Universal Mother Mary Brings Forth Yet Another Gifting Session of Her Blue Diamond @ Council of Love

Art Mary Unveiled by Mary Angelico and Saleena Ki

Art : Mary Unveiled by Mary Angelico and Saleena Ki


Heavenly Blessings: Transcript ~ Universal Mother Mary Brings Forth Yet Another Gifting Session of Her Blue Diamond

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“You are ready and, beloved, all of you, my family, we are ready. So take my Blue Diamond and use it. I will not even say, ‘Spend it wisely.’ Spend it however you choose, but use it! It is currency. It is Love.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ October 6, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: It looks like our friends on the Neptune have some encouraging things to share with us, and I for one am in need of that. Actually, many of the Council are lining up to have a word. Linda and I have been sharing our griping and ranting stories for half an hour now, and finally, Universal Mother Mary Herself is stepping forward to speak. Good morning, Linda!

Linda: Good morning, Suzi, and good morning to everybody out there listening, and those who are going to listen and those who are listening and don’t even know they’re listening! [Laughter] So good morning everybody. Welcome world!

Suzi: Welcome world, exactly! So our theme today seems to be “Waaaaa!”

Linda: Well, it seems to be “Waaaaa!” and it seems to be “When?”… that eternal question of “When?” And as you well know, Suzi, because you have been listening to me for the last half an hour or so, we’ve had all these incredible channellings and gifts of late that have been gifted, not only to us and to our listeners and to this circle, but to humanity.

I think our question is, “Why hasn’t the shift, or what we are sensing as the shift, not only on the spiritual level but in what we would call the tangible or the 3D level – why aren’t we seeing more?”

We had this amazing channelling from Albert Einstein during the recent Joy! workshop at my house a few weeks ago which, to me, is like a piece of seminal work. I haven’t had this sense of an “Aha!” moment of brilliance since he came in years ago and explained what the dimensions were all about. Rather than time and space, he defined them in terms of qualities and what happens in those dimensions and why we have those dimensions.

Well, he gave a very long channelling which is on video – a really pretty video done by Chris Mariotti which is just gorgeous! This channelling talks about how everything, not just us and Gaia and this planet and this galaxy, but how absolutely everything is patterned on the Divine Mother. And that is like a huge “Aha!”

And then he tied it in to chakras and white holes and black holes and the functionality of various dimensions. It’s an amazing piece of work and if you haven’t listened to it, I would really encourage you to do so because it’s one of those “Aha!” moments.

So we’ve had that, and also on last Saturday’s Conference Call the Mother came back again and re-gifted us with her Blue Diamond – and maybe we’ll do that this morning as part of the meditation because that seems to be part of the theme.

But it just feels like even though we see very encouraging signs… so I can’t be grumpy – oh, but I want to! [Laughter] No, I really don’t, but it’s like I’m waiting for that… I don’t know… the 100th Monkey. I’m waiting for it to click in and I’m looking around and I’m still seeing the absurdity.

I can’t call it anything else… the absurdity of politics, that there’s still war and mayhem raging in the Middle East; I’m seeing Syrian refugees running for their lives and people closing down borders rather than welcoming them with compassion, although we’re also seeing the flip side of people welcoming these refugees with compassion.

So I think we’re sort of in that “pause moment”. The energy has been very intense, and in some ways it feels smoother, like it’s not the rough seas but it’s still a really big sea. It’s a feeling like waiting… And I’m not sort of waiting for Christmas morning; in some ways it feels more like “Waiting for Godot,” [laughter] not knowing “if/when/how” things are going to evolve.

And I also know that we don’t need to know. This is our human obsession: “We want to know; we want to know.” We are info-maniacs wanting to know everything. But I’m just saying I’d like to know a little bit more; I want to do it, I want to witness it and be part of it more in the human realm.

Whereas I think, Suzi – I’m going to invite you to rant and rave – you’re on the other end. While I’m saying I’m waiting for the humans to take all the gifts, all the energies, all the frequencies and for us to implode-explode and really be Gaians, you’re at the other end feeling like, “Where’s the Company of Heaven in all of this?”

Suzi: Well yes, I am. Honestly, there’s been so many times when I felt before, “How much more of a squeeze can we take? We’ve got to be close. It’s so difficult,” but it just keeps getting more intense.

My m.o. [modus operandi] has been to just keep doing what I do and not to worry about the details. I really don’t need to know, and I really have been doing my utmost to change this world, to raise frequency, to be Love. I’m very happy with where I am right now.

I’m just tired. It would be so much easier to do what we’re here to do with resources to do it. Obviously you don’t need money to meditate, but unfortunately we need money to do the rest of our things in our world. It can be really stressful trying to navigate this and keep the faith. I mean, gosh, faith… this is just totally a trust walk and I really am in, but we really need some help.

Linda: It’s interesting that even as you’re saying this, what I’m hearing from the Council and the prep that I had done for today was to have Galea, the Communications Officer on the Neptune, and Ashira of Neptune, the Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, and then Grener of Ashira of Neptune who is the President of the Intergalactic Council come and talk to us about their plans of full engagement with us.

To me that was really exciting stuff. It was going to be a marathon of channelling, that’s for sure! But I am also feeling that there’s a piece missing here, and it’s our human readiness.

We are told – and I think many of us know this and have felt it, and are having huge interdimensional experiences. We know we’re flying through the Ascension portal, back and forth; we feel the changes in our own vibratory rate, our own frequency, our own abilities to create and bring forth.

But there is still this missing piece – and as I put it to you earlier, “What is it that is stopping us?” We are Divine, the Divine is Divine; the Angelics, the Archangelics, the Elohim, the Seraphim, the Masters, the Mother, they know they’re Divine. So what is it that is stopping the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan, of her promise, of her dream, because we know it’s a given?

Now, I think what we’re saying is, “Are there any helpful hints? Please Mother, are there some helpful hints? I know you’ve given us a gazillion tools, but are there some helpful hints that can tell us, ‘What is it we need to do or break through to be on the other side of this wall?’”

Because it doesn’t feel like a veil; it feels too often, to too many of us… and I’m talking to too many people every day who are really, either mentally or emotionally or physically, suffering, and I know we’re not here to live in pain. So what is it? What do we need to do to break through?

Suzi: Yeah, my coping mechanism for a few weeks now has been that I know I’m not here to suffer.

Linda: And the Mother keeps telling us that she did not create or birth us to suffer. She is really clear. Gaia, this Earth, this gorgeous planet, was created or morphed from an archangelic form into a planet so that the Angels would have a place to play.

Well, I don’t consider a lot of what’s going on – this is me, my opinion – what’s going on upon the planet as either angelic or as play. So what’s the breakthrough? What’s that golden key? What’s the combination to the safe?

Suzi: Well, that’ll be very interesting. So we get the direct word from Mom! “Mom, what’s going on?”

Linda: When all else fails, go to Mom!

Suzi: Go to Mom! That’s good. Alright, so are we ready for a meditation?

Linda: I’m going to repeat the meditation that we did on last Saturday’s Conference Call because She’s asking me to! So, away we go.

And I want to say before we get started, Suzi and I were talking – again in our “rant and rave” session – about how much we miss having the opportunity or the technology to be able to have the call-in show; maybe not every single time, but that we really miss talking to you guys and having you call in with your questions.

So it’s not that we’ve said that’s not something we want to do any more. It’s just something we’re working on and we really want to hear from you. So if you have questions, if you have statements, if you want to communicate to us, then please send those cards and letters to InLight Universal, send them to the Golden Age of Gaia, send them to the Council of Love. We really like talking to you!

Suzi: Oh, we turned off comments on the InLight Universal site because we were getting so much spam!

Linda: Okay, so send them to the Golden Age of Gaia or contact us at the Council of Love. We would still like to talk to you. Keep those cards and letters coming in!

[Meditation from 14:35 to 23:42]

UMM: Greetings. Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Mother of One, Mother of All, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of Ancients and Mother of New.

Suzi: Welcome.

UMM: Welcome, my beloved children, sweet Gaians. And yes, as always, I speak to all of you for that is the delight and the purpose of this platform. And I bring you, yet again, my gift of Blue Diamond. It is my essence and, beloved ones, it is your essence.

And I bring this gift forth yet again to remind you, to awaken you, to heal you, to activate you, to attune you, to move you into co-creation with each other, with this Council, with the Realms, with the Masters and with Me.

You are born of my heart, of my being, of the Father’s being and the Unity of One. As Einstein has so eloquently explained, I did not differentiate in the patterning or the quality of what I have created. You, because of your acculturation, your history – your bloody history – your hierarchies, have come to think in terms of hierarchies and gradations. This is not so.

So I did not create, I did not birth races that were less-than, kingdoms that were more-than. Are they diverse? Incredibly. That is my joy; that is my expression of joy. It is my pleasure, it is my Plan, that there be millions upon millions upon millions of faces of the Divine, in this galaxy and throughout the Omniverse.

But I am here this day as your Mother to speak about this human reality, about this Gaian reality which, by the way, is fully participated in by what you think of as the Angelic Realm, as all the Kingdoms, as the Ascended Masters, as your Galactic and Intergalactic Star Family. The Gaian experience is not limited or defined merely by the human collective. It is much, much broader than that.

And that is why there is excitement on the part of your Star Family to discuss with you their next steps. But I am pre-empting them because I want you to know; not merely think, not merely pray, not merely hope or trust – it is time for action.

So I am wanting you to know of your Divinity; of my essence, of the Father’s essence, of the essence of One and of All that rests within you and that I have just reactivated yet again. I am attuning you; I am increasing your, what you call your vibratory frequency.

I have washed you and continue to wash you with my Tsunami of Love. It does not go away. I am not a start and stop Mother. It is an unfoldment of a Plan; and I might say, it is a grand Plan and it is a Plan of Fulfilment and it is a Plan of Love. And it is not merely my fulfilment; I am quite fulfilled. It is your fulfilment; it is OUR fulfilment.

Galea has spoken to you of eliminating the thought pattern, the heart pattern of “mine” and “yours” to “OURS”, and that is what I am repeating this day. It is not merely my Plan and your piece within my Plan – it is OUR Plan. Since the moment, for most of you who heed this message, eons ago, from the moment you emerged from our being, it has been OUR Plan.

You have birthed, you have what you would think of as ‘diversified’ as Angelic, as Starseed – you have done it all. But you have chosen differentiation, uniqueness, expression of your core with the genetic matter – if you want to be scientific about it – of Divinity and your expression of that Divinity, but never different, never separated, never abandoned.

As the channel, Linda and Suzanne have spoken of prior to being on air – you have spoken of the greatest challenge and the greatest gift is family. It is a unique blessing and it is a choice; it is the choices that each of you have constructed and fulfilled in incarnation after incarnation. What I say to thee is that we are family, we are One.

I do not bar my door; I do not bar you from creating. We have given you quite literally the Warehouse of Heaven. We have given you tools, energetic and actual. We do not interfere because you are spiritually evolving and mature. Do we assist? Do we support? Yes, we do, but in ways that so often you decide are not meaningful. Now that is your choice.

Have you ever given a present – a gift for a birthday or a Christmas or an anniversary, an occasion that you put a lot of thought and Love into – and the person opened it with flat affect and said, “Oh, thank you,” and put it aside? And how deeply that hurt you, not because of monetary value but because the person did not see the thought and Love that you had put into the gift; that it was a gift from your heart to their heart?

And then you have just shrugged or shaken your head and said, “Well, they didn’t get it.” And you bury the hurt or you let it go and you move on. Generally you do not say, “Well, I’m never giving them a present again.” And sometimes, for a couple of years, you don’t put as much thought into it or you try even harder. It matters not.

So we do not stop gifting you. But in addition to gifting – which has become very misunderstood in the human realm – we are your everyday support. I don’t tend to forget that I have children, beings, Angels, Starseed, that not only do I Love but that I am crazy about, living on Gaia, some thriving, some struggling.

So I do not simply gift you here and there. We, your guides, your Guardian Angels, the Masters, the legions of Mi-cha-el and Gabrielle and Uriel and Jophiel, Raphael, all these legions, Melchizedek, are working – they are your everyday support team. They are not, not even close, to fully utilised. The offer is there. It is a standing invitation.

But very often it is not conceived as a partnership. We have been saying and talking to thee about this realm of Sacred Partnership for years now; that you are of an age – and past – where we do for you, but we most certainly do with you.

And so that is why I reinsert, literally, into your core, into your being this very moment, my gift of my essence which is Blue Diamond. It is who I am and it is who you are.

Now, I could go on to answer the questions that your beautiful hosts have asked, “What is the barrier?” And I can hear you all screaming, “Mother, whatever you do, don’t turn it back on us.”

I am pleading as only a mother can plead to join with us more fully in this Sacred Partnership of creating Nova Earth. We cannot – let us re-phrase that – we cannot because I have deemed it so, so we will not until there is a significant shift, come back down and reorganise, for example, your political systems, your social systems, your monetary systems, your systems of governance.

But will we support you in our everyday support? Will we inspire you? Will we gift you with the tools necessary? Yes. But you – you are Me on the ground. It is that simple. I am you on this side, all of you.

I have more faith, more trust, more confidence, more knowing of what you are capable of than many of you assume or believe. Are you in a time not of spiritual evolution but of spiritual awakening and revolution? Yes, you are. It is not intended to be a bloody war. That has nothing to do with Love. That is an abomination that must come to a halt.

And Michael and the Archangels have been tasked with this directly by Me. And that is why I say to many of you, “Do not bother going to Syria or Iraq. We are taking care of this.” And given our choices, we would evacuate all warring troops, but we do not interfere with this human choice.

But let me stop there, dear Suzanne, and turn the floor, the entire dome of the sky, the entire water of Earth, let me turn it over to you!

Suzi: Wow, that is quite the … (inaudible)

UMM: I do not hear you, sweet angel.

Suzi: How about now? Good?

UMM: Now you are allowing yourself to be heard by the entire planet, including the dolphins and the whales!

Suzi: Thank you so much for the reminder of the union that we enjoy with the Ascended Ones and the Angels and with you, Mother, because that has been my work. In my meditation now, when I’m doing my breathing and my work, I really have merged with everyone. We are just one big happy family joining altogether, even with the people that we’re working on. It’s a beautiful thing and I so appreciate that.

I have to step into being somewhat politically incorrect and in some ways I resist doing this. But why does it have to drag on for so long? It would be so much more enjoyable to complete our missions and be the Bodhisattva with the resources that remove concern over paying bills and sometimes even having a safe place to sleep. It’s really hard.

UMM: Yes, it is really hard, and let us talk about this. And I can talk about it from your perspective, but that is not why you have invited me. It is very hard as a mother, and many of you that I speak to this day are mothers, and all of you have been mothers. So there is none that I address this day that have not had the experience, the knowing and the tenderness – and the angst – of being a mother.

When I use the word “abomination”, it is an ancient word that is emotionally charged and so I have used it very specifically. When I see – yes, of course the war and mayhem, it is horrific – but when I see a woman or a child beaten black and blue or senseless until their limbs are broken and their spirit is broken by someone who claims to Love, that – because it is family – is very hard for me to witness.

You tend to think that we are beyond emotion. It is not that we do not have emotion like your Star Family, but our experience of what you would term as emotion is very different. And if anything, the intensity is far greater. Yes, the understanding of the unfoldment is present. That does not mean that it is not felt. And because we are completely in a unified grid, we feel it completely.

So when there is someone in a land of plenty that sits on the sidewalk begging for money so they can have food from a fast-food chain which is terrible for them, that is abomination. When children are raped and sold as sexual toys, that is abomination. When there is not enough money to pay for shelter or food, that is abomination.

When there is a family… Now I speak of biological family, and I will expand this to the human family. When there is family and one is wealthy and one is poor, and one is struggling and can’t pay the rent and the other is living in the lap of luxury ‘because they’ve earned it’, is that of Love? Not in our understanding.

And we extend this. When the human family, when the collective has such a wide gap between the haves and the have-nots, and the haves don’t care if those who do not have go hungry or drink infected water… That is not only abomination, it is beyond imagination.

So your question to me truly is, “Then why, Mother? You have the power to come down, to intervene and to basically smite those that are behaving egregiously,” because it is egregious behaviour… But that would not be of Love.

Suzi: Oh, I don’t want you to smite anyone…

UMM: But what I am trying to do is to equip you, to remind you: you have everything I have to give you.

So what is that “wall” that Linda was talking about? I tremble at your reaction, but dear hearts, it is denial. You don’t believe, you don’t recognise, you don’t believe that we are going to help you as much as we are willing to help you.

And you float in and out and you think, “Now I’m doing my spiritual work; now I’m making supper; now I’m having time with friends”. And we are telling you, all of these activities are important. We beg you to have the balance, but all of it is spiritual. All of it! None of it can be delineated. The diversification was not to say, “Well, this is of the Mother and this is not; this is just maintenance and this is sublime.”

So what I am asking today as I approach you is to take this Blue Diamond, to take it, to meld it with your field and to create everything, from the practical to the sublime, to what feels undoable to what is readily doable, and to start doing it all.

It was an extraordinary, mature, loving decision when the populous of Gaia chose to ascend as One.

Suzi: So may I ask then and confirm: Does this mean that no-one moves until more of us or most of us get on board?

UMM: You are already moving. Now, let us talk about that. You are already moving. You have been dipping your toes, your hands, your head; you have been swimming, flying, walking, strolling through the higher realms, the Ascension Portal, the interdimensional reality – you are there.

And you know you are there, and every now and then you say, “Oh, I am so sick of this old third.” And what is a joke is that it does not even exist! So, is it a tipping point? Yes. And as we have been saying to you for some time now, is that that tipping point has actually pretty much been reached. So it is the doing; it is the action.

Think of it in this way. If we had a boat and we had… oh, let us use the infamous 144,000 people on this wonderful cruise line – that have a tendency to not work, but that is but another aside – and we say to everybody, “We’re changing the way this ship works. We actually want it to run on its side. It will be more efficient. So we want all of you, 144,000 of you, to come all of you onto this side.”

Now, even those of you who have chosen to get on the ship, have declared yourself as Wayshowers, as leaders of the way, would say, “Well Mother, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. The rudders are going to be in the air. The boat is going to tip. It’s going to be unstable.” Hence the trust factor, the feeling that you want us to help, but in some ways you don’t think we know what we’re doing! Is it not so?

Suzi: I can only speak for myself and I have to disagree. I completely trust. I really do.

UMM: You are coming from a place of trust, but that 144,000 or 12 people, they aren’t so willing to move to the other side of the boat, to take the action to walk from one side of the boat to the other side of the boat so that we can have the tipping effect.

Now, your Star brother and sisters are all prepared. They are at the tipping point as well. They are ready, eager and prepared to engage fully.

So why I have intervened, why I have stepped forward this day to have yet another gifting session, to remind you: we are not divided. There is no division in this undertaking. It is us. It is OURS… yours, mine, OURS. And there cannot be this hot and cold relationship.

Suzi: May I just give a little story here to demonstrate hopefully what you are talking about?

UMM: Yes, dear heart, please do.

Suzi: Thank you. I was working at the Renaissance Faire last weekend and I could feel the really tired energy of one of the girls working in the booths. I know what it’s like to be in that booth knowing that you have another five hours on your feet and wondering how you will do it.

So as she went about her business, I just stood there and put my fingers together, closed my eyes and called on the Archangels, posted them all around her and asked them to help her get through her day, bring her energy and do whatever it was that she needed in the moment. I continued to do this for a little while and when I opened my eyes, she was standing right in front of me. She said, “Thank you for that. I felt it!” [Laughter]

I thought this was really cool and just a really good demonstration of exactly what you are speaking of – that we are joined with you, all of you, and that any time we ask, it will be given; it will come through us, and if that’s our intention, if it’s in the name of the Light, there’s no way it’s not going to happen.

UMM: That is absolutely correct. She came to the side of the boat because you were there, with the legions, as One, and she knew it.

What we are asking this day you may think is miraculous, but it is not. Is it a gift? Yes. But what we are really talking about today, in this moment of your and my eternal Now, is the everyday support.

We have been on a higher grade, shall we say a frequency of assistance, in the last two years than for a very very very long time. Your Star Family has been on high alert, much to their chagrin at times, for over two years as well.

Everything, absolutely everything, is in readiness. That is why you have had so many channels citing various dates. The feeling that there is something huge taking place is dawning on every single Lightworker/Loveholder on the planet. So keep going.

Suzi: Yes. So meeting with Star Family is imminent?

UMM: Yes, it is. And I will not steal Grener’s thunder, but he will be coming to speak to you as the entire crew is… They truly want a more formal announcement and a more formal invitation for each of you to join the Intergalactic Council. So they are in preparedness right now.

Suzi: Yeah, alright. I am ready too! Thank you so much.

UMM: You are ready and, beloved, all of you, my family, we are ready. So take my Blue Diamond and use it. I will not even say, “Spend it wisely.” Spend it however you choose, but use it! It is currency. It is Love.

Go with my Love and go in Peace.

Suzi: Thank you, Mother. My heart is yours.

UMM: Yes. And my heart is yours, all of yours. Farewell.

