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Multidimensional Choice – What Happens When I Choose?

by Steve Rother
Greetings from Home, dear ones

We join you with a game already in progress, for you have been in motion for some time. You have been playing a game with pretending to be a human with all your blindfolds on. So magical! You cannot even see your completeness. You can only see your imperfections and we find that fascinating, because it’s actually those imperfections that create beauty on your planet. Own them. Hold them dear. Guard them. Be proud of them; watch how your reality changes.

We are here to bring you a message for the coming month, and to also give you a vision of where humanity is in this moment. These are very unique times, because as humans you are becoming aware that you are multidimensional in nature. You have always known that what you see in front of you, that which you call your reality, is only a small section of what you actually can experience and stretch out into. Humanity is now at a junction where humans will begin to access multiple dimensions simultaneously. Let us go back and explain from an individual perspective first, because that will more easily be understood.

If an individual is strolling down the illusion of time pretending to be human with a blindfold on, what happens is that they come to a point where they must make choices. Well, you are aware that choice is actually at the base of your power; it is the understanding and the expression of your light on planet Earth. So you make these wonderful choices, but what happens to the other options? You choose to move in the direction of A, but what happened to C, D and E—the other opportunities? Dear ones, because in nature you are multidimensional you never miss anything. Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had made a different choice years ago? Perhaps you  would have decided to be in a relationship with someone other than the person you’re married to now, or perhaps you would have changed your choice about having children. Such major decisions totally change your life. Fascinating! Well, what happens dear ones, is when you choose to go down this path you will honor this choice; all of the other choices are simply taken up by your other dimensions. So, you actually miss nothing because all of it is experienced from the whole. However, only a small section of it is experienced in your reality since it’s basically a bandwidth of vibration. As you already understand, there are many radio waves going through your body right now. In fact, if we were able to capture all the radio waves that transverse through your body, you could probably pick up many individual radio stations. Because they are all going through your body at once, you actually have to tune into a single radio station at a time. That requires a device that you call a “radio” to bring in one station out of all the waves. So, that is how your reality is tuned right now. When you wake up in the morning, you know your name, where you are going and the parts that you are playing, because you are in this present dimensional reality. Now, wouldn’t it be nice once in a while to jump into one of these other realities and see how your choices would have worked out? Now you have that capability because all humans are becoming aware of being multidimensional in nature, which is actually your true nature not a new evolution. This is a new discovery and that is where all humans are right now. So many of you are learning how to access your other dimensions of time and space right now. Some are even starting to learn how to teach and guide others into multidimensional healing modalities, which can be very powerful. Now let us look at the collective.

Multidimensionality as Seen from the Collective of Humanity

Does the collective vibration of humanity, as each of you know it, cover the full gambit of vibrational ranges or is it only a small segment of reality? We tell you, dear ones, as enormous as you think that is, actually it is only a small segment of reality. You are tuned into on your own radio dial so that your body can hold and filter through that reality. Does it mean nothing else is occurring? No, all sorts of things are happening right in front of you. However, you cannot see them because you are tuned into one reality, one vibrational range. Now the collective vibration of humanity is the same and it is tuned into one experience. Does that mean that there are still others out there? Yes, there are and here is the beautiful part of that: Humans can choose which one to live in and that is new. You have always had the dimensions, but it has only been recently that you developed the ability to  perceive them. Now as you are reaching a level of your own vibration where you can start to see some of the illusions that were placed there to create having a human experience—all of it is there. Can you go back in your own mind and remember a tragedy in humanity? Remember an event that happened which brought profound tragedy and deep, horrible grieving to people around you. Perhaps the day the Hindenburg crashed or the day that the Twin Towers fell. You can go back to anything that made a huge imprint in humanity, wherever it occurred. Now you are starting to get the idea. There are other dimensional realities where that entire event was avoided, where it did not happen. Why? Because it was a choice of the collective to experience it. Now, you are becoming conscious. Humans, Lightworkers, are now becoming aware that you are multidimensional. All of these parts of you extend far beyond this limited range and in a very short time, every single person on Earth will start being able to use that consciously.  This truly is an awakening from the dream. You are all starting to awaken and discover that you are in a game already in progress that you can change. Only can you change your own individual reality by choosing very carefully. Can you choose which one of these all the humans are going to experience? No, of course you cannot. You are only responsible for yourself; however, now you can choose which one of those you wish to live in and that is new.

