Collective womb cleansing and reconnection with your ecstatic body by Mary Magdalene ~ Grace Antara Ma @ Grace Elohim

Collective womb cleansing and reconnection with your ecstatic body by Mary Magdalene

Urgent Calling for a collective womb cleansing by Mary Magdalen received by Grace Antara Ma July 22nd 2014:

Beloved sisters, beloved brothers, this is I Mary Magdalene. I great you on behalf of the goddess that lives, breathes and vibrates thru all living beings, thru all living things, the seed that gives birth to everything, nurtures and expands the love, that permeates every living organism on this beloved planet. I call upon you dear ones with urgency in my heart for a collective womb cleansing and reconnection with your deepest ability to feel, to feel with your heart and with every living fibre of your being unfiltered, uncensored, unrestrained and to connect with your ecstatic body, which is often referred to as your pain body. And indeed indeed there are reason why many refer to this divine tool as a pain body…. a divine instrument that was given to you by source to ensure your divine connection and exchange with source at all times. For thousands of years many wars were fought in the name of controle and surpression and male superiority, a battle between mind and heart, between the divine masculine and the divine feminine. A battle that left innumerous wounds in you over many many lifetimes, where you allowed yourself to be ruled and controled by a patriach mind structure and belief system, where you allowed yourself to be abused, to be taken advantage of, surpressed and belittled to the point, that you could no longer handle feeling it. This is the main reason why grounding has been and still is a major problem to many women, because throughout history it was necessary for you to either leave your body as a way of avoiding to feel or to close down your ability to feel thru your heart to an absolute minimum for your survival and as a result you disconnected with your ecstatic body, your physical body and planetary body. Yes indeed many of you have been doing intensive inner work to heal those inner wounds and have also become very aware of where it has limited you in the expression of your divine feminine aspect. However a majority of humans currently incarnated only use a very limited part of their ability to feel. To give you an impression of the current situation 90% only use some 10% of their full capacity feeling potential. And some 10% have transformed and reconnected to 90% of their feeling potential. You might say well I do surrender to my feelings, I do feel strongly…. but what does that imply…. you might have learnt to accept and embrace the shadow aspects of self and the pains of the past, but how does it look like when it comes to feeling the ecstacy, that runs thru your veins and expresses itself as your kundalini…. This is the pathway, this is the portal without which you will not be able to feel with your full divine potential and it is with urgency that I invite you to take this step, which is vital for your ascension. Even those amongst you that feel that you have already healed your divine feminine only use a minimum of your entire spectrum to feel, because even though you may have transformed your individual personal wounds, there is still the collective body of the divine feminine, which I refer to as the collective womb, which you are all part of, also those of you currently inhabating a male body. You are connected to this collective womb throughout all times and it is thru this living organism, that you are able to feel (with) all living beings on this planet and beyond. However there is so much pain, so much distress, so much anger stored in this collective body (womb), that you will not be able to truly connect with your full divine potential to love, until these distorted energies of victimhood, of surpression and abuse are transmuted and brought into their “healed form”. The guilt, the shame, the abomination lies upon this body as a dark shadow and you need to strip of this shadow like a snake shedding its skin to rebirth itself.

