fact, the small amounts of time you give to planting and nurturing your interior garden will enhance every area of your life with a bountiful return. It is said that when a person takes one step towards the Divine, this Higher Power will take ten steps towards you.

Let your imagination soar as you bring forth those magical qualities in which you wish to live. Nothing is too large for you to dream to manifest a happier life. As you play with this process, you are co-creating a field of unlimited potential within and around you. When you dream big and feel the joy of it, your vibrational frequency will be uplifted and your energy field expands. This allows doors to open that you have not imagined possible. It is your open mind, and a heart unencumbered by doubt and self-criticism, that attracts new growth and evolution into your life.

Planting the Garden of your Soul inspires great support from the seen and unseen world so you can live life in a more inspired way. When you allow yourself to be a part of this co-creation, all your needs can be met with Grace and Ease.

How to plant the Garden of your Soul

Since every new project requires some thought and planning, when you begin your inner garden, make it creative and fun. The visual images that you choose will greatly enhance your ability to manifest them. It could be a beautiful work of art with many colors, magazine pictures or a painting. The shape your interior garden takes might be a pattern, like a spiral, that inspires you. You could decide just to make a list of those qualities of consciousness you want to experience in your life. The action of writing will assist the energy of your garden by taking your dreams from the inner to the outer level.

The Angels of Creativity are available to work with you in this project, and can inspire you so it will be fun. When your inner spirit is stimulated in this way, new life flows into your mind and heart, and you feel uplifted. This increased energy flow attracts more joy and you feel happier, which in turn, brings more creative ideas and a sense of Well-being. Your life will begin to change in surprising ways.

When you see old patterns of thought and action manifesting, and you begin to feel stuck in problematic energies, consider them to be compost for your new inner garden. Ask the Angels working in your life to help you pull these weeds and transmute old ways of behavior with Divine Light. This will help feed the garden of your soul with loving energy. Soon you will see the new sprouts of different ways of being.

Rejoice in this vibrant growth knowing that as you respond differently to old situations, you will receive fresh, positive results in every area of your life. By focusing a little bit every day on what you want to see manifest in your life, you provide a new structure so your interior garden will thrive. Remember that as you plant the seeds of new consciousness into your garden of Pure Potential, you are grounding the Creative Essence into the Earth. Through this action of bringing beautiful qualities of consciousness into your world, you become a bridge from Heaven to Earth.

Bask in the Sunlight of Divine Illumination

The Garden of your Soul has amazing potential to bring you the life you want to experience. Even the willingness to open yourself to new thoughts and behaviors attracts assistance in ways you never knew existed. This beautiful garden thriving within you will become a magnet for your new soul community, as many people are attracted your inner balance and joy. In this way your new growth and the thriving space within you reach out to bless the world. As your garden comes into fruition, you will find your life nourished in bountiful ways.

The company of Heaven awaits you as you begin planting these seeds for your new life. Bask in the sunlight of Divine Illumination. Breathe it in deeply and let it nurture the new growth within you. Know the Angels will joyously assist you in weeding out the old ways that no longer work so your garden will thrive with new life.

You are never alone. You are being guided as you open to a new way of being. Let all the frantic activity in your life drop away as new Balance and divinely inspired action takes root within the garden of your life. This simple process will enrich your life’s purpose, so your next steps become very clear.

There is a flowering of new life beginning within your heart, and new balance flourishing in your life. Allow yourself to be inspired and nourished as you plant the Garden of your Soul. Remember that as you empower these exalted spiritual qualities and plant them into your consciousness, they become living fields of energy that will enhance every area of your life.

As you look at the flowering of Nature around you, it can remind you that the same beautiful new growth is taking place within your very being. You are a precious being, worthy of all you aspire to receive and so manifest. Know deep within your heart that all is well. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
March, 2015

Permission is given for this post to be shared as long as it is used in its entirety and credit is given to the author(s) with the website posted.

melina del Mar ART..

Lords Ashtar & Sananda with the Whales and Dolphins – “ENERGY GRID“ @ Walking Terra Christa

ashtar walking terra christa

Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation of Light.


~ Please Share These Free Teachings in Service to All ~

2014 was the year of Grounding Unity where all soul’s desiring the creation of the Fifth Dimensional New Earth work diligently to bring the Higher Christed Energies down into the body through the Rays of God within the chakra system and consciously grounded into the planet. 2015 now brings the opportunity to EXPAND what has been grounded. Our first step is to use the Crystalline Ray of Harmony and Balance to insure we our expanding the highest elements of our higher octave frequency grounding.

It is also at this time that those who oppose the grounding of the Higher Frequencies of Light are working extra hard to make sure they keep the global energy at a lower vibration. Weather modification (HARRP) technology is one of the more advanced methods being used to cause fear and disharmony.

To Assist the Earth Energies in the most powerful way possible, we will be experiencing Divine Light Language Coding teachings from Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda as they join with us to effect vibrational changes. These group light gatherings will once occur every month on the second Saturday of the month to clear the planet of lower frequencies and raise the collective vibration.

WHEN: Second Saturday of the Month 10:00 AM Pacific time / 1:00 PM Eastern

WHERE: From Your Location anywhere on Earth via SKYPE or phone




ashtar walking terra christa

Current Message:

March 14, 2015 – Lords Ashtar & Sananda with the Whales and Dolphins – “ENERGY GRID


~ Lord Ashtar speaks eloquently about how much the Dark Forces have built up layers of that lower frequency within GAIA’s waters, mountains and land masses. It is now our responsibility to be the pioneers and ignite the Higher Frequencies within ourselves, incorporate that light with our consciously grounding it, and then expanding it to the areas outside ourselves. We join with the Whale Dolphin community to do just that, as Lord Sananda teaches us how. [This transmission felt even more powerful as the number of live participants doubled from prior gatherings. It really made a significant increase in the energies that could be brought forth as it is really about us (Humanity) and our collective actions.]