Choosing the Reality You Wish

There has been such a vibrational separation between dimensions and reality, which was very much needed for humans to be able to play the game. You woke up in these bodies of density and you had to adjust to them. You had to find out how to work them how you were going to evolve in them. You have evolved in so many magical ways. You can think of the collective as that which you see when you turn on your television and watch news about your world. You think, “That is the truth.” Dear ones, it is actually only a small part; the truth is that is the new reality. You can choose where you wish to live. What if you wish to live in one of those worlds that has only ever had two wars and is not at war at the current time? Can you re-member a time in your own lives where there was no war? That is a beautiful evolution of the collective. You can take yourself away from this environment but then what happens? Many of you are feeling so responsible: “Have I abandoned them? They are going to have all this horrible….” Dear ones, it is all a balance now is it not? You may experience a negative over there but on this side is simply another aspect of yourself, which will be extremely positive. For instance, maybe there is something you just cannot seem to do this no matter how much you try. That also means that over here, another aspect of you is a master at that same thing and you carry a lot of information. Now is the time you are starting to glean the information from all aspects of yourself and perfect yourself in many ways. You can also choose which reality you wish to live in. You have joined the game already in progress, so where would you like to take it? What are your dreams?

Many of you have gone into survival mode, which means you step out of your dreams. You only attempt the things that you know, and you even step backwards in your own belief systems sometimes. It is not a problem; you are human, after all. You are supposed to be experiencing all of it—the good, the bad, the ugly, the indifferent–every part That is how you find beauty on planet Earth when you are pretending to be a human, so keep up the great work. The collective vibration of humanity has many dimensions and each of you can actually choose which dimension you wish to be in from this point forward. Choose well, dear ones. Play the game. Know that you are finding the path of least resistance as all forms of energy do. Know that you are carrying more light than you will probably ever see while you are in this body. We see it and we know who you are. We are here to remind you of that beautiful game and those beautiful decisions you made that put you here right now, in the game already in progress.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Play well together.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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The Elders November Transmission ~ The Mayan Pyramid of Light – Anrita Melchizedek @ The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

anrita melchizedek nov 2015

The Elders November Transmission ~ The Mayan Pyramid of Light
You Tube video
Mp3 download
By Anrita Melchizedek


The Mayan Pyramid is in the Grid of Time and Synchronicity.

The Keeper of the Pyramid is Quetzalcoatl.

Within the pyramid, timepieces and symbols are
created in accordance with the Laws of Creation.
They are carried throughout the matrix combining
all wisdom and knowledge within their design.

They fit together as the gears of synchronicity forming
the totality of human experience.

In dreamtime and meditation one moves within the matrix
attracting the keys that synchronize with all needed experiences.

And Quetzalcoatl created encoded keys within his timepieces
to guide the souls into higher consciousness.

He placed his keys within the matrix to
be found by those who were chosen,
so they may teach humanity about the
changes that occur at the end of a cycle.

And the two souls who assist Quetzalcoatl,
operate and maintain the keys,
as they will be found and the information unlocked.

Join me now within the halls of this pyramid as there
are keys that will return you to your natural state of being.
You will recognize your keys of Light,
they will open your soul and your consciousness.

