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Art : Poetic Dreamer – by Olivia Curry


Transcript ~ St. Germaine on AHWAA: You Are Creators in Form, October 27, 2015

Hour With Angel picYou are Our Creators in Form

Saint Germaine

An Hour with an Angel

October 27, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve:  Good Evening, Linda. How are you today?

Linda:  I’m fine, it’s all about that time thing, in and out of time.  You know the council tells us that time, in terms of what we used to know as the 24-hour day, is down to about 11 hours a day now. So if you’re feeling like things are just flying so fast and you can’t get done in a day what you used to get done in a day, that’s part of the reason.

SB:   And that’s the internal experience?

LD:  That’s the internal experience.  I think a lot of us are feeling, in addition to receiving all those energy downloads and doing our work with Archangel Michael at night, that we put our head on the pillow and two seconds later the alarm is going off.  So, it is that shrinkage of what we have known as the 24-hour day.

SB:  Well, we’ll have to ask the day or the night to be speeded up while we’re working and slowed down while we’re sleeping.   (Both laughing)

LD:   Or maybe the other way around so that we extend our time hanging out with Archangel Michael.  (Both laughing)

LD:   Somebody just tapped me on the shoulder…and you and I have talked about some people having difficulty accessing the Golden Age of Gaia website and that what they need to do is to delete all their cookies, turn off their machine, then reboot their machine and everything will be fresh and beautiful.

SB:  Linda, you’re hired!  (Both laughing)

LD:  Oh, good, I was looking for a job. (Linda laughing)

SB:  The ironic thing Linda is that the very people who need to hear that can’t access the blog so when I keep reposting the message they’re not hearing it.  Some of them haven’t been on the blog since September 21st so thank you for that. I think we have Saint Germaine on with us today.

LD:  Yes, and now I’m going to step far, far away. (Both laughing)

SB:  Okay and we’ll welcome Saint Germaine as soon as you make your transition.

Saint Germaine:  Greetings, greetings, greetings, greetings, my friends, my allies, my fellow Gaians, my fellow humans, my fellow star seed.  I could go on and on but I simply wish to say hello, good morning, good evening, good afternoon.  Welcome to this council and to this sacred time of transition.

I come to you this day, yes, as keeper – and what many of you term as master of the violet flame, of the violet flame of transformation, of transmutation, of transubstantiation – as keeper of the “I Am” presence.  It is my honor to be with you this day.  It is my honor to travel with you and to be with you always.

My beloved friends, I come this day to speak of many things, but I come primarily to speak to you about creation, for is this not a topic, a subject with such wide spectrum and such wide ramifications that there is not a being upon the planet that is not interested?  So I remind you, sweet light workers and love holders, that as I address you this night I also address all beings, all- collective, all humanity upon this beloved planet of Terra Gaia, of sweet Earth.

And that as you act with your heart, your mind, your ears, your bodies as a receptacle to what I transmit to thee, you are also acting as the transmitters out into the further universe and out upon your planet.

So even before we get started, I thank you.  Now, my good friend and ally, Albert Einstein, has spoken to you about the patterning of the universe, about dimensional and interdimensional reality.  And might I say to you he is as brilliant on this side as he was on yours.  He never ceases to amaze.

But I wish to pick up and expand, humbly expand, if you have ever heard me use that word before…expand upon what (laughing) sweet Einstein has said.  And that is twofold: all patterning through out the omniverse, throughout what you think of as the multiverse, throughout the universe is upon the patterning, the pattern of the Divine Mother.

There are many explanations, theories that have come forth in science, philosophy, esoteric study, about the patterning of the universe.  But what I say to thee, it is an honor and a gift, but it is also the only explanation.  You and we and all are patterned on the Divine Mother and from the very essence of the conjoining of the mother/father one.  It is really very simple.

Now, Einstein has also talked, lectured, spoken to our hearts about the inhalation and exhalation.  And the exhalation is an expression of creation.  The inhalation is the fuel.  You my beloved friends are mighty creators and you create in every moment of every day, whether it is 11 hours or 36!  You have been creating from the moment you were conceived and long before, and you will be creating long after you transition, expire or die. It is the very nature of your being because you are patterned upon the infinite creator, the eternal creator, the Mother.