Suzi: Beautiful, farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Heavenly Blessings: Transcript ~ “Universal Mother Mary Brings Forth Yet Another Gifting Session of Her Blue Diamond,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, October 6, 2015, at http://counciloflove.com/2015/10/universal-mother-mary-brings-forth-yet-another-gifting-session-of-her-blue-diamond/



Art Mary Unveiled by Mary Angelico and Saleena Ki

Translating Light Language – Goddesses Ascending Gaia @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Monday, October 12, 2015


Translating Light Language

Goddesses Ascending Gaia

Suzanne Lie PhD

Dear Readers,

I was making a composite picture to use for our upcoming Goddess Webinar, and I realize that the picture was a Light Language message. I had just finished channeling the Arcturians for a class on “Reading Light Language,” and realized that I had learned/remembered some skills for reading Light Language that I had not remembered before.

When I saw the information hidden in this picture, which is a composite of many other pictures I had found and put together, I realized that through creating this I had unconsciously (or super-consciously) received a Light Language message from the higher dimensions.

When I automatically titled the picture “Goddesses Ascending Gaia,” I realized that there was a great deal of information embedded within the picture. My PhD was based on integration of the right and left hemispheres of the brain to improve communication with others and with our SELF. Hence, I realized that I had sent a message from my right brain/creative to my left brain/daily life.

I wish to share my process of “creating one picture from many other pictures” and then reading the message that my own Higher Self told me during that process. It seems that I am to start in the lower right hand corner, which was actually the last pictures that I added to the composite.

Hence, my first message I hear from my higher consciousness is:

“Please release the ‘habit of sequence’ while reading Light Language. Light Language is not bound by 3D time, which is the foundation of the third-dimensional concept of ‘time.’

Also, remember that you instinctively titled the picture, ‘Goddesses Ascending Gaia, which is the theme for this Light Language message.”

On the right hand corner, the message is that there is a major portal, as well as myriad smaller portals, opening on Earth. The picture does not show where this portal is located, as you cannot see any landmarks below it.

(In reality, this picture is of a hurricane, but I did not realize that until I explored the concept of a portal. Please remember, when reading Light Language, there are no mistakes or accidents. Instead, we need to trust the process of following the flow of our consciousness.)

In fact, it appears that the portal is in the sky, actually, the atmosphere. These portals, as there are many, are inter-dimensional portals that travel through Gaia’s atmosphere and into the core of Earth.

Inter-dimensional portal are filled with the inflow of gamma waves, torsion waves, and multidimensional thought-forms filled with information from our Galactic and Celestial Family, unconditional love and the Violet Fire of transmutation.

The portals open in Gaia’s highest atmosphere and travel down into the core of the planet. We, the awakened on Gaia’s surface, can greatly assist this process of information down by consciously focusing on the levels of the atmosphere—starting with the highest level to capture the essence of that “transmission,” as the Arcturians would say.

Therefore, I have given the names and brief information for each frequency of Gaia’s atmosphere. You will begin at the furthest/highest atmospheric level to receive your transmission, then  pull that information down through Gaia’s atmosphere, level-by-level and into Her core.

To begin our process of capturing the gift from our Higher SELF

and grounding it into the Core of Gaia:


Exosphere—Atmosphere-like Volume

The exosphere is a thin, atmosphere-like volume surrounding a planetary body where molecules are gravitationally bound to that body, but where the density is too low for them to behave as a gas by colliding with each other.


Ionosphere—Upper Atmosphere

Earth’s upper atmosphere, from about 60 km (37 mi) to 1,000 km (620 mi) altitude, and includes the thermosphere and parts of the mesosphere and exosphere. It is distinguished because it is ionized by solar radiation. It plays an important part in atmospheric electricity and forms the inner edge of the magnetosphere.


Mesosphere—Third Level Atmosphere

In the mesosphere temperature decreases as the altitude increases and extends from about 20–50 miles (32–80 km) above the surface of the earth.


Stratosphere—Second Level Atmosphere

The second major layer in temperature, with warmer layers higher up and cooler layers further down. This is in contrast to the troposphere near the Earth’s surface, which is cooler higher up and warmer farther down.


Troposphere—Lowest Atmosphere

The troposphere is the lowest portion of Earth’s atmosphere. It contains approximately 75% of the atmosphere’s mass and 99% of its water vapor and aerosols. The average depth of the troposphere is approximately 17 km (11 mi) in the middle latitudes.



The biosphere is the global sum of all ecosystems. It can also be termed as the zone of life on Earth, a closed system (apart from solar and cosmic radiator and heat from the interior of the Earth), and largely self-regulating.



The hydrosphere in physical geography describes the combined mass of water found on, under, and over the surface of a planet. Via United Nations world inventory of water resources, it is estimated that there are 1386 million cubic kilometers of water on Earth.



A lithosphere is the rigid, outermost shell of a terrestrial-type planet or natural satellite that is defined by its rigid mechanical properties. On Earth, it comprises the crust and the portion of the upper mantle that behaves elastically on time scales of thousands of years or greater.









and into the planetary core

More Light Language

Over-lighting the portal/hurrican on the lower right hand corner of the picture is a great Celestial Goddess Being who is juggling planet Earth just above her hand. To the left we see a more human appearing Goddess Being who appears to have accepted that vision of Earth and has contained it within a golden Merkaba.

This Merkaba appears to be serving as Gaia’s “Chariot to the Gods.” However, this chariot/Merkaba is not traveling anywhere. Instead, the Merkaba, with Earth inside, is resting on or in the more physical, Goddess’ Third Eye.

I interpret that light message to be that we, the Goddess for Gaia, whatever the gender of earth vessel they are wearing, are being called upon to us our own Third Eye to “see Gaia surrounded by a merkaba, Her Chariot Home to the higher dimensions.”

The term goddess is not based on gender, but on service to Mother Earth. The picture of the Goddess on the left side of the picture has the face of the physical Goddess without a body, which I interpret as:

It is the state of consciousness that allows us to perceive Earth surrounded by her Merkaba that is most important. In other words, it is not just what we will DO, but what we envision, think, feel and calibrate our consciousness to, that is important.

Once we calibrate our consciousness to open our Third Eye, we can more easily and completely conceive and perceive Gaia’s process of transmuting into New Earth. With the portal of our Third Eye opened, we will be able to continue our process of maintaining our personal “open corridor” to higher dimensions through which we can connect with the higher frequencies of Gaia’s atmosphere.

Using our imagination to perceive an opened portal from Gaia’s Exosphere and down into Her planetary core. In this manner, we become the stillness of the “eye of the hurricane” while reality around us is buffeted about by the winds of change.

To summarize,

  • If we can IMAGINE, which is fifth dimensional thought, maintaining the image of Gaia’s ascension on the “desktop” of our Third Eye…
  • Our Higher Self, upper right hand corner of the picture, can send us…
  • The physical expressions of humanity on the left side of the picture…
  • The gift of the perceptions of New Earth which…
  • Which we can perceive by holding the image of Gaia within Her merkaba in our Third Eye.
  • In this manner, our Third Eye is calibrated to New Earth so that we can more easily perceive the higher dimensional realities…
  • That we are increasing sending their higher light through Gaia’s portals and into Her Core.

The picture on the lower right hand side that I have called a “portal” is actually a picture of a hurricane. Therefore, I looked to find some scientific information about how hurricanes were portals.

Hurrican suzanne lie

Hurricanes (as in the top picture) as portals:

September 12,2003—Hurricane Isabel


“There is a growing number of post quantum physicists who are discovering what Einstein and Schrödinger already assumed; physics may have been on the wrong track all along, misled by the idea that the material world exists of separate solid particles!

They are suggesting now that we may live in a wave-based universe. Matter is simply the focal point of a vibration in an energy sea called the aether. Wilcock and Hoagland theorise in their hyper-dimensional physics that category 4 and 5 hurricanes open up an inter-dimensional gateway with a higher dimension that allows aetheric energy to flow into our physical dimension.

This aetheric energy in the form of torsion waves, create standing waves, which are the explanation for the observed pentagonal and hexagonal patterns in the eye of the hurricane. Wilcock and Hoagland believe that hurricanes are not only feeding on the conventional convection currents caused by the warm ocean waters and cooler air above, but also experience anti-gravity effects in their funnels as a result of the torsion waves.”

As a result the clouds that form the pentagram on top of the hurricane are raised in the air much higher than normal and can be perceived within the eye of the hurricane.

Please remember, this task of assisting Gaia

Is in your hands

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Love Builds: Transformed Consciousness and Building Nova Earth ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

sam carlo 10.1. a


Love Builds: Transformed Consciousness and Building Nova Earth

Love BuildsHow can the energetic results of the Blood Moon Equinox be related to managing the money flows of the Revaluation and building Nova Earth?

Well, what happened at the Equinox seems to have equipped a few people, yes, for Ascension but also for building the new world.

I can speak for myself that I’m ten times more productive and effective in the transformed space which I’ve been in for the last week (intermittently) than I was before.

My meetings go smoothly and the outcome is to the satisfaction of all.

As long as I’m in the transformed space.

When I’m back in my everyday consciousness (call it 4D if you want, 3D if you must), things don’t go nearly as well.

I feel territorial. I get impatient. I make my complaints known. And so on.

But in the transformed space, everything works.

I can therefore confirm that building Nova Earth will almost certainly proceed ten times more effectively if we’re in the transformed space.

I confess that I don’t know how to reliably transition from everyday to transformed consciousness. I wish I did.

I’ve used the thought of the beloved to give me the push, via love, to reach it. And that has always worked.

But not everyone is in relationship so I’d like to look at other ways as well.

Whatever means is selected, love almost certainly has to be a part of it. I don’t know how to reach the transformed space without loving …. someone, something.

So let me practice a more generalized love and see what outcome that produces.

Yes, it does work. Impersonal, generalized love directed to the world is capable of lifting a person from everyday consciousness to transformed consciousness. At least in these energies.

It’s the love that uplifts. The object is variable. But, since love needs to flow, it’s useful to have an object it can flow to. Direct it to God. Direct it to the Mother, Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, it doesn’t matter. Just let love flow.

Then it’s a question of allowing the feelings and sensations proper to that level to fill me up. Being filled up is what determines whether or not I stay there, if even for a while.

So breathing in love and sending it out to the world is again the central practice in elevating me and allowing me to stay where I land.

At some point, something will happen to make this space permanent, as Alexander del Sol reported it was for him. (1) Until then I have to kickstart it.

If we can reach the point that St. Paul was pointing at when he said that “love builds,” then building Nova Earth should go forward with grace and smoothness.

So to repeat, operating from the transformed space will multiply and magnify our efforts towards managing the money flows of the Revaluation and building Nova Earth with them.


(1) Alexander del Sol, “Profound Inner Peace, Ineffable Bliss — The Shift is NOW in Progress!” On the Cusp of the Wave, March 26, 2013, at https://waverider1.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/profound-inner-peace-ineffable-bliss-the-shift-is-now-in-progress/



sam carlo 10.1. a

Sacred Union Complements the Mother/Father One ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

twin flame


Sacred Union Complements the Mother/Father One

Michael 2211Archangel Michael discussed sacred union with me in my last reading on Sept. 30, 2015. That discussion is reproduced below. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Archangel Michael: There are many things that we bring forth. Sometimes it is slightly hidden.  Sometimes is a bit of a puzzle. Sometimes it is not immediately clear and other times it is crystal clear and it is presented on a silver platter arranged amongst the roses.

And we will present these types of things, this variety of things, of situations, opportunities, growth patterns, etc. to humanity time and time and time again.

Too often, far too often, the offering is not accepted or picked up. So, when I tease you and I say the horse has already left the stable, I am saying to both of you that it is a gift not only to you but to us when the offering, when the opportunity, when the growth potential is seen, accepted, acted upon, nurtured and taken up.  And you have done this.

Now does this mean, my beloved friends, that there will never be any issues or conflict or disagreements? Of course there will be. That is part of the growth pattern. But is there also extraordinary potential for joy, for soaring, for expansion, for a deepening of the knowledge and the wisdom of who you are, in service to the Mother/Father One? Yes, the opportunity is extraordinary.

We have spoken to you previously about the opportunity to anchor into form and upon Nova Earth this patterning of what it means in human form – whether you are angelic, archangelic, starseed; it matters not – into human reality the pattern of relationship of divine masculine/divine feminine.

Now we could make this incredibly complex but you know this is not a lesson in quantum physics. This is a conversation, a delightful conversation about love, about sacred union about the fulfilment of promise and about the anchoring of human potential of Nova Being as Nova Gaians. And what does this really mean?

We have spoken a great deal on this topic. It means, sweet angels, that you come from the heart. That you refer and you reflect your brilliant minds – yes, your emotional and your mental knowingness and history – but that you come from the place of heart consciousness that is expanded to such a degree that what human beings have termed, conflict, disagreement, even what we call growth opportunities, are but the chance, the open door to expand towards and with and into one another.

Never does this patterning in the divine masculine and feminine mean surrender of the self. If anything, it is the enormous, beautiful expansion of the self. Are there times of surrender to one another? Of course there are. That is the nature of unity. Not just relationship; I am speaking of unity.

And are there times of standing stalwart, of knowing the truth of what you hold near and dear as truth to your beingness? Yes, there are. Are there times when there are different perceptions or experiences of this? Yes, of course there are. But that is the nature of conjoining and, might I ask, the willingness to complement one another, not simply to admire, to adore, to love but the willingness to complement.

Steve: What does that mean, Lord, “complement”?

AAM: Think of it in this way. I am the Archangel of Peace, the Warrior of Love and I have my mission and purpose and promises that I have made to the Mother, let us say before I get to return to my art and music; and I am sure before that she will have another task for me! But nevertheless….

Steve: (laughing)… Taking a few billion years!

AAM: Yes, just a few!

But what do I do? In everything I endeavor, whether it is in your terminology, thought or action, heart consciousness, love, I am but a complement to the Mother. That is the truth and purpose of every breath, every minuscule movement because that is the core of what you would think of or term my desires.

When one is truly in sacred union – and, concomitant to that, patterning in the divine feminine and masculine – what are you doing except complementing the Mother/Father One?

You are not merely emulating. You are inhabiting such a way of being that your totality, the wholeness, not just the composite parts, but the wholeness of your being is a complement to one another and, in turn, a complement to Mother/Father One.

So in this way, such things, such outmoded patterns as competition, as conflict, as disagreement in the old realm are not even possible because the totality of your being [is] as an individual to complement the Mother/Father but also to complement one another and thereby complement the Mother/Father.

So when I work with my beloved sister Gabrielle, we harmonize our energies. We complement one another although she always wants to take the lead! And in so doing we complement not only the Mother/Father but the One, the All, the Everything.

So that is what I mean. When you are taking action, let us be practical, does this grow, stretch, solidify, and harmonize the union? Harmonize the other in this union? Or does it detract? That is what I mean. (1)

The channeled material used here is copyright by Linda Dillon and the Council of Love 2015, Inc., and used with permission.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 30, 2015.



twin flame

Awakening of Christ by Lord Maitreya ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

Lord Maitreya through the eyes of the masters websiteAwakening of Christ by Lord Maitreya

Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 8th October 2015 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I, Lord Maitreya have had many lifetimes upon the Earth previous to my over-lighting as the higher aspect of Master Jesus. Each lifetime has had numerous moments of divine inspiration, evolution and enlightenment in the same way that you in your current reality have experienced moments of remembrance of the Creator. These moments of remembrance and recognition within your being of your natural and eternal unification with the Creator are becoming more frequent as the sacred aspects of the Creator synthesis with the physical world. Those upon Earth are acting as pillars of light reaching to the heavens and drawing the divine into manifestation. Each moment of remembrance and recognition of the Creator that humanity experiences raises the vibration of the Earth allowing a new consciousness, light vibrations and love experiences to be activated and born for physical manifestation.

It is now more important than ever before to realise you are experiencing your spiritual evolution not only for your soul and happiness, for the awakening of all aspects of the Creator. Imagine if in one moment you could attract the attention of all of humanity, share words of love and energies of healing with each person to change their reality eternally. This is what you are achieving with every moment of spiritual evolution and transformation within your being.

Are you ready to honour the mammoth role you are playing within this reality of ascension and remembrance? Are you ready to realise you are not unworthy, lacking or incapable? Let your strength stir and gather from within you sharing with you how valuable you are as is every soul upon the Earth. With the belief that although you are on a personal journey of growth this journey allows you to transform the energies and realities of others, you will recognise how connected in unison you are to all beings and therefore all aspects of the Creator. You do not need to be wise, to have practiced meditation, understanding the inner planes or even have spiritual skills, all you need is to allow yourself to be yourself; your essence and truth which exists beyond illusion, limitations and conditioning. The act of acceptance and allowance of your inner self which cannot be summarised completely in words or even actions can be a lifelong quest and yet it can also be achieved instantaneously if you give yourself the permission to do so.

It is time to realise that your mission is to accept the essence within you, not your personality or your character, the essence which is almost indescribable within you and yet can be accessed as feelings and knowingness. It is time to also recognise your unity with all that is the Creator on the Earth and the inner planes.  I wish to share a memory with you to encourage you to realise and accept the truth within your being, recognising yourself as valuable with the ability to inspire others to achieve the same and building bonds of connection which in truth have never been broken.

During a previous incarnation on the Earth while searching for the answers to my confusion and feelings of separation, I came across a man who sat at the side of the sandy road and simply acknowledged those who travelled by. The land was desolate and yet people were travelling for miles between villages and cities to find work, see families or to find more food, it wasn’t a rich country that I had wandered into but a hot and somewhat desperate land that seemed to attract me further into its heart.

The man acknowledge me in the same way I imagine he acknowledged all people that passed his space of residence, a nod of welcoming and then a stare of knowingness. This man intrigued me, although I had passed many people on my travels this man seemed to have the answers that I was searching for, or at least he seem to soften the pain within me. I blessed the man and pulled from my pocket the small amount of food that I owned, offering it willingly to the man. Gesturing for me to sit beside him he placed the food on the sandy ground before him. Sitting down my head was busy with thoughts, questions, impulses, anger and the simple desire to know why I felt such pain, confusion and separation, like the whole world was suffering within me. (This I now see was true the entire world did exist within me, especially the Earth including all that Mother Earth and her inhabitants were experienci ng as we are all one. The answers I was searching for were not only for me, they were to fulfil every aspect of the Creator. It was preparation for accepting the role of Christ Logos.) The anticipation of any kind of guidance from this man made me sit in silence, my head straight forward, my back upright, with the only movement coming from my mind and eyes as I watched others travel by.

A long time seemed to have passed and still we sat in silence, my impatience growing, my skin burning in the strong and powerful day light sun. The heat, dust and stillness was unbearable but something inside me told me to sit, to obey the wishes of the man and to hope that I would eventually receive words of wisdom from the man as I had seen many men before me gain, and yet something inside me continued to tell me I could not access wisdom outside of me, only within.

My anger and frustration excelled limitations when I saw four young boys take my offering of food from before the man without so much as a thank you or acknowledgement, all I had once owned had gone and yet I felt the urge to stay.

As the day turned into night, a bitter coldness descended; coolness that seemed to numb my body but make my thoughts and emotions were so active and alive. Every so often the man would turn to me offering something to drink, which I accepted. As I then began to engage my mind to begin to communicate with him, he would resume his position of sitting once more and I would be forced to sit again hoping and waiting.

Five long days passed and we continued to sit together in silence but something was changing within me, a stillness, inner peace and a feeling of being limitless was overwhelming me.

On the sixth day the man turned to me at dawn and said,

‘What you search for is within you, you must find the word that unlocks your energy; this will allow you to feel complete. Don’t hide from yourself but embrace your true self, knowing that if you do, others will accept you and find the same within themselves. You can never walk away from pain but you can transform it into something glorious.’

The man slowly rose from the ground and began to walk along the sandy road in the direction I had come from all those days ago. I watch him for a while until I could just make out him sitting down once more. I couldn’t understand the reason for the man to find a new space to continue his focus. I felt his loss of company. (The man had moved to give me space to be in my expanding power, he was also encouraging me to let go of his support or the perspective I held of him helping me. I did not see this at that time.)

My thoughts began to focus on the man’s words,

‘Find the word that unlocks your energy,’ this sentence kept tumbling around in my mind. I began to think, I thought of words that were familiar to me, my own name, the names of my family and even different words meaning unlocking, but nothing seem to change within me. I was expecting a thunderbolt effect still I sat there my body growing tired and weary. I then began to change my trail of thought; I began to think of the name of our Creator in my own language, which created lightness to my energy, almost as if all the tension of sitting for now nine days was being washed away.

I notice a lady and a young boy passing me, I acknowledged them in the same way the man had acknowledge me and to my surprise the lady withdraw a small portion of food and placed it before me. ‘The answer has yet to be found,’ she said under her breath. My shock overwhelmed me, ‘Do not distract yourself now,’ she spoke again.

Through this experience my determination and strength grew, I never ate the food because it felt to me that her words had nourished my entire body. Days passed by and still I sat in peace and growing harmony. Words were falling through my mind but none seem to have any weight or power until I came across a word in the middle of a bitterly cold night. The word was, ‘love.’ This word seemed to fill me with warmth, my limbs burned as the cold numbness melted away. It was as if my chest was on fire, as if I was generating my own heat which was melting the pain and separation that had become so familiar to me. My body was energised; I was feeling new happy and joyous emotions, feelings that I had never felt before. As dawn broke I felt as if my entire body split in half as my old self and feeling fell away from me and a new energies rose from within me. I could only describe my self as golden light, which seemed to expand from a place so deep within me.

A few days later I experienced the heavens opening up to me, I saw my path, my purpose and my deep connections with other souls and of course the soul of the Creator. I accepted the name of Christ or love, this word become so precious to me and I began to share it with others who passed me on their journey of life. This was my point of awakening, understanding and change, the pinnacle moment in that lifetime that allowed me to become the Christ Consciousness, holding the Creator’s energy of love at a planetary level for all to accept.

