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Mary Magdalene 8-8-8 Gateway

July 27, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

As the Soul of Magdalene re-enters the Spirit of the Goddess through a submerging of infinity law with Unity law, we are witnessing a call for the Goddesses to arise out of the ashes like the phoenix.

Mary Magdalene has been Present deep within and around us these days! How can we not notice her Presence lately as she comes forth with such a power of emergence. WOW to that. Almost during every reading and session, as well as in my personal life, has Magdalene been so present and coming forth in such a strong way. She told me that she is here to call forth the Goddesses of Light and to awaken these in their Human incarnation.

Now that we are entering the 8-8-8 Gateway Her Goddess Presence is even stronger present as it is the Magdalene Gateway that is upon us now. I see her placing roses in the Hearts of men to awaken the compassion and new emotions while for women she is calling forth the Goddesses here present on Earth to awaken in their shell. “It is Time” she says. This is what she shared in one of the readings a few days ago:

“The Goddesses of Light are called to come out and play with their forces and strenght of power. This is a Unity coming around again and partaking in the Collective Ascension process as the Goddesses and the Keepers of this Divine lineage. It is time for the Elders of the Goddess Templates of Light, to shine their Lights and inflame their torches with fire. You will help to enlighten the world of who you Goddesses are and what you came here to be and do. “

Magdalene is instructing the Goddesses to be present now in their full glory and to allow their refined Feminine energy to arise. This is a very profound and spiritual alignment, co-created with the Sirian Forces of Light and the Elohim Temples of the Sun. As you can see, this portal and momentum is all about unification of both sides, all you see as opposites, polarities. Such as Masculine and Feminine, matter and anti-matter, light and dark, higher reality and denser reality, positive and negative… This all through the energy of inspiration and creativity, the Sacred Feminine Goddess powers.

Mary Magdalene:

“Follow the path of the instructions laid by you as a foundation. This foundation is the bed you lay on and trust upon as you set your first steps into motion. The heart is the speaker of this foundation, as it knows all its secrets. Let the speaker be the one that rules you into motion and be the one that chooses to move consciously by heart.

Find the Holy Grail within your own beingness for it lies there. It is not to be seen by anybody else than you and it is not to be found anywhere else but within you. The Holy Grail is your profound wisdom and knowledge obtained by the experiences of lifetime after lifetime. The Holy Grail is all that you are: your immortality and Spirit.

It has many instructions yet it is infinite and has no boundaries to set these rules upon. The only rule it has is the rule to open the heart in allowance and to vibrate in the knowing by heart, love and compassion. Without love and compassion One cannot access the Holy Grail within. Compassion lies on the bed of the foundation which is the vibration of knowing oneself and allowing another to know themself as well.”

Her beautiful Presence is such a compassionate energy of a Cosmic keeper. I have always felt her as a gentle and sensitive Presence but now her beautiful Goddess side emerges and a beautiful force of power is being reflected as her Cosmic nature. Her energy inspires, heals, empowers and aligns you with the nature of truth and Love. What a Blessing for her Presence.


I AM here to awaken the Goddesses of Light, those who are Present on this Earth, for it is time to Ascend in this course of unification. It is time to unify the Spirit of the Goddesses and to inspire the Masculine energies to do the same for all. Masculine energies will help the Feminine energies to bring forth the unification into a manifested reality. So first we, as the Goddesses, inspire and then we move along the lineages of our ancestors to unify towards a great Global ascension along with the God Masculine forces.

There lies so much power within the womb of creation ~ which is a Female energy ~ that this is why we are calling for the Goddesses to awaken, activate and play their role in this unification process. The unification of creation and manifest ~ Female and Male ~ this through the portal of the Goddess which allows birth of creation to be set free. There are Forces of Light at play here that are of a Cosmic vibration, re-aligning all within to their own forces of potential and creation towards the light of unification.

You may feel prompted to inspire many onto your beloved planet. Do so and follow that Sacred Fire within. Some Goddesses are called to unify with their Spirit within and follow their path of journey which will bring forth the re-alignment with the Goddess Template under the eye of Sirius. Other Goddesses are called to bring forth the unification with their own Template into the limbs of the Masculine wounded ~ allowing to heal and allowing creation.

Many Goddesses are called to play their roles ~ which are crucial ~ into the areas they feel guided to be in. Many others will venture home on the inner space alone. It is your journey to take upon and feel as the emerging of the Goddess within will keep you grounded and informed of your destiny. Let your wings take you where you are destined to be in this timeframe and continuing on. Do not be afraid of your own inner wisdom of power for only then will you fly to your destiny as you keep on spreading your beautiful wings.

