The Violet Flame ~ Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson @ Personal Pathways of Light

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The Violet Flame

Beloved Ones,

The Violet Flame is a magnificent energy of transmutation and transformation.

The Violet Flame was created for the masses, only the masses did not know how to use it. They were still living in darkness. Their lives were ruled by fear, doubt, anger, rage, and mistrust. Used in the wrong way, the Violet Flame could have been harmful. Therefore, it was withheld until we felt the masses were beginning to awaken.

The work done by my beloved brother Sananda in his incarnation as Jeshua had helped to overcome some of the misguided thinking of the masses. The fear, doubt, and hate were replaced with love, compassion, and understanding. Those who responded were rewarded with an abundance of joy, peace, and harmony even when outer circumstances indicated otherwise. The aliveness of their Spirit was flourishing.

When the Great Divine Dispensation was granted in the 1930s, my brother St. Germain began to appear to those who were ready to work with the Violet Flame. Because of its transformative power, at first it was revealed only to a select few – those who had cleared enough karma to understand the implications of working with it. They knew and understood the layers upon layers of power of the Violet Flame and were in reverence and awe of its power. They were careful only to use it for the highest and greatest good of all. They recognized that it was a gift from the Great Supreme Creator and was meant to benefit all and the many rather than the few. Only those persons who had advanced to this level of understanding were allowed the awareness of the Violet Flame at that time in order to protect and preserve the pureness and sanctity of its use. We worked with those messengers diligently to bring about a great understanding of the magnificent power of the Violet Flame.

Gradually the Light of these messengers began to attract others of like mind, purity, and vibration. They gathered first in small groups to study and learn about the Violet Flame. Later, as more persons had balanced their vibrational fields, the groups grew and became larger.

Through the years more and more of you in humanity have balanced your vibrational field in order to be ready to use the Violet Flame. As you have become ready, books and teachers have been placed before you to introduce you to the Violet Flame and its proper use. Now, many are ready to use this marvelous Violet Flame for the greatest good of all.

To begin to use it in this way, a pure heart and mind are required. When you realize that All Is One, this purity of mind and heart are apparent, for what you wish for yourself is really what you wish for others. What you wish for others is really what you wish for yourself. It is an expanded understanding of The Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you – that was taught by my brother Jeshua.

When you begin with the understanding that All Is One, your understanding of the proper use of the Violet Flame originates with a desire to help all of humanity.

You know and realize that the best place to help all of humanity is within yourself. You realize that by using the Violet Flame to transmute and transform your energy field, your Light can shine brighter. Your vibration can be stronger. Your qualities of love, compassion, and caring can grow and expand to higher levels. Your desire to be of service to humanity as a beacon of Light is apparent to all.

Beloved Ones, first, tune in to your Divine heart center to see and feel whether using the Violet Flame to transform yourself into a beacon of Living Light is a practice that resonates with you and is right for you. As with any practice, using the Violet Flame is very personal and should only be used if it feels right for you. There is no shame in discarding a technique that does not feel right for you. You are an individual with free will, and you exercise your freedom by doing only what is right for you.

If using the Violet Flame resonates with you and feels right for you, begin to use it as you are prompted by your inner guidance. Daily, or as you are prompted, surround yourself with the gentle energy of the Violet Flame for a few minutes. Feel its coolness take away and transmute any fears, hurts, doubts, or misqualified energy in your auric field. Release any misqualified thoughts, deeds, and actions, and forgive yourself and all others involved. See these misqualifications of energy transmuted by the Violet Flame. After the energy is transmuted, the Violet Flame subsides. Then see yourself transformed with sparkles of pure white brilliant particles of Creator Light. Feel the love permeate every part of you. Feel this love grow and grow until it fills you to overflowing. Then radiate this Light out to all of humanity and to Mother Earth. See your Light radiate out as a beacon of hope to all. Those who are ready will receive it.

As you practice this daily or whatever time is right for you, you will find yourself progressing to levels you had previously thought unimaginable. Soar and become the beautiful Light Beings that you are.

You are greatly loved, and I rejoice in working with you.

I Am Archangel Zadkiel


All rights reserved Linda M. Robinson, You may copy freely and share. Please copy the message in its entirety, and give credit to Archangel Zadkiel as transmitted through Linda M. Robinson /


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The Elders Equinox Transmission ~ March 2015 – The 12 Pyramids of Light ~ The Pyramid Above the Grids over Europe ~ Anrita Melchizedek @ The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

The Elders Equinox Transmission ~ March 2015

The 12 Pyramids of Light ~ The Pyramid Above the Grids over Europe

By Anrita Melchizedek


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A pyramid was placed above the grids over Europe

creating great mythologies for the souls to experience.

The soul who creates through this pyramid goes

by the frequency, Triogenes the Storyteller.

He is one who can capture the imagination of one

soul, or all souls, as he weaves the patterns of

his stories throughout the energies of the matrix.

These patterns would appear to repeat in cycles,

each with its own cast of characters incorporated

in a body of work that would have no beginning

nor end but would weave forever creating new stories.


Woven into the fabric of each myth are the keys of

the creational process. These myths would be regarded

as the Great Mysteries of the Creation of Humanity.

And these myths would take on many dimensions and

lessons in which the souls could select one or more roles.


Myths are not bound by space nor time,

and may be entered as the souls may desire.


Let us enter the Halls of the Pyramid of Mythological Rendering.

There you will be able to interact in all myths, at the same time,

by merely placing your consciousness into their matrix.


For it is here that I, Thoth the scribe, write many of

the storylines as dictated to me by the souls.

Perhaps you and I can create a myth of our own.


For in truth,

All is Myth,

Myth is All.

By Thoth the Atlantean

Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this magical month of March as you experience the New Moon Solar Eclipse and Equinox on March 20th, and following this, the third Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4th. Additionally, sweet ones, you are offered an opportunity to enter in Soul consciousness into the Pyramid of Creation above the Unity Grids over Europe holding the mythologies of creation and amplified through the Sun, Central Sun and Galactic Center and the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse sweet ones, merges into a deeper level of the myths, roles and stories you are creating and co-creating individually and collectively to experience Heaven on Earth and the New Earth Templates of Light. It is a passageway that continues the dance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine archetypes with a focus in March on the Divine Masculine and the energy of Mars, which takes you into greater leadership and creative roles as you draw upon the Divine Will and Power within you and around you through these beautiful planetary activities of Light and further move beyond the veils of illusion. And as you experience the doorway of the Eclipse multidimensionally, you draw upon the parallel realities of the roles of leadership you have experienced in each Now moment, and the myths and legends, that take you into the next level of your service work, in initiative, balance and individuation within the collective Christ Consciousness and I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light.

The ancient myths and legends that have come down to you throughout the ages, sweet ones, and through the many kingdoms in Asia, Egypt, Assyria and Babylonia, Syria, Mesopotamia, Arabia, and the land of Canaan, and from here into Greece, were all the same characters, containing important esoteric messages that would bring meaning and purpose to you and to this sacred earth. In myths and stories your spiritual lives were often represented quite simply as good and evil characters, but the knowing of the Truth in each story mirrors an aspect of yourselves that you are still experiencing through particular roles and characters. What these mythologies also represent sweet ones, is the pathways of Divine Love that you create for yourselves and others through your own stories, challenges and initiations of Light. And as you experience the Pyramid Above Europe connected to the Christ Consciousness grid, you are invited once more to move beyond duality, to embrace duality, as you experience the Patterns of Perfection and as you see through your Master eyes the roles that you are still choosing and what you need to shift within yourselves to deeper your service work as the way showers, teachers and facilitators in this Golden Age of Light. You are invited to embrace the duality and draw upon the Divinity of each experience, of each story and what it teaches you, as you align your will deeper to the will of God and draw upon the power within you as manifesting, co-creators to the Company of Heaven. And with this, to embrace your earthly desires and ride on the desire of your Beloved I Am Presence through the Oneness within all Life. Within the Pyramid Above Europe, you are invited to review your life lessons as you are given a Divine Dispensation to connect to the Karmic Board, as this review is usually done when you pass over, sweet ones. And with this, to have clarity as to the current role you are still choosing and clarity as to the role you wish to choose, and from here, you draw upon the Christed Timelines of all Golden Ages of Light as initiates of Light to see yourselves in your chosen role in this Now as these world teachers, sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and Master Beings of Light.

Additionally, the Pyramid Above Europe amplifies the third level of Christ Consciousness. The third level of Christ Consciousness is depicted through a near perfect 14 x 18 phi-ratio, where the perimeter of the seventh square equals or approximates the circumference of the ninth circle. It is not important to understand the mathematics, sweet ones, only that the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light Overlight this level of Christ Consciousness, which is depicted through a sphere that comes in approximately 10.8 feet in diameter around you. At this dimensional level, there is a focus on the sacred geometry of the star tetrahedron. This third level of Christ Consciousness occurred through the reconnection to Sirian Consciousness on April 23, 1994, when Sirius A and Sirius B activated in a Galactic alignment of Light, occurring once every 90 000 years. This third level of Christ Consciousness was activated for all awakened Souls on this earth plane, and vibrates to 46 plus 2 chromosomes, and means, sweet ones, that you now have 46 chromosomes plus 2 additional etheric chromosomes, which are waiting to be physically activated and actualized. In essence sweet ones, the third level of Christ Consciousness lifts you into Cosmic Christ Consciousness and your ability to activate higher dimensional frequencies and streams of consciousness previously unavailable to the Light workers on this earth plane.

Where you are now sweet ones, is having the ability to experience both fifth and sixth dimensional fields of consciousness, and to hold this level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness or Crystalline Consciousness within the physical body and energy field, for where you consciousness is, there you are. This also assists you sweet ones to move beyond the external noise and the astral plane to receive deeper impressions, transmissions and knowing of your Light work and ability to be creatively inspired through the Divine transmissions of Light.

As you experience the third of the four Blood Moons on April 4th, sweet ones, called a Tetrad, you align fully into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. Heralded as the Return of the Christ on the Blood Moon, it is the embracing energies of Cosmic Christ Consciousness that is tangibly experienced through the knowing that you are all One. As the I Am Avatar race, you merge deeper into the Unified Field of Divine Love, as you integrate the higher dimensional frequencies of your Beloved I Am Presence, and the Cosmic Heart of all Creation, and with this stabilizing your body and energy field to this third level of Christ Consciousness.

Sweet ones, the first Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse occurred on April 15, 2014, and the second Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse occurred on October 8th 2014, and the last Blood Moon Eclipse is set to occur on September 28th. At the time of experiencing the first Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 15th, 2014, you were invited into the Ashram of the Cosmic Christ, the collective Christed Light of all Ascended Masters, existing within Shamballa. Within this beautiful Golden Temple of Cosmic Christ Consciousness, you came into a deeper remembrance of yourselves as Initiates of Light, as you transmuted your human miscreations no longer necessary to experience so you may fully walk the Pathway of Christ Consciousness through the Christed Timelines. Additionally, you were called upon to bring your collective focus to the activation of the Golden Flame of Christ Consciousness through the hearts and minds of all humanity, as well as transmute the distortions of the Roman Catholic Church, and now you are called upon to transmute the distortions and myths of all religious stories so the veils of Illusion might be lifted and the Divine Will of God activated for all humanity.

Within the Ashram of the Cosmic Christ, you received the Signet Ring of Solomon and will draw upon this Signet Ring once more. The Signet Ring of Solomon brings with it the remembrance of Golden Ages of Light in self-mastery, a deeper sense of your service work and the wisdom teachings of the Melchizedek Brotherhood the Light. It is a magical ring bearing the symbol of the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light, the six-pointed star, also known as the Star of Solomon, the Star of David or the Star of Melchizedek. Using this energetic totem, you come into a deeper sense of the alchemical ceremonial magic and power that you collectively hold to manifest all that you need in this Now, for yourselves and for all life on this sacred earth.

So let us now set our sacred space and enter into the Pyramid Above Europe and from here, into the Ashram of the Cosmic Christ.

Overlighted by Mother/Father God, you call in the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

You call in the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light

You call in the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light

You call in the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light

You ask the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, and the Arcturians, all of the Light, to bring in a multidimensional cone of Love, above your aura for total alignment with your Higher Self of the Light, your Beloved I Am Presence, and Mother/Father God

You call upon the Trinity Lords of Light: Lord Michael, the Protector of all Life, Lord Metatron, the Lord of Light and the Creator of the super-electron, and Lord Melchizedek, the Universal Logos and Lord of Wisdom

You call upon the Mighty Elohim and their Divine feminine counterparts

You call upon the Archangels and their Divine feminine counterparts

You call upon the Brotherhood of the Light and the Order of Melchizedek

You call upon Melchior the Galactic Logos, and Helios and Vesta the Solar Logoi

You call upon Sanat Kumara, the bridge to Solar Christ Consciousness, and Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos

You call upon the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy, the Planetary Christ and Master of Synthesis of the five higher earthly rays, and Djwhal Khul, the Master of Synthesis of the first seven rays

You call upon the Chohans of the rays

You call upon Nature Intelligence, and specifically upon the Overlighting Deva of Planet Earth, Lady Gaia, the Overlighting Deva of Healing and Pan

You call upon your own Master Guides, and all other Beings of Light you personally acknowledge and that wish to join you now in this sacred space

And lastly, sweet ones, you connect now to the Unity Grid of Divine Love, and with this, to the Light workers, starseeded ones and to your Soul and Star Family and friends of the Light. Good.

The Sirian Archangelic League of the Light now come forward, surrounding you in a beautiful Silver-Gold Flame of Sacred Sexuality, of a Re-Union of Hearts, of the Re-Union with your own heart and the Re-Union with others. The kundalini energy now gently rises through each one of the chakras, moving from the base chakra, to the sacral, solar plexus, now the heart, then the throat, third eye and now crown chakra, clearing any false beliefs you may have about men or women and also inviting you into a deeper connection to your own sacred sexual energy of creativity, nurturing and Love. Wonderful, sweet ones.

You now find yourselves placed in a beautiful external Merkaba Vehicle of Light, made in the finest frequencies of your Higher Self of the Light. You find yourselves traveling through the Grids of Divine Love and now find yourselves in the Pyramid of Mythology above the Grids in Europe.

You see before you this most beautiful Being, Triogenes the Storyteller, who welcomes you to this Pyramid of Creation. He is laughing and sharing stories that are particularly relevant to each of one of you sweet ones, as you are now lead into a central Pyramid of Light in vibrating light frequencies, colors, sounds and with many holographic movie screens. You understand that you are here to deeper your service work, to move beyond the veils of Illusion and you do so by looking through your Master eyes at all of Life around you, by viewing and appreciating the Divinity of every thought, feeling and experience, no matter the resonance, no matter the energy. You embrace all within your heart and within your Love. The stories start to emerge for you, sweet ones, the myths, the understandings, the lessons, as you experience a deeper sense of looking through your Master eyes, looking inwards initially, and then experiencing your stories with others.

****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******

And for a moment, sweet ones, you bring your focus back to the activation of the star tetrahedron, the Star of Melchizedek, to the third level of Christ Consciousness Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light. You are going to sit comfortably inside your electromagnetic star tetrahedronal shapes, as they are connected to your etheric, emotional and mental bodies, and just experience these wonderful Light frequencies and dimensional shifts in consciousness. Now, as you focus, you visualize a silver-gold colored tetrahedron, a four-sided triangular plane. You now see a second silver-gold tetrahedron, another four-sided triangular plane. You see yourself joining these two tetrahedrons together over your body, so they form a star tetrahedron. To join these two tetrahedrons together to form this silver-gold star tetrahedronal shape, you interlock the two triangular bases together in a three dimensional six sided star, and visualize yourself in the middle of these two interlocking tetrahedrons. As you visualize this star tetrahedron, you see the apex of the top tetrahedron reach up and touch the top of your silver-gold bubble, your sixth dimensional portal, 2.4 feet above your head. The bottom or base of this top tetrahedron, comes down to just below the knees. The apex of the bottom tetrahedron, reaches to the bottom of your silver-gold bubble, your first dimensional portal, 2.4 feet below your body, and the base of this bottom tetrahedron crosses your heart chakra.

For women, you want to visualize the ridge of the top tetrahedron, centered along the back of the body and the ridge of the bottom tetrahedron centered along the front of the body. For men, you want to visualize the ridge of this top tetrahedron centered along the front of the body and the ridge of the bottom tetrahedron centered along the back of the body. Good, sweet ones.

You gently start to feel a slight activation of this shape around you. You feel the Light within this etheric body star tetrahedron as it is just slightly activated around your body and within every cell of your body. You now visualize the emotional body star tetrahedron around you, and when you have a clear sense of this shape, you visualize the mental body star tetrahedron. You now feel these star tetrahedrons as they are superimposed over one another, and all the exact same size, fill with silver-gold Light brought in by the Sirians. They fill each cell and molecule in your body and your energy field in these beautiful frequencies of Divine Love.

And now, you now gently start to spin your emotional body star tetrahedron in a clockwise direction, spinning it at a comfortable pace within your silver-gold sphere of Light. Wonderful high frequencies of Divine Love are moving throughout your body, energy field and hologram taking you into a deeper remembrance of yourselves as these Melchizedek Ambassadors of Light; to the remembrance of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, peace keepers, way showers, star seeded ones, in service to Mother Earth and all her life.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

And now sweet ones, you slowly stop spinning this emotional body star tetrahedron.

And now, you bring your focus to your mental body star tetrahedron. You start to slowly spin this mental body star tetrahedron in a counter clockwise direction, again within your silver-gold sphere of Light, and as you do, you feel yourself vibrating at a higher level of consciousness, Cosmic Christ consciousness, this sixth dimensional level, sensing now an altering of the chemical structure of each cell in the body, of each molecule, moving into this crystalline consciousness of Light.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Wonderful, sweet ones. You now, gently slow down this spinning, and bring your mental body star tetrahedron to a standstill.

You now feel your head and brain filling with Light, spiraling filaments of Light are moving through and within your pineal and pituitary glands, moving through your third eye and crown chakra, and then through every chakra and meridian in your body. You are being encoded with the pictographic communication in the Language of Light that amplifies in this Pyramid of Mythology, of Storytelling, of the heroes and villains, of the roles you chose, and above all, sweet ones, the knowing of yourselves as initiates of Light. For it is the role of the priest, and priestess, that guides you intuitively to greater levels of your service work in this Now, and in every Now and Golden Age, sweet ones. And as you have a sense of the continuation of each Now moment, of the merging of these parallel realities, Lord Melchizedek now appears before you and places around you the Melchizedek Initiates Cloak of Light, a beautiful golden and purple robe of Light that assists you in this Now in a deeper remembrance of the knowing of yourselves as initiates of Light, as Priests and Priestesses to the Order of Melchizedek. Lord Melchizedek drapes this beautiful golden and purple robe of Light, this cloak of Light, around your body, and as he does, he takes his rod of Light and taps it first on your left shoulder, and then your right shoulder. And as this occurs this beautiful Star of Melchizedek appears now in a beautiful golden flame embossed upon your initiatory cloak of Light, and Lord Melchizedek now says:

“This initiatory cloak of Light will take you deeper into a knowing of yourselves as the priests and priestesses in service to Mother Earth and all her life, and in service too, in many dimensions of Light. It is a cloak of remembrance that will allow you to understand your challenges as Initiations of Light. And when you are ready, you will experience too the activation of the twelve Initiations of Light, taking you deeper into the knowing of the keys of self-mastery, and yourselves as Melchizedek Ambassadors of Light. Go now, deep into the remembrance of the roles you have played, the roles you have experienced, the roles you are still choosing through the stories and the myths, as you create these pathways of Divine Love, for yourself and others. And know that each challenge is but a deeper level of initiation, taking you deeper into the Love of Creation, deeper into the strength, the wisdom, the power within yourselves as the way showers, the world teachers, and initiates of Light in service to the lower worlds.”

