Blood Moon aftermath – The first results and message from Master Merlin @ Awaken Spirit from Within

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ART : Jessica Singh

Blood Moon aftermath ~ The first results and message from Master Merlin

September 29, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

How was your experience of the Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse?! We have received a beautiful opportunity to align ourselves with higher volumes of Divinity to embody. And what a momentum it has been so far… filled with still lingering equinox blessings and a deliberate Cosmic wave which has swamped the Earth with a Magical storm of Bliss, fulfillment, equilibrium and alignment which on itself has created a new doorway towards the essential energy of creation: the marriage between matter and antimatter and the merging of the Feminine and Masculine to create a rebirth. This rebirth has been created by all of you on a whole new and other level than was the case prior to that. It continues and is endless.

When you are good in yourself and at one with your heart, you can smell the fresh flavors of a new dawn arising. You can even sense that there is a new beginning marked in your Being and life as well. Old doors have been closed, bridges are being burned behind you and so now you are holding yourself steady while walking on an unknown bridge towards a yet unexplored world that is awaiting you to have it and embrace it in your heart of knowing.

What this alignment brought so far, until this moment, is a far more exponential birth than we have come to discover so far. It goes beyond the lineages from abroad and reaches masses of hearts along your journey. You are not yet understanding the scope of this wave, this because you are still experiencing it. You will grow into it, just as you are growing into yourselves.

I, myself have received a beautiful wave of energy just on the peak of the eclipse as I was meditating during it (4.47AM CEST) in my crystal circle. I was doing my audio Meditation transmission from the Pleiadians of this Blood moon and this wave that came in felt like an inner buzzing vibration of an explosive frequency. A very powerful buzz which focused extremely around the head area ~ front and back. I was experiencing heavy headaches for 2 days prior to the Blood Moon which were instantly gone after my meditation.

What I noticed, and could not miss after repetitive messages, was that the phrase “let go of all and the old, burn bridges behind you” came through in all sorts of ways.. This phrase kept on repeating itself 2 days prior to the Blood Moon and even during it. I was guided to set up a vortex and sacred space with my crystals so I just let myself be guided by AA Metatron and made one in my room. When finishing it, I saw the repeating pattern of 4 circles with the amount of crystals adding up to or being a 7. 7-7-7-7 was formed which becomes 28 when you add these. In Europe the Blood Moon was on the 28th which seems strangely coincidental.

So when looking up the meaning of these numbers what I found out was that these 7’s pass on the message of miracles that are about to occur, new beginnings. 28 gave me the message of closing old doors and opening new ones. I was in AWE when seeing this pattern of numbers and reading about it! Exactly perfect in alignment with this gateway! As if that wasn’t enough, I pulled some cards right before the meditation on the full lunar eclipse and the cards showed me the following: “new beginnings, begin anew”, “seek your inner guide” and “close old doors and open new doors”. Well, how about that for an affirmation! Fabulous!

The next day I felt fabulous, lighter and indeed like a fresh new start. The constant image of me standing on a line, like a starting line for marathons, came in. I noticed that behind me was NOTHING ~ No past, no reality, no-thing! As if it was erased with a gum. Right in front of me was only eternal space of emptiness ready to create and be filled with creations! We are really starting anew in a sense, beloveds! Only in another frequency as another vibrational embodiment.  This feels as starting a new book, NOT a chapter!  A new incarnation, a new life with no more garbage nor attachments of the past.  It is as if it never existed!  All is given away to the Akasha.  (listen to my free audio mediation transmission of the Pleiadians ~ Bood Moon Portal ~ to know what I speak of).  We are in the new world, fresh and unlabeled.  Now it is up to us to color it and make it as we always wanted.  YAY to that! finally!  At least that is how I feel it, and since I’ve been talking to some friends they are feeling and experiencing the same.

Merlin has an explanation to this exponential growth that he would like to share with you all. As the message comes in, he will explain what is about to take place on our most precious world and this in a most speedy pace of occurrences.

Love, Méline Portia Lafont


Well first of all my dear ones, let me suggest to you all to take good care of yourselves now that you are being exposed to this Wave you call Wave X. It is not so much of a pleasant tea party for your vehicles, it is unlike of that proportion. Nevertheless these are recommended forces of Light to help and embark on new grounds founded on the new Earth Format. Your vehicles are under a tremendous amount of Light pressure in that sense that you are transforming, dear ones.

And as if that wasn’t enough to proceed into that light of Being, there is more to come your way and less to stay in the way you are now. You are conceiving yourselves into new tubes and forces of Light frequencies. Each tube holds a certain frequency vibration that does not change, in order to complete the stages of rebirth. Each stage has a number frequency and vibration that is of your resonance field, keeping you in the field of your vibration where there is space held for each one to expand. When a certain number frequency and vibration is held within ~ as the true nature of embodiment ~ you shall succeed in a stage of rebirth and go on to the next level of expansion.

What you have all created now is an activation of a much large number of frequencies to partake in on your Earth Gaia to simply start to be implemented in you daily realities as well. These large frequencies are tones and vibrational waves that no man can see with their naked eyes, they can only perceive them through the vibrational spinning of the heart magnitude.

You have simply modified your personal bridges and that of the Earth to another frequency which uplifts you all and awakens the hearts of many on this Earth. The old bridges have fallen down, you will all come to see this take place in your Earthly lives sooner or later but in the realms of Cause or the Ethereal worlds all old bridges have been removed.

