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Beloved masters, the collective consciousness of humanity is striving to acknowledge the extreme duality that permeates the Earth. Each and every person, at some level, is fighting the battle to attain greater Self-awareness, which must include embracing both the Light and shadow side of Self while endeavoring to return to an accepted range of duality and polarity. Each of you must recognize and claim your shadow side, your symbolic demons within, so that they, too, may embrace the Light of transformation. Human suffering is the result of rigid thinking, a sense of superiority and judgment of others, which lead to separation rather than unity and tolerance for opposing viewpoints. Can you accept the premise that your negative thought forms are also seeking release? They are rising to the surface of your consciousness, seeking illumination and truth, just as you are. You must take responsibility for what you create, moment to moment. Negative thoughts and actions result in distorted creations and chaos.

It is important for you to understand that your physical vessel was encoded for the return to the higher vibrational, more rarified realms of Light from the inception of your earthly embodiment experiences. Also, as humanity evolves, growing in wisdom and becoming more aware of the science and the intricacies of Ascension, there have been many adjustments to the process over the past several hundred years. Some initial Ascension procedures have been discarded and others, more advanced requirements, have been added.

In the past, Ascension was possible for just a select few.  Only those who came to Earth to be examples and wayshowers, and who were spiritually advanced, were allowed into the inner sanctums of the mystery schools. The secret doctrine was only given to those who were considered to be the strongest and most dedicated disciples. The lessons, tests and challenges were strenuous, and many perished during the process or did not attain their goal for many lifetimes. That has now changed, for time is running out for the Ascension of the Earth and humanity into the next level of awareness, and many Divine dispensations and much assistance are being offered to those who are striving to meet the challenges and tests of Ascension.

We have explained that each Soul, before incarnating into a physical vessel, is given an allotment of Adamantine Particles of Life for personal use throughout their lifetime. If a person’s allotment is used with loving intention for the greatest good, then the flow of Full-Spectrum Light will continue throughout his/her lifetime.  However, when a person becomes unloving, negative and embittered, the access to the Sacred Heart and the God Particles of Life is no longer available.  Thereafter, he/she can only access the Half-Spectrum Light, or the Primal Life Force substance, which can be re-qualified and used in either a positive or negative way.  Remember, Adamantine Particles of Creator Light can only be activated and used with loving intention for the highest good.

A young child’s heart center is open wide and the God Particles flow freely, unimpeded. However, how long the child’s heart center stays open depends on the love and nurturing they receive from their parents and those around them.  Many dear Souls have placed an etheric shield of protection over their heart center so that the pain and suffering will not affect them so drastically. Thereby,  they close the door to their Sacred Inner Sanctum where their God Particles of Creation are stored.

Along with the allotment of Adamantine Particles that were placed in each person’s Sacred Heart Center, a smaller allotment was also placed within each of the major chakra centers of the physical body. The largest portion was placed at the Root Chakra, which the ancients called the Kundalini, the coiled serpent of fire, or the Sacred Fire.

There is an accelerated planetary initiation now in progress, and it is affecting everything on the Earth Plane, especially sentient Beings. There are much fear and trepidation as the collective consciousness of humanity undergoes the dramatic changes that occur at the closing of one Age and the beginning of a more advanced era. Especially, when much of what was considered to be of vast importance on the earthly plane slowly changes or disappears. As these drastic evolutionary changes take place, they will not affect you if your Energetic Signature is of a higher, more balanced frequency. There is also a great sense of anticipation and excitement for those who have learned to stay centered within the Sacred Heart. There are many probable futures before each of you, and it is important that you stay centered in the Still Point of the present moment.  You may be led to change course several times as you slowly move into the fluidity of the Higher Dimensions; however, if you allow your Sacred Heart and your Higher Self to Light the way, you will never be led astray. The time lines of the future lead to higher, more stable ground, away from the imbalanced spectrum of duality and the distorted reality of separation.

You are in the process of integrating the many Fragments of Self you have created while in physical embodiment. in preparation for a reunion with the many Facets of your Soul family, both on the Earth and in the many Dimensions throughout the solar system and galaxy, and eventually throughout this Sub-Universe and beyond. There must be a reunification with Self, and a return to your center of power, which resides within your Sacred Heart. Once you make the connection with your OverSoul/Higher Self, and begin the process of reuniting with all the Facets of your God Self (I AM Presence), the urge to reunite becomes a magnetic force that cannot be denied.

Your Soul, which is composed of Creator Essence, is your conscious guide and companion while in the physical vessel.  For a long time the Soul has been only a faint whisper for most people, for the ego-desire personality is very strong and has held a dominant position within. The initiation process begins when you slowly make way for the Soul to assume its proper place as director of your life, which eventually allows the Higher Self to take charge of your journey back into the realms of Light. Gradually, the Column of Light, which contains your Life Line to the Creator, begins to widen until eventually it is the width of the crown of your head. That is when you tap into the flow of your Divine I AM presence, and the Creator Particles of Love/Life begin to flow through and from you. This wondrous, luminescent Sacred Fire gives you access to your treasures stored in heaven—an unlimited source of Creator Light as long as it is charged with your Love Light and used for the greatest good.

The River of Life has a multitude of tributaries throughout this Sub-Universe, and many of you, as you tap into your Sacred Mind and learn to stay centered within the Sacred Heart, are becoming conduits for the Adamantine Particles of Creator Consciousness.  First, you must attune the Pineal and Pituitary Glands to your Higher Self, which begins the process of dissolving the membranes of Light that guard the Sacred Mind.  Your Sacred Mind makes the connection with your Sacred Heart, and once the activated Adamantine Particles of God Consciousness begin to flow from the Sacred Heart to the Sacred Mind; the process of illumination accelerates. The Creator Light flows through the Crown Chakra and enters the Pineal Gland, promoting cellular awareness as it activates the Pituitary and Hypothalamus Glands and courses through the brain structure into your Sacred Mind.  It then flows down into the Sacred Heart where the particles of Creator Light are further activated through your loving intention. These activated God Particles of Light are now ready to assist you in creating anything you desire as long as your intention is for the greatest good. The voice of your Higher Self becomes clearer, and the nudgings of your Sacred Heart, called your intuition become stronger.

INTUITION is the ability to understand a concept or certain information immediately, without conscious reasoning. Your Higher Self speaks to you via your intuition and, eventually, clears the pathway to your God Self and the wisdom stored within the cosmic records. Your intuition also gives you signals via a feeling of something being right or your truth, or a feeling of dread or discomfort when something is wrong or not in alignment with the Light / truth.

INSPIRATION is the process or quality of being inspired, such as when a sudden timely or unusual idea, sometimes about something that you were not aware of before, pops into your mind.  Channeling or messages from your angelic guides and teachers often lead to inspired concepts or awareness of things beyond the realm of your knowing. Intuition is validated via the mind first and then through the heart, whereas inspiration is validated through the heart first and then through the reasoning processes of the mind.

Your perception of time and space is rapidly changing as you learn to focus more on the moment instead of vacillating between the past and the future, with only moments of concentrated awareness of the present. Feelings of separation, isolation and judgment are being replaced by a sense of unity consciousness, which will eventually lead to a sense of oneness with all Creation. As time accelerates and the frequencies of Divine Light become stronger and more compelling, it is important that you reflect on what has taken place, the challenges you have met and overcome, the gains you have made, and the obstacles that you must surmount in the future. As the boundaries of your reality become more defined, and you allow much of what you thought was important to slowly change or fade into the past, you must become wiser and more discerning in your choices. When you cling to people or things which no longer fit in your new reality, the sense of being out of harmony becomes more pronounced.  By stating, “Thy will be done,” gives your Higher Self permission to increase your intuitive abilities, which include knowing almost instantly when you have made right or wrong choices.  By doing so, you can quickly rectify any actions that veer you off the straight and narrow Path of Ascension.  You, as faithful followers of the Light, must be ever vigilant in your thoughts and actions to be sure that you are always in alignment with your new, upgraded Divine Blueprint.

As the Vanguard Sentinels of Light, you have the ability to overcome or neutralize the negative thought forms of many thousands of people who are still functioning within the restraints of the Third- and lower-Fourth-Dimensional illusion. You are in the process of building a firm foundation for the future of all humanity. Your inner strength and wisdom will serve you well if you stay centered within your Sacred Heart as you become a master of Self and a conveyer of the rarified particles of God Consciousness.

Believe it or not, there were some advantages in the withdrawal of a major portion of your manifestation abilities in the past.  We have told you that the Red (exoteric or physical plane color) of the First Ray of Divine Will and Power to create was mostly withdrawn after the Earth and humanity sank into the density of the Third- and lower-Fourth-Dimensional environment. That was done so that humanity would not destroy itself during the age of extreme duality. That period is swiftly coming to a close as humanity awakens, and regains the ability to integrate more Spiritual Light. As you move forward into the upper Fourth and the lower Fifth Dimension, your physical body will become more radiant as the Creator Light begins to shine forth more strongly from within.  Remember, you were brought forth from the Sacred Heart Core of the Supreme Creator as a White Fire Seed Atom conscious Being, from which comes the saying, “made in the image and likeness of God.” The Light of the Creator contains energy, intelligence and everything necessary to create worlds without end, in order to fulfill the Divine plan for Creation. You are being given an opportunity to become a cocreator of the highest order; however, you must step out of your comfort zone and reclaim your birthright.

SHINE ON, my faithful Ones, and as your circle of influence radiates farther and farther out into the world, one day the circles of Light will overlap and your combined illumination will burst into pure God Light and surround the world. Follow the path of Light, beloveds; the time of the grand reunion is at hand. You are loved profoundly.  I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : * *


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Archangel Michael on the Timing of the Reval @ Golden Age of Gaia

archangel michael by lily moses


Archangel Michael on the Timing of the Reval

Michael 23As I work my way through the last personal reading I had with Archangel Michael, I come across comments he’s made about the Reval which I think he’d want posted. Here that discussion is.

Steve: Why have a Reval just before Ascension? What was the reason?

AAM: Because you will need money in the physical realm for the transition period.

Steve: Why have them so close together? Why not have the Reval  months and months before Ascension?

AAM: Because the human’s energy has not been such that they would be using such currencies wisely.

Steve: So is the Reval designed to come after Ascension?

AAM: They are pretty much neck and neck.

Steve: But they’re not connected?

AAM: Oh, they are connected.

Steve: Well, then, what is the connection, Lord?

AAM: Many, let us say not mistakenly but incompletely, believed that the Revaluation is a political, in the broad sense political, restructuring. It is far more than that.

The breadth of what it is truly about will only be known after. Let us say that very clearly. But there would be no point from our perspective to simply re-create a financial elite.

Until such time as those that are entrusted with money, not just spiritual currency but money, until they are at a point in their spiritual evolution and growth that they can be entrusted with these funds and use them judiciously and wisely for the creation of Nova Earth and not for selfish gain, there would be no point in bestowing them upon anybody. So we have been waiting for this growth in human spirituality.

Steve: Right. Is  it what the Arcturians call an increase in vibration?

AAM: Yes, you may call it that. It is of values. It is a heart anchoring. It is the desire not to be acquisitive, not to be selfish, not to acquire wealth for its own sake but to use it for the benefit of all.

And concomitant to that to also use it wisely for the benefit of self and there are so many that have not reached a place of self-worth that they were not ready.

Steve: Are they ready now?

AAM: They are getting there. Yes. That is why it is coming in waves. It is coming to those who are prepared.

Steve: Is someone starting a service that accepts people’s money and then channels it to the best projects, groups and people?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: Someone is doing that because otherwise if someone’s not doing that…

AAM: Oh, there are many that will be doing it.

Steve: Okay. You don’t want me to do it then?

AAM: No, that is not within your purview. Leave it to others. (1)

All channeled material used here is copyright by Linda Dillon and the Council of Love 2015, Inc., and used with permission.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 16, 2015.


archangel michael by lily moses

NASA Discovers Hidden Portals In Earth’s Magnetic Field – A MESSAGE FROM NEW EARTH @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, September 27, 2015

NASA Discovery of Portal–A Peak at New Earth


NASA Discovers Hidden Portals In Earth’s Magnetic Field

A Peak at:


A Message from Bob on New Earth,

Hello again. Bob here. Sorry I had to log-off. We have an agreement here that whenever a new being appears, we stop what we are doing to offer assistance. I say “being” rather than “person” because non-human life forms are also entering this higher frequency of Earth.

In fact, many of the animals and plants that have become “extinct” on Matrix Earth are alive and well on New Earth. Since all life here is conscious and able to communicate with other life forms, we are able to assist plants, animals and elementals, as well as humans.

It is a wonderful experience for us to be able to communicate with animals, plants and the Sylphs (air elementals), Undines (water elementals), Gnomes (earth elementals) and Salamanders (fire elementals). These wonderful beings do not speak English, as I am doing now, but neither do we.

On New Earth all life speaks a language that is free of time and space. It is the language that humans, plants, animals, and elementals have always spoken. Hence, we are quite amazed and pleased that we can communicate with them.
It is also an experience for us, especially the new humans who have always felt separate from Mother Nature, to commune with all the plants, animals, and elementals.

On the other hand, learning this manner of communication, which we call Light Language, is one of the biggest challenges for the New Ones. They try to move their tongues and express separate words in a linear fashion.

This manner of communication is appropriate for a reality based on the separation and linear thinking that comes from time. However, that means of communication does not work in a reality which resonates to the HERE and NOW.

Communication on New Earth is a form of communing with each other by merging our consciousness. In this manner, pictures, emotions, and thought-forms are automatically transferred to each other, as well as into the group consciousness.

In fact, whenever there is a new arrival to New Earth, their entire history of incarnations in duality is instantly copied to the crystalline field that contains our world. This information also goes into the Quantum Biological Computers that we can all access.

When we first come here, we usually access the QBC via an interface within our living quarters. However, as we adapt to our new life, we realize that we can simply direct our thoughts into the Group Consciousness of the crystalline field and all answers will be instantly available.

Since New Earth serves as an interface between the third/fourth dimension and the mid-fifth dimension, there are many communication “devices” or “machines” for the “new arrivals” to use until they become comfortable with the myriad multidimensional powers that we all have within our group consciousness.

Learning our forms of communication is actually the second challenge that our new arrivals have when they enter our world. Their first challenge is to totally master their every thought and emotion so that they can stay here. Do you remember that I said that I often assisted the new arrivals from Matrix Earth when I first arrived?

My assignment was to assist those who could not master their thoughts and emotions. I was given this task because when I first arrived I was frightened, and released fearful thoughts and emotions from my aura. These fearful thoughts and emotions instantly lowered my resonance and I “fell out” of from this reality.

It is a very emotional experience to enter an entirely different frequency of realty. Therefore, even after I released my fear, I would “fall out,” as we call it, because my excitement quickly fell into agitation. This agitation also made me “fall out.”

Eventually, I learned to hold a calm and loving acceptance, which was almost like no thoughts and no emotions. This centered state of consciousness allowed me to release my 3D concepts of space, time, possible, and impossible.
With this release, I could “fall into” the here and now of my experience. Because I have found a way to master my fear-based thoughts and emotions, I was assigned to assist the new arrivals with that challenge.

Since the new arrivals come here with the habit of separation, so many different forms of life often frighten them. Furthermore, many are new to the concept of thought transference and believed that they could not communicate with different forms of beings.

Fortunately, I crossed over with a group of people. Then, as soon as I saw them, we hugged, exchanged stories, and listened to each other’s experiences of mastering their fearful thoughts and emotions. With the support of my friends, I was able to maintain my self-mastery and was able to stay here on New Earth.

Another challenge for the new arrivals is the discovery that ALL their thoughts and emotions are shared with the unity consciousness of our world. This realization often frightens the new ones, which lowers their consciousness back to the third/fourth dimension and they fall out.

Because of this situation, many of us are using whatever means we can imagine to teach possible new ones while they are still in the third dimension. It is for this reason that I am writing directly into your computer. We know that education and love are the best ways to heal fear.

Therefore, we have many individual and group meditations that we send to those who are preparing themselves to log-out of the 3D matrix. An “individual meditation” is when the 3D one’s body is alone, but they are still able to tune into our fifth-dimensional group mind.

A “group meditation” is when a group of people in the third dimension merge into a unified group to receive a message from our fifth-dimensional group mind. You see, our Group Mind serves as an open window or portal into the lower octaves of the fifth dimension.

Often awakening ones can only perceive the “half-way” mark where they can still maintain many concepts, traditions, and habits from their many sojourns into the third/fourth dimension. In this manner, their adaptation to a totally different concept of life can be gradual.

Many of us greatly enjoy the first, transitional stage of New Earth. In this lowest sub-plane of the fifth dimension, all that we have wished for in our third dimensional reality is instantly experienced. There can be great healing and contentment within this transmutation energy field.

When the new arrivals are ready to move on to next sub-plane of New Earth they will no longer have the experiences of separation or limitation that still occurs within the transitional stage of the first sub-plane. From here on we never perceive a line, or threshold, which divides New Earth from 3D Matrix Earth.

From our fifth-dimensional point of view, we are in the process of a gradual, or swift, alteration in our thoughts, feelings, states of consciousness, perceptions, and creative force. Our adjustment to this reality is an ongoing adventure filled with unconditional love, unity consciousness, and inter-dimensional adventures.

Dear Beverly, we welcome you to join our adventure. Just “let go” and surrender to the love and light that is filling your world. We can see you, and, soon, you will see us.

Dear readers, The Journal is completed and off to the publisher in a few weeks. Thanks for all you support.

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Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:41 AM

Our Lady of Divine Presence ~ Divine Guidance @ Archangel Oracle

Our Lady Of Divine Presence, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Our Lady Of Divine Presence, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

“You have been preparing to receive me, opening your heart and clearing away past shame and doubt. You have been asking for the divine light to be with you and I tell you now, I am alive within the divine light  to be with you and I tell you know, I am alive within you. Your wish to serve the world, to be blessed by my light so that you can assist others, is granted. As you open your heart and mind to me, your every touch becomes my touch. Your loving gaze holds the light of my own eyes within it. My grace lives in you, flowing through you, into the heart of the world.

There comes a time on our spiritual path when that which was once idea of philosophy, is ready to become a living experience. It can be a time of exhilaration and excitement as one begins to live my metaphysical principles, building reliance upon trust, prayer and intuition, and the benevolent guidance and protection of unconditionally loving higher beings, such as Mother Mary. It is the beginning of taking one’s spiritual life beyond ideas and into a living, breathing reality. As this happens, the soul can relax into life and many opportunities open up. This happens repeatedly, in increasing degrees, throughout our life path. We soften and open, to allow in more divine light, and learn how to live it with trust.

Whilst this is a continuing work in progress for us spiritually, there are milestones that we achieve, which mark times when we are about to shift up a notch in our spiritual frequency. In such moments we are becoming more capable of allowing the divine presence to live in us, less obstructed by the workings of our ego. Once this can happen to a certain degree, healing can flow through us, whether we consider ourselves to be a healer or not. This healing energy has a constructive effect on our own life and the lives of those around us.

This oracle comes to you in confirmation that you are opening up to living divine presence, and it is having an effect on you and your life. Perhaps you are at a point in your life when a path is opening up and taking you in a different direction to what you expected. Perhaps you want to know if this is divinely orchestrated and should therefore be trusted and followed. Perhaps you are feeling emotional, or physical ups and downs, which might be connected to your spiritual path, as you release old emotional pain, and new spiritual energy enters your mind and body. The may be happening because you have started practicing yoga or meditation, spending more time in nature, or are changing your lifestyle to become more loving and kind towards yourself.”*

~by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Here we have another reminder to keep our hearts open; to be a conduit of Unconditional love and light; healing ourselves while we help to heal others and even the planet. Mother Mary is always with us, she is omnipresent, she is always willing to assist us in opening ourselves to more and more Divine Light. She asks us to trust in this process; pray our fears and doubts away; use our intuition to hear her gentle guidance; and know that she will always be close by, protecting us and keeping us safe. Her energy is the perfection of Motherhood, the nurturing, accepting, loving and all encompassing Love. She is all that we strive to be as mothers, and all that we sought from our own, possibly imperfect mothers. She is warm and soothing and protective. She is everything we ever felt we needed. She is the connection to the deep inner Divine Feminine wisdom and the Mother Goddess energy. And she is here to help and offer her love.


*Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

What Reality is the Real Reality? @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Friday, September 25, 2015

What Reality is the Real Reality?–Suzanne Lie

What Reality is the Real Reality?

by Suzanne Lie

The Arcturians want me to hear what they say to me, translate it and send it to you. They are showing us how we are to share all that we have learned. This is how the messages are sent out into our expanding reality. First we receive, and then we share. In this manner, we fulfill the assignment that we chose before we took this earth vessel.

As we complete what we volunteered to do before we took this form, we will remember how to transmute our consciousness so that we can be fully conscious of our higher frequencies while still wearing our earth vessel. In this manner, all of our “3D issues” that once caused us third-dimensional difficulties transmute into their higher their dimensional expression. Yes, even our issues are “multidimensional.”

Once we recognize that it is the NOW to release any “old issues,” we can send them Unconditional Love and blaze them with the Violet Fire. We also realize that these “issues” are myriad thought forms, memories, smells and pictures that have been stored in our unconscious mind. When we move into our readiness to “release” our issues, they start popping up in our daily life.

