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04-11-2015 – To better prepare Gaia’s global body to receive the Cosmic Christed Energies that the next full moon of May will bring at the celebration of WESAK, we join with Lord Ashtar, Lord Sananda, and the Whale and Dolphin communities to anchor more of the current frequencies. We accept our individual Love Vibration and extend it to each of the land mass areas of the earth together to once again create a formal triangulation of the energy from our point upon the land, within the Oceans, and with the Christed Intergalactic’s of the Federation of Light. This is an important process that many can participate in to assist.

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About these messages: 

On December 31st, 2014 the Spiritual Hierarchy gifted Mother Earth’s atmosphere with the 4th Ray of God in the elements of Harmony and Balance through the Crystalline Ray’s Frequency. We gather together to blend in the Crystalline Ray with Lord Ashtar, the WHALES and the DOLPHINS to assist anchoring the new energies within GAIA as these frequencies of the Cosmic level are now being gifted to be grounded into GAIA. This brings the trinity of grounding upon the lands through us, in the waters through our marine mammal brothers and sisters, and in the sky’s using the Galactic Federation of Light. The Whales and Dolphins are on earth as representatives of the Christed Intergalactic frequencies. Please assist by your active participation in these energies. (for more detail on the new earth grounding see http://walkingterrachrista.com/full-moon-2/full-moon-jan-2015/ )

2014 was the year of Grounding Unity where all soul’s desiring the creation of the Fifth Dimensional New Earth work diligently to bring the Higher Christed Energies down into the body through the Rays of God within the chakra system and consciously grounded into the planet. 2015 now brings the opportunity to EXPAND what has been grounded. Our first step is to use the Crystalline Ray of Harmony and Balance to insure we our expanding the highest elements of our higher octave frequency grounding.

It is also at this time that those who oppose the grounding of the Higher Frequencies of Light are working extra hard to make sure they keep the global energy at a lower vibration. Weather modification (HARRP) technology is one of the more advanced methods being used to cause fear and disharmony.

To Assist the Earth Energies in the most powerful way possible, we will be experiencing Divine Light Language Coding teachings from Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda as they join with us to effect vibrational changes. These group light gatherings will once occur every month on the second Saturday of the month to clear the planet of lower frequencies and raise the collective vibration.

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Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #2 and Check out our upcoming classes @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #2 and Check out our upcoming classes.


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Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #2

suzanne lie 13.4.

Constant Conscious Connection

Dear Arcturians,

I am ready to receive your message.

Yes, Suzille, thank you. In fact we wish to thank YOU and all your many readers who have followed us through out the many years since the early 1990’s. We know that all of you have had to wait, and wait, and wait, for us, the Galactics, to come directly into your reality. We understand how many of you have become frustrated and confused that we have not, yet, landed.

However, Gaia is a free will planet. Therefore, there must be a “majority consensus” before we can begin our landings. Also, we have to know that it will be safe for the humans and for Gaia. As you ay know, there are still many beings wearing humanoid form that have conspired against our landing.

These impostures have been selfishly controlling your world at great expense to the physical body of Gaia, as well as to the physical body of anyone who would rise against them. Then, many of humans who was fully brainwashed by the dark ones, and refuse to believe that there are civilizations beyond Earth.

Many of these humans are so very overwhelmed by daily survival, that the thought of re-structuring their entire world is terrifying. The dark one created businesses, jobs and global events that kept these people on “survival mode,” so that anything outside of working hard, and having some fun, was the only life they could imagine. There are also many brave ones who were killed by the dark ones for daring to tell the truth to the people of Earth.

Of course, the brainwashing programs, as well as the poor educational systems that were deliberately started by the dark ones, have kept man humans within the “survival mode” of just barely making it through each day. You see, our dear friends and family on Earth, you have been fighting a hidden war for your right to know the truth of the real conditions on Earth.

Fortunately, there are the many brave and awakened humans who search for information and meditate on a regular basis to commune with us. These awakened humans continually try to spread the truth in whatever manner best suits their awareness and personality.

We are very please to inform you that this later group of awake and aware ones wearing an earth vessel is greatly expanding. We say, “wearing an earth vessel,” because YOU, the members of this group, have become, and are increasingly becoming, aware of your higher dimensional expressions of SELF that are also serving on our Starships and in the higher dimensions.

Because of this increasing awareness, you realize that your earth vessel is merely the lowest dimensional expression of your multidimensions SELF. Therefore, you are “wearing” your body rather than “being” your body.

You, our beloved emissaries of light, have remembered that you have uncountable expressions of your own lifestream in many octaves of reality. Therefore, “you” cannot die. However, you may choose to temporarily or permanently “check out” of your lowest, densest, expression of being—you human earth vessel.

Sadly, there are also many of you serving the cause of TRUTH who have had to unwillingly release their earth vessels because they were discovered by the dark ones. These brave warriors have not “died.” They have merely surrendered their earth vessels and return Home for some much needed R and R.

We remind you all of this fact today because we want you to know that you are NEVER alone. We, your galactic family, are ALWAYS with you, even if you not consciously aware of that fact. We also remind you that we are focusing our attention on escalating the educational process of our ground crew, as inner knowledge is inner power.

