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Living as your galactic self.

Posted 6/5/2014

galactic self

From Pretence to Presence…. BE-ing at home with who you truly are…. the divine flow of omnipresence.

Ask yourself the questions who am I really….? Am I the image that others have of me, am I what my parents or my partner want me to be, am I the thoughts that flows thru my mind and continiously hold me in a mindset of what I ought to be or what is expected of me. We build our I-dentity on the ongoing experience we have in the world of polarity….. me versus them (victim/abuser), yesterday versus tomorrow, black and white, good and evil…. a world which is rooted in linearity ….. a timeline going from A to B or from we are born until we die.

However this is the very hoax… there is no time, there isn´t even a me and a you…. there is only the ETERNAL ONE that is omnipresent beyond the A and B, beyond past and future, beyond life and death, beyond the I-dentity and illusion of me and you. But when we live from our mind and intellect solely the omnipresence of God/dess is no longer tangible or even able to live thru us. In the prison of our mind we are caught between worlds of illusion scattering ourself in multiple versions of what we think we ought to be and pretending to being something that we are not.

In the world of polarity we compare, judge and evaluate everything as seen from the mindset of duality, which is the cause to all suffering. What we need to do is to step into our hearts….. a space of unlimited grace beyond restriction, beyond labelling, beyond I-dentification…. In this space we can simply BE with what IS…. aka being in the presence of God/dess within without the need to fix or heal anything.

We do not need to pretend anything, we can strip off all masks, all shields, all roles and props, as there is no self there to disguise or hide or defend …. everything is seen as shades and expressions of the light, all colours are allowed as they all together and only together “shape” the ONE light, that permeates and unites all of existence. We (our self) is no longer in the way and the omnipresence of love can run and flow thru us… like a river… we are no longer in need of wanting to controle or stear the course in the knowing the river will find its way without our “doing”. We have returned home to the space in us, where God/dess is omniPRESENT from the tiniest quantum particle to the infinite galaxies…. no need to pretend, no need to go anywhere, no having to fix and heal “a broken illusive self”, but simply BE-ing here and NOW in the embrace of freedom in a joyous dance and lovestory with Source. ~ Grace Antara Ma

Heart Chakra: The Heart of God ~ Sabrina Reber – Raise Your Vibration

Chapter 20 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book “Heart Chakra: The Heart of God” By Sabrina Reber


Heart Chakra:  The Heart of God

Fourth Dimensional Chakra: (Heart):
It is associated with the color GREEN.

The heart chakra is located in the chest and is developed between the ages of 4-7 years. When the heart chakra is opened it holds the energy of Peace, Compassion, Unconditional Love, Honesty and Harmony. These energies cannot be fully felt, understood and integrated until the lower and higher chakras are cleared, balanced and activated. The heart chakra is the place of balance between our lower, masculine, dark (human ego) and our higher, feminine, light (God) selves. Our heart chakra is the entryway to our soul and it cannot be fully opened until we integrate the light and dark within us. We each need to accept and understand our dualistic / human / egoic / divine natures in order to reach a place of non-duality and transformation. It is in our heart chakra where we learn to embrace and love our vulnerabilities, darkness, limitations, hurt and pain so we can transcend the smallness of our human ego and grow towards something greater and more expansive. Our heart is our center, our essence, our spiritual core. Once the heart chakra is fully activated, it will awaken our soul consciousness and the higher chakras bringing our Spirit down into our physical being. Our heart and soul is the bridge to the God Mind where we end duality of matter and Spirit unifying ourselves into a place of connection, wholeness and inner peace. When the heart is fully opened we remember our divinity and allow the love of creation to flow through us. We remember that we are God in human form and this recognition of the self also helps us to recognize the divinity in everyone and everything else. In this state, we recognize the interconnectedness in everything!

The heart chakra is the integration point between the upper (light) and lower (dark) chakras; it is the center of our human cross or physical body. Every time we block a chakra we crucify ourselves, keeping us from fully accessing our highest soul’s potential and union with our God self.  Because all humans have experienced many lifetimes where love has been withheld, we have an epidemic of wounded hearts that need to be healed. Because of this, we have created energetic shields over our hearts to protect ourselves. We shut down our emotional bodies disconnecting us from our heart centered consciousness and intuition allowing our egoic minds to take over. We closed our hearts and blocked the continuous flow of love from the ecstatic presence of our God self.

Until the heart chakra is fully opened we will not be able to flow divine energy into our high heart or thymus gland where our divine spark is ignited and our Christ Consciousness is expanded. The “Return of Christ” is the activation of each individuals Christ Consciousness which activates our Christed Luminous Light Body. When this occurs to every person on the planet we will literally create Heaven here on Earth. We are all Christed, regardless of what religion, or lack of religion we choose to follow. It is our divine birthright and we all carry the Christ Seed within our being. Once our lower and higher chakras are cleared our divine heart will be activated releasing the need to crucify ourselves or another and we will no longer need to carry the burden of our human egoic cross that creates suffering.

Balanced Heart Chakra: Oneness with Life, Healing, True Forgiveness, Courage, Honesty, Healthy Relationships, Healthy Boundaries, Balance, Unconditional Love, Faith, Peace, Compassion, Harmony, Openness, Balance of Giving and Receiving, Emotional Wisdom, Joy, Bliss, Expansion, Self Preservation, Self Love, Self Nurturance.