It is then that we become conscious of that which has held up back from being our purest expression of self. The “issues are actually memories of our self. Some of these memories are from this reality and some of them are from other realities.

Either way, they are all being revealed NOW because we have volunteered to move our consciousness perception of SELF into our fifth-dimensional consciousness. The process of moving into our fifth dimensional consciousness is much like jumping on a trampoline. At first, can’t jump very high.

But as we build a momentum, we go up a little bit higher, down lower, up higher, and then down lower. In this way, we go higher into higher states of consciousness to have these wonderful experiences. But then, when we come back down to our baseline consciousness, it is lower because we have expanded our perceptual range.

By moving UP into our fourth/fifth-dimensional self, we are remembering and perceiving our third and fourth dimensional selves from a higher perspective. From this higher and more detached perspective, we are viewing all our physical incarnations as parallel, alternate, and simultaneous realities in this, or in other timelines.

From our higher perspective, we can also observe all the energy fields that we have left on Earth that are still floating around Gaia’s third and fourth dimensional habitat areas. From this higher perspective we can also observe how our thoughts and emotions have a lot of power.

We are all pretty clear that our consciousness is expanding because we are perceiving reality in a different fashion then we ever have in any incarnation, no matter how many lives we’ve taken in a 3D earth vessel. Therefore, we know that something unique is happening in this NOW.

Those of us that are the first ones to realize that this live is very unique and special are the ones who volunteered to be the awakeners. We volunteered to awaken as many other people as we could. We chose to serve much like the Prince in Sleeping Beauty in that we send our “kiss” of unconditional love to others.

Because we have experienced the “kiss of love: from our own Higher SELF, our physical self is able to move beyond the concept of third/fourth dimension and into frequency where there is NO gap between “here and there,” and NO gap between Heaven and Earth, you and me, or person and planet.

Where there is no gap “in-between” there is no separation. Since we know there is no separation, we know that there is no life or death. There is only creation. Realizing our own great power of “creation” is where our greatest responsibility comes in.

What if we all KNEW that we really did create every part of our life?

How would our lives change?

Would we unconditionally love our creations, or would be judge them?

To make sure that we do not judge ourselves, we must remember to give ourselves Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. That is we say to our self:

“I Unconditionally Love my self, and I bask in the glory of the Violet Fire.”

With this continual message to ourselves, we will be able to remember that every memory offers us the opportunity to transmute our life, our reality, and all our creations. Every moment we have a chance to transmute all the fearful, angry, lost, and/or sad thought forms that we have ever put out in all of our incarnations.

These incarnations could be in our third and/or fourth dimension. But, before we can fully remember our self, we must remember how WE, as our multidimensional self, volunteered to take an earth vessel to assist Mother Gaia.

With this realization, our consciousness increasingly expands into the fifth dimension where there is NO separation and NO judgment. In the fifth dimension there isn’t even any judgment about whether this was a good or this was a bad life. From our higher perspective, we are aware that all our 3D lives are holograms that we created, we played, we lost, or we won.

It is the NOW for us to Love ourselves for playing this hologram, realize all that we have earned and say, “Okay, we’re going Home now. That was an interesting hologram.”

However, this is the most important part of our journey home.

As we log out of the hologram we realize that “THIS is the part of our life is REAL.”

Link to the recording of this years Equinox meeting:

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Archangel Zadkiel – “A Portal of Love” ~ Linda Robinson @ Personal Pathways of Light

A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose (33)

ART : A Andrew Gonzales by Catherine La Rose


“A Portal of Love”

October 2015

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and we are being joined by a Host of the Angelic Realm of Light and the Hathors. Today, we wish to speak to you about the heart as a portal of Love.

Your planet has just experienced a massive influx of energy. This comes along with the many waves of energy that you have continued to experience over the past several months. These are times when you can make rapid progress on your ascension path when you flow with this energy into the higher dimensions.

A key factor in being able to flow with this energy is remaining heart-centered in a state of Love. The new energy, as well as that of the higher dimensions, is based on Love.

It is an energy of purifying thoughts and intentions through the heart center with a desire for highest good. It is wanting the best for everyone, as well as for yourself. It is viewing situations from a higher perspective.

It is focusing on the oneness and seeing the Divine in every person. It is also seeing the Divine in the animal, mineral, and plant kingdoms. It is realizing that everything is composed of Divine energy.

When you view situations in this way, you want the best for everyone and everything. This sets the stage for you to ascend to higher levels and dimensions.

The heart can be considered to be a portal of Love that can transport you to these higher dimensions when you focus on its all-encompassing energy of Love and Light.

In the higher dimensions, your vibrational frequency is the factor by which you are recognized. As it increases, you are able to access even higher levels. Each progressive level or dimension is composed of higher and finer energy.

The clearer and higher your vibration and energetic channels are, the easier it will be to access the higher dimensions. When your energetic channels are clear, your heart center is a portal of Love, and your Love can radiate with a clear and pure intent. It exudes a pure vibrational frequency that envelopes everyone and everything with which you come into contact. It also radiates out into the ethers and across the dimensions. In this way, you are able to rise to higher dimensional levels. When your intent is for highest good, you gently rise across and through the dimensions.

To help your rise through the dimensions, you can intentionally practice techniques to keep your energetic channels clear and your heart energy pure. Forgiveness and appreciation are two such techniques.

Forgiveness removes blockages that can impede the flow of heart energy. When you forgive yourself, others, and circumstances involved in any situation, you are removing blockages and raising the vibrational frequency that flows from your heart. First, forgive yourself, whether or not you feel you had any role in the situation. This frees you to move forward with the rest of the forgiveness process. Then, forgive others involved as well as any extenuating circumstances around the situation. When this process is complete, you may feel a lightness around your heart energy. This is a sign that you have removed a blockage, and your heart becomes a more open portal of Love.

Appreciation is another method to open your energetic channels of Love. When you express appreciation for the blessings and circumstances in your life, this opens you to the flow of more Love. Appreciation carries a high vibration, and this opens your heart channel wider to carry more Universal Love that flows from the Creator and the dimensions. At the same time, it raises your own vibration so that you can more easily access the higher dimensions. It is a dual process of bringing in more Light to share and a rising up the levels from the heart center at the same time.

When you have practiced forgiveness and appreciation, you can focus on the Divine Spark within everyone and everything. The Divine Spark is the essence of All That Is. Focusing on the Divine Spark allows for a continuing flow of Love to come through you and radiate out from you. You recognize the oneness of everyone and everything, and you become a channel of Love and Light. Your heart center becomes a portal of Love.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are focusing on your heart center to make it a portal of Love. This is an energy that can lift humanity to higher levels of consciousness, and we honor you for being an important part of this process.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst
…and We surround you with love

And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson,

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson,

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email:



A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose (33)

MARY MAGDALENE: The Soul Connection With Children ~ Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart

 website BEAUTIFUL female and child


MARY MAGDALENE: The Soul Connection With Children

September 23, 2015 | Author

Picture by Frank Vincentz

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On March 10, 2015

Question: Do we have a different relationship or responsibility with our children than we do with other beings we are in contact with in this life? As a mother, I feel such a strand of connection with my children that’s very different from what I feel for any other beings.


Mary Magdalene: What age children are you referring to?


Questioner: My children are adults.


Mary Magdalene: The relationship with children is most certainly unique and different from other forms of relationship. You could say that all relationships are unique. But relationships with one’s children have their own uniqueness, in a way that’s somewhat universal.

When children are younger, they are not capable of the kind of care that they need on their own, simply by using their own free will. Parenting young children is a process of guiding them, supporting them, and caring for them. It also involves progressively respecting children’s free will as they mature and become capable of a new level. This occurs throughout their childhood years until adulthood. Optimally by the time they are adults, they are ready to be entirely on their own. Then it is time to entirely respect their free will.

This is a challenging transition for most parents. You know how young your children are, even when they’re adults, because you were that age yourself at one time. (She laughs.) Yet they have come for their own path. They have come to do their own work. You would deprive them if you tried to go beyond the point of respecting their free will.

You still completely love them and still have the unique parental relationship with them, which has a lot to do with unconditional love. That doesn’t mean unconditional like. (She laughs.) You may not like many things about your children. But the unconditional love is what is unique once they are adults.

To some extent, children never grow out of their need for your unconditional love. Yet it is in a new framework once they are adults. You now interact with them as you would a friend. You may have ideas or suggestions but you ask their permission to share those ideas and suggestions. If they are not disposed to your ideas and suggestions, you hopefully respect them the way you would a friend.


They will change, also. Particularly if they have children, their relationship to you will change, as they understand more what the parenting role is and what it involves.

And each child is different. You have a different soul relationship to each child. If you have more than one child, you surely know this. It is part of the parental path to balance the differences in your relationships with your children, without negating the differences. Honoring the differences and include all. Hopefully the unconditional love is there for all in fullest amounts.

Does that answer the question you were asking?


Questioner: Yes.

My deeper question has to do with the soul bond with children, like a soul family rather than just a physical family. There’s a profound soul connection that I can’t figure out. It’s just there.


Mary Magdalene: Sometimes your rational mind may be in conflict with the nature of your soul relationship with someone. For example, sometimes children come in as the teacher of the parent. Sometimes you have a long lover relationship with one of your children. That can be something that your mind might tend to negate, yet you feel it. It can seem conflictual if you have a certain relationship with one child and not another child. Working with all of these relationships is not necessarily simple.

Everyone involved has chosen to incarnate in this form of relationship for a purpose. At some point you will most likely be aware of that purpose. Often it is an unfolding process over many years. Ultimately you are each in service to each other, in different ways.

This is something that is true even with relationships you have great conflict with. You have chosen those relationships, as well, and they are in service to everyone involved. They can be potentially the most growthful and can be quite difficult.


Questioner: Yes those are the ones we want to avoid.


Mary Magdalene: Yes. Yet those have been chosen as well. It takes wisdom, oftentimes, to be able to see that.

Mercedes: Mary wants me to share an experience that I’ve had several times in my life of working a job (back in the days when I worked for others). I often came to a place of not liking and eventually resenting the job, feeling burdened by the job, and ultimately quitting the job. There would be a period of time between the time I gave my notice and I actually left where suddenly I felt so free and I would wonder, “What was the big problem?” (Mercedes laughs.)

What Mary’s pointing out is that this is an example of being in a difficult relationship or circumstance that’s serving your growth. That window of freedom I experienced once I gave my notice to quit was me seeing through the challenging circumstance to the actual soul connection and love I had with those people.

©2015 Mercedes Kirkel,, All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety, nothing has been changed or altered in any way, and the post includes 1) the title, 2) “Received by Mercedes Kirkel” beneath the title and above the body of the post, 3) this copyright notice (full paragraph), and 4) Mercedes Kirkel’s website (

Guinevere – True Love @ Archangel Oracle – Divine Guidance


Guinevere ~ True Love

Daily messages from the Angels

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Guinevere, from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Guinevere

Guinevere: ” The romantic stirrings in your heart have propelled the universe to deliver great love to you.”
Message from Guinevere: “Romance is not an outmoded concept-far from it! Romance is the time honored precept of merging with the Divine as it is manifest within another human being. Romance is also playfulness, which heralds springtime, flowers, and new life. You need not be in a partnership to evoke romance, however. You can manifest it for yourself through laughter, surrounding yourself with beauty, and indulging in luxurious treats. Romance is the life force of the universe, and it is a worthwhile goal indeed!”

Various meanings of this card: Your soul mate relationship has arrived or is soon arriving. There is renewed passion in an existing relationship. You are a very romantic person. Your romantic needs are not being met, and you must take steps to alleviate this. 

About Guinevere: (pronounced GWIN-uh-veer): This Celtic triple goddess has ancient roots preceding Arthurian times, when she was known as Gwehwyfar. In her original form, her name meant “White One” or “White Phantom,” and she was a powerful goddess invoked for both fertility and as a bridge to take the dead to the afterlife plane. During the times of Avalon, Glastonbury, and King Arthur, she became Guinevere. To become king, Arthur had to merge with, or marry, Gwehwyfar, the goddess who ruled over the land. And so Gwenhwyfar became the astonishingly beautiful Guinevere, the queen bride of the new King Arthur. Ledgend holds that her heart really belonged to Arthur’s cousin, Lancelot, however. Today, she helps us ensure that we enter into partnership with our true love, and she assists in keeping that love alive.”*

~By Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Upon first inspection of this message one would assume that Mr Tall Dark and Handsome is on his… (or her, you get the point)… way. But yet the biggest challenge we have now, the biggest lesson of all time and the hugest hoop we must jump through before we graduate to the next level of consciousness… first and foremost…

…drumroll please…

Is to realize that we ARE our own true loves. Only when we realize this absolutely vital point, can we find true love in another.

For true love is not a completion, a rescue or a fix. It is not what makes you whole; not a way to patch up what is lacking in you through someone else. Yet, that is what we have been told for decades, centuries even.

Guinevere is here to hold our hands and lead us back to our very own beautiful hearts. She is here to tell us that love resides within and when you can see that beautiful light within yourself, you will be ready to see it within another. Whether that other is brand new, or will be seen with new eyes. Whether they are here to stay, or are releasing you into the next chapter of your life.

This does not mean that Mr Tall Dark and Handsome isn’t on his way. It means that if he is, you can only open the door for him by loving you first. For when you unconditionally love you, you will allow him (or her) to see you. Really truly see you in all your beautiful glorious self. Authentic, pure and Soul perfect.

And you can love and appreciate each other. Without ownership. With acceptance. Without judgement. There is immense freedom to be found in faith and trust.

Trust in the process. See yourself first.

And when he or she does come along, or if they are already here, let the winds of heaven always dance between you. Celebrate every aspect of being you, following your path.

And so it is.


*Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Guinevere

Archangel Gabriel – The Waves of Awakening Light and Your Emergence from the Chrysalis ~ Shanta Gabriel @ The Gabriel Messages

The Waves of Awakening Light
and Your Emergence from the Chrysalis

Butterflies emergence

Dear Ones,

You came into this life with a longing for Home. Because of this inner longing of your soul, you may have spent all your life trying to fill the missing pieces. You hold an inner knowing deep within that there was something more, something more meaningful, a deeper connection with a part of your soul.

This activity of your inner spirit is evidence of the awakening at this time. Regardless of where you are on your journey, prepare yourself for a quickening. The energy coming with the eclipse and wave of Light is immense and a true blessing, although so much has been hyped about September 27 that you may be feeling frightened.

The Wave of Divine Love that will be pouring through the hearts of all humanity with the Full Moon Eclipse is the elixir that your soul has longed for, the spark that ignites the awakening consciousness of all those on the cusp of the first wave of ascension.

This is not the Mother Ship taking you away to somewhere else, but a divine experience in your physical form that awakens the deep codes of divinity within your DNA acting as a catalyst for change, new life, and awakening of your higher consciousness.

Stage fright may be the new normal

The most significant aspect of this timing is the large numbers of people that are ready for this powerful shift in consciousness that will occur with the full moon eclipse. Recognize that the feelings in your inner being that some label as fear and anxiety are actually the imaginal cells awakening perfect Divine timing, like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.

It is as if stage fright, that feeling of butterflies in your stomach, suddenly became the new normal.

Nothing is assured in this wave of awakening light. There will be some who may not notice the difference in their lives immediately. There will be others who can track the changes they are experiencing within. There may be some who have a radical spiritual experience of tremendous power as the wave of Divine Love permeates their being. No matter what your experience is, the illumination of your soul will be able to jump-start your life when you create your intention to work with this energy.

As you use the energy to create your highest good and bless all of humanity, it will calm the over-emotional responses that some are experiencing. Acting from neutrality and non-attachment to outcomes is the name of the game. What God has planned for all humanity is much grander than what can be imagined on a purely human level.

But imagine it anyway. Call forth the highest possible Joy, Love, Wisdom, Success and Abundance. Fill your life with Beauty. Offer your dreams to the forces of the Universe that await your direction, then come into the still point of centered awareness within your heart and let yourself become a vessel for awakening consciousness on Earth.

This activity is what your soul has longed for, for this activity of awakening consciousness you came to Earth in this incarnation. You are here as the bridge between Heaven and Earth. Your presence provides the fertile ground for those not yet aware of the Beauty and Potential of this time.

For those who have been called the first wave of ascension, the shift you will experience in your life will allow a realization that you are indeed a part of something momentous. As you let go of preconceived ideas, the 5th Dimensional energies will bring more magical occurrences into your life.

It is a time of simplicity and gentleness for yourself and all others. The love that is awakening in the hearts of humanity during this wave of Divine Light is unprecedented and will change the consciousness of those on the planet forever.

Along with the master teachers awakening in this new age, more life will be revealed and established as your cellular structure continues to evolve. Never before has the density been so fluid and changeable. You are being blessed in all you do.

As new points of Light are established by Light Bearers all over the world, new levels of being awaken in the hearts of those anchoring new consciousness on Earth. Joining the hearts of all humanity in a circle of Divine Light is not only relevant but potent with potential for new life.

The creation of new levels of consciousness is a process of divinity working in the density of physical reality. Making inroads for new pathways of Light requires Faith in the consciousness of God working in and through all humanity. Whenever one is changed by the Light, hundreds and thousands follow suit until a revelation of mass awakening occurs.

This is the situation breaking open on September 27.

The rewards are imminent. New Focus is revealed. The expansiveness of Divinity working in and through all that you have known is breaking down the walls erected from eons of old power structures. When these walls collapse, the ripple effect across the world will be felt by all humanity. A collective sigh of relief in the heart will be experienced once one has distanced oneself from the emotional upheaval of change.

When you can make friends with change, welcoming new experiences and opportunity, ever more joyous outcomes will prevail. Opening to the Light becomes the tool for transformation. Freedom is at hand. All life awaits the human experiment that is creating divinity in physical earth bodies. As you have moved deeper into the new life in 5D on Earth, profound change has taken place within the DNA of the human form. The so-called junk aspect of the DNA has reformed into the crystalline structures originally intended for people to experience their divinity.

The more we can relax into the flow of the energy of Divine Light, the easier it becomes to know what to do. Please remember that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this holy moment. Allow yourself to be inspired and blessed and know you are profoundly guided through this process by a Love that never ends. And so it is.

Archangel Gabriel from
Shanta Gabriel
September 23, 2015


Expectations – The Council ~ Ron Head @ Oracles and Healers

art Helena Nelson-Reed.

ART : Helena Nelson Reed


Expectations – The Council

The Council

We wish to discuss today the expectation of, and the reality of, this expected ‘portal’ of ascension that many of you are placing your hopes upon. We think it is a topic that should be understood now so that you do not continue to set yourselves up for such disappointments as you seem to repeatedly do.

In the latter part of your year of 2012, you did this same sort of thing. You built up your expectations and emotional investment to a point that would have been very hard to satisfy, even were most of them to be fulfilled.

Now, it is a good thing to be excited by possibilities. Your emotion is indeed a driving force that cannot be overestimated. It is a high vibration to be in. But placing it on things that are little more than wishful thinking, based upon things that are not in alignment with universal law, will always lead to your disappointment and a sudden lowering of your vibration. Do you see? That which thrives on your low vibrational states could hardly wish for more.

We are not ever saying that none of the things that you hope and intend to occur will eventually occur. We are saying that their manifestation will always depend upon the vibrational signature of the individual or the collective consciousness involved.

If you are considering the manifestations that occur for an individual, then the primary thing that must be considered is that individual’s frequency. And more and more individuals have, are, and will be continue to be experiencing great leaps in their consciousness states and abilities as the energies around your planet rise higher and higher. Many are having what you term kundalini experiences, amazing changes in their dream states, visitations to and from other dimensions, etc.

Of course when you add all that up you get a rise in the collective consciousness, do you not? And that is what drives what you see in the world around you. Every seemingly small step that one of you takes contributes to the advance of all of you. This is absolutely of major importance for you to begin to understand and live by. “What can I do today that will be my contribution?” That is far different from “what will happen on that day that will lift me” Do you see? The one puts you squarely in your own power. The other places the power outside of you. And we submit that this is a condition that you may not wish to continue to allow.

If each of you were living with the understanding of what a marvelous, magical, and powerful being you truly are, would this not be a far different world than it is? Is that not the very description of the New Earth you so desire? So take the power to change things and manifest things, build the world that you want back into your own hands, your own hearts. Do not allow that to be usurped by promises of miraculous things to occur on certain dates. That is not to say that thresholds will never be crossed. It is not to say that marvelous things will not happen. But it does mean that you are the ones that will manifest it, and your own individual life can be changed by you far more easily than you can imagine when you are in that kind of thinking.

You are further along than you think, you know. You have made amazing progress over the last few decades. It is amazing when you consider what an infinitely short amount of time a few decades really is. Even one lifetime, when you understand that you are an eternal being, is like a split second. And here you are on the threshold of an amazing leap in your evolution.

So we urge you to bring your focus back to its most powerful place, here, and its most powerful time, now. You are here. It is now. And this is where the work can be done. “I will make my contribution here and now. I will do what I must do to raise my vibration now.” For some of you that will be a great deal different from what it is for others, and that is alright. Each must take the next step that is before them. It is no use trying to take a next step that is best for another. You have a unique life. You were designed that way. So when you say, “What is my path?” The answer is right at your feet. Do you see? When you say, “What should I do next?” The answer is always before you. This is not a disappointing thing. This is your power place.

