Divine Intervention of Venus by Beings of Venus – Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

Luisa Villavicencio (17) at Tutt'Art art

ART : Luisa Villavicencio @ Tutt’Art


Divine Intervention of Venus

by Beings of Venus

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 30th December 2015 – Original Source Sacred of OmNa

Welcome to a new shift of awakening upon the Earth and within your being, this is a time of profound shifts which you have been preparing for since 2012. The Era of Love will more fully manifest from your being and into the Earth in 2016 for your greater experience. Know that the love you feel within your heart and soul will intensify becoming a powerful force moving throughout your being and influencing your physical reality. This is due to the preparations you have made especially the releasing of fears and energy patterns in 2015, however it is also due to the Earth now being of an appropriate frequency to create a powerful alignment with the planet and civilisation of Venus.

The Earth has increased its energetic vibration due to your devotion to emanating and expressing the light, love and truth of the Creator. Mother Earth is preparing herself to align her soul with the core soul of Venus to experience an infusion, and love codes exchange to further support the presence of love upon the Earth. Throughout the entire year of 2016 Mother Earth and the core soul of the planet Venus will enthuse their energies and merge their love to support the strengthening of Earth’s love vibration. This may also signify that, we, Beings from Venus, will be more influential and present with you during this cycle upon the Earth. You may notice new guides entering your community of guides of Venus origin to support and instigate powerful shifts of love within your being. You will recognise us as we will come to you emanating love which will appear to you as tremendousl y beautiful. Please accept our presence we have a great deal of wisdom, insights and information to share with you concerning creating a reality of love within your being and reality as well as supporting others upon the Earth in achieving the same. Our wisdom, as will our light, fill the Earth and humanity creating blessings of love. It is not our purpose to overpower the Earth or humanity, we have been called forth by the Creator to support the next shift in ascension, especially during the cycle of 2016. Our love is gentle, inspiring and immensely healing, it is the grace of our love which we share with you to empower your own love source within.

We, beings from Venus, will appear to many in our energetic forms to bring forth personal healings born from love with the purpose of instigating love in abundance within you. Our healing because it is born from love is very powerful against the grip of negativity, blockages or fears within your being offering an experience of release and freedom.

‘Beings from Venus, I wish to request a personal healing with you to promote the strengthening of my love, erasing of fear, negativity and blockages as well as the embodiment of love within my being. Support me in experiencing a beautiful loving healing with you so I may recognise myself existing more fully as a beacon and expression of love in my everyday life. I am open to receive your loving healing now or when it is divinely appropriate. Thank you.’

One being of Venus may come forth to you or many. We have numerous members of our civilisation assigned to achieving personal healing treatments for those who wish to receive upon the Earth. Please know you may invite these healers from Venus as many times as you feel is appropriate. The atmosphere and your being will fill with love; this is how you will know we are present with you.

We also have members of our civilisation assigned to distributing the wisdom and consciousness of love from Venus so many of you may feel inspired to connect with these beings or invite them forth to anchor a download of Venus Love Consciousness into your mind, brain and mental body to support your shift into love; the embodiment, expression and emanation of love.

‘Beings from Venus, I wish to request a personal love consciousness infusion treatment from a member of your civilisation who holds the most appropriate love consciousness for me to absorb into my mind, brain and mental body to aid my ascension upon the Earth. I am ready to receive and ready to align my consciousness and perspective with the love of my soul and the love consciousness of Venus. Please help me to see, sense and acknowledge as a being of love, from a space of love within me, viewing the truth of love all around me. I am ready for love, I am love. Thank you.’

Again one or more members of the Venus civilisation will draw forth filling your being and the atmosphere around you in love, projecting their energy into your mind, mental body and brain over a period of time appropriate for you to aid the infusion of Venus Love Consciousness.

Whether you choose to personally commune with our energies or not our love will be present flowing throughout all, with the purpose of enhancing the presence of love. This can also become a purpose which you may choose to accept for 2016, simply allow yourself to focus upon enhancing the presence of love whether within or around you. Inspiration of how to achieve this will flow to you allowing you to experience your influence in amplifying love upon the Earth.

The greatest question which has been asked to you many times and yet its importance is immense, ‘Are you ready to receive love and are you ready to be love?’ Your answer and the response of humanity to this questions determines the shifts and transformations to move into love upon the Earth that we can support. The more you can answer with a deep seated knowingness within you that you are ready to receive and be love, the more we will able to support miraculous shifts born from love within you. You may also wish to ask your soul as you breathe deeply, ‘How can I more fully open up to love?’ This practice offers your soul the opportunity to inspire you of areas to focus upon concerning your acceptance of love. Holding the intention of being ready to receive and become love in your everyday reality even if you do not truly believe it will allow for us to work clo ser and closer with you as the cycle of the year continues forth.

With the presence of our love amplifying all forms of love you may notice a greater internal presence of love continually strengthening within you. We wish for you to also be accepting and aware that with an amplification of love this will continue to instigate deep and profound clearings from within your being each time you allow yourself to embody a new vibration of love. This is natural as the love and light of the Creator always brings that which is not born of love and light to the surface to be released and healed. The release of fears and healing process will lessen as your vibration of love reaches a high vibration which it will towards the end of 2016.

You may wish to ask your soul in quiet time, ‘What is the love percentage of my entire being?’ Meaning how much love do you embody. If this is documented, you can continue to be observant of your love percentage throughout the year so that you can follow the journey of your Love Ascension in 2016.

It is in and with a profound volume of love that we, Beings of Venus, approach the Earth and align with your being. We are present in service to you so please allow us to support your soul in the coming months.

Your Love Ascension is now,

Beings of Venus

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Luisa Villavicencio (17) at Tutt'Art art

The Review of 2015 and ignition of 2016 – Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit From Within

art Awakening-L meganne forbes

ART : Awakening – Meganne Forbes

The review of 2015 and ignition of 2016

 December 31, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

Precious hearts and Love Tribe,

It has been a powerful year of change, transformation and release. The month of December alone implied the most intense and profound process of release so far, especially on the emotional level.


I, personally, have seen many things erupting from my subconscious levels to present themselves onto my current reality. And they have been powerful and clear to say the least! Things I thought that I had released and healed a long time ago came up again which made me think that this is a repetitive cycle. The first reaction initially was to push these away and say: “no, not again! This has been done ages ago.” But as persisting as these emotions were, it became clear to me very quickly that I had to take a closer look and embrace them to be able and release some more.

As this has been going on for over 3 weeks now and is still going on at present I have quickly understood that these were parts and bits coming from the subconscious mind that I was not aware of they were still lingering there at all. And furthermore, they needed to be reviewed, embraced and released for good. This is what this emotional shift was all about in the month of December: to release deeper embedded layers of the old you. As a matter of fact I personally felt this to be a final cleansing of ALL old parts of SELF. I instinctively knew and felt, right from the start, that I will not be the same person anymore than I was before. I mean, this goes so deep that nothing of the old will remain present. It feels to me like a resurrection into a whole other level of being and frequency while burning all bridges behind me. There is no way of going back and continue holding certain views and parts of the Self.

I am currently experiencing this shift of emotional release non stop without a breather. I would go to bed and ask every night to release a set of old layers and parts that I am not conscious of. And so every night 3 parts were being revealed to me during my dream state. I could remember them all in the morning and so during the day I would start working on releasing these consciously. Always by recognizing and acknowledging these first to have been a part of me in order to release. Release can only be done through unity and not through separation. So instead of pushing these away, we embrace them in unity and oneness, recognizing it is yourself into a form of perception or a feeling to then experience the merging of this in Love and Unity which is setting this free on itself.

Layers after layers have been released for weeks now in my fields, without a breather, which left my body tired to process this all. Emotions are present all around, I can assure you of that! I am sure many of you will recognize yourselves in this. Fears popped up out of nowhere and they were very profound once they found their way to the surface! A true re-living of them as an experience but very quickly understood as a remembrance and not a true current existence. That is the pitfall in this all: it is very easy to be blown away by these erupting feelings and fears leading you to believing they are real. They are not, they are just a part of you that once was and is now leaving your fields as a remembrance. To take these remembrances for real will actualize them as such in your reality. It is to understand the process of release and how it works and usually we re-live these facets as a kind of instant pop-up because they are leaving our vibrational fields. This is conscious release which is more challenging that processing all of this in the subconscious mind and during our sleep.

On the other hand just because we are becoming the Masters that we are, this more and more each moment and day, we will experience all things on a conscious level for that is what Mastery is all about: to BE conscious.


Balance and FOCUS are once more key to be able and function as the conduit that you are. Our vessels are the Temples to pass through all the Love, Light and Truth one is and this through the levels of what One CAN BE at this time in this reality. What you are able to hold as Light and information is what you are in consciousness and as a level of vibration.

This is what we all have been preparing for: the true resurrection phase! And it has begun NOW. The proof lies in the process of throwing everything out of your fields this precise moment. We are resurrecting and unfolding into a beautiful new way and order of Light Being.

2015 has proven to have been a challenging year for many, this especially on the emotional and relationship levels. Another year of preparation and change to bring us all into a higher octave and vibrational expansion. Our Solar system is ready for the big change and shift and therefore Earth and all of us must participate in this Grand changeover and do our work on personal and collective levels to facilitate this all and steer things in the right direction. Ascension is the Key in this all and so we contribute each in our own unique way and level of understanding.

2016 will be a year of completion in the sense that 2016 will finish and close off what we have instigated and marked on December 21st 2012. A 3 year cycle of preparation will be closed and finished during the year 2016. On December 26th, 2016 another 3 level cycle will be completed which implies the energies that were instigated on the equinox of March 2015. Many thought, including myself, that the final Blood Moon in September 2015 would be the closure/completion of the equinox March 2015 energies but I was shown by AA Michael that this was not the case. I could not share this yet as this information would not have been welcomed, I feel now it will. He explained and showed me very clearly the date 12/26/2016 which kept on emphasizing the closure of something to bring forth the new into the physical realms. Those who know me well know that I do not work with dates (I do not like that nor trust dates at all) but since it is repeatedly being shown to me by AA Michael, I shared this info with my dear brother Bill Ballard and siSTAR Sandra Walter during one of our skype talks. Since they were feeling and receiving other but rather similar information that was pointing out to this time frame (December Solstice), I felt strong enough to share this now with you all. But again: NEVER relate on time for all are opportunities and time frames where energies are being presented to us all which can play out and come about in ways depending on the collective consciousness.

During the spring equinox on March 2015 there were Solar Christed energies anchored here on Earth. A 6 month period of time was given to integrate these through all the multidimensional bodies, spheres and Temples on Earth. We as Gatekeepers, way showers and light workers had to first integrate these levels within ourselves to be able and anchor these on Earth. The final Blood moon (last one of four in a row) anchored these energies that were instigated during the March equinox of 2015. This was the second level of a 3 level cycle and thus activated the Solar Christ within all to be anchored. This is what is currently happening and taking place within all.

I was shown that during a time frame around December 26th 2016 the completion of this will be activated and anchored for the entire world, marking a completion of a cycle which will instigate a portal activation in 2017 to be able and experience/BE the full conscious Solar Christ on certain levels that are available for each man, woman and child on this Earth through their own vibrational fields and inner Christed child. Those who will be able to hold higher levels shall then have a greater experience of this opportunity and be able to embody certain higher levels within the Solar Christed form.

I personally feel that from that point on things will become more tangible on the Earth realms like fruits harvested from a hard labor during several years of preparation. Although 2016 has already given me a super powerful nudge to start co-creating with others by means of collectively coming together and bringing our knowledge and creativity to the table. I am being guided to bring out some entirely new information and to co-create such creations with others as well because I have seen many receiving the same inner nudge and all of us have already started to create some new things that are available to be accessed.