Quetzalcoatl Returns …

Thoth the Atlantean
Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this magical month of November, and as we tune into the planetary energy collectively you have recently experienced the 11:11 Gateway of Light. We mention this, sweet ones, for not only are these powerful gateways of Light taking you deeper into Cosmic Christ Consciousness, but they are indeed showing you greater signs of synchronicity as you trust and surrender to the Divine. These portals of Light, these vortices, remain open, and this 11:11 gateway was one indeed of taking you deeper into abundance, taking you deeper into the re-balancing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine deities of Light, into deeper levels of your heart’s dreaming and your heart’s passion, and mostly into deeper levels of trusting and surrendering to the Divine as you walk this pathway of Divine Love. These are vibrating key codes of Light and the synchronicities that come for you, sweet ones, are when you see the numbers ~ for example of 11:11, 12:12, 333, or 444 ~ that have as sense of activating the codes within you, as much as having a dream about a beautiful bird and then seeing the bird the next day, or the book falling off the shelf and knocking you on the head, with exactly the information that you are needing in that Now moment. And these series of synchronicities are indeed accelerating for each one of you, sweet ones, showing you a greater level of how the realms of Illumined Truth and the Company of Heaven connect with each one of you at a soul level; in your waking states, in your dream states, in alternate realities, and parallel dimensions, and also through these increased Light activities that have been experienced, and been unparalleled in these last couple of months. You are now aligning deeper into the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th dimensional fields of Light, and in this energy system that we share with you these Light Dimensions, fields of Cosmic Consciousness Awareness, are experienced in greater levels of your multi-dimensionality and are experienced in what we call the unlocking of the time codes; the experience and the knowing that there are particular vibrating fields of consciousness and Light that interact into the nodules that you walk through along the Pathway of Divine Love, to take you deeper into particular experiences along both the karmic timelines, and the Pathway of Divine Love. The nodules that take you into karmic timelines, into greater levels of clearing, are often expressed as Chaotic Nodules, through specific planetary configurations, planetary events, or simply through your own pre-birth agreements, releasing on this level for not only yourself but for all of humanity. At the same time as experiencing the Pathway of Divine Love, and with this, numerous Golden Ages of Light, you are also experiencing the purging and the clearing of the remnants of the false beliefs on this planet, sweet ones ~ of the planetary false beliefs. These planetary false beliefs too, fit in beautifully with an understanding of the Nine Underworlds of Creation, and so we take you into this Mayan Pyramid of Light to experience a deeper sense of these Nine Underworlds of Creation, and how through this, you are clearing the planetary false beliefs and judgments for all life on this sacred earth, as you align through all dimensions of Light, as you align into the Cosmic Heart of God.

So let us start simply by breathing deep into the body ~ expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out, and just allowing your breath to guide you into any area of discomfort, any area that needs your attention or love at this time, as you place your hands upon your heart and say to yourself “I love you” giving your full name now, “I love you ……., I love you ……” You are all greatly celebrated and appreciated and deeply loved, sweet ones, and you are moving deeper into the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light, deeper into the multi-dimensional creations and realities of Unity Consciousness, as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, and Master Beings of Light. And you are grounding right now many of the celestial Codes of Creation that have come through, through these recent planetary activities, through Wave X, through this 11:11 gateway, through the Diamond Key Codes of Creation, through the merging Golden Ages of Light; and through the clearing of the planetary false beliefs and judgments that are often experienced through many of your bodies at a cellular level and through your emotional bodies. The bodies were not designed to experience the emotions of others and feelings and thoughts, and yet this is how you have experienced the clearing, sweet ones. And so we present to you a new way of unlocking the time codes in this Golden Age of Light through the Nodes of Divine Love along the Pathway of Divine Love. Through the vibrational frequencies, gateways, synchronicities, and celestial illuminations that take you deeper into the knowing of your magnificence and Light and how to hold and align into these energies and dimensions of Light, sweet ones, and we start initially now by you simply calling in and invoking many of these beautiful Beings of Light from On High, and your Beloved I AM Presence, as you journey initially into this Mayan Pyramid of Light.
Calling in now the Pleiadians and the Sirians, the Arcturians and the Andromedans, all of the Light; Lord Melchizedek and the Brotherhood of the Light, Lord Michael, Lord Metatron, the Archangels and their Divine Feminine counterparts, the mighty Elohim and their Divine Feminine counterparts, the Ascended Masters, the Ray Masters, Lord Buddha the Planetary Logos, Helios and Vesta the Solar Logii, Melchior the Galactic Logos, and all the Beings of Light from On High you personally acknowledge ~ joining you now in this sacred space, as this beautiful diamond flame of creation activates within your heart chakras, sweet ones. These are the diamond Key Codes of Light, these are the diamond Codes of Purity and Innocence, that activate and align you into the Kingdom of God through the embrace of the inner child, as your gateway to God, through the embrace of negative ego, through the embrace of every sub-personality aspect of yourself that experiences misalignment, that needs your love, that needs your understanding. And you are ready, sweet ones, to experience the full embrace of your magnificence and Soul Light, as these diamond Key Codes activate at a cellular level bringing in the creation of your Light Bodies, within a diamond sphere of Light 54 feet in diameter around you. This energy matrix activates all your multi-dimensional bodies through nine dimensions of Light, and activates your extra-sensory perception gifts and roots you deeper now into the crystal heart of Mother Earth and into the diamond Light Codes within the Inner Earth too. To the inner plane Order of Melchizedek, to the Lemurian Consciousness of Light, to the memories, sweet ones, of the timelines of each one of you in self-mastery; and as you draw upon this, you draw in particular now upon the Mayan, Aztec and Meso-American timelines of Light, the Golden Ages of self-mastery along these timelines. You see yourselves, sweet ones, experiencing Initiations of Light through the Mayan cultures, through Mayan Initiations, through the Mayan understandings. In particular, the understanding of Quetzalcoatl as the return of Christ Consciousness ~ the understanding that this too is the return of Christ that is being experienced for every single one of you as Cosmic Christ Consciousness, as Crystalline Consciousness ~ and while Quetzalcoatl is also sometimes depicted as ‘the white man”, the Light, the Shining One, more often he is depicted as the feathered serpent. The feathers representing the ascension of humanity consciousness back to its origins, while the serpent represents the human DNA or physical reality. It is about knowing, sweet ones, that you are experiencing your return to Light as these Christ Conscious Beings of Light.

