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ART : Heather Barron

8 Tips for Better Vibes in Your Home & Workplace


by Andrea S

Positive vibes are not just for people.  Our environments also have a specific vibrational energy.  Because we absorb energy from our surroundings, one way that you can raise your vibration is by working to raise the vibration of your environment.  Better vibes in your work or living space will help you feel happier, healthier and more prosperous.

Here are a few quick tips to amplify the positive vibes in your environment.  Taking a little bit of time to improve the vibes of your space will help you to easily raise your vibration and the vibration of those who live and work with you!

Tips for Better Vibes in the Home and Workplace

1. Setting intention:Waves-of-Faith-A-Morning-Meditation-Prayer

Because intention is very powerful, setting the intention for better vibes in your home or workplace is a method that is easy, effective and fast.  Simply get into a state of meditation, and then imagine your space being filled with love and white light.

It’s a good idea to set your intention for positive vibes in your space at least a few times a year, as over time the home or workspace can absorb negative energy from people and events that take place inside of it.

2. Burning sage:

Burning sage in your home or office is also wonderful way to expel negative energy, though it is a bit more time-consuming.  I’ve seen a number of explanations on how to sage, but this is the one that I use:

01-Sage-SmudgingOpen all of the windows and doors to your space.  Say a quick prayer or set an intention for the energy in your home or office. Light the sage until smoke forms. 

Keep with you a bowl with sand to collect the ash.  Then,  beginning at your front door, move around your home in a counterclockwise fashion, ensuring that the sage smoke filters through every corner, window and doorway.

Please note that hot ashes from the sage can fall on to your carpet or furniture. You might want to practice learning how to control the burn in a safe environment first (like outside), and cover your furniture to avoid damage.

As with setting intention, it’s a good idea to sage a few times a year to regularly clear out any negative energy clutter that’s been absorbed since the last sage.

3. Geodes/crystals:Amethyst-Crystal-e1377804767225

Geodes and crystals are wonderful for adding better vibes to the home or workplace. Gemstones and crystals are well-known for radiating and/or absorbing specific energy vibrations.

For example, you can use rose quartz to radiate love, citrine to bring wealth and abundance or amethyst to purify negative energy.

Be sure to regularly clean and charge your crystals before using them in your space as gemstones and crystals often absorb negative energy from their environments over time. To do this, simply run the crystals under running water for several minutes, or place them out under a full moon.

4. Colors:

Rich, saturated colors add warmth and love into to the home and workspace. Deep reds can be especially nice in the meeting areas of your home or office.

White can bring a lot of positive energy into the home, while black can absorb negative energy.  Be sure not to use too many whites (it can be overstimulating), and if you do have the color black in your home simply make sure to offset it with plenty of bright colors.

5. Sunlight:

Sunlight provides lots of natural high vibrational energy.  For better vibes, open a few windows (if you can).

6. Comfortable blankets, bedding, couches and chairs:

Spaces that provide comfort have better vibes than those that do not.  Ensure that the seating and lounging areas of your space are comfortable and inviting, rather than hard and sterile.

7. Use pleasing fragrances:

Burn candles or incense to enhance the positive feel of your home or workplace, particularly when having gatherings.  Bad smells are off-putting, so be mindful of the scent of your space.

8. Learn more about feng shui:

feng_shui_livingroomA few of the above tips are aspects of feng shui, which is a Chinese system of spatial arrangement used to improve the improve the “qi” (or life energy flow) of a space.  However, there are many more things that you can do in an effort to add better vibes with feng shui.

A few more quick feng shui tips include getting rid of clutter, lighting your home with bright, high-watt bulbs and placing pleasing items in focal points and as centerpieces.

For more feng shui tips, you can check out the books “Feng Shui Your Life: Second Edition” by Jayme Barrett and  “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui: Free Yourself from Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Clutter Forever” by Karen Kingston.

At the end of the day, enhancing the positive vibes of your work or home space can be a relatively easy thing to do.  With a little effort you can rearrange your space to add more positive energy, which will make you (and anyone else who visits your space) feel brighter, happier and more comfortable.

So how is the energy in your home and workplace? Do you have any other tips to improve the energy of our surroundings? Comment below and share!

Thanks for reading,


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A Big Push in Consciousness – Steve Beckow @ The Golden Age of Gaia

Ginette Beaulieu - Tutt'Art@ - (34)

ART : Ginette Beaulieu

A Big Push in Consciousness

heart consciousnessHow can I not comment on the channeled messages we’re seeing these days.

Notice how coordinated they all are.  What do they all say in common? Love, love, love, love, love, love.

Natalie Glasson’s message hit the ball out of the park for me.

“An explosion of light is moving through the atmosphere waiting to penetrate your being.” (1)


“It may feel that everything that does not resonate with the light is protruding from your being, wishing to remain anchored within your being while also wanting to escape. This may create a chaos within you which will be experienced at different levels for each individual.”


“In the past it has been through chaos that light has been born. Again you are moving into an experience of inner chaos awakening to bring forth and allow an explosion of light into your being.”

Totally. And I’m ready for the light.

I just spent the morning feeling bummed out, before realizing that these emotions were arising to be experienced (finally) and let go of. All they want is for me to experience them and let the river of awareness carry them away.

“Chaos doesn’t have to be something which you are fearful of or shy away from because it is seemingly not spiritual or [impossible] to be enlightened when you experience chaos.

“However your reactions are the keys which allow you to move into a space of light within your being. Can you experience chaos within your being without fear and with a reaction or response of love? This is what is being asked of you.”

No, I cannot. Not yet. Not completely.

And then the piece de resistance:

“A light which is the supreme love of the Creator and will intensify the supreme love of the Creator within you will explode within your being, it will fill every cell with light and create a powerful realignment encouraging balance, healing, further Creator consciousness awareness and resonance with the Creator. Imagine if all misalignments, blockages and limitations were dissolved and your entire being was free to reform itself into an awakened and aligned version of yourself.”

This is the Light of the Self, the Christ, the Atman. This is the pearl of great price, the treasure buried in a field, the mustard seed that will grow into a great tree.

The message goes on to amplify what we may experience in this phase of our Ascension. It promises a fourth-chakra experience. We’ve already heard the Mother and AAM describe a seventh-chakra experience and a permanent heart opening in 2017.

One aspect of their report I’m hesitant to mention because we’ve all had such difficult experiences with dates. They predict this experience for most people will haopen between Dec. 21-26, 2015:

“Many people will experience an explosion of light within their beings sometime from the 21st – 26th December 2015, those who experience it during this time will either require the collective support of others achieving it at the same time to aid their activation or are supporting the collective in their experience. Those who do not require amplification from the collective consciousness of humanity will experience their light explosion with divine timing either before or after these dates.”

Eeek! Not another date. I can’t avoid mentioning it here but I won’t mention it again, I promise.

I maintain that it doesn’t have to be the sight of a bright Light that we experience from the impact of these energies. I believe it can also be an explosion in consciousness, the vision of one’s Chosen Ideal, or other manifestations. But the impact will be the same.

For me, this ability to look upon chaos without fear or reaction is what the growth movement aimed at. It’s what est was all about, Zen, Vipassana (certainly), and enlightenment intensives. To regard everything with the same loving glance, without judgment or reactivity.

My work with vasanas could be boiled down to: Are we willing and able to experience our past traumas, now, without reacting so that we can then let them be swept downstream by the river of awareness?

You and I have been having this conversation about major vasanas (or what Linda Dillon calls “core issues”) constantly for nigh on … oh … many years now. That conversation is now being declared a “global” imperative. It’s no longer a small and local conversation, but an inclusive, planetary one.  I for one am swept away by the thought.

I don’t even know what it means. I feel finished with the subject and now the planet is being implicitly asked to master it. I guess this is what wayshowers do, right? Talk about the territory they’ve been through already?

“The chaos which is arising from within your being is beautiful. You may have already experienced it in the past few weeks.”

Uh, yes.

“Be experiencing it now or about to identify it within your being. It may feel all-consuming, familiar or simply a mild frustration and yet if you are willing to recognise the chaos with awareness and love, you will accept and ignite an explosion of light within your being.”

I’m up for that. Ready, aye, ready.

Holy mackerel. The rest of Sunday’s messages are also on love. A big push in consciousness must be on. Or that’s the way it seems to me.

Now to take pen in hand and continue drawing the new map of Ascension. Ascension has had long times of gradual elevation. If we were to see the Light of the Divine Child (Self, Christ, Atman) in a fourth-chakra moment of enlightenment, as the Andromedans suggest, then that would be one instance of Ascension being sudden.

I imagine that would be followed by another period of gradual ascent. And that too would be followed by another sudden moment of “ignition” – the sixth-chakra sight of the Light in all creation.

Then more gradual ascent and then the kundalini would reach the seventh-chakra and we’d have the sight of the Light transcending creation.

And finally, at the end of our current round of Ascension, the kundalini would double back to the heart through the nerve called the Atma Nadi and permanently open the heart in the experience of Sahaja Samadhi.

This is the manner in which Ascension can be said to be both sudden and gradual.

Oh, yes, and I mustn’t neglect this diary entry. At the beginning of writing this message, I was not in the transformed space. And now I am.


(1) “The Andromedans: Explosion of Light Within,” Channeled by Natalie Glasson, November 27, 2015, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/11/29/the-andromedans-via-natalie-glasson-explosion-of-light-within/.



Ginette Beaulieu - Tutt'Art@ - (34)

ART : Ginette Beaulieu

Soul and Personality – by Gerrit Gielen @ The Jeshua Channelings

art Don Perino

ART : Don Perino

Soul and Personality

by Gerrit Gielen  

Concepts like “soul”, “ego”, “personality”, “the inner child”, and “consciousness” are often used in esoteric writings. They all are an important part of what constitutes our humanity. But how do they relate to each other, and what do they mean for us in our everyday life? Traditional psychology offers a variety of models of the human personality. What’s usually missing is the spiritual perspective. In my view, at the core of the spiritual perspective is the idea that we as human beings are, in part, independent of time and space, and that this part is crucial for a proper understanding of who we are. I refer to this part as the soul. Not only do we have a soul, which exists beyond time and space, this soul manifests itself inside time and space in much more than a single human life: we all have many lives. I believe the concept of reincarnation is central to the spiritual perspective as well.

In this article, I propose a psychological model of the human being from a spiritual perspective and this model is based on my experience as a hypnotherapist and my spiritual insight as it has evolved over the years. I will discuss each of the concepts mentioned above and describe what I feel are their defining characteristics.

The soul

When we perceive the world around us with our senses, everything seems to manifest itself inside time and space. When I went to college some 40 years ago to study mathematics, physics, and astronomy, I conceived of the universe as fundamentally an endless space containing an infinite number of particles. However, I also believed in the existence of the human soul and reincarnation. And it was not clear to me how I could unite the fixed, causal, mathematical laws of the physical universe with the inner world of the mind: consciousness, subjectivity, freedom. One key to me was Einstein’s theory of relativity. It taught me that on the level of light, time and space do not exist; for light, there is only the eternal now. To make this clear: if we look at a distant star, we say that it took many years for the light of that star to travel to us through space. But for the light beam itself this is not the case. If we were able to travel with the light, sitting on top of the light beam, so to speak, we would not experience time and space. This is because moving at the speed of light, time and space collapse. Light does not travel inside time and space; rather it shapes our very perceptions of time and space.

The theory of relativity offers the following picture of the universe. Light is a form of energy. All energy exists in a time-and-space-less condition: the eternal now. From the level of pure energy, matter emerges and, along with matter, so do time and space. Just as light in the physical universe is independent of time and space, there is also a part of us that is independent of time and space, independent of the physical body: this part is what I call the soul.

Exactly what the soul is, is beyond our comprehension. Our thinking is based entirely on the classification of things in time and space. Also, our language is determined by distinguishing past, present, and future. But the soul transcends time and space. The soul is like a star with many rays. And if one such ray touches our world, a human being is born: an incarnation of the soul. Something of the light from that star is in us; this is the beautiful, the good, in us. We call this our higher self, our inner light. The more we become aware of this light, the richer and fuller life becomes. We will eventually express this beautiful star light on Earth and enrich the world and humanity with it.

As soon as we start to become aware of this inner light – our soul – we will enter a growth process. We have the feeling that we become more ourselves and, at the same time, we feel ever more deeply connected with the world, with life around us, and with the universe. Doubt disappears; we gradually start to realize who we are and that there is a unique place for us in the universe. We then leave behind the world of darkness, doubt, and fear, and we experience the eternal light within. It is the soul that gives meaning to our lives.

People often wonder what the goal is, the meaning of life. Because of the way we are brought up, we are looking for meaning and purpose outside ourselves. We want to achieve something in life, build a career, create something worthwhile, find a relationship, or have children. But the real purpose in our lives is an inner purpose: to allow the light of our soul to flow through us completely. This is true self-realization. Once we have achieved this, we no longer ask what the meaning of our lives is; the searching ends. There is a simple and obvious knowing: we have found our place in the universe. The path is not outside us, but in us: we are the way. By being faithful to ourselves, we follow that path.

The earthly personality

In the beginning of our human life, a ray of light from our soul touches the Earth. The timeless energy of our soul merges with a number of other energies and our earth personality is born. That personality is unique for every person. In previous lives, you had a different temperament, different expectations, different fears; everything was different – except your soul. The deepest core is always the same, but the energies around it are different. As the American General Patton wrote in a poem:

So as through a glass, and darkly The age long strife I see Where I fought in many guises, Many names, but always me.

It is the soul that gives us the sense of being me. Even if we partake in a life with a very different personality, a different gender – sometimes even with a non-human body – still we can sense: that was me. This also applies to our present life. Stand in front of the mirror and think of your childhood. Your face has aged, your emotions and your consciousness have changed – but still… it is you. We feel, deep inside, at the core of our being, an identity, a Me who has always been there and does not change. This Me is independent of time and space, it does not age with the body – what we are sensing is our soul.

Our earth personality can be compared with a solar system: the core – the sun – is always the same. But there are planets rotating around the sun, and the planets continually change their position. The configuration of the planets represents the energies that determine our personality, other than the sun itself. What are those other energies that form our personality? The main ones are: our past lives, our parents, our body and genetic make-up, the society in which we grow up, the energy of Earth, and the energy of humanity at large. I will now discuss each of these influences.

Our past lives

To start with, there are our past lives. And from all those past lives, the one that is particularly important is the life directly preceding our present life; it usually has a deep influence. The way our past lives impact us depends on how much of them we have integrated and released. After every lifetime, when we leave the physical body, a natural and beautiful growth process begins. Gradually we let go of our earthly personality, with all its fears, uncertainties, habits, and we return and reunite with our soul. We experience this as a growth process, becoming more of ourselves. No one who overcomes their fears says: now I have lost something important. It is the unreal in ourselves that we let go of, and the eternal that we allow in. Fear gives way to love, ignorance to wisdom. We take from our past life what has made us grow in wisdom and love.

However, this natural growth process does not always occur. In fact, many people hold on stubbornly to their earthly personality after their deaths. They will inhabit an astral environment in the afterlife that reflects their attachment to life on Earth. If they have distinctive religious beliefs about heaven, they meet up with others of the same religious beliefs who have a similar vision of heaven. They may insist that they are in the right place and that every urge to leave is wrong. In this way, natural growth is blocked. The result is that many people believe that they are in heaven, while feeling dreadfully unhappy, because they don’t listen to the signals of their soul. Also, people can be so full of the impressions and experiences of their last life that they can not very well let go of it. Pain, trauma, and loss may have overwhelmed them, or alternatively, they may have been very successful and happy and not ready to let that go.

In short, for many people, the growth process of releasing and integrating their past life is not – or not completely – finished when their soul enters a new incarnation. What happens then is that they experience their rebirth as a kind of waterfall of light that descends from heaven to Earth and in which they are sucked along. Sometimes they surrender to it, but often there is also resistance. In my practice, I often encounter this resistance to life on Earth when people go into the trance state and revisit the beginning of their life. When I ask them: “How did it feel when you came to Earth?” they say: “I resisted, I did not really want to come, but I had to.” That resistance to life is often an issue that persists throughout their entire life and it is the cause of being unable to freely enjoy life.

If I ask my clients to carefully observe to whom this resistance belongs – who is resisting life? – then they usually trace this feeling back to the personality from their most recent past life. I try to let them feel that there is also a part of them that did want to be here. This part, in fact, represents the true self, their soul. When they connect to this part and feel it, the resistance is overcome.

But even when there is no resistance to life in someone, if the personality of a past life was not able to connect and reunite with the soul in the intermediate period before a new birth, this past life personality still lives on in the current personality. Because it could not find its way back to the soul, in the present life, it will also stand in the way of contact with the soul.

Our parents

Our parents are important in two ways. First, they provide us with our first examples of the female and male energy. On the level of our soul, the male and female are one, but as soon as we descend to the Earth, a kind of split occurs. Our parents act like molds: we form our female energy mostly in the image of our mother, and our male energy in the image of our father. If there is a lot of disharmony between our parents, this will be reflected in the way we deal with the male and female energies inside ourselves.

Secondly, we are deeply influenced by the fears and beliefs of our parents. That is why it is important to learn to understand and love our parents, whatever is wrong with them. They live inside us; energetically speaking, they are a part of us. If we are in conflict with them, we are also in conflict with ourselves. This does not mean, of course, that we have to agree with them. We are in the right relationship with them when we realize that we are their teachers. Every child has a beautiful gift for its parents and offers them something new.

Our body and its genetic make-up

The influence of the body on the personality is huge; it limits and restrains the extent to which the soul can flow through; the greater part of the soul’s energy can not be expressed by the body. You’re essentially far more than you can ever be in a body. The body causes the soul to focus on a specific place and time, and to experience reality in a unique way through that lens. It creates a strong sense of here and now.

In particular, the nervous system of the body is important; the richer and more complex the nervous system is, the better the soul can manifest. Through the nervous system of a dog, the soul can not express itself as much as through the nervous system of a human being. Your sex also has a major impact on your personality: in a female body, it is easier to be in touch with your female energy than in a male body. And finally, it is not hard to imagine how formative the body is if you live in a malformed or chronically ill body.

The society and culture in which we grow up

We are all a product of the time and the society in which we grow up. For example, if we read a book or hear music, then we often sense immediately that it belongs to a particular time and culture. Every age, every culture, has its own ideas, accomplishments, and general atmosphere. Living inside it, you just adopt this energy and take it for granted. That also applies, of course, to our own age and culture. We look at the world through the lens of the times we live in.

The energy of the Earth.

We are children of the Earth; the Earth is our mother. And just as our human mother left a deep influence on our personality, so the Earth does, too. That this is not immediately obvious is probably because every being on Earth is all too familiar with that influence. Also, since we usually deny that the Earth is a living being with a consciousness, we are not aware of how she shapes our thinking and doing as human beings.

Yet the Earth is in us. Astronauts, who leave Earth and watch her from afar, become deeply aware of their connection with her. Later in life, they often commit themselves to the fate of the Earth.

The energy of humanity

We are human beings. As a regression therapist, I occasionally meet with clients who remember a lifetime in a non-human form, and usually it is a shock to discover how different that is, how different the world is perceived when you are not human.

Also, humanity as a whole is one; there is a grand group consciousness of which we are all a part. What is experienced and realized by one person, affects everyone. On the inner level, we are connected with all our fellow human beings. The energy of this group consciousness affects our personality and it is what makes us typically human.

The inner child

In addition to the external aspects mentioned above, there is an internal aspect that makes an important contribution to our adult personality: the inner child. Every adult human has once been a child. How deeply childhood shapes us is shown by literature. The feelings and events from one’s youth are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many writers. In the outer world, the girl or boy you once were, is completely gone; the body is constantly changing. When I look at a photo of myself as a child, I then see a face very different from the one I see in the mirror. But in my inner world, things are different: the little boy I was is still there. Not just through my memories, but also in the way I feel and look at the world – in my inner world, he is still alive.

Our inner world is timeless; the inner child preserves a very pure and authentic part of us, which revealed itself in our childhood. In early childhood, we are still firmly connected with our soul, and our psyche is not yet influenced so much by the external forces of parents, society, etc. As we grow older, our awareness becomes molded and shaped by these aspects, turning us into adults who feel less connected with our origin, our soul. However, the child that is gone from the outer world lives on inside us: this is our inner child.

Psychologically, the inner child is the source of joy in our life; the ability to be inspired and happy in a carefree way, to be present in the now and to enjoy things. Unfortunately, many of us have gone through painful or even traumatic experiences in our youth, often without being aware of it. And because time does not exist in our inner world, everything that you have experienced as traumatic in your childhood is now still a distressing experience for your inner child. Many people are therefore faced with a damaged inner child, without being conscious of it, and as a result the child can not fulfill its natural function.

The good news is that we can heal our inner child. The first step is to become aware of the emotional trauma that our child has suffered. The older ones among us have grown up in a world in which children were objects for education, and their own identity was not taken seriously. As an adult, you might find it quite normal and important that a child goes to school, but the child in you may find it traumatic to be caged in a building, having to obey rules and learn things it did not ask for, without having done anything wrong. To feel what we have experienced as a child, we must be prepared to take off our adult glasses, to meet that inner child completely. We as an adult can understand and forgive the behavior of our parents – but can the child inside us do that?

In my experience, it is this honest and uninhibited look at your own inner child that has a tremendous healing effect. Even if it does not remove the pain right away, the child feels seen and taken seriously. The child feels that he or she is allowed to be their natural self. This creates space for healing.

In some literature the inner child is considered to be our ego. In this view, people with a big ego are people that are not able to control or hide their inner child. In my opinion, however, this is not the case. But before I can explain what the ego is, I have to explain something else: consciousness itself.


When I said that the beginning of our physical life is like a beam of light coming from our soul that touches the Earth, I was describing this event from the outside. But just as a ray of light in the physical universe, seen from the inside, never leaves the star, when we incarnate we never leave our soul: it is a shift of consciousness. Our consciousness becomes focused into a 3D body with five senses and a human brain.

But consciousness, what is that really? It is a concept that is very difficult to define – or not at all. The reason is that consciousness is at the basis of everything; everything we think, do, and are, is based on consciousness. Scientists, who try to explain consciousness in terms of something non-conscious, such as brain cells and biological mechanisms, often seem to forget that scientific knowledge itself is based on consciousness. In addition, science itself, by way of quantum mechanics, tells us that the elementary particles of physics only really come into existence (have a fixed location in time and space) if they are observed by a perceiver. And in order for perception to take place, consciousness must already be there. So, on the one hand, scientists seek to explain consciousness as a product of material laws and particles, but, on the other hand, those very laws and particles presuppose consciousness to begin with. Consciousness is the great mystery; without consciousness – nothing.

I will, nonetheless, attempt to capture some of the main characteristics of consciousness. When I go inward, focusing on what I am subjectively experiencing, there is in fact a collection of experiences: colors, sounds, feelings, thoughts, etc. Without consciousness, I would not have those experiences. Hence, consciousness is first of all something that makes those experiences possible: consciousness is an inner space where experiences can take place.

But that’s not all: all those experiences in my head are interconnected. When I’m talking with someone, then I see that person and I hear that person. The visual and the auditory experiences become internally connected in one way or another and together create the multi-layered experience of interacting with the other person before me. Consciousness is that which makes our experiences possible and also that which gives them unity. It is the point in me where things come together.

At the same time, consciousness is able to actively focus, enabling me to put my attention on something particular. For example, I can be totally absorbed in my work or in a film, or I can choose to be completely present in a specific part of my body when I am meditating. When I am taking a walk, my consciousness can even leave my body completely as my thoughts wander off. When a car suddenly honks, I return to the present with a shock.

This ability to focus can take on a more extreme form. The focus can be so intense that I identify with something entirely: I merge with it and start to think that I am it. What we call an incarnation is, from the viewpoint of the soul, a time when consciousness is going to identify with an earthly personality. It thinks it is that person and that there is nothing outside it.

Almost all problems in our life arise because we strongly identify with something we really are not. At the moment we choose to identify with who we really are – our soul – we discover that most of our problems are imaginary.

The ability to identify with something is a feature of our consciousness. And if I identify myself with my earthly personality, the ego is born.


What is the ego? When we say that someone has a “big ego”, we usually mean that they think they are very important, even superior, and do not hide it from anyone, and the latter especially annoys us. If they find themselves so important, very well, but it is when they openly show it that we get upset. There is, of course, something paradoxical about that attitude; if someone acts very self-important, they apparently do not find us as important – and that hurts our ego. So actually we consider ourselves very important, also, only we are “civilized” enough to hide it. We think that this is morally right. After all, you need to think of others, and not be self-centered: to remain modest is the motto. But if someone does not do that, and asserts themselves unabashedly, are we not a little jealous? Jealousy is also something of the ego. In other words, we all have an ego. If we were really ego-less, we would not be so annoyed with other people’s egos.

But what exactly is the ego? The ego is not a thing, but a measure. As I have said, our consciousness has the ability to focus somewhere. From a spiritual perspective, to be born means a shift in focus of the consciousness of the soul to the earthly personality. And in some cases, that shift is so radical that consciousness is going to think that the earthly personality is all there is. The personality then becomes extremely important. This is called a big ego. So what is the ego? The ego is the extent to which consciousness identifies with the earthly personality.

Finally, love

Why do we do this? Why do we incarnate as a human being and lose ourselves totally in an earthly personality? Why do we leave the atmosphere of light and love and face the challenges of duality on Earth?

The deepest answer to this question is love. Out of love we enter an area where there is no love; the ultimate goal is to bring light and love there, too. This jump into darkness is ultimately an act of love.

When we land here, we initially identify completely with a specific personality. The universe is experienced in our unique way; there is no room for a different perspective. The world is seen through the eyes of duality: it’s us against them.

But as consciousness evolves throughout many lifetimes, the soul will gradually be remembered, and duality will be transcended. New ideas emerge: love your enemies, respect people of other faiths, appreciate the beauty of nature and realize that we as humans are part of nature. Finally, there is full understanding: unconditional love for yourself, for the human being you are right now – and subsequently for the world around you. After many lives, the goal is achieved: the dark area starts to fill with light and love; the tears are wiped away.

Love, then, is the last part of the human personality I would like to mention. Both in the natural sciences and in psychology, the causes of things are often explained in a mechanical, materialist way. However, I believe that all that exists is ultimately created from love. Love is the connection between the one (Spirit) and the many (Creation), between the soul and the human personality. And that original love is present inside us as an inexhaustible source. As human beings, only if we are aware of this source, will we be complete.

© Gerrit Gielen Translation by Maria Baes, Frank Tehan and Pamela Kribbe


– The Jeshua channelings are available in book form. – The Lightworker and the Healing Series are also available as audio book. –

art Don Perino

ART : Don Perino

Healing chronic conditions through Reiki @ Reiki with Friends

art by Najib Chakchem

ART : Najib Chakchem


Healing chronic conditions through Reiki

Article by Deborah Lloyd, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

All of us have stories of “quick” healings with using Reiki. Usually, these immediate healings occur when Reiki is applied soon after a minor injury, or when the emotional issue is related to a current event.

Typically, a client with a chronic condition does not experience an immediate healing. One hour of Reiki generally does not take away a condition that has been a part of the client’s life for months, or years – although miracles are always a possibility. Chronic conditions are complex, emanating within a person’s whole being. While a condition may be centered in one physical area of the body, its effect spreads throughout the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual components of the person.

