Archangel Michael: Disclosure in Tandem with Reval – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

buddha sacred reflection by robin urton

ART : Buddha Sacred Reflection – Robin Urton


Archangel Michael: Disclosure in Tandem with Reval

UFO-mothership-333I asked Archangel Michael to give us an update on Disclosure in a personal reading I had with him, through Linda Dillon, on Nov. 11, 2015.

He reported that it’s very near and that interference with it would not be permitted.

There was a reported mass decloaking over Los Angeles in the last few days.  While we cannot respond to all tips we receive because of a shortness of staff, we welcome your tips on Disclosure videos. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve: Is there anything you wish to say publicly about the increasing visibility of the galactics and the prospects of disclosure?

AAM: Disclosure is very close and it is already underway. Understand that this is in tandem also with the reconstitution, the Revaluation, the entire shift in what you think of as the reality of everyday life on Earth.

So they are making themselves more visible in real and portrayed ways. It matters not.  What they are doing is readying the human populace for their presence in everyday life.

Not simply as a sighting. Not simply as a collective of starships gathering on the horizon. But simply in the visibility of them in the sky, on the planet, in the stores, in government, in every single way.

You have been invited to join with them in a sacred union of Gaians and Intergalactics and Galactics and so they are making sure that you are ready for that role.

Steve: Now the Cabal, or whoever it is, are busy saying, “Oh no, no, no, that’s a meteor. That’s a balloon” or whatever. They are just trying to stop us from connecting with the Galactics, is that correct?

AAM: Yes, because the Galactic forces have made it very clear that they will brook no interference at this time.

Now, if we back up a little bit, you know that because of the fear factor among the general populace, that your star family was hesitant to make themselves known. Because they did not wish to contribute, and will not contribute, to the mayhem and chaos upon sweet Gaia.

Now, they also did not wish to create a situation, which was very clearly threatened, where those with warheads and other offensive weapons would be targeting them.

They are not in danger of ever being annihilated by a nuclear warhead, a sound transmission, an energy, or an electromagnetic field.

But the danger has been that those nuclear warheads are being observed by humans and that that would increase the fear factor.

Now humans, and, yes, we speak of the collective and we know there are always percentages, but the humans in fact are more open and more at peace within their very hearts with the idea of Star/Galactic/Intergalactic/Inter-species Beings.

Now the first wave, shall we say (and the first wave has already been on planet for some time), but what you think of as the first wave, are all very humanoid. So their fear in terms of differentiation is not significant.

Now, having said that, governments and military forces that would wish to engage in what they would call defensive/offensive manoeuvres, have been clearly, we use the word “warned”, that such actions and behaviours will not be permitted.

So there is, if we can say the word, an “accord” – that is the word that is used by those on planet and those of the Intergalactic Counsel – that there will be no defensive/offensive manoeuvres.

Because there is an absolute knowing, in what you would term as the powers that be, that your friends come in peace, harmony, bearing gifts of science, technology, healing. And healing – immediate healing – of as what you can think of as the seven major diseases of Earth.

And those are cancer, all auto-immune deficiencies, including viral inflammations, Parkinson’s, ALS [Lou Gehrig Disease], Hodgkin’s, Ebola – this of course includes includes HIV and AIDS – Alzheimer’s, dementia because those are different ends of the spectrum, but also leprosy, all breathing deficiencies and a plethora more.

S: That’s impressive! Is this for publication?

AAM: Yes, you may publish this.

This channeled material is copyright by Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, 2015, Inc. and is used with permission.


buddha sacred reflection by robin urton

Looking Back Into Your Future @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Looking Back Into Your Future–Arcturians and Galactic Family


Looking Back Into Your Future

Arcturians and Galactic Family

We are here now, within your Portal of Light that is within YOU. We, your higher dimensional expressions of SELF have come into your awareness, into your consciousness and into your daily life.

Therefore, we—the members of your Multidimensional SELF—see what you see, hear what you hear, touch what you touch and smell what you smell. We think what you think, feel what you feel and know what you know.