And now you experience yourselves in this external merkaba vehicle of Light, and traveling with your Master Guides and your Guardian Angel, you now find yourselves moving through the portals of Light into the Mayan Pyramid of Light. And as you are welcomed now by Quetzalcoatl and his two assistants, you know that you are here sweet ones, to also receive your own Keys of Light, to unlock the information, the vibration, the nodule points of these time locks that will take you into the next level of your soul’s forward evolution; and at this Now moment what you are doing is experiencing a deeper understanding of how the Nine Underworlds of Creation are affecting your consciousness, and the consciousness of all life on this earth-plane in the clearing of the remnants of the false beliefs, judgments, and old patternings and conditionings on this sacred earth. So we take you into a deeper understanding now as you experience yourselves in this beautiful diamond pyramidal shaped Temple of Light, anchoring and activating the key codes of Light from the Mayan and Aztec Golden Ages. You will experience holographically a deeper understanding of what we are talking about, allowing your soul consciousness to travel to the Source of Creation, as a vibrating field of Divine Love.

This first Underworld, sweet ones, was created 16.4 billion years ago and is called the Cellular Underworld, and began its evolution through seven days and seven nights of creation, each 1.26 billion years in length. What is important to understand from this cellular clearing from the Cellular Underworld at this time, sweet ones, is the false belief that stems from the inability to take responsibility for yourself, for your health, and for your creations. What you are clearing here are the negative forces in the chemistry of the solar system and the false belief that has impacted you through this, is believing that you are not able to heal yourselves, that you need to give the responsibility of your healing to others, that you are innately not in tune with your own bodies, spirits, mind and energies. Your body has its own innate intelligence, sweet ones, and if humanity as a whole were able to take responsibility for its own healing and health, monopolies and many professions would be very different. So let this knowing at a cellular level that you are healing yourselves, that you are all master healers, activate now in this beautiful diamond Flame of Light that is taken out through all the sacred leylines and grids around this sacred earth from this Mayan Pyramid of Light, as this consciousness activates within all humanity through the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light.

