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Moving from ego based relationships into transpersonal soul monad union

Posted 7/5/2014
  1. Moving from ego based relationships into transpersonal Soul monad Union.

    When we balance our inner God and Goddess, our divine masculine with our divine feminine and complete the alchemical union between the two, we embody our twin soul within. We no longer need anyone to complete us, but can freely choose to form a sacred union with one who equally embodies his/her twin essence and this need not be our one and only true twin, but any one, who is embodying unity consciousness and unconditional love. All the romantic ideas of a one true half, that is to complement us, is far away from the truth of matter. Our foremost purpose individually and collectively is to become ONE within with ALL-that-IS and “return” to our original monadic source essence and complete the planetary ascension as physical human embodiments of divine ecstatic beings of love.

    As we move into self love and complete the inner union and embrace the “Beloved” within as “whole ones”, we start to experience deep soul encounters and can no longer act out of the old paradigm. In the light of transparancy there is no seducer nor is their anyone to seduce. There are no conditions only freedom. Even the notion of seducing simply becomes ridiculous, as we communicate telepathically from soul to soul in full transparancy. In its place an ecstatic clarity opens all our channels and we connect from Soul to Soul thru our high heart chakra, which automatically activates our kundalini. We start to align our chakras one by one and melt into presence with each other even when separated by physical distance. (Personally I have experienced this on dream state first and later met the individual in the physical realm on a later point and the intensity of the two experiences were the same).

    In the presence of our soul monad we cannot pretend or even deceive ourselves to be anything other than authentic and integrity with our true self. The feeling of oneness, the feeling of belonging to is indisputable and of such overwhelming intensity, that we are “forced” to surrender. We see our Self in the other and the other in Self. We experience ourself as ONE. There is no mind involved, it is a heartfelt empiric experience, that cannot be rationalized. And if we do, we are catapulted out of our hearts space and disconnec with the other.

    Inevitably there is a tendency of ego to try to figure out what is going on, because it is disempowered and feel completely “lost”, as it has no compatible references to grap back at. Things such as age, gender, life style or physical appearance and preferance loose importance. It is all about vibration, soul coherence and tantric union. And so it is crucial to stay heart centered, when we are blessed with such soul encounters, which is far more than just a romantic relationship, but serving a higher purpose related to the particular soul monad.

    The longing for any outside missing part of self is a residue of thousands of years of duality and separation from God within and based on the misconcept, that we are depending on others to feel loved and that we are separated from each other. Letting go of this illusion is a premise to embrace the wholeness within and become true embodiments of unity consciousness and unconditional love. And as we do so, we will start to encounter members of our Soul monad and unite into one – one by one. With each of these members we form a unique energetical purpose, that serves the rest of the soul monad, which doesnΒ΄t necesarily mean forming a partnership. In some cases we will meet in the physical only to serve from the higher realms or even to prepare us energetically for special tasks related to our planetary mission and life purpose. And in some cases we are meant to form tantric relationships of deep union grounding and living the ecstacy, that is our true essence as part of our planetary mission.

    It is important to understand and embrace the blessings, that each encounter offer without wanting to force it in a certain direction, but to be in FULL alignment with our heart… doing so our inner knowing will tell us which kind of purpose each encounter call for. What does your heart say in this NOW… being and flowing with its guidance is the premise to understanding the depth of each encounter…. only heart knows the deeper purpose and calling from our soul untainted by ego. Fear however is the most treasured tool of ego and many feel tempted to “take the run” and withdraw their love, as they can no longer hide behide masks and shields of ego. We can no longer “play around the bush” but only be authentic and real in all that we do. when faced with deep soul encounters, as they are profoundly life and self transforming, because we literally loose our Self to love. But what ecstatic experience awaits thou that surrenders and let him/herself dissolve into the sea of love beyond I-dentity, beyond condition, beyond restriction – a playground of infinite possibilties and immense joy and passion and higher purpose. ~ Linda Grace Antara Ma



Experiencing the Buddha Energy – Pamela Kribbe @ Jeshua Channelings

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Experiencing the Buddha Energy

Pamela channels Mary Magdalene Audio

Dear friends, dear sisters and brothers, I am Mary Magdalene, your sister-friend. I am delighted to be here with you today. You are beautiful beings, each of you. I wish you could see your own beauty through my eyes. You would care less about what other people think of you, and you would feel more free. You are so worried about yourself all the time. You are wondering whether you are doing the right thing, whether you have the right knowledge, but all you really need to find your path in life is inside yourselves. You have a radar inside your own being and this radar, this inner guide, is inside your abdomen.

