The Challenges of Lightworker Leadership ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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The Challenges of Lightworker Leadership

Hidden Agenda

I remember hearing Ram Dass long ago say that truth used to be a luxury, but now it had become a necessity.

There are lots of things that used to be luxuries which have become necessities.  I saw one today.

I was doing something for another and I saw I was doing it with an ulterior motive. I had a hidden agenda.

What do we do when we see that? (1) Forget about it. (2) Feel bad and still forget about it. (3) Address it.

Both (1) and (2) occur in unconscious awareness. We get no higher than our thoughts and feelings, but we don’t reach the actor, the soul, the Self. That we only do in conscious awareness.

If we’re to (3) address it, there has to be someone present and willing to do that. The persona who forgets about it is not willing; the persona who feels bad and still forgets about it is not. The one who’s willing is not a persona at all. Its presence is a created act as a result of us taking a stand. Its presence results in conscious awareness. Its presence is the first tenuous, shadowy appearance of the Self.

Before I go further, I need to make an aside. In the growth movement, it was viewed as an accomplishment to be able to call ourselves on our own stuff.

Calling ourselves used to be a luxury, but I now see it rapidly becoming a necessity.

I’m in a position in my life where I’m more and more having to make tough decisions and to make them entirely on my own.  I can no longer turn to this person or that and air my woes. I can no longer fish for sympathy or ask to have this cup taken from me.  I’m “it.”

Some months ago I saw that I was the one who had to take care of me. Now I’m also seeing that I’m the one who has to call myself on my stuff.  And I’d better do it way ahead of everybody else if things are to move forward. Otherwise I’ll be perennially putting out brush fires instead of self-correcting and avoiding brush fires.

It’s ten times more effective to call myself on my own stuff than wait for others to do it. If people see that we’re not willing to do so, but require them to call us, resentment builds.

Taking care of me and calling myself on my stuff cannot be done from a place of unconscious awareness. The minute I do either, I push myself into conscious awareness, not quite propel myself, but make it uncomfortable to do otherwise.

In the situation at hand, I called myself on my ulterior motives and hidden agenda. I asked myself what was fair to do no matter what and determined to do that.

The rise of the person willing to take responsibility for myself at this level carries with it another price in loneliness. (1) I realized that, once one determines to lead, one gives up the luxury of complaining and playing poor me. One gives up the luxury of getting others to rescue one or shelter one.  When we lead, by definition, there’s no one out in front of us. Now we’re “it.”

Engaging in complaining and asking to be rescued can be socially engaging and can result in the trading of strokes. (2) But the leader has to give these up, in the end and it can add to isolation and loneliness.

What was it Paul said? When I became a man, I had to put aside childish things?

Years ago we discussed being monarchs in our own domain. (3) The realization, appreciation, and actualization of that state of being just grows and grows.


(1) We’ve discussed the loneliness of the long-distance lightworker here: “The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Lightworker,” June 8, 2015, at This is the loneliness of the lightworker leader.

(2) By strokes I mean gestures laden with concern and love, which are received and leave the receiving person feeling happy and full.

(3) See “Monarchs in Our Own Domain,” Aug. 5, 2014, at and “Everyone Their Own King or Queen,” June 24, 2015, at

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Light Strand Synthesis By the Dolphin Essence ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

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ART : I Am ~ by Meganne Forbes


Light Strand Synthesis By the Dolphin Essence

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 17th July 2015-

Original Source Sacred School of OmNa

We, the Dolphin essence come forth to lend our energy and support, we collectively reside and herald from Sirius, this is not the same for all aspects of the Dolphin Essence. We bring forth to you a wise and powerful consciousness, a synthesis of the Dolphin Essence and vibrations of Sirius. Greetings and love is expressed to all.

Synthesis of light is a powerful and essential aspect of ascension, it is something you are contemplating and experiencing all the time and yet synthesis of light has become prominent in the current processes of ascension. The presence of the Crystalline Kingdom Light anchoring in full flow into the Earth and humanity signifies a deeper awakening and activation of light synthesis within all. The Crystalline vibrations bring spirit, light, love and the divine into manifestation as material and physical aspects of the Earthly world.

More than ever before the Earth and humanity are merging with the Creator. Souls are opening up to experience light synthesis, this is calling many old, present and new energies to the Earth to experience their necessary integration. All that is the Creator and wishes to be a part of the Era of Love is being called forth to build a new network of light within the Earth and each physical being. This will create a beautiful outcome of united integrated powerful loving energies. The journey to the outcome of beauty will require great acceptance and a focus upon one’s divine intuition. As all of humanity and Mother Earth mostly unconsciously rebuild the networks of light within the Earth and humanity, this will mean that numerous different aspects of the Creator are exposed. You may discover that each person you connect with or groups of people you are aware of have different concep ts concerning the Creator, they are moving along a very diverse pathway to the Creator compared to you. It will be akin to the many different faces of the Creator and pathways to the Creator residing upon the Earth and maybe even simultaneously demonstrated through your being. All pathways of the Creator will be shown to you as the networks of light are reformed for the new Era of Love to more fully anchor and an outcome of beauty to take place. This is where the energy of acceptance is required, encouraging you to consciously and lovingly respect each aspect and pathway of the Creator. This process is all the appropriate energies of the universe merging to create a new reality and stage of ascension upon the Earth.

