Online Healing Retreat–Living in the NOW Last month’s Arcturian Message @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Onling Healing Retreat–Living in the NOW Last month’s Arcturian Message


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An Arcturian message of last month’s “Living in the Now” #3

with Dr. Suzanne Lie & Lauren Galey

Arcturians:    Greetings to all of you, we are so pleased to see you come and to be within our energy field so that we can also be within your energy field.  As your consciousness is expanding beyond the limitations of time and space and into the fifth-dimension and beyond, your perceptions are shifting as well.  So you are able to see energy fields.  Energy fields are enclosed by thoughtforms.  A thought form is a thought and then there is an emotion and the emotion comes together to give life to the thought, which creates a thoughtform.

The creating of thoughtforms is the key to inter-dimensional travel. You have come to your full awakening because you are flowing through the now of all the myriad possible realities of ONE. When a given “possible” reality attracts your consciousness, you move toward it and say:  “Umm, I like this feeling so I’m going to create a thoughtform so I can enter this version of reality.”

Then you think, “I wish to enter into this reality”, you send out Unconditional Love and transmutation for any component of yourself that might have had any reticence towards this adventure. When you are truly transmuted of any conflicting thoughtforms, you are able to stay clear of what your intention is. At this point your Unconditional Love connects you into that reality and your consciousness moves into that reality and you stay within that version of reality until it is the NOW for you to log-out.

That is actually how you downloaded your multidimensional consciousness into the earth vessels that you are wearing.  Most of you here today, if not all of you, volunteered to come to Earth to help Gaia.  Because we looked into the Nowness of your world, and saw that it was going to be quite a while before the darkness was cleared enough that we could land our ships and help you personally.

Therefore we decided that our only choice would be to send a spot of our DNA into the ones who had volunteered to accept this assignment.  Therefore, you were able to remain connected with your true self in the higher frequencies while actually wearing a physical body.  However, as all of you know, once you wear that physical body it is very addictive.

It is easy to get addicted to the physical world and third-dimensional fun, third-dimensional people, money, love and fear. Thus, many of our volunteers forgot, but NOW more and more of you have been waking up and beginning to perceive the powerful energies that are surrounding Gaia. We wish that all of humanity could see how all these Lights are bursting forth from all over the planet.

These Lights are our volunteers who are fully awakening to their Multidimensional SELF.  With your full awakening to your SELF, we ask that each of you go inside and feel your own Light.  For your Light is inside of your kundalini, which is inside of your spinal column, which is inside the core of your spine.

Also you all have that ninety-seven percent of what is labeled junk DNA.  Now this has been the best kept secret, but those that are working against transmutation have been studying this ninety-seven percent DNA and scientists have found that they can put a person in one room and the DNA in another room, show them something like scary movies and the DNA shrinks.  Then they show them something loving and the DNA expands.  All of that works great because they are close.

Then the DNA was moved hundreds of miles away and the same thing happened.  The “thing” is that the DNA responds instantly.  In other words, this  “junk” DNA is a wormhole.  It is a wormhole that connects you beyond time and beyond space.  Think about it, ninety-seven percent of your DNA is a wormhole to your Light body.

So as much as it may seem impossible that you can flash into your Lightbody, just think that there is only three percent of you that is holding you in this physical form and ninety-seven percent of you is ready to flash into your true SELF.  Feel that quotient inside of yourself.  We know that words have power, and words have the most power if emotion is attached to them to create a thoughtform.

So speak the words, the thoughts that we have given you to hold in your brain about your flashing into Light body.

Now, fill those thoughts with the emotions.  Let’s start with the emotion of Unconditional Love.  Of course Unconditional Love is much more than just an emotion.  It is a force field. Unconditional Love combined with a higher dimensional thought creates a very powerful thought form.  Now let’s add the emotion of going Home. We know that so many of you are so lonely and you ask, “When will this happen?”

We wish to tell you that it has happened.  You are in the world of illusion.  Third dimensional Gaia is the world of illusion.  Of course Gaia isn’t illusion.  Gaia is truth.  Gaia is a real planet.  Gaia is a being with such a powerful life force that only a planet can serve as her body.  However, Gaia is surrounded by Her third/fourth dimensional matrix.

Now that matrix will not flash into the fifth dimension because it is a matrix. Gaia, in her Love for her humans, is still wearing the third-dimensional matrix even though it’s similar to wearing something that you’ve worn long ago and it’s too tight. However, being the loving being that She is, Gaia is maintaining this matrix because there are still many of her humans that are attached only to the matrix.

Her animals, her plants, the sky, the elements, the elementals are a living component of the living planet. But a great deal of the humans that are on the planet within this Nowness have logged into the video game of 3D earth.  You have logged into the video game of 3D Earth, but you have done more than logged in.