So what I wish to address and speak to – attempt to engage in conversation with you – this night is what is your hesitation?  What is your fear?  Recently I have given you my even greater attunement to the violet flame, to the I Am presence.  And yes, while this was a very nice gift, what do you think the purpose of it was?  It is to engage you in this process of extinguishing, eliminating, letting go of any hesitancy, let alone fear, terror, trepidation, desire.

To not create is ridiculous. And for you to fool yourself, yes deceive yourself into thinking that you are not creating is absurd. When you breathe in you are creating life.  You are creating life in your very vessel, your being, your cells, your structure.  And when you exhale you are emitting gasses and again letting go of what does not serve you and what is not needed and required in that very moment within your vessel.

Creation, the business, the act, the joy of creation is not difficult.  It is already within you.  It is innate to your very pattern.  Yes, no matter how unique your soul design, how unique your patterning, how unique your soul mission and purpose, your ray; you are not exempt.  For creation, this is part and parcel of your very being.  I could say most of you, but I will not.  I will say all of you who Michael and many have called masters have returned to this planet, to this time and space during this movement and process of shift and ascension, to be creators.

You are creating nova being within your very soul and your physical body.  You are creating and co- creating community and nova earth.  You are creating projects, cities of light, new institutions, new financial systems, new societal structures, new sacred partnerships in human form all in the name of love.

You are about as active as active can be.  And yes, even those of you who are saying, “My work, my mission is to be a beacon of light, a transmitter of love.  I hold the energy and that is what I do. I send the love, I hold the love.”  If that is not an action that is phenomenally profound, I don’t know what is.  It is a creation.

In the very beginning, and now I speak of eons ago, the Mother had birthed and led many of you to this beloved planet.  You are – you were the creator race.  Now for many this has connotations that over the many many thousands and thousands and thousands of years of war and control… has connotations that are not pleasant.

Let me be extraordinarily clear. When I speak of the creator race, I speak of the angelics, the archangelics, the seraphim, the elohim, and the completely sheer creative energy, and some of your star beings of completed evolution that came to this planet to play in form, to be the expression of union, of love, of creation in this form that has been assumed on this particular planet.  Now that included all the kingdoms.  That is not what I wish to address this day.

I wish to address the humans. And I step forth with glee to talk about this to my fellow humans, because as a human whom you have known and loved in many different guises, you also know that I am, shall we say, rather proficient at bringing forth creation.  Whether it is of my sacred trust, whether it is diamonds at a dinner party, whether it is of community and unity, whether it is of transformation with use of the violet flame.  I join you as fellow traveler who has learned about the process of creation from many and primarily from Sanat Kumara, who stands by me this day as I embark on this discussion.

It is time, my friends, to truly embrace your inner and outer creator self.  It is not a matter of waiting.  Now what is the most precious creation of all?  It is the experience of the sweetness of life,  the sweetness of love. And might I say, it is not merely the love of self, which is precious, but it is the love of others.  It is the love of the unknown other.  It is the love of those who surround you.

It is that moment, or lifetime of such unbearable sweetness that at that moment you could gladly die knowing that you have experienced the best that physicality has to offer.  That sweetness came to me, not in the creation of showy diamonds.  Yes, it did come in the caves of Tibet.  It came in union with partner.  It came in the witness of a birth of a child.  And it comes for me in the sweet gift, from this side, of being able to witness and to participate in the birthing of your creator self yet again.

Creation is the simplest and the most complex undertaking you will do, and you will do it in this or any lifetime.  Now why is it complex?  And why has it become more and more complex, not less, with evolution of so called sophisticated societies?  Because of the barriers that you have allowed, of control, of mayhem, of chaos, of fear, of terror, of punishment of creating out of thin air, of being burned at the stake or thrown in the water, hung; it matters not.

Because once you remove that, I remind you, it is intention and still point and action, all three, but there is nothing difficult about any of these elements.  Now many of you think of creation and the practicality of creation, and I encourage you in this direction. As the creation of wealth, of security, which is often financial security, it is the creation of good health; it is the creation of safety and security, meaning the absence of violence and terror, war.  It is the creation of peace and serenity in your home, in your heart.  These are the things of value.

