High Vibrational Bodies and The Dogma of Belief Around Food ~ Sabrina Reber – Raise Your Vibration

 ART : Gaia ~ by Nelly Tsenova


High Vibrational Bodies and The Dogma of Belief Around Food By Sabrina Reber


I am having a direct experience – through my own attention to healing my own body – of all the absolute untruths surrounding beliefs about what is actually healthy for the human body. People like to lump everyone in one category, one belief system, one way of being and then they judge, belittle and even shame those who don’t eat exactly the way they do.

In the spiritual circuits if you eat animal protein you are labeled “not highly evolved” or “low vibration”. Then if you go vegetarian – that’s not good enough for the Vegans. Vegans feel we should not eat any animal products which means no dairy, no eggs, no honey, no sea vegetables (because they are full of tiny animal life forms such as plankton and tiny crustaceans). Then if you go vegan that’s not good enough for the “Raw Foodies” because everything must be raw, uncooked, unpasteurized. Then if you are “super special” you can work really hard to go against the design of the human body and become a “breatharian” where you eat no food and oftentimes no water solely living on prana or life force – this is an extreme lifestyle indeed.

The truth is that everyone is different. No two bodies are the same, just like no two souls are the same. If you want to attain truth, you must find it “within yourself” and that means silencing all the egoic, dogmatic beliefs that have been projected onto you from others, which creates great confusion within your being to tune into YOUR own body to see what is healthy and appropriate for YOU.

The body speaks. We just don’t listen until we get sick and have to start paying attention to what our bodies need. By that time illness has manifested so strongly within us it will take extreme dedication and perseverance to heal ourselves – and that will require major lifestyle changes. The biggest issue many of us will face is releasing our beliefs about food and self denial. Ignorance and denial about our unhealthy lifestyles and refusing to create change leads to a slow suicide and it is also a reflection of our own lack of self love.

A high vibrational body is a body that is thriving. But lets not forget that we also have an emotional body, a mental body, a soul body and a spiritual body and it is the cumulation of these bodies that are a direct reflection of our vibrational frequencies. Our vibrational frequencies will be extremely low if we are eating an all raw food diet but we are allergic and unable to properly digest the raw foods we are eating – not to mention we are absolutely miserable with our new way of eating. In addition, if you are a raw foodie or vegan and you elevate yourself above others, pass judgment, belittle and project angry outburst towards others because they are eating foods you do not approve of – you are fully in your egoic consciousness. Your ego is trying to control others and you are not honoring other people’s free will to listen to “their” body to decide for themselves which foods are nourishing and life affirming for their souls journey while in a physical body.

These kind of egoic, controlling behaviors – forced upon others – will clog up our chakras and send us into a deep emotional and mental energetic tornado that will keep us from being able to access the love and wisdom from our souls and spiritual bodies. In addition, all the negativity we have created within ourselves will attract negative thought form energies to us that will feed off of our negative energies circulating in our energy fields. We live in a very parasitic, energetic, multidimensional environment – so it would behoove us to be very cautious of the kind of emotional and mental energies we are releasing and “feeding” to those energy forms externally of ourselves who love to stir up drama, chaos and arguments between humans so they can get fed. A very important question to ask ourselves is not “what are other people eating” but “WHAT AM I FEEDING IN THE ASTRAL REALMS OF MY BEING?”

Unless we are a doctor, teacher, nutritionist, health coach, healer or naturopath – who has clients coming to us asking for guidance – we should not be interfering in other people’s food choices outside of our own homes. Food and all the toxic things we ingest are wonderful learning tools and they provide very profound experiences for us to discover what supports our bodies or destroys them. What another person chooses to ingest and experience is none of our business!

As the planet increases in vibrational frequency, our bodies are becoming highly sensitive. We are being asked to really connect with our bodies and ground ourselves fully into the physical dimension so we can heal ourselves. If we are ungrounded, our root chakras will be unbalanced and we will have health problems. The root chakra is our foundational chakra and it needs our support. Ingesting healthy foods, connecting with our bodies and being fully present in the NOW moment of what is going on within our bodies will help us nurture our root chakras. If we are out of body all the time – not grounded  into the present moment – we will be unconscious and completely unaware of the core sensations our bodies are sending us and we will also be unconscious of the foods and substances we ingest that are making us sick.

We are being called forth to purify, cleanse and only interact with those things that support our ascension journeys. We are being called to release old addictions, toxic foods, negative behavioral patterns and all things that do not enhance our LIGHT. Go within and really connect with your body. Start talking to it. Let your body know you are ready to support its ascension process and ask your body to send messages to you when you have ingested something it does not agree with. Every one of us – due to the modernization of our diets – have food/substance intolerances and sensitivities that need to be addressed. Begin the process of gaining food wisdom – not food dogma. The way is within – you are the key. Healer heal thyself.


  1. Eat as many living, raw, organic life force filled foods as you can. Educate yourself about GMO’s and the benefits of eating organic. Organic is the best choice because it is not a GMO food, nor does it have chemicals sprayed on them. GMO free labeled foods would be the next best option- but they most likely have been sprayed with excessive chemicals. Consider growing your own garden for the freshest safest foods.
  2. Purchase a water filter that you can afford. Put loving words on your water bottles to infuse the water with positive vibrations. Bless it and drink lots of water. Water is the best detoxifier.
  3. Have blood work done to check for parasites, candida overgrowth, hormone imbalances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, liver and kidney function, cholesterol levels, inflammation levels etc… Also see what your blood type is and eat right for your blood type. Not everyone is meant to be a vegetarian and some people should not eat animal proteins. Eat right for your blood type – this IS a genetic factor. People who are born into a Hindu family have the genetics of a Hindu and therefore do best on a vegan diet.
  4. Work with someone who can assist you with an herbal total body cleanse. This is a journey and could take many months to complete. Recommended cleanses: Liver, Kidney, Colon, Heavy Metal, Parasite (trust me you have parasites!), candida etc…
  5. Get educated about juicing. The pasteurized juice we purchase in the store is not healthy for anyone. Purchase a juicer and make your own juice that is full of life force energy, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. All natural juice – consumed immediately after it has been prepared – is very healing and regenerative when you juice what is appropriate for your body. Juicing foods that your body has a reaction to is UNHEALTHY as it will create inflammation in your body.
  6. Learn about food allergies and histamine levels in food. Currently, many people are having problems with their thyroid, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression, inability to sleep, histamine intolerance etc. These problems stem from naturally occurring chemicals in foods being released into our bodies that our bodies do not have appropriate enzyme production to break down – most likely from leaky gut syndrome due to a build up of toxic foods/GMO’s/toxic chemicals etc. A lot of the foods people are having reactions to are “healthy vegetarian foods” such as beans, soy, nuts, strawberries, pineapple, spinach, avocado, grains, eggplant, tomatoes, fermented foods including alcohol etc… Just because a food is healthy does not mean it is healthy for you.
  7. Check with your doctor first and periodically engage in fasting. If you have major health problems perhaps a 7-day all raw food cleanse, a soup cleanse or a 3- day all natural juice cleanse would benefit you. If you are healthy, a 3 – day water fast or more is incredibly healing. Tune into yourself and do some research to see what would work best for you.
  8. Chew your food. Chew until it becomes liquid, your body will spend less time trying to digest food and will have more energy to heal and repair other things in the body instead of spending all of its time digesting unchewed food. This is much harder than you think. Try it and see how often you have to force your throat to not swallow unchewed food. This is a very common, unhealthy behavioral pattern most people are unaware of that will require great effort and self awareness to correct.
  9. Consider practicing “12 hour fasting” or “intermittent fasting.” When you wake up in the morning, count how many hours you slept and were without food. Perhaps 8? Then add 4 more hours onto that time period to make a 12 hour period where you have fasted and have only had water to drink. Then for the remaining 12 hours eat a healthy diet that is appropriate for you. 12 hours of fasting and 12 hours of healthy eating. This gives your body 12 hours everyday to spend its time healing, regenerating and repairing itself instead of digesting food.
  10. Become aware of everything you put on and in your body. Eliminate as many toxic items as you can. Consider soaps, shampoos, lotions, sunscreen, toothpaste, makeup, deodorant, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, cleaning materials, pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, sugars, salts, spices, caffeine, alcohol. Obviously, some things are easier to release than others. Sometimes a good cleaner is better than the natural ones but eliminate as many toxic items from your being as possible and use them in moderation if at all.
  11. Become conscious of radiation from cell phones, computers, t.v.’s, microwaves, etc….we can’t escape these electromagnetic waves but we can reduce them. Baking Soda baths periodically are helpful at removing excess radiation from our bodies. Add 1 Cup of baking soda to your bath water.
  12. Dry Brushing: Get a soft body brush and brush your skin towards your heart. This will remove dead cells from the body that clog our pores and block us from releasing toxins in our skin. Also, sit in a sauna several times a week to purge the skin of excessive histamine, toxins and fluid.
  13. Don’t forget about your other bodies!

– EMOTIONAL BODY: Take care of your emotional body – process through your old pain and stop interacting with anything that generates an “unnecessary” negative emotional response in you. That might mean you need to limit or release Facebook, Twitter, T.V., News, Horror movies, people and places that don’t support you and your growth. Human egos and human shadows are everywhere and these aspects of ourselves have energies attached to them that need to get fed. These external energies that are attached to our egos will purposefully stir up drama….they are hungry and need food. If you do not have control over your emotional body it is best to stay away from these “carefully designed triggers” that will create vulnerability in you. Work on your own ego/shadow consciousness – allow others to be themselves so you can set yourself and them free. Stay focused on your own healing and release the need to get involved in human drama that is very prevalent in social media/tv etc.

– MENTAL BODY: Remain in control of your thoughts. Keep them focused on what you want. Don’t get absorbed about thinking about others and their problems – they are divine beings who are learning through their own soul lessons. Your point of power is in the here and now focused on your ability to do good in the world. Focus on your own shadows, growth, healing and transformation that you need to work on – the ego will try to distract you and get you to focus on others. This is a waste of your precious life force energy and will greatly distort your mental body – because in reality you can not change others. You can only change your self.

SOUL BODY: Meditate. Spend time with your soul. Strengthen your relationship with your inner being. Call back your soul fragments. A high vibrational being is one who is in their power. If you have soul fragments that have broken off due to trauma or because you have been misbehaving and living in your ego – your soul has not wanted to experience that so portions of your soul will break away or fragment from your being. You need to retrieve your soul fragments so you can be whole and happy. Soul loss = lost power and lost energy. It also leaves holes in the aura where other energies can come in and take up residence. Soul retrieval is very important. You can go to a healer who can retrieve your soul parts and bring them back to you or you can start living a life in alignment with your soul and your soul fragments will slowly return to you when they feel safe. Everyday you can state: ” Creator, I ask for any soul fragments that I may have left somewhere else to please be removed from where they are – returned to your light for purification – and returned to me. I also ask for any soul fragments that are not mine that are in my energy fields to please be removed from me – returned to your light to be purified – and returned to who they belong to. Thank you, it is done.” This request must come from your heart and you also need to be doing your best to live from your soul and not from your ego.

SPIRITUAL BODY: The only thing your spiritual body needs from you is for you to allow it to merge with your lower bodies – physical, emotional and mental – so these bodies can be purified and raise in vibrational frequency. This will require you to get real with yourself – to face the self and to have the desire to truly know the self. That means you must pull yourself out of denial. As we face God, we face the self. The ego will do everything it can to keep you from facing the self – so much so – it will have you completely consumed with other people’s lives and what they are doing. This is a distraction and it will keep you from focusing on the the things within your self that need to be healed because you are too busy focusing your attention externally of your self.

So as you can see – what we eat is just a portion of what creates good health and a high vibration. I don’t focus on what people should eat because that is a highly cultural, genetic and free will choice that is up to each soul to decide what is appropriate for their unique body and their unique living environments. Some of the most grounded, spiritually connected,  animal loving, profoundly healing people in the world are the Reindeer people in Siberia. They are way beyond us in vibrational frequency and live totally aligned with nature and the spiritual dimensions. They raise, herd, live with and eat reindeers…they use all of the animal with great respect and appreciation in order to sustain themselves in the blistering cold climates they live in. They would most likely laugh at the ridiculous dogmatic beliefs us “modern people” have created such as “you must be a vegetarian or a vegan in order to be a high vibrational spiritual being” or “you don’t love animals if you eat them” (I guess that means people who eat plants don’t love trees, plants, the Earth or flowers either?) If we are open, we can learn a lot from the reindeer shamans. They deeply respect all life including their own needs for survival and they do not go against the laws of creation – they work with them. They listen to their own intuition and that of Spirit to guide them and they eat what they need in order to sustain their lives. -Sabrina

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Archangel Michael – “SPIRITUAL PHILOSOPHY FOR EVOLVING HUMANITY” ~ Ronna Herman @ Star Quest

A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose (12)ART : A Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose



Transmitted Through Ronna, LM-05-2015

Beloved masters, many of you feel as if you are in the final stretch of a long, difficult race and your energy and enthusiasm are lagging. You are growing more and more disenchanted with the glamour of your worldly existence, and the things that used to excite you seem somewhat tarnished and dull. It is because you are shifting in and out of two vastly different realities or several dimensions at once. Also, your four lower bodily systems (physical, mental, emotional, and Etheric), are trying to adjust to and catch up with, the many Facets your Higher Self, which you are integrating on an accelerated, regular basis. This has put much stress and strain on your earthly vessel.

A vast number of you have and are preparing to make a quantum leap into a Fifth-Dimensional consciousness, whereby your old world State-of-Being is falling away much faster than you can integrate the refined energies/vibrations and concepts of your new, higher frequency existence.  As you become aware of what is taking place, you will not be so stressed out and confused. Please believe us when we say, “Relief is at hand.” One of our greatest desires is to assist you in the process so that your transition can be accomplished with ease and grace.

Over these many past years, much of the information, meditations, and exercises we have given you have been focused on transmuting old negative energy patterns, and also on expanding and refining your conscious awareness. This process is necessary in order to make way for the infiltration and integration of the rarified cells of Creator Light—the higher frequency, powerful new Rays of Individualized Expression, which are radiating forth from the rarified realms of the Supreme Creator.

We offer you a variety of higher truths to assist you in the evolutionary process, which is now in full force, during these unprecedented times. Some of these advanced teachings have been given previously, but they are important enough to repeat. We suggest that you focus on one or two concepts each day so that you may ingrain them firmly within your consciousness until they become a part of your new SPIRITUAL PHILOSOPHY FOR SELF-MASTERY.

* You are learning to live in an ascended state of consciousness as you gradually unite with the remaining Facets of your higher Fourth-Dimensional Soul Self.  You are moving out of a state of becoming into a STATE OF BEING, which means you are learning to live in the NOW moment of your “God Power.”  As you develop clear-seeing and pure intention, the fog of illusion will no longer affect you. You are beginning to mold and create your greatest visions and desires from the storehouse of Divine Seed thoughts of unmanifested potential, as you slowly refine your cocreative abilities. You are gradually evolving into a unified, radiant SPIRITUAL BEING IN HUMAN FORM—a SOUL-INFUSED PERSONALITY.

* Self-mastery is a never-ending process as you learn to integrate more and more of the virtues, qualities and attributes of our Father/Mother God. It takes constant vigilance and practice; however, the rewards are immeasurable.

* It is time for you to remember why you are on Earth.  Remember, you are an extension or a Facet of our Father/Mother God, who in turn, are greater Facets of the Supreme Creator. Embrace the excitement of your new reality as you create greater and greater harmony within your personal world. Endeavor to take full advantage of your newly harmonized and elevated reality—savor all of the sensations and rewarding experiences the Earth plane has to offer, while also enjoying the beauty, wonder and magic of the higher realms.

* Light, sound and color are the modalities of healing, and they are requisite tools to assist you in expanding your consciousness, and in refining your personal reality. A spiritually-focused student/initiate on the Path to higher awareness must learn to use some of the major tools of Self-mastery, for they are a part of your Divinity and your birthright. Toning and learning to use Sacred sounds and mantras will aid you in rectifying many of the symptoms of distress or illness that you are currently experiencing, for they will assist you to gradually transform your etheric, emotional and mental bodies into a more harmonious state of Being.

* Each of you has the ability to contribute something personal and unique to the Divine Blueprint, which has been designed for the future of humanity and the Earth. You have been given an extraordinary gift by our Mother/Father God—the Divine privilege of participating in the creation of your own destiny. Each of you has the potential of becoming a glorified mortal. You are becoming Spirit-infused mortals, which assures your ever-expanding, immortal status. You are multifaceted, and you have consciousness on many more levels than you can comprehend at this time. You are an Immortal Soul with a mortal mind and body. You are in a process of Soul-expansion, whereby you are gaining the ability to integrate higher and higher Light frequency infusions.

* There is cosmic time that is fluid and malleable, and there is mortal time that is linear, structured and event-oriented. You are learning to live as Spiritual Mortals who can access the fluidity and magnificence of the Cosmos. There are schools of Cosmic Philosophy where you have studied, and which you will be able to tap into once again as you gain the ability to traverse the higher realms of expression.

* There are Destiny Guardians to guide you and show you the way.  Ask for their assistance and they will become your devoted servants. The Beings of Light represent many differing viewpoints, and they have had many diverse personal experiences, just as mortals have.

* True spirituality does not demand particular rituals or rigid beliefs; it is a mode of living your highest truth with wholehearted devotion. You are to seek a blending of your highest intellectual, emotional and Spiritual Philosophy of life.

* You are a Spark of the Divine, and you should honor and place high value upon yourself and others. You are dishonoring our Father/Mother God when you do not. You should always seek liberty and truth for yourself and for others as well.

* How will you know when you have moved into a State of Grace? You will know when others reflect the beauty of your Soul back to you. You will know when your abundance begins to flow. You will know when your heart expands with love for all Creation, and when your Soul Song reverberates throughout your Being, and out into the world and the higher realms. You will know when you cannot keep quiet, and you are compelled to share your joyous experiences with anyone who is willing to listen. And, you will know when it is appropriate to be a silent witness.

* Meditate daily and nightly, better yet, become a living meditation so that every waking moment is focused on the highest purpose for all. Then bring your love and power together to create the meridians of Light and focused energy, so that your strength is circulating throughout your physical vessel, and then radiating forth from your Solar Power center, upwards into the heavens, outward to all humanity, and downward to the center of your Mother Earth.

* You are to assume the lofty outlook of the masters: calmly, gently, lovingly standing by, observing, helping when possible, but allowing, not judging, for you know all that is happening is for a reason, and everything that occurs has a higher purpose.

* Spread your loving Light and presence as far and wide as possible, dear ones.  Counsel those who are led to you. By your actions you will be known, and those who have need of your Light and wisdom will be drawn to you.

Never forget, you are eternal and immortal. Your physical body is a temporary temple in which a Divine Facet of God dwells. The Sacred Heart is the temple of the Soul. Therein is the Essence of Life where true Love resides, and where your awareness of Infinity begins. The Diamond Core God Cell within the Sacred Heart contains the Twelve Rays of God Consciousness for this Sub-Universal experience. These Sparks of Divinity  are powerful WHITE FIRE GOD-SEED ATOMS—etheric crystal prisms of refracted Light called RAYS—which continually beam forth the Life/Love Essence of our Mother/Father God throughout this Sub-Universe.

In order to manifest your dreams, your vision, and to create your personal paradise, you must be ever alert for and strive to attune to the whispers of your Soul and Higher Self. This is accomplished by tapping into the frequencies of your OverSoul/Higher Self, and becoming aware of your greatest potential. Self-mastery is the power to control your life and destiny, and the wisdom to use it for the highest good of all.  As you do so, it is vitally important that you stay firmly grounded and balanced within the accepted range of duality while functioning within the reality of the Third-/Lower Fourth-Dimensional reality. You must also strive to establish emotional harmony and serenity within the illusionary world of the higher Fourth Dimension as you endeavor to become acclimated to the mental plane of the Lower Fifth-Dimensional environment.

Your transformation into Self-mastery, as well as the Ascension process, will be greatly accelerated once you have expanded your personal Lifeline of God Light—an etheric tube of Light—which is your primary connection to your God Seed Atom/ I AM Presence. You are also in the process of reestablishing your connection to the River of Life via your personal Antakarana (Rainbow Bridge of Light), which contains the Creator Essence called Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. Over the many past ages, humanity has diminished the connection to the River of Life/Light so that, in most people, it has become only a small trickle, which was called the “SILVER CORD” by the ancients.

Each of you has a sphere of radiance around your physical form that is produced by the vibrational patterns within your Auric Field and your Cosmic Soul Song. Ascension means bringing the total bodily chakra system into balance, which will facilitate the clearing, refining and balancing of the Etheric Body/Auric Field. An important part of your Ascension goal is to focus on the process of returning your Etheric Body and Auric Field to their original Divine Blueprint, which is the human blueprint for your original bodily form called the Adam/Eve Kadmon Light Body.  We observe you via the bands of color within your multiple body system, physical, mental, emotional and Etheric, which have been created by your thoughts, actions and deeds throughout your many lifetimes down through the ages.

Dear hearts, we ask you to nurture yourselves, to pay attention as never before to your physical vessels and the signals or messages your wise body Elemental projects to you.  How will you enjoy the beautiful world of love, joy and abundance you are creating if your precious physical vessel is not vibrant and healthy?

Join us in your Pyramid of Light, my brave ones, and allow us assist you to move through the process with ease, grace and great joy. May the radiance of our Father/Mother God pour down upon you and fill you with the Light of Life Everlasting. Know that we are ever near to guide and protect you.

I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna   *STAR*QUEST*    775-856-3654 *   http://www.RonnaStar.com * http://www.QuestForMastery.org * Email: RonnaStar@earthlink.net This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Expanded consciousness and mental telepathy are aspects of your Divine heritage.  However, this ability must be reactivated and practiced if you wish to become a proficient and clear channel. An important component of Self-mastery is developing the ability to connect and interact with your Guardian Angels, your Spiritual Guides and Celestial Teachers.  Each of you is needed as a SENTINEL OF LIGHT and a WORLD SERVER * 8 X 11 * SPIRAL-BOUND BOOK *** $20 PLUS S&H


Transcript: Archangel Gabrielle ~The Role of the Empath ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

art signs-of-christ-by nicholas Roerich

ART : Signs of Christ ~ Nicholas Roerich

Transcript: Archangel Gabrielle ~ Today’s New Realm – The Role of the Empath, April 21, 2015

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset

Heavenly Blessings

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzanne Maresca: Today we will be hearing from Archangel Gabrielle on the subject of what may seem at times like extreme energetic sensitivity. Many of us have been experiencing heightened awareness of our surroundings, and the experience can leave us wondering how to integrate the feelings that come with that.

We will also be discussing those who came into this world with the ability to feel the hidden emotions of others. Before ways are discovered to discern one’s own emotions from that of others, the energies can feel quite overwhelming. I didn’t catch on that my daughter was an empath until she was about nine years old and that realization improved our experience immeasurably.

There’s so much to talk about on this particular topic because it’s like we really are changing and growing in every moment. I have certainly wondered how we are supposed to navigate this with our increased sensitivities. It’s still very dense and difficult here.

But I also feel that part of the integration of who we are puts us… I just have this vision of a shield of knowing around us, that this is not all there is; that we have a physical form but this is not all we are. And we are certainly not subject to energies; it’s what we give power to. So this will be an interesting conversation.

Linda Dillon: This will be a very interesting conversation; and I think it’s a very timely conversation because we can’t on the one hand say that we are lightworkers, love-holders in the middle of our Ascension process, and then want to turn off the very gifts that come along with that.

SM: Exactly. If I may, I know you have an announcement to make as well, but I’d like to announce a new show that InLight Universal is launching tomorrow night at 9 EDT. I’ll be hosting and the show is about creating a space for heart-centred expression and sharing. Really, it’s an opportunity for all of you brilliant listeners to come and shine your light as well. We are all expanding our awareness and our aspects and skills and this is a way to share what’s in your heart.

If you want to be part of that, it’ll be posted later on how to participate in that. So just check out the InLight Universal site or Golden Age of Gaia. And you have an announcement too, Linda…

Linda: But I also wanted to say, Suzi, that I think it’s brilliant that you are creating a space where people can simply call in and have conversations, because I think one of the difficulties that I know you hear about and I certainly hear about is that as lightworkers, love-holders, we so often feel isolated; that we either live in areas or neighborhoods or cities or towns or families that really don’t want to hear, or aren’t interested in the same things, topics that we are interested in really talking about. And in fact, we can drive them crazy wanting to talk about it.

So having a platform and having a place where you can talk and have this kind of a conversation is wonderful. So congratulations on your new venture.

Suzi: Thank you. I’ve been very guided and I feel perfectly placed.

Linda: You are, we all are! And my announcement is probably at the other end of the spectrum and it’s about a webinar series that I have been very guided to do, and tried to avoid, but with absolutely no luck! It is brought to you courtesy of the Divine Mother and it is on Core Issues. And let me tell you, dear friends, that if you think that you have cleared your core issues… if I was a gambling person, I would say, “Not!”

And with this Third Wave of the Tsunami of Love, our issues are coming up again, because we are transforming…we are completely transforming our energy, our grid. Our very DNA is transforming. So if there’s any of that deep seated, dark … I’m not talking about vasanas or surface issues, of the things that you’ve worked on clearing for the last 20 years. I’m talking about the real core stuff!

And this is the thing. It’s coming up and it’s what you have always known is there, and it has barred you from fulfilling your fondest dreams, aside from serving the Mother, aside from creating Nova Earth, aside from being lightworkers… you know, the real basic stuff like, “What’s in it for me?”

Well, let me tell you. All of you that I talk to and hear from who want those sacred relationships, who want to bring some kind of financial security or abundance into your lives, or good health, or good family relationships… all these things that you’ve been working on, and you feel like sometimes you are just banging your head against the wall. You can see it out of the corner of your eye but you haven’t ever really been able, in physical reality, to wrap your hands around it and to own it.

Well, guess why? It’s your Core Issues that are barring you from doing it. So this is going to be a really intense webinar series: a very interactive forum, deep meditations, probably a lot of laughter and a lot of tears, and four sessions over five weeks with yours truly in a classroom situation on the computer.

The webinars are recorded so you can go back and look at them time and time and time again. We are starting on May 9th, and it’s Core Issues. And I for one say, “It is time for us to let all of this go.” So come to the Council of Love site, and read up. See how you feel, look inside, and if it’s there, please sign up! Thank you!

SM: Thank you! That is a labour of Love, Linda, because I understand you are following the direction from the Mother and it is pretty much hard to say “No.” It’s not impossible, but I’m also focused, and I know that there are so many of us focused on bringing this all up and eliminating the things that keep us from realizing our potential.

And sometimes, even when we’ve done the clearing, there can be a little residue left over in terms of habits and memories, and a lack of something to replace the cleared thing with – like a good behavior to fill the bad behavior space. We just don’t know sometimes…

Linda: Yes, and the thing is, if you are continuing what you have termed ‘the bad behavior’, it’s because you haven’t gone deep enough and really looked at what’s inside that’s keeping that pattern going. It’s just time to let it go.

I’ve had great discussions with Isaac, my husband, about this. I wanted to call it ‘Purging Core Issues’ and he says, “Oh, that sounds so negative and so harsh. Why don’t we try ‘transforming’ or ‘transmuting’?” But it’s getting rid of this stuff.

And, of course, at the end of a class, once we clear all this stuff, what we’re doing is bringing us into this new theme, this current theme of balance, of really being the embodiment not only of the Mother’s Love but of our Love, of who ‘We’ are.

So it already is a wild ride because how the Council works with me is they walk me through a course, every little step of the way before I get to teach it and share and facilitate the process. So I have been in the thick of this ever since Mother Mary appeared by my bedside and said, “Do it!” It has been a wild ride for the past week!

Let’s talk briefly about what it means to be an ‘empath’, because I think both of us have huge, personal insight and experience. And while, of course, it’s always wonderful to talk to Archangel Gabrielle – and I know She has some insights for us – it’s also important that our fellow listeners understand that we’re right in the thick of it with them as well.

I know that one of the things I’ve experienced, because I am an empath and telepathic, is that for a long time, when I ran into people and once they knew what I did – what’s interesting is that they didn’t really want to get close to me because I think they thought I was going to ‘read’ them.

And, just like you, that is the last thing on my mind or in my interest. I think like many empaths, I have a ‘no trespassing’ sign posted on me, and I post a ‘no trespassing’ sign on other people, because I don’t really – unless there’s a purpose and an invitation, or you have contacted me – I don’t want to read your energy.

I do read the energy when we have something terrible happen like a plane crash or a nuclear spill, or something in nature… I really feel it. But I’ve learned over the years to keep my shields up so that I am not like that sponge and absorbing anything because that’s not how you want to live.

But at the same time, as I was getting ready for this and Gabrielle said, “You know, coming in as the Creator Race, coming in, in our Mastery, it is part of our Angelic Starseed Self that we do. We are empathic, telepathic, because that’s where we’re going. So it’s not something you really want to completely eliminate or shut down. You just want to make sure you’re not carrying it in a way that’s hurting you.

SM: Yeah, and to learn to navigate and know what’s yours and what’s not. Sometimes we make an assumption that other people can see and feel what we can see and feel, and that is absolutely not true.

And without any guidance, an empath in this world would feel… Oh my gosh, it would be just so difficult if you have no support around you and you’re feeling everything. Thank God for the internet because people can do searches and find things that way. A lot of people have found the Golden Age of Gaia site just doing searches, looking for something that makes sense in this world.

But once you understand that you are picking up on other energies, you can start to practice the discernment of knowing what’s yours and what’s not yours. And that’s actually good for everybody, no matter what level of sensitivity you have.

Linda: That’s very important, because that’s one of the reasons why I have that ‘no trespassing’ sign. If you’re an empath and you have difficulty navigating this – as I think about how I do that, let me talk about that briefly. You and I both, Suzi, live in places that aren’t in the middle of a city, and we have both psychic and private space, nature, around us.

Isaac does, I would say, 95% of all our shopping. I thank God I have him because one thing I do not deal well with is grocery stores, with the lights, with the energies, with the whole situation. If I have to go to a mall, for example, I choose a time like a Wednesday morning when no one is there. I have my list. I am in, I am out [laughter] and I am done!

I think I shop for 99% of my clothes in one small store where I know the sales lady and I don’t have to deal with anyone else! [Laughter] So I’ve made these unconscious adjustments in my life. I don’t go to rock concerts because the energy is too bombarding… anything like that.

So you have to sort of adjust your way of navigating so that you don’t feel that you are being bombarded or invaded, and learn to put up that shield of protection.

SM: As I witness my daughter and the things that she goes through, I realize that I may not be as empathic as she is and subject to it. But I am at least as sensitive, if not more so, but in different ways. Being that I was born at the time that I was, into the family that I was… I’m not sure what made it so that I could maybe withstand a little bit more than she does in terms of going to a mall.

I’m not really sure what the mechanism is, but I do feel it has something to do with the expansion of my awareness, of why I’m here, what I’m here to do… shifting into the whole Oneness idea, being One energetically with everything – it really helps me a lot.

Like if I go out on the hammock and I’m meditating and there’s leaf-blowing going on, or somebody using a chainsaw even, or traffic going by, I don’t even put in my earplugs because I’m just thinking of all the sounds as just part of my reality, and it sort of fades away and doesn’t bother me.

Linda: Good, because if we are part of the Unified Grid… increasingly they refer to us as ‘Gaians’, not as ‘Floridians’… [Laughter] What do you call people in New Jersey?

SM: [Laughter] I could make a joke but I won’t…

Linda: [Laughter] … but if we’re in this Unified Grid, like you say ‘of One’, then the more that we’re in that energy, we realize that the ebb and flow of the higher vibration will carry us through, and that the lower… what I tend to call ‘the drama energy’ will disappear. So take heart!

SM: Take heart, that’s right! Oh my gosh, everything is changing. It just feels like another world from two weeks ago even, specifically before the equinox; I feel like everything has changed for me…

Linda: Everything is shifting every day.