And now you see before you, sweet ones, the Karmic Board. The Karmic Board is a group of twelve members, council members that are assigned to work with you. The Karmic Board is composed too of many of your star family and friends, of the Councils of Light that you have worked with, and the pre-birth agreements that you choose with the souls that you are experiencing this reality with, sweet ones. The Karmic Board review usually takes place when you have passed over, as we have mentioned, but this Divine dispensation will allow you to see the remaining karma that you have with other souls, allowing you to truly let go, to forgive, to Love, and to transmute remaining karma in the knowing of the blessings that every soul bestows upon you on the planes of duality through the victim and persecutor consciousness. And the embrace of the dualities, the embrace of the Divinity of every given Now moment, no matter the thought or the feeling, or the related emotion, allows you sweet ones, the possibility of transmuting old karmic contracts. And as you look at the roles you chose, sweet ones, and the roles you are still choosing, see what it is that these stories are creating for you, or have created for you, and know that you are the Priests and Priestesses to the Order of Melchizedek. Allow your initiatory robe of Light to further activate into a greater level of remembrance of the Golden Ages, of the strength that you have, the power that you, and the wisdom that you hold; of the Love for yourself and the Love for all humanity, to truly forgive, to let go of blame, to view life through your Master eyes, no longer needing to play out the old patterns and the old roles of the karmic timelines. This is personal sweet ones, to each one of you, and you are guided deep into the knowing of your stories and also the roles which you now choose. As you connect with the Karmic Board you can clear old karma no longer necessary to be experienced.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Good sweet ones. As you find yourself back in this beautiful Pyramid of Mythology, as you find yourself connecting deeper into the heart you have a sense of Triogenes, of Triogenes weaving the stories that you need to hear into this Now, of you understanding these roles, and the greatest role that you play, that of Melchizedek Initiates of Light. Just allow yourselves simply to surrender, to trust, to the images that come to mind, to the sounds, to the colors, to the memories, drawing upon the Golden Ages, drawing upon the dark ages, whatever it is you are needing to experience is reflected and shown to you very clearly, sweet ones, as you look through your Master eyes at all of life around you.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Wonderful, sweet ones. And now you find yourselves being impulsed by the Ashram of the Cosmic Christ as you thank all these beautiful Beings, and Triogenes. You find yourselves again traveling in your external Merkaba Vehicle of Light through the grids of Divine Love and the portals of Light, and now you enter into the Ashram of the Cosmic Christ within Shamballa, and with this sweet ones, we present this to you as an invocation to deepen this experience, as you experience now the Blood Full Moon on April 4th.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

I am now lifted in Soul Consciousness into the Ashram of the Cosmic Christ within Shamballa,

traveling through the second ray Ashram of Love and Wisdom,

and into the sacred Golden Temple of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.


Welcomed and greeted as an Initiate of Light,

and surrounded by the Council of Twelve,

I am taken into a central pyramidal shaped Temple of Light.


King Solomon appears before me now,

welcoming me once more to this Ashram of the Cosmic Christ, and

offering me a Signet Ring,

the remembrance of my promise of Service in Love to Mother Earth and all her Life,

and the knowing of my Self as a Melchizedek Initiate of Light.

As this ring is placed on the fourth finger on my right hand,

King Solomon now says:
This Signet Ring of Power protects you from the lower astral realms and the entities upon this realm,

it brings power, and strength and protection,

connecting you to both Nature Intelligence and the Angelic realms.

As you receive this Signet Ring of Power,

you come into a deeper remembrance of the power you have,

to create and affect change on the lower worlds and on this earth plane.


Surrounded in this beautiful golden flame of Christ Consciousness,

my Golden Heart expands through the Soul matrix and heart chakra so I may truly know my Self as Divine Love.

I now clear my cells as a cellular level,

releasing old patterns, false beliefs and judgments which I no longer need to experience in this Golden Age of Light.

And now, I find myself traveling the Christed Timelines,

experiencing my Highest Potential in all Golden Ages of Light,

and bringing into this Now a greater sense of my Self in self-mastery,

as a Melchizedek Initiate of Light,

as a sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love.


Overlighted by the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High,

and connected to the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light,

I bring my focus to the religious distortions,

myths and stories disempowering humanity;

bringing in the higher dimensional frequencies,

and wrapping Mother Earth and all her Life

in this beautiful Golden Flame of Christ Consciousness,

and now, this beautiful Silver-Gold Flame of the Sacred Re-Union of Hearts,

clearing distorted religious mythologies and beliefs

and lifting the veils of illusion,

so all humanity may experience empowerment, Love and Wisdom.

And So It is.


The Pathway of Divine Love through the Christed Timelines now illuminates,

showing me my heart’s dreaming through the embrace of Christ Consciousness,

and the Cosmic Heart of all Creation.


I now come back into my sacred space,

grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth,

and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

I Am a Christ Conscious Being of Light,

I am a Melchizedek Initiate of Light,

I Am All That I Am.

Wonderful, sweet ones. Just allow yourselves to simply relax and ground into this sacred space experiencing so many of these energies, and feeling them around your body, within your body, and your connection to all Light workers, the star seeded ones, Illlumined Beings of Light from on High, your Beloved I AM Presence, family and friends, and all life. Hold this space of Love within your hearts. Know that you are here in your roles, as the teachers, leaders and way showers, and the knowing, sweet ones of yourselves as Priests and Priestesses, as Initiates of Light to the Order of Melchizedek.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

We thank you for your service work, sweet ones, as you ground once more into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, keeping this connection open to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High. We bless you, and we thank you for your service work, and with this we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by Eadie Miller

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Melchizedek’s Gold and Purple Initiates Cloak of Light and the 12 Initiations of Light

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Each initiation of Light takes you deeper into your collective and personal stories and myths and as you move through each initiation, you are guided to complete each initiation with the assistance of a symbol or tool that manifests through your Gold and Purple Initiatory Cloak of Light.

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Visions From Venus Highlights and Invites @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


suzanne lie visions from venusTuesday, March 10, 2015

Visions From Venus Highlights and Invites


Join us again, for the second webinar of

Visions from Venus

As via the power of our own Imagination and Unity Consciousness

We Remember Coming to Earth to Assist Gaia

Gaia needs us!

This time She needs us to assist with Her ascension,

which was prevented by the powers of darkness during the fall of Atlantis

By remembering the past, we can change to future

To live in the NOW of ascending Earth

It’s not too late to join us for the rest of the series

Price: $40 for each Webinar or all 4 Webinars in this section for $120

You will receive the audio and transcript for Webinar 1 if you join NOW at:

You will receive the audio and transcript for Webinar 1 if you join NOW at:

Purchase, Visions from Venus Book 1 can be ordered at:

The Questions and Comments at the end of the last meeting were so wonderful that I am sharing them with you now

QUESTION: My question is about the Sun and our relationship with some of the Light packets and ways in which we can have a partnership or relationship with the Sun so that we can help Gaia and to help the Light and the Ascension process.

Sue:     That’s a very good question and I’ll ask the Arcturians.

Arcturians:    We will answer your question with a visualization:

We ask that all of you envision the external Sun. Now touching your third chakra, just below your rib cage to the left. This is where your Solar Plexus, your inner Sun, is located.

Take a long slow deep breath to connect your inner sun with Sol the Sun of this Solar System. Feel the Sun of your Solar System. There are whole worlds, whole populations, that live inside the Sun.

The Sun and all the planets are living sentient beings. The indigenous peoples have always known that the Planet is alive and that the plants and the animals are alive and sentient. Everything is alive. But somewhere in your time with all of the wars and strife, you lost that knowing and we became separate from the world around you.

Now feel how within, you are One with your own Solar Plexus, which is your own inner Sun. And, as you connect with your own inner Sun, you can feel your connection to the Sun of your Solar System. NOW, connect that Sun to the Central Sun on Alcyone in the Pleiades. Feel that alignment.

Now connect to us, the Arcturians who are no longer bound to a planet or even a solar system, as our world is our Mothership. Feel our massive Mothership, which is as big as a planet. Our multidimensional Mothership exists within the NOW. Therefore, we can simultaneously travelling to many different worlds to assist the inhabitants in opening up Arcturian Corridors, which are avenues into the “Portals of Light” that you, humanity, is.

Thank you for your service, and we will return in for our next meeting.


FIRST COMMENT: I just wanted to say how the guided meditations have opened up the visceral remembrance. There have been so many details revealed. It all makes sense.

COMMENT 2: I’m very grateful because now we are all closer to our Divine Compliments and to Venus and the Oneness. Thank you very much. At the moment I perceive so many things. One thing is that some of our Divine Compliments are around us and perceive us. They are very happy. When I came here in 3D last time I was like the Sun and my Light has been rejected like your Light but they cannot turn it off.

COMMENT 3: There are quite a few impressions that came through and it had to do with reunion with the Plant Kingdom and the absorption of Light and the language of Light. I have memories coming up as a child that I was receiving very deep communion experiences through Light and the Plant Kingdom. I don’t know where I’m going with this but I’m just expressing what the impressions were.

Sue:     Yes, the memories are important and we can honor those memories. Thank you.

COMMENT 3: Thanks so much for having this discussion. I think it’s fascinating to read these stories, and I know that we are a part of this one big team that has come here over and over. We forget all of these things, and then we are reminded when you bring these topics to the forefront. I started reading the book this morning and was trying to rush through it so that it was really fresh in my mind. What really stood out was the sheer magnitude of this task. I think that’s something we all need to honor.

I was reading back through thinking how long ago did this first incarnation occur and how many times have we been doing this over and over again? No wonder we all have this deep sense of grief and exhaustion. Thank goodness we’ve come around with you Leslie and Suzanne in this mode to say I Love You GAIA, I’m here with you. You’re not alone and I feel those deep signals of Love and comfort from Gaia. I just want to say thank you to all of you for doing this and being here together.

Sue:     Thank you, thank you.

COMMENT 4: I’m listening to the wonderful discussion and what really caught my attention was how clearly I could relate to Shature entering into the body as a child and then how safe she felt when they brought her to the Temple with her own community. It was so profound. I knew exactly how she felt.

Sue: Yes, I didn’t get that for a while because those of us knew we were really different when we were young. We didn’t know why or how, but we knew something was wrong so being around people who were like-minded is wonderful.

COMMENT 5: I’ve learned so much in this call. I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m working on it. I’m really feeling the connection with the higher self even when I woke up this morning at 4 o’clock. It’s so comforting that I think I received the lecture before we even started.

I do have a question, but before I say that I want to say that at one point I saw all of us and the image that I had where all the Earth ships formed the golden web and helped the dark force from landing on earth and gave time to the crew of plants, animals and humans to rescue. It was like the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

The question I have that’s distressing to me is about the one hundred and forty-four thousand. Can you explain that one hundred and forty-four thousand thing? It’s a distressing concept to me because of what’s attached to it from the Earth here.

Sue: I think the one hundred and forty-four thousand is a symbolic number. I think it’s a Light Language message.

Arcturians: The hundred and forty-four thousand is much more than just a number of people. If you look at that number with the language of numbers and realize that whenever they get moon shots or shots from outer space, they come in numbers. Then the numbers are translated into pictures. So the hundred and forty-four thousand is actually a message and as we all move into higher and higher perceptions we will be able to read that message.

It is a symbolic thing that means a whole lot more than just the numbers. When we look at one hundred and forty-four thousand from a third-dimensional perspective, it is just a number. But is the message is really that you can all put into pictures to engage with that message within yourselves to assist your awakening. The one hundred and forty-four thousand is not even in the people. It’s an energy package. Leslie, did you want to comment on this question?

Leslie: I just wanted to say that the Jehovah’s Witness have the pattern of the bible and in the Book of Revelations – Armageddon and that’s a different time line that we are on. We’re not on that timeline. We’ve jumped it.

Sue: Yes, maybe we’ve graduated from that.

Comment 6:  Thank you so much. There’s so many lovely things that I resonate with from what the last person that shared. I also woke up with a sense of being held and comforted and in warm peace. So the energy was coming through even before this wonderful gathering. I also became aware that as we did some of the experiential work I have tapped into something before that the Ascension process is like living, eating, breathing, sleeping – everything from my heart.

So to share that with others is very meaningful and to connect with that more specifically today in terms of memories of what that means and holding as much Light as possible to help Gaia is such a joy and such a drive – because it is our ancient consciousness doing what we do and being.

So I really grasped during the workshop how for me – disciplining my mind and feelings so that everything is going into the polarity of Light. That’s part of how I can ground the Ascension energy is to choose to go to the loving energies. I know it sounds very basic but for some reason it went in very deep. Thank you.

Sue:     Thank you everyone and before we close let’s all feel those alignments. We call Venus, our sister planet. We can feel Venus next to us. I say feel because a lot of these memories are best accessed through your body, as our brains have been trained by society that’s it’s “just our imagination,” which is not real. It’s much better now than it was. I was really raised with that indoctrination.

But, when we feel the memories, and as we get Light language, we feel it with all of our bodies. The higher dimensional beings don’t speak words, they send a package of information, and then we translate it. Some people translate it into words and some translate it into pictures or music or service or dance or gardening.

It’s infinite how we can translate the language. Feel that gift from our Divine Compliment and if our Divine Compliment is on Earth, feel that gift from our Divine Compliment on Earth. And feel that gift from our Divine Compliment in the higher frequencies.

Feel how it feels to be connected with our Divine Compliment and to be whole within our Oneness. And feel how that wholeness connects with Gaia and how Gaia connects with Venus, and this whole package connects to our Sun and then feel how that connects to the great Central Sun in the Pleiades. FEEL how we are members of the web of life.

Blessings BE to all of you and thank you very much. I hope you can all return and that others join us. If you miss one you will receive the recording. Thank you so very much.

Leslie: Thank you for coming, it’s been wonderful. This book is so amazing and I can’t wait to continue. Our next webinar will be on the 12th of March so we will see you then.

It’s not too late to join us for the rest of the series

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CODE BREAKER #3 Suzanne and the Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 10.3.

Monday, March 9, 2015

CODE BREAKER #3 Suzanne and the Arcturians,


Code Breakers #3

Suzanne Lie and The Arcturians

Greetings, we are the members of the Frequency Re-calibration Centers. There are many, many Frequency Re-calibration Centers. In fact each of you has your own personal portal to our Frequency Re-calibration Center, so you don’t need to go anywhere. You just have to remember that you are there NOW.

We, the members of the Frequency Re-calibration Center, are always available for you, as we resonate beyond time. Therefore, there is no time that you need to come, time that you need to leave and you don’t need to spend time with us. All you need to do is just remember, “Oh, I haven’t been to my Frequency Calibration Center today and you are instantly there. It is that simple.

We are here and fully activated because it is our contribution to aid with the natural evolution of Ascension and remind our wonderful human friends on the body of Gaia when it is time for them to return to the Frequency Re-calibration Center. In other words, we represent that little voice that tells you, “I think my frequency has fallen. I feel nervous, oh yes I’m nervous.” Or “I think I’m depressed. Oh yes I am all a flutter. What am I doing? How have I forgotten who I am?”

Now we call you to our center with a tiny little tap that says, “Time for a re-calibration.” You may choose not to hear us, and that is entirely your choice. But if you do choose to hear it our invitation, it will help you greatly help you. You might think that everyone would rush to the Frequency Re-calibration Center.

You would think that everyone would realize that his or her frequency has dropped. In other words, you would think that more people would think, “My state of consciousness has lowered back down into the third-dimension and below and now I need to re-calibrate.”

However, you would be surprised at all of the reasons and excuses we have heard. We will gently tap someone on his or her consciousness and say, “Would you like to come to our Frequency Re-calibration Center? We think it will greatly help you.” But no, we hear many excuses such as, “No I can’t. I’m in a hurry and have to go to work. I have to pick the kids up from school. I’m so busy. I’m too tired. I’m having so much fun.” The list goes on and on.

Now, this list really surprises us because we wonder what could be more important than calibrating your frequency to the process of Planetary Ascension? This is likely because we have not resonated to the third-dimension for quite a while. You see, the Frequency Re-calibration Centers are located, which is a term you would say in three-dimensional terms, in the fifth-dimensional frequency in what you have lovingly called New Earth.

Of course reality begins in the higher frequencies and lowers into the lower frequencies. So you are not creating New Earth, as new fifth-dimensional Earth has always existed. But Gaia, brave planet that she is, decided to move into the third, fourth-dimensional reality. Therefore all of the beings that take embodiment on Gaia’s planet resonate to that third or fourth dimension.

Now Gaia is very much happy to return to her fifth-dimensional resonance, as are many of her inhabitants. All of Gaia’s plants, all of Her animals, all of Her minerals all and elements are very happy to return back to her fifth-dimensional resonance. The problem is with humanity. So many humans have become lost in the illusions of that third-dimensional matrix.

Now it is true that because Gaia chose to be a polarized reality that there is dark and there is Light. That dark is quite uncomfortable. We realize that, which is why we gently tap in your High Heart and ask that you please return to our Frequency Re-calibration Center.

We call you to join us because we can see that you could stand to re-calibrate your consciousness back into the fifth-dimension. When your consciousness is calibrated to the fifth-dimension, your thoughts are fifth-dimensional, your emotions are fifth-dimensional and therefore you combine your fifth-dimensional thoughts, your fifth-dimensional emotions into a beautiful fifth-dimensional thoughtform.

Within that thoughtform you are in the process of creating and opening your Portal into the fifth-dimensional expression of Earth. This Portal has often been known as the Arcturian Corridor; therefore we will bring in our dear friends the Arcturians to assist you with this component of our message.

Arcturians: Beloved ones, we are the Arcturians and we want you to know that our corridor is always open. It is always open from that fifth-dimension and beyond. It is only closed to the perception of your third and fourth-dimensional self.

We are aware of the hustle and the bustle, the stress, the challenge and the fear and the darkness that does occur at your frequency of Gaia. Therefore, we have come into your awareness. We have decided that some of that darkness will need to be released from dear Gaia’s body for the game, the 3D game, and the video game, which appears to be a reality, which is actually a matrix for the third-dimension that is wrapped around the Planet.

You, from your higher dimensional selves have decided to join that game, just like you would chose to play a video game. When you joined that video game you created an Avatar Self, and your consciousness entered into that Avatar self so that you could play the game.

Unfortunately you had no idea how addictive that third-dimensional game was. Therefore, you got lost. You became trapped on that wheel of life and death of that third and fourth-dimensional game. While in the “game,” you would be what you perceived yourself, a living person in the third-dimensional component of the 3D video game.

Then you would “die” to enter into the fourth-dimension of the video game. In reality, they were one video game. YOU, your true SELF, is beyond dying because you are a multidimensional being. However, the game was very addictive and there were many components that gave you great joy.

Unfortunately, there are also many components of the “game” that frightened you greatly. Believe it or no, the fear was much more addictive than the joy and the love. That is why we have created these special Frequency Re-calibration Centers on fifth-dimensional Earth.

If you want to join one of these centers simply say, “It would be wonderful to be in a Frequency Re-calibration Center in this NOW.” Make sure to match your thoughts with your emotions so that you can create a thoughtform. The secret part of the 3D Game is that when you go to the Frequency Re-calibration Center you are not bound by time.

So all you need to do to enter the Frequency Re-calibration Center is to say,

“I need to re-calibrate to my fifth-dimensional self.”

Take a brief moment, or maybe one or two of your minutes, take a long, slow, deep, breath and breathe out with an exhale twice as long as the inhale. This breath is important, as your breath is the core of your life. It is with your breath that you begin the re-calibration. Therefore:

Breathe in Light, Love and Transmutation…

Hold your in-breath. Then breathe out with the intention of going to the Frequency Re-calibration Center.

Remember that ALL higher frequencies are within you. These frequencies are within your Lightbody, which is within your spinal cord. So you go within your own SELF to go to the higher frequencies of Earth, which you have labeled as “New Earth.”

The frequency of what you have called “New Earth,” is actually Old Earth, as reality begins in the higher frequencies and lowers down into the lower frequencies. The Earth you know as 3D Earth is the “Time Earth,” in which the video game is played within the 3D Matrix.

What you have mistakenly called, “New Earth,” is actually “Now Earth” in which you are within the Nowness of your true fifth-dimensional expression and beyond. Within our Arcturian Corridor, which you can go inside of your self in order to enter the awareness that you are already within it, instantly transmutes your “imagination” to Now Earth.

This occurs because while in the Corridor you can remember who you are within the NOW. The challenge is to take that experience of NOW and remember it. As you go outside of your inner self and into the outer world that is around you, you are actually in the 3D video game of Earth.

NOW, we will take you on a brief meditation:

Allow yourself to take those long slow deep breaths to re-calibrate your self.

As you do so, you recalibrate yourself go into the Core of yourself.

Go into your own High Heart to go into the core of your own spinal cord,

Into the core of your Kundalini force which is within your spinal cord

And into the Nowness of being aware that you are on New Earth.

Welcome, welcome to New Earth, which is what we call Now Earth. Within this Nowness, we say, “Welcome to Now Earth. Please join us as we guide you to one of your myriad Recalibration Frequency Centers.

How you recalibrate your frequency is that you,


Allow yourself to feel your feet firmly grounded within this 5D frequency.

Look down to see that you have grounded your feet within NOW Earth!

See, perceive, feel, and hear how your feet have become Lightbody feet that have grounded onto Gaia’s Lightbody planet.

As you feel the joy of your Lightbody feet, the light begins to resonate up your legs.

Now you can perceive your Lightbody legs, as the light moves up your torso.

FEEL your Lightbody torso.

As the Light moves into your High Heart it bursts forth into your brilliant, Lightbody SELF.

As the Light moves up to your shoulders, up your arms and into your hands, you observe as you hands burst into Lightbody Hands.