I AM here to heal, I AM here to clear wounds, I AM here to share Love and compassion unconditionally, I AM here to awaken, I AM here to call you all to your Divine essence, I AM hear to remind you, I AM here to awaken, I AM here to BE in unity with each and everyone of you. My capsule of Love is one of treasure. A treasure which lies embedded deep within your own hearts.

You beautiful men out there: As I place a rose within your heart, I am awakening the captivity of your Spirit alignment with Source and set your emotions free to feel and understand Love on a whole other level. I AM setting free emotions of fear and old wounds that have captivated you in the fear of emotions and love. This with the embrace of compassion ~ something that is a true nature of your self as well.

You beautiful women out there: you are truly gifted Goddesses and your time has come to awaken that potential within you and to arise! Stand up and make yourselves tall, make yourselves noticeable for all in the world and walk your path of what you speak about and are. Your forces are counted on right now as you help the beautiful men and masculine energies to be embraced. You are showing the light to all now as you are called to lead in this momentum and bring the power from within you. You enlighten the hearts and the world with your illuminated Flame, for you have no fear of emotions and inner heart feelings.

Now shine what lies within the heart ~ all of you ~ and embrace the motion of your heart feelings. Encourage others to do the same so that you can all stand into your own power of Beingness and embrace the many wounds to be healed. Cosmic power is behind this all as it flushes out the many emotions as they come about. Processing the many things in your lives as they come and arise, with the power of knowing by heart and illuminating truth of unity through the defining of embrace.

I love you

Mary Magdalene

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Last Year Myself and Anrita Melchizedek transmitted an activation during the 8-8 Gateway through the Diamond Ray, embracing and uniting the Divine Feminine Goddess energies with the Divine Masculine God energies.  It was transmitted live at the Glastonbury Tor, heart chakra of Gaia.  You can download and listen to this transmission for free HERE.  Also may the transmission of the Trinity Flame of Goddess energy assist you during this portal. We work with the violet Flame first to transmute and ground, afterwards we work with the 3 Goddesses of Light and their Ray to form one beautiful Trinity flame and activate the keycodes of the 3 Goddess Archetypes: Isis, Hera and Lady Portia. Rays: Violet Ray, Pink Ray and the Silver Ray.  (There was a lot of noise at times because of the concert of Robert Plant a bit further and due to lots of people passing by and moving around outside)  Also this transmission was given last year during the 8-8 gateway by Méline Portia Lafont and is free to download.

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2015, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and


Messages from Home – Learning/Remembering to Read Light Language @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Messages from Home – Learning/Remembering to Read Light Language

July 22, 2015


Learning/Remembering to Read Light Language

{Join in the upcoming Light Language and the Human Chakra System

Online Healing Retreat with Dr. Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians who will help you

prepare to perceive, receive, and interpret Light Language.}

Many of you are beginning to perceive thought forms and energy packages. Your Clairaudience (hearing), Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairsentience (kinesthetic) abilities are coming online. With all of these skills arriving now, you are preparing yourself to be able to perceive, receive and interpret Light Language.

In this manner, we (The Arcturians, the Elementals, Angels, & Beings from Inner Earth) will be able to speak to you via Light Language. When someone speaks to you in Light Language, it is a package of information that is whole and complete.

We will offer information for the general population, as well as specific information for you, individually. This creates a leg up for you when you can perceive and commune with your own higher dimensional self.

Once you remember that innate skill that ALL of you have, we ask that you gather with others who can commune with and perceive their higher dimensional selves. Then, when you enter our Arcturian Corridor, which is now encircling Gaia, you will create a collective energy field in which all your higher dimensional selves can bond in unity with each other and with all of your grounded expressions.

The Chakras are part of your interpretation of Light Language. Light Language has certain colors and tones. Each color and tone vibrates to a specific frequency of light. Since each of your chakras also vibrate to a specific frequency of light, your chakras will serve as an “alphabet,” and “translation device.”

Eventually, you will remember how to interpret Light Language through your Chakra System. We say, “remember” because this skill of communicating via your light body systems (your chakras) is common for your higher dimensional self.

Each chakra represents a certain area of your nervous system (spine and brain), your endocrine system, and a major nerve plexus. Your higher dimensional consciousness has already received, interpreted and integrated within the NOW, beyond time.

When you come into alignment with your chakra systems, your consciousness instantly expands into higher frequency brainwaves. Then you don’t just “receive” and “translate” the Light Language, you simply plug into it, let go of your ego self, and “allow” the inter-dimensional information to come into you.

This acceptance of light occurs many times through out your busy day. We are all in constant communication with our Higher SELF, but we get so lost in our 3D life that we become “unconscious” to the amazing Light Language messages that flow into us on a regular basis.

