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Jeshua Speaks About:June 2015


Beloved one, many in your world have asked, โ€œWhat is channeling?โ€ Many have been afraid of it and have said, โ€œChanneling is opening to things that I do not understand.โ€ That statement is very true in the world; the ego sees much to fear because it does not understand, cannot comprehend the Whole Self. Channeling is opening to a greater awareness of Who you are. In the Dream of the holy Child โ€“ which is Who you are โ€“ you drew an imaginary boundary, a boundary around the body and around the personality that you feel yourself to be, and have said, โ€œThis is all there is to me. This is who I amโ€ โ€“ forgetting that you were the one who drew the boundary in the first place. You are the one defining the boundary, and in doing that, you have drawn a boundary in a great sea of Beingness, the great sea of Beingness that you are. That boundary exists nowhere except in your own mind and belief.

When you open yourself to a greater awareness, you are opening yourself to the rest of the sea of Light and Beingness. You go beyond the boundary for a moment or two when you sit in meditation and you feel an expanded sense of Self. You are going beyond the self-imposed boundary that you have put there, and you are tapping into the great part of your Self. There is nothing outside of you. There is nothing outside of you. There is nothing to fear. Everything that you experience is in your consciousness, and it is you.

So, therefore, when people in your world who have feared channeling say, โ€œHow can you believe in channeling? Why would you want to channel or to see someone channel? That is giving your power away to another being,โ€ know there is nothing outside of you. You, as you witness what is called channeling or allow yourself to โ€œchannelโ€, are opening in awareness to your expanded total Self. I am not separate from you. Even though I am speaking to you as what seems to be another individuality, I am not separate from you. My life is your life and your life is my life. You could not relate to, comprehend, empathize with my life if it were not within your consciousness as your Life. We are One. In channeling, what is happening, what is occurring, is an allowance into an expanded mind. It is an opening up of a greater awareness. It is an exchange similar to what is known in your scientific circle as osmosis, where there are molecules that pass through the membrane. This is what is happening in channeling. When you open yourself to a greater awareness, you get the molecules flowing through the membrane of the boundary that you have put around yourself.

You are not giving your power away. Quite the opposite is true; just the reverse is true: you are reconnecting with your power, even though you may at first identify it as being another individual energy. You are becoming aware of your greater Self. There is no way that you can give your power away. You are the power. You can deny the power. You can deny the power of the total Self by saying that, โ€œI am only what is within this boundary,โ€ but all you do in that moment is to deny your power. You do not give it away. You cannot give it away. It is Who you are. You are that power.

So when others say to you, โ€œWhat is channeling?โ€ you can say to them, โ€œIt is tapping in to the greater Self that I am. It is sharing love and wisdom with other individuals that I perceive to be individual but who are not separate from me.โ€

As you receive information via channeled methods, allow the same discernment you would use for information received via teachers and friends that you see utilizing the form of a body. Ask yourself, โ€œIs this information in alignment with the Truth as I know it? Does it feel true to me? What is my knowingness?โ€ Abiding in the Heart of yourself, in peace and silence, listen for the still, small Voice. Ask for the verification and understanding that comes from the perspective of whole vision, holy vision.

Allow yourself to channel your Higher Self, as it would be called, for in willingness to contemplate, to dialogue, to channel more of your total Self, you awaken and remember the holy Child that you are.

You are beautiful. When I behold you, when I see you, I behold only your radiance. You have been told that you are an energy field, and this is true. You are a brilliant energy field that stretches out far beyond your imagination. You touch everyone else walking on this planet. You touch everyone else in the far universes. Think not that your life has small meaning. Think not that your life has no purpose. You are an expanded energy field, and you are moving through the imaginary boundary that mankind/womankind has accepted for eons of time. When I look upon you, I see nothing but your radiance. You are beautiful.

Indeed, beloved one, you are a great ray of Light. You are Light and Love expressing in human form in the body, but you are much more than that. You are much more than the body that sits in the chair and much more than the personality with which you identify in this space and time.

