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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Using The Higher Light –The Arcturians


Using Higher Light

The Arcturians

Welcome, we the Arcturians are here for section two of Accepting the Higher Light. As you accept the higher Light it goes into your consciousness, your aura, your body and your cells to discover any remaining darkness, so that it can be healed.

This “darkness” is “blocks” within you that are afraid to change, afraid to transmute. Once you are aware of these blockages that have not yet been released, you can participate in your own clearing. Once you remember how to clear yourself, you can assist others with their clearing. The higher light arrives from the dimensions beyond time. Hence, it moves into your present, past, and alternate realities.

Once you remember how to allow the light to enter your earth vessel in this manner, you can assist others to do the same. You will also remember how you can assist Gaia by grounding this multidimensional light into the core of Her Being. In this way, you will merge your personal form with Gaia’s planetary form.

Then, your personal, and Gaia’s planetary elementals of Earth, Air, Fire and Water will share the higher frequency light with all life. Because this higher frequency light is continually finding, and clearing blockages, you can more easily transmute your self and your reality. With the blockages discovered and released, your daily consciousness expands into higher brainwaves.

With these higher brainwaves, states of consciousness, your perceptions of reality begin to include higher frequencies of reality. As you adapt to the transmutations of your vessel, you learn/remember how to find that which is wounded, distorted or out of sync. With this expanded perception you will be able to identify, unconditionally love and transmute your reality with the Violet Fire.

Whatever you have transmuted within your physical or planetary body is then set free into Gaia’s reality to assist in raising Gaia’s resonate frequency. Gradually, there is more and more higher frequency light and less and less third dimensional light.

Do you understand now how important you, our human representatives, are? We remind you to be sure to release whatever you have transmuted. In this manner, that which has been transmuted is free to contribute their experience of transmutation with all life.

Remember in the fifth dimensional reality that you are assisting to create, every person, place, situation, and thing will come into its own awareness of where and to what they wish to resonate. Eventually, all these expanded resonances of SELF will join in unity consciousness with all life within the fifth dimensional resonance of Gaia.

You see dear ones, you are moving from the resonance of the third/fourth dimension into the fourth/fifth dimensional resonance, in order to merge with the NOW of the fifth dimension, and beyond, resonance of life. As soon as you become aware that you completed that shift into that next dimensional zone of Gaia, you will naturally flow into unity with all life within that dimensional zone.

As you begin, and continue, your process of “return to SELF,” the higher Light precedes you to direct your ever-expanding consciousness/perception. As you continue your journey, everything that you need to know flows to the surface of your consciousness.

What was once a boundary between your inner self and the outer world becomes a magnet that attaches you to the frequency of light that is dominant within your consciousness, your thoughts, your emotions, and your intentions.

As you preview all that you have created with your higher resonance, your first intention is to unite with other people, life-forms, places and situations that are calling to you for assistance. Via your own inner higher light, you are connected to myriad persons, places, and dimensions.

Therefore, you are well informed. Thus, when you send your inner, higher light into the lower frequencies of reality you share all of your experiences of transmuting reality via unconditional Love and the Violet Fire. In this manner, you set into motion a situation in which you become the teacher of what you have learned/remembered.

We say “learned/remembered” because you have learned to remember your own higher dimensional expressions of SELF. You have also remembered how to bring the higher Light into your consciousness and run it through your physical form.

You also have remembered to share this light with all third dimensional life. Hence, as you breathe out into your transmuting world, your multidimensional breath is shared and can enter other third-dimensional expressions of reality to assist them to transmute as well.

The more and more you allow this higher light to enter into your body, the deeper, and deeper it can travel. The deeper the light can move into your form, the more old karmic pathways of parallel and alternate incarnations on Earth can be transmuted. In this manner, you are shifting myriad versions of your third dimensional self within the NOW.

In this way the injuries that you have taken on throughout your myriad embodiments in a third-dimensional vessel can be healed from within. Fortunately the antidote to the lies you have been told, the mistakes that you have made and the hardships you have endured is that you KNOW that you can refuse to participate in any version of reality by letting GO of that which you have determined to be a completed experience.

As you begin to take control of your own reality in this manner, you realize that you have the ability to transmute and release any experiences that YOU deem as complete. You also remember that the antidote to any fear and/or pain that re-emerges is to send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to yourself.