I and others that I am aware of have been (and still are) collecting new information which we are clueless of what to do with quite yet. So 2016 for me will be around focusing on the inner journey and preparing to bring these out at the right and most appropriate time when the collective is more open for it. It is all in the making and this will be brought out in time when we receive the nudge to share. In the meantime invite yourselves to access your inner knowledge as well to help build and create these beautiful new opportunities through your own Beingness. No other Being is going to do this for us, we are all responsible for our own outcome and disclosure. Waiting for it has no use! Take matters into your own hands and realise that everything is already dwelling within you as the Universe that you represent and ARE.

I am currently working on some VERY interesting and a whole new kind of information which has been coming in since May 2015. It is of such a new extended viewpoint that it comes in slowly whenever I AM ready enough and in resonance with this frequency to receive. This means that I have to throw away all of my insights, perceptions, feelings and gained teachings on a regular base to be able and receive new info. A whole process it is indeed and I am already so exited to bring this all out in the open to you in a format that assists all for their highest good. But all in Divine timing, I continue collecting it all and when I receive the nudge to share you will see it appear! I have to say it is fantastic, mind-blowing information that is very new and a unique event for this Solar system. So more about this later on..

I want to take this opportunity to thank ALL of you for your lovely hearts and Presences as for without you we would never be were we are in this NOW. Know that each and everyone of you is unique in your own way and the way you represent yourself in this lifetime matters. You all matter and you all are here to assist in your own way.

I have received so much support, love and understanding! Your donations, your friendships and your support have given me the strength to continue my spiritual work, for which I AM grateful! All the time and energy spent in blogging other’s work, writing, channeling, making videos and music meditations has become a large part of my life. To see all your support by reading it, sharing it and exchanging it has been greatly appreciated over the years! Thank you! Together we create a balance to be able and continue to give free work and tools as well.

My best wishes to all of you, precious hearts. Have a beautiful new year and wave of integration/activation/resurrection … wherever phase you may linger in! Your hearts are the most beautiful gifts there are, stay in touch with it and be open.

Love, eternal Grace and gratitude

In love and Light
Méline Portia Lafont

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Universal created gift  2012-2015.  We co-create together and share with Love. All Rights to share, blog and use excerpts are permitted by Universal law provided the content is copied unaltered, is distributed freely, and the author + website is mentioned.  Méline Portia Lafont  www.melinelafont.com

Birthing New Earth Part 3 and Meditation Downloads @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Birthing New Earth Part 3 and Meditation Downloads–by Suzanne and the Arcturians



Using the Light (MP3)
Birthing New Earth Part 3

The Return

By the Arcturians

At first, your journey through the fourth dimension is slow, but it picks up quickly as you enter the higher sub planes of the fourth-dimensional, astral world. Then, as you come closer and closer to the threshold between the fourth and fifth dimension, time—actually the concept of time—begins to waver in and out of your consciousness.


It is at this crossroads where your physical body begins to shift in strange and unfamiliar ways. That which once appeared solid begins to waver in and out. Actually, you are wavering in and out of your fifth dimensional consciousness.

Therefore, your perceptions open and close to the reality of the NOW that is in the HERE of the ONE. “This is so unknown.” you comment with a twinge of fear. However, just a twinge of fear is enough to send you back to the familiarity of your third dimensional world.

“NO,” you cry. “Not again! Why does this always happen just when I feel that I am almost there?” The answer is that you have reached what feels like the “point of no return,” which often causes fear.

“Can I ever return to life as I have known it for myriad incarnations?” you mutter to yourself when you arrive at the threshold of that frequency of reality. Then, deep inside you hear, “The 3D Game is closing NOW!”

But you don’t really want that reality to be over. You want to briefly visit fifth dimensional Earth. Crossing over and leaving everything you have ever known as “real” behind you is entirely different than a brief visit.

“What if this vision is all an illusion? What if I am just hallucinating?” We often hear these questions from our “soon to be returning” volunteers to Earth. We also hear, “What if my third dimensional self visiting the fifth dimension makes me remember that I am actually my fifth dimensional self visiting the third dimension?”

This question creates myriad conflicting emotions, as well as major decisions. “I think I want to return, but I like my life there now. At first I was confused and lonely, but now I have friends and deep, lasting relationships. How can I abandon those with whom I have shared my life?”

We know that the increasing energy fifth dimensional fields make it difficult to stay in your earth vessel because the call to return home is becoming louder and louder. Hence, your attachment to your earth vessel is becoming less and less.

“What if I just let go? What if I no longer tried to remain in my physical body and allowed my consciousness to freely soar beyond my physical body, my physical life, planet, star system, galaxy, universe and even beyond the vaguest memory of form?”

“Could I ever come back to my earthen shell? And, most important, am I finished with my mission to assist Gaia?”

When will you know that answer? How will you know that answer? Will you ever know that answer? The answers to all these questions do not resonate to the physical world, to the third dimension, or to the state of consciousness that would ask those questions.

However, once these questions are asked, it becomes easier to surrender into the NOW of knowing the answer.

“When will these questions be answered?” you ask.

“The answers will come,” we say. “When you no longer need to ask the questions.”

“Yes,” you mutter as you continue with your journey, “I must remember to follow the energy, read the energy and flow with the energy!”

You are correct in your conviction, for as the energy becomes increasingly fifth dimensional, you become increasingly fifth dimensional. Eventually, you will begin to have sensations of your Lightbody. These sensations begin at the base of your spine or, sometimes, behind your heart.

These feelings arise from your Kundalini, your personal formless, inner Lightbody. Wisely enough, many of you are beginning to remember how the fifth dimension feels. Some of you are even remembering that you came to Earth, not on a spacecraft, but within your essence.

You left a greater percentage of your life stream in the multidimensional planes and sent down a fragment of your spirit to inhabit a human form. You came into that form at its birth, when it was near death, in a high fever, or during a serious accident or illness.

Many of you “humans” are increasingly remembering that you are actually multidimensional beings living in the third dimension of your psychical body because you wanted to experience life in a physical form.

Some of you are also remembering that you have many Higher Selves who are actually all from the same NOW of the ONE. You all came from ONE being because you came from the ONE in which there is no separation into the individuality of the third dimensional worlds.

You, that is all of the “separate expressions” of the ONE you, are being called Home. But most of us got so attached to your human self that you do not want to leave this planet until you can experience Gaia in the Grand Royalty of Her fifth dimensional planetary SELF.

The higher fourth dimension of Gaia is filled with ascending ones who are remembering the experience of living a peak reality where transmutation of all life is normal. They are aware that in third dimensional societies, there are extremes of “peak societies” and “decline and fall societies.”

Many of you have taken incarnations on the UP cycle to experience a peak society, as well as during the DOWN cycle to experience the decline and fall of a society. You have chosen those pivotal moments because they offered immense Soul growth. In your higher dimensional reality, there is NO time between the UP and the DOWN of reality.

From the perceptions of your Higher SELF, you could not understand an immensely polarized society. Most of you came from galactic societies in which you had not known any conflict since the end of the Great Galactic Wars. You, our 3D expressions of SELF, are often called “star seeds” because you are!

YOU are US, but many of you have not yet remembered that fact. This is because you are in a 3D reality that has not yet remembered its “peak” because there have been so many lives of living in realities of “decline and fall.” That situation is about to change.

Sometimes, specifically in the case of Earth, we Galactics open up the third dimensional habitat zone for population in order to nurture the planet at this baseline frequency. However, because it is such a low (third dimensional) frequency, it is easy for the inhabitants to fall into a civilization in which there is little self-awareness.

Because of this lack of self-awareness, humanity does not realize that the planet is a sentient being. Some of your scientists even think that humanity is the most evolved being on the planet, but the planet, which they inhabit, is NOT even a sentient being. That old illusion is ending, as the higher light is becoming stronger and stronger.

“How much higher is the light, and at what frequency?” you ask. We say, “The higher light is infinite as there is NO time and NO space to limit it. We speak of the multidimensional light that was ALWAYS there, but it did not get through the atmosphere because it would harm the illusion that Gaia was just a third dimensional planet.”

Once the higher light enters the atmosphere of Gaia’s third dimensional habitat zone, it will begin to transmute that zone into the fourth and fifth dimensions. In fact, that is what is occurring within your now. You can see how your world appears to be in great turmoil. This turmoil is only the chaos that always precedes change.

The frequency of a reality dictates the dimension in which that reality’s hologram for habitation can be reflected out to become “real” to the inhabitants. Please remember, that only those within the hologram, which is calibrated to reflect out the illusion of a third/fourth dimensional world, believe that they live on physical Earth.

Once your consciousness expands beyond the third/fourth dimensional Beta and Alpha Wave consciousness, you begin to suspect that there is a greater reality, which is waiting just beyond an invisible holographic projection that the “others” cannot perceive.

This is when you begin to realize that you are different from those who believe that only the hologram is real. YOU, our Beloved Ones, have opened your own portal of light that begins at the core of Gaia and extends into higher and higher dimensions.

This portal moves through the hologram. Hence, once your portal is opened, you have a “free pass” out of the hologram. Blessings to you, our dear brave ones, who have volunteered to stay. Your opened portal has reminded you who you are and why you took this incarnation to assist Gaia.

Because you have remembered your SELF, your great sense of dedication allows you to stay on Earth and plant your personal portal into the core of Earth so that you can pull the higher, multidimensional light through your portal and into Gaia.

As higher and higher dimensions of light flow through your portal and into Gaia, you begin to fully remember your SELF. You remember because the higher light comes into your crown, then goes through every one of your chakras so that it can pass through your root chakra to flow into Gaia’s core.

Do you see how important you are? However, one of the side effects of the higher light flowing through your inner portal is that it acts like a roto-rooter through your earth vessel. The higher light goes into your core and finds ALL your darkness from ALL your incarnations. Remember this higher light is beyond time and space, so as it passes through you, it opens you up to the NOW of the ONE.

This higher light flowing through you also serves as a searchlight, which highlights every thing that you volunteered to do. Furthermore, the higher light, which resonates to higher and higher frequencies as soon you can adapt to it, pans over all the darkness/fear that may be clogging your system.

Once any darkness is discovered, the light moves deeper and deeper into your form to find all the hiding places of ALL of your third dimensional lives to transmute all third dimensional blockages into the fifth dimension light.

There is one name for all these blockages, which is FEAR. Fortunately, the antidote to fear, which is unconditional love, also lives within your body. This antidote is found within your higher dimensional consciousness.

As your past, parallel and simultaneous lives are revealed to you via the higher light, you can send the unconditional love within that light to heal ALL your incarnations on third/fourth dimensional Earth.

In this manner, all your experiences of living in higher frequency realities can be shared with your third dimensional consciousness, as well as with Gaia and all Her inhabitants. Eventually, YOU become a field of light in which you will continue your planetary service.

Because you have expanded your consciousness into the light of the fifth dimension and beyond, you can see and perceive the 3D illusions. Also, you know that YOU are the creator of your personal reality and that all humans on Earth are the creators of their planetary reality.

With this wisdom, you are able to LET GO of the polarized illusions of good-bad, better-worse and yours–mine, to shift into the truth that, “I AM Light. I AM Love,” which expands into the collective truth that, “WE ARE Light. WE ARE Love.”

Then humanity can expand its collective truth into, “WE, the humans of Earth, are Light and Love.” Then, the “you” that has merged with the collective of “we” can create New Earth because YOU are ONE with Gaia and Gaia is ONE with You.

You see, when you change your self, you serve to also change your planet. Therefore, you “birth” New Earth rather than “create” New Earth, as creation begins in the NOW of the higher dimensions and works its way down into the lower frequencies of time and space.

When you return, you literally return because your can remember coming down in frequency to the personal selves of your myriad third dimensional incarnations on Gaia. We Arcturians are among your escorts through this process coming into third dimensional form and/or returning into multidimensional light.

You may not recognize us, as we are formless energy fields, as are many of your multidimensional ancestors. However, you will recognize our light and recognize our love, for we are of the ONE from which you all began your journey to physical Earth.

As you return, you will recognize your own multidimensional expression in other realities and dimensions. You see all of YOU are from the ONE. The memory of the ONE will guide you to realize and LET GO of your 3D belief systems!