All of the dangers of which we have just spoken are small compared to the most common danger, which is forgetting your SELF. When you forget your alternate, parallel, multidimensional SELF who serves on our Starships, fifth-dimension Earth, Venus and myriad other locations, you become trapped in the myriad illusions of the 3D Matrix.

Fortunately, that lowest frequency of Gaia’s “inhabitant matrix” is dissolving. We use the word dissolving, which means: disappearing, breaking up, formally closing, ending of legal relationships and/or simultaneously fading out and in. We instructed Suzille to look those “dissolving” up in your dictionary so we could define the process in human terms.

We will now address the last definition, which is “simultaneously fading out and in.” This term in your dictionary is exactly how you, our dear ones wearing earth vessels, are experiencing your process of transmutation back into your true SELF.

Your initial “return to SELF” is with you consciousness. Therefore, the frequency of your consciousness simultaneously fades OUT of 3D limitation and IN to 5D freedom. As you are aware, when you are meditating, being creative, enjoying your friends and family and loving life, your fade IN to your remembrance of your higher dimensional expressions of self.

When this occurs, you realize that you are in constant contact with us. At first this awareness may only fade in briefly, than quickly fade out because you are still thinking with your 3D brain. Your 3D brain is unable to understand seemingly opposite actions, such as in or out, occurring simultaneously.

Life on the physical plane is so very challenging that “one thing at a time” is often overwhelming.  The key is the word “time.” When you think third dimensionally, you are bound to the concept of TIME. On the other hand, as you consciousness expands into the fifth dimension, which we perceive that more and more of you are experiencing, you are able to be aware of simultaneous actions occurring within the same NOW.

You are able to take this leap of thinking because you are increasingly thinking from your fifth dimensional consciousness. When you consciously think from your fifth dimensional state of consciousness, your entire perception of reality alters. First, and foremost, you KNOW that you are actually communicating with your higher-dimensional galactic and celestial family.

Once you have established a CONSCIOUS communication with us, your life will totally change. We wish to remind you that EVERY one of our ground crew is already in constant communication with us via your fifth dimensional states of consciousness. In fact, you are able to check in with us as easily as you can call a friend on your phone. Actually, it is easier because our line is never busy, and we will always answer your call.

Once you are conscious of this constant connection with your higher dimensional family, you will become aware of your true “Lightbody SELF” that exists within the core of your earth vessel. Simultaneously, you will be fully aware of your galactic and celestial family with who you are in constant contact.

It is this “constant contact” that is simultaneously fading in and out. This contact with your SELF is fading into and out of your awareness because you are simultaneously fading into and out of your higher states of consciousness. From your fifth dimensional state of consciousness you are infinitely in constant contact with your SELF. However, from the simultaneous perceptions of your third dimensional consciousness, you are fading into and out that connection.

You never stop being fifth dimensional, but a difficult situation in your 3D matrix can distract you from that constant awareness because it frightens you. Any form of fear lowers your consciousness into third dimensional thinking. Fear tells you, “I must address this issue because it can cause me harm.”

Even though your third dimensional consciousness may not be aware of your fear, your earth vessel is aware of it and makes adjustments on to “protect your self.” Therefore, your 3D consciousness focuses on the cause, or the feeling, of the fear while your 5D consciousness simultaneously focuses on your higher perception of the message that has frightened your 3D consciousness.

Within the situation you have a conscious, or unconscious, decision to choose which frequency of perception you wish to perceive. Both versions of reality simultaneously exist in the same NOW. Furthermore, when you are consciously aware of your own multidimensional perception, you have many choices that are NOT available to your 3D consciousness.

Your third dimensional consciousness only has one choice:

  •    Stop whatever you are doing or thinking and focus on the fear.
  • Check out the fear to see if it will cause you or your loved ones harm.
  •     Engage in the fear to investigate its source so that you can directly interact with and/or             combat it.

Your human earth vessel demands this investigation because, from that third dimensional perspective, you are alone, vulnerable and constantly striving to survive in a difficult environment. Do you see why the dark ones constantly fill your news with fearful events, violence, wars and mass murders?

As long as your earth vessel is in a “state of alert,” you are easily brainwashed that this particular product, person and/or situation will save you from the great danger that they just created to keep you in the constant state of alert which lowers your state of consciousness. Do you see that vicious cycle?

However, because YOU are awakened to your SELF, you simultaneously have the option to expand your consciousness beyond the lower frequencies that are easily manipulated.

From third dimensional consciousness, you only perceive the physical plane.

From your fourth dimensional consciousness you can perceive the astral plane.

From your fifth dimensional consciousness you perceive the ONE of the NOW.

Which reality do you choose to perceive?

Also, form your higher frequencies consciousness you can also perceive the lower frequency realities. Thus, from your higher frequency consciousness you can perceive all the realities of that frequency, as well as the lower frequencies of that realty. In because of this fact, that we can easily perceive your reality, but it is still difficult for you to consciously perceive our higher dimensional reality.