Now that we have said all of that, we do wish you to know that this is indeed a very powerful time for your world. Great strides may now be made by each and all of you. And in fact, this is happening for many as we speak. Celebration and gratitude for this fact will not be misplaced. Joy is never misplaced.

Continue moving forward now, secure in the knowing that you are embraced in unconditional love and appreciation for all that you do.

Good day.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:


art Helena Nelson-Reed.

Nut – Mystery @ Archangel Oracle – Divine Guidance

Nut ~ Mystery

Nut ~ Mystery, from the Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Nut ~ Mystery, from the Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto

Nut ~ Mystery:

“Reach for me

touch me

I am always beyond your grasp

Don’t try to figure me out

for you can’t

I am the ever-present unfathomable unknown

I am the immensity of the star filled sky

I am beyond human comprehension

In the vastness of my being

I am a mystery

even to myself”

Mythology: “Nut (pronounced noot) is the Egyptian Goddess of the night sky, also known as the Great Deep, the Celestial Vault, who daily gives birth to the sun each morning, then consumes it again each night. Disapproving of the incest of Nut as she lay over her brother Geb, the Earth, Ra, the sun or high God, had them pried apart. Nut was then lifted into the sky where she remains, her body formed into an arch. Painted inside the inner lid of a sarcophagus, she mothers and protects the dead on their journey.

Meaning of this card: Nut’s twinkling vast dark vault stretches out in your life to remind you to open up to the mystery. Have you been planning every aspect of your life and left no room for mystery? Is your life wound up too tight? Are you trying to make everything safe by defining it, labeling it, knowing it all? Give way to the mystery, the unknowable. The Wise Woman knows there is much in the universe that will remain a mystery and leaves space for it in the weaving of her life. Nut says the way to nurture wholeness is for you to trust that the mystery you let in will be exactly what you need for your journey to wholeness.:*

~ by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto

It’s always fascinating to me to choose the same card from different decks on consecutive days. There is definitely a vital message here for us, and I wonder if the repetition is to get our attention, to reach those who missed it yesterday, to allow us to see things from a different perspective, or just because us humans don’t always listen to what we are told! I guess I will go with all of the above on this one!

We are big controllers. We love to dictate exactly how and when we want things to go down in our lives. We want to choose our perfect mate; often based on superficial attributes. We want to have the houses, the cars, and all the material stuff to prove that we are where we should be in the hierarchy of society. We get all caught up on our perceived flaws, particularly physical and allow them to hold us back. We forget that there is so much magic and mystery to the Universe as we are so entrenched in this physical plane of existence.

The angels want us to surrender to the magic and Mystery of the Universe. They want us to release our death grip on our desires of material gain and delve deeply into the mystery of the cosmos found within us all. They want us to know that things are changing for the better, that we are shifting in consciousness and we are expanding our awareness and these things are opening us up to the magic and the mystery. They want us to lead with our hearts; to fill ourselves with love.

To see the connection to All That Is.

You are the magic. You are the mystery.


*Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto

How Our Core Issues Become Our Scripts ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Mara Diop Spiritual Artist art ....


How Our Core Issues Become Our Scripts

SuzanneWe may be in the final push before the first wave of Ascension and core issues are flaring all over the place.

So many are in the thick of it that some things are becoming clearer. For instance, I’ve never seen more clearly the relationship between our scripts and our core issues.

A script is a set of conclusions, decisions and commands that we generate which come to define the way we live our lives.

What I’m seeing is that we take our core issues and project them out into the world and the world feeds back the results to us. We get, over and over again, the very thing we hate, fear, don’t want, etc.

But what I’m also seeing is that we make our cores issues into a script and then live out that script as if it was our assigned lines in a play, the character that we stay in, the plot we’re immersed in, etc.

I could cite other people’s cases but, if I did, I’d be perpetrating and it wouldn’t be fair. I’m going to have to stay with my own.

In my case, my Mother was beaten by my Father and I said, at age 8 or so, to myself: “I cannot help you now, Mother, but I will some day.” Store that away because there’s more.

Then my Mother left my Father and went downhill. Finally she ended up with a cigarette in bed and ten sleeping pills in her stomach and the house went up in flames.

As an aside, the day I received the news, I was listening to Leonard Cohen and holding the album cover on which “Suzanne” appears. That’s it in the upper-left-hand corner. My Mother had died in a housefire and I was holding this album cover when I received the news.

I looked out the window and all the buses were still running and people were walking the streets – and my Mom had just died!  How could they continue as if nothing had happened?

At that moment I told myself that I had not done enough to rescue my Mother from her decline. So now we have an instance at age 8 when I said I’d help my Mother some day and her death at which I concluded that I hadn’t done enough to rescue her.

At that moment my script was born. My character became that of a rescuer of women.

I projected my script outwards onto the world.  In personal relationships, I screened the women I met and, my compassion invoked, chose to relate to those whom I thought needed a rescuer. (None did of course. It was all my projection.)

Now I’m about to start a project which is about a global “rescue” of abused and persecuted women. (1)

While I find “rescuing” meets a need of mine, if I allow it to lock me in, then I become as cardboard a character as anyone else who lives from a script. (2)

In my case tragedy has served as the basis for my script. In other cases, it might be physical or sexual abuse. None of us are usually aware of our scripts although they’re crystal clear to others around us.  We’re invisible only to ourselves.

In the worst cases, we can be totally ignorant or in denial of them.

Well, all the negative aspects of that will pass if events go as suggested on Sept. 28. Our vasanas in total won’t lift until later down the road – after Sahaja Samadhi. Sahaja comes some time after Ascension, (3) as the Divine Mother once made clear:

Steve Beckow: Can you talk a little bit more about the sudden aspect of ascension, please?

Divine Mother: It is that feeling — well, it is more than a feeling; it is knowing; it is ignition — it is that feeling that you have been switched on to a different frequency, and it happens suddenly. …

SB: But that is not Sahaja Samadhi, Mother, is it? When does Sahaja Samadhi occur?

DM: It occurs with a more gradual awakening and lifting up. So there is the abrupt “I am not the same,” then there is the working and the anchoring, the integration, then there is another jump, and another jump, and another jump. And you don’t know it — well, some of you do — but you are leap-frogging. And then you will be there.

SB: Now, are those jumps equivalent to sub-planes?

DM: You can think of it as sub-planes, dimensional sub-planes, yes. (4)

Each plane or dimension – such as the Fifth – is composed of subplanes. Ascension is our entry into the Fifth, but Sahaja comes one or more subplanes into the Fifth. So our issues will be with us, in a more relaxed way, for a little while yet.

So I now see how our core issues become our script. Now the work is to:

(1) raise that script to awareness,
(2) act it out thereafter from a point of awareness
(3) until I’ve finally had enough,
(4) let it go, and
(5) act spontaneously again, rather than from the conditioning of my script.

What I don’t get done before Sept. 28 will probably no longer be a barrier, but a very slight memory. I love the awareness game so I’ll likely work on my script until the last moment and then joyfully let it go.


(1) The Gender Equality Project, to start after the Reval.

(2) I can now joke about it. I told a friend yesterday that I would rescue her but she was my last one. I wouldn’t take on any more. We both laughed at that. It does help to be able to laugh at our scripts.

(3) Sahaja Samadhi is a permanent heart opening and happens deeper into the Fifth Dimension that we’ll be as of September 28, if reports prove accurate.

(4)  Ignition is the “snap” at the moment of Ascension. “The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 10, 2014, at


Conscious Portals 4 Gaia–Mytre and the Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Conscious Portals 4 Gaia–Mytre and the Arcturians



By Mytre and the Arcturians

I look again at the place in my office where I first saw Mytre and the Arcturian. Yes, they are there still there, in exactly the same manner as when I first saw them. As soon as I acknowledge that they are here, I open my computer to document their message:

Dear Suzille,

Remember that here and there are third dimensional terms. When you first perceived us within your time-bound reality, you opened the portal through which you could perceive us whenever you choose to look.

In other words, what you perceive is an opened portal on which we, Mytre and the Arcturian, have left an imprint. This “imprint” is much like a key to open the portal so that you can again, and infinitely, perceive the higher dimensions of reality.

We, Mytre and the Arcturian, serve as the “door” to this portal. Hence when you choose to perceive our imprint, it is much like opening the door to that portal. What we wish to tell you now is that this portal is not in your physical office. The portal is actually within your own higher states of consciousness.

The reason why you perceive the portal in front of the inside of your office doorway is because that room is where you frequently meditate, create, and assist others. Those inter-dimensional activities have expanded the energy field of that room into a higher resonant frequency.

We appeared to you in front of the door as a symbolic Light Language message of, “You can open this portal (door) whenever you wish to have an experience of the ‘hallway’ through which you can enter many different rooms—portals.

When you open the door to leave that room, you enter the hallway through which you can find your way to all the rooms of your house, including the front and back doors. Do you understand now, via the symbolism of our Light Language, why we appeared in front of that door?

We suggest that all who read this message apply this analogy to their home. By that we mean that just as the door to your physical home is where your physical self lives, there are certain portals within your physical life that are the portal to where/when your multidimensional self lives.

We say “where/when” because once your consciousness passes through that portal, all 3D space and 3D time shift into fifth dimensional HERE and NOW. There is not a gradual process of moving through space in order to spend time in the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension is infinitely HERE in the NOW.

Therefore, to experience the physical experience of traveling through a portal to arrive in the fifth dimension, YOU create a series of pictures and experience within your own imagination to convince your third-dimensional consciousness that something has changed, and your reality has become different.

When you “imagine” the experience of stepping into the portal, you give your 3D brain some time to shift into a higher state of consciousness. Your 3D brain has been trained that you are innately flawed in some manner, and you need time before you can adjust to a higher state of consciousness.

However, once you have “achieved” that higher state of consciousness, you have left all illusions of time and space to return to the HERE that you are NOW within. Once your consciousness is within the NOW, you are ONE with the portal and ONE with your myriad higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

Within the portal, you are free of the illusion that you must be better and repair or enhance your physical self in some manner. From the perspective of your fifth dimensional self you are the perfect creator of your physical reality.

We can hear the collective asking questions such as, “Why would I create being ill, injured, poor, alone, etc. etc.” The list of human misery goes on and on. These human miseries are very real from the perspective of your third dimensional consciousness.

For as long as your consciousness is limited to the third dimension, you will continue these experiences. It is for this reason that the expansion of your consciousness into the higher dimensions IS ascension. “Where your attention is—There you are also.”

Just as you must push the accelerator on your 3D automobile to go faster, you must “push your consciousness into higher frequencies” to accelerate your perception of reality into the higher dimensions of reality.

Fortunately, this collective perception of reality is increasingly expanding to enhance your concept of higher dimensions. Therefore, you have less collective resistance to your acceleration of consciousness into the higher dimensions.

In your past timelines, those who sought to consciously experience the higher dimensions of reality had to go far away to ashrams on isolated mountain peaks, islands or areas that we isolated from the static of the collective consciousness of humanity.

Humanity as a collective is gradually expanding their consciousness to the higher brainwaves through which they can perceive what was formerly considered “impossible” and likely “insane,” to the collective of past timelines.

As the awakened ones are fully aware, there were many forces of darkness in control of your reality. These forces of darkness knew if they kept you afraid they could easily control you. Furthermore, these dark ones actually fed on your fear. Just as beings of Light take in the higher frequencies of light to replenish their forms, beings of darkness take in the lower frequency of fear to replenish their forms.

Beloved ascending ones, we tell you this information not to spur you into battle against the dark. “Battle against” anything creates great anger and fear, which actually lowers your consciousness. Of course, there are famous war stories of great heroic event during times of “war.”

We thank and commend these brave humans who looked darkness in the face and chose to operate not form fear, but from LOVE for those whom they were protecting. During your myriad eras of great darkness on Earth, war was often the only way to “battle against darkness.”

Fortunately, that era is coming to its end. However, as with all endings, there is always a “time” in which the old and new both exist. Because so many humans live within war-torn areas, we call upon our ascending ones to open their internal portals to become “individual” and/or “group” portals of light.

As a powerful portal for Gaia you will begin.

(Your service is more powerful if there is a cohesive group, but you can open a portal alone if you prefer.)

the ceremony 4 suzanne lie


  • Open your consciousness to your own Personal Portal to SELF
  • Merge your awareness/consciousness with the highest frequencies of your own Multidimensional SELF
  • Note how the Higher SELVES of all the members of your group unite into ONE
  • Intimately and consciously connect with your own Higher SELF, as well as all the Higher SELVES of your group
  • Allow the higher frequencies of the Group Higher SELF to flow through your portal
  • Observe as your group portal transmutes into an inter-dimensional portal
  • As a group—commune with your group Higher SELF and/or Gaia to determine the location in which the assigned Elementals most need your assistance.

It is fine if your group wishes to make that determination before the ceremony.

  • To give the greatest assistance to Gaia, all the groups will work on the same Elementals for 2 weeks. The Earth Elementals will be first.
  • Calibrate your attention/consciousness your chosen location of Gaia’s portals
  • Join into Unity Consciousness with your physical and higher dimensional group
  • Open and activate and activate your portal by asking your higher dimension selves to send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire in the group members on Gaia’s surface
  • Expand your consciousness to include Gaia’s Core
  • You will begin with the Earth Elementals and work with them for an Earth time of 2 weeks

September 25 – The Element of Earth

October 9 – The Element of Water

October 23 – The Element of Air

November 6 – The Element of Fire and the Finale

We, your Galactic Family, are asking you to open these “conscious portals” that connect the higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF with the very core of Earth. We say “conscious portals” because these portals are actually alive. Your third dimensional brain has been trained that some things are alive and other are not alive. This training is more of the “work of the dark ones.”

If trees are alive, how could you cut them down? If the water was alive, how could you pollute it? If the sky was alive, how you allow chemtrails to exist? If fire was alive how could you use it to destroy rather than to initiate? If the ground was alive, how could you destroy it gain wealth or energy sources.

By the way these “energy sources” were only necessary because the frequency of Gaia had so fallen that humanity forgot all the free energy sources that were available within Her crystals. Of course, crystals are very much alive and can actually choose to say NO to destructive instructions.

After the crystals were so poorly used by the Atlantians, they chose as a collective to “fall asleep” It is only when unconditional love and multidimensional consciousness is lovingly fed into them that they will decide if the want to “wake up” and trust that human.

So many of Gaia’s creatures have decided to “trust humans,” which was much to their demise. Humanity has been lost to the darkness for myriad centuries, timelines, alternate and parallel realities. Since it was humanity that allowed the darkness to take over their world, humanity must assist to restore their world to LIGHT.

The plant, animal, mineral and cetacean beings have tried to defend the planet, but humanity became so lost to the dark ones that, even as a collective, they could not save Gaia. Humanity is the key to Planetary Ascension. Therefore, in order to ascend themselves, they must release their selfish ways of “I want to ascend so I can get out of here.”

Gaia is a “cause and effect” planet. In order to ascend beyond the third dimension, humanity must take responsibility for the EFFECT of their CAUSES. We realize that all of humanity will not be able to take that responsibility within their present lifetime. Therefore, they will not ascend on their own or even with Gaia until they accept their own power within and use it to assist their planet.

Fortunately, there are other planets on which they can incarnate to continue their process of energy out is energy back. The fact is, many of those who have not yet remembered the law of cause and effect are among the laggards that Gaia allowed to join her planet to give them another chance.

We are aware than none of the ones who are drawn to read this information are among that group. We are sharing this information again to remind you, our dear Warriors for the Light, that there are some who will not be able to accept your efforts to assist them.

Please do not perceive their denial of your assistance as any kind of personal failure. We, you Galactic Family, have had that same experience of NOT being able to assist those lost to the third dimension. If you have that experience of perceived failure to assist a person, look into their aura.

With your expanded perception, you will be able to see if they are NOT connected via their crown with the higher worlds. You will also see if their heart is closed, and/or their aura has many streaks of black, brown, and a dirty red.

When and if you meet these people, send them unconditional love and violet fire. Then, release them to their life. You would not expect a first grader to go to college. There are some humans who will need many rounds of incarnations before they will be able to accept the light. When they are ready to accept that light, you gift of unconditional acceptance will assist them.

Do you see how very important YOU are? We do, and we thank you. Also, Gaia thanks you. In closing, we remind you to document your dreams and meditational experiences. You may not be able to understand them yet, but if you have documented the, one day, you will “accidently” find them and TOTALLY understand their meaning.

Be patient with your self and with Gaia. Remember YOU Came for Gaia! YOU are already ascended within your own multidimensional consciousness, and you return to these aspects of your SELF more often than you can imagine.

Therefore, use your wonderful imagination (which is fifth dimensional thoughts) to KEEP YOUR PORTAL OPEN. Since we are free of the burden of time and space, we are ALWAYS within the Portal ready to greet you.

Dear Readers, you do NOT need to be a member of our 4 for Gaia webinar. The members of the webinar are the leaders of these groups. If you would like to be a leader of a 4 for Gaia Group, please contact me at

For more details about this ongoing webinar, which continues until November 6, please see

If you wish to join in with this unity consciousness and be a member of one of the groups, we welcome you to submit your contact and location (time zone) information, and we will be pleased to match you with one of our newly formed 4 for GAIA groups – now getting underway!

Get Started Now!

We the Arcturians and the members of your Galactic Family will be joining you in this

inter-dimensional Process of assisting our beloved Gaia with Her planetary ascension.

We look forward to working with you!

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:29 PM

Gaia Speaks About Her Elemental Kingdom @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Gaia Speaks About Her Elemental Kingdom


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By Gaia and the Gnomes

My loyal Ascending Ones,

I am your Mother Earth. The members of my Elemental Kingdom are powerful energy beings who constantly assist me to create and maintain my physical form. The highest frequency expressions of the Elemental Kingdom, who you know as Earth, Air, Fire and Water, is the Elohim, who are the creators and holders of my third dimensional form.

The Elohim reside in the eighth through twelfth dimensions to guide their assistants in the Devic Kingdom that resonates to the fifth through eighth dimensions. The Devas receive the “Devine Ideal” of the Elohim and transfer these Divine Qualities to the Elemental Kingdom.

The Elementals reside in the higher fourth through fifth dimensions to create form for visiting life-streams who wear forms in the third and fourth dimensions of Gaia’s multidimensional reality. The Elementals assist in creating form for fourth dimensional life-streams, and then assist these life-streams to expand their form into the third dimension.

I wish to focus now on my dear Elementals who have been working very diligently to assist my myriad life forms to transmute their chosen forms into the fifth dimension. The Elementals are busily assisting my human, animal and plant beings to raise their resonance from the third/fourth dimensional frequencies into the fourth/fifth dimensional frequencies.

Eventually, humanity will also transmute into their fifth dimensional expressions. The transition from the third dimensional expression into the fourth dimensional expression is not too difficult as it merely involves the expansion of third dimensional consciousness into the fourth dimensional aura.

Let me remind you that I, Gaia, see all my life forms as equal expressions of my embodiment. Therefore, my plants, animals, and humans (higher animals) are ALL equal in my heart. I know that my humans have been lost in the illusion that their expression is superior to the expressions of the plants and animals.

This misconception has allowed the lost ones to cause great destruction to my plant and animal children, as well as my land, water, weather and atmosphere. Fortunately, my ascending humans are gradually remembering that ALL life is ONE.

It is this memory that is allowing my ascending humans, to assist me with my planetary process of ascension. Unfortunately, many of my human ones are still asleep and are continuing to damage my other expressions of form. My Elementals have been healing the damage done to the myriad areas of my planetary body, but they cannot keep up with the human’s destructive way.

My Elementals are now also assisting my ascending humans in hopes that these enlightened humans can heal the destructive humans. I will now allow my Elementals to speak for themselves. Like many of my life forms, my Elementals live within Unity Consciousness. In fact, the only life forms that experience individual consciousness are my humans.

This individual consciousness has been both a blessing and a curse to humanity and to me. Speaking for all the members of my planet, I say, “Thank you dear humans for your escalating return to Unity Consciousness. I, your Mother, am very proud that you still contain your “spark of individuality” while you are remembering to also embrace your expanding Unity Consciousness.”

Individuality for my humans has been a consequence of my intense polarity. Fortunately, because I am returning to my fifth dimensional expression of Unity Consciousness, I will no longer be burdened by the challenge of the intense separation of the lower frequencies of reality.

However, it is difficult for my Devic Kingdom to hold their forms steady while so many negative thoughts, emotions and concepts of domination fill my planetary aura. Fortunately, my ascending humans are remembering the creative power of their thoughts and emotions. They are also learning to balance their divine attributes of wisdom, power and love.

Therefore, before my Elementals come forth to communicate with you, I would like to thank my dear ascending humans for remembering the stewardship that they have vowed to hold over my body. My Elementals, who are diligently working to return my form to my fifth dimensional expression, are very pleased to have the cooperation of the ascending humans.

One final comment to my ascending humans, please remember that you, too, have elementals within your body that are assisting you with your process of ascension. As you remember to cooperate with your own inner Elementals, you will find that your transmutation of form will progress in an increasingly smooth and loving manner.

My first Elementals to communicate with you are my Earth Elementals, the Gnomes:

THE GNOMES, Earth Elementals, SPEAK:

Good Nowness Dear Humans,

We say “Nowness” for we experience only NOW, such as all Elementals do. It is only through the perception of our humans that we experience time. We say “our humans” because we live in complete unity with the human bodies through which we flow.