And now, sweet ones, in this next cycle of what is being cleared along the karmic pathways and through the cycles of time, comes about through the Mammalian Underworld, going back 820 million years ago. Each day and night of the Mammalian Underworld is 63.1 billion year and what is primarily being perpetuated and cleared through this is the destruction of the oceans and the lakes, and the reptilian energy of power and control and domination. The false belief here sweet ones, is that “in order to survive I must take the power from others, I must take the power from the land”. And as this beautiful diamond flame activates now through the cells, and the clearing of these power and control issues of the misuse of the land and oceans along the karmic timelines, you allow this cellular clearing to take you into a place of knowing of how you are co-existing co-operating and co-creating, sweet ones, as you take this energy out to all life on this sacred earth.
Good. And now going back 41 million years ago you come to the Familial Underworld, to the time when the apes and chimpanzees evolved in preparation for the appearance of humans around nine million years ago. What is being cleared here sweet ones, is the judgment of others and the judgments that creates the better-than and lesser-than consciousness with the false beliefs that “I am better than animals, and I am better than others, I am better than most people” ~ the lesser-than and better-than consciousness that amplifies in the superior mind, that creates the comparative measures and creates this sense of the lack of understanding of sentient life and intelligence of the animals on this sacred earth. And as this beautiful diamond flame activates now at a cellular level, and as you wrap it around this sacred earth and into the leylines and grids of Light you bring through the understanding of the Divine equality of all life, simply in the recognition that it is the levels of cosmic consciousness awareness that differ from individual to individual, the understanding sweet ones, that you are all One.
And now sweet ones you go back two million years ago to the Tribal Underworld, the time when humans became social. Each day and night was 158 000 years long, and brought with it the more dualistic nature intensifying in the dance of Light and dark, of rape and murder and greed, and of course the communities that came together, on the other side of this polar balance, for the protection of people, for the protection of race, creed, and ideologies. While this is still very split sweet ones, it has perpetuated not only religious and cultural differences but also the false belief that “others will always take advantage of me” and with this, the sense of survival that creates the need to take advantage of others, to judge them on class or color or creed or ideologies. As this beautiful diamond Flame and these diamond Key Codes of Light activate at a cellular level and around this sacred earth sweet ones, through the leylines and grids of Light, you once again move deeper into the knowing of yourselves in service in Love, how you are assisting all life, simply through your compassion and caring nature, to step into the next level of their souls’ forward evolution and you take this energy in consciousness and in knowing out onto this sacred earth.
Good, sweet ones. And now you come to the Regional Underworld, going back 102 000 years. The time of this Underworld brought about a deeper sense of the Divine Mind of God, through the connection to the realms of Illumined Truth, but also a greater division into perceived separation and with this a perception at a greater level of comparative measures of lesser-than and better-than consciousness, and the false belief in particular sweet ones, that “everyone is stupid”. This is a time too of many of the Neanderthals ~ tribes that found a deeper connection to God and yet were judged, mostly by white man, different races and cultures have divided this sacred earth for too long, sweet ones. And now as you come deeper into Unity Consciousness into Cosmic Christ Consciousness, into the knowing of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, and in particular sweet ones, into the knowing of the return of Quetzalcoatl. You wrap yourselves in this beautiful diamond flame of Light, allowing these beautiful diamond Key Codes of Light, of purity and innocence and unity and Divine Love, to be taken around this sacred earth, to release the judgments of perceived separation of color, of creed, of race, of ideology, and also the hurt of domination of countries and cultures, the suppression of one race by another ~ one people by another, one culture by another. This is what is being cleared, and has been played out through the cycles of time, brought into a greater sense of knowing sweet ones, in this Mayan Pyramid, through the Nine Underworlds of Creation.
And now sweet ones, you move into the National Underworld which started 5,125 thousand years ago where cities and organized civilizations ruled by priests and king cultures sprung up all over the planet. This created a deeper sense too of duality consciousness; and the dominance of men has brought about sweet ones, a sense of male power and the subservience and suppression of female power. With this too, is this sense to this day, of the false belief that is perpetuated and played out in the victim consciousness of “others know more than I do, and I must give my power to others to survive”. As this beautiful diamond Flame activates at a deeper level within the cells clearing so many of these planetary false beliefs and judgments sweet ones ~ as this beautiful diamond Flame and these diamond Key Codes activate onto this sacred earth, you find yourselves coming deeper and deeper into the heart energy of Love, into a deeper sense of the recalibration, the re-integration of your Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits, the loving of your Divine Masculine, the loving of your Divine Feminine, and releasing the play and the dance of the War of the Sexes.
Good, sweet ones. And now you move into the Planetary Underworld which was 1755 to 2011 AD. This was the development of industry. Oil was discovered at the peak of this Underworld, and of course we all know both the positive and negative attributes to this, as well as a greater level of the destruction of the planet that has occurred through the natural resources being stripped, abused and used. And the false belief here, sweet ones, is “I need to look out for myself, I am only successful if I have money.” There is a sense once more of the power play, the idea that money and power can create a life of riches and glory. And as this beautiful diamond Flame and these diamond Key Codes activate from the Cosmic Heart of God, into your hearts, sweet ones, through your chakras and into the cells, as your Light bodies continue to expand into this glorious diamond field of Light within this golden Flower of Life 54 feet in diameter around you, you release this planetary false belief. You take into a deeper Love within your hearts all life in these karmic timelines to create new nodule points along the Pathway of Divine Love, of these vibrating cycles ~ vibrational frequencies of perfect moments of synchronicities and opportunities, trusting and surrendering to the next level of your soul’s highest outcome.
And now sweet ones you move into the Galactic Underworld which began in 1999 as a wave of technology lasting thirteen years. This technological era brought with it positive and negative qualities that united many of you through the internet, through the proliferation of the Cosmic Consciousness Awareness of the knowing of how you are all connected, not only through the information network but also on the inner planes. But with this too it brought once more the false beliefs of better-than and lesser-than consciousness, and in particular the consciousness that “others know more than I do, that I am not valuable, that I not wanted, I am not seen, I am not heard”. Relationships that have broken down through families not spending the time together, communities not spending the time together, a deeper level of isolation and separation, and of course on the other side a deeper level of Unity, of Cosmic Consciousness Awareness. So as you unify these aspects of polar balance, sweet ones, as you move deeper and deeper into the Cosmic Heart of God, these diamond Key Codes activate at a cellular level, within and around this sacred earth to bring simply this sense of Unity, of Love, of innocence, linking the minds of all humanity into the Mind of God.
And lastly sweet ones, you experience the Universal Underworld which accelerated time cycles from March through October 2011. The negative traits here again were suppression of information, and also the suppression of information related to our galactic brothers and sisters and extra-terrestrials, who were ready for an encounter with this sacred earth, ready in October 2011 to reveal themselves to humanity. This timeline that activated in chaotic nodules, the ending of the Mayan Calendar, diverted this timeline into a time that was appropriate along the Pathway of Divine Love, into the Harmony Nodules, into the Peace Nodules; and this is what is coming sweet ones, as you deepen that sense of inter-connectivity and release the planetary false belief that “we are all separate, I am separate from others.” As this diamond flame of Light activates once more into this sacred earth, and at a cellular level within your bodies, clearing these remnants of false beliefs and judgments that created any level of perception of this separation from God, and separation from others, separation from your own emotions, you affirm to yourself “I AM One with God, I AM One with my emotions, I AM One with All Life”. As you activate a deeper level of the knowing of the wisdom that you hold, the knowledge that you have, sweet ones, not only as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, but also in the knowing of yourselves as gatekeepers, in the knowing of yourselves as creator gods, of your ability to manifest and create in accord with the Company of Heaven to bring together the creational forces to such a degree that you unlock the key codes of Light, the time locks, through the gears of synchronicity as you trust and surrender to the Divine.

