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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Living In-Between and Free Meditation Download


Free Download of Arcturian Morning Message 6-2-15

Living In-Between

Introduction to Become ONE ~ People and Planet

It is all about attention and intention. In the higher dimensions your attention sets your intension, and they are as loud as your voice is in the third dimension. In fact, they are louder because they create powerful thought-forms that feel like the wind against your face, rain on your head, the smell of something remembered, the sun on your forehead or the cold foreboding of an ensuing storm.

When you place your attention on anything, you automatically align with it, as there is no separation, as you know it on the third or even fourth dimension. Therefore, placing your attention on anything sets your intention, your choice, to bond with and experience that which you call reality.

We say “reality” as there are no borders around persons, places, or things. However, there is an aura to everything in the fifth dimension and beyond. The fifth dimension is likely the first dimension you will return to, to enjoy the life you simultaneously have there.

Allow us to explain the above statement. You, the members of our “away team

bi-located into your current earth vessel. Therefore, you have an ongoing reality in whatever fifth dimensional reality in which you chose to take a form on Gaia to assist with planetary ascension.

If you return to the location of your fifth dimensional reality in which you volunteered to bi-locate into an earth vessel, which is likely one of Starships or Motherships, you may at first be distracted by your natural ability to perceive everyone’s aura. Most of the beings on the Ships are fifth dimensional or above, so they carry a bright golden aura.

Eventually, it will become natural to see the auras, which are also a form of communication. In other words, you can communicate via the Light Language of communing aura to aura, and/or you can use a voice.

Because there are many visitors who come from Earth, the members of the Ship practice using their voices on a regular basis. Often they will also send Light Language as a means to teach that language to the visitors.

These Ships, especially your visits to the Ships, is a means in which you can be in-between your usual third dimensional resonance and your fifth dimensional self. This “in-between” is NOT the fourth dimensional dream world, but more of a “Threshold to the fifth dimension.”

You are NOW entering that in-between. This in-between is much like the desert in-between the mountain ranges, the vast waters in-between the ports. While in the In-Between, you must LET GO of trying to control where you are going.

However, you are not going any where, or even any when, because you are leaving the known world of time to journey into the unknown world of the NOW. Hence you are not taking a physical, emotional or mental journey.

This journey is indescribable to your 3D brain. It is a journey of transitioning your consciousness. This transition of consciousness cannot be described via any third dimensional language. It can only be described via the imagery of Light Language.

Therefore, we use the visual of a child going across “monkey bars.” Monkey Bars are much like a ladder that is held horizontally above the ground between two vertical ladders. The child must climb the vertical ladder to the top rung then reach out to grab the horizontal ladder with one hand while they also hold on to the vertical ladder.

Then, they must “let go” of the vertical ladder and swing that arm forward to grab the next rung of the horizontal ladder. At this point, they are hanging from the vertical ladder like a monkey hanging from a tree. Thus, the name “monkey bars” is used.

However, with your journey in-between third dimensional time and space and into the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond, there is NO sequence of physical rungs to hold on to as you make your crossing.

You are leaving that which is familiar to your 3D thinking and moving (while you are remaining still) into realities that are ruled by operating systems that you never experienced while wearing a physical form.

Also, you will make this timeless journey to the HERE of the NOW, without any maps. There is no GPS to guide you, no one (except for your Multidimensional SELF) who has gone before to “chart the territory.” YOU are flowing into the unknown with only unconditional love for your compass.

This journey, which you are NOW taking, does not have a known destination because you are not traveling into a different place. Instead, you are migrating into a higher dimension of reality.

Much like birds travel the vast sky and whales travel the vast ocean, you will travel the multiple dimensions. However, your parents or the flock of birds or pod of whales are not with you to teach you how to navigate your journey. Also, whales use sonar echolocation, whereas birds have tiny bits of a magnetic mineral called magnetite to enable them to use the earth’s magnetic field as a migration guide.

But your journey is beyond third dimensional sounds or magnetic fields. In fact, it is even beyond the earth vessel that you are wearing. Your earth vessel is much like the booster rockets used to send spacecraft past the resistance of earth’s atmosphere.

Just as a booster rocket falls away once the spacecraft is past that resistance, your third dimensional earth vessel will fall away, and your fifth dimensional Lightbody will continue your journey. However, your earth vessel will not be damaged when you burst into Lightbody.