Being Enlightened – Ascension Messages by Wendy Ann Zellea

om colourful


Being Enlightened

Chalice Well-3Enlightenment is the common goal of light workers. When a person has a higher understanding of spiritual concepts, they are generally referred to as enlightened. Many believe that the more spiritually educated they become, the more enlightened they also become. When one looks back at the truly enlightened beings that have lived on earth, such as ascended masters and other highly spiritual people, it must be noted that most of them did not become spiritual because they studied spirituality. It was something else that raised their consciousness to higher levels.

This is not to imply that studying spiritual knowledge is unhelpful. On the contrary, it is exceedingly useful in this day and age. That is why it is now so readily available. Exposing yourself to the higher vibrations of spiritual information has a positive, uplifting effect, but study alone does not make a person enlightened. Even comprehending multi-dimensionality will not. So then, what is the answer?

The best place to start is to examine those individuals who were truly enlightened. What made them different from others? To begin with, one thing they had in common was that they did not focus their attention on the mundane aspects of life, which occupied the minds of the average person. Instead they pursued higher vibrating endeavors, including helping others and teaching higher truths. In the process, by living differently than those around them, they created new thought patterns within themselves. As a result, their actions were different and others reacted differently to them. As these ascended beings continued to live within their own reality, they began to appear unique to the rest of the world—because they were.

As time passed, they found that they were capable of doing things that others were not. Does that sound familiar? Some were able to heal, others had clairvoyant capabilities or other “mystical” skills. In other scenarios, some were just born into an enlightened state of mind. Because of this, they never fit in and often suffered, but at some point in their life, that which did not work in the past began to fit in perfectly. Does that sound familiar? These were the avatars of an age, singular beings that came to earth to lift the vibration of humanity out from the darkness. So, why do such beings not come to Earth today? The answer is simple, there is  no need for one avatar to raise the vibration of humanity, when there are thousands of Light Workers to do the job.

The question remains, how does one become enlightened? Think about who would be the most enlightened person you could imagine. Some might say that it’s the person who meditates the most or goes on the most spiritual pilgrimages or even someone who has the most knowledge about esoteric modalities. Such a person may be quite spiritual and very enlightened, but it is not a result of studying and practicing that someone raises their vibration. So then, is there a magic potion that brings one into a state of enlightenment? In addition, if study and practice do not result in enlightenment what is the point of these exercises?

Exposing the mind to new ideas, schools of thought, spiritual practices, healing modalities and messages from higher beings, brought through channels, creates new neural pathways. As a result, the mind functions differently and programming that is non-life-sustaining is overridden by vibrations that are beneficial to the Light Body. Over time, new ways of thinking replace outdated ones. The results can be seen by the individual both in their spiritual and physical makeup. Eventually a different person is born in the same body and with the same brain, but with a renewed spirit.

As this happens, it is possible to become in touch once again with the true self, the self that has been with you since you were born. You see, when you came into this world, you were a truly enlightened person, totally in touch with the divine source of everything. You trusted in life and purity of being. That is what enlightenment is, it’s being yourself in a truly and completely natural state. Granted, had you remained in that condition, you would not have been able to survive and function in society, so you learned how to live in the world. The price for this education was becoming less enlightened than when you started. So you see, you know what it means to be enlightened, because you started off that way. Therefore, the goal of a Lightworker in the New Era, is to return to that state of knowing who you are, your true self, and letting go of what you have learned that no longer serves you. In essence, you are not becoming enlightened, rather, you are returning to enlightenment. The spiritual modalities that you study in the process, are tools. The information that you receive from your higher self is to be used to replace the information that you received from the collective consciousness.

The New Era is the time for Lightworkers. Everything you need is readily available. It’s no coincidence that the Internet has made it possible for all information to be at your fingertips. With so much information available, how do you know what is relevant to you? You’ve heard it before, if you resonate with it then embrace it. This is really the best part, you get to pick what you like. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? There’s a reason why you are attracted to a certain modality, or crystal, or angel. It is because you are meant to work with what attracts you. So in the end, being enlightened is the process of getting back to yourself and once you do, magical things happen and you are an example to everyone else. Remember, life is good, all is well and everything is vibration.


om colourful

Master Merlin ~ Flow and Abundance: a different approach to work with ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

Master Merlin ~ Flow and Abundance: a different approach to work with

March 13, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

Merlin speaks:

And how about your flow of abundance? Hmm?! Isn’t this what the entire Human race is concerned about at this time? Yes it is, and do you know why? I will tell you why. It is because money is part of the old fabric, of the old programs that humans have set up and participated in along with its creation. So now that you feel stuck and dependent on it, it gives you an overall feeling of restriction and being imprisoned like a slave, isn’t it so?! Well in truth that is not far from the truth.

The truth is that as Humanity comes to understand its needs and those needs that have been made up for themselves in order to rely on something that is outside of them, there is a crack appearing in this belief system and in these creations. It is showing that this is not the way it should have been. So all outside resources will come to fall away and cease to exist. And as these do, what now? What to rely on now and what to do?

Oh my, Merlin, where to go to now and what must we rely on now. We are lost! Well that is the point in this, isn’t it?! You must stop to rely on all that is outside of you. That is the key and that is why cracks are showing up in systems such as those of money. Humans have given all their power away to this resource that is created outside of them.

So now you come to see that you cannot rely on this as it goes its own way and nurtures itself from you, for it is a conviction on its own. As soon as humans stop depending on money, it will not be able to sustain itself anymore.

How to create flow? It is to know and to understand that YOU are the SOURCE and the POWER behind ABUNDANCE. That you ARE abundance in itself. From the vibration of abundance comes forth creation, life, consciousness and flow of all where you put your intention to.

It is fact that if you are not experiencing abundance, it is because you yourself stand in its way. Not believing in your own creative powers and not embodying the unity of Being abundance within you, prohibits you from all you wish to experience. There is truly no other way to find it and to bring it into your life than in and through your SELF.