Now, my beloved friends, you are not assisting in the transformation of what you have all been awaiting, in this whole purview of human existence as much as you might.  I say this, not as a critique, certainly not as a judgment, not as a criticism, but as your old friend saying, “let’s stop waiting and let’s do everything together that we can”.

Now in the past several months you have been receiving, not merely from me but from the entire company of heaven, the ascended masters, the elohim, the archangels, the mother, the father, the one, all beings, all star family. You have been receiving downloads, attunements, infusions, how ever you think of or consider the rising of your frequency in a quantity that has never been known before upon this planet since the initial creation.

That in and of itself is a creation.  And your accepting the energy is your creation as well.  You have that expression, which I have always enjoyed, “It takes two to tango.”  Well, in this case it takes about seven billion, but not really.  Seven billion will join the dance.  But in fact, it takes very few.  So I and we are asking you in terms of health, wealth, prosperity, abundance, security, peace, new structure, new earth: this in my invitation to you.

Now we will talk about the meaning of health and wealth and peace but let me not go on and on dear Steve.  Where do you wish to begin?

SB:  Well, thank you very much Saint Germaine.  You already noted that we have trouble with the notion of creation and certainly I do.  I don’t know if you’re suggesting that we all become alchemists or that we’ll be pulling rabbits from a hat, so to speak…in other words creating something new, something that allegedly wasn’t there before.

If I were to bring love up from my heart I don’t think of that as creating because the love was already there.  And since I’m drawing on the universe for it, so I have to say that, speaking for myself, I’m not quite absolutely clear what creation involves and what it is.  Is it …is it essential to the notion of creation that love is created as new, for instance?

SG:  No!  Now there is another expression you have, “that there is nothing new under the sun or throughout the universe.”  And I would tend to agree with that and not agree with that.  I am a really troublesome guest, aren’t I?  (Both laugh)

Now, it means both.  There is nothing if you are drawing upon the true energy of creation.  What you are doing is drawing upon the pattern of the mother, the essence of the mother/father one.  And that is the purity and the clarity, the love, so that is everything. And anything that is not of that nature, and there are many things upon your planet right now, is not truly a creation of love.

So what we are doing and what I am asking is for all of you to become, to utilize, to bring up as you have said, that energy of creation and creator self, because you tend to shy away from the acceptance of yourself in that way and I mean you, the collective.  To be able to be both alchemist and creator of, shall we say, what is viewed as the non-material. But that truly exhibits, from our perspective, as the material.  And what I mean by that is the kind and caring, nurturing and considerate proactive human being.

So we are talking about a level of transformation that has been put into hyper drive, because creation is instantaneous. Yes, you may think of it as taking time, but that is your translation factor, not necessarily ours, unless it is interfering with the highest good of the collective.  Yes, this is a very involved conversation and I am happy to take my time with it.

So it is both the ability to, and the action to realize that you are creating a completely restored -and what people think of as – new paradigm for humanity, for earth, for every function of humanity. And at the same time, because of that – and that is an essential understanding – because of that you are bringing into form what can be thought of as the rearrangement of love atoms to take form.

Now I bet that has given you 22 further questions.

SB:  You really read my mind.  Yes, the drawing together of love atoms.  What is a love atom? That is the building block of everything, right?

SG:  That is correct.

SB:  Well, please tell us about that if you would.

SG:  So, let us try and be practical then.  I will try and use a current situation rather than tell you how I produced diamonds at dinner parties.  Maybe I will do both.  (Steve laughs)  You have suggested, and I have witnessed, Dear Heart, how you bring up the love in your heart.  And is that not the sweetest, most precious experience of life?

SB:  Yes, it is.

SG:  So my friend, I hope you do not mind me using you as our example.

SB:  Not at all.

SG:  What do you do with that love that is in your heart?

SB:  It has to flow.  You can’t just sit there.  So send it out to the world.

SG:  So what you are doing is you are taking all the love atoms, because; think of it, you tend to think of love as sheer energy.  And in fact it is.  But think of it in this way, what if you could collect those love energies, those love atoms?  What else do you think you’re doing, for example when you send energy?  You are sending the love atoms.  So what about if it came out of your heart, and I am not suggesting by the way, that sending it out to the entire planet is incorrect, it is lovely, it is beautiful, it is profound.  But, let us play with this, because you have asked the question.

