Attuning to The Universal Song ~ EM Meyer @ Adapting to Grace





“When you feel the attunement, you will literally feel the unlocking. It will feel like there are billions of little keys unlocking the padlocks that have closed off joy within your body, within your being. They will be opened, and you will feel Love. Now your body is absolutely thrilled with this, for it has been in the reduced state – the dull state, the numb state – per your instructions, per your conditioning throughout your life. We are speaking about most of you. So your body becomes ecstatic when this occurs, and then what happens to the mind? The mind has been involved in a certain program for most of your lives. It is the one that has been in charge of keeping you in the program – not calling too much attention to yourself, fitting in because, “this is what we do here, and we know nothing else so we may as well make this work.” Right? This is the program. When this frequency is felt by your body, and it awakens, it does not return to the deadened state. Even though the mind will say, “We need to be small again, so stop that celebration now! We do not want to call attention to ourselves and people will think we’re crazy, so let us stay small!” Well, the body will not cooperate…”  (full audio file below)

I am in the throes of sorting, packing, and letting go… again. It has been incredibly scary and empowering at the same time. In past moves, I always knew where I was headed – in the direction of some “comfortable” known place – with persons and things that were the current mirrors and props in my play. There are huge waves of anxiety that I endure now while I’m not only trashing things, but I’m also uncovering value that I didn’t know I had – on so many levels. As I stated in the last post, I am in total surrender right now, and basically asking the Universe to show me… in no uncertain terms… how to proceed (if I am to proceed) with this life. In my process of “moving”, I uncovered some audio files that I had forgotten about on an old hard drive from Hawaii.

I want to share this audio from August 2007 with you – delivered over 8 years ago now. In my opinion, it is the most clear and direct transmission that I have delivered about the evolution of our consciousness in these transformational times. And it is my answer from the Universe, once again, for I have gone round and round with this one for awhile now. It is about attunement, and it is the intention of my life. It is what I, and many others, came here to do. I cannot tell you how valuable it is to be reminded of my pre-life intentions and prayers. I do believe that quite a few of you will resonate with this guidance in the context of your own healing process. Below is the full audio file of this transmission. (If you are hearing impaired, simply write to me here and I will be happy to provide a written transcription of this session.)

What initially appeared to be “no viable choices” for me, as I stood on the threshold of the rest of my life, is now changing into a veritable sundry of possibilities popping up on the horizon. It takes great courage to stay present with this discomfort… to feel it all, yet remain calm with the “great unknown”. I want you to know that if you are in a similar place right now, we stand together, shoulder to shoulder. Breathe, stay present, and trust. Clarity is coming. I’ll share more in the coming weeks if I can, but I wanted this to be my last post before my proverbial dive off the cliff.

Also, below the audio file is a digitized video that I uncovered in a box of old VHS tapes. It is the first time I publicly performed one of the many songs delivered to me after my profound Kundalini and ET contact experiences in the mid to late 90’s. I was graduating from the 3-year course at the “School of Enlightenment and Healing” in San Diego, CA. I was terrified to make myself so vulnerable and share this music that arrived in my heart from the “Unknown” – instead of comfortably fronting rock and roll bands with those well “known” Top 40 Dance hits. (LOL)

Thanks for walking with me on this incredible journey. I love and appreciate you all.

~ EM

More videos on the DivinelyFem YouTube Channel.

Heal Your Physical Body by Goddess Oraylia ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

a goddess of deeper meaning by lila violet

ART : A Goddess of Deeper Meaning ~ Lila Violet


Heal Your Physical Body,

Soul’s Journey and the Universe

by Goddess Oraylia

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 14th August 2015- Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I am a consciousness named Goddess Oraylia from the Goddess Council at the Cosmic Level of the Creator’s Universe. It is an honour to share my energy and love with you; I am predominantly present to guide you in receiving the frequencies, wisdom and transformation which are available to you at this time. Let yourself be receptive to my energies and wisdom as this will support our co-creation. Acceptance and co-creation are key focuses at this time of ascension. The Creator is inviting you to accept yourself more fully, to accept the energies of the Creator in the numerous forms and expressions they are delivered to you, as well as accepting the shifts which are required to take place to aid your transformation. Co-creation is a key focus due to the Creator inviting you to bring your attention to the awareness you are in a constant flow and experience o f the Creator, more importantly to realise you are never creating on your own. The Creator is encouraging you to be observant that you are constantly creating with other expressions of the Creator such as Ascended Masters and Archangels. Such beings can be specifically called forth to co-create with you in your reality, especially your spiritual evolution. Desires and dreams can also be co-created with aspects of the Creator to aid an expanded view and experience for yourself upon the Earth.

‘My boundaries of accepting the Creator are dissolved; I am willing and able to accept the Creator within and around me.’