You could go to work as much as you want, you will never have enough to save or to pursuit your dreams. It is called enslavement and you are trapped in this when you believe that you must rely on money. You do not. Shift that perception and come to see another reality which brings forth a flow where you can sustain yourself because you simply can and create it for yourself.

Do it because you can, because you are capable of it and because you want it. Not because you need it. Needs are not met through the “must have” intentions. Needs are only met when you allow yourself to create this by yourself as a sort of experience and expansion of your vibration. The willingness to experience yourself through all the needs and creations that are you.

That is the Alchemical key, my dear Lady and that is all there is to it. The key lies within you and nowhere else.

My blessings upon this journey of life,


Méline: This is an excerpt from one of the Merlin readings I provide as a service.  As I was doing this reading, I have found this part very interesting and enlightened as this is a 5th Dimensional way of working with money as well.  Merlin has provided excellent wisdom that I wanted to share with you all.  May it benefit you!  A big thank you to C. for allowing me to share this part of her reading!

Many blessings,

Méline Portia ❤

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Recalibrate Your Perspectives by Mother Mary ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

PRESENCE OF PEACE Shiloh Sophia McCloud art
ART : Presence of Peace ~ Shiloh Sophia McCloud
Recalibrate Your Perspectives by Mother Mary
With new vibrations anchoring into the Earth and awakening from your being with each day, a frequency of simplicity is rising, akin to a phoenix from the flames, to attract and draw your attention.

The vibration of simplicity present, due to the greater anchoring of light, brings forth a new valuable wisdom and a new perspective with which to observe yourself and your reality.

With all the many shifts and awakening occurring within your being at this tremendous period of cleansing and purifying in order to resonate in greater oneness with the Creator, simplicity brings you back to your center.

Many of you may experience the presence of your center, core, essence, or soul, whatever you wish to label it, with greater power and resonance.

Those who are shifting beliefs and perspectives which no longer serve them may find it difficult to return to their centers. They may feel as if they have lost their centers, as if it has been misplaced and can longer be found in the same space as usual. This is because your entire being is recalibrating. Your essence, the core of your being, is expanding, therefore it takes a larger, more expansive and open perspective to recognize the core of your being once more.

With each process and practice of light and love, you as a soul and spiritual being are recalibrating. This means your essence is transforming, expanding, and becoming empowered within your being, akin to your essence growing up into adulthood.

Sometimes when you have known a person from birth, you have to move through processes of changing your perspective in order to recognize the person as their true self. For example, you may still recognize the person as a child even though they are a teenager, or you may still perceive the person as a teenager while they are a fully mature adult.

Most of the time, the mind wishes to continue to perceive you, your reality, and others, as they once were, because it feels safer to do so. Therefore, you are unwilling to acknowledge the new transformations and growth.

In order to recognize expansion and evolution within yourself and others, there is a need to let go of the old perspectives and the old structures or facts of how life is or has been.

Due to the accelerated growth you are experiencing and guiding, there is a need to let go of your perspectives of yourself and reality, recalibrating them so you may acknowledge the expansion which has taken place within your being, to find your new center once more.

Are you ready to see, sense, and acknowledge yourself and others anew, no longer placing yourself and others in restrictions and limitations of the past and even the present? Recalibrating your perspectives is to dissolve your attachments to your viewpoints of yourself, others, and your reality, in order to recognise the continuously transforming center, soul, or essence within you.

If there is an unwillingness to let go of current perspectives, then it could be akin to treating yourself like a child when you are embodying adulthood; frustration, anger and rebellion may manifest as a result. It is time to make a promise to yourself of seeing, sensing, and acknowledging yourself as your truth during this powerful period of recalibration, expansion, and new understandings of self.

‘With courage, peace and love I now choose to recognise greater aspects of my truth, easily discovering my center and soul as I move through a beautiful process of recalibrating my viewpoints.

‘This will only enhance with vibration of love and truth within my being. I ask Mother Mary and my community of guides to be my guiding light. In every moment lead me back to my center, my soul, for further acceptance and recognition of my true self. Thank you.’

Please know you are never alone as you move through processes of transformation. You can always invoke your guides, or any light being you feel a connection with, to guide you back to your soul and center of your being.

It is akin to asking to be brought back to the truth and essence of your being when you may find yourself lost on a dark pathway or engulfed in old perspectives.

When you are experiencing pain and suffering, feel hopeless or helpless, or are engaged in a uncomfortable manifestation within your reality, ask to be returned to your center, your soul, so you can see the truth of your being once more.

As I shared, from the flames of transformation, the phoenix of simplicity arises. This is to again encourage you to return to your soul, to rest in the peace and love of your soul and essence. This new energy invites you to see, sense, and perceive everything in simple ways, in order to enhance your inner strength, to rejuvenate your being, and to aid the release of fear.

Sometimes with transformation comes a feeling of being overwhelmed, which is born from fear. With the presence and acceptance of simplicity, fear can be dissolved. Whether you feel centered or wish to return to the core of your being, you may wish to experience the vibrations of simplicity:

‘Mother Mary and my community of guides, I call upon your assistance, love, and protection. Please enhance my senses and experiences in this moment so I may fully connect with the vibration of simplicity, and the truth of my soul in its continuous process of expansion and transformation within my being.

‘Please guide me in returning to the center of my being and soul to recognise the continuous growth and expansion occurring within my being, while dissolving all perspectives which hinder my recognition of my truth.

‘As I connect and place my attention within my soul, I am aware of the flames of truth, love, and peace of my soul burning bright within my being. I allow myself to perceive the full expansion, strength, and love of my being.’

(Enjoy this sensation for a few moments)

‘I now activate from within my truth and soul, the vibration, energy, and consciousness of simplicity to rise like a phoenix from my soul, showering simplicity over and through my entire being, bringing forth a renewed truthful perspective of myself and soul.

‘I am more connected and aware of my soul now than ever before, I feel as if I have returned home within my physical body, fully connected to and able to accept all that is the truth of the Creator as it flows from and through my being. Thank you.’

