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Jeshua Speaks About:October 2015

Staying Connected

Beloved one, let us talk now about how to stay connected to the Truth of your Being. I know that no matter how well-intentioned you may be and how peaceful it feels when you are connected, often the world will assail you with questions and possible aspects to fear. Then the mind gets very busy trying to defend against the perceived dangers or worries.

The mind’s job is to take all of the pieces and examine them from top to bottom, side to side, back to front, and upside down again. After you have done that, you feel a bit upside down yourself, and you go around in circles with the mind. Then you come back, after you get really, really tired, and the heart speaks to you that which you have known from the beginning: stop, breathe, love.

If you will remember these three words—stop, breathe, love—that is the secret. But the mind says, “Oh, that’s too easy. I want something that is really exquisite, very intricate. I want to know more.” So then the mind gets very busy, and after a while the body says, “Stop already; I’m tired.” And you stop and you breathe and you love.

You are coming now, beloved one, into a time—you are already in process with it—a time when everything you have ever believed about self and about others and about the world is changing. You have felt that. You have been reading, you have been seeing on your news media, you have seen with the conversations with friends that there is a lot which is shifting and changing, and there is a lot yet that you would like to see changing.

You are in the midst of a great revolution, and it is not an outside revolution with the brothers and sisters. It is a revolution within yourself, a turning around; not looking outside of yourself longer, but coming to looking within. This is a time which is truly going to test all you have believed about yourself and about the world and about others.

You watch your news media, and you wonder, “How can this be happening? Across the world, even in my neighborhood, how can this be happening? How can ones be so separate from other ones that they can be fighting and trying to destroy the brothers, the sisters? How can ones be so into separation that they feel they can do anything to the four-footed ones and feel that it does not matter? How can ones feel that they have the power never to be touched by that which they send out into the universe?”

Know you that whatever you send out, it has come through you already and touches you even before you have sent it out, and it will come back, and you will deal with it when it comes back. However, you have had the first wave of it as you have thought to send it out to someone—the judgment, the feeling, however fleeting it may be, of hatred, of judgment of someone else and saying, “I couldn’t be like that. I don’t see how they can be like that,” and making judgment, “I don’t want them in my world.”

Any time you have a feeling or a thought which arises like that, it is already within you affecting you. This is something you are going to want to really look at, because these times are changing times. These times are pivotal times. These times are making great change in the collective consciousness of all who walk the face of our holy Mother, the Earth.

Moreover, these times are exciting, because there is much shifting and changing which is happening. You have prayed; lifetimes you have prayed for heaven on Earth, for ones to wake up and to be kind to one another. So I say unto you, if you are going to have that kind of outcome, something has to change.

And that something is changing. That is the good news. That is the good news that I came to tell you two thousand years ago: that you are never alone, that always you are joined with me in the Father/Mother’s Love. You are always joined with my mother, whom you have worshiped and adored, and still have a fond place in your heart for her, and she for you. You are joined with all of the saints, all of the wise ones down through the ages.

Why do you think you are so interested in reading what they have to say? You have walked with them. You walk with them again as you read their writings. They come alive to you. “Well, yes, but I’m just kind of imagining that, Jeshua; it can’t be true.”

It is true; hear me well. You measure time in a linear fashion, but in truth, time is always Now. That which you can remember and think might have been a long time ago, if you can pull it back into your memory or into your present mind, it is right here with you now.

These are times that truly will stretch you, because you have said that you want to move into a new way of being, a new way which is loving, a new way which is creative, a new way which understands truly what is happening from a higher perspective. That is why you study your books. That is why you take various courses and you meet with other ones. You are finding more and more ones who are questioning, more and more ones who are believing that there has to be something more than what you have been taught, something more than what your religious/philosophical orders have said to you was the truth of your being.

Now you are going to the kingdom within. You have spent enough lifetimes and enough time in this lifetime serving the kingdom outside of you, the kingdom of the world and the kingdom of mind which will bring up all kinds of questions you can play with. But remember, you are playing.

Whenever anything gets too heavy for you, remember that you are playing. You are being creative. Stop for a moment and allow the wonderful laughter, when you are laughing at yourself. Allow the wonderful laughter to come forth and to say, “Oh, there, I did it again. I was playing with all of the heaviness of the world, and I thought I had to solve it.”

Beloved one, there is a space in between thoughts where the heart can be felt and love can be known. These times are calling out for love. These times are calling out for love of self. It starts there, and it is not what you have been taught: that it is selfish. You have to be Selfish—with a capital “S”.

You have to love Self. You have to understand and say, “I am really happy with Self. I really like myself,” before you can like someone else. Because if you are not happy with yourself, you are not going to be happy with others, and you will judge them because you are judging yourself.

These times are asking for you to be centered in loving self, living in the heart, knowing the excitement and the joy of the heart and coming Home once again to the acceptance of self. That is so important.

If you could see yourselves the way I see you—and you can—you would see the loving heart. You would believe in yourself, and you would know that every decision you have ever made was a good one, because it has brought you to this place of knowing what works and what does not, what feels good and what does not. If you had never tried a different road, you would not know what was down that road, would you?

You have never made a wrong decision. You have made decisions, and they have gifted you. Sometimes you liked the gift, and sometimes you did not. You are wealthy because of all the choices you have made.

One of the most beautiful ways to stay connected with the heart is what I have been asking you to do for a while now: to take at least five minutes every morning to visualize the Christ of you, the loving self of you; five minutes of just breathing and believing in yourself. Yes, I know that in the beginning you are going to say, “Well, Jeshua, I’ve got too much to do. I have to figure out what to wear, and I have to figure out what I’m going to say to this person. I have to figure out how to get where I’m supposed to go for this meeting. And you know, I don’t have my homework finished.”

Take the five minutes just to breathe. Take the five minutes just to sit. If the mind has to be busy, find yourself a picture that you can look at. Let the eyes go soft and lose yourself in the picture.

Allow yourself to sit for five minutes and enjoy. If you like music, put on a piece of music for five minutes. Allow yourself to get outside of the world and inside yourself for five minutes every morning. And while you are there, speak to me. While you are there, listen, because I just might answer you.

This is a time when you will want to stay connected, when you will want to stay connected to each other. If you are going through something, reach out to other ones and say, “I’m really confused. I’m hurting. I don’t really understand what’s going on, and I don’t know how to be. What would you share with me?”

These are times of upheaval. That is because you are bringing about a New Age, as it is called, a new consciousness, a new way of looking at everything. And in order to do that, you have to have the upheaval of the old.

