Ground Crew Plea to Sanat: Lightworkers Need More Nurturing ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Ground Crew Plea to Sanat: Lightworkers Need More Nurturing

archangel michaelThis week on An Hour with an Angel, I asked the permission of my colleagues to deliver to Sanat the plea that lightworkers, the ground crew, the Company of Heaven on Terra Firma needed more nurturing – in every respect – financial, spiritual, etc.

The pre-show discussion we had was so fruitful that we decided to continue it on the air.

I wanted to ask the Company of Heaven that in future Ascensions they take care of their ground crew better.  The extended experience of impoverishment, the seemingly-endless statements that help was on its way, the repeated postponements, the insufficient detail released to us about what was happening behind the scenes were not matters I felt I could remain silent about.

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Linda pointed out that Ascension was a gradual process of unfoldment, which we’re in the middle of. We’ve been walking, strolling and flying through the Ascension portal for years now, she said. And the changes in us, according to systems theory, affect the whole.

She emphasized that the Ascension process has been unfolding for thousands of years. Ascension is happening now and it’s brand new. It’s never been done before.

Graham marveled at the transformative changes in himself in the past year, which he characterized as “huge.” He’s now coming from calm and peace, love and trust. He said it was hard to speak to everyone’s experiences because we’re all in different places with the process. It all comes down to each one’s personal journey.

I said it’s the very fact that a mass, physical Ascension has never been done before that has me seek reassurance that they’re not going to stretch us like taffy until we fall.

I looked at the changes by looking at loneliness from two perspectives: (1) unconscious awareness and ordinary love and (2) conscious awareness and transformative love. What I see is that loneliness only resides in the first space, not in the second. And I’m in the second space more and more these days.

When you listen to that discussion, notice our voices and compare them to what they were even a year ago to hear the changes in us.

When Sanat joined us, we continued the discussion.

I said to Sanat that this Ascension has been a rocky road of privation, ridicule, and loneliness. We need to manage the process of Ascension next time better for the ground crew.

Sanat heard and accepted the feedback and acknowledged that we require far more nurturing than we’ve been conscious of.   Our cry was for “more”; our complaint was “not enough.”
He characterized the Company of heaven as active producers, directors, and stage hands in the play of Ascension that’s happening now.  He said the Ascension portals were wide open at this time. The intention is for us to be interdimensional beings. Many of us are floating in the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth. Some are clinging to the old Third. There’s a mix of experience.

Where we are is in that flow and that flow is everything. We’re attuning to our New You. The first sacred partnership is with our beloved Self.

Sanat reminded us that we are the CoH’s co-creators.  Collectively we don’t fully comprehend how powerful our ability to create is.

“If you can conceive of [something], then it is possible.”

It is not just them flooding us with health and riches and support in a physical way. Their greatest support comes in the spiritual and emotional ways, with a strong influx of mental inspiration.

But he knows that we think that that is not suffiicent; we need some practical help. Do we think those pleas are not heard and answered in a variety of ways?

The CoH from its side can be dumbfounded that they make their presence known and we don’t embrace their presence and nurturing.  We don’t open to the fulness of what they’re offering.  We deliver our complaints and then don’t stay around long enough to receive the response.  And then we say “You didn’t respond.”

I suggested we needed much more detailed communication with those behind the veil.  He said that the CoH was eager to have that discussion in minute detail. We are at a place where we are prepared to have a greater understanding of what this partnership looks like.

Humanity is further along in terms of Ascension than we think, he said. I suggested that future progress would be along a J-curve. He pointed out that most people now are willing to accept love and to be the expression of love and that is the most significant shift in thousands and thousands of years.

We’re on a rapid ascent projection and we’ve laid the foundation, he said. When we stay in our hearts rather than looking at the old debris, when we stay forward-focused, we’re ascended. And as we do this we’re bringing the entire collective with us.

The transformative love I’m feeling, he said, is the bridge that we walk across on, the bridge that was not there a moment ago in the untransformed space (see Indiana Jones photos) and then is there in the transformed space.

Joines 21
Jones 22
Bridge 22

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