I take this moment now to honour the man that changed my life and the Creator for being that wise man and linking everything together.

I hope that you have enjoyed my memory and that it has encouraged you to contemplate the word, sound or feeling which unlocks your energy; it may be the word of love or something just as precious. It is time to embrace your truth and transform your energies, this can only be achieved when you allow the essence of your being to be recognised. You do not need to find a wise man or women, nor do you need to sit for days. Patience, trust, faith and determination are keys to support you from within your being, the pathway of discovering your truth is yours to realise and explore.

In constant love,

Lord Maitreya, Christ Logos

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ART (below) Lord Maitreya from “Through The Eyes of The Masters

Lord Maitreya through the eyes of the masters website

Elementals @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Water Elementals –The Elementals speak


THE UNDINES, Water Elementals, SPEAK:

Good Nowness Dear Humans,

We Undines, the Water Elementals, are joyous to speak with our humans. We say “our” humans because our element of water fills so much of your earth vessel. We know that our work is very important, as water is the greatest resource on Gaia’s body. However, many humans do not realize that, for if they did, they would surely make sure that it remained clear and fresh.

Once, our great oceans and waterways were clear and pristine. There was enough life within our waters to feed humanity and other animals and still have more than enough water creatures left to procreate.

Now many of our waters are polluted and void of life. We needn’t lecture you about our plight, as we know you are aware. It is just that we have a great sadness that tends to hinder our work of transmutation. Humans use water to clean their bodies, their houses, their cars, their clothing and FOR many other parts of their life.

Why don’t they keep their water clean? It seems as though we work as hard as we can, only to have another human cause another disaster, which spoils our waters again. Therefore, we wish to ask our humans to join us in clearing our waterways and protecting our marine life.

We are aware of those dear hearts that have chosen to assist us, and we know also that it is “the few” that are harming this great resource for “the many.”

Water Elementals also flow through your physical bodies. Furthermore, you regularly drink our sacred fluid. If you could send love to the water that you drink, you would greatly increase your health.

Water is a template for life, which is receptive to thought and emotion. Therefore, if you drink water when you are angry, afraid or sad, you taint the water that you drink. On the other hand, when you take a moment to send love into the water before you drink it, you are actually sending your body love via the water. Furthermore, if you send both multidimensional light and unconditional love into the water that you drink, you will greatly accelerate your ascension process.

Also, since there is even more water on the body of Gaia than in your own form, you would greatly assist planetary ascension if you blessed all forms of water with light and love. That blessing alone would do much to clear our waterways and raise the frequency of our water molecules.

Elementals do not perceive your world or your behavior in the same manner that you do. We Undines perceive water as the force of all life. We see how our rain keeps the Plant Kingdom healthy and fertile. We see how our water clears the smog from the sky and the dirt from the ground, cars and houses.

Our waters have been great liquid highways that you have traveled for millennia. We see that water is serving humanity in many ways, but we don’t see how humanity is creating a balance and serving water.

On the other hand, we understand that many humans are expanding their consciousness to perceive life forces that were once perceived as “things.” They are beginning to remember that Earth is a sentient, living being. As the consciousness of each human expands, humanity increasingly understands reality.

Just as our perception of reality changes when we resonate to the slow frequency of ice or the fast frequency of a running stream, your perceptions change when you are no longer “frozen” in the time-bound structure of third dimensional Earth.

As your mind expands, new ideas begin to flow into your consciousness. These new ideas can flow faster and faster until they reach “critical mass.” Then, these ideas burst into manifestation.

In the same manner, humans are expanding their consciousness from being “frozen in forgetfulness,” to following the flow of change, and to transmuting their form into a frequency that is no longer bound by shape or form.

Your consciousness, which is often symbolized as water in your dreams, is expanding beyond its physical encasement and is ready to burst forth to freely intermingle with all life. As you flow beyond your former limitations, you free yourselves from the many illusions that have haunted you for myriad incarnations.

Free again, your consciousness can remember your Essence, which is as formless as our stream. You will also remember that you have taken a vow to protect life in ALL its forms. As you return to your higher expression of your SELF, your immense creative power will return, and you will actively participate in creating New Earth.

Dear humans, your form is created by the same elements and Elementals as Earth. In fact, our Elementals flow through you, just as we flow through Gaia. Hence, you are the Deva that pulls all our myriad elements into ONE body.

With this awareness of your innate powers, your higher purpose is realized, and you remember that you are here to be the stewards of Gaia’s inhabitants. YOU are CREATION in action. GAIA is creation in action. The Elohim, Devas and Elementals are creation in action. When you honor, love and respect your creations, you will complete this cycle of creation and be ready to begin your next cycle.

You will see the LIFE in All That Is, and become aware of the imprint that you make upon that life. While in your higher consciousness, you will see higher frequency reality that flow into and through all life to unify you with the ONE life and our ONE planet.


Embedded in your earth vessel are all the components of me, the planet, as well as all the components of OUR Oversoul members who chose to be first, second and fourth dimensional Beings. Your first and second dimensional selves live in unity with the planet, as these elements of your body, and mine, are not “evolved” enough to understand the separation of the third dimension. It is from their unity that they commune in oneness with the fourth dimensional creatures, my Elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Just as some of our Oversoul chose to be First and Second Dimensionals, some chose to be Fourth Dimensionals. Unlike the First and Second Dimensionals, the Fourth Dimensionals have some sense of individuality, but they also have a strong Unity Consciousness, which keeps them in constant communication with each other, as well as with all the lower dimensional beings.

The Fourth Dimensionals that most directly interface with your everyday life are the Elementals. The first and second dimensional “elements” of earth, air, fire, and water are given “life” by the spirit/prana of the fourth dimensional Elementals. The Elementals share their life-giving Spirit Essence with these elements, just as your Soul shares its Spirit Essence with your third dimensional earth vessel.

You, the human expression of our Oversoul, have Elementals within your physical body, just as my planetary body does. You are the microcosm of me, Gaia. In your carbon-based matter, “earth element,” you have the Earth Elementals, the Gnomes. In your bodily fluid, “water element,” you have the Water Elementals, the Undines. In the “space” and oxygen within your body, your “air element,” you have the Air Elementals, the Sylphs. Finally, in your neural activity and Kundalini force, “fire element,” you have the Fire Elementals, the Salamanders.

Since Elementals are fourth dimensional beings, they do not abide by the rules of third dimensional separation. Every experience that any Elemental has is instantly shared with all the Elementals. In fact, all four groups of Elementals, inside and outside your earth vessel, work in concert with each other. Within the INNER reality of your “personal” earth vessel, your thoughts and emotions stimulate all the Elementals, who in turn, stimulate all the Elementals in your OUTER reality. In this manner, the Elementals within your physical body and aura live in constant unity with the Elementals in my planetary body and atmosphere.


water elements suzanne lie

Water has been associated with emotions just as air has been associated with thoughts. Your Water Elementals, the Undines, rule you’re your bodily fluid, blood, and the circulation of your blood, which is the domain of your heart. If your heart does not function, you die. Hence, if your heart is not functioning well you experience the emotion of fear, Fear of Death.

Conversely, the emotion of love is also associated with your heart. This is likely because your heart is also the Home of your Soul/SELF from whence Unconditional Love can be felt. Since all emotions are some octave of the 3D polarization of “good/loving” emotions and “bad/fearful” emotions, your Heart, and hence the Undines, Water Elements, serve as the distributors of your emotions.

Your emotions are the basis of your consciousness for they represent your ability to FEEL, be aware of, your Self. When you were first born, your “self” was your Soul/SELF. Then, as a process of “growing up,” you became more and more aware of your physical body and your ego who ruled it. Eventually, your “self” became your ego/self.

Fortunately, as you expanded your consciousness, you could FEEL, be aware of, your inner Guides, Holy Spirit, Angels, and other members of your inner world. Eventually, as you continued on your Path, you began to be “conscious” of your own Higher Self, whom you have downloaded and are now integrating into your physical earth vessel.

Your cerebral spinal fluid is also a water element, and hence, under the domain of your Water Elementals, the Undines. Cerebral Spinal Fluid flows between your brain and your skull, through the ventricles of your brain, and up and down your spine between the nerves and the spinal cord to cushion your nerves and facilitate your primary neural synapses.

FIfire elemental suzanne lieRE ELEMENTALS – SALAMANDERS

It is through your Elementals that you, my people, impact the planet, the weather, and all the people, plants and animals that you contact. For example, your thoughts are the end result of the neural activity that your inner Fire Elementals, the Salamanders, initiated and completed. Since your inner Fire Elementals work in concert with all the Fire Elementals of my planet, your “individual” thoughts become “planetary” thoughts via the unity in which all the Elementals live. Therefore, your thoughts influence all the Fire Elements of my planet and all my creatures.

Hence, when your thoughts are clear and kind, your inner Elementals attract other Elementals who are also clear and kind. When you choose positive thinking, you influence your Fire Elementals in a positive manner, which, in turn, positively influence the Fire Elementals of others and of my planet. The photons of the sun, which unify with my Fire Elementals, can more easily integrate into my planet by your passage, and the thoughts of others will be calmed as your inner Elementals share a serene blessing with their inner Elementals.

On the other hand, if your inner thoughts are sad, angry or fearful, you dispense your own angst and discomfort throughout your environment. You then magnetize others who are suffering, or create a “bad feeling” in others. Plants won’t grow for you, animals will run away or attack, and you will contribute to my weather in a destructive manner. My weather is a response to my occupants, as I am the sum/total of ALL my creatures.


earth elemental suzanne lie

Your thoughts are actually a cooperative event between your Earth Elementals that work with the matter of the neurotransmitters, enzymes and other chemicals to create the change in polarity that initiates the electrical signal, and the Fire Elementals that “fire” the neuron. Hence, your thoughts also have a great influence on the Earth Elementals of your internal and external world. When your thoughts are chaotic, obsessive and/or confused, your Earth Elementals find it difficult to stabilize themselves. This “personal” instability then influences the Planetary Earth Elementals to perpetuate geological instability.

As you walk my planetary body, Earth, your every step influences the Earth Elementals of my planetary body. The planetary Earth Elementals hold the message that your step has sent and relay it on to the next person or animal that walks in your footsteps. Have you ever wondered why it is so glorious to walk in the wilderness, on a deserted beach or in virgin snow? It is because it is psychically “quiet,” and your Elementals are not resonating to others. Hence, it is easier for them to resonate to your SELF.

This experience is also the origin of the saying, “Walk in the footsteps of the Masters.” The “Masters” are beings, human and non-human, who have gained a mastery over their thoughts and feelings, and, hence, a mastery of their inner elements and Elementals. These Masters consciously work with their personal and planetary Elementals, as well as the inner elements of others to convey the deep, inner peace of living in Constant Communication with your Multidimensional SELF.


air elemental suzanne lie

The Air Elementals assist the flow of life-giving oxygen, which gives you consciousness. The first thing that happens when you suffer from oxygen deprivation is that your thinking becomes increasingly confused until you become “unconscious.” Hence, an adequate flow of oxygen throughout your system is vital for clear thinking. This is why the element of air is also associated with your thoughts. The Air Elementals, the Sylphs, assist you in breathing.

The Sylphs, Air Elementals, also blend your thoughts with the thoughts of others through the Unity Consciousness that all Elementals share. With every inhalation you are receiving the thoughts of others, and with every exhalation, you are distributing your thoughts throughout your world via your Air Elementals. Your thoughts then feed into the Collective Consciousness and the Planetary Consciousness to influence your daily experiences, as well as the experiences of others.

Allow me to take a moment to differentiate Collective and Planetary Consciousness for you. Collective Consciousness is the combined consciousness of all my humans, whereas Planetary Consciousness is the combined consciousness of ALL my inhabitants in ALL my dimensions. Hence, Planetary Consciousness is more expansive than humanity’ Collective Consciousness.

The Sylphs live in your aura and constantly contribute to my aura, the atmosphere, and the quality of my planet’s air and sky. When you have “cloudy thoughts,” you relay that message to the atmosphere. On the other hand, when you have “clear thinking,” you contribute to a clear day. You are all aware of how my weather is changing. This is because we, our planet, are now largely fourth dimensional. Therefore, reality is more mutable and more easily influenced by the thoughts and feelings of my inhabitants.

Please do not be frightened by this statement, for it also offers great hope. As each of you, my Keepers of the Land, gain mastery of your own inner elements, your inner Elementals will assist you in holding that resonance of mastery. The Elementals also serve to contribute that “resonance of mastery” to the inner Elementals of others and to the Elementals of my planet. In this manner, the Elementals serve to raise the vibration of “their person,” while they also raise the vibration of my planet and all my inhabitants.

The mastery you gain over the physical elements of your earth vessel allows you to move into an active partnership with your inner Elementals, as well as the Elementals of my planet. You have the innate power to can call upon your inner Elementals to assist you with your personal health and transformation, as well as the health and transformation of my planet. Do you realize now what a truly powerful Being you are?

Utilization of the Blue Flame for 5th Dimensional Living ~ Lord Adama @ Walking Terra Christa

blue lilly_800_500

Oct 06, 2015 03:05 pm

Utilization of the Blue Flame for 5th Dimensional Living ~ Lord Adama

Greetings My Dearest Ones,

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna

It is once again my pleasure to be with each of you for this journey that we are going to be embarking upon this evening. Before we start to travel to the beautiful city of Goloneiah (Etheric Golden City over Arizona/New Mexico), I would like everyone to take a moment within your breath.

Open up your Heart Center to allow the expansion to occur deeply.

If we think about the characteristics that Michael mentioned referencing the Blue Flame, going down the list it may seem to someone new on this pathway, “What does Compassion have to do with Fearlessness; what does Humility have to do with my Courage?”  

How do acquire my Strength with Tenderness because within the third dimensional construct, wouldn’t you say that those characteristics seem like they are the opposite of one another?”

That is exactly why the third dimensional world is in trouble.

Many times individuals incorporate this ray within the Planetary level, do just that. They bring into the lower aspect of this ray to get to that space of having Courage, to get to that space to being a leader. What happens is ‘dictatorship and control’ comes into play. It does not come from a space of humility. It comes from a space of power but not God’s power. It is the Lower Ego’s Power. That is where it may seem very contradictory to you or anyone.

How do we bring forth that understanding and realize that we need to have Compassion and Tolerance in order to receive the Courage and the Strength. Part of this ray represents the ability to be a leader. Within those roles of the old earth, that is exactly what has happened. Within the roles of the New Earth it is just the opposite of what cannot happen.

So we work within this ray with Master El Morya to allow each of us to go into a deeper part within our Heart Essence. It is not just about projecting this energy through the Throat chakra and how you should speak to others, but in truth it represents how you embody the essence of this ray within your life.

If you look at two different leaders – one speaks with compassion and love of his or own experiences and one speaks of aggression, of what needs to be done coming from their space of wanting control; in truth, what does that represent to you as a person. If you look at that individual that is coming from that standpoint, you don’t want it, you don’t like it, it may make you feel insecure. So what happens is those leaders are projecting unto the community of exactly whom they are.

I think working within this ray for the time that we have due to the summer break in August, it has helped everyone to go into a deeper part of themselves. If you look deeply into your own way of living, if you are coming from a space of insecurity, that is what you are going to project. In the totality of that, that is not your full truth; it is what you have taken on as a person from living in this society and maybe it has happened many lifetimes.

We have to help everyone break the mold and that is what we are doing. Some people may look at this and say, “Well, that is not me; I am not that way.” I would say to those people that everyone has a little bit of everything within these rays.

It is not until that an individual allows their consciousness to go into that depth to really understand that a part of those lower aspects are truly within themselves. It is not part of your Soul’s Essence, it is part of your physical consciousness, and part of your Etheric Body of which you have experienced.   That is what a warrior represents.   You would not be a good warrior if you did not have the ability to be aggressive. If you did not have the ability to get angry, because something is occurring that should be happening.

What happens in that instance is that person may feel Strength and Courage, and wants to see an end to the situation that is occurring, but what happens in-between?

The true strength of an individual is the ability to look within and see their truth, and to see why they have done things a certain way and why they have not done them a certain way.

This is why this ray is so very powerful, because it allows the opening of the doorway to occur.  

This is what we want for each of you, to be able to understand yourself on a completely different level than you have before. The time presently within the earth is so extremely powerful that all of these elements I have discussed will come to the surface and that is why you do the work that you have been doing. This is so these aspects can be revealed.

So what happens when you fully look within yourself that mirror that you see you are accepting Humility in your life, or you have Tenderness, or you have Compassion about the changes you have had to go through. This is truly why this ray has the power that it does. Because within that essence of God’s love, which is truly all of our love within ourselves, the element that needs to be addressed will be revealed.

In order to find the truth of how you would react to a given situation where you are challenged to be fearless, you are challenged to show your strength or courage, but within those challenges is the depth of your wisdom of acknowledging that previously you did not know how to get through those doorways without hurting others.   This is because it was part of the programming of this planet. As each of you go deeper into your own abyss and bring out those aspects that are positive, (they are there, they have just been hidden by everything else). That is why this ray is so powerful and it is the first ray. It brings forth the Sword of Truth as Archangel Michael and his beloved Faith represent.

What I want you to look at through this process is to realize what doorways you have been going through and how you would feel without the journey to this city of Goloneiah.   Would you have the tools that you have been utilizing so that you can push through those doorways with the higher aspects of love, of understanding that the truth will be revealed even though in the present moment it may not seem so?

This is all part of the experiences you are having, and it directly relates to what is happening to the earth-plane at this time. Change is inevitable, as we know. But more important, is that every individual must find humility, moments of tenderness, and that usually occurs after confliction has resulted because you can be completely compassionate with yourself and have sympathy for yourself.   When I say sympathy, I mean you look at what you have been challenged with and become tolerant of what you have had to address. That brings compassion.

I want to talk about Sympathy of the Self. It is important to have these aspects in order to move forward in your pathway.   You cannot push it aside, say :It was a terrible time, and I don’t want to look at it.” You must address it, you must go back to it as you are the overseer and look at the entire situation that has occurred to you from a higher perspective; then you can sympathize with your physical self of what he or she has had to experience and to have to recall every thought in order to push through that doorway.

That is what I give to each of you this evening. I give you the Initiative to continue your journey and to utilize the Blue Flame within these higher aspects as it is truly going to give you the ability to see that when you are compassionate and loving to yourself. That is when you have more courage, that is when you have more strength. That is your Will and your Power. So those positive aspects, characteristics we are discussing will help you to push through those doorways and it is such a mirror for the Earth at this time.

I know that the challenges are great for each of you; for bringing forth this energetic exchange within your bodies and having to have realizations of doubt and fear, uncertainty that is within you. But they are coming up for a reason – to push you further, to help you become better, to help you accelerate more. That is what is going to assist you onto hold on more light frequency in your physical body ~ to be that conduit of light that you want to be, but you must get to the depths of the lower emotions that have stopped you previously from moving forward.

So throw down your swords; throw down your weapons, and look deeply within to find your true worth as I see it. I see the beautiful essences that you are; allow them to erupt out of you, and they are the particles within you that are going to assist you through the next phase of the development of this earth.

This is how we are all going to work together through these changes that we are experiencing upon the Earth.

I Am Lord Adama

High Priest of Telos at your Service

Lord Adama is our guide for the New Earth Golden Cities in which he gives a discourse before our journey to the city which meets every Wednesday evening.  If you would like to be part of these energies LIVE or listen privately, please check out our new Partner Member Program in which we offer several ways to be part of these energies at a cost that you can afford.

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Consciousness, Lightbody and Merkaba by The Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Monday, October 5, 2015

Consciousness, Lightbody and Merkaba by The Arcturians


Consciousness, Lightbody and Merkaba

The Arcturians

Our dear emissaries to Earth,

We are here with you. Take a long moment to feel our presence in your room. Do you see how Mytre is with us again? It is because he is a Commander of the landing party. We are actually landed now, but only in the higher frequencies of what you would call your fourth dimension. In order to perceive us, you must look with your Third Eye and interpret our message with your High Heart.

You are now in the process of this interpretation. Be sure to put unconditional love onto any situation that troubles you, and be sure to send the Violet Fire. We ask that every time that situation comes into your awareness, you remember to do that.

There are many challenges being presented to our volunteers to Earth to assist you to “prime the pump” as they said in the olden days. You can talk and teach forever, but the teacher must keep learning by doing what you teach. In this manner the teachings will progress into the higher and higher octaves of reality.

We ask now that all our teachers fully recognize that it is no accident that they find themselves in whatever challenges that are confronting them. It is the NOW to act like the Galactic Member that you have always been.

In order to BE your true galactic and/or celestial SELF, you must go deep within to the core fears of your human self and heal them. One of your core fears is that you will not be acknowledged for who you truly are. That “fear” is a third dimensional ego fear.

Therefore, you are called upon within this NOW to go deep inside and acknowledge your own SELF. This acknowledgment of SELF will greatly expand your consciousness higher and deeper into the fifth dimension.

It is vital that you “own your power” because as you become increasingly fifth dimensional, your power of creation is greatly amplified. Part of “priming the pump” for your creative force is realizing that YOU ARE the creator of your life. As long as your consciousness remains locked in the third dimension, you can live under the illusion that “it is not my fault.”

However, as your consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension for longer and longer periods of your “time,” you enter into the “ascension initiation” of “EVERYTHING that occurs within my third dimensional reality was CREATED with your own thoughts and emotions.”