It is the same as when you are planting a garden. What do you do first? You upheave all of the soil. You make it so that you can plant new. You do not put the seeds on top of the weeds and grass, but you dig up the soil. You make a place for the new seeds to grow.

That is what is happening right now. Everything is being upheaved so that there can be a new planting, and the new planting is happening. The new shoots are coming forth, and you are the ones who are tending the new shoots, the new consciousness of acceptance of love.

It does not matter when you take your five minutes, fifteen, twenty minutes. Stay connected to the higher Self of you. Stay connected to the love Self of you. And the first thing that you do in that five minutes is to say, “I love myself,” because you are lovable.

You, you are lovable, and I love you. If you think that no one else loves you, remember that one Yeshu’a, one Jesus, however you want to call me, loves you with an everlasting love. It has been decreed from before time began and will exist beyond the purpose of time. Always and forever I love that which you are. Always and forever we are connected at the heart.

Stop, breathe, love.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) in expression through Judith



Yeshua from Jo Jayson 2

Pleiadian Starship Pi – Her Role in the Raising of Atlantis and the Sacred Island of Temples @ Golden Age of Gaia

Flowers in her hair with Molly R Chen females

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Pleiadian Starship Pi – Her Role in the Raising of Atlantis and the Sacred Island of Temples

UFO-mothership-333In my last article on Pleiadian Starship Pi published on Wednesday, I gave some details of the Disclosure World Cruise, together with some information on related activities of our Starship concerning the elimination of nuclear facilities and contamination from Gaia, and our plans for a Global Festival of Music to assist in the integration of the human Collective and their Star brothers and sisters, as we are all One.

Today, and on Sunday, I want to outline two further missions in which Starship Pi will be closely involved in the not too distant future. Both of these are events that have been predicted for a long time, and which are, in my humble opinion, two of the most significant and magnificent unfoldments scheduled to take place on this planet for many thousands of years. Perhaps the two greatest events ever.

The first of these, and the one I want to outline today, concerns the ancient prediction that Gaia’s lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis would one day rise again.  Lemuria was lost in the present Pacific ocean region some 26,000 years ago, and Atlantis followed in the wake of her ill-fated twin sinking below the Atlantic ocean around 13,000 years ago.

It is believed that the loss of Lemuria occurred following hostile actions by the Atlanteans, and that due to subsequent dark intent and misuse of their advanced technology the Atlanteans sealed their own fate and caused the demise of their homeland.

The stories of the former existence and the subsequent demise of these two continents have long been dismissed as legend by the Illuminati and those who have controlled this planet’s population for so long, and who – although aware of the history of these civilisations – have sought to suppress all knowledge of them. However, the facts surrounding these past events will be fully brought to light in the near future as the true history of Gaia emerges.

I have had ‘knowings’ – downloads – from about a year back in connection with the rise of these lost ‘twins’ of Gaia, especially about Atlantis with which my Sacred Union partner and I have had a long association. She was incarnate as a citizen of Atlantis not long before it fell and I at that time was a visitor to Atlantis from the Pleiades, my ‘forever’ Star home.

These downloads that I had relate to the role to be played by us and our Starship Pi in the raising once more of these lost continents – I like to think of the Pi and her sister Starships that will take part in this process as ‘Galactic midwives’ assisting sweet Gaia in the ‘rebirthing’ of her lost twins.

In order to better understand the role of my Sacred Union partner and I in the rise of Atlantis, and why it is so important to us, I will just touch on the events that brought us together again at that time and led to our ‘migration’ back to the Pleiades.

We are all Multidimensional Beings, and both my partner and I have an Intergalactic background, that of the “En Rah” heritage – a “proud and significant heritage” according to Archangel Michael. We both also have a great love for Gaia, and a long history of association with this planet. While we are both Intergalactics, we also have a close connection with the Pleiades. I am ‘forever Pleiadian’ and she would consider the Pleiades her ‘home’, although her ancestry is originally Andromedan.

At the time in question, I was visiting Gaia from the Pleiades and was working with St Germaine, with whom I have always been associated, in his Temple of the Violet Flame in Atlantis.

My Sacred Union partner, who was Atlantean in that incarnation, had been appointed as an Ambassador in Arts and Culture from Atlantis to the Pleiadian sector. There was at that time much in the way of trade, commerce and cultural exchange between Atlantis and many Star nations.

Here is Archangel Michael on that subject.

AAM: Now the Greeks – oh, many of the ancient civilisations, but do not forget – from Atlantis there was a great deal of Intergalactic trade, commerce, art, culture, back and forth. Much of that transformed and transmitted into the Hathors and into the Egyptians – which is also far more ancient than many suspect. (1)

And on the matter of her Ambassadorial appointment at that time.

AAM: Well, let us say as we are in this theme that there is a great deal of discussion about how your Star brothers and sisters during the time of Atlantis came to Earth and to the cities of Atlantis for trade, commerce, culture, art – exchange.

But what is not known, and what is not generally discussed, although there are some that truly know this, is that there were also a – not as many – but there were a series of ambassadors to other planets.

Now she was an ambassador – what you would think of as an ambassador in your current terms – an ambassador to the Pleiadian sector. She had a history with the Pleiadians – it is what she thinks of really in terms of ‘home’ very often, and so she was an ambassador to the Pleiadian sector, and what she was learning or bringing and experimenting with, trading with, was the use of culture for education.

So the Pleiadians were – and are – a civilisation where there was no clear cut delineation, as there had tended to be upon Earth at that time, between what people had thought of as culture – arts, music, poetry, philosophy – and education. Because it was a ‘free flow’ – children grow up or adults simply always continue to learn and expand. And so she was an ambassador to bring some of the arts and the beauty of the Atlantean’s culture, but it was an exchange, so that is what she did during that lifetime.

When Atlantis fell she was off planet, and so she remained off planet – for a very long time she did not return to Earth. That is why, dear heart, that you feel the necessity – the moral imperative – to be upon planet, firmly anchored, during this time of transition. (2)

We had previously been Sacred Union partners for eons, both on and off planet, but at that time we first met at a musical cultural event where she was a performer – a vocalist, if my memory serves me right – and I was in the audience. When I heard her voice I was captivated – lost! We met up after the performance and when we looked into each other’s eyes we knew – in that instant – that we had known each other previously, and we became an ‘item’ from that moment on.