Furthermore, when you shift out of “third gear” of your earth vessel that is “driving around town doing your 3D errands” INTO the “fifth gear” of your Lightbody who is zooming beyond limitation, ALL your perceptions shift into higher gear.

Imagine the difference between watching a riot or a war on your television AND physically experiencing being in that riot or in that war. That is difference between being IN the third dimension and being IN the fifth dimension observing the third dimension.

But remember that ALL of you are simultaneously in the third dimension AND the fourth AND the fifth dimension. You are ALL multidimensional beings who are simultaneously experiencing reality from myriad dimensions within the same NOW. The problem is that the while you are wearing a third dimension form, your perceptions are innately calibrated to third dimensional perceptions.

It is your primary calibration to the third dimension reality that is beginning to alter. Because you, our dear away-team, are honing IN on your 5D perceptions, you are simultaneously logging-out of the 3D Matrix. The primary rule of inter-dimensional travel is that “where your attention is, the YOU are also.”

Please remember that YOU are the ESSENCE within your earth vessel. As you remember that YOU chose to inter-dimensionally travel into your earth vessel, you will simultaneously remember the primary rules of inter-dimensional travel. These primary rules are:

  • YOU are a multidimensional being.
  • YOU chose to enter your experience by attaching your attention on your current earth vessel.
  • YOU then accompanied the “thoughts” of our attention with the “emotion” of unconditional love to     enter your current reality.
  • YOU then merged with that frequency of reality by entering the earth vessel that YOU chose.

This vision of reality is the core of the Mission that YOU chose before you entered your earth vessel. However, some of you underestimated the power of illusion on Gaia within your NOW and became lost in that illusion. Fortunately, you awoke from your illusion and are NOW ready to fulfill the Mission that YOU chose before taking your present earth vessel.

Now we will tell you the best part of this adventure. YOU also remained Home in your beloved starship, planet and/or dimension. Everything in your 3D reality is being tracked, observed, facilitated and guided by your Multidimensional SELF.

We are so sorry that many of our brave volunteers had to prematurely log-out of their earth vessel and return Home. We are aware that to the 3D perceptions of those who cared for them, they died. We tell you ALL now that death is an illusion of the third dimension.

What is perceived as death on the third dimension is simultaneously perceived as a welcomed return Home to the higher dimensions. Also, once you return Home, you are NOT judged as being “good” or “bad.” We understand how very difficult it is for all of our inter-dimensional travelers to ascending Gaia.

If you fell into the darkness, or chose to incarnate into the forces of darkness and became lost, we do not judge you. You love you unconditionally and assist you to heal from that experience. Once healed, those that have fallen into the darkness are wonderful sources of information about how to assist others who have been tempted, and/or brainwashed, by the darkness.

Therefore dear ground crew, as you continue with your path of ascension, which is simultaneously completed within our NOW, remember that YOU are not alone. You have chosen to place your great multidimensional consciousness into a very small and dense earth vessel to assist Gaia.

Your Multidimensional SELF already inhabits many ascended, higher dimensional bodies. We know that you, our volunteers to Earth must attend to your 3D life, as well as your Mission to assist Gaia. We want you to know that we “have your back.”  Simultaneous to your current earth life, you are living myriad expressions of your Multidimensional Life.

If you were to “lose your earth vessel,” it may interrupt your mission to Earth, but simultaneously you would be returning HOME to your true Multidimensional SELF. We tell you this information ONLY because humanities great fear is death. The beings of the darkness, the lost ones, control you with that fear.

They constantly talk about horrible diseases, which they are simultaneously creating. They try to frighten you with yet another war, which they are simultaneously creating, and they broadcast news of yet another “crazy person or group,” which they have simultaneously created.

We tell you this information NOW because those of the darkness are loosing. You have refused to participate in their lies and threats, and the only weapon they have left is your own FEAR. When you remember to “be the Master over your own fear,” your consciousness expands so that you can perceive the fifth-dimensional Earth, which is NOW awaiting new inhabitants.

We conclude this message by reminding you that you can choose to remain on 3D Earth with Gaia while you simultaneously inter-dimensionally travel to fifth dimensional New Earth, your Starship and/or other higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. From our perception, you are doing so right NOW!

Blessings on your many journeys,

The Arcturians HOW DO YOU SEE THE MULTIDIMENSIONAL “INTERMINGLING” FROM  YOUR PERSPECTIVE? I love you wonderful answers. Let’s make talking about ascension NORMAL!

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Transcript: Serapis Bey ~ Invitation to The Temple of Ascension – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love


Transcript: Serapis Bey ~ Invitation to The Temple of Ascension – April 7, 2015

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

SM: Serapis Bey is with us today to share wisdom around the practice of spiritual discipline and the consistency required to attain higher consciousness.

This is one of several Masters that I don’t know much about so it will be interesting to feel the energy with this one and see what he has to say. Good Morning, Linda!

Linda: Good Morning, Suzi and Good Morning, everybody! It’s a bright, shiny day again here in Florida and as you and I were talking about just briefly before we got on the air, we are in that season of rebirth and what some people are calling resurrection and redirection. There is so much energetically going on right now – right here, right now – that it’s almost like a whirlwind to keep up with things.