Who is creating your reality NOW?

What are you learning from your creations?

Why did you choose these creations?

When will you take FULL responsibility for the creation of your life?

Where are you sending Unconditional Love and Violet Fire?

We stress, DO NOT JUDGE YOUR SELF! Whether or not you are conscious of it, you are ALL going through a deep process of recalibrating your consciousness to this higher frequency of energy that is constantly and consistently entering Gaia’s atmosphere.

Because this energy field is fifth dimensional, it carries the frequencies of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. When these fifth dimensional frequencies are recognized and used for the good of Gaia and all Her inhabitants, you can more easily adapt to the higher frequencies of light.

If you do not “use” these energy fields, you will “lose” connection with them. Every time you acknowledge and bless others with unconditional love and violet fire is similar to dripping red paint into clear water.

Every time you drop red paint into clear water, the water becomes a more and more red. What we are saying by this analogy is that YOU are the “glass of water,” literally as the human form is comprised of a large percentage of water.

On the other hand, the “paint” is the light. This analogy is saying that it is you that must adapt to the light, rather than the light adapting to you. Therefore, just as the water in the glass takes on the color of the “paint,” you are gradually taking on the frequency of the light.

We stated “red paint/light” as red is the lowest frequency of light. As you adapt to the frequency of red, you then move up the frequency scale of colors until you can adapt to the color purple, which is the higher frequency of light in your 3D world.

Actually, the lowest is inferred light and the highest is ultraviolet light. After that you move into the next spectrum of light, and the next dimension of reality. Many of you have asked for this NOW of great transition, but were hoping for a “free ride” into the higher worlds.

Unfortunately, you have all accumulated a great deal of limitations and fears within your thoughts and emotions. This low frequency, thought forms act as an anchor to keep you bound to the third dimensional reality that you wish to release. Therefore, we remind you in this NOW, that you are the creator of your realty.

To “graduate” your consciousness into the fifth dimension,” you must fully complete your 3D lessons of mastery over your thoughts and emotions. This mastery is not a “grade” that you receive in a school.

This mastery is the re-connection with your Multidimensional Consciousness, which will connect you with your Lightbody. Your thoughts and emotions bind you to the reality that resonates to the same frequency of your thoughts and emotions.

Do you see that circle?

Thoughts and emotions create your frequency of reality…

To remain in that frequency of reality you must maintain that frequency of those thoughts and emotions…

Each frequency of thought and emotions bound together into thought-forms moves out into your reality to influence your outer world by calibrating your consciousness to:

  • Your third dimensional consciousness and thus reality
  • Your multidimensional consciousness and thus reality
  • Your lightbody and thus the fifth dimension and beyond
  • Your merkaba, which is your inter-dimensional inner starship

All of the above options are created by your state of consciousness. You can only remain in any of these versions of reality while your consciousness is calibrated to that frequency. Just as your radio show changes when you change the channel (frequency), your reality shifts when ever you change your state of consciousness.

We know that all of you wish to return to the fifth dimension. That is wonderful, as Gaia is on that return route Herself. But if you are to be at the helm of your life you must remember that:

When the collective frequency of your thoughts and emotions

Fall below the resonance of the fifth dimension,

You “fall out” of the fifth dimension…

Do you see NOW how YOU are the creator of your reality?

Your Multidimensional Consciousness, your Lightbody, and your Merkaba are all components of your SELF that are patiently waiting for YOU to bring them online with your 3D consciousness. Of course, these higher versions of your self are already within the external hardrive of your Multidimensional Mind.

You will need to connect with your Multidimensional Mind to have a conscious experience of these highest components of your SELF. Then, you can download the information regarding your merkaba, Lightbody and multidimensional consciousness into your third dimensional awareness.

However, first you must link your third dimensional brain into your multidimensional mind. Then, you will then be able to have a more conscious experience of your own higher expressions of your self. Fortunately, because higher and higher frequencies of light are entering Gaia’s atmosphere, many of you are experiencing brief moments of full connections with these components of your fifth dimensional SELF.

We recommend that you are cautious regarding these downloads because your clay vessel will not easily adapt to the higher frequencies of your Merkaba, Lightbody. It is for this reason that many of you are experiencing “symptoms of transmutation.” To state it simply, these symptoms are occurring because your actual cell bodies are beginning to accelerate their spin.

We Galactics know that you must go about this transmutation slowly and carefully. We are willing to assist you in any way that we can. However, remember that Earth is a free-will planet. Therefore, you must ask us. We look forward to these requests.

Once you to be able to maintain a conscious connection with your Multidimensional Consciousness, Merkaba and your Lightbody you will need to know that there are several ways in which your Lightbody and your Merkaba are different.

We will speak more on this issue later, but for beginning adventures with these higher expressions of your SELF we will tell you that your Lightbody is the very same humanoid body you are wearing, but it resonates to the fifth dimension.

On the other hand, your Merkaba is your own Sacred Geometry, Flower of Life and Violet Flame. When you have released all that is limiting the full rise and expansion of your Kundalini, you will flash into Lightbody. That Lightbody is similar to your physical body but resonates to a higher frequency. Therefore, it is the higher frequency of you that travels inter-dimensionally.

suzanne lie merkaba

On the other hand, your Merkaba is much like your very own spacecraft. Your Merkaba is usually condensed into “pure potential.” Your lightbody is stored in your Kundalini in the base of your spine, whereas your Merkaba is stored in your High Hearth.

The inter-dimensional spaceship of your Merkaba requires total unconditional love for your self and for ALL life before it can be activated. When a Merkaba is activated, it is often thought of as Ascension.

However, if you “fall out” of powerful energy fields and thought forms of your Merkarba, or if the slightest selfish intention brushes against your consciousness, you will “fall out” of your Merkaba SELF.


We are the Arcturians

I hope you enjoy the sample preview of this insightful booklet of Gaia Speaks  



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Once I receive your PayPal receipt in my email, I will send you the full booklet via We Transfer.

Thank you in advance.

Sue Lie

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:34 AM

The Pyramid over the Inca Ruins of Machu Pichu ~ Anrita Melchizedek @ The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

The Elders October Transmission

 The Pyramid over the Inca Ruins of Machu Pichu

Transmission by Anrita Melchizedek http://www.pleiadianlight.net/12-pyramids-of-light-october-2015/

You Tube video https://youtu.be/hHP_T23KUKM

Mp3 download http://www.pleiadianlight.net/free-downloads

There is a pyramid in frequency over the Inca ruins of Machu Pichu.

It is linked to the Nazca Lines creating a pattern of evolution in design.

The soul who creates through this pyramid goes by the frequency, Lubileah.

Her consciousness speaks to the people of Earth about a time long ago when ancient travellers from the stars descended to the surface creating a landscape in which souls would descend from above to experience, later to return to her consciousness, through Her temple.

It is within this pyramid that emotions are experienced ranging from lowest frequency to those of pure Light frequency.

The nature of this pyramid is to keep emotions flowing in that which you experience as formless waves of energy which shift within each soul from moment to moment.

And the souls shall know all ranges of these emotions for they are in the matrix and they have come to experience the gamut of them all.

And the souls will place in highest esteem the frequency of Light which is creation and contains all emotions in balance.

And they will connect it with that part of their being that links to the Source of creation, the heart ~ that which expresses what they shall call ‘Love’, and keeps the soul eternal.

They shall strive for this place of higher emotion. In so doing, they will experience great suffering, which will help them bring forth higher understanding.

And the souls will feel torture and torment ~ and love and compassion. And they will place all emotions into words and deeds, and great dramas in which they did act.

And great works shall result in the expression of their emotions, guided by the flow of the emotional matrix.

And they shall go to this emotional temple within their souls to find answers to riddles of Creation. There they will find their answers, not always as their senses have guided.

And each soul shall search until it is ready to enter this pyramid. Once entered it will experience all emotions at one time, with understanding far beyond the comprehension of humanity.

Each soul shall embrace all emotions within itself.

Come with me now to the Pyramid of Emotion. Let not old fears blind your way.

Throw away all concepts of emotion and see the Truth in who you are.

I will teach you how to find peace and the balance in your soul.

Thoth the Atlantean


Welcome, sweet ones. It gives us great pleasure to be with you in this month of October as you enter into a greater field of Unified Consciousness; of the Solar Crystalline Consciousness of the New Earth Templates, sweet ones, through the next step in your Soul’s forward evolution as the I AM Avatar race. Sweet ones, we refer to the shift in consciousness that was experienced for all of you from the 23rd to the 28th of September, through Wave X and the Full Blood Moon Lunar eclipse, that brought you into a greater level of the knowing of yourselves as the Christed ET’s and the ability to experience the Galactic DNA Template activations. All this work, sweet ones, all these planetary events and activities of Light have brought you to a new Now moment in time. You are aligned deeper into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation and into the stillness and innocence and purity within your hearts, merging with your Beloved I AM Presence and drawing upon the support of your Soul and Star family and friends of the Light.

So, this pathway of Divine Love activates for each one of you sweet ones, through the Unity Grid of Divine Love and through the many dimensions of Light that present as the Golden Ages of Light start to merge into this Now. As you experience the expanded states of multi-dimensionality and the knowing of yourselves as multi-dimensional Master Beings of Light, drawing upon your Highest Potential of these different timelines of Light that merge into this Now, you further unveil that which was previously hidden and lift the oscillating emotions to the point of balance that is expressed through this Pyramid of Emotion. For you have experienced all emotional frequencies, sweet ones ~ from the sadness and the pain, and the perceived challenges that you have undergone to know yourselves as Love, to experience a greater level of your own blossoming and magnificence and Light as you walk this Pathway of Divine Love. And in past timelines, or the timeline that you understand as the karmic timeline sweet ones, these perceived challenges were carried out often to balance the universal karma, often to balance the timelines in which you were possibly experiencing deeper levels of the victim and persecutor consciousness; in which you chose these pre-birth agreements to know yourselves as Love. Now, sweet ones, in this deeper alignment to the Divine, in the knowing that you are already Love, that you are Creator Beings, there is the knowing that what you have experienced through your own perceived challenges has been simply to create the pathways and portals of Divine Love, so that others no longer need to undergo the experiences of the victim and persecutor consciousness. You are here as vibrating portals of Light, creating the Pathways of Divine Love, for yourselves and for others sweet ones. And you are asked simply to acknowledge this, as you embrace and experience your full range of emotions, as you accept and appreciate and celebrate the full range of emotions, no matter how you feel about these particular emotions ~ and it brings you deeper into the void, into the stillness, into the waves of frequency, of calmness and neutrality, sweet ones, ~ the balancing of the planes of polarity where there is perhaps neither a deep sense of joy, or a deep sense of sadness, neither a deep sense of Divine Love, nor a deep sense of hatred, or fear. The balancing of the emotional oscillations, sweet ones, is part of the energy matrix that is experienced through the New Earth Templates at this time, and with it too, many of the geometries of Light are activating at this time, Overlighted in particular by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, who Overlight this sacred year of 2015 for each one of you, sweet ones.

The Sirian Archangelic League of the Light are the keepers of sacred geometry, and what you are experiencing is a deeper sense of the leylines and the Nazca Lines, which some of you may know sweet ones. The Nazca Lines are the geoglyphs which span a vast swathe of the rugged Peruvian desert covering nearly 400 square miles of desert. Etched in the surface of the desert sand are around 300 figures and geometric shapes. Many of these are visible from the air sweet ones, and as these lines activate through this Pyramid of Emotion and in fact in this month of October, you are taken deeper into the Mayan, the Aztec and the Incan Golden ages of Light. This amplifies, sweet ones, for each one of you to a deeper knowing of yourselves as the Priests and Priestesses and how you can connect and work with the earth energies; how you can come deeper into your heart’s dreaming, and your heart’s joy, and how you can find balance in all areas of your life.

This alignment that we talk to you about was further activated through the Galactic DNA Templates that took you into the Cosmic Heart of God, and the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, amplified through the diamond Light Codes of Creation. The diamond Light Codes of Creation activated through the Galactic Center along with the photon gamma rays, sweet ones, which were experienced in the month of September, in particular from the 23rd to 28th of September. The diamond Light Codes of Creation were initially activated in May 2014 through the Sedona Vortex and the Crystalline Cities of Light, bringing through the essence of purity and innocence and a deeper merging and integration with your Beloved I AM Presence. Spiralling forth from the Cosmic Heart of All Creation these diamond Light Codes bring about a deeper level of the re-balancing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, as they clear the earth-plane of the old planetary false beliefs and judgments and this is what is occurring now, sweet ones ~ a re-balancing of the emotions. Not only for each one of you, but also the clearing of the old false beliefs and judgments on a planetary level that created the “war of the sexes”, that created so many of the false beliefs of power and control and abuse; and the inability to truly see and love the gods and goddesses that each one of you are, sweet ones, as creator gods.

So let us set our sacred space and take you into this Pyramid of Emotions above the Inca ruins of Machu Pichu, into this Vortex of Light. For many of you understand that Machu Pichu is indeed a vortex of Light that lifts you into the higher dimensional fields and planes of existence and brings through in this Now the Golden Age teachings of Light that take you into your Highest Potentials, through the Aztec, Mayan, and Incan timelines of Light.

Wherever you are sweet ones, in your sacred space ~ you simply breathe deep into the body, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out. Allowing the breath to be guided into every area of the body, organ or body part that needs your attention, or that needs your love, as you are wrapped now in this beautiful diamond flame of Melchizedek Consciousness, of purity and innocence, of this sense of ‘returning home’, for you have indeed come home, sweet ones. And as your heart expands now and the Golden heart activates, you connect now into the Inner Earth Sun, to this Golden Sun within your heart, to the Sun, to the Central Sun, and now to the Great Central Sun; merging with your Beloved I AM Presence activating a deeper sense of your own Inner Christ. As the eight petals of your Golden Sun activate, of empowerment and Love, wisdom and Divine intelligence, of joy, of peace and harmony, of abundance, of trust and surrender, of insight and understanding, you are taken deeper and deeper into the New Earth Templates as you feel and sense the geometries of Light activating within and around you through the Overlighting now of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, as they wrap you in this beautiful silver-gold flame of Light.


And now sweet ones, as you call in your Master Guides, and your Guardian Angel, and all the Beings of Light from On High that you personally acknowledge, you merge deeper into the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light; into the knowing of yourselves as the Christed extra-terrestrials, as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, and Master Beings of Light ~ the master co-creators, knowing and experiencing yourselves as Source Light, simply playing a character, a role, to shift the frequency vibration of the lower emotional frequency ranges into the Pathways of Divine Love. That is the primary soul purpose for choosing to incarnate onto the lower dimensions and planes of existence sweet ones ~ to come into the knowing that All is Love, All is Love. As you place your hands upon your hearts now and say to yourselves:

“I AM Love, I AM Love, I AM Light, I AM Light. I AM a manifesting co-creator, and as I experience this role to know myself as Love I am simply creating the Pathways of Divine Love for myself and others, through these perceived challenges and lessons. But now as I experience a deeper sense of the New Earth Templates, of the knowing of myself as this vibrating portal of Light, as this sacred transfiguring flame of Divine Love, this character and these roles no longer need to be experienced. For I chose to fully walk the Pathway of Divine Love, and the lessons that I experienced along the karmic path, and the characters that I met along this path, are no longer experienced in my reality, for these lessons are no longer needing to be experienced. I draw upon my Highest Potential from the Golden Ages of Light of the knowing of myself in self-mastery, and as the High Priest. And as I bring into this Now in particular the knowing of the Golden Ages of Light from the Mayan, Aztec and Incan Christed timelines, I experience myself now traveling into this beautiful Pyramid over the Inca Ruins of Machu Pichu.”


I am welcomed and greeted by Lubileah now and as she Overlights me and lifts me into the flow of the Pyramid of Emotion. I allow myself to flow with the feelings and emotions that are expressed for me in this Now. I understand what I am clearing are the remnants of the old patterns, false beliefs and judgments that are not only mine, but that belong to the souls of those on this earth plane walking the pathway of karma. I understand too that the challenges that I have experienced to bring myself to this Now are amplifying into the higher frequency dimensions and realms of Light so I can truly walk my talk, so I can truly experience my full potential as the Beloved I AM.

I am taken into this central Pyramid of Light and I see too that I am joined by Soul and Star family and friends of the Light. And I am joined too by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light ~ I am wrapped in this diamond flame of purity and innocence, and the silver-gold flame of sacred sexuality, as I start to experience a deep sense of the healing of my wounds through the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light. As I experience my feelings and emotions coming up that need to be embraced and loved, I simply honor and celebrate these aspects of myself, no matter how uncomfortable; for each of the range of these emotions is the range of emotions experienced within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and I am asked simply to Love, to appreciate and to celebrate every thought, feeling, and emotion. As my sadness and my grief and my pain come up I am embraced, and within my heart and within my Love, I give these aspects of myself a voice ~ I give these aspects of myself the Love that they are needing to bring about a greater level of balance and wholeness within my life.


I embrace my anger. I allow it to be felt and experienced and loved rather than played out reactively. I know that I am stepping into a greater alignment with God and that this stillness and Love that I experience now fills my heart with the Love of Creation. I experience a deeper sense of this beautiful Golden Rose Galaxy within the thymus chakra now, within my upper heart chakra; and I am embracing and Loving of all aspects of myself as I draw now upon the golden timelines of my Highest Potential as the High Priest or Priestess in the Mayan, the Aztec and Incan cultures. As I draw these timelines into my Now and into my reality, in my magnificence and Light I further draw upon the Nazca Lines patterns of evolution; the timelines that I bring into this Now of being the healer, or the teacher, the way shower, the mystic, the intuitive, the crystal grid-keeper, the ascended master ~ all the timelines of the knowing that I have experienced in self-mastery are activating for me in this Now. I am now taken into these multi-dimensional creations of Light in which I am further merging with my Pleiadian self, my Sirian self, my Andromedan self, my Arcturian self, my Lyran self, my Venusian self ~ all these multi-dimensional aspects of myself.

And now I see I am surrounded by twelve Healings Pods of Light. Lubileah lets me know that in this Pyramid of Emotion, these twelve Healing Pods of Light are brought through by the twelve Galactic Councils of Light, the twelve Star Councils that are assisting at this time in the forward evolution of all life on this sacred earth. These are twelve Healing Pods brought in by the Alpha Centaurians, the Venusians, the Vegans, the Arcturians, the Antareans, the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Orions, the Pleiadians, the Niburians, the Meldekians and the Brotherhood of the Light High Council. Each of these pods assists in the embracing of particular planetary beliefs and in a deeper level of the frequency of Love to be experienced in the healing of the wounds of all life on this sacred earth. And I am invited in this Now into this beautiful silver-gold Healing Pod Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light. This Healing Pod assists in the healing of the wounds of my relationships as it transmutes and neutralizes the energy frequency of the “war of the sexes”. As I experience this Healing Pod, in this beautiful silver-gold cocoon, I have a sense of the geometries of Light activating for me that are personal, and particular to the frequency of neutralizing the false belief of the “war of the sexes” and with this, healing the wounds of my relationships.


I am surrounded by etheric pods of dolphins. These sonic vibratory frequencies connect at a cellular level into the crystalline matrix of my Light Body and as I am lifted through all dimensions of Light, I experience a recalibration that activates the kundalini energies in this safe and sacred space; that brings me to a deeper level of the embrace of the wounds of my relationships, of the characters and the roles that I played out in the dynamic of male and female energies, as I move deeper into the knowing that these old character roles are no longer needed or necessary to be re-experienced in this Now, in this Golden Age of Light.


And now, sweet ones, you have a sense simply of aligning into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation as One Unified field of Light. You understand that you are One with Mother/Father God, you are One with your emotions, and you are One with all Life, and you allow this energy to activate through these diamond Light key codes of creation, and this beautiful silver-gold flame of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light. The greater shift that is being made for all of you, sweet ones, is simply the sense of complete alignment into the Divine. There is no separation, and you are experiencing this more and more as the creator gods. In the creation of your reality, within the One Reality of All That Is. In the merging of these Golden Timelines, and in the experience of the multi-dimensional realities and the Golden Ages of Light that activate for you in this Now.

And as you ground once more into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, you keep this connection open to all these illumined Beings of Light from On High, knowing sweet ones, in your dream state or in your awakened state, you have the opportunity to experience all these Healing Pods, through all these Christed extra-terrestrials, and we will take you deeper into this through our tele-webinar later in the month.

So we thank you for your service work. We bless you, and with this we bid you a most magical day. Transcribed by Eadie Miller

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Artwork by Endre Balogh ~Facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/SacredGeometrybyEndre Website ~ http://endre-balogh.artistwebsites.com/art/all/all/all/sacred+geometries Pyramids of Creation ~ http://www.crystalinks.com/12pyrthothpreface.html


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Understanding the Art of “Preferencing” ~ Master Einstein @ Walking Terra Christa


Albert Einstein

Understanding the Art of “Preferencing” ~ Master Einstein

This is the transcription of the LIVE call within the Clarion Temple of Oneness with Master Einstein on  September 21st, 2015.

Greetings, Greetings, Greetings,

I is I, Yamteleus at your service. Thank you for being with us this evening.

Tonight with the changes that we are going through within the temple, we totally want to reflect of the Cosmic Great Central Sun energies for a moment. Divine Mother Father God are still with us even though they will not be speaking.

