MARY MAGDALENE: The Coming Wave of Change ~ Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart

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MARY MAGDALENE: The Coming Wave of Change

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Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On August 14, 2015

Question: I’ve been hearing that we’re about to receive a great wave of big change, beginning at the end of September and continuing over the next six months or so. The changes will be very dramatic, including Earth changes, dissolution of governmental systems, and a lot of other changes on the planet, along with a raising of consciousness with all of this change. Is this correct?

 Mary Magdalene: It is very natural for humans to want to know what is about to happen. Indeed, changes of the nature you are describing have been predicted for quite some time now.

In fact, no one can predict what is going to happen. It is not written. It is not created. You are creating it now. Not you alone, but you in concert with all the beings involved. There are beings involved who you may not be aware of. It is always the case that there are many beings at many levels involved. But at the third dimension, most people are not aware of that. There are a great many factors and forces at work here.

It is true that the patterns set in motion right now point to exactly what you are speaking of. That is to say, if nothing were to change, if everything were to go forth exactly in the way things are set in motion at this moment, it is very likely that something of what you are speaking will happen.

It is not necessarily going to happen in the time frame being predicted. Time frames are extremely difficult to predict. Sometimes people do predict time frames accurately, but it is mostly by chance that that happens. (She laughs.) In terms of statistics or odds, people have a chance of getting something right, but it’s a much larger chance of their not being accurate. Nonetheless, what you are pointing to is very probable, given what is in motion at this time.

There are great forces at play in your world right now that are calling for huge change. Ultimately it’s a change of consciousness. This is a time when people have an opportunity to move and advance very quickly. Such times can be unsettling. They often appear as disasters.

Disasters are oftentimes what open up the consciousness, the web of reality, and allow those who are prepared to move through in a very direct manner, which otherwise might happen in a much slower, step-by-step way. Those who are not prepared do not tend to see this as an opening. What they see is what would be called a disaster, involving loss of human life, loss of life for other beings such as animals and plants on the Earth, and disruption of your ordinary world processes.

It is very likely that something of this nature is going to occur. It can occur through natural systems, like volcanoes, tsunamis, or earthquakes. It can occur through social systems breaking down suddenly. There might be huge economic upheaval, such as the Great Depression, or a war, things of this nature, which are created more at the human level. There can be an interplay where both natural and social events are involved.

This change can also happen in a way that human beings don’t remember having experienced before. Things could happen that could be very frightening to people who don’t understand the spiritual process involved and don’t remember such an event ever having occcurred before. This could include changes in your sun, changes in the light, changes in the energy field or the grid that surrounds and permeates the Earth and affects all beings, including humans. It is very likely that these last kind of changes will be part of what will happen at some level. Oftentimes these changes happen in a subtle way that people don’t tend to notice if they’re not subtly attuned. But those who are more sensitive will notice. All of these things are possibilities.

We at the higher levels are always working to make these kinds of shifts as peaceful and gentle as possible, because they certainly can be disrupting, disturbing, or shocking for many people. It is our hope that the change that is being called forth will be as peaceful and gentle as possible. Ultimately there are great factors that are beyond any individual or any group’s control. This is a huge process that is underway, which is not only involving the Earth. It is involving a great part of your universe. It has been supported in many ways, by many beings, from many places, who have been working on this for a very long time.

I cannot tell you an exact time. I cannot tell you exactly what will happen. All those involved will help to create what will happen and when it will happen. At some point in the future of the Earth, and most likely the relatively near future, something of the nature of what you’re talking about is very likely to happen.

Questioner: Maybe the real purpose of this is truly for an evolutionary shift of the consciousness of humanity. Is that the real bottom line?

Mary Magdalene: The bottom line involves so much more than just humans, but that is certainly one aspect. It is a huge opportunity. Humanity is being called to an evolutionary shift. It is going to happen. Yet this transformation is much bigger than just what’s happening for humanity.

On the individual level, it is not necessary to wait for this kind of shift. It is always possible to be moving forward and changing. Yet when there is this kind of a shift, there is a tremendous opportunity available. It is a blessed time that is coming forth. Many will not see it this way. Many will see it with great fear. They will have a great sense of abandonment by God or whatever else they believe in. But that is not the case. The more you understand this, the more you can make use of it.

There are those who try to prepare for these kinds of changes in physical ways, such as creating shelter for yourself, or stockpiling food, or even having guns and ammunition. This is really the least way to prepare. The most important preparation is your spiritual preparation, to have done your work, to have completed your foundational processes so that you are ready to move forward. That will make it possible for you to ride this wave that is coming. It will certainly make it easier. And it will support others in riding the wave, also.

You have probably heard of separate or simultaneous realities. This is already happening and it’s going to get exaggerated. Those who are spiritually aware, prepared, and ready will have a very different experience than those who are not.

As is always the case, you will be drawing people to you who are at a similar frequency to what you are generating. As a group, you will be very supportive of each other. All groups will be supportive of each other. But if the group is resonating at a relatively low frequency, that low frequency is what they will be supporting. There is a perfection about it.

Those who are seeing this as a disaster and those who may die in the process will be helped in other ways to make this shift. They will be helped in the afterlife. They will be helped through a new incarnation in another Earth-like realm, or perhaps in a higher realm, if they are ready for that. Everyone is always being helped.

Questioner: Thank you.

Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.

It is not necessarily helpful for those who are spiritually awake to talk to those who are not prepared for this event about what is going to happen. They will likely see you as loony, or off on a tangent, at best. If they have an opening, you certainly can talk to them, but that is something to be very sensitive about.

You can even ask them if they’re interested in hearing your point of view or your beliefs about what’s underway. Asking is always a very important practice.

The way that you will help everyone, regardless of their level of preparation, awareness, or ability to consciously make use of what’s happening, is through your emanation of peace and love, as opposed to fear. This is always the greatest help you can offer.

Questioner: Thank you so much.

Mary Magdalene: You are most welcome.

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Archangel Michael on AHWAA: It is your Harvest, a True Tsunami ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

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ART : Aurora ~ R.C. Gorman


Transcript – Archangel Michael  AHWAA: It is your Harvest, a True Tsunami, Sept 3, 2015

Hour With Angel picIt is your Harvest, a True Tsunami

Archangel Michael

Hour with an Angel
September 3, 2015

Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow             Host, In Light Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening everyone and welcome. Linda, you have a joy workshop coming up and you have a core issues webinar coming up. How are they going?