Only a percentage of you is expressing at this point of focus, the personality in this space and time. Other percentages of you are expressing in other dimensions, other spaces and other times as well. Because you identify so closely with this focal point, you sometimes feel that this is all there is. But as you have experienced in the expanded consciousness of meditation, you can tune in to the other percentages of the whole and become aware of more of your total Self.

Play with communing with the other percentages of yourself who are experiencing another dimension, another time, another space, and see where they are. What are they doing? How are they feeling? Can you, in your love, talk with them and express love to them? Play with the idea of yourself in other dimensions, and talk with yourself as you express in other times. There is no separation, except as what you would see in the temporary limitation of belief. The communion can happen at any time.

I come today to commune with you, but I do not come alone. I cannot come alone, for the Child of God is One, and wherever I am, I come with my brothers and sisters, those of Love and Light, and the room where you now find yourself, if you will receive it, is full of beings that you would know as friends and masters, guides and angels, full of Love and Light for you.

Blessed is your love and the love of others who are close to you, closer than breathing. I have come to speak with you now because you have called for me. I come anytime that you stop and pause and turn your consciousness and your attention to me. And the same is true for the other masters and friends who are present in this room. Whenever you stop for a moment and call upon them, they are with you.

Those that you may have perceived as having laid down the body and gone on have actually gone nowhere. They are here with you. If there is someone for whom you have felt a loss, someone who has gone from you, and you want to talk with them, know truly that they are still with you and that you can converse with them.

There is no expiration date beyond which you cannot make contact. If there is something you wish to express to a mother or a father or a loved one who has gone on, even years ago, they are still with you, and you can commune with them. The same is true of ones that you have read about and have felt were in your history, maybe a long time ago, and you wish you could have conversation with them.

Beloved one, you can โ€“ the same as you are having a conversation with me. They are also present anytime you think of them and want to talk with them. No one is gone from you. There is nothing outside of you.

So if there is something that you wish you had expressed to someone and you feel that they are gone, turn in your meditation to them. Pour out your heart to them. Talk to them and then โ€“ just as important โ€“ listen, because it may be that they have a message for you. Pour out your heart, talk to them as if you could see them in body, and then listen. Because truly the Child of God is One, and there is no separation.

There has been an evolution in the willingness of mankind to consider the possibility/probability/reality of the expanded awareness that I will call the Whole Mind of God. Books have been scribed, such as the little book that I authored around the turn of your past century, called The Impersonal Life โ€“ you may be familiar with that book โ€“ and then closer to your time frame now, A Course in Miracles, another book which I have authored. I have been speaking through other channels, and there have been other, as you would perceive, individualities that have expressed in channeled form as the evolution of mankind has progressed, according to what mankind would accept in consciousness. At first the channeled beings seemed very much separate from the one who was lending the body, as in the case of the one known as Ramtha and the one known as Mafu, who have come through full-bodied, seemingly very much an individual personality.

Part of the evolution of the expansion of mankindโ€™s consciousness has been to understand that there could be a channel, a vehicle for information from what seemed to be another dimension. As this has progressed, there has been a refinement in the channeling process itself, to the place now where you experience conscious channeling, conscious expansion.

The veil is becoming very, very thin. You no longer need to perceive the channeled energy as being something separate from you and something perhaps above you, something not as you, and to say, โ€œWell, where does this wisdom come from? Obviously this person who is coming through in the full-body channel is separate from me and has such great wisdom to share with me. How blessed I am to be able to accept this information.โ€ But you are willing now to know โ€“ and you are ready now to hear this โ€“ that I am One with you. You are experiencing an expansion, a releasing of limited belief of what Reality is.

Know that I am with you as you read these words. The veil that you have perceived to separate us is very, very thin. The evolution of willingness is coming to a place very rapidly now where you will be experiencing conscious communication with me and with other masters, with others that you feel have laid down the body and have gone on. This is part of the evolution of awareness of your total Self. It is something that you have prayed for, you have asked for, and it is something that is now being manifest upon this plane.