We, the Earth Elementals are often known to humanity as Gnomes. We have been engaged in healing the immense damage that humans have done to the body of Gaia, as well as to their own. Not only have the humans taken many toxic substances into their bodies, they have also put many substances into the body of Gaia.

These toxins damage all life on Gaia’s sacred body. We will not go into the many ways in which humans have poisoned the land and disrupted the balance of nature because we are here now to thank you.

Dear awakened and ascending humans, we wish to thank you for clearing many of the personal and planetary wounds that have resulted from humanity’s long journey through the dark nights of forgetfulness. We can instantly perceive the humans who are in the process of healing their personal bodies, as well as the body of Gaia’s body, because they are accepting more light into their form.

They are taking in this light, which pushes their uncomfortable darkness to the surface to be healed, because they are ready to clear themselves to better assist with the planetary shift. We Gnomes can more readily transmute the third/fourth dimensional frequencies of humanity with the conscious assistance from the ascending humans.

It also greatly assists us when humanity remembers to send their unconditional love to our landed, mountains, caves and underground communities. When we Gnomes are empowered by humanity’s unconditional love, we can more completely work with the humans to clear the waste material of their third and lower fourth dimensional negativity.

Our process of clearing humans is similar to trimming the dead flowers from a plant. Our beloved plants love every component of themselves and spread their life force evenly throughout their being. When humans clip off the dead flowers, the energy that once went towards healing can go towards new growth.

In the same manner, when we assist humans to take in more light, we can also remind them that this light will reveal any inner darkness, which is usually some version of fear. It is VERY helpful to us when humans transmute their negative thoughts, emotions and actions so that they no longer create astral wounds on Gaia’s physical body. Once these wounds are created we, the Elementals, must focus on healing them.

On the other hand, we wish to give thanks to the humans who are now assisting us by transmuting the damage that was created by humanity’s forgetfulness and need to dominate. The reason why humanity was so destructive was because they had forgotten their own power.

Many humans forgot that they have the power to create, or harm, with “just” their thoughts and emotions. It is this forgotten power that we, the Elementals, wish to address. If you want to remain on Gaia as she transmutes into her fifth dimensional expression, you must remember that your EVERY thought and EVERY emotion will become manifest.

Fortunately, there is a threshold reality of New Earth that will still have a bit of delay between thoughts, emotions and manifestations. However, even in that reality you will NOT be able to adhere your attention and perception to ANY fifth dimensional matrix if you fall into fear. When you fall into fear, your resonance drops back to the lower fourth and third dimension.

We Gnomes work a great deal with the Matrix of Gaia, which is much like the bones of your human body. The Matrix creates and supports the forms and illusions of Earth’s inhabitable 3D Zone in the same way in which your bones support your earth vessel.

If the support system of any life-form is not strong, then the entire life-form will be weakened. It is wonderful, and so deeply appreciated, that many humans are performing healing ceremonies for their Mother Earth.

Because of your willingness to assist us, we ask that you assist us in healing Gaia’s Matrix so that She can transmute her Matrix into its higher frequency format. We are also aware of the deliberate destruction that the dark humans have created on Gaia’s body and of the damage created by the greed for more, more and bigger, bigger, and bigger.

However, that is an issue for you humans to work out amongst yourselves. We know that the masses are awakening from their long sleep of indoctrination and domination. Every day, more humans are even standing up for their right to have a happy life and taking back their power.

Within the long dark night of the last 12,000 years, many humans have suffered greatly. Happily, you are awakening enough that we can lovingly remind you to be responsible for your own thoughts and emotions. Please remember that your every thought becomes manifest, and your every emotion gives that manifestation life.

If you could see the many fear-filled thought-forms that we must “clip from the body of Gaia,” you would all be very embarrassed. You are aware that you leave physical litter on the ground, in the water, in the sky.

As your perceptions expand into the higher frequencies, you will become increasingly aware of the fourth dimensional litter that humanity leaves in the aura of their body, their home, their workplace and every place in which they lose mastery of their consciousness and fall into fear?

If you call us, we will assist you to remember that YOU are the creator of your reality. We ask you now, what thoughts have you had today? What emotions have you experienced? If you don’t know how to answer our question, than just look at how your day went.

You created that day. If you want a better day, then BE the master of your own energy. Be conscious that we of the Elemental Kingdom are bound to create that which you think and feel. Remember to acknowledge and feel the power of your wisdom and the wisdom of your love.

We are joyous to see that some of you are beginning to transmute your carbon-based vessel into a crystalline based Light-body. Please remember that each human is ONE with Gaia. Therefore, as each ONE of you transmute your own physical form, your fifth dimensional elementals will leave your body via your every exhale to be inhaled by another human, animal, plant or thought form.

Yes, plants and thought-forms do inhale. How else could they receive light? Of course their inhale is different than yours. But, we must remind you to become accustomed to life wearing forms that are very different from your human form. Also, as your exhale travels through your environment and into the inhale of other transmuting humans, those other humans connect with your essence.

Then, one day the circle will complete, and you will feel that “essence of yourself” within a person you have never met. It is in this manner of sharing your breath that your carbon-based world will transmute into a crystalline-based world.

Remember that we, humans and elementals, are a team that can work as ONE to ascend our planet. Begin by feeling our elemental energy in your body. See us in your body, on your land, in your gardens and under your trees.

We are extremely grateful for those of you who create healing ceremonies and stand up for the rights of Gaia. However, we ask for a bit more. We ask that you remember that YOU create your reality with your thoughts and emotions.

If your consciousness becomes dark and fearful, you give us a lot of extra work to do. On the other hand, when your consciousness is filled with light and unconditional love, you assist us more than you can ever imagine.

We, the Earth Elementals of Gaia, thank you in advance for what we KNOW you will do!

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 2:07 PM

Gatekeepers: Highest Potentials, Highest Outcomes ~ Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution

sea eagle by susan seddon boulet new

ART : Sea Eagle ~ Susan Seddon Boulet


Gatekeepers: Highest Potentials, Highest Outcomes

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The completion of our two-year project of Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse Gateways is upon us. Gatekeepers, we have a collective unified opening on Saturday, September 19 and will stay open through the Blood Moon eclipse on the 27th. Every aligned HUman heart is welcome to participate in this Divine Intent of Service. Crystals on the ground, vertical Gateways open wide; including the one in your Solar Cosmic Christed Heart center (the most important for personal activations).

The activations/accelerations are sublimely transcendent (grounding the New). Rays of the wave come through my consciousness (frozen-in-my-tracks moments of *Wow*) and flow liquid light into my fields, stimulating the merge (consistent revelations; how vast we are!)  Sharing our stories can wait; focus is key to Highest Outcomes.

I truly Love this phase and the potential it holds for our embodiment. Stay true to the HUman Heart grid as we unleash our best efforts over the next week. The Higher Realms say we are *ready to drop the payload* … as always, it is up to the collective to be prepared, participating, and capable of receiving this Light on behalf of the highest interests of all concerned. On the ground, we create the maximum potential for anchoring this Light. Vibration = Vibration.

Reminder from the last message:

While it is by no means a final gateway, it is interesting to see so many awakened to this project as it reaches completion. This tetrad of Gateways activated the embodiment phase of Christ Consciousness, and for many of you the reality of the Golden Race upon Gaia has become quite vivid.

It is important to stay focused as anxieties – and rampant sensationalism – attempt to distract from this project’s true purpose. Many of you remember the beginning of this tetrad in early 2014; the entrance of energies which would accelerate the Shift for those choosing to Ascend. The completion of this tetrad sends us into a new phase of service work, while simultaneously supporting embodiment of the new consciousness. We are creating something brand new which supports the evolution of consciousness, as well as the dissolvement of that which does not serve a new Universal agenda of uncompromised Peace.

Consistent alignment, adjustment, and flexibility are needed to navigate these unique frequencies entering our Solar system. Understand that the outcome of these more intense passages are dependent upon the foundation you have laid, and your commitment to holding New Light in your consciousness, fields and body vehicle. You have created platforms for those pure I AM Oversoul qualities to stand on. As the amplification grows stronger, it is complimentary to consistently reset your perspective, fields, and activities to keep up with the deluge of New Light.

More direction on the protocol is provided in the last article. Be sure to keep focused, quiet, offline during the Gateway. Balanced meditation will assist with integration and clarity: utilize both passive/receptive meditation (perceiving true revelation) and active visualization style (pure intent/template merge). It is a reap what has been sown passage, and your intentions will be amplified with the New Light influx. Enter the Gate with Divine Intent for Pure Service.

It will be a joy to share our experiences after the work is complete; I AM offline until then. Kindwhile, let us put our Highest Hearts forward! Blessings for a beautiful completion of the tetrad of Equinox-Blood Moon Gateways. I hold you in my Heart.

In Love, Light and Service,

sea eagle by susan seddon boulet new

Transcending into Light @ Walking Terra Christa

Sep 20, 2015 01:44 am

Transcending into Light ~ The New Earth Frequency Update for September


The New Earth Frequency Update is a channeled message from the 144th dimension of Light representing the Creative Source of Oneness.  The Unified Whole Command represents a triple flame consciousness of Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein.  They are the overseeing the energies of Oneness as all souls, Light Beings, of all dimensions step into the Oneness that we all reside within.

Blessings to each of you on this fine moment of our creation together. We are the Unified Whole Command of Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein.

The creative process that is occurring presently is to allow the increased elements that have been lost through the eons of time within this planet to be fully accepted by all of humanity.

What happens through this process is that there is great change to be felt, experienced, and seen through the eyes of the many. As each individual self makes up the whole essence of human consciousness, each of those souls has a major part in the transitions within the Earth. It is important that everyone has a purpose and a reason of why they react as they do, what they do with those reactions, and how it is interpreted within their human and spiritual consciousness.

Each of you must understand that every person within the planet plays this role, as they seem fit to do so by their previous ways of doing things. It is not until a person “wakes up” so to speak that they see the way they have been feeling and acting is truly not part of their Divine Purpose.

Or is it?

This is a question that is happening at this time as the light infractions within the earth are changing greatly and if an individual does not adhere to those light elements within their life in a positive manner, than catastrophe will result. Great changes are coming and it is up to each individual soul how they are going to incorporate the incoming energies.

The planet is moving quickly into its transition of light. It has been doing so for quite some time. The foundation was set in the early 1900’s with information being revealed through many texts of work. Those souls that brought that information forward truly are the pioneers of this planet for awakening.

You see each of us were together during the Lemurian and Atlantean times. Those knowledges were lost with the sinking of those continents so the planet had to be regenerated in a new and different way than it had been existing previously. You would say that in those aftershock moments Gaia went into the existence of raw energy. Everything had to be restarted and learned in a completely different way.

Many lifetimes ensued with great traumatic events as souls were fighting for what they believed in. The entrance-way of the non-christed beings from Atlantis and Lemuria caused the prior belief systems of the earth to be sacrificed while these alternate understandings became very commonplace in the renewal of the earth. So the lifetimes upon lifetimes with war encasing the planet, all were part of the fighting of souls against each other. It has continued for many eons of time as cities around the world were destroyed with greed and lack of faith from the Source of Oneness.

It has continued for such a long time but within the changes that have been felt since 2012 more light infractions have been placed within the earth. This means that more souls in the human form are looking at life quite differently than they did before. A remembrance is happening within human consciousness to assist Gaia to continue her transition. She is moving out of darkness and into the light in a very slow process.

2015 has brought this light more fully into the planetary structure. Her foundation is still very fragile and cracked in way too many spaces, but she sees that there is progress even if it is minuet. There is hope where before the faith had been diminished.

More individuals are awakening to feeling these energies in a new and balanced manner. But, yet, there is still great skepticism and lack of faith that it can survive. Many think that there is no change and then others are so hopeful that they hold it within their hearts very deeply. Change is inevitable and this month brings more of what has already been experienced but within the power that is greatly magnetized in various ways.

It was decided through the many Universal structures that Earth should be a mirror for other planets to follow suit. It was believed from the Source of Light that the inhabitants of the planet would be able to walk through many trials of darkness in order to find their highest hopes to be realized. So the pressure was put upon Gaia and each of you to uphold the highest level of integrity to move through the process of the Rebirth.

Gaia is now coming very slowly out of the darkness but many areas of her existence are still encased within the old paradigms that need to be regenerated.

The energetic exchanges throughout this year have been a step-by-step process of allowing the light to be infracted in many different ways.

It started out with regenerating the energies and very slowly went deeper into the dark places to allow the light to shine even brighter. The change of the seasons brought more of the same into the planet and each of you. The Solstice in June proved to be a stepping ground to allow the angelic essence to become more of a reality within the planetary existence as had been in previous times. It was just a very small remembrance of the Lemurian and Atlantean way of life. It has continued through the months to allow the infractions of the angelic self to be felt more within each human field.

The point being is that not all humans feel this change. It is still a very small minority of individuals that can access the higher part of their existence. The planet is still in deep duality and holding unto the 4th dimensional relationship that pertains to the movement of dark timelines that are continually being ignited. The sad part is that when the energetic exchange is so strong individuals that cannot get past their own involvement of the self is when they are challenged the most. So this causes the planetary system to feel these reactions through all of the thought-forms and lower vibrations.

What happens through this evolving energy is that the power of the light infractions are very intensified in order to assist each individual upon the planet to open up their energies unto a higher presence within themselves. Sometimes if feels like a loosing battle as many individuals do not see the picture that is in front of them and all they have to do is to receive it; that is when we step in to assist.

We are at a juncture of time in which the accelerations that are occurring are deepening within the core of Gaia to assist all of humanity.

The reason we share this information is to help each of you understand why you may be feeling the intensity of the energies much deeper than you realize. As each planetary transition occurs, it brings those elements that have been out of balance to start to move in a forward movement of Divine Love and Divine Power. The elements that do not fall into that category then must go through a renewal process in which the old vibrations must go into the light. Now that is not easy, as most of you realize, because it causes the elements that have molded the old self to be ripped apart in many different ways. Then, the regeneration process has to begin.

With the incoming energies of the Solar Angels since the June Solstice, many individuals have not accepted that open doorway, so the Solar Angels do not have the capability to assist that particular soul within the physical arena. They help through the Higher Self and the Dream State, but it is not as focalized as having it within the physical self. So that causes those thought forms that do not reflect the angelic self to be put out into the full consciousness of the Earth and beyond. This means it makes it more challenging for those that are aware of this essence and want to bring it forward on a deeper level.

So this is why August may have been very challenging for you. The energies surrounding the planet can be very dualistic which meant that each of you had to work harder to find your core essence of love. You can do it, but the work becomes more challenging for each soul trying to access the angelic essence.

Now that September has arrived and you are in the midst of more challenges; first, with the partial Solar Eclipse of the New Moon and then the Equinox, followed by the Lunar Eclipse of the Full Moon.

We have to remember also that the Super Moon in August started these energies to be commanded in a very high degree of acceleration and will continue through the next Super Moon of September.

Just as all those unawakened individuals are challenged to stay in their duality and not accept their higher essence, each of you within the awakened level are struggling to stay within your Higher Essence to combat the lower dualities within your Etheric body. This process brings forth the element of tug and war within the self.

As the energies shift this month, the power of your struggles should be greatly minimized as long as you continue to adhere to the Higher Essence you have become. It is a time of great lessons and understanding how to combat the lower forces that have ensued within you as a soul from lifetime to lifetime.

The frequencies of these elements is beyond what the human mind can fathom as it has never been felt or done before. It has only been talked about”.

As the partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon brought the frequencies of more light infractions into each of you, it becomes a testing ground of what you can hold within your physical self.

It is important through these phases to realize that the power of your Soul’s Essence is beyond your comprehension and all you have to do is stay within your Higher Self’s energy as much as possible. It is the one process that is going to help you get through these hurdles.

If you can imagine being in space as a beautiful Being of Light; you are then bombarded by this ball of energy that is so amazing that your eyes cannot hold the picture.

The light is so bright.

You then hold out your arms and receive this Light Infraction that holds many colors upon colors. As you do this, you command through your I AM Presence to allow the existence of this light to change everything in your world that does not fit. This form of light will transform anything into its own power. You don’t have to do anything but just receive it.

“You feel elated from the experience and allow the energies to run through your entire field of light, you become the Light Infraction.”

Then, all of a sudden you felt little balls of darkness filled with negative thought forms circling around you. You expand the light you just experienced and hold it deeply within your Heart Center. It expands in and around you.

You may feel the lower energies but they don’t interact with you as their level is much lower than what you have just received. This is allowing the Light Infraction to fully be integrated within you as you become One with it. There is no separation so anything below this field of Light cannot penetrate within you.

This is exactly the process that each of you needs to bring forth during these times of great changes. The Equinox is the next acceleration which is a huge element. It occurs on the 23rd of September and brings with it Great Enlightenment of the Self. It represents facing your darkness and other elements around you, but being at peace with it. It is a step into the period of harvesting what you have learning and put it into practice.

If you have had difficulty with financial stability in the past couple of months, please know that you are not alone. Sometimes in order to find the silver lining you must surrender to the process of the old elements. This means the 3rd dimensional world and how you interact within that world. The Equinox brings forth a new and highly evolved energetic exchange.

Now some of you may say,

“Well, Mercury Retrograde is occurring right now and how can I be abundant when that energy is occurring”.

Let me tell you that if you learn to rise above the energies of the planetary systems around you, then you will not be affected adversely by their changes, but will actually benefit from those energies.

Remember, we shared that Earth is the poster child for 5th dimensional energies. Mercury represents the 3rd dimensional reflection. So increasing your consciousness beyond the 3rd and 4th dimension actually means you will not have the same experiences as others.

Then the Full Moon of the 27th/28th of September occurs with a Lunar Eclipse. This is the powerhouse of energy that is going to assist you to move out of your present circumstances into the full existence that you desire within you. It represents moving further into your higher essence yet again and opens up the doorway to be a Trailblazer of Light within you. It will be another powerful Super Moon.

Each of these activations is occurring to bring more light into the planet and each of you. It is up to you individually what you do with them. As they occur, more purging will happen within the emotions and thoughts but also through the physical body. It is a time when there will be more activation of the cellular structure in order to hold these light infractions on a physical basis.

Be strong in what you are experiencing; know that this is just a portion of your destiny. More is going to come in various ways. But each moment that you are able to stabilize the energy within you, gives you the ability to build a better foundation.

Take time in the silence to receive the energies, to allow them to blend within your full body system, to assist you in elements that need addressing, and then you can hold onto them within your full structure so much easier*.

Yes, changes will happen. Darkness will try to come but the more we work we do together, the less these traumatic events will occur. People will change, hopefully for the better. Some will choose to leave.

The transitions of light are extremely powerful and magnetic. It is a magical time and sometimes magic is not all about the light. All will be revealed within each of you so take time to reflect in the mirror that is in front of you. It is the purpose of each of us being in full Oneness that is the most important aspect.

In the presence of light and love, We are the Unified Whole Command at your Service Master Thoth, Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein

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Please also attend these free public ceremonies and teaching events (click the links to register):

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paintings-2014-jennifer-michelle-long-print-gallery--Oracle of Self art
ART : Oracle of Self ~ Jennifer Michelle
by Patricia Cota-Robles
September 20, 2015

This is an historical moment on Planet Earth. As usual, there are myriad predictions as to what we are going to physically experience and what these auspicious events will mean in all of our lives. As has happened over and over again throughout the various events involving Earth’s Ascension process, people are predicting the full gamut of possibilities. These predictions include everything from the end of the World to the instant manifestation of Heaven on Earth, neither of which is going to happen. That does not mean, however, that what we are in the midst of experiencing is not the most incredible and monumental opportunity we have ever had, because IT IS!

The reason people have been disappointed so many times is because they have erroneously expected for these shifts of energy, vibration, and consciousness to instantly manifest in the physical plane. People look at outer-world appearances and because they do not see any immediate changes, they feel that the events did not actually happen and that the information was just another “New Age hoax.” The reality is that the vast majority of events that have taken place over the past several decades not only happened, but according to the Company of Heaven, they succeed in accelerating Humanity’s and Mother Earth’s Ascension process beyond the greatest expectations of Heaven.

So that we will not miss this amazing opportunity by letting our distorted perceptions fool us again, the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth want to reiterate how we will experience the colossal shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness we will receive through the upcoming Equinox, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and influx of Gamma Rays from Wave X. They want us to remember that first and foremost, we are multidimensional Beings functioning in various dimensions simultaneously. The physical plane of Earth which we believe is so real is actually the least real of all of the dimensions we abide in and it is the very last dimension to reflect the changes we are cocreating with our Father-Mother God in the Realms of Cause.

The reason we do not experience these monumental events instantaneously in the physical plane is because they are first created in the Realms of Cause where everything begins. Then, they are magnetized into the World of Effects, which is the physical plane, through the thoughts, words, feelings, beliefs, and actions of the Sons and Daughters of God abiding in the physical plane. The important thing to realize is that once something has been God Victoriously accomplished in the Realms of Cause NOTHING can prevent it from eventually manifesting in the World of Effects. The only variable is how long that process will take which is strictly up to you and me and the rest of Awakening Humanity, and how effectively we empower those patterns of perfection with our creative faculties of thought and feeling and our gift of free will.

I AM going to be discussing this information in detail in an online interview with Jacklyn Johnston during her wonderful You Awakening program. The interview will be live on Tuesday, September 22, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time (Los Angeles, California) or 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (New York).