What you have applied for will be yours as there is no way back to this old space of time. Your hearts have given you the opportunity to make the change come forth from within, and now that leaves you no other way than to apply this, isn’t that so?! Gladly so, as you have been given many opportunities before as they are endless but not such like these on this particular way! You have set a new marker and all the energies you have anchored ~ and still are ~ are of such a power that it serves for years to come! Imagine how potent this is right now to you all, for a million more of your fellow stellar family on Earth have opened the door in their hearts to return to their homes, their natural state of awakening. (Merlin means hereby that one million sleeping souls have experienced a heart portal activation and opening to awakening on this day)

This is a reawakening on all levels and different forms for many on your Earth, even for those eyes which have been blind so far! Do not underestimate the scope of this intention which has been held within each and every heart of yours for it is blinding, potent and strong! You have marked a new beginning for you all as a Humanity as well as for yourselves. Now, gaze upon that which is in front of you, do not look back anymore.

Leave the tendency to cling back, behind you. But if you are already in your awakened heart, there shall be no lust nor craving for this tendency anymore.. you shall know and feel what is in resonance with the heart frequency and what is not, for you have changed the octaves of your heart song and it is now playing on a different wave than before. Have no worries, you have chosen a beautiful song and it plays all over the world for all to hear. Let it be played by you all, have no fear. Fear is not a part of your vortex anymore as of now.

It rings a beautiful nature of your truth and depending on what you are holding within yourselves as your truth, things should become more at ease when it comes to bringing forth new endeavors of change.

The Merlin speaks on behalf of Humanity and the Realms of Master Beings of Light. We stand for your unity in consciousness as we are the Embodiments of Truth, power, enlightenment, love, Light and Unity.

Now, let bygones be bygones as they say and leave the world of the past behind. Look forward only as you have marked a new beginning for all of you. Let yourselves not be distracted from the play you have left behind which is very much part of the old. It still may run on itself but not for long anymore as it comes to fade away because you have retracted your conscious attention from it. Feed only what is yours to feed and that are your heartfelt creations of Love, compassion, unity and change as the everlasting flow of existence.

Do You well, and BE you well.

I AM the Merlin

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Lord Adama’s Discourse – Divine Love and Divine Power within our physical creation @ Walking Terra Christa

Pink with Ruby 800

This visualization/meditation is excerpted from Lord Adama’s Discourse, March 16, 2015. It represents the ability to heal deeply from the wounds of the past in order to fully command Divine Love and Divine Power within our physical creation.

Feel the Pink and the Ruby Red/Gold Flames blending together within the Heart and Solar Plexus. As you can see, when we get into the art of Self-Forgiveness, we are fully in our Inner Devotion of Self Love.

We are allowing our higher essence to be the rule. Our higher essence is God’s essence. There is nothing any less. We all connect with these energies now, through our Hearts, feeling our compassion.

I want each of you to bring in compassion into your Heart Essence. Each of you has shared very eloquently about your experiences, your challenges, your moments of self-doubt, and what you have done to yourself. That within itself needs to be forgiven. You are only hurting yourself more deeply than anyone else. Others who are affected by your energies will get over it. They are a different person from you. You are the ones who are fully damaging your psychological selves.   It is self-sabotage. Thus, it is important to integrate Compassion and Love.

We bring in the Essence Of Peace.  

When you allow yourself to fully forgive deeply, that is when you have True Peace. You did the best you can or could, and you move on.   Within the moment of Self-Forgiveness, you allow yourself to have a moment of God’s serenity, God’s compassion, the Divine Mother and Father God; feeling the beautiful peace that you are.

Let us embody this right now.

What happens to you when you allow these Ray Spectrums to come into you?

We call upon the Elders of both these Rays to send that Light to you through the Ray Chohans; Paul the Venetian for the Pink and Lady Nada for the Ruby Red/Gold. They have been where you are. That is why they are the Ray Chohans. It is important to embody these energies within yourself.

Blend them all the way through your Full Body System within your breath. Become them. Be them. Accept them. Nothing less. This is where your perfectionist energies come in. If you want to be a perfectionist, be a perfectionist at bringing in these Rays.

beach1_800_450Now visualize yourself walking along the beach within Telos. There are many beautiful beings that want to thank you for what you are doing. You are being handed a bouquet of pink roses to hold to your heart.

You receive a beautiful Ruby gemstone to put onto your Solar Plexus. Allow these items to sparkle within you.

We take a moment with each other, as we sit in a circle. You can hear the ringing bowls. Feel the vibration within your Heart and moving in through the rest of your body.   See how calm the waters are. The sun is shining brightly.

There is nothing else for you to concentrate upon, except this moment of peacefulness within you, adoration and love, acceptance, the blessing to yourself by acknowledging all of these things.

Know that next time you will get better. This is your foundation you are building. If it has broken apart in any way, you can rebuild it. It takes more time. Learn from your lessons so that you do not have to rebuild it.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel the Pink Roses within your Heart. They are blossoming. They are full. Your Heart is spinning with the Deep Pink and the beautiful essence of roses.

Feel the Ruby crystal within your Solar Plexus. It shines deeply with your empowerment, of your Divine Love and your Divine Power.

They merge together, as they become One. Intend to have these two Chakras together with these colors to assist you within your days. We take another deep breath.

It is now time for us to leave the beach and to come back into your aware consciousness.

With all my blessings and love.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.   We Are One.

I am in deep love and gratitude for all you are becoming.

I AM Lord Adama, your brother in Telos. So Mote It Be.

Lord Adama hosts the weekly New Earth Consciousness, Golden Etheric City Journeys on Wednesday evenings.  If you would like to be part of the classes LIVE or participate in the  Walking Terra Christa Partner Members Program in which you receive the teachings via MP3 files at an affordable fee, please click the link.

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