An additional purpose is to increase your focus and dedication to your own pathway of integration to the Creator. You may see, sense and acknowledge so many diverse aspects of the Creator and pathways of ascension and yet you will be asked to merge with all while holding focus of your own truth and knowledge of your own pathway to synthesis with the Creator. Imagine yourself existing in a crowd of people; you are telepathically, energetically, emotionally and mentally linked to each person, experiencing deep oneness, connection and unison. The exchange of energy and expression of the Creator is powerful within you and moves through you. With this in mind also imagine that you have your own purpose, your own inner knowledge and focus, your own expression of the Creator and your own pathway you are invited to walk upon the Earth, yet you remain in unison with all. This in many ways is occurring on the Earth now as the light synthesis taking place within all builds new networks of light which enhance humanity’s and the Earth’s natural unison. Prepare yourself now for over the coming years your oneness with all will enhance as will your own inner devotion and pathway of acceptance of the Creator develop.

Be aware of synthesis of light occurring within you and especially around you, let yourself contemplate and observe that everything is merging. This means that even energies which you do not associate with the Creator are merging with powerful loving aspects of the Creator thus creating a reaction. It is akin to chemical reactions taking place upon the Earth and within your being constantly; great explosions of light. We invite you to be aware of the reactions that manifest, by this we mean the energy created through the synthesis of light especially misaligned energies and aligned energies; we could label this a reaction or a response. These reactions and responses are very powerful as they are higher frequencies and vibrations of light born from misaligned and aligned energies merging. We could also label the reactions and responses of energy as a healing balm, untangling all energi es which no longer support ascension to bring forth truth. This healing balm can be accepted, embodied and distributed far and wide.

We share this with you so you may be more observant of what is occurring on an expansive scale of the Earth and humanity. In your coming days let yourself observe and knowledge that everything is integrating and merging within and around you. Allow yourself to sense the chemical reactions taking place as misaligned and aligned energies merge. To support your ascension you may wish to invoke, us, the Dolphin Essence, to encourage appropriate synthesis of light to be anchored and experienced within your being. Numerous energies from the inner planes are anchoring into the Earth for synthesis, when accepted by you they will reform and awaken a deeper remembrance of the Creator within you. We, the Dolphin Essence can support the appropriate synthesis of light to take place within your being and reality, thus boosting your light vibration and light consciousness. These are focuses you can bring to your daily life, with patience and acceptance you will recognise yourself connected in unison with the higher consciousness and energy of the humanity and the Earth while also being your unique and beautiful self.

We, the Dolphin Essence, wish to share energetically with you our light consciousness which as light beings without form is akin to our DNA. We wish to anchor stands of light holding consciousness into your being especially your mental and emotional bodies with the purpose of enhancing your ability to acknowledge, and sense with awareness the somewhat dramatic shifts taking place within the universe of the Creator, with understanding of how this impacts humanity and the Earth. In truth we wish to reawaken a more expansive awareness within you which encourages you to understand and perceive beyond the boundaries and limitations of the Earth. Our stands of light hold the consciousness of the Dolphin essence and the wisdom of Sirius as well as a potent awakening energy. This is a process of light synthesis supporting reactions and responses, in truth higher frequencies of the Creator.

‘Dolphin Essence, I call you forth to anchor your light stands of consciousness and awakening into my emotional and mental bodies. Support me in synthesising and merging your light stands with my own consciousness and soul vibrations creating unique and beautiful outcomes, with the emergence of light and truth from within my being. May I more easily comprehend the shifts and alterations taking place within the universe of the Creator, as well as understanding how these influence the Earth, humanity and my own being. Thank you and let it be so.’

Simply sit peacefully focusing on your breathing allowing your body to relax. Imagine our light, the Dolphin Essence, surrounding you. Take a few deep breaths to become accustomed to our vibration.

First bring your focus to your emotional body and imagine, sense or acknowledge that we are anchoring several strands of light into your emotional body. Breathe deeply to aid the integration.

When you are ready bring your focus to your mental body, imagine, sense or acknowledge that we are anchoring several stands of light into your mental body. Breathe deeply to aid integration. You may wish to take some time to meditate or rest to allow the process to take place and any insights or vibrations to rise connecting with your being. This practice of integration can be achieved as often as you feel guided.

Please know that we are a source of comfort, wisdom and understanding for you to call upon whenever you require assistance.

Enjoy the journey of integration, it is magnificent and will create a most beautiful outcome. Always place your faith in a beautiful outcome as this will align you to the frequency of a beautiful outcome thus aiding manifestation and experience.

In the mission of light synthesis,

The Dolphin Essence

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art I-AM-L1 meganne forbes