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The Venusians ~ Love Portal

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April 21, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

Blessings, we are the Venusians. We come in Spirit to you onto this world of Matter to provide assistance in this dance of radiance and subliminal perceptions. We are here because we love you all and because we perceive some changes in the attitudes and the thoughtforms of mankind. Mankind is becoming aware of their own natural perceptions and what they hold as a mirror of Truth to themselves. Mankind is therefore becoming stronger in their own beliefs and what they are inclined to see as their Truth and destiny.

This belief and a form of perception of Truth awaken some spiritual awareness in all, in the sense that humans become aware of the fact that there is more in a human being than the mind is led to believe. Therefore all structures and forms of beliefs are falling down, fading away or mankind is simply stepping away from that in order to step into the Heart of knowing.

Such knowing ignites the higher heart of understanding about where one comes to see and hold the vibration of truth within each resonance field of existence. As all exists as a vibrational wave of consciousness, one forms the other to be continued. It is fed by the eternal flame of one’s true heart and what it wishes to experience.

We impart that understanding of knowing that our vibrational consciousness is of pure Love and compassion. We lead you all forth into the wisdom of higher integrity, sophistication and Love of the eternal Mother and Father Flame of existence. We lead your understanding into the waves of Higher Octaves so that you can see your own true Flame mirrored through our beloved home called Venus.

As you gaze upon our beautiful Venus, you shall replenish your soul and destiny with what we call the Love vibration. It is an experience that goes beyond the gazing upon your own reality or Sun, as our reality is of a higher vibration and it is becoming yours as well on Terra Gaia. As you gaze upon our beautiful Venus, you shall inflame your hearts and that of Terra Gaia with Love as you anchor this through the bones and the fields of your human being.

It is therefore that our Venus is shining even more brightly in the upcoming days as we beam our complete Love and understanding onto you all. It is there for eyes to see and hearts to receive. We assist through our radiance of refinement as Love fills the gab of understanding. It is only the Love One shall allow to take in, in those areas where one cannot understand what is unfolding. Love shall come and make you see as you feel the experience of its effect upon you all.

We ask you humbly to receive our energies with the highest Divine intention as it is our own Highest Divine intention we pass on to you all. To receive with an open heart shall beam more to Terra Gaia and open Her own heart as well.

As you gaze upon our beautiful Venus ~ breathe in the Light we share with you and take in the flames of Love which spark from our Stellar nation onto you all. Feel the connection we now make with you all through your hearts and feel our calling to each and everyone of you that we are here to assist you and to pass on the Love we share and feel for you.

Venus will become brighter at certain days to come, as it already is. There are Stellar and Universal codes beamed upon you all, bathing each and every soul on this plane to elevate the world in a higher consciousness and bright awareness. Love shall seed this Earth into Higher Dimensions as your Earth is our dearest sister and we Love Her as we Love you all.

We walk amongst you, as we linger in each and everyone of you. Yet some of you are more strongly aligned with us during these moments as they can feel the inner flame beaming and calling them home. And so you make your homes here on Earth, it is what you came to build again. Truly all your homes lie where your consciousness shall vibrate in and this is on many more planes than only this one. So you are Home wherever you are and you are ALL because you are One.

You may recognize us in the sparks of many eyes as this is how we present ourselves to you: as the sparkles of Love that ignite through one’s own heart.

We are in the midst of many waves of Love that are being passed onto your hearts from all around the Globe through the many lightworkers as well as from other planes beyond the Earth. Terra Gaia is truly beamed with and bathed within LOVE. Open your hearts and receive this Love so that your Earth can replenish Her soul and feed it with the Light Flames of Love. You are the ones that Gaia has called to assist Her in Her process of unification and Ascension to enable Her freedom out of this Material density.

You are all appreciated for your Presence and for your eternal Love for Gaia as this is what has brought you here in the first place along with the experience of God’s own Divinity of Self into Human form.

Bless your dear hearts,

We are the Venusians

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Sunday, April 19, 2015



Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #3

Your ARE a Stream of Consciousness

Transmission form The Arcturians and Galactic Family

The energetic weather report is “hot” and “cloudy.” By “hot” we mean that many new developments are “heating up” to the “boiling point,” in which they will be revealed. It is “cloudy” because there is still a great deal of TRUTH that is hidden behind the clouds of illusion. Most of you, our volunteers to take earth vessels, have taken quite a few lifelong assignments on the 3D Matrix of Gaia.