I took her back on my Starship to the Pleiades for her to take up her ambassadorial role and we made our home there. Prior to leaving Atlantis, we attended Universal Mother Mary’s Sacred Blue-Domed Temple of the Divine Feminine, Wisdom and Truth for a Ceremony of Blessing, for we wished to have children of our union. I have a ‘vision-like’ memory of us leaving the Temple after the ceremony with our group of family and friends, and of my Beloved attired in a pure white Grecian style robe trimmed with gold.

Our life together in our Pleiadian home was blissfully happy, and from our union we brought forth a family of five daughters. Indeed, our five girls were determined to incarnate with us at this present time to be part of our missions and the Ascension process of Gaia and the Collective. For reasons that I won’t go into right now, my partner and I could not meet up in this life until last year, and so we arranged a ‘workaround’ for our five girls from our Pleiadian past to join us in this lifetime.

I married earlier and my wife and I had three daughters who are the eldest three of the five girls of my Sacred Union Partner and I from our Pleiadian time. She also married earlier in her life and had two daughters who are our two youngest from that time. So between us we have brought in our five girls from our Pleiadian lifetime. We both subsequently divorced and so we were free to meet up, as we did last year.

Here is Archangel Michael’s confirmation about our daughters.

Elias: I’ve had a very strong feeling recently that we had a Sacred Union family of five daughters after we left Atlantis and went to the Pleiadian sector, and that our five daughters have ‘travelled’ with us into this incarnation, namely my three and her two. I’m just wondering if you can comment on this, or tell me if I am ‘way out’ on feeling this.

AAM: You have been together in Atlantis and then you have migrated back – both of you – back to the Pleiades, and yes – you have had your five children, your five girls! That was an incredibly joyful life, and even though it was a time of the demise, shall we say, of the downfall – the beginning of the downfall – of the Atlantean civilization, it was a completely joyful time insofar as your Sacred Union.

But one of the things that you are doing, and one of the things that you have done many times in your Sacred Unions, is you have shown, demonstrated, been the embodiment of, how Beings from what looks like different backgrounds – different systems, different cultures – can come together in Sacred Union in harmony and co-creation, no matter what. And that is what you are doing right now.

And yes, your daughters are your daughters.

Elias: Sorry, could you just say that again …

AAM: Your five daughters … are your five daughters. (3)

I had the instinctive feeling that for a couple who have been in Sacred Union many times to bring in their whole family from a previous time is probably unusual. I asked Archangel Michael about this recently.

Elias: Although I’m sure that it is not uncommon – especially in these present times – for Sacred Union partners to meet up, is it unusual for a Sacred Union couple to bring in their children from a previous time, as she and I have done with our five daughters from our Pleiadian past?

AAM: Is it unusual that families who have chosen to incarnate upon the planet at this time are re-encountering one another? Let us just say that it is not commonplace, and it most certainly is not commonplace to have the entire retinue. It is not common that your daughters are actually with you both – so, is it unusual? Yes – highly. (4)

The only sad time that I recall in our Pleiadian lifetime was when we learned of the fall of Atlantis. I remember – like it was yesterday – holding my Beloved close when she shed bitter tears for the loss of her homeland – I can still feel the sensation of her warm tears running down my chest.

At that time as I comforted her, I made a prophetic statement to her. I told her that there would be a time way in the future when she would once again shed tears for her beloved Atlantis – but that on this future occasion they would be tears of joy for the restoration of her homeland.

Mid-Atlantic Ridge

The download – vision – that I have had some months ago is that we will be standing side by side on the Bridge of our Starship Pi which will be in position in mid ocean, over the region of the ‘mid Atlantic ridge’ – a presently submerged former mountain range from the continent of Atlantis, and an area that I have crossed over many times in this lifetime when I worked onboard the Cunard liner QE2 during her regular transatlantic voyages.

This vision that I have had is that our ship will be facing East in the early morning hours and that, as the sun rises over the horizon, her golden rays will illuminate the first mountain peak of the reborn Atlantis to break the surface of the ocean.

One might think, with good reason, that the rise of the submerged continent would result in massive ocean displacement with consequent catastrophic inundation of coastal regions of both Europe and the East coast of the United States of America – as indeed it would if it were not for the presence of many Starships of the Galactic Starfleet who, along with our Pi, will use the awesome technology at their disposal to prevent this from happening.

In my session with Archangel Michael on February 27 of this year, we were discussing the role of Starship Pi and her forthcoming Disclosure World Cruise, which I have outlined in my last article published on this site two days ago. During this discussion, which was centred on the elimination of nuclear issues, Archangel Michael made the following statement.

AAM: But there is still the question of nuclear waste, and yes, the transmutation … but let us also talk to you about something that you will be doing with your sweet Pi and crew. In the adjustments of Gaia – and you know that she has already ascended – but with the anchoring of many Cities of Light, and the … can we say, slight adjustments of coastlines … one of the things that you will be doing is ‘vacuuming up’ – not only water, but things that could be spilt, such as oil, so that it is held in safety while these slight adjustments take place and then deposited safely elsewhere.

Elias: A sort of ‘Galactic Hoover’!

AAM: That is it exactly – you will become the ‘Hoover man’! (5)

At the time of that discussion I did not question him about this statement that he made concerning “slight adjustment of coastlines” as he put it, or about the ‘vacuuming’ operation that he mentioned. However, I knew perfectly well what he meant by this – and that he was referring to the rise of the lost continent of Atlantis that I had envisioned earlier.

During my more recent session with Archangel Michael on September 30, just over a month ago now, I brought up this subject myself. Here is the relevant extract from the session transcript.

Elias: You mentioned in February when we were chatting, that in addition to planetary cleansing – especially that of removal of nuclear issues which is very near and dear to my heart – that we would be involved in what you termed a ‘vacuuming’ operation related to ‘slight adjustments of coastlines,’ as you put it.

For some time I’ve felt that we would take part – along no doubt with many other similar Starships of the Galactic Fleet – in some terraforming operations related to the restoration of Lemuria and Atlantis which would require control of otherwise destructive ocean displacement, which I suspect is what you were referring to as our role in the adjustment of coastlines. Any comments on that?

AAM: You have perceived this correctly, my friend. One of the – incomplete, shall we say – understandings of the human race is their belief that, for example, that Atlantis cannot rise without creating such wide coastal displacement and the placement of water upon, shall we say, the North American East Coast. But that is not . . . that is short-sighted, let us put it that way, and what will happen is that there will be an uptake – using Galactic technology – of the water, so that Atlantis rises again without displacement.