(Enjoy the experience and the recalibration of your perspectives for as long as feels appropriate. You may experience blessings, healing, wisdom, or awakening occurring from within your being.)

Your reality is a complete process of creation, it is akin to a creative project which you have the ability to constantly transform, shift, and recalibrate, in order to satisfy and bring pleasure to yourself and your soul.

As you allow for recalibration to take place within your being, and especially within your perspectives, you make it possible to recalibrate your reality at any given moment.

This is a powerful service for the ascension of humanity and the Earth. Imagine each person on the Earth is singing a song, as everyone creates from the truth of their being, which is to bring forth your soul and the Creator vibrations to exist in your physical being and reality. Then everyone begins to sing the same song, singing in harmony.

The beauty created on the Earth would be immense as every person created from their truth the reality they wished to experience existing beyond limitations in harmony with love.

The Creator would truly be present within every moment of reality, within every form and experience. The entire Earth would vibrate in harmony with the Creator which would be such a beautiful sight and experience.

Allow yourself to return to simple and yet empowering perspectives which align with your soul. Let yourself accept, perceive, and create perspectives which are simple and resonate with, and as, peace, love, grace, and expansion.

In truth, I, Mother Mary, invite you to let go of the complexity of your being and reality, as this will allow you to gain focus in times of transformation and purifying of your being.

More so, I invite you to let go of the desire to understand the complexity of your being and reality, through a process of experiencing and recognising the vibration of simplicity born from the Creator, rising within your being to bring forth peace, healing, renewal, and a deep experience of recalibration.

‘I accept the simplicity of the Creator to empower my soul and truth.’

You may notice yourself and many around you returning to simplicity; simple practices, simple thinking, and seeking a life of simplicity in order to bring one’s focus on the truth emerging and emitting from within.

Through your remembrance of your truth, soul, and essence, which simply means your attention on your truth, soul, and essence, you will discover yourself more fully, recognising your power, purpose, and all you have to share with yourself and humanity.

Know that as you perceive your spiritual evolution as becoming more complex, expansive, and maybe even harder to understand, what is really occurring is that you are moving into a space of simplicity, if you choose to accept this perspective.

As you evolve, life, your reality, and the way you interact with yourself and others, becomes simpler, easier, and more rewarding.

Let go of your perspectives of ascension being hard, great volumes of effort, unrewarding, and complex. Recalibrate for yourself a new perceptive to support your alignment with the Creator of life, and ascension being easy, fulfilling, rewarding, and simple to experience and achieve.

This simple shift in your perspective allows you to see, sense, and acknowledge the fully-grown spiritual adult soul within your being, thus empowering yourself to experience all you wish.

The acceptance of simplicity is the process of recalibrating your perspectives.
In love, recalibration and simplicity,
Mother Mary

“Mother Mary: Recalibrate Your Perspectives,” channeled by Natalie Glasson, March 13, 2015 at

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Perceiving Energy Fields–Arcturians/Galactics and Conversations with Shawnna @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 13.3.

Perceiving Energy Fields–Arcturians/Galactics and Conversations with Shawnna



Perceiving Energy Fields

Arcturian/ Galactic Message

Many of you are having problems with your memory. You may not be sure if that problem is because you are increasingly slipping into the NOW, or if you are having an issue with your earth vessel. For many of you, this “issue” has arisen because you are thinking multidimensionally with your 3D brain.

Your 3D brain was not created to think multidimensionally. But, because your consciousness is expanding beyond the limitations of the physical world, you need to “shift gears” into the multidimensional thinking of your Multidimensional Mind.

You physical brain is calibrated to perceive the third and fourth dimensional realities, whereas your multidimensional mind is calibrated to perceive the fifth dimension and beyond. In other words, you must calibrate your consciousness to the higher brainwaves in order to process that which you perceive on the edges of your third dimensional perceptions.

Your third dimensional perceptions have been stretched to their limit trying to compute frequencies beyond the fourth dimension. Hence, your brief glimpses of something that is just beyond of third/fourth dimensional seeing and hearing, can only go into a subliminal level of your 3D brain.

Your earth vessel is feeling that something is very different, but it cannot determine what that “something” might be. All these changes in your perception are because you are making the transition from third/fourth dimensional perceptions into fifth dimensional, and beyond, perceptions.

Fourth dimensional perceptions occur when you are dreaming or when you are engaged in a creative or enjoyable endeavor. Gradually, you are becoming accustomed to these perceptions. As you become accustomed to this frequency of stimuli, it becomes your new “base-line” frequency of perception.  Then you will move on to the fifth dimensional perceptions. More and more of our grounded ones are experiencing something that speeds through their awareness, flickers at the edge of their vision, whispers softly into their hearing and/or speeds past their body.

These faintly perceptible perceptions are the increasing as you become entrained to the fifth dimensional reality that has ALWAYS surrounded you. Yes, the fifth dimension has always been a component of your reality, as the higher frequencies of reality exist infinitely within the NOW of the ONE.

The density of fear and anger that has surrounded dear Gaia for more “time” than you could count is finally beginning to waft away. Gaia is gradually ascending Her planet into higher and higher frequencies. Some of Her dear residents will not be able to remain attuned to the higher, baseline frequency and will continue to live within the 3D Matrix.

This 3D Matrix was provided a virtual reality in which beings of the third dimension could live on Gaia’s Earth. Gaia is now releasing Her 3D Matrix, as She is ready to return back into Her fifth dimensional state. You see Gaia misses Her higher frequency life.

Fortunately, there is also an ever-increasing number of humans who are remembering and missing the fifth dimensions of reality that are filled with unconditional love and multidimensional light. Within these realities there is no “time.” Therefore, time does not end or start, and realities do not end or start.

Life in the higher frequencies exists within the Flow of the NOW. Because Gaia’s resonance is flirting with the fifth dimensional NOW, more and more of Her inhabitants are becoming conscious of the frequency shift of their reality. Some are resisting this shift, which makes them fearful and angry.