Some of you can remember many of those embodiments, which allows you to better release the clouds of illusion. Many of you are not, yet, aware of your other incarnations, but as your consciousness expands to resonate primarily to the fourth dimension, you will begin to remember that DEATH is one of greatest illusions on Earth.

Much like a hermit crab on the ocean floor, you need to “take a new shell” to continue your LIVES -long missions. Therefore, “death” simply means that your 3D shell no longer serves your needs, and you will need to release that shell to find a new one. Many of our brave volunteers have spent many eons on the “Wheel of birth/death” between 3D to 4D to 3D to 4D.

After a certain amount of turns of this Wheel, you chose to return Home to your realities in the fifth dimension and beyond. Of course, the intense forgetfulness that overtakes your soul essence from too many physical incarnations can make that return HOME difficult. However, it is not the return that is difficult. The difficult part of the return is remembering how to make that return.

Now, the entire planet that is ready for Her return HOME into the higher frequencies, but many of Gaia’s humans are still lost in the fog of forgetfulness. Therefore, beloved members of our Galactic Family, we are sending emissaries into your daily life. As those of you who are awake know, we have been sending our emissaries for many years.

After your horrific WWII, the Pleiadians came to Earth to counteract the offer from the Zeta Reticuli, who were in deep association with the military. The Zetas needed DNA as they were cloned beings and had replicated themselves too often. Their terms were, “We will give you advanced technology, if you give us some human DNA.”

The Pleiadians said, “Wait, you do NOT want to give away human DNA. We will give you advanced technology, and all we ask is that you give up your atomic bombs.”

Since the atomic bombs are still on your planet (except we Galactics will NOT allow you to detonate them) you can see how much your human rights were respected. In fact, many wars are still waged on your planet that totally disregard human, animal, plant, environment and planetary rights.

The number of wars as of 2015

On-going armed conflicts

How many humans have benefitted by these wars? How many humans were killed in the prime of their life, or while sitting at the dinner table having a family meal? How many of these wars are even known?

We ask these questions as the answers are hidden behind the cloud of illusion of which we just spoke. We realize that it is the resonance of your third dimensional reality that allows war as a solution to conflict. We also realize that it is the resonance of your third dimensional consciousness that locks you within that world of illusion.

We must remind you, our dear emissaries to Earth, how impossible it appears to alter these illusions while wearing an earth vessel. However, this is where the “hot” component of the energetic weather report will be explained.

Just as water sitting in a metal pot with the fire burning brighter and brighter, transmutes the water into air, the higher frequencies of light are transmuting the lies into truths. The TRUTH is increasingly being revealed by Galactics and brave humans who have “shone their light” onto the lies and illusions.

Of course, our dear earth bound friends and family, you will need to search your Internet to find the “hot news,” but when you look for it, you will find it. Information is NOW available to those who are willing to search for it. In fact, even those who once sought to keep you in your 3D cage because they believed that they could never raise their resonance are discovering that the LIGHT shines on any one who seeks it.

In your “past,” many brave ones who sought to share their truth were punished or “disappeared.” However, they did not die in vain, as their courage has brought inspiration to others. We, your Galactic Family are very proud of all of you who bi-located your great multidimensional consciousness into a 3D vessel.

We say “bi-located” because YOU are all multidimensional beings. Therefore, your fifth dimensional, and beyond, SELF sent a fragment of your essence/consciousness into a human on the edge of birth or death. It is during birth or death that the portal of the human is open to a higher dimensional consciousness to flow into or out of an earthen shell.

During this transition, a higher dimensional expression of your “stream of consciousness” can bi-locate into the earth vessel, while still remaining in the higher dimensions. We ask you to NOW imagine your SELF as a “stream of consciousness” flowing through the ONE of the NOW.

Within your fifth dimensional and beyond states of awareness, you are aware of this stream. However, while your consciousness is restricted to the third/fourth dimension, you are greatly hindered by your belief in separation.

If you believe you are separate, it is difficult to simultaneously believe that you are a “flowing stream of multidimensional life.” Close you eyes for a moment to imagine yourself as that “flowing stream.”

When you feel the stream of YOUR consciousness swirling around you, and extending into the higher dimensions?

How do you perceive your physical form? How does your physical body feel?

What are your thoughts and emotions?

Now, feel how your “stream of consciousness” flows into the core of Gaia. How does it feel to be ONE with Earth?

Now, feel your “stream of consciousness” as it also flows into the higher dimensions of your SELF…

Imagine/remember that YOU are ONE with the higher dimensional worlds while you are simultaneously ONE with the physical world…

Can you remember when you flowed “downstream” into the vessel you are now wearing?