This gift of unconditional love for yourself allows you to peacefully move through the overall experience of flowing through the time zone in which you are presently incarnated. The Unconditional Love and Violet Fire, which has become a constant component of your consciousness, will guide you to align yourself with the higher frequency energy fields that are increasingly flowing through your present reality.

You are NOW moving through, traveling around, touching, caressing, floating above the lower frequencies of light/reality, which has been all that you have known until this NOW. Therefore, you are being called upon to adapt to a novel experience of 3D reality.

As you move through your increasingly, expanding reality you will learn to discern between the different frequencies of Light. With your new multidimensional discernment, you will be able to slowly, or quickly, adapt your consciousness to choose the higher dimensional perceptions.

Bit-by-bit and moment-to-moment, your perceptions will align with the frequency of reality to which your higher consciousness has adapted. You are similar to deep-sea divers who must slowly return to the surface so that their body can adapt to their return to the surface in which the “light meets the water.”

NOW, just as you might go into the water and feel the flow of colder water and flows of warmer water, you will learn to recognize the denser flow of lower dimensional realities and the lighter flow of higher dimensional realities.

As you move through this ever-changing version of dear Gaia’s planet, you will hone your ability to recognize and fall-into the higher dimensional flows of ascending Earth. You are able to do so because YOU are adapting to your expanded perceptions.

The more you adapt to your higher frequency choices of perception, the more your consciousness will align with that which you are now adapting to. As your consciousness aligns with the higher frequency waves of light/reality, you higher frequency perceptions come online in your daily life.

Gradually, the worries and woes of the third dimensional resonance, which you are now moving beyond, become distant memories of a life you once lived. You are increasingly adapting to the “feel” of a higher resonance of reality. Hence, you can more easily discern the difference between third, fourth and fifth-dimensional energy fields.

As you enhance this discernment, you will increasingly choose to flow INTO that which is filled with unconditional love. You will also remember to transmute the denser versions of reality that you are releasing. You will also discover that you can no longer tolerate the energy fields, which resonate to frequency of confusion, separation, or fear.

Even though the higher frequency energy fields might be disconcerting at first, you will swiftly learn that if you remain in that resonance you will soon adapt. As you choose to remain in the energy field of unconditional love, your consciousness will increasingly expand to the resonance in which you will begin to remember.

Gradually, you will lovingly remember the reality of your Higher SELF in which the fifth dimensional state of consciousness is normal. As you float in to and out of these higher dimensional energy fields, your consciousness will gradually adapt to the higher dimensions of reality.

With this adaptation, you will progressively release your link to the lower dimensions of reality. Eventually, you will be able to stay longer and longer in the fifth-dimensional energy field. As you adapt to the fifth dimensional energy field, you will begin to clearly to perceive the myriad third-dimensional illusions.

With the release of these illusions, you will know that you are the creator of your personal reality and that you chose to enter into the resonance of third dimensional illusion. You will realize that it is the NOW for you to take full responsibility for the life that YOU have created with your every thought and your every emotion.

When you take that responsibility for your choices, it so expands your consciousness that you begin to think in a planetary manner. As you move into Planetary Consciousness, you increasingly realize that with your every inhale, you breathe in your fifth dimensional consciousness; and with every exhale you share your fifth dimensional consciousness with Gaia.

This form of inter-dimensional breathing so expands your perceptions that you can clearly recognize when you are being called up to transmute Gaia with your gift of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

As you answer this call, your perceptions expand even further to perceive how your ongoing transmutation expands into:

the atmosphere,

the ground,

the water,

and into all of the elementals.

You can also perceive the elementals joyfully transporting your gift to persons, animals, plants, locations and/or situations.

Even though you once feel you were alone, you are NOW intermingling and intertwining with ALL life. You are increasingly releasing old 3D human beliefs of good – bad, better – worse and yours – mine and moving into the 5D planetary belief of:

“We humans are members of this beautiful being known as Gaia.”

Now that we have explained how you are the creator of your reality, we want you to remind you that YOUR Multidimensional SELF flows all the way from Source, down through the Oversoul, and into the myriad versions of your sixth, fifth, fourth and third dimensional expressions to align the energy field of your SELF with the version the YOU who has fully awakened.