SM: Yes, and I think it can feel different ways to different people. I am feeling inspired to new ideas and doing a new show and everything, but it can also feel very overwhelming. And if we’re not feeling so great and wondering like, “Oh God, all this great energy is coming in and I still feel like crap.” It’s an interesting thing.

Linda: One of the things that we are being told, particularly by Universal Mother Mary, is that she has washed us clean, thoroughly… washed, dried and put us away in terms of the Tsunami of Love. I don’t know about you but although we thought the Tsunami of Love was pretty much over, the energy that I certainly have been experiencing is akin to the Tsunami of Love X a million! [Laughter]

The vision that they are giving me in terms of the energy is that the Tsunami isn’t simply coming up to the shoreline; it’s literally this wave of Love that’s coming at us from the Mother, from our star brothers and sisters and being delivered by the ayoscended ones, etcetera. It’s carrying us all the way up, and the picture that they give me is that we’re literally standing on the top of Mount Everest. That’s how strong it is.

And although it’s not intended for any of us to remain in isolation on the top of Mount Everest, there is an energy that is that strong. And the Mother has been really clear. She says, “First I gave you the Tsunami of Love; I’ve given you the Clarity, I’ve given you the Purity, I’ve given you the Grace. It’s not that she’s planted the seed within us which she did eons ago, but that the seed within us has germinated, that she has germinated that seed and that this energy within our heart which is only the Love energy is growing, growing, growing, growing.

But as it’s growing, as we are going through this new cycle of what she’s calling Rebirth~Resurrection~Ascension is that new qualities, new experiences are coming to the forefront. And one of those is leadership – which you say you are receiving inspiration to expand, to do new things – and leadership takes on a whole different meaning in this new energy. It’s not the old paradigm of control, power, authority…

SM: No ego…

Linda: No ego. And that’s pretty much what Serapis Bey is the Master of. Yes, he’s the spiritual disciplinarian, but he also works with people preparing for Ascension in the etheric Temple of Luxor and the Ascension Room. And it’s the death of the ego that he oversees.

He is quite a character. And for those of you who don’t know Serapis Bey, he is one of those when you’ve seen the pictures of St. Germaine and Lao Tzu, or I should say Djwhal Khul, and El Morya, the founders of the Theosophical Society. He worked very closely with them.

So he’s had several lifetimes on planet but he ascended – apparently, because who knows how these things really work – but he became an Ascended Master long before the time of Christ, about 400 BC. So during the time of Atlantis, when Atlantis was sinking, he migrated and took the Ascension Flame from the Ascension Temple in Atlantis and moved it to Luxor where it is this obviously etheric temple where he works with the alpha and the omega flames to help people become that Purity.

Now when he’s talking to me about Spiritual Discipline and the Purity, I’m thinking, “Well, you know, we’ve already received this gift of Purity from the Mother, directly from the Mother and you know me, we probably don’t get any better than that.” [Laughter]

But he’s been working with me, and he’s stepping forward and I’m hearing from different clients that he’s appearing to many of us, and he’s never been much of a chatter. I don’t engage in long conversations with Serapis Bey [laughter] and yet, here he is, saying, “I want to talk to people about Balance and the wisdom of Spiritual Discipline.” So here we are! [Laughter]

SM: It could be a short show! [Laughter]

Linda: It could be a very short show! And if so, well, nice seeing you all again! [Laughter]

SM: Right, I’m Serapis Bey. Do your meditations. See you later! [Laughter]

Linda: Be consistent, period! [Laughter] You know, I am saying that to Isaac the other day. I felt like there is part of me… and I’m sure that everyone who is listening, including you, Suzi, has this feeling like, “Hasn’t it all been said? Haven’t we been given the dozens of tools and all the methodologies, all the approaches, all the attunements?” I mean, there’s just a part of me that feels like all those words have been said, and all we need to do is just take the energy, allow it to be inside of us and blossom… and we’re there!

SM: … and to share our experiences with others. And that brings me to when you are talking about the Tsunami of Love and the heart opening and everything. I had a vision, probably last week sometime although, gosh, time is so strange… I have no idea when it was… recently I’ll just say.

At this point, the focus of the energy is now about opening the pineal gland of everyone on Earth, because we’ve all had electromagnetic and chemical things done to us that limit our ability to open to and perceive our spirit messages. But that time is coming to an end, if not already ended, that it’s about the pineal opening and being available to these things. And you know what, once again, it’s like to let go of the ‘How?’ and just trust that it’s happening.

Linda: The pineal is open. It’s in the same category as the veil. We keep being told that the veil is gone, but we have this quite neurotic [laughter] attachment to a belief system that the veil is still there. And we still hear it all the time, “When is the veil going to disappear? When is the veil going to disappear?” The veil is gone. It’s only a belief system and so…

SM: … when you let it go.