We, the members of your Multidimensional SELF, have made this decision to join you in this manner so that we can personally escort you into the higher frequency of your consciousness, your perceptions, across the “threshold of illusion” and into your fifth dimensional SELF.

Your fifth dimensional self resonates to a Lightbody, so you cannot wear that form while grounded in the physical world. However, you can feel that body of light stirring within the Kundalini force that is awakening and beginning its journey up you spinal column.

As your innate Lightbody SELF—who rests within the power of your inner Kundalini energy field—begins to stir, your consciousness slowly or quickly expands to encompass the higher frequencies of reality that have always shared your physical world.

You see, beloved ones, your Multidimensional SELF is not UP above you, but deep WITHIN you. Hence, only your consciousness has been lost to the myriad illusions of the now fading third dimensional matrix. YOU, your Lightbody SELF, has always been within your physical form.

Unfortunately, as long as your consciousness was limited to the physical world, you could only perceive your physical body. Then slowly for some, and quickly for others, your fourth dimensional consciousness began to awaken. You started remembering your dreams.

In fact, you started remembering all the wonderful things that you knew as a child. However, the “adult” who lived outside of you told you that that was “just your imagination” and that you should buckle down and do your 3D chores, go to your 3D school and attend to your 3D life.

But then, you had dreams about another world, another reality that was sweet and loving. This reality was kind and fair. Best of all, in this reality of your imagination led you to beautiful realities filled with love, enjoyment, deep camaraderie, unconditional love, and joy.

“STOP DAY DREAMING!,” you heard. But you did not want to stop daydreaming because you liked that reality much more than the reality that you found outside of your self. So you hid that reality deep, deep inside where no one else would find it.

Unfortunately, as you “grew up” that hiding place became hidden to you as well. Then you were lost in the 3D illusion. BUT, sometimes, when you were happy, when you were creative, when you were with a beloved friend or pet, or alone in your room or in nature—you remembered.

“NO,” you said to yourself. “I can’t remember this world because it makes me so very sad.” Then, slowly, you began to forget OR you kept this wonderful reality as a secret that was just for your self.

But then “IT” began to happen.

Slowly, or suddenly, what you had pushed deep inside of you where it would be safe, where no one else could say, “That is just your imagination,” that which you had hidden deep inside began to be projected out into your world.

You did not know how you did that very cool thing of projecting the world you so secretly loved out into your world, but you were so joyous that you did not care.

You were so very happy to be able to “live” what you were told was “not real” that you didn’t want to “break the spell.”

Of course, the “spell” was broken many times by the call of duty to the 3D responsibilities, that you now knew were largely illusions that would soon be released. However, by now you had jobs, families, children, and responsibilities.

However, as bit-by-bit, you allowed yourself some 3D “time” to enjoy that which you had formerly hidden, everything began to change. Of course, at first, it was not everything.

At first, it was only that you somehow found your 3D time to remember the secrets hidden so deep that even you forgot them. Yes, some were totally forgotten, but some you could never totally forget.

These “secrets” were where you would begin your return.

But to where would you return?

You did not know and/or you did not care. Some kind of unseen circle was completing in your consciousness and you were coming back to the “you” that you had to hide so that that “they” would not judge you.

You were shocked and joyful that you no longer cared if “they” judged you.

Because you were ready and able to be YOU, you did not care what “they” thought. You knew you could use another name that expressed your higher self anyway, so you did. Then, the joy and freedom that you experienced by finally “being your SELF” began to totally override all fear of what “they” would say.

You began to wonder just who “they” were and why you had given “them” so much power over your life. Once you realize that YOU had “given” them that power-over you, everything began to change.

The freedom of not worrying about “them” took the lid off that you had forgotten was there. Once you realized that YOU had control of your own choices, the skies began to clear and a “NEW DAY” was revealed.

Slowly, or suddenly, your perception began to include the higher frequencies of your reality. At first it was your fourth dimensional dreams that spoke to you.