SM: Every day, it’s true, whether you’re feeling it or not. Perception really is everything.

[Meditation from 18’20 to 22’05]

Archangel Gabrielle: Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Archangel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, Archangel of Communications. Welcome, my beloveds. Welcome to this Council and to this time of enormous change, for it is a time not only of sea change, it is a time, yet again, of Tsunami.

And so, for those of you who are empathic, sensitive, telepathic, it is an increase in this wondrous ability. Yes, of course, as with all gifts, you learn, you come to understand in the Truth of your own magnificence how you employ this gift, the same way you learn or remember how to employ your voice, your vision, your 3rd and 4th and 5th eyes.

Sweet angels, the abilities that you have brought to the planet during this time of change are far greater than you are even imagining in this moment, and they are opening and expanding increasingly. So there is not a chance – let us put it, that it is highly unlikely in the intention of the Mother, that your talents, whether it is sensitivity, empathic or telepathic, are going to be shut down or shut off. That is not the way.

You come forth as New Race; you come forth as the reembodiment, the reincarnation of the Creator Race. What does this mean?

We have spoken of it before, of the talents and the abilities to create and co-create. But part of knowing how to proceed is also being able to key in, to understand the fields – not necessarily even of the individual, although there are times when that is desirable – but to be able to key into the pulse, the mood, the emotional awareness, the mental acuity, the readiness factor, the spiritual elevation, the spiritual maturity of the human race to proceed.

And then, because you have this information, you are able to communicate to the collective, to groups, to individuals, where they exist, where they are stationed, where they are anchored. If you begin speaking French to a baby, chances are they will learn to speak French and they will adapt. Languages and telepathic communication are already present in the infants.

Think of the number of situations that you encounter. Children know. And it is only through what you have termed ‘the socialization process’ that this wondrous ability to communicate has been turned off. Well, it is not in the highest good of the collective or the individual to turn off this spectacular talent.

How you manage this ability to communicate, because that is what empathic knowing is – if you are communicating field to field, field to larger field, field to the entire unified field, field to the collective, field to the Universe, to your Star brothers and sisters – this is how they communicate.

So what you are doing is able to adjust how you speak, how you communicate, body language, eye language, smile language, in all of these ways, because you have the advantage, dear hearts, of knowing. Not assuming, but of knowing where people are: what their difficulties are, what their blockages are, what their thoughts are, what their troubles…or what they assume to be troubles, are.

And you may send until it is perfectly second nature. You are sending to them what is appropriate, welcome, and that is a very important clue: what is welcome and what is available. Now, it is not intended unless consciously invited… you are not inviting that energy unless it is a perfect, welcome again -match to come within your field.

Yes, the channel has spoken of posting a ‘no trespassing’ sign, and actually that is something that I in fact taught her until it became second nature, and that is what I suggest to many of you: you put up your shields that Michael has given you, you enfold yourself in the cocoon of pink and gold, and you use every ability to stay within your bubble, within your Seal of Solomon, so that you are not feeling in any way compromised. That is not the gift. And what is happening is this turning the gift of being empathic or telepathic or sensitive into a curse or a nightmare, and that was never the intention.

So the energy that is coming within you, because you are heartfelt individuals; the empaths are heart-centred already. It is not that you need to learn to become heart consciousness. You are already there. So what you are doing is you are doing the outflow. And you have a very clear stop-gap for the backwash or the inflow, because it is not necessarily for your highest good. You receive what you want to receive and nothing more and nothing less.

Now, I know that you will have a number of questions about this, dear Suzanne. Where do you wish to begin?

SM: Oh [laughter], I thought you would be going on for more! Okay. Well, I imagine the question on our minds collectively is how long this can go on that our sensitivity is increased while this world is still entangled in chaos? Like it’s more than just feeling other people’s emotions; it’s everything that’s going on.

And as we have more sensitivities, it can become a little more difficult. But what needs to happen feels to me like an integration of all our parts; that we truly understand that the full power of the Light is ready to come through us when we can successfully release all that no longer serves, all that does not have Love as its core. But maybe that’s different for everybody?

AAG: It is not different for everybody. In fact, it is identical for everybody.

Now let us explain. And that is why we say, “This is not going to stop or reverse.” And the sensitivity – and let us simply use those three terms interchangeably – the sensitivity is only going to grow as you become higher or more interdimensional, as you become more anchored in your heart awareness and consciousness, as you embody and become the living flower of the Mother, the blossoming tree.

These sensitivities are only going to increase. Now, is there chaos and mayhem upon the planet? Yes. But we are not suggesting that you allow, yes ‘allow’ that energy to enter into your field. So what you are doing is staying in the highest vibration, the vibration of Love, and the vibration – can we use that term, because many of you will understand it – of ‘self-containment’.

So that what is going on out there with the progression of the human race – as they resolve and come to an understanding that the mayhem does not serve them – that you are not participating. In your outflow, you are sending the energy out because you are observing it, you are the observer, you are the discerner of that energy.

It is not that you are blind. We would never suggest that because that would be in denial. But what you are doing is you are observing, you are discerning, you are sending targeted energy and Love where it is needed, but you are not taking it in.

That emotional trauma-morass-chaos-mayhem is like a cancer that has need and is being healed. And it is being healed by the Mother’s energies, by the increase of her gifts of Clarity and Purity and Grace. It is being healed by each of you that send Love. But you are not going there because it does not exist. What you would be doing is throwing yourself into a past reality that you have only recently escaped. That would be the most foolhardy thing you could ever do.

So what you do from your bubble is you observe, you discern, you send, but you anchor in the Unified Grid of Love, of One, of the reality of your true Self, and the truth of the collective.

So, we have not talked about this before, but what you are doing when you are entering into that Unified Grid is you are also connecting with the Higher Self of all of those beings that are perhaps still acting out. So you are connecting with the collective in an entirely different realm and dimension. And that is where you wish to be.

As a sensitive, if you enter into that foray, into that war zone, it will hurt you. It is that simple. You will feel like your circuits are being blown apart. You will feel the pain, the suffering, the anxiety, and that is never our recommendation.

Even those of you who work with our beloved Michael, Mi-cha-el, and travel with him in your night work, you go and you send and you insert Peace, and you anchor Peace, and you infuse the hearts of those that are engaged in various forms of violence. But you do not inject yourself and start participating in the violence. You would never get back to your bed! That is not the way in which to proceed.

When you are healing – I use this example because so many of you do healing work – you allow yourself to be the vessel and the energy passes through you, picking up your bright delight, and sends into either the environment, the individual or to Gaia herself, but you send it… you do not ‘pull out’ in the sense that you bring it into yourself, the disease, the agony, the sorrow, the pain. You would never do that.

So when you think of yourself as sensitive or as an empath, what you can start to think of yourself as is a Master Transmitter. Many of you are beacons – most of you. It is your second nature. You are beacons and you are anchors; you are pillars of Light in this time of transition, but you are transmitters. Yes, at times, you are also transmuters, but you are absolutely, as empaths, transmitters, and the transmission is outward.

You may collect pertinent collective information, but you view it only as information. What is extracted before you bring it in, before you allow it even in the edges of your field, you extract emotion, you extract ego, you extract what you can think of as recalcitrant, resistant or ‘dark’ energy. So all you get is information. Is this clear?

SM: Yes, it is. Something else that’s occurred to me is that it’s only what is true right now is what matters. So in this moment, if you are not experiencing… like the situation around the world: what is true for you in this moment is what to pay attention to.

But that also brings me to, say, environmental things that would be impinging someone’s sensitivities, for example, smells and loud sounds. We can protect ourselves to a certain degree, but we don’t live in caves and there are other people around us that have practices and things that might bother us. Would you have anything to say about those sorts of things, sensitivities?

AAG: You yourself, sweet angel, have indicated a wonderful way because it is the Truth of the Angelic Realm. When you conjoin into the One, the… if we can call it ‘the disturbance factor’… will go from 10 to a 1 or 2. Now will it completely disappear? No. Because it is also part of your beingness, those irritating smells, irritating sounds, discordance. Discordance is abrasive, and discordance is exceptionally abrasive to the empath.

And so what you are going to do is, as much as possible, is you conjoin into the reality of the One, of that Unified Grid, and you avoid situations that you know are going to bring about that discordance. Now, you live in a world – silence – unfortunately…it will be restored, but as you have said, dear Suzanne, we are talking about the ‘Now’. Silence used to be quite literally golden.

There are very few places upon your planet of sweet Gaia where there is true silence anymore. And even in the places of the grandest beauty, in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of the Himalayas, in the deepest forest, there are still sound waves that were not there and that were not intended to be there. So that will come.

But to address your question – the irritating, abrasive sound, smells, even the observation of certain behaviors, has need to be toned down – put mufflers, cocoons, all around you. That is why I have suggested: see yourself in a cotton candy cloud and you are inside the cloud, that you have this soft, absorbent material all around you.

So not only are you in your bubble, your bubble is filled with the cotton candy, your shield of titanium is outside your bubble, and then there are many more layers of the cotton candy outside of that, so that those sounds are passing through many, many layers to come from a 10 to a 1 or 2. Because they cannot, in this moment. Are they dissipating? Yes. Have they dissipated? No.

SM: Right. Well, to what you’ve spoken to, my feeling is that one of the first things that sensitive people need to do is to embrace their sensitivity and say, “This is who I am and I love who I am, and I accept this; and I know I will find ways to navigate this world and be my beautiful, sensitive self.”

AAG: In all ways, it is about loving yourself. And to be a sensitive, to be an empath, to be telepathic is a gift. And it is… think of it as being a step ahead on the evolutionary chain. You are wanting to go to the higher dimensions where telepathy and the unified Love and the field is all there and available, where your 3rd and 4th eye are completely activated, where your vision and your auditory channels are wide open.

But to be in that space, in this very moment, you are a step ahead of the collective. But you are part of the evolutionary jump. So for you to not enjoy it as the gift it is and to Love yourself as the extraordinary being that you are, as the transmitter that you are, would be very sad.

SM: Yes. And what’s coming to me too is also to shake off the labels that have been put on us through life. Maybe our families were uncomfortable with our sensitivities, and we’ve been ridiculed for it and all that sort of thing. That needs clearing too. Anything that anybody’s told us about how we are, if it’s at all negative, to be able to transcend that and clear it. So the clearing and the acceptance of our Divinity is key here.

AAG: It is the acceptance of your Divinity, the acceptance of your magnificence, the acceptance of who you are. In another conversation that you have had with this Council, and you have talked about physical adjustments – of becoming younger, of becoming the beauty of who you really are – and the first step in that has always been the embrace of who you are in this very moment.

So the beginning point for all beings: empaths, sensitives, telepathics begins with the loving of who you are in this moment.

Now let us talk of something else that is exceptionally important, and I would be remiss if I did not bring this to the forefront.

For the empaths, for the sensitives in your New Realm where we are asking, inviting, begging you to step forward into action, to be the observer-participant… and that applies to all beings, all lightworkers, all love-holders, and we hope, the entire human race. For how else do we create Nova Earth? But, let us speak of this.

For the empath, the most important elimination, restriction of all, is the elimination of drama. It will never work. You will be in a world of misery if you do not, first and foremost eliminate drama. Drama has been the addiction of the human collective in the old third, and it has taken many faces and had many qualities. And they have all been aberrant.

So, one of the first things that an empath must defend, eliminate, exclude, expel from their lives is this drama. Now there is wonderful drama that they can become, you all can become re-addicted to. And you have spoken to the channel about this as you began today.

The daffodils peaking their yellow heads up through the ground, the leaves on the trees unfurling – this is the drama and the beauty of Gaia. This is the gift. But the drama of pain and suffering and sorrow and hurting and greed and lust and lack and cruelty… there is no place for it in the human collective, period.

But to the empath, to even glance in that direction… it is going to destroy you. So you must, and you will not hear us say ‘must’ very often, you must let it go.

SM: Yes, indeed. Well, this has been very wonderful, very very fabulous. I was wondering if you had anything else to say in closing?

AAG: Sweet Angels of Light, Starseeds, Earth-keepers, empaths, sensitives, let this be one of my final comments.

In the human collective, there is still this quality that is not charming and it is called ‘jealousy’. There are many who are jealous of your qualities. Now we are transforming this, you are transforming this, to admiration. Admire this wondrous capacity that you have and know that it is shared by the Angels, the Archangels, your Star family, the Ascended Masters and the Mother Herself.

Admire who you are and share freely. Be the transmitter that you came to be. Do not sit in exclusion, but sit in temperance of what works for you. And shield, cocoon, and send, not receive!

Go with my love beloveds, and go in Peace.

SM: Beautiful, thank you Gabrielle.

AAG: You are welcome, sweet one. Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


Thank you Golden Age of Gaia

Energetic Weather Report #4 – Arcturians and Galactic Family @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 27.4.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Energetic Weather Report #4 – Arcturians and Galactic Family


The Energetic Weather Report #4

The Calm Before The Storm

Transmissions from the Arcturians and your Galactic Family

The energetic weather report for April 25, 2015 is that you, our dear volunteers, are in “the calm before the storm.” We will begin by differentiating between the third dimensional definition of storm and the multidimensional definition of storm.

Via Suzille’s dictionary, the third dimensional definition of storm is, “violent weather, heavy rain or snow, strong wind,” or more human situations such as “an outburst of angry feelings, a rush of fear of violence or to take something by storm.” All of these definitions have what you would call a “negative” quality.

In our frequency, we do not perceive a storm as a negative event, but rather as an opportunity for transformation. Whenever there is a storm, persons, places and/or things that experienced the storm become changed in some manner. Those who want everything to stay the same will be upset about this change.

However, those who are ready to experience a new version of their reality may be very happy about this storm. But, even those of you who are ready, and happy to begin their process of change, are concerned if there will be much destruction or loss.

When there is a storm in your weather, plants can be lost, outside furniture and landscaping may be damaged and your roof, house or car could be harmed. Therefore, a physical storm could cost you money to replace, work to repair and perhaps grief for whatever is damaged beyond repair.

However, we are not speaking of the calm before a 3D physical storm. We are speaking of the calm before an energetic storm. You will not find information about an impending energetic and/or frequency storm in your newspaper or television. However, you may find that information on your Internet.

The calm before any storm offers a “time” to prepare and batten down the hatches to diminish the damage. But the storm of which we speak will not occur in just the physical world, but you can still prepare for this storm. This energetic “storm” has been brewing since 2012.

In the year of 2012 many people heard about the end of the Mayan Calendar and the new world that would emerge. However, many of these people were thinking with time-bound, 3D human time. Therefore, they were waiting for the entire planet to suddenly and completely change.

The reality is that even humans cannot totally change their entire reality on one certain day. Therefore, the total transition of an entire planet on one given day to totally change would create untold damage. Actually, what is occurring is a change in your human consciousness and perceptions.

Remember, creation/transition, which are both terms for change, begins in the higher dimensions and expands into the lower dimensions. Therefore, fifth dimensional Earth already exists, just as your own fifth dimensional SELF already exists. Thus, this “change” is actually a “return.”

As Gaia and humanity return to their fifth dimensional expression, they will do so with the great gift of all they have learned in the world of polarity, separation, human free-will and time. Since you, our ascending ones have learned so much and have transmuted so completely, there will be an immense impact on fifth dimensional Earth.

This impact will be similar to a family who sent their beloved child off to college. When the child, who has become an adult, returns to the family, he/she will perceive the family in a very different manner. Also, the family will perceive the child in a different way.

The hardships that the family had while they were “paying” for their child’s education will be released, and the child/adult will be able to share with the family what they have learned in their educational process. You, our dear volunteers to Earth, have also been undergoing an immense education.

All that you have learned during your myriad sojourns on Earth will be greatly contribute information and experience to fifth dimensional Earth. Living myriad incarnations within the 3D Matrix has not been an easy education. In fact, many of you have not been able to graduate because you became lost in the illusion and forgot the truth.

Therefore, you will need “go into the calm” to prepare for the storm of change. We understand how easy it is to become lost in the illusion of time and how difficult the third dimension can be. Therefore, we remind you to maintain your meditation schedule and all the wonderful multidimensional contributions in which you are engaged.

Your meditations and your contributions to Gaia’s ascension will greatly expand your consciousness beyond the limitations of 3D time. Living in the NOW in a time-bound reality is yet another challenge. One advantage of living in the NOW is that you will have a higher perspective of reality and of the ascension of your reality.

However, there are many “side-effects” of leaving time that make your 3D life more challenging. For one thing, once you have the choice of perceiving reality through the energy field of your own higher dimensional SELF, third dimensional schedules must be documented then documented again, as you will easily forget what you do NOT want to do.

Things like paying bills or going to the grocery store slip from our memory like a bad dream. Normal things like watching 3D news, reading 3D papers or sitting through TV commercials cannot hold your attention. Also, many things you once enjoyed now dim in comparison with your higher perceptions.

Many of the above tasks, desires and perceptions can no longer hold your attention, but they are still necessary for your physical survival. Fortunately, via your fifth consciousness and perceptions you are finding ways to transmute many 3D actions that feel like trudging through mud.

Of course, there are other tasks that you must continue for as long as you are wearing your earth vessel. The CALM before the STORM allows you the illusion of time to prepare. “But what do I prepare for?” we hear you all asking.

You are preparing for the TRUTH. Lies resonate to the frequency of the third and lower fourth dimensions. Once your consciousness, as well as your perceptions, expands into the fifth dimension you can easily see these illusions desperately trying to camouflage the Truth.

Therefore, we ask you, dearest awakened ones, please send unconditional love and violet fire into the illusion. In this manner, you will simultaneously love free and transmute the illusion so that only the TRUTH will remain. In fact, the storm is actually the winds of change that are blowing away illusion.

Remaining in daily connection with higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF will greatly assist you to take full advantage of this “calm” before the storm. From your third dimensional perspective, it is difficult to see how much change YOU were able to create with your ongoing belief in your dream and your goal.

Yes, so many of you have had dreams, imaginations, meditations, higher dimensional experiences and memories of the YOU that you have always been. Words like “ascension,” “Gaia,” “Arcturians,” Pleiadians,” “Galactics,” “Archangel Michael” and “St. Germain,” are often spoken and read in your NOW.

Long held secrets are being released, and the Truth is increasingly shinning out through the dimming illusion. You, dear humans of Earth, are preparing for a storm of transmutation. We call it a storm, as many will experience the incoming onslaught of TRUTH as a hurricane, a tornado, a storm of the unknown invading their comfortable lives.

Therefore, dear volunteers to Earth, we depend on YOU to give the newly awakening ones the kind support and loving understanding they will need to shelter them from the storm of information and perceptions that are far beyond their ability to grasp.

Some of them will become frightened.

Please give them love.

Some of them will become angry.

Please give them information.

Some of them will become violent.

Please send them unconditional love and Violet Fire.

Some of them will want to hide in what they have always known.

Please give them patience.

We remind you, our emissaries to ascending Earth, to remain in constant contact with your Multidimensional SELF. We ask you to go into meditation to better remember other incarnations in which you assisted others in a time of great transition. You, the members of our galactic family, are beginning to remember more and more of your higher dimensional realities.

In the midst of this remembering you can become confused as to which life is the real life. We tell you that ALL your lives are real. All your past, present, future, parallel and alternate realities are ALL real. In fact, they are all occurring within simultaneously within the NOW of the ONE.

Remember to visit the ONE. Remember to live in the NOW. Remember your Mission and the skills that you have collected over myriad lifetimes, so that you can fulfill that mission in this NOW. Each day, more of you are remembering your “past lives,” your “visits to Faerie,” your life on your Starship and the feeling of camaraderie with all life.

Each minute is fading into the NOW and the NOW is collapsing into each minute. Time is a third dimensional illusion. As you remember that fact, you can release your need to hurry up and ascend. Instead, you can spend your remaining “time” unconditionally loving the very third dimension spent you have spent your life wanting to leave.

Take a moment of the NOW to say,

“I am my Multidimensional SELF.”

When you are walking through you daily life, take a moment of the NOW to say,

“I AM here NOW to serve Gaia and ALL Her life forms.”

While sitting in traffic, waiting in line, paying your bills, etc., take a moment to say,

“I AM the CALM before the storm.”

To BE the Master of the storm, BE the CALM before the storm.

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

Posted by Sue at 4:09 PM

The Next Step In Our Preparation ~ Patricia Cota-Robles @ Era of Peace

Soul Portraits by Wendybyrd Smith...

ART : Sedona Soul Portraits for Women ~ Wendybyrd Smith

The Next Step In Our Preparation

by Patricia Cota-Robles


April 25, 2015


The Company of Heaven has revealed that in 2015 the monumental influx of Light and the powerful Celestial alignments Humanity has experienced, so far, have raised the vibratory rate of the collective energy, vibration, and consciousness of Humanity en masse. This has occurred in a way that is now providing opportunities for change and quantum leaps forward in the Light beyond anything we have ever experienced. These selfless Messengers of our Father-Mother God have expressed that the magnitude of what is happening on Earth at this time has never happened in any system of Worlds. In reality, we are in the midst of a unique experiment that is truly beyond the comprehension of our finite minds. But even in the face of that profound Truth, it is imperative that we realize we knew of this possibility prior to embodiment, and we joyously came to Earth with the Divine Intent of assisting Humanity and ALL Life evolving on this sweet Earth to God Victoriously succeed in accomplishing this unprecedented facet of the Divine Plan.


Now that the incredible Light from the rare Eclipse Series in March and April has been assimilated in the Earthly Bodies of Humanity to a degree, the Company of Heaven said we have reached a frequency of vibration that will allow the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth to activate within the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame the dormant Flame of Illumined Truth. This Sacred Fire is a beautiful Emerald Green Flame with a Sunshine Yellow aura. This is a gift from our Father-Mother God that we were invested with prior to our descent into the physical time and space continuum of Earth.


The Divine Intent of this gift from On High was to give the Sons and Daughters of God the ability to discern through the frequencies of Illumined Truth the various experiences we would walk through during our Earthly sojourn. When we fell into the chaos of separation and duality and became buried in the mud puddles of our human miscreations, we were no longer able to perceive the Flame of Illumined Truth within the Divinity of our Hearts and that Sacred Fire became almost dormant.


As people Awaken and return to Christ Consciousness, our I AM Presence is able to once again activate the Flame of Illumined Truth within our Hearts. This plays a vitally important part in helping us to discern the Truth of who we are and why we are on Earth at this time. It also helps us to know when we are being manipulated by things that are not true by people outside of ourselves and by the interference of our fragmented and fear-based human egos.


The process of activating the Flame of Illumined Truth within the Heart Flames of Humanity has been a gradual process as people Awaken, one by one. What the Company of Heaven want us to understand about the miracle taking place at this time is that we have at long last reached a frequency of vibration and a shift toward Christ Consciousness that will allow the I AM Presence of the masses of Humanity to activate this dormant Flame.


On April 19, 2015, through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, an ancient portal of the Flame of Illumined Truth was reactivated and opened to full breadth. This portal pulsates in, through, and around Greensboro, North Carolina, and the surrounding area, in the USA. This portal was originally a tremendous pillar of the Flame of Illumined Truth that extended from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God into the center of the Earth. When Humanity closed our Heart Chakras causing the Flame of Illumined Truth within our Hearts to became dormant, this portal also became dormant.  

Not only has the reactivation and opening of this once dormant portal given Humanity new access to the Flame of Illumined Truth, due to the monumental acceleration we have all experienced this year the Company of Heaven is able to project through the portal higher 5th-Dimensional Crystalline frequencies of this Sacred Fire than the Earth has ever known.


To grasp the magnitude of what this means, just for a moment observe the misinformation and the disinformation Humanity is being bombarded with at this time. Imagine if within every Heart Flame people began to hear the “still small voice” within reminding them of the profound Truth that WE ARE ONE and there is no separation. Imagine if the reality that we are ALL Beloved Sons and Daughters of God, and that everything our Father-Mother God have is ours, resonated within the Flame of Illumined Truth in our Hearts in a way that inspired us to joyously cocreate the wonders of the New Earth and quickly manifests our Divine Destiny of cocreating Heaven on Earth. Well, that is the opportunity that we are being presented with and it is the next step of preparation that will clear the way for HUMANITY’S INITIATION INTO A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING, which will occur through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth in August.


One of the most powerful ways of expanding the various aspects of God’s Divine Light on Earth is on the Holy Breath. If you are inspired to assist Humanity by Breathing the Flame of Illumined Truth into the physical world of form, you can very easily do so by participating in the following exercise.


The Rhythmic Holy Breath


The Flame of Illumined Truth is an Emerald Green Flame with a Sunshine Yellow aura.


I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As One Voice, One Breath, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration, and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love I invoke the most intensified frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Flame of Illumined Truth that Cosmic Law will allow. 


As I Breathe In, I affirm in the silence of my Heart:





As I Hold the Breath in, I affirm in the silence of my Heart:





As I Breathe Out, I affirm in the silence of my Heart:





As I Hold the Breath out, I affirm in the silence of my Heart:





(Repeat SEVEN times) 


You Are Being Called to A Higher Service


This information is being brought to your attention by your I AM Presence because of who you are and what you have been prepared over aeons of time to do in order to assist Humanity and this precious Earth into the Light. Only your I AM Presence can reveal to you what your part of this Divine Plan is, but listen to your Heart and you will be guided unerringly to your right and perfect place. 


Please read the following information carefully and your part of this vitally important facet of the Divine Plan will be revealed to you by your I AM Presence through the Flame of Illumined Truth.


In 2012, we God Victoriously Birthed the New Earth in the 5th-Dimensional Realms of CAUSE. In 2013, we expanded the patterns of perfection for the New Earth and birthed a Renaissance of Divine Love. In 2014, Humanity en masse experienced the initial impulse of our return to Christ Consciousness through the Divine Intervention of our I AM Presence. Now, in 2015, we have collectively reached a critical mass of energy, vibration, and consciousness that will allow Humanity’s I AM Presence to Initiate us into A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING. This is the moment we have been longing for since our fall into the fragmented and fear-based consciousness of separation and duality. 


Several outer World events have begun to reveal the shift of consciousness that is gradually taking place within the masses of Humanity. Over the past several months we have witnessed massive demonstrations in several places around the World that indicate that people everywhere are reaching the conclusion that violence and aggression are not acceptable ways of solving problems. 


This realization will gradually inspire people to seek viable solutions that will solve the World’s problems through cooperation, mutual respect, caring, and a deep commitment to finding answers that result in the highest good for all concerned.


The next phase of the unfolding Divine Plan for Planet Earth is being revealed to us now by the Company of Heaven. That plan involves creating a global wave of Christ Consciousness that WILL amplify a thousandfold Humanity’s Initiation into A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING. The Company of Heaven said this facet of the Divine Plan will cocreate a quantum shift that will exponentially move Humanity and this Planet forward in the Light in 2015. 


The success of this Activity of Light will catapult every person on Earth into the next phase of Christ Consciousness, which will greatly intensify the remembrance of the ONENESS OF ALL LIFE within the hearts and minds of people everywhere. When this inner knowing begins to reverberate once again within the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame, the thought of harming any part of Life in any way will be unconscionable. When the concepts of violence and aggression are no longer an option within the recesses of our heart, we will easily tap into the viable solutions in the Causal Body of God that will result in actions that genuinely take into consideration the Oneness of Life and the highest good for ALL concerned. 


Many powerful Activities of Light are being orchestrated in 2015 through the unified efforts of the Lightworkers embodied on this Planet and the entire Company of Heaven. These events will pave the way for Humanity’s collective shift into A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING which is destined to take place through the Divine Intervention of each person’s I AM Presence during the global event known as the  29th Annual World Congress on Illumination. This Activity of Light will take place August 15-20, 2015, in Tucson, Arizona, but it will involve every person on Earth.


Every Lightworker will be in his or her right and perfect place. No facet of this Divine Plan is any more important than another. What IS important, is that we respond to whatever our I AM Presence is guiding us to do. We must Trust and KNOW that if we are being guided to be physically present within the Portal of Light in Tucson, then our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven will assist us in paving the way. This is true whether we need assistance with time, energy, or money to accomplish this facet of our Divine Mission. 


Our Father-Mother God and the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are sending forth a Clarion Call to all embodied Lightworkers; this includes YOU. We are being asked to gather within the Portal of Light in Tucson, Arizona, which is the most powerful frequency of Healing Through the Power of God’s Infinite Transmutation and Transfiguring Divine Love available on Planet Earth. 


Listen to your heart and know that it is critical that Lightworkers from around the world be physically present for this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan. Together we will form the transformer that will allow the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to INITIATE HIM OR HER INTO A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING. All of the Lightworkers who have been prepared to serve in this wondrous way on behalf of Humanity and all Life on this sweet Earth will know who they are through the inner promptings of their heart. Listen to your heart, and Trust your inner guidance. Your Light is needed now!


In addition to those who are inspired to be physically present, there will be Lightworkers who will join in consciousness from points of Light around the World. These Lightworkers will project the Light flowing through their Heart Flames into the Portal of Light where the Lightworkers are physically gathered in Tucson, Arizona. Thus our unified efforts will expand a thousand times a thousandfold. 


The 29th Annual World Congress on Illumination will take place August 15-20, 2015. We will gather at the beautiful Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, Arizona. To access all of the information you will need to participate in this wondrous opportunity please click on this link:



(If this link does not work please copy and paste in your browser.)


God Bless YOU for your willingness to be the Open Door for the Light of God that will allow the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth to INITIATE HIM OR HER INTO A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING. This will lift every person into the next phase of Christ Consciousness which will greatly accelerate Humanity’s Awakening and our remembrance of the Oneness of ALL Life. 




We are offering a discount of $100.00 for those who register by May 1, 2015, and a discount of $50.00 for those who register by June 1, 2015. After June 1, 2015, registration will be full price. Registrations must be paid by July 10, 2015, to ensure your space. 


After that date, reservations will be accepted on a space-available basis.



(If this link does not work please copy and paste in your browser.)


God Bless YOU,

Patricia Cota-Robles


New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization



FAX: 520-751-2981

Phone: 520-885-7909


New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

PO Box 41883, 

Tucson, Arizona 85717


This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.


©2015 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.


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Accessing Freedom Within ~ Wesak 2015 @ Walking Terra Christa

buddha for paul brunton

Accessing Freedom Within ~ Wesak 2015

The Wesak Festival of 2015 is now upon us. On May 3rd, 2015 we will be experiencing the full effects of this enormous event as we have been preparing spiritually as Initiates on the Pathway of Mastery for the past month.

Wesak represents a time of great renewal and growth as the energetic exchange within the planet accelerates creating a “Force of Enlightenment”.

We are at a huge crossroads within this year as the frequencies of Light that represent the Wesak Moon will bring forth great change into the hearts and minds of all people around the planet. It is a time in which the Ascended Masters and all Initiates gather together in Spirit within Shamballa to celebrate the ascension of Lord Buddha, our Planetary Logos. During these powerful moments all Initiates, Ascended Masters, and Light Beings will step into a new existence within their consciousness and world. It is considered the most powerful energy within the planet.

2015 Wesak represents Strength, Peace, and Love for each person inhabited upon Gaia’s planet which will allow the accessibility of Accepting Freedom Within.

This means that all of the preparation that we have done throughout the year brings us to a culmination of energies to be created within Shamballa that will be reverberated throughout the planet. Last month we experience the Festival of the Christ that meant in the past 30 days we have been “resurrecting” all elements that cannot exist within the Wesak energies as each person is guided to step into a higher part of their consciousness; whether they are aware of these energies physically or not is their choice.

As an Initiate, it is a choice to celebrate the frequencies of light through coming together with others and connecting with the Spiritual Hierarchy of the God Force, Divine Mother and Father God within the Unified Whole Command in Oneness.

We, at Walking Terra Christa, truly look forward to this time each year, as it is a powerful celebration of each person’s spirit becoming more manifest within the physical world. It is helping us to acknowledge the work we have done to get to this space and time while allowing us to ground the energies within GAIA so that we will walk into the New Earth.