If we take a few breaths and allow ourselves to be of the beautiful frequency of light that Divine Mother Father God is encasing within us presently with these energies. We call upon the Angels to assist in raising the vibration in their energetic exchange.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Let’s take a moment and totally feel your heart center with all the colors and beautiful essences that you are of the Masculine and Feminine Divine energy as One; as you were as an angel. Feel the amazing beauty that you are in all levels of exchange through your breath from breath to breath in each moment as the existence of these energies blend as One within each other.

We go deeper into the core of your Heart to feel this exchange occurring for you. It is our pleasure to assist in these moments as we are the angels of all principalities, and we wrap our wings around each of you as we experience all the changes together.

We Are the Angels of the Light Expressing our Joy and Love to each of you.


Good Evening,

My fellow Souls of the Light,

I Am Master Einstein and it is my pleasure to be with each of you. I come tonight as a Messenger of Love to assist every one of you to understand the energetic exchange that occurs through your Higher Mind into your Physical Mind.

I have been asked to step forward at this time as many are experiencing the transitions even it is only a few moments in your day or upon awakening from your sleep. The clarification that you are looking for is right within yourself.

But how do you express that through your physical mind? Allow it to be and it shall come.

Those words may seem easier than the act itself.

How does one truly bring forth the highly intellectual states of the Divine Mind into the physical self when the Physical Mind, which can be very highly intellectual within itself, come together?

I say to you “They just do,” but that does not assist you to understand the process; because, you are truly programmed to receive clarification from your physical mind to interpret everything that is occurring within your world, within the atmosphere, within others, and within humanity.

Let us take for example of the upcoming energies of the Equinox ~ now intuitively each of you knows this is a very momentous occasion going from one season to another. That is a physical existence so that would be within your physical mind, but yet intuitively you know that it is a time of great change, of moving from one conceptual thought into another. What happens through this process is that the increased movement from one season unto another is like stepping from one cliff unto another cliff. This is when the ability to have trust and faith is very important.

As you move from one stage unto another stage, you are going to be able to experience life in the way that it is being presented to you, but if you allow yourself to be in fear, wanting control of your circumstances and not willing to surrender to what your Higher Self desires for you to have within the physical world, then the transition from one to the other can be very tremendous in a not very positive manner. I would say that this probably pertains to the majority of this world.

If you, as the person upon this planet, can grasp the conceptual element of “PREFERENCING” which means that you allow yourself to move from one space unto another without questioning what is happening, then you will achieve great results through this process.

This happens through every activation that occurs. There has been much talk amongst your colleagues and peers about the energetic exchange that is occurring presently. Some call this “Wave-X”. I am not quite sure why they call it that, but it is a form of energetic exchange that is coming into the planet as we shared in our blog for the New Earth Frequency Update.

We talked about a ball of energy and you receive that Sphere Of Light. If you allow yourself to surrender to that ball of light, that vibrational change to come into you, you are allowing your Divine Mind to take control of the wheel. You surrender from the physical mind and allow yourself to just flow into the next phase of your development.

roller coaster_800_533It is like being on a Roller Coaster. If you have ever experienced that event of sitting in a seat and someone else having control of the train on the track, what happens to you physically when you are very slowly going up that hill as you are feeling the anticipation of what the next move is going to be; when you get to the top, that is the climatic moment from moving up that mountain top and then all of a sudden your cart goes all the way day through this big hill and the momentous movement of the train is carried with you. You become one with all those elements as you are experiencing on that ride.

This is exactly what is occurring at this time.

So if I say to you, “How is your anticipation at this time a couple of days before the Equinox is to occur.” Are you allowing yourself to step into a fear mode, are you allowing yourself to just move through the process that you need to acquire in order to have the most optimal experience when you get to the top. The top is that day of the Equinox.

It is an exciting time; it is a powerful time., and it is a marvelous time. But, it is also a time of great surrender of what has been behind you. This is where the intellect of the physical mind gets in the way of the intuitive mind to come fully into the Self. Those thoughts are going to stop you, they can kill you in a certain way. You won’t be dead but you won’t be able to move forward as much as you could.

If you allow yourself to just feel the freedom of what is occurring presently. It does not matter what others may be seeing of “what could be.” All that you can do is allow your Divine Mind to be your guide and it is the only way you are going to do that is feel the exhilaration and the challenges you have endured that you have experienced previously. It is taking you another “click higher”, another “click higher” another “click higher” up to the top of mountain. This is the position in which each of you are experiencing at this time on this planet. Every person is in this place, but the majority of humanity is in the fear mode of uncertainty, “What is going to happen next, is there going to be another earthquake, is there going to be another volcano that erupts, is there is going to be some disaster that will happen?”

If we think about this new wave of energy coming towards the planet, it is the gift from the Source of Light. Within that energetic exchange it creates multitudes of light forms to come into each of you for you to experience the exhilaration. Don’t worry about the consequences, just allow yourself to experience it with ease and grace. Think of yourself on that Roller Coaster ride. Open up your arms wide and allow your Heart to expand as you go deeper through the process. This is exactly what is occurring at this time.

So I ask each of you in this moment to breath deeply into your Divine Mind.

You may ask, “How do I do that?”

I ask you now, to let go, fully let go. Feel yourself on that Roller Coaster. Feel the wind brushing your face, feel the laughter and joy in your heart as the exhilaration of that ride as your protected by the cart. Just as you are protected by your Merkabah.

Your Merkabah Vehicle does so much more than you can ever realize. It takes you into a deeper part of yourself and allows the spinning essences that are part of you to become more physical part of you. It restructures your cellular memory and allows your crystalline structure to come in closer to your heart, not just in your Etheric Body; it allows the frequency of light to come more fully within you. Have great gratitude that you understand what a Merkabah is and not so much about the details of how it works. Allow the infraction of light that is occurring for you presently to spin within you and go around you and be you as it becomes You.

So your Merkabah Vehicle is the vehicle of the roller coaster. Your I Am Presence is directing that energy to come within you.

Where are you? Are you going to accept it, are you going to accept some of it, or are you going to put it aside?

I know each of you today, I know your answer, but I also know you will have questions as that is what humans do. They question every movement that is occurring for them. So I ask you to put that aside and be that passenger on the Roller Coaster. Allow your I Am Presence to guide you through this process of feeling the higher essences with in you.

So let us move into to next phase of surrender. It is good when you take moments within your day such as I will share with you to surrender into the silence, to surrender into the joy, to surrender in the existence of All That Is. You take those energies from the Source of Light that you are and bring them into yourself. Let the Mental Mind no longer be in control. In fact, the Mental Mind will be so silent that it existence within you will change greatly.

As each of you are climbing this huge, huge mountain, sometimes it feels like you are almost going to fall. But, yet, something happens that you do not fall, because you allow your Intuitive Self, your Divine Mind to fully come within you so that you can accept things in a completely different manner than you ever have before. Let us allow this to occur as you feel yourself moving, going upwards, take a breath.

[Crystal Bowl Ringing}

The deeper you breathe, the higher your energy becomes.

Deeper, deeper, and deeper; and higher, higher, higher, and higher. Now the exhilaration is coming within you. Everything that you have been experiencing – the challenges, the questions, the comments, they all dissipate. You have the complete silence of the wind around you. Feel that mountain you have been climbing, be grateful for the mountain as it is helping you to go deeper within yourself.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Command Now, your Divine Mind to be fully the only consciousness you have within you.

Breathe it deeply, Allow your Higher Essence beyond the Higher Self into the I AM Presence to fully come within you so the experience is brought by All That You Are, all that you incorporate. You feel the beauty of moving with the flow; feeling the vibrational change within you as now you exist within the source of the Universe and you find yourself going higher, higher, and higher, and higher and say to yourself,

“I Am my Divine Mind, my Intuitive Mind allows me to feel the power that I Am, and I am excited by the union that I bring forth unto myself on this day.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

I Am the Divine Mind of all the Consciousness that I AM

 I Am All that I Am

 And I now allow it to flow within my body, I breathe it deeply into all structures to come within me. I feel my Merkabah spinning in many different directions and many different colors.

 I feel the expectation of arising to the top of the mountain. It is in this moment that I receive more than I ever thought that I could. It is not my physical self, it is my Higher Self, it is my Higher Mind, it is my Intuitive Self as I start to vibrate with the Light that is coming towards me.

 I now stand at the top of the mountain and I receive the gift of the Light that I Am. It is coming deeper than I have ever felt before as I have prepared deeply for this moment in time.

Allow yourself now to experience the exquisite beauty of this Light.

Can’t you feel it deeply in all of your muscles and cells with the tingling that is occurring within your full body system?

Anything you cannot handle will be dissipate. So we take a moment at the top of this mountain and ground it into the mountain. We ground it into the essence of this mountain and it expands down the mountain into the earth, into the peaks and valleys, into the waters, into everything that exists upon the land.

As we extend this energy unto ourselves in this moment, allow your breath to bring forth your Divine Mind fully within your consciousness. Feel the difference. Feel the message that is not part of your lower mind, it is not part of your lower body, it is part of your Higher Body, it is the Divine Existence of All that You Are and you are allowing it to grow deeply within you.

As this occurs, this energy expands into the world, into the core of Gaia, into all her wonders and all her lands. This frequency of light that is called Wave-X by some individuals. It is truly just a frequency that is allowing Gaia to receive, and it is a beautiful moment that each of you has this experience within yourself. Let it go into your core; do not be afraid of any reaction that you feel within yourself. Let it expand out of you with your breath and command it through your I AM Presence that what you cannot hold goes to the Earth. It goes into all places and all lands. It goes into the purity that you are and that we are all together.

So I ask you now as that energy returns back, you balance yourself, feeling your feet planted very strongly within the Earth and allow your Merkabah to take you down the mountain.

Feel the exhilaration as you move down the mountain, just like the Roller Coaster ride, and you feel the wind, you feel the sun, you see the clouds, you see everything different than you ever did before as now you are allowing your Divine Mind to be your control.

Go deeply into your core, Solar Plexus, into your Heart, and allow the expansion that you feel to be part of your reality as this is truly what each of you will be experiencing if you allow it to be. Do not just look as the Equinox as another season. Look at it of what you have achieved, what you have endured, to get you to the next mountain top, and then be free and allow it to flow within you as you extend it out to others.

As we sit here in this beautiful temple this evening, I very enamored by all of you. I feel blessed to be able to be in the position that I am to be part of the Unified Whole Command, but on this day I come to you as my highest essence within that Oneness but within the ability to educate you in a different way than you have previously.

Hold what is within your Heart deeply. Feel the bliss; feel the enjoyment of this moment now after you have climbed that mountain. There will be many more mountains to climb, but for this Equinox allow yourself to go into a new phase, into a new existence, into a new presence that you have never allowed yourself to experience before.

Be that change you want to be by just allowing it To Be.

It is my pleasure as Master Einstein to assist you with this transition. If you can imagine your Divine Mind just holding itself above your Crown, and allowing it to come into your brain activity just by letting all the thoughts go along with the questions, and just Be that Essence, that is the beginning stage of activating your Divine Mind.

It is my Divine Pleasure to walk with you as I do not get the chance very often so I want to thank Walking Terra Christa for allowing me to be here in this moment to bring forth these essences into each of you. You have the answers, I know you do, I see them in each of you, just allow them to manifest in a way that they are supposed to be through your Divine Mind.

All my blessings in Light of Love of this beautiful temple, this is my honor to be with each of you.

I Am Master Einstein

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Second Trip through the Portal ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

buddha bliss by amanda sage


ART : Buddha Bliss ~ Amanda Sage


Second Trip through the Portal

Higher consciousnessI ascended again yesterday. It happened at exactly the same stretch of road I was walking a few days earlier when the first experience of Ascension happened.

And, like the first time, I was enroute to a meeting when it occurred.

Again it wasn’t like a voyage to a sublime plane of existence. It was an ever-deepening expansion of consciousness. We’ve seen movies of people who shrink. Well, this was an experience of expanding, expanding, expanding.

This experience was deeper than the first. Given that I was having lunch with a lightworker, I could do things like allow her to look into my eyes while I let myself sink as deeply as possible into my experience. And, when I did, I went down, down, down, down.

I was so drunk on the energies by the time lunch was over, I could hardly stand and didn’t know how I was going to get home. I’d planned to go to the supermarket, bank, etc., and had to abandon those ideas. I could not manage anything else but head back to my apartment, only to find that Nicole also was immersed in a similar experience.

Neither of us could call for hours because our experiences continued and required us both to be off alone for the duration.

I remained in almost a stupor of bliss for another hour or two, and then felt myself strong enough to rejoin society, so to speak.

Bliss was the overwhelming characteristic of this experience. But being in that space also promoted tolerance, compassion, flexibility, and other divine qualities.

At one point, I heard myself say: OK, you’re ascended. Now what? The “now what” of Ascension is to carry on but do it better, cleaner, more expansively.

We didn’t agree before we were born to ascend and then leave the job. We agreed to ascend and really get to work.

And what is that work in regard to Ascension?

It’d be what it’s always been: to help to ascend those who have not yet ascended.

Isn’t that what every sage and saint has ever done? Don’t the ascended always turn around and help the unascended?

In our case it’d be helping the members of our soul group and anyone else we can reach. To my way of thinking, souls groups ascend and form the fabric of the whole. That’s how the whole ascends.

Beyond Ascension is building Nova Earth. Our Ascension equips us to do that job by giving us the needed strength, vision, and compassion – what I call “the juice.”

The day after this second experience, I’m left feeling substantial and stable.  A conversation of deep truth-telling will probably bring me back to the space of bliss fairly easily.



buddha bliss by amanda sage

Gaia Speaks–A Collection of Messages from Gaia @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Friday, October 2, 2015

Gaia Speaks–A Collection of Messages from Gaia


Gaia Speaks

A Collection of Messages from Gaia

Our Mother Earth


















Whatever you do my beloved humans,

I Gaia will love and assist you as you to it


The physical structures of form in this quadrant of space are preparing to transmute into the higher frequencies of spirit. By spirit I mean that which is infused with the light of creation. This light of creation serves as a higher dimensional screen upon which thought can be projected and then enlivened by emotion.

I, Gaia and the High Ones who are supporting me, have experimented with many manners in which we could facilitate this process. Since it is the Arcturian’s galactic service to be of assistance whenever this moment of transmutation, they are constantly within and around my planetary self.

Some of the life forms of my quadrant of space may fear their “death.” However, when our light flashes into the ONE of the NOW, they will remember that “death” is merely a release from the 3D matrix of illusion.

Life cannot die, it can only transmute into a higher or lower frequency of expression. Some humans are still attached to the reality they have known as real for myriad incarnations. Therefore, they may resist the process of planetary transmutation in any manner that they can.

It is this power of resistance that creates a waver in the energy field of transmutation to stall the event in a manner that can create frozen moments of lower frequencies in the 3D matrix.

Those who cannot release their fear-based reality will resist the process of transmutation and will believe that their reality is destructing. On the other hand, those who choose the path of unconditional love will perceive that a new reality is constructing.

I, Gaia, wish to share many of my communications with you in this small book. I want you to remember that I have loved and supported you through out your entire process of transmutation, just as you have been with me. Beloved ascending ones, WE are a team. In fact, WE are the “Ascension Team.”

Together, we will perceive “islands of transmutation” that expand as more and more of my inhabitants transmute back into their true multidimensional expressions. Let us join together within my messages to you all.


Dear ONES,

I am Gaia
I am joyous to communicate with you, the People of my Body. I am very grateful for the connection made from MY heart, to YOUR heart, to the heart of the Sun, then to the heart of the Great Central Sun. Our entire Galaxy is preparing for ascension into the higher dimensions. Unfortunately, Earth is one of the “challenge points,” because we are one of the few planets that still have “life” in the first through third dimensions.

It is the shift from the third/fourth dimension into the fifth dimension, which is such a shock to my physical inhabitants. This shift is especially difficult, as many of my people no longer feel united with me, their planet. Do you remember how you were united with the Great Mother when you were Priests and Priestesses in my Temples? In your “modern day,” my people seldom bond with me, or even believe that I AM ALIVE. However, YOU, the members of my Planetary Ascension Team, have been ever faithful in your commitment to OUR planet.


All of my first and second dimensional creatures shall ascend with me because they are in complete unity with my consciousness. Hence, they shall remain attached to me as I make the transition. These creatures neither seek to possess objects nor to gain power over others. Therefore, they have no need to clutch onto a reality that is becoming extinct. In fact, many of the “extinct” plants and animals have actually preceded humanity into my new, higher dimensional Earth.

If you humans could learn from the first and second dimensional components of yourself, it would be easier for you to assist me, and yourselves, in the transformation of our biological matter, cellular structure, and DNA. I wish to remind you that you have access to all of my multi-dimensional kingdoms through your own human form. You can learn to communicate with these inner dimensions of your body by appreciating them on my body, Earth, and in my aura.

For example, my First Dimensional Kingdom of crystals, rocks, mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, rain, wind, sky, etc. can be communicated with by enjoying and appreciating the great beauty of my Nature. My Second Dimensional Kingdom of plants, trees, insects, fish, and many members of the animal kingdom, can also be “merged with” through hearing, appreciating and surrendering to the “Call of Nature.

My Third Dimensional Kingdom of humans, and more evolved animals, can be communicated with through thought, emotion, reasoning, creativity, and symbolic or verbal language. My Fourth Dimensional Kingdom is the realm of dreams, meditation, magic, creative bliss, dancing, singing, playing, listening to music, having fun, excitement and creativity, and communicating via empathy and telepathy with elemental worlds. You can further experience the fourth dimension by traveling in your Astral Body to my wonderful Kingdom of Faerie.

My Fifth Dimensional World can be communicated with through surrender, calm, peace, centeredness, Unconditional Love, and multidimensional merging with higher dimensional life forms, as well as higher frequency aspects of your SELF. My Fifth Dimensional World is the vibration from whence I came and to which I shall return.

However, my fifth dimensional Earth will be greatly transformed as we return to, and simultaneously create, New Star Earth. By allowing our consciousness to be temporarily confined by the 3D matrix, albeit through many eons of 3D “time,” we have transformed ourselves enough to CREATE that to which we are returning. Do not “try” to understand this concept. Instead, allow the meaning to be revealed to you as calmly as the morning sun rises across the waters.


I remind you again to be patient, for “time,” as you know it, is ending. You have prepared for this moment in many, many lives. You were among the ones who first reduced the spin of the molecules of Light. Hence, you are among the first to amplify it. However, remember that there is no time, as time is particular to the third dimension. As the dimensions shift, so does time. Therefore, there is no need to be impatient.

All is proceeding according to a “clock” which is beyond your third dimensional conception. Allow the process to continue, and maintain the balance of Inner Peace as often as you can. Call to me, Gaia, and I shall assist you. Remember, my Ones, you do not create your Lightbody. You REVEAL it. You thrust aside the illusions of separation and limitation and decide to “stop playing the 3D game.” Then slowly, as you remember your Multidimensional SELF, layer, by layer, you will feel a release of tension, a diminishing of anxiety and an abundance of Lightness.


Unconditionally Love your physical body. Whether you are currently incarnated in a male or female body today, I ask you, once again, to remember your lives in which you served me as Priests and Priestesses. When you were a Priest or Priestess serving the Goddess, the human body was a sacred temple. Your shape and form were not determined by those outside of you or by a patriarchal world intent on diminishing women.

The Goddess has always worn many forms and finds all of them beautiful. Some of Her trees are tall and thin, while others are short and broad. However, all are meant to serve the purpose that is consistent with their shape. Each of my Priests and Priestesses has an innate shape that best serves their purpose.

My Priestesses do not have to capture men with their body. Therefore, they needn’t be driven to love their body only when it is considered beautiful by men. Your society has trained many women that they are without worth if they do not look like the few. This fallacy greatly diminishes the very Female Power that we are now wishing to restore.

I also suffered this prejudice towards my Priestesses. Some of my land and creatures have been deemed not worthy and have been destroyed, abandoned or polluted. I love all that which holds form within my consciousness, as much as I love the Spirit which ignites that form into LIFE.


As the Goddess Energy is revitalized on my planet, masculine and feminine polarities will merge in the Mystical Marriage. Then women will FEEL their Inner Male and men will FEEL their Inner Female. Furthermore, this merging of the God and Goddess Energy within your physical earth vessels will activate your Inner Divine Child, who will mature into your Divine Adult.

Know that the form that your SELF wears, your current earth vessel, is the Physical Temple of your Spirit. Unconditionally Love your Temple as you Unconditionally Love your Spirit SELF. See, hear and feel the Life within all form, and love it unconditionally. I ask those of you now incarnated in a male form to also remember the female Essence that lives within YOU.

In that manner, you can again honor the Goddess without feeling that you are somehow compromising yourself. As both Priests and Priestesses return to Lightbody, the Mystical Marriage of male and female will merge your gender polarities into the ONENESS of the higher worlds.


You, my dear people who have awakened to your Unity with ALL Life, know that I, Gaia, am ALIVE. You are the “Clock-setters” who have returned from your true SELVES on Arcturus, the Pleiades, Sirius, or another higher dimensional reality to incarnate on my body in this long-awaited moment. These higher dimensional aspects of your SELF are simultaneously alive and guiding you from your higher dimensional realities.

As a Clock-setter, you were among the first who came here to initiate third dimensional time. You entered the 3D Experiment when Earth, in fact the entire galaxy, was fourth dimensional. The Clock-setters were the ones who initiated the filters of manifestation to create a vibratory rate low enough to accumulate matter. In other words, you decelerated the vibratory rate enough for “time” to become locked into the photons of my consciousness.

