Leaving Time–The Arcturians Webinar about “leaving time” @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Leaving Time–The Arcturians Webinar about “leaving time”

The Arcturians

Many of our volunteers have been asking to visit the Starship.  We wish to remind that you that not only do you visit the Starship, you also live there. However, many of you have not yet fully connected with that expression of your SELF. You will soon. Then your conscious experiences of being on the ship will begin.

You will begin by remembering not the ship, but the YOU who lives on it. Once you remember that reality, you will have your first stepping-stone into your fifth dimensional reality. Everyone has a stepping-stone life, in which they “step into” a higher dimensional expression of their multidimensional self.

Soon everyone will begin to remember the details of this, your present life is a “stepping-stone” reality, as well as other similar incarnations. However, the secret is to know that everything you remember and everything you imagine is REAL because you created it.

In other words, in the fifth dimension and beyond what you think about, you bring about. This final stage of ascension into the fifth dimension can be problematic because you must BE the master of your thoughts and emotions.

Furthermore, everything you think and feel creates your reality. In the fifth dimension your every thought and emotion will instantly manifest. Because of this, it is vital that you gain mastery over your fears. The two vital tools with which to gain mastery over fear is INFORMATION and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Furthermore, if the information you receive does not “feel” like unconditional love, then discard it and look for a higher frequency source. Fortunately, unconditional love is not only the antidote to fear, it is also the firewall that keeps fear from penetrating your consciousness.

If you suspect fear, protect your solar plexus for it is the area where your 12 Cranial Nerves connects with your abdomen. Thus it is the area in your earth vessel where your thoughts and emotions merge to create thought forms. You do not want any lower frequency thoughts to enter the sacred temple of your earth vessel.

Therefore, we ask that if you recognize the emotion of fear in your lower chakras, you chose perceive the energy patterns of that information with your opened Third Eye. Fear cannot penetrate your Third Eye. Therefore, you will not be harmed by the perception of it.

In fact, you can use your Third Eye to transfer any fearful messages to your High Heart. Your High Heart will then send unconditional love into that message, emotion and/or thought-form. The mere thought of unconditional love will protect you from, and heal, your fear.

Yes, fear can be healed for it is a human creation. Begin to think of your every thought and emotion as your own human energy field, as your personal energy field will naturally seek and merge with other energy fields of the same resonance.

When you are the master of your thoughts and emotions, you are a conscious creator of the thought forms you send out into your environment. Those thought forms, which are much like “the children of your breath,” seek other higher frequency energy fields and thought forms.

As you expand your own inner frequency of consciousness, you will gain greater mastery over your thoughts and your emotions will be more loving. Hence, your thought forms will create energy patterns that flow towards and/or into the higher dimensional light streams.

If you enter a higher dimensional light stream and maintain a high enough frequency of consciousness to remain there, you will flow onto a beautiful inter-dimensional journey. While on this excursion you will be able to perceive reality from many different points of perspective within the same NOW.

These multidimensional perceptions pull your consciousness beyond time, and hence, out of the 3D Matrix. The 3D Matrix is the holographic projection, the “3D video game of physical earth,” which you entered when you took a physical “avatar” body within Earth’s 3D Matrix.

When you are in the NOW for only a moment you gather the sensation of perceiving all reality, thoughts, emotions and people within the total unity of the NOW of the ONE. Much as you learn a dance by repeating the same steps over and over, you will learn the feeling of stepping out of the Matrix by “stepping out of it” over and over.

Then, when your consciousness returns to Beta Waves and you re-enter the Matrix, you KNOW that you have been somewhere, doing something, but your physical brain cannot intercept or bond with that high frequency of light/information.

Therefore, you know that something happened, that you went somewhere or did something, but your 3D brain will not be able to “read” that frequency of your memory patterns. After you have repeated this experience again and again you begin to recognize the sequence of events that leads you to release ALL sequence and return to the simultaneous NOW. This realization allows you to slowly gain mastery over the process of leaving time.

Your 3D brain will not be able to guide you through this process, but your earth vessel will. The reason why your earth vessel will be able to surrender to that which your brain cannot, is because your earth vessel is your animal packages that is created of the exact elements and fifth dimensional elemental as the planet.

Therefore, your small earth vessel can tap into the planet to amplify the energy shift that Gaia’s planet and all Her inhabitants are experiencing. Those who have enough information to be able to understand and accept the higher energy waves of light will blend with this NOW in which every atom of the physical world is beginning to increase its spin.