What happens through this process for an individual that connects to the Ceremonial Magic that is occurring?

Individuals will feel it differently depending upon their own growth cycle, their initiation pathway, and how they integrate it within their physical consciousness.

The reasons behind this event are guided through the entire God Force; the purpose is represented within the concept of stimulating the Spirit of Love, Brotherhood, and Goodwill. It allows each Initiate to fuse together the essence of Goodwill with each other, which represents the Oneness in a responsive and integrated circle of light. Lastly, the invocations that are stated allow for a response from the Cosmic Beings of Light as we work together cohesively to attain the goals desired – Creating the New Earth.

It is a time in which our accelerations will increase substantially. The entire God Force is readying for this magnificent event just as each of us on Earth are doing the same. It is a time when each soul rises to a new way of existence within their consciousness and their lives.

The essence of Buddha represents the Wisdom of God. The Heart of God is very prevalent for Wesak providing Divine Understanding that can reach individuals with the love and service to their fellowman. The Ray of Love and Wisdom is then ignited representing the expression of Illumination of the Higher Mind. The ray essences that are prevalent during Wesak are represented within the Blue Flame of the Will of God with the Pink Flame of the Love of God, and the Gold representing the Power all igniting the Three-Fold Flame Within each individual.

Walking Terra Christa is holding a special ceremony on May 3rd, 2015 to connect with Lord Buddha and the Ascended Masters, with Divine Mother and Father God, and the Unified Whole Command within Oneness. You may attend this event from your home location via our teleconferencing system, Freedom Within (please click the link to read the details of this event). If you are interested in receiving the recordings from our Three-Day Retreat in Mt. Shasta, check out the details and specials we are offering via http://walkingterrachrista.com/retreat-journey/distance-learning/.

We are requiring a Spiritual Donation of at least $11 for this Wesak Event.  In order for each individual to receive the full potential of this connection with the God Force giving a donation is represented by the Universal Law of Manifestation. Each individual will receive a higher potential of acceleration by showing his or her dedication to the pathway.

It is with great consideration that we have come to this decision as we always share our full moon meditations freely to the public. Master Djwhal Khul has provided a special message on the subject of Wesak and the importance of Service, An Initiate’s Responsibility for Wesak 2015, http://walkingterrachrista.com/wesak/initiates-responsibility-wesak-2015/.

Transcript: Archangel Michael – On Mastery and Leadership – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

archangel michael by daniel mirante

Art : Archangel Michael ~ by Daniel Mirante


Transcript: Archangel Michael – On Mastery and Leadership, April 16, 2015

archangel michael

An Hour with an Angel

Linda Dillon – Channel for the Council of Love

Graham Dewyea – Host

Steve Beckow – Interviewer

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. Before we go into Archangel Michael and begin our discussion with him, I’d like to ask Linda if she would tell us a little bit – I think there’s a third wave of the Tsunami hitting, it appears quite strong, Linda.

Linda Dillon: Yes. There surely is a third wave of the Tsunami of Love hitting, Steve. And you are correct, people are exhausted again. I make a joke of it, just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.

LD: [laughing] This energy is of an intensity certainly that I’ve never felt before, and you know the example or vision that I’m feeling is that it’s sweeping all of us up to the top of the Matterhorn, or Machu Picchu, or wherever the highest peak in your country is. And it’s just lifting us and fueling us again with that energy of the Mother’s love.

And it is really knocking people sideways; some in a completely blissful, joyful, ecstatic way, and some are doing a little bit of struggling because the other thing it is doing of course is that if there’s anything left inside – now we’re talking core issues. If there’s anything left inside it’s coming to the surface for clearing, not for picking apart and analyzing, but just for clearing.

SB: Absolutely. I think I was telling you before the show that I had a trigger that was so ancient that it was before my vasanas, and the trigger was a ‘startle’ mechanism. And that in itself traced to when my father first hit me, right? So it’s like, if that is not core, I don’t know what is. And that’s coming up in the face of the Tsunami of Love.

LD: That’s exactly right. And one of things I’ve said, and I don’t think I’ve always explained it well, or that people have always understood what I’m saying, is that the vasanas and core issues that we have talked about are really two distinct things. And when we talk about core issues we are talking about that deep dark gunge that is so hidden in the shadows of our being that very often we haven’t been aware of it.

Very often I’ll have people say to me, “Well I have an anger issue, and I think that’s my core issue,” and I think, no that’s not your core issue, that is simply a vasana, a cover. It’s one of the things that you’ve hung your feelings on, your experience of life; and your core issue is a handful of things like lack and limitation, like that grouping that we had in the old third dimension. And it’s usually things like deep fear of betrayal or acknowledgment of betrayal.

SB: Or life threatening.

LD: Life threatening. Martyrdom. Fear of not being seen or not completing your mission – that coming to earth is so not what you expected that you don’t know that you can stay and complete it.

You know, when you peel it, it starts to come into the worthiness area. But most of those core issues are the negative side of where you want to be. And if we don’t get rid of it? Well, the Mother’s energy is washing right through us and bringing us to great heights, and you know what, sometimes as human beings and as lightworkers who have been working on this for ages, we need a little help, and that is what the course is all about that I am going to be doing on core issues.

SB: When is that Linda?

LD:  Starting May 9th. It is a 5-week course, and it is going to be intense because we are going to dig in. This is really under the auspices of Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara and Universal Mother Mary. We are digging in. We are cleaning out. And no more of this ‘wanting to create’ or ‘hoping to create,’ but every time you go to do your heart’s desire you sort of hit that brick wall. So we are tearing down that wall and we’re going for it!

SB: You’re right. It interests me very much.

LD: Well come on down!

SB: [laughing] Well thank you for that. Are we ready for you to transition?

LD: Yes.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael. I am Mee-keye-yel. I am Michael. I am Archangel of blue, I am brother of blue, I am ally of blue. I bring the blue breeze of peace – yes, don’t forget. And I am here as warrior, as friend, as ally and bringer of news.

How is that for an introduction dear heart?

SB: Bravo, bravo, Lord! You outdid yourself! [laughing]

AM: I introduce myself this way – yes, as a way to make you all smile, but also as a way to reflect back into your hearts, your minds, your cores, your very being that you also do not have a singular definition. You may have a primary definition of your sweet self, but you are known and loved and honored and adored and admired for your many faces.

And one of things that has not been said is how this third wave of the Mother’s Tsunami is also integrating and anchoring within your very core, blossoming, germinating the seeds of who you are and bringing to the forefront all the magnificent capabilities, talents, desires, and creations of your heart.

And our goal – and when I say our goal, I mean all of our goals, the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, your star brothers and sisters, and this group of Inlight Universal. It is our goal that this energy extend, and this wisdom, this bright day of a new tomorrow extend to every being upon this planet. So let us begin.

SB: For sure. Well, I woke up this morning feeling, the only word I could find to describe it was, substantial…substantiality about myself and where I placed my awareness was very truthful. I understood what was happening with that part of my body, and I went from there feeling very peaceful and loving. Is this just happening to me or is it happening to many people out there in the face of the third wave?

AM: It is happening to many. And part of this third wave is the deeper sense – and you have chosen the perfect word my friend, as always, substantiality. Because one of the things you are doing is truly embodying, anchoring the energy of the substance not only of who you are but of the unified field, of the re-gridded field, of the love of the Mother/Father/One.

You are feeling in substance the energy of your participation with and in them, that you are of the whole. So it shifts you; it shifts you in form, in your reality, not in the old third, but in the bright, new, inter-dimensional reality. And it is showing you, in a way, that you are incorporating this sense of love, the reality of peace within and without…what Nova Earth looks, feels, tastes, and is experienced as.

And it is from this knowingness, it is from this essence that you go forward in the creation, not merely of what you think of as buildings, as structures or institutions or social institutions, but of who you are, not only who you are upon sweet Gaia and as Gaians, as Earth keepers, as Portals, as Star Seeds – but throughout the cosmos. You are defining yourself and accepting that truth of who you really are.

There are so many of you, and now I do again speak to the people of Earth – all of you. You think and you feel and you come at this from a place of abhorrence and fear. That the humanity, the collective cannot be healed, cannot be lifted up; that the vibratory rate, the frequency, the essence of who the collective is, is so askew, so distracted, so abhorrent that it can’t be fixed.

I speak on behalf of the Mother. That is ridiculous, that is absurd, that is incorrect.

Now, we do not override humanity’s freewill. Quite the contrary, we support you, we guide you…often we overlight you. And yes, as I have said to one of you, we influence you. Now let me explain what that means. And when I am talking about influence I am talking about how we are talking with you energetically, telepathically, physically, soul to soul, heart to heart in addition to the Tsunami that is passing through you.

We don’t influence you in the paradigm of the old power structures of control and abuse. We influence you by saying: have you thought of? Can you feel? Can you at least look at what the other choices are?

There is no need, there is no payoff, there is no win, there is no ecstasy, there is no joy in the choices of war or control or mayhem, and that is what the Tsunami is washing out and then elevating you. It is taking care of these old, outmoded ideas.

Now does it bring to the surface, yes, these core issues…these paradigms that you have clung to? Of course it does. But these too can be addressed, erased, destroyed, eradicated, eliminated…returned back to the light. And all the while we are speaking to you, to your heart, to your mind, to your very being, saying, “Can you please just think of the alternative?”

And then we introduce the realm of responsibility of your magnificent being, your mission and purpose: leadership. What is free will and choice, and how do we work in the love of sacred partnership and sacred union?

So has the energy and the vibration been increased? Yes, it has. But this is not simply something that is being done to you. It is coming forth, yes directly, from the heart of the Mother with us as your beloved add-ons, but it is being done because you, in your hearts have said, “Yes. Please bring it on.”

SB: I just wanted to check one thing with you about the influence and maybe then we can turn to the subject of leadership. You say that you influence by saying, “Can you think of alternatives?” I experience statements like, “There are alternatives,” or, “I can see an alternative.” And when I really watch closely I notice that these thoughts are not coming from me. Is that a way that you influence?

AM: That is correct. We are not overriding your ability to choose.

SB: I understand. I experience it as a suggestion. [Laughing] And I know I can override it. Leadership. Now you talked with me in a personal reading quite a lot about leadership. There are so many questions though, that we have about that. And the first question I have is that lightworkers have been, many of them, subjected to ridicule and many of us are still hiding in the closet hoping we are not noticed. And now you come through and say, far from that, “You are going to be leading.”

Well, it raises fears in me of coming to the attention of the public so to speak. What do you have to say to us about making this transition having been shunned, ridiculed and stayed in the closet, and now being asked to come out and actually lead?

AM: It is time to come out of the cave. It is time to stop hiding your light under a bushel basket. It is time for many – all of you – to step forward and assume in the fullness of joy. So not only are you being asked to step forward, to let go of the fear, the angst, the anger, the concern, but we are asking you to step forward [laughing] in outrageous joy! So this is quite a request is it not?

SB: It is definitely quite a request. [laughing]

AM: Now, would we make such a request, such a suggestion because that is what guidance is…but I tell you, this request comes directly from the Divine Mother. Now let me go back and then we will continue. Do you remember what we have said – that when the Mother has a desire, it is an intention that stretches out from her essence and being into infinity and everything and everybody lines up – because that is the Love.

SB: Thank you for saying that.

AM: That is the Love. So you have been lined up, but hiding in the shadows. And you have been hiding in the shadows because of this, not only actual ridicule, but being dismissed, not being seen as fully present or intelligent, or anchored, or part of the collective thinking.

There have been a myriad of reasons why you have been in the shadows, not the least of which has been protection. Now, what we are asking and suggesting is that you are stepping forward into leadership roles, yes, to lead the parade. If you do not step forth in the fullness of your creator-race self, as the mighty beings that you are, there is a massive vacuum.

Let me explain. I have said unto thee, that the old third is but a whisper, an echo, that to try and physically ground in an energy that has no substance, no substantiality – one cannot anchor there any longer.

But let us suggest that you are not about to ‘become.’ You already are, and always have been, but now the acknowledgment and the embrace of your interdimensionality as creators and co-creators of New Earth comes to the forth, comes forth in a way of magnificence that has never been known, never.

In this, the old of who does what – let us be practical, because I can be exceptionally practical. You are the embodiment and the physical anchors, activators, doers of creating Nova Earth. You are the anchors of ascension, of the new reality, of the heart consciousness that is the new reality.

If no one steps forward into the ‘how to’, into ‘how do we go about this?’ How do we begin, how do we proceed, how do we build, how do we create in the practical sense? Then there is a massive vacuum because many of the billions upon your planet have not yet learned, adapted and integrated the new tools – the fullness of this new energy.

So they are assigned…or try to step up to create and to take the leadership role. They do not have the training and insight to do this in a way that is achievable. It is not a critique or a criticism or a judgment in any way of the collective, but if they are not fully engaged and enjoying the energy of wholeness, then they are not bringing the engineering of that wholeness to the project of creating Nova Earth. So there is a lack, a vacuum of leadership.

Now, who upon this wondrous planet, who has been hiding in the shadows or edging out, or in the limelight and is ready? Who has prepared? Who has been diligent and practiced patience and fortitude and stamina, and anchored the divine qualities? Who is it that is prepared to do this? Well it is the lightworkers.

Now there is a reticence on two levels. There is the practicality of, “My family thinks I am absolutely crazy,” “I do not want to risk my job, my friendships, my position in my community by speaking out.” And there is also the fear of success. There is the fear of the old paradigm of leadership, which was control and greed and lust and authority, meaning abuse of power.

And so the concern is we do not wish to duplicate the Illuminati. My friends, there is not a chance above or below that you are going to duplicate. That is what you have strived to eliminate. What you are being asked to do is to step forth in the truth of your gifts, your abilities…some in a minor way, some in a major way, but each in accordance with your true mission and purpose on Gaia – not on other planets…in tandem and cooperation with your Star brothers and sisters, but not off planet…to bring forth this wondrous new.

It has not been done in form, anchored in a physical reality, a physical reality that is absolutely interdimensional. That is the task at hand. We know the magnitude of what we are asking, but we also know the support that we are prepared to give on every level.

SB: Boy. If I could step in here for a moment, Lord. What you said is totally fascinating to me because I’ve been going through some of those stages that you are talking about. For instance just last night I wrote an article that looked into what mastery was, and you said earlier that people need to inquire into these areas that they don’t necessarily have expertise or a good means…that they don’t necessarily know the whole of the path.

So I began to inquire into mastery and I trashed the article because I thought I was getting too far ahead of the discussion. But you’re saying we need to step onto these new paths or at least make a trial formulation and get the discussion going. Is that what you are saying?

AM: That is what we are requesting. And you should not have trashed that article.

SB: [laughing] Oh, well I can resurrect it.

AM: Yes. We know you can, and if you cannot we most certainly can.

SB: [Laughing} Very good.

AM: You see there is also a shying away. And we have been saying this, that you came in your mastery – and I am addressing all of you. You came in your mastery to this incarnation. And most of you shake your head and shy away. Now we used to, and I am talking about, oh a decade ago.

We used to tease you and say you were masters in the making. We called you the M&M’s and we teased you and began, back then, planting the seed so that you would begin to get used to this whole idea of mastery. And then you shy away and you say, “Well I am not St. Germaine, I am most certainly not Jesus Sananda. I am not St. Francis. I am not Serapis Bey or Sanat Kumara.” And your humility, which is charming and a sacred virtue, is beautiful. But in that humility, do not fall into false humility where you deny the truth of who you really are.

It is time my beloved friends, to delve deeper. Yes, you have heard about your soul mission, your ray, your colors – all of this. But you have need also as a starting point in this discussion of mastery, to unequivocally without any fear, to look in delight, at who you really are and not deny – you have been given many labels, many assignations, some are Earth keepers, you my beloved brother are a communicator…you are a warrior.

There are many in my legion of blue who are peaceful warriors, each acting in a different way; some are communicators, some travel with me in the dark of the night to the most horrendously dark places, some of you work on the home front literally and theoretically, some of you are transforming the ideas of wars between kingdoms.

Each of you has a unique piece of this puzzle, of this unfoldment of the Mother’s intention. And you carry, yes, the broad spectrum of talents, but also the very particular talents that you have mastery of. Stop hiding.

We need, yes need, our partners front and center. So often you have said to us, “Where is the company of heaven? How are they assisting us?” We are right here with you in this unfoldment, every step of the way in love. Nothing else. Yes, the side effects, the elements of love, peace, joy, passion and compassion and patience and stamina – all of these are part and particle, subatomic fibers of love of the essence of Mother.

We are right next to you. So our question is, our request is, will you step forward in the truth with us? The Mother has deigned and designated a new group, very recently as ‘guardians of the truth’, and this is a pivotal role in the unfoldment of Nova Earth: that there can be no falsehood. That my blue truth, Gabrielle’s golden truth, Maitreya’s magenta truth – all of it shines brightly.

So what does it mean to step forward in the leadership? It means courageously, with exceptional valor, not only holding the truth of who you are and standing back, but beginning – yes, with discernment, but perhaps more vociferously than you ever have – declaring what you know to be true.

SB: Yeah, if this is my opportunity to jump in, Lord. First of all, let me speak for lightworkers in saying that we gladly step forward to serve in any way you require. We’d like to know from you what roles you require? And that will come, I’m not saying right here and now. But can you tell us what mastery is?

AM: You will be surprised at the simplicity of my answer. Mastery is the acceptance, surrender, and embodiment in form of you – as design, as love.

SB: Is that by a process of emergence, breakthrough? How does that happen?

AM: It is through the process of surrender. It is the process of elimination. It is the process of illumination into emergence. And that is where you are, most of you, right now. That is why we are saying if you are not there, do the elimination and come into emergence. We are here to help.

And through the emergence: then you have become what you have thought of as the ascended being, the mastery of your being, of who you are in that mastery, in that emergence into the truth – because there is only one truth. There’s not this truth or that truth. There’s not this love or that love.

When you emerge and stay in that frequency, in that energy, then what happens is the whole tableau: the whole realm of understanding of what you think of as enlightenment or vision or wisdom opens up so that you are not seeking elsewhere. That does not mean that the honoring of unique qualities, of the contributions that every single being has given to this become of no meaning; in fact they gain greater meaning because you truly begin to see in your mastery the fullness and the mastery of all.

SB: Can I tell you one difficulty I have in this, thinking about this whole topic, Lord?

AM: Yes.

SB: Well supposing we have thousands and thousands of masters and leaders. Who is there rowing the boat?

AM: The master oarsman is rowing the boat.

SB: [laughing] Okay. So masters on the oars, masters at the helm.

AM: Master cooks, master chefs, master caretakers, master nurturers. We are not saying, you have the expression, “All chiefs and no Indians.” That is not what we are saying. There are many, in fact the majority who have chosen to come in a service…and I mean in this sense, a practical service role. And then there are those that have chosen to be in leadership, in what you think of as a leadership role.

But part of mastery is knowing who you are and what you excel at and what makes your heart absolutely burst and sing with joy. And for some it is being in that role as oarsman, as the support, because that is what they want to do. That is the role they chose to serve the Mother. Now, that doesn’t mean that in future times they will not choose to be a leader in a future ascension. It just means that they have chosen, in this incarnation, that their mastery will be in a certain role. But to deny the role, to deny what truly is your truth, it is dismissing yourself.

There are many lightworkers who say, “I do not want to be in the limelight. I do not want to be front and center. That is not what I have chosen. It is not what I desire and it most certainly is not what my heart would be singing about.”

But let us use your example of oarsmen. If the leader is not keeping the tempo for those oars to go, it is not then incumbent upon only the leader to keep the rhythm of the oarsman. If you are an oarsman and you are in your mastery, and the rhythm is off and the flow therefore is not occurring, then as master oarsman do you not raise your hand and bring this to the attention of what is considered the leader? Of course you do. And that is the importance of everyone being in the place of their selection…of their choice.

It is not a matter of trying to fit everyone in a slot and saying, “Stay there,” because in the leadership paradigm that we are talking about, in the mastery paradigm, people ebb and flow. It is not a fixed, stratified structure because the mastery of one may be needed this week and the mastery of another needed next year. And there has need to be in the collective, in the unified field, the willingness to adjust to that ebb and flow. That is what the new community looks like.

I know that you turn to me so often, but think of it on our side; I do not do everything, of course not! Each of us has our primary role, but there are many other things that each of us attends to on behalf of the Mother and in service to the Mother, and we never hesitate to bring forth the help of others as we need it and require it because we know of our strengths and weaknesses. Only Gabrielle would never admit to a weakness.

SB: If we were in the fifth dimension, all of this would be totally known and totally natural. We would be operating in this way just continually. But I think we are probably in the fourth dimension now if I’m correct, and there are still traces of ego. There are still creations to be made, vasanas to be removed. Is there a transitional teaching that we can have that could get us to this period…developing and allowing this mastery to emerge?

AM: Yes. Stop thinking you are less than. Now I know that sounds like a very simple teaching, and yes it relates to core issues.

Now let us back up a little. Gaia is anchored in the seventh. So you have this saying, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” Put your feet in the seventh dimension of Christ consciousness and love. You are most certainly in the fourth, edging in the fifth. That is why so many of you are experiencing such rapid, and in many cases tumultuous issues of change including: the memory issues, the mental fogginess issues, some of the rapid ‘change in body’ issues.

Stop pretending. Stop pretending because it is not even real. It is an antiquated, outmoded belief system that you are in any way, shape or form, stuck anywhere or ‘less than.’

Now the transitional healing that is going on right now, this is the Mother’s plan to sweep through you. Yes again, stronger than ever…and lift you up into the higher dimension. So your transitional work every time something is coming up: is letting it go, surrendering it, relinquishing it and embracing that truth of who you are.

The choice is, “Do I want to be miserable? Do I want to be less-than? Do I want to be restricted mentally, emotionally, financially, situationally, environmentally? Do I want my freedom incubated?” And all of you are crying and screaming and declaring, “No we demand our freedom.”

And part of that declaration…your declaration not only the Mother’s…is that you are willing to step out of the shadows, not in an ego way, not in a way, “I know the truth. I am the light. I am the savior.” You have had enough of saviors upon your planet to last many, many billions of years.

Mastery, leadership is not about becoming an egomaniac. It is about becoming the shepherd. It is about becoming the gentle leader who serves his people – her people – and shows them the way. And if it is the way to the table, if it is the way to the boat, if it is the way to their heart, then this is your way, this is the choice of your divinity and your mastery.

So the lesson, the true technique is to love yourself. When you anchor in your heart, when you anchor in the seat of your soul filled with the energy of the Mother, can you say and bring forth into your being, into your consciousness, into your everyday action, “I love myself. I honor myself. I am alright. And if I misstep, if I take that misstep for a day or a week, do I forgive myself? Do I understand that I am learning something that will help the collective, that will build my compassion, that will show me, so that I can show others where not to go? Am I brave enough to share my missteps? Do I care enough about others to share my insights…not from a directive way, but from a way of compassion and humility and incredible patience?”

Because many of you who are on planet are masters, and part of that is you have a stubborn streak a mile long, and that is because you are sticking with it. This is a stellar quality, but sometimes you are reluctant to listen to the wisdom of others, so open your hearts and love yourself.

Love every aspect of who you are and who you have been, and then dive deeper and see really the truth of who you are. And if there is any trace vasana, core issue…surrender it. Let it go, because it is not of love. It has been a very powerful defense mechanism that you no longer need. It is time to co-create together. Are you ready?

SB: Well I think we’re certainly ready, Lord. And yet I’m interested in your statement that gentleness is what is called for because you have in your trade an awful lot of warriors of peace, and to some of them gentleness is altogether new. Could you talk to us a little bit more about gentleness, perhaps especially to the men?

AM: Gentleness is key. Think of it very practically. When you grab somebody by the arm, by the scruff of the neck, and you sit them down and you say, “Listen to me. This is what you are going to do. This is what you came here for.” Well, that is about as effective as the old third dimension has been. It is the old paradigm.

And that is why persistence and stamina are important, but gentleness – it is one of the qualities of the Mother, of the Feminine. Think of it when you approach someone, not in false humility, but in authentic, genuine, heart friendship. You take them by the hand, you touch their heart, you acknowledge who they are and you say to them, “Will you come and sit with me and share your heart, your thoughts, your dreams, your desire? Will you let me share mine? Can I share the insights that I have received? And can we do so in the garden of beauty, of sweetness and kindness where you are not threatened or controlled.” Then you have cooperation and you do not encounter resistance.

Too often in the male archetype there has been a sense that you need to put your head down and plow through – that this is what you do and it has been what you have done. And you have done it with the clearest and the sweetest and kindest of intentions, “I am going to put my head down and provide for my family. I am going to make sure there’s food on the table. I am going to protect my sons and daughters from violence.” So I do not criticize you, and those of you who travel with me to the dark places at night know situations of fierceness, but you also have known situations of such gentle kindness that it has changed the entire situation in the blink of an eye.

So what you as peaceful warriors, as central administrators, as healers, as teachers are learning is that gentleness, first and foremost to yourself is a reflection of the Mother’s love. If you cannot be kind and gentle and sweet to yourself then you cannot be gentle in relationship. Gentleness carries a sense and an energy of such love-force that the resistance disappears. So this is resistance that the humans have had, and rightfully so, of being told what to do. That is why we always say we suggest, we guide. We will never tell you what to do unless it is to save your life, and even then we may not say a word.

Gentleness is the key. Kindness is the key.

SB: Thank you for that profound teaching, Lord. Truly I’ll be reflecting on that quite a bit.  Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

AM: Yes. This discussion of mastery, of leadership, I would like to continue. And I would like you all to think, to feel, to explore: “What is my mastery?” And to embrace it with such incredible glee that you are jumping up and down and coming out of your skin.

Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.



The Awakening of the Diamond Swans by Lord Merlin ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

art  Waves of Grace (Swan Shaman) by Patricia Ariel
ART :  Waves of Grace (Swan Shaman) ~ Patricia Ariel

The Awakening of the Diamond Swans by Lord Merlin

Posted on April 24, 2015 by
swan natalie
 Channelled through Natalie Glasson– 24th April 2015

Sacred School of OmNa

It is with vibrations of magic, the nature world and the expansion of the universe of the Creator, I come forth to greet you today, I am Lord Merlin. It is an honour to be in your presence and to support your journey of evolution, discovery and remembrance upon the Earth. It is in my belief that the greatest understanding which can bring forth comfort concerning your spiritual evolution in this period of ascension is that you are constantly altering, shifting and transforming. There is no longer a need for you to question yourself, asking if you are evolving enough or at a high speed, because the answer is that you are making more transformations within your being and reality now in a year which would have taken you lifetimes to master in the past. You may not notice the transformations occurring within your being, this is due to you moving in harmony and upon the wave of the divine will of the Creator. Everything is transforming which makes it challenging for you to recognise all the shifts occurring as it would require you to be 100% conscious and aware of yourself 100% of the time, even while asleep. It is possible to have this level of self-awareness and yet it is not essential now. Please take comfort in the knowledge you are transforming and accelerating your ascension at a magnificent speed, your transformation is a constant which you can place your trust upon.

It is also a wonderful process to remind yourself you are so much more than you see and recognise yourself to be in your current lifetime. You have had many past lifetimes, or more truthfully we might say simultaneous lifetimes, on the Earth, Stars, Planets and different dimensions. You will always be more than you are able to recognise yourself to be, which means that exploring your own vibrations of light and consciousness is an ongoing joy and adventure. You have played all the roles and characters you see in your own reality, you have experienced many situations which you recognise others moving through. Your wealth of knowledge is immense and yet what is even more beautiful is that none of this really matters as you are connected to the source and core of the Creator every moment of your existence, whatever role, character or life you are playing. You have a direct, personal and unique connection of communication with the Creator allowing you to absorb all you require and need in any moment. Your belief in your connection with the Creator will allow for you to recognise my words more fully as truth and a blissful experience.

Many of you have accepted the role of the High Priestess or/ and High Priest in your magnificent journey of life force energy and the Earth; a role of great spiritual power, ascension education, supporting the awakening of others, working with the nature kingdoms and of using your psychic abilities. There are so many different roles of a High Priestess and High Priest, while some have abused their roles, many have allowed themselves to be tremendous healers and guides supporting the evolution of humanity. A transformation is occurring within many upon the Earth, the energies and spiritual power of their past roles as a High Priestess or/ and High Priest are returning to them, awakening from within to power a tremendous surge of spiritual evolution and connection with the Creator for themselves and all. You know yourself to be a powerful beacon of light in a physical body upon the Earth, understanding you have led many lifetimes of which the wisdom can be accessed from within your being, the High Priestess or/ and High Priest is awakening to empower your ascension. Many light workers upon the Earth require their inner power and strength to be activated and to be accepted as an important aspect of their being and truth. Inner power and strength is required to offer many a deep seated courage to take leaps of faith to achieve all they wish and feel guided to do. Many of you have reached states of expansive understanding and knowledge within your being and yet you may feel stuck or stagnant wondering what your purpose is in this lifetime, wishing to support and share with others and yet not understanding how this is possible. Inner power and strength is required to create courage to recognise the next step of your journey, accelerating you forward into new scenarios and situations where you recognise you may be able to be of assistance. By awakening your inner High Priestess or/ and High Priest you can support yourself in accessing your inner power, strength and courage therefore empowering yourself and purpose upon the Earth.

In order to support this awakening within your being there is a very sacred and special wave of energy available to assist you entitled the ‘Diamond Swans.’ Diamond light vibrations and souls in the form of Swans can be called upon to be of service, they extend from the Crystalline Consciousness which is the core energy on the inner planes of the spirits existing within your physical crystals upon the Earth. The Diamond Crystalline Consciousness holds immensely pure vibrations, its clarity, innocence and ability to magnify is breath-taking. The Swan has long been a powerful symbol of transformation beyond recognition and a guide for those with great spiritual knowledge, connection and who have achieved profound inner awakening. The Diamond Swans lend their energy to you and invite you to transform, to accept your inner clarity, innocence and purity as well as awakening your inner power. When you connect with the Diamond Swans you may recognise their energy as you have been guided by these vibrational beings before, they instigate powerful transformations of moving from understanding and resonance with the Creator and your divine self to experience and embodiment of all that is your truth, thus empowering your being and purpose upon the Earth. When you call the Diamond Swans you may see, sense or acknowledge one, many or even hundreds of Diamond light Swans gracefully and yet powerfully gliding towards you to surround you and begin their work with you.

During meditation, I invite you to call upon my energies, Lord Merlin, and your community of guides to surround you. ‘Lord Merlin and My Community of Guides, I invite you to send your healing awakening energies and vibrations of light into my being to awaken my inner energies, memories and knowledge of myself as a High Priestess or/ and High Priest. As I breath in your light I am carried deeper into my being and soul to awaken and draw forth the most appropriate energies, wisdom and abilities of my High Priestess or/ and High Priest self. Please let your healing energy dissolve, erase and purify any wounds, old pain or trauma my High Priestess or/ and High Priest may still be holding onto at this time. This healing will allow for only the purity and truth of this aspect of myself to come forth to me. I recognise I am healing my own inner power and ability/ willingness to use my inner power.’ Take time to breathe deeply, guiding your focus within and allowing yourself to be observant of any awakenings or shifts within your being.

‘My purpose is to awaken my High Priestess or/ and High Priest energies, wisdom and abilities in order to strengthen my inner power so I may be a courageous light worker upon the Earth. I wish to empower myself so I may walk the pathways guided by my soul with a deep seated sense of knowingness and support. I allow myself to recognise and become my inner power, strength and courage knowing these qualities are born from the essence within my being; born from love.

