Inner Journey note and video about being Multidimensional ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

 ART Corinne Reignier                                  Beautiful modern face and black cat

          ART : Corinne Reignier


Inner Journey note and video about being Multidimensional

May 17, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

Hello my precious friends,

Since the last blood moon, the Lunar – and the Solar Eclipse, A LOT has shifted or has instigated tremendous shifts within every single being. Nobody has been unaffected by these portals and this continues to move through every part and fiber of your being. Before Mercury goes retrograde again for approx. 3 weeks, I send out this post to let you know of some changes and some important information.

One of the things is that we are asked to focus right now on our personal journey and how we are assimilating all of the incoming codes. We are bombarded and infused with codes, energies and magnetic waves that have not been present on Earth before. Therefore focus is in order as to how you can assimilate all of this in the best way possible into your personal reality of Being. Everyone has his/her own perfect Divine way to move through this so each personal path is unique and perfectly Divine for you.

We are in this Magnificent, transforming wave since the April Blood Moon and the Lunar Eclipse, going through the solstice Gateway towards the final Blood Moon on September 27, 2015. These upcoming months will demand all of your focus to dwell within. This in order to derive only the best out of you and to transform into a whole new being bringing itself onto the world that you are and which you create. Focus, focus, FOCUS! Focus on what you wish to create for the good of ALL, for the good of SELF.

This brings me to the original intent of my note to you all. I too AM called on a journey within, to focus on all of my new birthing facets through my heart. I AM, like so many of you, crystallizing new seeds and codes of new energies which I have to experience and embody first before I can bring new teachings about. Therefore I AM called to stay within for a while in order to tap into this more profoundly and as authentically as possible. This may demand waves of long integrating periods and shifts towards embodiment or expansion.. I have no idea of how much “time” this will take but I AM stepping in with trust and allowing it to unfold : honoring this momentum and stretch.

So I AM going to be less “active” online (Facebook and emails) but will keep on performing my reading sessions which are already booked and those that will be booked. I am not gone, simply less active on the net, but will stick my head out at times when a breather arrives and then I will share! At least what is possible to be shared. Therefore I have put new audio packages online and used discount rates for many of my products/tools to keep on assisting you all during my “more” absent periods and my inner journey. These discount rates will stay online till the end of the Mercury retrograde so that I can focus more on the upcoming Solstice portal and on all the energy work that needs to be done.

I am adding a video which I have recorded in January 2015 but I was adviced by my Team of Light at that time to not post this yet as many would not be ready for this.  Now I am posting it out there and share it with you so that you all may have a better feel of why I am deciding to take more time for my inner journey.  Some of you may even recognize much within your own life. Many are experiencing this at this time but it is not easy to convey this to others.  Honor this process and experience it the fullest.To those whom are experiencing the same: this one is for you!  To all the ones whom feel schocked by it or are not ready yet: let it Be.

I also added a new audio tool for Self acceptance and healing services in my webshop. Check it out at!specials–special-prices-and-discounts-/cn4

If you already have these tools and products: introduce these to the newbies, friends and families so that they too can enjoy these and be assisted as well. These are on discount for over 3 weeks. It might help them on this intense journey and assist them to assimilate things with more ease.

I bless you on this Wave and hold you all in my heart. Together we travel through time-lines and Dimensions.

I would LOVE a donation to support my energy work and time to spread so much of free tools and messages.

Much love

Méline Portia Lafont!Inner-Journey-note-and-video-about-being-Multidimensional/c112t/5558cdad0cf2836c88459434


ART Corinne Reignier                                  Beautiful modern face and black cat

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