11:11 Portal – Linda Grace @ Grace Elohim

linda grace 7.11.

Prepare yourself these next days for the upcoming 11:11 portal…. use the powerful energy build-up, which is given by divine decree to assist you in becoming empty, naked and shedding the last layers of your illusive self, that need to make way for the omnipresent source of divine love.

Beloveds hold on, be strong at heart, surrender in this hour to the transition and metamorphosis of your self into diamantine photons of love, into a new template, beyond I-dentity, beyond l…imitations of any form and belief. Let go of your self like a falling leaf and trust you will be caught by the hands of the Almighty ONE. What appears as death, is just the circle completing and leaping into and onto a new and higher octave of light. A new evolutionary stage of your being-ness in this multiverse is being birthed right now.

Give in and give up your beloved self to give space for something much grander, much purer and truer than anything you have ever dared to dream of, beyond anything imaginable to your dualistic mind.

You are being reborn as you surrender your self and return to source still in human form, but this time beyond its limitations. Something you have prepared lifetimes for. You are the chalice, the return of the christ en masse, the keys and codes of your adam cadmon diamantine body, that are imprinted in your very being will now be unlocked, which will activate and configurate you to the divine template of your I AM Source Presence.

And behold the return of the bewinged ones is near, hold on beloved ones in this hour of new beginnings. Allow this silent death to take place without resistance, without regret but in full acceptance and faith something much grander is awaiting to be birthed in you. You are the prophecy coming to its fruition. Trust in the inner knowing of your heart, all is in divine order. Do not fear…. let yourself fall into hands of love. Kodoish, kodoish, kodoish. ~ Linda Grace

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