If you log into a video game, you create an Avatar self and then you can manipulate the Avatar self.  But clearly you are sitting outside of the game and the Avatar self is inside of your computer.  What our brave, brave warriors have done is that they have actually placed a component of their essence into the form that is in that 3D matrix.

Now the reason why you, our beloveds have made that great sacrifice is because that 3D matrix needs to be transmuted back into a multi-dimensional matrix.  Now we say “back” because creation begins in the highest frequencies and works its way down through the lower frequencies.  So when you go from a lower frequency to a higher frequency you are returning to where you have come from.

We ask you all to take a moment and feel this.  Feel this energy around you.  As you feel that energy, look out and see the matrix.  Imagine that you have fully awakened your higher perspectives so that you can see the 3D matrix.  See the little lines like a hologram and see the little lines around your body and on your desk and in your world.  You can understand easily then why you forgot about actually perceiving this matrix.  It can be quite confusing.

However, with the power of your physical vessel, which matches the frequency of the matrix to which you are attached, you can reach out and touch that matrix.  When you reach out and touch the matrix, send it unconditional Love and observe as the Violet Fire begins to twist all around the matrix.

You see the lines of the matrix go from a dim, grayish color into the violet tones of the Violet Fire and the pearly white and pink tones of Unconditional Love. As you see this matrix transmute into these higher frequency colors, you can see how the colors change from brown and dirty red into glowing pink and white.

Now think of a thought, which is not a very good thought such as,  “I’m so lonely to go Home. Life is so difficult and I’m sick of being poor”.  These are all true – these are thoughts.  Now you see that thought and feel how you feel lonely, sad.  See that thoughtform?  Do you see how that thoughtform dims the pink and white of the matrix and turns it into brownish red? Do you see the power of your thought and emotions?

Now go and scoop these negative thoughtforms that you created and sent into the matrix.  Scoop them all up and say:  “I Love You Unconditionally, I Love You Unconditionally.  It was just a test run to see my own power. I Love You Unconditionally and I blaze, blaze, blaze you with the Violet Fire.”

Quietly observe as all these muddied thoughtforms poof away.  Watch as your love and violet fire transmutes them into thoughtforms of beautiful, loving, portals of love and light. Send all of these newly transmuted thoughtforms out into our reality to see how they, too, have the power of transmutation from darkness into light.

Do you understand HOW powerful YOU are?

Join us this week as we





Our INNATE Inner Power of healing, transmuting, loving and creating our Beloved Gaia

WE ARE the world we wish to see!

WE ARE the Galactics we are waiting for.

WE ARE dedicated enough to put aside our own needs to think of Gaia’s needs.

WE ARE brave enough to be our true Multidimensional SELF in our daily life.

We are confident enough to share our story in the manner that best suits our Soul.






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Surrender and Believe in Your-Self – Lord Melchizedek ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

rays of god droplets_800_533This is the transcription of the LIVE call within the Clarion Temple of Oneness with Lord Melchizedek on April 6th, 2015.

It is with great pleasure that I come this evening.

I AM Lord Melchizedek at your service.

What an auspicious time for me to arise, after the resurrection of the Christ and now moving into the Wesak energies. It is my divine expression to be with each of you and assist you in each moment whether that moment is confliction or happiness. It is my desire to work with each of you individually and assist you in this process you are going through.

The Earth is changing rapidly. So are you. Think about how deep you would be going without these high accelerations. Would you be able to push yourself through these moments within your initiation process; without the powerful Eclipses, Equinoxes, Full Moons, New Moons and the alignment of the planets? That is a very important question. Many of you have been doing this for quite a while.

The importance of your pathway is how deep are you willing to go?

I see it so often within the Light Workers, the Starseeds, the Light Beings coming into this planet, that without these accelerations they would not be able to do this work. Part of the changes that are happening within the Earth are a two-fold experience. People are being pushed to become more and help those who need to be pushed. This is a very important consideration and self-reflection. Only you can know how deep you are willing to go. If you did not have Walking Terra Christa, would you be able to do so? Would you be able to do it on your own by using certain tools? Say you picked up Dr. Stone’s books and that was all you had. Would you be able to create a strong system for yourself with the tools that need to be utilized? I want every one of you to consider this. I believe it is an important facet. The Earth is changing drastically. We are in an accelerated time.

More and more Light Workers need to be woken up and acknowledged. Many more have been awakened. Yet what are they doing with that awakening? Are they sitting by and waiting for the energies to help them? Or are they doing the work within themselves?

The only way I can share the difference with you, is to put yourself in a situation of forty years ago. If you had arrived upon the Earth at that time, which some of you have, when did you awaken?

