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Love Builds: Transformed Consciousness and Building Nova Earth

Love BuildsHow can the energetic results of the Blood Moon Equinox be related to managing the money flows of the Revaluation and building Nova Earth?

Well, what happened at the Equinox seems to have equipped a few people, yes, for Ascension but also for building the new world.

I can speak for myself that I’m ten times more productive and effective in the transformed space which I’ve been in for the last week (intermittently) than I was before.

My meetings go smoothly and the outcome is to the satisfaction of all.

As long as I’m in the transformed space.

When I’m back in my everyday consciousness (call it 4D if you want, 3D if you must), things don’t go nearly as well.

I feel territorial. I get impatient. I make my complaints known. And so on.

But in the transformed space, everything works.

I can therefore confirm that building Nova Earth will almost certainly proceed ten times more effectively if we’re in the transformed space.

I confess that I don’t know how to reliably transition from everyday to transformed consciousness. I wish I did.

I’ve used the thought of the beloved to give me the push, via love, to reach it. And that has always worked.

But not everyone is in relationship so I’d like to look at other ways as well.

Whatever means is selected, love almost certainly has to be a part of it. I don’t know how to reach the transformed space without loving …. someone, something.

So let me practice a more generalized love and see what outcome that produces.

Yes, it does work. Impersonal, generalized love directed to the world is capable of lifting a person from everyday consciousness to transformed consciousness. At least in these energies.

It’s the love that uplifts. The object is variable. But, since love needs to flow, it’s useful to have an object it can flow to. Direct it to God. Direct it to the Mother, Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, it doesn’t matter. Just let love flow.

Then it’s a question of allowing the feelings and sensations proper to that level to fill me up. Being filled up is what determines whether or not I stay there, if even for a while.

So breathing in love and sending it out to the world is again the central practice in elevating me and allowing me to stay where I land.

At some point, something will happen to make this space permanent, as Alexander del Sol reported it was for him. (1) Until then I have to kickstart it.

If we can reach the point that St. Paul was pointing at when he said that “love builds,” then building Nova Earth should go forward with grace and smoothness.

So to repeat, operating from the transformed space will multiply and magnify our efforts towards managing the money flows of the Revaluation and building Nova Earth with them.


(1) Alexander del Sol, “Profound Inner Peace, Ineffable Bliss — The Shift is NOW in Progress!” On the Cusp of the Wave, March 26, 2013, at


sam carlo 10.1. a