My own healing journey demonstrates this reality. I was a toddler when stricken with the polio virus. My legs and feet were greatly affected; my lower limbs are still atrophied and I continue to walk with a limp. It was 45 years from the onset of polio to the day I had my first Reiki experience, as a client. What brought me to the session was severe chronic fatigue, a common symptom of post-polio syndrome. The fatigue started to leave my body during that first session, and within a few sessions, it was gone and has not returned (14 years later). What I did not realize then was this was only the first step in my healing journey.

What has happened over the past 14 years is truly amazing. Many “minor”physical improvements, release of emotional blockages and spiritual healings have changed my life. The physical improvements build on one another. One evening while using Reiki, I felt a shift in my hip joints; it felt like someone reached into the socket and turned the bones. I immediately walked around and felt the difference in my gait. The following day, I felt the muscles in my hips and thighs become a little sore, as they were being used in a slightly different way. The limp improved a little bit – again. These small improvements are still happening.

Healing Chronic Conditions through Reiki

Emotionally, new memories arise, often as a result of something that happened that day. One snowy day, a fear of falling in an unplowed parking lot overwhelmed me. Certainly, I have had many falls over the years, especially on snow and ice. I realized I was feeling the fears I had after one especially bad fall, when I was a young mother. Over the next few weeks, I intentionally used Reiki to release many fears embedded in my memory. Now, I have a healthy, and realistic, respect towards icy sidewalks – not to be feared, but to be faced with caution, and reassurance. I ask for protection when walking on a treacherous path.

The spiritual healing is what truly fills my soul! Growing up as that little girl who was so different from other children, unable to run and play sports, was not easy. I felt “less than” others, and became a high achiever in the things I could do. I became an excellent student and a good listener; I had many good friends. My husband and I were brought together and continue to have a blessed marriage and family. But, deep inside, I still felt less than whole. The Reiki healing energies have healed this old belief. Now, I know that I am unconditionally loved – just as all people are unconditionally loved by the Divine Spirit. Feeling connected to the One is beautiful indeed.

My chronic condition continues to be a part of my life. By using Reiki every day of my life, the healing continues. Recently, I have been concentrating on my little feet, listening to my Guidance. Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night, and my feet were vibrating, strongly. What new miracles does the Divine have in store for me?… And, for you?

Deborah Lloyd

Deborah Lloyd is a Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master and certified holistic therapy practitioner, providing Reiki sessions and trainings in Asheville, NC. She is the author of Believe and it is True: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons. Reach Deborah athttp://www.deblloydhealing.com/,deb@deblloydhealing.com and at Deb Lloyd Healing on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/deblloydhealing)

Healing Chronic Conditions through Reiki

Emerging from the Chrysalis of Ascension – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

indian elephants at Sascalia Etsy

ART : Indian Elephants @ Sascalia Etsy

Emerging from the Chrysalis of Ascension

butterfly-492536_1280-300x211As we all continue our gradual emergence from the chrysalis of Ascension, I’m now noticing stages in the development of my ability to express love.

In the early years of my marriage, it was as if I had a hole in my heart. I couldn’t generate love for life or money.  My wife hung in with me, loving me always, for 23 years, even though there was apparently nothing in it for her.

At that time I was not aware of the impact of vasanas. It was in fact the clearing of major vasanas or core issues that contributed to the breakthrough – the heart opening – on March 13, 2015.

But at that earlier time, I was a loveless being for most of my life. Not like I knew I was. Not like I knew what real love was.

I’d polished my constructed self about as much as I was ever going to. I mainly just wanted to be left alone to write. I became more and more frustrated and retreated more and more into the paradigm that anger, rather than love, gets you what you want. It never did.

So not a pleasant guy to be around for practically all the loving women in my life. I was probably about as automatic as they come.

Meanwhile everything that was happening for me was happening internally. My spiritual life was blossoming. Spiritual experiences were occurring right and left. The Flame in the Heart, the Highway to Heaven, the Universe Inside, the Silver Bullet – I named them all for memory’s sake. They would come and go.

I remember saying to myself that one moment of bliss in these experiences made many years of spiritual work bearable.

However, none of this translated into real love for others. Generosity, yes. Affection, yes. Real, transformative love, no.butterfly09

Fast forward to the near present after endless clearing of vasanas.  My love for one woman was like a volcano. But it was focused on that one person only. With everyone else I remained a stick man. But at least I’d had that breakthrough.  It started the glacier calving.

Added to that was an exercise that I’d been doing – raising love from my heart and sending it out to the world. And this exercise worked, where many have not. I began to feel real love.

Then came the heart opening on March 13, 2015. As I remember it, it began as a feeling of energy going up my leg.This could not have been my own kundalini because that would have started from the root chakra, not from my foot. It felt like it was coming from “outside.”

At first I was startled and then I relaxed upon thinking to myself that the Divine Mother was in charge and so why am I worrying?

When the energy reached my heart, there was a sensation as if a gigantic cork had exploded outwards. And the love flowed in a flood now.

This happened at 7 a.m. on a morning I was to have a reading with Archangel Michael at 10:00. I imagine there was no accident involved here. When the hour of the reading arrived, I was still immersed in a torrent of love.

AAM explained that the experience was a heart opening and said that the personal love I’d been experiencing was the precursor of this new breakthrough into impersonal love. He added that the exercise of bringing love up from the heart and sending it out into the world had greased the wheel.

Not everyone will experience a heart opening, as I understand it.  One devotee will derive the same effect from seeing a brilliant Light. (And I’ll be sharing about an Australian friend who’s had that experience.) A bhakta or devotee may see the loving form of their Chosen Ideal.  A jnani or student of wisdom will have a realization.  I’m a student of consciousness or awareness and so I had an experience in consciousness. (This gives rise to perhaps a different meaning of “what you sow, you reap.”)

When I started writing this article I was not in the transformed space and I notice that I now am.

After the heart opening, for many months, love just flowed. And it was a love that made no distinction, what sages call impersonal or universal love. I loved everyone. Of course some people meant more to me than others. We had need to be together. But my love itself was incapable of making any distinctions past that.

So, for me, the heart opening of March 13, 2015 was like a watershed in my life.

I sincerely apologize to the many people for whom I was not present. I apologize to everyone who had to bear the force of my anger because my inability to love revealed me as such a beggar in matters of the heart.  And I could not stand being seen in that light.

The bliss arises in me and settles me down again. I send my love out to all who hung in with me for so, so long.



indian elephants at Sascalia Etsy

ART : Indian Elephants @ Sascalia Etsy

Archangel Michael “Accessing Your Higher Power Potential” – Ronna Herman @ Star Quest

Coral by Escume at DeviantArt ART

ART : Coral – Escume @ DeviantArt





          Beloved Masters, the Ascension goal for humanity, within this era of earthly experience, is to integrate all of the remaining Soul Fragments of the individual Soul Self within the Third and Fourth Dimensions. This will initiate a reunion with your Spiritual Triad, a Sacred Facet of your Divine Self, which is awaiting your return within the first sub-plane of the Fifth Dimension. This is humanity’s major goal for this round of evolution. 

          Remember, ALL Creation—the Omniverse at all levels—is Cosmic Energy, which was sent forth from the Heart-Core of the Supreme Creator. This Energy is composed of vibrational frequencies of infinite variations, which interpenetrate with each other, and yet are separated from each other by the variance in Light frequency patterns. The Light/Energy of the Creator contains all the components of Creation, and these innumerable Seeded Patterns of Light make up the complexity of the many levels of material manifestation. The terms used to describe the multiple levels of Creation, such as “Dimensions and Sub-Dimensions,” are used to bring clarity and understanding of the very complex nature of the reality in which all Creation exists.

          We have defined the stages or levels of the Ascension process that humanity is currently experiencing as “STAGES OF EVOLUTION.” After you return to balance and harmonize your mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies within the vibratory fields of the Third Dimension, you are ready to focus on the Fourth Dimension and the Emotional-Astral Planes. 

          Most of the advanced Souls who have incarnated within the last fifty or so years came in with their Third-Dimensional Soul Fragments already harmonized and integrated, and many came in with a good portion of their Fourth-Dimensional Fragments integrated as well. These precious Souls are the ones who agreed to sink into the density of the Third-/Fourth-Dimensional illusional density so they could become the Vanguard /Wayshowers who would lead the Way onto the upward spiraling Path into the entry realms of the Fifth Kingdom. As these brave Light Bearers are lifted up, so are the Earth and all humanity.

             A period of great renunciation prefaces the complete transition out of the Fourth Human Kingdom (the Fourth Dimension). You must experience the challenges and tests of the fourth stage of the Ascension process, so that you may return to the originally designed path of Light and shadow, in order to complete the journey of duality. In doing so, you will gain entrance into the Fifth Kingdom of the Sacred Triad, which is the foundation of the Fifth-Dimensional reality.

            (Each person’s renunciation process varies depending on the overlay of negative vibrational patterns they carry within from his/her many past life experiences).

          At the end of the Fourth-Dimensional stage, the many Fragments or Soul extensions of your Soul-Self from within the Third/Fourth Dimensions will have returned to the center of origin within your Diamond Core God Cell. Your goal is to become a living, consciously integrated, Soul-infused personality.  A Soul-inspired mind seeks and conveys illumination. Over time, you will tap into your higher, intuitive nature, which will assist you in developing a more refined and expansive perception. A completion of the Fourth Stage of Evolution will result in a fusion of Love/Intelligence between the Soul and the personality.

          Yes, it is possible to achieve this spiritual state of Soul-awareness while in the physical vessel.  At this time, many StarSeed Souls are close to accomplishing this goal.  It will become a common occurrence over the next twenty or so years, and the Ascension of humanity will accelerate throughout this century. This unique phase of Ascension was designed to be a “Group Ascension,” whereby groups of specialized Souls, which came forth together into this Sub-Universe, are gradually reuniting. Your journey into separation is complete, and you are joining together once more as you begin this amazing adventure back into the higher realms of Light and life.

          You will learn that in order to become a SELF-MASTER, you must be:


          A Self-master is responsive to the surrounding environment, while being the observer of mundane life experiences from a higher vantage point. You will learn what it means to “Be in the world, but not of it.” The Soul’s nature is love; therefore, you will begin to experience abounding joy and radiant love from within your Heart/Soul. You will still experience personal and physical distress; however, you will have the wisdom and the tools to transcend it. The Soul’s main purpose for incarnating in a body is not to learn; its desire is to experience. Within Its original realm, the Soul has Cosmic Consciousness. The Soul assumes a physical vessel in order to experience physicality, and in that state of Being It seeks realization and understanding via various degrees of physical brain consciousness. The main purpose of a Soul-infused personality is to become proficient in bringing down, into the physical Plane, the highest frequencies of God-Consciousness that he/she can embody and radiate out into the world. This results in illumination and Self-mastery.

         Through the process of integration and assimilation, the Soul Self slowly reunites all the Fragments of Itself within the Third and Fourth Dimensions into the physical vessel, thereby creating a Soul-infused personality. The Will of the Soul and the will of the human personality must blend in order to align with the next higher level of God-Consciousness. Remember, the Soul is only a dim reflection/Facet of Its original God-Seed Atom within this Sub-Universe. The Soul’s ultimate goal has always been to eventually return to a state of Divine Consciousness.

          While in a physical vessel, within this solar system, and during these times of transformation, your return journey from materiality involves experiencing and harmonizing the various Sub-Dimensional levels of sentience–or what has been designated as STAGES OF CONSCIOUS AWARENESS–which necessitate correcting and harmonizing of various negative thought forms of consciousness within the many Soul fragments you have created down through the ages. In doing so, you are gradually integrating these precious Facets of yourself. Over time, on this journey of Ascension, you will integrate all of the lower-frequency Soul Fragments you have created. And you are now in the process of downloading, via your Soul Star, all of the higher-frequency Facets of Soul-consciousness.

       The Superconscious Mind and the Soul work in harmony one with another, once a person begins to awaken to and heed the inner voice of Spirit. The Soul Self begins to download or radiate Its storehouse of mental and emotional wisdom, via Its Memory Seed Atoms, into the individual’s physical, emotional, mental and Etheric Being. These memory cells of consciousness are carefully monitored and calibrated to be of no higher frequencies than the physical vessel can accommodate. These thought form patterns will gradually increase in Light quotient, consisting of higher frequency energy, as the aspirant progresses on the Path of Light. In graduated stages, there is a fusion or conscious merging of the Soul and the ego-desire body/personality, until a point of equilibrium is achieved.  This is called a “Soul Merge,” whereby the seeker becomes a Soul-infused personality. The Fourth Dimension could be called a “transitional reality,” for this is where humanity begins to let go of all the preconditioning of the past. The Fourth-Dimensional realm is more emotional in nature, and therefore, the heart and feeling nature begin to be the major focus. The ancients called it the “Realm of Maya or illusion.”

          The collective mass consciousness of humanity created the lower three dimensional levels, which are the Astral Planes of the Fourth Dimension, and this is where most of humanity exists mentally until they gradually begin to turn inward and listen to the nudgings of their Higher Soul Self. The ego-desire personality is the master manipulator of this realm, and it constantly urges one to seek more satisfaction and happiness via sensation and acquisition. When the Fourth-Dimensional stage of awareness is almost completed, you connect with your Sacred Triad, via the Antakarana, which is a direct stream of Life/Light from your God-Seed Atom.  At that time, a Memory-Seed Atom, stored within the Root chakra at the base of the spine, gradually begins to spiral up through the Light Rod of Power, along the spinal column, and then anchors within the Pineal Gland. This, in turn, will activate another Memory Seed Atom of higher awareness—your new Divine Blueprint for the coming age—within the Pineal Gland.

          You will begin to tap into your inner power potential as you move into the higher sub-levels of the Fourth Dimension. Matter becomes more fluid, and therefore, it becomes easier to manifest what you desire. That is why you must learn to be decisive and to focus your thoughts with clear intention. A disciplined mind links the chains of thought together in a proper order. It is vitally important for you to understand that scattered thoughts are detrimental to your progress. Living in the present moment—in the NOW moment—is a critical component in attaining Self-mastery. Mental effort is required in order to successfully traverse the path of illumination.    

          Gradually, a good portion of your memory of past events will begin to fade as you move out of the realm of the instinctual brain/mind into the realms of the cosmic stream of knowledge and your Sacred Mind. Important traits of a Self-master are focused observational abilities and harmlessness in thought, word, and deed. As an aspirant on the Path, greater and greater cosmic truths will be revealed to you. However, you should be aware that the lesser principles of ageless wisdom will constantly be expanded to incorporate the unique rules, laws and truths of the next level of existence in the never-ending cycle of Ascension in consciousness.


          It is important that you not run away from “unfinished business,” but stay in your present environment (circumstances) while you are deciding what your “destiny passion” is (or what your next step into Self-awareness is to be). You must resolve and harmonize the major issues that remain within your auric field—the old business at hand. In other words, if your home life is in chaos, or if you are dissatisfied in the work place or in any of your personal relationships, there is inner work to be done before you can manifest harmony and balance in your outer world.

          Take an inventory and endeavor to discover what lessons are to be learned from each situation. Endeavor to see the best in everyone, and consciously seek to make an attitude adjustment. Every person you interact with, and every situation that is presented to you each day that makes an impact on you, contain a lesson to be learned.

          The greatest thing that is holding everyone back from attaining Self-mastery and claiming the beauty, bounty, joy, peace and harmony—which is the Divine Birthright for all humanity—is fear. Fear of failure; fear of the unknown; fear of success, and of moving out of the comfort zone of your present existence. 

          We have stated before, your earthly contract for this lifetime is in the final stages of completion, and that applies to every Soul on Earth. We have stated that the Divine Plan has moved to the next phase or level—time is running out—and this means that everyone must move forward on the spiral of Ascension. This also means that every person on Earth is being given an opportunity to write a new “Galactic Contract.”  That means Scripting Your Future or your future will be decided for you, and it will not be nearly as exciting and filled with potential.  Each person must take responsibility for their own past, present and future.  It is more important than ever to KNOW THYSELF.

          My brave Bearers of the Light, at one level, the collective consciousness of humanity has moved deeper into a sense of separation, fear of violence, and anxiety about what the future holds. However, there is another band of human collective consciousness that is becoming predominant, for this one is growing in strength exponentially day-by-day. This overlay of consciousness is permeated with unconditional love, hope, desire for peace and harmony amongst all human kind.  We tell you that the second band of consciousness—the band of Light—is and will overcome the shadows of fear and separation. The progression of the cosmos in the evolutionary spiral for the return to higher consciousness among all the Facets of Creation will not be delayed or denied. You are truly beginning to understand, and the yearning within is growing stronger and more compelling as you reach higher and higher on your personal sacred journey.  In the beginning of this Sub-Universal journey, we were in perfect rapport and finely attuned one with another. Together, we are slowly but surely returning to that beautiful state of Oneness. I am your faithful friend and constant companion, I AM Archangel Michael.

​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : RonnaStar@earthlink.net


Coral by Escume at DeviantArt ART

ART : Coral – Escume @ DeviantArt

Five Minutes Reiki – Breath Meditation @ Reiki with Friends

art breathe


Five Minute Breath Meditation

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

The word ‘Meditation’ scares a lot of people! They don’t even attempt meditating because they feel it requires intense concentration and discipline. They believe it is only for the enlightened and disciplined. This is just not true.

The essence of meditation is to just be. That is, to be with yourself in the moment and to rest in the lap of your Being. We are so used to rushing around and doing things all the time that it seems difficult to just be. To meditate is to give yourself some time where you do not have to think, do or achieve. You just have to be. Once you get to taste the joy of just being, you will begin to enjoy meditation and not find it hard anymore.

There are plenty of meditation techniques and each has its own value. But one of the simplest ways to meditate is with the help of your own breath.

Image by jenniferphoon

Do this simple 5-minute meditation at least once every day. You can also do it whenever you are rushed and stressed and losing touch with yourself in the process. Incidentally, that is when you will benefit most from it. Taking these 5 minute breaks to just BE will nourish your body, mind and spirit and also help you get back to your daily routine with renewed energy.

This is how you do it:

  1.  Ensure that you will not be disturbed for five minutes and that your mobile phone is turned off. This time is for you and you alone.
  2.  Have a timer set for after five minutes so you will know you have given yourself a full five minutes of quiet time.
  3.  Sit or lie down comfortably.
  4.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  5.  Visualise a huge upturned cosmic lotus over you. As you lie still, visualise that you are bathed in a shower of Reiki streaming down from this lotus.
  6.  Bring your awareness to your breathing. Breathe in and out very naturally. That is all you need to do.
  7.  If you find thoughts entering your mind, do not resist them. Just go back to being aware of your breath.
  8.  Do this for the next five minutes. Once your timer goes off, you can slowly open your eyes and resume your normal routine.

That was easy right? Please don’t try to convince yourself that you don’t have even five minutes to spare for this! If you don’t have it, you need to create it. This is for your own growth and well being.

So, go for it! ☺

Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She was drawn to Reiki right from her childhood and Reiki went on to become part of her life’s purpose. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. After reaping the fruits of Reiki practice in her life, she was inspired to spread the joy of Reiki. She is the founder of Aananda Holistic Center where she conducts as well as teaches Reiki and Angel Healing. Haripriya resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya ataanandaholistic@gmail.com. and at Aananda Holistic Center on Facebook.

Five Minutes Reiki – Breath Meditation

Straight Talk on Ascension #2 and Releasing the Illusion of Questioning @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

a BUDDHA mudra top

Unknown Artist

Friday, November 27, 2015

Straight Talk on Ascension #2 and Releasing the Illusion of Questioning


Free Meditation Download

Straight Talk on Ascension #2

Dr. Suzanne Lie

As I close my eyes I perceive myself on the edge of… on the beginning to…

I feel behind the pain, the war, the anger, the violence, the lies, and the illusion. And, I feel before the Light and the Love of Home. Oh, Home feels so wonderful!   It has been a very long excursion through many lifetimes on poor beloved Gaia who was taken over by the dark ones long ago who have ruled on and on.

But, no longer can these dark ones rule, though they try harder and harder every day. They try to have at least one terrifying event hit the news as often as possible. Terror, fear, agony, death… Why?

Because we are leaving and they know it. Those who live in the dark, those who create in the dark, they know that we are leaving. Their prey is leaving. We are stepping beyond an invisible line that they cannot even see.

They know, at least some of them know, that we send this feeling of some kind of love that they cannot even begin to imagine and some color of fire that they’ve never heard of.

But some know, the young ones know, the children know and the new indoctrinates are remembering. These awakening ones are accepting the Unconditional Love and they are using the Violet Fire. Therefore, they are breaking their programming.

Now can they too, can step across the line. Anyone can step across the line. Everyone can step across the line. The challenge is not stepping across that invisible line. The challenge is perceiving that it is even there because we can only perceive a reality that resonates to the frequency of our consciousness.

So we can only perceive this threshold into fifth-dimensional realities when our consciousness is resonating to that threshold of:

Moving beyond the illusions of the third dimension…

Into the ever-present multi-dimensional Light,

The feeing of Unconditional Love,

And the transmutation and glory of the Violet Fire.

It is there for all. It is there for free. All you need do to consciously perceive this threshold is to expand your consciousness into the frequency through which you can perceive it.

Once you can perceive this threshold, it is your choice whether or not you are ready to cross it…

You can live just before the threshold because you don’t quite feel ready.

You can waiver on the threshold so you that you can quickly move into the higher frequencies and then jump back to that which is familiar.

Or you can stay longer and longer within that frequency.

As you stay longer and longer within that frequency your mind begins to change. Your body begins to change. You begin to transmute into your Lightbody and into your multi-dimensional mind.

How does this experience feel?

We don’t know, do we? We never did it before like this.

Yes, most of us that can perceive the line of this threshold have had at least one life, if not many lives, in which we consciously walked across into the higher worlds. Maybe we even experienced the higher realms of the fourth-dimensional Nirvana.

And, some of us, more and more each day are remembering our true life in the fifth-dimension and beyond. And, that remembering is a so very wonderful because, once we remember, we have something to return to. Therefore, crossing that line, crossing that threshold is not frightening.

For those who do not remember, I will say that crossing, even if we cross it “only in our imagination,” feels like stepping over an invisible line into an unknown reality.

This unknown reality feels wonderful, but we don’t know anything about it. Maybe our feelings are wrong. Our third-dimensional feelings are very often wrong. Maybe this feeling is just another ploy of the darkness? We have learned – don’t trust anyone or anything.

So those of us that have somehow regained and/or are stayed in continual contact with our own Multidimensional SELF, it is our joy to even be near that line, that threshold. But we remember that we volunteered to do to find those that waiver at the edge and just need a little bit of information, a little bit of security, a hand of Love. They just need a little bit of help. They need us to say:

“Look this is what it’s like across the line. Don’t be afraid, here, let us tell you our story about life on the fifth-dimension.”

And then we try to tell them how it feels to live in complete Unconditional Love, Unconditional Acceptance, and Unconditional Forgiveness. Forgiveness is such a novel concept to the third/fourth-dimensional world.

It is the Unconditional Love of our selves and Unconditional Acceptance of our selves that we found the courage to accept these challenges. And, it is the Unconditional Forgiveness of our selves for any means in which we faltered, fell apart, had anger, or lost faith that gives us courage to continue.

More and more, we can forgive ourselves unconditionally and accept ourselves unconditionally because we are changing realms. Therefore, each day, each hour, each minute, each second, and with each breath, we are remembering how to Unconditionally Love, Accept and Forgive our self.

It is because we are remembering the fifth dimensional traits of unconditional love, forgiveness, and acceptance that our consciousness is beginning to expand into the fifth dimension. As our consciousness expands, our perceptions expand and we begin to see the wavering Light of something that we know is not third dimensional.

We begin to perceive something that we know is beyond that which we experience in our dreams. It is something that reminds us of our Home, of the beings that we were and the places were and we lived before we took this third-dimensional form.

We also remembering to allow ourselves to sit with these memories and to just be within these memories. Many of us have had myriad incarnations on third dimensional Gaia and there is a lot to physical traumas that we need release and forget.

We can forget because we remember, and we can release because we know.

As we find that courage to trust our SELF, trust our inner vision, trust our inner voices, trust our dreams, and trust our aspirations, that which so many of us have held secretly within ourselves can finally be shared with others. Before, that is before we could perceive the line, perceive the threshold it did not feel safe to share.

In fact, we knew it was not safe, as saw that many suffered for saying their truth. On the other hand, there were—are—many who shared who did not suffer, or who shared in spite of the consequences.

We send them all unconditional love as they have gives us unconditional courage to PERCEIVE our SELF, to share our SELF and to BE our SELF in daily life.

As more and more of us take that leap

Back to our own Multidimensional SELF

And share our true SELF with others

Together we can


Blessings, Please assist us to “make Ascension normal” because IT IS.

Then we can release our illusions of questioning 

and begin living our Truth!



“The Illusion of Questioning”

Where am I? Oh yes, I am here. I see the door behind me and I see Lady Astrea to my right. Perhaps I can ask her now about why I don’t remember my Earth life while I am here. But, before I can formulate the question, I hear her saying,

sue lie 27.11

“Dear, you will know when you remember this experience on Earth when you remember your Earth life while you are here. Be patient with yourself. It is very difficult to live two realities at once, and your Higher Self will determine when you are ready.”

Higher Self? What is she talking about? Does she mean that there is even more of me than my waking and sleeping self? I am even more confused now than I was before I asked the question, but now I must enter the circle. I hope I can remember to ask her about that “Higher Self”.

I am entering the circle and, as I do so, I feel like I am coming Home. The two dear Ladies appear as if from nowhere and lovingly release another veil and I hear the voice of Lady Leto.

It appears that she, too, heard my question as she says, “Last evening the work was very deep and you were unable to carry any of it to your outside mind. Know that seeing the connection between the inside and the outside is sometime dependent on your fortitude. In this case, it was better not to remember the night’s work so that you could rest.

“This evening the Ladies have lifted the ‘Illusion of Questioning.’ To question is to feel the separation between yourself and the ultimate source. To question is to put one’s consciousness into human consciousness to ask of a higher or another source.

On this side of the veil, we are living in a constant state of knowing. All divine information is readily within our grasp and we easily attune to whatever is appropriate. Also, on the spirit level, we are not bound to attune to only one thing. I can personally attend to you while I can, just as personally, attend to all others who are also calling me this day.”

As the veil is given to the Brother, Hilarion speaks, “I can see, my one, that you are ‘questioning’ this concept. This, of course, is part of the reason why you were unable to bring forward any of the work of last evening. I will try to explain this to you. To you particularly, questioning has been an important part of your growth.

Questioning is a lot like wanting. Wanting denotes that you do not already have and this wanting pulls one out of the cosmic flow of All in All. Questioning acts in much the same manner. When you question, there is an underlying energy field that denotes that you do not already know. This separates you from the Universal Mind.

“To release the ‘Illusion of Questioning,’ one would instead unify. When you unify with the Universal Mind, no questioning is necessary as your mind is united with the Universal Mind. Then the information desired can be collected just as it is ‘collected’ from your physical brain.

Dear one, try not to question this concept, but rather take a moment to experience the difference. First, ask yourself a question, then unify. As you have seen, to question dissects your consciousness into individual words and concepts. To unify, however, opens you to all answers simultaneously.”