I would like to open this up to the ones who have been on the pathway for a while. What happened to you? Were you able to experience elements? The energies were much denser at that time, so you had to work harder. It seems kind of contradictory. If you say you had to work harder forty years ago, but you are working hard now, what is the difference?

The difference is that the planetary alignment of the Sun, the Moon, all the planets of the Solar System and beyond into the multidimensional energies are assisting.

Now is a time to come into Oneness. You have arrived in this moment of time to be part of that Oneness. If you are somewhat new of this path, meaning within the last ten years, you a very much a newbie.

Each of you must acknowledge within yourself; what was it like for you in the beginning?

What did you experience?

Did you know yourself as you know yourself today?

Could you look at your emotions, could you look at your thoughts?

Were you able to make the necessary changes?

The reason I bring this forth is; the more intense the energies become, the more intense the work that needs to be done. That is all it is. I can speak for Meleriessee, as she worked diligently in her pathway 30 years ago. She had a pathway to do, which is the other element important for you to heal.

Who are you?

Do you know who you are as a soul and what that soul essence has to do upon the planet?
All you are doing presently is allowing the experience of remembrance of what you have been before to be in the Physical Body.

Let me rephrase.

Each of you is absolutely important from a standpoint of being a soul upon this Earth.
These accelerations are pushing every individual person upon this planet to delve into the depth of their heart essence, which you just experienced with the Lotus Heart. Go into that and feel this essence. My role is to walk with you, to stand by you, being part of the Melchizedek Priesthood to remember who you have been before. It must be acknowledged within the physical self. The doorways you have to go through in order to get to that point are not easy.

The main focus of my energy tonight is to expand my arms around you, so that we can walk together. I do not want to see anyone failing in what you perceive as failure. There are only lessons. I want to help you through each process, as that is my role in Walking Terra Christa. It is to assist you on a deeper level. As I speak through Meleriessee in this moment, I extend my energies onto each of you.

What happens through this process is that the particles of shame, guilt and uncertainty arise. If the person is not ready to fully accept their Divine Essence, they will hide away. This is part of humanity. It is part of being within a human body and the subconscious mind.

My role is to assist you to go deeper. These accelerations are not going to get easier. They will become more challenging. The more you embrace yourself and create a foundation within yourself, the easier it will become.

What each of you has just gone through with the Resurrection of the Christ within yourself, is a very powerful tool. Believe me, those who are not understanding it, will not be able to get through it like each of you. I am deeply honored to be able to share that with you. The more you know, the more you do not know. The process of the initiations is not to ruin your life. It is to be a guidepost to assist you for you to understand it, so that you can see what your challenges have been and what your experiences have been.

You can adjust how you are acting, how you are feeling, and what you are bringing into your world. It helps you acknowledge yourself as a Divine Being of Light within the Physical Body. You have chosen the most challenging pathway to embrace. I thank you deeply for doing so.

The reason I wanted to share the other material was to help you realize how special you are. The work you are doing is taking you to a deeper level of yourself. We, as the Masters, and I, as Lord Melchizedek, do not rule how that is done. You rule how that is done. We assist you with the process even with the times of falling back – even the times of not liking yourself. These past two weeks have been tremendous with the energetic exchanges.

Go deeper into that Lotus Heart, as it is being activated by Divine Mother and Father God. Accept what you have experienced. For some of you, it is very difficult and challenging. It may even be worse than you have ever felt in the Physical Body.

Yet, you still are still arriving in this moment in time to learn more about yourself. That is all I ask within the Melchizedek Priesthood; to assist each of you to be honest with yourself, to understand what it is you are experiencing, even if you do not comprehend it in the Physical Body. You will comprehend it in the higher sense. Getting to that higher level of experience is what we are teaching.

All these beautiful souls (the ones that have passed over) within this temple do not have the chance in a Physical Body. Yet, they are learning. The learning experience is going to help them regenerate within their soul’s pathway, just as you are doing. The pathway you have chosen upon the Earth within a Physical Body is much more challenging, as you have to deal with the Physical Body. The one element essentially important is to BELIEVE. You must have faith that you can do it, that you can get through the deepest challenges. You are being guided by your highest source.

Each of us as the Masters is here to assist you. However, we do not control you. No one controls any of us. We are just here as a guide. Accept the restoration process within you in this moment. Breathe deeply into your Lotus Heart. Feel the colors upon colors within this temple and around each of you. They transform a small particle of yourself that has been lost previously. This is the most important element I can give to you tonight through the work we are doing together. Think about how you have made a mistake. Think about how you walked through that mistake and the lesson that you learned from the process. That gives you the ability to move further in your initiations.