You touch your face with your hands and feel that your face is a Lightbody face.

NOW you are Lightbody.

As you look around with your Lightbody perception, you can see that everyone is in different stages of their transmutation into Lightbody. Because you have completed your transmutation into your fifth-dimensional Lightbody, you instinctively go towards each transmuting person to quietly stand beside him or her.

While you stand beside them in unconditionally loving acceptance of their process, you watch how they burst into their Lightbody SELF. Oh the power of Unconditional Love.

Do you think that perhaps you could do this when you return back to your third-dimensional Earth?

Do you think that you could become a living, human Frequency Calibration Center?

Posted by Sue at 2:17 PM

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Some shared revelations concerning Light body activation ~ Dreams ~ New world ~ Current stream @ Awaken Spirit from Within

art opulent speckle  leigh viner

  ART : Opulent Speckle ~ Leigh Viner

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Some shared revelations concerning Light body activation ~ Dreams ~ New world ~ Current stream

March 8, 2015

What a time! What a buzzzzzing time it is indeed. My body feels like a vibrating ball of light at times while I AM experiencing all my cells buzzing literally. It is as if my physical vehicle is electrified and ready to step into a whole new form. Light body actualization, beloveds!!! “This is it”, I was thinking! “This is the real deal here what many of us have been talking about for so long”. NOW I can feel it on my cellular level as never before. VERY physical thus.

I have been experiencing so much it feels as if I have been dragging the entire world with me. Sounds familiar? 😉  Well we do in a sense. I have been down at least 1 week every month since October 2014: unable to perform any energy work. My goodness, this is intense and I hear intel coming in saying that we are only at the beginning of it. YAY, hooray! Let’s go! (read: okay lets find some strength 🙂 ).

The results of all these intense waves/ alignments/ shifts/ “shake-ups”/ releases / cleansings/ downloads/ and so forth, have been amazing in the sense of being in AWE at times but also feeling upset. Upset in the sense that you have this feeling of: “I don’t want this anymore! Not like this! This has to stop, NOW !” So you decree out loud what it is that you do not partake in anymore and what you stop creating. Nah! so it is, so it has been said! This supports the “decreation” of your old values and realities.

On the other hand , new energies are coming in and new generations of Light enter the conscious mind. Images of Stellar Galaxies and codes from the Cosmos enter while receiving the light language message: “Be welcome and I invite you to partake in my eternal reality”. Happily I accepted this without the slightest form of doubt or fear. Just relaxed, confident and curious.

So I got a few “insights”, “visions”, and messages to share with you. I am keen on sharing these all with you, although I AM advised to not share everything just yet. So what came into my awareness very strongly is that we, as a human vehicle, are now vibrating on a whole new level of consciousness that makes it almost unbearable to continue to function in this “old program” reality. This holodeck is closing and I got the sense to get the hell out of it!

So as you do this, you follow that inner feeling.. you might stumble upon some facets that you might have overlooked or have forgotten about; so you are being reminded of this! The overall message is to release the old (read: get the hell out of it or get it the hell out of you), and to look at everything that points to you as you are the direction and the Source to follow. That is you as in the NEW you, as in the NEW world.

You are all creating the new world, all together, thus it is you that marks the beginning of the New as well as the end of the old.

I got glimpses of this new world (read: my personal perception and creation of it) and it appears as a more fluid colorful world where I saw the pyramids of Atlantis: clear crystalline pyramids where you can look through. These pyramids were simple but powerful vortexes that held the vibration of this New world and which sustained this all. I saw mermaids, unicorns, dolphins: all the beautiful refined energy consciousness being present: all co-creating and co-existing together as one, yet still in separate forms of consciousness.

Next to me appeared a Goddess light being, having the same shape as our physical vessel, yet it was more fluid and of light. She wore an amulet of Light and she wore long linen clothes. I now understand why the image has been given to me to wear my own amulet. She nodded to me and continued her path along with a unicorn.

Suddenly I got a glimpse of what I looked like and what I could see is that 2/3 of my body was also fluid Light and 1/3 was still a physical form but it consisted of purple Light. So I understood that I walk these planes, yet not for the full 100% as I am still partaking in the physicality as well, still re-creating and re-shaping myself into a light body.

I have friends and family having the same dreams and images of them becoming a Light body, even having vivid experiences of it. This all at the same time as I did and we were dreaming about each other transforming into Light. I can only say that it is clear, intense and that I AM delighted over this!

There are codes coming in, my friends! Not so much the usual codes but Cosmic codes from far, far away. These have taken on a long journey to reach our shores in this Now. Not a coincidence since we come closer to a few crucial energetic shifts in the upcoming weeks! Behold that gift which is upon us and which assists us in the freeing of ourselves out of this duality mess.

You either will sink deeper into this duality mess whereby it will become clearer to you OR you grow out of it. Either way, things will become crystal clear to you and you will have to go from that point on. Some may find themselves sinking deeper into the paradigm Matrix of confusion and feeling stuck: This is than an opportunity for those to see that this does not work anymore and that they have to make their own movement out of it! To change is to start this from within and so you create your own flow and movement to get forward to where your goals are and where your heart wants you to BE.

Things are clear to many of us: this is not how we want to live nor is it the world we want to live in! So we change and shift things from within our own plane of Being. We come to see things differently and we change even our perceptions of values and that which we have found important in the past. What thrives us, changes and it are all new directions to the new foundations that are placed and build by us individually and collectively.

Most common thing is that collectively we do not move so fast and so profound as we want to because many visualizations are crossing each other and building new complexities because visions appear to differ so much. Unity must be created and handled so this means: holding the same vision and holding the grip on this.

Talking about this being challenging for sure! How can we hold that same vision and visualize all the same things if we are all Gods coming from the same Source, but existing in different realities playing out different games and roles under the reign of different levels of consciousness?! Good question and if I had the answer to that I would say it. But isn’t that the game we have to play and find out for ourselves? Isn’t that one of the things we need to be reminded of and find out how we can experience God consciousness through Unity as individuals.  Growing back to Unity as One!

The only thing I can say is that it starts by releasing your individuality and what you think you are as a human person. Thus releasing your self image, your name (label) and every thought you have about yourself which is determining you and limiting you. Realizing that you are all creating your own world through the perception of your Human mind and what you want to built from it is a start of realizing the Self and what you are capable of as a Source.

Now realizing that we can all hold the same vision, is empowering creation. I feel that we do not have to see things the same way, but holding that intention and vision of having the same end result is what binds us all. Nevertheless what color or form it might have, which will differ for all, the way out on a collective level is in my humble feeling to create a solution and world that has the same vision and intention: LOVE, Peace and unity. It will not matter how it looks than, it will be based on these strong bricks that form the foundation of this new Empire. In the meanwhile good to know is that you can travel to your own created vibrational world as you wish so at any given time.

We all travel back and forth anyway and this has been amplifying tangibly lately! How about your dreams? Do you recall those in any way? Maybe best as what we are doing is releasing former lives on a fast rate. My dreams have been anything but comfortable and I feel I have lived many lives in one single dream time.

We seem to forget A LOT. Best to do so as we cannot take these Earth Dimensional things with us anyway. The borders of Heaven say: “No trespassing with garbage, only light and feathers are allowed”. LOL But what about our dreams when we travel to Higher consciousness? Why do these not stick with us and if they do: immediately fade away?! I have found the answer of this after MANY frustrating outbursts of me and complaints to my team. 🙂 (And I had a few of those, you must know). The answer is simple and given to me through various Sources: “you cannot convey what you have seen and been in these Alter Dimensions, for your form and your brain cannot understand this nor translate this in a single mind thought.”

We seem to travel a lot through black holes and having the awareness of their MAGNITUDE makes it easier for us to understand that we cannot take in this gigantic consciousness, let alone within our little brain. The concept given to me about what a Black Hole is, has been felt and seen by me in a split second yet even I cannot bring this down. It is the same for many of our travels and if we do have remembrances of these, even these will be fragmented versions of what we can understand of it and our brain will make it easier to perceive. YET it is not the entire experience as we have experienced it.

Well, so much to learn to understand or yet not to understand ! As that is what we always tend to do: understand with the logic and the brain! It is to know and to feel through embodying this aka merging.

Happy Merging time with all that is YOU on a Stellar level!

Méline Portia Lafont ❤

(Gratitude to Karl Morfett for this pictures)

You want to be able and channel as well and enjoy to bring forth your inner wisdom as a being of Light?  I offer a channeling course that assists you in the process of connecting with your Higher Self through deep Self work based on a foundation of self experience gained in my channeling process of years. The first module is now at introduction special rate!!!  you can find this HERE Find Méline on Facebook: Copyright © Méline Lafont 2012 – 2015, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

Important Clarification for These Confusing Times ~ Patricia Cota-Robles @ Era of Peace


ART : Olga Vercholamova

Important Clarification for These Confusing Times

by Patricia Cota-Robles

            With the shift of consciousness that has been taking place over the past few years, people en masse are able to comprehend with greater clarity the enlightening information being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth.

            Many years ago I was told by these Light Beings, whom I refer to as the Company of Heaven, that this time was coming and that Humanity was going to need encouragement and enlightening information in order to move through our challenges without being overwhelmed. They said that during the necessary cleansing process that would take place after the Birth of the New Earth, Humanity would experience unprecedented levels of confusion and fear due to the negativity and the human miscreations that would be pushed to the surface all over the World to be transmuted back into Light.

            I was asked if I would be willing to document this vitally important information from On High and make it available in book form, so that when Humanity reached the extremely difficult but wondrous time we are now in the midst of, we would have the guidance, clarity, and understanding we need to move through our challenges with confidence and courage. The Divine Intent of the amazing and life-transforming information that was revealed to me over the years will empower each and every one of us to transform our lives into expressions of Love, Peace, Abundance, and Abounding Joy.

            The book, Who Am I? Why Am I Here?, is not only designed to share the priceless information I have documented from the Company of Heaven over the past 40 years, it will also teach you how to go within to the Divinity of your own Heart Flame where you will directly access this Sacred Knowledge from the Realms of Truth for yourself.             At long last, the answers to the questions people have been asking for lifetimes can be revealed. These profound Truths have been carefully protected in the Schools of Sacred Knowledge in the Inner Planes awaiting the time when the masses of Humanity would be awake enough to comprehend them. That time is NOW!! In clear and comprehensive language, the book Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Gives us the information we need in order to understand and effectively deal with the challenges and the Ascension process happening on Earth at this time.   THIS IMPORTANT BOOK IS ON SALE NOW!!   Who Am I? Why Am I Here? by Patricia Cota-Robles             This book is available on our website as a beautiful Hardcover Book or you can download it as an E-book Who Am I? Why Am I Here? by Patricia Cota-Robles Hardcover Book 267 pages, was $25.00 now on SALE for $20.00   To order click on the link below.   E-Book was $20.00 now on SALE for $15.00   To download E-Book click on the link below   (If these links do not work please copy and paste in your browser)   SALE ENDS MAY 1, 2015   God Bless YOU, Patricia Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

FAX: 520-751-2981 Phone: 520-885-7909

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose PO Box 41883, Tucson, Arizona 85717

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

©2015 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles



Code Breakers #2 and Free mp3 – Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 8.3. b

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Code Breakers #2 and Free mp3 – Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians


Code Breakers #2

Suzanne Lie and The Arcturians

Free Download of Recording

Hello again. I am returned with Codebreakers #2. I’m receiving so much information now that’s it too much to write it all so I’m speaking it in to a recording and my dear friend is transcribing it for me. Therefore you will get the advantage of hearing it, as well as reading it. And, the more senses we use to take in the information the more we can understand that information.

Now, picking up where I left off with Codebreakers #1, I wish to say that as we move into our full awareness, it is important that we go back through the stages of our lives because there are components of our self that became lost in the rush, the hustle, the work and the fear of our third-dimensional life.

Now these phases are Maiden/Warrior, which is from the beginnings of our twenties until we become parents and/or more responsible adults. Then become Mothers and Fathers. After that, we go into the third stage, which are the Mentor for females and the Sage for males.

These three phases of our lives, and there are many phases within each small phase, but trust me, if you are in your twenties and you think you’ve experienced the Mentor phase, no it is completely different when you come to the age of the sixties and on.

I will talk a bit about these three phases. In the first phase, which is the Maiden/Warrior phase, as when I first wrote this long ago the Maiden was always the female and the Warrior was always the male. But that’s not necessarily true now because there are many female warriors and men have the ability to have feminine talents, which was once judged as a feminine task.

You can see how important this is because the polarities are beginning to close. When I was raised in the 1950’s girls could only wear skirts, and we would have Bermuda day about twice a year so we could wear pants. We had to wear girdles and nylon stockings no matter how young we were. Boys could not wear colors because it was not masculine. They could wear grey and brown and blue.

The roles of boys and girls were very defined and there was a gap between. Therefore what is happening now is that that gap is diminishing. That third-dimensional either/or choice is moving into you can have both.

Now we did not know that back when we were in those younger ages. Therefore certain core beliefs began to build up in us. They were beliefs that said, “Oh, I cannot do that.” So as we go into that Maiden phase we will look at those core beliefs that we accumulated and set them free and tell that component of our self that, “Yes you can. You can do whatever you want to do. You are now a multi-dimensional person, and you have freedom that you did not have within that era of your reality.”

We can look at those that are within that phase now in their early twenties. They are very different than the adults, and they are leaders in their own way. Therefore, those of us who have gone beyond that phase can go back and find that leader that we always were, and likely expressed in our own way quietly.

Actually I was there in the 1970’s and it was great fun. I was so honored to be able to be alive during that time of being Codebreakers. We need to go back and regain that wonderful sense of freedom that we had at that time.

But, then what happened is that the 1980’s came in and then everybody had to get jobs and support their children, the indoctrination began. Brainwashing was accelerated. So within that time of the 1980’s there was a great deal of brainwashing. Therefore, we need to go back in and break those old codes and find out what we learned during the 1980’s.

Now, when you look at the 1990’s and beyond into the early 2000’s and 9/11, that was a terrifying time. That was a time that was destined to have World War III. But because so many of us who came in early, came in and took bodies, we took fragments of our wonderful multi-dimensional self and went into that time frame just post war. We broke the indoctrination and raised our children to break that indoctrination. Thus we were able to not have that World War III that was on the books to be started with 9/11.

We all need to pat ourselves on the back because we stepped out of that possible reality and said, “Oh no, I will not participate in the reality of a world war. I will not do that!!” We stepped out of that reality and took our children and our friends with us. That was the first time that we began to realize that we could create another reality. If this particular collective reality is not to my choosing, I realize now that this is a multi-dimensional world and there are many realities that I can choose.

I choose not to participate in a reality where this is war. It is very important that we hold that in our consciousness now. We can decree:

“I refuse to participate in a reality based on fear, war and negativity.”

“I choose now to live in a reality based on Unconditional Love.”

“I choose to join in with this beautiful process of transmutation into our true fifth-dimensional Lightbody self and Lightbody planet.”

We do have that choice, and if we can remember that, we make that choice. By choosing to create that reality, we have to BE our reality, and then we move into the Mother and Father stage. We are the Mothers and the Fathers no-matter what our chronological age is. We are the Mothers and the Fathers of this New Age.

Mothers and Fathers take responsibility for their children, care for their children, educate their children, and teach them to be loving, responsible adults. In the same manner, it is our responsibility to move in to our society and honor that we are “The Mothers and the Fathers of a new frequency of reality.”

Therefore we lovingly take care of and assist those who have not, yet, remembered who they truly are. In order to fully recognize the manner in which we can assist these people we need to move into the next phase. The next phase is Mentors and Sages. Within this Mentor/Sage phase we willingly and openly become the leaders.

Once we have progressed from the stage in which we are young and we began to recognize our self, we move into the second phase of Mothers and Fathers, which whether or not we actually gave birth to children, for we were all giving birth to this new planet. Then, we move into the Mentor, Sage phase to take full responsibility for everything that we have learned. Hopefully, we volunteer to be representatives for Gaia.

We are here not to just recognize our own power and to orchestrate our own Ascension. We are here to align ourselves with the wonderful power of Gaia and with the wonderful power of Her core where the Lemurians, the Arcturians, beloved Sanat Kumara, beloved Kuthumi and all of the wonderful Ascended beings are ALL ready, willing and guiding us within every moment of the Now.

The Arcturians are there, the Pleiadians are there, the Sirians are there, and the Andromedans are there. Hence, we are not alone. We just have to expand our perception into the fifth-dimension and we will believe, because we will perceive. If we can believe it, we can perceive it and when we can perceive it, we can believe it.

We NOW enter that cycle of believing and perceiving. However, the great challenge of being within our third-dimensional body and our third-dimensional life can sometimes get us down. When that happens, what we need to do is to go to the “Frequency Re-calibration Centers.”

We will continue with part #3 of the Frequency Re-calibration Centers.

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Code Breakers #1 ~~ Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 8.3. a

Friday, March 6, 2015

Code Breakers #1 ~~ Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians


Code Breakers #1

Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians

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My dear friends I have not directly communicated with you since the closure of our wonderful adventures. Mostly because my energy field was sifting so fast that I was overwhelmed. The energy in the classes pushed my frequency into higher states than ever before, and I had to find a way to integrate it.

Fortunately, I have love and lots of creativity in my life. Therefore my emotions are pretty centered which is a very good thing because my mind, my perceptions and my thoughts have been off the map. It is as if someone has turned the Light on in there and my cognitive, perceptive, conceptual and communication abilities have been vivid and speeding into higher and higher frequencies.

It is as if I am needing to find my pace and get ready to batten down the hatches, but not because something bad will happen, but because something higher-dimensional is coming and life will change a lot.

I know it could be the Galactics landing, but that does not feel totally correct. It is more that our realities are beginning to change and more realities are whisking around our consciousness. It’s like we’re at a huge buffet and there are so many things to choose from that we don’t know what to pick. So we might take a little bite of each dish and try to eat it all, but they don’t all blend well in our stomachs.

There are so many different realities that are moving through our awareness just for a second year, a little word, a little sound in our voice, a brief glimmer on the side of our consciousness. All of these are happening within the One of the Now. And all of these I believe, I think, are possible realities. And, these possible realities are flirting with our mind because we are coming into the states of consciousness where we can inter-dimensionally travel.

Actually, these realities are flirting with our mind so that we will pay attention and listen to our own inner voices. My inner voice has always talked more than my outer voice. So the inner voice is what I mostly follow. I’m not talking about the inner voice in my human self that says, “oh you should and why didn’t you?” But I’m talking about the voice that I know is my higher self.

I can’t speak for others but my inner voice has been giving me orders. Actually it’s more like a choice than an order, but it has a sense of urgency in that order. I’ve always had a spirit being inside of me or my imagination, or both. I’ve always had this inner voice that was always talking to me. When I was young it was usually talking in terms of my past lives, which I have come to realize are actually parallel realities. And I would get elaborate pictures and stories which I have written in most of my books.

Of course I grew up in the 1950’s under the guidance of Dr. Spock who was going to whip all of America into shape. Of course what it created instead were the Hippies. I was a Hippie and I adored it. But I was a Hippie that was married and owned a house and had two children. But our house was a hub and we had many wonderful parties.

I loved the way that we thought then. For the women that I was as a Hippie was greatly changed from the lady that I was raised to be. The sixties and the seventies were incredibly wonderful and quite dangerous. But all of the Hippies were pulled together to create a safe place and to have a lot of fun.

But, back to the Now. Now, I am beginning to perceive higher and higher frequencies that are frequencies of reality that resonate to the higher fourth and into the fifth-dimension. Then they shift back down into the fourth-dimension, but all of this happens so fast that it’s difficult to consciously perceive them. Therefore, I consciously perceive them moving through my thoughts, flickering past my eyes and touching my body in a way that they’re touching my Aura instead of my physical body.

I also have this weird feeling that something has shifted, will shift, is shifting but I’m not quite sure what that is. Before I can even begin to understand what that thought or perception is, something shifts back. We are all in this process of great transmutation and everything is so fast that we can’t really perceive it with our third-dimensional brain.

Usually our higher perception enters our consciousness but our 3D brain can’t quite believe that it was real and that is why it’s so important that we work on expanding into higher states of consciousness. We have all had many lives in which we reveal our true self which we were punished and/or killed. So therefore we have this fourth-dimensional guardian that says – be careful, be careful. Remember back when this happened, remember back when that happened.

We have to break through that. We have to break through that unknown fear that stops us as we begin to move into this new virgin territory. It’s virgin to us but it is alive and been in existence first for reality begins in the higher frequencies and then steps down to the lower frequencies. But we’ve been on this lower frequency for so many incarnations that we feel like we’re going to someplace new instead of consciously recognizing that we are actually returning to the place from which we have originated.

