Visions from Venus Transcript & Upcoming Webinar @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Visions from Venus Transcript and Upcoming Webinar


Our Next Webinar on Visions From Venus

 With Dr. Suzanne Lie and Leslie Murray

 Our next webinar is going to be on April 2nd – Webinar #3 which is going to cover:

  • Studying in the Temple
  • The Temple gives Shature peace
  • The Crystal Temple – the Light regenerator
  • Vicor, Lateen and Jatain as friends
  • Being master of emotion and releasing pain

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Partial Transcript from last webinar

Sue Lie: Thank you for coming everyone. I really appreciate that you can all make it and for all of you who couldn’t make it – you will get the recording. Welcome to you as well.

Lesley Murray: This time, in our second webinar we are going to be talking more about the Divine Compliments and the amazing combination of the male and the female and the one soul and the Divine Compliment. Sue, did you want to talk more about that?

Sue Lie: Yes I would love to talk more about that. In fact, lets have a meditation so that we can really experience the feeling of communion with our Divine Complement. Let’s take a moment and imagine that feeling.


Let’s all of us take a long slow deep breath.  We are going to go into an experience of feeling our self.  By feeling our self I mean that we listen to our emotions.  Very often we don’t listen to our emotions.  We get busy in our life and we are doing this and that and don’t listen to our emotions.  So let’s all take a moment and just listen.

Whatever emotions you are having within your body are perfect within this Now.

For example if you are feeling fear or anger or what might be known as a bad emotion then that’s just information.  That’s just your emotions saying that this is a part of me that is not feeling too happy.

So let’s send Unconditional Love into any part of us that might feel stressed or along or sad or angry in any manner less than unconditional loving.  Allow all of our emotions to come forward – just ask them to be revealed.

Emotions cause the most trouble if we don’t listen to them.  Emotions are just information about how we feel about something.  When we ignore our emotions and they have to “yell” at us, that’s when emotions become a problem.

Now, to be sure that we get a clear reception of all of the emotions that we are feeling within this Now, let’s connect with our full multi-dimensional self by connecting with our Divine compliment in the higher realms and our united self, our completeness that is forever in the fifth-dimension and beyond.

Feel something like an antenna on top of a mountain and that antenna will give us better receptions as to what is going on. First we want to find out what is going on with our emotions.  Let’s take a minute and see if we have any anger about anything. Anger and fear are such best friends that sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart.

Acknowledge any anger or fear and give thanks.  Let it be there – it’s just a message from your self to your self.  Now, feel the happiness.  Feel how it moves through you and heals the sorrow and the anger and any of the other emotions that are not comfortable for us to have.

Now bring in the Love.  The Love and Happiness connected with this beautiful picture of our Divine self, our completion – male and female together in one being.  Allow the details of that incarnation or higher reality.  Our 3D mind thinks every thing is outside of us, but actually everything is inside of us and we project it out into our 3D hologram.

Now as we move through the emotions let’s connect with our Divine compliment – whether or not we know if they are on the physical plane – connect ourselves with them on the fifth-dimension where we are one.

Leslie let’s see if there are any comments and while we are waiting perhaps you can share your experience.

Leslie Murray: I would love to share my experience. About a year ago I had an experience where I connected with my Divine Compliment that is not incarnated. It was a very strong experience where all of a sudden he was like a golden king and I was a maiden. He was a king and I was a maiden and I almost looked like a young maiden.

I went into some kind of change.  I was being worked on.  This was a living image and a waking dream and I think it was the Sirians that were working on my organs and they were cleansing and cleaning my organs and putting them back in my body.  And then I became a queen and I could meet my king and that was an amazing experience – the whole metamorphoses of the handmaiden to the queen and I could meet him as an equal.

Then together we became one and we went up the tree of life like Jacob’s Ladder all the way to the top where we merged into one. It was pure bliss where we become a golden yin/yang together of Divine Love and we went around and around in this sphere.

I don’t think I’ve ever shared this before but this was a perfect opportunity to talk about connecting with my Divine compliment.

Sue Lie: What a beautiful story.

Leslie Murray: But if anyone else wants to share we can have everyone talk about it. It helps us all to connect to our own Divine Compliment even more strongly. So if anyone wants to write about our own experiences that would be great.