I invoke the Diamond Swans to surround me now, to lend me their energy so I may bathe in their sacred crystalline light. I accept your presence, your powerful of instigating transformations and shifts within my being. With your assistance I wish to awaken my inner power and strength, to discover, explore and embody these sacred vibrations of myself with your support, recognising how I can manifest my shifts into sacred power into my physical being, character and reality. I know I have a purpose upon the Earth and invite the Diamond Swans to prepare me for fully accepting, embodying and enacting my purpose upon the Earth aiding the ascension and spiritual evolution of many. Thank you.’ Take time to breath in the energy and light of the Diamond Swans as they work with your being creating necessary transformations and awakenings. Allow yourself to feel their support and the power they hold born from a space of clarity, love and grace.

It is time to discover yourself more fully giving yourself permission to move to the next stage of your spiritual evolution, your courage is required born from your acceptance of your inner power and strength. In order to exist in and continue to create the Era of Love for yourself courage is required, take time to notice where courage is necessary within your being and reality.

The presence of the Diamond Swans is an immense blessing for all. In constant support, Lord Merlin

Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Read More at http://www.Omna.org http://omna.co.uk/the-awakening-of-the-diamond-swans-by-lord-merlin/ Natalie Glasson OmNa School Read More at http://www.Omna.org http://omna.co.uk/the-awakening-of-the-diamond-swans-by-lord-merlin/


art  Waves of Grace (Swan Shaman) by Patricia Ariel

Archangel Zadkiel – “Manifestation and Co-Creation” ~ Linda Robinson @ Personal Pathways of Light

Artist : Zoltan Molnos @ Tutt'Art 

“Manifestation and Co-Creation”

May 2015

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel along with Holy Lady Amethyst of the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation, and we greet you in Love and Light. Today, we wish to talk with you about manifestation and co-creation.

You are living in an era where manifestation occurs very rapidly. With the higher vibrational energy, a thought can manifest into physical reality much more quickly than in the previous era, prior to December 21, 2012.

Prior to that time, the energy was vibrating at a lower level, and it required more concentrated thought and effort to take shape.

Today, with finer and higher vibrational energy, thoughts manifest into reality much more quickly. A shorter length of focus is required now for the manifestation to occur.

This has positive benefits as well as cautions.

The positive benefit is that your dreams form in the etheric realm very quickly. When you focus on what you want and apply concentrated energy to your vision, many forces come together for the manifestation to occur.

The caution that accompanies this more rapid manifestation is to be careful with your thoughts. When you dwell on thoughts, they gather energy. The more you dwell on idle or random thoughts, the more energy they gather. When this is accompanied by concentrated emotions, they can manifest into something that may not be what you desire. Therefore, careful monitoring of your thoughts is essential.

When a thought enters your consciousness, you may wish to examine it first from the perspective of a detached observer. Then you can tune in to your heart center to see if it resonates with you.

If it does not resonate with you, you can discard it just as if it is a passing breeze, or you may make adjustments to your original intention. If your intention makes your heart sing, then you can give it more careful attention and decide if you wish to add more energy to it.

With the new, higher vibrational energy, you are taking on an increased role of co-creator. You are no longer at the mercy of what may come your way. You now have an increased role of determining what you want and taking the steps to manifest it into reality.

One of the first steps in your role as co-creator is to set your intention for what you want to manifest. Clarity in defining what you want is important and requires discernment. You may find that you no longer want what you thought you did previously. Former desires may no longer be an energetic fit for who you are in the higher vibrational energy. Keeping your desires current with who you are now will allow you to move forward with clear intentions.

In the new energy, the heart center plays an important role. If your intention does not resonate with you in your heart center, you may wish to eliminate that intention. You may also decide to examine it to see why it doesn’t resonate. This can yield valuable information as you move forward and help you stay current with your ascending energy.

If it does resonate with your heart center, then you can examine it with your sacred mind for logistical considerations.

Thus, the heart and mind are working together as you set your intention.

When your intention for your manifestation is for highest good, the vibrational level is increased. It is no longer appropriate to consider only whether the manifestation is beneficial to you. The higher approach is that it be for highest good.

After you have set your intention, an application of focused thought and heart energy can help you to manifest your intention. When you send out focused thought accompanied by corresponding emotions or feelings, you have signaled to the Universe and the higher dimensions that you are ready to move forward.

Through the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction, you attract to you those things that will assist in the manifestation of your intention. You may find that you see something in a magazine or on the internet. You may see someone in a store or at an event who can give you additional insights or assistance. You may find that you are receiving ideas or insights from the higher dimensions as you are going about your daily work. This is occurring because you have set a clear intention and then applied focused thoughts and feelings to your vision.

When this occurs, you are moving into your role of manifestation and co-creation. You have taken an active role in this process and stepped more fully into your role as co-creator.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are moving into your role as a co-creator in your manifestations. Know that we are here to work with you as you manifest your intentions for highest good.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst, …and We surround you with love

And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email: Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com

Website: www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com


Master Djwhal Khul ~ The Initiate’s Responsibility for Wesak 2015 @ Walking Terra Christa

buddha new blue  by  Bassam Jabry ART

ART : Bassam Jabry

The Initiate’s Responsibility for Wesak 2015

Master Djwhal Khul shares his message on the Wesak energies for 2015 along with the responsibilities of being on the Mastery Pathway as requested by the Spiritual Hierarchy for a powerful and fulfilling Wesak experience.


It is my pleasure to walk with each of you during this fabulous time of existence ~ Wesak ~ is now upon us for 2015.

I am Master Djwhal Khul at your service.

The Wesak energies this year is beyond what any of us within the Spiritual Hierarchy could imagine. The power of the frequencies of Light is taking humanity into a new form of existence. I believe that each of you probably understands what the phase of “resurrection” has meant to you. Now, we go into the next journey that allows each of us to expand our horizons, so to speak.

As we step into the element of acceleration, the four-body system must go through a process of elimination depending upon the inner work that you have been doing. It happens every year and in fact, you feel it each month upon the full moon. It is the process of rebirth and is a necessary element in order to grow through the changes. It represents the flow of life, in and out. It is not always an easy process but very necessary.

2015 has represented a year of great change. In order to accept the elements of Freedom within your consciousness, you must get to know what it is like to suffer and be challenged. Otherwise, there is no conceptual knowledge of what being free represents for you. It allows each person to understand that what they were before is not who they are in the present moment.

GAIA has been in a state of inertia for many eons of time. The planet has held the concept of control and the masculine energies of the mental mind to be the controlling factor. So she has sat and waited until a time would come that humanity would awaken to a higher level of existence. This would not just be with the Ascended Masters (that learned they needed to wake up) but in all of humanity.

This year represents those energies. People are arising to the fact that they must be more conscious to the self-imposing thoughts that hold them back from their higher realities. So individuals are slowly awakening to the process of mastery but not the level that we, of the ascended beings, would like to see.

So each of you that have awakened, and have stepped into the role of wanting to be a master of your destiny are being challenged to be more. You are very much like we were in the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, but yet there were not enough of us. It was a time when we could not hold the higher essence of energies within the earth plane due to the duality that had arrived. Now you are at a juncture of time in which you have stepped into the initiation process to clear what has been wrong while knowing there is so much more for you to do.

We are here to do it with you, each of the Ascended Beings of Light, but yet, know we have the frequencies of the Unified Whole in which the Brotherhood of Light has accepted into their world. Each of us represents these energies of Oneness so that it can be expanded unto each of you as we walk together unto the New Earth.

Until that time arrives, great work needs to be done. The role that you have chosen is truly not easy, but is attainable. GAIA is changing with the energetic frequencies and each of you is holding these essences to help you become what you have always know you can be. But great work must be done until that time arrives for each of you personally, and individually.

This is why the Wesak energies are so expansive and alluring. There are more people upon the planet at this time that is aware of this event. This means that there will be more frequencies within GAIA that will assist in this process.

As the commanding energies of Lord Buddha comes forth to command the Christed Self within the planet, each of you stand with each of us, as we arise together towards a new stage of our existence. You, being the Initiates of the Earth, will be asked to ground these frequencies so your job is more challenging to hold than ours. But you are not alone.

In reference to the Festival of the Christ and the resurrecting energies that resulting in the last 30 days each of you that desire to be more, has achieved more just because of what you are doing within your spiritual world. If you are not as diligent as you would like to be, then the energies will intertwine within your Being, twisting you in many directions until you stop and allow the change to occur. One cannot step unto this pathway and not feel the change. But if you try to stop, the experience will become more filled with obstacles. You have awakened to be the Master of the New Earth, so it is very important that you take this pathway very seriously.

The changes that you are feeling is not just because of GAIA, it is due to the acceleration of the planets coming into alignment and everything else must be connected to those energies. It is not an easy process by any means but each of you is doing it to the best of your abilities.

There is always more than can be done.

My message to you at this time is do not ignore the energies of Wesak. Prepare yourself to walk through the next doorway as you have a deep responsibility to do so. You may not even realize how important this pathway is for your soul’s growth and commitment to the Earth. So that is why I am here in this moment sharing with you my essence and the desire to see each of you achieve the very best within your life.

Make a commitment to connect with others for the Wesak energies. It does not matter if it is in person or long distance, but it is very important to allow these frequencies of light to exist in your world.

Some may say that what I am about to say is not something a master would share, but in truth, you must decide for yourself.

I work with Walking Terra Christa and Rev. Meleriessee and Rev. Aranathanara to bring forth the highest information possible. It is my role with them presently. It is a new job for both of us which takes great diligence to provide this information and availability of connection through the waves of dimensions for Meleriessee. We work very hard on the Inner Plane with each other to make sure the information they provide is within the truth of the God Force.

In prior channelings I had shared that there would come a time within the energies of the New Earth that I would step forward and work with chosen individual(s).  I want to tell you that Rev. Meleriessee and Rev. Aranatharna are these individuals that I have chosen.

What they administer to others is unmarked by anyone else on this planet. Meleriessee has achieved her own ascension and chooses to stay on this planet to assist others. Aranathanara is doing the same with great sacrifices. This is what it takes to be an Ascended Master within a physical body.

I ask of you, “Can you take 3 hours out of your day on May 3rd to be part of these frequencies and join Walking Terra Christa with others to connect with the Masters in Shamballa along with Lord Buddha?”

I know that attending this ceremony will assist each individual that chooses to participate as it allows each of us in the God Force to work with each of you more directly. This is the energetic exchange that Rev. Meleriessee brings forth. It will be unmatched by anything else that you experience and will allow your essence to stand with each of the Ascended Beings of Light within Shamballa.

I also want to share that a Spiritual Donation is required because the work that they do is guided by the God Force. I stand by this statement of saying that a small donation will show a statement of faith by your physical essence to receive the highest quality of energetic exchange. It is not the money itself, but the act that represents the Universal Law of Abundance. Ideally, this is why they are requiring a very small donation as  low as $11 to attend this ceremony but in return, you will receive so much more.

This represents the movement,

“Yes, I am an Initiate, and I want to be acknowledged by others. I know that this is an energetic exchange and I want the Ascended Masters, especially Lord Melchizedek to acknowledge I am serious about my Pathway of Initiations.”

I share this information not because of the donation but the seriousness of exchange on the mastery pathway. Many individuals feel that all this work should be free; but yet, those individuals probably are not serious about the spiritual growth. This represents the lower ego and that energy should be free. But when a person who has achieved what both Meleriessee and Aranathanara have acquired, it has taken years of work, learning, and growing through the process of their initiations. They have chosen to do this work to help every living person who wants to achieve more to be able to do so.

This is why I work with them; not because I feel they are special, as they are. But because, I see the steps they have taken to do this work and no others upon the planet can do it as I choose to command it to be. We are partners and I applaud what they are trying to create upon this Earth.

I want to see the same for each of you. Wesak is a ceremony that should not be missed by any initiate. I am happy to see the growth of the planet that events such as this can be experienced through tele-communications as it is helping to connect people all around the world.

This, I would say, is “Freedom Within.”

I look forward to connecting with each of you during this powerful time of acceleration.

I am Master Djwhal Khul at your service.

In Blessings of Love and Wisdom, I walk with you.

The information on the Wesak Festival with Walking Terra Christa can be accessed via Wesak 2015, http://walkingterrachrista.com/wesak2015-freedom/.  If you would be interested to be part of our retreat festivities via the recordings, the information is available on Retreat-Distance Learning Option, http://walkingterrachrista.com/retreat-journey/distance-learning/.

©2012-2015 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery http://walkingterrachrista.com/ by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara).  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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In Transition Part 2 – Remodeling– The Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In Transition Part 2 – Remodeling–The Arcturians


In Transition Part 2

Remodeling Have you ever remodeled your home while you are living in it? If you have, you can understand how chaotic that can be. What is occurring with our grounded ones is that you are all in the process of remodeling your earth vessel while you are living in it.

From our viewpoint, we can perceive how our volunteer’s earth vessels are surrounded by fifth-dimensional light. This light is causing gradual and/or rapid changes in your physical form, consciousness and perceptions of reality. Hence, you are having many unique thoughts and emotions.

You are remodeling your earth vessel while you are still using it “24/7,” as you would say. Furthermore, each of you has is a slightly different version of the ONE and are expressing different versions of your Multidimensional SELF.

Even with all these differences, many of those who are the first to remember and transmute actually know each other in the higher dimensions. Some you are Shipmates and/or family members from other incarnations, but you may or may not meet each other in the physical.

Some of you did made a pact to “meet up in your earth vessel,” not knowing that you would likely forget that pact once you were wearing a 3D form. Fortunately, as your fifth dimensional Lightbody begins to flash into and out of your awareness, you are beginning to remember. Then you forget, and then you remember.

You see you are in the process of recalibration of every component of your consciousness, which is the first to change. Some of you will next shift your body and some of you will shift your life first and your body next. Some of you will shift your body and your life simultaneously.

There is NO right or wrong way to transmute back into your SELF because this event is completely novel for your planet. Dear Gaia has been waiting for millennia beyond count for the transmutation of Her planetary body. This transmutation is becoming evident to even the most uninformed. Each belief system has their own reason why this change is happening, and each belief system will experience what they expect.

Of course, there are those who will wake up one day on another planet in another system that is NOT on the edge of the shift. They will not be conscious of this change because they were not conscious of the changes within their self or within Gaia. They were not conscious of these changes because it is not their NOW to transmute.

Since third dimensional reality is actually a holographic projection that is cast onto a 3D matrix, shifting from one matrix to another is of little consequence to those who live the life of the matrix rather than the life of the planet.

Earth is now experiencing a shift in Her 3D matrix, as it is expanding into the higher frequencies of Her multidimensional matrix. Those who remain aligned with the frequency shift within the planet will move into the higher dimensional frequencies of the matrix.

We understand that this information may be very unfamiliar to many. In fact, it likely seems impossible to those who are thinking with their third dimensional brain. However, as your consciousness continually expands to be able to perceive higher frequencies of reality, many concepts that were once impossible become possible, current and/or normal.

We ask you all to allow your innate, multidimensional thinking to return to your consciousness. To make this cognitive shift, you must release all fear of judgment from “others.” If you look back into your Earth history, you will see that new thinkers were often judged and even persecuted.

Since your memory of what you call “past lives” returns with your higher states of consciousness, old memories of persecution for novel thinking can limit your ability to “let go” of your old thinking. However, you will realize when your thinking is limited because you will begin to experience a restriction in your body and/or a sense of limitation in your thoughts and emotions.

Be sure to realize that these feelings are not a warning of pending doom, but your own body and emotions telling you that your thinking is causing you discomfort. The mastery of your thoughts is one of the first steps in your return to your true sense of SELF.

You have lived many incarnations believing that you are the human you are wearing and feeling like a victim to your environment. Therefore, whenever those old feelings come up to the surface of your consciousness, do not judge yourself. Instead, rejoice that you can recognize that these emotions have stemmed from your negative thinking.

Also, your emotions and bodily sensation of change can activate negative thinking. What exactly is “negative thinking?” That may appear to be an unusual question, but you may not be aware that you have been trained to think negatively for so many incarnations that it has become “normal.” As you continue to remodel your house while you live in it, you will find many hidden secrets that you have kept from your self.

If you have lost a loved one and had to go through their possession to decide what to “do” with them, you know that that is one of the most difficult parts of your grief. Suzille spent six years watching one parent die and then the other. The experience of going into a home where someone knew they were dying, but were too brave to admit it, created a deep wound in her psyche.

It was not until they had both crossed and she had to clear out EVERY THING from the house that they had lived in for many decades that she could feel what had become “normal.” For all those years she had been “pushing aside the truth” to make someone feel better. How often have you had to push aside the truth to make yourself, or someone else, feel better?

You will be able to answer that question more and more as your consciousness becomes calibrated from the Truth of the fifth dimension. Remember, you have been living in the Illusion of polarity and separation for many incarnations. Therefore, you have developed certain habits that allow you to ignore your real experience and focus on the most comfortable illusion.

As your “home” becomes re-wired with the new electrical circuitry, you will be able to physically perceive the difference between an illusion and a truth. An illusion, which is only an attachment to the 3D Matrix, has very little life force. Therefore, illusions have a fuzzy aura and often shift or change.

On the other hand, Truth has a strong aura that enters your awareness even before you become aware of it. In other words, the truth proceeds itself. Illusions cover a situation like a gauze curtain so that the details are blurred. Since the details, physical, mental or emotional are blurred into each other, you will primarily perceive that which best resonates to your consciousness.

Thus if you are in a good mood, you will see what you want to see, a bad mood what you are afraid you will see, a sad mood what you are concerned you have lost. Illusions are reflections of your own emotions and your own confusion. The truth stands on it’s own.

Like a huge tree with many leaves, the truth will remain the same, no matter how you feel. The truth is not influenced by your state of consciousness. Therefore, the truth of someone loving and accepting you will always give you comfort and safety no matter what your mood. Also, creative ventures have a life of their own, just as your children do.

Once you have created a thoughtform and set it free, it will manifest in the manner of it’s own choice. Gaia is a free will planet. Therefore, when any life is created, it deserves to make it’s own choices. There are many who break this rule, but that behavior moves through their family lines like a bad gene.

There is a great responsibility that you take on when you upgrade your “home” from a third dimensional structure to a multidimensional creation. You can sell your home, you can remodel your home, or you can lose your home. On the other hand, your creations become living energy packages on the search for manifestation.

Any artist will tell you that they cannot choose how they paint, what they write, how they sing. All they can do is allow their creation to be loved, nurtured, honored and fed with positive, loving thoughts and emotions.

If you love your creations, you will find their purpose. But if you dislike or judge your creations you stall the creative process and maybe even stop them.

You may think that it is too much of challenge to live in your “earth vessel” while there are so many changes are going on within and around you. Please remember, YOU are a prototype. It is a rare experience to live in a reality on the cusp of such transition that the very body you are wearing will shift into a different frequency—while you are wearing it.

If you only drove in third gear, then suddenly your car started shifting into fourth, or even fifth, gear without you doing anything, you would be quite startled. This alteration in your body/home, atmosphere/thoughts, water/emotions and fire/spirit seemingly out of your control will increasingly escalate.

You are coming into the NOW in which you can see through the illusions, as NOW there is no place for this illusions to hide. The truth shines before you, and you have discovered that you prefer a difficult truth to an easy illusion. Illusions are a veil that hides you from your SELF.

We now send to you an excerpt from “Changing Realities,” the soon to be released Book 5: Pleaidian Perspective on Ascension.

(Book 4 was twice as long as the other books, so we broke it into two books for consistency, and a chance for the reader to integrate the material. If your Book 4 is over 400 pages, than you have book 4 and 5.)

“More and more of you are making this shift. Those who are still struggling and working hard will begin to wonder if perhaps they too could find out how to flow through life with peace and a sense of abundance.

This abundance is not about money, or about the things that money can buy. This abundance is a state of mind that reminds you of your own ability to resonate to peace, love and happiness.

As more people leave their corporate jobs, move out into the country, grow their own food and barter for what is needed, they will find that they are perfectly happy with less ‘stuff.’ These types of choices take down the cabal as quickly as the unconditional love that is being sent to them from the higher dimensions and from the awakened ones.

What will happen when the tipping point is reached? What will happen when the majority of people think about Earth, other people and creativity, and the minority of people thinks about accumulation, success and power?

When people are NOT lost in the struggle and dream of  ‘getting something,’ they can more easily flow into the higher frequencies of reality that resonate beyond the illusion of needing more.  Needing more is the opposite of being thankful.

When you need more, you are affirming that there is ‘not enough.’ Then, your multidimensional, creative-self, who resonates beyond the illusion of lack, hears ‘I am thinking about not enough and filling that thought with emotion. Therefore, please bring me more not enough.’

Conversely, when you are thinking “thank you for the substance at hand” and fill that thought with the loving emotions, your creative-self hears, “I am thinking about how thankful I am about the substance at hand,” and brings you more of that for which you are thankful.

The challenge for many is the rules of the 3D Game has changed and many of you did not get the memo. In the old version of the third-dimensional Earth you had to work hard to get ahead.

However, the ‘old’ third dimension has taken in so much higher light that instead of working hard, people are working smart to discover (which often means uncover) new (which means old and long hidden) technology that makes life so simple that they do not have to work at all.

In other words, you are flowing into the NOW of New Earth! Just across the threshold to 5D New Earth, the Galactic Federation, who represents your ancestors and higher expressions of SELF, await your reunion. In this layer of reality, money no longer exists, as it is no longer needed.

You all have replicators which can instantly create anything you need from food to furniture, personal tricorders/bio-scanners, voice recognition language translators, anti-gravity cars etc. etc. In fact, many of these devices are already invented right now in your present transitional reality.

As you continue to flow into higher and higher frequency levels of New Earth, you will be seeing more and more of this technology in your daily life. This will occur because the dark ones who have been hiding this technology will no longer be able to resonate to that layer of reality. Therefore, the technology will be freely disseminated to everyone.

As you move further into New Earth, which you are doing more and more each day, your Galactic family will come down from the sky and your Lemurian and Atlantian ancestors will come up from the core of the Earth. They will move through your population assisting, loving and supporting all the newly awakened ones who have released their fear and turned towards love and creativity as a new way of life.

At first you will move into and out of this layer of reality, as it will take practice and more mastery of your thoughts and emotions to maintain a constant presence in this frequency of fifth-dimensional Earth. Your thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations will remind you when you have “fallen out of the frequency of Earth,” as well as when you have returned to the frequency of New Earth.

Soon, you will remember how to maintain the state of consciousness in which you are Masters of your Energy Field. You do not need to learn or try or wait. Just expand your consciousness into the layer of reality in which you are a Master NOW and New Earth ALREADY exists.

When you learned to walk, you often fell. When you learned to talk you said words wrong. You just had to practice, practice, practice and ‘grow up.’ You are all growing up now and returning to your Multidimensional SELF. Be as patient and loving with your self, as you would be with your beloved child. In fact, YOU are a beloved Child of the Universe.

As the higher light infiltrates more and more of your reality, you will easily flow into higher and higher frequencies of reality to remember your true SELF and the Master that you already are! Know that what you have received is true. Feel it in your High Heart and accept it with your multidimensional mind.”

Beloved Ones, we, your Galactic Family, recognize you and await you with open hearts.


Prepare for the NOW by reading the books:

The Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension Books

(Note about Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension)

Book 4 was twice as long as the others, so we have split it into two books so you can better absorb the information. If your book 4 is 400 pages, you have the old version, so you have the full ending of the series. However, if your book book is about 200 pages, please stay tuned for Book 5, which is “Changing Realities.”

Thank you.

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Posted by Sue at 6:09 PM

The Venusians ~ Love Portal ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

 venus meline

The Venusians ~ Love Portal

 (Thank you Karl M. for this picture)

April 21, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

Blessings, we are the Venusians. We come in Spirit to you onto this world of Matter to provide assistance in this dance of radiance and subliminal perceptions. We are here because we love you all and because we perceive some changes in the attitudes and the thoughtforms of mankind. Mankind is becoming aware of their own natural perceptions and what they hold as a mirror of Truth to themselves. Mankind is therefore becoming stronger in their own beliefs and what they are inclined to see as their Truth and destiny.

This belief and a form of perception of Truth awaken some spiritual awareness in all, in the sense that humans become aware of the fact that there is more in a human being than the mind is led to believe. Therefore all structures and forms of beliefs are falling down, fading away or mankind is simply stepping away from that in order to step into the Heart of knowing.

Such knowing ignites the higher heart of understanding about where one comes to see and hold the vibration of truth within each resonance field of existence. As all exists as a vibrational wave of consciousness, one forms the other to be continued. It is fed by the eternal flame of one’s true heart and what it wishes to experience.

We impart that understanding of knowing that our vibrational consciousness is of pure Love and compassion. We lead you all forth into the wisdom of higher integrity, sophistication and Love of the eternal Mother and Father Flame of existence. We lead your understanding into the waves of Higher Octaves so that you can see your own true Flame mirrored through our beloved home called Venus.

As you gaze upon our beautiful Venus, you shall replenish your soul and destiny with what we call the Love vibration. It is an experience that goes beyond the gazing upon your own reality or Sun, as our reality is of a higher vibration and it is becoming yours as well on Terra Gaia. As you gaze upon our beautiful Venus, you shall inflame your hearts and that of Terra Gaia with Love as you anchor this through the bones and the fields of your human being.

It is therefore that our Venus is shining even more brightly in the upcoming days as we beam our complete Love and understanding onto you all. It is there for eyes to see and hearts to receive. We assist through our radiance of refinement as Love fills the gab of understanding. It is only the Love One shall allow to take in, in those areas where one cannot understand what is unfolding. Love shall come and make you see as you feel the experience of its effect upon you all.

We ask you humbly to receive our energies with the highest Divine intention as it is our own Highest Divine intention we pass on to you all. To receive with an open heart shall beam more to Terra Gaia and open Her own heart as well.

As you gaze upon our beautiful Venus ~ breathe in the Light we share with you and take in the flames of Love which spark from our Stellar nation onto you all. Feel the connection we now make with you all through your hearts and feel our calling to each and everyone of you that we are here to assist you and to pass on the Love we share and feel for you.

Venus will become brighter at certain days to come, as it already is. There are Stellar and Universal codes beamed upon you all, bathing each and every soul on this plane to elevate the world in a higher consciousness and bright awareness. Love shall seed this Earth into Higher Dimensions as your Earth is our dearest sister and we Love Her as we Love you all.

We walk amongst you, as we linger in each and everyone of you. Yet some of you are more strongly aligned with us during these moments as they can feel the inner flame beaming and calling them home. And so you make your homes here on Earth, it is what you came to build again. Truly all your homes lie where your consciousness shall vibrate in and this is on many more planes than only this one. So you are Home wherever you are and you are ALL because you are One.

You may recognize us in the sparks of many eyes as this is how we present ourselves to you: as the sparkles of Love that ignite through one’s own heart.

We are in the midst of many waves of Love that are being passed onto your hearts from all around the Globe through the many lightworkers as well as from other planes beyond the Earth. Terra Gaia is truly beamed with and bathed within LOVE. Open your hearts and receive this Love so that your Earth can replenish Her soul and feed it with the Light Flames of Love. You are the ones that Gaia has called to assist Her in Her process of unification and Ascension to enable Her freedom out of this Material density.

You are all appreciated for your Presence and for your eternal Love for Gaia as this is what has brought you here in the first place along with the experience of God’s own Divinity of Self into Human form.

Bless your dear hearts,

We are the Venusians

Check out the Spring specials discounts till end of April to assist you on your many pathways. (readings and course)

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2015, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline  http://melinelafont.com and blog Méline: http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com


suzanne lie 22.4.

Sunday, April 19, 2015



Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #3

Your ARE a Stream of Consciousness

Transmission form The Arcturians and Galactic Family

The energetic weather report is “hot” and “cloudy.” By “hot” we mean that many new developments are “heating up” to the “boiling point,” in which they will be revealed. It is “cloudy” because there is still a great deal of TRUTH that is hidden behind the clouds of illusion. Most of you, our volunteers to take earth vessels, have taken quite a few lifelong assignments on the 3D Matrix of Gaia.

Some of you can remember many of those embodiments, which allows you to better release the clouds of illusion. Many of you are not, yet, aware of your other incarnations, but as your consciousness expands to resonate primarily to the fourth dimension, you will begin to remember that DEATH is one of greatest illusions on Earth.

Much like a hermit crab on the ocean floor, you need to “take a new shell” to continue your LIVES -long missions. Therefore, “death” simply means that your 3D shell no longer serves your needs, and you will need to release that shell to find a new one. Many of our brave volunteers have spent many eons on the “Wheel of birth/death” between 3D to 4D to 3D to 4D.

After a certain amount of turns of this Wheel, you chose to return Home to your realities in the fifth dimension and beyond. Of course, the intense forgetfulness that overtakes your soul essence from too many physical incarnations can make that return HOME difficult. However, it is not the return that is difficult. The difficult part of the return is remembering how to make that return.

Now, the entire planet that is ready for Her return HOME into the higher frequencies, but many of Gaia’s humans are still lost in the fog of forgetfulness. Therefore, beloved members of our Galactic Family, we are sending emissaries into your daily life. As those of you who are awake know, we have been sending our emissaries for many years.

After your horrific WWII, the Pleiadians came to Earth to counteract the offer from the Zeta Reticuli, who were in deep association with the military. The Zetas needed DNA as they were cloned beings and had replicated themselves too often. Their terms were, “We will give you advanced technology, if you give us some human DNA.”

The Pleiadians said, “Wait, you do NOT want to give away human DNA. We will give you advanced technology, and all we ask is that you give up your atomic bombs.”

Since the atomic bombs are still on your planet (except we Galactics will NOT allow you to detonate them) you can see how much your human rights were respected. In fact, many wars are still waged on your planet that totally disregard human, animal, plant, environment and planetary rights.

The number of wars as of 2015

On-going armed conflicts

How many humans have benefitted by these wars? How many humans were killed in the prime of their life, or while sitting at the dinner table having a family meal? How many of these wars are even known?

We ask these questions as the answers are hidden behind the cloud of illusion of which we just spoke. We realize that it is the resonance of your third dimensional reality that allows war as a solution to conflict. We also realize that it is the resonance of your third dimensional consciousness that locks you within that world of illusion.

We must remind you, our dear emissaries to Earth, how impossible it appears to alter these illusions while wearing an earth vessel. However, this is where the “hot” component of the energetic weather report will be explained.

Just as water sitting in a metal pot with the fire burning brighter and brighter, transmutes the water into air, the higher frequencies of light are transmuting the lies into truths. The TRUTH is increasingly being revealed by Galactics and brave humans who have “shone their light” onto the lies and illusions.

Of course, our dear earth bound friends and family, you will need to search your Internet to find the “hot news,” but when you look for it, you will find it. Information is NOW available to those who are willing to search for it. In fact, even those who once sought to keep you in your 3D cage because they believed that they could never raise their resonance are discovering that the LIGHT shines on any one who seeks it.

In your “past,” many brave ones who sought to share their truth were punished or “disappeared.” However, they did not die in vain, as their courage has brought inspiration to others. We, your Galactic Family are very proud of all of you who bi-located your great multidimensional consciousness into a 3D vessel.

We say “bi-located” because YOU are all multidimensional beings. Therefore, your fifth dimensional, and beyond, SELF sent a fragment of your essence/consciousness into a human on the edge of birth or death. It is during birth or death that the portal of the human is open to a higher dimensional consciousness to flow into or out of an earthen shell.

During this transition, a higher dimensional expression of your “stream of consciousness” can bi-locate into the earth vessel, while still remaining in the higher dimensions. We ask you to NOW imagine your SELF as a “stream of consciousness” flowing through the ONE of the NOW.

Within your fifth dimensional and beyond states of awareness, you are aware of this stream. However, while your consciousness is restricted to the third/fourth dimension, you are greatly hindered by your belief in separation.

If you believe you are separate, it is difficult to simultaneously believe that you are a “flowing stream of multidimensional life.” Close you eyes for a moment to imagine yourself as that “flowing stream.”

When you feel the stream of YOUR consciousness swirling around you, and extending into the higher dimensions?

How do you perceive your physical form? How does your physical body feel?

What are your thoughts and emotions?

Now, feel how your “stream of consciousness” flows into the core of Gaia. How does it feel to be ONE with Earth?