You earth vessel will be stored within your Lightbody, just as your Lightbody is stored within your physical body. Your Lightbody is stored within the Kundalini force, which is stored within your spinal column. In the same manner, your physical body will be stored within the core of your Lightbody.

Please remember that you are innately a multidimensional being who has a body, which is much like an envelope of consciousness, which is always a component of your Multidimensional SELF, whether or not you are aware of that fact.

Unfortunately, humanity has been taught to look outwards for the information that they need. Therefore, they do not know that all questions and quests can be fulfilled within the energy package of their own physical earth vessel.

The journey of which we are speaking is a journey that occurs withIN your earth vessel, withIN your consciousness. It is your state of consciousness that runs the GPS of where you are going.

However, when you are going beyond the illusion of time, you must release all attachment to the “booster rocket” of your third/fourth dimensional SELF and allow your fifth dimensional Lightbody to take the helm.

How does it FEEL to allow your Lightbody to guide you through the narrows of the In-Between? The “narrows” represent the feeling that your body has when you need to squeeze between two places.

Your body is likely experiencing some of that feeling now because the polarities of 3D reality are beginning to connect. Within the core of that connection is the “In-Between” of which we speak. The In-Between is getting more and more narrow, as all reality is beginning to resonate to the NOW.

Within your NOW, your consciousness is beginning to expand beyond the limitations and illusions of the third dimension. Hence, you perceive your 3D reality from a higher perspective. Thus, the dramas, duties, chores, and work of your physical world seem burdensome and boring.

Simultaneously, you are feeling an urge to be creative, to find new information, to research what is happening to you and to bask in a new feeling that you never had before. However, much like you could not stay in water that is too “hot” for too long, you cannot stay in these higher frequencies for too long.

It is not that you don’t want to stay in that frequency. It is more that you “can’t” stay in frequency. Your 3D life needs you. You have responsibilities, duties, and chores. You also have many things that you love about your 3D life such as people, places, creativity, and contributions to a changing world.

Well, here is the good news. You do NOT have to give up your 3D life. Remember, you are not leaving your entire physical world. You are only leaving the TIME of your physical world to experience the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Hence, your consciousness can expand into the fifth dimensional resonance, have a wonderful experience, then return to the 3D just a second before or after it left. Of course, your 3D brain cannot register this information as it is only calibrated to attend to and accept information about the physical world.

However, as you expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond, you begin to function via the “external hard-drive” of your Multidimensional Mind. Therefore, your multidimensional journeys into the NOW are available for you to re-visit whenever you expand you consciousness into the fifth dimension, so that you can read that hard-drive.

“The NOW” means the fifth dimension and beyond. Those who fully resonate to the third dimension, or even the lower fourth dimension, cannot perceive the changes within their self or within their reality, because those changes are occurring at the frequency of the fifth dimension.

Actually, the changes are that YOU are merging with the fifth dimension and beyond. But YOU must believe in order to perceive. Your third dimensional brain has a filter on it, which only allows you to perceive what you believe. The “glitch” in your 3D brain was placed there long ago during the dark times of Atlantis.

However, you can easily expand your consciousness beyond that implanted belief with assistance from your Multidimensional SELF. It is the NOW to take the helm of your own life. The journey into the NOW of which we speak is the means by which you will be the Master of your own life.

Power-Over-Others can only exist in the third and lower fourth dimensions. Once you expand your consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimension, you become a raft of light floating on a deep ocean. That which occurs at the bottom of the sea is not a threat to you, but you may choose to assist others who have not yet made the journey to their own “raft of light.”

While you are assisting other persons, we ask that you also assist your dear planet, Gaia. She, too, tires of the low frequencies and the incessant dramas of the humans attached to Her 3D Matrix. Just as you are ready to return to your Multidimensional Human, Gaia is ready to return to Her Multidimensional Planet.

Some cannot, yet, believe that reality can transmute into a higher frequency. Therefore, they cannot perceive it. On the other hand, those who can believe they are innately multidimensional are transmuting along with Gaia and are ever changing.

How do you discern the FEEL of your Multidimensional SELF in your daily life? Take a moment to recognize any changes you have experienced as your physical self is connecting with your Multidimensional SELF.