Sue Lie: Yes then it makes it real. Like I’ve been saying, “Make Ascension Normal. Make our Divine compliments normal.” We’re moving into an era now where normal is going to have a completely different meaning. Things are changing very quickly and so it can be the leaders that we are and the ones who are beginning the shift and are conscious and we can talk about it.

And we can begin talking about it with each other because it feels safe.  As we get to the place where we realize that when we talk about our experiences it becomes normal to us and we don’t think it’s a weird thing that we can share.  No, it’s not a weird thing; it’s a great thing it’s a wonderful thing to share with others.

Leslie Murray: I was thinking of that connection of clearing the fear and in 2012 I had an extraordinary experience where I really connected with my IAM presence. My IAM presence showed me what my fear was and I saw it almost like paper. It was like masks of paper. So I kept seeing fear, fear, fear and it would dissolve.

My IAM presence would tell me to just send it Unconditional Love.  And I did and these very scary visions of beings or situations would melt.  It was as if you took all the air out of a balloon.  It would just melt and the balloon would be made small.

Feeling it viscerally was really an amazing experience.   I felt that that was exactly what you were talking about – connecting with our own higher expression of self and letting go of the fear and seeing fear for what it really was – which is nothing.  So that was a beautiful experience.

Sue Lie: We need to remember that connection with our Complement is an ongoing process. It’s important to remember that we wrote our program for what we are going to experience in this reality. When we wrote that before we came in, we were our multi-dimensional self.

So we had full knowledge of all the different components of our reality and what our best way to serve the process of Ascension would be and whether or not we felt that this was a lifetime that we felt would be great to have that partnership with our Divine compliment staying in the higher planes and/or whether it would be best for this life to have our Divine Compliment actually be someone that we could meet in this reality.

We can meet either way so the communication is still there because as we continue to communicate with our Divine Compliment in the higher frequencies which opens us up to many of the other beings that are in those higher dimensions, as well.  That is very often the reason why we have chosen to NOT meet our Divine Complement in the physical.

We did so mostly because that keeps our attention in the higher planes.  When we have our attention in the higher plans as well as in the physical planes then we are within that process of transmutation with our daily life because we are creating portals out of the 3D hologram and into the reality of our true multi-dimensional life.

So first we have to create those portals for our own self. As we create those portals for our self we become connected with that control tower that I was talking about before that’s in those higher frequencies of reality. Being connected with that control tower allows us to constantly receive multidimensional messages.

We see where we are going and the more we listen the more we get.  If you use this gift, it gets bigger.  If you don’t use it gets smaller.  So it is important to remember to keep up that connection with the higher expressions in whatever way you perceive it.

Our third dimensional reality has been based on individuality and polarities. Therefore, in order to move out of that concept of third-dimensional being alone, being polarized, being good/bad/black/white/grey we need to become aware that we are already united.

It is only the illusion that says that we are separate.  How can we not be united with our selves?  We are our selves.  We are with our Divine Compliment in oneness. Our Divine Compliment actually protects us and that can happen from our physical plane too.

When we are in a physical relationship with our Divine Compliment, if we are fortunate enough to have that blessing – then we’re very protective of each other because it’s like our self.

You wouldn’t put your hand in the fire because it will burn and your whole body would feel the pain.  That doesn’t mean that we don’t accidently put our hand in the fire or accidently do something to our Divine Compliment that we don’t want to do.  But everything is greatly amplified.

Leslie maybe you can talk about how it occurs on the higher levels.

Leslie Murray: How it occurs on the higher level is that your Divine Compliment will give you messages and information while you are awake or sleeping. It will always be trying to connect with you and let you to give you more information.

That’s what happened with Shature in the Visions from Venus book. When she finally let go of her sadness and her loneliness of not being connected with her Divine compliment she could actually hear her Divine Compliment on the inner planes speaking to her or giving her information and protection.

The protection came through information.  The information would come through her Divine Compliment, and Shature would be getting impulses, nudges, thought forms, reams where she would be in direct communication and she would know what the best was for her.

Also her dreams began to become vivid where she really started getting the information that she needed from her Divine Compliment on how to navigate the very dark 3D world that she was in.  She needed all the help that she could get because it was the time just before the fall of Atlantis.

When she could really be connected to her higher guidance, she remembered that her mission was to be on Earth and balance Gaia with her Venusian energy.  Once she let go of everything else, she could go forward and be in the present of where she needed to be in order to balance the Earth.