Now Atlantis has been rising since years ago when this channel began the activation of the Mother Crystal – of the Generator Crystal – so it has been rising quite rapidly actually for at least over a decade. But it has not caused significant displacement because we have been doing this – vacuuming as she would call it – effort.

But there will be a greater effort and then a dispersement of what you can think of as vapour. Now, there are many would say, “Oh, but salt water would kill vegetation” and again there is an incomplete understanding of the science that is available. It is not a criticism. It is simply a fact. So yes, you will be involved in this.

Elias: Right, yes. I also feel that for my Sacred Union partner to be involved in – or at least to witness – the restoration of her former beloved homeland of Atlantis before we left for the Pleiades is important to her. On September 28th last year you told her that as she was off planet at the time of the fall of Atlantis, she feels the necessity – the moral imperative – to be on planet firmly anchored during this time of transition, so is that something that she will be able to be involved in?

AAM: She will be fully participating in this activity. There are many – in comparison to the full populace, a very small group – but there are many who will be overjoyed.

Please do not forget that with the return of Atlantis also comes the return of the Temples. And the Temples that have been so near and dear to so many of you. So yes, there will be those that will rush to Atlantis to . . . simply reclaim this place that has been so precious to so many of you.

And yes, your partner will be part of this – there would be no keeping her away!

Elias: Yes, I feel that Pi might perhaps have a particular role in the raising of the Sacred Island of Temples or that part of Atlantis that contains the Temples.

AAM: Yes. Because it is near and dear to you as well, my friend.

Elias: Indeed. I do have memories of us leaving the Blue Domed Temple after a ceremony, and I would certainly look forward to being able to attend, shall we say, a re-dedication of the Temple and of St Germaine’s Temple of the Violet Flame.

AAM: You will be there. You will be there with bells on, I think is your expression. (6)

So once again Archangel Michael has provided full validation of my downloads – my visions – for this event.

No doubt there will be a similar operation taking place at some stage over the Pacific ocean region and also involving many ships of the Galactic Starfleet, but our Starship Pi will take part in the raising of Atlantis because of our previous very close association with this land.

However, I understand that the Pi alone will have the honour and privilege of dealing with the rise of the Sacred Island of Temples, because of our close personal connection with these Temples.

I recall from my actual memories of this time when we were together in the Temple area of Atlantis, how I loved the warm climate there – very similar to the climate that I enjoyed between 1985 and 1989 when I was working on the cruise ships of the Cunard line that plied the Caribbean routes.

It is my understanding that this submerged Sacred Temple site presently lies on the seabed somewhere between the southern tip of Florida and the north coast of Cuba, and that we will position the Pi over this area to control the ocean displacement associated with the rise of this island.

During the Cuban missile crisis of October 1962, there was a stand-off between U.S. President Kennedy and Soviet Union President Khrushchev over the placement by the Russians of ICBM’s in Cuba – which led the world to the brink of global thermonuclear war.

At that time, the U.S. Navy had a number of nuclear submarines stationed in the area off the north coast of Cuba, and it is said that the sonar of these vessels detected extensive seabed ‘man-made’ structures, including buildings and pyramids. These are very likely part of this Atlantean Temple site. Needless to say, these findings were classified and never made public – the reports came to light in recent years from ‘whistleblowers’ who were crew members of the Navy submarines involved at the time.

Map showing location of supposed ancient city discovered by Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki.

More recently there have been reports of underwater pyramidal and other structures discovered off the western tip of Cuba (herehere and here) and also in the Bermuda Triangle region, though these reported discoveries have yet to be independently verified.

This forthcoming mission involving the safe restoration of these two lost continents, utilising the advanced technology of the Galactic Starfleet is, to my mind, one of the most monumental events due to take place in the history of Gaia. All of us who are to be involved look forward with a sense of awe, mingled with great joy, to accomplishing these tasks in the fulfilment of the ancient prophesies and the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan for the restoration of this magnificent planet.

There remains, however, a further truly awesome mission in which our Starship Pi is to play a role. A mission involving an event which has been foretold for nearly 2,000 years, and which will perhaps be remembered for all time as the most significant and momentous event ever to unfold upon this planet.

This will be the subject of my next article concerning the visionary downloads that I have had in foreseeing this event.

Elias on Terra En Rah

Commander, Pleiadian Starship Pi


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon on September 28, 2014.

(2) Loc. Cit.

(3) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Elias through Linda Dillon on February 27, 2015.

(4) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Elias through Linda Dillon on September 30, 2015.

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Flowers in her hair with Molly R Chen females

Goddesses—The Protectors of GAIA @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Goddesses, The Protectors of GAIA ~ Upcoming Webinar Series


Goddesses—The Protectors of GAIA

The Arcturians

We the Arcturians are neither male nor female. Rather, we are the integration of male and female. We are initiating the “Goddesses Ascending GAIA” event to redefine the term “Goddess” to include the term “Protectors.” In this manner, the female “Goddesses for Gaia” can integrate their male components of protector, and the male “Protectors of Gaia” can integrate their female components of goddess.

Gaia’s humans can NOW release their third dimensional gender roles to remember their myriad incarnations in which they served Gaia either as a female or a male. Igniting the memory of how you served as Gaia’s Protector Goddess will greatly assist in living your daily lives on a planet that on the cusp of transmutation into the fifth dimension.

Both women and men have always served Gaia. Hence, when we say “Goddesses,” we mean the protectors of the planet who hold the goddess energy within their bodies. This “planetary goddess energy” expands your personal perceptions to include your planetary perception. Thus, you will perceive your reality from the viewpoint of being ONE with ALL of Earth.

Gaia has been identified and thought of as a female energy field because she is the Great Mother, who has the power of birth and creation. We are now asking that all our Goddesses/Protectors of Gaia to recognize and expand your own innate power of creation, as well as giving birth to that creation.

It is the NOW in which we ask that you merge the separation of genders because beloved Gaia is transmuting Her body into a higher frequency. Therefore, She needs YOUR help to release the polarities of the third dimension, by transmuting them into the Unity of the fifth dimension and beyond. Gaia needs your creative thinking as well as your ability to “give birth” to these creative concepts in your physical reality.

Gaia is calling on Her Protectors to assist Her in healing the darkness that weighs heavy on Her planetary body. Therefore, Gaia asks that you cease the prejudice and disputes between male and female Goddesses that were actually forced on Her planet by the beings of darkness.

