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Friday, September 25, 2015

What Reality is the Real Reality?–Suzanne Lie

What Reality is the Real Reality?

by Suzanne Lie

The Arcturians want me to hear what they say to me, translate it and send it to you. They are showing us how we are to share all that we have learned. This is how the messages are sent out into our expanding reality. First we receive, and then we share. In this manner, we fulfill the assignment that we chose before we took this earth vessel.

As we complete what we volunteered to do before we took this form, we will remember how to transmute our consciousness so that we can be fully conscious of our higher frequencies while still wearing our earth vessel. In this manner, all of our โ€œ3D issuesโ€ that once caused us third-dimensional difficulties transmute into their higher their dimensional expression. Yes, even our issues are โ€œmultidimensional.โ€

Once we recognize that it is the NOW to release any โ€œold issues,โ€ we can send them Unconditional Love and blaze them with the Violet Fire. We also realize that these โ€œissuesโ€ are myriad thought forms, memories, smells and pictures that have been stored in our unconscious mind. When we move into our readiness to โ€œreleaseโ€ our issues, they start popping up in our daily life.

It is then that we become conscious of that which has held up back from being our purest expression of self. The โ€œissues are actually memories of our self. Some of these memories are from this reality and some of them are from other realities.

Either way, they are all being revealed NOW because we have volunteered to move our consciousness perception of SELF into our fifth-dimensional consciousness. The process of moving into our fifth dimensional consciousness is much like jumping on a trampoline. At first, canโ€™t jump very high.

But as we build a momentum, we go up a little bit higher, down lower, up higher, and then down lower. In this way, we go higher into higher states of consciousness to have these wonderful experiences. But then, when we come back down to our baseline consciousness, it is lower because we have expanded our perceptual range.

By moving UP into our fourth/fifth-dimensional self, we are remembering and perceiving our third and fourth dimensional selves from a higher perspective. From this higher and more detached perspective, we are viewing all our physical incarnations as parallel, alternate, and simultaneous realities in this, or in other timelines.

From our higher perspective, we can also observe all the energy fields that we have left on Earth that are still floating around Gaiaโ€™s third and fourth dimensional habitat areas. From this higher perspective we can also observe how our thoughts and emotions have a lot of power.

We are all pretty clear that our consciousness is expanding because we are perceiving reality in a different fashion then we ever have in any incarnation, no matter how many lives weโ€™ve taken in a 3D earth vessel. Therefore, we know that something unique is happening in this NOW.

Those of us that are the first ones to realize that this live is very unique and special are the ones who volunteered to be the awakeners. We volunteered to awaken as many other people as we could. We chose to serve much like the Prince in Sleeping Beauty in that we send our โ€œkissโ€ of unconditional love to others.

Because we have experienced the โ€œkiss of love: from our own Higher SELF, our physical self is able to move beyond the concept of third/fourth dimension and into frequency where there is NO gap between โ€œhere and there,โ€ and NO gap between Heaven and Earth, you and me, or person and planet.

Where there is no gap โ€œin-betweenโ€ there is no separation. Since we know there is no separation, we know that there is no life or death. There is only creation. Realizing our own great power of โ€œcreationโ€ is where our greatest responsibility comes in.

What if we all KNEW that we really did create every part of our life?

How would our lives change?

Would we unconditionally love our creations, or would be judge them?

To make sure that we do not judge ourselves, we must remember to give ourselves Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. That is we say to our self:

โ€œI Unconditionally Love my self, and I bask in the glory of the Violet Fire.โ€

With this continual message to ourselves, we will be able to remember that every memory offers us the opportunity to transmute our life, our reality, and all our creations. Every moment we have a chance to transmute all the fearful, angry, lost, and/or sad thought forms that we have ever put out in all of our incarnations.

These incarnations could be in our third and/or fourth dimension. But, before we can fully remember our self, we must remember how WE, as our multidimensional self, volunteered to take an earth vessel to assist Mother Gaia.