Also I wanted to put in a quick aside as far as Shature’s life on Earth. She missed her Divine Compliment, and she finally connected to him, but she also had a partner on Atlantis named Jatain.  So she still had someone she could share her physicality with and share her personal life with and not be always dependent on her Divine Compliment.

And that’s for all of us here as well.  Some of us don’t have our Divine Compliments incarnated on the planet but we still have our soul mates and different soul partners that we’ve had contracts and agreements with. So it’s not so bad.

Sue Lie: Yes absolutely. Remember, we made that choice ourselves before we took our embodiment. Even when we have friends or mates or family members that sometimes have to be someplace else, because there is something that they teach us that you don’t have to have the physical body of someone to share our essence with that person.

That sharing with our inner essence is a fifth-dimensional trait so it has no time, space, direction or polarity.  It just is.  We can emanate our essence out. I’m sure that most of you here have had experiences where your loved one had to be away from for a while. Maybe that had to cross over, but even if they crossed over you can still communicate with them.

Shature was an example of that as she was able to communicate with her Divine Compliment, and together they opened up a portal.  Her Divine Compliment had the opening of the portal from the higher frequencies and Shature was on the planet grounding that portal right on to Atlantis.

Opening multidimensional portals of light and grounded them into the body of Gaia is one of the most important tasks we are NOW doing.

Sue Lie: In fact we are connected and just don’t know it.

I want to thank each and every one of you for coming and I really appreciate you and I hope you return and enjoy the book.  Have a beautiful day.

Leslie Murray: Let’s send Unconditional Love to everyone.

Suzanne Lie: Good idea. In closing, lets send Unconditional Love to every one in the Webinar, as well as to every one who listens to it later. Unconditional love and Violet Fire to all of you, and thank so for joining us.

Leslie Murray: Yes, Unconditional love and Violet Fire to you all.

Our next webinar is going to be on April 2nd – Webinar #3 which is going to cover:

  • Studying in the Temple
  • The Temple gives Shature peace
  • The Crystal Temple – the Light regenerator
  • Vicor, Lateen and Jatain as friends
  • Being master of emotion and releasing pain

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Heart Openings and Ascension – Part 2/2 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

new website HEART

Heart Openings and Ascension – Part 2/2


Following my own experience, I more or less have forgotten about the Self and fallen in love with love.

Either the path of Self-realization or the path of love-actualization, I’m quite sure, will take us to the goal.

And, looking back, I think the path of love will appeal to a lot more people in this mass Ascension than would an abstract concept like the “Self.” So “love” is probably a better tool than “Self” to share with others who haven’t yet awakened or are newly-awakened to Ascension.

Let’s continue with our look at sahaja.

One of Ramana’s students, Swami Annamalei, tells us that if there are any breaks in our awareness of the Self, we haven’t reached safe haven yet.

“If there are breaks in your Self-awareness, it means that you are not a jnani [enlightened sage] yet. Before one becomes established in the Self without any breaks, without any changes, one has to contact and enjoy the Self many times.

“By steady meditation and the continued practice of self-inquiry, one will finally become permanently established in the Self, without any breaks.” (1)

Let’s listen to Ramana describe the manner in which sahaja is achieved:

“Enquire into the nature of that consciousness which knows itself as ‘I’ and it will inevitably lead you to its source, the Heart, where you will unmistakably perceive the distinction between the insentient body and the mind [i.e., see the Self].

“The latter will then appear in its utter purity as the ever-present, self-supporting intelligence, which creates, pervades its creation, as well as remains beyond it, unaffected and uncontaminated.

“Also finding the Heart will be experienced as being the Heart. When this experience becomes permanent through constant practice, the much-desired Self-Realisation or Mukti [Liberation] is said at long last to have been achieved – the ‘I-am-the-body’ illusion has [been] broken for ever.” (2)

And what about the vasanas – the trauma-born reaction patterns that ensnare us further and further into duality? When are they transcended?

With sahaja, the unwholesome vasanas fall away. The seeds of future reaction are incinerated. Those vasanas which are wholesome and don’t lead to attachment persist, Ramana says.

“In Yoga Vasistha two classes of vasanas are distinguished: those of enjoyment and those of bondage. The former remain even after Mukti [Liberation] is attained, but the latter are destroyed by it.