If you would like to join us for this FREE online broadcast you may do so by registering through the following link

If you are not able to join us live the FREE REPLAY will be available after the original airing.

Because of the importance of the upcoming Equinox, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and influx of Gamma Rays from Wave X, I would like to share the following information.


The Pope is beginning his historic visit to the United States of America on September 22nd, the initial impulse of the Equinox. This event will draw the collective attention of hundreds of millions, and possibly billions, of people around the World. Regardless of how you feel about the Pope or the various political venues he will visit while he is in the USA, the timing of his visit is not a coincidence.

The collective Cup of Consciousness that will be formed by the focus of attention Humanity places on the Pope and his visit, will open the hearts and minds of people around the World in ways that will allow their I AM Presence to receive and assimilate on each person’s behalf the Light flowing into the Earth through the Equinox, Eclipse, and Gamma Rays from Wave X.

This will mean on a very practical level that even if people are oblivious to what is happening, the collective focus of their attention will allow them to participate and greatly benefit from this profound opportunity through the Divine Intervention of their I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven.


The Company of Heaven has revealed that shifts of energy, vibration, and consciousness unparalleled in the history of time have occurred since the Birth of the New Earth in December 2012. However, they are affirming now that those accomplishments will pale in comparison to the shifts we will experience in the month of September 2015.

Every conceivable assistance is being given to Humanity from On High to help us accomplish our Ascension process. One of the most astounding things is the influx of Gamma Rays we have received from what scientists say was one of the biggest and hottest explosions in the Universe. This monumental influx of Light reached the Earth in 2014, and it is daily and hourly affecting the recalibration of our DNA. This powerful influx of Gamma Rays was the result of an explosion of a Star that took place more than 12.1 billion years ago. The Beings of Light confirmed that this Light reached Planet Earth in perfect Divine Timing. Just to give you an idea of how far away this Star was, it takes 8.17 minutes for Light from the surface of the Sun to reach the surface of the Earth.

Sometimes these astronomical numbers about time and space seem confusing to us, but we must remember that time and space only exist in the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. From the 5th Dimension and beyond there is no such thing as time or space. In the Higher Realms of Light everything occurs in the Eternal Moment of Now.

Gamma-ray bursts are not well understood by astronomers, but they realize that they are very important because they are the most powerful explosions in the Universe. These bursts release more energy in 10 seconds than Earth’s Sun will release during its entire expected lifespan of 10 billion years. Just imagine!

The Beings of Light have revealed that Gamma Rays are instrumental in recalibrating Humanity’s DNA structures. Now that Humanity’s fragmented double helix DNA has been restored in the Realms of Cause to the 12 strands we originally had, and recalibrated to the frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light, we are ready for the monumental events that will take place this month.

Now we are being told from On High that these events will catapult the Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her into the highest frequencies of the New Earth we have ever experienced. The anticipated influx of Gamma Rays we will receive from WAVE X will shift Humanity’s DNA in ways that will result in the most profound Awakening and return to Christ Consciousness that has ever been attempted in any System of Worlds.

Many are referring to this shift as the FIRST WAVE OF ASCENSION. I have been hearing this phrase for over 40 years. Each time it is used people expect that millions of people, and this time it is being said that 2.2 billion people, are going to just vanish from the face of the Earth. This is the way people have erroneously described the “Rapture” for centuries. As I mentioned previously, that is not the way our Ascension process is happening.

Once again, these monumental Activities of Light occur first in the Realms of Cause. Consequently, they are not usually obvious immediately in the physical plane. That certainly does not mean that they did not happen, it just means that in most instances we will not perceive the tangible results just yet. It is true that we are in uncharted waters and not even the Company of Heaven knows exactly how this influx of Light will affect Humanity en masse. Some people may have instantaneous results, but they are not going to disappear from the Earth. They will experience a profound Awakening and a dramatic shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness.

In all probability, this Awakening and shift of consciousness will occur within every man, woman, and child on Earth more gradually, but that does not mean it will take a long time. Without the interference of our fragmented and fear-based human ego, which is in the process of being Loved FREE by our I AM Presence, this Awakening will occur much more quickly than outer appearances indicate.

On September 22-23, 2015, which is the September Equinox, we will intensify the influx of Light from the New Moon Solar Eclipse which occurred on September 12-13, and secure it into the Core of Purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth.

The effects of that Activity of Light will build in momentum until September 27-28, 2015, when we will experience not only an incredibly powerful influx of Light from a total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, but a life-transforming influx of Light from a Celestial Event referred to as WAVE X, or The Event Horizon. This is a Celestial opportunity that we have not been able to benefit from since our fall from Grace.

On September 28, 2015, we will receive a crescendo of Gamma Ray Light from the Galactic Core. This is a rhythmic pulsation of Light that blesses our Solar System every 3,600 years with the Divine Intent of raising the consciousness of Sons and Daughters of God and accelerating the evolution of our Solar System. Even though this wondrous Gift of Light from On High has been available every 3,600 years, since our tragic fall from Grace the Earth and Humanity have been vibrating at a discordant frequency that was unable to receive or assimilate the benefits of these Gamma Rays. Now, however, EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!

The Company of Heaven has confirmed that with the miraculous changes that have taken place at an atomic cellular level within Humanity and all Life on Earth since the Birth of the New Earth, Humanity is finally able to receive and assimilate these powerful Gamma Rays from the Galactic Core. For several weeks, the effects of these Gamma Rays have been gradually building in momentum.

This influx of Gamma Rays will reach their peak in the midst of a total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The influx of Light from the Full Moon Eclipse will stabilize the Water Element which composes 80% of the entire Elemental Kingdom and sustains the Emotional Bodies of Humanity. The Water Element is also the Divine Intelligence through which the Love Nature of our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, is tangibly manifest in the world of form.

In preparation for this Cosmic influx of Gamma Rays, the Company of Heaven wants us to grasp the magnitude of this opportunity by revealing the following information. Due to the life-transforming Activities of Light that have been successfully accomplished through the unified efforts of millions of Lightworkers around the World, the Earth and ALL her Life are now on the brink of a miraculous Transfiguration.

On September 27-28, 2015, through every person’s I AM Presence, Humanity en masse is going to receive the full power and might of the myriad Gamma Rays we have missed from this rhythmic 3,600 year Gift from On High, back to the initial impulse of the fall. This has never been done before and no one knows how it will manifest for each of us individually, but KNOW the results will ONLY enhance our lives and our Ascension process.

The Mighty Elohim, who are the Builders of Form, have assured us that the Earthly Bodies of ALL Humanity and the Bodies of Mother Earth are now vibrating at a frequency that is ready and able to withstand this influx of Gamma Rays and that this will occur in perfect Divine Order. This is a Cosmic Moment beyond anything that has ever occurred for the Sons and Daughters of God. Be at Peace and Be Here NOW!

Your I AM Presence knows exactly how you can best experience this wondrous opportunity. Go within, ask for guidance, and your I AM Presence will guide you unerringly through this process. I Love YOU more than you will ever know. God Bless You.

I AM going to be discussing this information in detail in an online interview with Jacklyn Johnston during her wonderful You Awakening program. The interview will be live on Tuesday, September 22, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time (Los Angeles, California) or 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (New York).

If you would like to join us for this FREE online broadcast you may do so by registering through the following link

If you are not able to join us live the FREE REPLAY will be available after the original airing.

Patricia Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

FAX: 520-751-2981
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New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
PO Box 41883,
Tucson, Arizona 85717

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

©2015 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


paintings-2014-jennifer-michelle-long-print-gallery--Oracle of Self art

Archangel Michael on Sept. 28, the Ascension Portal, Pillars, and the New Domain ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


art BY etheral art title celestial ascension art print

ART : Etheral Art Celestial Ascension


ArchangelMichael Ron HeadI talked to Archangel Michael about September 28 as the date of the first wave of Ascension. He said that people have been ascending and returning for some time now so this is not the first wave. He said that some people like to mark occasion and feel the need for dates so this date was given. But people are ascending all the time now in this heightened energy.

He discusses the situation for pillars and the newness of the domain we’re “going” to (I may need to cease using the metaphor of “going to” because we don’t “go” anywhere).

My mission is to go up with everyone else and write about my experience of it as I go. I therefore usually share more than the next person. I do so in the interests of pushing the ball forward but also in alignment with the requirements of the awareness path for as much transparency as is prudent and possible. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

* * *

Steve Beckow: Is September 28th the day of the first wave of Ascension?

Archangel Michael: You know that we do not talk about dates. Is the beginning of the “exhale” (1)  already started? The answer is yes. So when people wish to choose dates, then this is a good date.

Steve: I am promoting it because so many other people have said it: Matt Kahn, Patricia Diane Cota Robles, SaLuSa. Was Michael Love’s channeling of you credible?

AAM: Yes, it was.

Steve: Oh! Well, you gave a date there!

AAM: Let us say that there are people that are asking and dying for dates. That is not our preference, as you well know.

Steve: I do. I’m just trying to understand it.

AAM: It is the human obsession with, “tell us the date and time.” They would be very happy if we could say 11:11 [p.m.]. It does not serve as well as it might. Let us put it that way.

But because many people will say, “On this day, I will feel better and am prepared to go through,” then we will give a date. But there will just as many who will be saying, “The date came and went and I don’t feel anything”. So it will be a 50-50 split

Steve: As a pillar, do I ascend in the early waves or do I ascend at the end?

AAM: Now let us say to you that you have been flying in and out of this Ascension Portal for some time. There have been various attunements and increases in your frequency and vibrations. This has been the transformative love that you have felt. (2)

As to the pillar, you have an expression, “last man standing.” That is it.

Steve: What does that mean, Lord?

AAM: It means that you wait until the last, until everyone has gone through and you turn out the lights, so to speak.

Steve: Some people are thinking that if a person ascends they don’t come back. If they go to the Fifth, then they’re in the Fifth. They’re not in the Fourth so they don’t have anything more to do. They’re gone.

AAM: That is incorrect.

Steve: Maybe you could address that? I’m sure there are people who want to know about that.

AAM: First of all, many, many of you are already in the Fifth Dimension and have been for some time. Some of you are in the Seventh. Many of you are in the Sixth. You are in the process of shifting.

What you want it to be is a new room, a new closed door. But the reality is that you are flowing back and forth, that you are in movement because you have committed to assist all of humanity.

So are you in a different, what you would think of, as mindset, heart set? Existing in a different dimensional reality that allows clearer flow? Yes.

But it does not eliminate the other dimensions. That would be [restrictive]. And that is not the intention of the Mother’s creation of this planet. It is that you do experience all of the dimensions.

You anchor with Gaia. 
 And many of you are already there. But it does not mean that you have forgotten or you choose never to visit the other realities. It does not mean that you are not aware of the beings of humanity that are still clinging to the old Third that has long since evaporated.

You are thinking of yourselves as unidimensional [rather than multidimensional]. And you are still thinking of it in terms of a hierarchy [rather than a circle]. That is incorrect.

Steve: So it is different environments like Beauty (Tenth Dimension) and Mastery (Eleventh Dimension) and Unity (Twelfth Dimension) …

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: … And different experiences.

AAM: … Different experiences, certainly a broader realm of talents and capacities because the energy is not restricted. But it does not mean that you are stuck anywhere!

Steve: Well, on the other side [i.e., the afterlife], a person that resonates in the Astral Plane cannot go to the Buddhic Plane, for instance, without protection. You just don’t walk onto the Causal Plane or the Mental Plane. Now isn’t it the same case here that a Fourth-Dimensional person cannot just go to the Seventh Dimension and reside there for any length of time?

AAM: That is correct but what you are doing is preparing yourself, expanding your reality, expanding your transformative heart, expanding your understanding of unity, of joy, of bliss, to truly be able to hold and absorb and experience the energies of the other dimensions. So you are expanding and growing into it.

Steve: Is this new? Is the realm that we’re building and taking our physical bodies with us to altogether new?

AAM: Yes, it is brand new.

Steve: … Brand new, and the rules have changed?

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: Okay, we must have another discussion about that on another occasion.  I wonder if it will be appropriate to talk to Sanat about that on An Hour with an Angel.

AAM: Yes, it will be very appropriate.  …

Let us confuse you a little more. You have already been [through the Ascension Portal]. You see everyone is looking to this wonderful September date as the first wave. It is not the first wave.  …

So you have already gone through the Ascension portal with the very first wave.

Steve: I will tell him that [thinking he was speaking of a friend, whose question he was answering].

AAM: You have.

Steve: Steve?

AAM: Steve, X, Y… You have all done it already.

And you did it about 16 months ago. (3)

Now you have come back holding that critical energy, that expanded awareness, each [of the three] in a different expression. But you know very clearly that you have much clearer, broader, deeper, more loving energy field than you did say a year and a half ago.

Steve: Yes.

AAM: So you have flown through, come back, anchored deeply as a pillar holding the energy for the back of the line so that you can move them, move them, move them along.

Then when you feel depleted, you fly back through the Ascension portal because it is wide open to you and then you come back and you anchor again, even more expanded as an anchor, a pillar again, and so on because that has been your soul agreement. That is the nature of your mission and purpose. …

The old Steve does not exist [any more]. Is he in there somewhere? Yes. But have you experienced the add-on, add-on, add-on, add-on [of multidimensionality]…? Yes. (4)

This material is copyright by Linda Dillon and the Council of Love 2015, Inc., and is used with permission.


(1) I apologize that I was not quick enough to ask him what the “exhale” means.  Obviously it’s this phase of Ascension.

(2) The experience of transformative love became prominent after a heart opening on March 13, 2015. I assume that was one of the “various attunements and increases in your frequency and vibrations.”

(3) After a rough bump in my life in Feb. 2015, I was in so much of a slump that Archangel Michael says he pulled me through the Ascension Portal for healing and restoration.  It happened during my sleep so I have no recollection of it.

(4) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 16, 2015.


art BY etheral art title celestial ascension art print

God and Goddess ~ Stepping into New Roles ~ Sharon Lyn Shepard @ Divine Musings

God and Goddess ~ Stepping into New Roles

af3b20_e7b8a2dc80ec499bb8a9eaa6d5a4d30b.jpg_srz_400_300_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzWith this September Equinox, sandwiched between two eclipses, the God and Goddess are stepping into New Roles.

The first eclipse, a solar eclipse, is in the sign of Virgo which is the sacred domain of the Goddess. There has been much talk about the return of the Goddess recently. How she has been wounded, trampled upon and disempowered. How we need to dig deeply into the shadows to heal her wounds. But the wounds that are spoken of are human wounds that have been taken on in the name of the goddess. They are not wounds of the Goddess. For the Goddess is pure Love and Compassion. The Goddess does not suffer. She does not bear wounds. It is only the perception of humanity that attempts to fling them upon her.

During this initial eclipse the Moon Goddess kisses the face of the Sun God in a blessing of healing for all of humanity. For those who feel old wounds arising, the Goddess asks that you turn them over to Her for healing rather than taking it upon yourselves to do so, for your mind is not capable of forgiveness. It is the heart of the Goddess that forgives and She always stands ready to heal with her infinite love and compassion to open our hearts. Only then can humanity move forward in its sacred quest to reinitiate balance in our lives, individually and for the whole of the planet.

With the approaching Equinox, the Solar King and the Moon Goddess are joining their energies in the sacred marriage of Hieros Gamos. In ancient times each kingdom was ruled by this sacred marriage for the good of the people. The king was the leader and protector of the people, and the queen the goddess in alliance with the earth who ensured the fertility and abundance of the land and the people.

Since then, the quest for power has usurped the balance of earth. We no longer have a king as the protector of the people and a queen who honors the fertility of the earth. We have turned our backs upon the blessings of earth, driven to survive through personal toil and suffering.

With this Equinox the God and Goddess are stepping into new roles, offering us the opportunity to initiate balance and sovereignty once again. We are being called to honor the Sacred masculine and Sacred Feminine within each of us, and with each other. We are being called to honor our Mother Earth in a renewed relationship with all the Elementals in sisterhood and brotherhood with all sentient beings, thus opening the infinite flow of abundance without the need to gain power over one another to survive.

With the second eclipse, the earth is being embraced as the Holy Child between the the Sun God in Libra holding the balance and the Moon Goddess in Aries, giving birth to a new race of enlightened beings equal in stature to one another.

In addition, our solar system has entered a stream of gamma rays flooding us with the benevolence of the Universe. We are being bathed by an abundance of crystalline light from the cosmos as Blessings of Grace for all sentient beings. It is through this Christed Light that Divine Love is being restored within the hearts of each of us. These gamma rays are increasing the vibration of the planet to activate our dormant DNA, expand our consciousness, and awaken us to All-That-Is.

Alas!! As children of the New Earth, new playgrounds await. Our passions abound and our joyous manifestations are imbued with divine wisdom. ‘Tis a majestic earth that gives so selflessly. It is with love and gratitude that I honor her. And I bow to the royal God and Goddess within each of us for stepping into our new roles in unity with Source.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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Get On With It – The Great Frustration ~ Steve Rother @ Lightworker

Krishna Paintings by Rakhi Baird at Artodyssey

ART : Krishna Paintings by Rakhi Baird @ Artodyssey


Get On With It 
-The Great Frustration-

by Steve Rother
Greetings from Home, dear ones

You are magic. Each of you holds a special form of magic, something that you specifically brought from Home. You intended to focus your entire life on bringing it to Earth, and you are starting to re-member that in new ways. This is a magical time on Earth, dear ones, where each of you can start to re-member your true power and step into it even the tiniest bit. Your actions and commitment are what creates your world in front of you, for these are new times. We will share a little bit of what lies before you right now so that you can view it from our perspective. When you do this, dear ones, you fall in love with humanity. There are times when you turn on your television sets and see that the world according to your belief systems is a mess. It appears everyone is going in different directions. Although you cannot see what is truly taking place, we do, so we will share that with you. These are amazing times that may also be a little bit challenging for many of you. You do not quite understand what is taking place. These changes are happening in many different areas simultaneously, but we will only share with you one that is making a difference in your own reality.

Many Governments Do No Represent the Collective Heart of Humanity

You have this wonderful thing taking place in the United States called your presidential elections. Oh my goodness, we cannot wait to watch all of this mayhem that you are preparing. This is a massive journey into what we are not quite sure. In the beginning you used these elections to choose the best person for the job. Of course, over many decades it has turned into something entirely different. So, let us take you back quite a few years to when this change started to take place. It was actually during the early 1960s when you had a presidential election between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. This election was actually decided for the simple reason that one was able to present himself better on television than the other. That experience had a huge effect for the first time in the collective. Most of the people you have chosen to run your governments are lawyers. They have a history of all this understanding behind them. Why would it be that one must be a lawyer to run your countries? That would simply indicate that everything must go through the legal system. What has happened, dear ones, is that in many places in the world your governments no longer represent the collective heart of humanity. As we have very simply shared with you before, it is the collective heart of humanity that will run and rule. Now what you are seeing is your governments are trying to scamper to get in front of this. Your presidential elections in the United States are a very simple example of this happening.   All these people are jumping in front of the camera, presenting themselves very well and confidently, but what they are saying does not always make sense. Why are so many people backing and encouraging them? Because they are channeling the frustration. It is very simple. They are the only ones that have even addressed this frustration. There is a gap in the middle of your economic system, where your middle class should be, but quite simply is not. Why are your governments not representing you in that way? You have turned this into a capitalistic system and, therefore, the money speaks louder than the collective. That is in the process of changing.

Money Speaking Louder than the Collective

Exactly how this change takes place we will have to wait and see. It could possibly result in a complete collapse of the system, then rebuilding it on solid ground, which in our estimation is not a bad thing at all. We wish you would just get on with it! Or, you can continue to prop things up and pretend everything is okay, and actually make small changes along the way to evolve it in that way. We tell you, dear ones, the earlier method is currently underway but we will have to wait and see where this goes.  What about this frustration and why is it there? Quite simply, you have turned everything—especially in this area—into something based entirely on capitalism. Capitalism was the most important piece, and you have brought it into your government. In truth, through your systems, those that speak the loudest tend to get elected. Well, you are about to see how loud people can speak. In fact, you will actually end up voting most of the time by turning the channel because it will get pretty crazy over the next year. When you turn the channel, most of the time they actually know it. Yes, your voice can be heard in different ways, dear ones. Right now, it is a circus but it is fun and interesting to watch. Does it represent what is taking place? It represents the frustration that is still not being addressed.

The People’s Frustration

Why is there so much frustration? A person can see very clearly where the frustrations come from. You had an election at one point where your entire collective decided on one person, but another person became president. You can feel that your government does not actually represent you; it has more to do with those who are paid by these companies to be lobbyists. Those are the people that fill these gaps and move your government one way or the other with corporate money. Now you are at a point where you are going to make some important decisions. We are specifically talking about the United States at this time, but as you know all of your energies are connected especially through your economic systems. So, what is good for one is actually good for all countries. The whole world is watching these changes as they are evolving, because everyone will affect another. We can hardly wait to see where you go with this. We see none of this as bad and it might help you to keep that in mind, because our vision is further than yours. We can see what you build on the other side and that is why we hope you just get on with it and take that next step. Above all we hope that your governments are able to adjust  quickly enough, because currently they are not listening.

