Archangel Michael on Soul and Spirit – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Archangel Michael unknown artist

Archangel Michael – Unknown Artist


Archangel Michael on Soul and Spirit

I asked Archangel Michael in my last reading through Linda Dillon on Nov. 11, 2015, to explain how “soul” and “spirit” could somehow be different, separate, etc., as a recent channeled message through Ronna Herman seemed to imply.

AAM answers very carefully, I think so as not to give any grounds for offense. The conversation as an exploration between an archangel and his servant is interesting unto itself. It’s also interesting in showing how clarity is sought and obtained from an archangel.  And it is also so for the answer to the question itself.

Steve Beckow: You said that through Ronna that “the soul is neither spirit nor matter. It consists of manifested white fire seed having sent forth as a divine spark of our Father God into the spirit cosmic womb of our beloved Mother,” etc.  (1)

The soul is not spirit?

Archangel Michael: That is correct.

S: Really!

AAM: Well, the soul is spirit and the soul is spirit assuming and transcending form.

S: Right. But spirit is not form, right? Spirit is transcendental.

AAM: That is correct.

S: And soul is transcendental?

AAM: That is correct.

S: Boy, how do you transcend the transcendental?

AAM: With love.

S: (laughing) Oh, you really can do that!

AAM: Yes, you can, dear heart.

S: The Atman [the Self, the Son, the Christ] is the Father and there is nothing beyond the Father?

AAM: But that does not mean that it cannot assume into or descend to your, what you are thinking of as de-scension, into form.

S: So, let me just say then that I am not clear about that: the soul is neither spirit nor matter. I would’ve said myself that there is nothing higher than the soul except where the soul came from, that is, the Father.

AAM: That is correct.

S: So, what do you mean by spirit? Can you define “spirit” for me used in this connection, “The soul is neither spirit nor matter.”

AAM: Think of it in this way.  “Spirit” is pure transcendent energy. When you want spirit to be both spirit and have the capacity to assume and anchor into form, then that terminology is the “soul”.

S: Okay, thank you. That has done it for me.

So let me recap here: spirit is transcendental and formless; when, individuated as a point of consciousness or awareness, it descends into form, into matter, mater, Mother. We then call it in its altered (individuated) state, the soul.


(1) “The Soul is neither Spirit nor matter—it consists of manifested White Fire Seed Atoms sent forth from the Divine Mind of our Father God into the Spirit Cosmic Womb of our Beloved Mother God—who then sends forth, via the breath of her loving Holy Spirit, all forms of Cosmic matter.” (“Archangel Michael  “THE SEARCHLIGHT OF THE SOUL:  YOUR TWELVE RAY CREATOR WHEEL” transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-11-2015, at


Archangel Michael unknown artist

Archangel Michael – Unknown Artist

Finding the Flow & The Illusion of Hard Work – The Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Finding the Flow & The Illusion of Hard Work The Arcturians & Sue lie


Finding the FLOW

The Arcturians

Dear Ones,

We are aware that so much of your third dimensional lives appear to be lost in working hard. The term “hard” represents the resistance of third dimensional labor and the word “work” represents the efforts of ones energy over time.

Both of these terms are bound by third/fourth dimensional constructs. Hence, they do NOT apply to the multidimensional energy fields that are now flowing through your reality. If you wish to flow into one of these energy fields, you will need to release your third dimensional thinking.

We do appreciate how very challenging it can be for you to release third dimensional concepts such as time, sequence, separation, polarities, enemies, and death. Let us begin with the third dimensional concept of death.

We know that those of you who have expanded your consciousness into the higher realms of the fourth dimension are well aware that “death” is only of your third dimensional container that your life force is using to maintain your experience of the third dimension.

We know that many of you have conversed with a loved one who has crossed over into the fourth dimension. You may also have followed their fourth dimensional adventures until they either take another body or advance into the higher fourth and/or fifth dimensional regions of reality.

Once you have had the above experience, your perception of your physical realm alters. The rush to work hard or gather many experiences because you may “die” before you get a chance begins to fade away.

Once you realize that life expands beyond the third dimension, your adherence to the third dimensional rules of separation and limitation diminish. You realize that the third dimension is merely one of many realities.

You also realize that you can visit fourth dimensional realities by expanding your consciousness into that frequency of reality. You likely begin with vivid dreams, which often expand into meditations.