Linda Dillon: They’re going just fabulously, Steve. And let me tell you, we are in full gear for the upcoming joy workshop here, in my home in Port St. Lucie, City of Light. And, I just…I can’t wait. The material has been phenomenal. And this particular workshop, I think there are several highlights. But, it’s really about being the joy, rather than receiving the joy or becoming the joy. It’s simply about awakening that joy that lives within our divinity.

So, that’s going to be really interesting. Another part of it is that Archangel Michael has asked to be on the agenda to talk, once again, about his strategic peace initiative. Archangel Michael has been working and working on bringing peace to this planet for so long. And he never gives up. He just keeps at it. So, it will be interesting when we gather to talk about joy and in the same space to talk about peace and our interdimensional selves.  So, lots of new information coming.

Then after that, we’re going to, gently, I hope, jump right back into core issues. We’re not finished with this topic as yet, fortunately, I guess, and unfortunately. Let me tell you, when the Council told me we were going to do another webinar series on core issues, I hesitated, because the first round – the maiden round, as it were – was so intense. But the results were miraculous as well. So, come the 15th of October, we will be delving again into core issues and emerging into the brilliance of the heart consciousness.

SB: Emerging into the brilliance of heart consciousness! You know, I’m experiencing a lot of transformative love these days. And, I still have core issues. (Laughter.) And they get triggered by the most unlikely things. Unwitting reminders and what have you. And I say to myself, “Oh, my God. You’re kidding! I’m still here?”

LD: You know, this is what people don’t always realize…that we think, how could you deal with core issues if you’ve just gone through a joy workshop, a claiming of your birthright of joy? How can you still have core issues when you’re in the love, when you are literally holding and being the love? Or, how can you be dealing with core issues if you’re in sacred union and sacred partnership?

But all these aspects of our becoming the divinity of who we are, are intertwined and interwoven. And so, of course the core issues are going to come to the surface so that they can be removed, so that we really can blossom into that fullness of transformative love. So, it’s a little more housekeeping.

SB: A little more housekeeping. I remember, in enlightenment workshops, we would do the exercise designed to reveal ourselves, so to speak. And, we’d either get revealing ourselves, which was very seldom, or we’d get the barriers. So, we’d either get the breakthrough or the barrier.

And, the same thing when we’re opening to transformative love, say, we either get the breakthrough into transformative love, or we get the barrier. And the barrier is the core issue. So it isn’t surprising, really. I’m just amazed that I’m still dealing with them at all. (Laughter)

LD: I know. I expanded this workshop to give us more time, because when we really start to dig deep, we need that time to process. Because, our core issues, as Archangel Raphael says, are those mental and emotional constructs, the lies that we have told ourselves, or society or culture or family has told us, that have really terrified us. So, when we even hover near a core issue, our tendency is to back up, just like you say, and make all kinds of excuses about why we can’t possibly deal with it right now. But, now is the time.

SB: Absolutely, it’s the time. Incidentally, I had an experience of peace in the Spring and it was superb. I couldn’t ask for anything more than peace. So, all of these divine qualities, when you really experience them, like joy or love or peace, they’re out of this world, so to speak.

LD: And that’s the whole idea, to make them of this world. That’s the rub, right there, huh?

SB: You bet. Why don’t I give you a chance to make your transition and we’ll welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Greetings I am Michael!

SB: Greetings, Michael.

AAM: Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. And, yes, I will go gently on the channel’s voice and her throat. But, we are able to not only give guidance but to accept instruction. Welcome my beloved brother, sweet angel of blue. Communicator and builder of this platform in which you and I and we all together – as light workers, love holders, hybrids, star beings – bring about not merely the divine quality of peace, of peace within and peace without, of peace above and peace below, but the actuality of peace on earth.

Of Peace upon our beautiful sweet planet of Gaia, this mighty archangel who has stepped forward in service to the Mother and who has patiently, prudently, and with great fortitude, awaited humanities’ awakening to the need, the joy, and the reality of peace. It is fundamental to the building of Nova Earth.

And you laugh and you say, “But, Michael. Mi-Ki-El. You tell us that so much is ‘fundamental’ to building Nova Earth.” And you are correct! There are many aspects. You do not build a city of light or even an individual building without plumbing, without electricity, or a source of light, shall we say, without floors and flooring, walls and ceilings, windows.

And, so it is with the construction of Nova Being and Nova Earth, that there are many factors, many elements that we bring – peace and love and joy, compassion and magnificent passion. It demonstrates in sacred union, in sacred partnership, it demonstrates in unity and the building of community, in the sharing of wisdom and knowledge, mutuality of support. These are the elements of your new Earth. These are the elements of your new being.

It does not need, it is not required that it come in any particular order. There will be shades and glimmers and then full blasts, depending on who you are. But, let me suggest to you that the very air you are breathing in this moment is filled with healing expansion attunement, a higher frequency, a broader realization, not only of who you are, but what is possible…what is your potential. You enter in this day, into a time of a new month, a beautiful month, the bridge between the days of summer, filled with sunshine and play – to fall, to the time of crispness, of bracing air, the time of harvest, the time of fulfillment.

Now, that does not mean that you forget, or place aside, the need for sun or enjoyment or play. We love to see you frolic. And, you don’t frolic half enough. That is truly what the Joy workshop is about. It is about frolicking. It is about rolling in the grass and acknowledging that giggles are powerful, that laughter is sacred, that community and communion are irreversible.

When the joining of hearts – whether it is my heart to yours, your heart to another’s, or another’s or another’s or another’s – unless you choose to create separation, which is an illusion, you are united for eternity. That is the realization that I am bringing you, not only in this night, but in every waking moment.

You are unified within your sacred self, and you are unified, bright angels, with each other. And, that is the truth, particularly of this small group of seven billion plus that has come unified in their service to the fulfillment of the Mother’s dream. Not only Her plan. First came the Desire, and as soon as the Desire is in existence, the Fulfillment is in the existence. It is not reversible. Have there been pits, and detours, and pit stops? Yes. But it is not reversible. It is forward thrust.