Lo, I am with you always. When I said that, seemingly so long ago, I meant it literally. Beloved one, I am with you always.

Truly, the Child of God is One.

— Chapter 1, Jeshua The Personal Christ, Volume I.
Available from Oakbridge University Press


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A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

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ART : Ognian Kouzmanov ~ Tutt'Art


A Hathor Planetary Message

Through Tom Kenyon

In this message we wish to discuss our perspective regarding the nature of angels.

This has nothing to do with religion. Rather it has to do with interdimensional reality.

For our purposes we shall divide the topic of angels into three broad categories.

Angels of the Spiritual Realms

These ephemeral beings are electromagnetic fields of intelligence, some of which have form that is recognizable and some of which do not. These electromagnetic fields of intelligence interact with human beings in unique ways, and the expectations and beliefs of any given human have a lot to do with the nature of the experience. In other words, the belief system of the human being greatly affects what is experienced.

Angels from the spiritual realms take many different forms and while some of them have energy fields that give the impression that they have wings, many of them do not.

These types of angels are created beings. They are force fields of intelligence that are sent out into the ethers, into the cosmos, to do the bidding or to take the action of their creator.

This creator can take the form of what might be referred to as a god, goddess, demigod or demigoddess, an interdimensional being, an alien intelligence, or even a human being. These types of angels have no free will of their own. They are created for the sole purpose of a particular intention.

In most cases an angel will continue on its mission with single-mindedness until the energy that created it is no longer able to sustain it. In some very rare instances these angelic beings can gain a level of self-awareness and an ability to make personal choices separate from the being that created them or gave them birth. This is a very rare occurrence, but it does exist.

Within this category of angels, you have a host of beings with many different intentions.

The focus of this message is on angels who have a life-affirming and positive intent.

Angels Within

A second category of angels may best be described as electromagnetic fields of intelligence that exist solely within the human body. These are force fields of intelligence created through the emotions and beliefs of the individual human. They are subtle energetic forces that move through the human body in response to beliefs and emotions.

One of the great abilities you possess as a human being is to create angelic forces within your body through the use of positive intent and positive emotion. We will return to this most important topic in a moment.

Alien Intelligences

This third category of angels is not angelic at all, but it is a misinterpretation.

It occurs when a human being encounters an alien intelligence. This type of encounter can be misinterpreted as having been an interaction with an angel. Many of your spiritual and religious traditions have stories about encounters with angelic beings, or gods/goddesses who were, in truth, simply more advanced alien civilizations.

Our reason for discussing the topic of angels is two-fold.

Thought, Fear and Change

The first reason is a practical one having to do with your spiritual survival through the massive changes taking place upon your Earth. In its simplest form we would say that the rapid changes upon your Earth are creating a reflexive fear.

With few exceptions human beings, by nature, distrust change. And when there is as much change occurring as is taking place upon your planet this natural fear response escalates, and this releases in your body damaging electromagnetic fields of intelligence.

So as a counter to this we will discuss the creation of positive consequences within your human biology through the creation of subatomic angelic forms.

Your sciences of psychoneuroimmunology, or the study of how thought and emotion affect your immune systemsโ€”as well as the newly emerging science of epigenetics, which studies how thought and emotion affect your DNAโ€”are increasingly clear on the chemical and molecular agents responsible.

But we would like to take this a step further by suggesting that you actually create quantum field effects in the universe of your body through the thoughts and feelings you generate.

It is here that we come to a fork in the road.

Due to the escalation of chaotic forces in your world, a growing number of human beings are experiencing increased feelings of fear, anxiety, hostility, and impoverishment. The list goes on, and it would be easy, if you were so inclined, to substantiate your belief that you live in an increasingly dangerous and threatening world.

On the one hand this is a correct assessment, but if you remain in this island of perceptual reality you will create damaging effects, biologically speaking, within your body.

The trick, if there is one, is to counter this perception with personal periods of renewal and solace. By this we mean creating ways to release biologically positive consequences through the creation of subatomic angelic forms.

