Universal Mother Mary via Linda Dillon: The Third Wave of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love @ Council of Love

Art Mary Unveiled by Mary Angelico and Saleena Ki

Art : Mary Unveiled by Mary Angelico and Saleena Ki


Universal Mother Mary via Linda Dillon: The Third Wave of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love

April 20, 2015 By

Mother Mary 2

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of change, Mother of constancy, Mother of hope, Mother of fulfillment.

Welcome my dear hearts, children of my heart, daughters and sons of my soul, welcome yet again to this Council, to my Council of Love, of which each and every one of you are part and parcel, not merely honorary members but full members, full participants.

I come this day to speak to you of my Tsunami of Love that you may understand just how persistent a mother I am. I do not waver in my intention in the fulfillment of my plan and your plan within that plan.

And yes, I bring thee, I bring all of this planet, what you are calling and what I agree to call ‘the Third Wave of the Tsunami of Love’. Let me discuss with you, my sweet angels, what this energy is. Is it substantially different than the Tsunami that you have worked with in this past year? The answer is “No. My energy, my Love is simply that.”

What is different, my beloved ones, is the intensity with which I and you and We approach this energy flow. And that is why I speak to and refer to my persistence…I will not stop this Third Wave until all is completed and I do not simply mean the cleansing.

Is there cleansing in core issues to be resolved? Yes, and I will only refer to this because what I really wish to speak of is this energy of this Tsunami. It is the energy of my Love, it is the energy of my persistence, it is the energy of my intention that you be raised up.

I will push you, I will pull you, I will fill you, I will lift you, I will elevate you, not only until you are on top of the highest peak of every continent but until you are high enough and elevated enough that you are standing, existing, right next to me as I am right next to you; with your angelic family, with the ascended masters, with the archangels, with the seraphim. You are divine.

I do not know how many ways I can communicate this to you and so I send you this information, not only through words but from my heart to your heart, to every fiber of your being. Every kingdom upon sweet Gaia has understood and participated in the Tsunami and have anchored fully, joyously, in the 7th dimension.

It is only the humans that have resisted. All other kingdoms have looked at the opening, the Love, the Christ Consciousness, the unified awareness and have come running through the portal. And all of you have been swimming in and out of this portal for years. And several of you have anchored fully and completely in the 7th.

So, why do I bring forth an intensified Tsunami of Love at this time? Let me be clear…this is not a resumption of the Tsunami. Yes, we are in new times with new meaning of linear space and time, but this is not a resumption; this is a new wave and it is a wave from the totality of my being tempered so that it does not injure any in any way, but it will carry you.

Some of you may experience that you are being pulled under, that the undertow has you. Dearest ones, if the undertow is pulling you, let go. It simply means that there is need to dive deeper and to see in the depths of who you are, in your journey with me, the brilliance, the radiance, the truth of who you are.

If you are being lifted up because you know your divine birthright, you know the truth of who you are, place your face upward to the sun, to the millions of stars, to your star brothers and sisters, to the Milky Way, to Venus, and enjoy the ride because you will not be exempt. All beings are being touched. It is not a time that I will be suggesting to thee to play in the shallows by the shore. That time is passed, not in a fearful way but in a way that you have evolved my sweet ones.

You are ready for a more powerful infusion of my Love, of our sacred union. I have said to thee that I have planted the seed eons ago within you. And I have not only planted the seed of my Love, of our Love, of the Father and I, I have planted the seed of your divinity, of your wholeness, of your brilliance.

So, you say to me, “Well Mother, could you not simply gently water me and allow my face to emerge out of sweet Gaia and find the sun?” You are already doing that and you need the full infusion for this blossoming.

There is no turning back. And I say this, not to you my sweet ones, for you are the ones who have said to me, “Mother, please, we are tired, we are impatient, we are joyful, we are in anticipation, excitement, bring forth the awe, the wonder, the miracles, the creation.” But there are others that have need to be lifted up and carried and this is what I am doing; there is no turning back, not in new times, not in old times.

This process that we began 6 million years ago is underway. It is time of fulfillment. It is time for you, each of you, my children that I Love, to truly know me, and even more importantly, to truly know yourself. You are creators and you have come, not merely for Ascension but for the anchoring of Nova Earth.