Linda: … when you let it go. And our pineal has been activated and activated, and this is part of the gifts that have been given to us. But it is that belief system that is still the whispers, the echoes, the concrete wall that’s still in the way of truly believing and, therefore, allowing that connection to really come to the fullness because we are restoring. I mean, the Mother’s saying, “We are being reborn; I’m in you, you are in me.” She couldn’t possibly be in us and we have completely closed down systems. It wouldn’t work.

SM: Well, there’s also been all this talk lately of those who are working at a regular job, nine to five, and don’t necessarily have the ability or the desire, the capacity, whatever, to do a lot of spiritual work. I really do feel that there are enough of us holding this space for others that can’t do that to bring us all along.

I’m not sure if an awareness of what’s being done for humanity by so many other humans, galactics, all that sort of thing… I guess it would be helpful for people to know that, but there are so many that are clueless, clueless about all the work that’s being done on their behalf, and they just continue through their lives and probably complain about their lives. Those are the pineal glands that we want to be opening and I guess we have to trust that it’s happening and it’s a process and people are where they need to be.

Linda: It’s a process, yes. What I’m feeling right now is that I would like to give a shout-out. I would like to give bouquets and lace to all the people that are getting up at 5 and 6 am every morning and trudging off to work, whether it’s in an office or a factory, or a school or a government building.

And so often, because I do the individual readings, I hear that complaint. So, if we could talk about it just for a sec… So many people feel, and it is a feeling, that they aren’t doing the “spiritual work” because they’re trying to make ends meet, they’re trying to support their family and keep a roof over their head.

The point is, yes, there’s those of us who are working flat-out, i.e. you and I, doing the spiritual work and sharing what we know and our insights, but don’t for a second, not for a millisecond, don’t think because you’re “stuck” – because that’s a belief – stuck in going to work every day that you’re not doing your spiritual work.

Because if you’re carrying the Love and the Light in your heart, then you really are on the front line of this lightworker, love-holder, Ascension work. You are on the front line, you are in the trenches and you are doing the work, because every time you walk into that office or that factory or that store or that school, you are bringing that awareness, your expanded field filled with Light, and you’re bringing it and you’re anchoring it, and you’re being a transmitter and you’re working with the populous.

So give yourself huge, huge credit. And you say, “Yeah, but I don’t have time to meditate. I don’t have time to do the listening, the channeling, all that work.” But if you just… as you jump in your car or as you jump on the bus or into your carpool, if you just open your crown, fill up your heart, fill up your body, feel that expansion, and that takes like 20 seconds. And then just hold that all day, and everybody around you is going to get it.

SM: Exactly.

Linda: So that’s how we are going to reach all those people that we think aren’t awake.

SM: And we do need to focus not on what we haven’t been able to do but on what we have been able to do, because it’s a lot. Anyone in their life, and the people that do the 9 to 5, you show up; you show up every day and it’s just an amazing and beautiful thing.

Linda: It is. And you know, we teach, the Council teaches 13th Octave LaHoChi which is a healing modality, but people worry about, “Oh, am I going to be able to run the energy, am I going to be able to feel the Masters?” But the slogan for La Ho Chi is “Show up!” I mean, it’s that simple. When we show up and we show up with our hearts and our fields, we are doing the work.

So don’t get discouraged if you think you’re stuck in that 9 to 5. You are doing brilliantly.

SM: Exactly. We all have a role to play.

Linda: We do.

SM: That’s true. We’ve gone on for quite a while. I guess we can welcome our guest in then.

Linda: Well, let’s do a little meditation.

[Meditation begins at 16’20]

Serapis Bey: Greetings, I am Serapis Bey.

SM: Welcome.

SB: And welcome to you. And I also continue this theme of rebirth and regeneration, of re-emergence, of resurrection, of Ascension, of regeneration. It is the time of the Mother’s New Time, and that is why I stand before and with each and every one of you this day.

And yes, I welcome you into my Temple of Luxor; I welcome you into the Temple of Ascension, my friends. But more importantly, I welcome you into my home, into my domain, where now you will be comfortable – yes, 11th dimension, hovering over the sands of Egypt, a place where I have welcomed you many times before.

Now, why do I beckon to you, I who have been silent for quite a long time when you count in terms of thousands of years? The time passes quickly you know! Yes, and I hear so many of you say, “But the time does not pass quickly enough, Master, for I feel that I am caught in the quagmire of the human reality.” And I would ask you, “What reality is that? What reality have you attached yourself to?”

Repeatedly we say to thee, to all of you, that the old third dimension is gone, it is history, it no longer exists. And yet, you are persistent in continuing in your attachment to the ethers and in the attachment to what no longer serves you – it never did.

Now, I have been known… oh, for eons… as a spiritual teacher, and yes, a teacher of discipline, of spiritual discipline. I come to speak to you and to your hearts of this matter of discipline, to wield you, to pry you, to pull you, to assist you, to coax you away from this antiquated belief of living somewhere that no longer exists.

And you say to me, “Well, Serapis, you’re a fine one to talk. How do we even know the Temple of Luxor exists?” And that is why I am inviting you directly into my home, into this domain where you may learn and thrive… and yes, dearest Suzanne, ignite your pineal gland far beyond what any of you have imagined.

