From Origin to Synthesis by the Andromedans ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

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From Origin to Synthesis by the Andromedans

Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 19th June 2015 – Sacred School of OmNa

It is with love, respect and truth, we the Andromedan consciousness step forth to greet you. We bring forth our star light and the vibrations of the cosmic level of the Creator to be embedded within your being. Like many star civilisations we have actively supported the creation and continued ascension of the Earth and those wishing to be present upon the Earth. We are present with you, within your heart and soul with every step of your ascension journey, our support is always yours to receive and encounter.

We honour you with our presence because you so openly honour us with your presence; we are working with your soul and all of humanity to bring forth the divine will and plan of the Creator upon the Earth.  You like us have sacred wisdom and templates to anchor into the Earth which can take an entire lifetime to achieve. You hold a divine aspect of the Creator within your being, so pure and unique; it is for you to deliver this to the Earth and all of humanity. You may not know what this energy is, the wisdom it speaks of or even how it will influence the ascension of all, this doesn’t matter as it is still bestowed upon you with the purpose of sharing. The more you discover, express and expand your soul embodying it deeper into your being the more you deliver an aspect of the Creator to the Earth and humanity. Every soul upon the Earth is wishing to find themselves, to disc over their truth and to realise their origins, this is the same for every person whether they are aware of it or not. You are searching within you for the aspect of the Creator which you have contracted to download into the Earth, however you are also searching to connect with the aspects of the Creator others are downloading as uniting with these would mean you realise yourself as a greater whole and truth of the Creator. This symbolises that every person upon the Earth is equal and holds the same purpose; you cannot achieve your purpose without the support and presence of other souls in human form as they cannot without your presence. We share our consciousness with you so you may see how precious you and all of humanity are, you are not randomly placed upon the Earth, you have all contracted to achieve the same purpose and yet you all will execute it in numerous diverse ways and forms. We to some extent are also contacted to achieve the same; to download our own truth fro m the consciousness of our civilisation into the Earth to bring forth and highlight an aspect of the Creator.

One of our intentions for coming forth to greet you is to guide you in a perspective of viewing your being, creations and reality in a new way. We wish to encourage you to contemplate and focus upon circles. We wish for you to realise that every creation formed by you holds the format of a circle, this is the same of every experience, every lifetime, project, idea or understanding. Everything within you, everything you create and experience holds the format of a circle due to the realisation that you are a source of origin for your creations. Everything begins with you and moves in a cycle of a circle, meaning it evolves while remaining aligned with your energy and returns to you to either be completed or further explored.

We wish for you to take time in meditation to contemplate everything in circle form. For example, consider your lifetime as a circle, you move from the inner planes to be born and live to then return to the inner planes. As you reach the opposite side of the circle you may feel the furthest away from the inner planes as you have ever been and yet you are always aligned as if you are constantly travelling along the same train line; even if you wanted to exit you couldn’t. Contemplate your spiritual evolution as a circle with every thought and belief you give energy to as a circle. We know that the concept of a circle is that there is no beginning or end. We ask you to imagine there is a beginning to the circle which is also the end, rather than thinking of it in this way, think of it as a point of merging, synthesis and integration, in truth being seamless. The entire circle is s eamless which means you can never move away from your truth, essence and origin.

Our idea and perspective we share with you in essentially a tool and yet it will enhance your faith of always been aligned to the Creator, being in the most appropriate place at the appropriate time, being guided and of divine perfection.  We encourage you to contemplate the tool, agree with it, disagree with it and experience yourself as well as all you create as a circle.

Everything you create will always journey to merge with you, this is the purpose of all you are and all you achieve in every present moment of your reality. New circles are being born from the synthesised energy within you while old circles are merging with your being creating fulfilment. You know that an experience or circle has not yet completed its journey if fulfilment has not yet been experienced. Fulfilment is only truly achieved when a seemingly new aspect of the Creator is merged with or remembered within your being.

We wish to encourage you to recognise your past lifetimes as circles as well. As you are creating and existing in the 5th Dimension which is also known as the Era of Love one of your purposes is to bring healing and completion to your past lifetimes which are in truth your simultaneous lifetimes. You have been allocated in your current lifetime as a powerful healer and synthesis for your entire soul, lifetimes and the other 11 aspects of your soul. Your current lifetime is immensely important as even if you continue to have many more lifetimes after this one, your current lifetime is a point of completion. This means that all circles of every lifetime you have experienced are now completing their journey, moving to you for the moment of synthesis and fulfilment. Any further lifetimes you embark upon will hold the energy of completion of the past as if your history has been digested and integrated while no longer impacting your experiences. You will also embody the energy of fulfilment meaning that fulfilment will become your belief and reality, a source from which you consistently create. In many ways your current reality gives you the opportunity to tie up loose ends or in other words to complete your circles and experience integration. Take time to contemplate your past lifetimes as circles which are impacting your currently reality to bring forth synthesis. Let yourself acknowledge that every experience in your reality holds a purpose of synthesis and integration.  Even your completion will bring forth inspired ideas of expanded understanding.