It is a promise that I made, not only to you but to Gaia eons ago, that she would have this fulfillment of her mission and purpose…not to dissolve into sheer energy but to thrive in the majestic glory and splendor of her diverse beauty and magnificence.

And you have said, “Yes, I choose to participate, I choose to be the activator, I choose to be the healer, the teacher, the channel, the creator.”… And in all realities, all dimensions, all time frames throughout my omniverse. It is time!

So, I caress you. I caress you in my waves of blue. I caress you in my gown of blue. I nurture you, I water you. Come in, the wave is all around you; allow the penetration, do not resist. It is not simply a matter of floating on the energy; it is a matter of grabbing your rubber duck, your surfboard, your noodles, whatever you choose, your floatie, and come and ride the wave.

Allow me to, with you, finish this transformation of Ascension. Go with my Love, my faith in each of you. Farewell, farewell my beloveds. You do not need to come to the beach; I will be in your doorstep. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 4-18-15
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


Thank you to Golden Age of Gaia

Chapter 15 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book “Healing the Shadow” ~ By Sabrina Reber

Christian Schloe ARTIST.

ART : Christian Schloe


Chapter 15 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book “Healing the Shadow” By Sabrina Reber

 Raise Your vibration book cover

Our shadow is everything we think we aren’t. It is an accumulation of our stored darkness that we refuse to look at and accept. It is everything we reject and hate within our own being such as our own anger, jealousy, fear, shame, lies, ignorance, intolerance, bitterness and re-activeness. Our shadow holds everything we think is “bad” and since we only want to accept our “good” qualities….all of our deepest darkest secrets get pushed to the background (stored in our energy fields) creating our shadow. Whatever we feel is not acceptable to reveal to our family, friends, society and ourselves is hidden within our shadow. In order to be accepted and feel good about ourselves we reject those parts of our psyches that we don’t want to show the world. Unfortunately, all of these rejected aspects of ourselves still remain with us and are covered up by all of our social masks. However, these negative aspects are still a part of our being and they will continue to show themselves when we least expect it! Regardless of how much we try to suppress them, there they are seeking attention, healing and transformation. At a certain point on our journey back to wholeness, our shadow will reveal itself. What seemed like a straight path back to love, light and unification all the sudden takes an unexpected turn when the dark aspects of ourselves begin to make themselves known. At this point, we will no longer be able to hide from ourselves. As we face God, we face ourselves! All of our perceived “bad qualities” that we have not owned will rise to the surface so they too can be acknowledged and accepted and brought back into the light and truth of our being.

Facing our shadow is a difficult process because it appears suddenly, out of the blue, throwing us off track forcing us to face our fears, insecurities, past mistakes and poor decisions. Our shadow reminds us where we need to focus for a deeper level of healing. It shows us our repressed emotions, feelings, dysfunctions, history, denials, weaknesses, addictions and patterns. We do not need to fear our shadow; in fact, we need to learn how to embrace it. Our shadow will only show up when we are ready to truly move into wholeness, gain our highest soul’s potential and become the master of our lives. We must move through our darkness before we will truly be able to fully step into the light of our divinity. When we acknowledge the information our shadow provides and accept its teachings, our shadow becomes the bridge between the darkness of our fears to the light of redemption and unification. Our soul knows when it is time to clear our energy and begin to live our life in a different way. When our soul feels we are ready, our shadow will be brought forth and each of us will be called to find the inner strength to face it so we can transform it. This part of ourselves can no longer be denied, it must be acknowledged, transformed and integrated into our being before we will be able to raise our vibrations to our highest potential.