When each of her Goddesses, not matter what gender of form they wear in this incarnation, release their own inner darkness and transmute it with the Violet Fire, they serve to assist Gaia to release and transmute the darkness that has accumulated on Her form since the closing cycles of Atlantis.

As you, the protectors of Gaia, use the power you have always had, the power of creation, the power of birth, you can assist your Great Mother to create and birth Her fifth dimensional expression of Earth. To assist you with this process, we offer the webinar series “Goddesses Ascending GAIA.”

Click Here to Sign Up or Learn More about the Course

In 4 sessions, we will:

1.) Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Recover memories of your own innate wisdom, power, and love so that you can use the all-knowing Mother Gaia to reignite your innate, inner goddess energy

Remember the qualities of the Goddess by taking you back to the Goddess Temples on Venus and the Pleiades where the Goddess is strong, confident, creative, and nurturing.

Meditations: A trip to Venus. A journey to the Pleiades

2.) Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Discussing and remembering how to display the Goddess energy in your every day life

We will assist you to reveal how the Goddess is within you because YOU are the Goddess. Once you find the Goddess within yourself, you are called upon to project that Goddess energy out into your world.

Meditations: Finding the Goddess within. Projecting out your inner Goddess.

3.) Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How to use the Goddess Power of unconditional forgiveness, unconditional acceptance, and unconditional love to disallow victimization of your life

Unconditional forgiveness, unconditional love, and unconditional acceptance are the tools used by ascending masters to rid themselves of all third dimensional illusions so that they could flash into Lightbody. However, in this NOW, you are taking Gaia with you!

Meditations: Perceiving/feeling/ projecting

Unconditional forgiveness

Unconditional acceptance

Unconditional love

You can only perceive, feel or project what you can imagine inside of your SELF.

4.) Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Realigning your self-image from being one person to being ONE who is in daily service to the Great Mother – planet Earth

When your Goddess energy is no longer trapped within your 3D vessel, you will naturally move into the higher states of consciousness, which are needed to actively participate in your own ascension.

Your expanded states of consciousness will also expand your ability to “heal Gaia” by unleashing the great creativity within YOU to work as ONE to “Birth New Earth.”

All the plants, animals, insects, fish are ready to transmute. It is ONLY humanity that is delaying Gaia’s return to Her/Your, true fifth dimensional expression.

Meditations—to be determined within that NOW

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Evolving and Healing Your Heart Chakra – Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

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ART : Anna Dittmann


Evolving and Healing Your Heart Chakra

by Archangel Raphael

Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 30th October 2015 – Original Source Sacred School of OmNa

Your Heart Chakra is a space of profound blessings, the truth of the Creator and encourages you to experience the deepest vibration of love you are willing to accept and experience from the Creator. Your Heart Chakra creates a mirror to demonstrate to you who you really are as a sacred soul and the truth of the Creator that is available to you to share upon the Earth. When working with and accepting your Heart Chakra there is a need to realise that it will reveal to you many aspects of yourself, your most powerful and expressive love, your deepest and most painful wounds and an ability to feel as if you are touching, sensing, embodying and experiencing the Creator. Your Heart Chakra is a powerful tool which demonstrates to you the many aspects and qualities of your being as a physical and spiritual being. We can recognise the Heart Chakra as a bridge between the inner planes and the p hysical Earth, every dimension between these levels can be experienced fully through the Heart Chakra. It is true that any energy or aspect of the Creator can be drawn from the Heart Chakra to be fully experienced especially at a physical level; experience is the greatest gift and lesson of the physical level or Earth. It is time to embrace the experiences that the Heart Chakra can convey in order to gain a deeper remembrance and recognition of the Creator.

While your Heart Chakra can demonstrate to you the physical and spiritual aspects of your being, the Heart Chakra of the Creator also known as the Cosmic Heart can convey to you all that is the Creator sharing this with those who are willing to receive. The greatest lesson that your own Heart Chakra and the Heart Chakra of the Creator invite you to experience is your ability to receive from your Heart Chakra the wealth of wisdom, light, love and knowledge it has to share. To receive and accept your own Heart Chakra allows you to receive and accept the Heart Chakras of those around you, as well as receiving and accepting the Heart Chakra of the Creator. With the action of receiving and accepting you begin to allow yourself to exist in the divine flow of the Creator, to be present in every moment and to realise your power. Everything will flow with ease and perfection allowing life upon the Earth to be experienced as a deep seated joy and process of fulfilment. Through the process of acceptance and receiving you may realise that your Heart Chakra is a reflection of the Heart Chakra of the Creator with the opportunity in this lifetime to become a greater and fuller reflection, embodiment and expression of the Heart Chakra of the Creator……………….

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Master Saint Germain ~ The Divine Human Blueprint – Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

 art Heart by Luisa Villavicencio fine art america
ART :  Heart – by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America

Master Saint Germain ~ The Divine Human Blueprint

October 30, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont

Greetings in the most refined moment of this Ascension journey. Why AM I calling this moment the most refined moment of all is because you are ingraining yourselves into your Selves as well as ingraining the union with your Sacred partners and parts of Self.

Yes the unification of the Divine Human Blueprint has begun to stream more rapidly within your minds, your world and realities because a grand momentum of exponential degree is there to be enhanced through and by your Beings of Love radiance. Your furniture has somehow been replaced by new ones and you are stepping forth into a new world now while assimilating the Divine Templates of transformation, elevation, resurrection, Divine unity and immortality.

All these templates will sort of define who you are in this now and start to elevate your consciousness into a myriad of Rays and Stellar bursts of all proportions. Keep in mind that you are now in the midst of the greatest changeover ever and that your humility is key! You are finding yourselves being more humble towards another, perhaps even aware of what all sorts of intelligences are going through. And although all of you have different characters and ways to see and define things in your life, you are all in the midst of the same happenings which implies for all to be the greatest changeover ever.

From Human Beings on this Earth you have now transformed yourselves into Divine Human Beings simply by Self realization. It all started by awakening the heart and by becoming aware of who you all are beyond the human shell, and now at least are you walking with this knowing in much more confidence then ever. You are now called the Divine Human Beings on Terra, those Masters who are awakening their Divine potential in new ways and forms of reality.

Thanks to the final shifts which have taken place right in front of you and in the midst of your heart, during the blood moon gateways as well as the final breath of the equinox portal, you have now entered the new Era and Terra participating consciously and gazing upon the first streams of Light which color the gateways around your auras into new frequencies and quality of Divine nature.