What if you took those love atoms, pouring out of your heart, and you held it as if you are holding a crystal ball or a basketball in your hand, between your hands, and in fact in this moment, dearest Steve – and everyone who is listening – if you hold your hands as if you are embracing a basketball, because a baseball is too small, or a magnificent globe of Gaia, you will feel the energy that is right there right now.

Then, what if you say, “Well I intend this ball of love atoms to be directed to X”, and with intention and with stillpoint you simply toss the ball, knowing it already has every thing that is required…you toss it where it has need to go.  You send it with directional intentionality where it needs to go.  So let me be even more specific even at the danger of irritating my channel.

Many of you are waiting on the prosperity packages, on the revaluation of systems.  And to say that the human beings involved, not with malintent, although there are some very profound scam artists involved, but that is not the whole of this process…but they are slow.  Not with malintent, I need to emphasize that.  But the process has been dragging and dragging and dragging.  Well, they can use a little help.

So what if all of you took your love atom balls and sent it to assist those who are doing the physical, metaphysical, spiritual drudgery actions involved in this, to help it smooth the way with glee and gladness and kindness and proficiency and effectiveness and efficiency?  What if your ball was the love atoms of these qualities I have just outlined?  And then you send it to those involved, to help them out.  Because in helping them out you are helping everybody out. Is that a practical enough suggestion?

SB:  Yes, indeed.

SG:  Now, there is another aspect to this, what you have called being the alchemist.  Take the ball in your heart, within your hands, and simply say, “I want this beautiful collection of love atoms to be a car, a house, a sacred partner, good health; but that can be more complex, and I want this to be in divine perfection and alignment because I do not choose to interfere with anybody else’s free will or path” and simply hold it.  Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it until you know it has assumed the frequency.

And you will know, do not think, “I don’t know when to let go”, you absolutely know.  And then place it, bring it back, you took it out of your heart, I want you to bring it back and put it in your solar plexus.  So that it will merge with your will, in alignment with divine will to then manifest and you will know when you eject it from your solar plexus again as a ball of energy of love atoms.  Then it is ready to assume form. Now you are not quite competent enough to do it in the blink of an eye.  But what I am suggesting to you, whether it is the creation of the Empire State Building, the Hope diamond or a new system of reality, that you are our creators in form upon planet right now.

SB:  To me you say we are the creators in form right now, it sounds like you’re saying much more than simply receiving energy from the Company of Heaven and blasting that energy out.   You just said that if it involves creating the new structures and foundations. What guidance have you for us about how we go about that? For instance, well, the divine qualities play a big role. It would be important for us to be reflective of the divine qualities to have our creations be well formed, right?

SG:  It is absolutely essential, not simply desirable, but essential that you are living, not merely working on but living to the best of your ability, which by the way is stellar.  You are embodying the divine qualities.  Now, I want to make sure the translation is correctly heard.  Because what I have already heard some of you saying, “Well, I’m not perfect yet.  I need to do a little more work.”  My beloved friends, the biggest shift is for you to realize you are already divine perfection.  You always have been.  You always will be.

The barrier is the fear that you’re not or the expression that you choose to take, choose to take and act, or feel, behave, that you are less than.  Now that is part of the old third and one of the reasons that we are having this conversation at this juncture in time is that that is no longer.  So yes, it is about the embodiment of the divine qualities, the alignment with the divine, with your purpose and with the mother’s purpose.

But, now as a human, and I had a very long life and many of them, I was very good at making excuses.  So I know all about excuses.  And they are simply an expression of futility. It is futile.  It is a waste of what you and we think of as time and energy, to make excuses.  So yes, do you need to embrace, enjoy, embody, express, and be divine qualities?   And each of you are going to be attracted to different qualities; it doesn’t mean that you reject the others.

Love has so many wondrous faces and you are the expression of those faces.  So do you need to be in the truth of yourself, your sacred self?  Of course.  But my beloved friends, do you really think and feel that I would be addressing you in this way if we had not determined that you are prepared to do this?  We do not set you up to feel poorly about yourself or to feel less than, “Oh my gosh, I am not ready.”