When things in our life take a turn for the worst and we can’t figure out what we are doing to create these circumstances, we can be sure that our soul has decided that it is time for us to meet our shadow. Our shadow is held in place by the unconscious parts of our mind that need healing. These unconscious parts are like sub personalities that were created from our unwillingness to fully feel our negative feelings because we perceived them to be bad. Since we have not been taught how to deal with these negative feelings, in a healthy way, we stuff them in our subconscious mind creating our shadow. This part of our self gets disconnected from our conscious self because we only want to deal with what makes us feel good. Unfortunately, the human experience does not always feel good and our uncomfortable feelings must be dealt with or we will continue to stuff things in our unconscious mind creating a darker, larger shadow moving us further and further away from the light of our God self. Denial of our negative feelings does not make them go away. In order to transform them they must be fully experienced so they can be acknowledged and healed. If we continue to avoid these unpleasant feelings they will continue to influence our behaviors and will be like little magnets that continue to attract people and situations into our life that we would rather not be involved with. When we feel like there is something outside of ourselves creating our life circumstance, and we want to blame others, we need to stop and realize that it is our shadowy sub personalities that are magnetizing these events into our lives. These parts of ourselves have been disowned and they are drawing attention to themselves so they can be welcomed back into our being and healed. This can only occur if we choose to receive the gift our shadow is trying to show us and acknowledge the emotion, feeling and behavior as part of our being. If we deny our shadow consciousness it will continue to persist. Bringing our conscious awareness to it and accepting it as part of our being shines light on it, transmuting it into love. Once all of these disowned aspects of our being are integrated, we will no longer need to draw unpleasant situations into our lives.

The unwillingness to look at ourselves honestly and make the changes necessary to evolve our souls is the essence of hypocrisy. We must accept accountability, responsibility and ownership of our own darkness and misqualified energy. We all have a shadow and the only way to transform it is to shine light on it through our increased awareness and willingness to stop rejecting those parts of ourselves that we don’t want to own. Be aware that your shadow and negative ego support each other because they are both disowned aspects of ourselves that we have separated from the light of our God self. Healing means to make ourselves whole. By disowning and rejecting our ego and our shadow we fragment ourselves into separate beings keeping us from reaching a state of unification and wholeness. In order for us to re-member ourselves bringing us into a state of healing and wholeness we must recognize and own our shadow so we can transform our ego bringing more of our true divine essence into our being.

Both the ego and the shadow support each other because the main job of the ego is to keep us in separation, fragmented from our God self. In fact your ego will deny that your shadow is a part of your being, in any way. The ego knows if we recognize and heal our shadow, our shadow will be integrated into our God self which means the ego will be out of a job and integrated as well. In order to keep the shadow from being acknowledged, the ego will assist the shadow by helping the shadow to distance itself from its source of discomfort which creates further separation and denial within our being. For example, when we see someone misbehaving or being “bad” we pass judgment (ego) and immediately label it as “not us” (shadow). We blame (ego & shadow) and point fingers at everyone else for their inappropriate behavior projecting (ego & shadow) those parts of ourselves we have denied (ego) onto them making ourselves superior (ego) to all the other people out there (ego) who could never, never be reflections of ourselves. The ego loves to reinforce its sense of separateness by making us feel justified and self-righteous in our blaming. The egos basic premise is that of victim hood and a victim must always have someone to blame. Because our shadow avoids everything unpleasant, it will avoid taking responsibility for the co-creation of the circumstance and stuff it in the subconscious mind simply wanting it to go away leaving us alone. Unfortunately, this perpetuates and intensifies our darkness keeping our rejected parts inside the shadow and away from the light of our God self.

The shadow holds all the darkness from every traumatic event we have ever endured and not cleared from our subconscious mind. In order for us to fully step into our light, resolve our karma and raise our vibrations we must face and clear all of those things we refuse to accept about ourselves. This is why our relationships are often referred to as mirrors. Whatever we see in another person “that provokes an uncomfortable reaction” is usually a good indicator of a characteristic or sub personality within our own being that needs to be accepted and healed as well. We tend to see in other people all of the qualities that we have personally disowned. They are mirroring back to us our own shadows. Anger, hatred, jealousy and bitterness can only hurt us if it is denied. When we suppress our emotions and feelings, because we have been taught they are wrong, our shadow enlarges keeping us from accessing greater amounts of light. Once our feelings are embraced and we learn what they are trying to teach us they will no longer be stored in our shadows demagnetizing the charge they once had on us. For example, if we see someone overreacting and it doesn’t provoke a reaction, emotion or feeling within our being, then we can be sure we have owned this aspect of ourselves because it will no longer have a charge within our being. We will be able to have compassion for this person knowing that a part of their shadow has risen up to the surface to be acknowledged and healed. Neutrality, not denial, is a good sign that you are integrating those aspects of your self that use to enrage you. However, if you continue to attract repetitive situations with people who keep demonstrating a similar type of behavior, that provokes a reaction in you, then you can be sure the Universe is trying to show you a disowned aspect of yourself that needs to be owned and integrated within your being. The Universe is lovingly bringing situations to each one of us helping us to heal and step into wholeness. When we have demagnetized all of our shadow consciousness, we will no longer attract relationships to show us our hidden aspects that we have been in denial about. We will no longer need another person to mirror our shadow back to us and we will naturally move towards those relationships that reflect back our light. Before we can be healed of any condition – body, mind or soul – we must be willing to take ownership of our creations before we can truly let them go releasing them into the light of God.