As the other Brothers take the veil, Apollo speaks, “The opposite polarity of questioning is understanding, because you do not have to question if you have grasped what was said. We have unified with your consciousness and, therefore, know exactly what you need us to say to you to further your understanding.

The basis of questioning is insecurity and impatience. Insecurity comes from the illusion of space because one is insecure in one’s supposed separation. Impatience comes from the illusion of time. Therefore, space and time bind questioning. As you transcend both space and time, the illusion of separation and the human quality of impatience are also transcended.”

With mighty Apollo’s final words I could feel myself being pulled back into space and time. No, no, I don’t wish to re-enter yet. I have more questions…

Q and A on Questioning your SELF

Please share how your questioned your SELF and

How you found the courage to BE your SELF

Thank you, in the great year of 2016 we

“MAKE ASCENSION NORMAL” Thank you for your messages! sue

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Explosion of Light Within by the Andromedans – Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

Sam carlo 31.10 d

Unknown Artist

Explosion of Light Within

by the Andromedans

Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 27th November 2015 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Frequencies of light fill the air and atmosphere, penetrating through dimensions, form, matter and even other light vibrations. An explosion of light is moving through the atmosphere waiting to penetrate your being, it has no other purpose but to unite with the essence of humanity upon the Earth; the very core and constant energy of creation within humanity. Many of you can sense this light explosion nearing your being, mirrors are appearing all around you, it may feel that everything that does not resonate with the light is protruding from your being, wishing to remain anchored within your being while also wanting to escape. This may create a chaos within you which will be experienced at different levels for each individual.  In the past it has been through chaos that light has been born, again you are moving into an experience of inner chaos awakening to bring forth and allow a n explosion of light into your being.

Chaos doesn’t have to be something which you are fearful of or shy away from because it is seemingly not spiritual or to be enlightened when you experience chaos, however your reactions are the keys which allow you to move into a space of light within your being.

Can you experience chaos within your being without fear and with a reaction or response of love? This is what is being asked of you. Can you accept any forms of chaos within your being, experiencing and acknowledging chaos while not being attached or involved, eternally recognising that love is always present within your being and is stronger than any other energy within you? The chaos which is arising from within your being is beautiful, you may have already experience it in the past few weeks, be experiencing it now or about to identify it within your being. It may feel all-consuming, familiar or simply a mild frustration and yet if you are willing to recognise the chaos with awareness and love you will accept and ignite an explosion of light within your being.  A light which is the supreme love of the Creator and will intensify the supreme love of the Creator within you will e xplode within your being, it will fill every cell with light and create a powerful realignment encouraging balance, healing, further Creator consciousness awareness and resonance with the Creator. Imagine if all misalignments, blockages and limitations were dissolved and your entire being was free to reform itself into an awakened and aligned version of yourself. Physically we can describe this awakening by inviting you to contemplate that your back and spine were all out of alignment, you were hunched over and your spine was not straight and long at all, then light exploded within your being and your spine and back moved into a perfect healthy alignment, you would feel free, able to move with greater ease and revitalised.

The waves of energy carrying this explosion of light are of supreme love and it is love which will awaken within you, the greatest experience will be of pure self-love beyond the interference of the ego.  A simple experience of inner healing and remembrance. It is self-love which is the greatest tool to awaken your being, the Earth and humanity and so it is a light explosion of self-love which we, the Andromedans, are bringing forth to alter the reality you are experiencing upon the Earth. It is a tool of awakening which we are sharing with those who are willing to receive.

As the light explosion draws nearer to your being its mirror effect will become intensified and so more and more energies from within which you may not wish to acknowledge will arise. The greatest feeling which will manifest within many will be of frustration, a feeling of frustration with your reality, that desired experiences and outcomes are simply not manifesting as you would wish them to. A feeling of frustration that you have been on your spiritual pathway long enough, and yet you feel you have not yet achieved what you desire. Even a feeling that the Earth, humanity and your reality isn’t changing fast enough into the love and light you so devotedly focus upon. Your key issues are coming up to greet you. That which you are dealing with and faced with now and in the coming weeks allow you to realise what your soul’s purpose of personal healing for your lifetime is. You may have experienced these issues even as a child such as unworthiness, lack, being manipulated, fear, inability to manifest, inability to recognise or accept the support of the Creator, disappointment, loneliness, anxiety, lack of self-love, self-harm or suffering, distrust, failure, stagnation and such alike. Any feelings which seemingly are disconnected from the Creator which are present within you now are directing you towards your life lessons and also your pathway to life fulfilment. These energies may choose to manifest physically or be projected from your being as quarrels with loved one, any form of lack within your reality or a disappointment.  Know that these experiences are important, they are connected to the light explosion about to take place and it is essential for you to take notice as you can create soul shifts which you have been waiting lifetimes to experience, this can now take place and be fulfilled in this very moment.

The closer the light waves move into your awareness the deeper the purification process taking place will manifest, this is a time to focus upon the divine manifesting within your being. We, the Andromedans, invite you to visualise, sense or acknowledge the gentle yet intense light explosion flowing from the Creator through our beings into the core of your being. Imagine, sense or acknowledge the light building within your heart chakra, within every chakra and cell of your being, forming an intense beacon of light within you emanating widely and profoundly. Imagine often this beacon of light so intense and vibrant filled with the Creator, Andromedan light and the amplification of self-love. As you experience the light building you may notice your willingness or unwillingness to love yourself unconditionally which in truth is to recognise yourself as the Creator in truthful form. Focus upon your own self-love or simply allow it to blossom. Ask yourself, ‘how do I love myself unconditionally?’ Let the answers, guidance or sensations arise in response, allow yourself to be guided on your own personal journey of self-love. If you do not know how to love yourself or do not know how to practice self-love then now is the opportunity to guide yourself from the inner wealth of wisdom and sacred treasure within you. Please know that you are able to guide yourself easily and effortlessly to return to your natural existence of self-love.

With the experience of light amplifying within your being, self-love awakening and chaos diminishing there will be a moment when you are ready to experience the full awakening of light and self-love within your being. This awakening will be like a switch being turned on, it maybe momentary or it may expand generously and slowly into your being, it will be a light explosion which you will recognise and enjoy tremendously. Not only will the light explosion enhance your self-love you will discover that your gratitude for life, enthusiasm for experiencing life and positivity for the transition of humanity and the Earth stimulates and stirs, dramatically altering your perspective and truly enhancing your enjoyment of life upon the Earth.

In light of the ascension shift we are delivering to you we invite you to focus upon:

  • Observing the issues you are dealing with in your life at this moment, be aware of your frustrations, disappointments and lacks. Recognise that these are opportunities for fulfilment and the experience of self-love.
  • Imagine, visualise, sense or acknowledge the light we are distributing to you flowing into your being and creating a beacon of light within you, which merges with and is intensified by your soul.
  • Be aware that there will come a moment or an acknowledged slow integration which is like an explosion of light within your being creating many shifts and new perspectives.
  • Know that you can call upon us, the Andromedans, whenever you require assistance, healing, understanding or support, a simple request or intention will allow us to divinely intervene.
  • Finally, get ready to view your reality and the world from a greater perspective of love.

Many people will experience an explosion of light within their beings sometime from the 21st – 26th December 2015, those who experience it during this time will either require the collective support of others achieving it at the same time to aid their activation or are supporting the collective in their experience. Those who do not require amplification from the collective consciousness of humanity will experience their light explosion with divine timing either before or after these dates.

We, the Andromedans, are present to remind you of your pristine light, love and consciousness, there are no limitations to your being or awareness.

We are light and love with you,

The Andromedans

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Sam carlo 31.10 d

Unknown Artist

Moving from ego based relationships into transpersonal soul monad union – Linda Grace Antara Ma @ Grace Elohim


Moving from ego based relationships into transpersonal soul monad union

Posted 7/5/2014
  1. Moving from ego based relationships into transpersonal Soul monad Union.

    When we balance our inner God and Goddess, our divine masculine with our divine feminine and complete the alchemical union between the two, we embody our twin soul within. We no longer need anyone to complete us, but can freely choose to form a sacred union with one who equally embodies his/her twin essence and this need not be our one and only true twin, but any one, who is embodying unity consciousness and unconditional love. All the romantic ideas of a one true half, that is to complement us, is far away from the truth of matter. Our foremost purpose individually and collectively is to become ONE within with ALL-that-IS and “return” to our original monadic source essence and complete the planetary ascension as physical human embodiments of divine ecstatic beings of love.

    As we move into self love and complete the inner union and embrace the “Beloved” within as “whole ones”, we start to experience deep soul encounters and can no longer act out of the old paradigm. In the light of transparancy there is no seducer nor is their anyone to seduce. There are no conditions only freedom. Even the notion of seducing simply becomes ridiculous, as we communicate telepathically from soul to soul in full transparancy. In its place an ecstatic clarity opens all our channels and we connect from Soul to Soul thru our high heart chakra, which automatically activates our kundalini. We start to align our chakras one by one and melt into presence with each other even when separated by physical distance. (Personally I have experienced this on dream state first and later met the individual in the physical realm on a later point and the intensity of the two experiences were the same).

    In the presence of our soul monad we cannot pretend or even deceive ourselves to be anything other than authentic and integrity with our true self. The feeling of oneness, the feeling of belonging to is indisputable and of such overwhelming intensity, that we are “forced” to surrender. We see our Self in the other and the other in Self. We experience ourself as ONE. There is no mind involved, it is a heartfelt empiric experience, that cannot be rationalized. And if we do, we are catapulted out of our hearts space and disconnec with the other.

    Inevitably there is a tendency of ego to try to figure out what is going on, because it is disempowered and feel completely “lost”, as it has no compatible references to grap back at. Things such as age, gender, life style or physical appearance and preferance loose importance. It is all about vibration, soul coherence and tantric union. And so it is crucial to stay heart centered, when we are blessed with such soul encounters, which is far more than just a romantic relationship, but serving a higher purpose related to the particular soul monad.

    The longing for any outside missing part of self is a residue of thousands of years of duality and separation from God within and based on the misconcept, that we are depending on others to feel loved and that we are separated from each other. Letting go of this illusion is a premise to embrace the wholeness within and become true embodiments of unity consciousness and unconditional love. And as we do so, we will start to encounter members of our Soul monad and unite into one – one by one. With each of these members we form a unique energetical purpose, that serves the rest of the soul monad, which doesn´t necesarily mean forming a partnership. In some cases we will meet in the physical only to serve from the higher realms or even to prepare us energetically for special tasks related to our planetary mission and life purpose. And in some cases we are meant to form tantric relationships of deep union grounding and living the ecstacy, that is our true essence as part of our planetary mission.

    It is important to understand and embrace the blessings, that each encounter offer without wanting to force it in a certain direction, but to be in FULL alignment with our heart… doing so our inner knowing will tell us which kind of purpose each encounter call for. What does your heart say in this NOW… being and flowing with its guidance is the premise to understanding the depth of each encounter…. only heart knows the deeper purpose and calling from our soul untainted by ego. Fear however is the most treasured tool of ego and many feel tempted to “take the run” and withdraw their love, as they can no longer hide behide masks and shields of ego. We can no longer “play around the bush” but only be authentic and real in all that we do. when faced with deep soul encounters, as they are profoundly life and self transforming, because we literally loose our Self to love. But what ecstatic experience awaits thou that surrenders and let him/herself dissolve into the sea of love beyond I-dentity, beyond condition, beyond restriction – a playground of infinite possibilties and immense joy and passion and higher purpose. ~ Linda Grace Antara Ma



Experiencing the Buddha Energy – Pamela Kribbe @ Jeshua Channelings

jewels-of-wisdom-christopher-beikmann art buddha

ART : Jewels of Wisdom Christopher Beikmann @Fine Art America

Experiencing the Buddha Energy

Pamela channels Mary Magdalene Audio

Dear friends, dear sisters and brothers, I am Mary Magdalene, your sister-friend. I am delighted to be here with you today. You are beautiful beings, each of you. I wish you could see your own beauty through my eyes. You would care less about what other people think of you, and you would feel more free. You are so worried about yourself all the time. You are wondering whether you are doing the right thing, whether you have the right knowledge, but all you really need to find your path in life is inside yourselves. You have a radar inside your own being and this radar, this inner guide, is inside your abdomen.

I would like to speak today about the importance of descending into your abdomen and becoming really present on that level. It is a tragic fact that many women do not feel at home within their own abdomen, which, in bodily terms, is the seat of the emotions. The abdomen is also the seat of intimacy and sexuality, and it is where babies are conceived and develop. So the area of the abdomen is deeply related and interwoven with life on Earth.

As women, you are told it is important to give and to open your heart to other people’s needs. In fact, a lot of spirituality is centered on the awakening of the heart. But I see many of you, especially women, suffering from a too open heart, instead of a too closed heart. Your heart is very open and easily reaches out to beings and energies around you, but your abdomen is relatively closed down. In your abdomen resides a great power; it is the power of giving birth, the power of truly and deeply connecting with Mother Earth and the great rhythms of life.

People in general, and you as a culture, have become afraid of these great forces of life, because they go beyond the control of the mind or the will. Women instinctively know how to ride the waves of these forces, but you have become alienated from the ability to attu  ne yourself to them. Women are very strong beings, indeed, and I wish you would connect more deeply to your own strength.

I ask you all, both men and women, to now connect more deeply with the center of your abdomen. Simply become aware of this area and of your breath going down there every time you breathe. Your abdomen is your anchor, energetically speaking, it gives you roots into yourself. Descend into your abdomen and you might feel your legs become more grounded and heavy.

Now imagine that inside your abdomen is a big “eye”. This “eye” looks around very calmly and clearly. In comparison to the energies of your heart and your mind, the energy of this “eye”, in the center of your abdomen, is very calm and quiet, very solid and stable. Think of nature and how the rhythms of nature occur easily and steadily. The seasons come and go and it all flows naturally by itself. You are a part of this rhythm of nature, so connect with the female awareness in your abdomen.

Now turn that “eye” of your abdomen upward and look to the area of the heart. How does your heart feel? Can you really love yourself and care for yourself? Inside your abdomen you know there needs to be a balance between giving and receiving, because that is the law of nature. Your abdomen knows there is no use in giving too much, and doing so does not honor the natural balance of energy. Imagine you are in a situation in your everyday life in which you feel your energy become drained or depleted. Imagine you are there and now look at it from the eye in your abdomen while remaining present in your abdomen. From the abdomen you can look at it in a very impersonal and calm way.

It is really funny, in a way, because the lower part of your body, the lower energy centers, are usually considered to be connected with the ego. In fact, your abdomen holds a wisdom that goes far beyond the ego. It can teach you to be really here for yourself and to protect yourself when needed. Feel how your abdomen wants to nurture you. Women are not good at nurturing themselves. They put a lot of demands on themselves and find it hard to stand up for what they truly feel. And men who have a strong feminine side, a sensitive side, can have this same issue.

To clarify and help you with this issue of sensitivity and losing energy to outside forces, I would like to call upon an image that is familiar to your culture and that is the image or energy of the Buddha. The energy of Buddha is very still and calm, very grounded and connected with Earth, as well. The wisdom of Buddha can be easily accessed from the abdomen. Simply imagine what it would be like to be Buddha, what it would be like to have that kind of presence, that kind of calmness, that kind of tranquility. Do you feel the peace welling up from inside your abdomen?

Buddha had an open heart; his heart was full of compassion for other living beings. Even though he would care about their suffering and wanted to help relieve it, he would still remain centered inside his own being. Allow this power, this energy, to flow through you; it is a part of your culture. If you connect your heart with your abdomen, the whole issue of sensitivity will be different for you.

Often, when you reach out to others to help and assist them, and you absorb their energies, you think you can offer a solution to their problems. Has it ever occurred to you that it is quite presumptuous to assume you know the solution? It might be that you do not really know what is the correct solution for them. Maybe you are just eager to restore harmony, to see a smile on their face, or to get their approval. Let go of that eagerness, that desire. Do not solve another person’s problems. When you connect with the “eye” in your abdomen, you see things and you feel compassion, but you do not feel so inclined to solve other people’s problems.

A key to true compassion with other persons is that, although you empathize with them, you remain trustful that they own the solution to their problems. You are convinced of their strength and this will bring you peace of mind. You realize, from the level of the abdomen, that growth processes take time and you are in a growth process yourself. Often the need to help, to give, to be of assistance to others, is related to an insecurity within yourself. You are afraid that you are not good enough and therefore you have to achieve something, or be someone for another person. In fact, you are most helpful to other people if you connect with that Buddha nature inside yourself. The calmness, the tranquility, that you then radiate will soothe them.

It also means something to yourself; it means you are good enough even when not doing anything, or helping anyone, or meaning anything to anyone else. You are good as you are, because you are a part of nature. Like a tree, or a flower, or a mountain, you have a right to be, simply because you are a part of the whole. You do not have to prove yourself. An animal or a flower does not feel the need to defend itself for being, it is simply there – you are simply there. You are an expression of spirit, of oneness, and that is enough!

Strangely, although this should be reassuring to you, it is a bit of a blow to your ego. The ego part inside you wants to be someone, wants to be useful, to make a difference. But is that

what your soul really desires of you? It is not, because your soul is at peace with itself. Yes, it does seek expression in the outside world, it wants to share itself like a flower shares its

beauty, but it does not need to prove itself or justify its existence. Just take in the realization that there is not as much to achieve in your life as you think. You can truly relax a bit more. You are a part of the whole, nothing can change that.

Lean back into this natural feeling that pervades all nature. In your daily life, whenever you worry about issues to resolve or problems to solve, ways of how to deal with other people, take a deep breath every once in a while and connect with your abdomen. Your body is a gateway to so much wisdom. Whenever you feel drained or tense, find ways of relaxing your body, because that will more easily bring you back to your anchor, your foundation.

I would like to end this message by simply telling you that I adore you. I love your beauty and I wish you would play a bit more in your lives, be more like little children who are not yet aware that they have to achieve anything or to be anyone. That is, in fact, the easiest way to connect with your soul and be yourself without shame or guilt.

© Pamela Kribbe www.jeshua.net

– The channelings are available in book form. – The Lightworker series and The Healing series are also available as audio books –

jewels-of-wisdom-christopher-beikmann art buddha

ART : Jewels of Wisdom Christopher Beikmann @ Fine Art America


“You are a Multi-dimensional Being of Light” – Linda Robinson @ Personal Pathways of Light

namaste om tue


 “You are a Multi-dimensional Being of Light”

December 2015

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and we are being joined by a Host of the Angelic Realm and the Hathors. Today, we wish to discuss your multi-dimensionality as a Being of Light.

You are living in an exciting time where new experiences are occurring. As your Earth is ascending and you are continuing on your ascension path, more aspects of your total Being are coming into your awareness, and new energetic pathways are being revealed.

You, as a Being of Light, have traveled through many dimensions throughout the aeons of time, and you have experienced many different situations. Each incarnation you have experienced has been written in your akashic record, and you carry each aspect in your energetic signature.

As the veil between the dimensions thins, you are remembering more of your different aspects in this and other lifetimes. Very often this happens when you visit a particular location, or you meet someone who seems familiar. You may feel that you have been to a certain location, yet you know that you have never been there in this lifetime. You may feel as if you have always known the person whom you have just met.

When these situations occur, you experience the phenomena of realizing that all time exists simultaneously. Linear time is an aspect of the third dimension. However, when you rise to the higher dimensions, you are aware of the simultaneous aspect of events and so-called time.

Each incarnation that you have experienced represents an aspect of yourself. It can be compared to the rays of a spectrum of Light. When the Light is split into its various parts, you are able to see a rainbow of colors. However, each color is part of the entirety of the spectrum of Light. Each color is part of the whole or the one.

As you view yourself and your current situation in this manner, you realize that each experience carries within it a point of learning, and each lifetime is part of the totality of your Being.

In the higher dimensions, you are also aware of the vastness of the omniverse and that there are worlds beyond worlds. There are unlimited possibilities for experiences.

As you allow your mind to float along this unlimited vision, you may feel that you have experienced another dimension previously. This can open you to other knowledge and possibilities for awareness.

This may lead you to realize that you are a multi-dimensional Being of Light.

This presents a larger view of Creation and All That Is, and you realize the vastness of the possibilities for your role in this great Creation.

As you contemplate this view, you realize that certain qualities are very important for you to nurture.

The first of these qualities is Love and the accompanying understanding of the Oneness of all of Creation. Love is the quality that allows you to move between dimensions. It is a feeling of wanting the best for everyone and everything. It is realizing that everything is composed of Divine energy and that each person has a Divine Spark within.

It is first feeling Love for yourself. It is tuning in to your Divine Spark and realizing that this is what connects you to the totality of your Being.

This connection and your understanding can be strengthened by tuning in to your Divine Spark regularly during your day. Each time you focus on your heart center and feel the Love within, you are tuning in to your Divine Spark.

As you continue this process, you are aware that the person with whom you are talking has a Divine Spark and that both of you are part of the Oneness. Your awareness increases, and your Love expands outward to humanity as a whole. You become aware that Love and Light are the fabric of Creation.

When you remain centered in a state of Love, your vibration or frequency increases, and your Light shines brightly. As this occurs, your awareness of the totality of the Oneness of Creation increases. You are aware that you are a multi-dimensional Being of Light, and your Love radiates throughout the dimensions.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are aware of the Oneness of Creation and that you are radiating Love and Light throughout the dimensions.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst
…and We surround you with love

And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email: Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com

Website: www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com

namaste om tue

Archangel Michael on Soul and Spirit – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Archangel Michael unknown artist

Archangel Michael – Unknown Artist


Archangel Michael on Soul and Spirit

I asked Archangel Michael in my last reading through Linda Dillon on Nov. 11, 2015, to explain how “soul” and “spirit” could somehow be different, separate, etc., as a recent channeled message through Ronna Herman seemed to imply.

AAM answers very carefully, I think so as not to give any grounds for offense. The conversation as an exploration between an archangel and his servant is interesting unto itself. It’s also interesting in showing how clarity is sought and obtained from an archangel.  And it is also so for the answer to the question itself.

Steve Beckow: You said that through Ronna that “the soul is neither spirit nor matter. It consists of manifested white fire seed having sent forth as a divine spark of our Father God into the spirit cosmic womb of our beloved Mother,” etc.  (1)

The soul is not spirit?

Archangel Michael: That is correct.

S: Really!

AAM: Well, the soul is spirit and the soul is spirit assuming and transcending form.

S: Right. But spirit is not form, right? Spirit is transcendental.

AAM: That is correct.

S: And soul is transcendental?

AAM: That is correct.

S: Boy, how do you transcend the transcendental?

AAM: With love.

S: (laughing) Oh, you really can do that!

AAM: Yes, you can, dear heart.

S: The Atman [the Self, the Son, the Christ] is the Father and there is nothing beyond the Father?

AAM: But that does not mean that it cannot assume into or descend to your, what you are thinking of as de-scension, into form.

S: So, let me just say then that I am not clear about that: the soul is neither spirit nor matter. I would’ve said myself that there is nothing higher than the soul except where the soul came from, that is, the Father.

AAM: That is correct.

S: So, what do you mean by spirit? Can you define “spirit” for me used in this connection, “The soul is neither spirit nor matter.”

AAM: Think of it in this way.  “Spirit” is pure transcendent energy. When you want spirit to be both spirit and have the capacity to assume and anchor into form, then that terminology is the “soul”.

S: Okay, thank you. That has done it for me.

So let me recap here: spirit is transcendental and formless; when, individuated as a point of consciousness or awareness, it descends into form, into matter, mater, Mother. We then call it in its altered (individuated) state, the soul.


(1) “The Soul is neither Spirit nor matter—it consists of manifested White Fire Seed Atoms sent forth from the Divine Mind of our Father God into the Spirit Cosmic Womb of our Beloved Mother God—who then sends forth, via the breath of her loving Holy Spirit, all forms of Cosmic matter.” (“Archangel Michael  “THE SEARCHLIGHT OF THE SOUL:  YOUR TWELVE RAY CREATOR WHEEL” transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-11-2015, at http://www.ronnastar.com/messages-aam/.)



Archangel Michael unknown artist

Archangel Michael – Unknown Artist

Finding the Flow & The Illusion of Hard Work – The Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Finding the Flow & The Illusion of Hard Work The Arcturians & Sue lie


Finding the FLOW

The Arcturians

Dear Ones,

We are aware that so much of your third dimensional lives appear to be lost in working hard. The term “hard” represents the resistance of third dimensional labor and the word “work” represents the efforts of ones energy over time.

Both of these terms are bound by third/fourth dimensional constructs. Hence, they do NOT apply to the multidimensional energy fields that are now flowing through your reality. If you wish to flow into one of these energy fields, you will need to release your third dimensional thinking.

We do appreciate how very challenging it can be for you to release third dimensional concepts such as time, sequence, separation, polarities, enemies, and death. Let us begin with the third dimensional concept of death.

We know that those of you who have expanded your consciousness into the higher realms of the fourth dimension are well aware that “death” is only of your third dimensional container that your life force is using to maintain your experience of the third dimension.

We know that many of you have conversed with a loved one who has crossed over into the fourth dimension. You may also have followed their fourth dimensional adventures until they either take another body or advance into the higher fourth and/or fifth dimensional regions of reality.

Once you have had the above experience, your perception of your physical realm alters. The rush to work hard or gather many experiences because you may “die” before you get a chance begins to fade away.

Once you realize that life expands beyond the third dimension, your adherence to the third dimensional rules of separation and limitation diminish. You realize that the third dimension is merely one of many realities.

You also realize that you can visit fourth dimensional realities by expanding your consciousness into that frequency of reality. You likely begin with vivid dreams, which often expand into meditations.

Then, you wish to find our more about this reality that glistens just beyond your physical life. Therefore, you read books, do research, talk to others who are having similar experience and often join groups.

Slowly, the myriad limitations of your reality are pushed aside, as you now KNOW that there is something more. You may not understand, yet, what this “more” actually is, but your quest has begun to find it. This quest is not about more money or fame.

In fact, this journey is beyond the confines of your daily life. There is a feeling, a longing, a knowing that is rising up within your heart and mind that you know you cannot ignore.

As you attend to this feeling, you realize that it is NOT new. Yes, you had this feeling as a child when your “imagination” was a cool way to play. You remember the concept of playing and how good you felt when you played with your friends and/or family.

How and why did that concept, that feeling, the wonderful group idea become “less important” than doing your job and working hard. When you were a child you often “played at being an adult.” The adult of your childhood fantasy was fun, loving, creative, and free.

What happened to that inner adult? In fact, what happened to your inner imagination? Do you no longer have “time” for your imagination because you are “working so hard?” We ask that you ask your self that question.

We also ask that you consider the possibility to combining “hard work” and “fun.” Of course, if your hard work is fun, it may not feel like work. It might feel more like “creativity.” Think about it.

You may say, “But I am not creative.” That is not true! You are ALL creative because you are ALL creating your life. Some may be unconsciously creating their life, which is likely because they are afraid they will “do it wrong.” However, “wrong” is a third dimensional term.

When you are thinking fifth dimensionally, you realize that there will be many “initiations” in your ascension process. An initiation is an event that comes into your life, likely when you are NOT expecting it, that gives you a wonderful opportunity to be the creator of your life.

This creation is unique in that you choose to release all sense of victimization and feelings of anger or fear and bravely admit, “I am the creator of my reality. Therefore, I take responsibility that which is occurring with this NOW.”