So think of it: a group, a soul circle of seven billion plus have come together united in heart and purpose, to fulfill the wishes and desires of the divine Mother. It is overwhelming. It is extravagant. It is beautiful. And in many ways, my friends, it is done.

Do not say to me, “Show me the signs.” For I will say to thee, “Look within your heart. See the shifts that have come forth, that have made you smile, or catch your breath, or take your breath away, the deep realizations.”

Now, has everybody in your small group of seven billion understood this sense of community, of unity, and sacred purpose? No. But it does not matter.

And, you say to me, “Well, Mi-Ki-El, of course it matters. We are dependent on them.” And yes, my beloved ones, you are. But think of it in this way. When a child is born, and hopefully tended to, when the child grows and it is three or five or nine, sometimes there is an explanation that they are a member of a family. But, in most instances, the roots, the connections, the unified grid are simply received telepathically, emotionally, mentally. That union of what it means to be a member of a family is anchored by the experience.

And, so it is with those who are either unaware or actively recalcitrant. It is the experience of being in family, of unity of heart and purpose with you that is shifting them, whether they know it or not, whether you know it or not. Most of the energy we send you, the attunements, the alignments, the upgrades in frequency are not seen.

You receive them and you see the changes within yourselves, but you cannot truly touch them or measure them. You do not have that kind of equipment quite yet. And, yet, you know it. You experience it. The shift within applies to your actions in the without. And, so it is with your group, with this small group.

You, my beloved friends, are awakening the planet. You are the bell ringers. You are the whistle blowers. You are the disclosers. You are the action of reevaluation of every system upon your planet. We are at your beck and call and we are at the beck and call, just as you are, to make sure and to ensure the smoothness of the unfoldment of the plan of the Mother, the desire of Herself.

We work as one. Have we increased the energies that are not only being sent to you, but made clearly available during this time, particularly in the past month and will continue for several months? Yes. The Ascended Masters as a group, the Mother herself, the Archangels, the enlightened beings, your star family…there is not one group that you can think of that is not in full duty, full alert, working with and on you. We know you have felt it. So, there is much to discuss this day, dear Steve. Where do you wish to begin?

SB: Absolutely, much to discuss. Where I’d like to begin is with what you called that kind of equipment. How is the transformation of the body from carbon to crystalline going? At what stage are we Lord?

AAM: Well, it is not something that you can say for the entire collective. But, for many of you, let us think of it in terms of sub groups. For most of the light workers, you are at 80 to 90%. Now, those of you that are still clinging, yes, to what I was going to call outmoded grievances, are perhaps at a lower quotient.

And, let me explain why I call them ‘outmoded grievances.’ Because most of these grievances you believe are at the outer world, or at us. But in fact they are grievances that you have held against yourself. Let them go.

Now, what you would think of as the general population is somewhere more around 50%, while those who are in the struggle of being recalcitrant are a much lower quotient. Now, those who have been cast in containment, completely penetrated by the light, are at a very high quotient of their crystalline self. Because the light that penetrates them and their outmoded grievances, have literally transformed them.

Do we release those who have been placed in these containers, as yet? No, we do not. But what we want you, what we would guide you, what we would ask you to also focus on…well, it is two things. We have given you the information that your crystalline form is well underway. That is why you are receiving so many attunements, particularly from St. Germaine. Because, your new form gloriously absorbs these attunements. You are ready for them. The expansion is magnificent.

But you have also to feel. How do I feel in my body, in my form, in this vessel that I have created, albeit with help from many? So, how do I feel? Do I welcome my crystalline, higher frequency form, my true dimensionality? Or do I simply continue on as if it is same old same old, same old carbon?

So, pay attention to your bodies because this is the vehicle that you are keeping for your ascension. Will there be a time when all of you will simply evolve into sheer energy, sheer light, many of you gold? Yes, that time will come. But, for the time being, pay attention to your body. Ask your body…most of you do not have adequate or fulfilling conversation with your physical, human form.

You do not, on a daily basis, ask your body, not simply yourself, because most of you eat emotionally or mentally. Have you asked your body what it wants to eat, how it wishes to be nourished, what ray it requires, what it wishes to drink? Are you programming your water? Are you praying over your food? Are you transmuting any disease within your form?

I could speak for hours on how fortunate and what a blessing it is to have these forms and how you may treat and engage with your body. Not just your components, but the totality and the beauty of this physical form. Pay attention, my beloved ones.

SB: Lord, you mentioned 80 to 90%. But I don’t know what you are referring to. Are you referring to 80 to 90% light or 80 to 90% crystalline?

AAM: 80 to 90% crystalline. You are not going to be sheer light bodies, not yet.

SB: So I’m, looking at my arm. How do I know that arm is crystalline?

AAM: Go inside it.

SB: (Laughter) Okay. How do I do that?

AAM: So, you know what your conception, and it is a concept, of your arm looks and feels like. It is esoteric information, is it not, is your body carbon or crystalline?

SB: Yes.

AAM: But, if you place your hand and simply allow your eyes – your eyes that are physical, your third eye, your fourth eye, your fifth eye – to gently open and simply gaze at your arm as if your skin has suddenly and magnificently become transparent. Look at the structure and keep it simple. Inside, what does your tissue, your blood, your veins, your arteries, your bones, your muscles…what does it look like? The carbon tends to give you the impression of solidity. We won’t say dark, but certainly of a certain quality of denseness. Most humans have difficulty looking inside their bones.

Now, when you are allowing the vision to be activated, and this is also part of your expanded capacities, dear heart, when you gaze at your arm, your knee, your leg, it will appear transparent skin, simply because you want it to be transparent. It is that simple. Look inside and it will appear more crystalline, as if it is clear, quartz crystal. Now, there will be variations because there is a need and a necessity for structure. But, what the crystalline form does, it is simply a clear, literally, transmitter for light to move through you.

Now, you are not at the point of physical or spiritual evolution that you are becoming sheer light bodies. That is a ways away. But, the crystalline is allowing you to hold a greater quotient of light. So, when I say 80 to 90%, I am talking about the transfer from carbon to crystalline, and most of you will see a combination thereof.