Each of us are affected by our own level of shadow consciousness and ego distortions. For the most part, this is not intentional, it is usually an unconscious act of self-deception that our shadow and ego thrives on. However, raising our vibration, merging with our God self and entering the Kingdom of God requires us to bring everything we have been avoiding unconsciously into our conscious awareness so it can be transformed. Energy never dies; it must be transformed! If we do not face our shadow, feel it and clear it we will not be able to raise our vibration high enough for our God self to merge with our being. We have to transform our darkness into light and the only way to do that is to bring it into our conscious awareness and look at it with brutal self-honesty. We need to clear out our energy fields and face our lies, shame, blame and anger. We must stop denying the negativity that lives within our being and face it so we can heal ourselves and become whole and authentic. These negativities are the very things we are here on Earth to heal. We are in a constant state of being refined and our ego and shadow work will not end until we have purified ourselves enough to be completely absorbed back into the light of the Creator Of “All That Is”.


Shadow Reactions

  • Anything that feels like it isn’t you.
  • Feelings and Emotions “others” provoke in you that you just want to go away. Your shadow is all of your rejections.
  • All feelings and emotions you don’t want to own.
  • “Out of character” emotions or reactions that are showing up in your life. These are the hidden sub personalities, stored in your subconscious, that want to be healed!
  • Aspects of your self you don’t want others to see so you wear a mask.
  • Our deepest, darkest and most terrible secrets.
  • Our resistances. What we resist, persists.


Ego Reactions that Support the Shadow

  • Blames others for their current situation. Refuses to accept responsibility for their own life / circumstances / creations / behaviors. We blame someone else when they exhibit a part of our shadow that is trying to be healed.
  • Projects their disowned sub personalities onto others because they don’t want to acknowledge their hidden issues. Finger pointing! Our outer reality is a reflection of our inner reality. Whatever we see in another person, that provokes a reaction, is a reflection of something within our own being that needs to be owned.
    “ You are angry ”
    “ You are obnoxious ”
    “ You are over reactive ”
    “ You are hateful ”
    “ You are emotional ”
    “ You have a big ego ”
  • The ego creates the distance (separation) the shadow wants from its uncomfortable feelings. This creates separation / fragmentation within our being keeping us from reuniting with all of our parts, which keeps us from being whole.
  • Denial! Denies that the shadow is a part of you:
    “ I don’t have a shadow ”
     “ I don’t have negative feelings ”
     “ I don’t have any darkness”
     “ I don’t wear a mask.”
     “ I don’t have issues”
     “ I don’t need healing”


Signs that You are Integrating Your Shadow and Ego

  • You notice behaviors in others but have no need to react or respond.
  • Other people’s behaviors no longer create a feeling or an emotion in you. They do not trigger an internal alarm or create negative head chatter. You are becoming neutral.
  • You no longer blame the other person or berate yourself when a shadow aspect shows up. You acknowledge and accept the disowned parts of your being, shining the light of your consciousness on them so they can be transmuted and healed. You are pulling yourself out of blame and denial.
  • You are able to fully embrace and fully love all parts of yourself, even the parts that aren’t so great. This is self-love!!!
  • You embrace your humanity with determination and acceptance knowing that when your shadow consciousness arises this is a positive sign that shows healing is occurring in your life. You are allowing all of your disowned shadowy sub personalities to be demagnetized through your acceptance and healing of them.
  • Your life has become more peaceful and your circumstances, relationships and interactions are becoming more positive.


Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What judgments do you have about other people? These judgments show us our hidden aspects that need to be healed. Once we own them, other people’s behaviors will not bother us.
  • What scenarios in your life are repetitive? Do you keep attracting the same kind of negative people in your life? What are they trying to show you?
  • Be really honest with yourself and make a list of all the things about yourself you try to hide from others. Recognize that it takes twice as much energy to hide these aspects from yourself and others than it does to own them.
  • Where are you being inauthentic in your interactions? In what situations do you put on a “mask”? What are you hiding?

If we do not confront the darkness within us we will meet it as fate.    
Carl Jung

Because the sage confronts his difficulties he never experiences them.    
Lao Tsu

The gold is in the dark.  
Carl Jung

When you can say, “ I am that”, to the deepest darkest aspects of yourself, then you can reach true enlightenment.      
Debbie Ford

The unexamined life is not worth living.

This material is copyrighted. You can share this information with proper credits given to Sabrina Reber as the author, complete title of the book “RAISE YOUR VIBRATION”, provide an image of the cover of the book, and a link to the HOW TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/How-to-Raise-Your-Vibration/204840666199710?ref=tn_tnmn 
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MARY MAGDALENE: The Meaning of the Resurrection ~ Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart

 violet heart flowers

 MARY MAGDALENE: The Meaning of the Resurrection

An interview with Mercedes Kirkel channeling Mary Magdalene on April 5, 2015. The interviewer is Alan Hutner of Transitions Radio Magazine, who is asking about Mary Magdalene’s insights on the resurrection and ascension.

©2015 Mercedes Kirkel, http://www.mercedeskirkel.com, All Rights Reserved. To receive ongoing messages from Mary Magdalene and others, go to http://www.mercedeskirkel.com and sign up for the Into The Heart weekly newsletter.

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A Peek into my book in process, THE JOURNAL — A Journey from Disillusionment to Remembering @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Friday, April 17, 2015

A Peek into my book in process,THE JOURNAL — A Journey from Disillusionment to Remembering


I have decided to share some components from the book I am working on now called, “The Journal.”

To loosely summarize, this book is about the journey from disillusionment to remembering.


~Lisa Finds the Journal~

“I have been trying to contact my Mother for two weeks,” said Lisa to herself as slammed down the phone. She had repeatedly tried to contact her mother, and she had not answered her phone, her emails or her Skype.

“What is she up to now?” Lisa muttered to herself. “I guess I will have to go down there and find out for myself. That means I have to have another confrontation with my husband about my ‘weird’ mother.

“The kids are in school, so I will have to get someone to pick them up and watch them until my husband comes home. What a bother!!” Lisa continued her inner dialogue, or was she actually talking out loud.

“Why doesn’t she just communicate with me? I know we have not seen eye-to-eye for a while, but a little communication on her end would greatly help our relationship. That is if we even have a relationship,” Lisa said so loudly that she knew she was actually talking to herself.

What else was she to do? She certainly could not get in contact with her mother. Truth be told, she had not tried that hard to contact her until now. Her mother has been talking about so much weird stuff lately that Lisa found herself avoiding contacting her.

Then, when she finally did call, her mother did not answer. In fact, her mother was nowhere to be found. “My husband is going to be so upset about this,” Lisa said to herself. “He has really had it with my ‘crazy mother,’ as he likes to call her.”

Lisa tried for two more days to connect with her mother. Finally, she could wait no longer. She confronted her husband, got the babysitter, and left at 5:00 am for the journey to her mother’s house. She told her husband she would leave then to avoid traffic, but she really wanted to avoid another confrontation with her husband and the many questions from the children.

For the same reason she slept in the guestroom and told her husband is was so that she would not wake him up. Actually, she did not want to “sleep” with him. Sex had been a chore for ages now, and the more she disliked it, the more often he wanted it.

If Lisa could tell her self the truth, which she had been avoiding for a very long time, she was very unhappy in her marriage and needed to talk to her weird, but loving, mother. If Lisa could tell her self the truth, she would have to admit that her best friend was far to close with her husband.

Since she could not even admit that much, she could more easily look past all the obvious signs of her husbands wandering eye. “No,” Lisa yelled, as she pushed aside the obvious evidence and chose to live the lie. However, four hours of driving alone in a car would make it very difficult to ignore her self.

By the time she arrived at her mother’s house, she was enraged, in tears and so relieved to be in a safe environment. However, it was an empty environment. The house was neat and clean as always, but the plants were gone, the cat was missing and the house felt empty of all life.