On the other hand, many of you are “almost” recognizing that something is changing. We say “almost” because you know that something is different, but your 3D brain has no explanation for what is happening. Those who have meditated have prepared themselves for this shift by learning how to consciously experiencing higher dimensional states of consciousness.

We remind you that there are many manners in which our grounded ones can meditate. Therefore, just because one may not formally meditate, it does not mean that do no expand their consciousness into the higher dimensions. Any form of creative endeavor will serve to automatically expand your consciousness.

Once your consciousness begins to expand to encompass your conscious perception of the fifth dimension, you begin to experience reality as what your 3D brain would compute as “energy fields.” Since your 3D brain is not calibrated to perceive the fifth dimension and beyond, it can only interpret your brief fifth-dimensional perceptions as “energy fields.”

Your physical brain can only perceive that which is physical as “real.” Therefore, it puts all non-physical perceptions into the package of “energy fields.” Fortunately, more and more of Gaia’s ascending ones are beginning to consciously perceive these energy fields. However, since these energy fields are beyond the illusion of “time” and appear as a flash of energy.

We speak to our grounded ones within this NOW to assist the ascending ones to better understand how to consciously attend to these “flashes of perception.” First, remember to remind your self that these flashes are real. Your 3D brain is unable to accept that information. Therefore, remember to automatically connect with your multidimensional mind, which over-lights your physical brain.

You multidimensional mind resonates to the frequencies just beyond your fourth dimensional aura. We use the term “beyond” to make our statement more understandable to your 3D thinking. However, your fifth dimensional SELF is not “beyond” you. Your fifth dimensional SELF is “within” you.

With that explained, we wish to tell you that these “flashes of perception” are actually occurring within your core, which is the portal to your Multidimensional SELF. What is happening is that your core self, your Lightbody, is becoming activated by the higher frequency energy patterns that are entering Earth’s atmosphere.

These “flashes” are entering Gaia’s atmosphere, which is her planetary aura, because Earth is increasingly resonating to higher and higher frequencies. Those who are ascending with Gaia are also resonating to higher and higher frequencies. Therefore, their Lightbody, which has been latent within their kundalini force within their spine, is being activated.

Once the Lightbody begins it process of activation, the 3D brain and the Multidimensional Mind begin to merge. It is the merging of the 3D brain and the Multidimensional Mind that is allowing the perceptions of fifth-dimensional energy fields to be consciously perceived.

You, our grounded ones, can accelerate this marvelous process by reminding yourself to consciously attend to the ever-increasing perceptions for which your 3D brain which appear to have no explainable source or reason. This acceleration is occurring because your 3D brain is in its primary stages of merging with your Multidimensional Mind.

You can assist this process by telling your self that what you are just beginning to consciously perceive is “real.” That thought is the beginning of your bridge between your 3D brain and your Multidimensional Mind. Every time you “walk across this bridge,” you create neural synapses that connects your brain to your multidimensional mind via the wormholes of your “junk DNA.”

 Research on Junk DNA

Scroll down the page to “RESEARCH ON JUNK DNA”

These wormholes are minute, multidimensional portals between your 3D brain and multidimensional mind. As you begin to perceive reality through your multidimensional mind, you will perceive the higher frequency energy fields before they have entered the “time” of your 3D Matrix.

Once you can recognize that these multidimensional energy fields are filled with unconditional love, you can open your heart and mind to totally accept them. On the other hand, if you recognize that an energy field contains fear-based emotions, you can send it unconditional love and blaze it with the Violet Fire.

When you work with energy patterns before they become manifest in your physical reality, you will be serving both yourself and Gaia by clearing possible fearful realities. Also, by recognizing the higher frequency energy fields, which are based on unconditional love and multidimensional light, you can full heartedly accept them into your personal and planetary reality.

Once you accept these fifth dimensional and beyond energy patterns into your reality, please ground them into the core of your Kundalini, as well as into the core of Gaia. In that manner, you will open the higher dimensional portals to your own consciousness. You will also serve as the guardian of that portal by grounding it’s energy package in the core of Gaia’s planetary vessel.

Do you see how VERY important you are to the process of ascension?

At first, you will likely recognize ONLY the negative energy fields, as your 3D consciousness is constantly on alert for problems. Eventually, you will feel comfortable with your service of working for ascension at the baseline level of energy fields.

When you love and transmute on the level of a energy field, you will be either assisting a loving energy field to be grounded into Gaia, or transmuting a fear-based energy field before it becomes manifest.

Eventually, you will feel confident enough to accept the higher dimensional energy packages into your personal portal. It is through the conscious acceptance of these higher dimensional realities INTO your SELF that you will begin the conscious unification with your Multidimensional SELF.

We wish that all our volunteers to Earth could instantly experience a swift return to SELF, but we know how strong the “brainwashing” is during your NOW. Fortunately, we can inform you that you Galactic Family is making great strides in the process of re-locating those who cannot, or will not, accept the light into their consciousness. We are very pleased that you, our emissaries to Earth, have been so dedicated in your process of assisting Gaia and ALL Her creatures.

As your consciousness continues to expand, you will begin to perceive more and more alternate, parallel and higher dimensional realities. Your Multidimensional Mind has always had these perceptions, but until NOW, it was too disconnected from your 3D brain for you to consciously be aware of these experiences.

Because your consciousness is now shifting into a higher frequency, you are releasing the illusion of “one reality at a time.” The key to this process of release is the word “time.” Remember, as you move into your fifth dimensional consciousness your perceptions are no longer limited by the 3D rule of polarized, separate realities.

Because you are shifting into higher perceptions, you are beginning to perceive several realities within the NOW; and all these realities are strangely intermingled. Of course, the “strangely” component only occurs to your 3D thinking that is still limited to the old concepts of separation, polarity and limitation.