I would like to speak today about the importance of descending into your abdomen and becoming really present on that level. It is a tragic fact that many women do not feel at home within their own abdomen, which, in bodily terms, is the seat of the emotions. The abdomen is also the seat of intimacy and sexuality, and it is where babies are conceived and develop. So the area of the abdomen is deeply related and interwoven with life on Earth.

As women, you are told it is important to give and to open your heart to other people’s needs. In fact, a lot of spirituality is centered on the awakening of the heart. But I see many of you, especially women, suffering from a too open heart, instead of a too closed heart. Your heart is very open and easily reaches out to beings and energies around you, but your abdomen is relatively closed down. In your abdomen resides a great power; it is the power of giving birth, the power of truly and deeply connecting with Mother Earth and the great rhythms of life.

People in general, and you as a culture, have become afraid of these great forces of life, because they go beyond the control of the mind or the will. Women instinctively know how to ride the waves of these forces, but you have become alienated from the ability to attuΒ  ne yourself to them. Women are very strong beings, indeed, and I wish you would connect more deeply to your own strength.

I ask you all, both men and women, to now connect more deeply with the center of your abdomen. Simply become aware of this area and of your breath going down there every time you breathe. Your abdomen is your anchor, energetically speaking, it gives you roots into yourself. Descend into your abdomen and you might feel your legs become more grounded and heavy.

Now imagine that inside your abdomen is a big “eye”. This “eye” looks around very calmly and clearly. In comparison to the energies of your heart and your mind, the energy of this “eye”, in the center of your abdomen, is very calm and quiet, very solid and stable. Think of nature and how the rhythms of nature occur easily and steadily. The seasons come and go and it all flows naturally by itself. You are a part of this rhythm of nature, so connect with the female awareness in your abdomen.

Now turn that “eye” of your abdomen upward and look to the area of the heart. How does your heart feel? Can you really love yourself and care for yourself? Inside your abdomen you know there needs to be a balance between giving and receiving, because that is the law of nature. Your abdomen knows there is no use in giving too much, and doing so does not honor the natural balance of energy. Imagine you are in a situation in your everyday life in which you feel your energy become drained or depleted. Imagine you are there and now look at it from the eye in your abdomen while remaining present in your abdomen. From the abdomen you can look at it in a very impersonal and calm way.

It is really funny, in a way, because the lower part of your body, the lower energy centers, are usually considered to be connected with the ego. In fact, your abdomen holds a wisdom that goes far beyond the ego. It can teach you to be really here for yourself and to protect yourself when needed. Feel how your abdomen wants to nurture you. Women are not good at nurturing themselves. They put a lot of demands on themselves and find it hard to stand up for what they truly feel. And men who have a strong feminine side, a sensitive side, can have this same issue.

To clarify and help you with this issue of sensitivity and losing energy to outside forces, I would like to call upon an image that is familiar to your culture and that is the image or energy of the Buddha. The energy of Buddha is very still and calm, very grounded and connected with Earth, as well. The wisdom of Buddha can be easily accessed from the abdomen. Simply imagine what it would be like to be Buddha, what it would be like to have that kind of presence, that kind of calmness, that kind of tranquility. Do you feel the peace welling up from inside your abdomen?

Buddha had an open heart; his heart was full of compassion for other living beings. Even though he would care about their suffering and wanted to help relieve it, he would still remain centered inside his own being. Allow this power, this energy, to flow through you; it is a part of your culture. If you connect your heart with your abdomen, the whole issue of sensitivity will be different for you.

Often, when you reach out to others to help and assist them, and you absorb their energies, you think you can offer a solution to their problems. Has it ever occurred to you that it is quite presumptuous to assume you know the solution? It might be that you do not really know what is the correct solution for them. Maybe you are just eager to restore harmony, to see a smile on their face, or to get their approval. Let go of that eagerness, that desire. Do not solve another person’s problems. When you connect with the “eye” in your abdomen, you see things and you feel compassion, but you do not feel so inclined to solve other people’s problems.

A key to true compassion with other persons is that, although you empathize with them, you remain trustful that they own the solution to their problems. You are convinced of their strength and this will bring you peace of mind. You realize, from the level of the abdomen, that growth processes take time and you are in a growth process yourself. Often the need to help, to give, to be of assistance to others, is related to an insecurity within yourself. You are afraid that you are not good enough and therefore you have to achieve something, or be someone for another person. In fact, you are most helpful to other people if you connect with that Buddha nature inside yourself. The calmness, the tranquility, that you then radiate will soothe them.

It also means something to yourself; it means you are good enough even when not doing anything, or helping anyone, or meaning anything to anyone else. You are good as you are, because you are a part of nature. Like a tree, or a flower, or a mountain, you have a right to be, simply because you are a part of the whole. You do not have to prove yourself. An animal or a flower does not feel the need to defend itself for being, it is simply there – you are simply there. You are an expression of spirit, of oneness, and that is enough!

