Uncertainty, Confusion and Lack Of Direction As We Move From Our Soul’s Purpose Into Our Soul’s Mission: By Sabrina Reber

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ART : Vine ~ by Escume @ DeviantArt

Uncertainty, Confusion and Lack Of Direction As We Move From Our Soul’s Purpose Into Our Soul’s Mission: By Sabrina Reber


Many people, choosing to ascend in consciousness, are finding themselves in a transitional period of uncertainty, confusion and lack of purpose while their vibrations evolve from their current state of being to a higher level so they can activate their souls “mission” during this auspicious time on Earth. Each one of us comes into incarnation with a soul “purpose” that carries specific vibrations to help us manifest our needs so we can provide for our families. These personal vibrations inspire us to pursue careers in service to others through business, art, medical, technology, culinary, gardening, music, teaching etc. However, as we focus our direction of energy towards the spiritual realms of our being, we will rise in vibration – activating our dormant spiritual glands and additional strands of DNA – where our soul’s purpose will naturally evolve into our soul’s mission as we begin to work with our newly activated gifts from our holy spirits (higher souls).

The potential to activate our soul’s mission is part of our ascension process and is available for ALL souls who choose to alchemicalize the lower vibrating energies held within their souls energy fields. Once the emotional, mental and physical bodies have been purified to a specific level, the kundalini will rise in perfect divine timing for each soul – breaking the seals of amnesia/veils held within our chakra systems. Once the kundalini makes its full ascension from the root chakra all the way up to the crown chakra our higher spiritual chakras will be activated and our higher souls/christ selves will come into our physical bodies. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hears my voice and opens the door I will come into him and we will become one.” (Revelations 3:20)

It is each souls responsibility to use their free will to open the doors (chakra system) to their christ selves through the process of soul purification. As the soul focuses more of its energy on building a relationship with their higher soul and the Creator Of All That Is, through meditation, they will be asked to “face the self” and they will be shown the things within them that need to healed. This is when our ego and shadow consciousness will put up a big fuss and create great resistance and fear within our beings as our comfort zones get expanded and old vibrations that once served us begin to fall away. Everything we once held to be true, no longer resonates with us. Relationships, activities, passions, beliefs even our long held dreams begin to shift and oftentimes disappear as the ego dissolves and the higher soul begins to work more intimately with our beings. We find ourselves in a period of dying to the old so the new can be reborn, and it is this transitional phase that oftentimes will halt people from moving forward on their ascension journey because their old sense of purpose and direction no longer suits their new vibrational frequency.

Depending on the determination and commitment of the soul to fully surrender to the process of soul alchemy and transformation will determine how long this period lasts. We will be tested in our faith and we will also be required to release our attachments. Not only are we emotionally, physically and mentally attached to the way things “use to be” we are also attached to our ego’s expectations of how things “should be.” We continue to allow ourselves to be motivated by our ego’s will and we have not surrendered ourselves to divine will and divine timing. We have not fully taken dominion over the words we speak, the thoughts in our minds nor have we fully connected to the wisdom from our hearts. Our egos will tell us we have accomplished these things because our egos want to be in control. But if we are really honest with ourselves, we know there is much more that needs to be mastered within ourselves before we will truly be able to activate and fully integrate our soul’s mission into our lives.

Uncertainty, confusion, fear, doubt, lack of purpose, disappointment, apathy….all of these are normal egoic thoughts/moods we will experience as we enter the void of greater expansion. We will be asked to take dominion over our egos tricks and to remain steadfast in our souls ascension into self mastery. There will be days when we feel on top of the world and very clear with our missions and there will be days where we run into doubt. The ascension journey is not a straight shot up. We will descend into our lower states of consciousness and then we will ascend into greater states of awareness to find ourselves descending into the depths of another hidden layer of distortion. We need to make the ascension process a life style and not a destination because ultimately we will never stop expanding into something greater than we were before. That is the essence of creation. So release expectation – it will create suffering and replace it with Faith. ~Sabrina

Suggestions To Help You Get Through This Phase:

1. Do not give up on your meditations. Stay dedicated to nourishing your relationship with your higher soul. 15 minutes a day or 30 minute meditations 4 days a week will bring forth powerful healing vibrations to assist you in the purification of your chakra system and will also activate “light packets of information” held within the higher dimensions within your energy fields to be released into your conscious awareness.

