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Hiding One’s Light


Archangel Michael, through Linda Dillon and Ronna Herman, is emphasizing leadership at this time. Through Ronna he says:

“It is imperative that there be Masters of Light/Warriors of Spirit ready to step into leadership roles – those who are willing to boldly lead the way into the new realms of existence that have been prepared for ascending humanity.” (1)

Apparently the time has passed for us to be hanging back or hiding in the closet.

He revealed in our last Hour with an Angel that the Company of Heaven may not be able to find leaders from among those who’ve only recently awakened:

“Many of the billions upon your planet have not yet learned, adapted and integrated the new tools – the fullness of this new energy.

“They do not have the training and insight to do this in a way that is achievable. It is not a critique or a criticism or a judgment in any way of the collective, but, if they are not fully engaged and enjoying the energy of wholeness, then they are not bringing the engineering of that wholeness to the project of creating Nova Earth. So there is a lack, a vacuum of leadership.”  (2)

Who does that leave to work with as the new leaders in all fields of endeavor?

“Who upon this wondrous planet … has been hiding in the shadows or edging out, or in the limelight and is ready? Who has prepared? Who has been diligent and practiced patience and fortitude and stamina, and anchored the divine qualities? Who is it that is prepared to do this? Well, it is the lightworkers.” (3)

Through Ronna Herman, he issues us lightworkers a challenge:

“Are you willing to step to the fore? Are you among those who are ready and willing to guide and direct, to steadfastly hold the focus of the new vision – the new Divine Blueprint for Heaven and Earth – and then to see that it is manifested for the highest good of all?” (4)

He explains that each lightworker has a piece of the puzzle and asks us to stop hiding.

“Each of you has a unique piece of this puzzle, of this unfoldment of the Mother’s intention. And you carry, yes, the broad spectrum of talents, but also the very particular talents that you have mastery of. Stop hiding. …

“We need, yes, need, our partners front and center.” (5)

What are we volunteering for? He replies:

“You are being called to join the leadership Light team, those who will show the way for the beautiful souls now awakening from their spiritual slumber. Thousands are needed to facilitate and assist in this next wave of awakening that is now in progress, for it encompasses millions upon millions.

“Even those still in denial are becoming aware that something profound and unprecedented is taking place on Earth. These souls will not have to go through the extensive cleansing, clearing and painful processing that so many of you have experienced.

“Indeed, you have opened the way and have the knowledge that will help them to move quickly through the awakening process and into empowerment.” (6)

All the clearing we’ve been doing, the ways we’ve learned to work with root vasanas or core issues and false grids or false belief systems will now come into play.

“You are the examples and the Wayshowers, for you are destined to teach those around you the simplified steps necessary to clear their old thought patterns, so that the Divine Light of the Creator may begin to take dominion within their heart center.”  (7)

To do this work, it’s necessary for us to wake up to who’s here.

“You are major players, my brave Ones, as we move to the next higher spiral of evolution. By now, we hope that you are beginning to accept what we tell you, that you are all beautiful Beings who carry a precious Spark of the Creator within your heart/soul.

“Allow your Higher Self to inspire and guide you, but please step to the fore and use the knowledge, wisdom and skills that have been so dearly won.” (8)

Part of being a lightworker, he implies, is the necessity to lead.

“It is important for the lightworker community [to lead] because they have stepped forward, acknowledged, and remembered why they are here.

“So we are in this sacred partnership. Are we in partnership with every being on the planet? Yes. But it is difficult when you are in a partnership and the other person does not realize it. So we are working with those who realize we are in partnership. And so that is why we are having these conversations.” (9)

The conversation will expand, he says, until all are in the lightworker family.

Archangel Michael: Does the conversation expand organically and naturally? Does the energy go out to the entire planet, those who want to hear and those who don’t want to hear? Yes, it does. But it begins with the lightworker community. That is what we have need of.

Steve Beckow:  And I suppose then more and more people join the lightworker community?

AAM:  Exactly, until it is one family and one path. (10)

AAM even wants us to step out in areas we may not know a lot about. I recently wrote an article on mastery and then threw it away. I discussed this with him.

Steve Beckow:  What you said is totally fascinating to me because I’ve been going through some of those stages that you are talking about. For instance just last night … I began to inquire into mastery and I trashed the article because I thought I was getting too far ahead of the discussion. But you’re saying we need to step onto these new paths or at least make a trial formulation and get the discussion going. Is that what you are saying?

Archangel Michael: That is what we are requesting. And you should not have trashed that article.

SB: [laughing] Well, I can resurrect it.

AM: Yes. We know you can, and if you cannot we most certainly can.

SB: [Laughing] Very good.

AM: You see there is [no] shying away. (11)

There is no shying away, even if our knowledge is partial or new. Even an article that gets it wrong helps the idea to enter into the collective consciousness.

If I can take up the challenge to step out in subjects I sometimes know little about, then, hey, you can lead too. I invite you to join me, in any area you please. Even in areas where you feel yourself lacking in. A year from now, we won’t recognize you or me and we’ll feel less limitation or none. And we’ll be ready and able to step into the arenas that open then.

All this having been said, all the clearing we’ve been doing is designed to help us lead without falling into the trap of self-importance.  We can feel self-importance. It feels great, but it leads to disastrous consequences.

It offends everyone around us and invites ridicule so please don’t go there.

I feel an irresistible urge to start as many new things as I can, to lead, to venture out, to explore.

One of my next ventures will be to raise awareness of the global nature of the social discourse we’re immersed in.


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art                n c wyeth

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