When you simultaneously tune into an energy field as small as an atom AND as large as a planet your 3D brain becomes so disoriented that is disconnects from the Matrix. This disconnect is much like a pulling the plug then quickly plugged it back in again.

This instant, intense shift resets your consciousness into a “brief moment of the NOW.” Within that “brief moment” your earth vessel experiences it’s “shut down.” However, your consciousness can soar free of your time-bound body and soar into the higher frequencies like a rocket.

Once your consciousness can perceive an eye-blink of no-time of NOW, it opens a new portal of light that was formerly unknown in your daily life. This inter-dimensional portal travels through the HERE and NOW which is free of time and hold NO space. There is only HERE. There is only NOW.

Within the HERE and NOW is all the realities to which your higher consciousness can adhere to and connect with via the new portals that you have connected to your life stream. Your “life stream” is your “signature frequency.” In the higher dimensions, you are not recognized by your name or your looks. You are recognized by your signature frequency.

You are beginning to understand that YOU are a field of energy flowing through the NOW that has chosen to “visit” the lower frequencies of time and space. Via your innate, higher dimensional observation, you can choose to send out a new life stream into time and space.

However, your physical self is not aware of these decisions. The earth vessel that you are wearing is merely the “space suit” in which YOU confine your immense energy field so that you can experience the physical world first hand.

Your physical energy package is surrounded by and integrated with myriad multidimensional energy fields, thought forms and light streams. You can only perceive the components of your personal light package that resonate to the state of your consciousness.

Fortunately, as you increasingly tune into your own energy package, your consciousness can more consciously experience the continual flow light streams, portals, thought forms and/or the energy fields through which you are traveling.

These perceptions can be quite confusing if you are newly remembering your Multidimensional SELF because there are myriad possible, probable, alternate and parallel realities that simultaneously flow through the higher dimensions.

Furthermore, all experiences are occurring with the NOW.  Many who are new to this experience chose to quickly “shut down” this “view screen” of reality. But the brief experience of uncontainable joy, unity, purpose and love whispers into their hearts to “try again.”

Just as you may get into and out of the water until you are accustomed to that temperature, your consciousness will flow into and out of these higher frequency perceptions until you acclimate to those frequencies of reality.

In fact, your early perceptions of these higher worlds may appear to you as if you are looking at them under water. These higher dimensional worlds flow like seaweed, many creature move like fish, and all extremes blur into the ONE of the Flow.

We, your Galactic and Celestial Family are so happy to see our volunteers to Earth beginning to remember what they always knew. However, the extreme darkness that has moved through Gaia’s world has created fear within your body. That fear has lowered your consciousness and placed your earth vessel in “fight/flight.”

It is then that you crash land onto the tarmac of your third dimensional matrix. However, if you can remember to look through the matrix, rather that at the illusions being reflecting off the matrix, you will remember to look at the identifying “signature frequencies of all that you perceive.

(* footnote for “reflecting off the matrix)

You will always find what you are looking for because you are actually creating the pathway to that which you wish to “find.” On the other hand, signature frequencies are not illusions. Signature frequencies are the “light skeleton” of your form, your area, your planet, etc.

Because there is NO separation between YOU and your world, you can only identify energy fields that resonate within the spectrum your personal energy field. In the same manner, because there is NO separation within the NOW, everything in your frequency range is responsive to your energy field.

If you want to perceive a higher frequency of reality, you must calibrate your consciousness to the frequency of reality that you wish to perceive. Once you are conscious of the NOW, you can choose to “log out” of a low frequency energy field by expanding your signature frequency into a higher dimension.

The lower resonance frequency will still remain, but you will NOT participate it in. In fact, when this situation arises, we ask that you send unconditional love and violet fire into that lower frequency resonance. Then, you are taking full responsibility for your life.

As your consciousness continues to expand, the responsibility of “your life” expands to encompass your family life, your community life, your national life, your planetary life, and the life of your solar system.

By this state of consciousness you will have returned to full recall of your galactic and celestial life, as well as the Mission that YOU chose to fulfill within this important incarnation.  You will also remember “Life IS everywhere and always.”

Your LIFE is telling you:

  • WHO you are being,
  • WHAT you are creating,
  • WHEN you are experiencing an initiation,
  • WHERE this initiation is occurring and
  • WHY you chose to enter your current earth vessel.