This Self realization has truly marked the beginning of the old leaving your lower bodies and layers of Self, and has brought about much refinement within you to now boldly bring out like a toddler on new grounds finding his way and balance in this all. As toddlers you have played and examined the first given abilities to you, which initially came forth as an awakening from within. Now you have become grown ups, marching through the facets of puberty where a rebellion phase could possibly be experienced or has been experienced.

As you grow up in your new ways of understanding, you come to realize that all you see and experience in life are in fact facets of the Self searching to unify with all that you are. So you elevate yourself out of the duality program of deception, control and fear as well as the inclination to fight for things and oppose certain facets. You simply have gotten the moment of clarity that comes about, of being All at all times. And thus you continue your march with less opposing, more Self and unity.

This awareness, dear ones, is the greatest gift you can offer yourself and accept ! Because it is the key of liberation and transcendence. You now mark and decide, on a very conscious level, what you take with you in your new life and experiences and what not.

Your Divine Human Blueprint and DNA have transformed already to a certain level and continues to do so. This brings forth the crystalline foundation within your vehicles as vibration matches vibration through the law of resonance. Realize for a moment of your time that all that comes to define you in this moment is all that you are and think from this moment on. Change your perceptions and you shift yourself into another reality.

The Divine Human Blueprint is now anchoring on Earth by and through you, to enable the birth of the 6th Dimensional consciousness for the Collective, through time and space in the ethers and foundation of Terra. Yes, you indeed are continuing to expand from one moment to another and so are you moving from one reality to another in no time. Yet the many foundations that have been on your planet for so long, have become weak and some of these are breaking down as we speak. The end of that format has been clear for all to see and so this awakens many Beings on your Earth and stimulates each to perform from their own Divine Heart and make something new and fantastic.

You are what you think and you think what you are. It is one and the same in that sense that you are always that which matches your current vibration. Be nothing else than yourself on all levels and let that be the result in all the threads through life and within all that you bring to life. You are the force from within you and you are all that needs to be.

At present Earth is rising her frequency up to a 9th and 10th dimensional ethereal frequency. She is raising her consciousness with you from a Planetary reality to a Solar reality and even taking her first little steps into the early levels of intergalactic vibration which will bring about a more Cosmic vibration and intergalactic lineage on your Earth. These are all vibrations taking you a few notches higher seeding new areas of expertise as well as new councils and groups.

As you will enter over time in a more Galactic and intergalactic Dimension all will be in order with Divine intention as well as a resurrection through the full embodiment and alignment with the Galactic and intergalactic planes. But let me be clear when I say that time is non existent in this realm and that all is already abiding within you in an ethereal vibration. You are coming closer and closer to the full embodiment of that moment and all plays at heart. The embodiment of that is the manifestation on your New Earth, and nothing else.

So my dear Divine Human friends, let us begin this unification of your natural Selves as seen as the Feminine aspects and the Masculine aspects within the heart of Shamballah, the grounds of this New Earth Template, and within all that you are on this plane. You are destined to be who you are and nothing else that is beyond your knowing.

We celebrate this moment with you and we are in unification with you.

I AM that I AM,

in loving companionship and grace

Saint Germain

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art Heart by Luisa Villavicencio fine art america

Pleiadian Starship Pi Disclosure World Cruise – Operation Pi in the Sky @ Golden Age of Gaia

zaya saikhan sambuu music
ART : Zaya Saikhan Sambuu    
Pleiadian Starship Pi Disclosure World Cruise – Operation Pi in the Sky

UFO-mothership-333Following on from the last article giving some of the history and details of our Pleiadian Explorer/Science/All Purpose Starship Pi, I would like to proceed to giving some information about our forthcoming missions on this beautiful planet of ours, sweet Gaia.

This sentient Starship, all 1.1 km (0.68 miles) of her, is presently based on her mothership Neptune, the flagship of the Pleiadian Starfleet currently stationed in our solar system for the Ascension process.

It is my understanding that the Pi has been ‘docked’ on the Neptune during the period since I left her to take on this 3D human incarnation. She has during this time been undergoing a ‘refit’ in preparation for her role in her Disclosure World Cruise, or Operation Pi in the Sky, as I have named it!

The mothership Neptune is quite a large vessel by our terrestrial standards, but relatively small compared to some motherships which may be several thousand kilometres in size. Allow me to digress for a moment in order to relate an amusing incident from last year in connection with the size of the Neptune.

Neptune is commanded by Ashira, who is my Galactic cousin and is the son of Grener, the former Commander of Neptune and currently the President of the Intergalactic Council. Ashira’s Twin Flame is Linda Dillon, our channel for Golden Age of Gaia, so we are all ‘family’.

Earlier last year during a Skype chat with Linda, I asked her if she had any idea of the size of the Neptune. Her answer was, “I believe the Neptune is about 8 miles long and about 3 miles wide but deep – many layers.

Linda spends many of her nights aboard the Neptune, just as I do on the Pi – but unlike me, she remembers her visits! This extract from the Heavenly Blessings episode with Commander Ashira dated March 18 2014, is Linda’s own account of what followed.

I have a funny story that I was thinking of this morning. We have a dear friend  who helps us with our transcripts.  I guess we were talking a couple of weeks ago about the Neptune and he asked me about the size.

I said, “Oh I think its about eight miles long.”   And so the other night I’m home, and Ashira says to me on deck, “So, what did you do with the other twenty?” And I said, “What?” And he said, “Yeah, you know – the other twenty miles of the ship!”

And so I was corrected! We’re talking about twenty-eight miles long, but you see a lot of that outer perimeter is like a Space Port where ships are stored and where things are happening.  There’s gardens and stuff and storage, and I don’t tend to think of that necessarily as part of the ship! But I needed to share that with our friends because, you know you talk to me about size and how wide, how long – I obviously really miscalculated in that case! I thought we’d get a kick out of that.

But that’s the kind of dry humour – you know, everybody got a chuckle out of it! But their humour is never cutting, its never demeaning, there is such a level of respect and an honouring of – not only individual – but individual differences as well, that’s it’s a delight to be there. And I know that many of you are already there – you just don’t remember it – because if you did you might be tempted not to come home. (1)

So, since Neptune is about 28 miles in length (45 km) I reckon she would be able to accommodate perhaps 10 to 12 Starships like our Pi in docking bays down each side.