But yes, dear Steve, it does mean embodying, not only the divine qualities but the truth of who you are.  And that, that singularity is the biggest blockage to your creating what your heart desires.  Because the truth of your genuine heart desires is the creation of new structures, physical and non-physical.  Expressions of physicality, when we say, “Let us be practical.”  We say, “Let us create community and unity and unitive consciousness.”

But the expression of that is kindness and consideration to your neighbors, to your friends, to the nation across the planet, to the person next to you in the line.  It is everything.  It is the outer expression.  The physical expression of your creation of what those atoms of love look like.  It is the expression on your face.  It is your body language.  It is the glint in your eye.  It is the smile on your face.  It is the quiet acceptance of not being irritated when a baby is crying.

SB:  How do we begin?  If you were on the astral planes right now and I had newly transitioned, I’d be seeing that people can do things in creation and I would start with just trying to lift a pin off the floor or trying to see a pin bend or something like that.  How do we begin creation here as the creator race which is just starting to remember?

SG:  Start with something small and rather than trying with your kinetic powers to move a pin, start with something in the physical realm that you wish to see.  So do not start with peace on earth.  Might I suggest to you, so that you can begin with me, the practice of realizing just how interdimensional you truly are.  Feel those love atoms, the love in your heart.  All the downloads we have sent you conjoined with the love that you are.  That is what the flow is!  And see it as if it is sitting in your hands.  See it as if it is that basketball that I have referred to.  Now make it something physical.  Something that is in your view doable.

So today I wish to find or be given or receive or simply quote-unquote apparate a five-dollar bill. And then, let go of the energy and then be prepared to receive your five dollars.  Whether it is that you found it tucked in a drawer.  Yes, this is the way it will work to start with, whether it is a stranger giving you five dollars, whether you suddenly win five dollars.  It doesn’t matter.  Start with something small and then receive it again, and again and again and again.  Then start with something larger and larger and larger and at the same time, I ask of you to be sending those love atoms in a directed way to a project that you deem very close at hand and highly desirable.

SB:  Wow!  Thank you very much. We have about 10 minutes left in this show and I wanted to ask you what we can expect from November 8th?

SG:  It is already underway and I would suggest to you that there will be miracles, what you would think of as miracles occurring almost on a daily basis.  Now you’ve had many indicators from your star friends that they are planning, underway, to reveal themselves.  So what I am suggesting to you is expect the unexpected.  But regardless of visible manifestations, which I am wanting to focus on because you have need to focus on them and I mean you, the human collective.  You are needing, it is timely for the visible signs.

But the further upgrades, shall we put it that way, in your beingness because we cannot say, we cannot refer to you simply in terms of your physical vessels because your fields have grown so substantially.  Will you experience it in your physical form?  Yes, you will.  Let me also say to you I do not come to you as psychic Saint Germaine.  But I do suggest to you, strongly, that this is a time of changing of the guard and it means as much in your time as it did in mine.  This is what you think of as November 8th, is a changing of the guard, in and around that time.

SB:  Do you mean by that, Saint Germaine, changing of the Guards, you mean political guard, military guards, economic guard?

SG:  All of the above.

SB:  Are you willing to discuss this topic in more detail or is it something…

SG:  No, because we do not wish to interfere with unfoldments already under way.  That would simply tip the scales in a direction and in favor of those who do not want to see change.  So no we will not elaborate on this much further.  I am impatient and is that not ridiculous for and ascended master to say? So I will say I, but it is a word you understand.

SB:  Yes?

SG:  So let us say that the company of heaven is impatient.

SB:  Impatient that we act or that the others give up and stop obstructing?

SG:  No.  It is the actions.  It is the creations of the light workers, of the love holders and when I say that I include the man in the street, the being, the woman, the child that knows who they are and is tired of war and mayhem and control and abuse.  So when I say impatient and fed up I mean excited, exhilarated, in a period of great anticipation.  But it is a co-creation with you, all of you upon the planet at this time.  It is a realization, a deep realization.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

©2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright.  We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge,  and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Transcript ~ St. Germain on An Hour With an Angel: You Are Creators in Form, October 27, 2015,


Art Olivia Curry - Poetic Dreamer


Living Life in Thanksgiving – Shanta Gabriel @ The Gabriel Messages



ART : Isabelle Bryer

Living Life in Thanksgiving

 A Message from Archangel Gabriel


Dear Ones,

It is nearly Thanksgiving in the U.S., marking the official beginning of the holiday season. Know that in this unique time of the year there is an awakening in you of the spirit of Gratitude. It is the true essence of Thanksgiving.