It can be as simple as, on a daily basis, yes, in meditation, or reflection or in prayer, simply saying, “I welcome the transformation, transmutation, transubstantiation of my form to crystalline.” So, that you in your free will, and the laws that are governing your planet and this universe, are giving, by the act of free will, the welcoming of this transformation. Now, you may continue.

SB: Thank you. I want to relate to something else you said earlier. You talked about the recalcitrants being lower in this percentage of crystalline. Now, here’s a dilemma that faces light workers. You were talking about some of the recalcitrants being in containment. And I’m hearing, there’s a conversation now that’s going on that some formerly dark individuals are now serving the light. But, there’s not a lot of evidence that I can refer to to know whether that’s true or not. A reader wrote in and said that Hillary and Bill Clinton are now serving the light. Is that so?

AAM: We do not wish to comment, particularly on the Clintons.

SB: Okay.

AAM: And, we would always guide you, particularly…let me jump off your comment, if I might, dear brother.

SB: Please.

AAM: You are creating Nova Earth and you have been given, blessed, with some spectacular leaders. Have they been stymied and blocked? In many situations, yes, and I’m talking about all over the globe. Are there former forces that, we would suggest, served their own interests and what we would term the dark interests of hatred, control, greed lust? Yes. And, are they now serving the light? Yes.

There have been behind the scenes, tremendous, tremendous transformations. Now, having said that, and having anchored in your heart from a place of discernment rather than judgment, understand that you and we are creating Nova Earth, and that is a state of being that is reflected in institutions, structures, systems, power, leadership, that is based upon unity, transformative love, divine qualities, and the anchoring of love on Earth.

When you discern and decide, as an act of free will, that you are going to support someone, please come into your heart. Yes, of course converse with others. The entire purpose is the global conversation. But, sit in your heart and look, the same way I have had you look at your arm. Look at the people that you are considering, whether it is a neighbor or someone currently in power. Look at them with your heart. Look at what they are doing. Not ancient history, not, perhaps, what they did five or ten years ago.

Look at what they are doing in the moment. Not merely what they are saying, but what are they doing? What actions are they taking, in say, a public arena that indicate to you, to your heart, and to your intelligence, to your discernment, that they are truly co-creators with you on Nova Earth. If the evidence, which you all love, is staring you directly in the face, then by all means follow your heart.

But, if it is murky, if the actions are not matching the words, then look for an alternative. You are not saying, you are not judging, you are not to judge those you are considering supporting. And, they are not excluded from the full participation in creating Nova Earth. But, be very clear, because you do not wish to continue this cycle of abuse of power.

SB: Right. You have said to me earlier that you didn’t want us investing in banks that have just simply perpetuated the manipulation of the population. And, we’re all concerned, too, that too many politicians are expert at making it seem as if they serve the light, so to speak, when they are not. So, it’s difficult sometimes to discern.

Now, when you say go to our heart, is that partly because we’ll receive guidance from you and our guides?

AAM: Yes. And it is your own heart consciousness that will guide you as well. Do we always love to chip in and give guidance? Yes. But it is your heart that is the place for your true discernment, not merely your emotional heartstrings, which is very different, or your history or your simple mental body.

Now, we have told you, we have guided you, we have asked you, we have suggested strongly, that you not invest in the old paradigm, because, again, it only reinforces the old. You have had a stellar example of investment and the chaos of manipulated markets in the last several weeks. Why would you wish to reinforce that? Of course, you would not. What you are doing, and we are not saying in the slightest that investment is a bad or negative pathway to follow, quite the contrary.

But what you choose to invest in are areas, intelligence, buildings, communities that support Nova Earth, not that reinforce greed and lust and control. So systems that have been based on manipulation have to transform. And they need to transform prior to any consideration given in order to support those old systems.

Now, you may say, “But, Michael, Mi-Ki-El, I will invest in my bank because I will put light into that money and I will have a seat on the board of directors of that bank and in that way I will transform what that institution looks like.” And if that is your guidance and the direction of your mission and purpose, then by all means go forward. But be very clear about what you are doing because it is not the purpose of redesign, of redistribution to simply create a new elite.

SB: Right. Can you discuss with us some of the plans you see people making for the use of their reval funds, some of the imaginative creations that you are seeing? Please.

AAM: There will be substantial reevaluation. And let us, once again emphasize, yes, we know that I have spoken many times about spiritual currency. But that is really what you are working with and it is investment, and yes, physical basics – food, clean water, healthy food, housing, roofs and shelter. But from there, there will be those, and there are many, already working on those basic situations, which also includes healing.

Now, the healing, what you think of as healing and healing technologies, will explode with the full participation, shall we say, full arrival of your star family. As will the technology for building of housing. It will change substantially.

But, nevertheless, I do not wish to get off track. Many are concerned, and have need to be concerned, about my favorite subject, peace. Peace, as in the cessation of violence, armed conflict, terrorizing, abuse of women, abuse of children, violence in the streets – whether it is Africa or Chicago, it matters not.

There is a whole group – long ago many migrated from the planet that you know as CCC. It is in the outer galaxies. The Hussians. And the Hussians, many of whom are in form upon the planet, particularly, are working with the anchoring – they’re already established, so I say the anchoring – of the Cities of Light. And what you can think of as city-states of light, and I do not mean the United States. I mean areas where there is a core of activity whether it is healing, or art, or literature – my favorites – surrounded by neighboring communities that contribute and participate as they wish.

There will be many healing centers that will emerge. Not only to use the new technologies, but to return to the old ways of knowingness, using the plants of Gaia to create and to bring forth the balance within the body. And, the healing will be substantially different because your bodies are also shifting. Not only reenergizing, reconstructing, reversal of aging and dis-ease, but there will still be a need.

When we speak of healing, we mean the establishment of vitality, not simply the absence of illness. So, much will be contributed in that area as well.

Now, there is a whole other group that will be concerned and vitally interested in what you think of as governance, because cooperation, unity consciousness, community, is beautiful. It is the foundation upon which you build. But, the idea of governance, of who does what, who makes sure that these cities of light, or the places that are not cities of light, simply continue to have power and water and sewers and roads.

Even as your concept of those things change, your concept of what governance means will also change. And, there will be a group committed to working with the populace, to working with this small group of seven billion, to determine what forms – plural, many – fit for that area, for that community that is at the same time part of the Gaian community and part of the intergalactic community. What are the principles of equality and fairness and access and distribution?