Then, you wish to find our more about this reality that glistens just beyond your physical life. Therefore, you read books, do research, talk to others who are having similar experience and often join groups.

Slowly, the myriad limitations of your reality are pushed aside, as you now KNOW that there is something more. You may not understand, yet, what this “more” actually is, but your quest has begun to find it. This quest is not about more money or fame.

In fact, this journey is beyond the confines of your daily life. There is a feeling, a longing, a knowing that is rising up within your heart and mind that you know you cannot ignore.

As you attend to this feeling, you realize that it is NOT new. Yes, you had this feeling as a child when your “imagination” was a cool way to play. You remember the concept of playing and how good you felt when you played with your friends and/or family.

How and why did that concept, that feeling, the wonderful group idea become “less important” than doing your job and working hard. When you were a child you often “played at being an adult.” The adult of your childhood fantasy was fun, loving, creative, and free.

What happened to that inner adult? In fact, what happened to your inner imagination? Do you no longer have “time” for your imagination because you are “working so hard?” We ask that you ask your self that question.

We also ask that you consider the possibility to combining “hard work” and “fun.” Of course, if your hard work is fun, it may not feel like work. It might feel more like “creativity.” Think about it.

You may say, “But I am not creative.” That is not true! You are ALL creative because you are ALL creating your life. Some may be unconsciously creating their life, which is likely because they are afraid they will “do it wrong.” However, “wrong” is a third dimensional term.

When you are thinking fifth dimensionally, you realize that there will be many “initiations” in your ascension process. An initiation is an event that comes into your life, likely when you are NOT expecting it, that gives you a wonderful opportunity to be the creator of your life.

This creation is unique in that you choose to release all sense of victimization and feelings of anger or fear and bravely admit, “I am the creator of my reality. Therefore, I take responsibility that which is occurring with this NOW.”

During these initiations, you may not want to admit that you created what you are experiencing. In fact, it would feel better if you could be the victim to that other person who did that thing to you.

Or, you could choose to be the creator of your life. Now, if you are the creator of what when wrong, then you can be the creator of the solution. One solution that is always a good place to start is to send unconditional love into that which is completed.

Then you can, also, send violet fire into that component of your life so that you can transmute it into a higher octave of your own Multidimensional SELF.

As you move through these difficult initiations, allow ALL your thoughts and emotions to enter your conscious awareness. In this manner, you can fully release that which is complete so that you can embrace that which you are ready to receive.

It is in this manner that you will Find the FLOW traveling through your daily life that reminds you to transmute the concept of work into the concept of creation.

sue lie 25.11


“The Illusion of Hard Work”

As I awaken, I find myself inside the golden room with the door open behind me. Actually, I suppose I have fallen asleep, but since I do not remember Earth while I am here, it feels more like I am awakening when I return. I wonder if I remember any of this when I am awake on Earth. I have no way of knowing, as I cannot remember anything other than what is happening to me while I am here.

I will have to ask Lady Astrea about that sometime, but now I feel it is my turn to enter the circle. Each time it becomes easier for me to bear the increased vibration. I wonder if this activity changes my Earth body as much as it changes this one.

Again, the Ladies come to remove yet another veil as I hear the voice of Lady Leto saying, “The veil we lift now is the ‘Illusion of Hard Work’. Work is another aspect that is particular to Earth existence. ‘Work’ is an activity that became necessary to man only after he had fallen from grace. This fact is because Work, by definition, is based on resistance. Therefore, it was an unknown concept when man was living in his divine plan free of all resistance.”

As the Ladies carry the veil to the Brothers, I hear the voice of Master Hilarion, “The energy field of work is something to behold. If mankind could see this energy, it is doubtful that they would ever indulge in the activity. Many molecules are moving towards each other in dissonant patterns. It is no wonder that mankind often experiences fatigue. In fact, the basis of human ‘aging’ is the concept and activity of work.

Whenever one indulges in a given energy field, their personal energy field becomes aligned with it. Therefore, they move into a vortex of energy in which many molecules are colliding with each other. Each individual molecule tries to either hold its position or infringe on another’s position.