Fortunately, there are many changes that are occurring in our fourth-dimensional consciousness, in our aura, in that interface between our third-dimensional life and our fifth-dimensional life. And these changes are working unconsciously with our brain to slowly adapt us to the higher frequencies of perception. When we are on the third-dimension we are literally trained to deny the perceptions of our higher self. If we saw our higher self or spoke to our higher self we would be seen to be crazy, or we would be psychotic or there would be something wrong with us.

That is old programming that protects us because of our other lives in which we came out as our self and the consequences were very dire. And these consequences left a scar within our consciousness and we need to move inside that scar and say, “it is all right now”. But we don’t’ really know that it’s all right because there is a threat of war here and a threat of war there.

However the cabal is beginning to diminish. It has lost, and they are being taken out to another reality, likely the lower fourth-dimension, where energy out instantly becomes energy back. For they were resonating to such a low frequency that they would put out an energy field and by the time it came back to them they did not realize that that was a consequence of their behavior. So they did not learn. It is not as if they are being punished because punishment is not a component of a fifth-dimensional reality.

But Earth was meant to be a free will planet. Earth was meant to be a planet of cause and effect so that we could learn to Ascend by learning that as we put our energy out, it comes back. Also, when we expand our consciousness, our energy comes back to us faster and faster, so then we learn quicker and quicker. And those of us who have awakened to our higher selves, when we put out a thought it manifests almost instantly.

If we put out a thought and place our emotions into that thought, then we create a thoughtform and that thoughtform comes into manifestation very quickly. That is why we have to be very careful about the thoughts that we couple with emotions. If we have a fearful thought, we need to Unconditionally Love and blaze it with the Violet Fire. Then replace that negative thought with a positive thought and connect that positive thought with Unconditional Love and with Violet Fire. In that manner, that positive thought will create a thoughtform of loving and safe transmutation.

What occurs as we continue this process is that we begin to consciously perceive the 3D matrix that is around us. The reason that we are beginning to perceive the 3D matrix is because we are beginning to see through it. We are beginning to see through the matrix to perceive glimpses of realities that are not constricted to the 3D matrix.

The 3D matrix is like an ornate energy filter. When we incarnate on Gaia’s third-dimensional matrix we are limited to perceptions of the third-dimension. When we go to sleep or when we meditate we expand our consciousness beyond the 3D matrix. Then we begin to remember our other realities in different time zones on Earth and/or higher dimensional expressions of self on the ship and on the higher dimensional worlds.

Unfortunately when we open our eyes and go back to business as usual, our 3D brain takes over and shuts out these higher perceptions. It shuts out these perceptions because the 3D brain tells us that we are in a physical body and the physical world is real. Anything that is not a part of the physical world is not real.

If we believe that, if we believe that ONLY the physical world is real and anything outside of the physical world is not real, we have been effectively indoctrinated to remain in the tight package of the 3D Matrix.

Many of us are beginning to log out of this matrix. When we were young we took that pill and we believed what we were told. We did what they told us to do because we wanted to be good people. But then there was our inner voice. Now, for a very long time we had to keep that inner voice secret because if we told anyone then it was too weird, it was too crazy, something was wrong with us and we would be judged.

So we did what society expected of us. Then we got so busy with our job and our work and our families that we turned our inner voice off. When we turned it off we began to feel so lonely. We did not know what we were lonely for. We did not know what we turned off, but we knew that something was missing. But, what was it? Oh Well, time to go back to work. Time to take care of the kids – time to, time to, time to…

Eventually, we learned that if we listened to this inner voice, things would begin to change in our lives. The inner voice kept telling us, and our body kept feeling, that something special is happening. Something that we really desire is coming into our reality. But, if we don’t listen to our inner voice, and we only listen to the outer voice, then that something in not perceivable. It is not perceivable because the outer voice says, “This is real. What you hear inside of yourself is not real. What you hear outside, what you hear on the television, what you hear from other people, that is real.”

We had to take the risk of listening, not to what frightened us, but listening to what felt good. We realized that what frightened us was outside of us, but what made us feel loved and loving, was inside of us. Now, there were also emotions inside of us, fear based emotions that muddied the soup so to speak.

These emotions made us wonder even more, “Could this be real? Could this thing that I feel inside of me possibly be real? Oh I hope it is. I hope it is real. I want it to be real more than anything. But, maybe I’m crazy. “ After all we were trained that listening to our inner voice was not real. So we had to go against our training, we had to realize that we needed to listen to our inner voice. Yes, first and foremost we had to listen to the inner voice because it was our own Multidimensional SELF.

Those of us that have awakened, those of us who have dared to listen to our inner voice and follow the instructions that we feel within are the “code breakers.” We are breaking the code of brainwashing about who we should be and what we should do. We are breaking the code of the third dimensional indoctrination. As we break this code, as we find our courage so we can live the courage.

Within that courage, we begin to remember who we truly are  and why we took this body.

Suzille / Arcturian

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The Sisters of Cosmic Awakening by Mary Magdalene ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

She Opens to Love by Shiloh Sophia art trillia

ART : She Opens to Love ~ by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

The Sisters of Cosmic Awakening by Mary Magdalene

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 6th March 2015- Sacred School of OmNa


Greetings and love extends to each soul continuing their precious journey upon the Earth. I am Mary Magdalene; I come forth with a gathering of souls known as the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening. These souls emanate powerful vibrations of feminine light, love and consciousness, their purpose is to awaken, heal and restore balance within the divine feminine vibrations of the Creator. Many of the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening have existed on the Earth, they have been known as the Magdalene Sisters and also the Burgundy Sisters. Their souls have been present for sacred moments of Earth and humanity’s evolution to support the divine feminine vibrations. As a gathered group of the divine feminine we come forth to share our light and consciousness with you, there is simply a need for you to invite us into your meditation or quiet time to be of service to your spiritual evolution and ascensi on.

The presence of the Era of Love as a continuous wave of light from the Creator to the Earth and an awakening of truth within humanity, guarantees a deep and absolute cleansing for all. No one can say how long the Era of Love will last, however it is my feeling the Era of Love is continuous. Now humanity, the Earth and the Universe of the Creator have reached the point of accepting the Era of Love, it will continue to be our reality forever more, evolving into new diverse and fulfilling experiences for all. We can truly understand as we accept the presence of love, the love of the Creator as a foundation in our realities now, that this foundation is eternal, therefore all present and future manifestations are born from love. We all understand as light workers and souls connecting with our inner truth that when love is present anything which does not vibrate in harmony with love is requ ired to be released and healed. This is the process of ascension at this time, to let go of all which no longer resonates with love, to heighten the vibration of love within and around you as well as bringing balance between the new insights and wisdom flowing forth with love and the old habits of past eras. Balance in and with the love of the Creator is a key focus at this time, as love grows so it will gently overthrow old habits and perspectives of the past eras. During this time of tremendous shifts and alterations occurring within and outside of each person on the Earth, balance is essential.

The energy wave flowing from the Creator known as the Crucifixion period is a gift born from love as it encourages you to lay yourself bare, to surrender all you are and all you wish to alter to the Creator therefore embodying the Era of Love more fully. You might believe that to energetically or mentally crucify old habits and patterns within you as well as your reality is extreme. This is not a time of punishment or torture; it is a time of freedom, to set yourself free carrying only which supports you into the Era of Love as you exist as your beautiful human body. The Era of Love has been long awaited as an opportunity to expand into the love of the Creator. You may wish to ask yourself as you go around your daily reality, ‘How can I expand into the love of the Creator in my current situations and experiences?’ The Era of Love and the Crucifixion Wave of Light wish to s upport the healing of your being, take time to notice even those small thoughts of judgment or fear as they swim to the surface of your mind to be set free. Simply observe them and recognise they do not vibrate in harmony with your love and so lovingly cast them aside. When you let go of perspectives, habits, fears, limitations and so forth you make space within your being which enables you to feel as if you are filling up with love, in truth you are simply dissolving the distractions which carry your attention away from the love of your being. Let many situations in your reality be a natural and easy process of releasing distractions in order to embrace the presence of love within your being. This is one of the greatest awakening patterns occurring upon the Earth in Ascension at this time.

Every experience, whether perceived by you as good or bad, in your reality is an opportunity to embody love for yourself and others, to heal and to bring yourself into a space of peace. With this perspective you will accelerate into dimensions of love you did not know existed within your being.

Your perspective, meaning the way you choose to view yourself and your reality, is a key aspect of your spiritual evolution which when fine-tuned can create major transformations. There is a need to recognise that in order to exist in harmony with the Creator, therefore experiencing a blissful reality, there is a need for your perspectives to resonate harmoniously with the love of your being. When love is present truth is the manifestations, a perspective which moves beyond illusions, barriers and limitations. This is to give yourself permission to let go of beliefs which create and form an understanding of yourself and the reality you live.

Imagine if you had no understandings or perceptives about yourself, others, your reality or the world, what opinions or reactions do you think you would form as you ventured outside? Imagine in your past you had only experienced fear, what do you think your reactions would be to yourself and others as you ventured into the world? Finally imagine in your past you had only experienced love, nothing else only loving experiences and a loving world, what opinions or reactions do you think you would form as you ventured outside? This is a wonderful process to experiment with, if only once, using your imagination to demonstrate to yourself that the way you choose to perceive your reality dramatically amplifies or reduces your experiences and resonance with the Creator. If in your past you had only experienced love, you might wonder whether entering into your current reality would only cause you pain or disappointment, maybe you would imagine love to be weak. I feel viewing yourself and reality from a space of love would allow you to be extremely strong, choosing to see the good and easily letting go of pain or suffering, being in a mode of wishing to empower yourself and others. This exercise may highlight your perspectives to you while also making you aware there are numerous levels to your perspective, some which feel natural and yet they are no longer needed, and so I hope you begin to understand the key of this period of ascension.

It is time to move beyond what you perceive you should be as a spiritual being awakening through levels of ascension, allowing yourself to simply become the truth of the Creator within you.

As the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening we come forth to assist your process of awakening new dimensions of love within your being, while bringing balance and empowerment to the divine feminine vibrations of the Creator. We wish to encourage you to pay attention to yourself and reality from a space of love; this can be achieved with our support and through bringing your divine feminine into balance. We bring forth to you a burgundy coloured light wave with shimmering golden dust like particles of light, which we are sharing with all ready to receive the activation. An additional purpose of the activation is to highlight, empower and bring forth the wisdom of the divine feminine held within your being to support your experience of the Era of Love. You may wish to invite us into your meditation or quiet time:

‘I call forth, Mary Magdalene and the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening to assist and support me in this present moment. Support me in dissolving all perspectives born from past eras which are no longer required. Help me to create new perspectives as I permit myself to see beyond illusions and limitations concerning my existence on the Earth and alignment with the inner planes. Please assist me in recognising with ease and perfection the truth of the Creator within me, while being alerted to that which resonates with my love or does not.

Mary Magdalene and the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening, I invite your burgundy coloured light wave with shimmering golden dust like particles of light to flow over and through my being with the perfect intensity. Please gather around me encouraging and guiding me to awaken and experience new dimensions of love within my being as I know I am a bountiful source of love.  The burgundy and golden shimmering light carries my attention into the dimensions of my love so I may be attentive and alter to myself and reality from a space of deep profound love within my being.

Mary Magdalene and the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening please work with my energies and soul to bring balance and empowerment to the divine feminine vibrations of the Creator within me. Let the wisdom and consciousness of my divine feminine vibrations gently emerge from within to support healing for myself and all. I open my heart and soul to you now with gratitude for your service and the activation of awakening my divine feminine and enhancing my awareness of love. With great gratitude and love, thank you.’

Simply sit for as long as you feel is appropriate, imagine, sense or acknowledge myself, Mary Magdalene and the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening surrounding you. Breathe our light into your entire being. You may wish to affirm while you experience the light and shifts naturally occurring within you due to it being divine timing, ‘I am a bountiful source of love.’

If you have a further connection with myself, Mary Magdalene or the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening, for example from a past lifetime or you have a divine purpose and mission connected to the divine feminine, then we may share with you necessary understanding which will be downloaded during the healing and activation.

The purpose of our connection with you and all in this communication, is because it is now time within the ascension process for an activation of the divine feminine; this is akin to giving you a key to unlock a new aspect of yourself. You are ready to achieve this; we will support you, simply call upon us.

We are awakening a sacred star of light within you which will illuminate your way further,

Mary Magdalene and the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening

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She Opens to Love by Shiloh Sophia art trillia

Becoming Leaders for the New Earth ~ Integrative Channeled Message through Rev. Christine Meleriessee @ Walking Terra Christa


Becoming Leaders for the New Earth

Good Morning, My Dearest Beloveds,

I speak to you from the Telosian Command Center; I am Lord Adama your brother in Telos.

The present energies are giving Gaia and each of us the power to be more than we ever have been before. Each phase brings us closer into the Divine Being that we truly are so it is important to take advantage of this full moon in March 2015.

As we become closer with the ascension festivals of the Christ, Wesk, and Humanity, the other moon cycles help us to go through many processes that will take us into a new existence within our consciousness. This allows us to take what we are learning through the higher consciousness and bring it down into the physical mind and heart, which is a part that is very challenging to do on a momentary basis. These are changes that occur constantly so it is important for us to take moments in our day to truly reflect how we are feeling, what it means for our living conditions, and how to improve upon it.

It truly is an exciting time but it is also a very challenging time for all of us; even those of us that are within the Inner Earth. That is because we desire to have a New Earth so that we may join you in great celebration, but the time is not with us yet. It is coming, but we still have much work to do with each other.

That is why it is important to take the time to understand your emotions and thoughts; how are you doing with embracing the highest part of yourself in all of your dealings within the world, with yourself, and others.

We cannot do it without these moments of reflection within our physical existence. We constantly have to allow the breath to take us into the deeper core of our heart. Sometimes it is challenging to go there due to changes that are happening. But it is a pathway that each initiate must take.

It is like this; each of you are striving to be more within your world so that you can allow your Divine Self to be more manifest in all of your dealings. You have to go to the depth within your Etheric self to find out what has stopped you previously from allowing this essence to be YOU. You are standing in front of a huge awakening within this earth, but you must allow it to be fully within you first, and foremost. There is no sugar coating this fact. It is something that needs to be acquired or else there is NO NEW EARTH.

As each of you move forward within your initiations, you will hold the Divine Light you have been trying to access but it takes a lot of work. Part of your responsibility is to do it within this pathway so that you can help others to do the same.

We must understand that the New Earth is not just arriving because it is so; each of you being the Light Bearers have to hold it deeply within yourself, to go through the purging and processing that is going to help you to understand your inner truth.

As you go through the walkway of de-ascending your highest essence, then you can understand what it has been for – to be the best, the hold the highest, and to stand tall with compassion, love, and blessings to others that are going to need your assistance.

We, in Telos, are doing the same. Every person within the city is working within their elements to make the necessary changes in preparation for the New Earth. We have waited a very long time for each of you to arrive at this juncture of time, and we are not at the finish line yet. So we must acquire patience within ourselves and be there for each of you – to nurture you, to guide you, and to give you compassion in each moment.

This is exactly what you are learning to do within your physical existence. But you have walked in places that many of us have not done; you need to clear the debris that is still within the confines of your old self so the process of walking this pathway can be very arduous and challenging.

But it is becoming easier and easier every day because of what we are receiving within Gaia’s frequency of light.

The effect of this full moon is taking us a step closer than we have been before. It happens each month; more is occurring for humanity to receive more. It is part of the process so that each of you can become the Leaders of the New Earth, as we walk together as assist the rest of humanity to accept the role of healing within and without their Being.

The challenge presently is to realize that none of us is perfect; we are striving to understand within ourselves who we are as a specific and how we can create a 5th dimensional and beyond community of Light within this Earth.

Take the time during this full moon to go deeper within yourself than you have done previously. Look at the core of your Heart and allow the hurts to be acknowledged so the healing can continue.

This is only the beginning my Dearest Ones. We have much work to do but it is within the power of our Will To Do So.

I walk with you as all Telosian and Inner Earth Beings are doing at this time.

My deepest love,
Lord Adama

Integrative Channeled Message through Rev. Christine Meleriessee

©2012-2015 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Transcript of the Divine Mother: Unloving Emotion is Density; Love Is Lightness of Being ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

female beautiful golden

Transcript of the Divine Mother: Unloving Emotion is Density; Love Is Lightness of Being

March 6, 2015 By

An Hour with an Angel, March 5, 2015 with the Divine Mother

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is the Divine Mother. So with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. And I’ve been trying to think of a way to introduce the Divine Mother that’s not the same as what I usually say.

All I can say is that the Divine Mother is the active phase of God. She’s responsible for everything and she’s the level of reality or being that all of us relate to – the Father is silent and still – so she’s our everything.

So with that, I’ll introduce the Divine Mother.

Divine Mother: Greetings. Greetings, beloved ones, sweet angels, and earthkeepers. Yes, I am Mother; Mother of the ancients, Mother of the new, Mother of the eternal, Mother of the infinite, Mother of the all, Mother of the one, and Mother, beloved ones, of each one of you. Yes, each one of you and far beyond. Welcome. Welcome, you unique, wondrous beings, born of my heart, from the pool of One.

Dearest, you say, when you bow, that I am your everything. I wish to begin this day, this night, this week, this year, this eon, by saying that each of you is my everything.

I am not like some apartment building or rabbit warren where the space of my beingness, the space of my love, the space of my energy is divided up into tiny cubby holes and your are assigned to one space. That is not the way in which I work, operate, or exist.

You are my all. And I am your all. And we are One.

Now, we will discuss some of that this day. But also understand, there are parts of this, in the infinite and eternal – yes, even in the fulfillment of my Plan, even in what I have termed ‘New Time’ – that you may not fully comprehend.

Then you may say to me, “Well, Mother, why would you even speak of it?” I speak of it as I speak of many things. I plant the seed, not merely of knowing, but of remembrance within me.

As you water it with my clarity and grace, purity and love, it will sprout and it will grow, and you will come to know and understand, and expand in ways that are wondrous to you, to all, to me.

There can be no separation, no isolation. Now, this is one of the most difficult concepts and contexts for you to comprehend, for you to truly bring within your heart and your mind and your ego, and understand. And more importantly than the understanding or the comprehension is the acceptance and the surrender.

Often you wish to know – and I do not deny your query in any way, but let us start here – often you wish to know how I/We work – what is the operational framework, what are the systems within which we operate, how are we engineered, what are our structures?

But it starts with this very simple concept: that there is and there cannot be any form of separation, any form of isolation.

Now, in this you say to me, “But then Mother, why are we born individual and unique? Why in this realm of Gaia, in this Universe and this Multiverse within the Omniverse, why do we have this sense of uniqueness? Why do we have, so often, this almost innate desire to be unique and special, to be seen and loved and acknowledged, not only in the uniqueness of our ray, our mission, and our purpose, but in the uniqueness of your love for us?”

This is a very good question. So as your Mother, not as a distant deity, but as the Mother that lives within the core of your being, in the same way that you live within my core and essence – let me address this.

You are an expression, a beautiful unique expression, by an act of choice, of your decisions and free will, of us, of One. Does that somehow make you an automaton or less than? Absolutely not.

Let us make it very simple: You are the embodiment of love. You are the expression of this unified force that you think of as Father/Mother One, actively birthed in what you have framed as ‘creation.’ I tend to use birthed, but use these terms cautiously but interchangeably.

I am of such an infinite and eternal nature, that I can have, beyond counting, beyond what you consider infinity – yes, your mathematics have a long way to go – but beyond that, as many expressions as I choose. Now, that does not, in any way diminish [your knowledge?] – in fact, if anything, why I speak of this is so that you will realize your spiritual DNA, the truth of who you are.

There is much discussion on your planet about DNA and lightbodies, and people even having their DNA tested to see from whence they came. Well, is that not an interesting exercise? But from whence you came dear heart is I, is We, is One, is All.

In that acceptance and surrender, there can be no sense of separation. Have you gone off on an adventure, on a journey, of your making in concert with your guardians, with your circle, with me? Yes.

And is that sometimes chaotic, sometimes delightful, sometimes been painful and other times ecstatic? Yes. But that does not change our unification. Now, let me stop there, because this is meant to be the fullness of a discussion, and I know you have many questions when I pose such absolutes.

SB: Oh, I’m totally enthralled listening to you, Mother. I love hearing about the absolutes. So let’s turn to another absolute, perhaps, and in doing So we’re simply turning to another aspect of you.

You said that everything is created from love, that love is the only essence, substance, fiber there is. So love is the building blocks of the universe. But others, like SaLuSa and the Arcturian Group, have also called it the glue of the Universe, and others say love is the solvent – love dissolves various things and plunges them back into voidness.

We here have a great deal of difficulty in thinking of something doing such seemingly different functions. How can love both build, preserve and dissolve? What is it about love that allows it to do so?