Let Your Collective Voice Be Heard

Now you have a fresh energy of new people coming in. The good part about that, at least in the United States, is that your collective voice is being heard right now. That is fascinating, for all of this is bringing attention to something that has vanished. Many people have felt like, “Oh, that is just them. They will go do their thing anyway. They do not need me to participate.” Dear ones, they do need you. You are part of the collective in more ways than you can imagine. To express your voice in that collective is going to be one of the greatest possibilities that you have. You will create your world on a small scale, as well as on a large one where you will interact with the others. It is how you all come together at these magical times. Dare to dream. Dare to bring back your hopes. Look into the future and dare to plant the greatest possibilities for yourself at that moment. Treat yourself well knowing that you are a creature carrying all the energy of what you call god. Each of you can start using those abilities to create your world around you. When you reach that highest level to where you have created something that fully supports you, that is the time you become the highest use to the universe. Those times are happening right now.

It Is Time to Get On With It

So, we will ask you, what will it take in your life to get on with it and take that next step? Are you waiting for an election or for some door to magically open? We tell you, dear ones, you have that opportunity now…very clearly. Step into it. Claim it. Step forward. Each of you has brought a part of the blueprints for the New Earth from Home. Now you may call it your internal truth, but it only fits together when you can speak it in such a way that it fits together with the other truths around you. How do you do that? Very simple. Practice. That is all there is. Keep trying and step forward in love, then you will start to fill some of these gaps where this frustration is. How can this frustration about this middle level be solved? Through creativity, and through giving them a voice. Giving them the power to re-create. Of course when we speak of them, many of them are you. Channel it and do so in a very positive way. Look for change, absolutely. There are many shifts and rapid changes that need to take place in your systems in order to transition from one area to the next. We see those about to begin, though not yet beginning. The beautiful part is that the collective vibration is making a noise that cannot be misunderstood on this Earth. People are starting to step forward very carefully, knowing that every movement they make affects others around them. Your own vagus nerve is starting to evolve so you can feel that compassion even more throughout all humans. This is part of the lightbody returning that humans are now experiencing. You can hold more of your own light.  What we ask you to do dear ones, is get on with it. Step forward. Step up. Here it comes. Deal with it the best you can and do not wait for the perfect opportunity, for it is here, now. You have so much that is taking place, yet what you may not understand is that you are in charge of all of it. The collective vibration now decides. That means if you choose to be quiet, you give up your power. It is time to speak, and step forward, to claim your willingness and your wisdom. Not that it is always perfect, but unless it is offered up there is no possibility of reaching harmony.

A Critical Date

Bring it forward. In these times, dear ones, you will be well guided. Sometimes you will open your mouth with a clear intent of your heart to speak something, but you will not quite know where the words are in your head. So you will start to channel from the heart in a new way, which is the opportunity for spirit to speak clearly through you. As you devise and develop this new way of working together in the new planet Earth, we can hardly wait to see what you do next. We tell you specifically that we have given you a date to watch for, the second week in November was to be a critical tilting point. At the time we gave you that date it had to do with the Federal Reserve making a specific move at the end of October. Now, we tell you that has already passed and you have already moved that critical date. Not out of trouble but moving in the right direction. Yes, you had a little dip in the energies in the meantime, showing some of the weaknesses in the global economies in the world and China has a big part of that. Work together with it, dear ones. Send them energy and wish them the best. Know that you are all connected. Stop pointing fingers and calling yourselves separate and claim responsibility for all of it. That is the way of the new Earth, knowing that you are part of every piece of it. Claim your failures as well as your success because that is how you grow and just enjoy playing the game. It is time to get on with it.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Play the new game well together. 

Espavo, dear ones

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

WATCH the Video
HEAR the Audio
READ the Channel



Krishna Paintings by Rakhi Baird at Artodyssey

The Father is Stillness and Silence ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art BringeroftheDawn freydoon rassouli

ART : Bringer of The Dawn – Freydoon Rassouli


The Father is Stillness and Silence

OneI’ve been asked why I don’t discuss the Father on the site. Please allow me to address the question here.

Nothing positive and nothing negative can be said about the Father with certainty. God is beyond knowledge, beyond the reach of the mind.

Considered as the Transcendental, the Void, the One, the Father is stillness and silence. He IS the Mother and she IS the Father.

There’s no way that we could ever hear words directly from God the Father (Parabrahman to Hindus, the Tao or Way to Taoists, our Buddha essence to Buddhists). We hear his words only from the Mother.

That’s the reason behind some of the names of the Mother: the Voice in the Silence, the Voice of one crying in the Wilderness, and the Word of God.

Let’s look for a minute at these epithets. He is the Silence and she is the Voice. What is the sound in the silence? At the most general level, it is the primal and universal creative vibration known as Aum. She is Aum and much, much more.

Aum calls all things into being, holds them for a while, and then releases them back into the Void, the Silence. Says Paramahansa Yogananda:

“Aum of the Hindus, the Mohammedan Amin, the Christian Amen, Voice of Many Waters, Word are the same thing. Aum is called the word because the word signifies cosmic intelligent vibratory sound which is the origin of all sounds and languages. This intelligent cosmic vibration or word is the first manifestation of God in creation.” (1)

Paramahansa Ramakrishna tells us: “The Divine Mother [is] the Primal Energy.” (2)

At a less general level, at the levels of density we frequent, she speaks to us directly through channels.

He is the Wilderness. Why the Wilderness? Because the Transcendental is lawless, formless, beyond the cosmic forces. Nothing can bind or contain the Father. Hers is the domain of the universal law and she is that law.

Sri Ramakrishna describes the relationship between the two here:

“When I think of the Supreme Being as inactive — neither creating nor preserving nor destroying — I call Him Brahman or Purusha, (3) the Impersonal God. When I think of Him as active — creating, preserving, and destroying — I call him Sakti or Maya or Prakriti, (4) the Personal God.

“But the distinction between them does not mean a difference. The Personal and the Impersonal are the same thing, like milk and its whiteness, the diamond and its lustre, the snake and its wriggling motion. It is impossible to conceive of the one without the other. The Divine Mother and Brahman are one.” (5)

Matthew Ward refers to a God of this universe, which Hindus call the Personal God, Ishwara or the conditioned Brahman. Hebrews called him Yawveh. The Divine Mother is a much more elevated source than the personal God. She’s the Creator of the form of the conditioned Brahman; the Father is the seed or light as well as the substratum from which the Mother creates the conditioned Brahman as well as everything else.

The Mother is the whole of the relative plane; the Father is the absolute. The Mother is everything material (Mother, mater, matter); only the Father is immaterial. The higher dimensions are still material; they’re simply made from more refined substances. Anything that moves is material.

Nonetheless, one cannot confine the Mother to the material for the simple fact that she is the Father and the world in which she creates is simply a dream, an illusion. Hence her name as Maya or illusion.

Given that so much in this Ascension relates to the apotheosis of the divine feminine, I feel more comfortable asking the Divine Mother for guidance than a lesser deity. In fact I feel incredibly blessed that she’d speak to us.


(1) Paramahansa Yogananda, The Second Coming of Christ. Three vols. Dallas: Amrita Foundation, 1979-86, 1, 19.

(2) Paramahansa Ramakrishna in Swami Nikhilananda, trans., The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. New York: Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center, 1978; c1942, 116. (Hereafter GSR.)

(3) “Brahman” is the Hindu word for what I call the Father. “Purusha” means divine person.

(4) “Sakti” means divine energy. “Maya” means illusion. “Prakriti” (“procreatrix” in Latin) means creator.

(5) Paramahansa Ramakrishna in GSR, 32.


art BringeroftheDawn freydoon rassouli

Collapsing Time – The Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

The Arcturians

As time continues to collapse, the concept of remembering is gradually replaced with the concept of KNOWING. At first “knowing” feels similar to remembering, but you increasingly realize that remembering had doubt, whereas knowing IS. In other words, when you KNOW, you are free of all doubt.

Being free of doubt is difficult as there is nowhere to hide, and you are completely vulnerable and in the daily process of full disclosure of all that has blocked your ascension so far.

This freedom from doubt is amazingly liberating. Most of you have had no idea how much doubt interfered in your life, as you had never lived without it. Freedom from doubt allows you to progress deeper and deeper into the NOW of “knowing.”

Remembering is a time-based concept because you perceive your self in the present while you begin to remember the past. Therefore, remembering is a third/fourth dimensional construct.

We use the word “construct” because your third/fourth dimensional brain has constructed a “barrier” around unsafe memories from your past. That “past” could have been yesterday or myriad lives ago in your third-dimensional time.

However, as third/fourth dimensional time begins to collapse, it is replaced with the no-time of fifth-dimensional NOW. In other words, as the third/dimensional time slowly unravels within the synapses of your physical brain, you begin to search for what you believe you have lost.

It is within this searching that you begin to find your SELF. Now your Higher SELF will likely be galactic and/or celestial beings. Yes, you ALL have many versions of your multidimensional self.

The versions of your multidimensional self that you will first remember are the ones with whom you have been consciously or unconsciously communicating with for a “long time.” If you have been consciously communicating with your expanded SELF, you may or may not have recognized that they are higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

Once you realize that YOU, the one wearing the earth vessel, is just one of the myriad versions of your true, multidimensional self, the release of time will greatly accelerate. You will gradually realize that you are going through the familiar process of growing up.

However, with this “growing up”, your body is not just maturing from a infant, to a baby, to toddler, to a child. In this NOW, you are growing literally UP – not in age but in dimension. In fact, once you move even into the mid-planes of the fourth dimension, you will realize how very child-like you were while limited to your third dimensional reality.

As your concepts of time are placed within the  NOW, your concepts of space are replaced by HERE. Some of you have chosen a slow, gradual progression of your “return to SELF.” Others have chosen a very swift alteration of your perception of time, as well as your perception of your own self.

However, no matter how gradual you chose for your “return to SELF,” as Gaia’s return to Her fifth dimensional SELF accelerates, all Her humans will need to release their addiction to third dimensional time and space. Those who are not able to release the operating system of the third dimensional matrix, will remain on the third dimensional matrix.

This third dimensional matrix has become too constricting for Gaia’s expanding frequencies of Earth. Therefore, she will shed it, much like a hermit crab sheds a shell, which it has outgrown. However, Gaia will not leave her “shell on the ocean floor” like a hermit crab.

Instead, that matrix will be relocated to another, younger planet whose primary resonance will remain in the third dimension for many millennia. Those who are only aware of the matrix as their ONLY reality, will have third dimensional time to continue their process of returning to SELF.

Those who remain with ascending Gaia may or may not be aware of those who have left their reality because their experience of reality will be shifting so quickly. Furthermore, the lifting up of those who are ready to return to SELF has been occurring for much of your “time.”

Hence, those who wish to return to their multidimensional self and those who are not ready to make that shift have already moved into very different lifestyles and versions of reality. Most of those who have chosen to return to their higher dimensional expression have already released people, places, and experiences that bind them to the matrix.

Most of you, the ascending ones, have been aware of this release. In fact, you have lived within an ever-accelerating process of “letting go” of that which binds you to the 3D Matrix. With the release of your former, third-dimensional limitations, you are discovering that “time” is increasingly collapsing into the NOW.

Within that NOW you are beginning to remember your higher dimensional expressions of reality. Many of you are connecting with your higher dimensional self either via meditation and/or daily communication.

At first, your third dimensional brain doubted these communications, but NOW you are learning to live by them. You are increasingly seeking guidance from within your own higher dimensional self.

This inner guidance is preparing you for the shift from the third dimensional operating of time and separation to the multidimensional operating system of NOW and Unity with all life. Fortunately, your “individual” shifts are uniting into a “wave of multidimensional energy fields and thought forms.”

As more and more of you participate in this collective experience, this “multidimensional wave” will expanding enough to “grab the attention” of many who have been trapped in third dimensional illusion. Therefore, we ask that you, the ones who are fully awakened and ready for active duty, assist the newly awakening ones in whatever manner you chose before you took this incarnation.

Yes, you, our volunteers to assist Gaia, wrote your own Mission Statements before you entered the earth vessel you are currently wearing. The first clue to remembering your own Mission Statement is that you will LOVE doing it.

In fact, you will likely feel impelled and driven to “do” what you have chosen to “do” before you took this form. We say “DO” because we need your help. We do not need your help because we cannot “do it ourselves.”

We need your help because Gaia is a “free will” planet. Therefore, the members of Her planet must create their own realty. We know that to many of you it does not appear that you have created your own reality. But that is because you were lost to the “power over others” virus that invaded Gaia’s operating system long, long ago.

Gaia chose a very difficult operating system of “free will.” Free will is beautiful when guided by power-within self and unconditional love. However, that free will is very difficult when tainted by power-over others and fear-based emotions of control.

It is for this reason, that so many galactic and celestial beings are actively assisting Gaia. We discovered that humanity was still too lost in illusion to believe our landings in your past decades.

Hence, many our emissaries of LIGHT have chosen to actually take a human body to work from within the 3D operating system. It was a very long and difficult assignment for many of us, but we are now beginning to see the results.

Whereas once the “sightings” of our crafts brought terror and threats of war, these “sightings” are now welcomed with joy and hope. Dear members of Gaia’s ascending Earth, we commend you on your magnificent RETURN TO SELF.

Therefore, we are continuing our “Transmissions to Earth.” However, we are now sending the messages to you, who will translate your Light Language to your 3D language. We are presenting them in this fashion to encourage ALL of you to remember how YOU receive our Light Language, and how YOU translate into your 3D language.

Online Healing Retreat Series

With Lauren Galey and Dr. Suzanne Lie

Reading Light Language Part 2


Learning how to better communicate with the higher dimensions.

A 3-Part Series on Wednesdays, Sept 23, 30 & Oct. 7th 

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Posted by Suzanne Lie at 3:42 PM

Sacred Partnerships, Relationships, Twin Flames, Consciousness Field Expansion @ Lisa Transcendence Brown

Sacred Partnerships, Relationships, Twin Flames, Consciousness Field Expansion

Published on 17 Sep 2015

I speak about whatever is going on with Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, LightBody Upgrades, Light Activations, Awakening, Ascension, Integration, Light, Consciousness, Opening Hearts, Letting Go of OLD Earth Programming, Crystalline DNA, Star BEing Evolution, Quantum Jumping/Leaping/Existence, The Unified Field, The Quantum Field, Everything NEW Earth NOW! All things Sacred, it is an honor to be a part of your journey here!

Aloha Nui Loa… from Kauai, Ancient LeMUria… may your moments be magical and full of love as all that is.

Lisa Transcendence Brown
Ancient, Ascended Master, NEW Earth Light Anchor, Programmer, Transmitter, and Guide, Multi-Dimensional Consciousness/Mastery
Author of Awakening To Remembering & Navigating Dimensions (the 3rd is on it’s way!)

Archangel Zadkiel – “A Light of Peace” ~ Linda Robinson @ Personal Pathways of Light

new website Peace On Earth Painting by Robert Hooper

ART : Peace on Earth Painting by Robert Hooper

@ Fine Art America


“A Light of Peace”

September 2015

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Lady Amethyst, of the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation. We are being joined by the Hathors, the Sirians, the Arcturians, and a Host of the Angelic Realm of Light. We are coming together with this Message of Light to show the interconnectedness of all Beings of Light. Today, we wish to discuss your opportunity to be a Light of Peace.

Many waves of higher dimensional energy are continuing to reach your planet. This is providing ongoing opportunities for rapid advancement on your spiritual path. It also provides you an opportunity to be of service as a Light of Peace on a multi-dimensional level.

In your daily life, you may encounter persons who are aware of these energy shifts as well as those persons who are not familiar with them. The shifts are occurring regardless of one’s awareness of them. Whether or not those around you are aware of these energy shifts, you are being given the opportunity to be a Light of Peace by accessing the higher energy, being a calm center of energy, and radiating a feeling of peace.

This higher dimensional energy can be accessed with a pure intent and a desire for highest good. The intention that you set prepares the stage for everything that is to follow. It sets an energetic pattern that will attract similar vibrational energy to it. When your intention is for peace and for highest good, this allows the many Higher Beings of Light to come in and assist in the manifestation of your intention.

After you have set your intention, the next step is to keep your thoughts and feelings at a high vibrational level. Through intentional focus, you can keep your thoughts focused on positive, high vibrational things. Your feelings will accompany your thoughts with a similar high vibration.

When this happens, you are able to access the higher dimensional energy and bring it down through your crown chakra into your heart center. The heart is the center for being a Light of Peace. You can then imprint this high energy with a loving vibration. It will permeate your entire Being. Every cell, tissue, and organ will carry this loving, peaceful energy when you keep your focus on peace and Love. You will begin to have a glow of peace about you.

As this occurs, you may find that you are much more inner directed and do not respond as quickly to outer circumstances. It is as if you are in a state of inner connectedness with your Divine Spark and with All That Is.

Then, your peaceful vibration radiates out from you and blesses everyone around you. Your radiance shines throughout the multi-dimensions.

You are a glowing Light of Peace. You are a force of Love and Light for highest good.

There are many ways to maintain your inner center as a Light of Peace. A daily focus on your intention to be a center of Peace is one way. Meditation, quiet time, and turning inward help you to focus your intention on peace and to remain aware of your connection with your Divine Spark and with All That Is. This is where you go to seek refreshment and relaxation. It is your inner sanctuary.

Another process is to review your day to see if there are areas that you wish to cleanse and purify. This can be done by invoking the Violet Flame with its cool, refreshing, peaceful energy. As you feel the Violet Flame around you, you may experience your energy shift to a more peaceful vibration.

It is important to be gentle with yourself during this process. If there are areas that you wish to change, first forgive yourself for your part in anything that you would like to improve. Then extend this forgiveness to others. Each individual is on a path and learning lessons in daily life. It is in recognizing the lessons and incorporating the wisdom from the lessons that helps you to progress and keep your center of peace intact.

As you maintain your intention to be a Light of Peace, you will know within your Being which techniques resonate with you and bring you a sense of peace.

The more you focus on your inner center of Peace, the stronger it will become.

Your inner centeredness will radiate as a Light of Peace. You will become part of a vast network of other Souls who are also radiating the Light of Peace, and a beautiful grid of Light and Peace will surround your planet and expand throughout the multi-dimensions.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are working with us on radiating the Light of Peace.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst
…and We surround you with love

And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson,

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson,

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email:



website Peace On Earth Painting by Robert Hooper

The Hathor Planetary Meditation: An Update @ Tom Kenyon

cosmic girl

A Hathor Message

The Hathor Planetary Meditation: An Update

There were over 500 people gathered in the Peter Jay Sharpe Theatre at Symphony Space in New York to be the nexus point for the global meditation on Sept. 5th.

The meditation was recorded and you can listen and/or download it using the link at the bottom of this page. You are receiving this sound meditation because you received the Hathor postings. It is only being made available to people who receive the Hathor postings or joined us in New York. It will also be part of a workshop set when that is produced. This is copyrighted material. We ask that you not post it anywhere or use it in any way other than for your personal use.

The Hathors have said that the meditation, which was joined by tens of thousands of people around the world, was successful, and we should see an increase of global awareness and action regarding our ecosystem within the next 9 – 12 months. Upon questioning them further, they said that this shift would come from grassroots organizations, the voices of children and international cooperation unimaginable at this point in time.

I thought some of you might like to know my personal experience around the meditation. For days before the event I was resistant because I intuitively sensed how intense the planetary energetic was going to be and how it was going to affect me.

During the meditation I was clairvoyantly catapulted into space and saw Earth being bathed in celestial light and healing energies by a cornucopia of benevolent beings from multiple dimensions. It was a mind-boggling experience to sense the depth and magnitude of celestial help that was being extended to our planet.

This energetic was so strong I was profoundly altered for many hours. In point of fact, I experienced a rapid activation of my Biophotonic network, meaning that the cells of my body were emitting light at an accelerated rate. This was a psychic impression, mind you, and not something I was able to verify through any type of scientific measurement. But the impression of increased light persisted, and I experienced my energy body as a field of pure diamond lights for over twenty-four hours. Note: If you are new to the science of Biophotonics you can find a list of resources on the topic by going to the Articles section of the website ( and click on Biophotonics- Class Handout:

While I was still receiving sensory input from my environment and body, it was periodically eclipsed by strong sensations of intense white light, and this phenomenon continued well into the night and into dreamtime.

While my experience of this light-filled body was blissful and ecstatic, my personal reaction afterwards was not. What I mean by this is that when I enter high vibratory fields of energy during Intensives and workshops, there is often a temporary reaction from my egoic self, meaning my contracted level of self. And it often takes some time for me to come back to a state of personal balance, meaning my “normal” (and I do mean quote, unquote) state of being.

Other psychonauts (explorers of consciousness) have also mentioned to me that they have experienced similar phenomena in their own explorations.

In the case of the Sept 5th Hathor Global Meditation, it took me about 72 hours to come back to my usual sense of self, although I must say that there is now a higher energetic in my being as a result of joining all of you in this global meditation and for this I am truly appreciative.

I am sharing this personal anecdote simply to indicate the potency and power of the energetic we all created together. And I am sharing this in case some of you had a similar post meditation reaction similar to mine.

I wish to thank you from the deepest place in my heart for taking the time and energy to participate.

Blessings to you and your loved ones,


Click here to listen and/or download the audio file. Please note that by clicking on this link you agree to not post it on any website or in any media as it is copyrighted and not meant for public distribution at this point. Please also note that this audio file will be removed from our website within thirty days.