I ask you to now join me in this healing ritual and to call upon all the women in you, the women that you have embodied and expressed thru thousands of years, of all cultures, of all ages, call upon them to gather with all the women of your lineage of this incarnation, have them join hands, have them unite with the sisterhood, no one is excluded, no one is judged for what she did or what she experienced. Place your hand on your heart and forgive yourself in each one of them for having allowed yourself to be used and abused and taken advantage of, for having allowed yourself to be treated disrespectful, for being dishonored and disempowered, for having allowed yourself to play weak and inable, for having allowed yourself to resign and turning your back at your soul and disconnect with the divine feminine power aspect of self……… all because of fear of being rejected and abandoned. All because of depending on the love of external sources. You may now open your eyes and inner vision again and see the full picture, you may now speak out your truth without fearing the repurcussions, you may now allow yourself to feel again to your full potential and ability, you may now allow yourself to stay “in body” without any need to escape and to feel freely and intensely with your ecstatic body the truth of who you are. Because the past has taught you that nothing has the power to harm you, unless you give your power away. You have grown and learnt that “weakness” can be a means to the greatest of strenghts, you have learnt to trust yourself and stand on your own feet in the middle of a battlefield and survive, you have matured and awakened to the inherent strength that lies within your very essence. And thru the power of forgiveness and genuine compassion and self love you are able to close the wounds of the past in all your female aspects throughout time and space and thereby close the wound of every woman on this planet beyond time and space. Even if you are currently incarnated in a male body all the women you have incarnated as in previous lifetimes will be healed thru this act of self love. Invite those aspects of you that you have discredited, disowned or disconnected with because of shame, because of anger and self condemnation or simply because they were too hard to bear, call them back home to you now, take them into your embrace, hug them and tell them how deeply you love them, share your compassion and let the nectar of forgiveness surround them like a healing cloth. Tell your ecstatic body to let go of all the memories and all the emotions………………………………………………… (breathe deeply as you let go and take as much time as needed until you continue)……………………………………………………….. give thanks to your body for having held those energies to this moment of homecoming, so that you may never forget those lessons gained of victimhood and surpression. Now if you feel ready give yourself permission to feel again in the power of your I Am Presence to your fullest capacity and to fully embody and feel with your ecstatic body and reconnect with the divine feminine, the vibrant living goddess in you and in all living beings. Imagine your womb as as part of a huge womb, the womb of Gaia, the mother of all mothers, (you may envision the entire planet within your womb)………………………….. now see the violet fire of transmutation flaring up and consuming all the memories, all the pictures, all the negative emotions, that held you in victimhood……….. take your time and simply let the pictures, the feelings filter thru you and into the earth without dwelling with them………………… hold the vision until you feel lighter and more at ease….. let the violet fire consume all the energies, that have kept you from expressing and feeling to your fullest capacity. (continue when you feel ready). As you begin to feel free and joyfull envision the sacred cobra awaken and rising in your womb dancing in the violet fire, spiraling higher and higher as it cleans and paves the way for the kundalini and opens the doorway to your ecstatic body and spirit to join forces in your pineal gland……………………………… surrender without fear………. let your self go…………  see the cobra dance and shed its skin rising in a liguid golden dress now shining above your crown twisting and turning before it comes to a rest fully awakened, fully empowered, fully activated orgasmic energy floating your every cell and taking up space in you as you re-turn to your divine essence and vibrate the living ecstacy, the creative life force that created you and all living things and thru which you are connected with all-that-is and of which your body temple was created, your divine vessel, that hosts your soul. Enjoy the expansion in your heart and in every cell and atom of your being………… just float and BE in this space as long as you feel like and continue, when you feel ready. And now that the wound of the divine feminine has been closed, now that the divine goddess in you has found peace within her very being, she can now forgive all the men, that took advantage of her, that abused her, that forced her to her knees, with the understanding that they themselves had wounds on their own divine feminine aspect, that they themselves became subject to their own surpression and were inable to feel,because they had rejected and disconnected with their divine feminine aspect, the goddess within, because they themselves caused their own fall of awareness thru their choice to disconnect from their heart and intuitive side and let themselves be ruled by their egoic mind and masculine aspect of superiority, dominance and controle. Now forgive them, embrace them, hug them and let them feel the love, that they withheld from themselves, the deep surrender that they longed for, that will allow their wound to close…..invite them to start feeling again… thru your compassion and unconditional love ………….. take as much time as needed and continue.

Thru healing the wound in them also the divine masculine in you will find expression in its healed form and so the divine feminine and masculine can merge and unite with one another and surrender into BE-ing beyond feelings of inferiority or superiority, of victim and abuser, but seeing the other as an expression and extension of self. Breathe deeply into this forming vortex of oneness and ecstatic feeling of freefalling into the cosmic womb of expanded growing awareness, a pulsation in sync with all of creation, your true home. Thank you beloved hearts for having the courage to journeying thru time and space of pain and surpression to reclaim your power. Your intuition, your vision and telepathic abilities will increase dramatically as a result of this reconnection with and grounding of your ecstatic body and it will ensure your smooth ascension and embodiment of the omnipresence of god/goddess, your I Am Presence in divine equilibrium and unison with all-that-is. You are deeply loved. Each of you are an immesurable gift to the planet. On the behalf of the sisterhood, this is Mary Magdalene giving honor to the goddess in each one of you for your devoted service. Be blessed.
Received thru Grace Antara Ma, Juli 22nd 2014. Feel free to share with credit and reference to:

Archangel Michael: You Are Not Crazy ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Archangel Michael: You Are Not Crazy

Michael 2211This past reading (May 21, 2105) I asked Archangel Michael how we should behave after the Reval.