DM: It is a multipurpose tool. It is a multipurpose energy that can be whatever is required. So there are times when it is the dissolver, there are times when it is the building blocks, there are times when it is the glue.

There are so many expressions, or what you would think of as elements, of the love, the joy, the sweetness, the nurturing, all of the divine qualities; hope, purity, chastity, charity. All of this is unified in the love.

And you say, “Well wait a minute, what is love? Is it the joy? Is it the nurturing? Is it the creation?” Now, each civilization – and I mean upon Gaia and far beyond. You have mentioned the Arcturians for example. Do I stop and correct them? If course not! Does this matter? Is this a critical element? Not as long as they are using and being the love.

But let us be very basic. My essence is love. The Father and I are conjoined as One, our love. And it is from this union that all is born. This is part of what Sanat Kumara has been teaching you:  The transmutation of that essence, of my being, can be a building block, can be a glue, can be a skin, can be a heart, can be a limb, can be a building, can be whatever is required. And what I do – and this is the heart of the discussion that we have this day – I give you again and again and again and again, my essence. I am part of you. Inseparable.

My essence is love. Now, in many cultures and civilizations, they call that love by many names. That does not matter because the knowing, the feeling, the experience, the energy does not change. I am a part of thee, each and every one of you – and this has been reinforced by my Tsunami of Love.

But, beloveds, you are also a part of me, of us, of One. And that is the piece that oftentimes is forgotten. And that is why I say there is no separation.

So think of it in this way – if you are an energy healer, a healer of the Violet Flame, one of St. Germaine’s best friends, you send the love from your heart, from your hands, and you flood the person with healing energy, and it is a flow of color and richness, seen and unseen.

And what would St. Germaine say to you? You are sending the love – his expression, Archangel Raphael’s expression, Lao Tzu’s expression, Sanat Kumara’s expression. So you would have variations of that healing energy. But if you scratch the surface, it is the wondrous expressions of love.

Now, if you are a wordsmith, then your tool and what you choose to create are words, sentences, paragraphs, and space between the letters and words. And it is brilliant, and it is challenging, and it is insightful.

But what is it? It is a transmission of love, whether it is from Gabrielle or Michael. It is love – It is the substance. It is the form. It is the energy. And it is the message. So which part of it is the love? I suggest to you, all of it.

If you are a bricklayer, and you are building a home for your beloved family, is it the brick or the stone, the mortar or the foundation that is the love? Or is it the energy that the bricklayer puts into them? It is all of the above.

So the answer to your question – and I am pleased to address this – is that all of it is my love. And I can take a billion forms, and I have just begun. So do not take your time, my sweet beloveds, trying to count the number of angels on the head of a pin, because they are all expressions of love just like you. Does this make sense to thee?

SB: Well, it does, Mother. But it leaves us with another quandary and that’s between “is” and “is not.” You’ve said that love is everything there is, yet there seems to be in the whole scheme of things, something that love is not; for instance, hatred or anger, or killing somebody, or blowing up a nuclear bomb and destroying people. We say these are not of love, and in fact Archangel Michael will say over and over again “This is not of love.”

What does it mean in a world where everything is love that there could be something that isn’t of love?

DM: In the blowing up of a bomb, in racial, gender, or national hatred, in hatred of your child, hatred of your next-door neighbor, in cruelty, in anger, and fear – What are these except desperate deviations?

Now, I have prefaced what I have said today because you are spiritually mature enough to understand or at least begin to understand what I am saying. There are many upon your planet [who hate, etc.?], and yes, is it an expression of love? Well the answer would be no. But let us qualify what I say – no, not to juggle, but literally to clarify.

There is not an aberrant action that is not a desperate gesture to get back to the love.

Now, this is going to be very hard for many of you to understand. There have been many instances in your history, which is lengthy, of even your universe, where such aberrations have taken place. Is it an aberration on the free will and the surrender? Yes. But when one acts in such in way, it is a pathetic, desperate plea for love.

Let us dig deeper. When one comes from a place of hatred – and let us take some of the worst examples. So when one is in a place of hatred, of cruelty, of control, and power as in the use of force, and one is exhibiting and exercising that hatred, that cruelty – the question that you as lightworkers, as love holders, as spiritually cognizant and aware ascended beings is, why? What could possibly be the reason, the rationale?

It is that individual’s sight, and it appears that it is a sight of struggle and outright war to gain power and control. But why, why, why the urge for this power and control and the exercise of brutality?

Now, not all these people have been brutalized, not all these people have experienced hatred, so why? Because they have forgotten, or they are not experiencing any love within them. They know it’s there, and they are a child acting out desperately, in the most desperate of ways. And that is the only reason.

You may have forgotten why containment was introduced in the first place, and we have been very, very mild on containment in the last couple of years, other than my blue topaz box.  But let us suggest to you, they are seeking the love.

Are they going about it in the wrong way? Well, there is no question about that. But what are they really doing? They are seeking acknowledgement of their value, of their essence, of the fact that they are worthy, that they are loved and lovable, and that somehow in their aberration they will prove themselves, not only to themselves – because that in fact is quite minor – worthy of the love, but they are going about it completely wrong. They are trying to bring up that essence, that essence of love that is their core.

So then you say to me, “Mother, how can we tolerate such behaviors, actions, institutions, that have destroyed so many?” Well, you are doing it, and you have been doing it. Yes, through your exercise of anchoring peace, but also of accepting your love, which is my love, which is Father’s love, which is the essence of All.

And yes, by sending, bombarding with the entire Company of Heaven and far beyond your [galactic] brothers and sisters, who are currently hovering.

So this definition, this delineation of have and have not, love and not of love, has been wisely used to describe a sector that has forgotten who they are. And it is important to this unfoldment, to your unfoldment and to my plan, that this be rebalanced.

Now, let us explain – during the time of the intergalactic wars there was massive amnesia, and in many quarters, hatred and control and force reigned, and entire planets and civilizations were destroyed.

What transpired was the acknowledgment by all the beings involved that such behavior – a demonstration of that hatred and that yearning for a sense of worth and a place within the universe – that the way in which they were proceeding didn’t work because it was not of love. They were not getting what they were seeking.

Now, I know that you look at your sweet Gaia, and you think that this planet or, shall we say, masses of humanity, that things are in a terrible state of affairs. That is why I am speaking to you in this way.

And even though those who are aberrant – shall we say, the ones that are so yearning for love that they have forgotten it is in the cupboard of their heart, they do not listen to this radio show, yet.

But this message, my energy cannot be halted. And so it travels to those who suffer – those who suffer at the hands of those who create devastation and those who are the devastators. And I say to thee, remember – you are loved, you are me, and I am you. And, there is no difference and you are cherished.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Here we are on the road to Ascension, the gradual climb to Ascension and it’s said that the achievement of unconditional or universal love was next to impossible in the dimension we’ve come from, the Third Dimension. As we rise through the Fourth, how are we to proceed so that we can achieve universal love?

DM: By waking up every morning and opening your eyes. [She explains in a minute what she means.]

And I am not being facetious. Now let us, if I might, digress a little. Sweet children, when your planet and the experience of humanity, the Plan, was formulated, the Third Dimension was bright and beautiful and extraordinary. And yes, it was a place of physicality – now, not that other dimensions do not have physicality or forms of physicality, they do, and that is what is unique about this Ascension that you and we have planned.

But there were those, again who went on that aberrant path, very similar to what occurred during that time of the wars, so that the Third became – think of it this way – as a duplicate, a shadow of itself – and that was never the intention. And it is in that realm that the true qualities of all twelve dimensions were not clearly experienced because it is as if you had built this enclosure that nothing was permitted to pass through. You were in prison camps.

Now, you have acknowledged that, and you collectively have said NO. No, we are not prisoners and we do not wish to be in prison camp, and we claim our birthright of love. And some of you call it joy, and some of you call it creation, and some of you call it divinity and your higher inter-dimensional selves. It matters not.

As you are making that declaration, you are already in flux. You are already in movement – and, sweet angels, do not assume that Ascension is a completely elongated process. Is humanity, of course in concert with us, timing this? Yes. But that is a timing question and I will not insult my channel by going there.

But you are already in the love. Your hearts could not have absorbed the energy that I send to you this day, you could not have absorbed the truth of what I share with you in this moment a couple of your years ago.

Now, because I do not remove or declare that your freewill is null and void – it is part of this creation, and the restoration of love in its entirety of the experience of being Gaian. So what you are doing every morning, when I tease thee and I say open your eyes, you choose the love, you choose in fact to be part and parcel – every action, every thought, every gesture, every interaction with others – you are choosing to be the love. And for some of you it is in staying still, and in others it is writing and in communication, and in others energy. Each of you are builders of Nova Earth.

Sweet Steve, you have said to me many times. How do we build this Nova Earth?

SB: [laughing] Yes, Mother.

DM: And you build it, my beloved son, by claiming the love, by claiming the building blocks, the glue, the dissolving agent, and you use it as your creator self however you choose. And I support those choices because when we are in harmony, when I am permitted to be acknowledged and loved within you as you are within me, then the choices are always reflective of this forward movement of Ascension.

SB: Thank you, Mother. I think a lot of us are also wondering if universal unconditional love and unitive consciousness are the same thing?

DM: I have talked about many expressions of the love and unitive consciousness. Unity, unity, unity is an expression of love. Now let us explain why. Your greatest fear – and this is so for every being upon the planet – is that you are not worthy, and that you are not loved and unique and not special, and that is a very curious human theme is it not?

SB: Yes.

DM: And your greatest desire is to be in union – with us, with your guides, with your beloved sacred union partner, and with each other. When you enter into unity consciousness – think of it as the implosion and explosion of heart consciousness – it is you surrendering and at the same time assuming responsibility for the truth and the totality of who you are, all aspects, all parts – integrated divinity.

In unity consciousness, the fear of not being unique and special disappears because the knowing, the wisdom, the sublime bliss of being love is enough to let down your barriers and joyfully, ecstatically, without defenses – without what you would call vasanas (1) – to join in genuine cooperation, admiration of each other, of the uniqueness of your gifts, of the unique expression you have chosen, and I have chosen for you. And so this sense that if I conjoin I lose something is gone.

And so is unity consciousness part of the Ascension, an expression of the higher-dimensional realm? Absolutely. And it is an expression of joy. It is the relinquishing of struggle.

When I look at each of you and the struggle that you have to prove your worth, your power, your talent, your capacities, the fact that you are lovable and can be seen in this way, it is sad, because it is already there. So often you say, “Am I in my light body yet? Am I there yet, Mother?”

And there is a part of me within and without, inside you and far outside of you that has to smile gently and chuckle if I had such features, (2) and I would say, “You have always been there.” But it is the acknowledgment; it is that sense of surrender. It is that sense of being overjoyed that you are part of One.

Many of you as children have been part of a team – either a team with your family, a team with your cohorts, or a team at school. When you are in a place of employment or work or volunteer activity, you desire to be part of a team. You seek out your soul family. That is what unity consciousness is – it is you acknowledging you are part of the team, you always have been.

And the team, sweet angels, and human, and starseed, and hybrids, pillars, wayshowers, and gatekeepers – you have always been part of the team – above and below. You made it. You made it before you even took form. You made it eons ago.

You cannot – and this is what the aberrant forget – you cannot order me out. You can try, and many have. You can say, “I’m going to ignore you.” And many have tried, not one successfully. You cannot order me out. You can try and forget me. You can try and ignore me. But I am not going anywhere – I am part of who you are, your spiritual and your physical DNA.

Where do you really think the totality of your DNA comes from? It is not merely from what you think of as your parents. It comes from your parents all right. It comes from us [Divine Mother and Holy Father].

SB: Boy oh boy, [laughing] that’s a lot to think about.

DM: So claim your light body.

SB: That’s very wonderful. Can you tell us how is it that density impedes love, light, and consciousness? We could take the example of our dense, Third-Dimensional bodies that we are leaving. What is the process whereby their density impedes love?

DM: Density is a term, and I will not go into physics, quantum or otherwise.

SB: Yes. You’d lose me if you did.

DM: [laughing] Yes, we would have to have Albert [Einstein] interview me would we not?

SB: Absolutely.

DM: Or perhaps Stephen Hawking. Yes. [laughing] But we are not asking to do that.

What is density? It is mass. It is what you think of as heavy matter. But it is not real. This is yet another one of the human illusions.

So you say, and I’m not suggesting you are not speaking truth, but truth as you’ve known it existing. And it is with great glee that I suggest this to you: Density of the human form is caused by unloving emotions. Now let me clarify one more time. It means emotions that are trying to ignore, forget, or shove out the love – unloving emotions, self destructive emotions. You can equate density equals destruction, self-destruction, collective destruction.

The only time that density – and we use this in a very different reality, and yes, I will get into the physics then because it is a quantum formula whereby energy can assume form. The energy particles that make you up are not dense. They are as light as air. They are as sheer as clear water, as clean air.

So density is unloving emotion – petulant, self-destructive, heavy, hateful thoughts. And the most self-destructive, in terms of density, which then of course creates collective destruction, is the self-loathing, the self-hatred, because that is when you are trying to push me out.

And then what it does is it absorbs. It absorbs into the physical form so that you do not feel a lightness of body, you do not feel a lightness of intellect, and you do not feel a lightness of heart or emotion. And eventually what occurs is that you do not feel. And that is very sad. And that is what you are correcting in this Ascension process. So the density is dissolved.

Now here comes the multipurpose love. That density is dissolved by love. It is dissolved by choice. It is dissolved by decision. It is dissolved by joy.

When you are in joy, when you are in love, when you are in purity, even if you are in the proper application and holding of compassion, there is no density – there cannot be in that purity. Density is one of the creations of the humans to control – it is a complete illusion. And it takes this mental and emotional, and it will exhibit as disease and challenge, and institutions that are dense or nations that are dense, or practices that are dense.

So what do you do? I offer you a very simple solution. Just turn up the love. Turn to me. If you say, “Mother I am not sure if I know how to do that. I am not sure how to activate all these DNA bundles. I am not sure how to activate all my DNA markers. And I do not have twelve weeks with you to take this class.

So what I say to you is simply, ‘Mother turn up the gas.’” Can that be simpler?

SB: I don’t think it can be simpler Mother, and I can hear the music in the background. I’m afraid we’ve reached the end of our show. I wish we could go on for another hour.

DM: Invite me back. I am not going anywhere. I am with you. I am within you and I am outside of you. The Father and I give you our love.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Thank you.

DM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.


(1) Vasanas was Ramana Maharshi’s term for archaic reaction patterns rooted in memories of past traumatic incidents.

(2) The Mother is not a person, does not have features, is not a woman (nor is the Father a man), etc. And yet she could appear to the devotee in whatever form the devotee worships. She appears to Linda, the channel, as Mother Mary (in whom she apparently incarnated).

Thank you to Golden Age of Gaia


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Méline Portia Lafont ~ Shake up/ wake up/ Move into this accelerated spiral @ Awaken Spirit from Within

 Spirit of the new times - Susan Seddon Boulet ART

 ART : Spirit of The New Times ~ Susan Seddon Boulet


Méline Portia Lafont ~ Shake up/ wake up/ Move into this accelerated spiral.

March 5, 2015

All starts from within you! That is a fact known by many, yet not all realize this as their truth and prefer to continue with the old ways of being through accusing others and blaming outside sources as the cause of everything that happens in their life. Still clinging on to issues pertaining to old values that we have now passed, seen and transcended a long time ago. This behavior and conviction will be your downfall. Truth is, if you want it or not, it will be so because the old world as you have known it, as you have been raised in and programmed for, is not functioning anymore like it used to.

You are invited to now finally embrace the new that is arising in front of you because of its birth through you. As long as you do not embrace this, no new world will come at your shores and you will get stuck in a world that is completely chaotic and turbulent because that world of the old is falling down as we speak. All the violence is reflecting the fact that consciousness is shifting, because there are inner turbulences taking place in every conscious mind of every creation. It brings about that which enables the shift to take place, whether you like it or not.. It must take place, it is an intrinsic part of all creation that stirs Humanity to step forth.

It allows you to embrace yourself as who you are and to embrace all life and lifeforms, being the will of God. You are the walking Vehicles of God’s birthed Will to experience all of God’s vibrational consciousness through every form and being.

You are, again, receiving a great opportunity to have this final embrace of the Self on all levels that you ARE. You create all that you encounter in life yourself as that is how powerful your thoughts and creations are. Imagine how powerful your thoughts are when you know that you only use but a little percentage of your brain powers consciously while the rest is used unconsciously! Look at the world that surrounds you, which reflects YOUR thoughts and your creations through thoughts.. Look how “real” this all looks: this is how powerful thoughts are! How real thoughts are!

Most of these creations are created unconsciously through the mind and thoughts you hold within you on an unconscious level. So beware and monitor all of your thoughts and inner feelings at all times! Be alert and realize that all that you feel, are and think are your creations of truth. Shift therefore your intentions, your consciousness and your perceptions in order to have positive thoughts to create and birth the new around you. It starts from within you! Change comes forth from within you as you are the creator of it all.

Thus the games of blaming and believing that things are done to you by an outside Source are OVER and DONE WITH. This is old reality, this is the old programmed you and it is not YOU anymore in this NOW. Let this old programmed you GO now and embrace the NEW birthed you which is in Truth already born within you. Let this now be birthed on this Earthly plane and act upon that which you are as a new and higher vibration.

The Christ consciousness is about realizing that you are all that you think, that you are all what you feel and that each part of you is formed of Christed infinite consciousness. When truly being that and fully realizing that, there will be no more urge or clinging on to blaming others that are seen as outside Sources. Embodying Christed consciousness is realizing that all is one and there will be no sense of separation. To blame another is the same as to blame yourself. Realize this well!

Many Lightworkers still fall into the traps of pointing their arrow to the Cabal, or the Illuminati or whoever they can think of. Again: realize that to blame another is to blame yourself! These are all old programs and examples of not realizing that all is within yourself which is a part of the All That Is, such as all beings are. Light or dark, we all come from the Same Source and a sense of equality is the grandest glue that holds us together in the house of Love.

All that you see is YOU. It is as simple as that. Do you see lots of violence happening in your personal reality? Parts of you react upon this in anger and blame: then these parts of you still engage in the reality of separation. Where you put your focus on, you enhance and you feed! Keep this in mind when you find your attention going towards negativity. There is a difference to put a hold onto this or to engage it in way by feeding it.

To stop violence is to not feed the attention it wants. It is to start to change this within and through yourself first since it is a reflection of some parts of you, as it seems it triggers you. Once your mind and consciousness have traveled upon the realities of Higher Dimensions, they can not go back to old values or realities, simply because they have come to know more. Why would it want to go back to the old limited self when a taste of expansion through freedom is experienced?! It is the same for you as a lightworker who knows better than to fall for the traps of the ego and 3th dimensional old programming.

You are the Masters here: step into your Mastery and act upon your own teachings and energy that you stand for. This is another crucial portal and opportunity for us all to change into a higher vibrational dimension of our own Christed Level of consciousness. Holding that vibration and intention gets us through these portals with more ease than to struggle with old programs you cannot let go of. The New is birthing anyway, you are with it or you are simply not. The choice is always up to you if you wish to ride this wave elegantly or not.

The collective of the Lightworkers are tired and they wish to move forward. We are entering another acceleration, to enable this shift to go forward instead of pausing and waiting. The time for the splitting of worlds is at hand and it is already happening to some degree on the physical level. Now is a time to hold that positive intention, to hold the Christed vibration within and to anchor the inner peace. All that which is of old programming: let that go NOW! The easier you will come to ride the wave of the Equinox portal with grace.

Crucial times in 1 month of linear time. Intense waves and alignments that burst energy onto and within us. Do you want to see the world outside of you to shift? Then shift YOURSELF from within, work for this event to happen! We wanted to BE here, we have taken these responsibilities onto ourselves so we must not complain but rather go for it! Now is the time! Better NOW than tomorrow my friends!

ON we go, all together hand in hand on the wave of this SUPER equinox portal. We are assisted by so many generations of Light, by so many Galactic beings. They come in more stronger now, instantly when connecting with them. They bring now Cosmic energies, pure stellar codes. Invite these to partake in your meditations so that you can integrate these codes! Holding the Highest vibration of Love and Christed Light yourself shall only attract those who are of the same vibration. Decree your I AM Presence to download the Stellar codes that you need at this time and that are serving YOUR highest best!

And so it is my sweet friends, so it is! Ride YOUR wave ❤

Méline Portia Lafont

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Copyright © Méline Lafont 2012 – 2015, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and


Spirit of the new times - Susan Seddon Boulet ART

2015 Is Our Year of Initiation Into A Higher Order of Being ~ Patricia Cota-Robles @ Era of Peace

March anna dittmann

ART : March ~ Anna Dittmann


2015 Is Our Year of Initiation

Into A Higher Order of Being

by Patricia Cota-Robles

March 4, 2015

The outer World is beginning to reflect Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness. I know some people resist that term because they feel it is based in Christianity. That is not true. Christ Consciousness is the level of enlightenment we were invested with at our inception, when we were first Breathed forth from the Core of Creation by our Father-Mother God.