Then, as you began to write down your dreams, another, higher dimensional you began to interpret those dreams for you. As your relationship with this YOU, who we will call your SELF, grew you began to consult with your SELF more and more.

Sometimes you felt like your SELF was a Galactic Being. Other times your SELF seemed to be an Angel, an Elohim or an Ascended Master.

“NO,” your well-trained ego self cried. “I am not important enough or high enough to be one of these ascended, higher dimensional being.”

But then you heard an inner voice say, “OH BUT YOU ARE!!”

Thus, just when you thought you had made one breakthrough to somehow manage to talk to a higher being, you were expected to believe that that higher being was you.

“NO, NO!” your wounded ego cried. “I am not that important. I could not possibly resonate to that high of a frequency.”

Too late, you voiced your self-doubt and opened the doors to an initiation.

Before you could successfully move through the initiation, you needed to realize that your Multidimensional SELF created that initiation because your 3D self believed that something external was blocking your path of ascension.

To release that third-dimensional block, you were called on to release any 3D fears that this situation was “bad luck” or “they did it to me.”

Before you could embrace the next octave of your own Multidimensional SELF, you needed to honor that initiation as an opportunity to prove to your 3D self that your own Multidimensional SELF was the ONE who had been sending higher dimensional information to your physical earth vessel.

Hence, you had to find, become, and heal the wounded component, or components, of your present, past and/or future physical incarnations who believe he/she was the victim rather than the creator.

You did not enjoy these initiations, but YOU-your Multidimensional SELF-knew that this was to be your final incarnation on third-dimensional Earth. Therefore, you needed to clean up ALL the darkness/fear you had left on the body of Gaia during your myriad incarnations.

Fortunately, you remembered that YOU are a fifth dimensional and beyond being who has chosen to take an incarnation on the body of Gaia to assist Her with Her planetary transmutation.

You realized, that as you cleared and loved free all that you had left behind at the close of any of your myriad incarnations, your personal portal resonates to higher and higher frequencies of light.

For some of you, this was your first incarnation on planet Earth, but your rolled up your sleeves and joined in the ever-growing group of awakened humans who remembered that they came for Gaia.

It did not matter if this was your first incarnation of Earth or if you many, many incarnations on Gaia. It did not matter if you darkness was in control in some incarnations, or if you made mistakes.

The only thing that mattered is that YOU CAME FOR GAIA.

Once you chose to assist the planet, your consciousness soared beyond, personal, group, familial, community, country, continental, hemispheric and planetary consciousness and into to the innate galactic and universal consciousness of your Multidimensional SELF.

With your every-expanding consciousness, your perceptions of your self, of others, and of your planet merged into a Unity Consciousness with ALL life. You were going home, and finally you realized that HOME was where you had always been.

At that point your perceptions shifted out of any sense of victimization from any outside source and into the ever-expanding memory that YOU were the creator of your life.

OH, but that awareness brought on yet another initiation.

You needed to create a trial run for your self to see if you could look at a EVERY challenging situation and say,

“I AM the creator of my reality. Why did I create this challenge for myself, and can I remember to constantly and consistently send this “initiation” unconditional love and violet fire?”

Your initiations were your choice and will continue to be your choice. It is your process of initiation and you create it.

We tell you, our beloved volunteers to Gaia, that we are always with you because we, your higher dimensional family, ARE YOU!

We, your higher dimensional family, your courage and unconditional love,

We will keep the light on for you to follow,


The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

(Dear readers, just as you the volunteers to Earth uniting with all members of Earth, we your galactic family are uniting with all the members of our Galaxy—and beyond.

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Straight Talk About Ascension~ Episode 1 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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ART : Stand by Me – Marcia Baldwin


Straight Talk About Ascension–Sue Lie


Straight Talk on Ascension ~ Episode #1

Dr. Suzanne Lie

Many of us are having a lot of unique situations and the energy feels very different. Those of us who have been on the path for a long time know that this energy is a part of the path. We also know that it is the difficult part because it is where we are moving into brand new territory that we have never experienced before.