So, there will be many places for activists, for political philosophers, for social philosophers to begin to formulate more inclusive ways of governance. The list is endless, my friend. And the imagination, the inspiration that we are seeing amongst the light-holder, love-holder community, is impressive.

SB: People will at once be busy and will want to congregate, to convene, and talk together about very many things. How are we going to, well, what’s your guidance on how we should coordinate our gifting and our thoughts about new areas for gifting, etc.?

AAM: I have some very practical advice for all of you. And that is: Please – all of us, the entire company of heaven, the divine Mother included – beg you to pace yourself. Yes, you will be busy. Yes, you will be excited. You will be filled with inspiration and ideas. But, my beloved friends, if you lose the balance in your eagerness and excitement to move ahead, then the chance of duplication, of misstep, of not being thorough in your planning is very high.

We suggest there will be many, based on interests, there will be many what we would call congresses where many will meet. And this will be a massive project in and of itself. But, you are already learning through this experience how this can look and work.

It requires you to work as a community, and a global community. Many sub groups, yes. Not to interfere with the freedom and the desires of your heart and where you feel led, but to share, to invent, reinvent, restructure. So there is a need not to make haste.

You say, “Well, Michael, how can that be when I know there are millions starving?” So, I have given you your priorities of food and water and shelter. But, as you proceed, do so in an orderly way. Otherwise, dearest hearts, you will be tripping, with the finest intentions, over each other. So, that would be waste. And, you have seen enough waste upon your planet to last several eternities.

SB: Thank you for that. There are lots of blogs and commentators who are talking about the energies of September, that they’re very, very different and very, very much more powerful. You’ve talked about just a bit already. Can you tell us a little bit more about the nature of the energies of September, the origins, the consequences that will flow from these energies, please?

AAM: These energies have begun in August, and even slightly in late July. And, think of it as this, that the floodgates are open. The origin is within you, your willingness to receive. In another conversation, we have discussed how you are already in the planning stages. Now preconstruction is underway. Now, what does that mean? It means not only from our side, but your side, as it were, that the willingness to proceed, the readiness to step forward and begin, is truly anchored. And it hasn’t been, in fullness, before.

The origin, the origin of these energies, the difference that you are feeling, is that you are being, in many ways, bombarded by energies from all the groups that you think of as the unseen realm. Which actually are not really unseen at all. But directly from the heart of the Mother, Father, One, the angelic realm, the archangelic realm, the seraphim, the masters, those that are sheer energy, everybody in between, your star family.

So it is as if all energies, and, you cannot discern, nor should you even try, but it is that all of us, from the Mother, have been given the go ahead. So the sensation is somewhat like a true Tsunami, which has never ceased, by the way. Much the same way as my desire for peace has never ceased. And it never will. But, it is flowing into you and at the same time pushing you along, letting you have glimpses and knowing and moving into action that you have not previously been ready for.

So, you are being moved, and the nature of this energy is such that you are accepting – in fuller ways, practical ways, physical, human ways – the sacred nature of our partnership and creating together, co-creating together.

It is highly electrical, rather than magnetic. It is not that the magnetic balance has been eliminated. It has not. But, it feels and is what you would experience as more electrical, therefore, more action oriented. When you are feeling the magnetism, the sense is you are pulling towards yourself and being glued to your seat, pulling it in so you can understand who you are. With the electrical energy, it is more that you have, yes, as the channel has said, put your finger in a light socket and you are wired and ready to go. And, that is the sensation.

Now, some of you know exactly where you are going and what you are doing. Some of you are still waiting for the full script and that is fine. But the energies that you are feeling and will continue to receive throughout September and part of October are these energies of fulfillment, of harvest.

SB: Where will that leave us, Lord? How would you describe us at the end of October, energetically?

AAM: Now, we have not talked, for some time, directly about ascension. And, it would be at great peril that I would give dates to anything.

SB: Oh, no! Let’s not do that! (Laughter)

AAM: I am teasing you and I am teasing the channel.

SB: Can I just make an observation here? That anybody, anybody, anybody, who has ever given a date so far, has been wrong. Correct?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: So, we’re all through with dates. So please continue.

AAM: So we are all 100% correct, right?

SB: Yes, our batting average is perfect.

AAM: That is correct! But, what you are looking for is the feeling that you have – and when I say feeling, I mean the true knowingness – that you have shifted. That you are in your expanded heart consciousness, and that you are in the transformative love, and it is simply growing, and growing, and growing, and that you have finally comprehended the meaning, within you, of infinite.

Infinite, eternal, does not stop and start. It is the expansion ‘into.’ And, that is where you are going, into this glorious expansion ‘into’ your divinity, your magnificence, your ability to create, your interdimensional self, your Nova being, your transcended self. And in that, isn’t the desire to depart. Quite the contrary, my beloved friends. In that is the desire to stay, to anchor, to enjoy, to be the joy, and to move ‘into’ why you are really upon sweet Gaia at this time. To revel!

Not that the shift, the fullness of ascension is completed. But, that you are in the process, and it is so big and expansive that you think that you will explore and expand forever. And you are welcoming it with such excitement and eagerness and enthusiasm that you can’t sit still.

And, in that there will be the balance. And you will say to yourself, “But, I will sit still, because when I do, I receive more. And I want more. I desire more. I desire to be more. And I desire to unite with my small group of seven billion plus. And I can only do that in the quietude, in the certitude, of my heart, of my soul.”

And, make no mistake about it, you, right now, have the capacity to connect with your entire small group, not merely of light workers, but of entire Gaians. You haven’t given it a real try. Might I suggest you do so? You will be amazed in the most positive of ways.

SB: Wow! I’m afraid we’ve run out of time, Lord. And, that’s too bad because this is an absolutely absorbing topic. You said expand and explore, I would add to that, explode! (Laughter)

AAM: Laughing: Yes. But in a good sense, dear heart.

SB:  Fortunately, it isn’t the end.

AAM: It is not the end, it is simply the beginning. It is your new chapter, it is what you have wished and prayed and toiled for. It is your harvest.

SB: Absolutely. Totally know what you are talking about. Just one quick question: People ask me, how do you have a heart opening? Mine, by the way, was explosive! It was like some kind of cork blew out of my heart! How do people who want to have that experience have that experience, Lord?