Unbalanced Heart Chakra: Withholding Love, Separation, Controlling, Demanding, Antisocial, Critical, Judgmental, Depression, Lack of Empathy, Lack of Boundaries, Codependent, Jealousy, Conditional Love

Traumas To the Heart Chakra: Rejection, Abandonment, Betrayal, Physical and Emotional Abuse, Grief, Sexual Abuse, Death of a Loved One, Divorce

Bodily Symptoms Expressing Blockage: Heart Disorders, Circulatory Dysfunction, Lung Disorders, Tension between Shoulders, Weak Immune System.

Many of us have endured difficult soul lessons in this lifetime due to our soul’s desire to clear and heal its residual karma and distorted energy from all previous lifetimes. Because of this, many of us have experienced great pain and disharmony. Once we understand that pain can be used as a catalyst for transformation and every experience that has ever happened to us was created by us for greater soul growth, then we can fully step into a place of complete surrender, acceptance and forgiveness. When we allow our hearts to fully open we create a bridge between our lower chakras and our higher chakras fully stepping into our power becoming heart centered conscious creators of our circumstances. We will no longer need to suffer the consequences of our unconscious creations. Once the heart chakra is cleared and opened, divine energy will continue to move up into the fifth chakra called the Throat Chakra.

This material is copyrighted. You can share this information with proper credits given to Sabrina Reber as the author, complete title of the book “RAISE YOUR VIBRATION”, provide an image of the cover of the book, and a link to the HOW TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION Facebook page. 
Any attempts to take the information and alter it in any way or try to claim it as your own is karmically binding for you, and puts you at risk for legal action based on copyright infringement. Please be respectful and provide proper credits so this information can remain freely available to all. Stay in alignment with your higher self and integrity. Blessings. 

Taking Steps, Creating Visions ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Dragonfly by Blaze Warrender

ART : Dragonfly by Blaze Warrender

Taking Steps, Creating Visions

Sacred 11I said earlier that, if we take the first step, a bridge will appear where none was before.

Well, that’s in a sense what’s happening with me.

I began 2013 saying we are building Nova Earth and I had no idea where the next step would be. At times I’d turn to Archangel Michael and say “I don’t know what to do next” and he’d reply that the idea would appear.

Now here we are discussing how to form and administer our projects after the Reval.  And what a journey it’s been to reach this point.

But that’s only one area in which a bridge has appeared where none was before. Here’s another.

Since the heart opening on March 13, 2015, spiritual matters have just kept unfolding for me, as Archangel Michael said they would. Here I am discussing transformational love and conscious awareness, topics I’d never have raised twenty years ago – or even one year ago.  I wouldn’t have thought there would be a hope of these ideas being received. But that has all changed.

It’s actually transformational love and conscious awareness that I’d like to talk about here.

If I asked people if they know what “conscious awareness” is, many would probably reply, “Oh, yes, I awoke on Sept. 15, 2013 when someone said to me…” Actually that moment would have been an instance of conscious awareness but it probably soon disappeared and was forgotten.

Unconscious awareness is the awareness generated by what S.N. Goenka calls the mind-body complex – the mind, the senses, the emotions, and the body.

Conscious awareness is the first level in which spiritual awareness makes its appearance. The faculties that are in use then are faculties of the soul, and not of the mind-body complex.  They present themselves as umbrageous, extensive and incisive awareness.

Conscious awareness as a more persistent state is an umbrageous awareness, as if your awareness takes in everything. And in that space of taking in everything, there’s also a sense of certainty and confidence. As we do with all transformational and enlightened spaces, we say “THIS is who I am.” But there’s always much more.

I personally do not consider “conscious awareness” an enlightened state. I use the intermediate term “transformational space” to refer to it, after the usage of Werner Erhard.

In it we’re all that we knew we were. Nothing disturbs us. We can take everything in stride.

Life is shown to be the dramatic play that it is. And all of us are shown to have our roles and parts, speaking our lines.

Just writing this has sent me into “conscious awareness,” as we speak. I was in unconscious awareness at one moment and I crossed the line into conscious awareness the next and don’t recollect how I did it.

So here I am taking time out from my bike ride, having a coffee in Starbucks and I’m now in conscious awareness, the transformed state! I can hardly remain focused on my surroundings. My balance is uncertain. I feel exposed. And yet I can manage it.

The very fact that discussing this subject has shot me into the transformed space proves discussions we had years ago – that the truth will set us free – and now – that a bridge will appear where none was before. Conscious awareness itself is the bridge that appears where none was before.

Think of the relationship between “transformative love” and “conscious awareness” this way. Imagine a house (“My Father’s House”) and a lot of children living in it (“many mansions”). Transformative love is one child in that house. Conscious awareness is another. They’re twins.

Joy is also there. Compassion, generosity, all the divine virtues are children in this one House.  Come to think of it, they’re all twins.

So where conscious awareness is, its twin, transformative love, is not far behind. Where transformative love is, its twin, conscious awareness, is also not far behind.

I think of “transformative love” as the Divine Feminine in all of us and “conscious awareness” as the Divine Masculine.

They work together and where one is found, the other is not far behind.

This view works for me as much as it worked for the ancients to talk about a Heavenly Father and a Divine Mother.  There’s no gender bias in it that I can see. None intended. Everybody gets to choose their gender-neutral role: conscious awareness or transformative love – or both. Masculine, Feminine – or both.

This vision is now created and sent out into the collective consciousness.


Dragonfly by Blaze Warrender