This new territory feels like it is “the next step,” but we do not have a clue how to navigate through this frequency of reality. However, we do know that we need to call in our higher multidimensional self and connect with the component of our SELF who is able to assist us in the manner that we can best accept.

It is important that we connect with our own stream of consciousness, our own web of being-ness. Our own higher expressions of SELF know everything about every component of our Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, they can best assist us as we travel through our ascension process.

Furthermore, our Higher SELF perceives everything our grounded self does, but from a multidimensional perspective. Because we are here to Ascend Gaia, we need to clean up every unresolved issue from any of our incarnations. Our grounded self is not aware of all the thought forms and energy fields we have left from our myriad incarnations, but our Higher Self does.

Therefore, we must go down into the basement and up into the attic to clean up every spot of all the lives we have ever taken. We do this for Gaia! We do this for Gaia because we came for Her this time. We’ve gone through many lives when we came for ourselves. We wanted to experience a cause and effect planet – a planet where you put energy out, and it came back.

When we were at a low state of consciousness, our effect came back so much later in “time” that we often forgot that we were the ones who put it out. Therefore, we often felt like we were victims. Now suddenly everything is speeding up – whoosh – so fast. And, we are leaving time, we are moving into NOW.

As we move into this Nowness, everything changes. Everything shifts – because if we don’t have time, we don’t have sequence. Hence, that sequence that we have so relied on was our sub-conscious, our un-consciousness, and our conscious self. Then, there was super-conscious, our higher Angel, our Ascended Master. But beings are not lined up in a row like that anymore.

That separation was an illusion based on the illusion of time. And the illusion of time was created because it was a cause and effect planet. In order for the brave beings that took bodies on Gaia so that they could learn that energy out is energy back—there had to be “time.”

Hence, we put our energy out, but as I said before, then it came back so much later that we didn’t learn. Our frequency energy fields and thought forms are much faster. They move out faster and come back to us much faster—meaning they come back to us in less “time.”

Therefore it looks like we are really working our Ascension by eating right and sleeping right and meditating and unconditionally loving and blazing the violet fire and reading the right things and loving nature etc. etc.

However, even with all these choices, we are the ones having the difficult initiations. Meanwhile, that person over there hasn’t done a thing and they are just riding free and easy. This dynamic is occurring because those people are at that frequency in which the energy that they put comes back to them much later in “time.”

On the other hand, those of us who are “accepting the process of ascension” are having higher states of consciousness. Hence, whatever energy fields and thought forms we send out come back very quickly. In fact, we are also bumping into energy fields and thoughts forms from other incarnations and timelines to clear our other realities, as well as our current one.

Gaia is shifting into Her higher frequencies now. Hence, higher frequencies of Gaia are starting to open up. This opening is because more and more of us have expanded their consciousness enough to expand our perceptions. Then, these higher perceptions allow us to perceive a higher frequency reality just beyond our third-dimensional world.

Those who “only believe the physical world is real” put out those thought forms and those energy fields. Thus, that is the reality that they have created. On the other hand, those of us who are expanding our consciousness and perceptions are beginning to perceive more and more shifts of energy in our daily life.

There are octaves of Gaia that are almost like a stair step that we can only see through our third eye, our fifth-dimensional imagination, and by:

  • releasing our third-dimensional limitations,
  • connecting with our fifth-dimensional and beyond self,
  • creating an intimate daily communication with that our Higher SELF,
  • listening to what it is telling us
  • Then, and most important:
  • Doing what our Higher SELF has shared with us to do.

All of these perceptual changes represent a very big shift in our consciousness, our life and interpretation of reality. In fact, this shift is from being a third dimensional human to being a multidimensional awareness that has taken a human earth vessel.