This constant energy battle dissipates one’s vital forces. As one’s vital forces are dissipated, their physical body is robbed of vital healing nutrients. Therefore, for these minutes or seconds that the physical body is denied its life force, it begins to ‘die’. Then, the worker will cease the work and begin to rest. At this time the body can be healed and replenished. However, some cells are irretrievably damaged and, hence, the body dies bit by bit.

“Yoga is a very important discipline for one to follow as it floods the body with many life giving nutrients and moves these nutrients systematically throughout the body. In the ascended state, all movement is like that of a great yoga master. There is no physical illusion of separation and, therefore, each movement, thought, and feeling is a flow of divine force channeling throughout one’s individuality.”

As the other Brothers take the veil, I hear Apollo: “Throughout the centuries, ‘work’ and ‘bravery’ have been associated. I am particularly familiar with this Earth connection, as many have called to me for bravery throughout the ages.

This connection is correct on the highest level as bravery in its ultimate is to face death and, as mighty Hilarion has spoken, work is indeed a slow form of death. However, on the cusp of one’s ascension, they begin to associate death with birth and birth with death. When this association happens, bravery also takes on a new meaning. Bravery then comes to represent courage, not in facing death, but instead, courage in facing life.

“Indeed, much bravery is necessary to live victoriously in your land of illusion. Therefore, my one, continue with your journey into a new state of awareness. Call on me for bravery to face Illusion. Call on all your forces, and feel them coursing throughout your physical body. Eventually the Illusion of work will fade and be replaced by the truth of living the divine work, free of resistance, and in ultimate freedom, you may then live the creation of the new world. Welcome!”

Again, the dimming and fading is experienced. Not only of what I am seeing but also of who I am. If only I could know that I am remembering and using this information on Earth. Perhaps this experience is all for nothing. Perhaps I go back to Earth and do, think, and feel exactly as always. If only I could remember and use what I learn here. Oh, I am leaving. I feel like I am dying…

Q and A on Hard Work

Dear Readers, How have you transmuted the concept of WORK into the concept of CREATION?

Thank you in advance for your wonderful contributions to OUR Blog.

            Together WE are creating 2016 into a Year of Love!


Posted by Suzanne Lie at 8:51 PM

The Long Road Home – Jeshua through Judith Coates @ Oakbridge University

art faith in her path soraya nulliah

ART : Faith in Her Path – Soraya Nulliah


Jeshua Speaks About:November 2015

The Long Road Home

Beloved one, I would speak with you now about the long road Home. You have felt for many lifetimes that you were not Home, that you wanted to find Home again. You have said to the parents sometimes and the ones of the older generation, “Where is Home? I want to go Home.” And they have said to you, “Well, this is your home right here. Here we are; this is your home.” And you have said, “No, not this home, but the Home that I long for in my heart, the Home that I remember and yet cannot quite put it into a visualization, and I can’t quite find it, but I know there is my Home somewhere.”

You have chosen—and there is no judgment with this; it is a very good thing that you have done— you have chosen to take the long road Home. You have chosen to walk everywhere, to see everything, to visit with all of the friends, all of the brothers and sisters who are the Light coalesced into a denser vehicle. You have chosen to know every detour, to know every detail, to walk everywhere, and you have chosen to see everything everywhere you go, because you did not want to miss anything.

Sometimes you have judged self. After you have been down a road a way, you have said, “Well, it’s actually a detour, and I shouldn’t have done it. I’m wasting good time doing this,” and yet you are wealthier for having chosen to go down the long road. So as I have already said, there is no judgment in this. In fact, if there is judgment, it is to say that it is a good choice to know everything that you can create and to know how to create your exit out of it if it does not feel pleasant.

You have the enquiring mind. You want to know what else there is, even to the point of, “What can I create which is unlike love?”

So you create situations, and you may know right away that it is not love. It does not feel good. Then you sometimes begin to beat up self and say, “Well, why did I choose this?” You chose it so you would know what is down that road, and not to have to go down it again. Sometimes you do choose to go down it again, and that is okay, because truly you never actually make the same choices and have the same experiences. Each time you go down what seems to be the same road, you experience it a bit differently.

Now, I know that for some of you, what you have grown up with at home has maybe not been all that loving. Know you why you choose that? And you do choose it. You put together a script and a choice; you do this before the incarnation. You choose in broad fashion—not down to little details, but in broad fashion—what kind of script you will play, what kind of play you are going to be an actor in.