With the concept of circles you can realise your connection to everything and all aspects of the Creator, realising yourself as a point of origin with everything returning to you for integration.  Let yourself realise how expansive and eternal you are when you perceive yourself beyond your physical body and awareness, there is no end to your expansion. We invite you to call upon our energy as you explore the perspective we share with you so we may further inspire expanded consciousness and perceptions.

You may also wish to use this invocation to support your connection with our energies:

‘Andromedan beings of love and cosmic vibrations, I call forth your presence and light to surround me. Shower my entire being in your stars of light, consciousness, expansion and truth. Support me in connecting on a deeper level with your consciousness, experiencing an alignment and bond with you which empowers my ascension and divine purpose upon the Earth. Support me in experiencing greater expansion and a unity with the Creator.

Assist me in connecting with the divine truth and aspect of the Creator within my being supporting me in downloading this into the Earth with divine timing and awareness.

With your guiding presence support me in bringing healing to my entire being, all aspects of my soul and past lifetimes. I am ready to complete my circles to experience integration, merging and synthesis where appropriate with your assistance and divine guidance. I am ready to easily and perfectly accelerate my ascension. I am grateful for the energy, light, love, consciousness and expanded perspectives you now share with me. Thank you, I am ready to further awaken within my being and receive.’

With cosmic vibrations,

The Andromedans

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Solstice portal in Neptune energies ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

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Solstice portal in Neptune energies

June 20, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

 Picture credit: Karl M.

Blessings to all, Love tribe.

Well it is most definitely clear that we have taken another major leap towards oneness and the SELF expression in unity. Step by step we are making use of magical momentums where these leaps are granted to us, if not created for and by us as Universal Master Beings. I think you will all agree when I say that we have changed and shifted a lot since the last blood moon, the solar and moon eclipses and the March Equinox.

Many have said that this past equinox would be a significant shift of reality perception as well as a leap towards the light body activation. And so it is! We have experienced this, as a matter of fact we still are experiencing this. It goes so deep, even into every fiber of our being in all levels of creation and expression. I, for one, am very aligned and resonating with this message that has been shared through many of us as scribes and beings that the past equinox was all about actualization and activating the Light body. I AM still experiencing this very vivid in my day to day life, as I now increasingly live moment to moment. I know many of you will relate to that as well.

For those who are also on board of that experience of light body actualization, perhaps you might feel off at times and not on board of this Earthly plane. This because you are living simultaneously more and more in other realities. We call this the multidimensional being and that is what you experience as of now, on a more conscious level WITH this physical body. Your cells have been upgraded, so to say, to a more crystalline vibration thus this has now become your resonance field which in itself attracts the more multidimensional experiences in your “vivid” minds and hearts of this body.

Remember: all is resonance and vibration as you blend with the waves of consciousness.

And so, as “intense” as it already is, more is to come, rapidly reaching an even more intense wave. It is what we have designed for ourselves, referring to those who are ready and partaking in this specific wave of consciousness acceleration. As pioneers we hold the higher frequencies within and thus the theoretical phase blends now into a practical phase.

I feel that this Solstice portal is going to be a marker of another acceleration level of what we already have been shifting and integrating within since the last equinox, the blood moon and the eclipses which will be guiding this all forth into a more practical and actualization level. This being said, the Solstice portal is a marker in between the equinox and the upcoming final blood moon (on september 27th), actualizing and bringing things more into “form” of the already integrated initiations and energies of the past portals in March and April. You could say that this Solstice is crystalizing already certain integrated levels into “form” or manifestation while making a way for newer ones to come. Things are taking on forms in your life, although it will still be unseen for many. Yet when you travel to your heart and take a moment to be there in stillness, you may recognize this to surely be the case as you have a momentum of alignment where you are one with the experience of this actualization that is taking form/place in your Earthly reality as we speak.

That is why so many of you are feeling in between worlds as well. On one hand ready to shift and expand into a new level of consciousness, filled with ideas, desires and creations.. while on the other hand already out of this 3D world but still closing some things in that reality. Yet you come to find that you are not “fully” partaking in either of these Dimensions as of yet. You are getting there (5D) and in most cases, you in fact are already there. As you cannot perceive this yet, you are now exploring and exercising your brain and perception senses at the same time to recognize the fact of already being there (5D) as it takes a moment to reprogram a mind that has been running on the same old imposed program for many eons of your time. On top of this it takes more than recognizing this for it also demands of you to simply accept this to be fact as well. It is like kneading a structure into another form.

More will we be brought to the inner planes as Neptune is retrograde during this event and so is Saturn. What Neptune brings is a beautiful shift and opportunity to go even more within as Neptune’s energies invite you to step into your inner journey and live/experience it from that space of awareness and being.

A spiritual octave is added to this Solstice portal with beautiful spiritual Neptune.

As I finish typing this message, my attention is brought to the clock saying 22:22. What a beautiful addition to end this article.