As Sons and Daughters of God, Christ Consciousness is the level of enlightenment we must ALL return to if we are going to continue our evolutionary process. Our return to Christ Consciousness will be accomplished by healing the adverse affects of our fall from Grace, so that we can Ascend up the Spiral of Evolution to the next level of our learning experiences.

If, however, the term Christ Consciousness prevents you from hearing the message being given to Humanity by the Company of Heaven, then by all means change that term to whatever resonates for you as the name of your true God Reality. For instance, your God Self, Higher Self, Super Conscious Mind, the Divinity Within, Universal Consciousness, the Mind of God or whatever else you can relate to, but please do not miss this Cosmic Opportunity to add to the Light of the World because of semantics.

In 2012, we God Victoriously Birthed the New Earth in the 5th-Dimensional Realms of CAUSE. In 2013, we expanded the patterns of perfection for the New Earth and birthed a Renaissance of Divine Love. In 2014, Humanity en masse experienced the initial impulse of our return to Christ Consciousness through the Divine Intervention of our I AM Presence. Now, in 2015, we have collectively reached a critical mass of energy, vibration, and consciousness that will allow Humanity’s I AM Presence to Initiate us into A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING. This is the moment we have been longing for since our fall into the fragmented and fear-based consciousness of separation and duality.

Several outer World events have begun to reveal the shift of consciousness that is gradually taking place within the masses of Humanity. Over the past several months we have witnessed massive demonstrations in several places around the World that indicate that people everywhere are reaching the conclusion that violence and aggression are not acceptable ways of solving problems.

This realization will gradually inspire people to seek viable solutions that will solve the World’s problems through cooperation, mutual respect, caring, and a deep commitment to finding answers that result in the highest good for all concerned.

The next phase of the unfolding Divine Plan for Planet Earth is being revealed to us now by the Company of Heaven. That plan involves creating a global wave of Christ Consciousness that WILL amplify a thousandfold Humanity’s Initiation into A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING. The Company of Heaven said this facet of the Divine Plan will cocreate a quantum shift that will exponentially move Humanity and this Planet forward in the Light in 2015.

The success of this Activity of Light will catapult every person on Earth into the next phase of Christ Consciousness, which will greatly intensify the remembrance of the ONENESS OF ALL LIFE within the hearts and minds of people everywhere. When this inner knowing begins to reverberate once again within the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame, the thought of harming any part of Life in any way will be unconscionable. When the concept of violence and aggression are no longer an option within the recesses of our heart, we will easily tap into the viable solutions in the Causal Body of God that will result in actions that genuinely take into consideration the Oneness of Life and the highest good for ALL concerned.

Many powerful Activities of Light are being orchestrated in 2015 through the unified efforts of the Lightworkers embodied on this Planet and the entire Company of Heaven. These events will pave the way for Humanity’s collective shift into A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING which is destined to take place through the Divine Intervention of each person’s I AM Presence during the global event known as the  29th Annual World Congress on Illumination. This Activity of Light will take place August 15-20, 2015, in Tucson, Arizona, but it will involve every person on Earth.

Every Lightworker will be in his or her right and perfect place. No facet of this Divine Plan is any more important than another. What IS important, is that we respond to whatever our I AM Presence is guiding us to do. We must Trust and KNOW that if we are being guided to be physically present within the Portal of Light in Tucson, then our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven will assist us in paving the way. This is true whether we need assistance with time, energy, or money to accomplish this facet of our Divine Mission.

Our Father-Mother God and the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are sending forth a Clarion Call to all embodied Lightworkers, this includes YOU. We are being asked to gather within the Portal of Light in Tucson, Arizona, which is the most powerful frequency of Healing Through the Power of God’s Infinite Transmutation and Transfiguring Divine Love available on Planet Earth.

Listen to your heart and know that it is critical that Lightworkers from around the world be physically present for this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan. Together we will form the transformer that will allow the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to INITIATE HIM OR HER INTO A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING. All of the Lightworkers who have been prepared to serve in this wondrous way on behalf of Humanity and all Life on this sweet Earth will know who they are through the inner promptings of their heart. Listen to your heart, and Trust your inner guidance. Your Light is needed now!

In addition to those who are inspired to be physically present, there will be Lightworkers who will join in consciousness from points of Light around the World. These Lightworkers will project the Light flowing through their Heart Flames into the Portal of Light where the Lightworkers are physically gathered in Tucson, Arizona. Thus our unified efforts will expand a thousand times a thousandfold.

The 29th Annual World Congress on Illumination will take place August 15-20, 2015. We will gather at the beautiful Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, Arizona. To access all of the information you will need to participate in this wondrous opportunity please click on this link:

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God Bless YOU, for your willingness to be the Open Door for the Light of God that will allow the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth to INITIATE HIM OR HER INTO A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING. This will lift every person into the next phase of Christ Consciousness which will greatly accelerate Humanity’s Awakening and our remembrance of the Oneness of ALL Life.


The World Congress will begin with the Opening Ceremonies on

Saturday, August 15th at 7:00 p.m. and conclude with

the Closing Ceremonies on Thursday, August 20th  by 2:00 p.m.

This sacred conclave will be a celestial experience for everyone involved. Each day, as we successfully fulfill one phase of the Divine Plan, the Company of Heaven will reveal the next phase of the plan to us. As we sojourn through the various activities of Light, under the Divine Guidance of our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven, our mission will be victoriously accomplished.

This event will take place at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, which is nestled in the unique beauty and the nurturing, healing environment of the southwestern desert in Tucson, Arizona. The resort is surrounded by lush desert vegetation and towering two to three-hundred-year-old saguaro cacti. These expressions of the Elemental Kingdom stand as mighty sentinels while anchoring the Light of God into the Earth.

When you enter this portal of Light, you will experience the awesome radiance of the Flame of Healing Through the Power of Infinite Transmutation and the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love. As this Sacred Fire bathes your Being, you will be blessed with the familiar feeling of coming home.

The World Congress on Illumination is truly a life-transforming event that will provide you with the opportunity to meet old friends from around the world with whom you have been serving for aeons of time. Fellow Lightworkers will join hearts with you and support you in your monumental service to the Light.

The Divine Plan we are being called to fulfill will be accomplished through myriad activities of Light. We will be joined at inner levels by the Solar Logos from Suns beyond Suns, the entire Company of Heaven, the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity, the Divine Intelligence that is associated with the Elemental Kingdom, the Mighty Elohim, and the Legions of Angels throughout Infinity.

The entire Universe is supporting us in this wondrous endeavor. The Beings of Light have been given permission to assist us in miraculous ways, but the Lightworkers on Earth are the predominant force bringing this Divine Plan into physical manifestation.

Our responsibility is enormous, but as we join our hearts together, we have the absolute ability to succeed God Victoriously.

Just for a moment, go within to the Divinity of your Heart Flame, and experience the overwhelming Gratitude and Love pouring forth from the Legions of Light in the Heavenly Realms. Feel the deep appreciation they are sending to you for your willingness to serve Humanity during this critical moment in the evolution of this sweet Earth. We are blessed beyond measure to be able to assist all Life evolving on Earth in this wondrous way.



We are offering a discount of $150.00 for those who register by April 1, 2015. We are also offering a discount of $100.00 for those who register by May 1, 2015, and a discount of $50.00 for those who register by June 1, 2015. After June 1, 2015, registration will be full price. Registrations must be paid by July 10, 2015, to ensure your space. After that date, reservations will be accepted on a space-available basis.

Hotel Accommodations and Registration Fees

This wonderful resort is giving us a great package rate that includes a beautiful room with two double beds and two delightful meals a day. One meal will be a substantial breakfast, and the other meal will be either lunch or dinner, depending on our planned activities. The package rate includes all taxes and gratuity. As a special gift, the hotel is allowing us to have up to four people in a room.

Your Room for Five Nights

  Two Delightful Meals a Day

  All Taxes & Gratuity and

  Your Registration Fee for the World Congress On Illumination

Your WCI Registration Fee includes ALL of the activities at the World Congress: Speakers’ Presentations, Meditations, Music Concerts, Dance Presentations, Social Events, and all other Group Activities.

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God Bless YOU,

Patricia Cota-Robles

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a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

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The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.


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Events within the NOW of the Spring Equinox — The Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

SpringEquinox2015 suzanne lie

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Events within the NOW of the Spring Equinox — The Arcturians


It is the NOW of

Amazing Energy Fields are Entering our Life

Questions and Answers with the Arcturians

Events within the NOW of the Spring Equinox

Question: I feel like there is some thing really big coming. Is that correct?


You are very correct that there is a major activation that is coming into beingness around, during and after what you would call the “time” of the Spring Equinox. There are two reasons why activation energy field is being released around that moment of the NOW.


One reason is because it is the Spring Equinox, which is signals the end of the long winter and the beginning of spring. Hence, it is a Now in which people are more happy than usual. People who have suffered through long winters, just as the winter in the Northeast of the United States, are happy to welcome the return of spring.

Winter represents the season in which whatever is too old or has reached the end of it cycle is released form the 3D Matrix. On the other hand, spring is a time of birth and rebirth. New animals are born and plants that slept through the long winter blossom into the “flowers” of spring.


During this Spring Equinox many of the old ways of thinking and perceiving must be “let go,” as they will not fit the new paradigm. Spring of 2015 will welcome new way of thinking so that you can perceive the higher dimensions.

Of course, your thoughts influence your perceptions, AND your perceptions influence your thoughts. When your thoughts are, “Okay, NOW we are going into the next phase, they influence your perceptions to be aware of what they will discover in the new season. Then, as more and more people perceive a shift, it makes it safer for other to allow their new hopes and desires to manifest.

Hence, as the winter ends and spring begins there is an opportunity for new thoughts and new expectations to enter your consciousness. Once you expect something new, you will look for signs of something new and fresh to enter your reality. Therefore, spring is a perfect moment of the NOW to bring in energy fields that are filled with unconditional love and Violet Fire.


Along with that beginning of spring is the solar eclipse that is occurring within the same NOW. A Solar Eclipse represents a reset. You are all aware that sometimes your computers will get confused, and you have to turn them off to reset the system. Then turn them on again.

When you reset the Sun with an eclipse it is very different then when you reset the Moon. However, the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse are close to each other within your time zone. The solar, male, Sun, represents the initiation of the shift from the current energy field into a higher frequency energy field.

The Lunar Eclipse, female, brings in and absorbs the energy fields that you have been living in from the time between the Solar and the Lunar Eclipse. In that “in between” you have a chance to integrate the energy into your body, your consciousness, your perceptions and your daily life.


Another very important influence on this incoming energy field is that Uranus and Pluto in the sky are finally completing their dance of squaring each other by being 90 degrees apart from each other in the sky. In order to best explain the meaning of Pluto square Uranus, we will look at the two planets individually.

Pluto represents an extreme transmutation of a given energy field. We say “extreme” because with Pluto transmutation something often needs to “die.” In other words, some component of the old energy field will need to be completely released and cross over into the next dimension. Uranus represents “do it NOW.”

Therefore the release of certain energy patterns will be released within the NOW of the end of the winter cycle and beginning of the spring cycle of the solar eclipse.


Now, let us look at the sign in which each of these planets are currently residing. The sign of a planet is the “energy field” which is constantly influencing that planet.

Both Pluto and Uranus have been in their “signs” for half of the cycle of that sign. (15 degrees of the 30 degrees of each sign.) Pluto is in Capricorn. Among other things, Capricorn represents world governments. Pluto is half way through its process of the transmutation process of world governments.

Uranus is in Aries, which among other things represents new beginnings, new births. Uranus is half way through the process of “new birth.” Therefore, the signs of the planets say, “Transmutation of world governments is occurring NOW.”


A square, 90 degrees apart, represents potential power. Each aspect can be represented like rivers. A conjunction, 10 degrees, is like two rivers traveling side by side. A trine, 120 degrees, is the best way for two rivers to merge into one river and a square, 90 degrees, is much like a waterfall. If you try to ignore that you are coming to a waterfall, you could easily drown. However, if you build a dam at the base of the waterfall, you will gain great power.

To summarize, Uranus is ready to bring in the transit NOW to begin a NEW way of thinking and perceiving reality. The energy of Uranus cannot be ignored, as it WILL influence your life whether or not you are ready. The energy of Pluto, on the other hand, is very quiet, but moves into your deepest and highest states of consciousness to transmute your experiences and reactions to life

Uranus says, “It is the NOW. Personally you don’t get a choice. You are part of a bigger system and this bigger system says this is the Now.” Pluto says, “I am here NOW to transmute world government.”

When you put Pluto and Uranus 90 degrees apart they say, “Great transmutations of world government are occurring NOW. If you are not aware of this fact you may be “cast about” by the process of change. However, if you can openly embrace this change, you can connect with the power you have within.”

Uranus says, “There is not choice. It is the NOW,” and Pluto says, “Whatever cannot be transmuted must be released.” Therefore, the combination of these many, simultaneous energy fields represent a radical reboot to transmute the structure of personal, governmental and planetary consciousness.

Question/Comment: This is the last square of the seven. The Pluto/Uranus square – this is the last of the seven.

Arcturian Answer:

Seven, of course, is a very powerful number. The number 7 often represents the seeker of the truth (Uranus), and is willing to overturn every rock to find that truth (Pluto). 7 is a metaphysical, and hence a multidimensional, number.

Much like Plutonian energy, the number 7 often represents alchemical changes. There are great alchemical changes that will begin to occur on a cellular level. In fact the changes will begin at the level of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, as these 3D elements transmute into 5D elementals.

Therefore, as reality begins to shift, it shifts at the very beginnings of ALL life. Everything on Planet Earth is a member of the Elemental Kingdom, thus everything is shifting. Those who are aware and prepared for the re-boot will shift as quickly as their physical bodies and psychological brain waves are able to embrace. Then it will be their assignment to assist others with their reboot.

The reboot will move through states of consciousness, which is why we instructed Suzille to write the long series on “States of Consciousness.” We want people to realize that different states of consciousness activate different perceptions.

Humans, even our own emissaries to Earth of whom you have spoken, will not be able to perceive these shifts unless they are in a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, which would be at Delta or preferably and Gamma Wave Consciousness.

During this process it will be helpful if you allow your body to rest. Remember, when your computer is rebooting you are unable to use it. It may feel similar with your human form. Do not fight the feeling. Instead, meditate, relax, laugh with friends, eat sparsely and get a lot of sleep.

In other words, the elements of your body will need to be still. Then you can meditate to expand your consciousness into a higher frequency of awareness. The energies will enter your form via your Pineal Gland, but the process will occur in your Multidimensional Mind.

Your Multidimensional Mind will better grasp the situation as it resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. Once the perception of your re-boot is stored in your Multidimensional Mind it can later be downloaded into your third-dimensional brain. Your Multidimensional Mind can accept the entire hit at once because it will come in as a blast of the Now.

Your 3D brain or the 3D body could be harmed by that sudden download. Therefore, the energy will first go into the multi-dimensional mind where it’s all stored in your personal “external hard drive.” Then your physical brain, the computer for the third-dimensional vehicle, can gradually download what your state of consciousness and physical form can safely accept.

Each of you will download what is in alignment with your personal mission first and then move on to Gaia’s planetary mission. It is important that you all hold your own pieces of the picture. Then you will be called on to connect in Planetary Consciousness in order to gain the entire energy package. Only while you are in “Planetary Unity Consciousness,” will you be able to put together the pieces of this huge, planetary “jigsaw puzzle.”

Finishing this jigsaw puzzle will take what you as humans perceive as time, but we as Arcturians and we as Galactics all perceive as “The Now.” Those that are in communion with their fifth dimensional, and beyond, expressions of SELF, will also receive the energy within the Now.

Those of you who are consciously connected with your Multidimensional SELF will be able to experience a unique experience of feeling this energetic download in the Now. But you will also recognize that it will take “time” for this translation of energy to be shared on the third and fourth dimension.

Question: Is there a danger we need to prepare for?


We do not feel danger. If you are afraid, your consciousness will drop and you will miss the entire experience. However, if you embrace the energy filed of Unconditional Love and encircle yourself in the Violet Fire, your transmutation will feel like infinite love and transmutation—which it IS!

To assure a calmer experience, practice holding Unconditional Love while you encircle yourself with Violet Fire. The Violet Fire encircling you allows you to step-down any transmutation process in a manner that does not damage your physical form, frighten your emotional body and/or confuse your mental body.

Also, focus on your Multidimensional Mind so that your 3D brain doesn’t get upset trying to take in an energy field that is beyond time and try to place it into your 3D brain, which is prepared to accept that frequency of energy.

There are certain protections and firewalls that occur at certain levels of initiation. As we have said, we have downloaded a fragment of our multidimensional essence into the physical bodies of our “volunteers to Ascending Earth.” This download is more than just DNA. We/YOU have actually sent a percentage of the essence of your higher dimensional SELF into the earth vessel you are currently wearing.

Therefore, our “volunteers to Earth” have two sets of DNA. One is in the third and fourth dimension and the other is fifth-dimension. These two frequencies of DNA are intertwined, but your third dimensional machines can only view the 3D strands DNA.

You, our volunteers, will be among the initial holders of these new energy fields because you have already spent your entire life holding two different frequencies of DNA. The component of your DNA that will contain this energy is what has been called “junk DNA.” This DNA, erroneously labeled as junk, is actually 97% of your DNA, which contains small, multidimensional wormholes that are the foundation of your Lightbody.

It is through these wormholes that you will integrate the energy field of the eclipse, as well as all the other marvelous energies stored in your Multidimensional Mind. When you are ready, you will slowly release your fifth dimensional essence into your 3D brain, and then into your 3D body via the “wormholes” of your Junk DNA.

Question: Is it true that our process begins when we merge our thoughts and emotions to create thoughtforms of Ascension?

Arcturians:    `

Yes, Because of the transmutational energy fields you are moving into your fifth-dimensional consciousness. Then you fifth-dimensional consciousness will greatly accelerate your powers of manifestation. However, you will need to BE the master of your thoughts and emotions because “What you think about, you will bring about.”

Also, when you couple your thoughts with your emotions, you create thoughtforms that precede you through your life. In this manner you can remember how to be the creator of your own life. Do you remember how often your fell when your learned to walk or how difficult it was to learn to talk? In a manner, you are going through that same process NOW.

You are remembering how to walk into and communicate with a higher frequency of reality that you have largely forgotten. Therefore, you will likely become confused or doubt your self, which is when you call in unconditional love and the Violet Fire.

The unconditional love will allow you to “make mistakes” without any judgment, and the Violet Fire will aid you with your transmutation back to your true Lightbody. Many of our dear volunteers to ascending Earth are remembering that time is an illusion and that living in the NOW greatly assists their conscious reconnection with their true, Multidimensional SELF in the higher frequencies of reality.

Blessings Dear Ascending ONES

The Arcturians

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Accepting Your True Being-Ness ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa


Accepting Your True Being-Ness

This is an excerpt of a transcript with the Cosmic Great Central Sun on how to utilize the Pink Flame of Creative Actualization to assist in acknowledging our Higher Mind and Heart within the Physical Body.We want to assist you with the Pink Flame to allow your higher consciousness of the cosmic frequencies that you are to come to the totality of your physical existence. Allow yourself to relax through the process. You are not going to do it by telling your mental boy through your Masculine self to stop. You are not going to do it by telling your Feminine self to stop crying.They have to do it on their own, because those parts of yourself have worked separately for such a long time that they do not know how to work together. We have to help the process by bringing in the higher essences into your physical creation.

This is what we mean when we say Creative and Active Intelligence of the Third Ray.  It represents the ability to allow the creative process of the Pink Flame to flow within you in order for the action to occur. You are that higher intelligence. The higher intelligence is active as long as we accept it in the physical conditioning. However, the other important parts that are acting separately, stop the process. Because of the fear, along with not knowing what is happening. If you allow yourself to be in a sole state of Beingness, this Ray will flow into you to help you balance everything out.

You do not have to do anything other than Receiving.

The flow of your mental actualization will come from your Higher Mind. It is when you dive back into worrying that you start to look at what is happening to you. You begin projecting to the future, even if it is only a week away, two weeks away, you can have a tendency to fall back into that. It has been your conditioning process.

We want to help you tonight in allowing these essences to blend within you. Simply be open to receive the balance. When you allow that essence to come in now, things will become so much easier.