When you can immerse yourself in the flow of pure Gratitude, it catalyzes new abundance in every area of your life. Gratitude can provide a new containment field for your heart to open into. It is a true gift for yourself when you live in Gratitude. The power of giving thanks can help to lift you above the appearance of disharmony so that a new life emerges within you, opening doors to amazing possibilities you never imagined.

Your deepest dreams are being awakened now and your heart is being offered an opportunity to create manifestation of your deepest Soul’s longings. When you open to these desires that have the potential to fulfill you in massive ways, an energy begins to work in you that you have never experienced. It is like the unlocking of the gateway to a new dimension with thanksgiving as the key.

The creation of new attitudes of thanksgiving in your life attracts new streams of light-filled energy to bless all that is honored in this way. When a blessing of thanksgiving is made in any moment, it confers light-filled Divine energy upon the person who sends it, as well as the situation being blessed. In challenging times it may seem difficult to find something to feel grateful for. In spite of this difficulty, one way to create a positive change in your life is to give thanks for what you have now. You can even give thanks in advance for what you want to create. This allows a shift in your perceptions so that you begin to attract new beneficial energy into your life.

Gratitude is an attitude that can profoundly change your consciousness. When you live your life in thanksgiving, it can affect your being at a biological level, training your mind and body to live in a higher state of health and well-being.

When you find nothing else, you can give thanks for just being alive so your soul will evolve. It is a gift to be in a human body and your body is a miraculous instrument. Consider the fact that you have a heart within you that needs no conscious assistance on your part to continue beating. Remember that you don’t have to tell your digestive system to do its work.

All of these body parts are functioning in a wondrous Divine plan of perfection. When you turn your attention to these systems within your body, when you begin to give thanks for the incredible processes that continue 24 hours a day within you, they will function at a higher level. Your focus of attention with gratitude and blessings will bring more light and strength into your vital organs. For extra energy, consider filling these organs with a healing color such as pink or green, which brightens them with Divine Light. For fun you can then imagine a smile on a body part such as your liver or your heart. This will not only bless your organs, it will lighten your mind.

Gratitude is the Attitude that will take you into your Heart. Consider the idea that your thoughts are like prayers reaching out into the Universal flow of life. When you use your thoughts consciously, they become prayers that shift your perspective so you can see the greater perspective of what is actually going on in your life. Prayers of gratitude are very powerful, and stimulate an increased flow of spiritual energy into every situation. This force can create miraculous change for good in your life. It may take a little effort to find something to be grateful for when you are feeling down, but prayers of thanksgiving can help create a beautiful shift in your mind when you do so.

It is vitally important for your future to nurture compassion for yourself, the mistakes you made as you were learning about life, and forgiveness for the person you were in the past. Be grateful for all that you have learned and all that you are. This act is a good beginning for a peace filled and happy future. You can open new doors for tomorrow with your grateful thoughts today.

No matter how it feels, you are never alone. You are here on earth to remember your connection to the Spiritual Presence in your life. You are meant to live a happy, abundant life with deep fulfillment. In order to do this, it is necessary to step out of the challenges life presents and into the flow of God’s love, which will bring you more creative solutions.

There is one place where you can always go to feel the power of Divine Love, and that is in your heart. Gratitude is the attitude that will take you into your heart. It does not matter if you see nothing in your life for which to feel grateful, just the act of giving thanks opens a door in your heart to allow Divine Love in.

Sometimes it seems as though prayer is difficult or there may be negative associations with organized religion from childhood. Perhaps some suggestions for prayers of thanksgiving can be useful. Here are some possibilities for prayers that may help you to lift your thoughts and connect your heart to the essence of Gratitude. You can choose one or more that resonate with you and use them as a spiritual practice for the day. Masters suggest 21 days of a practice to create a new habit within your brain.