You may wonder what I mean by that statement, so allow me to explain. Our fifth dimensional resonant energy is so high that the spin of light photons does not allow polarization. Light and dark, male and female are exactly the same. As the vibration lowers, so does the spin. As the spin lowers in frequency, there is a start of one cycle and an end to another cycle. Therefore, there is “time,” as there is a beginning and an end. Between this “beginning” and “end” is a “time-period.”

To further explain, a cycle is one complete rotation of a light molecule. In the fifth dimension, the spin is so rapid that it is continuous, with no beginning and no end. Because of this, “one” complete rotation is not measurable.

In the fourth dimension, the spin is slowed enough to create polarization. However, the fourth dimensional rate of spin is wavering and unstable, as it tries to create form in an ever-changing reality. The forms, which are a result of this divergent spin, are extremely mutable and prone to change.

In the third dimension, time and form are very stable because the spin is incredibly slow in relation to the higher planes. The rate of spin of light photons for the physical world is so slow that matter is able to adhere to it. As this happens, the spin becomes even slower; more matter, slower still, even more matter, even slower.


We, the Planetary Consciousness of Gaia, desired the third dimensional experience of form/space and movement/time. We had already experienced our fifth dimensional character as a Star, our fourth dimensional reality as the Kingdom of Faerie, and our ethereal world as Lemuria. At the time of Atlantis, our vibration was of the lower fourth dimension, but it quickly fell to the third dimension after Atlantis’s demise.

We, the manifested components of Gaia’s consciousness, wanted to have a different perception. Therefore, we decided to allow ourselves to be lowered into the third dimension in order to gather new experiences. We wanted to see if Spirit could be maintained in such a low frequency form. We, the Beings who are Gaia, are unique in our decision to create and inhabit life on a third dimensional planet. Many third dimensional planets did not make that choice.

The Clock-setters lived in the final days of the Mayan Civilization, just before the last evacuation of the Mayan Founders to their Home Worlds. These Mayan Elders calibrated Earth’s “clock” to enter into the Photon Belt at this “time.” It is the entry into the higher frequency Light of the Photon Belt that will activate the commencement of Planetary Ascension in 2012.


As I said earlier, Earth has been a challenging point, a corner stone, for the ascension of this Galaxy, as it carries third dimensional life. Because of the fear of my planet’s inhabitants, the planetary frequency is lower than much of our Galaxy.

All the beings of the Planet Earth, myself included, have taken on a great trial in that we are the planet of emotion. The emotions of rage and terror lowers the planetary vibration, whereas, the emotions of bliss and spiritual love raises the planetary vibration.

You, the brave Souls who have incarnated on my body, know that it is quite difficult to remember your fifth dimensional Lightbody after you’ve experienced many lives of third dimensional emotion. It is also complicated to raise your vibration because life in the third dimension creates an addiction to the reward of physical, sensate pleasures.

This addiction is amplified by your need for comfort due to the many fears and sorrows of physical life. Furthermore, the social pressure to excel in the eyes of others creates a need for outside reward and the social status of possessions. As a result, in order to raise your vibration, you will need to release your sensate addictions and your desire for possessions and rewards.

The third dimensional world has been based on “hard work” and “reward.” This process has been very addictive as well, as a myth has been created over many incarnations that you must put energy-out to receive energy-back. This perspective leads to the belief that you must work hard and struggle in order to create a home, a job, a child. However, from the fifth dimensional perspective, work is not necessary for creation. Manifestation is done instantly with ease and Unconditional Love.

The “tenet” of the third dimension is that you must DO in order to obtain or create. On the other hand, in the higher dimensions, the “tenet” is that you must BE in order to create. Third dimensional creativity is active and receptive, whereas fifth dimensional creativity is passive and expressive. Expression of SELF is the only concept of “possession” in the dimensions above the fourth, as you “create” by BEING still and allowing your Essence to flow through you.

Fifth dimensional consciousness, and beyond, is innately constant, focused and joyful. You will not need to try or learn. All you need “do” is be still and remember Unconditional Love and Boundless Joy. Yes, I understand how difficult that can be while holding a third dimensional form. However, this remembrance will serve to accelerate the spin of the photons in your body, and facilitate your integration of the Higher Light of your Soul/SELF.

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Look to my animal kingdom to see how to joyfully play with each other.

Mother Earth,


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MARY MAGDALENE: The Coming Wave of Change ~ Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart

art magdalene by richard stodart


MARY MAGDALENE: The Coming Wave of Change

Image By Malene Thyssen (Own work)

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On August 14, 2015

Question: I’ve been hearing that we’re about to receive a great wave of big change, beginning at the end of September and continuing over the next six months or so. The changes will be very dramatic, including Earth changes, dissolution of governmental systems, and a lot of other changes on the planet, along with a raising of consciousness with all of this change. Is this correct?

 Mary Magdalene: It is very natural for humans to want to know what is about to happen. Indeed, changes of the nature you are describing have been predicted for quite some time now.

In fact, no one can predict what is going to happen. It is not written. It is not created. You are creating it now. Not you alone, but you in concert with all the beings involved. There are beings involved who you may not be aware of. It is always the case that there are many beings at many levels involved. But at the third dimension, most people are not aware of that. There are a great many factors and forces at work here.

It is true that the patterns set in motion right now point to exactly what you are speaking of. That is to say, if nothing were to change, if everything were to go forth exactly in the way things are set in motion at this moment, it is very likely that something of what you are speaking will happen.

It is not necessarily going to happen in the time frame being predicted. Time frames are extremely difficult to predict. Sometimes people do predict time frames accurately, but it is mostly by chance that that happens. (She laughs.) In terms of statistics or odds, people have a chance of getting something right, but it’s a much larger chance of their not being accurate. Nonetheless, what you are pointing to is very probable, given what is in motion at this time.

There are great forces at play in your world right now that are calling for huge change. Ultimately it’s a change of consciousness. This is a time when people have an opportunity to move and advance very quickly. Such times can be unsettling. They often appear as disasters.

Disasters are oftentimes what open up the consciousness, the web of reality, and allow those who are prepared to move through in a very direct manner, which otherwise might happen in a much slower, step-by-step way. Those who are not prepared do not tend to see this as an opening. What they see is what would be called a disaster, involving loss of human life, loss of life for other beings such as animals and plants on the Earth, and disruption of your ordinary world processes.

It is very likely that something of this nature is going to occur. It can occur through natural systems, like volcanoes, tsunamis, or earthquakes. It can occur through social systems breaking down suddenly. There might be huge economic upheaval, such as the Great Depression, or a war, things of this nature, which are created more at the human level. There can be an interplay where both natural and social events are involved.

This change can also happen in a way that human beings don’t remember having experienced before. Things could happen that could be very frightening to people who don’t understand the spiritual process involved and don’t remember such an event ever having occcurred before. This could include changes in your sun, changes in the light, changes in the energy field or the grid that surrounds and permeates the Earth and affects all beings, including humans. It is very likely that these last kind of changes will be part of what will happen at some level. Oftentimes these changes happen in a subtle way that people don’t tend to notice if they’re not subtly attuned. But those who are more sensitive will notice. All of these things are possibilities.

We at the higher levels are always working to make these kinds of shifts as peaceful and gentle as possible, because they certainly can be disrupting, disturbing, or shocking for many people. It is our hope that the change that is being called forth will be as peaceful and gentle as possible. Ultimately there are great factors that are beyond any individual or any group’s control. This is a huge process that is underway, which is not only involving the Earth. It is involving a great part of your universe. It has been supported in many ways, by many beings, from many places, who have been working on this for a very long time.

I cannot tell you an exact time. I cannot tell you exactly what will happen. All those involved will help to create what will happen and when it will happen. At some point in the future of the Earth, and most likely the relatively near future, something of the nature of what you’re talking about is very likely to happen.

Questioner: Maybe the real purpose of this is truly for an evolutionary shift of the consciousness of humanity. Is that the real bottom line?

Mary Magdalene: The bottom line involves so much more than just humans, but that is certainly one aspect. It is a huge opportunity. Humanity is being called to an evolutionary shift. It is going to happen. Yet this transformation is much bigger than just what’s happening for humanity.

On the individual level, it is not necessary to wait for this kind of shift. It is always possible to be moving forward and changing. Yet when there is this kind of a shift, there is a tremendous opportunity available. It is a blessed time that is coming forth. Many will not see it this way. Many will see it with great fear. They will have a great sense of abandonment by God or whatever else they believe in. But that is not the case. The more you understand this, the more you can make use of it.

There are those who try to prepare for these kinds of changes in physical ways, such as creating shelter for yourself, or stockpiling food, or even having guns and ammunition. This is really the least way to prepare. The most important preparation is your spiritual preparation, to have done your work, to have completed your foundational processes so that you are ready to move forward. That will make it possible for you to ride this wave that is coming. It will certainly make it easier. And it will support others in riding the wave, also.

You have probably heard of separate or simultaneous realities. This is already happening and it’s going to get exaggerated. Those who are spiritually aware, prepared, and ready will have a very different experience than those who are not.

As is always the case, you will be drawing people to you who are at a similar frequency to what you are generating. As a group, you will be very supportive of each other. All groups will be supportive of each other. But if the group is resonating at a relatively low frequency, that low frequency is what they will be supporting. There is a perfection about it.

Those who are seeing this as a disaster and those who may die in the process will be helped in other ways to make this shift. They will be helped in the afterlife. They will be helped through a new incarnation in another Earth-like realm, or perhaps in a higher realm, if they are ready for that. Everyone is always being helped.

Questioner: Thank you.

Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.

It is not necessarily helpful for those who are spiritually awake to talk to those who are not prepared for this event about what is going to happen. They will likely see you as loony, or off on a tangent, at best. If they have an opening, you certainly can talk to them, but that is something to be very sensitive about.

You can even ask them if they’re interested in hearing your point of view or your beliefs about what’s underway. Asking is always a very important practice.

The way that you will help everyone, regardless of their level of preparation, awareness, or ability to consciously make use of what’s happening, is through your emanation of peace and love, as opposed to fear. This is always the greatest help you can offer.

Questioner: Thank you so much.

Mary Magdalene: You are most welcome.

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Archangel Michael on AHWAA: It is your Harvest, a True Tsunami ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

art r c gorman AURORA

ART : Aurora ~ R.C. Gorman


Transcript – Archangel Michael  AHWAA: It is your Harvest, a True Tsunami, Sept 3, 2015

Hour With Angel picIt is your Harvest, a True Tsunami

Archangel Michael

Hour with an Angel
September 3, 2015

Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow             Host, In Light Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening everyone and welcome. Linda, you have a joy workshop coming up and you have a core issues webinar coming up. How are they going?

Linda Dillon: They’re going just fabulously, Steve. And let me tell you, we are in full gear for the upcoming joy workshop here, in my home in Port St. Lucie, City of Light. And, I just…I can’t wait. The material has been phenomenal. And this particular workshop, I think there are several highlights. But, it’s really about being the joy, rather than receiving the joy or becoming the joy. It’s simply about awakening that joy that lives within our divinity.

So, that’s going to be really interesting. Another part of it is that Archangel Michael has asked to be on the agenda to talk, once again, about his strategic peace initiative. Archangel Michael has been working and working on bringing peace to this planet for so long. And he never gives up. He just keeps at it. So, it will be interesting when we gather to talk about joy and in the same space to talk about peace and our interdimensional selves.  So, lots of new information coming.

Then after that, we’re going to, gently, I hope, jump right back into core issues. We’re not finished with this topic as yet, fortunately, I guess, and unfortunately. Let me tell you, when the Council told me we were going to do another webinar series on core issues, I hesitated, because the first round – the maiden round, as it were – was so intense. But the results were miraculous as well. So, come the 15th of October, we will be delving again into core issues and emerging into the brilliance of the heart consciousness.

SB: Emerging into the brilliance of heart consciousness! You know, I’m experiencing a lot of transformative love these days. And, I still have core issues. (Laughter.) And they get triggered by the most unlikely things. Unwitting reminders and what have you. And I say to myself, “Oh, my God. You’re kidding! I’m still here?”

LD: You know, this is what people don’t always realize…that we think, how could you deal with core issues if you’ve just gone through a joy workshop, a claiming of your birthright of joy? How can you still have core issues when you’re in the love, when you are literally holding and being the love? Or, how can you be dealing with core issues if you’re in sacred union and sacred partnership?

But all these aspects of our becoming the divinity of who we are, are intertwined and interwoven. And so, of course the core issues are going to come to the surface so that they can be removed, so that we really can blossom into that fullness of transformative love. So, it’s a little more housekeeping.

SB: A little more housekeeping. I remember, in enlightenment workshops, we would do the exercise designed to reveal ourselves, so to speak. And, we’d either get revealing ourselves, which was very seldom, or we’d get the barriers. So, we’d either get the breakthrough or the barrier.

And, the same thing when we’re opening to transformative love, say, we either get the breakthrough into transformative love, or we get the barrier. And the barrier is the core issue. So it isn’t surprising, really. I’m just amazed that I’m still dealing with them at all. (Laughter)

LD: I know. I expanded this workshop to give us more time, because when we really start to dig deep, we need that time to process. Because, our core issues, as Archangel Raphael says, are those mental and emotional constructs, the lies that we have told ourselves, or society or culture or family has told us, that have really terrified us. So, when we even hover near a core issue, our tendency is to back up, just like you say, and make all kinds of excuses about why we can’t possibly deal with it right now. But, now is the time.

SB: Absolutely, it’s the time. Incidentally, I had an experience of peace in the Spring and it was superb. I couldn’t ask for anything more than peace. So, all of these divine qualities, when you really experience them, like joy or love or peace, they’re out of this world, so to speak.

LD: And that’s the whole idea, to make them of this world. That’s the rub, right there, huh?

SB: You bet. Why don’t I give you a chance to make your transition and we’ll welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Greetings I am Michael!

SB: Greetings, Michael.

AAM: Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. And, yes, I will go gently on the channel’s voice and her throat. But, we are able to not only give guidance but to accept instruction. Welcome my beloved brother, sweet angel of blue. Communicator and builder of this platform in which you and I and we all together – as light workers, love holders, hybrids, star beings – bring about not merely the divine quality of peace, of peace within and peace without, of peace above and peace below, but the actuality of peace on earth.

Of Peace upon our beautiful sweet planet of Gaia, this mighty archangel who has stepped forward in service to the Mother and who has patiently, prudently, and with great fortitude, awaited humanities’ awakening to the need, the joy, and the reality of peace. It is fundamental to the building of Nova Earth.

And you laugh and you say, “But, Michael. Mi-Ki-El. You tell us that so much is ‘fundamental’ to building Nova Earth.” And you are correct! There are many aspects. You do not build a city of light or even an individual building without plumbing, without electricity, or a source of light, shall we say, without floors and flooring, walls and ceilings, windows.

And, so it is with the construction of Nova Being and Nova Earth, that there are many factors, many elements that we bring – peace and love and joy, compassion and magnificent passion. It demonstrates in sacred union, in sacred partnership, it demonstrates in unity and the building of community, in the sharing of wisdom and knowledge, mutuality of support. These are the elements of your new Earth. These are the elements of your new being.

It does not need, it is not required that it come in any particular order. There will be shades and glimmers and then full blasts, depending on who you are. But, let me suggest to you that the very air you are breathing in this moment is filled with healing expansion attunement, a higher frequency, a broader realization, not only of who you are, but what is possible…what is your potential. You enter in this day, into a time of a new month, a beautiful month, the bridge between the days of summer, filled with sunshine and play – to fall, to the time of crispness, of bracing air, the time of harvest, the time of fulfillment.

Now, that does not mean that you forget, or place aside, the need for sun or enjoyment or play. We love to see you frolic. And, you don’t frolic half enough. That is truly what the Joy workshop is about. It is about frolicking. It is about rolling in the grass and acknowledging that giggles are powerful, that laughter is sacred, that community and communion are irreversible.

When the joining of hearts – whether it is my heart to yours, your heart to another’s, or another’s or another’s or another’s – unless you choose to create separation, which is an illusion, you are united for eternity. That is the realization that I am bringing you, not only in this night, but in every waking moment.

You are unified within your sacred self, and you are unified, bright angels, with each other. And, that is the truth, particularly of this small group of seven billion plus that has come unified in their service to the fulfillment of the Mother’s dream. Not only Her plan. First came the Desire, and as soon as the Desire is in existence, the Fulfillment is in the existence. It is not reversible. Have there been pits, and detours, and pit stops? Yes. But it is not reversible. It is forward thrust.

So think of it: a group, a soul circle of seven billion plus have come together united in heart and purpose, to fulfill the wishes and desires of the divine Mother. It is overwhelming. It is extravagant. It is beautiful. And in many ways, my friends, it is done.

Do not say to me, “Show me the signs.” For I will say to thee, “Look within your heart. See the shifts that have come forth, that have made you smile, or catch your breath, or take your breath away, the deep realizations.”

Now, has everybody in your small group of seven billion understood this sense of community, of unity, and sacred purpose? No. But it does not matter.

And, you say to me, “Well, Mi-Ki-El, of course it matters. We are dependent on them.” And yes, my beloved ones, you are. But think of it in this way. When a child is born, and hopefully tended to, when the child grows and it is three or five or nine, sometimes there is an explanation that they are a member of a family. But, in most instances, the roots, the connections, the unified grid are simply received telepathically, emotionally, mentally. That union of what it means to be a member of a family is anchored by the experience.

And, so it is with those who are either unaware or actively recalcitrant. It is the experience of being in family, of unity of heart and purpose with you that is shifting them, whether they know it or not, whether you know it or not. Most of the energy we send you, the attunements, the alignments, the upgrades in frequency are not seen.

You receive them and you see the changes within yourselves, but you cannot truly touch them or measure them. You do not have that kind of equipment quite yet. And, yet, you know it. You experience it. The shift within applies to your actions in the without. And, so it is with your group, with this small group.

You, my beloved friends, are awakening the planet. You are the bell ringers. You are the whistle blowers. You are the disclosers. You are the action of reevaluation of every system upon your planet. We are at your beck and call and we are at the beck and call, just as you are, to make sure and to ensure the smoothness of the unfoldment of the plan of the Mother, the desire of Herself.

We work as one. Have we increased the energies that are not only being sent to you, but made clearly available during this time, particularly in the past month and will continue for several months? Yes. The Ascended Masters as a group, the Mother herself, the Archangels, the enlightened beings, your star family…there is not one group that you can think of that is not in full duty, full alert, working with and on you. We know you have felt it. So, there is much to discuss this day, dear Steve. Where do you wish to begin?

SB: Absolutely, much to discuss. Where I’d like to begin is with what you called that kind of equipment. How is the transformation of the body from carbon to crystalline going? At what stage are we Lord?

AAM: Well, it is not something that you can say for the entire collective. But, for many of you, let us think of it in terms of sub groups. For most of the light workers, you are at 80 to 90%. Now, those of you that are still clinging, yes, to what I was going to call outmoded grievances, are perhaps at a lower quotient.

And, let me explain why I call them ‘outmoded grievances.’ Because most of these grievances you believe are at the outer world, or at us. But in fact they are grievances that you have held against yourself. Let them go.

Now, what you would think of as the general population is somewhere more around 50%, while those who are in the struggle of being recalcitrant are a much lower quotient. Now, those who have been cast in containment, completely penetrated by the light, are at a very high quotient of their crystalline self. Because the light that penetrates them and their outmoded grievances, have literally transformed them.

Do we release those who have been placed in these containers, as yet? No, we do not. But what we want you, what we would guide you, what we would ask you to also focus on…well, it is two things. We have given you the information that your crystalline form is well underway. That is why you are receiving so many attunements, particularly from St. Germaine. Because, your new form gloriously absorbs these attunements. You are ready for them. The expansion is magnificent.

But you have also to feel. How do I feel in my body, in my form, in this vessel that I have created, albeit with help from many? So, how do I feel? Do I welcome my crystalline, higher frequency form, my true dimensionality? Or do I simply continue on as if it is same old same old, same old carbon?

So, pay attention to your bodies because this is the vehicle that you are keeping for your ascension. Will there be a time when all of you will simply evolve into sheer energy, sheer light, many of you gold? Yes, that time will come. But, for the time being, pay attention to your body. Ask your body…most of you do not have adequate or fulfilling conversation with your physical, human form.

You do not, on a daily basis, ask your body, not simply yourself, because most of you eat emotionally or mentally. Have you asked your body what it wants to eat, how it wishes to be nourished, what ray it requires, what it wishes to drink? Are you programming your water? Are you praying over your food? Are you transmuting any disease within your form?

I could speak for hours on how fortunate and what a blessing it is to have these forms and how you may treat and engage with your body. Not just your components, but the totality and the beauty of this physical form. Pay attention, my beloved ones.

SB: Lord, you mentioned 80 to 90%. But I don’t know what you are referring to. Are you referring to 80 to 90% light or 80 to 90% crystalline?

AAM: 80 to 90% crystalline. You are not going to be sheer light bodies, not yet.

SB: So I’m, looking at my arm. How do I know that arm is crystalline?

AAM: Go inside it.

SB: (Laughter) Okay. How do I do that?

AAM: So, you know what your conception, and it is a concept, of your arm looks and feels like. It is esoteric information, is it not, is your body carbon or crystalline?

SB: Yes.