The degree to which the chakras are balanced and in alignment enhances your consciousness and allows you to consciously perceive Light Language. Once you become adept at receiving Light Language, it will begin to come to you from higher and higher frequencies/dimensions.

“Reading” Light Language, actually means that you are choosing to consciously attend to certain bodily sensations, emotions, and thoughts that you have learned to identify as a “MESSAGE FROM HOME.”

You will be “reading” your Light Language via higher frequencies than 3D words offer. In fact, Light Language arrives as “bundles of information.” Since you will absorb the information, rather than interpret it, you will BE what you have absorbed into yourself.

When you remember to consistently receive and surrender into these higher frequencies of Light Language, your consciousness follows these energy fields back to their sources, which are increasingly higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Look into the core of your own self and see if you are ready for this information. If you are ready to RECEIVE this information, are you ready to LIVE it?

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Light Language and the Human Chakra System

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We hope you can join us,

Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians

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Archangel Zadkiel – “Your Internal Compass” August 2015 ~ Linda Robinsonn @ Personal Pathways of Light

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ART : Do Duy Tuan-ImpressioniArtistiche


“Your Internal Compass”

August 2015

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Lady Amethyst, of the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation. We are being joined by a host of the Angelic Realm. Today, we wish to bring you a Message of Light about your internal compass.

Your internal compass is your internal center. It is the part of you that keeps you grounded. At the same time, it allows you to soar through the multi-dimensions. It is the part of you that you turn to in times of silence. It is the part of you that keeps you on your intended course and helps you maintain your focus. It is the part of you that helps you remain true to yourself. It is the part of you that is eternally enduring.

Tuning in to your inner compass is especially important in this time of expanded energy. The higher dimensional energy that you are currently experiencing offers many opportunities. You are being presented with many appealing options for the next step on your path. It may feel as if you have come to a fork in the road that has many directions branching off at the fork. Each direction presents a different opportunity.

More than one possible direction or experience may interest you. Sometimes, it is helpful to turn to your internal compass to see what each direction or path represents. One path may represent what you feel others have expected of you. Another path may be what you have always done, and it would represent a continuation of this. Another path may represent what others are doing. Still another may present a completely new experience. There may be even more than one path that represents a new experience.

It may not be a question of one path being right and another being wrong. It is considering which path resonates with you and makes your heart sing. It is about which one will take you to the next step on the path of your purpose and mission in this incarnation.

This is where turning to your internal compass can give you guidance on what resonates with you. Your internal compass resides in your heart center. This is where you go to gain clarity about your mission and to stay on course.

Each person has a unique mission in each incarnation. Your mission incorporates your talents, skills, and values. These aspects are blended with your special energetic signature to form the person you are. When you tune in to your heart center, you are in harmony with who you are, and this leads you to your special mission.

If you wish to have greater clarity about your mission, you can make this request to the Universe and your guides. Then, tune in to your inner compass and guidance for the answer. It may come in several forms. You may have an idea that seems to float into your awareness. You may see a book that draws your attention, or you may have a conversation with someone who sparks an idea within you. When you remain focused in the moment and are in tune with your internal compass and guidance, you can recognize the signals more easily.

Then, your internal compass helps to keep you on course with your mission.

You may wish to tune in to your inner compass by placing your attention on your heart center and focusing on your breath. As you focus on your breath, you are remaining in the moment and centering yourself. Then, your attention can rest in your heart center.

As you breathe in and out, you become aware of yourself as a Spark of the Divine. You realize that you are much more than the external circumstances that surround you. You know, within your deepest knowing, that you are part of a great web of life that is universal.

As you continue to bask in this knowing, you become aware that this knowing is part of your internal compass. It is always there guiding you when you allow it to impart its universal knowledge to you. It is there leading you to your mission and to highest good. It is there leading you to peace within your Soul.

The more you tune in to your internal compass, the stronger it becomes.

When you tune in to your internal compass throughout the day, it imparts what you need to know at that moment. Then, when you come to the fork in the road, the various choices that are presented to you seem much more manageable because you are aware of your role in the vast universal play of life. The path or paths that most closely resonate with your mission seem to tug at your heart strings, as the others fade away.

It is as if your internal compass is guiding you, and you begin to glide through daily life with ease and grace, no matter what external circumstances arise, because you are connected with a greater plan. You are part of the great cosmic plan where you have your unique role, just as others have their unique roles. With each person playing his or her role, the cosmic dance of life moves in a harmonious manner.

Beloveds, we are always here to work with you when you call on us. We are all working for peace, harmony, and greatest good.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel, Holy Lady Amethyst, joined by a Host of the Angelic Realm
…and We surround you with love

And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson,

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson,

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email:



art Do Duy Tuan-ImpressioniArtistiche-3