Thanksgiving Prayers

Divine Presence,

I AM grateful for the Beauty and Power of the living Earth that sustains all life and blesses all who are fortunate to live in this beautiful world. I give thanks that all beings are awakening to these gifts.

Thank you for this day. Help me to see the blessings in my life, and learn the lessons given to me to learn. Show me what I need to know in order to grow into a more kind and loving human being, and take care of my responsibilities with Grace and Ease. Help me to share the gifts you have given me in a way that adds more value to the world.

Thank you for helping me move with great Clarity and Certainty. Thank you for inspiring my heart-centered action in every area of my life.

I AM grateful for physical, mental and emotional Health and Well-Being. I recognize Wellness as my most empowered attribute and it blesses every area of my life.

Thank you for abundant demonstrations in my bank account and the financial ability to save, spend and support others. I AM grateful that my work fulfills me on all levels.

Thank you for my mind that is inspired and creative. Thank you for helping me to be open to new ideas that can bring good into my life. Thank you for my amazing body that is strong and flexible, and for the organs within it that are functioning with perfection. Bless each cell and fiber of my being so that it is filled with your Divine Light.

Thank you for the forgiveness growing in my heart and the compassion within me for the person I am right now. Help me to also have compassion and understanding for others as they walk their own path in life.

I AM thankful for the new awakenings of Love and Abundance all over the world in the hearts of each person embodied at this time. Thank you for helping me to live my life in Harmony and Well-Being, and to be a radiant light for Divine Love in the world.

For these and all my blessings, I say, “Thank You God.”

May this time of Thanksgiving fill your heart with a new awakening to the Loving Presence within all things and bless every area of your life with pure Gratitude.

So be it. Be it so. Amen.

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Climbing Jacob’s Ladder – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob's Ladder 213This is a good time to review the differences between enlightenment and Ascension. This is an article from 2014 on the subject.

Enlightenment is the realization of our true nature.

Ascension is the adjustment of our energies to a higher frequency so that the dimension of existence we’re currently aware of fades from our experience and we find ourselves experiencing on a new and higher plane.

Ascension happens within subplanes of a dimension as well as between dimensions. However, the word “Ascension” is usually reserved for ascension between dimensions. But we ascend within dimensions nonetheless. People are always ascending, except under exceptional circumstances.

What exceptional circumstances? Well, we chose this lifetime to descend, to come down from higher dimensions to assist our brothers and sisters on Earth to rise to a higher one.  We’re the leaven in the loaf. The work of starseeds and lightworkers raises the vibration of the whole planet.

Enlightenment is usually the mechanism that causes Ascension.  In our case, if we chose to leave the body, we’d return to our native dimensions as a matter of course. The experience of enlightenment wouldn’t be needed, apparently, for our return to our original estate as angels.

In the Third Dimension, enlightenment usually consists of the seeing of the Light of the One (or the Form of the One) in more and more refined ways.  First it’s a discrete and brilliant Light (the Child), then the Light in all creation (the Mother) and then the Light that transcends creation (the Father).

But it doesn’t have to be the seeing of a Light. It could also be a vision of a form of God. Or it could be an experience in consciousness, without any kind of vision.

Since these three stages of enlightenment have been the most common throughout the ages, I’d like to look at each stage, if you’d permit me.

The first stage occurs when the kundalini reaches the fourth chakra. A bright, discrete Light is seen. Christians call this the Son of God and the Christ. Hindus call it the Atman and the Self. It is the Light of our true nature. Hindus call the experience spiritual awakening and Buddhists stream entering.

Jan Ruusbroec describes it here:

“In the abyss of this darkness in which the loving spirit has died to itself, God’s revelation and eternal life have their origin, for in this darkness an incomprehensible light is born and shines forth; this is the Son of God, in whom a person becomes able to see and to contemplate eternal life.” (1)

Why contemplate eternal life? Because meditating on the sight of the Light causes it to expand, as we’ll see below. The end of its expansion is “eternal life” in the sense that we need not be reborn. That would be establishment in the Fifth Dimension. We always were alive and always will be but we needn’t be reborn from now on.