But first, the starting point is letting go of the illusion. Now we know that this is a very concrete illusion, one that has been downloaded into your physical, your spiritual, your emotional, your mental DNA, your constructs of what you believe to be true. You have many films – you’ve been very good at making films – that show you and demonstrate that this belief system is not… not only is it not worthy of the brilliance of who you are, it does not have form and substance.

This is the curious nature of what you have thought of as the ‘old third’. You have thought of it primarily as the dimension of physicality, and there is no desire, above or below, to eliminate the dimension, the clarified dimension of physicality. It is a gift, it is a precious gift, and it is an experience that the Mother created so that you would have the joy of being in form.

What you think of as the ‘old third’, yes, it demonstrated, it attached to the third dimension of physicality, but it could have attached anywhere. But it took ground in physicality. But the qualities, the distractions, the anathema, the power of the ‘old third’ was not physical – it was ideation.

It was paradigms of belief that you are not worthy, that you are not potent, that you are not powerful, that you are not capable, that you are not Creators, that you are isolated and separated, and all of it. Everything you can think of that ‘old third’ is a belief system.

So I come as friend, as ally, as Master, as teacher to assist you, through the strictest discipline, for you to sever your connections with that that do not serve you. If your ideation and belief system was one that you are magnificent, that you are truly powerful in so far as carrying the light of God, that you were worthy, that you were Creator, that you were beautiful and sublime and unique, then I would say, “Cling to it; cling to it the way I would cling to the alpha and the omega.” But it does not.

Now I know that I speak to you as lightworkers and love-holders, but we have also… and I have prodded the channel to speak of all of you who are stuck in what dear Suzanne has called ‘the nine to five grind’ because that alone, that work that you do if you carry the truth of who you really are into that arena, into every arena, the changes that you are seeking, the anchoring of Nova Earth, of Terra Gaia, happens in the blink of an eye. Not three or four or eight or ten or a hundred years from now, but in the blink of an eye.

When you acknowledge, accept and anchor, remember, claim, re-claim that you are mighty… You are not this small being stuck inside a human body. You are angelic, you are starseed, you are Masters, not masters in the making. You are Masters. We have stopped using that term ‘masters in the making’ years ago.

You have claimed your mastery, you have claimed your Creator self, you have been fully infused with the Mother’s energy, cleansing, and yes, the seeds of rebirth. And the rebirth is not for ten years hence – it is for right now. And in that time of ‘immediate’, I step forth.

Now why? Why do I wish to speak to you of spiritual discipline? I do not wish to completely eliminate your ego, although I certainly wish to assist you in eliminating that part of your ego that is clinging to illusion, clinging to drama, clinging to lack, clinging to the belief system that you are less-than. I do not invite ‘less-than’ into my home.

Now, let us speak of what I am asking of you this day and every day. What is discipline? It is consistency. It is the assumption of responsibility. Yes, responsibility to your sacred self, to your circle, to your collective, above and below, and to the Mother. It is you fully assuming that responsibility, that element of leadership however it looks, and declaring that you will do, you will be, you will act, you will experience, you will embody wholeness, Love, Divinity, and nothing else. Now that is where the discipline comes in. Nothing else.

So you are declaring, with me, as your master, as your teacher, that you will not allow yourself to be distracted by untruth, by what feels familiar and is lies, lies within and lies without. If you have not cleared your core issues, beloved one, it is time! Because these illusions you have about yourself are absurd, and there is no room for them in the truth of your interdimensional self.

I am not even asking you – although it is highly recommended – to anchor firmly in the 7th. But you are interdimensional beings. That is why I mention that my home is in the 11th and I have thrown open the Temple doors to welcome you.

Come and study and be with me, so that when you stray, as you will, when you will have that slight departure, detour, hiccup into engaging with unreality, I will be there. Not with whips and chains [laughter], but with my Love, with my nurturing, with my hands on your shoulders, saying, “Come back to balance.”

Discipline is not merely about assuming a mantle of responsibility, which to many of you says, “Oh, I have too many responsibilities right now; I can’t possibly take on anything more.” Most of those beliefs of responsibilities are illusions. Your only responsibility is to be the vehicle of Love and the Servant of the Mother, period. How you do that is unique to you. But that is your sole responsibility: To be Love.

So I will bring you back gently, firmly, consistently back to this place of balance. Because when you are in the centre of your beingness, the centre of what this and so many have called the fulcrum, the teeter-totter, the seesaw, then you are attending to all aspects of your sacred self.

You are not in the drama and you are anchored firmly on Terra Gaia, firmly in your home of your heart, firmly in the Temple with me, and you are not running hither and yon, trying to discover. You are simply balanced in the stillness, the truth, the beauty, the wonder, the awe, and the Creator-self of who you are.

You cannot create if you are running back and forth in extremes. That is not discipline. That is the way an unsupervised and unloved child – the children know! Yes, they will run around like crazy, and when they are tired they will simply plop down and go to sleep. And when they awaken, they are rebalanced.

That is what I am asking of you. Is this clear, dear Suzanne?