Remember to look at your life because it is YOU.


As I finished writing this channel, I became aware that I was sitting at my desk in my office writing on the computer. However, I could not remember how I got there. When I searched my memory, the last thing I could remember was sitting on the couch having a conversation with my husband and our friend.

But how did I end up sitting at my desk? I got up and went into the living room to ask my husband, “Did I fall asleep on the couch while we were talking?”

He said, “Yes, and our friend went home.”

OK, that part solved, but how did I get from falling asleep on the couch, waking up, walking into my office and writing the above message? The process of waking up, walking into my office, and writing this article was gone until I suddenly “woke up” and said, “Wait Sue, how did I get here in the office?”

Whatever happened in-between waking up and finishing this message did NOT adhere to my 3D brain, and was totally forgotten to my physical brain. I wonder how many times a day I “pop” out of time, then come back into time?

Perhaps, I am getting ready to answer that question because this “time” I could not ignore that I had “been gone,” “bi-located” and/or left 3D time. (I HOPE)

I just heard, “Your ascension is progressing exponentially.”

“Thanks Arcturians, that is good to know/remember!”

*FOOTNOTE FOR “reflecting OFF the Matrix”


What is the difference between life reflecting off the matrix and our “real life?”


Please give us your operational definition of “real life.”


Very good assignment dear Arcturians.

I will need some time to think about that answer.


Take all the time you need to remember what you already know.

Final Webinar: Living in the NOW Series!

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Book 4 was twice as long as the others, so we have split it into two books so you can better absorb the information. If your book 4 is 400 pages, you have the old version, so you have the full ending of the series. However, if your book book is about 200 pages, please stay tuned for Book 5, which is “Changing Realities.”

Thank you.

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Inner Journey note and video about being Multidimensional ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

 ART Corinne Reignier                                  Beautiful modern face and black cat

          ART : Corinne Reignier


Inner Journey note and video about being Multidimensional

May 17, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

Hello my precious friends,

Since the last blood moon, the Lunar – and the Solar Eclipse, A LOT has shifted or has instigated tremendous shifts within every single being. Nobody has been unaffected by these portals and this continues to move through every part and fiber of your being. Before Mercury goes retrograde again for approx. 3 weeks, I send out this post to let you know of some changes and some important information.

One of the things is that we are asked to focus right now on our personal journey and how we are assimilating all of the incoming codes. We are bombarded and infused with codes, energies and magnetic waves that have not been present on Earth before. Therefore focus is in order as to how you can assimilate all of this in the best way possible into your personal reality of Being. Everyone has his/her own perfect Divine way to move through this so each personal path is unique and perfectly Divine for you.

We are in this Magnificent, transforming wave since the April Blood Moon and the Lunar Eclipse, going through the solstice Gateway towards the final Blood Moon on September 27, 2015. These upcoming months will demand all of your focus to dwell within. This in order to derive only the best out of you and to transform into a whole new being bringing itself onto the world that you are and which you create. Focus, focus, FOCUS! Focus on what you wish to create for the good of ALL, for the good of SELF.

This brings me to the original intent of my note to you all. I too AM called on a journey within, to focus on all of my new birthing facets through my heart. I AM, like so many of you, crystallizing new seeds and codes of new energies which I have to experience and embody first before I can bring new teachings about. Therefore I AM called to stay within for a while in order to tap into this more profoundly and as authentically as possible. This may demand waves of long integrating periods and shifts towards embodiment or expansion.. I have no idea of how much “time” this will take but I AM stepping in with trust and allowing it to unfold : honoring this momentum and stretch.

So I AM going to be less “active” online (Facebook and emails) but will keep on performing my reading sessions which are already booked and those that will be booked. I am not gone, simply less active on the net, but will stick my head out at times when a breather arrives and then I will share! At least what is possible to be shared. Therefore I have put new audio packages online and used discount rates for many of my products/tools to keep on assisting you all during my “more” absent periods and my inner journey. These discount rates will stay online till the end of the Mercury retrograde so that I can focus more on the upcoming Solstice portal and on all the energy work that needs to be done.