And it is now Quetzalcoatl who comes forward and presents each one of you with an encoded key to the next level of your soul’s forward evolution as you walk this Pathway of Divine Love. To receive this information sweet ones, you are given two guides, who work with the two souls that assist Quetzalcoatl, operating and maintaining the keys of creational forces and energy, to receive this individual puzzle piece within the collective consciousness of life. And these guides that link you into the unlocking of these key codes are those most familiar to you, whether they are the Christed extra-terrestrials, the Archangels or the Mighty Elohim. You just have a sense now of the two guides that come forward that will be working with you sweet ones, and that will be working too from within this Mayan Pyramid of Light, knowing all will be revealed, all is well. Wonderful, sweet ones.

There are so many beautiful activations and lessons that you are experiencing on the inner planes at this time to take you into the next level of your soul’s forward evolution, into a deeper level primarily of the merging of your Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits, to a greater level of the harmonics of the Milky Way Galaxy, this Golden Rose Galaxy. And we will share more with you in our next transmission as we further connect with you on the inner and outer planes as you walk this pathway of Divine Love. You now thank all these beautiful Beings of Light and Quetzalcoatl as you find yourselves traveling back into your sacred space, and grounding once more into the crystal heart of Mother Earth as you visualize this beautiful Flower of Life and diamond sphere around Mother Earth’s Light body and around your own Light body. Know sweet ones, that you are activating your multi-dimensional bodies of Light through all dimensions, these nine dimensions that we present to you and take you through very briefly now in the creation of your multi-dimensional Light bodies.