During these initiations, you may not want to admit that you created what you are experiencing. In fact, it would feel better if you could be the victim to that other person who did that thing to you.

Or, you could choose to be the creator of your life. Now, if you are the creator of what when wrong, then you can be the creator of the solution. One solution that is always a good place to start is to send unconditional love into that which is completed.

Then you can, also, send violet fire into that component of your life so that you can transmute it into a higher octave of your own Multidimensional SELF.

As you move through these difficult initiations, allow ALL your thoughts and emotions to enter your conscious awareness. In this manner, you can fully release that which is complete so that you can embrace that which you are ready to receive.

It is in this manner that you will Find the FLOW traveling through your daily life that reminds you to transmute the concept of work into the concept of creation.

sue lie 25.11


“The Illusion of Hard Work”

As I awaken, I find myself inside the golden room with the door open behind me. Actually, I suppose I have fallen asleep, but since I do not remember Earth while I am here, it feels more like I am awakening when I return. I wonder if I remember any of this when I am awake on Earth. I have no way of knowing, as I cannot remember anything other than what is happening to me while I am here.

I will have to ask Lady Astrea about that sometime, but now I feel it is my turn to enter the circle. Each time it becomes easier for me to bear the increased vibration. I wonder if this activity changes my Earth body as much as it changes this one.

Again, the Ladies come to remove yet another veil as I hear the voice of Lady Leto saying, “The veil we lift now is the ‘Illusion of Hard Work’. Work is another aspect that is particular to Earth existence. ‘Work’ is an activity that became necessary to man only after he had fallen from grace. This fact is because Work, by definition, is based on resistance. Therefore, it was an unknown concept when man was living in his divine plan free of all resistance.”

As the Ladies carry the veil to the Brothers, I hear the voice of Master Hilarion, “The energy field of work is something to behold. If mankind could see this energy, it is doubtful that they would ever indulge in the activity. Many molecules are moving towards each other in dissonant patterns. It is no wonder that mankind often experiences fatigue. In fact, the basis of human ‘aging’ is the concept and activity of work.

Whenever one indulges in a given energy field, their personal energy field becomes aligned with it. Therefore, they move into a vortex of energy in which many molecules are colliding with each other. Each individual molecule tries to either hold its position or infringe on another’s position.

This constant energy battle dissipates one’s vital forces. As one’s vital forces are dissipated, their physical body is robbed of vital healing nutrients. Therefore, for these minutes or seconds that the physical body is denied its life force, it begins to ‘die’. Then, the worker will cease the work and begin to rest. At this time the body can be healed and replenished. However, some cells are irretrievably damaged and, hence, the body dies bit by bit.

“Yoga is a very important discipline for one to follow as it floods the body with many life giving nutrients and moves these nutrients systematically throughout the body. In the ascended state, all movement is like that of a great yoga master. There is no physical illusion of separation and, therefore, each movement, thought, and feeling is a flow of divine force channeling throughout one’s individuality.”

As the other Brothers take the veil, I hear Apollo: “Throughout the centuries, ‘work’ and ‘bravery’ have been associated. I am particularly familiar with this Earth connection, as many have called to me for bravery throughout the ages.

This connection is correct on the highest level as bravery in its ultimate is to face death and, as mighty Hilarion has spoken, work is indeed a slow form of death. However, on the cusp of one’s ascension, they begin to associate death with birth and birth with death. When this association happens, bravery also takes on a new meaning. Bravery then comes to represent courage, not in facing death, but instead, courage in facing life.

“Indeed, much bravery is necessary to live victoriously in your land of illusion. Therefore, my one, continue with your journey into a new state of awareness. Call on me for bravery to face Illusion. Call on all your forces, and feel them coursing throughout your physical body. Eventually the Illusion of work will fade and be replaced by the truth of living the divine work, free of resistance, and in ultimate freedom, you may then live the creation of the new world. Welcome!”

Again, the dimming and fading is experienced. Not only of what I am seeing but also of who I am. If only I could know that I am remembering and using this information on Earth. Perhaps this experience is all for nothing. Perhaps I go back to Earth and do, think, and feel exactly as always. If only I could remember and use what I learn here. Oh, I am leaving. I feel like I am dying…

Q and A on Hard Work

Dear Readers, How have you transmuted the concept of WORK into the concept of CREATION?

Thank you in advance for your wonderful contributions to OUR Blog.

            Together WE are creating 2016 into a Year of Love!


Posted by Suzanne Lie at 8:51 PM

The Long Road Home – Jeshua through Judith Coates @ Oakbridge University

art faith in her path soraya nulliah

ART : Faith in Her Path – Soraya Nulliah


Jeshua Speaks About:November 2015

The Long Road Home

Beloved one, I would speak with you now about the long road Home. You have felt for many lifetimes that you were not Home, that you wanted to find Home again. You have said to the parents sometimes and the ones of the older generation, “Where is Home? I want to go Home.” And they have said to you, “Well, this is your home right here. Here we are; this is your home.” And you have said, “No, not this home, but the Home that I long for in my heart, the Home that I remember and yet cannot quite put it into a visualization, and I can’t quite find it, but I know there is my Home somewhere.”

You have chosen—and there is no judgment with this; it is a very good thing that you have done— you have chosen to take the long road Home. You have chosen to walk everywhere, to see everything, to visit with all of the friends, all of the brothers and sisters who are the Light coalesced into a denser vehicle. You have chosen to know every detour, to know every detail, to walk everywhere, and you have chosen to see everything everywhere you go, because you did not want to miss anything.

Sometimes you have judged self. After you have been down a road a way, you have said, “Well, it’s actually a detour, and I shouldn’t have done it. I’m wasting good time doing this,” and yet you are wealthier for having chosen to go down the long road. So as I have already said, there is no judgment in this. In fact, if there is judgment, it is to say that it is a good choice to know everything that you can create and to know how to create your exit out of it if it does not feel pleasant.

You have the enquiring mind. You want to know what else there is, even to the point of, “What can I create which is unlike love?”

So you create situations, and you may know right away that it is not love. It does not feel good. Then you sometimes begin to beat up self and say, “Well, why did I choose this?” You chose it so you would know what is down that road, and not to have to go down it again. Sometimes you do choose to go down it again, and that is okay, because truly you never actually make the same choices and have the same experiences. Each time you go down what seems to be the same road, you experience it a bit differently.

Now, I know that for some of you, what you have grown up with at home has maybe not been all that loving. Know you why you choose that? And you do choose it. You put together a script and a choice; you do this before the incarnation. You choose in broad fashion—not down to little details, but in broad fashion—what kind of script you will play, what kind of play you are going to be an actor in.

I know that many have chosen a bit of a hardship in the biological family and the upbringing—which has been more of a downtrodden rather than an upbringing. Then you have said to yourself, “Why did this happen to me?”

You have understood that perhaps you have been fashioning that which you have experienced, and then you have questioned, “Why would I choose such a thing?” You have chosen it in order to prove to yourself how strong you are and how strong love is. Because no matter what has happened to you in your growing up years, your adult years, no matter what has happened seemingly to you, you have been able to feel the power of love and to give it forth to other ones.

You have found mates. You have found the small offspring, where your heart has opened and you have loved them with a pure love. Yes, after a while it might get tainted with a bit of worldly judgment of it, but your basic nature and the basic gift that you give is love.

That is why you often find yourself teacher of certain treatises, certain writings, because you know the power of love. You know that ones are hungering and thirsting to be healed in the way of accepting love, of feeling the power of love. That is why you accept the role of teacher, because you know the power of love. You know that no matter what has happened to you in the past, it has only made you more convinced of the power of love.

So then you can take the deep breath and you say, “Well, hey, that’s good; okay, I didn’t quite see it that way. I thought I was a failure. I thought I did everything wrong. I thought, gee, if I chose all this muck and mire that I’ve been growing up with and living with, maybe I was stupid to choose it.”

But you are never stupid. You choose from the holy Self of you that which will bring the awakening to yourself and to others: to feel the power of love. That is why you are attracted to certain writings. It is why you choose certain experiences which when you are going through them you say, “I don’t know how I can get through this. I don’t think I can get through this. I don’t see even a glimmer of light. I don’t think I can get through it.”

And then you come another year, five years, ten years down the road, and you look back and you say, “Doggone, but I certainly had strength to come through that. It was not easy.” No, it was not easy, but the power of love within you has brought you through it, and the power of love within you heals everything. It heals the relationships. It heals the body. It heals everything that you experience.

That is the power of Who and What you are, because you are Love. And you have chosen to know the power of forgiveness.

There is power in that; not for the other person—they may never feel any forgiveness; they may actually hold great judgment of self and of everyone else—but for you, you are giving forgiveness, and you are in the space of love, the space which heals. And it is never too late for forgiveness.

All you have to do is to abide in the simplicity of love. That is why I have chosen to call you the holy Child, because you are holy and because you are the Child. Allow yourself to live the life as the child who gets very excited about everything. Everything is a gift to the innocent child. Everything is something wonderful to be explored, understood, and to be given to another person to be shared.

The little child is very much alive in the innocence. That is truly who you are and what you are. That is why I have called you the holy Child, because your inheritance, your nature is one of simplicity, of innocence. As a small child, you come to experience. Then later you may question your choice: “Why did I choose these parents, this experience?”

You chose because it is an opportunity to know the power of love, to know your power as love, and to abide in that space, no matter what is going on around you, and to give top marks to self, because you have chosen to experiment, to adventure, to experience.

You like to know, “What can I discover in this day? Who can I discover in this day? Maybe I will make a new friend in this day,” and you do. “Maybe I will make friends with myself. Oh, where is self?” And you get to go deeper into your understanding of what it means to be the divine Energy having a human experience.

Make the most of it. That is why you have gifted to yourself the human experience; not to worry, as separated ego will suggest: “Oh, well, you have to worry. You have to worry about the children, you have to worry about the parents, you have to worry about your health, you have to worry about the finances, you have to worry about the traffic.”

There is always something that you can be worrying about. Or, you can choose to be That Which you are, and to know deeply for yourself that you are the love which has been sent here by divine order. There has been an order placed before you were born for more love, and you have said, “Okay, I’ll go,” and you have.

You have come to a place where every once in a while you share love with another one—open, easy love that does not have to be judged; it just is, and it feels good. And in that space, there is healing of everything: healing of the body, healing of the emotions, healing of all the experiences that perhaps you judged not to be so wholesome or healing; maybe even the experiences which you have had that were abusive and harsh.

There is healing in knowing true Love; not just human love. Human love comes and goes, as you have experienced, but the divine Self of you is the Love that exists from before time and will exist beyond time itself. That is Who you are. And, yes, it is possible to know it, to feel it. Take it deeply within the consciousness and rejoice.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith




art faith in her path soraya nulliah

ART : Faith in Her Path – Soraya Nulliah

A Message to Lightworkers – Caroline Oceana Ryan

Viviana Merlo Art.

ART : Viviana Merlo

A Message to Lightworkers – November 23, 2015

A Message to Lightworkers – November 23, 2015

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.

For many, this is a time of approaching holidays and time with family or community.

A time of taking stock of the events and important moments of the past year, with dreams and hopeful thoughts for what may occur in the next year.

Amidst our blessings for a joyful holiday time, whatever that may mean for you, we would ask, that among your dreams for this next year, you include full Disclosure of the Galactic presence.

You are “within range” of this occurring in the next year, along with the full enactment of NESARA law.

Though we have often mentioned these two aspects of your increasingly fifth dimensional Earth life, we mention them again now, as you are again entering a new window of potential for these to occur fully, though they have been unfolding in quiet ways for many months now.


You are not only being guided by those of us in the Intergalactic Confederation.

You are also constantly watched over and sent healing, empowering, enlightening energies—now more than at any time since the fall of Atlantis—by numerous Angelic circles who are surrounding the Earth and singing in tones of high resonance that is Love Itself.

These tones contain the sorts of frequencies that awaken those willing to become awakened, and that open doors in human consciousness that in turn open doors within the Earth’s social, economic, and political structures.

There are additionally new waves of Galactics arriving, who are aiding Earth by helping to dismantle the old energy technologies long ago put in place by the old power structure, in an effort to keep your consciousness low and disempowered.

We ask now that you daily envision NESARA fully enacted, and Disclosure fully occurring.

Hold also in your hearts the image of the Violet Flame of St Germaine enveloping the Earth, as often as possible throughout the day.

Not only because these will bring great movements forward in terms of human awareness, human rights, and astounding economic and political renewal and reform, though these are powerfully significant.

But because your own consciousness is requiring these changes, as expressions of your ongoing forward and upward movement in this Universe, which is also evolving and Ascending.


You have asked us, in your own etheric travels and your times speaking with us and those whom we serve with, to encourage these historic events.

Not only for the outer changes they will bring, but for the Love, Light, and higher awareness that must naturally accompany them.

And so we ask, at this time when so many will be having a special day and special meal of giving Thanks, that you thank your higher selves and souls, who require this great change now to occur upon the Earth.

Not only for the resulting reforms and economic and social justice that will result.

But for the mass awakening that their unveiling will signify.

Like a great snowball gathering speed and volume as it races down the hill, so will the amount of celebration, Love, and Unity around the planet grow exponentially, even in the moment that these are formally announced.

So envision that moment often, and feel deeply the joy and elation you will experience in that moment—and yes, give Thanks!


For in your hearts, in your dreams of what is and what will be—this is already your Truth. This has already occurred.

Know and believe this, for it is your own creation.

Namaste! We give thanks for your courage, your consciousness, and the ongoing beauty of your Earth lives.


Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this original post. Thank you.

Reiki Ball For Healing @ Reiki with Friends

Buddhas art

Unknown Source

Reiki Ball For Healing


A Reiki ball, also known as an energy ball, is a very useful healing tool. In simple terms, a Reiki ball can be described as a chunk of Reiki that is brought together in the form of a ball. It comes in handy in a variety of situations. It is a tool that can keep Reiki flowing to people or situations. There is no limit to how creative one can get while working with Reiki balls!

How to Make a Reiki Ball

For those hearing this for the first time, here’s how you make a ball of Reiki.

  •  Rub your palms for a few seconds until you experience sensations of warmth.
  •  Curve your palms slightly so it resembles a flower bud.
  •  Begin to move your palms apart until you feel strong sensations of heat or a kind of magnetic force between them.
  •  Move your palms up and down in circular motion, like you would if you were carving a ball. Feel or visualise a ball of energy between them.
  •  If you are attuned to symbols, infuse the ball with the symbols of your choice. Visualise the symbols in the ball and it will be done.
  •  Don’t worry if you can’t feel much initially. As you practise, you will be able to sense the ball in your hands.Reiki Ball for Healing

Uses of a Reiki Ball

The following ideas serve as a reference to help you get started. With practice, you will find that the possibilities for healing with Reiki balls are virtually endless.

If you work with affirmations for healing, place a Reiki ball over the affirmation or on the page that has your writing.

Reiki Box
Whenever you work with your Reiki box, place a ball of Reiki in it. This will keep your intentions continuously charged with Reiki. If your Reiki box is in your phone, push the ball into the Reiki Box App.

Physical Healing
When there is a need for physical healing, push a ball of Reiki into the affected body part. In the case of internal organs, push the ball into the body, just over the location of the organ. Intend that the ball goes into the affected organ and heals it.

Pain Relief
If pain relief is needed, program the Reiki ball with the intention that it heals pain. Then push it into the body part or organ that needs relief from pain.

Spread Love
If you wish to send your love to someone, program a Reiki ball with the intention of sending love and toss it into the air. Pink being the colour of love, you can also visualise pink light inside the ball. Intend that the ball goes to the person and makes him or her feel loved. The other person may not consciously realise what happened. They may just experience feelings of love and warmth when the ball reaches them. This practice can bring in more love and harmony to all relationships.

Romantic Love
Program a ball with the intention of sending romantic love to your partner or spouse. Throw in some pink light as well. Toss the ball into the air. Intend that the ball reaches your beloved and conveys your unconditional love and acceptance to your partner.

reiki ball

Whenever you are in emotional pain, program a Reiki ball with the mental-emotional symbol and Master Symbol (if you’ve done third degree). Throw in some pink light and push it into your heart chakra. You can also push it into other parts of your body as you feel guided to. Intend that it brings you comfort and peace. Let go and witness the spontaneous healing that occurs.

Program a Reiki ball with the Power Symbol and Master Symbol (if you’ve done third degree). Intend that it stays with any object, place or person that needs protection. Place it over your house, over babies and children and over your belongings. You could send it along with a loved one who is travelling. Place it over your vehicle whenever you travel. Place it over food and water.

Plants and Animals
Place balls of Reiki over plants in your garden. Push them into trees. Intend that the energy helps your plants stay healthy and nurtures your garden. Place it over a pet or other animal that is unwell or needs protection.

Finding Misplaced Objects
If you’ve misplaced something, make a ball of Reiki and request it to go in search of the missing object. Toss it into the air and visualise it going away in search of the misplaced object. Thereafter, pay attention to your intuition. You may receive clues as to where the object is or you may see the location of the object in your mind’s eye. Trust the impressions you receive and look for the object as guided to. It can also happen that you are physically directed to the place that has the misplaced object.

Program a ball of Reiki with the power symbol. Toss it into rooms and other spaces that have accumulated negative energies. To thoroughly cleanse a room, place a ball of Reiki in each corner of the room. Push a ball of Reiki into the walls, the floor, the ceiling, windows, doors, wardrobes etc.

Now it’s time for you to get creative and experiment with Reiki Balls! Let your imagination run wild. Have fun!

Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She was drawn to Reiki right from her childhood and Reiki went on to become part of her life’s purpose. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. After reaping the fruits of Reiki practice in her life, she was inspired to spread the joy of Reiki. She is the founder of Aananda Holistic Center where she conducts as well as teaches Reiki and Angel Healing. Haripriya resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya ataanandaholistic@gmail.com. and at Aananda Holistic Center on Facebook

Thru feeling we become the seer – Linda Grace @ Grace Elohim

Art Face Eye of Horus

In the new earth energy we are demanded to returning to our original way of seeing, which was applied before the fall of Atlantis, which implies making use of our naturel ability of telepathy and clearvision/clearfeeling. It wasn´t until we collectively dropped in awareness and “got taken over” by our mind (controle), that we started to get misguided. We were no longer in alignment with our heart and no longer in touch with our feelings. And no longer connected to the wisdom of our soul. The patriachal dominion that took power after the Fall of Atlantis mislead us from our feelings and made them non-trustworthy, unreliable and even made it a sign of weekness to feel. And there were good reasons to that. This was the start of “amputating” the divine feminine within and brought us totally out of balance and in disalignment with our heart truth and lead to the separation to God/Goddess, which has been the foundation of duality.

Thru feeling we become the seer. We get into alignment with our highest aspect (our god-self) and the wisdom within our heart. We become independent sovereign beings in our own authority. The seeing “eye of Horus” is active, when we are fully in our heart, as the heart is directly connected to the pineal gland, the center of vision. Whereas when we are in our mind, we want to controle what we see… we look unconsciously or subconsciously for certain outcomes and get deceived as the mind controles and manipulates what we see. We get deprived of truth and misguided.

Only thru feeling shall we become the seer. When we go into our feeling and ask for clarity, we bypass not only ego´s desire to controle what we see, but equally and not the least we bypass mind´s and ego´s desire to know, which is a hidden desire of the mind to manipulate what we see. And the fact is we can never know anything for certain. Truth can only be experienced.

Test this out to gain clarity about certain decisions or to receive visions…. Go into your feeling… let yourself go deep deep deep… no hurry… just feel and see where it takes you…. surrender fully to the feeling WITHOUT engaging your mind… i.e. do not judge or evaluate your feelings in anyway (or what you see or perceive); but remain a neutral witness unattached to any outcome. You may be amazed how much clarity you get.. because when you TRULY feel, you become the experience, you live it and transcend any need to “know it” and it enables you to much easier be at peace with what is and go with the flow and what serves your highest good.

Inside everyone is a visionary, a clairvoyant and gifted being able to communicate with all life and interact with all dimensions and realities. We are intergalactic beings of light and our naturel way of keeping in touch with the universe is thru feeling… it is our direct “line” to our soul, to spirit and all cosmic forces. ~ Linda Grace – www.graceelohim.com


Art Face Eye of Horus

MARY MAGDALENE: Healing Mother Earth and Father Sky – Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart

visitation_mary susan seddon boulet new

ART : Visitation Mary – Susan Seddon Boulet


MARY MAGDALENE: Healing Mother Earth and Father Sky

November 19, 2015 | Author

Picture by Dine' Navajo Wayne

Picture by Dine Navajo Wayne

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On April 17, 2015

Question: How can we connect with all that is living on the Earth—the rocks, plants, and trees, and the night sky?


Mary Magdalene: This is most important.


It used to be much more natural for people to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky. You had an immediate connection to these very important forces because you lived in a much more natural way. But now people are much more insulated and you live away from these forces. Much has been done in your world that has separated you from Mother Earth and Father Sky and has damaged these divine beings.


Connecting with all the beings on Earth, as well as in the sky, is most important for your own healing and spiritual foundation. It’s also essential for healing Mother Earth and Father Sky. It is a two-way path.


Ultimately Mother Earth and Father Sky live within you. If you are not feeling directly connected to them, it is probably a sign of you not being fully open to these parts of yourself, specifically within your chakra system. If you are not open to Mother Earth, it is often a sign that there is work to be done to fully open to your first chakra, your root chakra, which is your connection to physicality in your own body and in all of manifestation.


There are practices you can do to address this. The initial practices that I gave for the book Sublime Union are very much practices of opening the first chakra, as well as other chakras. These and other energy practices are very valuable.


For many it is necessary to spend time in nature, especially where you are physically in touch with nature through going barefoot or touching the earth, plants, and living organisms with your hands or any part of your body. Being in nature at nighttime—seeing the night sky, sleeping outdoors— and getting in sync with the rhythms of nature are all ways you can open yourself and connect with the life around you.


There are meditation practices that can help you to connect to Mother Earth and Father Sky and to maintain this connection. One is to practice feeding Mother Earth and Father Sky with your love. This is part of the healing that is so desperately needed at this time.


There is great work to be done in this whole area, but it is not difficult. If it is your intention, if you ask for this, if you open to this in your heart, your awareness, and your intention, it will be given to you. You will be guided to what to do and you can make an enormous difference.


Does that answer your question?


Questioner: Yes, thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.



©2015 Mercedes Kirkel, http://www.mercedeskirkel.com, All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety, nothing has been changed or altered in any way, and the post includes 1) the title, 2) “Received by Mercedes Kirkel” beneath the title and above the body of the post, 3) this copyright notice (full paragraph), and 4) Mercedes Kirkel’s website (http://www.mercedeskirkel.com).

MARY MAGDALENE: Healing Mother Earth and Father Sky

The Safety of Love – The Arcturians and The Illusion of Sorrow @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Safety of Love–The Arcturians and The Illusion of Sorrow


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The Safety of Love

The Arcturians

Beloved ones,

We the Arcturians come to you within your NOW to salute you for your ever-expanding transmutation into higher and higher frequencies of consciousness.

As your consciousness expands into the frequency of reality which is the threshold connecting the fourth and fifth dimensions, often known as the Rainbow Bridge, your perceptions of reality take a quantum shift.

The reason for this shift is because your fifth dimensional perceptions come online with your 3D brain. This shift occurs when you then begin the process of reconnecting with your multidimensional mind.

This reconnection with your multidimensional mind occurs once your consciousness expands into higher delta and gamma wave thinking. You may not be aware of this shift within your consciousness, but will become increasingly aware of the messages you are receiving from the fifth dimension and beyond.

Actually, your fifth-dimensional perceptions come “online” with your multidimensional mind, which is the interface between the higher worlds and your third and fourth dimensional thinking. Then, once you become aware of your multidimensional mind, you become aware of your incoming information from the higher octaves of your Multidimensional SELF.

More and more of you are starting to think in a multidimensional format. The difference between your third/fourth dimensional thinking and your multidimensional thinking is time. Time rules your physical world. When you love what you are doing, “time flies.” When you are doing something you dislike, time crawls.

In reality, time is an illusion of the third/fourth dimension. Long ago, ascension meant that one consciously traveled into the highest realms of the fourth dimension at the close of their physical incarnation. Now, ascension means to consciously travel beyond the fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension.

Within this NOW there is a worldwide process of ascension into the fifth dimension. However, you can only participate in this event if you can perceive it. The difficulty is that if your consciousness is only consciously calibrated to the third/fourth dimensions, you will only perceive the third/fourth dimensional realities.

There is no “good/bad” or “right/wrong” to these choices of consciousness and perception. Some humans are not interested in a conscious connection to the process of planetary ascension. Many of them have been wearing an earth vessel for myriad incarnations and desire to remain within the third/fourth dimensional format to which they are accustomed.

However, more and more of you are remembering and dedicated to fulfilling your mission to assist in Planetary Ascension. Your first challenge is to expand your consciousness enough so that you can be in constant, conscious connection with your own multidimensional expressions of SELF.

This conscious connection with your higher and higher dimensional expressions of your SELF serve as a “Jacob’s Ladder.” This ladder of ever-expanding frequencies of reality will guide you when it is your NOW to release your earth vessel and return Home.

This “Jacob’s Ladder” is actually the frequency trail that you created when you volunteered to take a vessel to assist Gaia with Planetary Ascension. Those of you who came in in the late 1940’s and early 50’s had to “hide” your higher light for many decades before you could openly perform your mission.

The difficulty was that if you “hid” your true, Multidimensional SELF for too long, you began that it was YOU. Fortunately, the higher frequencies of light entering Earth’s atmosphere within your NOW are interacting with your 97% DNA, which has be “turned off” for most of your earthly incarnations.

(For information about this DNA, please see:


This 97% of your DNA serve as personal wormholes of multidimensional light. Hence, they serve as the communication route between the frequency of you wearing an earth vessel and your true, multidimensional consciousness that is now being activated.

The “lost ones” who knew they could not expand into their higher frequencies of light, had to amplify their fear campaigns to lower the consciousness of the masses. However, “the masses” are increasingly awakening to the truth of their multidimensional nature.

As more and more of you consciously acknowledge that you are multidimensional beings, your innate higher perceptions of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience will also become normal.

These higher dimensional perceptions give you important information about your environment that is far beyond the perceptions of those who still wish to harm and dominate.

Most important, your higher perceptions allow you to recognize your increasing power to transmute your reality into a higher frequency of resonance via the power of your innate unconditional love and violet fire.

As each of you, as well as within groups, consciously transmute your reality into a higher frequency the forces of “power over others” will be left behind in the lower astral realities that they have created.

Also, your expanded perceptions allow you to perceive possible realities from the perspective of the fifth dimensional NOW. Hence, can perceive a “possible realities” before they occur.

You can then support that possible reality by sending unconditional love and violet fire into it before it even occurs. By this contribution, you simultaneously ground a higher dimensional version of reality and transmute any attempts of the lost ones to interfere with the Divine Plane.

It is in this manner, those who are ascending into the higher frequencies of reality can assist by creating a safer world for those who are just beginning their process of awakening.

Just as you were guardians of your third dimensional reality while it was your primary reality, you will maintain your third dimensional guardianship as your expand your conscious awareness back into the multidimensional being that you have always been.

Thus, with every “step” you take into the higher frequencies, you leave a trail of “bread crumbs” for others to follow. It is true that there are still enemies against the light. However, those “enemies” are decreasing more and more each day.