I am adding a video which I have recorded in January 2015 but I was adviced by my Team of Light at that time to not post this yet as many would not be ready for this.  Now I am posting it out there and share it with you so that you all may have a better feel of why I am deciding to take more time for my inner journey.  Some of you may even recognize much within your own life. Many are experiencing this at this time but it is not easy to convey this to others.  Honor this process and experience it the fullest.To those whom are experiencing the same: this one is for you!  To all the ones whom feel schocked by it or are not ready yet: let it Be.

I also added a new audio tool for Self acceptance and healing services in my webshop. Check it out at http://www.melinelafont.com/#!specials–special-prices-and-discounts-/cn4

If you already have these tools and products: introduce these to the newbies, friends and families so that they too can enjoy these and be assisted as well. These are on discount for over 3 weeks. It might help them on this intense journey and assist them to assimilate things with more ease.

I bless you on this Wave and hold you all in my heart. Together we travel through time-lines and Dimensions.

I would LOVE a donation to support my energy work and time to spread so much of free tools and messages.

Much love

Méline Portia Lafont



ART Corinne Reignier                                  Beautiful modern face and black cat

The Magnification of the Soul by Archangel Metatron ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

website metatron source Jose Soledad

 ART : Metatron ~ Jose Soledad


The Magnification of the Soul

by Archangel Metatron

Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 15th May 2015 – Sacred School of OmNa

Dear beloved ones, I wish to greet you with the news that the Crucifixion energies which anchored in December 2014 are now beginning to decrease in their volume and presence within your being and reality. The energies flowing from the Creator labelled by us as Crucifixion energies held the purpose of encouraging and supporting you in releasing old cycles which had been re-patterning in your life for some time, even throughout numerous past lifetimes. Old cycles and aspects of yourself were asked to be released and erased eternally in order to allow the greater aspect of your soul to step forth into embodiment. The Crucifixion energies encouraged issues which required to be resolved to rise to the surface to be recognised, allowing you to understand yourself more fully, while purifying and preparing yourself for a greater soul embodiment.

Now is the time for greater soul embodiment, now is a period of magnification of your soul in manifestation within your physical being and reality. The Crucifixion wave of light may return to further purify and cleanse your being, however in the coming five months there is a most beautiful vibration unfolding from the core of the Creator for all to bathe within and accept into all aspects of their being. Those who require to work with the Crucifixion energies for a lengthier period, as they focus on releasing core deep seated issues which have been influencing their realities in limiting ways, will continue to do so supported by the energies of magnification to create a powerful release and inner healing. Those who have let go of all cycles which were appropriate to release will allow themselves to be embraced in the glistening shimmering light of the magnification. Please note not al l cycles of limitations could be released during the period of the Crucifixion energies, many people simply held core cycles which they needed to discard, other limitations may remain to be released with divine timing.

The energies of magnification are flowing from the core of the source of the Creator, this is a vibration of amplification from the Creator, it is likened to an empowering love shared with all. It has the ability to enlarge, develop and expand your energies, being, spiritual evolution and reality upon the Earth. You might say that now is the time to think big, to contemplate, perceive and recognise yourself and your reality beyond limitations and restrictions, beyond the boundaries and constraints you place upon yourself and your reality. The energies the Creator brings forth allows for all that you are now as well as all you focus upon being, to be intensified, encouraged and to manifest for your experience. This means that it is an important time to be focused, to recognise yourself in the way you wish to be, wish to live and be recognised or perceived. It is also a wonderful opport unity to fine tune your manifestation skills, recognising within your mind, emotions and creations any areas which are misaligned with the Creator. The magnification energies from the Creator can even support deeper healing experiences as you focus upon yourself  healed or free from the constraints you create for yourself through false beliefs or disbelief in yourself. It is a time for you to focus upon that which you truly are; if you require healing, peace, abundance, support or love then it is appropriate for you to recognise yourself already experiencing these natural aspects of your being, so they may be magnified by the Creator, therefore embodying and cementing the truth of your being within your consciousness, awareness and recognition of yourself. The magnification energies in many ways allow for the continuation of releasing old cycles which no longer serve your reality and spiritual evolution because they encourage you to focus on your truth, that which you w ish to be or recognise yourself to be beyond illusion or limitations, thus encouraging you to recognise the natural expansion of your being. Everything will be magnified and amplified; this doesn’t mean that there is a need to be fearful of magnifying that which you do not wish to experience. There is simply a greater need to focus upon your soul’s further embodiment within your being and reality, which will naturally create a healing, rejuvenation and ascension within your being.