These outdated belief systems were similar to primer books that you received when you were first learning to read. You no longer need those “beginner books,” as now you have moved up in frequency, as well as in knowing.

You are merging with the NOW in which you can release old concepts such as: polarity, gender, separation, competition, sequence, time, and space. All you need “DO” for this merging is to maintain your calibration to multidimensional thinking, unconditional love, and infinite wisdom.

These innate qualities all reside within your Three Fold Flame within the ATMA of your High Heart. Just as your third dimensional life is being recalibrated, every area of your multidimensional life is being downloaded into your 3D, clay vessel.

Before this NOW, your 3D vessel could not merge with your Multidimensional SELF, as that vessel was too primitive and individualized. That condition was by design. You all knew that a big challenge would be the best for your Soul expansion.

Hence, you went so deeply into your 3D vessel that you forgot your SELF. However, the higher light is making you remember who you are and why you took this vessel.

We hear you now asking, “When can we experience this merging with our SELF?”

We reply, “Actually, as you let go of time and physical location, you will be able to embrace the NOW of the fifth dimensional ONE in which you KNOW that YOU are giving birth to your new life and YOU, combined into WE, are birthing Gaia’s ascension.

Humanity created, allowed, and feared their destruction. Therefore, humanity must clear and transmute that thought form. Remember that, just as the good guys are wearing earth vessels, the bad guys are also wearing earth vessels.

In other words, you are ALL ONE with each other and ONE with Gaia.

You are also ONE with the ONE.

Blessings to you ALL,

We are the Arcturians, with whom you are also ONE.

Join us as we Journal our Way to New Earth

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Interview with Steve Beckow – Part One – Timelines @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

october_copy_by_escume-d6otl24 ANNA DITTMANN ART

ART : Anna Dittmann


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Interview With Steve Beckow–Part One-Timelines


Click here for the full recording

I was out of town and lost track of this wonderful discussion with Steve Beckow. I will release it bit by bit according to topic.

Flashpoint to Lightbody

The Arcturians

Hour with an Angel       December 7, 2015

Dr. Suzanne Lie       Guest Channel for the Arcturians

Steve Beckow           Host, In Light Radio,

Part ONE—Timelines

Steve: We said toward the end of the last program that we wanted to continue the discussion perhaps getting into this elusive concept of timelines. I don’t know that anybody can explain to me very simply about timelines. So I’d be looking to the Arcturians to perhaps explain that to us.

Arcturians: Earthlings, we are the Arcturians and we are happy to speak with you again, Steve.

SB: Thank you for coming. I was hoping that you could make this whole topic of timelines very simple and clear, because, people are writing in and asking me “What timeline am I going on?” and, “What about my children, are they coming on my timeline?” I don’t understand timelines at all. So, could you help us please?

ARC: Yes. Let us begin by the fact that the main timeline is, of course, a third-dimensional concept. Because as you move into the fifth dimension, there is no time, there is only now. It’s a third, fourth dimensional concept. It is activated now, because when you flow into the fifth dimension, it would be much like diving into an ocean. And, once you dive into this ocean, all of your lives are continually bound to each other via the waters through which they are flowing. Now, of course, the thing is, when you are above the ocean, all lives are tied to each other via the air that they are breathing.

However, in your third, fourth dimensional perceptions, you cannot perceive the frequency of the air molecules that are binding you into oneness. Whereas, when you are under the water, which has more density than the air or the sky, then you can see that there is an element that is connecting every living being in the oneness of the element of water.

Now the element of sky is connecting everyone outside of the water, but people cannot perceive that concept as easily as they can when it is water.

SB: Hah! Well, what is the impact of timeliness on all of us who are ascending? How it will show up in our lives that we’ll see it?

ARC: Well, this is, of course, a very vast question. So, we will categorize it for the sake of the third dimensional, fourth dimensional thinking. There are timelines on the third dimension, which are different from the timelines on the fourth dimension, which are different from the timelines – which would never be called a timeline – on the fifth dimension. Do you understand what we are saying?

SB: Yes, so far.

ARC: So, we will start with the third dimension. And, on the third dimension, as you know, every reality is a living reality by the interconnection of the members of that reality. So within Earth, there are many different realities. There is the reality of the people who are awakened, and know that the world is multi dimensional and know that there is a huge shift that is occurring; all the way down that information scale to the people that are only knowing, “If I could just get enough dinner my family won’t starve.”

So, out of those are different versions of reality, different frequencies of reality. So, when you think of it in a third dimensional manner, these frequencies are still realities, that appear to be separate, because third dimensional perception separates things.

ARC: Now, let’s talk in terms of timeline on the third dimension, from the beginning of Earth to when she has completed her journey through the third, fourth dimensions and so on. There are many timelines. There is ancient Greece. There is ancient Egypt. There is modern United States. All of these “timelines” are usually – we say usually – not always identifiable by whatever civilization is peak within that “now.”

SB: Okay.

ARC: Or it could be is in deep fog, such as the timeline of the Black Plague. That timeline, if in the physical world, is held together by a common experience that made people all stay within the same “time.” So therefore, it is called a timeline. And, it’s called a timeline because something like Egypt was, what you might say, a long timeline. On the other hand, if you were to look at the United States official timeline, it’s still a very baby reality.

So, the reason why it’s called a timeline is that it has a beginning point and an ending point, which makes it very third dimensional. Because it is in the third dimension, in the reality in which people think in terms of beginnings and endings. They have to have a separation. If it began, it would be like a birth. And so, whatever made it begin is not part of that timeline, so to speak. And then it ended. And what happened afterwards is not considered.

But, if you go into the fourth dimension, all that led up to it and then all that ended after it, would be a component of that timeline, because the fourth dimension is more ‘all encompassing.’ It is a higher brain wave. It is a higher frequency of reality. And it is a reality in which most people visit via their dreams and meditations when they are in a higher state of consciousness.

The perception of the timeline is really the result of the state of consciousness of the one who is perceiving it.

SB: Okay. Many people, when they think about timelines, think, “I am about to go off down this road and my spouse is about to go down that road, called timeline. Mine is timeline A, his is timeline B. Is he going to disappear? Because he’s on a different timeline, will I stop seeing him in my reality?” Can you discuss that perception or thought, please?

ARC: Well, again, it is about your state of consciousness. If your state of consciousness is third dimensional, and a couple decides to go their different ways, then they can perceive that as a separation. But, if you think of it as multi dimensional: many of the beings on our starships, fifth dimension and beyond that are not living under these constraints of time, they might go on separate missions, where one would go take a body on the Earth and the other would stay on the starship.

Now the one who took the body on the Earth is bound by time, except because they have such a high state of consciousness, they could be in continual communication with their mate on the starship. And, so there isn’t a separation between that timeline of staying on the ship and that timeline of entering the body, because it moves out of time. As long as it stays in a world of time, it is timeline. But once you enter the multi dimensional world, timeline has a completely different meaning, because time is relative to your state of consciousness.

SB: I think the predominant concern is that “I will lose sight of my husband on a lower timeline, a third dimensional timeline.” Now, of course, I know that as a multi dimensional being, we don’t lose touch with our friends and family that are on a lower dimension. We don’t lose touch. But, nevertheless, people conceive of timeline as dividing, separating, and isolating them.

ARC: That is a very third dimensional way of looking at it. The same situation with a husband and wife that should split, if there is a multi dimensional, higher state of consciousness, they would still communicate because they are not just the bodies that they are using to visit that “timeline.” They are pure essence. They are consciousness.

And their consciousness internally intermingles with the consciousness of their completion of self, of their complement, and of the beings with whom they hold love and admiration. Much as humans might think, “Wherever I am, I can still connect with God.” Because, God is above that third-dimensional “timeline.”

SB: I think that Salusa said, many years ago, there would be a time of separation, and others more recently have said, “yes, we’re in it, or it’s coming soon.” We are going to separate out at some point, are we not? The Cabal will, or the recalcitrants – however you want to conceive of them – will either die off or be taken to another more amenable setting. So there is actually a time of separation. Can you discuss that?

ARC: The time of separation is that those that move into a state of what is called “ascension” leave time.

SB: Leave time. Okay.

ARC: And move into the frequency of the NOW, of the One.

SB: Okay, so really you’re saying the separation will come with ascension.

ARC: The separation is from the ones who are on the Earth who still maintain a lower state of consciousness. They will experience a separation. But the ones that ascend will still be able to access that “frequency of reality” if they choose to do so. That ability will not be lost.

SB: Right. Speaking of it as a definite time of separation, as Salusa was doing…is that something that adheres to ascension or is there going to be a time before ascension when people will leave the planet? Will there be a formal time of separation?

ARC: Now, again we understand that it is very difficult to think in terms in such a multi dimensional fashion. So, really we will say what we have said before as a third dimensional way of explaining this. Those who ascend will not have to leave anything. They are expanding their essence.

They will be able to be fully aware within their fifth dimensional self. And, if they choose to also assist beings on the third dimension, they will do so. In fact, there are many beings on the planet right now that are in that state…that are fully connected to their higher dimensional self and are only wearing a body for the sake of assisting the planet, or assisting people, or whatever it is that they are assisting.

Now, the reality in which everyone that has a body is amongst that group because most of the people have forgotten. And so, therefore, their consciousness is stuck in that lower third dimensional frequency and so is their thinking. So, they can only think in terms of something ends, dies, and something new is born. Because, they are not able to experience that birth and death are third dimensional concepts, which are bound by time. The time that you are born and the time that you die…within the One there isn’t birth and death.

Within the One, there is existence, there is life, and there is love. And, that reality is now blending into, dipping into the third dimension. And so, instead of there being a harsh cut-off date that, okay, that ended and that began, there is a blending or a bleeding-into.

If you could see the harsh boundaries that are around the physical planet and then you perceive the fifth dimensional unconditional love, violet fire, divinity, connection with all that is that is slowly drifting into and bleeding into the third dimensional reality, those that wish to enter this new possible reality could surrender into the higher frequency feeling and begin this process of transmutation into their light body so that they are then able to move within that oneness.

Now, eventually there will be a time where there is a high enough frequency of Earth that the beings of darkness will no longer be able to adhere their frequency of that planet and they will instantly be pulled into the lower astral plane where they will continue their darkness until they learn that energy out is energy back.

It is about a graduation, in a manner, learning that Gaia is a planet of cause and effect. To graduate from the third dimensional component of Gaia, one must learn that energy out is energy back. And those that still put out darkness, they will have to go to a frequency where they get that darkness back right away until they learn to stop putting out darkness. It is not about a punishment; it’s about a pass/fail.

And, then, there are those that will not be able to make that great a consciousness shift. And, many of them will be relocated to another third-dimensional planet so that they can continue with that experience. In this manner they can slowly learn about the process of transmuting.

SB: Now, that is what I would point to as being a time of separation. Right? What you just described.

ARC: You could use that third-dimensional term. But it isn’t a “time,” because each person will experience it within his or her own state of consciousness. It will not be a collective time.

SB: It’s interesting because we get these notions originally from the Company of Heaven. In this case, Salusa talked about the time of separation. It was he who talked about divine deadlines. And, then when we go to apply these notions, then we run into all these problems, about, “oh, that’s not a fifth dimensional concept.” It’s a bit frustrating for us to have a concept given to us and then when we try to understand it, the concept is gradually refined or taken away altogether.

ARC: Humanity likes to be able to look at a timeline and say, “If I can just hold in the next 25 years, then I can ascend.” And that gives them a state of security. And that’s good, because when they live in a state of security it allows them to expand their consciousness.

Then, when they expand their consciousness, they begin to expand their perception, and they begin to perceive the world differently, interact with the world differently, recognize the higher energy fields that are around them, and begin the transmutation into their light body and into their ability to merge with a higher frequency. So, there isn’t a separation between time and no time, except for the people that are staunchly thinking in terms of time.