AAM: Drop down into your heart. Most of you are “thinking” or “feeling” about a heart opening. Bring all your energy up from Gaia, through your feet, into your heart from every chakra, and down from the heart of One into your heart. For some it will be like the quiet dawn. The door is opening quietly. And, for others it will be the champagne cork popping. It will be explosive.

But, either way, sit there at the seat of your heart. Burn your tri-flame brightly, of the blue and the gold and the pink. Anchor and feel it. Not sense it, feel it. Just be in your heart without any agenda and allow it to come to you.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?

AAM: Your patience, your prudence, your balance have led you to this point. Proceed bravely, courageously, with excitement and awe and glee. And turn to me. Turn to all of us because, beloved ones, we are with you. Go in peace!


Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Transcript – Archangel Michael on AHWAA: It is your Harvest, a True Tsunami, September 3, 2015


art r c gorman AURORA

Absolute Love, Infinite Light – Judith Coates @ Oakbridge University


Miguel Martinez ART

ART : Miguel Martinez


Absolute Love, Infinite Light

Now, beloved one, we are going to talk about a vast subject. We are going to talk about God.

First of all, God is not an entity. It is not a He. It is not a She. It is not even an It. God is beyond description, yet the human mind wants to know and wants to define and redefine and change. That is good, because every time you change, you allow an expansion of the consciousness to take in more.

You are God, an essence of God, right here, expressing. You are going to say, “Well, that must be a very tiny percentage of God.” It depends on your self-image, does it not? I will say that you are all of God right here. You do not always activate it. You do not always tune in to it, all of it, but you are God having an experience as a human.

This is not the first experience you have ever had, because you keep adding to it, which is one of the most beautiful things about God. God cannot be contained, cannot be defined in any human terms, any human verbiage. It is beyond all of that, and yet you are the essence come once again to play, come once again to create, come once again to assume a definition, and yet in assuming a definition, you are already limiting God.

I have spoken often that God is Love, and have said to you that love is the closest thing in your experience to understanding the expansiveness of God. When you fall in love with someone, you forget small self. You want to know where they are, what they are doing, what they are thinking, and you cannot wait to meet up with them one more time and to ask, “What have you done in this day? Who did you speak with? What are the ideas that you had today?” You forget yourself, the small self, in love with another one.

I have to use human words to explain God, but God cannot be known by the mind. It cannot be known by definition. It cannot be known by words. But words can be clues as to a feeling, the feeling of expansiveness, the feeling of Allness, the feeling of being accepted without even having to think about being accepted. There is not a thought.

In the love of God, there is not thought. It is an Isness of feeling of being beyond anything that you know in human terms. But human love can give you a clue. Therefore, you have put together the molecules of our holy Mother, the Earth, the dust of the Earth, to make a body. You have brought together energy in a form to express that love, to be able to speak, to hold, to gaze into another’s eyes, and to lose yourself in another’s eyes; being able to forget small self.

This does not have to be just with another human person. It can be with a beloved pet. You look into their eyes, and you lose yourself momentarily or longer. You lose yourself in the love with them. And you think, even with a thought which is not a thought, “I am One with this that I love. I am One with the person, or I am One with the pet. I am One in love with anyone and everyone.”

You come to a place, as your great masters have, where all they live in is love. They do not judge. It is love without judgment. It is love without mind. It is love without thought. It does not judge, because there is nothing to judge. Everything Is, and everything is non-judged. It is Love.

You know, when you are in love with someone, you do not judge. You abide in the place of non-judgment of them, the same as you are hoping that they will not be judging you.

For truly, if they are in love with you, they do not judge. There is not thought. There is only the feeling of Allness, the feeling that, “I have come Home.” Sometimes you find it with another person. Sometimes you find it even in a sentence in a book, where the lights go on, and you know that you are Home in that moment. Or someone may say something to you, and all of a sudden you are accepted in that feeling, and you know that you are Home.

It is a most wonderful true place to be. For truly what you are searching for is to know the feeling of acceptance, the feeling of non-judgment, the feeling of love, where you know that you are perfect. Now, your world does not tell you that. Your world says that always you must be striving to make yourself better. From the time that you were the small infant, the parents have said to you that you are not quite perfect. You could be better. By several different means, they try to impress upon you that you could be better.

Even if you come home from your schooling and you have brought the top marks, the parents, in their desire to make you better, will say, “Well, now, make sure you do this again next month.” And so you say, “But I thought I had already reached that place,” and yes, you have. But it is the parents’ way of wanting to see you perfect, and you are already perfect.

It is the parents’ misguided love—I will put it that way—where they feel they should be able to guide you, mold you, shape you according to their idea of perfection. But it must be left open-ended for you to live out your own perfection, which you may acknowledge later, unless you go into a repetition with the one that you are partners with who is then exampling for you what the parents were doing, and you might live that for a time, or maybe two or three times or more, until finally you have an incarnation where you know—you bring enough remembrance with you from the space of God—where you know that you are perfect already.

You have met ones who seem to go bouncing along through life as the most wonderful beings, and you wonder, “What secret do they know?” They know their perfection. They know that they have come here perfect. But they are yet few in number, because your world is a very strong and harsh taskmaster.

Your world is full of “shoulds”, as you know. My world two thousand years ago had “shoulds” in it as well. There were times when I needed to sit by flowing water and watch the water, which did not judge itself. It only exampled that which it is: the molecules of energy in the shape of water forever flowing. I understood from that that I was energy also, that I had made myself in a certain form and fashion, but truly I was the Father’s work.

I spoke to you of the loving Father which is beyond the human father, because human fathers can sometimes miss the mark a little bit or quite a bit. So, I hope you understand that the Father that I speak of, Abba, is forever loving, because you are Love Itself incarnate, walking around, creating, experiencing.

It behooves you, if you are Love—and I assure you that you are—to be loving; to be loving to the other ones that you have interaction with, but even more than that, to be loving to self. If you do not love self, who is going to love you?

When you take time for self in meditation and quiet, and you commune with the Allness that you are, with the peace that you are, you are touching and living in and dwelling in the Love of God, the Allness of absolute Love that knows no other, knows no judgment, knows no thought, knows only Isness of peace, absolute Love; nothing else exists.

