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green gold white 2_800_500As we journeyed with each of the Elohim Masters for Manifestation in our Abundance of Light – Prosperity Circle, Cyclopea and Virgina, the Elohim representing the 5th Ray of the Science of God shared their essence on the process of the steps of Precipitation.  This step represents the Power of Blessing through Concentration and Consecration within the Ray of Green, Gold and White.

We are Cyclopea and Virginia. It is our divine pleasure to be with each of you.

Now comes the most intensified part of the process of manifestation.

Breathe deeply. Allow your Higher Essence, your Higher Mind with your Higher Heart, to fully be within your physical creation.

As we meditate together, you allow your Higher Consciousness to come into this space. Feel your Physical Body through the process is an important step. One cannot be done without the other. You must fully allow the essence of the I AM Presence to give the blessing of the desire that is truly part of this process. Let us think about this for a little bit.

You have a thought of what you would like to manifest in your life. We call that the desire.

We go through the process of bringing forth the different stages of the Will and the Power to do so.

You illuminate it with Love and Wisdom.

You adore it and bless it with the Pink Flame of Love, allowing the Creative Actualization to occur.

You move into the ability to feel the Harmonization within yourself and resurrect anything that does not fit the aspects of the desired outcome.

Now we allow those previous four steps to be Concentrated within us, so that we can fully bless it, so that we can Consecrate it.

Concentration and Consecration are two elements of one and the same. What it basically represents is allowing your Higher Mind to concentrate on it so deeply that it consecrates it. You see, the Higher Mind of your Higher Essence Of The God Essence that you are is your ability to bring that forth into your physical creation.

Allow the physical part of you to feel this essence. The lower mind, the lower self and the lower ego surrender onto the higher essence. Part of this process is not to allow the lower mind, the subconscious mind to be so involved within it that it becomes a concentration of thought processes 24 hours a day.

“I need this, I want this, I desire this.” That is not what we are sharing.

What we are sharing is to allow the Higher Mind to fully concentrate it from the Higher Essence into your Lower Essence. This is where many individuals get lost within their manifestations. They go about their days. They go about their physical lives and they forget that they are the Higher Mind. They are the Higher Essence. They are the I AM Presence that has all these aspects you are desiring to create within yourself. Allow the Physical Body to relax, the physical mind, and the physical ego that wants to get in the way to control things.

You must allow the Higher Ego to come in. You must allow the I AM to be the only deciding rule. That is how you fully bless yourself through the process. Your Lower Mind will try to pull apart elements within the desires and separate parts to make you think you are not worthy of the entire manifestation. It is the rule of the Lower Ego. We would like to assist you with is to not even go there.

How does one not go there, when they truly have a difficult time in allowing the manifestation to occur?

Through your breath, of course ~ through your Light ~ through moments such as these, of allowing the Higher Essence to come into the Lower Essence and to change it.

Let us do this now.

Feel the beautiful essences that are within this garden of the Green reflected with Gold and White. Let it come into your Third Eye. Feel the music of the spheres.

Have you ever noticed when you have music coming to your ears, you flow easier?

You feel the essence of movement coming within the body. Allow the frequency of Light that you are incorporating to be blessed by song, by notes of Divine Wisdom. Let us think about that now and feel the angels singing in this beautiful garden. We allow that essence to come within us to relax everything else.

What happens when you desire something so deeply that you can become tense with it?

You may want to concentrate upon it so much, yet you are not concentrating through the Higher Mind. You are concentrating within the Lower Mind, which causes the confliction to occur and the stress to happen within the body. The Higher Essence of your I AM does not have that stress. It is not physical.

It is your Spiritual Embodiment.

Allow that to flow within you now, so that you can allow the Consecration of your desired moment to come into your full existence through your Physical, your Etheric, your Emotional and your Mental; so that the Spiritual Body can completely have its say.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel the settling of your Higher Essence within your Heart Center. Feel the fluidness that you are. Feel the song flowing through your mind, through your ears, into your heart. Expand it within you all the way down into your Full Body System. Not only within your mind. Feel it.

Concentrate on this element. Say these words onto yourself:

I call upon the Divine Essence of my I AM Presence to fully give me Harmony of the Spheres, the song I hear from the angels.

Divine Masters Virginia and Cyclopea sing to me.

They sing to me their praise. They sing to me their ability to flow into the moment.

I now feel myself concentrating deeply on what I desire in this moment.

I accept the blessing that is being given to me through my I AM Presence and the beautiful essence of the Green, the Gold and the White coming into me of the Ray of the Science of God.

God only wants me to achieve what I desire from my Highest Essence and allow it to flow from the highest part that I Am of the Spiritual Being of my I AM Presence through my Antakarana Bridge; the rainbow bridge into my Soul Star, into my Chakra system, into my physical essence, into my organs, into my blood stream, into everything that pumps within me.

I allow it to go down and down through all my Chakras, into my lower limbs and into Earth Star, so I ground it. I concentrate on it so deeply. I feel the blessing.

I feel the blessing of the Consecration within me. It comes not from anything else but my own I AM Presence.

I now feel the manifestation I desire in this moment. Whether it is to achieve love, whether it is to have a harmonious relationship, whether it is to create physical funds, physical elements to sustain my life and the person that I AM.

Say to yourself,

I AM with human needs; I am also the Divine Beingness of all that I AM.

I create all that I desire through the beautiful essences of Concentrating and Consecrating it with the blessing of all that I AM.

I stand with Cyclopea and Virginia, the Elohim Masters of this beautiful Ray of the Science of God.

I see that this is my truth. This is my divinity of Light to come onto me.

I feel the power of it. It is within my heart. It is within all my aspects, as I fully allow this moment of blessing to be within me.

I feel the angels singing to me.

I feel my own essences in Harmonization of Light of the Power that I AM.

I bless it deeply through this essence.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel the blessing that you are. Feel the Consecration of all you desire within your world. Feel it. Taste it. Experience it. Be it. It is you.

It is our divine pleasure as Cyclopea and Virginia of this beautiful Ray to fully imbue the essence onto your feelings, acceptance, and joy.

May peace be with each of you.


The Abundance of Light ~ Creating Prosperity Together Circle takes place on the 1st, 2nd & 4th Saturday’s at 10 AM Pacific and is a free service.  Please use the link to register for this amazing circle of light.

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