The War of the Worlds ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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The War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds 23

I’m enagaged in a war of the worlds here.

The internal world and the external world are warring for my attention.

The internal world is going through incredible shifts: the transformation of the being from Fourth Dimensional to Fifth, of the body from carbon based to crystalline based, probably a few strands of DNA coming online, past lives re-entering, something being done with the brain, and who knows what else.

All is upheaval and, through all the cracks that develop,  love and light come streaming through.  I’m left, in this internal world, wanting to spend all my time polishing the statue, reforming my character, becoming an emerged and unfolded being.

The external world is saying, OK, how’s the blog doing? Where are we with our post-Reval planning? I should get some exercise. Need to buy some groceries.  Read Andrew’s interview. Get back to Dana.

The “internal world” speaks for spiritual unfoldment and emergence.

The “external world” speaks for building Nova Earth and Nova Being.

I cannot forsake one or the other. Both are laid on and, for them not to shake the car frame apart, I need to have them in balance. I need to have them dance with each other, resonate with each other, rather than make war upon each other for my attention.

I need for my internal world and my external world to make peace with each other, to work together as a team.

How can that be?  I need to reframe the matter. It’s my thinking that has a war exist.

Like everyone around me, I’m being asked to unfold as a masterful individual and an already-ascended being while at the same time to carry on as a conscious member of many teams working to build Nova Earth.

We’re all of us in this together. I assume that everyone else is going through the same thing.  All of us, in our work for Nova Earth, are going to be a little discomfited and inconvenienced by the tsunami of love hitting us and the changes that it’s bringing. The loving Mother is gently bending over the Child to awaken it.

I cannot respond to the pull of the inner world so much that I’m unable to function in the outer world.

And why do I need to? If everything we’ve been told is correct, then all of us are at least ascended and most of us are transcendental (angels). That means that at the end of this lifetime, if it ever ends, we can re-assume transcendental lives. Why do we need to fear for our own spiritual unfoldment?

This was always meant to be a life of service. I don’t need to rush ahead. And I don’t have to.

So there’s room for negotiation here.

The external world will need to come under my scrutiny more and more. More discernment needed if I’m to do all there is to do. I was recently careless in what I said to people new to the subject and I learned from that. I was on some level not taking my life or mission seriously and I screwed up.

I now see the importance in the outside world of taking both seriously. This is not a trivial lifetime and I already know that I’ll be coming under scrutiny. So why wait before tightening the screws and becoming serious about fulfilling the conditions of this life of service?

What would an ascended master do? Well….. ???

I can be confident of ultimate success – and patient for it in light of my promise to the Divine Mother to serve.

I can be engaged in the building of Nova Earth while sidetepping involvements that don’t connect or resonate with that.

I neither have to be rigidly internal or recklessly external. I choose the way of moderation, the Middle Way, and make peace between the two.

As within, so without.  May the internal and the external both unfold. May both be happy. May the mind remain calm and equanimous, even and balanced throughout.


ART christian-schloe-hidden-treasure