By transmuting new projects far beyond the reach of the lost ones, you greatly assist with the process of Gaia’s ascension. Most important, your protection and guidance assists with the inevitable defeat of the lost ones. Since Gaia is a free-will planet, those who choose to serve the darkness will be left behind until they choose to serve the light.

Furthermore, as more of humanity recognizes that they are multidimensional beings who have vessels of light on myriad dimensions and realties, they too will realize their own inner powers of transmutation of darkness into light.

Within this NOW, many of you, our light workers, are moving through your final initiations into your fifth dimensional consciousness. These initiations appear as problems, but if you recognize them as initiations, you can remember to use your innate multidimensional powers of transmutation and unconditional love.

Please remember that if you assist just two people to remember their true multidimensional nature, and those two people each tell two people each, and this continues from person to person to person… just think how many people will know the TRUTH.

Will the truth set free humanity from the limitations of the 3D Matrix? It will only set free those who want to be “set free.” There are still many humans who are not ready to move beyond a third dimensional matrix of realty.

Gaia has chosen to be a free will planet in which all Her beings could make their own decisions. Therefore, those who are not ready to ascend can continue their lessons of incarnation on Earth until the NOW of Gaia’s ascension. Within that NOW, they can choose to ascend or to continue their third dimensional adventures on another planet.

As you can see, Gaia’s original blueprint has long been corrupted. This corruption was because Gaia also choose to offer the opportunity to live within polarities which appeared to be separate. These polarities, such as good and bad, are only polarities if one does not perceive that which resonates between the extremes of the third dimensional spectrum.

Fortunately, as your consciousness expands further into the frequencies of the fifth dimension, you can perceive the higher dimensional energy fields that connect that which was perceived as a “polarities.” Then, instead of perceiving polarities you will perceive a “spectrum of light.”

With the awakening that NOTHING IS SEPARATE, you realize that “everything is ONE.” When “all life is ONE” then you cannot have a winner or looser. You are ALL in this together. When you are all connected in unity there can be no competition with each other and no domination over each other—the concept of “other” will be extinct.

Do you see how the third dimension will and is shifting into a higher frequency of Gaia’s holographic program? Whereas before, Earth reality was based on “separation from” and it is now transmuting into “Unity With.”

You have all seen that the lower frequency realities, such as the third and fourth dimension, are resistant to change. This resistance to change has occurred because many have not felt safe, and one must feel safe to try something new and advanced.

How does one “feel safe” when they think they are alone in a frightening world? They don’t! In fact, they often feel sorrow.


“The Illusion of Sorrow”

The dizziness, bright light and loud buzzing are a little easier for me to bear this time. However, it seems to takes forever before I can accustom myself to this intense light. Gradually, I can see the circle of light before me and I can feel Lady Astrea gently reminding me that it is my time to enter the circle. Again, the Ladies come to me and remove an unseen veil and, as they do so, I hear the voice of Lady Leto from within saying, “This veil is the ‘Illusion of Sorrow’.

As you may recall from your life dreams, the theme is again and again the loss of love and the resulting sorrow. Know my One that love can never die. It may change or move to a higher vibration but it cannot die. Once the energy of love has been formed on Earth, the creator of that energy has made a lifelong friend. For, to be creators of love is the major Earth lesson for all of mankind.”

As the Brothers of Hilarion’s retreat take the veil, I hear Hilarion’s voice saying, “The energy field of Love acts as a shield. When you become a master of energy, you will be able to see love energy in any environment. Love energy is different from all other energy fields. Other energies leave the aura of the creator and begin their traverse throughout the realities, which is eventually terminated in their three-fold return to the creator.

Love energy, of course, also leaves the creator, but it leaves a small portion of itself with the creator as a shield of protection. This is because love is very attractive and adhesive. It clings to all that it comes in contact with. Love is the most powerful energy force known on the planet Earth, with divine love being the highest frequency of all.”

I then hear the voice of Apollo, “Dear One, good morning again. How you have suffered in this life! How you have felt unloved and unlovable. The sorrow that has come to you from the illusion of loss of love has been your most difficult life lesson. As you know from your individual karma in other lives, you have tended to not value your loved ones and have instead focused your energies elsewhere. Because of that pattern you have ‘feared’ the karmic retribution of loss of love and, my dear one, as you know, ‘Fear Precipitates’.

“Know now in your heart of hearts, love can never die. Love always remains in the Soul of the lover and the loved ones. Love is a Soul quality and, therefore, rises eventually to the level of Soul. Even if the being is to die, it does not matter because the Love shall automatically be passed up to that one’s higher body. Remember that there is no true sorrow, as there is no true separation. Separation is the ultimate illusion, particular to the planet Earth. On the sun, we are all one.

“Remember now that your feelings of sorrow are truly loneliness for home. This loneliness for home is a divine discontent. Allow divine discontent to guide you into your spiritual heart. Use this illusion. Feel the sorrow and carry it to your heart. Set it at the feet of the Oneness where your Soul will mop your brow and touch your heart. The One awaits your gift. The giving is your treasure.”

With Apollo’s mighty words I feel myself fading and know that I am now returning to Earth…

Q and A on Sorrow

How have you transmuted fear and sorrow in your life?

How have you assisted others? You sharing will assist others…

Blessings, and thank you for your comments,

thanks in advance for your comments


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AA Gabriel ~ Divine Unity and Intent VIDEO Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

Published on 22 Nov 2015

As conveyed through Méline portia Lafont
Awaken Spirit from Within http://www.melinelafont.com
Voice: Méline Portia Lafont
You can download the audio version of this transmission for free at: http://www.melinelafont.com/#!free-pr… (scroll down to audio’s)
Music: Michael Hammer ~ Angel Harpent
Video created by Karl Morfett



art unknown

Unknown artist

My GRATITUDE To A Very Loving Man by Patricia Cota-Robles @ Era of Peace

angel modern male

Unknown Artist

My GRATITUDE To A Very Loving Man

by Patricia Cota-Robles

November 22, 2015

On November 11th, at 11:00 a.m., my youngest brother James Russell Dunlap passed away unexpectedly. He was 64 years old. He had a knee replacement and about 10 days later he started passing a lot of blood. The doctors said it had nothing to do with the knee surgery. They gave him several tests and could not find where the bleeding was coming from. Several specialists examined him at two different hospitals. They gave him four blood transfusions, two colonoscopies, two nuclear blood tests, two upper digestive scopes and could not find the bleed. Eventually the bleeding seemed to stop, so they just said “We are going to call this a diverticulitis bleed.” On Monday, November 9th, they sent him home from the hospital.

Two days later, on November 11th at 11:00 a.m., he said he did not feel well and went to lie down. An hour later he was gone. They are doing an autopsy but we do not have the medical reason for his transition yet.

We all know what an incredibly powerful day November 11, 2015 was. There are myriad multidimensional and multifaceted things taking place at this time that are often confusing and difficult to understand. I would like to share with you what I said at the service we had on November 21st to Celebrate Jimmy’s Life. I AM feeling prompted to do this because I KNOW Jimmy’s message is to all of us and not just to his immediate family.

At the service, Jim’s son Jake spoke, our sister Pam spoke, three of Jim’s friends spoke, and finally I spoke and shared the information that I felt inspired, by Jim, to share with everyone. To simplify this, I am going to just repeat the information as I presented it at Jim’s service.


Jimmy did not consider himself to be religious or spiritual, but he knew more about Love and Loving people than just about anyone I know. Personally, I believe that is the most spiritual thing any of us can do. Jimmy always had our backs, and if there was ever anything we needed he would move Heaven and Earth to help us in any way he could.

When someone like that leaves your life, it feels like there is a huge gaping hole that is impossible to fill. But I would like to share with you something that is very comforting to me and, hopefully, it will be comforting to you as well.

I was a marriage and family counselor for 20 years. During that time, I counseled several people who had experienced profound “near death experiences” or NDEs. The information these people shared with me inspired me to research this phenomenon. For years I studied everything I could get my hand on about NDEs. I learned that there are tens of thousands of people who have documented their NDE.

Many of these people were in hospitals where doctors and nurses confirmed that according to our scientific measurements they were determined to be clinically dead. The monitors on their heart and brain had flat lined and there was no heartbeat, no respiration, and no brain wave activity. Most of the NDE experiences were relatively short, usually ten or fifteen minutes long, but for the person involved the experience seemed much, much longer. Some of the other people were gone for 30 minutes, and some for as long as 45 minutes or an hour. One man was even in the morgue with a tag on his toe when he returned. All of these people returned with no sign of brain damage or any of the other things you would expect from someone whose brain had been deprived of oxygen for a long period of time.

The amazing thing about these NDEs is that ALL of the people experience almost the exact same thing regardless of their walk of life. Confirmed atheists who expect that death is the end have the same experience as devoutly religious people. It does not matter what a person’s educational or socioeconomic level is. Nor does the gender, age, race, nationality, culture, or life-style with which a person is associated matter. Most people who go through the NDE feel their reason for returning to Earth is to let all of us know what we, and our Loved Ones, will experience when we leave this physical plane. The Divine Intent of these experiences is to help us eliminate the terrible fear we usually have about death and the devastating loss we feel when our Loved Ones cross over to the other side.

The comforting information all of the people reported after their NDE is that when they went through the process that we call death they did not even lose consciousness. Suddenly, they were just aware of standing outside of their body. They saw their body lying on the bed or the floor or wherever they happened to be. After a moment of confusion, they became aware that their senses were greatly heightened. They could hear people talking around them and they could even hear people talking in other rooms. Soon they realized they were not only hearing people’s spoken words, they were hearing their thoughts as well. They knew then that they were actually able to telepathically hear what people were thinking.

After the initial shock of dying, which lasted just a moment, they all described seeing an exquisitely beautiful and Loving Light. They felt compelled to move toward the Light and as they did they passed through a heavy energy that many of them described as a dark tunnel. This was just the chaotic energy that surrounds the planet from all of the negative things occurring on Earth.

Once they entered the Light they were greeted in a joyous celebration by their Loved Ones who had crossed over before them. They said that regardless of what condition their Loved One’s bodies were in at the time of their passing, in this Higher Dimension they were all vibrantly healthy, extremely happy, and in their prime.

If the person experiencing the NDE had an affinity for a particular religion they often drew to themselves the luminous Presence of the Being of Light associated with that religion. For example, many people experience the Presence of Jesus or Buddha or one of the other Beings of Light associated with the various world religions.

The most profound thing people who have experienced NDEs want us to know is that the Heavenly Realm where our Loved Ones go is not off in some far distant place. It is just a much Higher Dimension that surrounds us. This Dimension is vibrating with a frequency of Light that transcends the heavy negativity on the physical plane, but the people in this Dimension are totally aware of their Loved Ones on Earth and what is happening here.

All we have to do is think about our Loved Ones who have crossed over to the other side and we instantly get their attention. They respond to us on the return current of energy, and they instantly support us with their Light and Love in any way they can. Unfortunately, most people do not believe that their Loved Ones can hear them, so they block the awareness of their communication or of their tangible Presence. Some of the people who have experienced NDEs said that in moments when their Loved Ones on Earth were in their deepest expression of grief, they were actually sitting with them holding them in their arms, but their Loved Ones did not comprehend that was even possible so they did not sense their Presence.

In order to become aware of our Loved Ones once they have crossed over to the other side, we do not have to become psychic or go through a monumental transformation to communicate with them. In Truth, this block within our consciousness will be removed with just a slight adjustment in our awareness.

All we have to do is accept the possibility that we can still communicate with them even though they are in a Higher Dimension. If we will just say to ourselves, “What if it is true? What if I can communicate telepathically with my Loved One on the other side?” And then, we simply make the decision to accept this communication as a possibility. We can easily do so by saying, “I AM going to accept this as a real possibility. I AM going to talk to my Loved One and I AM going to open my heart and mind knowing that he or she is responding to me now.” Then pay attention, and you will begin to intuitively sense your Loved One’s Presence and you will begin to see outer-world signs that they are letting you know they are with you in various ways.


On this very special day when we are gathered together to Celebrate Jimmy’s Life, I assure you he is with us. He is flooding each of us with his Love, and he is expressing his deep Gratitude for having all of us in his life.

One of the hardest things about someone leaving as unexpectedly as Jimmy did is that we feel there are things we wanted to say to him, but now we think it is too late. The wonderful thing we are learning from people who have been through NDEs is that is absolutely NOT TRUE. So let’s just take a moment and from the deepest recesses of our hearts let’s say to Jimmy anything we want to say to him on this very special day.

Please breathe in deeply and go within to the Divinity of your heart. If you feel comfortable doing so, gently close your eyes. In your mind’s eye see that beautiful big man standing before you with his wonderful smile. Now from the silence of your heart, tell him exactly what you want him to know at this time. I promise you, he will hear every single word.   (Pause)

Now gently return your consciousness to the room and KNOW that communicating with Jimmy or any of your Loved Ones on the other side is just this easy.

As we complete this part of our Celebration of Jimmy’s Life, I would like to share with you a very special song.


A couple days after Jimmy passed away I was driving in the car and I was thinking of him. I was crying and I was telling him how much I Love him and how much we are all going to miss him. As soon as I said that the following song came on the radio. It is an old country song that I am familiar with, but I have not heard it on the radio for probably five or six years.

As soon as the song started playing, I knew it was a message from Jimmy that he wanted me to share with the Love of his life, Nancy, who is his wife of 42 years. I shared this song with Nancy, but Jimmy also wanted me to share this message with all of you. He wants to remind us to Love each other and for us to tell the people in our lives how much we Love them. So open your heart and mind and listen carefully to the words of this precious message that Jimmy wants you to have on this special day.


by Garth Brooks

Sometimes late at night

I lie awake and watch her sleeping

She’s lost in peaceful dreams

So I turn out the lights and lay there in the dark

And the thought crosses my mind

If I never wake up in the morning

Would she ever doubt the way I feel

About her in my heart


 If tomorrow never comes

Will she know how much I loved her

Did I try in every way to show her every day

That she’s my only one

And if my time on Earth were through

And she must face this world without me

Is the Love I gave her in the past

Gonna to be enough to last

If tomorrow never comes


‘Cause I’ve lost Loved Ones in my life

Who never knew how much I loved them

Now I live with the regret

That my true feelings for them never were revealed

So I made a promise to myself

To say each day how much she means to me

And avoid that circumstance

Where there’s no second chance to tell her how I fee 

Repeat Chorus 

So tell that someone that you Love

Just what you’re thinking of

If tomorrow never comes


Copyright © 2015 New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, All rights reserved.



angel modern male

St. Germaine – “You Are Creators in Form” – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Art Olivia Curry - Poetic Dreamer

Art : Poetic Dreamer – by Olivia Curry


Transcript ~ St. Germaine on AHWAA: You Are Creators in Form, October 27, 2015

Hour With Angel picYou are Our Creators in Form

Saint Germaine

An Hour with an Angel

October 27, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve:  Good Evening, Linda. How are you today?

Linda:  I’m fine, it’s all about that time thing, in and out of time.  You know the council tells us that time, in terms of what we used to know as the 24-hour day, is down to about 11 hours a day now. So if you’re feeling like things are just flying so fast and you can’t get done in a day what you used to get done in a day, that’s part of the reason.

SB:   And that’s the internal experience?

LD:  That’s the internal experience.  I think a lot of us are feeling, in addition to receiving all those energy downloads and doing our work with Archangel Michael at night, that we put our head on the pillow and two seconds later the alarm is going off.  So, it is that shrinkage of what we have known as the 24-hour day.

SB:  Well, we’ll have to ask the day or the night to be speeded up while we’re working and slowed down while we’re sleeping.   (Both laughing)

LD:   Or maybe the other way around so that we extend our time hanging out with Archangel Michael.  (Both laughing)

LD:   Somebody just tapped me on the shoulder…and you and I have talked about some people having difficulty accessing the Golden Age of Gaia website and that what they need to do is to delete all their cookies, turn off their machine, then reboot their machine and everything will be fresh and beautiful.

SB:  Linda, you’re hired!  (Both laughing)

LD:  Oh, good, I was looking for a job. (Linda laughing)

SB:  The ironic thing Linda is that the very people who need to hear that can’t access the blog so when I keep reposting the message they’re not hearing it.  Some of them haven’t been on the blog since September 21st so thank you for that. I think we have Saint Germaine on with us today.

LD:  Yes, and now I’m going to step far, far away. (Both laughing)

SB:  Okay and we’ll welcome Saint Germaine as soon as you make your transition.

Saint Germaine:  Greetings, greetings, greetings, greetings, my friends, my allies, my fellow Gaians, my fellow humans, my fellow star seed.  I could go on and on but I simply wish to say hello, good morning, good evening, good afternoon.  Welcome to this council and to this sacred time of transition.

I come to you this day, yes, as keeper – and what many of you term as master of the violet flame, of the violet flame of transformation, of transmutation, of transubstantiation – as keeper of the “I Am” presence.  It is my honor to be with you this day.  It is my honor to travel with you and to be with you always.

My beloved friends, I come this day to speak of many things, but I come primarily to speak to you about creation, for is this not a topic, a subject with such wide spectrum and such wide ramifications that there is not a being upon the planet that is not interested?  So I remind you, sweet light workers and love holders, that as I address you this night I also address all beings, all- collective, all humanity upon this beloved planet of Terra Gaia, of sweet Earth.

And that as you act with your heart, your mind, your ears, your bodies as a receptacle to what I transmit to thee, you are also acting as the transmitters out into the further universe and out upon your planet.

So even before we get started, I thank you.  Now, my good friend and ally, Albert Einstein, has spoken to you about the patterning of the universe, about dimensional and interdimensional reality.  And might I say to you he is as brilliant on this side as he was on yours.  He never ceases to amaze.

But I wish to pick up and expand, humbly expand, if you have ever heard me use that word before…expand upon what (laughing) sweet Einstein has said.  And that is twofold: all patterning through out the omniverse, throughout what you think of as the multiverse, throughout the universe is upon the patterning, the pattern of the Divine Mother.

There are many explanations, theories that have come forth in science, philosophy, esoteric study, about the patterning of the universe.  But what I say to thee, it is an honor and a gift, but it is also the only explanation.  You and we and all are patterned on the Divine Mother and from the very essence of the conjoining of the mother/father one.  It is really very simple.

Now, Einstein has also talked, lectured, spoken to our hearts about the inhalation and exhalation.  And the exhalation is an expression of creation.  The inhalation is the fuel.  You my beloved friends are mighty creators and you create in every moment of every day, whether it is 11 hours or 36!  You have been creating from the moment you were conceived and long before, and you will be creating long after you transition, expire or die. It is the very nature of your being because you are patterned upon the infinite creator, the eternal creator, the Mother.

So what I wish to address and speak to – attempt to engage in conversation with you – this night is what is your hesitation?  What is your fear?  Recently I have given you my even greater attunement to the violet flame, to the I Am presence.  And yes, while this was a very nice gift, what do you think the purpose of it was?  It is to engage you in this process of extinguishing, eliminating, letting go of any hesitancy, let alone fear, terror, trepidation, desire.

To not create is ridiculous. And for you to fool yourself, yes deceive yourself into thinking that you are not creating is absurd. When you breathe in you are creating life.  You are creating life in your very vessel, your being, your cells, your structure.  And when you exhale you are emitting gasses and again letting go of what does not serve you and what is not needed and required in that very moment within your vessel.

Creation, the business, the act, the joy of creation is not difficult.  It is already within you.  It is innate to your very pattern.  Yes, no matter how unique your soul design, how unique your patterning, how unique your soul mission and purpose, your ray; you are not exempt.  For creation, this is part and parcel of your very being.  I could say most of you, but I will not.  I will say all of you who Michael and many have called masters have returned to this planet, to this time and space during this movement and process of shift and ascension, to be creators.

You are creating nova being within your very soul and your physical body.  You are creating and co- creating community and nova earth.  You are creating projects, cities of light, new institutions, new financial systems, new societal structures, new sacred partnerships in human form all in the name of love.

You are about as active as active can be.  And yes, even those of you who are saying, “My work, my mission is to be a beacon of light, a transmitter of love.  I hold the energy and that is what I do. I send the love, I hold the love.”  If that is not an action that is phenomenally profound, I don’t know what is.  It is a creation.

In the very beginning, and now I speak of eons ago, the Mother had birthed and led many of you to this beloved planet.  You are – you were the creator race.  Now for many this has connotations that over the many many thousands and thousands and thousands of years of war and control… has connotations that are not pleasant.

Let me be extraordinarily clear. When I speak of the creator race, I speak of the angelics, the archangelics, the seraphim, the elohim, and the completely sheer creative energy, and some of your star beings of completed evolution that came to this planet to play in form, to be the expression of union, of love, of creation in this form that has been assumed on this particular planet.  Now that included all the kingdoms.  That is not what I wish to address this day.

I wish to address the humans. And I step forth with glee to talk about this to my fellow humans, because as a human whom you have known and loved in many different guises, you also know that I am, shall we say, rather proficient at bringing forth creation.  Whether it is of my sacred trust, whether it is diamonds at a dinner party, whether it is of community and unity, whether it is of transformation with use of the violet flame.  I join you as fellow traveler who has learned about the process of creation from many and primarily from Sanat Kumara, who stands by me this day as I embark on this discussion.

It is time, my friends, to truly embrace your inner and outer creator self.  It is not a matter of waiting.  Now what is the most precious creation of all?  It is the experience of the sweetness of life,  the sweetness of love. And might I say, it is not merely the love of self, which is precious, but it is the love of others.  It is the love of the unknown other.  It is the love of those who surround you.

It is that moment, or lifetime of such unbearable sweetness that at that moment you could gladly die knowing that you have experienced the best that physicality has to offer.  That sweetness came to me, not in the creation of showy diamonds.  Yes, it did come in the caves of Tibet.  It came in union with partner.  It came in the witness of a birth of a child.  And it comes for me in the sweet gift, from this side, of being able to witness and to participate in the birthing of your creator self yet again.

Creation is the simplest and the most complex undertaking you will do, and you will do it in this or any lifetime.  Now why is it complex?  And why has it become more and more complex, not less, with evolution of so called sophisticated societies?  Because of the barriers that you have allowed, of control, of mayhem, of chaos, of fear, of terror, of punishment of creating out of thin air, of being burned at the stake or thrown in the water, hung; it matters not.

Because once you remove that, I remind you, it is intention and still point and action, all three, but there is nothing difficult about any of these elements.  Now many of you think of creation and the practicality of creation, and I encourage you in this direction. As the creation of wealth, of security, which is often financial security, it is the creation of good health; it is the creation of safety and security, meaning the absence of violence and terror, war.  It is the creation of peace and serenity in your home, in your heart.  These are the things of value.

Now, my beloved friends, you are not assisting in the transformation of what you have all been awaiting, in this whole purview of human existence as much as you might.  I say this, not as a critique, certainly not as a judgment, not as a criticism, but as your old friend saying, “let’s stop waiting and let’s do everything together that we can”.

Now in the past several months you have been receiving, not merely from me but from the entire company of heaven, the ascended masters, the elohim, the archangels, the mother, the father, the one, all beings, all star family. You have been receiving downloads, attunements, infusions, how ever you think of or consider the rising of your frequency in a quantity that has never been known before upon this planet since the initial creation.

That in and of itself is a creation.  And your accepting the energy is your creation as well.  You have that expression, which I have always enjoyed, “It takes two to tango.”  Well, in this case it takes about seven billion, but not really.  Seven billion will join the dance.  But in fact, it takes very few.  So I and we are asking you in terms of health, wealth, prosperity, abundance, security, peace, new structure, new earth: this in my invitation to you.

Now we will talk about the meaning of health and wealth and peace but let me not go on and on dear Steve.  Where do you wish to begin?

SB:  Well, thank you very much Saint Germaine.  You already noted that we have trouble with the notion of creation and certainly I do.  I don’t know if you’re suggesting that we all become alchemists or that we’ll be pulling rabbits from a hat, so to speak…in other words creating something new, something that allegedly wasn’t there before.

If I were to bring love up from my heart I don’t think of that as creating because the love was already there.  And since I’m drawing on the universe for it, so I have to say that, speaking for myself, I’m not quite absolutely clear what creation involves and what it is.  Is it …is it essential to the notion of creation that love is created as new, for instance?

SG:  No!  Now there is another expression you have, “that there is nothing new under the sun or throughout the universe.”  And I would tend to agree with that and not agree with that.  I am a really troublesome guest, aren’t I?  (Both laugh)

Now, it means both.  There is nothing if you are drawing upon the true energy of creation.  What you are doing is drawing upon the pattern of the mother, the essence of the mother/father one.  And that is the purity and the clarity, the love, so that is everything. And anything that is not of that nature, and there are many things upon your planet right now, is not truly a creation of love.

So what we are doing and what I am asking is for all of you to become, to utilize, to bring up as you have said, that energy of creation and creator self, because you tend to shy away from the acceptance of yourself in that way and I mean you, the collective.  To be able to be both alchemist and creator of, shall we say, what is viewed as the non-material. But that truly exhibits, from our perspective, as the material.  And what I mean by that is the kind and caring, nurturing and considerate proactive human being.

So we are talking about a level of transformation that has been put into hyper drive, because creation is instantaneous. Yes, you may think of it as taking time, but that is your translation factor, not necessarily ours, unless it is interfering with the highest good of the collective.  Yes, this is a very involved conversation and I am happy to take my time with it.

So it is both the ability to, and the action to realize that you are creating a completely restored -and what people think of as – new paradigm for humanity, for earth, for every function of humanity. And at the same time, because of that – and that is an essential understanding – because of that you are bringing into form what can be thought of as the rearrangement of love atoms to take form.

Now I bet that has given you 22 further questions.

SB:  You really read my mind.  Yes, the drawing together of love atoms.  What is a love atom? That is the building block of everything, right?

SG:  That is correct.

SB:  Well, please tell us about that if you would.

SG:  So, let us try and be practical then.  I will try and use a current situation rather than tell you how I produced diamonds at dinner parties.  Maybe I will do both.  (Steve laughs)  You have suggested, and I have witnessed, Dear Heart, how you bring up the love in your heart.  And is that not the sweetest, most precious experience of life?

SB:  Yes, it is.

SG:  So my friend, I hope you do not mind me using you as our example.

SB:  Not at all.

SG:  What do you do with that love that is in your heart?

SB:  It has to flow.  You can’t just sit there.  So send it out to the world.

SG:  So what you are doing is you are taking all the love atoms, because; think of it, you tend to think of love as sheer energy.  And in fact it is.  But think of it in this way, what if you could collect those love energies, those love atoms?  What else do you think you’re doing, for example when you send energy?  You are sending the love atoms.  So what about if it came out of your heart, and I am not suggesting by the way, that sending it out to the entire planet is incorrect, it is lovely, it is beautiful, it is profound.  But, let us play with this, because you have asked the question.

What if you took those love atoms, pouring out of your heart, and you held it as if you are holding a crystal ball or a basketball in your hand, between your hands, and in fact in this moment, dearest Steve – and everyone who is listening – if you hold your hands as if you are embracing a basketball, because a baseball is too small, or a magnificent globe of Gaia, you will feel the energy that is right there right now.