SM: Yes, it is. Thank you very much for joining us on this day. It’s been a very interesting conversation and I have to say that I do feel my mastery and Creator-self coming online more every day, and it is very exciting to me. I am also wondering if physicality was supposed to be so challenging – this aging thing, and having to be vigilant and caring for our bodies feels like such an unnecessary distraction.

I imagine you’ll be telling us that the beliefs around our bodies are part of the illusion, and I get that. But what isn’t so clear is what is to be done to shift us away from what happens with our aging physicality. I visited my Aunt yesterday in a nursing home and it just seems so unfair for these elders, because of their physical needs, that they have to be in an assisted living situation that if any kind of emergency happens, they need to have assistance right there.

They lose everything: they lose their homes, their positions, they have nothing anymore, and like anything they identified with who they were or what they worked so hard all their lives to have around them, and all of a sudden it’s nothing. It just seems so wrong.

SB: It is exceptionally wrong. It is tragic, it is grievous, it is a travesty. Let me be clear, for I am quite outspoken on several matters. The body… you came as angelics to be in-out, in-out, in-out, in-out of body as you chose. You were never intended to be stuck and aging. What is the joy, the beauty, the Love in that?

And so the tragedy – and this is where the old third built structure, but it was built on these false belief systems. And why would one want to cling to an old reality that strips people of everything they have ever had, including their dignity? So what I am inviting you to do… Yes, we do not remedy those who are in your Aunt’s situation; we will lift them up and bring them home and they will be so relieved.

But, having said that, part of your Ascension process, why I encourage you to come and be multi-locational through the various dimensions, that very action, discipline, practice, assumption of responsibility, begins to dissipate the aging process. You cannot be in the 11th dimension and be an old woman. It won’t happen.

SM: Well, that’s very interesting because yesterday I had this amazing and wonderful vision. I was seeing the Earth from space and the Earth got smaller and smaller, as if I was leaving. I started having anxiety to say, “No, I have work to do here and I want to be part of this, and it’s such a beautiful thing and I am so connected here.” And then the answer that I got was that I can do both. I can be out in the Universe and doing my things, and also be anchored here on Earth and doing my work here.

And so that brings me to this other, very far-out kind of question. Does each Master have a fluctuating number of expressions throughout the Universe? Like clearly we can… I feel like I am playing with bi-location doing this. Is this Ascension in part about having knowledge and awareness of all of them at once?

SB: You are integrating all parts of yourself. Of course we work throughout the multiverse. We are not simply stationed or attached to Earth by a tether, or to this reality by a tether. We explore, as you will explore, the multiverse and still be in many places at once. Now, part of the preparation to be able to do that, and part of the discipline, is also anchoring all of who you are, because you cannot begin to bi-locate from a place of fragmentation.

So what you do is you anchor the totality of your divinity, of your physicality, of all aspects of yourself, so that everyone is home. And then you can assign them. Now, they go on furlough and you call them back for R&R, but you are the master of that retinue, of your crew shall we say, of aspects that you send back and forth.

So yes, you are playing with bi-location. It is part of your interdimensional self and you are learning this.

SM: That is so wild to me to think that this physicality, this body, this vessel that I am in right now, would be the one to anchor all my aspects. But what is it about this one that makes it the one that gathers everyone together?

SB: This is the part of you that is in mastery, and you tend to think of it… and this is why we say, “let us put ego in its proper place”. So you tend to think of ‘me’ as Suzanne Maresca in this body, this small form. “Why do I get to be in charge?” But it is the truth of your full being that is the mastery, and the delight of having that mastery expressed and live and be in and out of form in this beautiful body that you have designed.

SM: Right. I have been feeling less and less subject to the energy of other people and situations. I don’t want to say ‘above it’ but sort of untouchable, if that makes sense.

SB: Yes, and that is the discipline. You always have a choice. Do I engage or do I not engage? Well, the true outcome of the balance and the responsibility, and the gift of discipline is the consistent choice not to engage.

SM: Right, but at the same time, accepting the Mother’s assignments as it were. It feels right in my body to take in certain things. And while I’m saying to myself, “OMG, I’ve got enough on my plate and I can’t do any more,” something is presented in my situation where I end up being Power of Attorney for someone. I don’t even know what I’m stepping into, but it just feels like the right thing to do; and it feels like in service to the Mother and I’m just going to do it.

SB: The Mother never gives you an assignment, etheric, spiritual or physical, that you are not capable of assuming. So it is not assuming the drama of this undertaking, of the family, of the various situations. It is simply being the vehicle, almost of neutrality, of balance, of saying, “I will be responsible. I will take the leadership position, but I will not get engaged in the drama.” Yes. That is the discipline. That is the balance.

SM: It’s interesting looking at the word ‘discipline’ because it has clearly negative connotations due to the nastiness that’s taken place, but when you are putting discipline across as the discipline to stick to a particular course and not stray…

SB: That is it exactly. It is the choice, not the abuse of power and control which is what discipline in your realm, in the old third, came to mean. It is discipline in terms of a course of study. What discipline do you study? What discipline do you follow? Are you a vegetarian, a vegan, a carnivore? Are you a yogi? Do you study tai chi? These are disciplines.