As your consciousness becomes more multidimensional, your perceptions are becoming multidimensional. Hence, you may be confused as to “What reality is the REAL REALITY?” The answer is that all these realities are real within the their own energy field. If you were to enter an energy field of a certain reality, you would experience the thoughts, emotions, thoughtforms and energy fields of that reality.

However, you will not know that until you consciousness has “read” the energy of that reality. The energy fields encompassing every reality functions like a human’s aura. That which is in the core of the human is projected out onto the aura’s energy “screen.” It is the same for the energy fields in that the core energy field of that field is reflected onto the “dimensional membrane” of that reality.

Day by day, more and more members of humanity are beginning to consciously perceive these multidimensional energy fields. All of these energy fields represent slightly different frequencies of resonance that you can perceive while in different states of consciousness.

When you do perceive them, you experience them only as an “energy fields.” But, as you consider these energy fields as the auras of the realities, you consciousness will gradually expand to encompass that concept.  To your 3D brain, these multidimensional realities appear to be third dimensional, as that is the only manner in which your 3D brain can think. However, these realities are attached to the 3D Matrix, but extend their arch out far, far beyond the third dimension.

Higher dimensional realities exist within these orbs of realty. At first you may believe that these orbs are “new.” However, they have always been there, but your perceptions were limited to the third/fourth dimension. It is within this NOW that you are beginning to imagine what might be beyond the limitations of your 3D brain.

Do you remember when you used to believe that only that which was attached to the 3D Matrix was real? Now you are realizing that what is attached to the Matrix is an illusion and what extends beyond the matrix is the higher dimensional versions of that reality. All these realities are “real,” but only to those who resonate to that frequency. You will only perceive the dimensional realities to which you have opened your mind.

However, you may be deep in meditation, creativity, or even fun, which expands your consciousness into these higher frequencies, then in a flash, the 3D Matrix grabs your attention and you are back in the 3D Matrix. The Matrix is like a web to which you can easily become attached, and the more you struggle, the more intertwined you become.

If you can relax into your process, remember that you are a TRUE multidimensional, explorer. Just as Columbus did not know where he was going, but had to follow his inner call, you, too, will ALL follow your inner call. This call is the Clarion Call that signals,


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Seven Chakras, Seven Rays of God, Seven Archangels, Seven Vices/Sins, Seven Virtues, Seven Graces/Gifts: Sabrina Reber ~ Raise Your Vibration Book



Seven Chakras, Seven Rays of God, Seven Archangels, Seven Vices/Sins, Seven Virtues, Seven Graces/Gifts: By Sabrina Reber

Soul ascension requires us to purify and activate the 7 main physical chakras of our human energetic systems. Each chakra represents one of the colors of the 7 rays of God, which directly affect the 7 main organs in the human body. The seven physical chakras also correspond to one of the 7 archangels and the 7 human egoic vices that need to be transcended and turned into the 7 virtues so our Holy Spirit/Christ Self can be manifested and fully integrated into our physical bodies. This is the process of bringing our own heavens (states of spiritual/God consciousness) down here onto Earth (into our physical bodies.) We can not “put on our robes of light” or activate our light bodies until we have turned our darkness into gold – which is the process of soul alchemy where we purify ourselves of our negative egos and our shadowy human behaviors that are not in alignment with the LIGHT and will of God. Once appropriate soul purification has occurred and the Spiritual Self/Holy Spirit/Christ Self is able to merge and become ONE with the physical body we receive the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” or the 7 graces.

Based on our level of LIGHT and desire to do good in the world will reflect our level of consciousness and our relationship with the Creator Of All That Is. Each chakra is a portal or a doorway to our higher consciousness. Through the spiritual practice of ritual, prayer, initiations, meditation and light filled actions in the world – each one of us has the potential for the 7 seals/veils of amnesia/energetic blocks that have been placed over chakra systems to be removed – in perfect divine timing  – by one of the 7 archangels that stand guard over our 7 chakras. When a soul uses its free will to face God (which means the soul will have to face the self) and adequate soul purification has occurred, the 7 archangels will play the 7 trumpets and the dormant creator energy contained within the root chakra (kundalini) will be activated to dance up the spine activating and unifying the once divided chakra system into an ecstatic state of oneness, divine bliss, illumination and a direct experience of the SELF as a creator God/Goddess. Once this occurs, the soul and the human ego become “spiritualized” – filled with light and the grace of God to strengthen and assist the soul to remain on the path of steady soul ascension and self mastery. The enormous light the the soul body receives during kundalini activation will illuminate all the things within the lower soul that still needs to be transcended and healed. However – after kundalini activation – the soul will be infused with divine will, empowered and en-lighten-ed with a deeper sense of connection along its journey as it continues to evolve into even greater states than it was before. The human ego can not be fully transcended until it receives the light and grace of God through kundalini activation – which removes the veils of amnesia that blind the soul from truly “seeing” the things within the subconscious/soul body that bind it to negative recreation over and over again that keep the soul from evolving into new more loving ways of being.”For once we were blind, but now we will see.”

In order for kundalini activation to occur – so we can bring our Spiritual Selves/Holy Spirits/Christ Selves down into our physical bodies – the free will of the human will need to desire to rise above the animalistic natures of its lower self. In Genesis 1:26 when it says “man will take dominion over the animals” it is symbolic for taking dominion over our very own lower self, animalistic tendencies. When a human no longer desires to attract darkness to itself due to its own projection of darkness out into the world, and truly desires to align itself with the truth of the LIGHT, the soul will begin its ascension process as it descends into its lower self/lower egoic chakras. The soul will accept responsibility for the weight and burdens of its own cross – the distortions, energetic blocks (veils) and serpentine lies (distorted beliefs) contained within the chakra systems of the human body/human cross that rise up the spinal column or central light column. In order to self actualize and return ourselves to our truth – we will need to begin the process of soul alchemy by understanding how the 7 chakras / 7 archangels / 7 vices/ 7 virtues work  so we can tap into the 7 graces that will be bestowed upon us as the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” are returned to us for our dedication and commitment towards integrating and expanding the LIGHT within.