‘Protected and supported by my community of Angels, I call for the most appropriate expression of the Creator to co-create with me now. My intention is to co-create….. (please explain your intention.) I now allow myself to become aware of the being of light and love who has presented themselves to co-create with me. I welcome you and unite our energies to magnify and manifest my intention divinely and appropriately within my reality. Thank you.’

Take time in meditation or observation to discover the being who has come forth to co- create with you as well as imagining your energy uniting to create a powerful source of light, which represents that which you wish to create. Daily adopt the understanding that you are constantly co-creating with this being your intention, until it manifests fully within your physical reality.

The current phase of our ascension on the Earth and the inner planes is focused upon the anchoring and acceptance of the Crystalline Consciousness and the Goddess frequency. Both energies are merging to create an intense shift within many upon the Earth so that transformation of diverse and personal aspects is evident within each person.  As we move into 2016 you will be able to recognise with greater confidence and awareness the major transformations which have and are taking place within your being and reality due to your dedication to the light and your spiritual evolution. These transformations are also manifesting due to the combined presence, co- creation and anchoring of the Crystalline Consciousness and the Goddess frequency. The Crystalline Consciousness offers a powerful purification, light enhancement, the release of habits which have extende d throughout numerous lifetimes and the ability to acknowledge oneness with clarity and precision. The Goddess frequency shares their nourishing, nurturing, creative and expansion qualities which when combined with the Crystalline Consciousness create a key of awakening and self-acceptance. The co-creation between the Crystalline Consciousness and the Goddess frequency is now due to intensify its strength, power and availability creating a powerful boost of energy to be anchored into the Earth and those ready to receive.

I wish to support you in being ready, available and receptive to this powerful energy boost of pure intention and vibrations. In order to achieve this I wish to bring your attention of your mind and third eye chakra to your physical body. You may have noticed sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic changes and shifts in your physical body. Your physical body is being upgraded and more fully aligned to the truth of your essence and soul.  It is into your physical body that the power boost of energy from the Crystalline Consciousness and the Goddess frequency will anchor, mostly influence and be noticeably present. The physical body is now the focus of your ascension at this time; however this is only due to the clearing and healing which has and is taking place within your mental and emotional body.

Imagine your physical body is connected by thousands of tiny wires to an energy source of several growing stages until it reaches the source. The source is sending energy and light through many levels, which could be compared to the levels of your auric field, then into your physical body. All the other levels have been upgraded and now it is time for the physical body to be upgraded. This will take time maybe even several years; however it is beginning and continuing now. The surge of the source is flowing and anchoring into your physical body, almost like an electrical charge.

Like all of your energetic bodies your physical body is a reflection of the Universe of the Creator; the universe of the Creator is present within your physical body. Your soul’s personal journey throughout the Earth and the Universe of the Creator is also held within your physical body like a map which you can navigate. Areas of your physical body which experience stiffness or require healing reflect and reveal areas of your soul’s journey and the Universe of the Creator which also need healing. Thus through awareness of your physical body and encouraging your physical body to be receptive to the energy downloads currently flowing from the inner planes you can heal all aspects of ascension, while promoting freedom in the flow of energy within your own physical body.

I invite you to sit down peacefully gaining a meditative state with a specific focus upon relaxing the physical body. Encourage your senses to be active and alert, then say out loud:

‘I now allow myself to sense and recognise areas of my body where the natural flow of my soul’s and the Creator’s light is suppressed, stagnant or blocked.’

Allow yourself to be drawn to certain areas of your body. When you are made aware of a part of your physical body hold your attention in the area.

‘I now request and invite the energy of the source of the Creator, the sacred energy of transformation and truth already anchored within my auric field and chakras as well as the synthesised energy of  the Crystalline Consciousness and the Goddess frequency to flow into my entire physical body especially the area where my focus lies. I invite the pure energy anchoring now to restore the flow of energy in this part of my body thus healing my physical body, aiding transformation while simultaneously healing the journey of my soul and aspect of the Universe of the Creator this part of my body is connect to. Thank you.’

Imagine light flooding your physical body from all directions especially accumulating at the area of your focus. You may wish to recite within your mind during this process:

‘With the flow of light restored my physical body transforms positively impacting my soul and the universe. I am transformed.’

You can continue to observe your physical body returning to the original request , ‘I now allow myself to sense and recognise areas of my body where the natural flow of my soul’s and the Creator’s light is suppressed, stagnant or blocked.’  This will continue the process in different areas of the body until the healing is complete and the flow of the Creator has been fully restored within your physical body, thus allowing your body to fully receive the energies of the Crystalline Consciousness and the Goddess frequency, transforming to support your raise in energetic vibration and conscious awareness.  With is a beautifully healing process on all levels of your being will take place.

I am present to support your healing, nurture your inner creativity and encourage you to further unite with the Creator,

Goddess Oraylia

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a goddess of deeper meaning by lila violet