We stand within this Temple of the Pink Flame. Allow the frequency of Light to flow in as various waves of Pink hues, coming fully into each of us in this beautiful Temple of Light. We call upon the essences of Lord Seelia and Lady Seelio of the Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace from the Pink Flame as they bring that frequency forward into the flowing energy that they are.

Take a deep breath. Let it flow through all your Chakras. Let it flow into your Earth Star, as you allow yourself to become that one Being of Light. Intend within yourself to be a newborn essence in this moment.

Breathe and feel.

Allow the breath to become what it is. Allow yourself to just exist in this space of Divine Love that you are. Divine Compassion, Divine Gratitude of all that you are receiving.

It is our divine pleasure as the Divine Mother and Divine Father God, along with Lord Seelia and Lady Seelio, the Elders of the Pink Flame, to bring in these essences and that you accept compassion and love into every part of your being.

Receive the higher essence physically, emotionally, mentally and etherically.

This is a window of opportunity to accept more of what you truly are.

We are One with each of you.

©2012-2015 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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The Story of My Life Chapter VI ~ Rudolf Steiner @ Rudolf Steiner Archives

 art mother earth gaia pinterestART : Mother Earth Gaia @ Pinterest


The Story of My Life

Chapter VI


IN the field of pedagogy Fate gave me an unusual task. I was employed as tutor in a family where there were four boys. To three I had to give only the preparatory instruction for the Volkschule(1) and then assistance in the work of the Mittelschule. The fourth, who was almost ten years old, was at first entrusted to me for all his education. He was the child of sorrow to his parents, especially to his mother. When I went to live in the home, he had scarcely learned the most rudimentary elements of reading, writing, and arithmetic. He was considered so subnormal in his physical and mental development that the family had doubts as to his capacity for being educated. His thinking was slow and dull. Even the slightest mental exertion caused a headache, lowering of vital functions, pallor, and alarming mental symptoms. After I had come to know the child, I formed the opinion that the sort of education required by such a bodily and mental organism must be one that would awaken the sleeping faculties, and I proposed to the parents that they should leave the child’s training to me. The mother had enough confidence to accept this proposal, and I was thus able to set myself this unusual educational task.

I had to find access to a soul which was, as it were, in a sleeping state, and which must gradually be enabled to gain the mastery over the bodily manifestations. In a certain sense one had first to draw the soul within the body. I was thoroughly convinced that the boy really had great mental capacities, though they were then buried. This made my task a profoundly satisfying one. I was soon able to bring the child into a loving dependence upon me. This condition caused the mere intercourse between us to awaken his sleeping faculties of soul. For his instruction I had to feel my way to special methods. Every fifteen minutes beyond a certain time allotted to instruction caused injury to his health. To many subjects of instruction the boy had great difficulty in relating himself.

This educational task became to me the source from which I myself learned very much. Through the method of instruction which I had to apply there was laid open to my view the association between the spiritual-mental and the bodily in man. Then I went through my real course of study in physiology and psychology. I became aware that teaching and instructing must become an art having its foundation in a genuine understanding of man. I had to follow out with great care an economic principle. I frequently had to spend two hours in preparing for half an hour of instruction in order to get the material for instruction in such a form that in the least time, and with the least strain upon the mental and physical powers of the child, I might reach his highest capacity for achievement. The order of the subjects of instruction had to be carefully considered; the division of the entire day into periods had to be properly determined. I had the satisfaction of seeing the child in the course of two years accomplish the work of the Volkschule, and successfully pass the examination for entrance to the Gymnasium (2). Moreover, his physical condition had materially improved. The hydrocephalic condition was markedly diminishing. I was able to advise the parents to send the child to a public school. It seemed to me necessary that he should find his vital development in company with other children. I continued to be a tutor for several years in the family, and gave special attention to this boy, who was always guided to make his way through the school in such a way that his home activities should be carried through in the spirit in which they were begun. I then had the inducement, in the way I have already mentioned, to increase my knowledge of Latin and Greek, for I was responsible for the tutoring of this boy and another in this family for the Gymnasium lessons.

I must needs feel grateful to Fate for having brought me into such a life relationship. For through this means I developed in vital fashion a knowledge of the being of man which I do not believe could have been developed by me so vitally in any other way. Moreover, I was taken into the family in an extraordinarily affectionate way; we came to live a beautiful life in common. The father of these boys was a sales-agent for Indian and American cotton. I was thus able to get a glimpse of the working of business, and of much that is connected with this. Moreover, through this I learned a great deal. I had an inside view of the conduct of a branch of an unusually interesting import business, and could observe the intercourse between business friends and the interlinking of many commercial and industrial activities.

My young charge was successfully guided through the Gymnasium; I continued with him even to the Unter-Prima(3). By that time he had made such progress that he no longer needed me. After completing the Gymnasium he entered the school of medicine, became a physician, and in this capacity he was later a victim of the World War. The mother, who had become a true friend of mine because of what I had done for her boy, and who clung to this child of sorrow with the most devoted love, soon followed him in death. The father had already gone from this world.

A good portion of my youthful life was bound up with the task which had grown so close to me. For a number of years I went during the summer with the family of the children whom I had to tutor to the Attersee in the Salzkammergut, and there became familiar with the noble Alpine nature of Upper Austria. I was gradually able to eliminate the private lessons I had continued to give to others even after beginning this tutoring, and thus I had time left for prosecuting my own studies.

In the life I led before coming into this family I had little opportunity for sharing in the play of children. In this way it came about that my “play-time” came after my twentieth year. I had then to learn also how to play, for I had to direct the play, and this I did with great enjoyment. To be sure, I think I have not played any less in my life than other men. Only in my case what is usually done in this direction before the tenth year I repeated from the twenty-third to the twenty-eighth year.

It was during this period that I was occupied with the philosophy of Eduard von Hartmann. As I studied his theory of knowledge, continual opposition was aroused within me. The opinion that the genuinely real lies as the unconscious beyond conscious experience, and that the latter is nothing more than an unreal pictorial reflection from the real – this was to me utterly repugnant. In opposition to this I postulated that the conscious experience can, through the strengthening of mental life, dip down within the real. I was clear in my own mind that the divine-spiritual reveals itself in man if man makes this revelation possible through his own inner life.

The pessimism of Eduard von Hartmann appeared to me as an utterly false questioning of human life. I had to conceive man as striving toward the goal of drawing up from within himself that with which life fills him for his satisfaction. I said to myself: “If through the ordering of the world a ‘best life’ were simply imparted to man, how could he bring this inner spring to a flowing stream?” The external world order has come to a stage in evolution in which it has ignored the good and the bad in things and in facts. Then first the human being awakes to self-consciousness and guides the evolution farther, but in such way that this evolution takes its direction toward freedom, not from things and facts, but only from the fountain head of man’s being. The mere introduction of the question of pessimism or optimism seemed to me to be running counter to the free being of man. I frequently said to myself: “How could man be the free creator of his highest happiness if a measure of happiness were imparted to him through the ordering of the external world?”

On the other hand, Hartmann’s work Phänomenologie des Sittlichen Bewusstsein(4) attracted me. There, I found, the moral evolution of man was traced according to the clue of what is empirically observable. It does not become – as in the case of Hartmann’s theory of knowledge – speculative thought linked to unknown being which lies beyond consciousness; but rather it is that which can be experienced as morality, and grasped in its manifestations. And it was clear to me that no philosophical speculation must think beyond the phenomena if it desires to reach the genuinely real. The phenomena of the world reveal of themselves this genuinely real as soon as the conscious soul prepares itself to receive the revelation. Whoever takes into consciousness only what is perceptible to the senses may seek for real being in a beyond-consciousness; whoever grasps the spiritual in his perception speaks of this as being on this side, not of a beyond in the sense characteristic of a theory of cognition. Hartmann’s consideration of the moral world seemed to me congenial because in this his beyond standpoint withdraws wholly into the background, and he confines himself to that which can be observed. Through a deeper penetration into phenomena, even to the point where these disclose their spiritual being – it was in this way that I desired to know that knowledge of real being is brought to pass, not through inferential reasoning as to what is “behind” phenomena.

Since I was always striving to sense a human capacity on its positive side, Eduard von Hartmann’s philosophy became useful to me, in spite of the fact that its fundamental tendency and its conception of life were repugnant; for it cast a penetrating light upon many phenomena. And even in those writings of the “philosopher of the unconscious” from which in principle I dissented I yet found much that was immensely stimulating. So it was also with the popular writings of Eduard von Hartmann, which dealt with cultural historical, pedagogical, and political problems. I found in this pessimist “sound” conceptions of life such as I could not discover in many optimists. It was just in connection with him that I experienced that which I needed,-to be able to understand even though I had to oppose.

It was thus that I sat till late many a night – when I could leave my boys to themselves, and after I had admired the starry heavens from the balcony of the house – in studying the Phenomenology of Moral Consciousness and the Religiöses Bewusstsein der Menscheit in der Stufenfolge seiner Entwickelung(5), and while I was reading these writings I attained to an ever increasing assurance concerning my own standpoint in regard to the theory of knowledge.

Upon the suggestion of Schröer, Joseph Kürschner invited me in 1884 to edit Goethe’s scientific writings with an introduction and accompanying interpretive notes as a part of the edition of Deutsche National-Literatur planned by him. Schröer, who had taken responsibility for Goethe’s dramas within the great collective work, was to preface the first volume assigned to me with an introductory foreword. In this he analysed the manner in which Goethe as poet and as thinker was related to the contemporary spiritual life. In the philosophy introduced by the age of natural science which followed after Goethe, he saw a falling away from the spiritual height upon which Goethe had been standing. The task which had been assigned to me in the editing of Goethe’s scientific writings was characterized in a general way in this preface.

For me the task included an exposition in which natural science should be on one side and Goethe’s whole philosophy on the other. Now that I had to come before the public with such an exposition, it was necessary for me to bring to a certain issue all that I had thus far won for myself in the way of a world-conception.

Until that time I had occupied myself as a writer with nothing more than brief articles for the press. It was not easy for me to write down what was a vital inner experience in such manner that I could consider my work worthy of publication. I always had the feeling that what had been elaborated within appeared in a very paltry form when I had to present it in a finished shape. So all literary endeavours became to me the source of continual inner unhappiness.

The form of thought by which natural science has been dominated since the beginning of its great influence upon the civilization of the nineteenth century seemed to me ill-adapted to reach an understanding of that which Goethe strove to attain for natural science, and actually did in large measure attain.

I beheld in Goethe a personality who, by reason of the unusual spiritual relationship in which he had placed man with reference to nature, was also in a position to place the knowledge of nature in the right form in the totality of human achievement. The form of thought of the period in which I had grown up appeared to me fit only for shaping ideas regarding lifeless nature. I considered it powerless to enter with capacity for knowledge into the realm of living nature. I said to myself: “In order to attain to ideas which can mediate a knowledge of the organic, it is necessary that one should first endue with life the concepts adapted for an understanding of inorganic nature.” For these seemed to me dead, and therefore fit only for grasping that which is dead.

How the ideas became endued with life in Goethe’s spirit, how they became ideal forms, this is what I sought to set forth in order to clarify Goethe’s conception of nature.

What Goethe thought and elaborated in detail regarding this or that field of the knowledge of nature appeared to me of less importance than the central discovery which I was forced to attribute to him. This I saw in the fact that he had discovered how one must think in regard to the organic in order to come at it understandingly.

I found that mechanics completely satisfy the need for knowledge in that they generate conceptions in a rational manner in the human mind which then prove to be real when applied in the sense-perception of that which is lifeless. Goethe was to me the founder of a law of organics, which in like manner applies to that which has life. When I looked back to Galileo in the history of modern spiritual life, I was forced to remark how he, by the shaping of ideas from the inorganic, had given to the new natural science its present form. What he had introduced for the inorganic Goethe had striven to attain for the organic. Goethe became for me the Galileo of the organic.

For the first volume of Goethe’s natural-scientific writings I had first to elaborate his ideas on metamorphosis. It was difficult for me to express the relation between the living ideal forms through which the organic can be understood and the formless ideas suited to enable one to grasp the inorganic. But it seemed to me that my whole task depended upon making this point in true fashion intelligible. In understanding the inorganic, concept is added in series to concept, in order to survey the correlation of forces which bring about an effect in nature. In reference to the organic it is necessary so to allow one concept to grow out of another that in the progressive living metamorphosis of concepts there come to light images of that which appears in nature as a being possessing form. This Goethe strove to do in that he sought to hold fast in his mind an ideal image of a leaf which was not a fixed lifeless concept but such a one as might present itself in the most varied forms. If one permits these forms in the mind to proceed one out of another, one thus constructs the whole plant. One re-creates in the mind in ideal fashion the process whereby nature in actual fashion shapes the plant.

If one seeks in this way to conceive the plant world, one thus stands much nearer in spirit to the world of nature than in conceiving the inorganic by means of formless concepts. For the inorganic one conceives only a spiritual fantasm of that which is present in nature in a manner void of spirit. But in the coming into existence of a plant there lives some thing which has a remote resemblance to that which arises in the human mind as an image of the plant. One becomes aware of how nature, while bringing forth the organic, is really bringing into action something spiritually similar within her own being.

I desired to show, in the introduction to Goethe’s botanical writings, how in his theory of metamorphosis he took the direction of thinking about the workings of organic nature in the manner in which one thinks of spirit. Still more spiritual in form appeared to me Goethe’s way of thinking in the realm of the animal and in the lower natural stages of the human being.

In relation to the animal-human, Goethe began by seeing through an error which he noticed among his contemporaries. These sought to ascribe a special position in nature to the organic bases of the human being by finding individual distinctions between man and the animal. They found such a distinction in the intermaxillary bones which the animals possess, in which their upper incisor teeth are bedded. In man, they said, such a special intermediary bone in the upper jaw is lacking; his upper jaw consists of a single piece.

This seemed to Goethe an error. For him the human form was a metamorphosis of the animal to a higher stage. Everything which appears in the forming of the animal must be present also in the human, only in a higher form so that the human organism might become the bearer of the self-conscious spirit.

In the elevation of the whole united form of man Goethe saw the distinction from the animal, not in details.

Step by step does one perceive the organic creative forces become more like spirit as one rises from consideration of the plant-beings to the varied forms of the animals. In the organic form of man creative forces are active which bring to pass the highest metamorphosis of the animal shape. These forces are present in the process of becoming of the human organism; and they finally live there as the human spirit after they have formed in the natural basic parts a vessel which can receive them in their form of existence free from nature.

In this conception of the human organism it seemed to me that Goethe had anticipated everything true which was later affirmed, on the ground of Darwinism, concerning the kinship of the human with the animal. But it also seemed to me that all which was untrue was omitted. The materialistic understanding of that which Darwin discovered leads to the adoption of conceptions based upon the kinship between man and the animals which deny the spirit where it appears in its highest form in an earthly existence – in man. Goethe’s conception leads to the perception of a spiritual creation in the animal form which has simply not yet arrived at the stage at which the spirit as such can live. That which lives in man as spirit creates in the animal form at a preliminary stage; and it metamorphoses this form in the case of man in such a way that it can then appear, not only as creative, but also in its own living presence.

Viewed in this way, Goethe’s consideration of nature becomes one which, while tracing the natural process of becoming from the inorganic to the organic, also leads natural science over into spiritual science. To bring out this fact was to me of more importance than anything else in working up the first volume of Goethe’s natural-scientific writings. For this reason I allowed my introduction to narrow down to an explanation of the way in which Darwinism establishes a one-sided view, coloured by materialism, which must be restored to wholeness by Goethe’s way of thinking.

How one must think in order to penetrate into the phenomena of life – this is what I wished to show in discussing Goethe’s view of the organic. I soon came to feel that this discussion required a basis upon which to rest. The nature of cognition was then conceived by my contemporaries in a way which could never arrive at Goethe’s view. The theorists of cognition had in mind natural science as it then existed. What they said in regard to the nature of cognition held good only for a conception of inorganic nature. There could be no agreement between what I must say in regard to Goethe’s kind of cognition and the theories of cognition ordinarily held at that time.

Therefore, whatever I had established upon the basis of Goethe’s theory of the organic sent me afresh to the theory of cognition. I had before my mind theories such as that of Otto Liebmann, which expressed in the most varied forms the dogma that human consciousness can never get outside itself; that it must therefore be content to live in that which reality sends into the human soul, and which presents itself within in spiritual form. If one views the thing in this way, one cannot say that one perceives a spiritual relationship in organic nature after the manner of Goethe. One must seek for the spirit within the human soul, and consider a spiritual contemplation of nature inadmissible.

I discovered that there was no theory of cognition fitting Goethe’s kind of cognition. This induced me to undertake to sketch such a theory. I wrote my Erkenntnistheorie der Goethe’schen Weltanschauung(6) out of an inner need before I proceeded to prepare the other volumes of Goethe’s natural scientific writings. This little book was finished in 1886.


  1. The Volkschule course usually extends from the sixth to the tenth year; the Mittelschule covers the three following years, though the term is not always so definite.
  2. That is, the boy completed in two years what children usually do in the years from the sixth to the tenth year of age.
  3. The next to the last year in the Gymnasium
  4. Phenomenology of Moral Consciousness.
  5. Religious Consciousness in Man in the Stages of its Evolution.
  6. Theory of Cognition in Goethe’s World Conception

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About The Corridor– Nuri, Suzanne and the Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

About The Corridor– Nuri, Suzanne and the Arcturians



The Countdown to March 20, 2015

Spring Equinox and MUCH More

Transcription of Conversation with Nuri Akyol on: 


YouTube for this Transcription


Hello everyone this is Sue Lie and I’m here having a conversation with Nuri Akyol and we’re just going to have this conversation and see how it turns out. We wanted to share it with all of you, as a kind of role model that it’s absolutely fine to sit down with people that can take it and converse about what’s happening in our reality. There’s a lot of different feelings now aren’t there Nuri?

Nuri:  Absolutely Sue.

Sue:    Isn’t the energy so loud, so fast, so hot, and so intense? Have you recognized that?

Nuri:  I have to say – in different ways. As we were talking about earlier, my dreams are more and more intense, and I’m able to remember them more. It feels as if I’m resolving some stuff. Maybe some karma is being released on a different level. There are some things going on now. It’s a roller coaster ride.

Sue:    That’s interesting because I was just emailing someone that was not aware of the process. They were a newbie and wondering why they were having such unusual feelings. What I was saying was that we are opening our Portals of Ascension NOW and having to clear them out. I came in, and it was a blessing or the curse, remembering my other lifetimes. What a mess! There’s a lot of accumulated fear.

Fortunately, there is basically fear and love. Everything else is a fear-based emotion or a love-based emotion. So, people like you and me who’ve been on the path for a long time are doing the fine tuning and wondering if it will ever be done. Will we ever be done with the fine-tuning?

Nuri:  We are going through the ascension consciously. So we are conscious of every little thing that is being cleared, cleansed, resolved and that takes so much dedication, commitment and patience.

Sue:    Yes, underline patience. The underline is on the patience especially for people like us. I started writing about this in l993, but I can’t remember not ever going through it. I could always see these other realities and live them all. Whenever we go through and recognize and clean up our other incarnations then, not only do we clear our own Ascension portal, but we also clean up the mess we left in Gaia’s ascension portal.

So let me first define our Ascension Portal. Our Ascension Portal is within our own physical body, inside of our kundalini, which is in the core of our spine and 3D brain. Then, we expand our consciousness into the core of Gaia to connect the core of our own Ascension Portal in the core of our core TO connect that with Gaia’s central crystal within Her core. Every time that we make this connection, we go higher and higher in our consciousness then we are able to pull more multi-dimensional energy thru our core, Ascension Portal and into the core of Gaia’s Ascension Portal.

Nuri:  Yes, that’s a very important part that you touched upon. In the beginning before I began participating in your Multidimensional Leadership School I was very focused on my personal Ascension. Although, by focusing on your personal Ascension you do serve the Planetary Ascension. However you made me understand on a deeper level and it resonated with me that I’m here to assist Gaia to Ascend. And that struck a very deep cord inside of me. It felt like truth and was also accompanied with a sense of Peace.

Sue:    Yes because you’re not alone, you are with the whole planet, the wonderful being of Gaia.

Nuri:  Yes, yes and that was empowering somehow for my being and I’m very grateful for that. So, we are living it consciously. Every little step we go up on the ladder of consciousness – Jacob’s ladder of consciousness. We are conscious of every little thing. I’m sure there are parts of it that we don’t live consciously which is also good, because I don’t have to know everything.

However, I say – kudos to us. Do you know what I mean? We are brave enough to be here at this particular time and taking on this grand new experiment. So I think it’s good to remind ourselves of this fact as well.

Sue:    As you were saying, as we think in terms of planetary consciousness we think in those terms of unity consciousness. Before I was able to realize that this was a planetary event I felt very isolated. I felt cast adrift on a hostile planet. But then as I began to realize that I/we/all of us that have chosen to incarnate at this time, and we have actually been carrying the essence of our whole multi-dimensional self within us. The Arcturians have said this many times.