The energies of magnification flowing from the core and source of the Creator born from vibrations of empowered love are being directed to the Crystalline Kingdom which is known for its pure abilities of intensification and amplification. The Crystalline Kingdom which is the spirits of all crystals as a soul on the inner planes, are filtering the energy through their being and consciousness, acting as a space of anchor for the energy on the inner planes. Many Ascended Masters and light beings are gathering within and around the Crystalline Kingdom to witness this beautiful blessing. Within the Crystalline Kingdom there are both beings existing as crystal shapes and points as you know and recognise on the Earth, as well as in energetic body form. At the centre of the Crystalline Kingdom there is a mammoth energetic crystal point which receives and filters energies from the Creator. Thi s crystal has beams of light like roots which extend to all aspects of the Creator’s universe and is connected to all aspects of the Creator, including yourself and planet. The energies of magnification are flowing through this mammoth crystal as energetic crystalline beings surround and support the flow, also distributing the light across the universe of the Creator for all to receive. The Crystalline vibrations are most likened to the magnification vibrations of the Creator and this is why the Creator’s vibrations have been attracted to anchor in this sacred kingdom.

The Crystalline Kingdom have a purpose of anchoring the energies of Magnification into the Crystalline Grid of Mother Earth to bring cleansing, healing as well supporting the Earth in its ascension. The Crystalline Kingdom also holds the purpose of anchoring the energies of Magnification in the Crystalline Grid within each human body and physical being upon the Earth. Supported by the energy of Magnification the Crystalline Kingdom are rejuvenating the Crystalline Grids of all so quicker frequencies and greater expanded consciousness may be collected and anchored into the Crystalline Grids of the Earth and Humanity. In truth, empowered love will be anchored into your being and the Earth encouraging all to recognise and become a source of empowered love.

You may wish to visit the Crystalline Kingdom standing before the giant crystal point with the Crystalline Beings and Inner Plane Beings during your sleep state or meditation time to download and absorb the energies of magnification supported and anchored by the pure energies of the Crystalline Kingdom. This only requires an intention; you may also wish to invite me, Archangel Metatron, to transport you to the Crystalline Kingdom to witness this beautiful miracle and expression from the Creator for all to receive.

With these new heightened vibrations of the Creator anchoring into the Earth and your being, I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to focus in three areas. First focus upon receiving and absorbing the energies of magnification into your being and reality, this can be achieved simply with an intention while focusing upon inhaling deeply knowing you are breathing the supreme light into your entire being. You may also wish to use this invocation:

‘Archangel Metatron, please support me now in connecting into and receiving with perfect ease the energy wave of Magnification flowing from the Creator. I open myself fully to be magnified and amplified as I now allow myself to recognise the pure loving truth of my being and my reality, confidently knowing the beauty I am to receive, recognise within me and experience due to these powerful energies.

Archangel Metatron, please support me in connecting my entire being with the Crystalline Kingdom. I am ready to receive the expression of the Creator’s Magnification Energies from the Crystalline Kingdom and invite the Crystalline Beings to support my ability to receive and experience the Magnification energies with ease.

I now invite my soul forth to embody further into my physical body, reality, emotional body, mental body and entire being. Beloved soul this magnification is to support you in merging and synthesising your essence more fully and absolutely with my/ our physical form. The magnification of my being will be a magnification and embodiment of my soul’s beauty and truth within the physical. I am present and ready for this shift to take place within my being and reality, knowing I am supported and my experiences will be of beauty and greater love. Thank you.’

Secondly I wish to encourage you to focus upon your soul bringing attention to the embodiment of your soul. As often as you can remember, invite your soul to synthesis its essence and love with your entire being. You may wish to affirm and resonate with the affirmation: ‘I am now the beautiful embodiment of my soul in action upon the Earth.’ By simply reminding yourself of your soul you can encourage a further embodiment which will mean that your soul will be magnified within your being and reality by the Magnification energy thus there is no need for you strive to be all you wish to be, there is simply a need to recognise it within your being as eternally present.

The third focus I, Archangel Metatron, wish to encourage is a focus and attention upon that which you wish to experience and manifest for yourself and reality.  With the greater presence of your soul, you may find yourself feeling happier, joyous and more accepting of divine opportunities entering into your reality thus encouraging you to bring your focus to experiences which heighten your light and love quotient. You will be able to recognise experiences aligned with your soul as they will create feelings of deep and content happiness.  Allowing yourself to focus upon your own inner happiness means you are then presenting this to the Creator to be magnified and amplified within your being, thus aligning you with your truth, soul and the Creator more fully and completely.