You bring a focus to the crown chakra and as this activates now in this beautiful golden sphere of Light, you have a sense of this being your Planetary Body of Light, as this sphere of Light six feet in diameter activates around you, linking you into the Planetary Grid, to one another, to your Master Guides, your Guardian Angel, and in particular to Shamballa and the Ascended Masters of Light. This is the first level of your Light body that takes you into the higher octaves of the third dimension, sweet ones.
And now you experience your fourth dimensional portal activating 0.02 feet above the crown chakra. As you bring in this sphere of Light, this copper-gold sphere of Light, 6.04 feet in diameter around you, linking you into Solar Christ Consciousness and into a greater sense of Crystalline Consciousness at a cellular level within the body; of your ability to activate these crystalline key codes of Light, of Solar Christ Consciousness.

And now you have a sense sweet ones, of this fifth dimensional portal activating 0.6 feet above the crown chakra, bringing in this beautiful silver sphere of Light 7.2 feet in diameter around you and connecting you into the fifth dimensional templates of the new earth; to the patterns of perfection, to the sacred geometries, the numerologies and the fractal geometries. Clearing at a deeper level now the emotional body and bringing in a greater sense of your heart’s dreaming and your heart’s joy.

And now you experience this sixth dimensional portal activate 2.4 feet above the crown chakra as you bring in a beautiful silver-gold sphere of Light 10.8 feet in diameter around you, and within this sixth dimensional consciousness of Light, sweet ones, you connect deeper to your soul and star family and friends, to your Higher Self of the Light and also into a deeper sense of your extra sensory perception gifts. Telepathy, healing, clairsentience or empathy are common gifts, sweet ones, for all of you, as you hold the knowing of how you are moving deeper into the alignment of the Divine through all dimensions of Light, and how you are connecting to soul family and friends and how you are greatly supported and appreciated and celebrated and deeply loved.

You now experience the activation of your seventh dimensional portal, three feet above your crown chakra, as you bring in now this golden-white sphere of Light twelve feet in diameter around you. This seventh dimensional gateway through this portal of Light connects you now to the Star Councils and the Councils of Light that you work with on the inner planes for your service work, deeper into the multi-dimensional selves, into the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light, as to where you are as Pleiadian Star seeds or Sirian Star seeds. Or the different planets, stars or dimensions that you are on, merging these aspects of yourselves in Golden Ages, timelines of Light, and this dimension through all dimensions of Light.

And now, sweet ones, you link into the eighth dimensional frequency, as this Portal of Light activates 5.4 feet above the crown chakra. As you now bring in a beautiful platinum sphere of Light 16.8 feet in diameter around you, you have a sense of Initiations of Light of the timelines of Light, the Golden Ages of Light, and with this the Mayan and Aztec cultures, the Atlantean, Lemurian and Ancient Egyptian. Whatever your consciousness needs, to draw upon these gifts from other dimensions and unlock the time codes of your Highest Potential and the next level of your soul’s forward evolution, is often experienced at this dimensional level with the knowing of your challenges as Initiations of Light.

And lastly sweet ones, you experience this ninth dimensional sphere of Light 54 feet in diameter around you, this beautiful diamond sphere, and within this, this Golden Flower of Life that connects you to the Cosmic Heart of God. All is well, sweet ones, when you recognize that you are indeed this multi-dimensional Master Being moving through all dimensions of Light, merging once more now with your Beloved I AM Presence, the highest aspect of your Soul Light within the Cosmic Heart of God. Good.

These dimensions of Light assist you to understand the planetary clearings, and how you are indeed moving beyond the perception of duality into the embrace of every single experience in the recognition that All is God. As you ground and center yourselves, coming back fully into your present moment, sweet ones ~ and open your eyes when you are ready.
And we thank you for your service work, and with this we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by Eadie Miller
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