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Accepting Your True Being-Ness

This is an excerpt of a transcript with the Cosmic Great Central Sun on how to utilize the Pink Flame of Creative Actualization to assist in acknowledging our Higher Mind and Heart within the Physical Body.We want to assist you with the Pink Flame to allow your higher consciousness of the cosmic frequencies that you are to come to the totality of your physical existence. Allow yourself to relax through the process. You are not going to do it by telling your mental boy through your Masculine self to stop. You are not going to do it by telling your Feminine self to stop crying.They have to do it on their own, because those parts of yourself have worked separately for such a long time that they do not know how to work together. We have to help the process by bringing in the higher essences into your physical creation.

This is what we mean when we say Creative and Active Intelligence of the Third Ray.Β  It represents the ability to allow the creative process of the Pink Flame to flow within you in order for the action to occur. You are that higher intelligence. The higher intelligence is active as long as we accept it in the physical conditioning. However, the other important parts that are acting separately, stop the process. Because of the fear, along with not knowing what is happening. If you allow yourself to be in a sole state of Beingness, this Ray will flow into you to help you balance everything out.

You do not have to do anything other than Receiving.

The flow of your mental actualization will come from your Higher Mind. It is when you dive back into worrying that you start to look at what is happening to you. You begin projecting to the future, even if it is only a week away, two weeks away, you can have a tendency to fall back into that. It has been your conditioning process.

We want to help you tonight in allowing these essences to blend within you. Simply be open to receive the balance. When you allow that essence to come in now, things will become so much easier.

We stand within this Temple of the Pink Flame. Allow the frequency of Light to flow in as various waves of Pink hues, coming fully into each of us in this beautiful Temple of Light. We call upon the essences of Lord Seelia and Lady Seelio of the Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace from the Pink Flame as they bring that frequency forward into the flowing energy that they are.

Take a deep breath. Let it flow through all your Chakras. Let it flow into your Earth Star, as you allow yourself to become that one Being of Light. Intend within yourself to be a newborn essence in this moment.

Breathe and feel.

Allow the breath to become what it is. Allow yourself to just exist in this space of Divine Love that you are. Divine Compassion, Divine Gratitude of all that you are receiving.

It is our divine pleasure as the Divine Mother and Divine Father God, along with Lord Seelia and Lady Seelio, the Elders of the Pink Flame, to bring in these essences and that you accept compassion and love into every part of your being.

Receive the higher essence physically, emotionally, mentally and etherically.

This is a window of opportunity to accept more of what you truly are.

We are One with each of you.

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