No mother, no copious plants, no cat, windows closed and all doors locked. The yard was a bit overgrown, but watered by the sprinklers. The refrigerator was filled with expired food and the bread in the pantry was covered with mold. Now, Lisa was getting worried.

She has spoken to her Mother so seldom lately, that she did not even know how to contact her mother’s friends. That is if she had any. Truth be told, Lisa was glad when her husband took the job up north and they had to move away. She did not understand her mother at all. Now her mother had disappeared, just when Lisa was finally ready to talk with her.

“How could she just disappear?” yelled Lisa after she had searched every area of the house and yard. The car was in the garage and her mother’s purse with her wallet inside was by her bed, which showed no sign of recent occupancy. Perhaps there was a clue in her office, where she shut herself up for hours to meditate or write or whatever she did, thought Lisa as she walked to the back of the house.

Lisa had been embarrassed by her mother’s behavior as a teenager and never brought her friends over. Lisa was more like her Father, who had left them because her mother was so odd. Now her mother was causing problems with Lisa’s marriage. Perhaps the answer is in her offer, she thought as she went into that room.

When Lisa opened the door to enter the office, she felt a sudden chill. What was that saying, “Like someone had walked over a grave.” “Oh my God,” Lisa said out loud. “What if she is dead?”

Fortunately, there was no dead body and NO mother. The room was neat, much neater than Lisa had seen it in a long time. In fact, her mother’s desk, which was often a mess of papers, was totally clear except for a rather large three-ring folder filled almost to the breaking point.

As Lisa tentatively walked to the desk, she saw an envelope with her name on it tapped to the top of the folder. She angrily pulled off the envelope, opened it and began to read her mother’s note.


My dear Lisa, Beverly wrote in her journal. I am so sorry that I was unable to tell you this in person, but there was too much to say and too little time in which to say it. Therefore, I have left this journal, which clearly describes what has been occurring in my life.

I wish that I could have shared it with you, but you have made it very clear that you do not want to hear about my ‘weird’ encounters with what you call ‘the unknown.’ I have tried to tell you that it was never unknown to me, but when I did you became angry.

I know that you have blamed my behavior for your father leaving us when you where only ten, but I did not want him to leave any more than you did. I also know that I was an embarrassment to you when you were a teenager. I am sorry that I was not the person that you needed me to be.

Mostly, I am sorry that I could never find a way to share my experiences with you that did not upset or anger you. I hope that you find this journal in which I recount everything that has been happening in my life in the order in which it occurred. Perhaps, when you read it within your own time, you can begin to understand why I have disappeared in this manner.

Please remember that I love you very much and hope that we can regain our relationship. Please do not run off to phone the police before you read this. After you have read this journal, we may even be able to communicate with each other.

I love you,



“What,” yelled Lisa. “Do you expect me to read this whole silly journal before I call the police to find out where you are?”

Lisa was so angry that she violently pushed the journal off the table, where it fell to the floor, opening the binder and spilling the pages all over the room. Lisa stood in horror. She finally found a clue as to her mother’s disappearance and she had just scattered it all over the floor. She was so upset that she fell into the nearby chair and sobbed.

Lisa cried the tears that she would not allow when saw the look in her husband’s eye when her friend came over, or how her “friend” looked toward the ground. She cried the tears that she had pushed away during her four-hour drive here alone. Then, when she remembered the expression of relief she saw on her husband’s face when she said she needed to leave town, she became almost hysterical.

She needed her mother to talk to NOW. But was she there for her? NO! Again, she was absorbed in her own self and in her own weird whatever she was involved in. How could her mother leave this silly book instead of calling her and talking to her? But that question reminded Lisa that she had not taken a phone call from her mother for quite a while.

She had been “busy” and would call her back, but never did. Lisa told herself that it was because she was fed up with her mother’s ideas. But, the truth was that her mother could always read her mind, and she did not want her mother to tell her what she wasn’t ready to face.

During her four hours driving alone in the car she had “unconsciously” decided to talk to her mother about her marriage. She was even ready to ask for her help. “But NO,” Lisa yelled to the empty room, “I finally am ready to talk to her and Mom is involved in her own self – again!”