Please allow me to support you as you awaken to your truth and allow the beauty of your being, soul and essence to be magnified.

In love and truth,

Archangel Metatron

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website metatron source Jose Soledad

Integrating the Sparkle of the Crystalline Flame for Abundance – The Elohim Masters Purity & Astrea @ Walking Terra Christa

quartz cluster_800_563

Integrating the Sparkle of the Crystalline Flame for Abundance

The Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea of the 4th Ray of Harmony and Balance blessed our Abundance of Light-Prosperity Circle with their essence and assistance to create our desires to become manifest within our world with the Crystalline Flame.

Blessings, My Dearest Children,

It is I, Purity with Astrea.

We are so happy to be with you again to bring forth our energies for this beautiful circle of abundance and the creation of your Light within your physical essence.

Today, we want you to concentrate on how beautiful you are from your purest essence. Do not think about your physical structure. Feel the Source of Oneness, as we sit within this beautiful garden of the 144th dimension. We bring forth that essence into the Physical Body through the breath, circling in all parts of your Being. Allow yourself to sit back and enjoy.

You are the perfect Crystalline structure. Feel your Merkabah as that Crystalline structure, from the top of your Soul Star to the bottom of your Earth Star. Think of it as a double pointed crystal.

Within that crystal are many facets. Sometimes, some of those facets need to be cleansed and purified. Just like you would purify your own crystals. Breathe deeply through this process and allow us to assist. We are the 4th step of Precipitation with the Elohim.

What does that exactly mean?

Well, you have brought forth the Will To Do and allowed the Mental Illumination to be cleared through the Second Ray. Then the Creative Actualization of the Pink Flame came of what you would truly like to create within your world was being brought forth. Now we fully allow our Crystalline Light to embrace it, allowing to sparkle. We remove any elements that may be causing blockages through you, so that the desired outcome occurs for you.

What is it today, in this moment, that you desire most of all?

Is it within your Physical Body, your Emotional Body, your Mental Body?

Is it within your physical life of what you desire to create?

What is the first element that comes into your mind from your higher mind, when you allow that illumination to come fully within you?

Think of the healing you are going through and what you need to focus upon in this moment. In all instances, if there is something out of alignment, then you cannot truly manifest the desired outcome. You may desire a better life. You may desire a new job, a new residence, or funds for a special event. Yet if you are having confliction in any of the FOUR Bodies of the Physical, the Etheric, the Emotional and the Mental, then that desired outcome is going to take a whole lot longer.

That is what we are here to assist you with. We want to bring forth the clarity you need in order to understand within yourself what it is you need to focus upon to help yourself.

I say to you again; what is it that is holding you back in this moment? You may not even realize it. Yet you may have a physical outcome that is being created within you. Think about that as we bring forth this reflection of the Crystalline Flame.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel the Crystalline Light that you truly are from your Source of Oneness, from the beginning stages of your creation. Allow this creation to fully come within your Being. Allow it to flow within you. Allow it to move through you. Allow it to be expressed through your breath, through your thoughts, through your feelings, and every part of you is now sparkling with the purity of the Crystalline Flame.

You are the beautiful crystal. You are sparkling.

The sun shines through you and it creates beautiful rainbows of Light in many different directions. Feel the transformation that is occurring now. Allow this essence to go into any part that you feel you are struggling with right now.
Allow it to go into the Physical, the Emotional, the Mental and possibly the Etheric Body. Allow all bodies to be the Crystalline Flame. Allow all bodies to project rainbows with colors of Light within you.

Let us take a breath while you feel that essence.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Say these words unto yourself

“I AM embodying the Crystalline Flame, as I now feel the sparkles of Light that are projected through the flame into every part of my being. It shoots off rainbows of colors of Light, so I am not only the Crystalline Flame, I am all colors of the spectrums of Light.

I embody this essence within myself. I allow it to come into the parts that need it the most. I feel it flowing through my being.

I feel the transformation occurring, as the regeneration is now my pathway.

I step into this doorway, as I resurrect the old elements. They no longer need to be within my creative process. I thank them for what they have given to me, but I no longer need to have them.”

I feel myself now as the Crystalline Flame.