AAM: But, if you place your hand and simply allow your eyes – your eyes that are physical, your third eye, your fourth eye, your fifth eye – to gently open and simply gaze at your arm as if your skin has suddenly and magnificently become transparent. Look at the structure and keep it simple. Inside, what does your tissue, your blood, your veins, your arteries, your bones, your muscles…what does it look like? The carbon tends to give you the impression of solidity. We won’t say dark, but certainly of a certain quality of denseness. Most humans have difficulty looking inside their bones.

Now, when you are allowing the vision to be activated, and this is also part of your expanded capacities, dear heart, when you gaze at your arm, your knee, your leg, it will appear transparent skin, simply because you want it to be transparent. It is that simple. Look inside and it will appear more crystalline, as if it is clear, quartz crystal. Now, there will be variations because there is a need and a necessity for structure. But, what the crystalline form does, it is simply a clear, literally, transmitter for light to move through you.

Now, you are not at the point of physical or spiritual evolution that you are becoming sheer light bodies. That is a ways away. But, the crystalline is allowing you to hold a greater quotient of light. So, when I say 80 to 90%, I am talking about the transfer from carbon to crystalline, and most of you will see a combination thereof.

It can be as simple as, on a daily basis, yes, in meditation, or reflection or in prayer, simply saying, “I welcome the transformation, transmutation, transubstantiation of my form to crystalline.” So, that you in your free will, and the laws that are governing your planet and this universe, are giving, by the act of free will, the welcoming of this transformation. Now, you may continue.

SB: Thank you. I want to relate to something else you said earlier. You talked about the recalcitrants being lower in this percentage of crystalline. Now, here’s a dilemma that faces light workers. You were talking about some of the recalcitrants being in containment. And I’m hearing, there’s a conversation now that’s going on that some formerly dark individuals are now serving the light. But, there’s not a lot of evidence that I can refer to to know whether that’s true or not. A reader wrote in and said that Hillary and Bill Clinton are now serving the light. Is that so?

AAM: We do not wish to comment, particularly on the Clintons.

SB: Okay.

AAM: And, we would always guide you, particularly…let me jump off your comment, if I might, dear brother.

SB: Please.

AAM: You are creating Nova Earth and you have been given, blessed, with some spectacular leaders. Have they been stymied and blocked? In many situations, yes, and I’m talking about all over the globe. Are there former forces that, we would suggest, served their own interests and what we would term the dark interests of hatred, control, greed lust? Yes. And, are they now serving the light? Yes.

There have been behind the scenes, tremendous, tremendous transformations. Now, having said that, and having anchored in your heart from a place of discernment rather than judgment, understand that you and we are creating Nova Earth, and that is a state of being that is reflected in institutions, structures, systems, power, leadership, that is based upon unity, transformative love, divine qualities, and the anchoring of love on Earth.

When you discern and decide, as an act of free will, that you are going to support someone, please come into your heart. Yes, of course converse with others. The entire purpose is the global conversation. But, sit in your heart and look, the same way I have had you look at your arm. Look at the people that you are considering, whether it is a neighbor or someone currently in power. Look at them with your heart. Look at what they are doing. Not ancient history, not, perhaps, what they did five or ten years ago.

Look at what they are doing in the moment. Not merely what they are saying, but what are they doing? What actions are they taking, in say, a public arena that indicate to you, to your heart, and to your intelligence, to your discernment, that they are truly co-creators with you on Nova Earth. If the evidence, which you all love, is staring you directly in the face, then by all means follow your heart.

But, if it is murky, if the actions are not matching the words, then look for an alternative. You are not saying, you are not judging, you are not to judge those you are considering supporting. And, they are not excluded from the full participation in creating Nova Earth. But, be very clear, because you do not wish to continue this cycle of abuse of power.

SB: Right. You have said to me earlier that you didn’t want us investing in banks that have just simply perpetuated the manipulation of the population. And, we’re all concerned, too, that too many politicians are expert at making it seem as if they serve the light, so to speak, when they are not. So, it’s difficult sometimes to discern.

Now, when you say go to our heart, is that partly because we’ll receive guidance from you and our guides?

AAM: Yes. And it is your own heart consciousness that will guide you as well. Do we always love to chip in and give guidance? Yes. But it is your heart that is the place for your true discernment, not merely your emotional heartstrings, which is very different, or your history or your simple mental body.

Now, we have told you, we have guided you, we have asked you, we have suggested strongly, that you not invest in the old paradigm, because, again, it only reinforces the old. You have had a stellar example of investment and the chaos of manipulated markets in the last several weeks. Why would you wish to reinforce that? Of course, you would not. What you are doing, and we are not saying in the slightest that investment is a bad or negative pathway to follow, quite the contrary.

But what you choose to invest in are areas, intelligence, buildings, communities that support Nova Earth, not that reinforce greed and lust and control. So systems that have been based on manipulation have to transform. And they need to transform prior to any consideration given in order to support those old systems.

Now, you may say, “But, Michael, Mi-Ki-El, I will invest in my bank because I will put light into that money and I will have a seat on the board of directors of that bank and in that way I will transform what that institution looks like.” And if that is your guidance and the direction of your mission and purpose, then by all means go forward. But be very clear about what you are doing because it is not the purpose of redesign, of redistribution to simply create a new elite.

SB: Right. Can you discuss with us some of the plans you see people making for the use of their reval funds, some of the imaginative creations that you are seeing? Please.

AAM: There will be substantial reevaluation. And let us, once again emphasize, yes, we know that I have spoken many times about spiritual currency. But that is really what you are working with and it is investment, and yes, physical basics – food, clean water, healthy food, housing, roofs and shelter. But from there, there will be those, and there are many, already working on those basic situations, which also includes healing.

Now, the healing, what you think of as healing and healing technologies, will explode with the full participation, shall we say, full arrival of your star family. As will the technology for building of housing. It will change substantially.

But, nevertheless, I do not wish to get off track. Many are concerned, and have need to be concerned, about my favorite subject, peace. Peace, as in the cessation of violence, armed conflict, terrorizing, abuse of women, abuse of children, violence in the streets – whether it is Africa or Chicago, it matters not.

There is a whole group – long ago many migrated from the planet that you know as CCC. It is in the outer galaxies. The Hussians. And the Hussians, many of whom are in form upon the planet, particularly, are working with the anchoring – they’re already established, so I say the anchoring – of the Cities of Light. And what you can think of as city-states of light, and I do not mean the United States. I mean areas where there is a core of activity whether it is healing, or art, or literature – my favorites – surrounded by neighboring communities that contribute and participate as they wish.

There will be many healing centers that will emerge. Not only to use the new technologies, but to return to the old ways of knowingness, using the plants of Gaia to create and to bring forth the balance within the body. And, the healing will be substantially different because your bodies are also shifting. Not only reenergizing, reconstructing, reversal of aging and dis-ease, but there will still be a need.

When we speak of healing, we mean the establishment of vitality, not simply the absence of illness. So, much will be contributed in that area as well.

Now, there is a whole other group that will be concerned and vitally interested in what you think of as governance, because cooperation, unity consciousness, community, is beautiful. It is the foundation upon which you build. But, the idea of governance, of who does what, who makes sure that these cities of light, or the places that are not cities of light, simply continue to have power and water and sewers and roads.

Even as your concept of those things change, your concept of what governance means will also change. And, there will be a group committed to working with the populace, to working with this small group of seven billion, to determine what forms – plural, many – fit for that area, for that community that is at the same time part of the Gaian community and part of the intergalactic community. What are the principles of equality and fairness and access and distribution?

So, there will be many places for activists, for political philosophers, for social philosophers to begin to formulate more inclusive ways of governance. The list is endless, my friend. And the imagination, the inspiration that we are seeing amongst the light-holder, love-holder community, is impressive.

SB: People will at once be busy and will want to congregate, to convene, and talk together about very many things. How are we going to, well, what’s your guidance on how we should coordinate our gifting and our thoughts about new areas for gifting, etc.?

AAM: I have some very practical advice for all of you. And that is: Please – all of us, the entire company of heaven, the divine Mother included – beg you to pace yourself. Yes, you will be busy. Yes, you will be excited. You will be filled with inspiration and ideas. But, my beloved friends, if you lose the balance in your eagerness and excitement to move ahead, then the chance of duplication, of misstep, of not being thorough in your planning is very high.

We suggest there will be many, based on interests, there will be many what we would call congresses where many will meet. And this will be a massive project in and of itself. But, you are already learning through this experience how this can look and work.

It requires you to work as a community, and a global community. Many sub groups, yes. Not to interfere with the freedom and the desires of your heart and where you feel led, but to share, to invent, reinvent, restructure. So there is a need not to make haste.

You say, “Well, Michael, how can that be when I know there are millions starving?” So, I have given you your priorities of food and water and shelter. But, as you proceed, do so in an orderly way. Otherwise, dearest hearts, you will be tripping, with the finest intentions, over each other. So, that would be waste. And, you have seen enough waste upon your planet to last several eternities.

SB: Thank you for that. There are lots of blogs and commentators who are talking about the energies of September, that they’re very, very different and very, very much more powerful. You’ve talked about just a bit already. Can you tell us a little bit more about the nature of the energies of September, the origins, the consequences that will flow from these energies, please?

AAM: These energies have begun in August, and even slightly in late July. And, think of it as this, that the floodgates are open. The origin is within you, your willingness to receive. In another conversation, we have discussed how you are already in the planning stages. Now preconstruction is underway. Now, what does that mean? It means not only from our side, but your side, as it were, that the willingness to proceed, the readiness to step forward and begin, is truly anchored. And it hasn’t been, in fullness, before.

The origin, the origin of these energies, the difference that you are feeling, is that you are being, in many ways, bombarded by energies from all the groups that you think of as the unseen realm. Which actually are not really unseen at all. But directly from the heart of the Mother, Father, One, the angelic realm, the archangelic realm, the seraphim, the masters, those that are sheer energy, everybody in between, your star family.

So it is as if all energies, and, you cannot discern, nor should you even try, but it is that all of us, from the Mother, have been given the go ahead. So the sensation is somewhat like a true Tsunami, which has never ceased, by the way. Much the same way as my desire for peace has never ceased. And it never will. But, it is flowing into you and at the same time pushing you along, letting you have glimpses and knowing and moving into action that you have not previously been ready for.

So, you are being moved, and the nature of this energy is such that you are accepting – in fuller ways, practical ways, physical, human ways – the sacred nature of our partnership and creating together, co-creating together.

It is highly electrical, rather than magnetic. It is not that the magnetic balance has been eliminated. It has not. But, it feels and is what you would experience as more electrical, therefore, more action oriented. When you are feeling the magnetism, the sense is you are pulling towards yourself and being glued to your seat, pulling it in so you can understand who you are. With the electrical energy, it is more that you have, yes, as the channel has said, put your finger in a light socket and you are wired and ready to go. And, that is the sensation.

Now, some of you know exactly where you are going and what you are doing. Some of you are still waiting for the full script and that is fine. But the energies that you are feeling and will continue to receive throughout September and part of October are these energies of fulfillment, of harvest.

SB: Where will that leave us, Lord? How would you describe us at the end of October, energetically?

AAM: Now, we have not talked, for some time, directly about ascension. And, it would be at great peril that I would give dates to anything.

SB: Oh, no! Let’s not do that! (Laughter)

AAM: I am teasing you and I am teasing the channel.

SB: Can I just make an observation here? That anybody, anybody, anybody, who has ever given a date so far, has been wrong. Correct?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: So, we’re all through with dates. So please continue.

AAM: So we are all 100% correct, right?

SB: Yes, our batting average is perfect.

AAM: That is correct! But, what you are looking for is the feeling that you have – and when I say feeling, I mean the true knowingness – that you have shifted. That you are in your expanded heart consciousness, and that you are in the transformative love, and it is simply growing, and growing, and growing, and that you have finally comprehended the meaning, within you, of infinite.

Infinite, eternal, does not stop and start. It is the expansion ‘into.’ And, that is where you are going, into this glorious expansion ‘into’ your divinity, your magnificence, your ability to create, your interdimensional self, your Nova being, your transcended self. And in that, isn’t the desire to depart. Quite the contrary, my beloved friends. In that is the desire to stay, to anchor, to enjoy, to be the joy, and to move ‘into’ why you are really upon sweet Gaia at this time. To revel!

Not that the shift, the fullness of ascension is completed. But, that you are in the process, and it is so big and expansive that you think that you will explore and expand forever. And you are welcoming it with such excitement and eagerness and enthusiasm that you can’t sit still.

And, in that there will be the balance. And you will say to yourself, “But, I will sit still, because when I do, I receive more. And I want more. I desire more. I desire to be more. And I desire to unite with my small group of seven billion plus. And I can only do that in the quietude, in the certitude, of my heart, of my soul.”

And, make no mistake about it, you, right now, have the capacity to connect with your entire small group, not merely of light workers, but of entire Gaians. You haven’t given it a real try. Might I suggest you do so? You will be amazed in the most positive of ways.

SB: Wow! I’m afraid we’ve run out of time, Lord. And, that’s too bad because this is an absolutely absorbing topic. You said expand and explore, I would add to that, explode! (Laughter)

AAM: Laughing: Yes. But in a good sense, dear heart.

SB:  Fortunately, it isn’t the end.

AAM: It is not the end, it is simply the beginning. It is your new chapter, it is what you have wished and prayed and toiled for. It is your harvest.

SB: Absolutely. Totally know what you are talking about. Just one quick question: People ask me, how do you have a heart opening? Mine, by the way, was explosive! It was like some kind of cork blew out of my heart! How do people who want to have that experience have that experience, Lord?

AAM: Drop down into your heart. Most of you are “thinking” or “feeling” about a heart opening. Bring all your energy up from Gaia, through your feet, into your heart from every chakra, and down from the heart of One into your heart. For some it will be like the quiet dawn. The door is opening quietly. And, for others it will be the champagne cork popping. It will be explosive.

But, either way, sit there at the seat of your heart. Burn your tri-flame brightly, of the blue and the gold and the pink. Anchor and feel it. Not sense it, feel it. Just be in your heart without any agenda and allow it to come to you.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?

AAM: Your patience, your prudence, your balance have led you to this point. Proceed bravely, courageously, with excitement and awe and glee. And turn to me. Turn to all of us because, beloved ones, we are with you. Go in peace!


Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Transcript – Archangel Michael on AHWAA: It is your Harvest, a True Tsunami, September 3, 2015



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Absolute Love, Infinite Light – Judith Coates @ Oakbridge University


Miguel Martinez ART

ART : Miguel Martinez


Absolute Love, Infinite Light

Now, beloved one, we are going to talk about a vast subject. We are going to talk about God.

First of all, God is not an entity. It is not a He. It is not a She. It is not even an It. God is beyond description, yet the human mind wants to know and wants to define and redefine and change. That is good, because every time you change, you allow an expansion of the consciousness to take in more.

You are God, an essence of God, right here, expressing. You are going to say, “Well, that must be a very tiny percentage of God.” It depends on your self-image, does it not? I will say that you are all of God right here. You do not always activate it. You do not always tune in to it, all of it, but you are God having an experience as a human.

This is not the first experience you have ever had, because you keep adding to it, which is one of the most beautiful things about God. God cannot be contained, cannot be defined in any human terms, any human verbiage. It is beyond all of that, and yet you are the essence come once again to play, come once again to create, come once again to assume a definition, and yet in assuming a definition, you are already limiting God.

I have spoken often that God is Love, and have said to you that love is the closest thing in your experience to understanding the expansiveness of God. When you fall in love with someone, you forget small self. You want to know where they are, what they are doing, what they are thinking, and you cannot wait to meet up with them one more time and to ask, “What have you done in this day? Who did you speak with? What are the ideas that you had today?” You forget yourself, the small self, in love with another one.

I have to use human words to explain God, but God cannot be known by the mind. It cannot be known by definition. It cannot be known by words. But words can be clues as to a feeling, the feeling of expansiveness, the feeling of Allness, the feeling of being accepted without even having to think about being accepted. There is not a thought.

In the love of God, there is not thought. It is an Isness of feeling of being beyond anything that you know in human terms. But human love can give you a clue. Therefore, you have put together the molecules of our holy Mother, the Earth, the dust of the Earth, to make a body. You have brought together energy in a form to express that love, to be able to speak, to hold, to gaze into another’s eyes, and to lose yourself in another’s eyes; being able to forget small self.

This does not have to be just with another human person. It can be with a beloved pet. You look into their eyes, and you lose yourself momentarily or longer. You lose yourself in the love with them. And you think, even with a thought which is not a thought, “I am One with this that I love. I am One with the person, or I am One with the pet. I am One in love with anyone and everyone.”

You come to a place, as your great masters have, where all they live in is love. They do not judge. It is love without judgment. It is love without mind. It is love without thought. It does not judge, because there is nothing to judge. Everything Is, and everything is non-judged. It is Love.

You know, when you are in love with someone, you do not judge. You abide in the place of non-judgment of them, the same as you are hoping that they will not be judging you.

For truly, if they are in love with you, they do not judge. There is not thought. There is only the feeling of Allness, the feeling that, “I have come Home.” Sometimes you find it with another person. Sometimes you find it even in a sentence in a book, where the lights go on, and you know that you are Home in that moment. Or someone may say something to you, and all of a sudden you are accepted in that feeling, and you know that you are Home.

It is a most wonderful true place to be. For truly what you are searching for is to know the feeling of acceptance, the feeling of non-judgment, the feeling of love, where you know that you are perfect. Now, your world does not tell you that. Your world says that always you must be striving to make yourself better. From the time that you were the small infant, the parents have said to you that you are not quite perfect. You could be better. By several different means, they try to impress upon you that you could be better.

Even if you come home from your schooling and you have brought the top marks, the parents, in their desire to make you better, will say, “Well, now, make sure you do this again next month.” And so you say, “But I thought I had already reached that place,” and yes, you have. But it is the parents’ way of wanting to see you perfect, and you are already perfect.

It is the parents’ misguided love—I will put it that way—where they feel they should be able to guide you, mold you, shape you according to their idea of perfection. But it must be left open-ended for you to live out your own perfection, which you may acknowledge later, unless you go into a repetition with the one that you are partners with who is then exampling for you what the parents were doing, and you might live that for a time, or maybe two or three times or more, until finally you have an incarnation where you know—you bring enough remembrance with you from the space of God—where you know that you are perfect already.

You have met ones who seem to go bouncing along through life as the most wonderful beings, and you wonder, “What secret do they know?” They know their perfection. They know that they have come here perfect. But they are yet few in number, because your world is a very strong and harsh taskmaster.

Your world is full of “shoulds”, as you know. My world two thousand years ago had “shoulds” in it as well. There were times when I needed to sit by flowing water and watch the water, which did not judge itself. It only exampled that which it is: the molecules of energy in the shape of water forever flowing. I understood from that that I was energy also, that I had made myself in a certain form and fashion, but truly I was the Father’s work.

I spoke to you of the loving Father which is beyond the human father, because human fathers can sometimes miss the mark a little bit or quite a bit. So, I hope you understand that the Father that I speak of, Abba, is forever loving, because you are Love Itself incarnate, walking around, creating, experiencing.

It behooves you, if you are Love—and I assure you that you are—to be loving; to be loving to the other ones that you have interaction with, but even more than that, to be loving to self. If you do not love self, who is going to love you?

When you take time for self in meditation and quiet, and you commune with the Allness that you are, with the peace that you are, you are touching and living in and dwelling in the Love of God, the Allness of absolute Love that knows no other, knows no judgment, knows no thought, knows only Isness of peace, absolute Love; nothing else exists.

The world is going to say, “Well, those are nice words, but what about the things that I have agreed that I will do? What about the decisions that I have to make? People are waiting for me to make a decision.” I assure you that as you will spend a bit of time for yourself in peace and in quiet, the answers will come to you without having to run around in a frenzy trying to decide what is right. You will know. There will be a quiet knowing that comes to you.

Allow yourself to abide in peace, because that is your birthright. That is from whence you have come, and it is where you are going to go after you lay down the body and have no further use for the body. You are going to go to perfect peace.

Now, I know you have stories. Your religious/philosophical organizations and your authorities, who seem to know more, have given you many stories of what happens after you lay down the body. But, fortunately, some clues have come to you that suggest that you go to a Light; that there is a Light at the end of the tunnel, and you go to that Light.

That Light is your own. That Light is the Light that you are, even while you are focusing upon a human incarnation. You are infinite Light, and you have come from a place of Light. You have come from a consciousness of knowing Light. “And in Him there is no darkness.” Now, I would change that quotation to say, “In God—it is not a gender— there is no darkness. There is only Light.”

You are Light right now as you are activating the body. Your scientists are proving that to you when you have the aura photographs taken, and you see the Light around you. Where is that Light coming from? It is coming from you. That is why it changes from time to time, depending on your emotions (energy in motion) and consciousness. You may have a photograph done one day, and you come back the next day and have the photograph taken, and the Light will be different.

The next time you have opportunity to have the aura photographed, allow yourself to be very, very joyous, because when you are happy—like the little child who rejoices in life— at that point the aura stretches very large.

You are infinite Light. You have come from infinite Light, and infinite Light you will return to when you are finished with the capsule that you have made for yourself to walk around with. When you are finished with this reality, then you will return to the Light, the Light that you are.

You have the most wonderful clues coming for you now, where you do not have to believe that you are going to spend a certain number of years in a place that is going to cleanse you of all of your sins, or in a place that is going to cleanse you by the burning. You know, I have always wondered about that, in that if you burn something, what does it turn into? Ash. And is that clean? You would most often say that ashes are a bit on the dirty side, a bit that you want to wash off. So I have always wondered about that one, how the fire is going to cleanse you. Okay, that is a rumor. That is a story. You have it on good authority that it is not true.