Join us as we Journal our Way to New Earth

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october_copy_by_escume-d6otl24 ANNA DITTMANN ART

ART : Anna Dittmann

Archangel Uriel’s Gift of his Silver Flame – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

new website . Faith by Nanne Nyander Fine Art Prints

ART : Faith – Nanne Nyander Fine Art Prints

Archangel Uriel’s Gift of his Silver Flame

My Silver Flame is to light your way through darkness. There are many times when the darkness is of your own heart and certainly of your own mind, your mental body and yes your emotional body. There are many dark corners that you have not dared to look into. And I wish to help you do so…

GD: Hello and welcome to “Heavenly Blessings” with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, I’m Graham Dewyea. Our guest tonight is Archangel Uriel. Hi Linda.

LD: Hi there, hi everybody.

GD: You have some big news; you’ve been working on a book.

LD: I have and it’s completed, it’s published, it’s out, the name of the book is called “The Great Awakening” and it is a spiritual primer and it’s really a book about Ascension and expansion and enlightenment. But it’s basically eight very straight forward, practical steps and attunements to get where we want to go in terms of Ascension. So it’s…

GD: A how-to guide would you say?

LD: I would say it’s a how-to guide very much. And it was obviously written and channeled by the various members of the Council of Love and it’s to prepare people for Ascension. And it’s really a culmination of things that they have been working with us and teaching us for a number of years, but with a very different slant or twist and of course infused with the energy that’s going to give us that ‘lift off’ for Ascension. It includes, imbedded within the book, whether you buy it electronically or hard cover, it included four audio meditations. There are a number of meditations in the book, but there are four audios that specifically have been downloaded, I guess, to really give people the energy and the attunements that they need for Ascension. So I am just over the moon.

GD: Oh yeah, well done. It’s certainly a timely item for helping many others out, I mean, this is a big item.

LD: This is the big push right now and it’s written in a really straight forward manner. It’s a combination of some personal experience, as I’ve said, the meditations and the channelings, but it’s written in a way that if you have no idea, if you’ve never read a spiritual book or done anything, you can still pick it up and it’s highly readable, it’s totally accessible. But if you’ve also been at it for your whole life, it’s still all the energy and the attunements and the knowing and understanding of these various gifts that we are being given that give us the jump are in there. So…

GD: Perfect. Well I know you’ve been working on it, you told me that you finished it, of course, we were talking tonight, we’ve got to tell people about it. It’s great. How do people order it?

LD: They can go to my website which is http://www.counciloflove.com, it’s available there, it’s available on Create Space or from Amazon, later this week it will also be available as a Kindle or a Nook or as an iPad book, so whatever form, the energy is all in there and that’s how they planned it. They imbedded the energy between the letters of the words, between the words themselves, it’s phenomenal and I guess I can say that because I don’t really take credit for it, it’s the Council of Love’s book and it’s their guide to Ascension.

GD: The title again?

LD: “The Great Awakening” and it’s, you know Graham and I think probably some of our listeners know as well, that I often do my channeling, I get my 3:00 am wake-up call, as I call it, and one night while I was working on the book, I had a different working title for it and I was finished the book and I was woken up and either the room was full and the voices were booming, and at first I thought ‘ok it’s Archangel Gabriel’ and then I said ‘like who’s talking’ and this loud voice comes ‘The Council of Love’. And it isn’t that often they speak as a collective and when they do – look out. And so they explained to me, and this really fits with what we’re going to do tonight with Archangel Uriel, they said to me that my job was to be an awakener. And that was a term that they have never used with me before, and they said ‘yes, you’ve been an awakener, and you have been awakening people for twenty odd years, but now is the time of the great awakening. And that this is, the Shift, the Ascension, what is happening, is The Great Awakening and that’s where the title comes from. So now I’m really doing my job and I hope everyone does their job and reads it…

GD: Congratulations, that’s quite a feat to write a book.

LD: Oh, thank you.

GD: That’s terrific. And you also wanted to talk about the intensives you are doing before we start our meditation and go forward with the show?

LD: Well, I do a series of webinars, I have a webinar coming up, starting next weekend actually, on ‘How to Channel’, and it’s an eight week intensive. And when I do webinars they are combination of channeled materials, a private forum or chat room where people can discuss questions and have live conversations about what they’re experiencing, meditations are downloaded for people to practice every week, and then there are practical assignments every week. So that ‘How to Channel’ workshop, as I said, starts next weekend, April 7th I believe, and runs till the end of May because there’s two weeks to do the work in-between each session; and we do it on Saturday afternoons between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm Eastern time.

Then I teach healing and I’m doing advanced healing called LaHoChi, and that is coming up, and then, what the Council has given me as a result of the work that I’ve done with the book and the work that came out of our Annual Gathering in Sedona is something that is an advanced healing called Ascension Healing. So there is going to be, probably a two day workshop called ‘The Great Awakening: Ascension Healing’. And that’s going to take place the end of May and then again in July and this is going to be a combination for people, again another way for them to receive the attunements, to receive a very unique healing that the Council has channeled and to get going. Because as you know, the more of us who do the Ascension work and ascend prior to later this year, then we’re in a position to be coming back and working with those who are in their process. And as you know, I’ve already gone through that process and many people on the planet have already gone through the process. So, it’s a matter of gathering the troops quite literally.

GD: I think you need more stuff to do, Linda.

LD: Yeah, you’re right. (Laughter) Well, if you need a channeling, call me. Whoa!

GD: Alright, shall we start, or move on with a meditation?

LD: Absolutely. So let’s begin tonight by taking a nice, deep breathe of grayelsha. Grayelsha is the color, it is one of the new colors, and it sits, in terms of a chakra, on what we call your 4th eye. And your 4th eye is right between your eyebrows and the bridge of your nose; it is a compliment to your 3rd eye. So I want you to feel that and even maybe put your finger there. Grayelsha is the color primarily of the grays and the Silver Ray and that is also the ray of Archangel Uriel. It’s a color of titanium, of that blue-gray steel, and it has a combination of rays within it. It’s the color that you see when you see gasoline on water, so there’s a swirling blend of some blue, some purple, a touch of pink and mauve. So feel that energy and now take a nice, deep breathe of silver. We don’t tend to work with silver often enough. So breathe in that flashing silver of skate blades, of your sword of Michael, breathe in the gray of a cloudy day, of lightening as it goes through those clouds, of thunderheads, and relax. Give yourself permission to be here in this sacred space with all of us and to take time for your sweet self.

I’d like to begin today for each of us to give gratitude, gratitude and thanksgiving, for all the blessings we receive all the time; sometimes we don’t even know about them and sometimes we do. But when we say ‘Thank you’, those words, that heartfelt gratitude is felt throughout all the realms, it goes directly to the heart of One. And it’s like a magnet, it attracts the Ascended Ones, the Archangels, the Angels, everybody says ‘Oh my, let’s go there and receive that heart opening’. So open your heart with silver, breathe the silver and say ‘Thank you’. And while we’re at it, say ‘Thank you’ for your sweet self, for the miracle and the wonder of who you are. We don’t always see or recognize the totality and the divinity of who we are. But we’re birthed from the heart of One, and therefore we are not only perfect, but we are worthy, and we are love. Good, and just leave your heart open to receive the gifts and the knowing, the wisdom and clarity of Archangel Uriel.

I wanted to talk a little bit about Uriel before we get started, if that’s ok with you Graham.

GD: Yeah that sounds great. And one of the things I love about the show is they brought a different guest on at a time. I mean, I know a little about some of the the store of Archangels, but it’s really great to get to know them better.

LD: Well Uriel, as I talked about last week, he’s one of the five Mighty Ones that I certainly work with, but Uriel is ancient and it’s funny because he’s another one of the quiet, gently ones, and yet really powerful. I want to share with you, when I see Uriel and he’s showing up right now so I don’t get the description wrong, because I love giving and sharing a visual with you guys. He’s not dressed in gowns like when I look at some of the Archangels like Raphael is in that beautiful emerald green gown. He is in this soft gray, silvery gray-blue velvet, and he almost looks, I don’t know, like out of a French courtier, you know, it’s a velvet jacket and pants, but it’s his being that’s so phenomenal. His face, we’ve all had these situations where you look at somebody or you see somebody and they have one of those incredibly young, lit-up faces, but they have hair of white or silver. Well, that’s Uriel. His hair is this incredible silver color and it’s shiny and it’s bright, it’s not dull like gray hair can be on human beings, it’s stunningly beautiful. And his eyes are this very light gray, although they can get stormy at times. And he has this flashing smile that, one of those smiles that would just light up a room. He is amazing. His wings, and he has many of them by the way, there are many scholars what suggest that Archangel Uriel, and I would agree with this, and he’s nodding to me and smiling, that he is one of the keepers of the Throne of God, that he is one of the beings that stands right at the base of the throne, and that he is a seraph. His wings are silver, every shade of silvery gray that you can imagine. And they are just incredible, incredible.

He has always identified himself through the Council as the ‘Bringer of the Future’ and he has brought gifts and certainly channeled from time to time, but he hasn’t been, in the past, he hasn’t been as verbose as say Archangel Michael or Archangel Gabrielle/Gabriel. But I’ve always had the sense that he is behind the scenes and as I was meditating, getting ready for tonight, I’m really coming to understand that now, during this time of the Shift, during the time of Ascension and the destruction, the elimination of the old systems or the old paradigms of old earth, that he is very much with us. But he’s another one of these powerful but gentle Archangels and is just a delight, just an incredible delight. And the name ‘Uriel’ comes from the word ‘God is my Light’, and he also is telling me right now, he’s correcting me as well, that he’s also known as ‘God’s Flame’ but he carries the flame also of the Holy Spirit. He works very much with the trinity, that is his bailiwick. So with that I’m going to step aside and simply allow the real guest for the show to step forward.

GD: Wonderful.

LD: And he wants to make sure that there’s time for discussion and questions so, alright away we go…

AAU: Greetings, I AM Uriel.

GD: Welcome.

AAU: Welcome dear friends and thank you for inviting me, for yes it is a time when I step forward to assist with the Ascension of humanity, with the Ascension of Gaia, with the anchoring of truth, with the acceptance of clarity. I am the Bringer of the Future; I am the Bringer of the Now. I do not wish so much to speak about who I am, for the channel has addressed that, but what I do wish you to know is that I work with the Silver Flame. And yes, it is the Silver Flame of Spirit, of what you would think of in many ways as the Holy Spirit. My dominion is over ‘will’, much the same as Michael works with peace, Gabrielle with joy, communication and creation; although I will say that I work very clearly with creation as well. And we will work together in the creation of the Cities of Light. I wish this day, my beloved friends, my brothers and sisters I am not a distant Archangel, I am the brother that stands next to you. And I am the brother that has stood next to you every time you have cried in despair or dismay for help from God. I am the one that comes and not only listens to your plea but answers your prayer.

I wish to give you my Silver Flame. It is the gift of my essence, of my being, distilled into a flame. Where you will usually feel me when you are working with me is just slightly behind your right-hand shoulder, as if I am peeking over your shoulder, one hand on your shoulder to comfort you, to guild you, and to let you know I am with you. My Silver Flame is to light your way through darkness. You say ‘But Uriel, I do not wish to engage with the darkness’ and you are quiet correct, you do not need to. But my beloved friends let me explain what I am talking about. There are many times when the darkness is of your own heart and certainly of your own mind, your mental body and yes your emotional body. There are many dark corners that you have not dared to look into. And I wish to help you do so, so that you will know that there is nothing there that can harm or hurt you or make you ever feel less than. I want you and I invite you to know the totality of your being. There are many references in spiritual literature to your shadow self. What does this mean? It means the areas that you have chosen or judged that you do not wish to embrace or look at. Dear heart, that is absurd. There is not one speck of you that is not of the Light of One.