Ruusbroec continues:

“It is Christ, the light of truth, who says, ‘See,’ and it is through him that we are able to see, for he is the light of the Father, without which there is no light in heaven or on earth. (2)

When we meditate on this discrete light we’ve seen, it expands and leads to the next stage of enlightenment.

The next stage occurs when the kundalini reaches the sixth chakra. That same Light expands to fill all of creation. Christians call it the vision of the Holy Spirit; Hindus, of Shakti, the Divine Mother. It’s also called cosmic consciousness and savikalpa samadhi (or samadhi while seeing form).

Here’s Wordsworth describing the experience of it.

“‘Such was the Boy — but for the growing Youth
What soul was his, when, from the naked top
Of some bold headland, he beheld the sun
Rise up, and bathe the world in light!

“He looked —
Ocean and earth, the solid frame of earth
And ocean’s liquid mass, in gladness lay
Beneath him:–
Far and wide the clouds were touched,
And in their silent faces could he read
Unutterable love.

“Sound needed none,
Nor any voice of joy; his spirit drank
The spectacle: sensation, soul, and form,
All melted into him; they swallowed up
His animal being; in them did he live,
And by them did he live; they were his life”.  (3)

Sri Ramakrishna describes the seeing of a divine form rather than a Light. He points out that we remain in the domain of dualism throughout the experience.

“Then comes the sixth plane, corresponding to the centre known as Ajna. This centre is located between the eyebrows and it has a lotus with two petals. When the Kundalini reaches it, the aspirant sees the form of God. But still there remains a slight barrier between the devotee and God. It is like a light inside a lantern. You may think you have touched the light, but in reality you cannot because of the barrier of glass.” (4)

The next stage of enlightenment, when the kundalini reaches the seventh chakra, sees the Light transcend creation. We “see” the formless or the transcendental.  It’s the first transcendental vision of what Christians call the Father and what Hindus call Brahman. It sees us leave the domain of dualism and enter the domain of unitive consciousness; what used to be called the “nondual state.”

Jan Ruusbroec describes it here:

“There follows a third kind of experience, namely, that we feel ourselves to be one with God, for by means of our transformation in God we feel ourselves to be swallowed up in the groundless abyss of our eternal blessedness, in which we can never discover any difference between ourselves and God. This is the highest of all our experiences and can be experienced in no other way than by our being immersed in love.” (5)

Sri Ramakrishna describes it here:

“Last of all is the seventh plane, which, according to Tantra, is the centre of the thousand-petalled lotus. When the Kundalini arrives there, the aspirant goes into samadhi. In that lotus dwells Satchidananda Siva, the Absolute. There Kundalini, the awakened Power, unites with Siva. This is known as the union of Siva and Sakti.” (6)

It is the first “seeing” of the formless God.

This is not the end of the journey. For most of us, Sahaja Samadhi is, when the kundalini reaches the heart. It involves a permanent heart opening and is liberation from birth and death. That happens, according to the Divine Mother, sometime after we enter the Fifth Dimension, not right away.

Now we see why the Trinity is so important: because we’re set the task in life of realizing while still in the body the Light of the Child, the Mother and the Father, or of the Atman, Shakti and Brahman. The purpose of life is knowing our true nature and that true nature is God. We realize our true nature, in successive stairsteps, by realizing each level of the Trinity.

Interestingly, Jesus through John Smallman once called Ascension a “return once more to your natural state of Oneness with your Source.” (7)  That’s a pretty good definition of Sahaja, in my view because Sahaja means our “natural state of being.”

Sri Ramana Maharshi describes it here:

“[The] Heart is the seat of Jnanam [wisdom] as well as of the granthi (knot of ignorance). It is represented in the physical body by a hole smaller than the smallest pin-point, which is always shut. When the mind drops down in Kevalya Nirvikalpa [samadhi], it opens but shuts again after it. When sahaja [nirvikalpa samadhi] is attained it opens for good.” (7)

“The Sahaja Nirvikalpa is permanent and in it lies liberation from rebirths.” (8)

So this is the stairway to heaven. Why heaven? Because “heaven” is the Christian word for the Fifth Dimension. The Fifth Dimension is one step on Jacob’s Ladder of consciousness and we are the angels who’ve descended it and are mounting it again.

Of levels loftier than Sahaja, we know little.


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