“Attachment is the cause of binding vasanas, but enjoyment without attachment does not bind and continues even in Sahaja.” (3)

Let’s go to Yoga Vasistha and read what Sage Vasistha says on that subject. He explains how the wholesome vasanas assist our liberation while the unwholesome ones are what keep us in the cycle of birth and death.

“Moksa or liberation is the total abandonment of all vasanas or mental conditioning, without the least reserve. Mental conditioning is of two types – the pure and the impure.

“The impure is the cause of birth; the pure liberates one from birth. The impure is of the nature of nescience and ego-sense; these are the seeds, as it were, for the tree of re-birth.

“On the other hand, when these seeds are abandoned, the mental conditioning that merely sustains the body is of a pure nature. Such mental conditioning exists even in those who have been liberated while living: it does not lead to re-birth, as it is sustained only by past moment, and not by present motivation.” (4)

The use of similar terms does not make two events the same. A permanent heart opening such as I had on March 13 is not the same as the permanent heart opening we all will have some time after Ascension and deeper into the Fifth Dimension.

The difference lies in whether the one or the other involved a permanent realization of the Self. That alone leads to liberation from birth and death, such as will come to us all from Ascension.


(1) Annamalei Swami in OE, 110.

(2) Ramana Maharshi in S.S. Cohen, Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 95-6. [Hereafter GR.]

(3) Ibid., GR, 89.

(4) Sage Vasistha in Swami Venkatesananda, ed., The Concise Yoga Vasistha. Albany: State University of New York, 1984, 5.

The Creator’s Healing By Saint Germain ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

art mountain-high-birgit-coath

 ART : Mountain High ~ Birgit Coath
 The Creator’s Healing By Saint Germain

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 26th March 2015- Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and love are extended to you through my being from all aspects of the universe of the Creator; you are deeply and absolutely loved in this moment by all that is the Creator. There is no separation or lack in the Creator’s love for you; everything is provided for you should you choose to accept the Creator’s love.

Many souls upon the Earth move through challenging situations and experiences which can be deeply painful creating wounds within their bodies. Whether physical pain, emotional pain, mental pain or any form of suffering is experienced, large or small wounds are created especially within the emotional body, however they can filter into all aspects of a person’s being causing havoc within the inner reality while being replicated into the outer reality.  When you begin to notice that all forms of suffering and pain whether inflicted by self or another cause an energetic, mental or emotional wound then you understand that many people are moving through their realities holding onto numerous wounds which they use to describe themselves. Have you ever introduced yourself to a person asking questions about them to then discover the story of the wounds they are holding onto and have experienced? Maybe you describe yourself to others by sharing your life wounds, all the experiences which have caused you pain? Many choose to define and describe themselves to others as their painful wounds, such as experiences of abandonment, lack, abuse or neglect. If you are describing yourself to others in this way then you are also describing yourself to all aspects of your being in this way. This symbolises you are also describing yourself to the universe and the Creator in the same way, which means the Creator will reflect all you focus upon back at you for further experiences of the same.

Your journey on the Earth is a process of learning, in the past it may have often been through forms of suffering; this does encourage you to develop into greater stronger aspects of yourself and truth, encouraging you to see yourself in new ways. Yet your experiences are not the story of who you are in the present moment, they are not your truth and essence. This is a very powerful concept and idea which is required by you to be let go in order to further free yourself to move beyond the ties of the old era and the 3rd Dimension. Detachment is required from the past in order to enter more fully into the Era of Love and yet this can only be experienced through the healing of wounds of suffering. Many of you have taken time to heal old wounds and yet you still include them in your description of yourself. Is it not time to live in the present? Of course share your past with others, remember your past however do not let it be included in your description of yourself.

I invite you in a quiet time or time alone to describe yourself imagining you are existing in the present moment and the present moment is all that there is. Describe yourself without delving into your past. You may notice that certain beliefs or remarks come up which refer to your past, without actually describing your past. You may notice you hold aspects of yourself back due to rejection in the past or find you have to be loud because you are trying to hide who you truly are.  Describe yourself to yourself in expansively, lovingly and truthful ways free from restrictions especially from the past. This may be challenging at first as you are asking yourself to explore more fully your energies, beliefs and inner truth. I have been communicating about past painful wounds, however you may choose to notice how you describe yourself drawing upon positive experiences of your past, try to describe yourself, let go of these also. In truth I am asking you to acknowledge, describe and speak from your present moment self, from the truth within your being. It is a wonderful exercise to notice how much you bring your past into your present with every moment.