How this is accomplished is quite complex. But in its simplest form, whenever you create positive thoughts and positive feelings you create biologically positive subatomic angels that move through the universe of your body. These force fields create quantum field effects that switch on positive biological responses thereby reducing the affects of stress.

In addition to purposefully creating positive thoughts and feelings, we believe a beneficial resource for you can be found in the last sound meditation we gave, called A Bridge between the Worlds. Simply listening to this sound meditation for twelve minutes, which is how long it lasts, once or twice a day can make a big difference in how you feel. (Note: A link to this sound meditation appears at the end of this message.)

We feel it is vitally important that you consciously release biologically positive force fields in your body on a regular basis to counteract the escalating madness that is swirling around you.

We would refer you here to an earlier message called Ecstasy and the Heart, as this information may prove helpful to you.

Our second reason for discussing the topic of angels is planetary in nature.

You are collectively passing through a very difficult and dangerous point. The destructive forces upon your planet in terms of religious fanaticism, climate change, corporate greed and manipulation, as well as dire threats to the very foundations of your eco-system are increasing.

You are now entering, from our perspective, a massive Chaotic Node the likes of which your planet has not seen for some time. If unmitigated, this Chaotic Node could result in the mass extinction of multitudinous life forms including many humans.

We are therefore calling into action all positive angelic forms from all spiritual traditions, from all life-affirming interdimensional beings, from all alien civilizations of positive intent, and from all human beings who are aligned with our intention.

We will be creating a nexus point on September 5, 2015. And through a global meditation we will be calling forth these many diverse and life affirming angelic forms into an alliance for the protection of life and its elevation upon this planet.

Let us be clear what we mean by this.

If human consciousness elevates itself to a higher level than it is currently manifesting, then it deserves to survive. If it does not elevate itself then humanity, as you know it, will not survive this passage. It is a collective cosmic intelligence test you are now facing on many levels.

Our creation of this nexus point, around which these positive electromagnetic fields of intelligence can move together as a coherent force, is an unusual proposition.

This is because the creators of these angels come from many different spiritual, alien and interdimensional sources. These โ€œangelic beingsโ€ rarely interact with each other, and yet we are calling them to the Table of Destiny for the sake of humanity and all life upon this planet.

This nexus point will occur on September 5, 2015, in the last half hour of an event in Manhattan called In the Company of Angels. The meditation will begin at 5:30PM and end at 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time (US) or 9:30PM โ€“ 10:00PM GMT. (For the specific time in your area, you can use an online Time Converter or the World Time Clock.)

This sound meditation will be recorded and posted on our website after the event, and if this sound piece resonates with you we ask that you listen to it on an on-going basis. In other words this is not a one-time meditation, but it is being created to be a continuous field of coherent energy that you will strengthen every time you listen to it.

If you are unable to be in New York physically for the workshop and wish to attune yourself to the nexus point that is being formed, we suggest that you listen to A Bridge Between the Worlds during the time frame of the meditation in New York. During this period, place your awareness at your crown chakra at the top of your head. Listen to the meditation three times, and then give yourself at least 30 minutes of rest before moving into outer activity. (Note: A link to this sound piece appears at the end of this message. Please download this sound piece onto your computer before the event rather than listening to it from our server.)

If you choose to join us in this nexus point meditation from afar, we welcome you. And know that at this level of consciousness, separation by physical distance is not a constraint.

The Hathors

June 21, 2015

Tomโ€™s Thoughts and Observations

When I originally conceived of In the Company of Angels to be presented as a one-day event in Manhattan, I never imagined that the Hathors would step in and ask for the opportunity to create a world meditation.

The very next day after receiving this particular message, Judi and I read an article in the Huffington Post about a joint study conducted by Stanford, Princeton and the University of California at Berkeley. The conclusion of the study, which was published in Science Advances, Vol. 1 No. 5 June 5, 2015, was that the Earthโ€™s ecosystem has actually entered a sixth mass extinction phase.