Please use your imagination. It is only your 3D thinking that believes you cannot remember. We ask you to LET GO of the lives of indoctrination in which you were told that you were JUST one person.

NOW, remember when you released your consciousness from your earth vessel and flowed “upstream” to return to your multidimensional SELF…

When you remember these experiences, you will KNOW that you cannot die. You are a stream of consciousness that floats through myriad realities within the NOW of the ONE. We remind you, our beloved ground crew, of this fact because it is the NOW. The NOW that you have waited for in untold lives is slowly, but surely, dawning into a new day.

In this 4-19-15 energetic weather report, the day is foggy because truth and lies still intermingle. However, there is more TRUTH available for those who are willing to search for it, than there has been in a great deal of your “time.” We tell you this NOT to ignite your impatience and anger by thinking, “I have waited so long.”

If you are upset because you have “waited” so long in this life, we must remind you that you have “waited” for more lives than you could count. Also, we must remind you that “waiting” is a passive action in which you gain no power or insight. Therefore, you will likely become inpatient, bitter, angry and/or depressed.

The cure we offer for that situation is to stop “waiting” and start “doing.” When you are engaged in an important task, time flows swiftly. But, when you are waiting, time seems to almost stop. While you are waiting, time feels much longer than the clock or calendar states. When you are waiting you are NOT doing, so the illusion of time flows slowly and seemingly beyond your control.

On the other hand, if you are DOING, you are not waiting. Instead, you are contributing to something that is better than your own personal needs. Then, all sense of victimization disappears, as you are too involved in a possible solution to worry about what might, or might not, occur. Also, your action greatly diminishes your fear.

Remember, time is an illusion of the third dimension. When you are waiting for something to occur outside of your self, you are a victim to time, as well as to your own fear, anxiety and depression. On the other hand, when you are learning, studying and contributing, time flies past you. You look at the clock and say, “Where did that time go?”

The answer to this question is, “The time has flowed into the higher dimension, taking your consciousness with it.” After you have spent your “time” learning, sharing what you have learned, contributing to and preparing for the sunny day in which the TRUTH is revealed, you feel fulfilled, useful AND multidimensional.

We do NOT judge those who have become lost in the lethargy and impatience of fear. Instead, we send you unconditional love and remind you that YOU ARE VERY IMPORTANT. We miss your contribution, as from our perspective we can see that every one of you chose your Mission (that which you volunteered to work towards) before you took this incarnation.

We observe how very difficult it can be in the third dimension and how many of you have had more challenges than you believe you can overcome. We say to you, our beloved ones, “Thank you for taking on the difficulties of your life.”

When you wrote your pre-birth contract, you forgot how difficult the third dimension could be. Then, when you faced those difficulties, you forgot how helpful your own higher dimensional SELF could be.

We lovingly remind those of you who feel alone and with no one to help you, that you ALWAYS have the YOU of your own multidimensional SELF. Also, you always have us, who your Celestial and Galactic friends and family.

Please allow the clouds to clear, so that the multidimensional Light of the ONE can follow the stream of your consciousness down through the body of your earth vessel and into the Core of Gaia.

If the ONLY thing you do is open the portal of your earth vessel so that the higher light can use your own inner portal to anchor its multidimensional energies into Gaia, you are GREATLY assisting Earth. Therefore, while you are “waiting,” please open your inner portal.

We the Arcturians, and many of our Galactic and Celestial friends and family, applaud the great strides that our human representatives have made.

  • You are opening your awareness to the multidimensional stream of your SELF.
  • You are realizing that YOU are a multidimensional Being.
  • You are aware that YOU are wearing your earth vessel.
  • You are recognizing that Gaia is an alive being wearing a planetary vessel.
  • You are increasingly accepting that LIFE exists on myriad planets, solar systems, universes, realities and dimensions.

Our beloved human members of Earth, you are WAKING UP. You are shaking off the shackles of brainwashing, lies and archaic beliefs. From our perspective, we see that the higher light is taking root in more and more of humanity.

Also, you are observing how the animals are changing, the plants are changing and the weather is changing. Most important, the light of planetary transmutation is creating wormholes through the fog of illusion. Gaia is NOW transmuting and returning to Her higher dimensional expression, and more and more of you are choosing to join Her.

Congratulations. As the clouds clear, please look into the light to see us applauding YOU.