In a private space you can be as free as you wish, I understand that when with strangers or friends you may feel uncomfortable to describe and speak of yourself in this way and so when in the company of others invite yourself to simply lovingly observe when you bring your past into your present. Notice if you are always drawing upon the same wounds to define you or if you are holding onto old happy moments not allowing yourself to have new moments of bliss. Allow yourself in your communication and sharing with others to gradually delete and erase all unneeded reference to the past. I say unneeded as sometimes it is wonderful to share a past experience of your life in order to support or illuminate another person, however when the sharing is simply to amplify and empower your attachment to your past, this is no longer appropriate. Many people on the Earth are choosing to hold onto thei r wounds which are hindering them in moving into the Era and Space of Love.

In order to be love, one is required to heal the wounds within, while in order to heal the wounds within, one is required to be love.

Wounds, pain and suffering, it wishes to speak, to be heard as this is your body and beings way of healing the wound. This is a wonderful step by step journey of healing inner wounds: to recognise it, to allow it to speak its message, to take any action which is required and to embrace the wound and entire being in the healing love of the Creator, then holding and knowing within you it is done, complete and finished.

Take a few days to be lovingly observant of others and those around you, observing how they speak of their wounds to you without even noticing. Let yourself observe what their wounds may be, there is no need to share your observation, it is achieved in a quest to expand your awareness of the presence of wounds and how they can restrict your life attracting the same in your reality repeatedly. You may wish to notice if you attract people with similar wounds to you, this attraction is your way of relaying a message to yourself. I invite you to bathe each person you observe in immense love from your soul and the Creator, while you also accept immense love for yourself as well. Again we return to reflect upon the greatest spiritual and life lesson of all; to love yourself and others unconditionally. This life lesson cannot be escaped and is often the core of all aspects of life. When you do not love yourself unconditionally and choose to act unlovingly to others then you create emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wounds within your being. Holding onto wounds of the past and drawing them into your present moment is to neglect to and to resist loving yourself and others unconditionally. Of course wounds must be drawn into the present moment to be healed, however when they are being continuously drawn we can notice an attachment.

At the very beginning of my communication I shared with you, ‘love extends to you through my being from all aspects of the universe of the Creator, you are deeply and absolutely loved in this moment by all that is the Creator. There is no separation or lack in the Creator’s love for you, everything is provided for you, should you choose to accept the Creator’s love.’ And so I come to the purpose of my communication with you, I wish to remind you should you choose to accept the Creator’s love everything is provided to you. I know in many people this can create a resistance, a feeling you may have to give your power away to the Creator to then receive all you wish, akin to selling your soul to simply have a happy life. This is completely not the case. If you allow yourself to love yourself, in that moment you are inviting the love of the Creator into and to emanate from your entire being. If you choose to love those around you whether loved ones or strangers, then the Creator’s love automatically moves through you. If you choose to invite the Creator’s love to surround and embrace you as you enjoy the experience of being loved completely and absolutely, then of course you are accepting the Creator’s love. You are accepting an eternally present love, life force energy and vibration which is your truth and reminds you of your truth. You are accepting yourself as your truth, empowering your truth and divine essence. You are allowing yourself to become a reflection of the Creator therefore you are attracting wonderful beautiful experiences into your reality meaning you can learn through beauty rather than through wounds and pain of any form.

Accepting the Creator’s love is to empower yourself and your truth. Each day and as many times a day as you feel is appropriate, I invite you to call upon all aspects of the Creator including your soul to love you unconditionally. Allow yourself to bathe in this beautiful, nourishing and healing love, breathe it into every aspect of your being. Know you are immensely supported.

As you open yourself more fully to the love of the Creator you are aligning yourself with your divine essence and so you move away from learning through pain or chaos, embracing discovering yourself through beauty and love. Everything is provided to you because you choose to recognise and receive from the Creator. When you are holding onto wounds of the past you distract yourself and choose to ignore that everything is being provided to you in every moment by the Creator. The Creator does not wish for you to experience lack or suffering of any form, however it is only you who can choose to receive all that is provided to you. The choice is made, the request sent and you open up to receive when you allow yourself to be loved wholly and completely by the Creator.

Inhale the love of the Creator and allow all you require to be provided for you. It is that easy.

Enjoy the love of the Creator,

Saint Germain