Archangel Michael on Heart-Centered Leadership ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

The Three Graces by Emily Balivet

ART : The Three Graces ~ by Emily Balivet


Archangel Michael on Heart-Centered Leadership

ArchangelMichael Ron HeadAs I go through past readings, preparing them for incorporation in a comprehensive file I maintain, I came across this discussion of leadership on July 21, 2015, which I reproduce here for its usefulness.

Archangel Michael’s opening remarks are also noteworthy and seem to be intended for public consumption. The discussion of leadership follows them. Thanks to Dana for our trascript.

Steve: Greetings, Lord

AAM: Welcome to you, my beloved brother of blue. Welcome to this time of extraordinary change – yes, of breakthrough, breakdown, reconstruction, and reconstitution. This is the constant.

But never has it been so apparent as the humans go forth in folly, in victory, in war and peace.  The key is that they are embracing the change and that they do go forward – sometimes yes, under misstep, and sometimes in courageous valour.

Might I even say, beloved one, that at this time, being upon the planet and being involved in the work of spreading light and love is courageous valor. Even in silence, the continuity, the constancy and the certainty is an act of valor. It is an act of trust. It is an act of hope. It is an act of love.

Know that, when I say that I speak of “act,” I speak of action. I speak of forward thrust and this is what is required. No, not to be loved. It is required in terms of the individual’s plans within the Mother’s plan. There is a time for stillness and all action emanates, when it is of truth and balance, from that place of stillness, of balance.

It is not a flurry of activity, of expression, of creativity for its own sake. It has need to be clear, directed, thoughtful, considerate, kind, gentle, strong. But it has need to be action. The time for light workers, love holders, for all of Gaia, stepping forth, is now.

* * *

Steve: Leadership. I know so very little about it and I haven’t time to study the subject. What do I need to know to do a better job than I’m doing?

Archangel Michael: That you are the shepherd and you are the pathfinder. Now you say to me, “Dearest Lord, how am I supposed to be at the head of the flock and at the bottom of the flock at the same time?” It is called by bi-location. [Laughs]

There are times that it is a balancing act. There are times when you must show the way through the mountain pass. You must show the way to where the water is, where people will be nourished and refreshed and reconstituted.

And then there are times when you must stand back. You may nudge from behind but you are allowing and respecting those within your group, your circle, humanity to find their way.

It is not that you withdraw support and it is not that you stop dropping clues, but you allow them, your term would be, creative chaos.

Chaos for its own sense, for its own value is ridiculous. There is no reward. There is no creation. But there is time for creative chaos when out of what appears to be mayhem comes new and deeper understanding, new ideation and a new sense of empowerment.

Leadership is a tenuous role and it is particularly tenuous in terms of the understanding, in the new paradigm, of heart-centred awareness, of heart-centred love.

You are never attempting to control but you are very clear about what is acceptable, what are the principles of daily life, of operation. If it is not of clarity, if it is not of sweetness and of love, then there is no place for it.

So the leader/leadership is the role-modelling of love, of consideration, but of clarity. There is too much indecision, waiting, inaction.

You know this in your work, beloved. When you write and when you take positions, you point the way. You do not nay-say anyone else. You create the room for a broader discussion, whether it is corrupt or incorrupt or somewhere in the middle.

That is leadership. It is not telling people what to do. It is role-modelling.

Steve: I can do it in my writing. I have no problem with that. It is in person where the difficulties arise, especially when I get impatient and just want something to happen.

AAM: You and I both, dear heart! When you feel impatient, when you feel like you want to scream and perhaps even wring somebody’s neck, take a giant step backwards. These are the days I encourage you to take time for your beloved self. Take a giant step backwards and simply watch the show.

Steve: What steps would you advise I take to see that communication happens on the teams.

AAM: Allow them to express themselves in a neutral way.

We are not simply speaking of Perro. We are talking about neutrality. So you can express how you feel and this is them finding their voice so that they do not need to feel that they are withholding. But let them express themselves without feeling that there will be a reaction, so that they learn to express themselves.

But it is not, and let me be very clear about this, it is not withholding. It is not you withholding either. So for example, if somebody is saying something that to you is incorrect, outrageous or is, shall we say, sparking you, it is not responding in that momentary fluster.

But it is expressing, perhaps not even at the same time, but expressing that this is how I feel about what you said. It is expressing it in a way that is encouraging and giving everybody the latitude to express, where no one is considered right or wrong, other than the information.

But information, and I use that in the broadest sense of the word, cannot be withheld. If it is, then you are not operating as a team. It is that simple.

The channeled message reproduced here is used with permission of Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, Inc., 2015


The Three Graces by Emily Balivet

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