Your physical body will be your guide on this journey because it represents the Unity of your SELF. Your physical body must incorporate all your thoughts, emotions, and states of consciousness, activities, thought-forms, and reactions into ONE representation of your current expression of SELF

Your physical body is shifting because your consciousness is expanding. Your multidimensional consciousness serves as a multidimensional matrix for the energy package of your physical form. This multidimensional matrix is holding a cohesive form/energy package so that you can live in your earth vessel (stay alive to the 3D) while you are making this huge transition.

Also, your body is comprised of the same elements and elementals of earth, air, fire, and water, as of the planet on which your body NOW resides. Thus, any changes that you make on an elemental level will be shared with Gaia.

In the same manner, all of Gaia’s elemental changes are shared with you via your physical body. Are you NOW beginning to understand the immensity of this process of personal and planetary transmutation?

We will assist to understand more about your human self, as well as Gaia’s planetary self of Earth. Just as you have seven energetic fields known as chakras, so does Gaia. Both Gaia, her humans, and all her in habitants are shifting frequencies of resonance.

This human and planetary shift/transmutation begins within the chakra system. Chakras are vortexes, which influence and/or govern your senses, body elements, states of consciousness, social and developmental changes, endocrine glands, nerve plexus, connections to Earth and dimensional perceptions.

When person and planet become ONE, chakra by chakra, humanity and Gaia can join their efforts and work as ONE BEING to ascend Earth and all Her inhabitants into the fifth dimension and beyond.



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Lady Quan Yin and Mother Mary via Natalie Glasson: The Synthesis of the Divine Feminine @ Sacred School of Om Na

Shiloh Sophia   art

ART : Shiloh Sophia

Lady Quan Yin and Mother Mary via Natalie Glasson: The Synthesis of the Divine Feminine

We come forth as representatives of the purest vibrations of the sacred feminine aspects, qualities, and expressions of the Creator, so you may absorb and activate the same within your being.

Let us welcome the purest vibrations of the Divine Feminine aspects of the Creator into our present ascension, knowing that acceptance will lead to synthesis within your being and the universe of the Creator.

Upon the inner planes we, Lady Quan Yin and Mother Mary, are communing in unison, joining our energies together with a focus of synthesising the Divine Feminine aspects we represent to create a powerful unified surge of Goddess vibrations and power, which will impact and alter the Earth and inner planes.

We, Lady Quan Yin and Mother Mary, have always been focusing upon unity and synthesis between our energies, as Mother Mary represents one aspect of the Divine Mother energies while Lady Quan Yin represents a different aspect.

When these two aspects are united, we are all able to recognise fuller and more complete vibrations of the Goddess. Mother Mary, upon the Earth, has been known as a western figure of the Divine Mother, whereas Lady Quan Yin has been known to represent the Eastern figure of the Divine Mother.

Many may perceive the energies of Mother Mary and Lady Quan Yin as the same. They both hold a powerful resonance and embodiment of the Divine Mother. Some may even recognise them as the same soul, however we are two souls representing two aspects of the Divine Mother vibrations.

The synthesis of the Divine Mother energies is our purpose, in order to unlock the divinity and power of the Creator, bringing forth empowerment to all aspects of the Divine Feminine, whether on the Earth or the inner planes.

When the Divine Feminine is restored and empowered, this will allow for nourishment and enhanced vibration of the Divine Masculine, thus the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine will become equal in vibration encouraging a full and complete merge where the concepts of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are dissolved, becoming a unified vibration of the Creator where aspects are no longer recognised as separate identities. Take a moment to imagine how this would impact the Earth, inner planes, and most importantly your perspective.

You may wish to visit us upon the inner planes to experience and absorb the powerful surge of synthesised Divine Mother energy we are creating. You may wish to use this invocation:

‘Beloved Mother Mary and Lady Quan Yin, I call upon your energy, love, protection, and support. Please transport my conscious awareness to the chamber you currently reside within, on the inner planes within the 11th Ray of Light Ashram at a Planetary Level.

‘It is my wish to sit with you both as you synthesis your own soul energies and the energies of the Divine Feminine, also known as the Divine Mother and Goddess vibrations.