Now, feel your “stream of consciousness” as it also flows into the higher dimensions of your SELF…

Imagine/remember that YOU are ONE with the higher dimensional worlds while you are simultaneously ONE with the physical world…

Can you remember when you flowed “downstream” into the vessel you are now wearing?

Please use your imagination. It is only your 3D thinking that believes you cannot remember. We ask you to LET GO of the lives of indoctrination in which you were told that you were JUST one person.

NOW, remember when you released your consciousness from your earth vessel and flowed “upstream” to return to your multidimensional SELF…

When you remember these experiences, you will KNOW that you cannot die. You are a stream of consciousness that floats through myriad realities within the NOW of the ONE. We remind you, our beloved ground crew, of this fact because it is the NOW. The NOW that you have waited for in untold lives is slowly, but surely, dawning into a new day.

In this 4-19-15 energetic weather report, the day is foggy because truth and lies still intermingle. However, there is more TRUTH available for those who are willing to search for it, than there has been in a great deal of your “time.” We tell you this NOT to ignite your impatience and anger by thinking, “I have waited so long.”

If you are upset because you have “waited” so long in this life, we must remind you that you have “waited” for more lives than you could count. Also, we must remind you that “waiting” is a passive action in which you gain no power or insight. Therefore, you will likely become inpatient, bitter, angry and/or depressed.

The cure we offer for that situation is to stop “waiting” and start “doing.” When you are engaged in an important task, time flows swiftly. But, when you are waiting, time seems to almost stop. While you are waiting, time feels much longer than the clock or calendar states. When you are waiting you are NOT doing, so the illusion of time flows slowly and seemingly beyond your control.

On the other hand, if you are DOING, you are not waiting. Instead, you are contributing to something that is better than your own personal needs. Then, all sense of victimization disappears, as you are too involved in a possible solution to worry about what might, or might not, occur. Also, your action greatly diminishes your fear.

Remember, time is an illusion of the third dimension. When you are waiting for something to occur outside of your self, you are a victim to time, as well as to your own fear, anxiety and depression. On the other hand, when you are learning, studying and contributing, time flies past you. You look at the clock and say, “Where did that time go?”

The answer to this question is, “The time has flowed into the higher dimension, taking your consciousness with it.” After you have spent your “time” learning, sharing what you have learned, contributing to and preparing for the sunny day in which the TRUTH is revealed, you feel fulfilled, useful AND multidimensional.

We do NOT judge those who have become lost in the lethargy and impatience of fear. Instead, we send you unconditional love and remind you that YOU ARE VERY IMPORTANT. We miss your contribution, as from our perspective we can see that every one of you chose your Mission (that which you volunteered to work towards) before you took this incarnation.

We observe how very difficult it can be in the third dimension and how many of you have had more challenges than you believe you can overcome. We say to you, our beloved ones, “Thank you for taking on the difficulties of your life.”

When you wrote your pre-birth contract, you forgot how difficult the third dimension could be. Then, when you faced those difficulties, you forgot how helpful your own higher dimensional SELF could be.

We lovingly remind those of you who feel alone and with no one to help you, that you ALWAYS have the YOU of your own multidimensional SELF. Also, you always have us, who your Celestial and Galactic friends and family.

Please allow the clouds to clear, so that the multidimensional Light of the ONE can follow the stream of your consciousness down through the body of your earth vessel and into the Core of Gaia.

If the ONLY thing you do is open the portal of your earth vessel so that the higher light can use your own inner portal to anchor its multidimensional energies into Gaia, you are GREATLY assisting Earth. Therefore, while you are “waiting,” please open your inner portal.

We the Arcturians, and many of our Galactic and Celestial friends and family, applaud the great strides that our human representatives have made.

  • You are opening your awareness to the multidimensional stream of your SELF.
  • You are realizing that YOU are a multidimensional Being.
  • You are aware that YOU are wearing your earth vessel.
  • You are recognizing that Gaia is an alive being wearing a planetary vessel.
  • You are increasingly accepting that LIFE exists on myriad planets, solar systems, universes, realities and dimensions.

Our beloved human members of Earth, you are WAKING UP. You are shaking off the shackles of brainwashing, lies and archaic beliefs. From our perspective, we see that the higher light is taking root in more and more of humanity.

Also, you are observing how the animals are changing, the plants are changing and the weather is changing. Most important, the light of planetary transmutation is creating wormholes through the fog of illusion. Gaia is NOW transmuting and returning to Her higher dimensional expression, and more and more of you are choosing to join Her.

Congratulations. As the clouds clear, please look into the light to see us applauding YOU.

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family


When I received this message it occurred as quickly as I could type, so there were many typos. I posted it anyway, as I could feel how important it was and wanted to share it right away. I did not have a chance to edit it until very late that night. Hence, I got so confused that is likely made more typos. Now I just finished an edit while awake and aware.

Thank you for your patience.


Prepare for the NOW by reading the books:

The Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension Books

(Note about Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension)

Book 4 was twice as long as the others, so we have split it into two books so you can better absorb the information. If your book 4 is 400 pages, you have the old version, so you have the full ending of the series. However, if your book book is about 200 pages, please stay tuned for Book 5, which is “Changing Realities.”

Thank you.

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Tsunami of Love – The Third Wave and Core Issues Webinar ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of love

egypt female and ankh via Keith Overstreet

Tsunami of Love – The Third Wave and Core Issues Webinar

Linda 22Steve: Eliminating our core issues is, in my view, the most important thing we can be doing at this time. I’ll be at the course.

Crazy things are happening to me. As an angel-talker star-walker, I have had more crazy things – physical and non-physical – happen to me than most people. The unusual, the miraculous, the ridiculous are commonplace for me. But…

I don’t know if it’s due to the Divine Mother’s third wave of the Tsunami of Love, the fact that she has taken up residence in our home again, or the decision to do the Core Issues Webinar series, but my friends, all heaven is breaking loose.

It started as soon as I made the decision, with exceptionally strong urging from the Mother, to facilitate the Core Issues Webinar series. Universal Mother Mary has been urging me to do this since early December, but I had a full schedule, in keeping with her guidance to get down to work and write the Sacred Partnership book.

The outline of the Core Issues course, including what would be the intensity of the work and material, was downloaded very rapidly – but then again She had been talking about it for months. That night Mother Mary appeared by my bedside gently awakening me and asking for 1,000 participants. Before I even had a chance to panic (read: hide) She over-rode me and said, “All right, what about a million?” Immediately I felt every atom in my entire field shifting – a massive core issue rising to the surface and being swept away with Her Tsunami.

As the channel for the Council of Love, I work really hard. Archangel Gabrielle has commended me as “a trusted and loyal servant of the Council of Love for over 30 years.” I teach, do classes and radio programs, write and in my spare time do healing and work on the collective.

I seldom question my average 10 to 12-hour workdays because I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world. I get to talk with the angels and not one single day goes by when I don’t have a huge “awe-ha” moment. I get to meet and serve the most incredible people, the majority of whom become sweet and cherished friends. You are my soul family.

But one of the things that has often plagued me, especially since I left a very lucrative and fulfilling career to do this service, is why I never have abundance. Let’s be honest, I never have much if any financial cushion. It’s not that money doesn’t flow – it comes in, goes out, but doesn’t stick. The feeling that I have been wrestling with lately is the sense that it just slips right through my fingers.

So my question to myself has been what is it about me that created this? Certainly not an unwillingness to serve, work and create – I do that all the time and I’m really good at it. Creation is not the issue.

In January I declared that 2015 is my “clean-up year.” I’m determined to tie up the loose ends in my life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – from the garage to the half-written books to greater health to sweet grace and ease. I am clearing the decks for the next adventure of fully focusing on the creation of Nova Earth.

So back to Mother Mary and my 3:33 a.m. wake-up call. Back to core issues and the Tsunami of Love.

As the Divine Mother spoke to me, the realization of my sense of unworthiness was so apparent that it was almost laughable. I feel worthy to serve but not to receive in excess of what is required to survive. In maintaining this stance I was limiting the stretch and extent to which the COL could reach.

In my not wanting to be fully exposed, vulnerable, judged, shunned and even martyred, I was limiting myself. Not acceptable during this time when we are all being called to step forward not only in action but in leadership.

Additionally, in not feeling worthy enough to completely and unconditionally trust that the Council knows exactly what they are doing, knows exactly what I need and don’t need, I was not only limiting myself but the entire Council of Love.

As soon as the Mother made this gentle awareness present within me everything began to shift – all hell started to break loose. In that moment I felt a release of such  magnitude that I literally almost rolled off the bed. The point being is that as soon as I understood the core issue the Mother assisted me with the purging – and She will help you too.

The question for me was and is how to maintain this new sense of acceptance and surrender to my mission and purpose. The last thing I ever want to do is limit the messages and energy of the Council of Love. In fact, often in my more frustrated moments, I have cried “Why don’t people want to hear the messages of Love?” It tears my heart out sometimes that folks would rather hear about the affairs of the day rather than learn how to be the Love.

Nevertheless, my issue was how I was going to anchor this expansion in physicality because I knew I wasn’t done yet. Experience has taught me that when the Mother is teaching me something, walking me through something that I will then share with others, she brings it into the physical reality as well – and the bigger the lesson, the more ‘dramatic’ the demonstration.

The next day, courtesy of the US Postal Service, the bomb arrived – a lovely notice from our friends at the IRS indicating I owed them a boatload of money, none of which I have. Normally this type of situation would have triggered a personal tsunami of panic and feelings of lack, but this time I felt myself the observer. How curious that this institution believes I make this much money and that I actually have the capacity to pay such an outrageous sum.

In the midst of all this, I wondered for the very first time in my life if perhaps Mother Mary was mad at me. How human is that? We both know the Mother doesn’t get mad at us but there was that shadow of “if I have limited myself and the Council, maybe the Mother is really upset with me. Maybe she will abandon me and I won’t get to be her channel anymore.”

Yup, another face of the worthiness issue. Fortunately, Mother Mary came in and quickly dispelled this notion – but I am sharing it with you because how often have we felt – am I on the right track? Am I doing enough. Have I held up my end of the bargain. Could I do more?

The following day, my sweetheart Isaac was out in the garage (yes, I did clean and re-organize) and came in with a dirty but intact envelope. It was an envelope full of checks for payment of the Miracles workshop I conducted in Michigan in 2005! Ten years ago – and I am dead certain that we really needed the money back then.  What on Earth could I have been thinking of? I know that I am often way out there for about a week after an intensive COL workshop but my goodness!

It does not escape me that the Miracles workshop was the beginning of the Council teaching the Creation Formula and the Universal Laws. The message was loud and clear that I was moving into the fullness of those teachings and practice – that this is the time to bring all we have learned to the forefront.  Maybe I wasn’t completely ready in 2005 but I sure am now – ready, eager, determined and committed.

It also dawned on me that perhaps the Universe was letting me know that I would be paid for all the work I have done in the past 10 years – now that I am feeling worthy enough to receive.

Day 3 our internet service was completely destroyed. Yes, I am writing this in Word on Day 4, feeling myself having this incredibly personal chat with each of you without any internet connection. In our continuing efforts to be financially responsible we decided to downgrade our cable service but to upgrade our internet connection because I am increasingly doing webinars, videos and conference skype.

AT&T arrived on schedule and not only disconnected our existing service but then discovered that the primary connection box (my terminology) doesn’t have adequate voltage to get to our house and perform that magic that we all rely on so much.

Think about it. The Universe (U-verse) had completely disconnected me. No phones, no internet, no TV; just silence – one might say the pause.  As I write, an AT&T team, even including the suits, are in my backyard laying new wires, installing new equipment, increasing the voltage (frequency)  – so I will be ready in the physical, free of this core issue of worthiness, to step forward and share with you the clearing the Mother is requesting (read demanding).

Mother Mary tells me that I have been disconnected and am being entirely rewired and re-booted. Yes!

And can you imagine the blast of Light and Love these guys are receiving in the sacred space of my backyard, a space gridded with the Archangels and what my neighbors call the sanctuary?

This third wave of the Tsunami of Love is stronger than anything we’ve experienced to date. It’s lifting us up, clearing and bringing to the surface those hidden deep fundamental issues that we didn’t have the foggiest notion that we were avoiding. This purging is dramatic and profound – and it’s anchored in the physical.

When I’ve asked the Mother why, if She’s clearing us with the Tsunami, it’s necessary for us to come together in this Core Issues Webinar series. She smiles and says “because humans need help – in the physical. They need to know that they are capable of this purging and that it is not simply Divine Intervention and Divine Will. It is their will, their actions, their desires. They need to know that their participation is not only desirable; it counts; it is necessary.”

If someone had asked me if I still needed to clear some core issues I would have immediately and unequivocally answered no. I am anchored firmly in the 7th dimension. I have inter-dimensional awareness and experiences all the time. I’m anchored and live from my heart. I’ve cleared endlessly and deeply. Well, guess what?

If you feel that you don’t have any core issues that need purging, that you are in perfect balance, I encourage you to dig a little deeper. Go deeper into your heart and check, check, and double-check.

If the answer or knowing that comes back is “Yes, you do” and you’re up for a purging the intensity and the freedom of which is phenomenal, then join me for the Core Issues Webinar series, May 8th for 5 weeks and re-emerge into the fullness of who you have always been and dream of being. I would love to have each of you join the Council for this Miracles workshop. I really hope you say “Yes!”


by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.



Thank you to Golden Age of Gaia

Universal Mother Mary via Linda Dillon: The Third Wave of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love @ Council of Love

Art Mary Unveiled by Mary Angelico and Saleena Ki

Art : Mary Unveiled by Mary Angelico and Saleena Ki


Universal Mother Mary via Linda Dillon: The Third Wave of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love

April 20, 2015 By

Mother Mary 2

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of change, Mother of constancy, Mother of hope, Mother of fulfillment.

Welcome my dear hearts, children of my heart, daughters and sons of my soul, welcome yet again to this Council, to my Council of Love, of which each and every one of you are part and parcel, not merely honorary members but full members, full participants.

I come this day to speak to you of my Tsunami of Love that you may understand just how persistent a mother I am. I do not waver in my intention in the fulfillment of my plan and your plan within that plan.

And yes, I bring thee, I bring all of this planet, what you are calling and what I agree to call ‘the Third Wave of the Tsunami of Love’. Let me discuss with you, my sweet angels, what this energy is. Is it substantially different than the Tsunami that you have worked with in this past year? The answer is “No. My energy, my Love is simply that.”

What is different, my beloved ones, is the intensity with which I and you and We approach this energy flow. And that is why I speak to and refer to my persistence…I will not stop this Third Wave until all is completed and I do not simply mean the cleansing.

Is there cleansing in core issues to be resolved? Yes, and I will only refer to this because what I really wish to speak of is this energy of this Tsunami. It is the energy of my Love, it is the energy of my persistence, it is the energy of my intention that you be raised up.

I will push you, I will pull you, I will fill you, I will lift you, I will elevate you, not only until you are on top of the highest peak of every continent but until you are high enough and elevated enough that you are standing, existing, right next to me as I am right next to you; with your angelic family, with the ascended masters, with the archangels, with the seraphim. You are divine.

I do not know how many ways I can communicate this to you and so I send you this information, not only through words but from my heart to your heart, to every fiber of your being. Every kingdom upon sweet Gaia has understood and participated in the Tsunami and have anchored fully, joyously, in the 7th dimension.

It is only the humans that have resisted. All other kingdoms have looked at the opening, the Love, the Christ Consciousness, the unified awareness and have come running through the portal. And all of you have been swimming in and out of this portal for years. And several of you have anchored fully and completely in the 7th.

So, why do I bring forth an intensified Tsunami of Love at this time? Let me be clear…this is not a resumption of the Tsunami. Yes, we are in new times with new meaning of linear space and time, but this is not a resumption; this is a new wave and it is a wave from the totality of my being tempered so that it does not injure any in any way, but it will carry you.

Some of you may experience that you are being pulled under, that the undertow has you. Dearest ones, if the undertow is pulling you, let go. It simply means that there is need to dive deeper and to see in the depths of who you are, in your journey with me, the brilliance, the radiance, the truth of who you are.

If you are being lifted up because you know your divine birthright, you know the truth of who you are, place your face upward to the sun, to the millions of stars, to your star brothers and sisters, to the Milky Way, to Venus, and enjoy the ride because you will not be exempt. All beings are being touched. It is not a time that I will be suggesting to thee to play in the shallows by the shore. That time is passed, not in a fearful way but in a way that you have evolved my sweet ones.

You are ready for a more powerful infusion of my Love, of our sacred union. I have said to thee that I have planted the seed eons ago within you. And I have not only planted the seed of my Love, of our Love, of the Father and I, I have planted the seed of your divinity, of your wholeness, of your brilliance.

So, you say to me, “Well Mother, could you not simply gently water me and allow my face to emerge out of sweet Gaia and find the sun?” You are already doing that and you need the full infusion for this blossoming.

There is no turning back. And I say this, not to you my sweet ones, for you are the ones who have said to me, “Mother, please, we are tired, we are impatient, we are joyful, we are in anticipation, excitement, bring forth the awe, the wonder, the miracles, the creation.” But there are others that have need to be lifted up and carried and this is what I am doing; there is no turning back, not in new times, not in old times.

This process that we began 6 million years ago is underway. It is time of fulfillment. It is time for you, each of you, my children that I Love, to truly know me, and even more importantly, to truly know yourself. You are creators and you have come, not merely for Ascension but for the anchoring of Nova Earth.

It is a promise that I made, not only to you but to Gaia eons ago, that she would have this fulfillment of her mission and purpose…not to dissolve into sheer energy but to thrive in the majestic glory and splendor of her diverse beauty and magnificence.

And you have said, “Yes, I choose to participate, I choose to be the activator, I choose to be the healer, the teacher, the channel, the creator.”… And in all realities, all dimensions, all time frames throughout my omniverse. It is time!

So, I caress you. I caress you in my waves of blue. I caress you in my gown of blue. I nurture you, I water you. Come in, the wave is all around you; allow the penetration, do not resist. It is not simply a matter of floating on the energy; it is a matter of grabbing your rubber duck, your surfboard, your noodles, whatever you choose, your floatie, and come and ride the wave.

Allow me to, with you, finish this transformation of Ascension. Go with my Love, my faith in each of you. Farewell, farewell my beloveds. You do not need to come to the beach; I will be in your doorstep. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 4-18-15
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


Thank you to Golden Age of Gaia

Chapter 15 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book “Healing the Shadow” ~ By Sabrina Reber

Christian Schloe ARTIST.

ART : Christian Schloe


Chapter 15 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book “Healing the Shadow” By Sabrina Reber

 Raise Your vibration book cover

Our shadow is everything we think we aren’t. It is an accumulation of our stored darkness that we refuse to look at and accept. It is everything we reject and hate within our own being such as our own anger, jealousy, fear, shame, lies, ignorance, intolerance, bitterness and re-activeness. Our shadow holds everything we think is “bad” and since we only want to accept our “good” qualities….all of our deepest darkest secrets get pushed to the background (stored in our energy fields) creating our shadow. Whatever we feel is not acceptable to reveal to our family, friends, society and ourselves is hidden within our shadow. In order to be accepted and feel good about ourselves we reject those parts of our psyches that we don’t want to show the world. Unfortunately, all of these rejected aspects of ourselves still remain with us and are covered up by all of our social masks. However, these negative aspects are still a part of our being and they will continue to show themselves when we least expect it! Regardless of how much we try to suppress them, there they are seeking attention, healing and transformation. At a certain point on our journey back to wholeness, our shadow will reveal itself. What seemed like a straight path back to love, light and unification all the sudden takes an unexpected turn when the dark aspects of ourselves begin to make themselves known. At this point, we will no longer be able to hide from ourselves. As we face God, we face ourselves! All of our perceived “bad qualities” that we have not owned will rise to the surface so they too can be acknowledged and accepted and brought back into the light and truth of our being.

Facing our shadow is a difficult process because it appears suddenly, out of the blue, throwing us off track forcing us to face our fears, insecurities, past mistakes and poor decisions. Our shadow reminds us where we need to focus for a deeper level of healing. It shows us our repressed emotions, feelings, dysfunctions, history, denials, weaknesses, addictions and patterns. We do not need to fear our shadow; in fact, we need to learn how to embrace it. Our shadow will only show up when we are ready to truly move into wholeness, gain our highest soul’s potential and become the master of our lives. We must move through our darkness before we will truly be able to fully step into the light of our divinity. When we acknowledge the information our shadow provides and accept its teachings, our shadow becomes the bridge between the darkness of our fears to the light of redemption and unification. Our soul knows when it is time to clear our energy and begin to live our life in a different way. When our soul feels we are ready, our shadow will be brought forth and each of us will be called to find the inner strength to face it so we can transform it. This part of ourselves can no longer be denied, it must be acknowledged, transformed and integrated into our being before we will be able to raise our vibrations to our highest potential.

When things in our life take a turn for the worst and we can’t figure out what we are doing to create these circumstances, we can be sure that our soul has decided that it is time for us to meet our shadow. Our shadow is held in place by the unconscious parts of our mind that need healing. These unconscious parts are like sub personalities that were created from our unwillingness to fully feel our negative feelings because we perceived them to be bad. Since we have not been taught how to deal with these negative feelings, in a healthy way, we stuff them in our subconscious mind creating our shadow. This part of our self gets disconnected from our conscious self because we only want to deal with what makes us feel good. Unfortunately, the human experience does not always feel good and our uncomfortable feelings must be dealt with or we will continue to stuff things in our unconscious mind creating a darker, larger shadow moving us further and further away from the light of our God self. Denial of our negative feelings does not make them go away. In order to transform them they must be fully experienced so they can be acknowledged and healed. If we continue to avoid these unpleasant feelings they will continue to influence our behaviors and will be like little magnets that continue to attract people and situations into our life that we would rather not be involved with. When we feel like there is something outside of ourselves creating our life circumstance, and we want to blame others, we need to stop and realize that it is our shadowy sub personalities that are magnetizing these events into our lives. These parts of ourselves have been disowned and they are drawing attention to themselves so they can be welcomed back into our being and healed. This can only occur if we choose to receive the gift our shadow is trying to show us and acknowledge the emotion, feeling and behavior as part of our being. If we deny our shadow consciousness it will continue to persist. Bringing our conscious awareness to it and accepting it as part of our being shines light on it, transmuting it into love. Once all of these disowned aspects of our being are integrated, we will no longer need to draw unpleasant situations into our lives.

The unwillingness to look at ourselves honestly and make the changes necessary to evolve our souls is the essence of hypocrisy. We must accept accountability, responsibility and ownership of our own darkness and misqualified energy. We all have a shadow and the only way to transform it is to shine light on it through our increased awareness and willingness to stop rejecting those parts of ourselves that we don’t want to own. Be aware that your shadow and negative ego support each other because they are both disowned aspects of ourselves that we have separated from the light of our God self. Healing means to make ourselves whole. By disowning and rejecting our ego and our shadow we fragment ourselves into separate beings keeping us from reaching a state of unification and wholeness. In order for us to re-member ourselves bringing us into a state of healing and wholeness we must recognize and own our shadow so we can transform our ego bringing more of our true divine essence into our being.

Both the ego and the shadow support each other because the main job of the ego is to keep us in separation, fragmented from our God self. In fact your ego will deny that your shadow is a part of your being, in any way. The ego knows if we recognize and heal our shadow, our shadow will be integrated into our God self which means the ego will be out of a job and integrated as well. In order to keep the shadow from being acknowledged, the ego will assist the shadow by helping the shadow to distance itself from its source of discomfort which creates further separation and denial within our being. For example, when we see someone misbehaving or being “bad” we pass judgment (ego) and immediately label it as “not us” (shadow). We blame (ego & shadow) and point fingers at everyone else for their inappropriate behavior projecting (ego & shadow) those parts of ourselves we have denied (ego) onto them making ourselves superior (ego) to all the other people out there (ego) who could never, never be reflections of ourselves. The ego loves to reinforce its sense of separateness by making us feel justified and self-righteous in our blaming. The egos basic premise is that of victim hood and a victim must always have someone to blame. Because our shadow avoids everything unpleasant, it will avoid taking responsibility for the co-creation of the circumstance and stuff it in the subconscious mind simply wanting it to go away leaving us alone. Unfortunately, this perpetuates and intensifies our darkness keeping our rejected parts inside the shadow and away from the light of our God self.

The shadow holds all the darkness from every traumatic event we have ever endured and not cleared from our subconscious mind. In order for us to fully step into our light, resolve our karma and raise our vibrations we must face and clear all of those things we refuse to accept about ourselves. This is why our relationships are often referred to as mirrors. Whatever we see in another person “that provokes an uncomfortable reaction” is usually a good indicator of a characteristic or sub personality within our own being that needs to be accepted and healed as well. We tend to see in other people all of the qualities that we have personally disowned. They are mirroring back to us our own shadows. Anger, hatred, jealousy and bitterness can only hurt us if it is denied. When we suppress our emotions and feelings, because we have been taught they are wrong, our shadow enlarges keeping us from accessing greater amounts of light. Once our feelings are embraced and we learn what they are trying to teach us they will no longer be stored in our shadows demagnetizing the charge they once had on us. For example, if we see someone overreacting and it doesn’t provoke a reaction, emotion or feeling within our being, then we can be sure we have owned this aspect of ourselves because it will no longer have a charge within our being. We will be able to have compassion for this person knowing that a part of their shadow has risen up to the surface to be acknowledged and healed. Neutrality, not denial, is a good sign that you are integrating those aspects of your self that use to enrage you. However, if you continue to attract repetitive situations with people who keep demonstrating a similar type of behavior, that provokes a reaction in you, then you can be sure the Universe is trying to show you a disowned aspect of yourself that needs to be owned and integrated within your being. The Universe is lovingly bringing situations to each one of us helping us to heal and step into wholeness. When we have demagnetized all of our shadow consciousness, we will no longer attract relationships to show us our hidden aspects that we have been in denial about. We will no longer need another person to mirror our shadow back to us and we will naturally move towards those relationships that reflect back our light. Before we can be healed of any condition – body, mind or soul – we must be willing to take ownership of our creations before we can truly let them go releasing them into the light of God.

Each of us are affected by our own level of shadow consciousness and ego distortions. For the most part, this is not intentional, it is usually an unconscious act of self-deception that our shadow and ego thrives on. However, raising our vibration, merging with our God self and entering the Kingdom of God requires us to bring everything we have been avoiding unconsciously into our conscious awareness so it can be transformed. Energy never dies; it must be transformed! If we do not face our shadow, feel it and clear it we will not be able to raise our vibration high enough for our God self to merge with our being. We have to transform our darkness into light and the only way to do that is to bring it into our conscious awareness and look at it with brutal self-honesty. We need to clear out our energy fields and face our lies, shame, blame and anger. We must stop denying the negativity that lives within our being and face it so we can heal ourselves and become whole and authentic. These negativities are the very things we are here on Earth to heal. We are in a constant state of being refined and our ego and shadow work will not end until we have purified ourselves enough to be completely absorbed back into the light of the Creator Of “All That Is”.


Shadow Reactions

  • Anything that feels like it isn’t you.
  • Feelings and Emotions “others” provoke in you that you just want to go away. Your shadow is all of your rejections.
  • All feelings and emotions you don’t want to own.
  • “Out of character” emotions or reactions that are showing up in your life. These are the hidden sub personalities, stored in your subconscious, that want to be healed!
  • Aspects of your self you don’t want others to see so you wear a mask.
  • Our deepest, darkest and most terrible secrets.
  • Our resistances. What we resist, persists.


Ego Reactions that Support the Shadow

  • Blames others for their current situation. Refuses to accept responsibility for their own life / circumstances / creations / behaviors. We blame someone else when they exhibit a part of our shadow that is trying to be healed.
  • Projects their disowned sub personalities onto others because they don’t want to acknowledge their hidden issues. Finger pointing! Our outer reality is a reflection of our inner reality. Whatever we see in another person, that provokes a reaction, is a reflection of something within our own being that needs to be owned.
    “ You are angry ”
    “ You are obnoxious ”
    “ You are over reactive ”
    “ You are hateful ”
    “ You are emotional ”
    “ You have a big ego ”
  • The ego creates the distance (separation) the shadow wants from its uncomfortable feelings. This creates separation / fragmentation within our being keeping us from reuniting with all of our parts, which keeps us from being whole.
  • Denial! Denies that the shadow is a part of you:
    “ I don’t have a shadow ”
     “ I don’t have negative feelings ”
     “ I don’t have any darkness”
     “ I don’t wear a mask.”
     “ I don’t have issues”
     “ I don’t need healing”


Signs that You are Integrating Your Shadow and Ego

  • You notice behaviors in others but have no need to react or respond.
  • Other people’s behaviors no longer create a feeling or an emotion in you. They do not trigger an internal alarm or create negative head chatter. You are becoming neutral.
  • You no longer blame the other person or berate yourself when a shadow aspect shows up. You acknowledge and accept the disowned parts of your being, shining the light of your consciousness on them so they can be transmuted and healed. You are pulling yourself out of blame and denial.
  • You are able to fully embrace and fully love all parts of yourself, even the parts that aren’t so great. This is self-love!!!
  • You embrace your humanity with determination and acceptance knowing that when your shadow consciousness arises this is a positive sign that shows healing is occurring in your life. You are allowing all of your disowned shadowy sub personalities to be demagnetized through your acceptance and healing of them.
  • Your life has become more peaceful and your circumstances, relationships and interactions are becoming more positive.


Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What judgments do you have about other people? These judgments show us our hidden aspects that need to be healed. Once we own them, other people’s behaviors will not bother us.
  • What scenarios in your life are repetitive? Do you keep attracting the same kind of negative people in your life? What are they trying to show you?
  • Be really honest with yourself and make a list of all the things about yourself you try to hide from others. Recognize that it takes twice as much energy to hide these aspects from yourself and others than it does to own them.
  • Where are you being inauthentic in your interactions? In what situations do you put on a “mask”? What are you hiding?

If we do not confront the darkness within us we will meet it as fate.    
Carl Jung

Because the sage confronts his difficulties he never experiences them.    
Lao Tsu

The gold is in the dark.  
Carl Jung

When you can say, “ I am that”, to the deepest darkest aspects of yourself, then you can reach true enlightenment.      
Debbie Ford

The unexamined life is not worth living.

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MARY MAGDALENE: The Meaning of the Resurrection ~ Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart

 violet heart flowers

 MARY MAGDALENE: The Meaning of the Resurrection

An interview with Mercedes Kirkel channeling Mary Magdalene on April 5, 2015. The interviewer is Alan Hutner of Transitions Radio Magazine, who is asking about Mary Magdalene’s insights on the resurrection and ascension.

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A Peek into my book in process, THE JOURNAL — A Journey from Disillusionment to Remembering @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Friday, April 17, 2015

A Peek into my book in process,THE JOURNAL — A Journey from Disillusionment to Remembering


I have decided to share some components from the book I am working on now called, “The Journal.”

To loosely summarize, this book is about the journey from disillusionment to remembering.


~Lisa Finds the Journal~

“I have been trying to contact my Mother for two weeks,” said Lisa to herself as slammed down the phone. She had repeatedly tried to contact her mother, and she had not answered her phone, her emails or her Skype.

“What is she up to now?” Lisa muttered to herself. “I guess I will have to go down there and find out for myself. That means I have to have another confrontation with my husband about my ‘weird’ mother.

“The kids are in school, so I will have to get someone to pick them up and watch them until my husband comes home. What a bother!!” Lisa continued her inner dialogue, or was she actually talking out loud.

“Why doesn’t she just communicate with me? I know we have not seen eye-to-eye for a while, but a little communication on her end would greatly help our relationship. That is if we even have a relationship,” Lisa said so loudly that she knew she was actually talking to herself.

What else was she to do? She certainly could not get in contact with her mother. Truth be told, she had not tried that hard to contact her until now. Her mother has been talking about so much weird stuff lately that Lisa found herself avoiding contacting her.