Then, what if you say, “Well I intend this ball of love atoms to be directed to X”, and with intention and with stillpoint you simply toss the ball, knowing it already has every thing that is required…you toss it where it has need to go.  You send it with directional intentionality where it needs to go.  So let me be even more specific even at the danger of irritating my channel.

Many of you are waiting on the prosperity packages, on the revaluation of systems.  And to say that the human beings involved, not with malintent, although there are some very profound scam artists involved, but that is not the whole of this process…but they are slow.  Not with malintent, I need to emphasize that.  But the process has been dragging and dragging and dragging.  Well, they can use a little help.

So what if all of you took your love atom balls and sent it to assist those who are doing the physical, metaphysical, spiritual drudgery actions involved in this, to help it smooth the way with glee and gladness and kindness and proficiency and effectiveness and efficiency?  What if your ball was the love atoms of these qualities I have just outlined?  And then you send it to those involved, to help them out.  Because in helping them out you are helping everybody out. Is that a practical enough suggestion?

SB:  Yes, indeed.

SG:  Now, there is another aspect to this, what you have called being the alchemist.  Take the ball in your heart, within your hands, and simply say, “I want this beautiful collection of love atoms to be a car, a house, a sacred partner, good health; but that can be more complex, and I want this to be in divine perfection and alignment because I do not choose to interfere with anybody else’s free will or path” and simply hold it.  Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it until you know it has assumed the frequency.

And you will know, do not think, “I don’t know when to let go”, you absolutely know.  And then place it, bring it back, you took it out of your heart, I want you to bring it back and put it in your solar plexus.  So that it will merge with your will, in alignment with divine will to then manifest and you will know when you eject it from your solar plexus again as a ball of energy of love atoms.  Then it is ready to assume form. Now you are not quite competent enough to do it in the blink of an eye.  But what I am suggesting to you, whether it is the creation of the Empire State Building, the Hope diamond or a new system of reality, that you are our creators in form upon planet right now.

SB:  To me you say we are the creators in form right now, it sounds like you’re saying much more than simply receiving energy from the Company of Heaven and blasting that energy out.   You just said that if it involves creating the new structures and foundations. What guidance have you for us about how we go about that? For instance, well, the divine qualities play a big role. It would be important for us to be reflective of the divine qualities to have our creations be well formed, right?

SG:  It is absolutely essential, not simply desirable, but essential that you are living, not merely working on but living to the best of your ability, which by the way is stellar.  You are embodying the divine qualities.  Now, I want to make sure the translation is correctly heard.  Because what I have already heard some of you saying, “Well, I’m not perfect yet.  I need to do a little more work.”  My beloved friends, the biggest shift is for you to realize you are already divine perfection.  You always have been.  You always will be.

The barrier is the fear that you’re not or the expression that you choose to take, choose to take and act, or feel, behave, that you are less than.  Now that is part of the old third and one of the reasons that we are having this conversation at this juncture in time is that that is no longer.  So yes, it is about the embodiment of the divine qualities, the alignment with the divine, with your purpose and with the mother’s purpose.

But, now as a human, and I had a very long life and many of them, I was very good at making excuses.  So I know all about excuses.  And they are simply an expression of futility. It is futile.  It is a waste of what you and we think of as time and energy, to make excuses.  So yes, do you need to embrace, enjoy, embody, express, and be divine qualities?   And each of you are going to be attracted to different qualities; it doesn’t mean that you reject the others.

Love has so many wondrous faces and you are the expression of those faces.  So do you need to be in the truth of yourself, your sacred self?  Of course.  But my beloved friends, do you really think and feel that I would be addressing you in this way if we had not determined that you are prepared to do this?  We do not set you up to feel poorly about yourself or to feel less than, “Oh my gosh, I am not ready.”

But yes, dear Steve, it does mean embodying, not only the divine qualities but the truth of who you are.  And that, that singularity is the biggest blockage to your creating what your heart desires.  Because the truth of your genuine heart desires is the creation of new structures, physical and non-physical.  Expressions of physicality, when we say, “Let us be practical.”  We say, “Let us create community and unity and unitive consciousness.”

But the expression of that is kindness and consideration to your neighbors, to your friends, to the nation across the planet, to the person next to you in the line.  It is everything.  It is the outer expression.  The physical expression of your creation of what those atoms of love look like.  It is the expression on your face.  It is your body language.  It is the glint in your eye.  It is the smile on your face.  It is the quiet acceptance of not being irritated when a baby is crying.

SB:  How do we begin?  If you were on the astral planes right now and I had newly transitioned, I’d be seeing that people can do things in creation and I would start with just trying to lift a pin off the floor or trying to see a pin bend or something like that.  How do we begin creation here as the creator race which is just starting to remember?

SG:  Start with something small and rather than trying with your kinetic powers to move a pin, start with something in the physical realm that you wish to see.  So do not start with peace on earth.  Might I suggest to you, so that you can begin with me, the practice of realizing just how interdimensional you truly are.  Feel those love atoms, the love in your heart.  All the downloads we have sent you conjoined with the love that you are.  That is what the flow is!  And see it as if it is sitting in your hands.  See it as if it is that basketball that I have referred to.  Now make it something physical.  Something that is in your view doable.

So today I wish to find or be given or receive or simply quote-unquote apparate a five-dollar bill. And then, let go of the energy and then be prepared to receive your five dollars.  Whether it is that you found it tucked in a drawer.  Yes, this is the way it will work to start with, whether it is a stranger giving you five dollars, whether you suddenly win five dollars.  It doesn’t matter.  Start with something small and then receive it again, and again and again and again.  Then start with something larger and larger and larger and at the same time, I ask of you to be sending those love atoms in a directed way to a project that you deem very close at hand and highly desirable.

SB:  Wow!  Thank you very much. We have about 10 minutes left in this show and I wanted to ask you what we can expect from November 8th?

SG:  It is already underway and I would suggest to you that there will be miracles, what you would think of as miracles occurring almost on a daily basis.  Now you’ve had many indicators from your star friends that they are planning, underway, to reveal themselves.  So what I am suggesting to you is expect the unexpected.  But regardless of visible manifestations, which I am wanting to focus on because you have need to focus on them and I mean you, the human collective.  You are needing, it is timely for the visible signs.

But the further upgrades, shall we put it that way, in your beingness because we cannot say, we cannot refer to you simply in terms of your physical vessels because your fields have grown so substantially.  Will you experience it in your physical form?  Yes, you will.  Let me also say to you I do not come to you as psychic Saint Germaine.  But I do suggest to you, strongly, that this is a time of changing of the guard and it means as much in your time as it did in mine.  This is what you think of as November 8th, is a changing of the guard, in and around that time.

SB:  Do you mean by that, Saint Germaine, changing of the Guards, you mean political guard, military guards, economic guard?

SG:  All of the above.

SB:  Are you willing to discuss this topic in more detail or is it something…

SG:  No, because we do not wish to interfere with unfoldments already under way.  That would simply tip the scales in a direction and in favor of those who do not want to see change.  So no we will not elaborate on this much further.  I am impatient and is that not ridiculous for and ascended master to say? So I will say I, but it is a word you understand.

SB:  Yes?

SG:  So let us say that the company of heaven is impatient.

SB:  Impatient that we act or that the others give up and stop obstructing?

SG:  No.  It is the actions.  It is the creations of the light workers, of the love holders and when I say that I include the man in the street, the being, the woman, the child that knows who they are and is tired of war and mayhem and control and abuse.  So when I say impatient and fed up I mean excited, exhilarated, in a period of great anticipation.  But it is a co-creation with you, all of you upon the planet at this time.  It is a realization, a deep realization.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

©2015 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright.  We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge,  and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Transcript ~ St. Germain on An Hour With an Angel: You Are Creators in Form, October 27, 2015, http://inlightuniversal.com/st-germaine-ahwaa-time-embrace-creator-selves/



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Living Life in Thanksgiving – Shanta Gabriel @ The Gabriel Messages



ART : Isabelle Bryer

Living Life in Thanksgiving

 A Message from Archangel Gabriel


Dear Ones,

It is nearly Thanksgiving in the U.S., marking the official beginning of the holiday season. Know that in this unique time of the year there is an awakening in you of the spirit of Gratitude. It is the true essence of Thanksgiving.

When you can immerse yourself in the flow of pure Gratitude, it catalyzes new abundance in every area of your life. Gratitude can provide a new containment field for your heart to open into. It is a true gift for yourself when you live in Gratitude. The power of giving thanks can help to lift you above the appearance of disharmony so that a new life emerges within you, opening doors to amazing possibilities you never imagined.

Your deepest dreams are being awakened now and your heart is being offered an opportunity to create manifestation of your deepest Soul’s longings. When you open to these desires that have the potential to fulfill you in massive ways, an energy begins to work in you that you have never experienced. It is like the unlocking of the gateway to a new dimension with thanksgiving as the key.

The creation of new attitudes of thanksgiving in your life attracts new streams of light-filled energy to bless all that is honored in this way. When a blessing of thanksgiving is made in any moment, it confers light-filled Divine energy upon the person who sends it, as well as the situation being blessed. In challenging times it may seem difficult to find something to feel grateful for. In spite of this difficulty, one way to create a positive change in your life is to give thanks for what you have now. You can even give thanks in advance for what you want to create. This allows a shift in your perceptions so that you begin to attract new beneficial energy into your life.

Gratitude is an attitude that can profoundly change your consciousness. When you live your life in thanksgiving, it can affect your being at a biological level, training your mind and body to live in a higher state of health and well-being.

When you find nothing else, you can give thanks for just being alive so your soul will evolve. It is a gift to be in a human body and your body is a miraculous instrument. Consider the fact that you have a heart within you that needs no conscious assistance on your part to continue beating. Remember that you don’t have to tell your digestive system to do its work.

All of these body parts are functioning in a wondrous Divine plan of perfection. When you turn your attention to these systems within your body, when you begin to give thanks for the incredible processes that continue 24 hours a day within you, they will function at a higher level. Your focus of attention with gratitude and blessings will bring more light and strength into your vital organs. For extra energy, consider filling these organs with a healing color such as pink or green, which brightens them with Divine Light. For fun you can then imagine a smile on a body part such as your liver or your heart. This will not only bless your organs, it will lighten your mind.

Gratitude is the Attitude that will take you into your Heart. Consider the idea that your thoughts are like prayers reaching out into the Universal flow of life. When you use your thoughts consciously, they become prayers that shift your perspective so you can see the greater perspective of what is actually going on in your life. Prayers of gratitude are very powerful, and stimulate an increased flow of spiritual energy into every situation. This force can create miraculous change for good in your life. It may take a little effort to find something to be grateful for when you are feeling down, but prayers of thanksgiving can help create a beautiful shift in your mind when you do so.

It is vitally important for your future to nurture compassion for yourself, the mistakes you made as you were learning about life, and forgiveness for the person you were in the past. Be grateful for all that you have learned and all that you are. This act is a good beginning for a peace filled and happy future. You can open new doors for tomorrow with your grateful thoughts today.

No matter how it feels, you are never alone. You are here on earth to remember your connection to the Spiritual Presence in your life. You are meant to live a happy, abundant life with deep fulfillment. In order to do this, it is necessary to step out of the challenges life presents and into the flow of God’s love, which will bring you more creative solutions.

There is one place where you can always go to feel the power of Divine Love, and that is in your heart. Gratitude is the attitude that will take you into your heart. It does not matter if you see nothing in your life for which to feel grateful, just the act of giving thanks opens a door in your heart to allow Divine Love in.

Sometimes it seems as though prayer is difficult or there may be negative associations with organized religion from childhood. Perhaps some suggestions for prayers of thanksgiving can be useful. Here are some possibilities for prayers that may help you to lift your thoughts and connect your heart to the essence of Gratitude. You can choose one or more that resonate with you and use them as a spiritual practice for the day. Masters suggest 21 days of a practice to create a new habit within your brain.

Thanksgiving Prayers

Divine Presence,

I AM grateful for the Beauty and Power of the living Earth that sustains all life and blesses all who are fortunate to live in this beautiful world. I give thanks that all beings are awakening to these gifts.

Thank you for this day. Help me to see the blessings in my life, and learn the lessons given to me to learn. Show me what I need to know in order to grow into a more kind and loving human being, and take care of my responsibilities with Grace and Ease. Help me to share the gifts you have given me in a way that adds more value to the world.

Thank you for helping me move with great Clarity and Certainty. Thank you for inspiring my heart-centered action in every area of my life.

I AM grateful for physical, mental and emotional Health and Well-Being. I recognize Wellness as my most empowered attribute and it blesses every area of my life.

Thank you for abundant demonstrations in my bank account and the financial ability to save, spend and support others. I AM grateful that my work fulfills me on all levels.

Thank you for my mind that is inspired and creative. Thank you for helping me to be open to new ideas that can bring good into my life. Thank you for my amazing body that is strong and flexible, and for the organs within it that are functioning with perfection. Bless each cell and fiber of my being so that it is filled with your Divine Light.

Thank you for the forgiveness growing in my heart and the compassion within me for the person I am right now. Help me to also have compassion and understanding for others as they walk their own path in life.

I AM thankful for the new awakenings of Love and Abundance all over the world in the hearts of each person embodied at this time. Thank you for helping me to live my life in Harmony and Well-Being, and to be a radiant light for Divine Love in the world.

For these and all my blessings, I say, “Thank You God.”

May this time of Thanksgiving fill your heart with a new awakening to the Loving Presence within all things and bless every area of your life with pure Gratitude.

So be it. Be it so. Amen.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: November 20, 2015


SHANTA GABRIEL thanksgiving

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

new website The Light Within by Rozalia Toth

ART : The Light Within – by Rozalia Toth


Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob's Ladder 213This is a good time to review the differences between enlightenment and Ascension. This is an article from 2014 on the subject.

Enlightenment is the realization of our true nature.

Ascension is the adjustment of our energies to a higher frequency so that the dimension of existence we’re currently aware of fades from our experience and we find ourselves experiencing on a new and higher plane.

Ascension happens within subplanes of a dimension as well as between dimensions. However, the word “Ascension” is usually reserved for ascension between dimensions. But we ascend within dimensions nonetheless. People are always ascending, except under exceptional circumstances.

What exceptional circumstances? Well, we chose this lifetime to descend, to come down from higher dimensions to assist our brothers and sisters on Earth to rise to a higher one.  We’re the leaven in the loaf. The work of starseeds and lightworkers raises the vibration of the whole planet.

Enlightenment is usually the mechanism that causes Ascension.  In our case, if we chose to leave the body, we’d return to our native dimensions as a matter of course. The experience of enlightenment wouldn’t be needed, apparently, for our return to our original estate as angels.

In the Third Dimension, enlightenment usually consists of the seeing of the Light of the One (or the Form of the One) in more and more refined ways.  First it’s a discrete and brilliant Light (the Child), then the Light in all creation (the Mother) and then the Light that transcends creation (the Father).

But it doesn’t have to be the seeing of a Light. It could also be a vision of a form of God. Or it could be an experience in consciousness, without any kind of vision.

Since these three stages of enlightenment have been the most common throughout the ages, I’d like to look at each stage, if you’d permit me.

The first stage occurs when the kundalini reaches the fourth chakra. A bright, discrete Light is seen. Christians call this the Son of God and the Christ. Hindus call it the Atman and the Self. It is the Light of our true nature. Hindus call the experience spiritual awakening and Buddhists stream entering.

Jan Ruusbroec describes it here:

“In the abyss of this darkness in which the loving spirit has died to itself, God’s revelation and eternal life have their origin, for in this darkness an incomprehensible light is born and shines forth; this is the Son of God, in whom a person becomes able to see and to contemplate eternal life.” (1)

Why contemplate eternal life? Because meditating on the sight of the Light causes it to expand, as we’ll see below. The end of its expansion is “eternal life” in the sense that we need not be reborn. That would be establishment in the Fifth Dimension. We always were alive and always will be but we needn’t be reborn from now on.

Ruusbroec continues:

“It is Christ, the light of truth, who says, ‘See,’ and it is through him that we are able to see, for he is the light of the Father, without which there is no light in heaven or on earth. (2)

When we meditate on this discrete light we’ve seen, it expands and leads to the next stage of enlightenment.

The next stage occurs when the kundalini reaches the sixth chakra. That same Light expands to fill all of creation. Christians call it the vision of the Holy Spirit; Hindus, of Shakti, the Divine Mother. It’s also called cosmic consciousness and savikalpa samadhi (or samadhi while seeing form).

Here’s Wordsworth describing the experience of it.

“‘Such was the Boy — but for the growing Youth
What soul was his, when, from the naked top
Of some bold headland, he beheld the sun
Rise up, and bathe the world in light!

“He looked —
Ocean and earth, the solid frame of earth
And ocean’s liquid mass, in gladness lay
Beneath him:–
Far and wide the clouds were touched,
And in their silent faces could he read
Unutterable love.

“Sound needed none,
Nor any voice of joy; his spirit drank
The spectacle: sensation, soul, and form,
All melted into him; they swallowed up
His animal being; in them did he live,
And by them did he live; they were his life”.  (3)

Sri Ramakrishna describes the seeing of a divine form rather than a Light. He points out that we remain in the domain of dualism throughout the experience.

“Then comes the sixth plane, corresponding to the centre known as Ajna. This centre is located between the eyebrows and it has a lotus with two petals. When the Kundalini reaches it, the aspirant sees the form of God. But still there remains a slight barrier between the devotee and God. It is like a light inside a lantern. You may think you have touched the light, but in reality you cannot because of the barrier of glass.” (4)

The next stage of enlightenment, when the kundalini reaches the seventh chakra, sees the Light transcend creation. We “see” the formless or the transcendental.  It’s the first transcendental vision of what Christians call the Father and what Hindus call Brahman. It sees us leave the domain of dualism and enter the domain of unitive consciousness; what used to be called the “nondual state.”

Jan Ruusbroec describes it here:

“There follows a third kind of experience, namely, that we feel ourselves to be one with God, for by means of our transformation in God we feel ourselves to be swallowed up in the groundless abyss of our eternal blessedness, in which we can never discover any difference between ourselves and God. This is the highest of all our experiences and can be experienced in no other way than by our being immersed in love.” (5)

Sri Ramakrishna describes it here:

“Last of all is the seventh plane, which, according to Tantra, is the centre of the thousand-petalled lotus. When the Kundalini arrives there, the aspirant goes into samadhi. In that lotus dwells Satchidananda Siva, the Absolute. There Kundalini, the awakened Power, unites with Siva. This is known as the union of Siva and Sakti.” (6)

It is the first “seeing” of the formless God.

This is not the end of the journey. For most of us, Sahaja Samadhi is, when the kundalini reaches the heart. It involves a permanent heart opening and is liberation from birth and death. That happens, according to the Divine Mother, sometime after we enter the Fifth Dimension, not right away.

Now we see why the Trinity is so important: because we’re set the task in life of realizing while still in the body the Light of the Child, the Mother and the Father, or of the Atman, Shakti and Brahman. The purpose of life is knowing our true nature and that true nature is God. We realize our true nature, in successive stairsteps, by realizing each level of the Trinity.

Interestingly, Jesus through John Smallman once called Ascension a “return once more to your natural state of Oneness with your Source.” (7)  That’s a pretty good definition of Sahaja, in my view because Sahaja means our “natural state of being.”

Sri Ramana Maharshi describes it here:

“[The] Heart is the seat of Jnanam [wisdom] as well as of the granthi (knot of ignorance). It is represented in the physical body by a hole smaller than the smallest pin-point, which is always shut. When the mind drops down in Kevalya Nirvikalpa [samadhi], it opens but shuts again after it. When sahaja [nirvikalpa samadhi] is attained it opens for good.” (7)

“The Sahaja Nirvikalpa is permanent and in it lies liberation from rebirths.” (8)

So this is the stairway to heaven. Why heaven? Because “heaven” is the Christian word for the Fifth Dimension. The Fifth Dimension is one step on Jacob’s Ladder of consciousness and we are the angels who’ve descended it and are mounting it again.

Of levels loftier than Sahaja, we know little.


(1) John Ruusbroec in James A. Wiseman, John Ruusbroec. The Spiritual Espousals and Other Works. New York, etc.: Paulist Press, 1985, 147. [Hereafter JR.]

(2) Ibid., 74.

(3) William Wordsworth in Marghanita Laski, Ecstacy in Secular and Religious Experiences. Los Angeles: Tarcher, 1961, 399.

(4) Paramahansa Ramakrishna in Swami Nikhilananda, trans., The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. New York: Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center, 1978; c1942, 499-500. [Hereafter GSR.]

(5) John Ruusbroec in JR, 176.

(6) GSR, 499.

(7) Jesus via John Smallman, November 27, 2013, at http://johnsmallman2.wordpress.com.

(8) Ramana Maharshi, S.S. Cohen, Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 96.

(9) Ibid., 88.



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Thirty Veils Of Illusion @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thirty Veils Of Illusion – INTRO AND ILLUSION #1 by Suzanne Lie



Suzanne Lie

This book should really be entitled, “My Thirty Veils of Illusion,” as I’m sure that each person who journeys inside himself or herself would find their own thirty illusions, or more. Being a basically idealistic person, I found that I built most of my illusions around grand ideals. This manuscript did not begin as a book but as a meditation. At that time, I was a member of a group based in New York, who channeled information from the Ascended Masters who dwell in the higher planes of reality.

The Masters had offered to open a special inner temple to aid humanity in freeing itself from the illusions of everyday life. I felt a special call within myself to experience this privilege. Therefore, each night for thirty consecutive nights, I asked to be taken to this inner temple to have one veil removed each evening. The following morning I sat down with pen and paper and asked to be assisted in remembering the previous evening’s work.

I share this process with you all now so that we can work as ONE to release our 3D illusion by the close of 2015 and start 2016 with the TRUTH! Even though this book was written in 1986, it still applies to today because:


The Forest

The forest is green and splendid with many unusual flowers and trees.  The weather is weather-less in that it is perfect.  I can feel no external temperature.  The breeze is gentle and caressing like soft feathers being waved in my midst, yet none of the shrubbery or flowers is moved by it.  The moisture seems to come up from the Earth.  There are no streams or rivers that I can find and there has definitely not been any rain since I have arrived; yet everything has light dew upon it, even when the suns are high overhead.

There is never a total darkness as the three moons are very effective illumination.  One of the most unusual things is that I have never seen a shadow.  Even when the suns are low on the horizon there are no shadows.  Also, the Beings of this place do not move.  They are at one place and then, suddenly, they are at another place.  I wish desperately to have someone to share this with, but then perhaps I would not keep this journal.

First, I suppose I should explain how I came upon this place.  I think I can still remember.  In this place time is very different.  I cannot possibly guess how long I have been here.  The suns have crossed the sky twelve times, but I have no idea if this resembles Earth time.  On Earth, a day consists of the sun rising and setting, moon rising and setting; and then the next sunrise comes, and it is the next day.  However, here there seems to be no rhythm to the suns’ rising or setting.  It almost appears that it is happening for me.  If I think that it must be time for the suns to set, then, when I look next, the suns have set.

But, back to how I came here.  As far as I can remember I was meditating on the beach near my home on Earth.  The first time I came here was just for a few moments and then, suddenly; I was back on the beach.  I so enjoyed the experience that I tried it again.  The second time, I stayed here a little longer.  By the third time, I was getting confused as to whether I was there and coming here or here and going there.   That was when the shift began.  I knew I could change my environment, but I did not know which was real and which was imagined.  Finally, I became very exhausted with the exercise and lay down (somewhere) and went to sleep.  When I awoke, I was here.  I suppose I could go back to the beach if I wanted to badly enough, but I haven’t really tried.  I have been so enthralled with the sights and sounds of this new place that I have had no desire, as of yet, to leave.

It seems as if here all polarities have become one.  I am desperately lonely, and yet, simultaneously, very content and at peace.  I love this place yet simultaneously hate it.  The longer I am here the more I am losing the phenomenon of emotion. I am now realizing that a sense of opposition is necessary for the experience of emotion.  Also, I have realized that, at least for me, emotion and desire are interwoven.  Perhaps that is why I am still here.  I want to be here, but I also don’t want to be here.  As my emotions are reaching a balance, so are my desires.  Therefore, I cannot guess if I will stay or leave this place.  With emotion and desire gradually leaving my life, I have no sense of what will replace them.  Perhaps, in this place, a replacement is not necessary.


Many things are not necessary here since there is no separation.  As I watch a flower and put   my attention on it, I suddenly become the flower.  However, I am still simultaneously myself.  Myself?  What is that now?  Before, “myself” was what I felt or what I wanted, or what I thought.  Now there is little distinction between these three aspects.  As I think, I am, so there is no desire as there is no separation from wanting and having.  With no separation there is no possession and, therefore, no possessor and no need to be possessed.  On Earth there was a strong distinction between thoughts and feelings, but here they are one.  On Earth I could think about my emotions or think to hide my emotions or I could have an emotion about a thought.  Often, if I were very emotional, I would be unable to think at all.  Here, I am losing that distinction.

Also, I feel I am losing the ability to communicate in this fashion— to separate each thought into a word and put the words in a line.  I feel I must write this quickly while I still remember this mode of communication.  As I said before, here one communicates by communing.  There is a small flying creature here, but, as I said before, the creatures do not move.  Therefore, by flying I mean the creature lives in the air.  If I want to know how it feels to live in the air or speak to this creature, I simply put my attention on it.  Then we are one.  It is difficult to explain how this happens. I am still standing on the ground watching the creature, but I am also in the air watching myself.  It is somewhat like an Earth-dream where I am a participant and an observer.

Just as the creatures do not move here, neither do I. I simply am here, and then I am there.  But it is different from being “here” or “there” on Earth, as there are no real boundaries here.  I see a form around me, but I am not limited by it.  I suppose I could change forms, but I am still clinging to my Earth body.  I am comfortable with it and will need it if I desire to return.  “Desire,” I’m not sure what that means now.  That word has become very abstract and meaningless.  Many things that had such meaning on Earth are now unimportant.

Food is not necessary here.  Nothing seems to eat, including me. I’ve experienced no hunger or thirst and have not made or eliminated any waste material.  In fact, here there is no waste material.  There is no decay.  Everything is perfect and beautiful, and then, suddenly, it is gone and replaced by something else.  There are many flowers and trees, but I have not found one dead leaf or flower.  The leaves do not fall on the ground but stay on the trees.  The flowers do not grow but appear suddenly full and mature.  Then, suddenly, they are gone.

There is no need for a home here, as I need no shelter or protection.  I also do not need a place to sleep, as I do not sleep here.  I have not slept yet and feel no fatigue.  My energy is constant and balanced.  In fact, all is balanced.  There is a room for everything, and yet there is infinite space and there is a sense of total intimacy with the world, yet, simultaneously, a sense of complete isolation.

The beings I have met so far are not at all like me.  I mean they appear more like animals and plants.  I have not yet experienced a being that “feels” like a human.  My Earth vocabulary is very inept to explain these phenomena.  I don’t know what a “human-like” being would be here, yet somehow I know I have not met one.

Perhaps it is time now to meet one.  Again the language of Earth is incomplete here.  I cannot say it is “time” to meet someone.  Here, there is no time, and one cannot meet another, as we are all one.  As I say these words, I am beginning to experience someone inside me, yet outside of me, that “feels” human.  I wish it would take on a body.  It is too difficult for me to understand a being without a body.

“Oh, hello, are you a human being?”  I ask.

The being laughs.  At first I am hurt just for a moment, then the emotion disappears.  I can no longer hold on to emotions, they come now more as a memory than an experience.