Wishing you a most beautiful solstice portal, stay well, BE well and Love to allMéline Portia Lafont

You want tools to assist you during this journey of SELF discovery and SELF expansion? Check out the “Channeling Course modules” and explore yourself on all levels HERE.  The Deactivation and Decoding of the Human Mind Tool is a beautiful add to this Solstice portal as well as a NEW short audio Tool “Reprograming the physical Body“.

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2015, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

Lord Metatron Shares a Message about Accessing Our Solar Angel During the Summer Solstice 2015 @ Walking Terra Christa

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Solar Angels Walking The Earth ~ Solstice of June 2015


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Lord Metatron Shares a Message about Accessing Our Solar Angel During the Summer Solstice 2015


This is Lord Metatron at your service. It is my pleasure to guide each of your through the June Solstice in 2015. It is a magnificent time of creation and I am very excited for the prosperity and light that is coming into the planet.

At this time the reflection of individuals that are walking a Pathway of the Light is one of great challenge. This is due to the changes that have to be incurred in order for the Light Infractions to be placed within the Earth.  GAIA is readying herself for more acceleration just as each of you has been doing within your own pathways.

Let me talk about the Metatronic Seals and what they mean for humanity at this time.

Each of the seals are represented by the 12 Strands of DNA and is directly related to an individual’s acceleration upon the Earth. Each of  you have a Solar Angel that works with you through the first four Initiations of Mastery.  If each of you could see the Solar Angel that you are, you would understand the concept I am trying to convey.

As you go through your initiations and accelerations, you are allowing your physical body to hold the higher light forms which will activate your higher strands of DNA, but without going into the depth of your own soul’s history, it is much harder to achieve. You have chosen to embody upon this planet and at this time, it allows for the Remembrance to Occur within the physical structure. This has to be a consistent journey of the Self, but one that is very much contained within the origins of your Soul’s Purpose and how it will reflect your personality of the physical body that you have inhabited.

Each time there is a change in the season upon the earth, humanity has the opportunity to incorporate the Solar Angelic qualities within themselves. Those of you that have been working within your own pathway have an opportunistic approach to the Self. This means that the opportunity presently lies within your own consciousness of what you shall incorporate physically and what you shall on receive within your higher consciousness. Because, you see, there is a difference between the two. You can have ascension symptoms within your consciousness and within your physicality.

The Solstice of June 2015 is a movement into the next few months where there are grand opportunities for individuals that choose to embody more of their Solar Angel have the distinct ability to do so. It is a coming of a time that has been waiting for many years. You see, the Solar Angel reflects the initiations of Mastery. When one reaches the 4th initiation of the Higher Self becoming more embodied within the personality, then the Solar Angel has done its work for the physical vehicle.  The Solar Angel goes back to the Source, and the Initiate then works on the higher initiations by accessing the Golden Solar Angel.  It is then the embodied Higher Self essence’s role to continue on the pathway of the initiation from the 4th through the 7th. This is what we call Planetary Ascension or what Dr. Joshua David Stone labeled “Kindergarten Ascension”. It is just the beginning.  Fully embodying the Golden Solar Angel represents accessing all 12 strands of DNA with the 12-Body system within the 12th Dimensional Physicality.

Our goal within the Spiritual Hierarchy is to have as many people as possible reach this stage of creation in which the Solar Angel returns to its space of Oneness as the Initiate arises into a new space of existence throughout the coming years.

We know that each Equinox and Solstice the energetic patterns within the Earth change drastically. In June it represents the Light becoming ever so stronger than the Dark. It is a moment in time when all Solar Angels upon the planet within physical bodies unite together in ceremony and joy. In 2015 at this time the creation of the Solar Angels exhibiting these energies will be one of celebration of their Light.

This does not mean that all individuals will reach the 4th initiation; what it does represent is that the Light Infractions become stronger and the Solar Angels inhabit the earth to assist humanity. The most important element is that the Initiates fully ground themselves with the Solar Angel in order to express the joy and gratitude of the journey, but yet, there is a coming together of many elements to create Completion. This completion can be in the form of an unawakened person waking up, it can come in the form of Lightworkers or Starseeds realizing that there is more for them than before, and it can mean that acceleration will occur in many initiates during this time. It could be the next step within a sub-level of an initiation; and there is no guide how small or large the acceleration can measure.

You see the more light that is held, the more the planet can hold her Light. Being a Torch of Solar Angels Upon the Earth, remembering that the power of the energy lies in the journey of completion. Solar Angels being implanted upon the earth to assist humanity until they are ready to accept their role as Divine Sentient Being of Light inhabited upon GAIA.

It truly is a moment of celebration and love for all of us. I am deeply honored to walk with each of you during this powerful moment of celebration.

I humbly walk with each of you,
Lord Metatron

Walking Terra Christa is facilitating a Summer Solstice Ceremony on Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at 10 AM Pacific, 17:00 UTC.  To receive information on participating in the call, we do require each person to register (once).
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