With this realization, our consciousness increasingly expands into the fifth dimension where there is NO separation and NO judgment. In the fifth dimension there isnโ€™t even any judgment about whether this was a good or this was a bad life. From our higher perspective, we are aware that all our 3D lives are holograms that we created, we played, we lost, or we won.

It is the NOW for us to Love ourselves for playing this hologram, realize all that we have earned and say, โ€œOkay, weโ€™re going Home now. That was an interesting hologram.โ€

However, this is the most important part of our journey home.

As we log out of the hologram we realize that โ€œTHIS is the part of our life is REAL.โ€

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Archangel Zadkiel – “A Portal of Love” ~ Linda Robinson @ Personal Pathways of Light

A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose (33)

ART : A Andrew Gonzales by Catherine La Rose


โ€œA Portal of Loveโ€

October 2015

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and we are being joined by a Host of the Angelic Realm of Light and the Hathors. Today, we wish to speak to you about the heart as a portal of Love.

Your planet has just experienced a massive influx of energy. This comes along with the many waves of energy that you have continued to experience over the past several months. These are times when you can make rapid progress on your ascension path when you flow with this energy into the higher dimensions.

A key factor in being able to flow with this energy is remaining heart-centered in a state of Love. The new energy, as well as that of the higher dimensions, is based on Love.

It is an energy of purifying thoughts and intentions through the heart center with a desire for highest good. It is wanting the best for everyone, as well as for yourself. It is viewing situations from a higher perspective.

It is focusing on the oneness and seeing the Divine in every person. It is also seeing the Divine in the animal, mineral, and plant kingdoms. It is realizing that everything is composed of Divine energy.

When you view situations in this way, you want the best for everyone and everything. This sets the stage for you to ascend to higher levels and dimensions.

The heart can be considered to be a portal of Love that can transport you to these higher dimensions when you focus on its all-encompassing energy of Love and Light.

In the higher dimensions, your vibrational frequency is the factor by which you are recognized. As it increases, you are able to access even higher levels. Each progressive level or dimension is composed of higher and finer energy.

The clearer and higher your vibration and energetic channels are, the easier it will be to access the higher dimensions. When your energetic channels are clear, your heart center is a portal of Love, and your Love can radiate with a clear and pure intent. It exudes a pure vibrational frequency that envelopes everyone and everything with which you come into contact. It also radiates out into the ethers and across the dimensions. In this way, you are able to rise to higher dimensional levels. When your intent is for highest good, you gently rise across and through the dimensions.

To help your rise through the dimensions, you can intentionally practice techniques to keep your energetic channels clear and your heart energy pure. Forgiveness and appreciation are two such techniques.

Forgiveness removes blockages that can impede the flow of heart energy. When you forgive yourself, others, and circumstances involved in any situation, you are removing blockages and raising the vibrational frequency that flows from your heart. First, forgive yourself, whether or not you feel you had any role in the situation. This frees you to move forward with the rest of the forgiveness process. Then, forgive others involved as well as any extenuating circumstances around the situation. When this process is complete, you may feel a lightness around your heart energy. This is a sign that you have removed a blockage, and your heart becomes a more open portal of Love.

Appreciation is another method to open your energetic channels of Love. When you express appreciation for the blessings and circumstances in your life, this opens you to the flow of more Love. Appreciation carries a high vibration, and this opens your heart channel wider to carry more Universal Love that flows from the Creator and the dimensions. At the same time, it raises your own vibration so that you can more easily access the higher dimensions. It is a dual process of bringing in more Light to share and a rising up the levels from the heart center at the same time.

When you have practiced forgiveness and appreciation, you can focus on the Divine Spark within everyone and everything. The Divine Spark is the essence of All That Is. Focusing on the Divine Spark allows for a continuing flow of Love to come through you and radiate out from you. You recognize the oneness of everyone and everything, and you become a channel of Love and Light. Your heart center becomes a portal of Love.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are focusing on your heart center to make it a portal of Love. This is an energy that can lift humanity to higher levels of consciousness, and we honor you for being an important part of this process.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst
โ€ฆand We surround you with love

And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

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A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose (33)