Through this “string of pearls” you are able to expand your perceptions up into higher and higher frequencies of yourself, while you simultaneously plant that string of pearls into the core of Gaia. In this manner, YOU become the very nature of your planetary SELF—Gaia.

As you expand your consciousness from being a person into being a planet, you realize that you are not just creating or changing, you are returning. You KNOW that you are returning because you can remember who YOU really are.

You can remember that you have had myriad incarnations on Gaia, and you are now ready to gather them all into the NOW and return ALL your expressions to the fifth dimension and beyond. We wish to remind all of you that we the Arcturians are with you throughout this entire process.

You may not recognize us because we are formless energy fields that encircle, move through, and resonate to myriad frequencies of reality. Therefore, you will recognize us in the same manner as you recognize your own Multidimensional SELF in your own multi-dimensional realities and worlds.

In other words, as you know more of yourself, you will know more of us. And, as you know more of us you, will know more of yourself. Remember that we, all of us, live as ONE within the NOW.

We see that in your NOW, many of you are getting ready to release and let go of all your third-dimensional belief systems. These third dimensional believe systems are remedial like your first grade “learning to read” books. These 3D belief systems are based on polarity, gender, separation, sequence, time, competition, and death.

Just as all of the third-dimensional experiences of your reality are being recalibrated, every dimension of your great, multi-dimensional life force is being downloaded into your third-dimensional clay vessel.

With this major download of your Multidimensional SELF, the members of you who were once primitive, individualized and disillusioned and efficiently merge with the members of YOU who are infinitely collective, united and enlightened.

You all chose to enter into this great adventure of planetary ascension because you knew that this huge challenge would be very beneficial for the expansion of your entire SELF. When you ask:

“When will these event occur?”

We say, “NOW! NOW is real and time is a third dimensional illusion.”

Please remember that a question about “when” is bound by third dimensional “time.” We ask NOW that you release that third dimensional construct and move into fifth dimensional truth.

YOU are already ascended.

You are already a fifth dimensional being.

However, your third dimensional thinking told you that you are one individual who must work very hard to be good enough to ascend.

In fact, ascension is a third dimensional construct in which YOU are separated from the YOU in the higher dimensions of reality.

As you let go of time and third-dimensional thoughts of limitation,

you will flow into the Now of the fifth-dimension YOU in which you know that:

YOU are the creator of your life,

and YOU are All as ONE collective being

WHO is creating Gaia’s Ascension.

Please remember that each and every one of YOU is equally important.

Blessings BE. WE are the Arcturians

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Transcript: St. Germaine – Healing the Hearts of Humanity and Gift Attunement ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Eternal Elegance by Artist Victoria Moore ANGEL

Eternal Elegance by Artist Victoria Moore


Transcript: St. Germaine – Healing the Hearts of Humanity and Gift Attunement

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset

“And I say to you, in the healing of your heart and in the healing of humanity, ‘Begin by accepting, Loving, relishing, enjoying, being in your physical form.’ … What I am truly doing this day, to every single person who listens, is I am giving you the Attunement of Expansion.”

Heavenly Blessings – 8/11/15

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: We have a surprise guest today. Our beloved St. Germaine has been nudging Linda for days now, so we’re welcoming him to the show for some kind of update which I’m sure will be very fascinating. Our lovely friend, Galea, will be back with us again at some point and I find being fluid with how life goes works out best.

These Lion’s Gate energies have been pretty intense, and we have a number of sources speaking to a major upgrade in the ability of the human collective to shift into higher frequencies. I wonder what St. Germaine will bring to our conversation today. Good morning, Linda!

Linda: Good morning, Suzi! And yes, it has been intense [laughter], really breaking through a lot of old paradigms and old grids, and re-patterning and opening of people’s hearts. So it will be very interesting, because you are quite right – St. Germaine has been nudging me for days, and certainly most of the night, to talk about the Healing of the Hearts of Humanity.

It’s a really timely address from him, and I know Galea was very eager to step aside because it really fits in with what our Intergalactic Family is telling us anyway. And so, yeah, here we go!

[Meditation from 01:54 to10:00]


St.Germaine: I AM St. Germaine.

Suzi: Welcome.

St.Germaine: And welcome to each of you. And I bring you a gift, not merely of my Flame which I have given you so many times that we have lost count. I give you the amethyst, this beautiful gem, for I do not only manifest diamonds. I give you this brilliant amethyst of perfection and clarity, and I place it in your palm and I place it in your heart.