I AM the Crystalline Flame. I AM the purest Crystalline Light that I have ever seen.

I embody it. I AM pure. I AM beautiful. I sparkle with each moment of the flame.

It brings onto me the harmonization that I desire.

I now create that desire within me. I feel it coming to me now. All the desired manifestation in this moment is me.”

State what you would like to have.

Allow it to come within you now, as you are the Crystalline Flame. You are the purity of Light. You are God’s Light within you. There is nothing else that can penetrate that Light in the power that you are. Feel it deeply.

Feel it deeply in all aspects of your being. Allow the purification of this Light to flow within you.

Now you bring unto you the desired element through your Will, through allowing the Mental Mind to Illuminate. You bring in your Higher Mind, embracing yourself with the Pink Flame and now you become the Creative Source of the Purity of it. Embrace it with Pure Light. There is nothing else that matters in this moment.

Feel it deeply. Feel it and embrace it. You are the master of your destiny. You are achieving all you desire.

Allow it to come further into yourself.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

We embrace you deeply. We wrap our arms around you with the Crystalline Flame. You are the purity of God.

Blessings and Light to each of you on your journey. We walk with you.

We are Purity and Astrea,the Elohim Masters of the 4th Ray of Harmony and Balance.

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Music from Home – The Rhythms of Life ~ Steve Rother & The Group @ Lightworker

art Thumbelina @ Zimmerli Museum

  ART : Thumbelina @ Zimmerli Museum

Beacons of Light—May 2015
Channeled Live on 2015-04-25

Music from Home
The Rhythms of Life

Greetings All, Dear Ones. You are so vibrant this day!

It is magic for us to watch you from this perspective and see some of the energetic changes taking place with all of you. The magic has begun on planet Earth and all of you are shifting in a very magical way. Since it has come up several times during the course of today’s progression, we wish to speak about music. What part does that play in your life?

Mastery of Music

Well in most places, people consider music to be somewhat in the background. For the most part you have placed music in the entertainment area on your timeline and rightfully so. The interesting part is that music is so much more than that. Many of you consider yourself to be musical, yet others of you do not. Some of you say, “I cannot carry a tune so I will enjoy the music from a distance, but will not sing aloud.” Well, have you ever considered that if you are tone deaf or cannot carry a tune at all in this lifetime, perhaps you have already mastered what you needed to in terms of music? Here is the interesting part about music, it is cumulative between lifetimes.  There is no right or wrong about any of it, for the reality is that if you pick up an instrument and it fits your spirit then imagine that you have an expression to create the vibration from Home.

The Rhythms Within – The Inner Music From Home

Many of you are creating music when you speak, though you are not aware of it. You think, “I don’t do that because I am tone deaf. I cannot carry a note, so obviously I am not going to sing.” The truth is that all of you have rhythms deep within you that are starting to change, which is opening the capabilities for humanity to see itself in a totally different way. The magic has begun, dear ones.
Now imagine in ancient times, long before your recorded history, as early humans  you were making sounds. In the beginning a couple of bones would serve rather well for rhythm instruments. You learned to communicate through that form of rhythm and have used it in several different cultures as you have evolved humanity. Then you started working with the notes and became aware that your own voice had a range. You would find or make instruments that could replicate at least a tiny bit of the energy from Home. The music that each of you hears all the time is from Home. That is the beautiful part and all you are doing is trying to replicate that inner connection, the inner music from Home. It is only when two or more came together that they created a harmony, which was actually the beginning of the harmonic process; harmonizing your music with other beings became the beginning of the scales. Dear ones, the scales did not exist before you tried to come together. That was the reason they were made in the first place, so you would  be able to hit harmonics once in a while. That has evolved into all of the music that you hear in different ways. We tell you this now, because on your planet, much of your music is about to shift.

Changing Rhythms and Imperfect Scales

You are evolving very rapidly as spiritual beings pretending to play this game of humanity. As you evolve, your likes and dislikes around you will also start to change rapidly. It is a very beautiful process to watch and we will share some of this with you as we move even further into it. You will start to hear things that may sound a bit dissonant, especially having to do with rhythm. If you work with a song that has four beats but then start another rhythm with four beats which suddenly goes with five, it will capture your attention in a way that is almost a distraction. You do not think of it as music; you think of it as something wrong. Well, that will soon change as you will see a variety of rhythms that will start to become the norm. Not only the rhythms but your music in general will shift, and eventually your scales will start to find a new base.