Lisa dramatically fell to the floor and sobbed. She cried because her marriage was over, her life was a mess, her mother was missing and she was totally alone. However, being alone was what she really craved. She needed to get out of denial and into the truth. That was the real reason she drove to her mothers.

However, her mother was not there, and had not been there for a while. Maybe she should have answered some of her mother’s phone calls, emails and letters. Maybe she should have just listened to her self, Lisa thought as the tears were spent and she sat on the floor and looked at the papers strewn all over the room.

It took Lisa an hour to collect all the pages, which fortunately were numbered, and put them back into the folder. By then she had calmed down. She went to the kitchen and happily found some coffee, sat down at the kitchen table, where she often did her homework as a child, and began to read the journal.

Prepare for the NOW by reading the books:

The Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension Books

(Note about Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension)

Book 4 was twice as long as the others, so we have split it into two books so you can better absorb the information. If your book 4 is 400 pages, you have the old version, so you have the full ending of the series. However, if your book book is about 200 pages, please stay tuned for Book 5, which is “Changing Realities.”

Thank you.

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Posted by Sue at 9:09 PM

We the People–Suzanne Lie and Free download of Bob Charles Show @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie we the people

Thursday, April 16, 2015

We the People–Suzanne lie and Free download of Bob Charles Show

4-14-15 Free download of my great meeting on the Bob Charles Show On Book ONE of the Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension we the people 2 We the People by

Suzanne Lie

Hello there, this is Sue Lie,

The Arcturians have been telling me/nagging me to have some presentations that are just me.  So I am here to look at the human perspective of ascension. I have channeled the Arcturians to explain to myself, and to others, what the higher perspective is. I am here NOW to explore the human perspective.

I find that it is not too difficult to admit to my human weakness, faults, issues and negative emotions. I can willingly admit the mistakes, fears and challenges of my past, parallel, alternate realities. But the hard part to admit is that I AM Arcturian.  Now it catches in my throat.  So why is that?

Why is it easier for me, and us, to own our third-dimensional faults than to own our higher-dimensional self?  The answer is that, we have been taught to believe that we are ONLY human.  But we are not humans.  We are wearing humans.

If you are willing to read or listen to this message, then it is pretty sure that you, too, are wearing a human vessel. You/we KNOW that because we are getting in touch with the higher frequencies of our SELF.

Therefore, we know that we are not JUST our physical body.  We remember that we are wearing a physical bodyWe are our consciousness and our consciousness is multi-dimensional.

Therefore, inside of that one body that we are wearing – we don’t have one consciousness.  Inside of our body is a portal to all these different dimensions of expressions of our self. Therefore, as we walk around the daily life, and especially in our sleep, we know that WE are portals.  When we open this portal we are ALL the expressions of our Multidimensional SELF within the NOW of that opening.

As we expand our consciousness into higher and higher frequencies of reality, our 3D brain becomes obsolete. We are NOW realizing that we must turn to our multidimensional mind to be able to navigate and understand how to perceive several octaves of reality within the NOW.

With our expanded, increasingly multidimensional perceptions we must remain grounded in unconditional love for it is the only way that we keep above all fear and doubt, as we move into totally uncharted territory.

We also need to keep loving our selves unconditionally in order to fully OWN our higher expression of SELF as US.  We need to keep working on loving our self enough to fully own our wisdom, power and love. Being our higher expression of SELF as we live our daily life is a pretty big thing to live up to.  Our 3D training tells us to push away our imaginary “higher self” and take care of daily life.

Of course, to the higher self that our ego is telling us to push away, there is not “either/or.” However, our human self, that is the human self we are wearing, want to push away all that metaphysical nonsense and take care of business. But it’s not working for us any more because we know who we are. We know it, inside of us!

However, this is not information that we can go out into the streets and start telling people. Or is it? Therefore, WE are speaking up NOW, even if at first it is just with each other. Because, when we start telling people, we will find that many are having our same experience but they are afraid to speak about it.

What if they are judged? What if it brings the cabal down on us?  But, wait! We have our wonderful multidimensional consciousness and higher dimensional perceptions. We can see their aura. We can hear their minds and read their faces. We do not need to identify our SELF to someone who is lost in darkness. But we can send them unconditional love and the Violet Fire.