The world is going to say, “Well, those are nice words, but what about the things that I have agreed that I will do? What about the decisions that I have to make? People are waiting for me to make a decision.” I assure you that as you will spend a bit of time for yourself in peace and in quiet, the answers will come to you without having to run around in a frenzy trying to decide what is right. You will know. There will be a quiet knowing that comes to you.

Allow yourself to abide in peace, because that is your birthright. That is from whence you have come, and it is where you are going to go after you lay down the body and have no further use for the body. You are going to go to perfect peace.

Now, I know you have stories. Your religious/philosophical organizations and your authorities, who seem to know more, have given you many stories of what happens after you lay down the body. But, fortunately, some clues have come to you that suggest that you go to a Light; that there is a Light at the end of the tunnel, and you go to that Light.

That Light is your own. That Light is the Light that you are, even while you are focusing upon a human incarnation. You are infinite Light, and you have come from a place of Light. You have come from a consciousness of knowing Light. “And in Him there is no darkness.” Now, I would change that quotation to say, “In God—it is not a gender— there is no darkness. There is only Light.”

You are Light right now as you are activating the body. Your scientists are proving that to you when you have the aura photographs taken, and you see the Light around you. Where is that Light coming from? It is coming from you. That is why it changes from time to time, depending on your emotions (energy in motion) and consciousness. You may have a photograph done one day, and you come back the next day and have the photograph taken, and the Light will be different.

The next time you have opportunity to have the aura photographed, allow yourself to be very, very joyous, because when you are happy—like the little child who rejoices in life— at that point the aura stretches very large.

You are infinite Light. You have come from infinite Light, and infinite Light you will return to when you are finished with the capsule that you have made for yourself to walk around with. When you are finished with this reality, then you will return to the Light, the Light that you are.

You have the most wonderful clues coming for you now, where you do not have to believe that you are going to spend a certain number of years in a place that is going to cleanse you of all of your sins, or in a place that is going to cleanse you by the burning. You know, I have always wondered about that, in that if you burn something, what does it turn into? Ash. And is that clean? You would most often say that ashes are a bit on the dirty side, a bit that you want to wash off. So I have always wondered about that one, how the fire is going to cleanse you. Okay, that is a rumor. That is a story. You have it on good authority that it is not true.

That idea has been given to you to keep you in shape, in form, and to follow “the ones who must know better than I do.” What they tell me must be true. I’m not quite sure why, but I’ve been told that they know better than I do. And so your authorities, your pseudo masters have given you all kinds of stories to keep you in line, to make you follow whatever they wanted you to follow, and—the bottom line—to give your golden coins to the preservation of that story.

The golden coins always seem to be the bottom line—in this world anyway. There is nothing wrong with golden coins. However, if the ownership of golden coins has you owned, then that is where the problem would be. But there is nothing wrong with golden coins, even many golden coins.

You have examples of ones who have many of the golden coins, and they do much good with allowing others to benefit from their giving and their vision of sharing. Some of the other ones, because of past lifetimes where they felt that they did not have enough of the golden coins, will try to keep them as long as they can.

But then, as you have understood from your own lifetimes, the golden coins cannot bring you security, happiness, good health. It is a false belief and a false god to be worshipped. You have, for the most part, come to a balance of understanding golden coins. They are to be used to further the ideals of love and compassion, of Oneness.

Now, as you have seen, in order to define God, you have clues. But any definition you come up with is not the Allness of God, for God cannot be defined or limited. God does not fit into a small package. God is this and more. So when we speak that God is Love, that is a clue to the feeling of God, the feeling of expansiveness, the feeling of peace and the feeling of total acceptance.

For God, if it were a person, would look upon you and see no fault. And God is more than that. It is, as I have said, absolute Love that knows nothing different than Love. And you, as the extension of God come into an incarnation, you are the Light, the Energy of Love. You have put God Energy into manifest form of Light energy, and you have taken a quality from the Allness to demonstrate, to know for yourself that you are much more than just the little speck of dust that some of your religious/philosophical leaders have said that you are—only a little speck of dust.

You are much more than that. You contain within the consciousness, as you allow it to accept and to bring in the Allness, you contain the Allness of God, and yes, you can know it even while being in an incarnation. You have masters who have attained that consciousness, and in seeking the consciousness of Allness it does not mean that there is a denigration of incarnation.

It does not mean that there is anything wrong with choosing an incarnation. In fact, your greatest masters have often chosen an incarnation which is most difficult and requires the most Love.

You can touch the space of Love and Allness. It will change your whole outlook on everything. It will afford you a wider vista of what human life is all about and what Life with a capital “L” is. You are absolute Love which has chosen one more time to bring Itself into a smaller form.

You are infinite Light which has made manifest in the physical the Allness of Love. And you are the Light and the Love of Christ. You do not always recognize it in yourself. You sometimes do recognize it in other ones. You can see it in other ones. And in order for you to see it in another one, you have to have a point of reference within yourself; otherwise, you would not see it.

You are the Christ. You are the Allness of God come into this area of incarnation, bringing the Allness into a space which can then relate to other ones, because you have said, “I want to know all of my parts.” So I say to you, look around. These are all of your parts—and even more.

Go always as the Christ that you are. Christ did not live just two thousand years ago. It was not only embodied in one Yeshua. It lives and moves even in this day and time, and it loves. Allow yourself to live in Love. You are the Absolute Love, the Infinite Light of God.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

Miguel Martinez ART


The Art of Receiving by Lady Portia – Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

art Meganne Forbes Visionary Artist - elephants

ART : Meganne Forbes, Visionary Artist


The Art of Receiving by Lady Portia

Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 2nd October 2015 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Imagine within your heart a violet flame of light which is filled with all the colours of the rainbow and so many other exciting and glorious colours. This flame of light is alive with energy, light and consciousness which is especially for you, holding wisdom, consciousness, healing, inspiration, manifestation and transformation that you have been waiting for at a personality level and soul level. This flame of light has manifested from your soul, therefore you know it is a direct and personal gift from the core of the Creator delivered especially for you to experience. This is the same for the energies you receive and activate within your being and reality, every moment is a gift from the Creator delivered especially for you to experience.