And I place it in your heart, beloved ones, that you are healed and that you are healing. And as you communicate, one to another, one to yourself, that you feel and allow and surrender to the magnificence of your heart, your consciousness, your Love, your magnificence.

And I give it to you in your palm, in the palm of your hand, in the palm of your dominant hand that it will be present – literally – as you touch others, as you touch each other, as you touch your animals, your flowers, your trees, your grass, your food, your water, so that in this way as well, the healing of the Violet Flame, the healing and anchoring of your I AM Presence and of others’ I AM Presence is fully anchored – and not in a subtle manner, but in the full consciousness of what it means to be human.

Now, many times I have spoken to you, my beloved friends, my family, my circle. I have joked with you, I have teased you and I have said, “I am never returning to Earth again,” because I am aware of the challenges, the obstacles, the hardships.

But then I have waffled, have I not, and I have said, “Well, I will come when things are in the fullness of the Golden Age, when the reality of anchoring in the transformative Love, in the heart consciousness, in the Truth of who you really are is fully present.”

But I tell you this day, and I discuss with you this day things that I have not previously brought to Light, both from the human experience and why I am still on this side. I remain in this realm, in this reality because I have ascended, yes, but with Ascension is always the choice to reincarnate, to continue the Mother’s work, the creation of a brilliant society called Gaia, or called Venus or Andromeda or Cee Cee Cee.

I have remained on this side because my promise, my mission, my commitment to the Mother is the healing of the hearts of humanity, and I will never quit; I will never stray; I will never say, “I’ve had enough,” until this is done. I work in triad, in circle, in partnership with so many on this side, and yes, particularly Archangel Raphael. But I work in tandem, in partnership, my beloved friends, with each of you.

Now, while I have said, “Oh, I do not want to return; there is far too much chaos for my liking,” the Truth is my promise to the Mother. But while I have said there is great chaos upon the planet, I have also need to speak of the wondrous progress – yes, the quantum leaps – and the healing that has taken place within each and every one of your hearts, your minds, your emotional field, your causal field.

If you are looking for miracles, look to yourself, look to the person sitting next to you, standing in the aisle at the checkout counter, sitting across from you at a restaurant. These are the miracles of becoming and of being the I AM.

Being in human form… And yes, I have spoken at great length to the channel about the human realm being twelve dimensions and twelve planes, and the need for humanity – and particularly for Lightworkers – to begin to understand this.

But before I go there, before I explode your head, I want to talk about the joy of being alive, of the privilege of truly being in human form, of the senses of touch and smell, of hearing and vision, of knowing, of clairaudience and clairsentience, all of these ‘clairs’… Is that not an interesting word that you have used to describe what you think is extraordinary, but really isn’t!

It is a very small expansion, and it is an expansion that each and every one of you are capable of. But even before we get to that, let us talk about the joy of being alive, of simply waking up and opening your eyes, of being able to breathe and fill your lungs, and experience a physical body.

Now, as much as I have teased you about never coming back, why do you think – in every incarnation – I stayed so long? Because I absolutely loved it! It wasn’t that I was simply committed to Ascension.

I have talked to you about eating and drinking – and yes, eventually I stopped both – but not because I did not know the pleasure, the delight when I would gaze upon the majesty of the mountains of Tibet, or the lavender fields of Provence, or the architecture of Versailles, of the meadows and the fields and the wild flowers, the scent of wine… These began to feed me in ways that I had no need for what you tend to think of as ‘sustenance’.

But the gift of being in physical form is not intended to be a hardship. What you are doing, and what I am here and I am helping you to do, is literally smashing to smithereens this concept, this belief system that life is hard, that life is brutal, that life is tedious and boring. Not only was it not intended to be – it isn’t! And if you are stuck, as much of humanity is, on what they feel is a treadmill, then they are living erroneously.

It was not intended and it literally is not that! So it is a matter of breaking them out of the cell block of their mental and emotional belief systems, of the control paradigm of those who have enslaved you, and bringing forth the ability to create out of sheer air, like I have. That is not simply a gift of Mastery; that is what each and every one of you is capable of.