It is not the judgment or distrust within you. This will not get you anywhere. It has nothing to do with us, the Spiritual Hierarchy or the Unified Whole. It has to do with you.

Who are you in this moment? Who are you becoming?

Allow the purification of this essence to come fully within you. The Lotus Heart is expanding through your entire structure.

Allow your Higher Self to be your guide. Feel that essence growing within you. It is you. Once you arrive in the 4th initiation, you will understand this more fully. There is nothing more beautiful than to realize the purification of your Light through your Higher Self. You, then not become your physical self. You are part of it, but it is not the controlling factor.

Surrender, my children, surrender through the next process in this stage you are going through.

This month will be tremendous to assist you in your pathway and to assist you in going deeper within yourself. Breathe deeply. Feel the Lotus Heart, your spiritual heart combining with the physical heart. Allow it to blend your Four Body System. Extend it into all parts of your Beingness. This is whom you are, not the other.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

I, as Lord Melchizedek, stand fully within this beautiful Clarion Temple of Oneness.

I decree onto every soul that the essence they are experiencing presently is only just a small particle of whom they truly are. I extend my hand in friendship. I extend my hand in brotherhood. I extend my hand in sisterhood. I extend my hand for the healing of all initiates. I call upon the Frequency of Light within this temple to restore all that needs to be put into balance within each of you. You may not know what that is, yet, if you command that essence to be, you shall receive it. Let us extend our essence onto each other, as we bring particles into balance, restoring what has been lost from the previous moments into this moment of time. We are now in the restoration process. Feel the beautification of your soul’s essence upon your physical essence, for you to receive and allowing it to be expanded within all parts of your existence. Let it go into your foundation. This is not something that needs to be lost. It is something to hold onto.

It will assist you in your future days. The future of Earth is uncertain. Yet, we believe that we shall achieve the New Earth. That is all we need from each of you.

In this moment, believe that you will achieve your new essence within the process. All you have to do is to Believe.

Have faith from your higher essence of the Lotus Heart and now expanding into the base of your foundation underneath your Earth Star. Allow all the beautiful petals to be completely around you, as you expand your essence into the divinity of Light that you desire to be.

I see from each of you in this moment the sparkles, the realizations within the breath that you give. It is a beautiful experience. I ask of you to be completely honest within yourself.

What needs to be changed, so that you can restore many other elements that may be out of balance? Allow them to come to the surface, as I now command within my essence to assist you through this process. We shall walk together. You are not alone. We teach each of you to be your I AM Presence. That is all we are doing in this moment.

What a beautiful experience.

Can you relate within yourself now, how deeply this feels within your existence?

It will assist you through the changes, through the removal of dis-ease in any of your body parts, in your Emotional Body, your Mental Body and your Physical Body. When you have these moments of self-realization, the Physical Body accepts. Be in acceptance in these moments. You shall be all that you are desiring to be.

I see it occurring now within the colors of the Light; the Gold of the Christ Consciousness, the Blue of the Will of God, the Pink of the Love of God. This is our power together. This is all we ask. The rest will enfold within your life, to no longer allow yourself to be possessed by your thoughts or emotions. Be in this state of balance, as it will assist you to go deeper into your physical self. Your Physical Body will react in a positive, loving way. Being in this space together is our future. Let us now send these energies onto Gaia and to all inhabitants of the Earth.

Geographically, many areas are hurting. Individuals are hurting. People need to realize that when the sun shines or a rainbow appears, it is a beautiful message of love, coming from the higher planes of existence. Let us send these colors upon colors through our essences fully within the global essence of Gaia.

We take a breath and it goes deeper and deeper. We take another breath and it goes deeper and deeper. It goes into her core. You now feel her essence smiling. We send this frequency from the 36th dimensional level into the 3rd and 4th dimensional level and into her core, so that she can have the realization of the 5th dimension arriving. Allow the peace you feel to be extended onto her in these moments. She feels it, as it is reverberating back up to us. We take our Mind’s Eye, and we bring ourselves back into this beautiful temple of Light. In this moment, you have given service, which is one of the components as an initiate.
When you give service, you receive service. She returns the favor.

I am here to serve each of you. I know you shall receive it. I know you shall give service to another. It does not have to be immediately. Yet you shall see what that means. It will give you great respect of the self. It will assist you in a way you never thought was possible.

I am not saying be a caretaker. I am saying to just assist in one small deed in the physical essence. You will see it come back to you ten-fold. It is all any of us can ask, as it will assist your initiation process unbelievably. It is my pleasure to walk with each of you and to assist you, to see you blossom into the beautiful lotus flower that you are.

All my love; All my acceptance and strength I give to you in these moments.

I AM Lord Melchizedek.

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