Then, when she finally did call, her mother did not answer. In fact, her mother was nowhere to be found. “My husband is going to be so upset about this,” Lisa said to herself. “He has really had it with my ‘crazy mother,’ as he likes to call her.”

Lisa tried for two more days to connect with her mother. Finally, she could wait no longer. She confronted her husband, got the babysitter, and left at 5:00 am for the journey to her mother’s house. She told her husband she would leave then to avoid traffic, but she really wanted to avoid another confrontation with her husband and the many questions from the children.

For the same reason she slept in the guestroom and told her husband is was so that she would not wake him up. Actually, she did not want to “sleep” with him. Sex had been a chore for ages now, and the more she disliked it, the more often he wanted it.

If Lisa could tell her self the truth, which she had been avoiding for a very long time, she was very unhappy in her marriage and needed to talk to her weird, but loving, mother. If Lisa could tell her self the truth, she would have to admit that her best friend was far to close with her husband.

Since she could not even admit that much, she could more easily look past all the obvious signs of her husbands wandering eye. “No,” Lisa yelled, as she pushed aside the obvious evidence and chose to live the lie. However, four hours of driving alone in a car would make it very difficult to ignore her self.

By the time she arrived at her mother’s house, she was enraged, in tears and so relieved to be in a safe environment. However, it was an empty environment. The house was neat and clean as always, but the plants were gone, the cat was missing and the house felt empty of all life.

No mother, no copious plants, no cat, windows closed and all doors locked. The yard was a bit overgrown, but watered by the sprinklers. The refrigerator was filled with expired food and the bread in the pantry was covered with mold. Now, Lisa was getting worried.

She has spoken to her Mother so seldom lately, that she did not even know how to contact her mother’s friends. That is if she had any. Truth be told, Lisa was glad when her husband took the job up north and they had to move away. She did not understand her mother at all. Now her mother had disappeared, just when Lisa was finally ready to talk with her.

“How could she just disappear?” yelled Lisa after she had searched every area of the house and yard. The car was in the garage and her mother’s purse with her wallet inside was by her bed, which showed no sign of recent occupancy. Perhaps there was a clue in her office, where she shut herself up for hours to meditate or write or whatever she did, thought Lisa as she walked to the back of the house.

Lisa had been embarrassed by her mother’s behavior as a teenager and never brought her friends over. Lisa was more like her Father, who had left them because her mother was so odd. Now her mother was causing problems with Lisa’s marriage. Perhaps the answer is in her offer, she thought as she went into that room.

When Lisa opened the door to enter the office, she felt a sudden chill. What was that saying, “Like someone had walked over a grave.” “Oh my God,” Lisa said out loud. “What if she is dead?”

Fortunately, there was no dead body and NO mother. The room was neat, much neater than Lisa had seen it in a long time. In fact, her mother’s desk, which was often a mess of papers, was totally clear except for a rather large three-ring folder filled almost to the breaking point.

As Lisa tentatively walked to the desk, she saw an envelope with her name on it tapped to the top of the folder. She angrily pulled off the envelope, opened it and began to read her mother’s note.


My dear Lisa, Beverly wrote in her journal. I am so sorry that I was unable to tell you this in person, but there was too much to say and too little time in which to say it. Therefore, I have left this journal, which clearly describes what has been occurring in my life.

I wish that I could have shared it with you, but you have made it very clear that you do not want to hear about my ‘weird’ encounters with what you call ‘the unknown.’ I have tried to tell you that it was never unknown to me, but when I did you became angry.

I know that you have blamed my behavior for your father leaving us when you where only ten, but I did not want him to leave any more than you did. I also know that I was an embarrassment to you when you were a teenager. I am sorry that I was not the person that you needed me to be.

Mostly, I am sorry that I could never find a way to share my experiences with you that did not upset or anger you. I hope that you find this journal in which I recount everything that has been happening in my life in the order in which it occurred. Perhaps, when you read it within your own time, you can begin to understand why I have disappeared in this manner.

Please remember that I love you very much and hope that we can regain our relationship. Please do not run off to phone the police before you read this. After you have read this journal, we may even be able to communicate with each other.

I love you,



“What,” yelled Lisa. “Do you expect me to read this whole silly journal before I call the police to find out where you are?”

Lisa was so angry that she violently pushed the journal off the table, where it fell to the floor, opening the binder and spilling the pages all over the room. Lisa stood in horror. She finally found a clue as to her mother’s disappearance and she had just scattered it all over the floor. She was so upset that she fell into the nearby chair and sobbed.

Lisa cried the tears that she would not allow when saw the look in her husband’s eye when her friend came over, or how her “friend” looked toward the ground. She cried the tears that she had pushed away during her four-hour drive here alone. Then, when she remembered the expression of relief she saw on her husband’s face when she said she needed to leave town, she became almost hysterical.

She needed her mother to talk to NOW. But was she there for her? NO! Again, she was absorbed in her own self and in her own weird whatever she was involved in. How could her mother leave this silly book instead of calling her and talking to her? But that question reminded Lisa that she had not taken a phone call from her mother for quite a while.

She had been “busy” and would call her back, but never did. Lisa told herself that it was because she was fed up with her mother’s ideas. But, the truth was that her mother could always read her mind, and she did not want her mother to tell her what she wasn’t ready to face.

During her four hours driving alone in the car she had “unconsciously” decided to talk to her mother about her marriage. She was even ready to ask for her help. “But NO,” Lisa yelled to the empty room, “I finally am ready to talk to her and Mom is involved in her own self – again!”

Lisa dramatically fell to the floor and sobbed. She cried because her marriage was over, her life was a mess, her mother was missing and she was totally alone. However, being alone was what she really craved. She needed to get out of denial and into the truth. That was the real reason she drove to her mothers.

However, her mother was not there, and had not been there for a while. Maybe she should have answered some of her mother’s phone calls, emails and letters. Maybe she should have just listened to her self, Lisa thought as the tears were spent and she sat on the floor and looked at the papers strewn all over the room.

It took Lisa an hour to collect all the pages, which fortunately were numbered, and put them back into the folder. By then she had calmed down. She went to the kitchen and happily found some coffee, sat down at the kitchen table, where she often did her homework as a child, and began to read the journal.

Prepare for the NOW by reading the books:

The Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension Books

(Note about Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension)

Book 4 was twice as long as the others, so we have split it into two books so you can better absorb the information. If your book 4 is 400 pages, you have the old version, so you have the full ending of the series. However, if your book book is about 200 pages, please stay tuned for Book 5, which is “Changing Realities.”

Thank you.

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We the People–Suzanne Lie and Free download of Bob Charles Show @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie we the people

Thursday, April 16, 2015

We the People–Suzanne lie and Free download of Bob Charles Show

4-14-15 Free download of my great meeting on the Bob Charles Show On Book ONE of the Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension we the people 2 We the People by

Suzanne Lie

Hello there, this is Sue Lie,

The Arcturians have been telling me/nagging me to have some presentations that are just me.  So I am here to look at the human perspective of ascension. I have channeled the Arcturians to explain to myself, and to others, what the higher perspective is. I am here NOW to explore the human perspective.

I find that it is not too difficult to admit to my human weakness, faults, issues and negative emotions. I can willingly admit the mistakes, fears and challenges of my past, parallel, alternate realities. But the hard part to admit is that I AM Arcturian.  Now it catches in my throat.  So why is that?

Why is it easier for me, and us, to own our third-dimensional faults than to own our higher-dimensional self?  The answer is that, we have been taught to believe that we are ONLY human.  But we are not humans.  We are wearing humans.

If you are willing to read or listen to this message, then it is pretty sure that you, too, are wearing a human vessel. You/we KNOW that because we are getting in touch with the higher frequencies of our SELF.

Therefore, we know that we are not JUST our physical body.  We remember that we are wearing a physical bodyWe are our consciousness and our consciousness is multi-dimensional.

Therefore, inside of that one body that we are wearing – we don’t have one consciousness.  Inside of our body is a portal to all these different dimensions of expressions of our self. Therefore, as we walk around the daily life, and especially in our sleep, we know that WE are portals.  When we open this portal we are ALL the expressions of our Multidimensional SELF within the NOW of that opening.

As we expand our consciousness into higher and higher frequencies of reality, our 3D brain becomes obsolete. We are NOW realizing that we must turn to our multidimensional mind to be able to navigate and understand how to perceive several octaves of reality within the NOW.

With our expanded, increasingly multidimensional perceptions we must remain grounded in unconditional love for it is the only way that we keep above all fear and doubt, as we move into totally uncharted territory.

We also need to keep loving our selves unconditionally in order to fully OWN our higher expression of SELF as US.  We need to keep working on loving our self enough to fully own our wisdom, power and love. Being our higher expression of SELF as we live our daily life is a pretty big thing to live up to.  Our 3D training tells us to push away our imaginary “higher self” and take care of daily life.

Of course, to the higher self that our ego is telling us to push away, there is not “either/or.” However, our human self, that is the human self we are wearing, want to push away all that metaphysical nonsense and take care of business. But it’s not working for us any more because we know who we are. We know it, inside of us!

However, this is not information that we can go out into the streets and start telling people. Or is it? Therefore, WE are speaking up NOW, even if at first it is just with each other. Because, when we start telling people, we will find that many are having our same experience but they are afraid to speak about it.

What if they are judged? What if it brings the cabal down on us?  But, wait! We have our wonderful multidimensional consciousness and higher dimensional perceptions. We can see their aura. We can hear their minds and read their faces. We do not need to identify our SELF to someone who is lost in darkness. But we can send them unconditional love and the Violet Fire.

We can also tell the people who will say, “Wow, I’m having this experience too.”  You see, we are not ahead of anybody, and no one is behind us.  We’re all in this together. In fact, there is no “ahead of” or “behind” when we are thinking from our own higher frequency of SELF.

If we’re thinking in terms of ahead or behind we are thinking third dimensionally. We need to remember that we can’t perceive what’s really happening if we run it through that 3D brain.  We have to bypass our 3D brain and go right from our multi-dimensional mind and into our opened Third Eye and High Heart.

We lovingly remind our 3D brain, “Dear 3D brain, we love you very much and thank you for taking care of the Earth vessel.  You’re a great pilot.  And we will keep loving you because you are taking all the hits in the lower dimensions.  We thank you 3D vessel for feeding, healing and caring for our physical body.”

As soon as we start remembering how it feels inside our bodies, how it feels to start resonating even beyond dreamtime and into our fifth-dimensional resonance, we will begin to clearly remember our realities as Lightbody.

Then when we look down in frequency and see the human person, WE are the ONE we have been channeling.  But, NOW we actually ARE that higher person.  Our “sense of self,” the “who” we think of as OUR self, totally changes.

Whereas before our human self was our “heart,” but then it will be our “tail.” We may still need our tail keep us to Earth, so that all we have learned, and remembered, about shifting into our higher self, can be grounded into the core of Earth to assist Gaia with Her ascension.

Meanwhile, as we go through this process a lot of unique things are going to start happening, and it’s going to start with our perceptions.  More and more we can perceive things that do not fit into the 3D paradigm.

Or, things disappear from our lives, just out of nowhere.  It’s nothing important – just things – gone.  Then things arrive that are different.  Where did that come from?  We are thinking, “I’m really losing my memory.”

And yes we are losing our 3D memory, that’s for sure, but what might, and probably is, happening is that we get little glimpses of parallel and alternate realities. Or we actually jump realities.  I think we are doing that a lot now.  If we’re going down the path and wonder, “Why did I do…?”

Then we call out from a higher awakened self so that we can align with that SELF. Then we see that reality from a higher perspective, which is of very different. Remember we are also still wearing our earth vessel that is walking around on planet Earth.  However, now, our Earth vessel is not “US.”

Now, our earth vessel is our grounding cord. It is the way we share our personal experiences with other earth vessels, and it is a way we share our ascension with Gaia. Now we remember why we took this earth vessel to wear. We came into this reality to assist the spirit of Earth, Gaia.

With our higher perceptions, we see Gaia as the being that is so great that she could not just define herself as a human.  She had to define herself as an entire planet.  And, Gaia is a very brave planet who chose to be a third-dimensional planet.

She allowed Her planet to fall all the way down, and even stayed all the way down in that third/fourth-dimensional frequency. She even allows her pesky humans to live topside, where they are creating untold damage. Gaia is a very courageous planet, and WE are all very courageous for choosing to take an embodiment in this Now. We have chosen to come here NOW to assist our dear Mother Planet.

Our planet is actually our self, for it is made of the very same elements as our physical earth vessel. Those of us who have had myriad incarnations on Gaia, and remembered many of them, are dedicated to assisting Earth. We are very thankful for all the wonderful, and not always wonderful but challenging, and always evolutionary journeys we have had on Gaia’s planet.

When we become our SELF, we realize our own innate wisdom, power and love, which is so expansive that only a planet can hold it. In other words, we become the planet. We have moved beyond our human problems to remember that we came to this planet, not to just ascend our one physical body.

We expanded our multidimensional consciousness all the way down the dimensional frequencies to place our essence into an earth vessel that was to be OUR portal into the body of Gaia. When we connect our own portal into Gaia’s body, we can share ALL of the higher dimensional wisdom, power and love of ALL of our higher expressions of SELF.

Blessings BE dear Gaia. You have given us a format on which we could learn and eventually ascend. NOW it is our honor to share all that we have remembered with our dear Mother Gaia.

We are the Multidimensional People to Earth.

Prepare for the NOW by reading the books:

The Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension Books

(Note about Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension)

Book 4 was twice as long as the others, so we have split it into two books so you can better absorb the information. If your book 4 is 400 pages, you have the old version, so you have the full ending of the series. However, if your book book is about 200 pages, please stay tuned for Book 5, which is “Changing Realities.”

Thank you.

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Your Resonance with the Earth – Archangel Sandalphon ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

art Peter Mitchev

ART : Peter Mitchev


Your Resonance with the Earth

by Archangel Sandalphon

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 17th April 2015- Sacred School of OmNa

‘The world is shifting beyond your recognition,’ this is a statement that I wish to share with you and for you to recognise within your perspective. It is not for you to understand the shifts taking place upon the Earth, maybe not even to recognise them, more importantly to recognise how the shifts in the world influence you within your being. When I speak of the world I am referring to the world of your perspectives rather than the Earth itself.  The world you recognise is the world of your perspectives, a creation born from that which you wish to hold within your being, to resonate with and recognise as yourself. The Earth is in tune with your perspectives, co-creating with you in order to manifest your beliefs and perspectives from within your being into your reality.

Imagine Earth existing in its true beauty and glory in this moment, imagine how breathtakingly stunning this would be. The Earth already exists in its true beauty in this very moment; the Earth is already healed and was never truly harmed or damaged. The only pain, damage and chaos occurring within and upon the Earth are within the creations and manifestations of your prescriptives.  In truth the vision you choose to see, sense and acknowledge the Earth as has a major impact upon your experiences of the Earth and your ability to recognise the truth of Mother Earth. If you choose to recognise the beauty of the Earth an entire version of the Earth would unfold to you filled with exquisiteness and completely healed. It is only your belief in your own need for healing or that you do not resonate in oneness with the Creator which influences your view and perspective of the Earth.

My statement at the beginning of my communication is very powerful, ‘The world is shifting beyond your recognition,’ this means there is a need for you to allow your perspectives of the Earth to shift, because you can no longer recognise the truth of yourself, the Earth and the Creator with the perspectives and beliefs you currently hold. It is not that the Earth is ascending so much that you are unable to recognise the Earth; it is more so that there is a need for you to shift in order to recognise the truth of the Earth and the Creator which has always been present.

With all aspects of Ascension it is your willingness to see, sense and acknowledge beyond your perspectives which allows you to feel as if you are ascending when actually you are simply recognising the truth which has always been present. In order for humanity to recognise that the Earth has ascended there is a need to recognise that letting go of strive and struggle will allow for humanity to accept the beauty of the Creator. When humanity realises that all needing to be achieved in order to experience and recognise ascension is to see, sense and acknowledge with an open perspective, expansive mind, attentive listening and observant sight, then all will recognise that ascension occurred for the Earth long ago. It is humanity’s recognition and observation of the truth which is all that is required to complete ascension. However it is to listen, see, sense, acknowledge with deep knowingness within, tremendous expansion and willingness to receive the truth even if it is beyond current mental perspectives.

Please take time to contemplate my statement, ‘The world is shifting beyond my recognition,’ rather than observing the statement as outside words, internalise them. Realise the world you are creating and wish to experience is far greater than your expectations, beliefs and perspectives not born from an expansive mind, they  no longer hold a place in your being and reality as they are placing limitations upon you.

To you it seems as if the Earth is always increasing and developing its resonance which creates transformation, everything is always evolving, even the divine Creator, life of all forms cannot help but evolve; it is a natural aspect of existence.  Often transformations cannot truly be recognised within the Earth’s energetic and material structures because of humanity’s unique connection with the Earth. The Earth is a part of your being and form, you are more connected as one with the Earth than you would ever imagine. When souls enter into human form they download a template of light from Mother Earth which is almost like holding aspects of Mother Earth’s DNA within their beings.  This template of light remains present throughout each person’s life time, it supports you in remaining anchored upon the Earth, it enables you to feel a greater resonance w ith the Earth and encourages you to co-create with the Earth the divine plan and purpose of your soul. Mother Earth’s template of light is essential to life and existence upon the Earth. Some people who feel a deep resonance and connection with the Earth and nature kingdoms have activated their Mother Earth light template with greater intensity, this often occurs when the person or soul is required to work alongside Mother Earth during their lifetime. Sometimes when people find themselves out of balance with their world or experience forms of difficulty it can be that they are neglecting or ignoring their connection with nature and the Earth, therefore their Mother Earth template of light is not activated enough to support them and allow them to co-create with Mother Earth, as is the divine purpose of this existence. When a person makes a conscious effort to spend time in nature and feel replenished by the experience, it is due to their light template born from Mother Earth being restored.

When catastrophes occur upon the Earth, have you noticed how your heart goes out to the Earth, you may feel upset or hurt by the damage occurred to the Earth?  This is because you have a part of Mother Earth’s energy like a template of light within your being. Your compassion is not simply due to your fondness of the Earth, it is because the Earth is a part of your form. Your connection with the Earth is far greater than you could possibly imagine, it is akin to an extension of your body. Catastrophes on the Earth are also a wakeup call which you and humanity send to yourselves. You are constantly co-creating with Mother Earth, your thoughts and the thoughts of humanity create a tidal wave of intentions anchored deep into the consciousness of Mother Earth. Co-creation then occurs as Mother Earth energises the created thoughts bringing them into manifestations upon the Earth . In truth the fears of humanity can create catastrophes upon the Earth. When you become aware of a catastrophe small or large upon the Earth, whether it is close to you or far away, allow yourself to compassionately recognise the incident as a wakeup call. Take responsibility that any thoughts or fears you may have energised could have added energy to humanity’s co-creation with Mother Earth in manifesting the situation. Realise within your being there is a need to observe, heal and release your unbalanced thoughts and fears so Mother Earth no longer is required to co-create with your unbalanced thoughts and fears. Realise you can make a powerful shift within your being, perspectives and the world you recognise by simply sending your love first to yourself to empower yourself, then to humanity as forgiveness and to share that humanity is always loved. Finally send your love and healing to the situation. Mother Earth will accept your love, healing and compassion; she w ill co-create with you to bring these sacred energies into full experience upon the Earth.

The more humanity focuses upon love, healing, compassion and all the beautiful qualities of the Creator the more humanity will move beyond their current perspectives and Mother Earth is gifted with beautiful intentions and energies to co-create with. You will then truly see the world shift beyond your recognition.

‘Archangel Sandalphon, I invite you to surround me with your Angelic Vibrations and your deep resonance with Mother Earth. As your light penetrates my being I invite you to activate and bring into balance my Mother Earth Template of Light so I may exist and co-create in harmony and peace with Mother Earth, recognising the beauty and complete ascension of my being and the Earth. Thank you.’

Simply take a moment to breathe deeply, accept my light and observe or acknowledge your Mother Earth Template of Light activating more fully and coming into balance within your being.

‘I now choose to co-create love, peace, harmony, beauty and happiness with Mother Earth, dissolving all harmful fears from my being, so I may experience the natural beauty of Mother Earth  now and forever more.’

This is a wonderful affirmation and intention to ensure you take responsibility for your thoughts and perspectives, sharing with Mother Earth the beauty of your being so she may manifest this into the Earth for all to experience.

Know you resonate and co-create with Mother Earth; this is something you cannot neglect.

With and in truth,

Archangel Sandalphon

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art Peter Mitchev

The Decision Rests with Our Angels ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art angels     by Rola Chang

ART : Rola Chang

The Decision Rests with Our Angels


Even though the heart opening I had was not an instance of enlightenment, it was still a powerful spiritual experience with many ramifications.  (1)

Of events that arose from it, Archangel Michael said: “You have ample experience to write about.” (2)   Indeed I do. And it keeps unfolding.

But one aspect I haven’t written about is the fact that the experience was bestowed or mediated by an angel – an archangel, to be exact.

The experience happened three hours before a reading I had with him on March 13, 2015. It was distinctly something that was happening beyond my control and “outside” of me, although in a spiritual rather than a physical domain.

In a moment of surrender, after energy had crept up my body, I felt the equivalent of an explosion in my heart area. It was like someone exploded a stick of dynamite and removed a log jam.

And, since then, my heart has been open, though that doesn’t mean that love flows automatically.  For love to flow, other conditions must also be met, as I’m discovering.

When I went to the reading, amazed that the spiritual experience continued after three hours, Archangel Michael implicitly acknowledged that it was he who had bestowed it.

AAM: Yes, your heart is open. The opening is, and will, and shall continue.

S: You mean permanently Lord, really?

AAM: Yes

S: Oh my! Please!

AAM: Because, you have said yes! (3)

The angels – I’m not sure if I should restrict my comment to the archangels – are mediators of enlightenment for us. That’s one of their jobs: to bring us along by bestowing light upon us – light as in guidance and light as in transcendent light, spiritual openings, etc.

One can see this function being carried out by angels throughout scripture. Moses was enlightened by an angel appearing in the burning bush. Many of the prophets were enlightened by angels putting “coals” on their tongue or appearing before them in their majesty. You can read about their mediation of enlightenment (passing the light along) in articles on this site. (4)

I’ll cite only one example to make the point. Here’s Lord Tennyson being enlightened by the appearance of a seraph. Hindus would call this “darshan” or the appearance or vision of a divine form. Usually darshan is of a spiritual teacher or guru. But it can also be of an angel, ascended master, etc.

The appearance of the seraph was the birth of poetry in Tennyson.

I stood upon the Mountain which o’erlooks
The narrow seas….
A curve of whitening, flashing, ebbing light!
A rustling of white wings! the bright descent
Of a young Seraph! and he stood beside me

There on the [mountain] ridge, and look’d into my face
With his unutterable, shining orbs.
So that with hasty motion I did veil
My vision with both hands …

… my human brain
Stagger’d beneath the vision, and thick night
Came down upon my eyelids, and I fell.
With ministering hand he rais’d me up:

Then with a mournful and ineffable smile,
Which but to look on for a moment fill’d
My eyes with irresistible sweet tears…

“There is no mightier Spirit than I to sway
The heart of man: and teach him to attain
By shadowing forth the Unattainable….” (5)

Compared to God’s light, all other light is like shadow: hence “shadowing forth.” Since God is beyond all materiality and all separation, God is said to be “the Unattainable.” Once we merge again with God, “we” ceases to exist. Therefore God cannot be “attained” because, attaining Him/Her, there is no one who attains.

I’m under the impression that every one of us lightworkers reports to one of the archangels. It’s those beings who will mediate enlightenment for us, when the time is right.

As I said in earlier articles, (6) the time being right has a lot to do with our soul contract of service. If too much enlightenment risks our mission, the angels may stop short of that for the sake of maintaining our ability to serve.

But stop short or usher into the presence, the decision rests with our angels.  The angels mediate our enlightenment.


(1) See “Submerged in Love” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/03/14/submerged-in-love/, “Activating the Wellspring – Part 1/2″ at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/03/14/activating-wellspring/ and “Activating the Wellspring – Part 2/2,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/03/15/activating-the-wellspring-part-22/.

(2) Archangel Michael, in personal reading with Steve Beckow, through Linda Dillon, March 25, 2015.

(3) Archangel Michael, in personal reading with Steve Beckow, through Linda Dillon, March 13, 2015.

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The Blending of Dimensional Realities – The Orthogonal Matrix – Steve Rother @ Lightworker

buddha gold silver

The Blending of Dimensional Realities
-The Orthogonal Matrix-

by Steve Rother
Greetings from Home, dear ones

The Clearing of the Veil

Such a joy, this day. This day is so special because, dear ones, this is the now moment in all dimensions. This is the beautiful part of what we will share with you today as we take you through this journey. You see, dear ones, there are things taking place on your planet now which are very exciting to you because you are starting to understand your own reality and use it positively to create everything that you wish to create from this point forward. So, you are in the now moment at the present. That is perfect because only from there you can access positive, negative, past, future and all the rest of it to really ground yourself in the moment. The beautiful thing that is taking place and that you may or may not have noticed, is the unfolding and the clearing of the veil. It is happening in many ways and it is happening for each individual slightly differently. Each person will experience it in a slightly different way and that is as it should be. You, too, will start to experience this in different ways. Let us explain some of the ways that the entire collective of humanity is actually experiencing this clearing of the veil.

The Orthogonal Matrix

You have multiple dimensions of time and space. You believe that this is your timeline because that is all you can see. You cannot see into the other dimensions which are right next to yours. How do you access them? Well, this has been a secret that has been known for a very long time and yet rarely used. How do you access the other dimensions? It is done through 90-degree turns. very simple, yet, putting it into application is more difficult. Think of it this way: you can enter the next timeline from your timeline by simply making a right turn or a left turn at a 90-degree angle. This is the  orthogonal matrix.. We will start putting some of these pieces together as we explain what is taking place as the walls between the dimensions are starting to thin even more. You are starting to experience things as a collective, not just from one dimension, but from many, multiple dimensions at the same time. Now, while this is taking place, you would usually see strange things. Let us explain.

The Blending of the Dimensional Walls

If you turn on your news and suddenly you see a train wreck, you are liable to see 3 or 4 more train wrecks in the very near future. The reality is that the trains are actually in different a dimension that are starting to blend together and that is why you are seeing repeats of pretty much every energy out there. If there is a plane crash or anything of that nature that really confounds humanity, you are very liable to see another one of these events or one very similar right after that. It happens so that you would take your energy and move it through.  There are many ways in which you can work with this energy. This is actually the blending of the dimensional walls and you have opportunities to take that energy and treat it differently in each one of these occasions. This is getting magical for us to watch because you are actually able to look into other dimensions of time and space for the first time. For the first time, it is also entering your collective vibration of all of humanity and where that is going and how that is working. You are well on your way, dear ones. It is working extremely well so keep up the good work. You are breaking down the walls between dimensions. Now why is this important to us? Dear ones, you are a perfect being and that is hard to understand because you live on the planet of imperfection. The only way you can be on this planet is to hide your perfection in many of those multiple dimensions that you live in simultaneously. And, it is working this way quite well.

Perfect Beings in an Imperfect World

Now as you move even further, there will come a time when you will actually be able to interact into some of your own other dimensional realities. Now that will be fairly interesting to you. What if you are working and building your life in this dimension.  Let us just say that you have your job, you are an xyz person doing xyz work, you have 3 children, you are married for 12 years and you are doing several different things. Perfect. Over here, the same spirit is having a slightly different experience. You are using the same core personality of all of these multiple dimensions, but yet you are having a differnt experience and making different choices in each one of these timelines. Now that is magical. There are many quantum fields and your quantum physics actually believe that making a choice starts another dimension of time and space. We tell you that is not necessary. You are already spread out into several different dimensions and you do not actually have to make the same choice in each of them. Many times you feel bad after making a very important decision between this or that because you feel that you have slighted this person or this energy over here. Dear ones, that is not the way it works. The way it works is this: when you make a really important life-changing decision in this dimension, you probably make the opposite decision in another dimension. That is the beauty of it. This is how you bring a perfect being to an imperfect planet and have an imperfect experience. From our state, that is perfect…excellent. You are getting the idea of this. Over time, you will see some more of what we will simply call ‘strange things taking place’. This is where you are starting to bleed through dimensional realities and where the divisions between them are very quietly thinning. We say quietly because that is the reality of it. You cannot point to something exactly and say this is another dimension because the moment you do so from this dimension and interact into that dimension, it changes. Literally, your influence changes everything having to do with it. You are walking, conscious creators – each and every one of you. You are doing so with an incredible amount of love. That is the energy of the new world. That is what you are bringing together.

Strange Things Happening in 3s or 4s

So why are you bringing all of your dimensions back together? For the very simple reason, dear ones, that you are perfect and you are claiming your perfection. We could not be prouder of that. Yes, some of you have difficulty with that; you have been taught that the ego is bad,that you cannot feed it and that you have to think of everyone else before you think of you. That is not so. In fact, that is an absolute misdirection of energy. Placing yourself first during these times of huge change will be absolutely necessary. You literally will get sucked into a vortex that will keep you moving around the vortex, it literally will not go through; it will simply keep you moving. We call it chasing your tail and you have done that quite a bit. You will see the first signs of the blending of the dimensional walls in global events. You literally will be able to wonder why all of a sudden you see 3 or 4  very similar events happening all at once. It is literally because you are starting to bring in the other parts of yourself.  This has to happen on a collective basis, which is why you are seeing this taking place not so much on a personal basis, but on world events or events that at least make the world news. This is what opens the door for the dimensional realities that you are creating. What is it like? Well, imagine that you are playing this game. Imagine that you have this script that you are following and there are several players who you are interacting with. All of a sudden, somebody changes the channel and you have the same actor playing a different role with different supporting characters. However, he is the same person that was over here in this channel. Now you are starting to understand. Eventually, you have choices about which one of these scripts you will be in and which one of these will become your primary life. Now, does that mean that one is more important? No. This only means that this is the timeline from which you are viewing this at this moment. Very simple. You exist in all of them but yet your perception really only comes from one dimension at a time. So, watch the world events. Watch the things that are very unusual that seem to come in 3s, 4s, or even 5s. You are starting to blend your dimensional realities together and this is simply evidence of it.

Now you have capabilities of bringing even more to the table than you ever thought possible. Planet Earth is changing; it is making space for empowered humans. Are you ready? Are you ready to take your power and to be responsible for your choices in all dimensions of time and space? That is where you are today. These are the pieces that you are putting together to take this next step – and it is working. Congratulations to each and every one of you. You have placed yourself on the planet of free choice at exactly the moment of time and space that you wanted to be there. Now step forward and enjoy this journey and know that everything you see is going to be in multiples until you learn to see multiple dimensions. Then, you will be able to gain the best of each dimension and that is actually what the blending of the multidimensionality looks like. You are right in front of it. Dear ones, you have also stepped into a timeframe which has allowed you to benefit from the cross of the timelines. The reality is that you are living in expectation right now. Dream big. Dare to venture forward and find that passion whatever it is. Without judgment you can find much more of who you really are. Step forward. Now is the time that you will feel the wind at your back for perhaps the first time in quite some time. There are important changes going forward on planet Earth. You have agreed to step forward as a collective, which is not just what you see here, but all your dimensions of time and space together. That is quite a collective. This is the time that you will see the blending of dimensional realities. It is a beautiful time and we could not be prouder of the greatest angels that have ever lived.

Espavo, dear ones. Know that we watch with pride every move you make. Do not judge yourselves; it is not for you to do. Step forward and find every piece of this that you can hold in your being today and the dimensionalities will start to roll together and your perfection will return.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect during these special times. Look for opportunities to nurture each other whenever you can. Enjoy this new game. Play well together.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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Online Healing Retreat–Living in the NOW Last month’s Arcturian Message @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

art the healing smile fine art america by lila violet

ART : Healing Smile ~ Lila Violet @ Fine Art America


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Onling Healing Retreat–Living in the NOW Last month’s Arcturian Message


I hope you can join us.

