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Lately I read a lot of posts here on fb originating from a consciousness of separation related to the issue of twinflames giving evidence of a lot of misconcepts to1. the nature and function of twinflame relationships
2. the nature and function of manifestation thru conscious or unconscious thought
3. the nature and function of duality/polarityIt is claimed that forces or entities come inbetween twinflames to destroy their relationship to keep the twinflame couples from anchoring the twinflame energy.Sorry guys such statements are deriving from the illusion of separation and of duality, which are based on the illusion of victim and an abuser… aka us versus them, good versus bad.

First understand that you create your reality thru every thought you give your energy to, thru all the beliefs that you hold. Even if your intellect “knows” about the illusion of separation, it will not be of any good, if you do not cultivate thoughts, that are deriving from an inner knowing of oneness (unity consciousness) within. Even if you are aware of negative limiting thought patterning within your being, you need to monitor your thoughts 24/7 to recondition yourself to thoughts that derive from love~unity consciousness.

There is no one out there who is there to “get you”, that can truly “get you” unless you give your power to such a belief. However if you do, it will be mirrored back to you. As within, so without, as below, so above WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Everything that is existing in your reality is there because you gave it life thru conscious or unconscious thought manifestation. What you manifestate is based on your beliefs and your thoughts. Everything is energy…. every thought (conscious or unconscious), every belief, every spoken word, every deed carries a certain vibration (energy) and your reality is a direct response to that energy meaning that what you experience in your reality is there because you created it by sending out a certain vibration to the universe and the universe magnifies this energy by creating a physical manifestation matching that exact energy in that which you call your reality.

Unfortunately you cannot be a master of your reality, if you act out of the belief, that others are responsible for your reality. When you blame someone or something you give it/them power over you and your reality. When we experience negative things we tend to blame it on someone or something….. whether it be dark forces, negative karma, destiny our childhood, partners etc. As long as you give your energy to such “abusers”, you will make the experience of being a victim. The only way to get rid of such misconcepts is to accept that you created them in the first place and taking responsability for having created them, because of a patterning in you of separation. Your external abusers are just mirrors of your inner “demons”, that are craving to be embraced and loved and return home to love. They are aspects of you, that you have disowned and rejected as being non-deserving of love.

Until you become a full embodiment of all aspects and shades of self all worthy of being loved in full acceptance, you withhold love to parts of self and will not be able to embody unity consciousness and attain divine union within, which is compulsive to experience a harmonious twinflame relationship with self (or for that matter any relationship)…. without being threatened by negative forces from within your twin (a mirror of your internal beliefs) or external entites (dark forces etc.). The belief that you are in need of another person (twinflame) to become whole, is based on the misconcept of separation. Your divine essence of love when fully embodied is ONE with all of existence and un-needy of any other being to complete you. Embracing this oneness, which is nothing more than a vibration within your very being lying dormant in every cell and atom of your being, is what will assure divine equilibrium and union within, where all aspect and parts of you are equally accepted and honored as part of who you are. This is the premise for divine union and as you embody and vibrate in this consciousness all your self created “abusers” will disappear from your reality. The war between intellect and heart has ended, your divine masculine and feminine have become allies of love honoring each other in full acceptance of each other as divine equals. So you may say that when you have achieved divine union within, you embody your twinflame from within your very being. You can form a relationship with any one person, that equally embodies divine union and their inner twinflame and share in your oneness, not out of lack or need of anyone to complement you, but out of the pure pleasure and soul urge to co-create and fulfill your planetary mission to anchor the twinflame energy and unity consciousness whether this person be the part of your soul, that you split from by incarnating or not. Your main soul purpose is to realise your oneness with all of existence and become a divine embodiment of unity consciousness. ~ Linda El Lumina

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