Elevating Energies – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Elevating Energies

Right at the end of writing “On One Occasion,” (1) I began losing consciousness.  I knew I’d have to carry on but I didn’t want to do so in the same article.

At this moment, I’m almost swooning with a wave unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It has no flavor. No feel. I’d say it has no other characteristics than that it elevates.

And I feel myself being “elevated.”

This is coming while I eat lunch. I stop eating and become still.

Obviously I can’t catch the finer vibrations if I write at the same time. I’m interrupting my state and process constantly. But I’ll communicate whatever I can.

The breath is a vital component of this experience. I reconnect with the experience by taking a few deep breaths, into it.

I reconnect with the elevating energy and discover that it’s a dynamic energy. It’s allowing me to act, to move. And so I try to continue eating while experiencing it.

Implicit in my assumption is that the elevating I feel will have a natural conclusion or resolution. I’m not just being with it but anticipating. I switch to being with it.

So far the elevating energy has brought me again to the transformed space. I’m in conscious awareness and transformative love but not universal love.

I feel love for everything I do. I’m loving, really loving, eating lunch. The enjoyment is ten times what it normally is. Yes, I feel blissful. I’m floating away on waves of bliss.

The Arcturians through Sue Lie recently suggested how we’d be floating in and out of Fifth-Dimensional consciousness these days. I quote that passage from Sue’s email at length:

“As the perceptions of your inner Higher Self expands into higher and higher dimensions, you can project these higher and higher frequencies into your physical world. Gradually, you will become ‘out of phase’ with the lower dimensional versions of Earth, as well as ‘out of phase’ with the humans projections that are still trapped in the need for “power over others.”

“Progressively, Gaia’s 3D hologram will also become out of phase with your own ever-expanding frequency. You will then begin to flow beyond the illusions of the third dimension and into a higher frequency of energy field.

“Your ‘3D human projection’ will safely become a higher frequency of energy that is becoming more and more aligned with the fifth dimensional perceptions of your ever-expanding Lightbody.

“By then you will have released the illusions of up and down, as your Multidimensional SELF will begin to flicker in and out of Gaia’s physical reality. Where do you go when you flicker out of your 3D world?

“You simply resonate to a frequency of reality beyond the visual, auditory and kinesthetic perception of the third dimensional reality. However, just as your Higher Self can always perceive your third dimensional world and reality, you can choose to perceive the third dimension by simply lowering your consciousness.

“However, our ascending ones are usually striving to perceive, experience and live within the fifth dimensional reality that has been flickering in and out of their earthbound meditations.

“Hence, eventually, you will take the risk to just ‘let go’ of your third dimensional illusions. This letting go opens the multidimensional portal to your true SELF. Instantly you feel the deep sense of ‘home sickness’ for the YOU that you have always been, but often forgot.

“This longing for your true Home is based on the unconditional love and deep unity with the ONE that resonates to that frequency. You want to leave the third dimension, but as you begin to ‘let go,’ you hear,


“As an invisible voice whispers, shouts, cries into your ascending projection of SELF.


“You cry, you sob, you know the voice is right. In fact, the voice is YOU. Therefore, you return to the illusions. You return to the lies, the violence, and the debts. Fortunately, as you reconnect with your third dimensional expression of self, you realize that you return for LOVE.

“You have returned for the love of the people, the places, and the situations that have filled your third dimensional life. You also realize that you are returning for the love that you have found/created for your home and your planet.” (2)

I’m going to allow myself to stop writing now and simply float away to whichever higher-dimensional perch these waves wish to carry me.


(1) Nov. 5, 2015, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=267972.

(2) The Arcturians through Sue Lie, “The Next Octave of Service ~ Goddess Series Today & Gift,” Nov. 4, 2015, by email.



art lisa graa jensen

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