So I give you my Silver Flame, I embed it, and I will do this in a moment, in your hands that you may carry it like a tiny oil lamp; that you may look, not only within, but without, and see also into others and into other environments, into darkness that is present on your world. One of the major areas that you, as a collective, are working on right now is the disintegration, the elimination of the old false grids of the beliefs of old earth, of lack, of limitation, of loss, of death, death is an illusion, of destruction, of despair, of guilt, of greed, of lust, of cruelty, of control; all of these have need to be eliminated. Now it is particularly true that when you are looking at these belief systems, and you may call it whatever you wish vassanas, misaims, glamours, it matters not, when you are looking at them within you, or within your field, there is a tendency, my beloved ones, to not shine, or not want to shine too bright a light. In that way my Silver Flame is perfect for it is subtle, it is soft, it is gentle, but it is completely pervasive. It will burn through anything and it will also act as a fire extinguisher; it will extinguish the fire of fear, the fire of lust, the fire of guilt or pain, physical pain as well.

Yes you have the Blue Flame of Michael and it is glorious and it is bright, and you have the Golden Flame of Archangel Gabriel and it is brilliant, and the Violet Flame of St, Germaine, but there are times my beloved ones when you find that too bright, almost too strong and overwhelming. So I offer you, I give you my Silver Flame. You are entering into a time of darkness, and I do not mean more chaos, I do not mean more upheaval; what I mean is you are entering into a period of the unknown. In this body and in this time and in this reality you have not done Ascension. There may be some vague rememberings, and the Silver Flame will ignite those memories, by the way, but many of you are a little nervous, there is slight trepidation, I will not call it fear, but you are entering into unknown territory. Not only in terms of your process but also in terms of what lies ahead. What will the Shift look like? What will the Ascension of Gaia, her kingdoms, and humanity look like? And thereafter, what will new earth look like? What will Nova Earth experience be like? How will we eradicate war, mayhem, death, dis-ease, starvation? How will this be done? This is the unknown; this is the darkness, the shadow that you are walking into. It is a brilliant time and I am the Bringer of the Future. I know what it looks like and that is why I’m here to speak to you about it; it is glorious, it is far brighter, far better, far more glorious than you can imagine. And you have difficulty because you say ‘How will all these changes take place?’ But that dear heart is why we are giving you, and reminding you mostly, of all these tools, of these gifts, of these blessings that we want to share with you.

So I will move from behind your shoulder that you may look at me standing directly in front of you. Look into my eyes of silver and witness my love for you, witness the clarity of vision that I share with you. Before I imbed within your palms my Silver Flame, I also wish to open your 4th eye. No it has not been time really until now. This is your ability to see through time-space continuum; it is your ability to see inter-dimensionally; it is your ability to see yourself and where you are positioning yourself in the 5th, 6th, 7th dimensions. I place my hand, my finger, upon your brow and I open this aperture to the future that I share with you and that you are an integral part of. How we have waited for this time. I thank you for being on earth, for being the co-creators of this magnificent change, of honoring Gaia to rebuild in ways that are of love, of clarity, clarity of heart, clarity of vision, clarity of purpose. I give you this gift, I give you this attunement to open this center. You are ready. So when you wish to glimpse bring your attention to this Silver Flame that I place in your 4th eye. Now extend your palms to me dear friend and let me place in the center of your palm my Silver Flame, the flame of clarity and the flame of will. Yes, you may feel a slight warming, do not worry about it, simply relax and breathe. I am taking care of you, I always have. This flame may transmute and transform, it is the flame of illumination and it is the flame of illumination translated into action and will, for without the will to truly bring into form, to have the experience as spirit in form, you do not move forward. So I ignite this will within you. Yes, it is in your hara, in your solar plexus, and it is the will to go forward and it is the will to go forward with me and with your community, your global community, your community of light, your community of love.

Now while we are at it let us finish the elimination of the false grids, let us be done with these once and for all, they do not serve you. They are a false illusion, they are a false god. What you yearn for is truth, what your heart yearns for is love. Let us burn away with the gentleness of silver, with the moonlight of silver, let us burn away any illusions that you have that you are not worthy and you are not whole, that you are not magnificent. Yes and use the beautiful hand mirror of Raphael to look and to see who you are. Our gifts do very well together so, yes, we welcome you to mix and match and trade. Know this. When you have doubt, when you have concerns, when you wonder if you are on the right track then simply use my Silver Flame. It is my eternal gift to you; it is with you forever and it is with you always. Go in peace. Eliza (Linda’s dog) barking…This dog is silver. Farewell.

GD: Farewell. Thank you. Thank you Archangel Uriel.

AAU: You may ask your questions dear heart, I am pleased to be your guest.

GD: Terrific. It’s an honor to have you and I thank you for your words and your gifts. I’m thinking about the value of hope and I’m thinking about the value of excitement as we think about this glorious future that you talk about and the importance of visualizing that. What can you share with us, I almost think that we can’t get enough reminders and enough to think about and look toward, so what can you share with us about this glorious future that we can hold on to?

AAU: This glorious future is based on hope you know, and it is also based on trust and love. Understand that as you shift inter-dimensionally, as you become the fullness of your trans-dimensional being, there are no illusions holding you back. I would like to talk to you, just briefly, about one vision that will ignite your imagination and your heart. And it is an undertaking, a project that has begun long ago but that is coming to fruition and it is the project, very much, of the Silver Flame under my purview, and it is the Cities of Light. The Cities of Light are cities that are already in form. Now I want you to understand what I am saying; they are already in form. You do not see them in the 3rd dimension, that does not mean they are not there. And with your new 4th eye you will begin to perceive them more and more clearly. The Cities of Light have been and are at this point cities of the future and they emerge all over your planet. They are magnificent, you can have a vision of a crystal city, spires similar to Atlantis in some ways, but more glorious. And these Cities of Light are already occupied by future beings, by wingmakers, by your star brothers and sisters, by many visitors and hybrids, by humans as well. And even by your future self. But what you have been doing in the work that you have all undertaken with me, even when you did not know it, is you have been pulling down and anchoring these Cities of Light. So as you emerge into the 5th dimension, many of you have thought ‘How are we going to deal with our cities?’ Well many of your cities will be transformed and we would like to say ‘Of course there is a rebuilding and a co-creation’ but these other Cities of Light will also be anchored in the fullness of their beauty and the fullness of what they are for. There are Cities of Light that are for healing, there are Cities of Light that are for art, for creativity, there are Cities of Light that are portals for your star brothers and sisters. They are all over, they are delightful places to be, they are places where peace reigns already.

The decisions that you have made as a human collective and as individuals in the last 10 years have begun to bring these cities into form and into fruition as we make this transition and Shift. Your decisions have determined whether these Cities of Light will ever be anchored in physical reality, and they are. And they are coming forward, not at the speed of light but at the speed of love, and the speed of love dear friends is the speed of light squared. Yes, it is happening that fast. You have tended to think in terms of evolutionary patterns, of what you think of as the ages of humanity, and they have been centuries. But that is changed; the changes can take place very rapidly. So do not think it will take years to get rid of poverty, it will take years to establish financial equality, it will take years to change the face of politics, that is simply not so.

Now I am an Archangel and I have created a great deal, but it is with you, with each of you that we co-create Nova Earth. It is with your will and with your action and with the anchoring of the values attendant and in accordance with love, with heart, and with the plan of the Mother. That is why I thank you so deeply because this is a co-creation. Your actions, your decisions small and big, things that you have not really even given a moments thought to, you just go forward and do it, have affected so deeply what the future looks like. You’ve seen some very dramatic examples. You would not have expected the shifts in your financial systems to be so radical and so fast. There is still healing to be done, there is still illumination to be brought to this system, but most of the changes have been well underway. The understandings, and that is pivotal, that is where my Silver Flame really helps, might I say, because for example the movements, the choices of the Wall Street movement to bring attention to the 99%. This has had subtly and actually phenomenal impact on the psyche, the clarity of the collective in understanding, first of all that they are not alone in their struggle or what they have felt was their aloneness, and that there is a need for shift. That it is not greed, it is not the desire to control Wall Street or financial systems, it is just the understanding that there needs to be a shift. So the foundation that you are looking for is being laid and being laid very rapidly in the last year.

Freedom has become a watch word. Choice is another issue that is all over your media at the moment and it is because people are being reminded of their ability to choose, of free will, that is why I ignite free will within you with my Silver Flame. It is putting your free will into action. Now is the time, this is the time of reckoning, not in judgment, for that is a very sad human trait. It is the time of reckoning simply because it is a time of choice, of decision to go forward. And you all, in your own way, and that is alright, are choosing to go forward. The future is bright; there is no hunger, there is no dis-ease, there is no inequality, diversity is celebrated, people have shelter, and might I say the architecture of new earth is magnificent because it is created in love and celebration of Gaia, but also with elements that you have not used to their greatest advantage. And this will also be a gift, clean technology, and your star brothers and sisters will play a great deal, a high roll in this, and they are ready, eager, and waiting. And they see the dissipation of fear. They are here to participate, to witness, to help with this transition, never to control, for that is against Universal Law.

GD: Thank you for those really inspiring words and that beautiful vision. You mentioned that we are moving into a time of darkness, not so much chaos and upheaval, although shifts and changes. There have been some concern, I guess, expressed recently, perhaps some questions that light workers had brought forth in terms of what this transition period can look like. Of course, we only have a few minutes and that’s not sufficient time to really get into great detail, but can you give us a perspective in terms of what we might anticipate as we bring in the new earth?

AAU: The transition is not to be feared, it is not cataclysmic, and it most certainly is not Armageddon, it is not a pole shift, it is not oceans rising and drowning billions of people, it is not the sun falling out of the sky; it is a shift of dimensional reality. Yes, it is Gaia moving and of course, each of you. There will be some shifting that Gaia does as she moves, but it is not done in a way of cataclysm. And the reason it is not done in the way of cataclysm is because of all the healing, all the love that has been sent to this beautiful planet, this sentient being, this Angel of Earth, over many decades. What happened, humanity woke up. So is there still pollution and things to be rectified? Yes. But will it be done through devastation? No. And the reason being, it is not of love. We cannot create the new out of destruction that is reflective of the old paradigms. So the new emerges gently, sweetly, and in love. If you are fearful then go to where you feel safe because it is what calls you; it in all likelihood it is your new City of Light. But do not move because you think that you are going to be at the mercy of Gaia, that simply is not so.

GD: I’ve been hearing the reference to the fact of the idea that earth, if she chooses to, will ascend to a 5th dimensional state and lately I’ve been hearing and I believe you mentioned this earlier a few references to 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensional states. Are we shifting from 3rd to 5th or 3rd to higher dimensions?

AAU: You are going from 3rd to 5th and then onward. You do not think this is simply going to stop and think if it this way, think of Gaia as positioned and traveling upward. She is not simply attached. Her heart will be attached at the 5th, but think of the top of the globe as brushing the 6th and 7th, the bottom of the globe still touching the 3rd. That is how you have physicality. Her sphere is very large and one of the things that you will do when you are anchored in the 5th, you have the choice to travel inter or trans-dimensionally and you can use my Silver Flame to guide the way. You are not stuck in the 5th the way that you have felt stuck in the 3rd. Is it not exciting?

GD: Yes indeed, indeed. Do you have any, as we wrap the show up tonight, do you have any last minute recommendations, action steps, action items that might work, that we can take as we bring in the future, bring in this new world?

AAU: Yes. Share my Silver Flame, ignite it in people’s hearts so that they will see the wonder of love, put it in their emotional or mental bodies so that they can see the shadows and not be afraid; they can see the wonder of who they are. Place the Silver Flame in your political systems; it will be soft enough that they won’t react, so it is pervasive in that way. Use it and call on me because the future is now. Thank you so much, my beloved friends. Thank you.

GD: Thank you so much Archangel Uriel.

AAU: Farewell dear heart, it is with joy that I have come to you and it is with joy that I stay with you. Do not think I am leaving; feel me by your shoulder. Let me help you, let me be one of your guides. Yes the Father One releases me to do this work with earth, and I am glad to do so. Go with my love and go with clarity, go with illumination and clear vision of the future. Farewell.