The scales are the most difficult part. Now that you have the technology to do this, you can take the highest and lowest notes that you can create and divide them perfectly equally into segments. If you play that it will sound terrible, but why? Why does it sound terrible if you divide everything into perfect segments? Well, it does not actually sound terrible, dear ones, it simply does not have the full richness of the harmony of the overtones of one instrument adding to the overtones and the final piece of another blending together. Because in order to do that, your scales have to be imperfect.

Look at your piano keyboard and you will see that there is a missing note—at least one. You will notice there are other places where the perfection of the scales had to be brought into imperfection. Only then could your human ears could pick it up and make it sound similar to the energy and the light you always hear in the music of Home. So, these are very fascinating times for those of you who have considered yourself to be non-musical in this lifetime. We ask you to understand that although you may not be starting a recording career or step out on the road with your band, even  the rhythm and the tone of your voice emulates that music you hear deep inside. Dear ones, it helps to make the connections in everyone around you.

Cumulative Musical Skills

Now the other part of that is musical abilities are cumulative over many lifetimes. If you work very hard and study as a musician then die suddenly, you leave that lifetime. When you come back in, you still have to train your body and fingers where things are, but the rest of it comes very quickly.  In general, you basically pick up where you left off in the last lifetime with music and your expression of music. You call it “music,” but at Home we do not even identify it because it is such a part of our everyday lives. We do not even have a word to identify it as separate from ourselves, because it is such a part of each of us. That too, will also happen here.

Re-defining Music’s Place in Your Life

With the many changes in technology, you have found new distribution systems and capabilities for music.  Because of the belief that everything on your Internet must be free, many of your musicians are starving on planet Earth right now. Some of them simply cannot afford to be in the music business, because they cannot even earn a living that way. This is actually  a change in the way your society sees things and it is very fascinating. In the beginning, you opened up your Internet and everything on your Internet was free. But is it really “free”? Is it not frustrating when you download a simple thing and you end up with a virus on your computer? It happens all the time, dear ones, so nothing is really free even on the Internet because there is a reason they are doing it. They are either advertising something or downloading a program that you do not particularly want on your computer. This is a challenge that all of humanity is going through as you are re-defining music’s place in your life.

Currently, you have many distribution systems and it is very easy to tap into a wide variety of music. You are accustomed to receiving that and awakening the energy deep within you. You will also find ways of redistributing it anchoring that light. There is nothing sadder for us to see than a musician who finally records their work, but it never is heard. The changes in your way of thinking about music are starting to shift, which is beautiful for us to watch. It is somewhat of a challenge for many of you, especially those who make a living in music. The beautiful part is that music is so integrated into every being. It is music that will re-mind them of Home and they will light up when they hear it. You can change your internal energy simply by listening to music — it is magical! You have sent out the call and a wide variety of music will be available in a short time. Now, dear ones, you have ways of healing each other with music.

All of You Are Musicians

Now, what of those who consider themselves to be tone deaf? Well, we love that as it is truly magical. Quite simply, it means that you will not be able to harmonize in the same way that other people do. It does not mean that you do not have an ear for music or that you do not have that inner cord of music pulsing through you from Home all the time. Now, who creates the music at Home? That is the interesting part. No one. It is part of the overall structure of the collective and created in the same way that many of you will. You have gone through the process of working alone with your scales and have found the perfect imperfections. You are now even playing with them, dividing them equally in the Solfeggio scales and many of the master number scales that are also available. You will start playing in new ways and we will cheer you on. When you hear these melodies that at first may sound dissonant, open your heart and simply take it all in. It is not that you must like every form of music, for it is as personalized as you are. Find that piece that helps you awaken from the dream, that chord that can rejuvenate you and remind your spirit constantly of that flow of beautiful music coming from Home. All of you are musicians, for you would not be here if you were not. All of you have had incarnations directly associated with the expression of music on planet Earth. Find it now, love that and re-member Home. That is the beauty that can be shared by all of you at this point.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways and give you reminders…not to tell you where to look, but to help you to re-member what you already know. The beauty within each of you has begun to grow; it is magical for us to watch. We ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another every chance you get and play well together. You are more beautiful than you imagine.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

– See more at: http://www.lightworker.com/beacons/2015/2015_05-Music_from_Home.php#sthash.I2BVC2IO.dpuf


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