We chose to take an imprint from our Galactic self, that we already are, and placed it into our earth vessel. Our earth vessel is a hybrid of our Galactic Self and our physical self. When we combine that fact with our planetary self, then we are firmly grounded to can bring in a lot more energy. If we are just bringing in a little bit of astral energy we don’t need to be that grounded. But if we’re bringing in fifth/sixth/seventh/eighth dimensional energy, we have to make sure that we are grounded or our little Earth vessel.

These are really high frequencies. When we connect with Gaia in a deep way we move into Unity Consciousness. That is a very important thing because I don’t know what the percentage is of the awakened ones, but each of us alone are not powerful enough to be able to make that difference in Ascending the Planet. But because we are awake and multidimensional, our numbers don’t progress 1, 2,3,4,5. They progress log rhythmically, exponentially. So, 1, 2, 4,8,16 etc.

I’ve also heard that the light quotient of those that are awakened is ten times stronger than those who are not awake and probably much stronger than those who are members of the cabal and lost and in the darkness. Thus, the key is to connect with each other.

Nuri:  And with Gaia at the same time.

Sue:    And with Gaia, absolutely! Gaia helps us to remain unselfish and helps us to keep our higher consciousness to move into Planetary consciousness and begin to realize that we are not just the physical form that we are wearing, we are ALSO the Planet that we are living on.

Nuri:  Yes, exactly. First, I’m also in the process of reading

The Pleiadian Perceptions of Ascension Books

right now and the process is remarkable.  The more I read, the more I get to integrate my Multi-dimensional Self.  The more I read, the more I get to know myself.  It’s as if certain patterns or codes are being activated and it’s a remarkable journey. The infusion of higher vibrational information into my being is amazing.

Secondly, I would like to make a bridge to the Arcturian Corridor because I’m at that part in the book where I’m reading about the Arcturian Corridor. What also resonated with me was the part of that which is within, is also without. So we first need to open our personal portals and to make it as pure and cleansed as possible – dissolving the karma from past incarnations etc.

Then, the more we are able to purify our personal portals the more we are able to also connect from within and without to the personal portals of everyone else and Gaia at the same time. So there is an exponential effect as well it seems. Do you have any thoughts on that?

Sue:    Yes definitely. It’s about the states of consciousness that we’ve been talking about a lot.

Nuri:  Do you have any thoughts on how the Arcturian Corridor works, within and without, and about how it’s connected to each other?

Sue:    I think the best thing to do to answer that question is to bring in the Arcturians.

Nuri:  Are they knocking again?

Sue:    Yes, they’re knocking again. They knock on a certain place in my brain and they say, “our turn”. I will bring them in.

Arcturians:    Blessing Nuri and all who are listening to this recording. We are happy that you are with us within this NOW. We wish to share with you an example of ones experiences of in our Arcturian Corridor. The Arcturian Corridor is an immense energy field of trans-mutational packages.

As each of our Ascending ones visit the Arcturian Corridor, they align with an energy package that is specific to their individual needs. Therefore, as they enter the Corridor, it doesn’t matter what phase in their Ascension they are consciously in, as they will automatically draw to them the energy package resonates to a slightly higher frequency than their consciousness.

Now let us go back to the walking in our Corridor. The “walking-in” is much like the way you walked into your physical body. Most of you who choose to attend to our messages are amongst our volunteers who choose to walk in, to bi-locate from yourself in the Galactic and the Celestial realms into a physical Earth vessel. You made this choice, as you knew that it was the Clarion Call for ascension to commence.

Within this NOW you would begin to remember that you have a Mission. Your Mission is to assist with the transmutation of the beloved being known as Gaia. We wish to remind all of you that Gaia is not a big rock in the sky. Gaia is a living being. Just as you look at every human being and you can feel that there is an essence in that begin that makes them be alive, there is an essence within the Planet Earth that makes Gaia alive.

This essence has been greatly harmed by humanity. Therefore, we ask that all of our wonderful earth ones who receive this message to enter our Arcturian Corridor. All you need to do to walk into the corridor is to say, “I wish to enter the Arcturian Corridor.” Then you are entered. Your mere desire to enter our Corridor is all you need to gain our unconditionally loving invitation.

Now, each of you will experience the corridor according to your own personal memory, multi-dimensional recollections, and experiences of your personal life. And, as you enter the Corridor you will begin to feel that something is a little bit different. Have you noticed that Nuri? You have said, “I’m in this corridor now and something’s different.” These things, sensations, feelings and thoughts that are different cannot be explained through your third-dimensional brain.

They are completely foreign from anything that you have every experienced in your physical lifetimes because you are in a fifth dimensional energy field. The best way to raise your consciousness is to live in that state of consciousness. Just as they have said that if you want your children to be loving – love them. If you want your children to be kind – be kind. If you want your children to be respectful of all life – be respectful of them and all life that they are surrounded by.

When you move into the Arcturian Corridor you move into an energy field that is one-hundred percent based on Unconditional Love. Now Unconditional Love can serve a bit like a

Roto-rooter. Unconditional Love will move into your consciousness and your third-dimensional vessel and bring to the surface everything that stands in the way of the Ascension Process of yourself and of the Planet of Gaia.

As all of these obstacles come to the surface so that you can identify them and love them free, then your consciousness will steadily move into higher and higher frequencies. Since your state of consciousness sets the frequency of your perceptions, you will increasingly perceive confirmation that you are transmuting back to your Lightbody.

Just as if you are in a very depressed mood and look out at the world, it will look violent and frightening. You will only see the third-dimensional boring tasks that you will have to do. On the other hand, as you expand your consciousness into the frequencies of the higher fourth and fifth dimensional you begin to realize that you are not just one person inside of one body. You begin to remember that you are ONE with all life. Not just all life on Gaia, but with all life.

But first you begin to realize that you are one with all human life. Then you begin to realize that you are one with all Planetary life, then ONE with all life in the Solar System life, then all life within the Galaxy and even the Universe. You are NOW are in that process of immense expansion of your consciousness.

By being in the Arcturian Corridor, which is a place that you contact within your core, is not something that is outside of you. The Corridor is also inside of you. Do you remember when you thought that your higher frequency self was above you, and your lower frequency self was below you? Now, you are discovering that they are both inside you.

In the core your spine, in the core of your Kundalini which is alive within your spine, you are already the living expression of your full multi-dimensional self. It is the process of bringing this memory out into your physical reality and into you inner reality where you enter absolutely safe and can totally reveal express your light and love for all life.

Nuri:  I’m envisioning sort of a cocoon. This cocoon provides very safe circumstances in which you can release what needs to be released. Is it correct to say that in this cocoon you are being carried and nurtured by this Unconditional Love and it provides you with all the security softness and subtleness to connect with your core?

Arcturians:    Yes, absolutely. Within the Corridor there is no beginning or ending for it is multi-dimensional. When we find a planet that is ready to begin its process of Ascension we surround the planet in the same manner as you were speaking and create a cocoon of our Corridor around the Planet. According to humanity’s sense of time “recently” formed this cocoon around Gaia. There has been certain occurrences that have given us the message that there are enough beings, a proportionately small amount of those beings are humans, that are ready for ascension into the higher frequency realities.

The lowest frequency humans that have been known as the Cabal, are being released from the Planet because they are not able to withstand the energy field of the Arcturian Corridor. One of the important things that occurs when the Arcturian Corridor cocoons the planet is that many people can’t” take the heat.” so to speak. Therefore they agree to leave the planet.

Because Earth it is a free will planet we can’t go in and say, “Alright you’re out of here. You have to leave.” But they can say, Wait, this frequency is too high. I can’t do this.” Then we will tell them that we are happy to take them into a lower frequency area in which they gradually prepare to expand their consciousness into the higher dimensions. Those who are not consciously able to recognize their darkness will suddenly find that they are somehow off the planet and in a lower dimensional version of reality.

Nuri:  And that’s already happened.

Arcturians: It is indeed occurring within the NOW.

Nuri: And more and more I suppose. Is it also correct that there are different intensities as well within the Arcturian Corridor itself depending upon one’s state of consciousness?

Arcturians:    Yes, as we have said, there are packages of energy. we say energy packages because it is not sequential, it is not bound in time and all occurs within the NOW. Each energy package comes into a being energy field once they have absorbed, learned from and integrated the prior energy package. In this manner, no one becomes overwhelmed and everyone safely moves into a slightly higher frequency of reality. Each energy package, thoughtform, is high enough to put you into challenge but not high enough to cause you stress.

Then as you adapt to and integrate each frequency of energy, you release that energy package to accept the next slightly higher frequency energy package. In this way, you move through higher and higher frequencies. It’s almost as if you want to swim in the ocean, so you put a few toes into the water until you get used to it. Then, after a while the water is not so cold and may even feel warm, so you can swim into deeper water and feel fine.

Sue:    Those of us that are allowing ourselves to surrender deeply into the Ascension process are realizing that it is a process of letting go, letting go, letting go. Because as we moved through this experience of “letting go,” we are in the corridor and all of our past histories of darkness, fear, anger, all of these situations and all of our conscious and unconscious thoughts are coming to the surface to be released. We can’t lie to ourselves any more. It’s right there. So then all we have to do is say,

“I Love You Unconditionally, blessings be and I let you go.”

It is about transmuting all of the fearful feelings within us. That part is not as difficult for those of us that those who have been on the path for a while because we are ready and eager to transmute our life. We’ve been working on it for along time and to be able to transmute it on an energy field instead of as a situation is a huge relief.

What is happening is that we are coming into a state of alignment, and we are more peaceful and calmer. Therefore, our emotional body is calming down. What’s happening is that because our emotional body is calming down, the connection between our 3D brain and our multi-dimensional mind is opening. We are starting to get these mental frequencies that would have burnt out our brain if we weren’t in this state of peace and harmony.

Nuri:  It makes so much sense. It actually already feels like my brain is short-circuiting.

Sue:    Absolutely, I feel the same way. We know when it starts to short-circuit because we get anxious or depressed. That’s when we need to say, “Okay enough! Now I’m going to have some fun, now I’m going to watch a movie, now I’m going to visit a friend, now I’m going to take a walk, now I’m going to garden in the yard – enough”.

We have to stop and integrate. Then when it’s all integrated we’ll feel it and say “okay, ahhh, I can breathe now, so I’ll take on a little bit more”. But if we just keep taking it on and don’t integrate it into our consciousness, thoughts, emotions and dailylife we’ll be so nervous and so hyped up that we can’t ground it. Then we will stop taking it in because it’s not grounded. You see, there is a automatic “breaking system,” so that we don’t become too overwhelmed.

Most important, we must remember that we are not doing this for our own selfish desires. We are here for the planet. So everything we gain we ground into the planet, not just so our physical bodies are safe but because we love Gaia. Gaia needs our help and we lovingly share our experience with Her.

Nuri:  Absolutely. It’s interesitng and thank you for that. It provides a reference point and enables me to be more in the NOW. It reminds me that when I feel that my brain is “short circuiting,” I need time to do something joyous, take a walk or watch a movie. That’s good to know. Thank you.

Sue: And thank you so much Nuri for joining me to download the “Message From The Arcturians.”

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The Watchers via Jean Rockefeller: Growing Pains @ Golden Age of Gaia

the watchers blog

The Watchers via Jean Rockefeller: Growing Pains


Current Conditions

As of February 13, 2015, The Tethers of Service began to release en masse, resulting in a powerful wave of exiting energy.

As I mentioned in my last message, the Tethers of Service are now coming to fruition and this has translated into an energy upheaval that is occurring both Globally and personally.

As the cords, contracts and connected energy to the Tethers of Service are released, an adjustment-reset- in the internal and external environment must occur.

Some may have noticed a shift beginning on February 10th but for most it began on the 13th and is still on-going. It may continue for some until the Summer Solstice but for most it will terminate on the Spring Equinox.

Physically, deep pain, likely within the bones or digestive system, may now be again re-surfacing as the fear and anger connected to the aforementioned agreements are being released. In addition, one may experience lethargy, fatigue and weight gain as the body adjusts to the new climate changes.

During the last week, beginning on Sunday February 22, 2015, the energy wave may have surfaced in one’s external environment and a powerful reset is now in full force. Since this time, we have been experiencing a constant onslaught of resets which have been occurring literally on top of one another.

This week may have been uncomfortable for some but this only validates that a new wave of consciousness has now arrived. We, as a collective, are taking giant leaps forward and this leap is just the first of many that will occur this year.

Once and for all, long standing life lessons are now being presented for release. This will explain why you may be re-experiencing paradigms that you thought long ago were healed. It is analogous to the final gasp for breath before they are let go. “Coming full circle” is applicable here.


Collectively, We are building a New Earth and We cannot move into our New Home until we have cleared the clutter from our lives and our beings.

Thankfully, The Vulture is assisting in releasing us from old and decaying energy. In addition, He is purifying our bodies and our beings; allowing new connections, ideas and inspiration to take hold.

If you need help, Murphie is here…ML_use

While I receive each of Jack’s messages, one of my Watchers will sit by my computer and ‘charge’ the message. I don’t usually mention this unless they ask me to do so and Murphie is asking me now.

Murphie Leigh wanted me to mention that she has “powered” this message. She is a logistics officer and sends energy, direction and information to the Watchers on the receiving end of Jack’s messages.

Personally, however, Murphie can help you release energy that inhibits and squelches your Personal Power. This Lady is formidable and She is offering Her services. If you are having issues related to Power, call on Murphie and ask Her to assist.

Be direct, be firm and be resolute in your request.

Jean, the Watchers and I are incredibly Grateful for our Allegiance and our Connection. Hesitate not to call upon us to assist in your evolution, especially now. We are all working to create a New Earth and a New Age and it is now time to reach out to those who have the same vision and purpose.

Jack, The Watcher

Jack is a Watcher, which is a sentient being in animal form that is completely aware. Jack is not the only Watcher as there are innumerable Watchers all over the Earth both wild and domestic. Their purpose is and has always been to guide and steer humanity as well as protect humans that are vital to the Greater Good. Since the Revolutionary War, the Watchers purpose has been to assist in the coming Ascension of the Earth and beyond.

“Jack the Watcher: Growing Pains,” channeled by Jean Rockefeller, February 27, 2015, at

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Thank you to Golden Age of Gaia

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Signals and Power Feedings from your Divine Self ~ Bob Fickes Enlightenment Program

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Signals and Power Feedings from your Divine Self


As we open our heart to the Masters and begin our spiritual journey through meditation and channeling, we also open to new levels of experiences that happen to our body and our consciousness. When we begin to open to the Divine, we are really discovering that this Divine Consciousness is already inside of us. The Divine has been waiting for us to tune in and activate all the blessings and gifts we carry deep inside. One of our first and most important questions is how do I verify that what I am receiving is the Truth.

The Masters are ready to help you. All you need to do is ask. You can ask the Masters to send you a Power Feeding of Spiritual Light and Love. They will download this Power Feeding from deep inside of you. It never comes from the outside. Only when this Power rises up inside of you can you trust it. If it comes from the outside, you are not generating it and you must be suspicious of where it comes from. If it comes from inside you can trust that it is the right Truth for you. If it comes from the outside, it may be truth but it is not your Truth.

When a Power Feeding comes through you, it is like electricity generated from deep inside and vibrating through your body and your consciousness. Sometimes you will feel this vibration electrifying the cells of your body, or as waves of soothing light and love. Power Feedings transform your body and your consciousness to a higher vibration of perception. You might feel your heart flutter, or feel a sensation of warmth around your heart or the top of your head on your face. Once you begin to feel this Power Feeding, ask the Masters to give you a sign or a signal that you can use to verify if this energy or message is coming from the most Divine Aspect of your spiritual consciousness. More importantly, ask the Masters to give you a sign or signal that you can use anytime to verify that whatever you want to know such as a message, or a choice (like should I do this?) is the Truth or just some karma or thought from my subconscious mind.

Once you ask for this sign or signal, the Masters and your own Divine Self will send it to you. Close your eyes and feel the Power Feeding rising up inside of you. Look for a sign. It usually comes in a flash and doesn’t last long. When it comes don’t think too much, just feel it and notice something about it that will help you in the future to recognize it again. Maybe the sign is warmth around the heart, or a flash of light with a specific color. Sometimes it is a sensation somewhere on the body such as the chest, the head or the hands. Once you recognize it and feel spiritual energy with it, you can use it anytime for the rest of your life. Any time you want to know if something is right, you can ask your Divine Self and the Masters to give you your signal that this is the Truth and is in harmony with everything that is good for you and for this world.

It is very important when we first receive our signal, not to think too much or worry about if it is right or not. Never doubt. If it comes with a Power Feeding from inside of you, and you can feel the energy, then it is Truth. If you are not sure that you felt anything, then wait for another time and ask again. When it comes, trust it and confirm with the Masters that this is your signal by saying, “Thank you, I got it.” Once you accept it and agree that this is your signal, the Masters can send it to you anytime you need it. Enjoy!

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YESHUA: Instruction on Healing ~ Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart


Christ photo by David Hinchen, Lamb Window, First Presbyterian Church of AlbanyYESHUA: Instruction on Healing

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On February 5, 2015

Yeshua: What I wish to bring forth is very simple, perhaps not easy, but nonetheless simple. It is about healing.

There is really only ever one healing, which is the healing of separation from God. All other healing is a variation upon that, a certain frequency within that, which an individual may be more open to receiving in a particular moment.

Ultimately, it does not matter if someone is healed physically or not. Certainly we care about others. Certainly our heart wishes others to be in their wellness, in their wholeness. Yet there are times, quite a few times, when it is pain that draws someone to God.

So the healing is never about relieving pain or suffering. The healing is about relieving separation from God.

You cannot necessarily tell this to people, unless they are ready to hear it, because they won’t understand. You may choose to offer healing of pain or suffering, and that may support someone in their path of coming closer to God.

But ultimately, it is not your job to relieve anyone of pain. Your job is to fulfill your path of offering your gifts and service—to God and to the world—in the way that is most right for you. Then let go of the results because the results are divinely orchestrated. You are playing your part in this divine orchestra.

This is what I wish to offer. Are there any questions you wish to ask?

Question: In my particular case, is doing healing work one of the possible things that helps me to fully express my soul?

Yeshua: You will always know what helps you to express your soul because the things your soul is choosing for its expression are the things that connect you to God. So this is the measure you can use to determine if something is your path.

Ultimately, you do healing for yourself, because it is your path to do so and by following your path you are connecting to God. It is your connection to God that serves others, more than anything you do to alter their circumstance. Your connection to God helps them most directly to connect to God.

If healing is the pathway through which you can offer that, then that is your path. If chewing bubble gum is the pathway through which you can offer that, that is your path. It does not matter.

Questioner: I also feel close to God through gardening.

Yeshua: Yes. And there are all sorts of ways that you bless the Earth and all the people on the Earth through every touch of the Earth.

There are infinite ways to serve. It is all about your connection to God and what lights you up, what brings your joy, what brings you passion—which is simply the energy of God filling you.

Questioner: (crying) That’s what I miss the most about my daughter [who died]. I felt like the love of God would shine through her eyes. Almost immediately after she died, I realized I’m left here on Earth to create that, without having it be for her.

Yeshua: Yes, you are understanding perfectly.

Questioner: The beauty that I saw in her was just God’s love shining through.

Yeshua: Absolutely. That is all there is. That is all this realm consists of. Any being stays in this realm until they realize that and become God’s light themselves. Then they are ready to leave and continue in another realm.

Questioner: My mother, in her dementia, has been screaming out that she was abused when she was younger. The doctors are wondering if this really happened, but I have no proof. Can you tell me if this actually happened?

Yeshua: You are not understanding what’s happening correctly.

The mind is a filter. The mind filters out the vast amount of information contained in your whole universe, which is the kind of information that exists in the Akashic Record—the information of everything. This would totally overwhelm beings and they would be nonfunctional if they received all this information. So the mind filters this out.

When someone has dementia, they are losing their filter. So your mother is opening up to massive amounts of information that may be hers and may be others’.

Ultimately, it does not matter if this happened to her or did not happen to her, if it happened to her in this lifetime or if it happened to her in another lifetime. It does not matter. It is her reality now. She is experiencing this now. So you should relate to her as though this is what’s happening now. Give her the exact response you would give her if this were definitely the truth and her real situation—because it is, for her.

She may very well need healing. I would say she definitely needs compassion and a safe space to express her pain. Support her in expressing her pain and allow her to do so. Let her know, “Yes, yes, I hear how much pain you’re in, how painful and awful that must have been. Is there more you want to share?” Let her share. And help her, just as you would if this had happened recently.

I offer you my deepest, fullest blessings.


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