You say, “But St. Germaine, I don’t know how to do it.” And I say to you, in the healing of your heart and in the healing of humanity, “Begin by accepting, Loving, relishing, enjoying, being in your physical form.” This Ascension and the energies that are being sent to you are being sent not simply in the ethers that surround you, but to the very core of your physical body.

The energies of the Lion’s Gate, the Grand Cross, this cross, that cross, Jupiter, Mars, the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, the energy that is sent to you via your Star brother and sisters – everything is being sent into your physical body. Yes, that is why some of you are having some physical challenges, but many of you are breaking through those physical challenges as well.

It is a time of incredible healing, and not merely heart healing, as these energies penetrate you. And when you try – consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously – to not accept the wealth and the magnitude of the energies that are sent to you – and this is truly the case in much of humanity when they are not readily embraced and invited in – they do not bounce off you, they do not go away, they do not travel elsewhere. They simply demand entry.

And it does not matter, my friends, how many shields, how many layers of protection that you have put around you, because this is sheer Love. And the sheer Love is coming right into you – into your tissue, into your skin, into your bones, into your blood, into your heart, into your etheric body, your causal body, your emotional body, your astral body – it is coming within.

So it is not about escaping physical reality. Physical reality can, will and is experienced in every one of the twelve dimensions. It is not to be eliminated; it is not to be eradicated. Your form is to be carried with you. Is it transforming? Yes. But do not make the mistake of thinking that your Lightbody does not mean a physical form – it does.

You are becoming… joyously, miraculously and rapidly. You are becoming the humans, the Gaians that the Mother has always desired, always planned, which is multidimensional beings playing, Loving, enjoying the senses upon sweet Gaia.

Now, I have run on, have I not, dear Suzi. Where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Well, you know we always appreciate you coming. It’s always a joy to have you come on the air with us and we thank you for all that you bring. There’s so much to talk about. For one thing, you speak of your time on Earth and that you had joy while you were here, but you had full awareness of your powers while in body, did you not?

So, in truth, it would be so much easier for us to do what we came here for if we just maybe knew about what we could do. I know that’s what you guys are trying to show us and it is being revealed, but I’m not sure how to move ahead with that. How do we really understand what we can do?

St.Germaine: And that is one of the reasons why I have spoken about these expanded awarenesses such as clairsentience or clairaudience or clairvision to be the normal, because in fact, sweet angels, it is the new normal. And it is one of the reasons why I am here, not merely to spout off, but as I am speaking I am literally awakening this awareness within you.

What I am truly doing this day, to every single person who listens, is I am giving you the Attunement of Expansion.

Suzi: Beautiful. May I also ask then… I’m not sure who told me, but… Many times, the Council of Love brings information to us and our listeners, and sometimes it’s preaching to the choir. I would just like to confirm that when we do a show, it doesn’t necessarily matter that we have a limited number of listeners – the energy, the energetics of it and the healing goes out to pretty much everyone?

St.Germaine: I am here today, and each and every time one of us comes – yes, ‘preaching to the choir’ is a good way to put it, but in today’s situation also… Let me finish answering your question. We are talking to all of humanity. Yes, there are those of you who are consciously listening, but the vibration, the energy of what we say – whether it is Galea or Mi-cha-el or Sanat, it matters not – the energy is travelling out all over the globe.

So think of it in this way. You all are aware of radioactive fallout that travels around the globe and basically destroys everything in its path, and the radioactive particles fall to the ground. So now I want you to think of my brilliant Violet surrounding the entire globe as I speak, and these purple flames, these tangible amethysts falling down into every person’s heart and into every person’s hand.

Those of you who are listening are ahead of the wave, because you are conscious of what I am doing, what I am saying – even as we are speaking, I am attuning you now. And it is you, sweet listeners, who are asking, begging, pleading, “Bring the expanded awareness on,” and that is why I have absolutely bugged this channel so that I would have a chance to do it right now.

Suzi: Wow, beautiful.

St.Germaine: So allow the expanded hearing, the expanded vision. Hold your hands together as Sai Baba has taught you so long ago, and put in your hands that which you wish to create. And then, cup your hands together and let the amethyst do its work.

I am the Keeper, I am the Keeper of the I AM. I would never tell you that I AM the I AM, unless I was telling you that you also – which is the Truth – are the I AM. The I AM is the Godhead; it is the Source, it is the One, it is the All, and so are each of us. Therefore – pure logic – each of you, each of us, has the ability to create.