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family


When I received this message it occurred as quickly as I could type, so there were many typos. I posted it anyway, as I could feel how important it was and wanted to share it right away. I did not have a chance to edit it until very late that night. Hence, I got so confused that is likely made more typos. Now I just finished an edit while awake and aware.

Thank you for your patience.


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Book 4 was twice as long as the others, so we have split it into two books so you can better absorb the information. If your book 4 is 400 pages, you have the old version, so you have the full ending of the series. However, if your book book is about 200 pages, please stay tuned for Book 5, which is “Changing Realities.”

Thank you.

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Tsunami of Love – The Third Wave and Core Issues Webinar ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of love

egypt female and ankh via Keith Overstreet

Tsunami of Love – The Third Wave and Core Issues Webinar

Linda 22Steve: Eliminating our core issues is, in my view, the most important thing we can be doing at this time. I’ll be at the course.

Crazy things are happening to me. As an angel-talker star-walker, I have had more crazy things – physical and non-physical – happen to me than most people. The unusual, the miraculous, the ridiculous are commonplace for me. But…

I don’t know if it’s due to the Divine Mother’s third wave of the Tsunami of Love, the fact that she has taken up residence in our home again, or the decision to do the Core Issues Webinar series, but my friends, all heaven is breaking loose.

It started as soon as I made the decision, with exceptionally strong urging from the Mother, to facilitate the Core Issues Webinar series. Universal Mother Mary has been urging me to do this since early December, but I had a full schedule, in keeping with her guidance to get down to work and write the Sacred Partnership book.

The outline of the Core Issues course, including what would be the intensity of the work and material, was downloaded very rapidly – but then again She had been talking about it for months. That night Mother Mary appeared by my bedside gently awakening me and asking for 1,000 participants. Before I even had a chance to panic (read: hide) She over-rode me and said, “All right, what about a million?” Immediately I felt every atom in my entire field shifting – a massive core issue rising to the surface and being swept away with Her Tsunami.

As the channel for the Council of Love, I work really hard. Archangel Gabrielle has commended me as “a trusted and loyal servant of the Council of Love for over 30 years.” I teach, do classes and radio programs, write and in my spare time do healing and work on the collective.

I seldom question my average 10 to 12-hour workdays because I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world. I get to talk with the angels and not one single day goes by when I don’t have a huge “awe-ha” moment. I get to meet and serve the most incredible people, the majority of whom become sweet and cherished friends. You are my soul family.

But one of the things that has often plagued me, especially since I left a very lucrative and fulfilling career to do this service, is why I never have abundance. Let’s be honest, I never have much if any financial cushion. It’s not that money doesn’t flow – it comes in, goes out, but doesn’t stick. The feeling that I have been wrestling with lately is the sense that it just slips right through my fingers.

So my question to myself has been what is it about me that created this? Certainly not an unwillingness to serve, work and create – I do that all the time and I’m really good at it. Creation is not the issue.

In January I declared that 2015 is my “clean-up year.” I’m determined to tie up the loose ends in my life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – from the garage to the half-written books to greater health to sweet grace and ease. I am clearing the decks for the next adventure of fully focusing on the creation of Nova Earth.

So back to Mother Mary and my 3:33 a.m. wake-up call. Back to core issues and the Tsunami of Love.

As the Divine Mother spoke to me, the realization of my sense of unworthiness was so apparent that it was almost laughable. I feel worthy to serve but not to receive in excess of what is required to survive. In maintaining this stance I was limiting the stretch and extent to which the COL could reach.

In my not wanting to be fully exposed, vulnerable, judged, shunned and even martyred, I was limiting myself. Not acceptable during this time when we are all being called to step forward not only in action but in leadership.

Additionally, in not feeling worthy enough to completely and unconditionally trust that the Council knows exactly what they are doing, knows exactly what I need and don’t need, I was not only limiting myself but the entire Council of Love.

As soon as the Mother made this gentle awareness present within me everything began to shift – all hell started to break loose. In that moment I felt a release of such  magnitude that I literally almost rolled off the bed. The point being is that as soon as I understood the core issue the Mother assisted me with the purging – and She will help you too.

The question for me was and is how to maintain this new sense of acceptance and surrender to my mission and purpose. The last thing I ever want to do is limit the messages and energy of the Council of Love. In fact, often in my more frustrated moments, I have cried “Why don’t people want to hear the messages of Love?” It tears my heart out sometimes that folks would rather hear about the affairs of the day rather than learn how to be the Love.