‘It is my wish to absorb the synthesised energies you are creating, to empower the Divine Feminine aspect within my soul, thus anchoring the energies you create and I receive into the Earth to benefit and support all of humanity in accepting this powerful surge of light and synthesis with the Creator you are creating now.

‘I am now ready and available to receive the beautiful blessings you are creating, I am now ready and available to support the emanation of these beautiful blessings across the entire world and universe of the Creator. Thank you.’

Simply breathe deeply, imagine, sense, or acknowledge yourself present with us, Mother Mary and Lady Quan Yin, observing and receiving our creation of energy. Breathe the energy deep into your entire being and body, noticing the shifts and healing which take place.

We are synthesising two aspects of the Divine Feminine in order to raise the energy vibration of all upon the Earth and the inner planes. We are also achieving this now because the process of synthesis is deeply important at this stage of ascension.

The unified energy we are creating will actually create a healing space for deep synthesis of all forms and aspects of the Creator to take place within your being. This is a powerful concept and idea, which will bring forth immense healing and a deeper feeling of resonance and familiarity with the Creator.

It is our wish for you to take time to contemplate the extreme energies of the Creator, for example, love and hate, fear and contentment, happiness and sadness, abundance and lack, trust and distrust, confidence and doubt.

There are so many extreme energies which exist within your being and are created by your energy throughout your day. The examples we have shared are more focused upon feelings, emotions, perspectives, thoughts and states of being. However, there are extremes of energy, vibrations, beliefs, experiences, situations, and even souls, all around you.

There is a need to recognise, honour and respect these extreme aspects of the Creator, as all were born from the energy of the Creator. Even seemingly negative experiences, energies, or thoughts were created from the energy of the Creator, or the Creator’s energy was used to fuel their creation.

Take time to acknowledge the extremes within your being and around you, try to contemplate this on numerous levels even contemplating the physical surroundings of your reality. We do not wish for you to judge, but to simply observe, recognise and notice.

We wish for you to notice the beauty of the Creator in all, this is a wonderful practice of acceptance without feeling the need to alter, become involved or influence.

The energies we, Lady Quan Yin and Mother Mary, are creating support, a healing, and synthesis of these extremes you are observing. Our purpose is to bring forth a vibration of balance; the synthesis of the extremes.

This doesn’t mean that the extremes will be dissolved or erased; it simply signifies that your perspective of the Creator and all that is the Creator, will alter and shift, thus supporting a new perspective focused upon unification and synthesis.

If your focus is upon unity, this is the energy you will create and experience in your reality as well as recognising within yourself and others.

Thus you will not react to energies which seem to be extremes in your reality and within your being, you will recognise they are the same, unified in oneness. This has always been the case; it will simply be that your perspective has altered and shifted to align with and recognise the truth of the Creator.

In meditation or quiet time, we wish for you to focus upon two extremes which influence your reality or are created by you. Maybe there is a desire to be love, and yet there are people within your reality whom you hate or dislike because they frustrate or have harmed you.

It is important to recognise that love and hate are born from the same energy; essentially they are the same vibration, simply expressed in different ways. With your recognition of love and hate being the same vibration and an expression the Creator, we wish for you to acknowledge and accept both love and hate within your being.

Imagine that you take love and hate into your heart chakra. Hate is not negative and love is not beautiful; they are simply two aspects of the Creator which you do not wish to judge, simply accept.

We then invite you to call upon our energies, Lady Quan Yin and Mother Mary to surround you, asking us to send our synthesised light of the Divine Mother into your being.

When you feel ready, invite the energy of synthesis and unification from your soul to come forth and fill your heart bringing healing to the energy, perspective, and past experiences of love and hate.

As these two aspects heal within your heart, the energy of synthesis and unification flow in all directions into your entire physical being, auric field, and surroundings.

This energy is truly making an impact upon your being and your reality. It is as if the energy vibration and perspective of love and hate of the past are being healed within you and reborn as a new synthesised energy of oneness and unity of and with the Creator. This is a process of empowerment and greater unification of the Creator. Take time to contemplate all extremes within your reality.

We are in love with you,
Lady Quan Yin and Mother Mary

“Lady Quan Yin and Mother Mary: Synthesis of the Divine Feminine,” channeled by Natalie Glasson, June 3, 2015, at

Source Links: Sacred School of OmNa, Natalie Glasson OmNa School

Thank you to Golden Age of Gaia