Now, are you creating Universes? Am I creating Universes? Heck, no! In that way, you can think of me even as a junior Master. My promise to the Mother is working with humanity. I am sure She will have a higher-realm assignment for me later! But this is my joy; this is my grand passion that I am sharing with you. And you have all the abilities that I have, and did have, in form – you just don’t know it.

So do you have the ability to dance the minuet? Yes. Do you have the ability to live on liquid Light? Yes. Do I tell you to do that and to give up the taste of wine and bread? Not necessarily. Are they absolutely necessary to your survival? No, but it is part of the texture, the scent, the joy of being in body.

Do you have the ability, not only to access my Trust Fund, but for yourself to manifest diamonds, rubies, amethysts, tanzanite? Yes, you do. And I am absolutely determined to teach you this.

Suzi: Okay. So as you are speaking, of course it occurs to me that the human aspect of what Lightworkers can bring is what’s so critical to this unfolding. So, joining with Masters and Archangels and All That Is, and Unity and meditation and all the time really… but it is our human aspect that’s most critical; and when others actually wake up and wonder what on Earth is actually going on is when our skills will be most needed, is what I’m feeling.

St.Germaine: That is exactly correct. Now, for many of you, you have felt as if you are secret agents [laughter] and that you have been in deep undercover like one of your movie films; that you have been undercover agents penetrating the darkness on secret missions. And has it been exciting? Yes. Has it been frustrating? Yes. And the most frustrating part of it is, most of you don’t even get paid!

So while you are waiting to manifest your diamonds and bring them to the diamond broker, it is difficult, is it not! So it is time. What you are doing is literally a change in mission. And for many of you, this has been a difficult, or a challenging transition. But it is also a huge sigh of relief, because you no longer have to keep quiet or hidden who you really are.

Now, there is that middle road, dearest Suzi, which you and Linda have spoken of prior to my presence, but I was listening in! And it is the fact that many of you who are Lightworkers are treading that middle road. And it is the middle road that I have walked; it is the middle road of balance that Lao Tzu talks about; it is the middle road that Serapis Bey teaches balance on. And that is the road where you are doing your work.

You are not undercover, but you are not also front and centre as yet. So you are filling the hearts, awakening the hearts with the brilliance of who you are, with the Love, with the Light. You are moving through – both actually and energetically – moving through the entire collective.

Now I have said to you, “When I speak this day, I am encircling the globe and the Violet Flame and the amethysts are falling down.” But, when you are wandering – whether it is in a city or a country, it doesn’t matter – what you are doing is exactly the same as what I am doing with you this day. You are attuning the entire populous.

When you speak – and this is why we have had such emphasis in the past months on Communication – when you speak, when you vibrate with the words of Light and Love, when you speak with your eyes, with your smile, with your body language the words of Love, the energy of Light, you are attuning everyone, not only [those] that you are coming into contact with.

Your vibration is moving from New Jersey to Hong Kong, from Hong Kong to New Delhi, from New Delhi to Sydney, Australia and so on. The vibration continues on, and you are doing such incredible work. You are attuning the whole of humanity.

That is why we say, “Yes, you are receiving very intense energies. Let them in. Because they are here, not only to lift you up, but to give you more ammunition as it were.

Suzi: Okay, and this is why I have felt very little energy or motivation to do the daily life-time kind of things that I need to do?

St.Germaine: You are moving out of what you have thought of as the daily 3D routine, and you are moving into ‘what gives me joy’.

Now, if laundry is your thing, dearest – and I speak to all of you – then go ahead and do the laundry because it is giving you joy. If washing dishes or scrubbing floors gives you a sense of joy… because when you wash a dish, you feel like you… if it is a dinner plate, you just did an entire continent; if it is a side plate, then you just took care of the United States. Then fine; if that is your thing, do it. But think of it in that way.

Suzi: Oh, I love that. Wow, that’s brilliant!

St.Germaine: It changes what you know you’re doing. So when you do laundry and you do a load of whites, know you are cleaning up the sludge of humanity!

Suzi: Ooh, I love it, wonderful! If I could just bring this up… The thing is, for a great many of us who have devoted ourselves to serving the Mother and assisting in our human forms this Shift of the Ages, we’re experiencing a stepping back from living more fully because of how limited resources have been for us.