To sign up, please see:


Be sure to check out the NEW Recording about the classes. Where we left off last month:

The Arcturian message from last month:

An Arcturian message of last month’s “Living in the Now” #3

with Dr. Suzanne Lie & Lauren Galey

Arcturians:    Greetings to all of you, we are so pleased to see you come and to be within our energy field so that we can also be within your energy field.  As your consciousness is expanding beyond the limitations of time and space and into the fifth-dimension and beyond, your perceptions are shifting as well.  So you are able to see energy fields.  Energy fields are enclosed by thoughtforms.  A thought form is a thought and then there is an emotion and the emotion comes together to give life to the thought, which creates a thoughtform.

The creating of thoughtforms is the key to inter-dimensional travel. You have come to your full awakening because you are flowing through the now of all the myriad possible realities of ONE. When a given “possible” reality attracts your consciousness, you move toward it and say:  “Umm, I like this feeling so I’m going to create a thoughtform so I can enter this version of reality.”

Then you think, “I wish to enter into this reality”, you send out Unconditional Love and transmutation for any component of yourself that might have had any reticence towards this adventure. When you are truly transmuted of any conflicting thoughtforms, you are able to stay clear of what your intention is. At this point your Unconditional Love connects you into that reality and your consciousness moves into that reality and you stay within that version of reality until it is the NOW for you to log-out.

That is actually how you downloaded your multidimensional consciousness into the earth vessels that you are wearing.  Most of you here today, if not all of you, volunteered to come to Earth to help Gaia.  Because we looked into the Nowness of your world, and saw that it was going to be quite a while before the darkness was cleared enough that we could land our ships and help you personally.

Therefore we decided that our only choice would be to send a spot of our DNA into the ones who had volunteered to accept this assignment.  Therefore, you were able to remain connected with your true self in the higher frequencies while actually wearing a physical body.  However, as all of you know, once you wear that physical body it is very addictive.

It is easy to get addicted to the physical world and third-dimensional fun, third-dimensional people, money, love and fear. Thus, many of our volunteers forgot, but NOW more and more of you have been waking up and beginning to perceive the powerful energies that are surrounding Gaia. We wish that all of humanity could see how all these Lights are bursting forth from all over the planet.

These Lights are our volunteers who are fully awakening to their Multidimensional SELF.  With your full awakening to your SELF, we ask that each of you go inside and feel your own Light.  For your Light is inside of your kundalini, which is inside of your spinal column, which is inside the core of your spine.

Also you all have that ninety-seven percent of what is labeled junk DNA.  Now this has been the best kept secret, but those that are working against transmutation have been studying this ninety-seven percent DNA and scientists have found that they can put a person in one room and the DNA in another room, show them something like scary movies and the DNA shrinks.  Then they show them something loving and the DNA expands.  All of that works great because they are close.

Then the DNA was moved hundreds of miles away and the same thing happened.  The “thing” is that the DNA responds instantly.  In other words, this  “junk” DNA is a wormhole.  It is a wormhole that connects you beyond time and beyond space.  Think about it, ninety-seven percent of your DNA is a wormhole to your Light body.

So as much as it may seem impossible that you can flash into your Lightbody, just think that there is only three percent of you that is holding you in this physical form and ninety-seven percent of you is ready to flash into your true SELF.  Feel that quotient inside of yourself.  We know that words have power, and words have the most power if emotion is attached to them to create a thoughtform.

So speak the words, the thoughts that we have given you to hold in your brain about your flashing into Light body.

Now, fill those thoughts with the emotions.  Let’s start with the emotion of Unconditional Love.  Of course Unconditional Love is much more than just an emotion.  It is a force field. Unconditional Love combined with a higher dimensional thought creates a very powerful thought form.  Now let’s add the emotion of going Home. We know that so many of you are so lonely and you ask, “When will this happen?”

We wish to tell you that it has happened.  You are in the world of illusion.  Third dimensional Gaia is the world of illusion.  Of course Gaia isn’t illusion.  Gaia is truth.  Gaia is a real planet.  Gaia is a being with such a powerful life force that only a planet can serve as her body.  However, Gaia is surrounded by Her third/fourth dimensional matrix.

Now that matrix will not flash into the fifth dimension because it is a matrix. Gaia, in her Love for her humans, is still wearing the third-dimensional matrix even though it’s similar to wearing something that you’ve worn long ago and it’s too tight. However, being the loving being that She is, Gaia is maintaining this matrix because there are still many of her humans that are attached only to the matrix.

Her animals, her plants, the sky, the elements, the elementals are a living component of the living planet. But a great deal of the humans that are on the planet within this Nowness have logged into the video game of 3D earth.  You have logged into the video game of 3D Earth, but you have done more than logged in.

If you log into a video game, you create an Avatar self and then you can manipulate the Avatar self.  But clearly you are sitting outside of the game and the Avatar self is inside of your computer.  What our brave, brave warriors have done is that they have actually placed a component of their essence into the form that is in that 3D matrix.

Now the reason why you, our beloveds have made that great sacrifice is because that 3D matrix needs to be transmuted back into a multi-dimensional matrix.  Now we say “back” because creation begins in the highest frequencies and works its way down through the lower frequencies.  So when you go from a lower frequency to a higher frequency you are returning to where you have come from.

We ask you all to take a moment and feel this.  Feel this energy around you.  As you feel that energy, look out and see the matrix.  Imagine that you have fully awakened your higher perspectives so that you can see the 3D matrix.  See the little lines like a hologram and see the little lines around your body and on your desk and in your world.  You can understand easily then why you forgot about actually perceiving this matrix.  It can be quite confusing.

However, with the power of your physical vessel, which matches the frequency of the matrix to which you are attached, you can reach out and touch that matrix.  When you reach out and touch the matrix, send it unconditional Love and observe as the Violet Fire begins to twist all around the matrix.

You see the lines of the matrix go from a dim, grayish color into the violet tones of the Violet Fire and the pearly white and pink tones of Unconditional Love. As you see this matrix transmute into these higher frequency colors, you can see how the colors change from brown and dirty red into glowing pink and white.

Now think of a thought, which is not a very good thought such as,  “I’m so lonely to go Home. Life is so difficult and I’m sick of being poor”.  These are all true – these are thoughts.  Now you see that thought and feel how you feel lonely, sad.  See that thoughtform?  Do you see how that thoughtform dims the pink and white of the matrix and turns it into brownish red? Do you see the power of your thought and emotions?

Now go and scoop these negative thoughtforms that you created and sent into the matrix.  Scoop them all up and say:  “I Love You Unconditionally, I Love You Unconditionally.  It was just a test run to see my own power. I Love You Unconditionally and I blaze, blaze, blaze you with the Violet Fire.”

Quietly observe as all these muddied thoughtforms poof away.  Watch as your love and violet fire transmutes them into thoughtforms of beautiful, loving, portals of love and light. Send all of these newly transmuted thoughtforms out into our reality to see how they, too, have the power of transmutation from darkness into light.

Do you understand HOW powerful YOU are?

Join us this week as we





Our INNATE Inner Power of healing, transmuting, loving and creating our Beloved Gaia

WE ARE the world we wish to see!

WE ARE the Galactics we are waiting for.

WE ARE dedicated enough to put aside our own needs to think of Gaia’s needs.

WE ARE brave enough to be our true Multidimensional SELF in our daily life.

We are confident enough to share our story in the manner that best suits our Soul.






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Surrender and Believe in Your-Self – Lord Melchizedek ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

rays of god droplets_800_533This is the transcription of the LIVE call within the Clarion Temple of Oneness with Lord Melchizedek on April 6th, 2015.

It is with great pleasure that I come this evening.

I AM Lord Melchizedek at your service.

What an auspicious time for me to arise, after the resurrection of the Christ and now moving into the Wesak energies. It is my divine expression to be with each of you and assist you in each moment whether that moment is confliction or happiness. It is my desire to work with each of you individually and assist you in this process you are going through.

The Earth is changing rapidly. So are you. Think about how deep you would be going without these high accelerations. Would you be able to push yourself through these moments within your initiation process; without the powerful Eclipses, Equinoxes, Full Moons, New Moons and the alignment of the planets? That is a very important question. Many of you have been doing this for quite a while.

The importance of your pathway is how deep are you willing to go?

I see it so often within the Light Workers, the Starseeds, the Light Beings coming into this planet, that without these accelerations they would not be able to do this work. Part of the changes that are happening within the Earth are a two-fold experience. People are being pushed to become more and help those who need to be pushed. This is a very important consideration and self-reflection. Only you can know how deep you are willing to go. If you did not have Walking Terra Christa, would you be able to do so? Would you be able to do it on your own by using certain tools? Say you picked up Dr. Stone’s books and that was all you had. Would you be able to create a strong system for yourself with the tools that need to be utilized? I want every one of you to consider this. I believe it is an important facet. The Earth is changing drastically. We are in an accelerated time.

More and more Light Workers need to be woken up and acknowledged. Many more have been awakened. Yet what are they doing with that awakening? Are they sitting by and waiting for the energies to help them? Or are they doing the work within themselves?

The only way I can share the difference with you, is to put yourself in a situation of forty years ago. If you had arrived upon the Earth at that time, which some of you have, when did you awaken?

I would like to open this up to the ones who have been on the pathway for a while. What happened to you? Were you able to experience elements? The energies were much denser at that time, so you had to work harder. It seems kind of contradictory. If you say you had to work harder forty years ago, but you are working hard now, what is the difference?

The difference is that the planetary alignment of the Sun, the Moon, all the planets of the Solar System and beyond into the multidimensional energies are assisting.

Now is a time to come into Oneness. You have arrived in this moment of time to be part of that Oneness. If you are somewhat new of this path, meaning within the last ten years, you a very much a newbie.

Each of you must acknowledge within yourself; what was it like for you in the beginning?

What did you experience?

Did you know yourself as you know yourself today?

Could you look at your emotions, could you look at your thoughts?

Were you able to make the necessary changes?

The reason I bring this forth is; the more intense the energies become, the more intense the work that needs to be done. That is all it is. I can speak for Meleriessee, as she worked diligently in her pathway 30 years ago. She had a pathway to do, which is the other element important for you to heal.

Who are you?

Do you know who you are as a soul and what that soul essence has to do upon the planet?
All you are doing presently is allowing the experience of remembrance of what you have been before to be in the Physical Body.

Let me rephrase.

Each of you is absolutely important from a standpoint of being a soul upon this Earth.
These accelerations are pushing every individual person upon this planet to delve into the depth of their heart essence, which you just experienced with the Lotus Heart. Go into that and feel this essence. My role is to walk with you, to stand by you, being part of the Melchizedek Priesthood to remember who you have been before. It must be acknowledged within the physical self. The doorways you have to go through in order to get to that point are not easy.

The main focus of my energy tonight is to expand my arms around you, so that we can walk together. I do not want to see anyone failing in what you perceive as failure. There are only lessons. I want to help you through each process, as that is my role in Walking Terra Christa. It is to assist you on a deeper level. As I speak through Meleriessee in this moment, I extend my energies onto each of you.

What happens through this process is that the particles of shame, guilt and uncertainty arise. If the person is not ready to fully accept their Divine Essence, they will hide away. This is part of humanity. It is part of being within a human body and the subconscious mind.

My role is to assist you to go deeper. These accelerations are not going to get easier. They will become more challenging. The more you embrace yourself and create a foundation within yourself, the easier it will become.

What each of you has just gone through with the Resurrection of the Christ within yourself, is a very powerful tool. Believe me, those who are not understanding it, will not be able to get through it like each of you. I am deeply honored to be able to share that with you. The more you know, the more you do not know. The process of the initiations is not to ruin your life. It is to be a guidepost to assist you for you to understand it, so that you can see what your challenges have been and what your experiences have been.

You can adjust how you are acting, how you are feeling, and what you are bringing into your world. It helps you acknowledge yourself as a Divine Being of Light within the Physical Body. You have chosen the most challenging pathway to embrace. I thank you deeply for doing so.

The reason I wanted to share the other material was to help you realize how special you are. The work you are doing is taking you to a deeper level of yourself. We, as the Masters, and I, as Lord Melchizedek, do not rule how that is done. You rule how that is done. We assist you with the process even with the times of falling back – even the times of not liking yourself. These past two weeks have been tremendous with the energetic exchanges.

Go deeper into that Lotus Heart, as it is being activated by Divine Mother and Father God. Accept what you have experienced. For some of you, it is very difficult and challenging. It may even be worse than you have ever felt in the Physical Body.

Yet, you still are still arriving in this moment in time to learn more about yourself. That is all I ask within the Melchizedek Priesthood; to assist each of you to be honest with yourself, to understand what it is you are experiencing, even if you do not comprehend it in the Physical Body. You will comprehend it in the higher sense. Getting to that higher level of experience is what we are teaching.

All these beautiful souls (the ones that have passed over) within this temple do not have the chance in a Physical Body. Yet, they are learning. The learning experience is going to help them regenerate within their soul’s pathway, just as you are doing. The pathway you have chosen upon the Earth within a Physical Body is much more challenging, as you have to deal with the Physical Body. The one element essentially important is to BELIEVE. You must have faith that you can do it, that you can get through the deepest challenges. You are being guided by your highest source.

Each of us as the Masters is here to assist you. However, we do not control you. No one controls any of us. We are just here as a guide. Accept the restoration process within you in this moment. Breathe deeply into your Lotus Heart. Feel the colors upon colors within this temple and around each of you. They transform a small particle of yourself that has been lost previously. This is the most important element I can give to you tonight through the work we are doing together. Think about how you have made a mistake. Think about how you walked through that mistake and the lesson that you learned from the process. That gives you the ability to move further in your initiations.

It is not the judgment or distrust within you. This will not get you anywhere. It has nothing to do with us, the Spiritual Hierarchy or the Unified Whole. It has to do with you.

Who are you in this moment? Who are you becoming?

Allow the purification of this essence to come fully within you. The Lotus Heart is expanding through your entire structure.

Allow your Higher Self to be your guide. Feel that essence growing within you. It is you. Once you arrive in the 4th initiation, you will understand this more fully. There is nothing more beautiful than to realize the purification of your Light through your Higher Self. You, then not become your physical self. You are part of it, but it is not the controlling factor.

Surrender, my children, surrender through the next process in this stage you are going through.

This month will be tremendous to assist you in your pathway and to assist you in going deeper within yourself. Breathe deeply. Feel the Lotus Heart, your spiritual heart combining with the physical heart. Allow it to blend your Four Body System. Extend it into all parts of your Beingness. This is whom you are, not the other.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

I, as Lord Melchizedek, stand fully within this beautiful Clarion Temple of Oneness.

I decree onto every soul that the essence they are experiencing presently is only just a small particle of whom they truly are. I extend my hand in friendship. I extend my hand in brotherhood. I extend my hand in sisterhood. I extend my hand for the healing of all initiates. I call upon the Frequency of Light within this temple to restore all that needs to be put into balance within each of you. You may not know what that is, yet, if you command that essence to be, you shall receive it. Let us extend our essence onto each other, as we bring particles into balance, restoring what has been lost from the previous moments into this moment of time. We are now in the restoration process. Feel the beautification of your soul’s essence upon your physical essence, for you to receive and allowing it to be expanded within all parts of your existence. Let it go into your foundation. This is not something that needs to be lost. It is something to hold onto.

It will assist you in your future days. The future of Earth is uncertain. Yet, we believe that we shall achieve the New Earth. That is all we need from each of you.

In this moment, believe that you will achieve your new essence within the process. All you have to do is to Believe.

Have faith from your higher essence of the Lotus Heart and now expanding into the base of your foundation underneath your Earth Star. Allow all the beautiful petals to be completely around you, as you expand your essence into the divinity of Light that you desire to be.

I see from each of you in this moment the sparkles, the realizations within the breath that you give. It is a beautiful experience. I ask of you to be completely honest within yourself.

What needs to be changed, so that you can restore many other elements that may be out of balance? Allow them to come to the surface, as I now command within my essence to assist you through this process. We shall walk together. You are not alone. We teach each of you to be your I AM Presence. That is all we are doing in this moment.

What a beautiful experience.

Can you relate within yourself now, how deeply this feels within your existence?

It will assist you through the changes, through the removal of dis-ease in any of your body parts, in your Emotional Body, your Mental Body and your Physical Body. When you have these moments of self-realization, the Physical Body accepts. Be in acceptance in these moments. You shall be all that you are desiring to be.

I see it occurring now within the colors of the Light; the Gold of the Christ Consciousness, the Blue of the Will of God, the Pink of the Love of God. This is our power together. This is all we ask. The rest will enfold within your life, to no longer allow yourself to be possessed by your thoughts or emotions. Be in this state of balance, as it will assist you to go deeper into your physical self. Your Physical Body will react in a positive, loving way. Being in this space together is our future. Let us now send these energies onto Gaia and to all inhabitants of the Earth.

Geographically, many areas are hurting. Individuals are hurting. People need to realize that when the sun shines or a rainbow appears, it is a beautiful message of love, coming from the higher planes of existence. Let us send these colors upon colors through our essences fully within the global essence of Gaia.

We take a breath and it goes deeper and deeper. We take another breath and it goes deeper and deeper. It goes into her core. You now feel her essence smiling. We send this frequency from the 36th dimensional level into the 3rd and 4th dimensional level and into her core, so that she can have the realization of the 5th dimension arriving. Allow the peace you feel to be extended onto her in these moments. She feels it, as it is reverberating back up to us. We take our Mind’s Eye, and we bring ourselves back into this beautiful temple of Light. In this moment, you have given service, which is one of the components as an initiate.
When you give service, you receive service. She returns the favor.

I am here to serve each of you. I know you shall receive it. I know you shall give service to another. It does not have to be immediately. Yet you shall see what that means. It will give you great respect of the self. It will assist you in a way you never thought was possible.

I am not saying be a caretaker. I am saying to just assist in one small deed in the physical essence. You will see it come back to you ten-fold. It is all any of us can ask, as it will assist your initiation process unbelievably. It is my pleasure to walk with each of you and to assist you, to see you blossom into the beautiful lotus flower that you are.

All my love; All my acceptance and strength I give to you in these moments.

I AM Lord Melchizedek.

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Reminder and Reflection of the moment from Goddess Isis ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

NEW deviantART  NOTE website egypt ISIS by Janice Duke

  ART : Isis ~ by Janice Duke @ DeviantArt

Reminder and Reflection of the moment from Goddess Isis. 

This planetary Ascension is on the point of full embodiment of Ascension, meaning that each and everyone on this Earth will and is being instigated with the true energies of the Divine Goddess creation, the Divine Feminine within you all. There is a Cosmic Source within your own awareness and Being as well as in this Universe of your Solar plane.

This Cosmic Source is called the Eye of Isis and it has come into your planetary awareness as well as in your own awareness through consciousness. It is shining on your Earth, since the Early year 2006 and has been following a linear time-line path of nearly 1 million of Earthly years before it could come into your awareness again and share its Cosmic Divine pulses and energies.

My eye functions as a Cosmic Gate and instigator for so many things on your beloved planet and reality. It highlights all events and truth upon this planetary level, it instigates the Divine spark within you and assists in the expansion of your Solar Cosmic Christ as well as your I AM. When its Light shines upon your Earthly planes, a true transformation began to take place within your own realities.

A lot of Earthly changes have taken place since then, and now as Earth’s plane becomes more enlightened by the Eye of my Presence, the effect becomes even bigger and more tangible. It is this effect from the Goddess Divine energies, which enlighten the truth onto this planet, that instigates so much energies to erupt. It highlights the confusion within oneself more so as to transmute into clarity, knowing and your truth. It is here to show everything that you have forgotten about, that is being denied or feared, it is the Light that brings you everything you have been seeking for.. and that is all within you.

The eye of Isis shall give you that clarity and highlight everything that will bring you to the inner planes of the Self if you wish to work through it all. A lot will be brought to its natural state of being, which is Light and on certain points even Zero Point. In order to get to this, High Cosmic Light awareness and Cosmic consciousness Sources are required to be Present within you through embracing it and merging with it and also by embodying this through conscious awareness. Therefore a lot of cleansing will take place, a lot of erupting of the ego and of the old ways of perceptions and thoughts.

A constant requirement for balance is top priority now, this through grounding and a lot of working on the Self. My eye shines upon you all now, to assist in the greater awakening of the Self, through the embracing and the merging with your overall Divine Feminine Self. Truth will be highlighted as well as dark and Light, visions, remembrances, awareness of different time-lines, ego eruptions, first contact with other planes, higher abilities, consciousness expansion, a bigger embodiment of Self in a most natural way, a deeper Self awareness, Light cities, free energy, freedom and an overall sense of Being.

Nothing escapes the eye as everything is being enlightened, brought to you as clarity on a plate. It is for you to work through this all in a way to cope with this as best as possible because many truths are about to be revealed to you. Hanging on to the past and the facts will not serve you in the best ways, but truly being in the Now and detaching from all that is not NOW is the best way to cope with this all. Balance is key and being in the Now serves you well.

This will be a true test for many who have not yet realized that everything is inside of them as everything outside of them will become confusing to the highest degree. Let the effects of the time-lines merging play their triggers, as long as you are in the Now, nothing can get you off balance when you constantly linger in the Now on the INNER plane.

The eye is another instigator such as many other are presently in and around your Earthly planes. This only indicates that everything is rising up and that the pressure on the veils of the incoming energies are climbing up, which causes eruptions to take place so that Humanity and Gaia can continue their journey. It is making place for that which serves you the best in this Now. You are ready.

Make place by removing the old ways and embrace the new, the you and the ALL. Be aware of your own conscious actions you take upon one another as everything of creation always comes back to you. There is no more hiding in the dark now as everything you create and even think will be instantly manifested and tangible for all to see and to feel. Such actions of the ego like judgment, attacks, criticisms and the usual old patterns of this 3D world will only serve you as a mirror and as a creation to the self from now on and that will become highlighted by my Cosmic Source Eye.

Nothing escapes the truth anymore and truth are you! So the you that you are in the now will become tangible to you, and so too will you have to deal with the you that you are on certain points in the Now to assist you in the embodying of your Self, your Higher Self andTtruth. It is a time of reflection to become aware of the YOU and working with Self through the Self.

Hold on, Beloveds, this time is truly Divine in all means and ways. So much amplifications are coming your way as we speak and all Lights are shining down on Earth to assist you in every move. You have always thought you were not important, you thought you were just a small thing.. Well this is not the case, as you are the Universe into embodiment. Time to come to realize this now, it will serve you well in your further evolution.

Allow the Divine Flame of my Being to come forth in Grace and become one with it in the inner heart. Divine truth and righteousness, freedom and expansion are right here through each and everyone of you. This will not be an easy task and it requires a lot of focus and Self work, ready yourself for this by allowing. Be open and ask for support and guidance from your guides and the Self if you feel that the triggers are too hard for you to cope with.

Triggers function as a marker for you, so that you can reach the understanding that there still is an energy lingering in you that is not resolved yet nor in balance, it indicates there is an imbalance. Let the force be within you with peace and understanding that this all is a huge marker of a process in your lives. You are the ones that indicate change and so change it from within first, this always.

I am Isis

The channeling course Module 2 and Module 1 + 2 + 3 is now in discount special package rate available HERE

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2015, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline : http://melinelafont.com and blog Méline: http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com

NEW deviantART  NOTE website egypt ISIS by Janice Duke


susan seddon boulet   Lioness  new Lioness


by Patricia Cota-Robles


April 15, 2015


We are truly in uncharted waters and we are in the midst of the most powerful influx of Light Humanity is capable of receiving. The Company of Heaven revealed that this greatly accelerated influx of God’s Light will continue to build in momentum day-by-day as we God Victoriously accomplish the unfolding Divine Plan for 2015.


This unprecedented influx of Light is exponentially increasing the Divine Alchemy that is taking place within Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. This physical transformation involves changing our Earthly Bodies, at a cellular level, from carbon-based planetary bodies into 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Bodies.  


People everywhere are experiencing this influx of Light in a multitude of ways. Every 24-hour period, the I AM Presence of each person is striving to assimilate into his or her Earthly Bodies the maximum Light those vehicles can withstand. The Company of Heaven said that there are a few people who are moving through this challenging transformational process fairly easily, but that is the exception to the rule. They say that the vast majority of people are experiencing all kinds of stress in both their physical and emotional bodies. This phenomenon is causing a lot of confusion, as well as some intense physical pain, emotional upheaval, genuine fatigue, and general discomfort. 


Our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies are comprised of earth, air, fire, water, and ether elements. Fortunately, these elements are intelligent and respond well to positive and nurturing energy from Humanity and from other facets of the Elemental Kingdom. This means that we have the ability to assist our bodies and to relieve them of the pain and excess stress by Loving them, and by using some of the powerful tools from the Elemental Kingdom that are being given to us from On High. 


The 2015 SACRED LIGHT ELIXIR is a powerful tool that was inspired by the Company of Heaven to help Humanity reconnect with the Elemental Kingdom in a way that will ease the stress and fatigue we are experiencing in our physical and emotional bodies as the Light of God increases exponentially on this blessed Planet. 


The Divine Intent of the 2015 SACRED LIGHT ELIXIR is to ease the discomfort people are experiencing through the necessary process of Divine Alchemy taking place within each and every one of us. 




 This exquisite Aromatic Light Elixir is a multi-Dimensional Synergy inspired by the Masters of Light. The Harmonic Oils and Crystalline Liquid Light in this beautiful Elixir were blended into a frequency of Divine Love through the unified efforts of the Elemental Kingdom and the Company of Heaven.


This SACRED LIGHT ELIXIR will clear the space in, through, and around us by paving the way for the monumental shift in energy, vibration, and consciousness that is destined to accompany our Ascension into our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies.


All we have to do is gently spray this beautiful Light Elixir above our heads two or three times each day and allow it to gently embrace our energy field and our Earthly Bodies. Our I AM Presence and our Body Elemental will assimilate the beautiful fragrance and Elemental substance within the Light Elixir, thus lifting each of us into a frequency that will make it easier for our I AM Presence to relieve the stress and discomfort in our bodies and quicken our physical transformation into our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies. 


This exquisite fragrance has been consecrated with the powerful energies from the unprecedented Celestial Alignments and Activities of Light that are taking place this year. 


If this powerful tool resonates in your heart it is available on our website at the following link.



(If this link does not work please copy and paste it into your browser.)


The reason it is so vitally important that we remember the collaboration we have with the Elemental Kingdom and heal the schism between us, is because we cannot complete our Ascension onto the 5th-Dimensional New Earth without the deliberate cooperation of our Body Elementals and the Elemental Kingdom. 


At any given moment, the Elemental Kingdom is reflecting Humanity’s consciousness. The inclement weather conditions we are experiencing all over the Planet are an indication of the greatly intensified purging Humanity and the Earth are experiencing. As Humanity shifts into higher and higher levels of Christ Consciousness, we will heal the atrocities we have inflicted on the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. This will be accomplished by joining our hearts and minds as we cocreate the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. These patterns will manifest as the Heaven on Earth we have always known we would one day be abiding upon.


The powerful 2015 SACRED LIGHT ELIXIR is a loving and gentle way to begin the process of healing our relationship with the Elemental Kingdom.


If this powerful tool resonates in your heart it is available on our website at the following link.



(If this link does not work please copy and paste it into your browser


Patricia Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization




FAX: 520-751-2981

Phone: 520-885-7909


New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

PO Box 41883, 

Tucson, Arizona 85717


This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.


©2015 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times. 



Top 10 Crystals for Feng Shui @ Reiki With Friends

crystals fb

Top 10 Crystals for Feng Shui

by Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac.


Feng Shui and gemstones go hand in hand. Crystals are a very popular feng shui cure since their natural energies can be used to gently protect, clear and nourish energies within our environment. Crystals for feng shui purposes are based on their metaphysical properties, mineral makeup, color and shape. The choice depends on which crystalline energy you want to bring into your surrounding space. Match the colors to the Bagua areas where you can use good energy. Also see feng shui crystal cures and remedies and feng shui cures.

Top 10 Crystals for Feng Shui

1. Amber is said to bring good luck and success. In the far East amber is the symbol of courage. This ancient petrified resin has electromagnetic properties. It is excellent at detoxification and protection from radiation, especially x-rays, sun, computers, airport, planes and other people’s energies. Due to its strong connection to nature and the earth, amber is a great stone for grounding our higher energies. Use amber as a feng shui remedy.

2. Amethyst is a crystal most associated with transformation, spirituality and dream recall. Provides common sense and flexibility in decisions. Strengthens and enhances psychic abilities, imagery and mind quieting. Wear when sleeping or when awake to reduce anger, depression, grief, impatience, and nightmares. Amethyst can show us how to let go, trust and surrender. Amethyst is considered a Master Healing stone. Use amethyst as a feng shui remedy.

3. Aqua Aura is clear quartz with metallic light blue tint from electrical infusion of gold (amplifies quartz conductivity). Created by treating crystals of natural quartz with an infusion of pure gold. This is truly a `master’ vibrational crystal, as with all energies the conscious use of this energy towards enlightenment is always the prime goal. Aqua Aura has an energy that can enhance one’s intuition and communication, calm one’s nerves, and energize one’s mental abilities. It is also said to help one’s inner beauty to shine, and to attract wealth and success. Use aqua aura as a feng shui remedy.

4. Carnelian represents confidence, boldness, initiative, dramatic abilities, assertiveness and outgoingness. Precision, analysis, stimulates appetite, encourages celebration and brings awareness of feelings. This stone helps you feel anchored and comfortable with your surroundings. Provides a connection to the past or to historical events. Carnelian can improve motivation. Helps one achieve greater success in career or personal matters. Helps ground people who meditate. Carnelian is one of the most helpful crystals for healing trauma, stress and emotional wounds that have accumulated in the etheric body or the Aura and are now manifesting as physical symptoms. Use carnelian as a feng shui remedy.

5. Citrine is especially good for the workplace as it helps with problem solving, memory issues, will power, optimism, confidence and self-discipline. It reduces anxiety, fear and depression. Can guide you to harness and utilize your creative energy. Helps us analyze events, develop inner calm and security and makes us less sensitive and more open to constructive criticism. This stone is great with help in achieving goals. Citrine is the stone of abundance. It teaches us the lessons of achieving wealth and prosperity. Not just on a monetary level, but in all aspects of our lives. Use citrine as a feng shui remedy.

6. Jade is an ancient stone that has historically been used to attract love. The ancient Chinese culture has revered Jade for centuries. Jade is considered the health, wealth and longevity stone. Traditionally, Jade symbolizes the Five Virtues of Humanity : wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage. Therefore, it is used for emotional balance, stamina, love, fidelity, humility, generosity, peace, harmony, courage, wisdom, justice, mercy. Use jade as a feng shui remedy.

7. Lapis Lazuli is the stone of truth and friendship. Used for higher guidance, intuition and connection to your higher self. Helps us organize, overview and make decisions for the good of all. Lapis quiets the mind and encourages elf-expression, creativity, dream insight and total awareness. Use lapis as a feng shui remedy.

8. Quartz (Clear) is the Master Healer and the “stone of power”! Probably the most versatile multipurpose healing stone. The natural tendency for quartz is for harmony. Quartz can both draw and send energy therefore it is effective for sending/receiving guidance. Quartz is used for transformation in healing and in all levels of change. Quartz stimulates the natural crystal in body tissues and fluids to resonate at the highest healing frequency. Clear quartz is thought to amplify both body energy and thoughts. It can assist in the creation of power, clarity of thinking, meditation, cleansing, clearing the aura, spiritual development and healing. Use quartz as a feng shui remedy.

9. Rose Quartz is said to open the heart to the beauty in and around you. Keep no more than two rose quartz in the relationship area of your bedroom or two stones close to your bed. Rose Quartz has a loving, healing energy associated with the heart. It brings about a strong sense and flow of love as its heart-opening properties encourage more self love and the love in an intimate relationship. Use rose quartz as a feng shui remedy.