We can also tell the people who will say, “Wow, I’m having this experience too.”  You see, we are not ahead of anybody, and no one is behind us.  We’re all in this together. In fact, there is no “ahead of” or “behind” when we are thinking from our own higher frequency of SELF.

If we’re thinking in terms of ahead or behind we are thinking third dimensionally. We need to remember that we can’t perceive what’s really happening if we run it through that 3D brain.  We have to bypass our 3D brain and go right from our multi-dimensional mind and into our opened Third Eye and High Heart.

We lovingly remind our 3D brain, “Dear 3D brain, we love you very much and thank you for taking care of the Earth vessel.  You’re a great pilot.  And we will keep loving you because you are taking all the hits in the lower dimensions.  We thank you 3D vessel for feeding, healing and caring for our physical body.”

As soon as we start remembering how it feels inside our bodies, how it feels to start resonating even beyond dreamtime and into our fifth-dimensional resonance, we will begin to clearly remember our realities as Lightbody.

Then when we look down in frequency and see the human person, WE are the ONE we have been channeling.  But, NOW we actually ARE that higher person.  Our “sense of self,” the “who” we think of as OUR self, totally changes.

Whereas before our human self was our “heart,” but then it will be our “tail.” We may still need our tail keep us to Earth, so that all we have learned, and remembered, about shifting into our higher self, can be grounded into the core of Earth to assist Gaia with Her ascension.

Meanwhile, as we go through this process a lot of unique things are going to start happening, and it’s going to start with our perceptions.  More and more we can perceive things that do not fit into the 3D paradigm.

Or, things disappear from our lives, just out of nowhere.  It’s nothing important – just things – gone.  Then things arrive that are different.  Where did that come from?  We are thinking, “I’m really losing my memory.”

And yes we are losing our 3D memory, that’s for sure, but what might, and probably is, happening is that we get little glimpses of parallel and alternate realities. Or we actually jump realities.  I think we are doing that a lot now.  If we’re going down the path and wonder, “Why did I do…?”

Then we call out from a higher awakened self so that we can align with that SELF. Then we see that reality from a higher perspective, which is of very different. Remember we are also still wearing our earth vessel that is walking around on planet Earth.  However, now, our Earth vessel is not “US.”

Now, our earth vessel is our grounding cord. It is the way we share our personal experiences with other earth vessels, and it is a way we share our ascension with Gaia. Now we remember why we took this earth vessel to wear. We came into this reality to assist the spirit of Earth, Gaia.

With our higher perceptions, we see Gaia as the being that is so great that she could not just define herself as a human.  She had to define herself as an entire planet.  And, Gaia is a very brave planet who chose to be a third-dimensional planet.

She allowed Her planet to fall all the way down, and even stayed all the way down in that third/fourth-dimensional frequency. She even allows her pesky humans to live topside, where they are creating untold damage. Gaia is a very courageous planet, and WE are all very courageous for choosing to take an embodiment in this Now. We have chosen to come here NOW to assist our dear Mother Planet.

Our planet is actually our self, for it is made of the very same elements as our physical earth vessel. Those of us who have had myriad incarnations on Gaia, and remembered many of them, are dedicated to assisting Earth. We are very thankful for all the wonderful, and not always wonderful but challenging, and always evolutionary journeys we have had on Gaia’s planet.

When we become our SELF, we realize our own innate wisdom, power and love, which is so expansive that only a planet can hold it. In other words, we become the planet. We have moved beyond our human problems to remember that we came to this planet, not to just ascend our one physical body.

We expanded our multidimensional consciousness all the way down the dimensional frequencies to place our essence into an earth vessel that was to be OUR portal into the body of Gaia. When we connect our own portal into Gaia’s body, we can share ALL of the higher dimensional wisdom, power and love of ALL of our higher expressions of SELF.

Blessings BE dear Gaia. You have given us a format on which we could learn and eventually ascend. NOW it is our honor to share all that we have remembered with our dear Mother Gaia.

We are the Multidimensional People to Earth.

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(Note about Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension)

Book 4 was twice as long as the others, so we have split it into two books so you can better absorb the information. If your book 4 is 400 pages, you have the old version, so you have the full ending of the series. However, if your book book is about 200 pages, please stay tuned for Book 5, which is “Changing Realities.”

Thank you.

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Posted by Sue at 8:58 AM