GD: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 03-29



new website . Faith by Nanne Nyander Fine Art Prints

ART : Faith – Nanne Nyander Fine Art Prints

WE ARE BEING CALLED TO “WALK OUR TALK” IN 2016 – Patricia Cota Robles @Era of Peace

native american 3

unknown artist

by Patricia Cota-Robles
December 29, 2015www.eraofpeace.org

As we Birth 2016, the 4th year of the New Earth, the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are sending forth a Clarion Call beseeching you and me and every Awakening man, woman, and child to live, move, and breathe within the profound Truth of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life. We are being called to demonstrate this Truth with every thought, feeling, word, action, belief, and memory we express. This is the reality which we have been preparing for lifetimes to Cocreate. We already have all of the skill, wisdom, strength, courage, and ability we need to accomplish this Holy Endeavor. All we need now is the willingness and the Heart commitment to do so. Fortunately, the floodgates of Heaven have opened during the past three years and in addition to the Divine Momentum blazing in our Hearts, we now have more support from our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven than ever before in the history of time. This Divine Intervention is empowering every single one of us in miraculous ways.According to the Company of Heaven, as we read the words and watch the video associated with the Activity of Light I AM sharing with you today, our I AM Presence will activate the Divine Potential that was pre-encoded within our DNA prior to this embodiment. The Divine Intent of this activation is to empower each of us to help raise the consciousness of our recalcitrant sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity. Through this Activity of Light, we will actually Love ALL Life FREE!

The urgency of the hour is obvious. All we have to do is watch the news to see the desperate attempts being made to exacerbate fear and to wreak havoc amongst Humanity through the obsolete consciousness of separation and duality. As the Light increases on Earth and everything that conflicts with the Light is pushed to the surface, this chaos seems to be increasing in every segment of society. This hateful behavior is the antithesis of the patterns of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life that we all know how to Cocreate, and it conflicts with every facet of the Divine Plan for this Planet.

Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life is the manifestation of Christ Consciousness through which our Father-Mother God’s Transfiguring Divine Love will transform the Earth and all Life evolving upon her. Please read the following words and watch this video with an open Heart and Mind. Your I AM Presence has drawn this information into your sphere of awareness because YOUR LIGHT IS NEEDED NOW, and you have volunteered to BE THE OPEN DOOR THAT NO ONE CAN SHUT IN 2016!

Raising Consciousness
The Shift from Separation to Oneness
by Patricia Cota-Robles
YouTube Video – RAISING CONSCIOUSNESShttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtdFwmoGPtk

We experienced the Shift of the Ages and Earth’s Birth into the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the New Earth on December 21st and 22nd in 2012. During that Cosmic Moment, the Earth reclaimed her rightful place in our Solar System. Now it is time for the next phase of the Divine Plan.Many people were expecting that the patterns of the New Earth would instantly manifest with our Ascension into the 5th Dimension, but that is not the way this process works. With the Birth of the New Earth the patterns of perfection did instantaneously flood into the mental and emotional strata of Earth. But the Universal Law is that in order for something to physically manifest on Earth it must be drawn through the Divinity pulsating within the hearts of people embodied on Earth. This is what is meant by the statement, “God needs a body.”

In order for the patterns of perfection for the New Earth to manifest in the physical plane, we must first tackle the CAUSE of the maladies existing on Earth. Unfortunately, most people are focused on trying to change outer appearances which are the EFFECT of the problem not the CAUSE of the problem. When we deal with just the outer appearance of a situation instead of what is CAUSING the problem, it is like trying to change the reflection in a mirror without changing the object that is causing the reflection. This is a futile effort and we will fail every time. Outer appearances will only change if we address what is CAUSING the problem in the first place.

So what is the CAUSE of the unbearable pain Humanity has been experiencing for so very long?

The CAUSE of ALL of the maladies existing on Earth is Humanity’s distorted and fragmented consciousness based in separation and duality.

This consciousness is the antithesis of Christ Consciousness. It is the opposite of the patterns of Oneness, Divine Love, and Reverence for Life that are encoded within the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.

When every person on Earth has completed his or her Awakening to Christ Consciousness, we will all know that it is impossible to harm any part of Life without harming ourselves and every other facet of Life. With that realization, we will consciously and deliberately operate from the heart space of Oneness and Love. We will open our hearts and minds to the patterns of perfection for the New Earth, and we will find viable, win-win solutions for every situation or challenge.

We will clearly KNOW that anything we do to enhance life for any person or any living thing will enhance life for ourselves and our loved ones. Just imagine, when everyone is operating from a consciousness of Oneness and Love none of the problems we are presently experiencing will exist. We will have shifted the CAUSE of those maladies and the outer world EFFECTS will naturally change.

Obviously, the most important thing we can do at this time is to assist our precious sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity to raise their consciousness from separation to Oneness. Then they will KNOW they are One with ALL Life and they will live their lives from that profound Truth.

Together we can do this. And when we succeed God Victoriously in helping to lift the most recalcitrant souls out of the illusion of separation and into Christ Consciousness, we will experience the wonders of the New Earth and the elation of Heaven.

The Company of Heaven has given us a visualization that will help us accomplish this wondrous facet of the Divine Plan.  Please join me now as we bring this Activity of Light to the masses of Humanity.


I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth.As One Breath, One Heartbeat, One Voice, and One Energy, Vibration, and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love we invoke our Father-Mother God and the entire Company of Heaven to assist us in raising the consciousness of every person on Earth in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.

Beloved Father-Mother God, we ask that you expand Your Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love which is pulsating within the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame. Create from this Sacred Fire a Heart of Love. Allow this Heart of Love to expand and expand through each person’s Heart Flame until it envelops the entire Planet Earth.  (pause)

Now the Legions of Light from every Ascended level of Being project their Love into the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God, the Cosmic I AM, ALL That Is. This matrix is the Body of God within which every particle of Life throughout the whole of Creation lives, moves, breathes, and has its being.

This unprecedented influx of Divine Love flows through our Father-Mother God’s Divine Matrix and floods the Earth blessing every man, woman, and child. As this Gift of Love bathes the Earth, every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on this planet is lifted into a Higher Order of Being.  (pause)

The Light of God now flows into the mental body, the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, the super conscious mind, and the physical brain structure of every person on Earth.

This Gift of Light from our Father-Mother God balances the right and left hemispheres of each person’s brain, and activates their spiritual brain centers. Through this Activity of Light, each person’s pituitary, pineal, and hypothalamus glands and the ganglionic centers at the base of their brain are restored to their full Divine Potential.

Utilizing this powerful Gift of Light, each person’s I AM Presence now recalibrates the circuitry within their physical brain structure enabling them to withstand a higher frequency of Divine Consciousness. This Activity of Light heals the fragmented circuitry that has prevented Humanity from communing with their I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven.

The I AM Presence within each person’s Heart Flame now creates the sacred space that enables that person to open their 5th-Dimensional Crown Chakra of Enlightenment to full breadth. This allows each one to communicate with their I AM Presence and with the Company of Heaven on a conscious level while reaching ever higher into Christ Consciousness.

As I hold the focus of my attention on the Light of God that is flowing through every person’s brain, I clearly see Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies being flooded with the resplendent Light of God.

This multidimensional, multifaceted, free-flowing 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light expands into every cell of Humanity’s Earthly Bodies allowing the I AM Presence of each person to take full dominion of this experience.

Now, all is in readiness. Through their I AM Presence, every person on Earth will participate at both inner and outer levels in this Activity of Light, which will raise the consciousness of the masses and assist every recalcitrant soul to shift from a consciousness of separation to a consciousness of Oneness and Reverence for Life.


I continue to breathe rhythmically and deeply. The Legions of Light throughout Infinity are with me now as I greet this sacred moment from within the peace of my I AM Presence. I AM One with all Life. I now realize that I AM One with ALL Humanity and together we are standing forth as the collective 5th-Dimensional Solar I AM Presence on Earth.

I now reach up into the Infinity of my own Divine Consciousness. As I AM lifted up, all of Humanity is lifted up with me. In this frequency of Divine Consciousness, Humanity’s free will becomes one with God’s Will, and Humanity’s Divine Consciousness is reclaimed here on Earth. Humanity’s Divine Consciousness reveals the profound Truth that We are One. This Higher Consciousness pulsates with Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life.

Within the embrace of Divine Consciousness, Humanity experiences an endless ocean of Light that flows from Suns beyond Suns beyond Suns, and each person KNOWS, “I AM That I AM. I AM the Open Door for this celestial ocean of Light. I AM the Light of the World, and my time for higher service to Life is at hand.”

Now, this cosmic ocean of Light intensifies, flowing unimpeded through Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. As each person assimilates this Gift from On High, they release into the Light all thoughts, feelings, words, actions, beliefs, and memories that are based in the consciousness of separation or duality.

The I AM Presence of each person now affirms, “All that I AM, all of the God Perfection that flows into my Crown Chakra of Enlightenment is manifesting through me now on the New Earth. I AM at peace on the New Earth. I AM resting in supreme God Confidence. I AM opening the 5th-Dimensional Stargate of my Heart. I AM One with my Father-Mother God and the Powers of Light throughout the Universe. I AM ready now to Love ALL Life FREE!”

Instantaneously, I see the Truth of every person on Earth. I see every recalcitrant soul as a precious Child of God, no matter how far their behavior patterns or their life experiences may be from reflecting that Truth. I perceive all of their human miscreations and their unbalanced energies as innocent primordial Light entering my awareness now to be transmuted and Loved free.

I happily greet my wayward sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity and all of their unbalanced energy the same as my Father-Mother God would greet them. I greet them with Love from within the embrace of Peace, Detachment, God Confidence, and Supreme Authority.

Within the Invincible Forcefield of God’s Infinite Love I take these fallen souls into my Being, and I hold them in my arms of Light as I would an injured child. They cannot overwhelm me or control me in any way, nor do I need to fear them or shun them. I simply hold them and Love them until they surrender to the Love of God, desiring on their own to rejoin the Kingdom of Heaven which is pulsating within the Divinity of my Heart.

As these precious souls surrender to the Light, their consciousness is raised and they begin to remember that they are Beloved Sons and Daughters of God. With this sacred knowledge, they once again find their proper place in the Universe. In perfect Divine Order, they are set FREE to live and cocreate the patterns of Love and Oneness on the New Earth.

Now, this activity of Light expands and expands, and I affirm to all Life everywhere:

Precious Children of God come unto me and be raised up into
the Light and Love of our Father-Mother God.  (repeat 3 times)

As an Instrument of God, I AM accepting these precious souls and their unascended energies into my 5th-Dimensional Solar Heart Flame, so I can Love them FREE. I AM in Holy Communion with my Father-Mother God, and as my recalcitrant sisters and brothers enter my Heart Flame, they are also in Holy Communion with my Father-Mother God.

Now rather than feeling rejected and thus perpetuating their negative behavior, my sisters and brothers feel accepted and Loved as the innate Children of God they are. They voluntarily release themselves into the Light, and they become One with all of the great forcefields and momentums of Divine Light throughout the whole of Creation.

I rejoice that recalcitrant souls and unascended energy are finding their way Home through me, and I release myself into the peace of knowing:

My I AM Presence is handling ALL imperfection perfectly.   (repeat 3 times)

Father-Mother God, from your glorious heart I came into being, and into your loving heart one day—when my service here on Earth is through—I shall return. I thank you for the privilege of having life and for my physical embodiment during this sacred time when Divine Love and the patterns of perfection for the New Earth are being established on Earth.

In deep humility, I offer you the cup of my consciousness as a Holy Grail through which the Light of Creation will flow to fulfill the Divine Plan for Planet Earth.

Beloved Father-Mother God from this moment forth, with every breath I take, empower me with the ability to radiate the Love of my I AM Presence to all Life evolving on this planet.     And so it is!

YouTube Video – RAISING CONSCIOUSNESShttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtdFwmoGPtk

Patricia Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
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New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
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This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.©2015 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.

native american 3

unknown artist

Entering 2016 with a Heart as Light as a Feather – Sharon Lyn Shepard @ Divine Musings

Maat by Lisa Iris

Entering 2016 with a Heart as Light as a Feather

As the year 2015 draws to a close, so many of us are breathing a huge out-breath of relief, looking forward to a new beginning. There’s no doubt about it, it’s been a tough year, a year riddled with violence from so many different subtleties of life. And yet, my heart feels light as a feather. How is that possible?