That idea has been given to you to keep you in shape, in form, and to follow “the ones who must know better than I do.” What they tell me must be true. I’m not quite sure why, but I’ve been told that they know better than I do. And so your authorities, your pseudo masters have given you all kinds of stories to keep you in line, to make you follow whatever they wanted you to follow, and—the bottom line—to give your golden coins to the preservation of that story.

The golden coins always seem to be the bottom line—in this world anyway. There is nothing wrong with golden coins. However, if the ownership of golden coins has you owned, then that is where the problem would be. But there is nothing wrong with golden coins, even many golden coins.

You have examples of ones who have many of the golden coins, and they do much good with allowing others to benefit from their giving and their vision of sharing. Some of the other ones, because of past lifetimes where they felt that they did not have enough of the golden coins, will try to keep them as long as they can.

But then, as you have understood from your own lifetimes, the golden coins cannot bring you security, happiness, good health. It is a false belief and a false god to be worshipped. You have, for the most part, come to a balance of understanding golden coins. They are to be used to further the ideals of love and compassion, of Oneness.

Now, as you have seen, in order to define God, you have clues. But any definition you come up with is not the Allness of God, for God cannot be defined or limited. God does not fit into a small package. God is this and more. So when we speak that God is Love, that is a clue to the feeling of God, the feeling of expansiveness, the feeling of peace and the feeling of total acceptance.

For God, if it were a person, would look upon you and see no fault. And God is more than that. It is, as I have said, absolute Love that knows nothing different than Love. And you, as the extension of God come into an incarnation, you are the Light, the Energy of Love. You have put God Energy into manifest form of Light energy, and you have taken a quality from the Allness to demonstrate, to know for yourself that you are much more than just the little speck of dust that some of your religious/philosophical leaders have said that you are—only a little speck of dust.

You are much more than that. You contain within the consciousness, as you allow it to accept and to bring in the Allness, you contain the Allness of God, and yes, you can know it even while being in an incarnation. You have masters who have attained that consciousness, and in seeking the consciousness of Allness it does not mean that there is a denigration of incarnation.

It does not mean that there is anything wrong with choosing an incarnation. In fact, your greatest masters have often chosen an incarnation which is most difficult and requires the most Love.

You can touch the space of Love and Allness. It will change your whole outlook on everything. It will afford you a wider vista of what human life is all about and what Life with a capital “L” is. You are absolute Love which has chosen one more time to bring Itself into a smaller form.

You are infinite Light which has made manifest in the physical the Allness of Love. And you are the Light and the Love of Christ. You do not always recognize it in yourself. You sometimes do recognize it in other ones. You can see it in other ones. And in order for you to see it in another one, you have to have a point of reference within yourself; otherwise, you would not see it.

You are the Christ. You are the Allness of God come into this area of incarnation, bringing the Allness into a space which can then relate to other ones, because you have said, “I want to know all of my parts.” So I say to you, look around. These are all of your parts—and even more.

Go always as the Christ that you are. Christ did not live just two thousand years ago. It was not only embodied in one Yeshua. It lives and moves even in this day and time, and it loves. Allow yourself to live in Love. You are the Absolute Love, the Infinite Light of God.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith


Miguel Martinez ART


The Art of Receiving by Lady Portia – Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

art Meganne Forbes Visionary Artist - elephants

ART : Meganne Forbes, Visionary Artist


The Art of Receiving by Lady Portia

Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 2nd October 2015 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Imagine within your heart a violet flame of light which is filled with all the colours of the rainbow and so many other exciting and glorious colours. This flame of light is alive with energy, light and consciousness which is especially for you, holding wisdom, consciousness, healing, inspiration, manifestation and transformation that you have been waiting for at a personality level and soul level. This flame of light has manifested from your soul, therefore you know it is a direct and personal gift from the core of the Creator delivered especially for you to experience. This is the same for the energies you receive and activate within your being and reality, every moment is a gift from the Creator delivered especially for you to experience.

I wish to invite you to observe the flame of light within your heart chakra, it is welcoming and loving. It is a gift for you and wishes you to anchor a new perspective into your conscious awareness, mind and mental body that the Creator is constantly delivering gifts to you. This is not to acknowledge that every moment is a blessing or that even the most challenging circumstances can encourage tremendous enlightenment, instead I, Lady Portia, wish you to realise you are in direct contact and communication with the Creator, you are the constant receiver of the Creator’s energy and presence in your reality upon the Earth. You cannot stop receiving the Creator’s energy, consciousness, wisdom and guidance, however you can neglect to notice it.

Open yourself to the understanding that you are a constant receiver of the Creator and reprogram your mind so you know, embody and experience this fully. When you accept you are constantly receiving the Creator then you are required to observe the vibration or frequency you have chosen to receive and its influence upon your reality. Your choice of frequency and vibration is determined by your beliefs about yourself, others and life. If these beliefs are focused upon limiting, resisting your self-worth and denying your divinity, the energy you receive from the Creator will be used to energise a reality born from these beliefs. If you believe in your divinity, self-worth, love yourself, are compassionate and so forth, then you will automatically use the energy you receive from the Creator to energise your beliefs thus creating similar experiences in your reality. In order to benefit ful ly from your natural existence as a receiver of the Creator upon the Earth there is a need for your beliefs, thoughts and perspective to be of a high vibration. Create thoughts which mirror the truth and love of the Creator and energise them with the power of love from your heart chakra. Letting your thoughts reflect the energy of the Creator will mean that your entire being will resonate at a quick speed of light also known as a high and pure vibration aligned harmoniously with the Creator.

When you meditate, focus or contemplate love, the Creator, light or divine vibrations you are allowing your entire being especially your mind and mental body to identify with the Creator. In truth to vibrationally align and resonate with the Creator. When this happens you may experience a state or encounter of peace which inspires, energise and supports the mind and mental body. With this state comes inspired thoughts from you, your personality and soul which are aligned with and express the higher vibration your mind and mental are vibrating at. In this moment you are reflecting the Creator allowing your thoughts to be of purer frequency. Your thoughts may still be of mundane issues or concerning aspects of your physical life and yet they will have a new open and expansive energy which can lead to greater freedom and communion with the Creator. From this state of existence you are ab le to receive the constant energy of the Creator automatically projecting it to create a loving Creator inspired reality for yourself to experience upon the Earth. Your beliefs will alter and the energy you receive from the Creator will energise these new beliefs manifesting them into your reality for you to encounter with delight. With this understanding you are then more able to use the violet flame of light which is a gift from the Creator to manifest your highest potential.

The energy within the flame of light is akin to a battery waiting to energise whatever you wish, this is why I describe it as holding everything you wish to experience and gain spiritually and physically. I invite you to take time to explore the flame as that which you consciously and unconsciously wish to experience will be evident and present for you to view and understand, encouraging you to discover yourself and truth more fully. I also invite you to contemplate whether the manifestation of these desires will create a fulfilment. In doing so you are uniting your consciousness, identity and creations with higher aspects of your soul and the Creator, letting go of any aspects of yourself which are no longer needed. In this process you will also recognise the act of detachment as you are invited to detach from energies, fulfilment and even the vibration of the Creator over and over u ntil you deliver yourself into a space of pure and enlightened consciousness. The art of observation is the key in this practice.

I, Lady Portia, am sharing this wisdom with you now as you are leading ascension forward and already there has come a time when old energies and perspectives of ascension will require to fall away, the momentum of this occurring is building. In order for you to remain balanced, willing to accept and recognise the truth of the Creator and able to connect with the divine consciousness of the Creator there will be a need for you to receive the Creator’s energy with the ability to access the highest conscious awareness in order to energise thoughts and perspectives which aid the New Era of Love and Advanced Ascension Process upon the Earth. In the simplest explanation this is to be focused upon truthfully receiving the Creator in every constant moment and using the energy of the Creator to energise truth in every constant moment. You do not necessarily need to understand the truth o f the Creator, a simple intention is sufficiently powerful.

I, Lady Portia, invite you to observe the flame of light with a new awareness understanding how this simple flame can create a powerful process of growth and transformation within your being. As a constant receiver of the Creator the building blocks for love, peace and spiritual evolution upon the Earth are constantly being delivered to you. It is akin to receiving constant updates from the Creator to support the transformation within your being and the Earth. These updates not only give to you the energy to create foundations, they also share with you the possibilities of the soul in existence in a human body upon the Earth in this era of ascension. Enlightenment, knowledge and wisdom is being delivered to you constantly, the tools to support your ascension and the awakening of others is also being delivered to you continuously, there is simply a need for you to now allow yourself to receive with ease and perfection. The ability to receive is also being delivered to you by the Creator, you can invite this ability and all abilities delivered to you by the Creator to anchor into your being now.

‘I am a receiver of the Creator, I invite all the Creator delivers to me to ground and anchor into my being to energise the sacred consciousness of my soul embedded within my mind, mental body and beliefs.’

As the energy waves from the Creator, the Universe and the Inner planes intensify your request and intention to ground and anchor, all you receive from the Creator becomes immensely important. Remember the Creator’s energy is like a battery ready to energise whatever you focus upon consciously and unconsciously. This is a wonderful opportunity to focus upon creating a beautiful new belief and intention:

‘I now focus upon and hold intentions which reflect the truth of my love, nourishing and supporting my existence upon the Earth.’

With this intention you will discover yourself automatically creating nourishing and fulfilling intentions and beliefs with very little effort. You will also realise you cannot make a mistake, because every creation is divinely perfect and supports your spiritual evolution.

You are a receiver of the Creator’s energy, you can choose to use this energy in anyway and are already doing so. There is no lack within your reality because the Creator’s energy is always provided to you abundantly as if you are being fed by the Universe of the Creator. Nothing is out of your reach or beyond your abilities, everything is available to you encouraging you to experience the limitless, expansive and united nature of your being.

I encourage you to expand the flame of light within your heart chakra to surround your entire being, let go of all I have shared with you and simply experience the energy of the flame, simply knowing you are receiving the Creator in that moment.

We are one, I am a constant source of support for you,

Lady Portia

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Blood Moon aftermath – The first results and message from Master Merlin @ Awaken Spirit from Within

 Jessica Singh ART
ART : Jessica Singh

Blood Moon aftermath ~ The first results and message from Master Merlin

September 29, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

How was your experience of the Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse?! We have received a beautiful opportunity to align ourselves with higher volumes of Divinity to embody. And what a momentum it has been so far… filled with still lingering equinox blessings and a deliberate Cosmic wave which has swamped the Earth with a Magical storm of Bliss, fulfillment, equilibrium and alignment which on itself has created a new doorway towards the essential energy of creation: the marriage between matter and antimatter and the merging of the Feminine and Masculine to create a rebirth. This rebirth has been created by all of you on a whole new and other level than was the case prior to that. It continues and is endless.

When you are good in yourself and at one with your heart, you can smell the fresh flavors of a new dawn arising. You can even sense that there is a new beginning marked in your Being and life as well. Old doors have been closed, bridges are being burned behind you and so now you are holding yourself steady while walking on an unknown bridge towards a yet unexplored world that is awaiting you to have it and embrace it in your heart of knowing.

What this alignment brought so far, until this moment, is a far more exponential birth than we have come to discover so far. It goes beyond the lineages from abroad and reaches masses of hearts along your journey. You are not yet understanding the scope of this wave, this because you are still experiencing it. You will grow into it, just as you are growing into yourselves.

I, myself have received a beautiful wave of energy just on the peak of the eclipse as I was meditating during it (4.47AM CEST) in my crystal circle. I was doing my audio Meditation transmission from the Pleiadians of this Blood moon and this wave that came in felt like an inner buzzing vibration of an explosive frequency. A very powerful buzz which focused extremely around the head area ~ front and back. I was experiencing heavy headaches for 2 days prior to the Blood Moon which were instantly gone after my meditation.

What I noticed, and could not miss after repetitive messages, was that the phrase “let go of all and the old, burn bridges behind you” came through in all sorts of ways.. This phrase kept on repeating itself 2 days prior to the Blood Moon and even during it. I was guided to set up a vortex and sacred space with my crystals so I just let myself be guided by AA Metatron and made one in my room. When finishing it, I saw the repeating pattern of 4 circles with the amount of crystals adding up to or being a 7. 7-7-7-7 was formed which becomes 28 when you add these. In Europe the Blood Moon was on the 28th which seems strangely coincidental.

So when looking up the meaning of these numbers what I found out was that these 7’s pass on the message of miracles that are about to occur, new beginnings. 28 gave me the message of closing old doors and opening new ones. I was in AWE when seeing this pattern of numbers and reading about it! Exactly perfect in alignment with this gateway! As if that wasn’t enough, I pulled some cards right before the meditation on the full lunar eclipse and the cards showed me the following: “new beginnings, begin anew”, “seek your inner guide” and “close old doors and open new doors”. Well, how about that for an affirmation! Fabulous!

The next day I felt fabulous, lighter and indeed like a fresh new start. The constant image of me standing on a line, like a starting line for marathons, came in. I noticed that behind me was NOTHING ~ No past, no reality, no-thing! As if it was erased with a gum. Right in front of me was only eternal space of emptiness ready to create and be filled with creations! We are really starting anew in a sense, beloveds! Only in another frequency as another vibrational embodiment.  This feels as starting a new book, NOT a chapter!  A new incarnation, a new life with no more garbage nor attachments of the past.  It is as if it never existed!  All is given away to the Akasha.  (listen to my free audio mediation transmission of the Pleiadians ~ Bood Moon Portal ~ to know what I speak of).  We are in the new world, fresh and unlabeled.  Now it is up to us to color it and make it as we always wanted.  YAY to that! finally!  At least that is how I feel it, and since I’ve been talking to some friends they are feeling and experiencing the same.

Merlin has an explanation to this exponential growth that he would like to share with you all. As the message comes in, he will explain what is about to take place on our most precious world and this in a most speedy pace of occurrences.

Love, Méline Portia Lafont


Well first of all my dear ones, let me suggest to you all to take good care of yourselves now that you are being exposed to this Wave you call Wave X. It is not so much of a pleasant tea party for your vehicles, it is unlike of that proportion. Nevertheless these are recommended forces of Light to help and embark on new grounds founded on the new Earth Format. Your vehicles are under a tremendous amount of Light pressure in that sense that you are transforming, dear ones.

And as if that wasn’t enough to proceed into that light of Being, there is more to come your way and less to stay in the way you are now. You are conceiving yourselves into new tubes and forces of Light frequencies. Each tube holds a certain frequency vibration that does not change, in order to complete the stages of rebirth. Each stage has a number frequency and vibration that is of your resonance field, keeping you in the field of your vibration where there is space held for each one to expand. When a certain number frequency and vibration is held within ~ as the true nature of embodiment ~ you shall succeed in a stage of rebirth and go on to the next level of expansion.

What you have all created now is an activation of a much large number of frequencies to partake in on your Earth Gaia to simply start to be implemented in you daily realities as well. These large frequencies are tones and vibrational waves that no man can see with their naked eyes, they can only perceive them through the vibrational spinning of the heart magnitude.

You have simply modified your personal bridges and that of the Earth to another frequency which uplifts you all and awakens the hearts of many on this Earth. The old bridges have fallen down, you will all come to see this take place in your Earthly lives sooner or later but in the realms of Cause or the Ethereal worlds all old bridges have been removed.

What you have applied for will be yours as there is no way back to this old space of time. Your hearts have given you the opportunity to make the change come forth from within, and now that leaves you no other way than to apply this, isn’t that so?! Gladly so, as you have been given many opportunities before as they are endless but not such like these on this particular way! You have set a new marker and all the energies you have anchored ~ and still are ~ are of such a power that it serves for years to come! Imagine how potent this is right now to you all, for a million more of your fellow stellar family on Earth have opened the door in their hearts to return to their homes, their natural state of awakening. (Merlin means hereby that one million sleeping souls have experienced a heart portal activation and opening to awakening on this day)

This is a reawakening on all levels and different forms for many on your Earth, even for those eyes which have been blind so far! Do not underestimate the scope of this intention which has been held within each and every heart of yours for it is blinding, potent and strong! You have marked a new beginning for you all as a Humanity as well as for yourselves. Now, gaze upon that which is in front of you, do not look back anymore.

Leave the tendency to cling back, behind you. But if you are already in your awakened heart, there shall be no lust nor craving for this tendency anymore.. you shall know and feel what is in resonance with the heart frequency and what is not, for you have changed the octaves of your heart song and it is now playing on a different wave than before. Have no worries, you have chosen a beautiful song and it plays all over the world for all to hear. Let it be played by you all, have no fear. Fear is not a part of your vortex anymore as of now.

It rings a beautiful nature of your truth and depending on what you are holding within yourselves as your truth, things should become more at ease when it comes to bringing forth new endeavors of change.

The Merlin speaks on behalf of Humanity and the Realms of Master Beings of Light. We stand for your unity in consciousness as we are the Embodiments of Truth, power, enlightenment, love, Light and Unity.

Now, let bygones be bygones as they say and leave the world of the past behind. Look forward only as you have marked a new beginning for all of you. Let yourselves not be distracted from the play you have left behind which is very much part of the old. It still may run on itself but not for long anymore as it comes to fade away because you have retracted your conscious attention from it. Feed only what is yours to feed and that are your heartfelt creations of Love, compassion, unity and change as the everlasting flow of existence.

Do You well, and BE you well.

I AM the Merlin

Méline offers skype sessions, channeled readings, energy work and Tools that can assist you on your path.  Are you having questions or are you seeking for more guidance on particular parts of your journey, check out the Reading formats Méline offers and the audio Tools.  The remote energy healings are now on discount. You will find FREE tools as well on her Website.

For those who are more into the deep diving into SELF, Méline’s ” Channeling Course” or Course for connecting to SELF is a recommendation for all whom are willing to do the Self work!

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Lord Adama’s Discourse – Divine Love and Divine Power within our physical creation @ Walking Terra Christa

Pink with Ruby 800

This visualization/meditation is excerpted from Lord Adama’s Discourse, March 16, 2015. It represents the ability to heal deeply from the wounds of the past in order to fully command Divine Love and Divine Power within our physical creation.

Feel the Pink and the Ruby Red/Gold Flames blending together within the Heart and Solar Plexus. As you can see, when we get into the art of Self-Forgiveness, we are fully in our Inner Devotion of Self Love.

We are allowing our higher essence to be the rule. Our higher essence is God’s essence. There is nothing any less. We all connect with these energies now, through our Hearts, feeling our compassion.

I want each of you to bring in compassion into your Heart Essence. Each of you has shared very eloquently about your experiences, your challenges, your moments of self-doubt, and what you have done to yourself. That within itself needs to be forgiven. You are only hurting yourself more deeply than anyone else. Others who are affected by your energies will get over it. They are a different person from you. You are the ones who are fully damaging your psychological selves.   It is self-sabotage. Thus, it is important to integrate Compassion and Love.

We bring in the Essence Of Peace.  

When you allow yourself to fully forgive deeply, that is when you have True Peace. You did the best you can or could, and you move on.   Within the moment of Self-Forgiveness, you allow yourself to have a moment of God’s serenity, God’s compassion, the Divine Mother and Father God; feeling the beautiful peace that you are.

Let us embody this right now.

What happens to you when you allow these Ray Spectrums to come into you?

We call upon the Elders of both these Rays to send that Light to you through the Ray Chohans; Paul the Venetian for the Pink and Lady Nada for the Ruby Red/Gold. They have been where you are. That is why they are the Ray Chohans. It is important to embody these energies within yourself.

Blend them all the way through your Full Body System within your breath. Become them. Be them. Accept them. Nothing less. This is where your perfectionist energies come in. If you want to be a perfectionist, be a perfectionist at bringing in these Rays.

beach1_800_450Now visualize yourself walking along the beach within Telos. There are many beautiful beings that want to thank you for what you are doing. You are being handed a bouquet of pink roses to hold to your heart.

You receive a beautiful Ruby gemstone to put onto your Solar Plexus. Allow these items to sparkle within you.

We take a moment with each other, as we sit in a circle. You can hear the ringing bowls. Feel the vibration within your Heart and moving in through the rest of your body.   See how calm the waters are. The sun is shining brightly.

There is nothing else for you to concentrate upon, except this moment of peacefulness within you, adoration and love, acceptance, the blessing to yourself by acknowledging all of these things.

Know that next time you will get better. This is your foundation you are building. If it has broken apart in any way, you can rebuild it. It takes more time. Learn from your lessons so that you do not have to rebuild it.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel the Pink Roses within your Heart. They are blossoming. They are full. Your Heart is spinning with the Deep Pink and the beautiful essence of roses.

Feel the Ruby crystal within your Solar Plexus. It shines deeply with your empowerment, of your Divine Love and your Divine Power.

They merge together, as they become One. Intend to have these two Chakras together with these colors to assist you within your days. We take another deep breath.

It is now time for us to leave the beach and to come back into your aware consciousness.

With all my blessings and love.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.   We Are One.

I am in deep love and gratitude for all you are becoming.

I AM Lord Adama, your brother in Telos. So Mote It Be.

Lord Adama hosts the weekly New Earth Consciousness, Golden Etheric City Journeys on Wednesday evenings.  If you would like to be part of the classes LIVE or participate in the  Walking Terra Christa Partner Members Program in which you receive the teachings via MP3 files at an affordable fee, please click the link.

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