An Ascension Unique in the Multiverse – Part 1/3 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

cosmic girl


An Ascension Unique in the Multiverse – Part 1/3

ascension33I’m orienting towards Ascension on September 28 “as if” it’s going to happen.

To that end, I’ll be reposting some earlier discussions related to Ascension. The dates may be different but the material remains the same.

I begin today with a three-part series on the uniqueness of this Ascension. I want to set the context before getting into the how-to.

After that, we’ll look at what it takes to ascend. Hint: All of you are in. Sit back and have fun, reaping the reward of what you’ve sown.

Given statements that have been made that Ascension as a process has begun, I feel the need to review the case for why this Ascension is from many standpoints unique in the multiverse.

There are three perspectives from which its uniqueness can be observed.

First Physical Ascension

The first feature that makes it unique is that it’s the first time the population of a planet has ascended with their physical bodies intact.

Until this time individuals ascended only after leaving their bodies upon “death.” Archangel Michael tells us:

“What the difference is [between this and other Ascensions], and why so many of you are here, both on Earth and hovering slightly above, is because it will be anchored very much in physicality and form. This shift is not simply an Ascension out of form into sheer energy or into a different dimension or reality. It is an Ascension while having the full opportunity and choice, the selection, to maintain physicality.” (1)

SaLuSa explained back in 2009 that “this [Ascension] is unique, as you take your physical body with you. Not as your existing carbon-based body, but one that has become crystalline and can function in the 5th. Dimension. One that has become lighter, and has moved into a near perfect expression of itself.” (2)

Ela of Arcturus explained that “you will ascend with the higher expression of your physical body. It may not sound special to you taking part in it, but experience is what you seek all of the time. To be as it were, the pioneers of a special dispensation from the Creator, and to be on Earth at such a time is truly worthy of such fine souls as you are.” (3)

Jesus, who “died” before he ascended, reminds us that “I am not talking about dying for immortality. I am talking about living and assuming your human form, or, for that matter, whatever form you choose, to continue on into the golden times.” (4)

SaLuSa invites us to look at the galactics if we wish to see the outcome.

“This time you ascend with your physical body. It is not therefore death of your old one, but simply a change that enables you to use it in a higher vibration. Look at us, as that is where you will eventually be as far as your evolution is concerned. We are always seen as an example of bodily perfection, and in our prime. In fact we can be 100’s of years old without any visible signs of aging, because it is not part of our experience.” (5)

So as not to damage or destroy the physical body, Ascension “will be more of a slower process rather than a snap,” (6) Archangel Michael tells us. Mira the Pleiadian informs us that our bodies are still being prepared for the event.

“Even though most of you are prepared, you have little idea about how these higher energies will affect your bodies. Your hearts hold the dearest energies of Love and Light yet the physical bodies still are being prepared.” (7)

Events like the baptism of clarity and purity and the Tsunami of Love are what are preparing us by gradually raising our vibrations, Archangel Michael explains.

“Has [the raising of your vibrations] reached the fullness of what is required? No. But it is sufficient that this outpouring of love onto the planet will not disassemble or overwhelm you to an extent that you could not maintain or stay in your body, because, of course, the entire purpose of this glorious Ascension is that it is being done while maintaining the physical vessel, which is something that is brand new.

“Do you know, my family, how rare something new is throughout the multiverse? It is rare and it is precious. And therefore it is being very carefully monitored. I wished to say orchestrated, but that would give you the impression that it is us simply doing to, and that is not the nature of this unfoldment.” (8)

I confess that I did not grasp the full importance of statements that had been made since 2008 by people like Matthew Ward that, after Ascension, “there will be no abrupt shift from one extreme to the other in what I shall call ‘daily living.’” (9) Or SaluSa who asked us to “allow for great changes to come with Ascension, clearly not all at once but as a process of evolution that is always taking place.” (10)

All that will happen is being overseen by highly-evolved beings. “Your physical ascension process is being driven by and in the realms of spirit,” Saan through Wes Annac says. (11) Who are these beings? Matthew Ward called them “the highest universal council.” It was they who “planned the Golden Age.” (12)

SaLuSa described them as “exceptionally powerful Beings who will ensure that all action is completed in accordance with the Divine Plan. They oversee our activities and we have complete and utter faith in them. We obey their instructions to the letter, and know we are taking the best course of action for all concerned.” (13)

Under their watchful eye, the process of Ascension has already begun.

In the next part of this series we’ll look at the mass character of this Ascension as a second unique aspect of it.


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cosmic girl

Elders Transmission ~ The Pyramids of Light ~ Anrita Melchizedek @ The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

Elders Transmission ~ September 2015

Pyramid of Dreams

The Pyramids of Light ~ The Pyramid Above the Arctic and Wave X

Elders September Transmission

There does exist a pyramid above the Arctic whose purpose is
balancing the poles of the planetary grid and of consciousness
once frozen in time now melting down and shifting on all levels.

The Keeper of this Pyramid is known by the frequency name,
Sophia Hokhmat, Creator of all knowledge and wisdom.

Sophia creates an ever-expanding body of knowledge
flowing through the consciousness matrix,
where souls experience.
There they may study the natural laws of creation,
then learn and develop their abilities to think and
understand that which is occurring in their realities.

For it is in Sophia’s matrix that the souls
understand the connection of all things
to this matrix,
to the 12 pyramids,
and to the Central Source
that acts as a hub in the center of all of this,
the creational energy that gives life to the 12 pyramids,
and all that they create as expressions of the geometric design.

Within this frozen monolith one understands how a soul is created
and how that soul can manifest in many realities at the same time,
taking knowledge from the matrix with each experience.

Within this pyramid, one can create and access great
wisdom by mere thought. And that thought is linked
to all other thoughts, which bind the souls together,
and that in one nano-second of your timeline all
information is learned and understood by all.

It is now time to travel to the Halls of Knowledge
created within this Pyramid of Ice and Light. You will
combine your mind and consciousness with the matrix.
Then you will understand all things in your world.

Thoth the Atlantean

Welcome sweet ones, it give us great pleasure to be with you in this month of September as you align deeper into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God in these numerous unprecedented activities of Light, culminating in the merging of the Christed Timelines, the ability to access the Universal Akasha and the activation and integration of the Galactic Christ Consciousness codes of Light.

Sweet ones, throughout this year of 2015, you have been experiencing the sacred Pyramids of Creation, taking you deeper into the Galactic Center in the knowing of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and Christed Extra-Terrestrials, as you activate the New Earth Templates for Mother Earth and all her Life.

August was a very powerful month sweet ones, to bring you to this Now in Light Body frequency integrations and Galactic Christ Consciousness. As you experienced the 8-8 Gateway, the Star Ki Codes brought through by 12 Star Nations activated for you energetically, and the diamond Light Codes, spiraling forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, further activated through the center of your Galaxy, and connected deep into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. This unprecedented event brought about a merging of the Andromedan and Milky Way Galaxies in Golden Fibonacci ratios and with this, the re-emergence of your Galaxy as the Golden Rose Galaxy, the creational energy of Divine Love experienced in many Golden Ages of Light. Furthermore, these diamond Light codes brought about a re-balancing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies for all of you, sweet ones, as the Christed and karmic timelines merged into all Golden Ages of Light.

This gifted each one of you sweet ones, with a renewed sense of purpose, or deeper understanding of Knowing and observation, as you looked through your Master eyes at all of Life around you; in the knowing that you are these multidimensional Master Beings of Light experiencing numerous realities and timelines within the One Reality of All That Is. It also brought with it an understanding of the incredible shifts in consciousness each one of you has experienced sweet ones, since December 2012; and of course many of the challenging lessons that were also experienced for you to move into the next level of your Soul’s forward evolution, blossoming into a greater level of your magnificence and Light.

And now sweet ones, you are able to integrate the higher dimensional Light frequencies, from the fifth to the ninth dimensions respectively, depending on where you are within the Light frequency matrix with your own multidimensional Light Bodies. Some of you though may still be experiencing numerous “ascension symptoms” of dizziness, memory loss, fatigue, disorientation and ungroundedness to name a few, in the integration of the higher dimensional fields of Light, and the recalibration of the chakras and nadis and meridians. Additionally sweet ones, those of you that are still needing to integrate a deeper sense of yourselves, may experience an amplification of the fears, and false beliefs and judgments that are finally being cleared for you. Simply know this to be your truth.

And regardless sweet ones, in the sacred union of Divine Love between your Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromedan Galaxy, and the re-emergence of your Galaxy as the Golden Rose Galaxy, the Christed and karmic timelines now merge into all Golden Ages of Light and you experience a greater Soul re-union with your own Beloved Masculine and Feminine Spirits, through the Divine Twin Flame within, in sacred union and in perfect Love. And as these New Golden Age Templatings continue to merge sweet ones, more multidimensional timelines become available to you as the karmic timelines drop away and new Light frequency spectrums activate upon this sacred Earth, allowing you to physically see that which was previously hidden.

Indeed sweet ones, as you experience the New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse on September 13th, the Arctic Pyramid anchors its hidden keys from the Halls of Knowledge into the New Earth Templates and in particular, into the Akashic Records, which is further activated through the Pleiadian Etheric Library holding the New Earth Templates of numerous Golden Ages of Light.

Sweet ones, the electromagnetic field that runs between the North and South Pole, called the “plenum”, contains the vast holographic electromagnetic library of the Akashic Records, and every action that has occurred on this sacred Earth is recorded within this Akasha; having the ability to access the Akashic Records, along with the Golden Age Timelines amplifies through the Pleiadian Living Library and from here, links into the Inner Earth Living Library, lifting the veils of Illusion and the energetics of the game of duality whilst connecting you deeper into the Patterns of Perfection and the Christed Timelines as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. As you experience a deeper level of manifestation, purpose, trust and surrender in your own service work, you prepare for Wave X, and the ending of duality as you know it, for all Souls choosing to experience the Pathways of Divine Love in THIS Golden Age of Light.

In this Divine Dispensation given by the Galactic Federation of Light, on the tail end of the Equinox energies and the commencement of Wave X, as the I Am Avatar Race, you are going to collectively ascend into the next level of your Soul’s Forward Evolution, with the possibility to experience all nine dimensions of Light, whilst many Souls step into the fifth dimensional New Earth templates of Solar Christ Consciousness.

Sweet ones, in our August transmission, 12 Star Councils of Light, Elders of Galaxies and Star Systems came together to assist you in receiving the Star Ki codes, and now join together once more, as you receive the photon-gamma Light particles traveling at the speed of Light from and through the Galactic Center, in this “wave” of evolution. As the Diamond Light codes activate from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, each one of you sweet ones, will have the ability to receive the 12 Star Council Galactic DNA Activations, and with this, to collectively experience the Soul integration of your Beloved I Am Presence, the activation of the Inner Sun within your hearts, as you travel beyond the ring-passeth-nots and into all Golden Ages of Light, through the Sun, Central Sun and Great Central Sun, peaking on September 28th, 2015.

This timeline sweet ones, in the next step of your Soul’s forward evolution as the I Am Avatar Race, is being called “The Event Horizon”, and this will amplify through the energy of the Golden Rose Galaxy and the full actualization of the New Earth Templates of Light in the knowing that you are Love, with a final clearing of any old, discordant energies being recalibrated into the higher dimensional fields of Light on the Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 28th. With this, the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of Light further come forward to anchor and activate the Cosmic key codes of the Divine Masculine and the majestic energy this brings, in this new Golden Age of Light as the “war of the sexes”, the power and the control, the old remnants, patterns and energies are engulfed within this Golden Rose Galaxy and the Divine Love of Mother/Father God, and each one of you, sweet ones, as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

It is a joyous celebration of a Re-union of Hearts on both the Inner Planes and the outer planes, and with your own Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits, and will take you into greater levels of manifestation of purpose, of joy, of Love, and of the connection to Soul mates ~ Soul brothers, Soul sisters, and Twin-Flame re-unions. For this sacred year of 2015 sweet ones, is so much about the Twin Flame re-unions, and coming home into your sacred hearts, and into the sacred hearts of all humanity, and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

As your Sun becomes a Central Sun and your Central Sun a Greater Central Sun, as all life moves into the next dimensional frequency of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness, we walk this Pathway of Divine Love with you, sweet ones, for you are indeed so greatly celebrated, appreciated, and Divinely Loved.

So let us now set our sacred space and take you into an experience of these beautiful Galactic Christ Conscious frequencies through the Illumination of the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High working with you in this Now, sweet ones. Wherever you are in your sacred space, you simply breathe deep into the body, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out, and allowing your breath to guide you; allowing your breath to be this flow of Divine Love as you link into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, within you and around you. Feeling this energy of sweetness, of nurturing, of gentleness and Love, as well as the sonic celestial Light frequency sounds within the inner ear, sweet ones, and the connection that you have to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High. As you call in your core groups, and as you merge with your Beloved I AM Presence, the Highest Light that you are within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. Having a sense of all these beautiful Beings of Light that you are connected to, along with your Master Guides, the Archangels and Mighty Elohim, the Order of Melchizedek, the Ascended Masters and the Ray Masters, Lord Buddha the Planetary Logos, being wrapped now in his Divine Body of Light. And feeling and sensing sweet ones, your connection to one another as you come together at this Higher Light level, as the Light workers and star seeded ones, as the Christed Extra-Terrestrials, as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, in the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light. Feeling this Love to one another, feeling this Love for all humanity and all life, as you energetically or physically place your hands upon your hearts, feeling this Love from within, and taking this Love out, sweet ones, to all those that come to mind. Simply appreciating and loving yourselves as you now experience a sense of this beautiful Inner Sun, this Golden Sun, activate within your hearts.

And now these eight Petals of Creation activate ~ of Wisdom, and Love, and Empowerment, of Joy, Abundance, Insight and Understanding, Illumination, Trust and Surrender. All is to be revealed, sweet ones, and you are simply walking this Pathway of Divine Love, in trust and surrender to Life, in trust and surrender to the Divine, as these manifesting Master Beings of Light. And as you have a sense of this connection, this alignment of Light to the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, you ground into the Inner Earth Sun, experiencing a deeper activation of the Inner Sun, this Golden Sun within your Hearts. Aligning deeper now to the Sun, the Central Sun and the Great Central Sun, and from here in to the Galactic Center, experiencing and sensing these Diamond Light Codes of Creation taking you through all dimensions of Light, all nine creational dimensions of Light in this energy system we bring to you, into the Cosmic Heart of God and now into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth; grounding now, centering yourselves into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. And sensing too sweet ones, this beautiful Golden Rose Galaxy, this dance of Creation between the Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects of yourselves, having a sense of this Golden Rose Galaxy activate within the thymus chakra; and the spinning of the Fibonacci ratios to the correct Fibonacci sequence through each one of the chakras now. Bringing a focus to the base chakra as it spins at this frequency of 8:5, to the sacral of 13:8, to the solar plexus chakra of 21:13, the heart chakra 34:21, the throat chakra 55:34, the third eye 89:55, and now the crown chakra 144:89 ~ linking you into the 144 Christ Consciousness components, into the 144 aspects of multi-universal Melchizedek Consciousness, and into the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love.

You start to have a sense sweet ones, of the templates, the New Earth Templates, of these geometries of Light, of these fractal geometries, sacred geometries and numerologies, as you bring a focus now to all these beautiful Pyramids of Creation that have been experienced in this sacred year of 2015, and in particular now to this pyramid above the Arctic that is balancing the poles of the Planetary Grid, that is lifting you into the Akashic Records, into this Halls of Knowledge and Wisdom.

An external Merkaba Vehicle of Light now comes in around your body and energy field. You now find yourselves traveling through the Grids of Divine Love, entering in soul consciousness into this Pyramid above the Arctic. Welcomed and greeted now by Sophia Hokhmat, Creator of Knowledge and Wisdom, you link into the Galactic Councils of Light, and to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, assisting you sweet ones, in the experience of Heaven on Earth in this Golden Age of Light. Simply feeling the Love of Creation, and a new level of wisdom and awareness, and understanding, as you link to one another, coming together as One Unified Cosmic Heart sweet ones; with all the planetary Light workers that you are familiar with, and those that you are connected with at a Soul level, along with your Star family and friends of the Light. Good.

You are connected now to the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light as you experience the partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon, on September 13th. As Sophia Hokhmat and the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light take you into this central Pyramid of Knowledge, you receive from the Galactic Center the diamond Light Codes of Creation that activate not only the Akashic Records on this sacred Earth, but further to this, activate the Pleiadian Living Library. As the Pleiadian Living Library holding many of the Templates of Golden Ages of Light that have been experienced on this sacred Earth in Pleiadian Consciousness activate now into the Akashic Records, it presents the timelines of these Golden Ages of Light; of Atlantis, and Lemuria, of ancient Egypt, of the Mayan and Aztec cultures, and other Christed Timelines, sweet ones, in which the Pleiadians have brought through their knowledge, and their wisdom and their Love, in the forward evolution of all Souls on this sacred Earth. They link you now into this universal Akasha so you can see how these shifts of consciousness has been experienced in each Golden Age of Light.


Wonderful sweet ones. In this holographic matrix, you see these beautiful crystalline Cities of Light, you see the timelines of your Highest Potential, through the universal Akasha of the earth records, and you link into the Golden Rose Galaxy, into the Golden Ages of Light and the teachings of One Unity Consciousness and Divine Love. You anchor, activate and actualize this through your own DNA encodings and crystalline consciousness at a cellular level, sweet ones. The sub atomic particles within the body start to spin in these increased Light frequencies, lifting you into the experience of these templates of all Golden Ages of Light, and further lifting you into the multidimensional templatings of your multidimensional Selves; merging into the timelines of your Selves in these Now moments of Self-Mastery, and bringing these templates back now, sweet ones. You experience yourselves as these vibrating sub-atomic particles of Divine Love, connecting to one another, connecting to the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, and connecting to your multidimensional Selves in these various timelines of Light, in these Golden Ages, in these Christed Timelines. As you come back into this Now, sweet ones, with these template overlays of your multidimensional Selves, coming back into form, you experience yourselves vibrating now at a fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, or even ninth dimensional level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Good.


And as this Golden Rose Galaxy activates energetically deeper within the thymus, sweet ones, you see through the Akashic Records the timelines in which the earth has experienced the dark ages, in which the portals of Light were closed; in which the portals of darkness were activated, and how this affected all life, and how this, in this Now, is completely dismantled, sweet ones. If there is anything that you need to do to assist in holding this Light frequency, you are given this Knowing now, sweet ones, as this Light Bearer, as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love. You are simply Love, and you see through the Halls of Knowledge as the key codes activate into the Akashic Records, and amplified through the Pleiadian Living Library, these energetic frequencies now connect into the Inner Earth Library. They lift you in particular into the Lemurian Golden Age of Light, and from here into the Atlantean Golden Age, and now into all Golden Ages of Light.


You have seen yourselves in your full magnificence and Light, sweet ones, and this manifesting energy that is connecting you into a greater level of the knowing of your Selves as the Christed Extra-Terrestrials now further links you to the 12 Star Councils as you prepare to experience the Equinox energies and this Wave X Wave of Light. As you experience now a deeper sense of coming into the New Earth Templates of Light in all Golden Ages of Light, of being able to experience the next level of your Soul’s forward evolution and all dimensions of Light, sweet ones, you connect once more into the Galactic Center in receiving these photon-gamma Light particles traveling at the speed of Light from this Galactic Center and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. As the Diamond Light codes further activate and actualize at a sub-atomic particle level, the sub-atomic particles split into even smaller sub-atomic particles of Light. You are simply vibrating Light particles, and at this dimensional frequency, sweet ones, you now connect into the 12 Galactic Councils of Light. The actual Galactic DNA activation, sweet ones, will be experienced energetically for each one of you and through our monthly telewebinar, but what we would like to do first is activate the Star Ki codes for those of you that have not consciously experienced this, for this is the first level into these Galactic DNA activations.

Seated in this Hall of Knowledge and Wisdom within the Arctic Pyramid, as you experience this Wave X, as you experience too, the Equinox energies, the Alpha-Centaurians come forward now. They activate through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals above the crown chakra, and within the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint within the perineum center, the Alpha Centuarian Star Ki codes of One Unity Consciousness and Manifestation.


The Venusians now come forward and activate the Venusian Star Ki codes of appreciation, trust and surrender through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals, and through the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now sweet ones, the Vegan Star Council come forward, as they activate the Vegan Star Ki codes of Divine Equality through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and through the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now the Arcturian Star Council step forward, as they activate the Arcturian Star Ki codes of multidimensional awareness, crystalline consciousness and interconnectivity through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now sweet ones, the Sirian Star Council come forward as they activate the Star Ki codes of the New Earth Geometries of Light as well as healing codes through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


Wonderful. The Antarian Star Council now come forward and activates the Antarian Star Ki codes of wisdom, compassion and telepathy through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now the Andromedan Star Council step forward as they activate the Andromedan Star Ki codes of the Christed Timelines, the Unveiling of Hidden Knowledge, and the sacred Re-Union of Self, through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


The Orion Star Council now step forward as they activate the Orion Star Ki codes of beauty, and harmony, peace and creativity through the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint, and the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals.