An ‘All Purpose’ Starship such as our Pi can be adapted for specific missions as necessary. For example, during the Sirian Migrations in which my Sacred Union partner and I took part, we brought – amongst other species – whales and dolphins to Gaia. Clearly, her ‘cargo holds’ would have to have been adapted as large tanks to hold sea water to accommodate these cetaceans for the journey from the Sirius star system to Gaia.

One ‘visual download’ that I have had in connection with the forthcoming Disclosure World Cruise of Starship Pi is that she has been fitted with a magnificent Concert Hall located at the stern of the ship. I can visualise this Concert Hall as if I was in it yesterday – which I may well have been, since I am up on the Neptune and my Pi most nights during my sleeping hours! During my session with him on February 27 2015, Archangel Michael said this, “And you know, Dear Heart, you go to the Neptune – and certainly on the Pi – Oh, many many nights.” But more on the relevance of this Concert Hall later.

In this life, as in so many of my previous incarnations both on and off planet, I have been a Healer – a Physician this time, though I retired from this profession in 2010. Much of my time has been spent at sea – initially in the British Navy and subsequently as a ‘Ship’s Doctor’ with the Cunard Passenger Shipping Line.


For eight years from 1990 to 1997 I was Principal Medical Officer aboard the Cunard Line’s then flagship, the QE2 – though this vessel was retired in November 2008 and has remained ‘laid up’ in Dubai after plans to convert her to a floating hotel were shelved.

It was no coincidence that I spent much of my professional life at sea. It was in many ways a preparation for the forthcoming Disclosure World Cruise mission of Starship Pi. Here is an exchange I had with Archangel Michael during my session with him on February 27.

Elias: Coming now to forthcoming missions. I believe our first mission is going to be that of Disclosure, and I had assumed originally that a small team would be travelling to the Neptune to get photographic, video, interview evidence for distribution to the mass media.

But when you mentioned last September that I’d been the Commander of the Starship Pi, based on the Neptune and that we were all crew members, I began to get the feeling that perhaps our Disclosure mission might be a bit more proactive, and that we might even be bringing Starship Pi to show her around the planet to uh … rather like when I worked with the Cunard Line, we used to do an annual World Cruise on the ship – the QE2 – and it occurred to me a good way to display the ship to the Collective would be our own Starship Pi World Cruise.

AAM: Your journey with Cunard was a very apt preparation. You love being on board ships!

Elias: You can say that again!

AAM: (Laughing) And it does not matter whether it is travelling the Multiverse or the skies – the ocean of the sky or the ocean of Gaia – you adore being on ships! And it is the fluidity, it is the flexibility, it is the sense of adventure! When I say to you, Dear Heart, you are an Adventurer – yes, you are a Healer and a Physician, and you pretty much always have been – but in that you have always managed to create your sense of adventure!

When you were working in Sirius and you were working with the Migrations, and often you would heal those who had come through and you would … prepare, shall we say, or sometimes heal the animals that were preparing for migration as well – and when we say ‘heal’ we mean attune them so that their journeys would be healthy. But even in that you created such an adventure!

So, is part of Disclosure – to answer your question, my beloved friend – is part of Disclosure not the grand governmental political Disclosure? As we have said, there is not the political will at this time. Will there be a World Cruise with the Pi? Oh yes, there will be! (2)

Initially, the task of the Disclosure Team will be to relocate to the Neptune and liaise there with our onboard Star brothers and sisters in an ‘education’ campaign to acquaint the human Collective with the presence of the Galactics in the solar system and of extraterrestrial life throughout the Multiverse. This is likely to be effected through much publicity via the mass media, with documentary programs, interviews etc in which we from the Disclosure Team and the crew of Starship Pi will play a prominent part.

The fact that we – and many, if not all, of the crew of Starship Pi – have actually been living normal lives on the planet prior to this Disclosure voyage is an essential part of demonstrating to the Collective that we are all One . . . that we are not some remote higher dimensional Galactic Beings, but just as human as everyone else on the planet.

We know from our own experience well enough what it means to work hard to make a living, to struggle to put food on the table for our kids, to go through the pain of separation and divorce, to live in poverty, to be homeless. We’ve been there – done it all. I think of it as giving us ‘street cred’ with the Collective!

I envisage this process as taking perhaps a few months and it is essential in order to introduce, not only the Galactics as a whole, but in particular the Starship Pi and her crew. This will ensure that when we bring our Pi down to the planet for her World Cruise – Operation Pi in the Sky – we will be eagerly anticipated and welcomed by the Collective as the ‘real life’ Star Trek beings that we are, and not generating fear by being perceived as malign invading extraterrestrials intent on conquest and causing planetary mayhem as has so often been portrayed in the movies and by the mass media ‘entertainment’ industry.

Indeed, the Star Trek series was a ‘channelled’ program based loosely on Starship Pi and her crew for just this purpose – to prepare the Collective for our arrival for our World Cruise. Here is Ashira of the Neptune explaining this to Suzi Maresca in Heavenly Blessings in March 2014.

Star Trek Holodeck

Suzi: Are there animals on ships? You have gardens – are there physical features like on Earth? Like mountains?

Ashira: Yes. Well, not mountains. We can’t quite manage the mountains! But we do have, what you would experience as holographic. But then again very often, if we wish to experience mountains then we would come and visit. But we do have holographic forms of entertainment where we can basically be on the top of a mountain, or at the bottom of the ocean – so dear Suzi, you could come and swim with your whales!

Suzi: Oh, yay! So the Holodeck in Star Trek was not really far from the truth.

Ashira: Oh no, that entire program was channelled – it was a forerunner to get people ready to have these concepts. (3)

So, once we reach the stage where we can be accepted by the Collective, we will be ready to embark on this Disclosure World Cruise with Starship Pi.

We will be bringing the Pi down to Gaia with the intention of taking her around the planet and displaying her over all the major population centres in each continent, thus allowing the maximum number of the Collective to see her with their own eyes, although no doubt we will have full mass media coverage every inch of the way!

It is my understanding that the last occasion that Starship Pi was seen in the atmosphere of Gaia was shortly before the fall of Atlantis when I left at that time with my Sacred Union partner to take her back to the Pleiadian sector. My partner had, at that time, been appointed as Atlantean Ambassador to the Pleiadian Sector in Arts and Culture. We made our home in the Pleiades where we had a family of five daughters, and we did not return after the fall of Atlantis for a long time.

In addition to this global display of our Starship, we have plans for some other activities during this World Cruise.

I have a personal horror of nuclear technology and nuclear warfare dating back to my involvement in the Galactic Wars – yes, memories do indeed run deep!