“My name, I think, is Jay,” I say.

“Here we have no names,” it replies, “but we will make one so that you can be more comfortable.  How do you feel about Rhea?” it asks telepathically.

“It is nice,” I say, still using my voice.

“You know,” it says, “here you need not strain your vehicle by producing those sounds.  We know what you wish to communicate with us.”

“I have so many questions to ask you.  Do you mind?”

“Of course not, that is why we are here.”

“First,” I ask now telepathically, “why do I feel more of a separation from you than from the other creatures with whom I commune?”

“Oh, the answer is because you asked for it.  When we first communicated with you, we were communing, but you still needed the separation.”

“That is true,” I reply.  I felt very unusual when you first came.  Why do I not feel the need to be separate from the others yet need to feel separate from you?”

“My, my, you do have many questions.  You need to learn that here you also have the answers.”

This idea is very foreign to me.  I mean, on Earth I knew I had an intuition, and I was told I could find my own answers, however, I didn’t really believe it.  I was constantly reading and studying and finding the answers.  Even when I would meditate, or pray, it was to someone else.  I now vaguely remember one meditation I had on another beach where I was told to pray, not to God, but to my Higher Self.  But even a Higher Self was separate from my Earth body.  As I realized I knew the answers and I forgot all the questions I was going to ask and merely said,

“Would you show me around?”

“Where would you like to go?  As you know, there is no movement here, so we can’t give you a tour as one would on Earth.”

“Well then, perhaps you can show me what people do here.”

Again it laughs.  “Here we don’t do, we are.  But we think we know what you mean.”

In an instant we are in a huge cave, I can feel the energy of many beings but can only see patterns swirling about the room.

“What are they doing?”  I ask.

“They are communing.  These beings are learning what you will soon learn.”

“What is that?”  I ask anxiously pointing to the swirling energy.

“So many questions.  The answers will become evident as you are ready to experience them.”

I look around the cave and see the many different energy-forms moving about.  I wonder if they have bodies or if that is all there is of them.  I feel their humanness although they are not human.  There is, however, something about them that makes me realize that I am one of them.  I ask my guide what I am to do next and it says, “Join them.”

“How can I do that, I can barely see them.”

“Barely is good enough,” it answers.  “Just go forward and listen with your heart, they will know you and tell you what to do.”

I then walk forward, or rather am drawn, to the center of their group.  Suddenly I know I am to follow a small light to some destination.  As I follow the light I find myself moving, for the first time, down a hall.  The small light gets brighter and brighter as I move.  I begin to realize that the light is a being.  As I realize this it moves forward to greet me.  I then feel the most euphoric feeling I can ever remember.  I am the being and it is I.

“Come,” I hear a voice say within myself and without.  “There is something that you will need to know.”

As the light and I move to the end of the hall, we enter a large room filled with many other specks of light.  Some of these lights appear to have vague bodies around them and others do not.  I now notice that my body is much lighter than before and that it has taken on a translucent quality. I search within and around me to determine the core of this light being so that I can ask about my body, when I suddenly hear a very loving answer,

“Yes, my dear, your body has changed.  It has taken on a very high vibratory rate and, therefore, does not appear as dense as before.  Do not worry.  Many answers will come if you are willing to listen before you ask.  This room,” it continues, “is filled with beings like yourself who have come to learn about Truth.  The radiant light being who is now speaking is a member of the higher dimensions and is called Lady Leto.  Listen now and you shall hear.”

I position myself at the back of the room where I can hear a pure, lilting inner voice that I somehow know is radiating from the being, Lady Leto.  I know that she is speaking to all of us who are gathered here, but, at the same time, she is speaking to each of us in a deeply intimate and personal manner. I hear her voice inside of me as well as in the distance.

“Beloved ones,

“I, Lady Leto, address you with a love that is free of all illusion.  I am joyous that you have found your way here to participate in this process of releasing and protecting yourself from illusion.  But, before you can do so, you must first understand what an illusion is.  An illusion is like a cocoon that you create around and within yourself while you are growing your wings and learning how to fly.

“How do you create these illusions?  Some illusions were learned from your authority figures when you were a child and others you created yourself from your fear– fear of the unknown.  When you are in a situation that you are unsure you can face, you create an overlay of something that you believe is easier to deal with.  This process begins with insecurity in your ability to stand strong in any situation.  You then ‘desire’ the situation to be a certain way, a way in which you feel more comfortable.  Then that desire progresses into an ‘expectation’.  The expectation then directs your ‘perception’.

“There are always myriad possibilities in any situation and you will perceive that which you desire and expect to experience.  If you go for a walk in the woods and you desire and expect to see birds, you will unconsciously search them out and put your attention on them.  If you desire and expect to see litter, you will search it out and see mainly that.  The truth is that both the birds and the litter coexist and you choose your reality by your desires, expectations, and consequent perceptions.


“You may ask, ‘Why would someone desire to see litter while walking in the woods or desire any negative experience?’  The answer is – habit.  You have learned to feel safe with what is known and unsafe with what is unknown.  If you have grown up with negativity in your environment, you have learned to feel safe in it.  It is all you know and therefore you ‘expect’ negativity because you ‘desire’ the known rather than the unknown.


“You may believe that illusion is a problem that you have in correctly identifying your outer world.  This is true, of course, but illusions about the world around you are merely reflections of illusions that you built within yourself from your opinions, fears, insecurities, and attachments.  These inner impurities were created by your past environment and project a reality that seems ‘as if’ it were something else.  You create this ‘as if’ reality because it is from your ‘known’ and therefore feels safer.             “Then you view life from this apparent reality and make decisions according to that viewpoint and not according to the viewpoint of a peaceful, illumined mind and a loving heart.  If you can go inside yourself to address and heal these impurities, you can regain your inherent memory of the Truth.  This Truth can provide a safety beyond any illusion for it is projected from your Higher Self rather than from the fears and traumas of your childhood and ego.

“At Our etheric Focus over Delos, we are working closely with the forces of Truth and Understanding of Lady Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth; Master Hilarion, the Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Truth and Healing; and the Great Sun God, Apollo.  In actuality, our council is a branch of The Lodge of Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe.  Allow me to explain how we can assist you in understanding how to release and protect yourself from illusion.

“The process of becoming a full God-Being involves the subtle lessons of balancing the feminine and masculine nature of God (in breath – out breath; yin – yang; assimilation – radiation; love – power).  This balancing of inner (feminine) and outer (masculine) realities can best be achieved when you are able to be conscious of both of these aspects of yourselves.  Once you have become aware of both portions of yourself, you can then learn to balance them in both your ‘waking’ (masculine) and ‘sleeping’ (feminine) life.  The more conscious you become of learning these lessons of balance of personal energy, the sooner will your spiritual selves be able to master the mind.  This learning of balance flourishes all the more when enough purification of the inner nature has occurred to remove learned and self-created illusion.

“Two important gifts have been granted to mankind to speed this evolutionary process.  The first is the conscious connection of mankind to the ascended masters, such as us.  These masters have trod the path of evolution through many Earth embodiments, and are therefore able to understand and assist each of you in your inner journey to mastery.

“The second gift is that of the violet fire of transmutation.  This violet fire is an inner activity, which is available to any direct call to set energy free within all experiences.  The violet fire is a spiritual force of very high vibration.  All imperfection that is encompassed within this light shall be released to the original source to be purified and later redistributed into the Universe.  All that survives the violet fire is assured to be only of the highest vibratory rate and therefore divine truth and perfection.  With this ‘tool’ of transmutation, you can quickly separate truth from illusion.  You may summon the use of this Fire by the affirmation: BLAZE, BLAZE, BLAZE THE VIOLET FIRE



“The sisters and brothers of Delos will assist you in the process of balancing your inner and outer lives by removing one veil of illusion from your inner consciousness for thirty consecutive days.  With the removal of each veil they will gently reveal to you the truth and understanding of each of these illusions.  Think of it, thirty veils of illusion lifted from your inner nature to clear your spiritual awareness.  You will receive a major lesson each day.  On the thirty-first day, we shall present ourselves at the Elemental Harvest Celebration, where the elements that make up your own inner vehicle may present their gifts of heightened progress and purity to the Lord of the World.

“Each day, this ceremony of purification will begin by your being led into a circle of white light where two sisters from my focus of truth, nearly formless in their pink radiance, will help you to release each ‘veil’ from your inner world.  Then two brothers outside of the circle will further assist you.  The brother from Hilarion’s focus shall project the truth concerning each ‘veil’ that is necessary for your progress.  Then the brother from Apollo’s focus shall assist you in manifesting the power of understanding of this truth in your outer mind.  I will further aid you in remembering this inner ceremony in your outer consciousness. Pay attention to the lessons learned this month.  Use the violet fire to set free all shadow so that nothing can distract you from this service to your life.

“Enfolding you like a mother protecting her child from danger, I shall stand guard over your spiritual development so that you will feel safe.  I shall not rest until each of you are free in the reality of eternal peace within the ‘I AM Consciousness’.”

As the great lady finishes her inspirational speech, I feel a ripple of love and unity throughout the group.  I search again for my guide to ask what I am to do when I hear from within.

“Yes, my dear, you have been invited to participate in this ceremony.  However, you must be willing to return to Earth between each lesson so that you can ground it in your physical garment.  Are you willing to do so?”

“Well,” I say slowly, “I can’t say I’m anxious to return to that land of boxes, but I do feel very inspired by the words of Lady Leto.  I suppose if I can learn to truly understand what she said, my life there will be much happier.”

“Is that a yes, my one?”

“Yes,” I say, “that is a yes.  And I hope I am not sorry.”

“Remember, my dear,” she kindly replies “that any effort put into the advancement of your Soul shall be forever a portion of your being.  When you go to sleep each night, call to us and we shall see that you return here.”

“Must I leave now?” I ask.

But, even as I speak, I feel the room fading about me as I begin to feel heavier and heavier…


“The Illusion of Time is Money”

“Oh my, I am back.” As I was leaving I was afraid I would not return, but I’m here now. However, I don’t know where I was before. I know my guide said I was to return to Earth, but I don’t remember anything else.

“Hello, my One.” I hear the familiar voice of my guide.

“I know that many do not use names here.” I say, “But if I had a name to call you it would help me.”

“Why, of course. You may call me Lady Astrea. I have been assigned to answer your call and I will remain as your guide as long as you need me,” she answers. (I had always felt her as very feminine, but it is difficult to determine one’s polarity and sex without a visible body.)

“It is your turn to enter the circle now. Please, follow me,” she asks, as if I could deny her request. Since she is within me as much as outside of me, I don’t know how I could resist following her even if I wanted to. We move through another hallway and I feel my body, what there is of it, grow lighter, and lighter as we move towards a golden door at the end of the hall. “In the future you shall arrive at the other side of the door. But for the first time, you will need to arrive here so that you can adjust yourself gradually to this higher vibration. Take a slow deep breath now and prepare yourself before the door opens, for on the other side the vibration is very high.”

I do as she says, and as the door opens I feel as if a huge fire is beginning to flame before me. I shield my eyes and cling to the walls of the hall. Because I am losing all sense of direction, I no longer know what is up or down or whether I am standing, sitting or lying down. For the first time in this place, I feel discomfort. I experience an intense buzzing in my ears and a profound sense of dizziness and nausea.

I can see nothing and can hear only the buzzing. I feel as if I am on fire from within. I am frozen to the spot at the same time that I feel as though I am moving at the speed of light. I can’t think, or talk, or even feel. Why am I here? What have I committed myself to? Surely this is death!

“No, my love, you will not die. Only the parts of you that are unwilling to change will die because here a commitment made is a commitment lived. Any portion of you that is unable to continue will mercifully be released. Do not resist this process. Instead hold on to that which remains and trust. Most of all my one, trust.”


At first I am surprised that I can hear her words over the intense buzzing, but as I listen, it gives me something to hold on to and I begin to find comfort in this new way of being. However, I still cannot speak and would not know what to say if I could. Therefore, I am blindly following her, still being able to see very little in this brilliant light. Into the center of the room we move, where the light is even stronger, and there appears to be a circle formed of this light. I follow my guide, hearing dimly over the eternal buzzing, “Trust. Above all, you must trust.”

As I step into the circle, I find I am alone—totally and completely alone. However, this aloneness does not cause the old familiar fear but rather, it commands a deep and complete stillness. Stillness beyond anything I can ever remember experiencing. Suddenly, two beautiful Ladies dressed in a pink radiance appear from somewhere within the circle and move towards me. They gently remove an unseen veil from my face.

They move to the periphery of the circle and I hear the voice of Lady Leto saying, “Beloved, the first veil is the illusion of ‘Time is Money’. Time and money are both important only on the third-dimensional Earth and are, therefore, great foundations for illusion. Neither has any value to your inner world. The formula for this illusion is based on the belief that one must have money to survive—it takes time to make money—therefore, only so much time can be expended on inner work as time must be spent on making money for survival.”

The Brother from Hilarion’s temple then takes the veil and as he does so I hear a familiar voice saying, “The truth of course, my one, is that time, as you know it on Earth, and money exist only on the third dimension. Time is an alignment of thoughts and actions, which is necessary to motivate one while on Earth. In effect, time is a mode of transportation whereby one could move throughout one’s Earth classes. Money is a bartered exchange which represents value and, therefore, success on Earth.

“In the oneness of the fifth dimension, no exchange or reward is necessary because all live in Unity. We do not experience the feeling of separation that is so pronounced on Earth so we have no need to form these symbols of exchange and reward. When there is unity of heart and mind, there is no greater reward, and nothing is requested in exchange for unconditional love.”

“Please,” I add quickly, suddenly finding my voice, “may I ask why it is that your voice feels so familiar to me?”

“Why yes,” comes the answer, “I am Hilarion. I have spoken with you many times in answer to your inner call. I am pleased you have come to the ceremony and I will gladly answer any questions you have.”

Hilarion then gives the veil of illusion to the Brother from the retreat of mighty Apollo who releases this veil back to the first cause to be transmuted into pure light.

“Allow me to introduce you to Apollo himself,” says Hilarion. “He will assist you in understanding each veil of Illusion as it is removed.”

“Good morning, one, I am glad to make your acquaintance. Our energies have not connected before today. I am glad you have called upon the understanding of the One. ‘Time is Money’, is a lovely Earth illusion, one that is especially prevalent in the western world. It is also an illusion that is particular to the third dimension. Upon the fourth dimension, there is still time but it is different than on the third dimension. What could be years upon the physical plane would be minutes upon the astral plane. The astral plane is another name for the fourth dimension, just as the physical plane is another name for the third dimension.

“Within the time era in which your physical form lives, there is a wonderful moment of transition occurring. The third dimension is collapsing into the fourth dimension. Think now of a collapsible travel cup where the smallest portion of the cup is at the bottom. Therefore, the bottom of the cup collapses into the portion of the cup just above it, which is a bit larger. Much like the travel cup, the third dimension will collapse into the fourth dimension. Nothing will cease to exist. However, a new vibration will surround the third dimension.

“Within the reality of the third dimension, time is money for the reasons stated above. However, in the fourth dimension, the passage of time is dependent upon one’s activity. Time is most enjoyable and passes most rapidly and easily when one is enjoying an artistic endeavor. Therefore, upon the fourth dimension, ‘time is art’. Allow yourself to feel the enjoyment of artistic activity in whatever form you wish. Remember, no matter how much money one has, one cannot buy time. Therefore, spend your time wisely and with joy.”

As the scene dims before me, I realize I am returning to Earth. The last words I remember before losing consciousness are something about not having time for myself, as I put so much of my attention on other peoples’ lives instead of my own…


SUE: Since I spend most of my life charging by the the hour or by the patient (when I was an audiologist) “time is money was my reality” Of course there was a great deal of time in which I was driving around Los Angeles, which takes a LOT of time, preparing and billing. Then, when I began my site in 1993 I wrote and posted for decades with NO money and, in fact, had to pay others to assist me.

No I never would have paid others to assist me with audiology, as that was not my heart space. On the other hand listening to and follow the directive of the Arcturians to “write a website” was my total  heart space. Therefore, it was then that I learned that if I did what I loved, the illusion of “Time is money” was transmuted into “Time to do what I Love.”


Thank you for your responses. Let’s prepare for 2016 by:




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AA Gabriel – Divine Unity and Intent – Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within



AA Gabriel ~ Divine unity and intent

November 20, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont


Source Picture 

AA Gabriel channeled through Méline Portia Lafont

My beautiful hearts,

There is a higher frequency merging going on through you all to facilitate the merging of the new earth templates within your frequencies of Earth. What has to come about are fantastic calibrations of the new earth template with the ancient templates of New Lemuria. What is being formed is an organization of Light with Source activation frequencies that move beyond your control. These Source activations are frequencies of light which implement your human consciousness with the Divine Source of All That Is on a most highest and refined energy level ever seen and experienced by human hearts.

It is to move beyond the control of willing and to be in the moment of trust within the infinite which abounds within all everlasting. Trust does not reside within everyone’s heart at the moment for many are infused with fear of obstruction and destruction. What you will need to understand is that it is to move beyond the control of devastation and disaster and then stepping into the moment of trust within all of yourself. For the Self is in control of what is to come your way and this by being the intention itself of Love that generates through all within.

For what you trust which lies within you shall oversee the control of your everlasting Presence within all. This flow of life and love is then to come upon your realm of life and infuse all that is a part of the collective with the most essential force there is. It is all everlasting and ever present within your hearts and it asks nothing but to be loved and to be embraced within all and through all actions.

You might consider taking measures against actions, but have you ever come to the consideration of desperation being the drive behind this all? For desperation has become the action into form and it leads all of the world beyond consideration. When desperation comes to life it is a signal of the last battles being overshadowed by light. What one wants to have control over is a form of desperation as well. Desperate to be and to hold that which once was and now is not anymore through the changes that come about as you all step into a new realm of time out of the illusion. For that is what it is right now, standing in the midst of desperation to hold on to something that is becoming brand new in its expression and wave of being.

You move from desperation into information and from information to a source of intelligence. When that source of intelligence is sufficient enough to hold new frequencies of embodiment you shall cease to exist in the world of intelligence, rather unfold yourself into the embodiment of trust and being. For information is only a possible solution to questions and problems that arise. But seeing and stepping beyond that information is coming into the unfoldment of trust and being which are all units merging and celebrating the unity of all things in life.

Information divides, enriches, encircles and enlightens many things but still through means of separate forms instead of unification. Even the words given through this way at this time is a form of separation for it does not conduct the entire truth of resonance vibration that is one with all love and life itself. It is a form of it, not the reflected entire essence as it is. All is given at hand through means of information so that you can all understand and comprehend things that are given to you from the higher forms of intelligence.

Yet to be beyond that knowing and comprehension of your understanding of it, is a recalibrated state of consciousness which allows for you all to be in the present and the now moment where no truth is encircled but where all things may be as they are.

To derive truth and information as is given onto you out of the events that happen on your Earth is an obsolete version of wanting to understand what is. What IS can therefore not be understood if you know the meaning of all IS. Then you would know and hold in your heart that no meaning can be given to things if knowing that all things are meaningless but instead just ARE, this without meaning but existing as life and energy on itself.

Therefore what happens on your planet is an infusion of high alert to outmoded energy structures and behavior which invites you to move beyond all the structures and old patterns of thinking and to let go of the outmoded reality. To step into higher wisdom which is all kept in your hearts. To honor and celebrate the higher matrimonial flow of existence and matter within all undefined creations ~ something that cannot be understood rather be felt and lived within and through all things.

The higher marriage between worlds of existence and being rather than the outdated and obsolete structures which are currently being released through the human forms and expressions. It is stepping into new ways of beingness rather than ways of behavior and seeing behavior as an outside action of one’s beingness. Stepping into the wisdom of beingness is to have a greater sense of all things and all life as one gigantic life force and stream of energy where the behavior becomes obsolete and the outdated versions of you upgrade into a higher frequency field of existence rather than being the separated form of behavior.

All of your actions are therefore one with you and until now they have everything which you have defined for yourself as a belief, they then become and define your actions. Let your heart become your action of Presence through being and not your beliefs. Your heart is the mirror of being and the center of all that you are. This way your actions is the being itself and not the handling of things through means of action. Action is re-action. (opposing) Being is sensing and All That Is. (unity)

Your beingness shines through all right now, it helps to calm the events and happenings on your Earth and to shine your radiance through all things. This is a gesture and Divine call for all: to be one in heart through the truth of your nature in all radiance. Shine your lights and hearts for all, keep them on for all at all times and radiate your love to all things and creations in life. May peace bring forth the unity within you all and help many to understand the nature of their own core.

It is a moment of Divine calling for all truth in nature. A call for clarity in all things and the removal of the deepest structures that lie embedded deep within all of you who still see yourselves as defined, separate creatures. You define yourself, God does not. God sees all in all equally.

Be the peace within to anchor this forth on Earth. Shall it be so that it sets free all inclinations and definitions which form the separation. All are one in unity, always and for all times.

Be one through it all and make the change happen from within your hearts which are the flames of all life. You are one with love and life throughout all existence.

Bless you

AA Gabriel

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The Shift From Fear Into Love by Master Serapis Bey – Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na


art face from bermadita mahashi


The Shift From Fear Into Love

by Master Serapis Bey

Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 20th November 2015 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Fear is an energy that you create and energise within your being in response to circumstances, experiences and even thought processes. Fear is an aspect of the ego that is present to protect and safeguard you as a physical being on the Earth and yet it has become empowered within humanity. The power of fear has been enhanced beyond an instinct or impulse for protection to become a way of life, a constant experience and an inner guiding voice. Fear was originally present to encourage you to be conscious and aware, being observant of any dangers around you and yet fear now encourages many to be unconscious and unaware of their truth, senses and the Creator.

As Ascended Masters viewing the Earth, we can see that fear is being used as a tool to create stagnation, separation from the Creator and disempowerment of your inner truth. Fear has in truth always been present within the physical body however not with such power as now. Fears are rising from current circumstances and past lifetimes within many people as energetic patterns because it is now time for fear to be returned to its original presence and purpose, allowing your soul to guide your way forward once more.

You may be using the energy of fear, patterns of your past or past lifetime fears as a tool against yourself because of conscious or unconscious beliefs of feeling unworthy or unloved. Unfortunately, some people have realised that fear is a tool that they can use to condition, control and damage others creating a false sense of power and illusion of their importance and ability to dictate. While other people can create circumstances, situations and experiences knowing full well that this will create fear in many, if you choose to be conscious and aware of your own energy and emotions you can realise that fear does not always have to be activated within you or awoken as a response. Fear feels like a natural response in certain situations and yet it is a response that causes you to be unaware, separate from the Creator and unconscious of the sacred power within your being. If you let go of the perspective that fear is a natural response you realise that your ego enjoys fear because it means you will not step out of your comfort zone and will be content with the familiar, therefore, expansion physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally will not take place. It can even be said that your soul will not be able to achieve its divine purposes upon the Earth while you allow fear to guide and control aspects of your being and reality.

Imagine if your response to everything in your reality and the world, whether it is a major disaster or a painful experience, was compassion for yourself and everyone involved. Imagine if every experience in your past which has encouraged you to response in fear was altered and erased, instead replaced by a response of compassion. What would your energy be like? What perspective would you have about the world and would fear even exist or be acknowledged by you? With a history of compassionate responses, how would you react to or feel about areas of your current reality that are causing reactions of fear? Maybe current situations would not even have been manifested by you. Remember that resistance, frustration, anxiety, stress and concern are also aspects of fear.

Even in the most horrific of circumstances do you have the right to react in fear? Yes you do have the right, however imagine how healing it would be for you to react with compassion, it would allow the light and healing vibrations of the Creator to flow through your being, you would be more open to accepting divine support and intervention, as well as being more aware of your intuition sharing messages of guidance. This would allow every situation to be illuminated with light, love and peace for yourself and all of humanity. Imagine if every person on the Earth chose to react with compassion, fear would be erased and kindness would be the energy that forms in its place. From kindness love is born, the unconditional love of the Creator which can be expansively and abundantly shared. When the love of the Creator is present anything and everything is possible and able to manifest with e ase and perfection.

Shifting your reaction from fear to compassion simply requires you to realise and be observant of a few points:

Fear Is Not Your Truth

Fear does not belong to you, you do not own your fear, you may be energising fear and manifesting it into circumstances within your reality and yet fear does not exist within the truth of your soul, therefore fear is not your truth. When you choose to let go of any fears that arise from within your being, you will notice that the fears are actually released and erased from your being. Sometimes fears are persistent and yet with your constant focus on letting your fears go you will recognise the growth of freedom within your being. When you realise that your fears do not represent who you really are then you will find it easier to let go of fears. Through the desire to let go of fears you are encouraging yourself to observe your fears free from judgement and attachment. Observing your fear and being consciously aware of your fears is the most powerful tool to releasing the habit of fea r because being aware means that you are ready to make changes. It is not your natural existence to attack yourself with fear, it is love that you can give generously to yourself. With detachment from fear you will be able to think, sense and acknowledge with greater clarity.


When you are aware that you have reacted and responded with fear be forgiving to yourself, know that fear is a habit and conditioning that you and humanity have energised and empowered, it will take time and dedication to shift this conditioning. Fear can be your reaction however with your awareness there is no longer need to remain in fear. The response of forgiveness after the rising of fear will act as an opening in your energy and a pathway to activating the vibrations, thought processes and emotions of compassion from within your being. With forgiveness, you enhance the process of detachment from fear and consciously choose to manifest a reality of love for yourself no matter what occurs in your reality or the challenges you have to move through. Forgiveness only requires an intention, however when practised regularly you will notice a beautiful habit of forgiveness forming.

Understand Compassion

‘I am the source of compassion,’ allow yourself to recite this affirmation during meditation or quiet time. Be aware of where in your body you can connect with your energy of compassion and feel the presence of compassion building within your being so that you become so familiar with compassion as if you know what it tastes, smells and feels like. When you become more familiar with the vibration and your inner experience of compassion you will discover that you are more willing, even excited to be given the opportunity to share your compassion with yourself and others, therefore compassion will become a beautiful routine and pattern within your emotions, thoughts, entire being, reality and manifestations. You may also wish to recite this affirmation to aid your inner activation of compassion: ‘I am compassionate, I am kind-hearted, loving, caring and considerate. I c hoose to manifest compassion from the truth of my being to become my constant response to my reality. I now allow the Creator to respond to me through people and circumstances with compassion and the purest of love. This is my truth and experience now. ‘

There are many circumstances that are occurring on the Earth now which are causing terror, pain and suffering for those involved as well as those who are witnessing. Many of these situations are manifesting because of the lack of love within individuals and the empowerment of their ego because of their inability to accept the love of the Creator thus causing them to inflict pain upon others. When we view these circumstances with a wider perspective, then we are able also to acknowledge the positive shifts that are taking place due to these circumstances. As pain and suffering is witnessed by those around the world compassion is activated within many people. This activation of compassion opens the individual’s heart chakra and allows the healing energy of their soul and the universe of the Creator to flow through them raising the energetic frequency of the Earth and humanity. Thi s is often an unconscious activation of healing that takes place and also brings a profound healing to the individual, thus those who do not remember the truth of the Creator within their beings are being awoken as they find themselves reacting with compassion. As light workers, it is your purpose to energise the compassion being created worldwide so that those who are unaware of the Creator’s truth within them do not then awaken fear after their compassion has been shared. To energise compassion within souls worldwide so they may remain in a space of compassion and move into love rather than fear you can simply say: ‘With the support of Mother Earth and the Creator I now emanate from my soul sacred waves of light carrying compassion to empower the compassion of the Creator within every person upon the Earth. The Earth is a space of compassion and love eternally; this is our collective experience.’