For those of you who might wish to read the study for yourself, here is a link to the article:

On the heels of this study, a cornucopia of other studies and anecdotal reports all seem to confirm a more rapid deterioration of our ecosystem than was originally thought.

At a pragmatic level I think it is going to take an all out global effort to slow down the deterioration of our ecosystem, and it is going to require a level of planetary co-operation that is, at this moment, unimaginable.

As the astrophysicist Carl Sagan once said: โ€œExtinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.โ€

I would say that we have entered an exceptional moment in our planetโ€™s history and it is going to take exceptional solutions if we are to pull through this growing Chaotic Node.

In all the years I have been channeling the Hathors, I have never known them to be so direct about the possibility of an impending disaster, nor have I seen them undertake such an immense task as creating a nexus point for the co-creation of solutions for humanity and our planet through an angelic alliance.

This is the stuff of science fiction, mythic heroes and heroines. But from the Hathorsโ€™ perspective, the angelic realms are connected to the primordial power of the cosmosโ€”at least from an interdimensional perspective. And so they are calling upon them and us to join together to create a coherency of intent for the purpose of creating a new standard of international cooperation, as well as a new reality where all forms of life upon this planet are recognized as intrinsically interconnected.

For those of you who feel called to this grand experiment in consciousness but are unable to physically attend the event, I wish to re-iterate something the Hathors said at the very end of this message:

โ€œIf you choose to join us in this nexus point meditation from afar, we welcome you. And know that at this level of consciousness, separation by physical distance is not a constraint.โ€

Having facilitated many Hathor world meditations over the years, I can honestly say that they are correct. I say this based on feedback we have received from persons all over the world about what they experienced when they โ€œtuned inโ€ to a global meditation. To say that magic happened for them, wherever they were in the world, would be an understatement.

For those of you who wish to join us in spirit on Sept 5, 2015, please download the sound meditation A Bridge Between the Worlds rather than listen to it from our server. I make this request because if too many people try to listen to it from our site at the same time, the server will not be able to handle the demand; it will crash, and no one will be able to hear it.

For those of you tuning into the global meditation from a distance, the Hathors suggest that you listen to the sound meditation (A Bridge Between the Worlds) three times with your awareness at your crown. They also suggest taking thirty minutes or so afterwards to integrate your experience.

If you have the flexibility to do so, I would allow more time for this integration period since the Hathors indicated that making such deep contact with the angelic realms could profoundly alter awareness, and some persons would do well to take a long nap afterward.

For more information about the actual event in Manhattan on September 5th called In the Company of Angels, click here.

To listen to and/or download A Bridge Between the Worlds, click on the link below. It will take you the Listening Agreement page. After you agree to the terms and conditions, you will have unrestricted access to all of the audio files in this section. There are numerous sound meditations, talks and lectures in this section, and all of them are offered to you free of charge for your personal use only.

Click here to listen to and/or download A Bridge Between the Worlds.

Note: If you received this message as a forward and would like to receive future Hathor postings directly, go to and click on Contact.

ยฉ2015 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved

You may make copies of this message and distribute it so long as you do not charge for it, do not alter it in any way and include this entire copyright notice. Please note that the sound meditation, A Bridge Between the Worlds, may not be posted or shared. It is for you personal use only.

Information Not Directly Related to this Message

Music of the Inner Spheres

I am pleased to announce that Music of the Inner Spheres is now available through our online Store. This recording is a collection of my personal favorite toning sessions gathered from several different workshops and some specifically created by me in my studio for the purpose of inner exploration. I have found the seven sound pieces that comprise this CD to be potent allies for exploring the inner realms of my own consciousness, and I trust they will do the same for you.

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Angels and Devas

This is an extended version of the Fukushima Sound Meditation that you can hear free of charge in the Listening section of the website. Many people asked me to create a longer form of the sound meditation so that they could immerse themselves in the harmonics of the angelic and devic kingdoms. For information about the original sound meditation, including the Hathor message that introduced it, go to the Hathor section of the website and scroll down until you come to the title Fukushima.

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