I can predict that I’ll have a stress reaction and will need to stay relatively quiet. I’m avoiding any celebrations that promise to go over the top and come back to haunt us years later. AAM took the occasion to address the subject quite fully.

Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

S: So when the money comes, I’m probably going to have a stress reaction of some sort.

AAM: Yes.

S: So, please, any advice you can give me and other lightworkers on how to deal with the impact of suddenly finding your financial worries are over, you can live the life you wanted to live, etc.?

AAM: Do not be precipitous. Stand still. Now that may sound like very amateurish advice. It is one of the most difficult things for human beings to do. Go to the stillness.

Do not feel the immediate necessity, which is an invention of your imagination and ego, to jump into action. Give yourself the opportunity to breathe, to allow this shift in reality, in what you have described as your personal landscape, to sink in.

Yes, there is an entire world waiting to be rebuilt and it is not achieved if you jump the gun. It is not achieved if you are going full steam ahead and then collapse because of stress.  Stress is a physical reality.  It is not you simply creating drama. It is a bio-physical, electrical, spiritual reality.

Give yourself time, yes, to breathe, to withdraw if necessary, to scan the environment, to enjoy yourself, to celebrate and then, in a sense of no hurry, go forward.

S: Thank you for that. It’s going to be very challenging when it hits.

AAM: You have need to make sure that you take care of your sweet physical self. Yes, there are the challenges – new home, new situation, time out – but do the practical things that I recommend as well – bodywork, massage, cranial-sacral, relaxation, cycling, working out, eating properly … now this is going to be a challenge … sleeping.

All of these very basic human necessities will have need to be addressed. If you are exhausted, if you are running on caffeine and adrenaline, you do not come from a place of compassionate wisdom. And, dear heart, that is what we do. And the compassionate wisdom requires that you take care of the physical vessel that you have designed with us.

So step number one is pay attention.

S: When stress goes up, awareness goes down. So at the very time when you need awareness, discernment, memory and all the rest of it, you’re denied access. It all goes down. You’re least well equipped at the very time when you need to be best-equipped.

AAM: And that is why attention to the de-stressors that you know of, such as meditation, bodywork, fresh air and sunshine have need to be paid attention to. And I say this very strongly. It has need to be a requirement not only for you, my beloved friend, but for your entire organization.

Working endless hours under stress to think that you are completing the mission is not completing your mission. If you are not taking time for joy, for laughter, for love, then you are not completing your mission.

Take the time to engage in the laughter, engage in the glee, and the sense of “Our diligence has paid off.” We are not insane. We are not crazy. But we have full permission to act a little crazy for while. Go play.

S: I have said to myself that I will not go to one of these nights where people go AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! all over the place because I worry that it might jiggle me just enough to set off the stress reaction that I’m sitting on.

AAM:  We would not recommend to any of you going to these gargantuan meetings of celebration. They are incendiary.

S: That’s my sense.  We do things we’d never do and it lets the genie out of the bottle.

AAM: That’s correct. It’s time for incredible discernment. And it’s not discerning to go to a venue and make public displays. It would not be wise.

S: Thank you for confirming that for me.

All channeled material herein reproduced is copyright by the Council of Love, Inc., 2015 and is used with permission.

Becoming ONE ~ People and Planet—Gaia and YOU @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Friday, June 5, 2015

Becoming ONE~ People and Planet—Gaia and YOU


Becoming ONE Introduction Part 2

As we continue our adventure of exploring our inherent connection to the planet, we review the full chakra system as it resides in the human body and the planetary body, for we are all connected in Oneness.

Each chakra serves as a portal of experience and communication with different dimensions to align with our Multidimensional SELF. The chakras each portray a specific color in the spectrum and are aligned from the bottom starting at the first chakra and moving up to the seventh chakra at the top.