I’m sure my daughter and I would love to be able to travel and have fun and do other things, but we’re kind of in a holding pattern without a lot of resources to do the stuff we would like to do that would bring us joy. So we sit on the deck and we drink sangria and keep the vibe high that way, but we want more!

St.Germaine: Let me tell you a secret that is no secret. You are wired to want more. You know; you know, dearest Suzi and everyone who listens this day – you know within your stomach, within your guts, within your brain, within your heart – you know there is more.

So it isn’t that you have a lack of appreciation for what you do have – and I would suggest that gratitude is always richly received – but it is also that you know there is more. And you are intended to have this internal drive, just as you have an internal drive for sex, for intimacy…

The hunger for more is at the forefront right now. It has been activated as if you are so hungry you could eat your entire fridge, go to the store, fill it up again, eat some more and still not be satisfied!

But that is also why I am saying, “Put your palms together. Use my amethyst.” Think of what I am giving you, in form: the presence of the I AM, that physical presence. Yes, go and grab an amethyst – and I guarantee you it will be the one I’m giving you – and hold it in your palm and cup your hands together as if you are trying to drink water out of a bucket. Hold it and ask for whatever ’the more’ is in the moment – and be specific.

I did not say… hold it in my hands and say, “I want to impress the ladies,” and a diamond appeared. No. I would intend that a diamond of such brilliance and lustre – and size by the way; size is always important [laughter] – and we then would manifest exactly what we had asked for.

So if you are seeking something, be practical. Yes, can you believe it? I am asking you to be practical. Be practical in what you are creating. Know what you are intending to use it for, but bring in the tool, the money, the plane ticket, whatever it is, to get to where you want to be.

Suzi: Oh well, just the simple things of abundance and a world that works for everyone!

St.Germaine: And it starts with each of you. You are… And I know we have a habit; we are all claiming you. Is that not tough! Michael demands Peace from each of you. I demand Creation and the I AM. The Mother demands Love Love Love. Gabrielle demands Truth and Joy. We are all claiming you – and do you know why? Because we know how powerful you are! You don’t know it, but we do.

And so now, this is the clarion call: I am determined to heal the hearts of humanity, and I need your help, plain and simple. As one who has walked the Earth and knows what the humans are capable of, I am saying, “I will join you, but will you join me?”

Suzi: Oh yes, certainly. So I’m just wondering… What I’m seeing right now is not necessarily speakers in conferences all over the world telling people how it is. I am just seeing that each individual will be energetically altered instead of having to be told by another human. They’re just going to get it.

St.Germaine: That is correct. Now many… when you think of speakers, they are transmitting – many of them on our behalf – and so there is an energy download, yes, just as we are doing an attunement this day.

But think of it: From our beloved Lao Tzu to the Buddha, to the Buddha, to the Buddha, to the Dalai Lama, to the Dalai Lama, to Yeshua – we have been talking. And unless the awakening, the heart opening is there in the individual, we can talk till the cows come home. And in France, the cows did come home!

And so you are correct: It is the heart awakening of the individual. We talk a great deal about the collective, but what is important is each and every single human on the planet. Does that feel like a monumental task, for us and you? Yes. But look how many are already there – hiding perhaps, still undercover agents, but they are there.

They do not speak of everything they know or everything they feel, because they are still in the paradigm of fear: that they think that they will be dismissed, or that the powers that be will try and control them, so they stay mute. But the energy of their bodies, their eyes, their smiles – it communicates volumes.

Suzi: Beautiful. I’m feeling like this month and next month are very big opportunities for a larger than normal influx of high frequencies. We’ve been getting the bumps over time, but I guess at one point there’s going to be a bump that pops us over. Would that be accurate?

St.Germaine: You are in the middle of it. Yes, it is already begun. Is it going to intensify? Yes.

Let us tell you… Now, the Mother… When I say this, I have to preface what I say. The Mother is eternal and infinite, so She doesn’t come to me and say, “Oh Germaine, I’m tired.” But in my human way, I can tell you – the Mother’s tired of waiting.

And more importantly, if you can believe this – you, all of you, all of humanity is tired of waiting. And you are moving, not only from the expression of frustration and ‘I’ve had enough’ that Michael has talked about. You are moving into action and you say, “But I don’t feel like taking concerted action.”