And now the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light ~ the Pleiadian Star Council, activate the Pleiadian Star Ki codes of Divine Love, sacred sexuality, re-union of hearts, passion and joy, through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now, sweet ones, the Niburian Star Council step forward as they activate the Niburian Star Ki codes of non-judgment, Self-Love, forgiveness and higher mind intelligence, through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


Wonderful sweet ones. The Meldekian Star Council come forward now as they activate the Meldekian Star Ki codes of Soul retrieval, alignment to the Divine and grounded-ness through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And lastly the Brotherhood of the Light High Council step forward as they activate the Star Ki codes of immortality, rejuvenation, regeneration, and Melchizedek Consciousness through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


You simply allow yourselves sweet ones, to receive these Star Ki codes in the knowing of yourselves as the Christed ET’s, the way showers, as these multidimensional Master Beings, as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. You are creating the templates of Light for yourselves and others, holding and experiencing the Pathways of Divine Love in the Knowing that this is your reality and all that is not of this One Reality is transmuted, embraced, Loved, or celebrated, to know yourselves, sweet ones, in your full magnificence and Light. You energetically receive the Galactic DNA activation, sweet ones, at the culmination of this Wave X on September 28th. As you experience this Blood Full Moon, and total Lunar Eclipse, coming together as One Unified Cosmic Heart, linking into the Heart of God, and into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, co-creating your Heaven on Earth and knowing sweet ones, that you are indeed experiencing Heaven on Earth.

The Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light further come forward and activate the Galactic Codes of Light of the Divine Masculine archetype. The Divine Masculine is an energy of complete Love, dissolving any imprinting and memories at a cellular level within each one of you of the “war of the sexes”, of misuse or abuse of power or sexual energy. Old hurts and betrayals dissolve in this Re-union of Hearts of your own Divine Feminine and Masculine energies, as you link once more into this beautiful Golden Rose Galaxy of Light, in this sacred re-union of your beloved Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits. All is as it is meant to be in this Now, sweet ones, and this is indeed an acceleration into the next level of your Soul’s forward evolution for each one of you. As you move beyond the ring-passeth-nots into the higher dimensional Light frequencies, your unique extra-sensory perception gifts will activate as well as the templates of the next level of your Divine Blueprints.


You now find yourselves back in your sacred space sweet ones, grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, while keeping this connection open to all the Illumined Beings of Light. You have the ability to travel the Christed Timelines to experience the higher dimensions, and to access the universal Akasha, for you are Love, and you are greatly loved, appreciated and celebrated. We thank you for your service work, sweet ones, we bless you, and with this we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by Eadie Miller

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Suns within Suns: – Lessons in Planetary and Soul Mastery @ Judith Kusel

Suns within Suns: – Lessons in Planetary and Soul Mastery.

  • 11990524_945931952135017_4610774006156794989_n

We are preparing for the re-entry of massive ancient energies and energy fields which have lain dormant for billions of years.

With it come the age-old challenges for souls who have incarnated onto this planet – some who have been here from the beginning, and some who incarnated in later civilizations and the last huge one, which was Atlantis.  Egypt, Greece, Babylon, Mexico, Peru, China, etc. were build on the foundations of what has been before, merely building on the same building blocks, but haven lost most of the higher meaning and the potent energies, higher dimensions of that time.

All of the soul who incarnate onto this planet, are briefed before entering on the conditions on this planet, the life and lifestyle and that they would be entering one of the toughest schools there are in soul growth.  In that it is mainly because of old “negative” patterns which mankind created in all those billions of years of life on this planet, which were self-destructive.   It was almost a cycling tendency of mankind to always build and destroy and then destroy more.

The higher meaning is that we, as humankind, were about the only species in the cosmos who managed to fall from the 7th and higher dimensions and the state of Light-Being into the 3rd and animal world, and so, this lifetime is all about mastering the lessons of what has come before and to create new, and more holistic life patterns which will finally have taught us some incredible lessons in self-mastery, and in harnessing the forces of the cosmos, not in a self-destructive way, but in a life-enhancing way.

When I do soul readings I often will tap into the greatness of the lives of the souls in incarnations before and then I often wonder, how it is that souls who had experience such power and greatness in one lifetime, would somehow fall under the spell of power and abuse it in the next.  Or they would allow their own power to be taken away from them, although in most cases this was more or less the trend of the whole humanity at the time, e.g. when women lost their power and were more or less enslaved by the male principle who wished to mind control everything, and to take the soul out of the female principle.

Underlying all human behavior patterns is FEAR.  Fear not only keeps the soul prisoner of the Maya, the Illusion spun by the mass consciousness of the planet, but also most makes human beings behave in irrational ways.  With fear, mostly come shame and guilt, and the tendency to self-destruct – which means beating oneself up, believing one has not worth, that one is somehow flawed, or not measuring up.  It also the fear of the Unknown and what you human beings do not know, nor understand, they fear and wish to destroy.  Yet, what one is not measuring up to, nor understands,  is but another illusion spun by the mass opium of those who wish to keep the masses in fear and imprisonment of their own minds and belief systems.

Perhaps the greatest lessons to master for all souls and on all levels, is the acknowledgement that most fears as but illusions of the mind.  It is not that fear does not serve a higher purpose: – it does!  It teaches us to question the truth of the illusion and to act in spite of it all, for once we act the fear vanishes, like mist evaporates on a sunny day.   There are of course those situations in life where the innate fear is a warning signal that all is not kosher and that we should be on the alert, but again it serves in immeasurable ways to teach us to question what lies within and without and what is withholding our action into expanded Beingness, by buying into that fear.

I have found that the more I question, the more answers come.

The more one knows: – the less one knows.

When one stand at the expansive KNOWING and KNOWLEDGE of the cosmos, one tends to shrink, for truly there is so much vastness and infinite space of infinite wonder to explore and make your own in the cosmos: -you can never say you know it all, nor that you have even reached a fraction of knowing that is available on the cosmic scale.

The infinite higher mind is always re-creating itself and ever expanding upon itself, and so the is the infinite higher heart-love energy.  It is never stagnant and therefore souls go through the same evolutionary process, ad infinitum.

What we know, or think we know, on this planet, is indeed very primitive compared to the immense knowledge that other galaxies and star systems have, and we all stem from the 12 Master Galaxies of the Great Central Suns who created planet earth all those billions of years ago.

We are but infants in the cosmic playgrounds, and who are we then to think we know it all?

On earth power games, mind games, are nothing – they have no clout in infinite space and once we start realizing to what extend we allow ourselves to buy into the illusions of power play on this planet, we allow ourselves to be shrunk on soul level.   When we stop allowing ourselves to be shrunk, we step into infinite possibilities of soul growth and reclaiming our soul power, which in truth is infinite.

As above – so below.  As within – so without.  The law of cause and effect.

These three infinite Universal Laws are the keys to all existence and to all of creation.

What is there in infinite space, repeats itself in earthly planes, to the TEE.

What is there WITHIN us reflects without.

We are not power-less but power-full.

The more we connect at deep and profound SOUL level to the infinite BEINGNESS which is our central place under the Central Suns, uniquely our own, within the greater SOUL GROUP we belong to, and we LIVE our soul name, calling and higher purpose, the more we can tune in cosmically.  We do not need the earthly knowledge and earthy realms to keep us bound to their way of thinking and being.  We are freed up to be, and become in infinite ways.  We are not earthly bound anymore.  We have claimed our cosmic citizenship and our right to cosmic Being.

We realize that we are but on this planet for an eye-wink in eternity.  Yes, not even an eye-wink, not even one single God-breath in the infinity.

Yet, we think it is a big deal.  We shrink ourselves; we allow others to shrink us.  We buy into illusions of how our lives should be, or not be, of how we should live, what we should eat, how to dress, what to have in order to be a “somebody”, but even being a “somebody” does not bring the ultimate state of evolvement, nor enlightenment.

It is buying into the insanity of being and trying to find saneness.

Maybe I should replace that with saint-hood.

Why this planet is the greatest and toughest school of soul mastery there is, is just because of this insanity and the attempt to imprison the mind and soul of those therein.  In the insanity, there is sanity, for it teaches the soul immense lessons, of finding it own way out of the Maya, Illusion, and into the realms of infinity WITHIN the SOUL.

The Higher Mind and the Higher Soul is always connected, plugged into the Infinite Source.  It cannot be other, for one fraction of the soul is remains attached to the Divine Source, ad infinitum.  We cannot ever be separated from the Source.  It is impossible.

All paths lead within.

Yet we all have free will and choice what we do with the life eye-wink on earth.  With every single act, comes a reaction.  With every single thought – a creation.  We create in a sense our own cages, our own prisons. 

When we start tapping into the infinite freedom of the soul, and higher mind within, we expand into someone other – the Higher Soul Self, the Higher Mind, and we literally can span dimensions, move into remembering parallel lives and existence, and claim our cosmic heritage and citizenship.  We are boundless, we have our home in galaxies and star systems and infinite possibilities of ever greater expansion of cosmic awareness.

There is nothing new under the Great Central Suns.  The infinite expansions, ever upon it-self, continue and new Suns are born, but all the Suns are still the Suns of the Suns.  Ad infinitum.

The lessons in power are essentially the lesson of each soul.  We are what change the world.  The outer world we manifested over the ages, the self-destructive ways, will only change to the extent that we allow ourselves to change WITHIN.

Such is the truth of the heavens.

And such are the immense lessons in Soul Mastery.

(Judith Kusel)

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The Final Equinox-Blood Moon Eclipse Gateway ~ Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution

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The Final Equinox-Blood Moon Eclipse Gateway

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Significantly higher frequency light has been consistent since the Cosmic Trigger at the end of August. I AM sure you are experiencing the wild and wonderful aspects of this influx. It launched us into the completion of this two-year project of Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse Gateways. While it is by no means a final gateway, it is interesting to see so many awakened to this project as it reaches completion. This tetrad of Gateways activated the embodiment phase of Christ Consciousness, and for many of you the reality of the Golden Race upon Gaia has become quite vivid.

It is important to stay focused as anxieties – and rampant sensationalism – attempt to distract from this project’s true purpose. Many of you remember the beginning of this tetrad in early 2014; the entrance of energies which would accelerate the Shift for those choosing to Ascend. The completion of this tetrad sends Gatekeepers into a new phase of service work, while simultaneously supporting embodiment of the new consciousness. In the last few articles, it was revealed that the Solar Cosmic Christ templates, which have been used as a path to embodiment thousands of years, are being alchemically transformed by the collective. We are creating something brand new which supports the evolution of consciousness, as well as the dissolvement of that which does not serve a new Universal agenda of uncompromised Peace.

Spiritual Maturity

Choices made prior to last month’s trigger are already blossoming for many in the Light Tribe. Consistent alignment, adjustment, and flexibility are needed to navigate these unique frequencies entering our Solar system. Understand that the outcome of these more intense passages are dependent upon the foundation you have laid, and your commitment to holding New Light in your consciousness, fields and body vehicle. You have created platforms for those pure Oversoul qualities and desires to stand on. As the amplification grows stronger, it is complimentary to consistently reset your perspective, fields, and activities to keep up with the deluge of New Light.

As a Gatekeeper and Wayshower, it is fascinating to experience dramatic changes in my consciousness in this Now moment. While the physical changes are interesting, and the side-effects become more unique from person to person, it is the expansion of consciousness and the experience it brings which makes this journey well worth the effort. I feel we are (finally) moving into a phase when the collective will understand the larger Galactic perspective, rather than obsessing over the physical, governmental or planetary changes indicative of a dimensional Shift.

The Equinox wave may make the new consciousness aspect very palpable, if we have a large percentage of the collective more focused on the internal birthing of the Solar Heart consciousness than on external anxieties. Personally I would rather not delay or step down the energies any longer, and it seems the high-vibe collective is moving forward regardless of the distractions. The light is bombarding us, however it is our engagement with it which creates our new realities. Certainly an interesting area on the map.

Gatekeepers, We Feel You 

The Equinox wave, which is already in progress, creates deep shifts in the magnetics of the planet and significant veil-thinning. While the visuals grow vibrant and bizarre, the vagus nerve ear singing grows more complex, and the heart center takes on a new life of its own, we remain calm, focused and clear for the influx of light. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers are focused on stability, so that those taking on embodiment have the maximum amount of support possible. It is important to work with the land, water, crystals, kingdoms and elementals consistently throughout September in order to make this as easy as possible for all concerned.

The abundance of programs, anxieties and sensationalism surrounding this last tetrad passage is a clear indication of its significance in our Ascension process. If you are late to the Equinox-Blood Moon intel, feel free to join our focus. The energies available from September 9 – 13th are preparation for the coordinated Gateway opening on September 19. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers, do your best to hold the Higher Light in place, and let the lower frequencies drop away. It already feels very transcendent, so many of you will need to step away from the collective in order to serve in the clearest, calmest, and most focused way possible. Obviously there is a lot being thrown at us, and in our integrity we simply step away from distractions. Gold and Crystalline/Diamond frequencies are keys to these Solar Cosmic Christ Gateways. Use them creatively to reflect your own unique expression within this collective focus on embodiment support.

Embodiment Protocol: Adept-Level

Transforming density to a higher state of consciousness demands adept-level intention. Use your Divine intelligence to merge with the oversoul/I AM Template of the New HUman.

Here are a few suggestions from the Ascension Path September protocol:

– Maintain alignment with the Higher Self Perspective
– Meditate on the Heart Center/Solar Cosmic Christ center to receive activations
– As much Nature time as possible; codes are flowing through Solaris (SUN), Gaia, kingdoms and elementals right now that seek and find resonate structures in your energy fields. Vibration = vibration; get out in it and breathe it in. This is nourishment for your transition to a new level of consciousness; honor it.
– Silence is Golden, literally. The frequency of Gold is the interface between Source and our DNA. Meditate with this frequency, circulate it through your torus fields, and the collective/Gaia. We use the crystalline consciousness existing all around us; our crystalline internal structures align with it and it changes the container for our consciousness.
– Avoid folks who use polarity as spiritual conversation. It is not the time for that. You own your Ascension; it is not open for debate. Your perspective and your heart are not up for review. You are an Ascension artist; design it to reflect the unique Source-Spark of your Heart.
– You are infinite; Choose your path and experience it. Change that path if you’re not experiencing what you desire. The light turns up the volume on our choices, and it will get very uncomfortable if your actions don’t align with the trajectory of your intentions.
– Eliminate any last vestiges of the old Self. Challenge yourself to dropping things which feel unnecessary now. If it is meant to be, it will come back.
– Be aware of the new grounding in service and creativity as your expression in form changes. Grounding is no longer grounding into mediocrity or the density; it is anchoring these new levels of creativity into our lifestreams and the noosphere. Be unique, shatter the mundane.
– Recognize interference and shut it down. Distraction and emotional triggers access us through fears stored in the subconscious. Shut down the fear, shut down the access. Shut down the external access altogether if you can. Avoid online activities, anxiety, searching, or drama. Tune into your heart and take advantage of the support for a permanent internal shift.
– Engage in practices which please the Heart and calm the Lower levels as they transform.
– Support the planetary detox with body detoxification if you have not done this.
– Oxygenation supports cellular changes and resets; move, move, move.
– Meditation is deep, powerful and important for stabilization within the collective as well as your own consciousness as it transforms.

Fall in Love with Divine Love

Photonic Light is a Cosmic frequency of Divine Love. It is a natural force with an agenda to create Balance, Purity, Harmony, Evolution. The Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse is not the last Gateway ever; that belief is spiritual sensationalism. We are merely experiencing an onslaught of higher-level light because so many of us are expanding into larger energy fields, so the planet can release more of that light (the monitoring of photons comes from both outside and inside the planet since the Gate merge last year). The completion of this divine tetrad creates stability as the platform for re-creating 3-D collapses next year.

Embodiment IS the stability needed to bridge the worlds. Solar Cosmic Christ templates are Universal, however the individual (fractalized) expression of them is unique. Let us all unite in our intention of Service to the New Light and show HUmanity what is possible.

For our Unified Focus:

Equinox: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 1:22 AM PT (Pacific Time)

The September Equinox occurs the moment the SUN crosses the celestial equator, a point in space above the Earth’s equator equidistant from North to South poles.

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse September 27 at 7:47pm PT

The eclipse peaks from 7:11pmPT – 8:23pmPT and is at least partially visible in Europe, South/East Asia, Africa, Much of North America, Much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the Arctic and Antarctica.

I will be offline through the end of the month in order to serve and experience these heightened energies. Source bless our endeavors and reveal Divinity through every heart willing to engage in Ascension at this time. Blessings upon Gaia, the kingdoms, elementals, beloved HUmanity, and this grand Cosmic project of the Return of the Christ.

In Love, Light, and Service,


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Saint Germain ~ taking matters into your hands and shift! ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

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ART : J D Challenger

Saint Germain ~ taking matters into your hands and shift!

September 9, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

 (Thank you to Karl Morfett for this picture)

Dear friends,

You call forth the momentum of some grand inner forces to come and play along in your world of existence. It shall be the allowance to be so as you are becoming aware of the indefinite play that is at hand here. Are you seeing the momentum at hand within your hearts? Is it not calling you to join and play along so that you can have a more fulfilling experience of joy and experience the influx of these Cosmic waves of energy?! Is it not that what you all have been joining and doing in groups to come and find what you seek?!

And that is the inner peace that is at hand, a moment of clarity as to where you are defining the natural state of consciousness to be within your own awareness as you experience the full potential of it within that momentum of peace. You see, all that is you comes about and is at hand for you all. This means that there are windows of opportunity which entails the submerging on different planes as to where all that you are has now the free access to join within this Dimension and elevate you into the Spheres and vibrations of the Stars.

What you are is coming down onto your Earthly grounds like an experience of your SELF in this level of being by heart. You are not going up, it is coming down into manifesting grounds on the level where you reside as a conscious being. It is a collision of fragmented pieces that are destined to become you once more as the wholeness of your Being and that happens as a merging when the heart resides at an inner vibration of inner peace with oneself.

A collision of worlds is what the collective sphere could experience as a worst case scenario when one would reside in the conviction of separated Source, although for many of you it is a peaceful merging when one is in allowance of the change that must take place to be a part of your conscious reality. You thus then participate in a grand manner as to where you reside within your heart lineage sphere that is in full alignment with the Greater sense of the God Being within.

You call forth the existence of Oneness to be Present within each heart on your planes. That is the same as calling forth the Higher Vibration of each consciousness within Illuminating Truth to descend into the spheres of the Earth and participate within this massive consciousness shift for Gaia in Her entirety and for Humanity. You ought to experience this within all and through the Rays of your illuminating Fire which represents your inner Truth ~ the God and the Goddess within. This to be experienced within your physical shell.

It is the conscious participation of the Divinity, the I AM and the ALL that you ARE within this limited perception and belief of what oneself is. This so that One can illuminate and disclose one’s own reality and spinning of virtue. This is what marks the change within your cells and body structures as it changes your entire world of perception and beliefs. What you come to find out within makes a change in your outer reality as well.. and so your physical body is a representation of you within this outer reality as an outer form.

The calling forth and the emergence of your inner forces to now take on an active role in your Planetary Ascension shall therefore elevate your consciousness experience into an expansion as to where you all shall come to find out what is Heaven on Earth. Earth is not leaving this experience to go out and travel across time, She is nurturing the indefinite foundation of the I AM experience within the God essence of ALL. Earth shall stay on your vibrational frequency as you elevate your own and be a part of your reality experience for as long as you choose.

Together you and Earth raise the vibrational Shuman resonance field and thus you are staying together in this journey and share your experiences of God particles and the Source Code to descend into your Beingness as you simultaneously elevate your own consciousness vibration. The Higher your vibration goes the easier these Higher Cosmic vibrations can join the play, descend and take on an active role as a submerging takes place of your cosmic vibrational fields.

Earth is being visited and has become a playfield of experiences for other Cosmic vibrations to interact with Human life, with the forcefield of Earth and to join the Magnetic Pull that each Being has as a living Source.

You are the awareness of God, you see and you know when it is time to pull your strings together and to join the forces of your hearts. It is the time for oneness consciousness and no longer that pertaining to the old separation consciousness. Focus on LOVE being within all that lives amongst you. Focus on Love being held within all forces of existence. Dark and matter are forces of Light as well, they are a vibration of LOVE as well as all other forms of existence. Focus on that and so shall Oneness be able to be your experience for all in the collective.

The tiniest focus on separation, on good and bad, on right and wrong shall enhance more of that separation/duality consciousness. See the Light and the Divinity within all my dear friends! There is no good or bad there simply is ALL as One. The attacker finds out he attacks himself when he realises that the perpetrator and the victim are one and the same, playing the role of duality within the separation consciousness.

Let us breathe oneness, let us see oneness and let us start oneness to be your only awareness from now on. A collective play is at hand here and so you should ask yourself the question of how far will you go along with all of this? When is it enough and what makes you start noticing that all of this are merely calls for attention to be loved and to be embraced with love. That is all these parts want! It is a calling for love in all sorts of forms, even desperate ones.

Call in the Unity grid to be your Presence and force within and unite with Love. You are the momentum of ALL dear friends! Now allow the Love to step forth through you as you represent this.

With the greatest eternal Love and Blessings,

I AM that I AM

Master Saint Germain

Méline offers skype sessions, channeled readings and Tools that can assist you on your path.  Are you having questions or are you seeking for more guidance on particular parts of your journey, check out the Reading formats Méline offers and the audio Tools.

For those who are more into the deep diving into SELF, Méline’s ” Channeling Course” or Course for connecting to SELF is a recommendation for all whom are willing to do the Self work!

Copyright ©  2012-2015 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.


art j d challenger native american

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