It is my intention to commence the World Cruise of Starship Pi in Japan by placing her over Fukushima and dematerialising – transmuting – this ghastly mess caused by the Cabal, or the ‘Recalcitrant Ones’ as our Celestial and Galactic families encourage us now to refer to them. And from there to ‘take out’ every nuclear monstrosity – warheads, power stations, nuclear waste dumps, Chernobyl – the whole nine yards – as we progress around the planet.

I discussed this topic with Archangel Michael in February 2015 as follows.

Elias: I also get the feeling that we might be using the awesome power of the Pi to assist with Gaia’s cleansing. And as you may know, I personally have an abhorrence of nuclear weapons and this sort of thing. I’ve always felt since my awakening that I would enjoy taking part in removing these, dematerialising them from Gaia. Any comments on that?

AAM: Yes, and in many ways, most of the … unbeknownst to many humans, by the way … but most of the nuclear weapons have been deactivated. They would not work even if they tried!

But there is still the question of nuclear waste, and yes, the transmutation … but let us also talk to you about something that you will be doing with your sweet Pi and crew. In the adjustments of Gaia – and you know that she has already ascended – but with the anchoring of many Cities of Light, and the … can we say, slight adjustments of coastlines … one of the things that you will be doing is ‘vacuuming up’ – not only water, but things that could be spilt, such as oil, so that it is held in safety while these slight adjustments take place and then deposited safely elsewhere.

Elias: A sort of ‘Galactic Hoover’!

AAM: That is it exactly – you will become the ‘Hoover man’!


Elias: I would dearly love to be able to use the power of the Pi to clear up that Fukushima mess – any chance of that?

AAM: Yes, that is exactly the type of clean-up we are talking about.

Elias: I would dearly love to do that particular job. I once visited the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima and that’s left an indelible memory on me. I would love to be able to replace the Fukushima mess with a similar Memorial Park.

AAM: For you – for any Being who is sensitive, but particularly for you – who has seen the Intergalactic Wars, and who is Pleiadian through and through, the idea of war of that magnitude – Hiroshima – is so abhorrent that it is beyond measure, and so that is part of it – it reminded you, and does remind you, of the annihilation that took place during the Intergalactic Wars and the devastation of whole planets and civilisations. And so it is an issue – this nuclear issue – is something that is very near and dear to your heart. (4)

In that extract Archangel Michael mentions “slight adjustment of coastlines” and a “vacuuming up” operation. This refers to another major operation that Starship Pi will take part in, and will be covered in another of these articles.

The main purpose of the Disclosure World Cruise of our Starship Pi is to finally dispel any doubts that the Collective might have about the existence of their Galactic family. After all, nobody will be able to dismiss the presence in full uncloaked view of a Pleiadian Starship 1.1 km – nearly three-quarters of a mile – in size, and pass it off as a ‘weather balloon’! Additionally, we will demonstrate that the Galactics come in peace and as equals to the Collective of this planet.

I mentioned earlier that Starship Pi has been provided with a magnificent Concert Hall during her ‘refit’ stay in her ‘dry dock’ on the Neptune. This will be used in connection with a subsidiary – though very important – aspect of her World Cruise.

Although in this incarnation I do not play any musical instrument, nor read a note of music, I have always had a very deep love of music at ‘soul level’ and I know that in fact my higher dimensional Self is deeply involved with music both as an instrumental performer and orchestral conductor. I elected not to bring any of these abilities into this present incarnation as it would have been too distracting – as a professional musician one needs to spend many hours per day in practice and this would have interfered with my primary mission. I also know that Ellisa, my Twin Flame, and my Sacred Union partner are equally involved in music in the higher dimensions.

However, following our ‘dimensional upgrade’ that my partner and I will need to undergo in order to be able to function in our capacities as crew of a Starship, we will have these musical abilities restored.

As part of our World Cruise, we will also be involved in a Global Festival of Music as part of our Bridging Mission to integrate the Galactics and the human Collective. I see this as a joint operation between Galactic musicians and those of the terrestrial Collective performing together as equals.

When I first had the ‘visual download’ of this onboard Concert Hall, I thought of it as being on the Neptune (it was before Archangel Michael gave us the details of Starship Pi). I envisioned this Festival of Music as being perhaps partly on Gaia and partly on the Neptune. Indeed, even after we were given the details of Starship Pi, I continued to think of musical events being held on the Neptune. However, Archangel Michael put me right on this assumption when Steve asked him about it on my behalf on April 24 of this year.

Steve: Elias feels that he and Ellisa will be involved in the organisation of a Festival of Music to be held on board the Neptune with the intention of bringing the Collective and their Star brothers and sisters closer together and involving musicians from the Collective and the Galactics performing together. Any comments on this?

Musikverein Golden Hall in Vienna

Archangel Michael: It is highly unlikely that such a … occasion will take place on board the Neptune, because the entire purpose is to anchor this energy upon planet, so think of the same plan, dear Elias, only think of it in some of the largest Halls in the United States, or England or around the world. (5)

It was only then that I realised that the vision I had had of this magnificent Concert Hall on the ship was actually on our Starship Pi and that we would have performances both on the ship as well as those in terrestrial Concert Halls around the world.

In a further communication to me on September 30 2015, actually in connection with another of my projects involving music, Archangel Michael explained how music and sound act as universal healers and unifiers amongst all Beings.

AAM: And you also know within your human Self – your Intergalactic Self, your very Soul – that music is a form of Healing. And that the unification factor of music – of sound in and amongst all Beings, not simply Gaians, but all Beings – it is one of the strongest unifiers there is because the heart opens, it flourishes, it embraces, it blossoms, it accepts, it renews. So yes, Dear Heart, this project is not only dear to you, but very dear to me as well. (6)

I may say that I, and every one of the crew of our beloved Starship Pi, of which we are so proud, are looking forward to Operation Pi in the Sky and we feel a great sense of honour and privilege at having been assigned this momentous mission.

Indeed, we can hardly wait!

Elias on Terra En Rah

Commander, Pleiadian Starship Pi


(1) Heavenly Blessings – Commander Ashira on Galactic Life – #2 in a Series. March 18, 2014

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Elias through Linda Dillon on February 27, 2015.

(3) Heavenly Blessings – Commander Ashira on Galactic Life – #2 in a Series. March 18, 2014

(4) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Elias through Linda Dillon on February 27, 2015.

(5) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon on April 24, 2015.

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