The chakra colors follow:

–       First Chakra: Red

–       Second Chakra: Orange

–       Third Chakra: Yellow

–       Fourth Chakra: Green

–       Fifth Chakra: Blue

–       Sixth Chakra: Indigo

–       Seventh Chakra: Violet

Starting from the bottom, the first or root chakra is our grounding point to our finite planet, whereas the top seventh or crown chakra is our grounding point to our infinite SELF.

Our fourth or heart chakra serves as the meeting ground of these two polarities of infinite and finite. The second (navel) chakra is the lower octave of the fifth (throat) chakra, just as the third (solar plexus) chakra is the lower octave of the sixth (brow) chakra.

Chakras, which rule certain areas of our body, can also be divided into three levels of consciousness. Chakras of our unconsciousness rule the lower body and area of our life to which we are normally unconscious, such as grounding with the planet, digestion, and elimination.

  • The first chakra rules the skeleton, legs, knees, and feet.
  • The second chakra rules the genitals, abdomen, and lower back.
  • The third chakra rules the liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, and pancreas.

Chakras of our consciousness rule the middle part of our body and areas of our life of which we are generally conscious, such as relationships, health, and communication.

  • The fourth chakra rules the heart, lungs, immune system, arms, and hands.
  • The fifth chakra rules the throat, mouth, speech, and hearing.

Chakras of our superconscious rule the upper part of our body and areas of our life that are larger in the realm of the superconscious, such as higher ideals and expanded consciousness.

  • The sixth chakra rules the vision, face, head, sleep, and dreams.
  • The seventh chakra rules the brain and nervous system.

The chakras represent not only a particular part of our body, but also a part of our consciousness.  Consciousness is the experience of “be-ing,” which represents everything that is possible for us to experience. These senses, perceptions, and possible states of awareness can be divided into seven categories that are associated with each of the seven chakras.

  • Etheric/Physical Body

–       The first chakra is survival, vitality, and grounding to physical life.

  • Emotional Body

–       The second chakra is emotions, nurturing, and shelter.

  • Mental Body

–       The third chakra is thoughts and power systems.

  • Divine Child/Guardian Angel

–       The fourth chakra is love, health, and relationships.

  • Causal Body

–       The fifth chakra is communication and higher creativity.

  • I AM Presence

–       The sixth chakra is inspiration, imagination, and spiritual power.

  • Multidimensional SELF

–       The seventh chakra is unity with multidimensional consciousness.

Tensions that are felt in our consciousness are also felt in our body via the chakra system. Conversely, tensions that are felt in our body are felt in our consciousness.

  • A first-chakra problem would express through our:

–       consciousness as difficulties with our daily survival, vital energy, or dedication to physical life

–       body as problems with our skeleton, legs, knees, or feet

  • A second-chakra problem would express through our:

–       consciousness as difficulties with our emotions, ability to give or receive nurturing, or our home

–       body as problems with our reproductive organs, intestines, or lower back

  • A third-chakra problem would express through our:

–       consciousness as difficulties with thinking and power struggles with others or within our self

–       body as problems with our liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, or pancreas

  • A fourth-chakra problem would express through our:

–       consciousness as difficulties giving or expressing love in our relationships and our over-all health

–       body as problems with our heart, lungs, immune system, arms, or hands

  • A fifth-chakra problem would express through our:

–       consciousness as difficulties with communication and creativity

–       body as problems with our throat, mouth, speech, or hearing

  • A sixth-chakra problem would express through our:

–       consciousness as difficulties with inspiration, imagination, and spiritual power

–       body as nightmares or problems with our vision, face, head, or sleep

  • A seventh-chakra problem would express through our:

–       consciousness as difficulties with mind expansion

–       body as problems with our brain or nervous system

Gaia Speaks

My Dear Portal Openers

I am very pleased that you are joining us to connect your personal chakras (which are portals) with my planetary chakras/portals. As we join together Person and Planet, we will do so chakra-by-chakra and dimension-by-dimension.

I am honored to be here with you on your journey. I am joyous that you have answered my call to assist me with my transmutation into fifth dimension. After you have visited your personal chakras, I will happily take you on a voyage into my Planetary Chakras.

Just imagine, people and planets

Together, beloved Keepers of my Land, Keepers of my Air, Keepers of my Water and Keepers of my Fire, are, indeed:

Becoming ONE

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