I know that many have chosen a bit of a hardship in the biological family and the upbringing—which has been more of a downtrodden rather than an upbringing. Then you have said to yourself, “Why did this happen to me?”

You have understood that perhaps you have been fashioning that which you have experienced, and then you have questioned, “Why would I choose such a thing?” You have chosen it in order to prove to yourself how strong you are and how strong love is. Because no matter what has happened to you in your growing up years, your adult years, no matter what has happened seemingly to you, you have been able to feel the power of love and to give it forth to other ones.

You have found mates. You have found the small offspring, where your heart has opened and you have loved them with a pure love. Yes, after a while it might get tainted with a bit of worldly judgment of it, but your basic nature and the basic gift that you give is love.

That is why you often find yourself teacher of certain treatises, certain writings, because you know the power of love. You know that ones are hungering and thirsting to be healed in the way of accepting love, of feeling the power of love. That is why you accept the role of teacher, because you know the power of love. You know that no matter what has happened to you in the past, it has only made you more convinced of the power of love.

So then you can take the deep breath and you say, “Well, hey, that’s good; okay, I didn’t quite see it that way. I thought I was a failure. I thought I did everything wrong. I thought, gee, if I chose all this muck and mire that I’ve been growing up with and living with, maybe I was stupid to choose it.”

But you are never stupid. You choose from the holy Self of you that which will bring the awakening to yourself and to others: to feel the power of love. That is why you are attracted to certain writings. It is why you choose certain experiences which when you are going through them you say, “I don’t know how I can get through this. I don’t think I can get through this. I don’t see even a glimmer of light. I don’t think I can get through it.”

And then you come another year, five years, ten years down the road, and you look back and you say, “Doggone, but I certainly had strength to come through that. It was not easy.” No, it was not easy, but the power of love within you has brought you through it, and the power of love within you heals everything. It heals the relationships. It heals the body. It heals everything that you experience.

That is the power of Who and What you are, because you are Love. And you have chosen to know the power of forgiveness.

There is power in that; not for the other person—they may never feel any forgiveness; they may actually hold great judgment of self and of everyone else—but for you, you are giving forgiveness, and you are in the space of love, the space which heals. And it is never too late for forgiveness.

All you have to do is to abide in the simplicity of love. That is why I have chosen to call you the holy Child, because you are holy and because you are the Child. Allow yourself to live the life as the child who gets very excited about everything. Everything is a gift to the innocent child. Everything is something wonderful to be explored, understood, and to be given to another person to be shared.

The little child is very much alive in the innocence. That is truly who you are and what you are. That is why I have called you the holy Child, because your inheritance, your nature is one of simplicity, of innocence. As a small child, you come to experience. Then later you may question your choice: “Why did I choose these parents, this experience?”

You chose because it is an opportunity to know the power of love, to know your power as love, and to abide in that space, no matter what is going on around you, and to give top marks to self, because you have chosen to experiment, to adventure, to experience.

You like to know, “What can I discover in this day? Who can I discover in this day? Maybe I will make a new friend in this day,” and you do. “Maybe I will make friends with myself. Oh, where is self?” And you get to go deeper into your understanding of what it means to be the divine Energy having a human experience.

Make the most of it. That is why you have gifted to yourself the human experience; not to worry, as separated ego will suggest: “Oh, well, you have to worry. You have to worry about the children, you have to worry about the parents, you have to worry about your health, you have to worry about the finances, you have to worry about the traffic.”

There is always something that you can be worrying about. Or, you can choose to be That Which you are, and to know deeply for yourself that you are the love which has been sent here by divine order. There has been an order placed before you were born for more love, and you have said, “Okay, I’ll go,” and you have.

You have come to a place where every once in a while you share love with another one—open, easy love that does not have to be judged; it just is, and it feels good. And in that space, there is healing of everything: healing of the body, healing of the emotions, healing of all the experiences that perhaps you judged not to be so wholesome or healing; maybe even the experiences which you have had that were abusive and harsh.

There is healing in knowing true Love; not just human love. Human love comes and goes, as you have experienced, but the divine Self of you is the Love that exists from before time and will exist beyond time itself. That is Who you are. And, yes, it is possible to know it, to feel it. Take it deeply within the consciousness and rejoice.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith


art faith in her path soraya nulliah

ART : Faith in Her Path – Soraya Nulliah