I wish to invite you to observe the flame of light within your heart chakra, it is welcoming and loving. It is a gift for you and wishes you to anchor a new perspective into your conscious awareness, mind and mental body that the Creator is constantly delivering gifts to you. This is not to acknowledge that every moment is a blessing or that even the most challenging circumstances can encourage tremendous enlightenment, instead I, Lady Portia, wish you to realise you are in direct contact and communication with the Creator, you are the constant receiver of the Creator’s energy and presence in your reality upon the Earth. You cannot stop receiving the Creator’s energy, consciousness, wisdom and guidance, however you can neglect to notice it.

Open yourself to the understanding that you are a constant receiver of the Creator and reprogram your mind so you know, embody and experience this fully. When you accept you are constantly receiving the Creator then you are required to observe the vibration or frequency you have chosen to receive and its influence upon your reality. Your choice of frequency and vibration is determined by your beliefs about yourself, others and life. If these beliefs are focused upon limiting, resisting your self-worth and denying your divinity, the energy you receive from the Creator will be used to energise a reality born from these beliefs. If you believe in your divinity, self-worth, love yourself, are compassionate and so forth, then you will automatically use the energy you receive from the Creator to energise your beliefs thus creating similar experiences in your reality. In order to benefit ful ly from your natural existence as a receiver of the Creator upon the Earth there is a need for your beliefs, thoughts and perspective to be of a high vibration. Create thoughts which mirror the truth and love of the Creator and energise them with the power of love from your heart chakra. Letting your thoughts reflect the energy of the Creator will mean that your entire being will resonate at a quick speed of light also known as a high and pure vibration aligned harmoniously with the Creator.

When you meditate, focus or contemplate love, the Creator, light or divine vibrations you are allowing your entire being especially your mind and mental body to identify with the Creator. In truth to vibrationally align and resonate with the Creator. When this happens you may experience a state or encounter of peace which inspires, energise and supports the mind and mental body. With this state comes inspired thoughts from you, your personality and soul which are aligned with and express the higher vibration your mind and mental are vibrating at. In this moment you are reflecting the Creator allowing your thoughts to be of purer frequency. Your thoughts may still be of mundane issues or concerning aspects of your physical life and yet they will have a new open and expansive energy which can lead to greater freedom and communion with the Creator. From this state of existence you are ab le to receive the constant energy of the Creator automatically projecting it to create a loving Creator inspired reality for yourself to experience upon the Earth. Your beliefs will alter and the energy you receive from the Creator will energise these new beliefs manifesting them into your reality for you to encounter with delight. With this understanding you are then more able to use the violet flame of light which is a gift from the Creator to manifest your highest potential.

The energy within the flame of light is akin to a battery waiting to energise whatever you wish, this is why I describe it as holding everything you wish to experience and gain spiritually and physically. I invite you to take time to explore the flame as that which you consciously and unconsciously wish to experience will be evident and present for you to view and understand, encouraging you to discover yourself and truth more fully. I also invite you to contemplate whether the manifestation of these desires will create a fulfilment. In doing so you are uniting your consciousness, identity and creations with higher aspects of your soul and the Creator, letting go of any aspects of yourself which are no longer needed. In this process you will also recognise the act of detachment as you are invited to detach from energies, fulfilment and even the vibration of the Creator over and over u ntil you deliver yourself into a space of pure and enlightened consciousness. The art of observation is the key in this practice.

I, Lady Portia, am sharing this wisdom with you now as you are leading ascension forward and already there has come a time when old energies and perspectives of ascension will require to fall away, the momentum of this occurring is building. In order for you to remain balanced, willing to accept and recognise the truth of the Creator and able to connect with the divine consciousness of the Creator there will be a need for you to receive the Creator’s energy with the ability to access the highest conscious awareness in order to energise thoughts and perspectives which aid the New Era of Love and Advanced Ascension Process upon the Earth. In the simplest explanation this is to be focused upon truthfully receiving the Creator in every constant moment and using the energy of the Creator to energise truth in every constant moment. You do not necessarily need to understand the truth o f the Creator, a simple intention is sufficiently powerful.

I, Lady Portia, invite you to observe the flame of light with a new awareness understanding how this simple flame can create a powerful process of growth and transformation within your being. As a constant receiver of the Creator the building blocks for love, peace and spiritual evolution upon the Earth are constantly being delivered to you. It is akin to receiving constant updates from the Creator to support the transformation within your being and the Earth. These updates not only give to you the energy to create foundations, they also share with you the possibilities of the soul in existence in a human body upon the Earth in this era of ascension. Enlightenment, knowledge and wisdom is being delivered to you constantly, the tools to support your ascension and the awakening of others is also being delivered to you continuously, there is simply a need for you to now allow yourself to receive with ease and perfection. The ability to receive is also being delivered to you by the Creator, you can invite this ability and all abilities delivered to you by the Creator to anchor into your being now.

‘I am a receiver of the Creator, I invite all the Creator delivers to me to ground and anchor into my being to energise the sacred consciousness of my soul embedded within my mind, mental body and beliefs.’

As the energy waves from the Creator, the Universe and the Inner planes intensify your request and intention to ground and anchor, all you receive from the Creator becomes immensely important. Remember the Creator’s energy is like a battery ready to energise whatever you focus upon consciously and unconsciously. This is a wonderful opportunity to focus upon creating a beautiful new belief and intention:

‘I now focus upon and hold intentions which reflect the truth of my love, nourishing and supporting my existence upon the Earth.’

With this intention you will discover yourself automatically creating nourishing and fulfilling intentions and beliefs with very little effort. You will also realise you cannot make a mistake, because every creation is divinely perfect and supports your spiritual evolution.

You are a receiver of the Creator’s energy, you can choose to use this energy in anyway and are already doing so. There is no lack within your reality because the Creator’s energy is always provided to you abundantly as if you are being fed by the Universe of the Creator. Nothing is out of your reach or beyond your abilities, everything is available to you encouraging you to experience the limitless, expansive and united nature of your being.

I encourage you to expand the flame of light within your heart chakra to surround your entire being, let go of all I have shared with you and simply experience the energy of the flame, simply knowing you are receiving the Creator in that moment.

We are one, I am a constant source of support for you,

Lady Portia

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art Meganne Forbes Visionary Artist - elephants