2. Take dominion over your victim consciousness. Take full responsibility for whatever is happening in your life. Everything, whether it is negative or positive, is a gift you have attracted to your self so you can know your self better and expand into greater states of being.

3.  Allow yourself to not have everything figured out. Go with the flow. You can make plans and set intentions but don’t be attached to the outcome. Allow the energy of synchronicity to work with you.

4. Accept your self exactly where you are. Know you are fully supported on this journey and never separated from your higher soul even though you have energetic blocks within your being that make you “feel” as if you are separated. Your higher soul is the observer of your entire life experience, is the essence of your life force and is in constant contact with you. It is your higher soul that takes over driving for you when you zone out in the car, and is also responsible for keeping all organs, blood etc. working in unison to sustain your life without you even having to think about it.

5. Be careful of your thoughts and the words you speak. They are prayers.

6. Seek out activations to accelerate your healing process:

~ Reiki Attunements

~ Deeksha/Oneness Blessings

~ Sacred Spots on Earth/Vortexes

~ Mother Meera Darshans

~ Amma Darshans

7. Seek out healing to remove energetic blocks and negative subconscious beliefs:

~ DNA Theta Master Healer

~ Pranic Healing

~ Reiki

~ Or any healing modality you resonate with.

8. Step out of your comfort zones:

~ Sign up for a new spiritual or healing class

~ Do something that will make you face your fears developing confidence in your self and faith in the Creator Of All That Is. (rock climbing, repelling, traveling on an airplane to a new city by yourself etc..)

9. Change up your usual routine. Meet some new friends, add incense/crystals/new music to your meditations, incorporate new spiritual teachers as each teacher will bless you with something different, seek out new spiritual information/books/classes, commit your self to a juice fast to detoxify your body etc. When you generate change in your outer worlds your inner worlds will change as well and vice versa.

10. Remain in gratitude. Give thanks for the opportunity to be alive and to grow and expand in consciousness so you can know your Self/God better. Talk to your higher soul/God and invite them to be more involved in your life. Ask them to make their presence known to you. Tell them you would like to have a direct experience of their/your love. The more you use your free will to invite them in, the more you will be aware of them, but release any egoic ideas of how this should be for you. Just allow it to occur naturally in a way that you could never imagine.

11. Daily prayer for your self, the Earth, humanity and all living beings – in all time frames and all dimensions – will also align you with a deeper connection to universal healing energies that will catapult your ascension journey and help you to step into your soul’s mission.

12. Read the “Raise Your Vibration” book. Refer to it when you fall out of alignment. It is meant to be a guide throughout your soul’s ascension journey to help you remain on track. USA delivery click here:


For orders outside the USA please click here to search on

EUROPE AMAZON: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/gateway-eu

* If you would like a Kindle format of the book it is also available on USA Amazon and Europe Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Uncertainty, Confusion and Lack Of Direction As We Move From Our Soul’s Purpose Into Our Soul’s Mission: By Sabrina Reber

  1. I had commented on another blog (prior to reading your post) describing some of the things in the title of your post and had actually removed several things mentioned throughout the post, as I thought it to be too much detail. In any case, to say that this resonates, is an understatement. : ) I have been feeling this way for the past few months now and lately feeling what I can only describe as a sense of uncertainty, lost and in a void of sorts. I have been on what I perceive to be an accelerated part of this process for the past several years now and this includes everything from the unbelievably nightmarish to the mystically beautiful. What a journey it has been and now . . . ?? : )

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