Your heart is inviting you to be love in every moment of your reality; it is through compassion and your conscious awareness of fear that you can manifest and support others in experiencing the profound love of the Creator thus revealing the Era of Love upon the Earth.

In eternal compassionate love,

Master Serapis Bey

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This Is What Different Feather Colors Mean – Reiki with Friends

ANGELS vivid colours Pinterest

Unknown Artist


This Is What Different Feather Colors Mean


This article written by Natalia Kuna was published in the magazine “Alive, So Make it Count!

Have you wondered about what it might mean when you find a feather? Feathers are ways that Spirit (of different forms) sends us  signs.

For a start, feathers (and other items such as coins, and creatures such as birds, butterflies, and dragonflies), can be signs from the angels, guides,  or loved ones in that they are near – that they hear you, guide you and are supporting you.  It can be an acknowledgement of you or your thoughts or it is their way of saying hello.

Finding a feather is often a magical moment. I have had many beautiful feather experiences and have watched one fall down from the sky onto my daughter’s lap while we had a picnic in our backyard! In my children are often sign-bearers, delivering me feathers from their playtime travels.

Feathers represent flight and freedom, soaring above, looking from a higher perspective, and moving beyond boundaries and limitations. Different colors and color combinations can also add extra  meaning. (see further below about various  color meanings).

Interpreting the Meaning of the Feather Sign

Whenever you observe a sign, take note of what you were thinking just before it happened, or  what is going on in your life at that moment. What could the sign be telling you? Don’t stress yourself about finding a meaning. Even if you do not understand the meaning of the sign at the time, it could become clearer later, or you may be absorbing it in at a sub-conscious level. Just trust that it is a sign and let go of any doubts. Enjoy the way that Spirit works, and embrace the fact you are intermingling with it and paying attention.

Asking for Feather (& other) Signs

You can ask for feather (or other) signs to come to you. And you can be specific. I once asked for confirmation that I had a male guide watching over me (which is what I was feeling and just wanted the magical validation). I asked that if it were true I be shown in the form of a blue feather. I picked blue because it was more rare and unusual, and I saw it as an obviously male color. Exactly one week later, I went to work and as I approached some steps outside there were bright blue feathers everywhere! They were fake ones but it didn’t matter. It was another of those magical moments.

It is just a matter of believing, letting go, and staying aware. Signs often remind us to be at peace and relax into the nature and flow of life. The meanings can at times be profound, and at other times quite simple. The best advice when signs happen is to not put any pressure on yourself to understand it. Take it as an opportunity to connect, take notice of and thank the ever-present Spirit. If your sign is an item such as a feather,  you can keep it in a special place whether that be by your bedside, on your dresser, or added to your sacred space / spiritual altar. Or you can gently release it back to nature or where you found it.

How do you know for sure your feather is a sign?

It is especially a sign if it comes in a magical way or you find it in an odd place. Feather signs often appear on your path in front of you, or at your doorstep. Once a feather appeared in my bag, and on my bedroom floor.

What Different Feather Colors Mean

The Native American people had a great spiritual understanding about feathers, their colors and their meaning. They would take the utmost care of any feathers that came their way as they saw it as a sacred gift, or a powerful talisman in battle.

When considering feather colors, firstly I always recommend seeking the answer within yourself first. Do you have any particular personal association with the color? What does the color make you think of or feel? What are the universal meanings of that color to your knowledge? Does the feather you found act as an answer to a question or some kind of acknowledgement. Always go with your gut and the first impressions you get, and trust. I recommend noting it down and keeping a journal of signs and synchronicities. You might see more in connection to this sign, so stay alert and enjoy the mystery of the process.

Below is a brief rundown of the possible color meanings of feathers (though trust your own heart and use this as a general guide – you can experiment with this!):

WHITE – purification, spirituality, hope, trust, faith, protection, peace, Heaven, angels, and also act as blessings and wisdom connected with moon.

RED – the root chakra (money, possessions, security, career), physical vitality/energy/life force/action, good fortune, passion, emotions, courage.

BLUEthroat chakra (communication, acceptance, speaking your truth) peace, inspiration, mental abilities/knowledge, connection with spirits, spiritual protection and psychic awareness.

YELLOWsolar plexus chakra (gut intuition, happiness), blessings and wisdom connected with powerful sun energy, intelligence, playfulness, joy, cheerfulness, mental alertness, vision.

GREEN – (heart chakra – love, emotions, relationships, forgiveness), health, healing, nature, environment, nature spirits, plant spirits, animal spirits, growth, fertility, harmony, unity,money, prosperity, success.

ORANGE (sacral chakra – sex/physical relationships, love, appetite, attraction), energy, change, optimism, and ambition, success, new ideas, will power, creativity, physical love, will power, independence.

PINK – unconditional love,  romance, feelings, friendship, caring, compassion, harmony, service, empathy, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, honor, inspiration.

GREY – peace and neutrality (as it is in the middle of black and white), authenticness, flexibility.

PURPLE – (crown chakrauniversal consciousness, spiritual connection), heightenedspiritual growth and experiences, higher thought.

BROWN – earth, stability, grounding, endurance, home, friendship, respect.

BLACK – protection, warning, repelling or  warning of negative energy, death (as in a closed chapter), mystical wisdom – a sign that you are undergoing a spiritual initiation, growth or increased wisdom. When the feathers are iridescent, it represents high mystical insight (especially if there is a shiny iridescence).


Black and white mixed feathers can represent protection, or the sense of union.

Black mixed with purple represents a very deep spirituality. I would take it as a mystical sign.

Black, white, and blue mixed feathers denote change on the horizon.

Brown and black striped pattern (like a pheasant/s feather) – balance between the physical and the spiritual.

Brown and white – happiness, and you will go under the radar from psychic or other  harm.

Feathers with red and green in them or together would denote that you are being assisted financially. I would take it as a very lucky sign.

Grey and white symbolize hope.

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, In5D.com

This Is What Different Feather Colors Mean

Transcript ~ Archangel Michael on AHWAA: No One Will be Excluded from Ascension

art divine feminine in silk red dress by talya johnson fine art america

ART : Divine Feminine in Silk Red Dress – by Talya Johnson @ Fine Art America


AHWAA: No One Will be Excluded from Ascension, October 15, 2015

Hour With Angel picNo One Will be Excluded from Ascension

Archangel Michael

An Hour with an Angel

October 15, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening everyone and welcome to An Hour With An Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Towards A World That Works For Everyone and with me is our channel, Linda Dillon, author of The New You and The Great Awakening. Linda, welcome and your Core Issues course is coming up very, very soon…

Linda Dillon: It actually is going to start on Thursday night, Steve, and yes, thanks for mentioning it. I’ve taken a few days off, actually, to prepare for it, completely unplug, let myself renew, regenerate and be ready to tackle such a huge area of concern, let me put it that way.

We have a wonderful group, not as many people as I had anticipated or been told about…which is interesting…because frankly I think if you’re alive and breathing you have core issues, but I know that this group, which is around the world, is going to be yet another group that is doing the push for the collective and really getting down to breakthrough because the course, of course, isn’t just about core issues it’s about what comes after you’ve dealt with the core issues.

So, I’m really excited and it’s the first time I’ve ever done a webinar series, or any class for that matter, at night. So, I’m curious to see what the difference in the texture and the nature of the energy is. So, I’m excited!

SB: I often wonder if core issues ever stop. Every new situation brings up a new set of core issues.

LD: I think that we do break through on ‘core’ core issues and what we do is then we have the equipment and the understanding to really be able to deal with whatever comes up in our daily affairs, as it were. I know that even as I’ve started to prepare for this class I have a new level of core issues emerging and it’s interesting because it feels much easier than the first round where, again, I had core issues come up and that’s part of being not only the facilitator but the participant as well. So yes, core issues do go away.

SB: I’m looking forward to the day they go away, Linda. So, why don’t we give you a few moments to make your transition and then we’ll welcome in Archangel Michael.

LD: Great.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome, my beloved friends, my beloved allies, keepers of Gaia, yes, each of you as wonderful, gorgeous Gaians. You step forth into a new reality, into interdimensional beingness, getting ready to exhale with the might of the north wind and the gentleness of the south.

My friends, much of what I wish to speak to you about this and every day, is about peace, about truth, about love, about worth and worthiness, but particularly in this moment of this night as we join and conjoin together, I wish to speak to you about gentleness.

The Mother, our Mother, not merely your Mother for she is Mother to us all, has addressed you repeatedly about this manner, this way of being with your sacred self and with others, of sweet gentleness. Gentleness my friends, is strength, is valor, is courage, is humility, is joy. This is not a quality, a state of being, that is to be ignored or thought of in terms of weakness.

To be gentle with your sacred self, with your physical, emotional, mental self, and with every being, human, canine, star, angelic, it matters not. The rule of engagement is gentleness, kindness, consideration, unity, connectedness, and balance. When you are too vigorous with yourself and with others, when you feel that you must apply force in order to achieve or gain your goals, then I ask of you to step back, to step back and to examine, to feel, to think, and in your heart knowingness to ask why you believe that any measure or modicum of force is required.

Now, do not think that I equate persistence, consistency, constancy, alignment, with force; I do not. It is when you feel that you are pushing and pushing and pushing and that you are not getting anywhere, either with your sacred self, with the totality of your being, with your sacred union above or below, with your sacred partnership, with your family, with your friends, with the planet, you can not…what is your expression?…win friends and influence people if you are being forceful. Be gentle, as gentle as the mild spring rain, not torrential, not a hurricane, not a tsunami unless it is the Mother’s.

I wish to talk about some of this today and I know beloved Steve, my ally, my partner in this undertaking that this will come up as we chat as old friends, as allies, as forever allies. So where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well I think, Lord, the first thing I would like to discuss with you is about the events of the Blood Moon Equinox. They are historic. Can you describe for us what actually happened on those days so we can understand those days?

AAM: First of all, you as a collective and as individuals – do not think that we only speak to you as a collective, that is not the truth; I speak to the heart and mind and beingness of each of you. So, each of you has a tendency to hear me, to translate, to perceive what I say differently, and that is alright. That is your filter.

So, let us begin by saying the events of what you refer to as the Equinox and Blood Moon is a response to your desire individually and collectively to look at dates. You love events, do you not? And that is not a critique. It is a conjoining. So often you have asked and requested for dates and seldom, if ever, do our dates coincide, but events do.

What has happened is exactly as I have indicated; there is a higher frequency, a higher vibratory rate, a willingness to receive and to exceed expectations and to go forth in a manner of ease, of acceptance, of surrender, while coupled with meaningful action.

You have been sent energies directly, for some time, from the Mother, from the Father, from the One, from our realm of angelics and archangelics, seraphim, elohim, cherubim, you name it, from the masters and enlightened ones, from your star family, you have been bombarded. And let me be extraordinarily clear, you continue to be bombarded, to be filled, to be lifted up, to be grounded, to be elevated.

Many of you have felt this shift. You have known that you are in the Ascension process, some of you more fully than others. It matters not. Everyone is invited and none are excluded. Some of you have felt the intensity of the energy but because your vibration, your frequency, your light-body, however you conceive of this, is at a higher frequency, a higher level, you are more able to absorb and to cohabit with these energies.

So, while you know, mentally and emotionally, that the frequency is higher and very intense, you also feel that it is smoother, more gentle. This is one of the things we are talking about. So you are not feeling the same sense of your finger being stuck in a light socket. You are not feeling the same levels of complete exhaustion.

Issues, what you have defended and kept sacred to yourself as issues and problems are coming to the forefront for definition, for redefinition, for deeper understanding and comprehension on all levels, for compassion and passion, for resolution.

My dearest friends, you say to me, “Michael, Mi-ka-el, I am in the process of this Ascension and yet simultaneously I am encountering difficulties with my finances, with my family, with my spouse, with my colleagues at work. I feel separate and at the same time conjoined in sacred union, what the heck is going on?”

Let us say that the body, individually and collectively, of issues, of areas that have been as unresolved as yet are gently, and that determination of gentleness comes from you and us, they are gently coming to the surface, not to be ignored but because you have the expanded capacity, you have the talent, you have the mastery to address, resolve, release, surrender, eliminate what does not work for you.

That is being gentle with yourself. Now that does not mean the former practice of simply “I can’t deal with this right now, I am too tired and turning your head away.” It is allowing the issue to coexist within your sacred sphere, within your expanded being, and allowing the resolution to simply emerge, to be presented. It does not mean absenting yourself from the process; but what it does mean is seeing yourself, your beloved sacred self, as a participant in the process, but not having to force resolution. And the wisdom that is incorporated in this higher vibratory rate allows you to see that and is allowing you in the outer realm to see the miraculous occurrences that are occurring on every level, from the mundane to the very public.

So, what has occurred is this amazing jump, a quantum leap in terms of your heart consciousness. That is the simplest answer.

SB: There are actually some people who interpret the fact that they may not have felt something or they have not felt very much as meaning that they are excluded from Ascension. Could you address that please?

AAM: And I address those particularly who are feeling this way for this is an age-old problem. And so I thank you for bringing this to the forefront. You are my family, each and every one of you who listens this night; you are friend, you are ally but you are also part, not only of our family but of my family. I claim you as sibling, as friend, as dearest heart.

You say to me, “But Michael, Mi-ka-el, I am not an archangel.” I would say to you, “Do you mean to deny your angelic heritage? Do you choose to deny your magnificence?” I am born of the Mother/Father One and so are you. My dearest heart, brothers and sisters all, so why, why then do some of you have these wondrous experiences and then why are some of you left feeling as if you are left behind crying in the shadows and doubting your worthiness, your very worth?

Sweet angels, let me be clear once more, and I speak on behalf of our Mother: None are excluded from this process of Ascension, for this upliftment into higher, different, inclusive realms, where you are headed, all of you, is inclusive. The Mother did not decide to banish some and favor others; be very clear about that.

And then you say, “Then it is not fair, Mi-ka-el, because she is favoring some with visions, with bliss, with ecstasy, with knowing.” And with that, with that knowing, with that conscious news of movement, of exaltation, of expanded heart consciousness also comes enormous responsibility. And you say to me, “But Michael, Mi-ka-el, I am more than willing to accept the responsibility; give me the enlightenment, give me the tools.” Beloveds, the tools are at your fingertips.

Let us play this out. If some of you are not feeling the expansion, the bliss, the love, that does not mean that it is not occurring. Do you feel the blood running through your veins? Do you feel the constant division and growth of your cells? Do you feel the synapses in your brain, the neurons? Do you feel that movement? You do not always even consciously feel the beating of your heart unless you are taking your pulse, unless it is pounding extraordinarily. That does not mean that your body has ceased to exist, that somehow you have died. This expansion, this upliftment, this increase in your frequency, is taking place regardless.

You say, “Well, that’s all very reassuring Michael, but I would really like to feel it.” Beloved friends, there are several things I would like to say to you: Number one is “are you asking?”… not from a place of feeling excluded, not from a place of anger or fear of being left behind, but from the very core of your heart-soul, are you asking? Secondly, “are you taking the adequate time, the gentle time to simply receive?”…not going into meditation with a visualization, not going into meditation with a list of questions, just going to the stillpoint of your being with a readiness to receive.

And inside of that what you can think of as number three, “have you deemed yourself worthy of the bliss, of the expansion, of the knowingness, of the gentleness of the Mother’s touch, of the caress of her hand, her veil, her gown? Or do you still think of yourself, think of yourself as less than, as part of the excluded?” because beloveds, the excludeds do not exist. So, do not put or even think of yourself as potentially being in that excluded category because it is not in existence; it has been an illusion of your old 3rd that somehow you are being prevented from your joy, from the love, from your very birthright.

It is in the silence; go deeper into the silence. No thought, no action, no movement, simply be and allow the infusion to occur. The infusion, the knowing of the infusion…shall I say generally…and I could say always…takes place when there is no movement, when you are in the place of beingness. So, it does not occur when you are running and seeking and demanding or crying. When those things are occurring, and they do occur, then turn to us, let us soothe you, let us reassure you. It is not that we anticipate or think that you will never be in distress, we know that there are moments of distress, of loneliness, of continued feelings of disassociation, that is a different conversation and still we say “turn to us.”

But the expansion feeling, the enlightened feeling, the knowingness comes in the silence of no movement. Now you say, “Well what about a long-distance runner who has done their 10K and in that moment has the explosion of complete connectedness?” In that moment that being, male or female, is in fact in no movement; they have found the space between the spaces of movement. That is why they enter into an ecstatic field and that is what I mean when I say I could pretty much say always. None are left behind.

Why do you think, sweet angels, that this has been such a slow progression, in your terminology and ours? The human collective reached an incredibly mature decision to progress as one, because of your mastery, because of your heart, because of your wisdom, because of your knowing of the truth of who you are. Has it completely reached and penetrated your mental or your emotional bodies? No, but it has begun to. So, you must be in a state of allowing; allowing the doubt to dissipate, allowing the fear to disappear. None are left behind. I cannot say it more succinctly or clearly than that.

Now some of you have remained very much in your bodies because you are way-showers and you have need to collect the collective. And you know, maybe you don’t know in your limited human self, but your higher universal self knows that if you are completely in the bliss you will not pay attention to the rest who are being left behind and feeling left behind. So you say, “Okay, I will stay with the troops. I will stay until the last person is through that portal.” You are doing your service and you are appreciated and supported and loved for that service. Do not dismiss or minimize what you are doing sweet angels.

Is this clear dear Steve?

AB: Yes, it is Lord and thank you very much for that and I am sure that will help a lot of people and reassure them. I have a related question from a listener, Cammy, and she says, “Linda, in your Core Issues panel with Steve and Suzy you mentioned that many lightworkers were 80% plus, the general population was 50%, and those in containment, still being held, were very high in their light. I had such a strong reaction to this that I wanted to understand it better. Become unfair that an average, descent, perhaps unaware person is less (?) than those who knowingly corrupted our world.” Would you care to comment on that Lord?

AAM: Oh, sweet angels and dear Cammy, you speak for so many. This is the difficulty when you speak of the collective in terms of averages. So, let us clarify, let us begin with the simplest part of this and this is also related to that feeling and this despair and aggravation of being left behind.

When we say that about 50%-60% of the general population is in their knowingness in the Ascension portal, knowing and unknowing, understand what we are talking about…so we have taken all those. Now let us take the lightworkers and put them separate from the general population because that is another issue. But all those descent, hard-working, kind, loving, faithful, courageous people are in the mix with those who still cling to the illusions of your old 3rd, those who are still living lives dictated by control, greed, lust, bloodlust, inequality, lack, limitation, so they are mixed in; when you give a general percentage for the general population, they are mixed in with the war lords, with those that are part of ISIS, with those that are raping and pillaging, and stealing and selling drugs and killing the populace in order to sell those drugs. We are talking about those who live from greed and control, who control government and corporations and stock markets.

So, in the law of averages, beloveds, what happens is the general population absorbs, so that is why you feel ‘oh my goodness, what happens to the good person?’ And let us be very clear because in other conversations we have stated “those who live by the old paradigms, by clinging to the old rules, are very few.” Do they bring down the averages? Significantly. But as your frequency is increasing you are also touching those who are resistant, recalcitrant, reluctant. Now, I am not suggesting in the lightworker community, in the general population, in the recalcitrant population that there are still not core issues to be resolved because there are, that is the nature of the clearing. But you are underway, let us be clear about that.

Now, let us talk about the general population, not about the side pocket of those who are in that category that we have called reluctant, recalcitrant, resistant because that is a separate issue. Most Gaians, by their very nature…listen to what I say…are heart centered, are heart conscious. Now, have they forgotten that? That is what all these increases in the frequencies are about; it is to bring up…and what you are seeing in the billions and billions and billions of people is an expressed desire, not simply unspoken, not dependent upon political leanings or financial where-with-all, there is a collective desire that is being spoken to live in peace and harmony, to have and to find ways…I am not suggesting that the ways are all known…but there is the spoken desire to find ways to accommodate in a more loving, humane – that is the term that is used – humane – fashion.

There is a growing desire to eliminate violence of every kind. There is a desire to tend to Gaia, to tend to the planet. There is an upsurge in the desire for leadership based on values, and what you are being given in every country is the juxtaposition between those who hold values and those who do not; now, when I am speaking values, I am speaking Divine Qualities, Blessings and Virtues. So, the general population, excluding some categories – to put it in your parlance – is, in fact, increasing daily, hourly, minute-to-minute. It was never a requirement that every person, every Gaian, every person on the planet become a lightworker. And, do you know why? Because every person who chose to be upon the planet at this time already is a lightworker, whether they know it or not!

What is the requirement to be a lightworker? To be aware that the Archangels speak to you? No. It is to be kindhearted, it is to be gentle, it is to be generous, it is to be in gratitude for the blessings that are given every day. It is to accept what is viewed sometimes as tasks and hardships, knowing that there is a plan and that you have the inner stability and strength and virtue to go through whatever is presented. There is not a being upon the planet who incarnated at this time without knowing fully and completely what lay ahead. Now, have many forgotten? Yes. But what the population has not forgotten is that they are good people and that they are just as deserving, just as worthy, just as welcome as the most diligent lightworker.

They’re going about their business and in many ways, their business…the taking care of family, of providing shelter and guidance to children when they don’t know what to do, of breaking bread, often of going to jobs they despise because it means they can take care of their families, of being part of a community, of trying to secure safety and shelter, of giving money to the man on the street who has no food, of having compassion for the woman who is 14 and bearing an unwanted child.

This is the fabric of what you have called the general population. They do not carry hatred or cruelty in their heart. Are there areas for vast improvement in terms of racism, gender inequality, misunderstanding of the violence of war, the violence of democracy, of totalitarianism, of commercialism, of finance? Yes, there is great room for expansion, but let me tell you my beloved friends, that desire for improvement rests in the heart in each and every one of them. And in that, I would even include the recalcitrant. So, do not think they are left behind…they are the structure of change, they are the masses and the army of change. They are not discounted; they are being worked on beginning with the Mother’s Tsunami of Love years ago. So, do not worry about them, they are very high in their vibration.

Now, let us talk about the gift of those that are in containment. I think that there has been some misunderstanding about containment, as if this is an extraordinary gift; and in fact it is, because you are put into what you would think of as a chamber, as a box, where you are continually penetrated by light and love. This is not an option that is exercised unless the circumstances are very dire. So, you do not put someone who is an angry neighbor in the box, not the box that we are speaking of.

So, of course your quotient of light is very high because that is the only option and you stay there…there is no release program, no choice! Think of what I say to you. This is a rare occurrence because humans are born for choice. So the very fundamental of being human has been removed from this because the egregious nature of who they have acted out as. The final choice is they emerge rehabilitated, or they come home!

Now, the moment they reemerge, they’re besot by free choice again and they are given the choice to either reengage in their old patterns, in which situation they will be removed yet again, or to be the leaders because those who have been put in containment, as egregious and offensive as their crimes have been, also had stellar leadership qualities. That has been part of what we can call the light rehabilitation, was for them to come to realize who they really are and that their true qualities are needed to build Nova Earth. And if there is still an unwillingness, well then, they will return home; so, it is not such a tremendous gift. Now in that, let us also speak of the lesser gift that the Mother has given you, all of you, of the Blue Topaz box; that is very different than the containment that we put people in, which is a light box – period.

The Blue Topaz box is where you have assisted us with millions so that they would be penetrated by the gentle light of the Mother, and within that spectrum of free choice, come to realize that nurturing and gentleness and love is the answer. And you all have been working with that Blue Topaz box tremendously and have done incredible work. But again, when released the free choice option comes back into play but they have been exposed and aware of how beautiful the loving choices are and the impact that those loving choices have. So, we commend you and as lightworkers, you increase your frequency every day and you do so, of course because you long to come home, but home in this Ascension is upon beloved Gaia and within your magnificent vessels, your bodies. You are doing stellar work.

The channel has asked about what the pause is and how this feeling of everything is in slow motion or on pause and the knowingness that all is prepared, the banquet is on the table. If you come to look at the theatre, the audience is seated, the orchestra has tuned, the actors are behind the curtain and the hush has fallen over the audience…you know the celebration is about to begin and you are holding your breath. But as Einstein has explained to you, you are all about to exhale and to enjoy and participate in the celebration, in the gentleness of love, in the rebirth of what it means to be human.

SB: Thank you Lord. I’d like to point out for our listeners again, I do this from time to time but you’re answering questions on my paper without my asking them…that always is a thrill for me. I can see one predictable battle looming, Lord, where someone, political leader, that used to be corrupt, has been in containment and has emerged and has been again exerting leadership and half the lightworkers welcome that, they know he has been in containment, and the other half call the people who welcome him a traitor. How do we know that a leader has reformed his or her character, how does the general populace know?

AAM: Listen and watch with your heart. The history of the human race, since the time of the Creator Race, is ancient. Now, there are many of you that have been aware or have had lives where you have acted in a traitorous manner, in a manner that you would deem, as judge and jury, as less than. That is why we do not ask you to focus so much on past lives. When you look, when you listen to a leader or to a neighbor, to a beloved friend, I am asking you not to erase discernment but erase history. Stop looking through the lenses of the past and look and feel and discern through the lenses of the present and the future.

My beloved friends, you know full well when someone is not speaking from their heart center, when they are not speaking truth, when they are bluffing for their own personal gain, when they are trying not to come from a place of balanced view but of self-interest. You know this. When you don’t know it is when you say, “Oh, but she did/he did/they did that in the past.” So, ask yourself very simple question, use kinesiology if it is useful for you, use whatever you want…the answer is in your heart…say to yourself, containment? And it will be clear…yes or no. Reconstructed? Yes or no. Heart centered? Yes or no. Three very simple questions not based on the past but based as you all face the future by walking hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm, heart-in-heart, in the present.

SB: We only have about 2 more minutes; could you tell us who do we have to thank for readily directing the energy to us? I don’t mean Father/Mother, I don’t mean going back that far, but I think there were galactic civilizations that participated and especially modulated the energies. We’ve heard about (?) some call it the Earth Alliance, who do we owe a debt of gratitude to for what has happened recently?

AAM: There is no group that wishes to take credit for this alignment. There is no group that has not been completely involved in the attunements that have been given to each and every one of you. Your star family, particularly under the direction, the harmonization, of Sanat Kumara have done stellar work. So, it is the galactics, the intergalactics, the various alignments; you have been invited to the Inter-Galactic Council. You are not fully realizing what this means, that how everyone has aligned to help you sit at this table as full partners. And yes, we will be addressing that. But where we would like, where we would respectfully request the vote of gratitude would be to each and every one of you. Let us give this vote of gratitude, and pay it forward, to what you have called the general population who in their unknowingness have said ‘yes!’ and have braved the unknown to accept the expansion of themselves and of the collective. Let us leave it at that dear friends.

SB: Okay, well thank you very much Lord. We’ve reached the end of the program. Thank you so much for giving us many insights into the process…

AAM: I wish to end with a joke: Do you hear this hammering? Well, that is me knocking at your door, let me in dear hearts, let me in. Go with my love. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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