I have to admit that the violence in Paris shook me to the core. In reality, it was a grand awakening for for me. While others went into fear and anger, my heart exploded with compassion. Yes, I have compassion for the victims and their families, not just those in Paris but for all the violence happening in the world. In addition, my heart’s expansion reached out with passionate love for those who are perpetrating the violence. Those who are in so much pain that they are obsessed with acting out in such violent ways.

When I first read about Paris, I was in such a state of shock that my mind could not comprehend such actions against humanity, therefore my mind disengaged in the overwhelm of it, allowing my heart to take the lead. And for that I shall forever be grateful. These acts of terrorism shook me to the core and at the core of everything is Love.

Paris brought everything to light. All the underlying pain and hatred that’s been brewing under the surface for eons of time. Finally brought into the light. No, it’s not a pretty sight, but it is finally being seen, finally being talked about, personally as well as globally. Yes, there are those who are spewing words rooted in fear. Ugly words are flying in all directions. But there are also those, like myself, who have awakened to more Love and Compassion.

At the end of each year, I always spend some time in silence. It’s not a yearly review like I used to do in my younger years, searching for a new year’s resolution on how to improve my self. Instead it is a time to feel into the current energies. What’s flowing and what’s not… for myself as well as the collective.

This year, my heart is floating light as a feather. Why? Because as chaotic as the energy feels as it’s swirling around me, it’s on it’s way out. No longer stuck. It’s all flowing… up and out. Of course there are those who are still attempting to hang onto the old, but this antiquated energy has been freed and its collective momentum can not be stopped.

So what remains in the center of this swirling vortex of chaotic energy? The perfect vacuum to suck in all the Love and Compassion that’s flowing from the collective of OUR hearts. The Love and Compassion to soothe humanity through the tough times of transition being experienced by those who are currently awakening. There is nothing we need do. We are not here to rescue. We are here to breathe new Love and Life into the collective consciousness and cheer everyone on as they rise from the ashes to discover their own sovereignty. A community of victims will never survive, but a community of sovereign beings can rise to create a new world of Peace and Prosperity.

The new year of 2016 is stirring the passion of my heart because for the first time in a very long time our Light is shinning brightly and Love is flowing freely. I am entering 2016 with my heart as light as a feather. Perhaps you’d like to join me in a few moments of silence, heart to heart, to expand our collective consciousness as the Creators of a New Earth with hearts as light as feathers.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”
gratitude to the artist Lisa Iris

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kuan_yin_blossoms in spring by Toni Carmine Salerno at Blue Angel Publishing art

ART : Kuan Yin Blossoms in Spring – Toni Carmine Salerno @ Blue Angel Publishing


We are all sharing this, this experience, in our Shared Heart, together.

I am no different to you as you are no different to every other person, Christ or Buddha.

We all have this Presence, this Pure Unborn Awareness as our essential Self. Your Heart shines with that Light and Presence for My Heart.

I want to share a dialogue with you. There is a need for discussion as we sit in the center of these transformative energies of the Christ Consciousness.

I have a question and I want you to bring your questions so that we, Our Higher Selves, may discuss them. Anything about anything at all. Or no-thing. Your soul family, your life mission, your healing, your light embodiment.

Here is an example from My Self revealing itself to My self.


What does “IN LIGHT” mean?

Higher Self (HS) : PRESENCE



self : This Christmas – New Year week marked a major turning point for awareness.

I was meditating on dissolving my self in the divine body of My Father Metatron and My Mother Guan Yin when I was struck by what I will call Vajra. This is an experience of Thunderbolt Awareness or Diamond Consciousness as it is called by Krishna and Buddha.

I was so stunned by this sudden realization that reduced me to the point of a Diamond that my mind stopped. There were no more thoughts. I slipped into what Buddha called Sunyata or profound realization of emptiness which Buddha himself experienced and called Void and Christ called Fullness of Life. Krishna called it the Bliss of Consciousness. I was drawn into a vortex of energy instantaneously that flashed with the intensity of the purest diamond.

The emptiness or void was inside me. There was no-thing.

When I came to consciousness everything around me had changed and it remained so for around 18 hours. Everything had the intensity and beauty of a precious diamond. I realized that I had been drawn into the Heart of Metatron, dissolved into pure amrita, an indestructible drop of the nectar of pure divine light, entered the Womb of Guan Yin, melted, and dissolved into emptiness. MY SELF DISSOLVED INTO EMPTINESS.

It had happened within the first 30 seconds of sitting to meditate.

In those following 18 hours I couldn’t sit to meditate, as tears would flow of their own accord.

My every waking moment was a meditation.

Higher Self : The Light of the day is Love itself.

Everything is new and pristine just as unborn awareness.

Every moment is a miracle.

self : For those 18 hours I was in pure peace and bliss.

Higher Self : The suffering, as Buddha says, has ended.

Be aware of your experiences, questions, thoughts and discussions for this New Year Christ Consciousness center that we all are. Let go of anything else. Focus and simplify. Allow the space between your thoughts to widen through deep attention to what arises.

You are consciousness itself

You dwell in the Lotus of the Heart

You are Joy in Bliss

Keep quiet, keep still, keep silent and the Self will reveal itself.

When your attention, in that stillness, is fully in the present, the Presence that is your True Self reveals itself as Limitless Light, unbound, timeless and nameless.

Firmly abiding as ‘I am I’, in stillness, without any movement of the mind, is the attainment of the True Self.

In that moment of ATTENTION there is an AWARE PRESENCE.

The I AM.


I AM that I AM אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה, ehyeh ašer ehyeh

Timeless, unborn, pure presence.

Love and blessings from the Source

altair guan yin and lotus

I am Altair, Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”


The Purple Flame Decrees are Here: A Message from St. Germain and the Transition Team – Giselle Koy


The Purple Flame Decrees are Here: A Message from St. Germain and the Transition Team, Delivered by Giselle Koy


The Purple Flame Decrees are Here: A Message from St Germain and the Transition Team, Delivered by Giselle Koy

Greetings on these beloved holidays on Planet Earth. May thanks be given for all the plentitude and abundance here, and soon to be seen. You will need a new word for gratitude for so great will your heart be filled with thanks. It will be beyond measure and beyond a word. This is certain. Gratitude will not come in spurts in those moments when you remember but will be a constant fountaining of awe, delight, thankfulness and blessings. Blessings will beget blessings for as you bless you will be blessed. And this goes for every virtuous quality cultivated here on earth.

As part of the transition team of Ascension, which by the way is in full swing, I am here to speak to you of the changing of the guard so to speak.

I spoke to you earlier about how I too will be ascending and moving on to other realms. The mighty I Am Presence we have all shared as our passageway out of 3D will now be enhanced with a new set of decrees. These are the Purple Flames of the We Are Presence.

Yes congratulations on our arrival to “oneness” consciousness. Most of you can feel it as you look around and see all as family. The constant vigilance of invoking the Violet Flame has created the passage into the We Are Presence and its accompanying golden center. Yes this is a sphere of refined violet flame, it’s crowning glory of achievement, its heralded victory.

The Violet Flame is Ascending as well to its deeper richer new incarnation. All of your invocations over the many years have cultivated this new deep rich saturated Purple Wavelength in the light spectrum. Here are some decrees to start you off. Many of you will be receiving and writing these decrees as transition continues. Work with this Crowning Wave of Ascension with the Violet Flame as the sponsor of this Flame of Ascension.

I Am the Purple Flame of Ascension Victorious

We Are the Crowning Glory of Man’s True Heart Sharing Throughout Existence

We Are the Purple Flame of All Purple Hearts – Honored for Bravery, Service and Courage

We Are the Oneness Incarnate

We Are the Oneness Ripple Throughout Everyone’s Heart, Syncopating the Rhythm of Unity

We Are the Purple Flame of Boundary Dissolvers in 3D Earth and the Joining Forces of All Separations

We Are One, Joined through our Purple Hearts of Valor

We Are One Here and Forevermore, Manifesting Peace on Planet Earth

We Are beyond the Ultra-Violet Spectrum and part of the Spectrum of Multi-dimensional Saturation

We Are Ascension Victorious

We Are the Blessings of All Transmuted Energies Here on Planet Earth

We Are the Robes of Royal Existence – Here on Planet Earth Now

We Are the Fields of Purple Lavender Infusing Earth with the Perfume of All Transmuted Energies and Toxicities

We Are the Purple Ray of Deep Deep Love, Transmuted through the Ages Long Process of 3D Life

We Are, We Love, We Unify, We Bless, We Offer Ourselves in Full Service to the Light in All Frequencies

We Are the Purple Flame that Burns in Constant Service

We Are Those that Serve in Perpetuity

We Are the Rising of Our Civilization Over and Over Until Final Ascension

We Are the Rapid and Rare Ascension of the Entire Planet

We Are the Binding Colors of All Ascension Efforts

We Are the Tip of the Violet Flame, Kissing the Next Realm, Our Ascension Destination

We Are the Flame Fueling the Perpetuity of All Existing Transmutational Flames

We Are the Final Flame for this Planet in Her Current State at the Cusp of Ascension

We Are the Tribute Flame for Mankind’s Success

We Are That We Are

The Purple Flame Decrees are Here: A Message from St. Germain and the Transition Team, Delivered by Giselle Koy

Managing Fear – Randall Monk @ Timely Guidance

buddha side


Managing Fear

With all of the negative information in the news many are feeling especially fearful. I suggest not watching the news or reading negative news stories. Fear is a very low frequency – a low vibration – that I recommend avoiding. You may be asking, “How do I do that?” Well, I’m going to answer that question very soon.

We are all creators and as such, when we focus on something with emotion we initiate the creative process. Therefore, the more we focus on fearful situations with emotion the more likely we are to draw low-frequency experiences into our lives.

Our creative powers – we all have them – can be used to create good fortune or misfortune. We create beneficial experiences with good thoughts and feelings. By the same token, we create unhealthy situations with negative thoughts and feelings. It’s like two sides of the same coin. The universe is always delivering the sum total of our thoughts and feelings. That is how our world is created. We master our world by monitoring and mastering our thoughts.

As human beings we are going to find ourselves having negative thoughts from time to time.  The important thing is not to dwell in that energy, but to move out of it quickly to a higher vibration.  The process below is a technique I have used successfully for years to maintain a high vibration/frequency:

Transforming Fear

Managing fear so that it does not seize our life is of paramount importance, because if we don’t, it takes over and we are no longer able to move smoothly along the river of life.  Fear will incapacitate us if we allow it to.

The following is the method I use to manage and transmute fear:

First I acknowledge the fear. Then I experience/embrace the fear, allowing it to dissipate.  In many cases it dissipates completely in a moment or two just by acknowledging and experiencing the feeling.  This can take a moment or two, or several minutes, depending on the level of fear.  If it is a deep seated feeling, it may not totally dissipate at first and that is okay; in this case, just move on to the next step.

The next step in the process is to embrace love – embrace the feeling of love.  Allow the feeling of love to permeate your entire being.  If you find it difficult to bring forth the feeling of love I suggest that you think of a person, animal, or place in nature you love.

After you are comfortable with this method, you will be able to move directly from fear to love at times – as soon as you notice that you are being fearful, bring forth the feeling of love.

Transforming Fear

Acknowledge/Embrace the Fear

Embrace the feeling of Love – Replace Fear with Love

Another thing to consider is how we react to challenging situations we are confronted with. What happens to us is not as important as how we respond to what happens to us. When something unfortunate happens we have a choice: we can react with negative emotions or we can act with calm, peaceful, positive emotions – It’s always our choice. The more peaceful and loving we are the more we will experience peaceful and loving people and events in our life. Mastering our emotions, being in control of them, rather than allowing them to control us, is an essential skill to have on our earthly sojourn.

It is helpful to practice on small issues that arise, so that our response will be second nature when confronted with something major. The more you practice the easier it gets. Ideally we would all be continually embracing the energy of love as we go about our day.