Root Chakra : Resonates with the RUBY RAY of Archangel Uriel. You can call on Uriel when you need to manifest the virtue of  DILIGENCE. The demon of the root chakra is fear. Fear stops us from creating and taking action in our lives, which manifests itself as the vice of being a SLOTH. Uriel can help us build trust and faith so we can be DILIGENT and peaceful within ourselves helping us to establish a stronger relationship with our higher souls – which speak to us through core sensations/feelings in the physical body. If we are disconnected to our physical bodies we will also be disconnected from the intuitive guidance from our higher souls. Remaining grounded – fully present in the here and now – will help us overcome our fears and remain DILIGENT and peaceful in our ascension process.

Sacral Chakra: Resonates with the PURE WHITE RAY of Archangel Gabriel. You can call on Gabriel when you need assistance with making decisions aligned with the purity of your higher soul and not from the distortions of the ego’s wants. This virtue is called TEMPERANCE or moderation. We all have desires and desires are what summons extra energy in order to help us create and manifest the purity of our soul needs while we are here in physical incarnation However, the demon of the Sacral chakra is GREED. If we are not careful, our ego’s will have us focused on wants and not actual soul needs – even at the expense of our health and well being. The ego is never satisfied, it continually desires more – and the more “stuff” we have the more responsibility and the harder we have to work to keep up the false appearances of our egos.

Solar Plexus: Resonates with the GOLDEN RAY of Archangel Raphael. You can call on Raphael when you need to heal yourself from the vice of WRATH/ANGER and manifest the virtue of PATIENCE. Typically, anger arises when we are trying to assume power over another or someone is trying to exert their power over us. This occurs because humans do not live from the guidance of their own higher souls nor do they want to accept responsibility for their own lives or honor their own free will to choose what is appropriate for them. Instead, we project everything outside of ourselves and we become energetically parasitic in our attempts to take another souls free will away from them so we can feel like we have some sort of control in our own lives through the process of controlling others. It is in the solar plexus chakra where negative energetic entanglements occur as humans energetically cord into each other trying to gain control and power over others. When we want to manipulate, control, shame, belittle or even take away another souls lesson we become obsessed with other people’s lives instead of working on our own lives and the things within us that we have “true” power to change. The virtue of PATIENCE is much easier to acquire when we remain focused on our own lives and behaviors so we can remain steadfast in the illumination of our energy being positive, light filled energy and not the energy of negativity – which is filled with intolerance, anger, wrath, deception and control.

Of all the chakras, the solar plexus chakra is the chakra that will block most ascending souls from being able to fully raise their kundalini energy up to their crown chakra where self actualization occurs. Spiritualist, Religious Fanatics, Vegetarians, Light Workers, Yoga Enthusiast, New Age Seekers, Channelers, Psychics, Healers etc. oftentimes become obsessed with their new ways of being and they want everyone else to eat, think, behave and live just like them. Instead of being INSPIRING – an example for others to follow – many fall into the egos traps of being domineering and controlling. When others are on a different belief system or divine timeline for soul expansion these supposedly “enlightened” souls put themselves above others and use very shadowy, manipulative, egoic behaviors to belittle, shame and pass judgment on others. This keeps people in duality consciousness where they want to duel with others, which will only bring forth more wrath/anger because humans continue to remain attached to the way other people utilize their God given right to utilize their own free will in a way that they feel is appropriate for their own souls journey. Attachment to outcome always leads to anger, the need to control and disappointment. Unfortunately, this need to control others – or our need to let others control us so we don’t have to make decisions for ourselves – creates an energetic shield in our solar plexus chakra that blocks our kundalini energies from being able to move into our heart chakras where continued spiritual evolution can occur eventually leading us into a TRUE state of en-lighten-ment where every cell in our body is activated with the divine LIGHT of our higher souls.

Heart Chakra: Resonates with the PINK RAY of Archangel Chamuel. You can call on Chamuel when you need to manifest the virtue of CHASTITY. The demon of the heart chakra is LUST. Lust is a form of attachment and an intense wanting of something to occur so our negative emotional needs can be artificially fulfilled. Lust is the ego’s need to cling to or identify with a negative behavior that provides instant gratification and a sense of pleasure that numbs out our internal pain that we would rather not address. This internal pain filled with unprocessed emotions and feelings blocks the heart chakra from giving and receiving love – Love of the self, love of the body, love of humanity, love of nature, love of life and love of God. When we go within and address the shields of protection, we have placed over our hearts, and get to the root of our stored pain we will tap into self respect, self love and the desire to practice the art of chastity or abstinence from those things that truly do not serve our highest good. When we truly love and respect the self, we will then be able to truly love and respect everyone else. Our source of love will be authentic, empowered and and infused with Spirit – it will not be parasitic, needy, manipulative, demanding or conditional.

Throat Chakra: Resonates with the PALE BLUE RAY of Archangel Zadkiel. Call on Zadkiel when you want to manifest compassion and the virtue of CHARITY or giving. The ultimate gifts to give are – forgiveness, love, respect and the willingness to honor a souls free will. In order to give these virtues to others we will need to give them to ourselves first – for we can not truly give to another what we have not manifested for ourselves. The demon and vice of the throat chakra is GLUTTONY. The negative human ego is gluttonous – it is excessive, and has an insatiable appetite for more, more, more. The gluttonous ego is a taker and expects others to fulfill its expectations without giving anything in return. The negative ego lacks respect and the balance of equal energy exchange in the form of giving and receiving – it never feels it should give back – it simply wants more for itself even when it is at the expense of others. This behavior often times leads to harsh criticism, judgments, unloving words and actions that create tremendous dysfunction and harm on our planet.