Nevertheless, my issue was how I was going to anchor this expansion in physicality because I knew I wasn’t done yet. Experience has taught me that when the Mother is teaching me something, walking me through something that I will then share with others, she brings it into the physical reality as well – and the bigger the lesson, the more ‘dramatic’ the demonstration.

The next day, courtesy of the US Postal Service, the bomb arrived – a lovely notice from our friends at the IRS indicating I owed them a boatload of money, none of which I have. Normally this type of situation would have triggered a personal tsunami of panic and feelings of lack, but this time I felt myself the observer. How curious that this institution believes I make this much money and that I actually have the capacity to pay such an outrageous sum.

In the midst of all this, I wondered for the very first time in my life if perhaps Mother Mary was mad at me. How human is that? We both know the Mother doesn’t get mad at us but there was that shadow of “if I have limited myself and the Council, maybe the Mother is really upset with me. Maybe she will abandon me and I won’t get to be her channel anymore.”

Yup, another face of the worthiness issue. Fortunately, Mother Mary came in and quickly dispelled this notion – but I am sharing it with you because how often have we felt – am I on the right track? Am I doing enough. Have I held up my end of the bargain. Could I do more?

The following day, my sweetheart Isaac was out in the garage (yes, I did clean and re-organize) and came in with a dirty but intact envelope. It was an envelope full of checks for payment of the Miracles workshop I conducted in Michigan in 2005! Ten years ago – and I am dead certain that we really needed the money back then.  What on Earth could I have been thinking of? I know that I am often way out there for about a week after an intensive COL workshop but my goodness!

It does not escape me that the Miracles workshop was the beginning of the Council teaching the Creation Formula and the Universal Laws. The message was loud and clear that I was moving into the fullness of those teachings and practice – that this is the time to bring all we have learned to the forefront.  Maybe I wasn’t completely ready in 2005 but I sure am now – ready, eager, determined and committed.

It also dawned on me that perhaps the Universe was letting me know that I would be paid for all the work I have done in the past 10 years – now that I am feeling worthy enough to receive.

Day 3 our internet service was completely destroyed. Yes, I am writing this in Word on Day 4, feeling myself having this incredibly personal chat with each of you without any internet connection. In our continuing efforts to be financially responsible we decided to downgrade our cable service but to upgrade our internet connection because I am increasingly doing webinars, videos and conference skype.

AT&T arrived on schedule and not only disconnected our existing service but then discovered that the primary connection box (my terminology) doesn’t have adequate voltage to get to our house and perform that magic that we all rely on so much.

Think about it. The Universe (U-verse) had completely disconnected me. No phones, no internet, no TV; just silence – one might say the pause.  As I write, an AT&T team, even including the suits, are in my backyard laying new wires, installing new equipment, increasing the voltage (frequency)  – so I will be ready in the physical, free of this core issue of worthiness, to step forward and share with you the clearing the Mother is requesting (read demanding).

Mother Mary tells me that I have been disconnected and am being entirely rewired and re-booted. Yes!

And can you imagine the blast of Light and Love these guys are receiving in the sacred space of my backyard, a space gridded with the Archangels and what my neighbors call the sanctuary?

This third wave of the Tsunami of Love is stronger than anything we’ve experienced to date. It’s lifting us up, clearing and bringing to the surface those hidden deep fundamental issues that we didn’t have the foggiest notion that we were avoiding. This purging is dramatic and profound – and it’s anchored in the physical.

When I’ve asked the Mother why, if She’s clearing us with the Tsunami, it’s necessary for us to come together in this Core Issues Webinar series. She smiles and says “because humans need help – in the physical. They need to know that they are capable of this purging and that it is not simply Divine Intervention and Divine Will. It is their will, their actions, their desires. They need to know that their participation is not only desirable; it counts; it is necessary.”

If someone had asked me if I still needed to clear some core issues I would have immediately and unequivocally answered no. I am anchored firmly in the 7th dimension. I have inter-dimensional awareness and experiences all the time. I’m anchored and live from my heart. I’ve cleared endlessly and deeply. Well, guess what?

If you feel that you don’t have any core issues that need purging, that you are in perfect balance, I encourage you to dig a little deeper. Go deeper into your heart and check, check, and double-check.

If the answer or knowing that comes back is “Yes, you do” and you’re up for a purging the intensity and the freedom of which is phenomenal, then join me for the Core Issues Webinar series, May 8th for 5 weeks and re-emerge into the fullness of who you have always been and dream of being. I would love to have each of you join the Council for this Miracles workshop. I really hope you say “Yes!”


by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

Thank you to Golden Age of Gaia