And what I am saying is that when you sit on your back porch and you hold the Light and the Love, and you laugh and you play and you engage in genuine, heartfelt relationship – dear heart, that is the most significant action of all.

Suzi: Yay, I’m happy to hear that. It’s important.

St.Germaine: Each of you has a way that is unique to you, that you have agreed to millions of years ago, and how to manifest. So some of you are those speakers in the public places; some of you are the tenders of the flowers, making flower essences to heal; making Peace with the kingdoms, talking to the animals; some of you are Angel talkers, some of you are communicators; some of you do nothing other than simply be the bridge; some of you do nothing other than being the Intergalactic transmitters.

When I say ‘nothing’, I am describing monumental tasks. And one of the hardest things for human beings to do is to stay still! And I speak from experience – I had to go off to a cave in Tibet to stay still, to learn how to do that!

Suzi: [Laughter] Thank you very much for joining us and for the wonderful information.

St.Germaine: I am with you. I am with you completely.

Please – Use the amethyst I have placed this day in your heart and hand – and more importantly, let the attunement blossom.

I Love you. Farewell.

Suzi: I Love you. Farewell and thank you.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


Eternal Elegance by Artist Victoria Moore  ANGEL


Kuan Yin, Lotus of Healing by Stephen Lucas at Fine Art America. x

ART : Kuan Yin, Lotus of Healing

by Stephen Lucas @ Fine Art America

I am Guan Yin, Lady of the Earth.
I bring to you the teachings of “LOVE”

There are many shifts in frequency on Mother Earth.
We in turn are being asked to meet these shifts, which are movements in Her Higher Heart, Her Holy Breath, exhaling the Christ Light, with equal transformation of our mind and heart, our thinking and emotions, into the Christ Light.

This change takes place when we have unity consciousness, which practically means union of method (upaya) and wisdom (prajna).

The key to love is developing compassion.

Your lover, brother, sister, neighbor, is Your Mother, Your Divine Mother. To allow the wisdom of emptiness to fill you, you need bodhicitta, the intention to be a Christ, a Buddha or Krishna for all beings.

Bodhicitta is the defining element of a bodhisattva, the noble son or daughter of Our Mother.

You cannot just wish your lover, brother, sister, or neighbor freedom from suffering. You need to commit that YOU, NOW, will take up the responsibility to free your lover, brother, sister or neighbor from suffering.


The lover that does not fulfill your needs, the sister that leaves your company with a harsh word, the neighbor that is rude and aggressive on the roads or your public transport. They have no idea what an advanced being you are!

Or are you?

Look honestly at your relationships.

To generate powerful compassion and love we need to develop a sense of intimacy and empathy with ALL beings and situations, not just the ones who meet our needs, speak kindly to us, and allow us to keep our personal space intact.

With true intimacy comes true bodhicitta and insight. With true insight comes wisdom. With wisdom comes compassion. With compassion comes love.

Here is something special for us to try together. You are not alone. Your Divine Mother is doing this with you in Our Shared Heart. This simple exercise will bestow Divine Grace in Your Higher Heart. You only need to try.

Visualize every being as your own Beloved Divine Mother or Father. Whichever is easiest and the one for whom you have the deepest devotion. Or someone who embodies the greatest kindness. In Your Heart ignite the feelings of love and affection for Your Mother and extend those feelings to every being you meet today, realizing that every being has been equally kind and loving to you. If you consider our interconnectedness, our unity over many lifetimes and dimensions, we realize every being has been our mother and father and has treated us with the same loving kindness.

Keep it this simple.

Be a bright light for everyone you contact for the next 24 hours.
Breathe your Light into them.
Offer them your Light with no conditions.
As you walk breathe the Light of Love into every living being one by one.
Say “May you be free from suffering and filled with the loving kindness of My Light.”
Make this your prayer for today.
Liberate them with your Light.

WE are Krishna, WE are The Christ, WE are the Buddha.
Seek refuge in Krishna, the Buddha, the Christ Within.There is Our Salvation.

I am Guan Yin, Lady of the Earth. Love and Blessings from the Source.


Kuan Yin, Lotus of Healing by Stephen Lucas at Fine Art America. x

I am Altair, Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”