Strangely, although this should be reassuring to you, it is a bit of a blow to your ego. The ego part inside you wants to be someone, wants to be useful, to make a difference. But is that

what your soul really desires of you? It is not, because your soul is at peace with itself. Yes, it does seek expression in the outside world, it wants to share itself like a flower shares its

beauty, but it does not need to prove itself or justify its existence. Just take in the realization that there is not as much to achieve in your life as you think. You can truly relax a bit more. You are a part of the whole, nothing can change that.

Lean back into this natural feeling that pervades all nature. In your daily life, whenever you worry about issues to resolve or problems to solve, ways of how to deal with other people, take a deep breath every once in a while and connect with your abdomen. Your body is a gateway to so much wisdom. Whenever you feel drained or tense, find ways of relaxing your body, because that will more easily bring you back to your anchor, your foundation.

I would like to end this message by simply telling you that I adore you. I love your beauty and I wish you would play a bit more in your lives, be more like little children who are not yet aware that they have to achieve anything or to be anyone. That is, in fact, the easiest way to connect with your soul and be yourself without shame or guilt.

Β© Pamela Kribbe

– The channelings are available in book form.Β –Β The Lightworker series and The Healing series are also available as audio books –

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ART : Jewels of Wisdom Christopher Beikmann @ Fine Art America


β€œYou are a Multi-dimensional Being of Light” – Linda Robinson @ Personal Pathways of Light

namaste om tue

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Β β€œYou are a Multi-dimensional Being of Light”

December 2015

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and we are being joined by a Host of the Angelic Realm and the Hathors. Today, we wish to discuss your multi-dimensionality as a Being of Light.

You are living in an exciting time where new experiences are occurring. As your Earth is ascending and you are continuing on your ascension path, more aspects of your total Being are coming into your awareness, and new energetic pathways are being revealed.

You, as a Being of Light, have traveled through many dimensions throughout the aeons of time, and you have experienced many different situations. Each incarnation you have experienced has been written in your akashic record, and you carry each aspect in your energetic signature.

As the veil between the dimensions thins, you are remembering more of your different aspects in this and other lifetimes. Very often this happens when you visit a particular location, or you meet someone who seems familiar. You may feel that you have been to a certain location, yet you know that you have never been there in this lifetime. You may feel as if you have always known the person whom you have just met.

When these situations occur, you experience the phenomena of realizing that all time exists simultaneously. Linear time is an aspect of the third dimension. However, when you rise to the higher dimensions, you are aware of the simultaneous aspect of events and so-called time.

Each incarnation that you have experienced represents an aspect of yourself. It can be compared to the rays of a spectrum of Light. When the Light is split into its various parts, you are able to see a rainbow of colors. However, each color is part of the entirety of the spectrum of Light. Each color is part of the whole or the one.

As you view yourself and your current situation in this manner, you realize that each experience carries within it a point of learning, and each lifetime is part of the totality of your Being.

In the higher dimensions, you are also aware of the vastness of the omniverse and that there are worlds beyond worlds. There are unlimited possibilities for experiences.

As you allow your mind to float along this unlimited vision, you may feel that you have experienced another dimension previously. This can open you to other knowledge and possibilities for awareness.

This may lead you to realize that you are a multi-dimensional Being of Light.

This presents a larger view of Creation and All That Is, and you realize the vastness of the possibilities for your role in this great Creation.

As you contemplate this view, you realize that certain qualities are very important for you to nurture.

The first of these qualities is Love and the accompanying understanding of the Oneness of all of Creation. Love is the quality that allows you to move between dimensions. It is a feeling of wanting the best for everyone and everything. It is realizing that everything is composed of Divine energy and that each person has a Divine Spark within.

It is first feeling Love for yourself. It is tuning in to your Divine Spark and realizing that this is what connects you to the totality of your Being.

This connection and your understanding can be strengthened by tuning in to your Divine Spark regularly during your day. Each time you focus on your heart center and feel the Love within, you are tuning in to your Divine Spark.

As you continue this process, you are aware that the person with whom you are talking has a Divine Spark and that both of you are part of the Oneness. Your awareness increases, and your Love expands outward to humanity as a whole. You become aware that Love and Light are the fabric of Creation.

When you remain centered in a state of Love, your vibration or frequency increases, and your Light shines brightly. As this occurs, your awareness of the totality of the Oneness of Creation increases. You are aware that you are a multi-dimensional Being of Light, and your Love radiates throughout the dimensions.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are aware of the Oneness of Creation and that you are radiating Love and Light throughout the dimensions.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst
…and We surround you with love

And so it is.

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