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The Use and Importance of the Breath – Part 1/2

There are many doorways into the deeper part of ourselves. The use of the breath presented itself to me or I was guided to it. That was followed within a short time by a life-impacting heart opening. Does that pique my interest? You bet it does.

Therefore I’ve been looking into the use of the breath as an easy and accessible spiritual practice.  Let’s take a look at what our sources have been telling us regarding the use and importance of the breath.

Blossom Goodchild’s Galactic Federation sources have given us a wonderful and rousing description of the feel and reach of our breath.. Let me quote from them at some length.

“Dearest Souls … take a moment if you would now … to Breathe in the Breath of Life along with us. To Breathe in and hold within you the Highest, Purest Energy of LOVE. Hold it within your Being and allow it to circulate within … Deeply within.

“So, as together now, we take in the Breath of life … The Breath of the Deepest Purest LOVE that connects us all … And we hold it within our Being … FEELING it circulate … FEELING the Power of that LOVE … within every cell … And then we let it out.

“And we Breathe in again … and we hold it there and we FEEL Light … we FEEL Love … And we breathe out …

“And once more … and we hold in the Light – Love and we smile … and we let it out … and as we Breathe out … ALL THAT WE ARE connects with ALL THAT WE ARE … for it is our Breath … It is our Life … It is our Love … It is our Light … that in this way brings us together as One. …

“Yet, when you accept … when you KNOW … that each Breath you inhale connects Each One with ALL THAT IS and ALL THAT IS … IS LOVE … for there is nothing else … Then … then Dearest Souls … do you find … yourself.” (1)

In another message, they assert that following the breath is the way to still the mind.

“The hubbub of the mind is under YOUR control.

“This is understood by many … yet not so easily achieved.

“Then, may we suggest that one lets go of this hubbub by simply concentrating on the breath. For that is all that is required … and for those who say it is not … they are not concentrating on the breath.” (2)

They follow this with tantalizingly mystical allusions, which cannot but invite the seeker.

“This gift that was ‘installed’ within your BEING … this gift of ‘travel’ without moving … is one of the most precious treasures that the human Being was equipped with. Yet, it is one that is very much underestimated and pushed onto the back burner. Yet, we say to you … open this gift and see for yourselves, the jewels that lie within.

“There shall be many that read these words and say that they have already done so. These souls will KNOW then of which we speak. Yet we say … allow yourselves to go even further with each opportunity that you give yourselves.”  (3)

No, I don’t know precisely what they’re talking about but it resonates.

Not only does following the breath help us find ourselves, but it leads us to knowledge of the unity of all, they say.

“Not only do you find yourself … you find one another for Each One … Each One of you IS the other.
“YOU ARE ONE ENERGY OF LOVE … creating a world through thought … to experience LOVE in all its forms.

“Yet, the more you understand of this thread that binds you together … as the needle of life weaves in and out … the closer you become to the FEELING of Being One.” (4)

The pattern of breathing in love or peace or joy from our hearts and then breathing it out into the world appears in the writings of many of our sources.  Here’s the Divine Mother through Natalie Glasson on breathing love in:

“Allow yourself to be conscious of love. Love is the essence of the Creator. It is the natural healing energy for your body, being and reality and will bring everything within and around you into perfect alignment, harmony and bliss. Breathe within the vibration of love.” (5)

And here’s Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon on breathing peace in and exhaling love:

“Breathe in the peace and exhale the love, exhale the joy, exhale the balance, the harmony. You have been granted these divine qualities by the Divine Mother herself. They are innate to your very being.” (6)

Sue Lie’s Arcturians give counsel which most resonates with my experience. They tell us that:

“The Flow from the higher dimensions is grounded into the physical plane with your in-breath, and you are sharing it with all life via your out-breath. As the higher dimensional spirit/energy is integrated into the lower dimensional matter/form, the frequency of the form begins to transmute. (7)

Jesus has often spoken of the importance of the breath.  In Pondicherry there’s a sign dedicated to “Matsya, the Fish Prophet” (8) recording that he preached breathing there to shallow-breathers. Here he stresses the importance of deep breathing.

‘With the deep breath you can come to the feeling of the current of living energy. That is why I say unto you to take the deep breath, because when you take that deep breath, you allow yourself for a millisecond to touch the current that is underlying everything.

“So whenever you remember to take the deep breath you allow yourself to go to the place that truly is the underlying divinity, the current that is always you and will forever be as you go forward into what you see to be other experiences, other lifetimes, other forms, other manifestations of whatever you want to bring forth.” (9)

The master Hilarion called it “heart breath,” by means of which we bless all around us.

“Breathe with and through your heart. Learn the heart breath. Become the benevolent and shadowless ones who walk the Earth blessing everyone and everything upon its surface and below. Let your constant refrain become, ‘let me a blessing be, let me a blessing be.’” (10)

Hearing what they have to say makes St. Germain through Natalie Glasson more understandable, when he asks us just to breathe in the energies and let them work their miracles.

“Ask us to pour our energy into your being to support the transfiguration of your molecular structure and the Earth’s molecular structure so that all energetic ingrained habits especially connected to the third dimension are erased and more light is able to channel and manifest within your being.

“Then simply bathe and breathe within the energies that we share with you and activate from within your being. Believe in the process of transformation as it is occurring within you constantly now.” (11)

Something so simple as the breath produces considerable value in the spiritual process we’re all engaged in. If we’re looking for simple practices that busy people can engage in, following and using the breath is one of the most productive, from so many angles.

I personally still recommend, as a minimum, breathing up love from the heart and sending it out into the world. That use of the breath has proven to me the most fertile practice I’ve engaged in so far. (12)

Tomorrow I’d like to focus in on Archangel Michael’s discussions of the Infinity Breath or Breath of Life and the spiritual basis to reliance on the breath as a spiritual practice.


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ART by Dmitry Brodetsky art ssh - Tutt'Art@ (25)

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