I was born in 1946 and forgot to forget. Therefore, I felt “cast adrift on a hostile planet” for decades. But NOW I know that it was never the plant that was hostile, it was the Cabal that was hostile. It took communicating with my Galactic Family to realize that, as well as lot of therapy and meditation.

My point in the above paragraph is that I have been on Earth for a while, most of time fully aware of energy fields and cosmic events, but this NOW is different. It was never like this before. This energy is brand new.

Another thing that is different is that—more and more—we, the people, are really taking full responsibility for the reality that WE have created. In fact, we are not only taking responsibility for this life, but also for what we have created in past lives, or even in what we might think of as future lives.

What do we do with this type of a challenge? We don’t know do we, because this hasn’t occurred before. We can’t go back into any memory banks to find out how we did live in this type of reality on Earth. We could move in “time” to see a similar reality, but that’s a different time.

This is this Now. And this Now is different. I know it’s different because I’ve had all these Now’s, all these many decades of this energy field NOT being here. Furthermore, what is happening now is not exactly happen the way humanity wanted it to happen. But something did occur, and is occurring.

There were always times when reality shifted a little bit. Sometimes it shifted down into the dark side, which was not much fun. Other times, the shift was like the clouds cleared, and there was this Now of illumination that we could all soak up and live within.

We, the ones who have been engaged in this experiment of, “Can we transition from a third-dimensional body of clay that is filled with all the fourth-dimensional etheric issues that we have ever left in the Astral plane in any of our incarnations?”

Could it be possible that we could clear all of third and fourth dimensional effluvia in this lifetime? More so, can we do this clearing, not for ourselves, not because we want to Ascend and we want out of here? We are already out of here. We are already multi-dimensional.

The beings that we are talking to all the time, whether we remember it or not, are higher dimensional expressions of our own Multidimensional SELF. We are already completely connected. In fact, we all volunteered to take this earth vessel to see if we could remember that within the earth vessel that we are wearing in this now is our own higher dimensional SELF.

Even more difficult, we volunteered to know we are multidimensional even though our third dimensional brain cannot remember and what we can’t remember within that persona. Hence, we must trust our SELF. We must trust our self even though we may think, “Wow, I really chose a hard way.”

Yes, we chose this way before we took this incarnation. We chose this path while we were within our fifth-dimensional self and beyond. We saw all the myriad incarnations, parallel and alternate realities.

We were aware of all the different types of reality that we would need to pull into one big package and Unconditionally Love and blaze with the Violet Fire. Therefore, we need to say everyday, as we look in the mirror, as we open our eyes, as we look in to the pupils of our own eyes: “I Love You Unconditionally.”

But, what is Unconditional Love? Love was always conditional. If we were good enough then we were loved. If we did the right thing, then we were loved. If we didn’t, we weren’t loved.

Love was something that we earned, and if we were very good, we might be able to keep that love. But, if you were bad, you lost that love. But now there is the concept of “Unconditional Love” in which, no matter what we do or don’t do, no matter who we are or aren’t, we deserve, we are, we live, we channel, we ground Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness.

Now that can be a challenge. Unconditional Forgiveness is not I’ll forgive you “if” or “when” you… Unconditional Forgiveness is without conditions! This unconditional forgiveness is a fifth-dimensional energy field, because I flow from the ONE of the higher dimensions.

Another fifth dimensional flowing energy field is “Unconditionally Acceptance,” which reminds us that we chose the very program that we are running right now in the holographic illusion of third-dimensional Earth.

We wrote this matrix, we live this matrix. If anyone is to change this Matrix, it must be our self because WE created it. Actually, changing the 3D Matrix that we created is exactly what we are being called upon to do.

And we WILL and ARE changing our third dimensional Matrix, no only for our self but Gaia as well. That is what is really different. We are remembering that we came here for Gaia. We came to Earth to assist with planetary ascension.

We could remember this fact because we have remembered we are already ascended within the higher frequencies of our own Multidimensional SELF!

For a free recording of this message, please click the following link to download:

Straight Talk on Ascension ~ Episode #1 (MP3)

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