10. Tourmaline, Black (Schorl) is one of my favorite for the workplace as it is the best crystal to use against the ill effects of low frequency and high frequency electromagnetic waves (EMF). It protects against smog, radiation and repels all kinds of negative energy. Great near computers, phones and outlets. As a grounding stone, black tourmaline can be used whenever energy feels scattered and disconnected. Use black tourmaline as a feng shui remedy.

Two exceptional non-crystalline energies:

Pearl are a symbol of pure heart and mind; innocence and faith. Because it is from the sea, it has watery and lunar elements, therefore it is used for balancing emotions. Absorbing by nature, this mineral absorbs thoughts and emotions. If you feel excessively negative while wearing a pearl, it will hold that energy until it is cleansed. Remember, Pearl is the result of layer upon layer of substance produced to combat irritation. Pearl can cool and soothe. It is very nurturing. Use pearl as a feng shui remedy.

Swarovski Crystal is not natural crystal. It is a combination of silica or sand, a salt form, referred to as soda, burnt limestone, which is considered lime and trace amounts of metal oxides. When heated at a very high temperature, these substances melt together forming an exceptionally hard and highly refractive glass. Because of their own secret recipe, the Swarovski Company could facet this glass like a gemstone and make it sparkle like a crystal. The Swarovski “lead crystal” process has exacting standards created in its own factories, controlling every step in their production. The company’s founder even invented a machine to facet the crystal glass with impeccable accuracy. Use Swarovski crystal as a feng shui remedy.


The Elders April Transmission ~ The Atlantean Pyramid, The Twelve Master Crystals of Atlantis ~ Anrita Melchizedek @ The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

anrita blog 15.4.

The Elders April Transmission ~ The Atlantean Pyramid

The Twelve Master Crystals of Atlantis

Through Anrita Melchizedek

Mp3 Recording www.pleiadianlight.net/free-downloads

You Tube video http://youtu.be/oUtmr1PL7M8

Transcribe http://www.pleiadianlight.net/12-pyramids-of-light-april-2015/

The Atlantean Pyramid creates the illusion of realities in time on the Earth plane.

The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency, Arlis-Cochizel.

In the temple of the crystals the goddess sits,

she whose consciousness creates all and everything from within.

Through this crystal matrix a race of evolved humans was born.

And when it was time for those souls to once again submerge in the

sea of creation to evolve into a new experience,

the crystals would echo the harmonics and the souls would remember and align for transition.


The Atlantean Pyramid has great mythology about an ancient time

when man used his gift of intuition and worked with spirit.

It tells of priests and priestesses who used massive crystals and walked with giants and strange creatures on the surface of the planet.


This pyramid tells of I, Thoth, known as Thoth the Atlantean, or Tehuti,

who ruled the land of Atlantis for thousands of years known there by many names and descriptions.


It is written that before the great civilization of Atlantis fell,

I went with my consort and our high priests and priestesses

in great spaceships, to create a new home and a new civilization.


That this place would be the land of Khem, known to you as Egypt.

That I, and others from Atlantis, would record and store information

in great libraries,

in a place to be known as the Halls of Amenti,

‘Amenti’ meaning ‘Mankind’.

Listen now for the echoes of their tones within your mind.


And many would search for these records in their quest to

remember why they have come here and who they are.

And they would feel that they have greater purpose in this

timeline and seek to find out what that purpose might be.


The Atlantean Pyramid would create tales of the fall of this great civilization

as warning to those who would walk the earth at the time of this reading.

And humanity would worry about the destruction of its earth home.

Fear not, as the souls need only remember their way home, into the light.


For there is no beginning,

nor is there an end.

And I, Thoth the Atlantean, shall now take you to the

Pyramid of Atlantis so you may experience all that you are.

And you will understand what happened in the game of

Light vs. Darkness. And you will remember what you must do.

Thoth the Atlantean


Welcome sweet ones. It gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now, in this magical month of April, as you move deeper into the knowing of yourselves as Melchizedek Ambassadors of Light and sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love in service to Mother Earth and all her Life.

Sweet ones, in this sacred year of 2015, Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, and with Thoth as your Master Guide, we have been taken you into a deeper level of remembrance of many of the Atlantean and ancient Egyptian Mystery School teachings.

In fact, the Golden Age of Atlantis was one of the highest levels of Cosmic Christ Consciousness achieved on this sacred earth, and in that Now sweet ones, you experienced lifetimes of Self-Enlightenment, the activating and actualizing of the full physical/etheric 12 Strand DNA, many of your extra-sensory perception gifts, and traveling too, in your activated Merkabas/Light Bodies. You lived your lives in Love and joy, walking the pathways of Divine Love, connecting with your Star Brothers and Sisters and the Giant races, and later choosing to down step your vibration and assist the Earth and all her Life in this sacred School of Learning.

Many of you hold too within your memory banks, not only the Golden Ages of Atlantis, experienced primarily between 50,000 B.C. to 18,000 B.C., but also the demise of Atlantis, through the Sons of Belial, and the Martians. And this fear, sweet ones, repeats itself in the illusion of realities in time on this sacred Earth and this plane of polarity.

Between approximately 17,500 B.C. and 15,000 B.C., Atlantis split into five Islands through abuse of the Great Crystal. The three primary Islands were Poseida, Aryan and Og, and the two smaller Islands, under the rule of the Aryan Race, were known as Atalya and Eyre. With this, came the evolution of two primary groups of differing beliefs; the Atla-Ra Scientist Priesthood of the ‘Law of One’, based predominantly on the Isle of Poseida and the Aryan Race of ‘The Sons of Belial’ based on the Isle of Aryan.

Those known as the Giant Race of Atlantis, primarily of Pleiadian descent, and around 10-12 feet tall, were also located in Poseida. Poseida was the headquarters and nucleus of the crystalline power grid. The most advanced and beautiful crystals were grown here, housed in wonderful Crystal Temples, and underground crystal beds.

Unfortunately over time, great rifts occurred between the Alta-Ra Priesthood and the Sons of Belial, not least due to the use of genetically engineered hybrid slaves (half man, half beast), and the material, power and control issues of the Sons of Belial. Additionally, a small group of Martians, a million years ago in their time, entered a portal of Light in Atlantis in approximately 65 000 B.C., leaving behind their world, which had been atmospherically destroyed. They were able to time travel into the future through the creation of a synthetic Merkaba. As the Martians had created a reality based on separation from Mother/Father God, they attempted to control and dominate the Atlanteans upon their arrival. After several unsuccessful attempts (mostly due to their small numbers), the Martians reached a point of mutual co-operation with the Atlanteans, with the Martians experiencing aspects of Love, and the Atlanteans learning the left-brain technologies of the Martians. This focus on peace, co-operation and harmony came about in approximately 50 000 B.C., when Mother/Father God expanded in a Cosmic in-breath of forgiveness and Love. At that Now moment, each atom and molecule through all dimensions was bathed in the Divine Unfolding Light of Mother/Father God, and this Solar System, like all dimensions, Star Systems and Galaxies in your Multi-Universe, was embraced in the amplified frequency of the Diamond, Golden and White Light emanating from the rays of One Unity Consciousness.

During this era of peaceful co-creation, the Martians assisted the Atlanteans in creating the Great Crystal; a huge electromagnetic laser structure used to harness the Sun’s energy. This was an enormous project, using specific mathematical proportions, and assisted by Nature Intelligence, the Crystal Kingdoms, and many of you, sweet ones. This Great Crystal created a series of Fire Crystals, erected in sets of three, each twenty foot high and eight foot wide. These Fire Crystals created a Solar source of energy by reflecting the Sun to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the tuning. It further allowed for the healing of your Planet, and individuals, through energy rays of light. During the Golden Age of Atlantis, using this Great Crystal was most incredible, as you had the ability to heal any frequency in the body. Furthermore, as we have mentioned, many of you were able to travel interdimensionally in your own activated Merkabas/Light Bodies within this quadrant of the Galaxy. In fact, a period of longevity ensued, and you were the most incredible, magical Master Beings of Love and Light, with a full physical/etheric twelve strand DNA; and the ability to undergo your cosmic initiations into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God whilst in physical embodiment.


This era of peace ensued for 26 000 years, until 24 000 B.C., when you were again to enter the Photon Band for 2 000 years, and just prior to this, experience a pole shift through the null zone. At that time, a small piece of Atlantis sunk, and for the first time in thousands of years, a feeling of fear came upon the Atlanteans. Furthermore, through the sub-conscious negative energy of the Martians, who had never really felt at home amongst the Atlanteans, influences of cosmic evil were again to affect the etheric planes, and create further disharmonic levels of consciousness. In addition, the Great Crystal could be tuned to a frequency that could cause death and destruction, and through the fear consciousness created by this pole shift, abuse of the Great Crystal was to come about through the Sons of Belial. The Sons of Belial under the influence of cosmic evil, in the form of the Martians and the Anunnaki, followed their own selfish desire for power through materialism and negative ego allurements. They created distortions in your energy fields and that of Mother Earth, by abusing the Great Crystal, and in approximately 17 500 B.C., to 15 000 B.C., nearly destroyed the Earth’s atmosphere by accidentally tuning the Great Crystal to such a degree that it created huge volcanic activity within the core center of your Earth.


Shortly after this volcanic activity, which weakened the electromagnetic and geomagnetic structure of your Earth plane, a comet approached Earth, destroying the Great Crystal, and with it, pieces of the continent of Atlantis. This comet soared into the western shores of Atlantis, close to where Charleston, South Carolina is today. In the South western region, one of the two largest pieces struck the main body of Atlantis. Portions of Atlantis sunk as it broke into several islands, leaving three main islands, Poseida, Aryan and Og. Over time, through the continued abuse of the Great Crystal, you shifted to the lower octaves of fourth dimensional consciousness, and later, following the Martian experiment, you would shift from a fourth dimensional consciousness to a third dimensional consciousness, with many of you beginning to doubt your infinite eternal connection to Mother/Father God. As the comet was approaching Earth, you were able to see it in space. The Martians wanted to use the Great Crystal to destroy the comet in space, but most of the Atlanteans, wanted to allow the comet to approach the Earth, thinking that it would land in your ocean without causing too much destruction. As it happened, sweet ones, the comet did not land in the ocean! It hit Atlantis! In fact, as it hit Atlantis, due to the weakened electromagnetic and geomagnetic grids created through the abuse of the Great Crystal, it greatly destroyed your Earth plane. And when pieces of the comet landed in the South western region, it landed where most of the Martians were living, killing many of them. This caused an even bigger rift between the Martians and Atlanteans, who were now determined to take control. Over time the Martians plotted and schemed, and fuelled by anger, decided that they would create a synthetic Merkaba like they had done nearly a million years ago on their own planet. At this stage, you were still mostly at a fourth dimensional level of consciousness, and the Martians wanted to create a frenzy of lower dimensional activity. The idea was to activate this synthetic Merkaba, and dimensionally shift your Earth plane to a three dimensional frequency of amplified human miscreations, which would allow the Martians control through external power and domination. They also understood the sacred geometries of the Christ Consciousness grid around this Earth plane, and within this Solar System. They knew that by creating this synthetic Merkaba and specifically using the shape of the star tetrahedron, they would interfere with the connection of all Life to the Christ Consciousness grid, and your original Divine eight-cell blueprint. However, they were unable to remember the technology, and this experiment which took place in approximately 11 000 B.C., was considered a failure, although in many ways it achieved its purpose, through the near destruction of you and your planet. This synthetic Merkaba spiraled completely out of control, ripping open the lower dimensions on the Earth plane, and completely destroying the Christ Consciousness grid around the Earth plane as well as your original divine encoding through your eight-cell blueprint and the Star of Melchizedek. Furthermore, millions of laggard Souls who were waiting to incarnate onto this Earth plane through the lower dimensions, entered the bodies of Humanity, and you sweet ones, and almost every sentient Being on this Planet, entered into an era of darkness. In addition, this synthetic Merkaba, which is now at the bottom of the Ocean bed beneath what you call the Bermuda Triangle, distorted the Patterns of Perfection through many dimensions and planes of existence.


At this point, sweet Ambassadors, we would like to digress slightly to explain how this action affected Atlantis and the Halls of Amenti. Atlantis was Overseen by a physically manifest Cosmic Being who was known as the “Dweller on Unal” or “Master Horlet”. At this time, Master Horlet resided in a gateway or dwelling known as Temple Unal, a square Temple three miles wide and one mile high, which existed ninth dimensionally within the ethers of your Earth plane. And within Unal, there existed a gateway to Amenti, where the cold Flower of Life exists eternally. Now directly opposite this Temple, Master Horlet constructed the Temple Undal, and divided it into two sections. The training of the Priesthood took place one the one side over a period of fifteen years, and on the other side of the Temple Undal, training of the scientists and philosophers occurred. Master Horlet was the Cosmic Being who instructed Thoth, as a Master of Wisdom, to take the Atlantean records of your Highest Potential as well as nine master crystals, and go to the land of Khem, which was later to be known as Egypt. Due to the Martian experiment, Master Horlet assisted the Cosmic Lords of Amenti, Sanat Kumara and Nature Intelligence in the sinking of Atlantis, and further, the Temple Unal and the Temple Undal were also sunk just after the Fall of Atlantis. This natural tragedy prevented the many wonderful teachings through the Halls of Amenti to be available to Humanity, and in ancient Egypt, these teachings were only available to advanced initiates – until you were able to work with the Bermuda Triangle, to correct the artificial space-time warp created through the Martian experiment, and further, unveil the Etheric Records of Atlantis, which occurred sweet ones, by the Grace of God, in 2001. Etherically Temple Unal and the Temple of Undal have arisen, and the gateway to Amenti has reopened, so we can again bring you many of these ancient teachings from the Halls of Amenti, and make these teachings available to all seekers of the Light.


Additionally, sweet ones, you are now able to experience the energy emanating from the 12 Pyramids of Light around the Unity Grid of Divine Love, and in this transmission, we take you into the etheric Pyramid of Atlantis, Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, with Thoth as your Master Guide, so you may experience All That You Are as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and Master Beings of Light. And you will understand what happened in the game of Light vs. Darkness. And you will remember what you must do. All is One, sweet ones, and all is Love.

The Pyramid of Atlantis etherically houses the 12 Master Crystals from Atlantis, which opens the dimensional portals to all dimensions of Light, to all Golden Ages of Light, and with this, allows the Crystalline Consciousness emanating from these Master Crystals to activate at a cellular level, and through the chakras, taking you beyond the illusion of realities in time on this Earth plane. To the knowing sweet ones, that you are supreme creator in form within the quantum crystalline field of One Unity Consciousness. To heal what needs to be healed, and to truly experience and know yourselves in your full magnificence and Light through the celebration of the Divinity of every thought, feeling and action.

So, let us now set our sacred space, and we guide you in this transmission of Divine Love.

Overlighted by Mother/Father God, you call in the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans and the Arcturians, all of the Light. The Sirian Archangelic League of the Light further come forward now to wrap you in their beautiful silver-gold flame of Galactic Christ Consciousness, taking you deeper into the healing of your wounds of relationships, into the re-balancing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, into a recalibration and experience of Tantra, Union with the Divine.

And now you call upon the Order of Melchizedek and Lord Melchizedek.

You call in the Ascended Masters.

You call in the Archangels and their Divine Feminine counterparts.

You call in the Mighty Elohim.

You call in Lord Melchior, the Galactic Logos, Helios and Vesta, the Solar Logii, Sanat Kumara, the bridge to Solar Christ Consciousness, and Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos.

And now, you call in your Master Guides, Guardian Angel and all other Beings of Light of you personally acknowledge, as you merge now with your Beloved I Am Presence, the Highest Light that you within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

And now, sweet ones, ground into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, into her Crystal Core of Divine Love, breathing deep into the body, expanding the lower abdomen as you breath in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breath out. Feeling your connection through the Unity Grid of Divine Love to all the light workers and star seeded ones, and to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High assisting you in this ascension journey of Light.

And now sweet ones, you find yourselves being placed in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light. With Thoth by your side, you now travel through the Grids of Divine Love, entering now, into the Pyramid of Atlantis.

You are welcomed and greeted by Arlis-Cochizel, who leads you into a Temple of Crystals, and as you start to experience these crystalline frequencies sweet ones, the sub-atomic particles within your body now spin in increased Light frequencies. All around you, you see the most beautiful crystals, some immensely large, shimmering and radiant in the Light of Creation.

Arlis-Cochizel invites you now to experience the energy of twelve Master Crystals of Atlantis. You are delighted to accept and now find yourselves within the central Atlantean Crystal Temple of God’s Infinite Creation, Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, the Atla-Ra Scientist Priesthood, Arlis-Cochizel, Thoth, your Master Guides and your Beloved I Am Presence.

Sweet ones, these twelve Master Crystals will be anchored through the 12 primary chakras within your bodies, and with this, will take you into the knowing of yourselves in your full magnificence and Light as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, and into the Golden Age of Atlantis, activating all the gifts and healing energies that you may need in this Now. We will not be going into much details of the Atlantean Crystals at this time, so simply tune in and receive all that you need to from each crystal in this Now, sweet ones.

As you bring your focus to the Earth Star Chakra, found approximately 30 centimeters below your feet, the Diamond Crystal of Multidimensional Interface connects now, activating within the Earth Star Chakra and bringing with it a deeper knowing and connection to your multidimensional selves and all Golden Ages of Light.

And now sweet ones, you activate the first of the twelve Golden Solar Sun Disc discs within the Earth Star Chakra, linking you into the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Wonderful, sweet ones. And now the Ruby Fire Crystal of Energy activates within the Base Chakra, bringing with it a deeper sense of vitality, passion, energy, rootedness and centeredness. And now sweet ones, you activate the second Golden Solar Sun Disc disc within the base chakra.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

And now, sweet ones, the Rose Crystal of Creative Energy activates within the Sacral Chakra, taking you deep into your creative sexual energy, as the third Golden Solar Sun Disc disc activates within the Sacral Chakra.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Good. And now within the Solar Plexus Chakra activates the Sacred Crystal of Thoth, and through the Seat of the Soul you are taken into the Golden Ages of the Teachings of Light and the knowing of the dimensions upon dimensions through the Sun, the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun, the Great, Great Central Sun, and all dimensions of Light. And now sweet ones, you activate the fourth Golden Solar Sun Disc disc within the Solar Plexus Chakra.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Wonderful. The Emerald Crystal of Healing now activates within the Heart Chakra, taking you deep into the healing sweet ones, on any level, of the wounds of your relationships, healing on any level that needs to occur for you, and the activation of your healing abilities and gifts, as you further activate the fifth Golden Solar Sun Disc disc within the Heart Chakra, taking you deeper into the Soul Matrix, into the energy of the Love of yourself, and the Love of All Creation.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

And now the Gold Crystal of Healing Regeneration activates through the Thymus Chakra, taking you deeper into regeneration, rejuvenation and youthing of the physical body, sweet ones, as you now activate the sixth Golden Solar Sun Disc disc within the Thymus Chakra.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Good, sweet ones. And now the Violet Crystal of Sound activates within the Throat Chakra, taking you deep into your own Soul Vibration, into your heart, connecting the heart and the throat and your Soul Note, as you further activate the seventh Golden Solar Sun Disc disc within the Throat Chakra.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

And now the Blue Crystal of Knowledge activates within the Third Eye, bringing a greater level of wisdom, insight, and illumination of the Golden Ages of Light and the Christed Timelines, as you now activate the eighth Golden Solar Sun Disc disc within the Third Eye.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Wonderful, sweet ones. And now the Platinum Crystal of Communication activates through the Crown Chakra as a recalibration further takes place between the pituitary, the pineal, the hypothalamus and thalamus glands as you activate now the ninth Golden Solar Sun Disc disc within the Crown Chakra.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Wonderful, sweet ones. And now the Silver Crystal of Divine Love activates within the Divine Feminine Chakra found next to the top of the head on the left side of the body, as you further activate this tenth Golden Solar Sun Disc disc within the Divine Feminine Chakra.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Wonderful, sweet ones. Now the Golden-White Crystal of Unity Consciousness activates within the Divine Masculine Chakra found to the side of the head on the right side of the body as you further activate the eleventh Golden Solar Sun Disc disc within this Divine Masculine Chakra.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

And now, sweet ones, the Sun-Moon Crystal of Light activates within the Sun Star Chakra ~ bringing about a balancing and re-balancing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, and your connection to God, as you now activate the twelfth Golden Solar Sun Disc disc within the Sun Star Chakra.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Good, sweet ones. You now link into the Sun, the Central Sun, the Galactic Center, and now Great Central Sun as you are wrapped once more in this beautiful Silver-Gold Flame of Galactic Christ Consciousness ~ having a sense now of these Christed Timelines that activate for you, taking you into this Golden Age of Atlantis and bringing these Teachings of Light, of the “Law of One” into this Now.

You connect now into the 144 Satellites within and around the Unity Grid through the Golden Solar Sun discs, and these etheric crystals of Atlantis as well as the physical Atlantean Crystals that are within this sacred Earth, sweet ones, anchoring and activating these new Golden Age key codes of Unity Consciousness, for all humanity and for all life on this sacred Earth.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Good, sweet ones. These memories will activate for each one of you at a deeper level and in our monthly telewebinar transmission we will give you more details about these beautiful Master Crystals, as well as taking you in Soul consciousness into the Halls of Amenti. The Crystalline matrix activates deeply now at a cellular level within the body as the carbon based cells experience the Illumination of God’s Infinite Creation and Divine Love and Unity Consciousness.

You now find yourselves traveling back into your sacred space in your external Merkaba Vehicles of Light, coming fully back into your bodies, back into your sacred space, as you thank all these Illumined Beings of Light from On High. Grounding once more now into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, centered and aligned to the Divine, merging once more with your Beloved I AM Presence, in the knowing, sweet ones, of yourselves as the priests and priestesses and initiates of Light. In your own time you open your eyes, being fully present, looking through your Master Eyes at all of Life around you, in the knowing of your ability to move beyond the veils of Illusion and experience all multi-dimensional realities and embrace the Divinity within all of God’s Creation. And we thank you for your service work, sweet ones, and we bless you, and with this we wish you a most magical day.

Transcribed by Eadie Miller

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The Story of the Fall of Atlantis ~ http://www.thenewearth.org/The%20Fall%20of%20Atlantis.html

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Artwork by Endre Balogh Facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/SacredGeometrybyEndre

Website ~ http://endre-balogh.artistwebsites.com/art/all/all/all/sacred+geometries


The Atlantean Pyramid and the 12 Master Crystal Temples of Light

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“The Pyramid of Atlantis etherically houses the 12 Master Crystal Temples from Atlantis, which opens the dimensional portals to all dimensions of Light, to all Golden Ages of Light, and with this, allows the Crystalline Consciousness emanating from these Master Crystals to activate at a cellular level, and through the chakras, taking you beyond the illusion of realities in time on this Earth plane. To the knowing sweet ones, that you are supreme creator in form within the quantum crystalline field of One Unity Consciousness. To heal what needs to be healed, and to truly experience and know yourselves in your full magnificence and Light through the celebration of the Divinity of every thought, feeling and action”.

Join Anrita and the Elders as we travel in Soul consciousness into the Golden Pyramid of Atlantis, and from here, enter into each of the 12 Master Crystal Temples of Atlantis Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light and with Thoth as our Master Guide. We experience a deeper integration and activation of these twelve Master Crystals, as they activate through the 12 primary chakras within our bodies, and additionally draw up all the gifts, sacred geometries and healing energies of the Atlantean Light Grid Crystalline frequencies through affirmations, invocations and the Christed Timelines

From here, we enter into the Halls of Amenti and experience the personal living library of our Golden Age lifetimes and service work in Atlantis.

These Twelve Master Crystal Temples of Atlantis are:

The Diamond Crystal Temple of Multidimensional Interface

The Ruby Fire Crystal Temple of Energy

The Rose Crystal Temple of Creative Energy

The Sacred Crystal Temple of Thoth

The Emerald Crystal Temple of Healing

The Gold Crystal of Healing Regeneration

The Violet Crystal Temple of Sound

The Blue Crystal of Knowledge

The Platinum Crystal Temple of Communication

The Silver Crystal Temple of Divine Love

The Golden-White Crystal Temple of Unity Consciousness

The Sun-Moon Crystal Temple of Light

Join us in this powerful transmission of Light, as together we co-create Heaven on Earth in this sacred Golden Age of Light. And so it is.


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Jesus Sananda via Linda Dillon: The Miracle of Your Resurrection @ Council of Love

angel NEW...

Jesus Sananda via Linda Dillon: The Miracle of Your Resurrection

April 13, 2015 By

Jesus posting

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Yeshua. I am Yeshua, brother of magenta, brother of peridot; I will be whatever ray or color you desire. But I share my magenta of passion and compassion with each and every one of you this day. And I come this time not to speak of death or destruction, yes, but of resurrection, of rebirth and of new beginnings, of descension and ascension and how you find your balance right in the middle.

I come to you as brother and friend and I come to you as Master of Love, as bringer of Love; I wish to bathe you in Love. Beloved friends, you have done miraculous work and you have been tried and true, you have been honest and honorable. Have you had your dark nights of the soul just as I have? Yes. But you also awaken to a bright new day.

I simply wish to touch on one thing: Did you ever wonder what it was I did between my physical death… and make no mistake about it, there have been many mythologies that have said that I did not die upon the cross…and I can assure you, my friends, it was not fast, but I most certainly died. In your reality, in physical terms, my life came to an end. Now, does my soul die? Does my spirit die? Not ever! But that is not what I wish to discuss because this is not a time of mourning, it is a time of exceptional joy and fulfillment.

But did you ever wonder what I did between Friday and Sunday? Did I just sort of lie there waiting? I know what you feel like when you are in the pause, but that was not what I did. During that time I was present and I was lifted up (what you may think of as initial Ascension) and was bathed, completely returned into the Love. I had the joy, the experience of returning and being the Love.

As human man I was fortunate insofar as the veil did not exist for me. I knew who I was, and I knew the carrying of Love, the sharing of Love, that I was loved and lovable, and my mission and purpose for the Mother, for my Mother, for your Mother, was the re-anchoring of Love. But that did not mean that I was not human, that I did not have moments of fear or angst or anger or frustration or joy or happiness, which is different than joy. I did. But during that hiatus, on sweet Saturday as you think of it, I simply became, once again, one with Love.

So often you think of Love but you do not think of what it truly is. You describe it through an attribution of the Divine Qualities: Love is joy; Love is peace; Love is compassion; Love is truth. All this is true. Or you describe it as you love somebody, that you are loved, that you have experienced Love, that you love God, that God loves you, the Mother loves you, I love you. So, there is a lot of back and forthing in this Love, isn’t there?

But, what is Love? What is it? When I say that I re-entered the Love, I re-entered, I re-merged with Mother/Father/One/Source, Allah, Yahweh, whatever you think of as the One. What is Love? It is Source, it is the essence, the All of the Mother/Father/One. Now, I died to achieve that reunion and you, my beloved ones, have been given this gift of Love in the gift of the 13th Octave. I remind you of that. Yes, there has been a great deal of discussion this day about the 7th dimension of Love, what I think of sometimes as ‘home base’. But if you truly want to be reunited to be the Love, take my hand and come with me to the 13th Octave.

Now, why do I speak of this, of what I was up to on that infamous Saturday? Because, my beloved ones, it is very parallel to what you have and are doing. Yes, you have cleared; you have been washed, cleaned, and filled with the Mother’s Love, with her essence, with the experience of Love. And she has planted that very Love within you. She has germinated it, that is what is going on now, but the seed was planted eons ago.

You have done your Ascension into the Love. You have done your descension in the anchoring, the integration of Love; the allowing of the flowering, the germination of the seed, the anchoring of the Divine Qualities, and the anchoring of the experience of Love. Now you are ready to truly anchor and descend into form like I have in returning to that body lying in that tomb, in the sepulcher?

Why would I be able to ascend into heaven? Because I was the son of One? No, not exactly. I could ascend because I was rejoined, filled, completed and reunited. I became the purity of Love yet again. The Mother has given you the gift of the purity. So like me, you are ready to ascend, not to leave this beloved planet that I so dearly cherish. Frankly I can’t wait to return, to walk with you, break bread with you, and laugh with you.

Your Ascension does not mean that you have to leave, that you have to take your body and go home; the Mother is not calling you the same way she has called me home. Your Ascension, your resurrection, your rebirth, in so many ways, is more miraculous than mine because you remain on sweet Gaia as the Love, as the divinity of who you are, of the totality of all your aspects, all your talents, awakened.

When I return I will choose to have a similar although updated look so that you will recognize me as Yeshua, as your Yeshi. But, I will not be that same man that lived thousands of years ago. You have the opportunity, the invitation, the energy, the entire realm of the Love to be in form, to continue on. You may die when you choose, but that was a construct as well. Popping in and out is the truth of who you are; that is why you find it increasingly more simple to jump from dimension to dimension. This popping in and out, of being where you choose, it is the substance of who you are; it is part of your spiritual and physical DNA.

So, I come this day as brother and friend, as one who loves you so deeply; I come to invite you to your resurrection. Will you please join me? Not next year, not next week. Oh, I will take you when I can get you, but the invitation is for right now, to bathe yourself, to join with the Love, and awaken tomorrow reborn. I love you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 4-4-15

© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


Thank you to Golden Age of Gaia

Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation of Light @ Walking Terra Christa

Lord Ashtar-Ashtar Command


~ Please Share These Free Teachings in Service to All ~ __________________________


04-11-2015 – To better prepare Gaia’s global body to receive the Cosmic Christed Energies that the next full moon of May will bring at the celebration of WESAK, we join with Lord Ashtar, Lord Sananda, and the Whale and Dolphin communities to anchor more of the current frequencies. We accept our individual Love Vibration and extend it to each of the land mass areas of the earth together to once again create a formal triangulation of the energy from our point upon the land, within the Oceans, and with the Christed Intergalactic’s of the Federation of Light. This is an important process that many can participate in to assist.

If you are interested in downloading this or prior messages, please see our Ashtar Messages page linked here.


About these messages: 

On December 31st, 2014 the Spiritual Hierarchy gifted Mother Earth’s atmosphere with the 4th Ray of God in the elements of Harmony and Balance through the Crystalline Ray’s Frequency. We gather together to blend in the Crystalline Ray with Lord Ashtar, the WHALES and the DOLPHINS to assist anchoring the new energies within GAIA as these frequencies of the Cosmic level are now being gifted to be grounded into GAIA. This brings the trinity of grounding upon the lands through us, in the waters through our marine mammal brothers and sisters, and in the sky’s using the Galactic Federation of Light. The Whales and Dolphins are on earth as representatives of the Christed Intergalactic frequencies. Please assist by your active participation in these energies. (for more detail on the new earth grounding see http://walkingterrachrista.com/full-moon-2/full-moon-jan-2015/ )

2014 was the year of Grounding Unity where all soul’s desiring the creation of the Fifth Dimensional New Earth work diligently to bring the Higher Christed Energies down into the body through the Rays of God within the chakra system and consciously grounded into the planet. 2015 now brings the opportunity to EXPAND what has been grounded. Our first step is to use the Crystalline Ray of Harmony and Balance to insure we our expanding the highest elements of our higher octave frequency grounding.

It is also at this time that those who oppose the grounding of the Higher Frequencies of Light are working extra hard to make sure they keep the global energy at a lower vibration. Weather modification (HARRP) technology is one of the more advanced methods being used to cause fear and disharmony.

To Assist the Earth Energies in the most powerful way possible, we will be experiencing Divine Light Language Coding teachings from Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda as they join with us to effect vibrational changes. These group light gatherings will once occur every month on the second Saturday of the month to clear the planet of lower frequencies and raise the collective vibration.

  • To join us live during these important events:

WHEN: Second Saturday of the Month 10:00 AM Pacific time / 1:00 PM Eastern

WHERE: From Your Location anywhere on Earth via SKYPE or phone