Spiritual Eye Chakra: Resonates with the BLUE INDIGO RAY of Archangel Michael. Call on Archangel Michael when you want to manifest the virtue of KINDNESS or benevolence. The spiritual eye chakra resonates with the energies of “clear seeing” and that means that you are no longer in denial about your shadowy behaviors or the shadowy behaviors of others. The demon of the spiritual eye chakra is denial; especially about the self and the negativities within. These negativities when left unaddressed harbor hurtful feelings leading to the vice of ENVY towards others. Because we are unwilling to heal our own negative feelings and behavioral patterns – we don’t feel good about ourselves – so we will become envious of others when something positive happens to them. Because we have constructed so many false masks to cover up our deep insecurities, fears, addictions and negativities within – we will not be able to authentically be happy for someone else’s success. Repressed envy and lack of our own self empowerment, self love and willingness to live an authentic life leads to distortions and oftentimes negative psychic attacks towards other beings which leads to a vicious cycle of negative energy forms being attracted to us because we are in denial about our own negative energy projections towards others. Archangel Michael is a source of protection for those who are working towards the energy of the LIGHT – which is benevolent, loving, kind and compassionate. If we want to attain spiritual protection then we need to make sure we are utilizing our energy only for good. If we have negativity within, then we need to address it, otherwise we will leave ourselves open for energetic interference from outside sources that come to teach us very profound soul lessons.

Crown Chakra: Resonates with the VIOLET RAY of Jophiel. Call on Archangel Jophiel when you want to manifest the virtue of HUMILITY and reverence. The demon of the crown chakra is the negative ego’s PRIDE. The ego needs to feel important and it does this by taking away people’s power. The ego does not honor the souls free will – in fact, it manipulates the soul into thinking the guidance it is receiving is from its higher self. Egoic guidance is always controlling, repetitive, loud and demanding – it creates so much mind chatter it generates static interference in the soul by blocking the soul from attaining the gentle intuitive, loving feelings of wisdom from its higher self. The ego is emotional and irreverent and it has us worshipping the idols of material things in order to keep us disconnected from our spiritual selves that reside in a higher vibrating dimension within our energy fields. In order to open up the crown chakra we will need to work on all 7 of the chakras and all 7 of the virtues (humility, kindness, charity, chastity, patience, temperance and diligence) so we can release the 7 vices (pride, envy, gluttony, lust, wrath, greed, slothfulness) that continue to enslave humanity from attaining their highest potentials as God Realized Beings here on Earth.

Soul ascension requires us to descend into the depths of our shadowy subconscious/soul bodies. This will require brutal self honesty and self awareness. We don’t need to over think and intellectualize everything; but we do need to be willing to FEEL what is going on within us energetically. HOW DO WE FEEL? If we start feeling negative energy and negative thoughts we need to become very observant of ourselves and how we FEEL  – what is going on within ourselves? When we transmute the negative energies by “feeling them so we can release them” – and NOT reacting to them by projecting them onto others or inflicting our pain onto another – we will release the karmic patterning that is held within our chakra systems so our vices can be turned into virtues. Eventually, we will achemicalize our energies to such a point that the 7 archangels will sound their 7 trumpets (chakras) allowing the gifts of our Holy Spirits, that reside in a higher octave within our energy fields, to be bestowed upon us where we will receive the 7 graces: wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge, fortitude, piety, wonder & awe of the Lord.

ROOT: Ruby Red Ray/ Archangel Uriel /Vice: Slothfulness / Virtue: Diligence / Grace: Piety or Humble Devotion

SACRAL: Pure White Ray/ Archangel Gabriel /Vice: Greed / Virtue: Temperance / Grace: Knowledge

SOLAR PLEXUS: Golden Ray / Archangel Raphael / Vice: Wrath / Virtue: Patience / Grace: Wisdom

HEART CHAKRA: Pink Ray / Archangel Chamuel / Vice: Lust / Virtue: Chastity / Grace: Fortitude or Courage

THROAT CHAKRA: Pale Blue Ray / Archangel Zadkiel / Vice: Gluttony / Virtue: Charity / Grace: Counsel

SPIRITUAL EYE CHAKRA: Blue Indigo Ray / Archangel Michael / Vice: Envy / Virtue: Kindness / Grace: Understanding or Discernment

CROWN CHAKRA: Violet Ray / Archangel Jophiel / Vice: Pride / Virtue: Humility / Grace: Wonder & Awe of the Lord

(Revelation 5:1)  “Then I saw in the right hand of the one who was seated on the throne a scroll written on the front and back and sealed with seven seals.”

(Revelations 5:6 )  “And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as though it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.”

(Revelations 6) “And I saw that the Lamb had opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures, as it were the voice of thunder, saying: Come, and see.”

(Revelations 8:5)  “Then the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared to sound them.”

(Isaiah 11:2)  “The Spirit of the LORD will rest on him– the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the LORD”

During this most auspicious time on Earth, humanity has been called to ascend. We are being asked to awaken from our slumber and to heal the wounds within that are being revealed to us through our negative creations. An ascending soul must release its victim consciousness and step into its empowerment by making new, more light filled choices for itself. What once served as dark, karmic learning lessons no longer serve us. It is time to reclaim our LIGHT and integrate it into our physical beings by our actions, behaviors, choices and direction of energies. What we have repressed and tried to avoid….all of our little secrets are coming forward as the LIGHT of greater awareness shines down us. We can not escape the distortions within – we face them head on. We are in the time of Revelations, Armageddon, the Apocalypse – the seven seals over our chakras are being removed so we can SEE ourselves more clearly. Eventually, the 7 Archangels who have stood guard over our chakra systems – while we played the game of forgetfulness/duality/3D drama/7 egoic vices – will sound the 7 trumpets so the seven chakras, which have been raise in vibrational frequency, can withstand the very high vibrational energies of our spiritual selves to merge with our physical beings. Every human on Earth, who chooses, is being spiritualized in their own perfect divine timing. This can be a hell of an experience where we hold onto our inner demons or we can create our own heaven by stepping forward into the LIGHT of our higher consciousness. -Sabrina Reber

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