SM: Right. And a discipline can be of your own making. I’m not feeling guided to follow any particular human at all, and it just feels like what I’m doing is completely designed by me?

SB: It is your discipline. But what you do in designing your own discipline is you also make a soul-heart-spirit promise to adhere to your discipline. It is about adherence, dear heart.

SM: Okay, stick to it. I did ask before and the answer was… I’m just going to ask again. Does each Master have a fluctuating number of expressions throughout the Universe?

SB: We have a number of ways in which we are known, yes. But does the essence change? Does our mission and purpose change? Does what we do change? No. We are very consistent.

SM: Okay. So I just have this strange question. I’m not really sure how to formulate it. In terms of the souls in existence, if we are all continually recycled and reincarnated, and we each have many aspects throughout Creation, how many of us are there actually [laughter] in existence? I know that’s a very strange question, but I’m just trying to wrap my mind around how woven together we all are.

SB: You are very interwoven, as are we all. But understand, you are also existing in an infinite Universe so the number is beyond measure.

SM: Alright. I guess I’m not really going to get a handle on this. [Laughter] In terms of the population of Earth of 7 billion, how many of us are like… I don’t want to say ‘duplicates’ because it’s not a duplicate, but do you understand what I’m getting at?

SB: Yes, and we are not prepared to tell you that yet.

SM: Okay, I get it. [Laughter] So, ancient Egypt, can we talk about that a little bit?

SB: Yes.

SM: Alright. Did the ancient Egyptians foresee our current civilisation and these chaotic times on Earth?

SB: Yes.

SM: Okay. Are we in the space that they thought we would be, or is it off course?

SB: Now understand, the gift in many of the temples, including mine, in ancient Egypt was not to write the script. It was simply an understanding of how things could unfold and there were many scenarios that were envisioned. So are you on track in terms of that visioning process? Yes, you are.

We did not think that it would take so long to eliminate what we would refer as ‘the darkness’. We did not anticipate such resistance to surrendering the darkness and the drama because it had served no purpose. It is a curious thing to attach to.

SM: Right. Are we close?

SB: You are very close. That is why I am coming as your teacher to say, “Now, be disciplined with yourself. Watch and make sure you are making choices that are in alignment with the truth of who you are, with the balance and with the Love. There is no other realistic choice.

SM: Okay. Mystery Schools – was there more than one, or was there just one ancient Mystery School?

SB: Oh no, there are many ancient Mystery Schools.

SM: And it was about teaching the truth of humanity and why we’re here or so much more?

SB: It is so much more. Think of it in many ways. We have talked about this word ‘disciplines’ in terms of physical-spiritual practices. But there were those that were interested in the alchemy of healing. That was an entire Mystery School overseen by St. Germaine. There were those who were simply interested in the alchemy of Creation, of bringing forth out of thin air objects and experiences.

Their truths are given and they are based always on the Universal Laws. But the variety in which one would choose, where some could be quite social, boisterous, involved; others were very secret. ‘Mystery School’ did not necessarily mean ‘secret’. It simply meant understanding the mysteries of Creation, the mystery of the Mother/Father/One.

SM: Beautiful. Well, I’m kind of out of questions but I imagine that you have more to say, so if you have anything else in closing, that would be most appreciated?

SB: Dearest heart, I have only just begun. [Laughter] But no, it is not a matter of questions. The question that I pose and the question that I leave you with is: “What do you choose your discipline to be?”

Long ago, the Mother and Archangel Gabrielle have suggested to you that if it does not feel like Love, if it does not feel like Joy, why on Earth are you doing it? Why on Earth, or any planet, would you choose to proceed?

So now I ask you, in ways that are small and great, if there is an aspect of your life… and I do not mean the momentary thrill, because discipline tells you that the momentary thrill is simply that. But are there aspects of your life that are not in keeping and alignment in the discipline of who you really are?

How do you know yourself? You cannot be in balance, in discipline, in responsibility, in alignment, if you do not know the entirety… yes, you say you get glimpses, but you know the truth of your heart. If you are not in alignment with the truth of your being, then you cannot take the next step into discipline.

So I leave you with that thought. Are you aligning every day with the truth of who you are?

And do not say to me, “Serapis, I have to get up and go to work every day and it is drudgery; I have to pay the bills.” So what I would say to thee is the truth of who you are: that you are a caretaker, that you are a nurturer, that you wish to take care of your family – not that you have to, but that you choose to because you love them, because you love being a provider, a supporter, a nurturer.

Does this give you Joy to see the light in your children’s eye, to see the welcome smile on your colleague’s face? Does this give you Joy? Is it in alignment with the very Truth? And in that Truth, are you choosing to create something different?

You cannot create something new and different if you have not come to the full understanding of who you are. That is your starting point.

And from there, quite literally, the sky over Luxor is the limit!

SM: [Laughter] Thank you so much. Thank you.

SB: Go with my Love and call on me. I am prepared to walk with you, to assist you. Come to my home and I will welcome you with open arms.


SM: Farewell. Thank you.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

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