Sending love and good fortune,


©2015 –  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website. This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission.  Randall T Monk, www.TimelyGuidance.com


buddha side

The Ascension of Arcturus Part 3 and The Tenth Veil of Illusion @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Ascension of Arcturus Part 3 and The Tenth Veil of Illusion


The Ascension of Arcturus – Part 3

From Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension Book 2

MYTRE CONTINUES: The Formless Ones in both the planetary atmosphere and the planetary core, as well as the Portal Openers, knew that the time was nigh for the completion of the planetary cycle. The plants and animals did not need to understand what was happening, as they lived in unity with the planet and accepted whatever planetary event occurred. Only the Lost Ones were left uninformed that the transmutation of every molecule of form was imminent.


However, the Lost Ones could FEEL that a great change was commencing. Since their separate God had told them that there was a beginning, there would need to be an ending. Hence, the only possible scenario they could believe was that the END was nigh. Since the Lost Ones were incapable of accepting an unknown event, they could only believe that the end of the world was near.

Concurrently, the Portal Openers were in steady communication with the Formless Ones. Therefore, they realized that since the Formless Ones could create a planet, they could assist them to safely transmute their reality back into the Oneness of multidimensional light and unconditional love.

Since the Portal Openers had expanded their consciousness enough to directly and personally experience the Formless Ones, they believed that ascension into a higher frequency was real. They could feel the transmutation of energy within the planetary core, as well as within their own personal core.

Once they fully integrated this expansive energy into their being, they began to radiate their own multidimensional energy beyond their core and into their surrounding world. In other words, the Portal Openers became the very portals that they had once had to locate and request assistance to open.

Meanwhile, the Formless Ones were busily creating their Arcturian Corridor. This corridor was much like a huge birth canal through which planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes could be protected and cared for during their intense transformation into higher frequencies of expression.

However, only the Portal Openers would know they were within a huge cosmic portal. They would know this because they were those who had had enough trust in the Formless Ones to totally surrender into a state of consciousness completely unique to all of their past, present and future experiences of reality.

Their surrender encompassed past, present and future because once they entered the corridor, they slowly lost all concept of time. Hence, memory would no longer be limited to the past, as there was only NOW. Furthermore, within the corridor, there was no illusion of inside vs. outside.

Therefore, they could no longer distinguish between internal and external events. They could directly experience their beingness only within the constant state of the HERE and NOW. At first, this direct expression of being life was unique and therefore, challenging. However, as they became accustomed to this manner of “being,” they soon forgot any other expression of reality.

While in this state of being, they could consciously experience their form transmuting without the necessity of “death.” In fact, they began to experience, and simultaneously forget, their myriad third/fourth dimensional lives in form. They retained all that they had learned, but once they began to return to that true SELF, they were in such joy that memories of their past challenges transmuted into the victories of the NOW.

When they first entered the Arcturian Corridor, they had to release every person, place, situation and thing that had not chosen to enter the corridor. Some of these releases were quite difficult, as some physical relationships were made that would not carry forth into the corridor.

The Portal Openers were sad to leave behind some of their friends who had become lost in the illusions that they believed were real. However, the Portal Openers knew that there was no time. Consequently, their friends and family would eventually join them.

Without question, the fully awakened Portal Openers entered the corridor with absolute surrender and total release of all that could not, or would not, join them. They entered the corridor knowing that they had to trust the feel within their heart and discharge anything that cluttered their mind.

But how did they enter the corridor? Was it visible and discrete, such as a physical bridge? No, that was the primary challenge of entering the corridor. It was not a Bridge, and it was not physical. In fact, it was not in front of or around them. The corridor was within them. But, how could they enter something that was within them?

The Portal Openers had to collapse into their SELF. In other words, they had to deny all attachments to that which appeared to be around them and bond fully with that which they found within their High Heart. To their surprise, when they entered their High Heart, they discovered that all they had loved unconditionally in their myriad incarnations was awaiting their reunion.

The Formless Ones had told them that unconditional love was the bonding force of the Universe. However, how could they know that unconditional love would bond all they loved within a higher frequency of reality that they could enter only by surrendering into their own High Heart?

The Portal Openers did not know that they had collected within their own High Heart every reality that they had ever experienced in all of their excursions into form. Every person, place, situation or thing that they had loved unconditionally was awaiting them within the “NOW” of this great reunion.

The Portal Openers collected ALL these past, present and future realities and merged them into the “NOW” of their ascension. In this manner, every experience of unconditional love that they had ever enjoyed was gathered into the corridor.

Since the Portal Openers so dearly and unconditionally loved their planet, they gathered everything they loved about their planet into the corridor, as well. Unfortunately, this gathering of planetary experiences into the corridor would play havoc with the Lost Ones who were still planet-bound.

The Lost Ones still held tight to the fear, victimization and/or power-over others. Thus, their quotient of love and light was quite small. They could not even find their High Heart, much less collapse into it. Furthermore, surrender felt like failure to them. They would not surrender their long-held beliefs, nor would they surrender that which they had worked so hard to acquire.

Unfortunately for the Lost Ones, the Arcturians who were the holders of planetary form were happy to join the Portal Openers and the Formless Ones in the corridor. Hence, portions of the matrix of the planet were disappearing from the perception of the Lost Ones.

Those who had believed in a disastrous ending were playing out that storyline, while others continued with their selfish or weak behaviors. On the other hand, some of the Lost Ones were finding great courage and assisting others as they sought a safe place. How surprised they were when they discovered that the safe place was actually within the corridor.

Unfortunately, other Lost Ones were holding on to their power-over others and/or their self-pity and lack of control over their own lives. These Lost Ones raged or called desperately to their separate God because they could not find their own Arcturian core. It was at this juncture where the holographic story had begun.


To my surprise, at this point in the story an immense range of emotions overtook me, and I angrily turned off the hologram. Why? Why had I been shown this? Was I shown this story to remind me that, rather than selfishly advancing my own abilities, I should be home in the Pleiades on my own planet?

I bolted from the holosuite in confusion and sorrow. What about my own people? What were they facing now? I was sworn to be a protector of my people, and I was off on my own selfish advancement when I should be home protecting and helping them. I was almost running when I bumped into the Arcturian.

The mere touch of Its body and mind calmed my emotions and centered my thinking. The Arcturian looked deeply into my eyes, and we met soul to soul. I felt answers to many unasked question flow into my consciousness. My breath slowed, my heart calmed and my mind stilled.

“We have a guest we want you to greet and take on a tour of the Mothership,” the Arcturian telepathically informed me. I started to speak, but it telepathically interrupted to say, “Speak only with your heart.” Thus, I had to fully center myself enough to ask the telepathic questions of where I should go and for who I should look.

I felt the Arcturian’s smile inside my heart as I heard, “Follow me.” I followed the Arcturian to the main entry area and saw a lovely being of unknown gender and planetary origin. The Arcturian responded to my unspoken question by telepathically saying, “She/It is a hybrid of human and Arcturian whose name is Kepier.”


“The Illusion of Death”

“Hello. Lady Astrea are you here?”

This is very unusual. She is always here as soon as I arrive. Or, perhaps, I’m not here yet? If I’m not here yet, then I have no idea how to travel in this land. It does not matter how far I walk because the world around me changes even if I stand still. This place doesn’t feel quite the same. I can’t explain it but there’s something different. It looks the same, but it doesn’t “feel” the same. I am beginning to become frightened. How did I get here and how can I leave? Where did I come from? I can hardly remember where I’m going. I must think of the Lady. She can read my thoughts and she said she would always answer when I call her with my heart. That should be easy as it is beating very hard now.

“Dear Lady, I call you. Help me. Direct me.”

Suddenly, I feel something like a wind and I see a flash of Light. Now everything still looks the same, but it feels different. It feels like the right place and before me is Lady Astrea smiling like a proud mother.

“Very good, my one, you remembered your lesson and kept your faith.”

“But what happened?” I ask.

“It was time for you to learn discrimination. As one travels in their mind they must learn that the process is very different from traveling with their bodies. Their feeling world becomes their compass and their thoughts direct their movement. You did very well for your first solo flight.”

“What do you mean ‘solo flight’?” I ask very confused.

“Before, I directed you here by the beam of my thoughts, but now you remembered where you wanted to go so you directed yourself. You are growing, my dear.

“But come now, it is soon your time. Can you remember what is happening on Earth now?”

“Well, let me see. I must concentrate. I’m afraid I got rather upset on my solo flight and, as you have said, when I’m emotional it is very difficult to concentrate.”

“Take some slow deep breaths, my dear, and center your awareness on the point behind your forehead and between your ears. Now feel your heart and see a ray of light that travels up from your heart and into that point. Allow that point to serve as a projector, to display a picture on the inside of your forehead at the point between and slightly above your eyes. Concentrate. Make sure the ray of light from your heart is unbroken. When that connection is made, the picture will be automatic.”

It is very difficult at first, but the Lady is right as always. As soon as the connection is made, I see a picture but it is very unpleasant. I see a very old woman, small and frail, lying on a hospital bed with tubes connecting her to machines. I know that she is dying, as she is ‘not in her body’ but rather floating above it. I begin to cry and this makes the picture go away.

“Who is it, my dear?” says Lady Astrea in a steady, comforting voice.

“It is my grandmother. Now I remember why I came here myself this time. I came here with a request. I wanted to release the ‘Illusion of Death’ so that I could assist my dear grandmother in her transition. It appears that I performed some kind of ceremony to help her. But I can’t remember much right now.”

“Come, my one, Lady Leto can help you.”

As I enter the circle this time, the Ladies are dressed in translucent white. They look like two beautiful Light Beings and they are smiling in loving recognition. For the first time they speak:

“At your request, my dear, we release the ‘Veil of the Illusion of Death.”‘

And, as they remove the veil, I hear Lady Leto saying:

“Dear one, you did indeed assist your grandmother while on Earth. There is a degree of fear within your personality regarding astral travel; therefore, you are unable to cross over with clear recognition of what had happened. We are glad to help you remember your Earth challenge. It is this remembering that will help you to conquer your fear.”

“Two ceremonies were actually performed. One was performed while you were awake. Then you asked for it to be continued on another level while you were asleep. The waking ceremony you will remember as soon as you cross back to the other side. However, you must remember that normal dream language arises from your animal brain and not from your higher cortex.

“In order to remember your highest sleep or astral experience you must be able to function from a high cortical level in bringing the information over to your conscious Earthly mind. To achieve this memory takes great practice and total control of your emotions because they will automatically lower the cognition down to the animal brain. Since you still harbor fear of the astral, and in this case fear of ‘death’, you were unable to bring forward your dream experiences to your Earthly life and your Earthly experiences to your dream life.

“I will now recount your astral ceremony. Master Jesus and Mother Mary assisted in the ceremony due to your grandmother’s chosen faith in this life. You stood at the threshold with Lady Astrea and Archangel Michael, while I directed your grandmother’s vision towards Jesus and Mary. Your grandmother’s personal Angel brought her two ‘dead’ husbands from the other side to her along with other family members who have crossed over. Your grandmother then became aware that ‘death’ is not the end, but instead the beginning. However, she still holds to her daughter and is afraid to make a decision. Her life has been focused around learning to live for herself. She was born in an era when a woman’s goodness was measured by her ability to live for others. This she did. And now, as she did not live for herself, she must die for herself. Be patient with her and love her through the process.

“All of her life she surrounded herself with strong people who would not give her time to do things and make decisions for herself as it was not their way to be so ‘slow.’ Accept your grandmother now in her manner of decision. She has gained the needed information and is constantly and almost consciously attended by her Angel. Love her and allow her to find her own way to learn her lessons and free herself into the light.

“After the ceremony you came here to my temple for the removal of the Tenth Veil and asked that it be the ‘Veil of the illusion of Death. ‘The ‘Veil of Death’ is thin indeed. It wavers in the wind and is translucent in the sun. One can almost see the other side, can almost hear the calls of loved ones, and can almost know the meaning of life. But even though the step is short and the veil is thin, once across, the steps are final. Once across, the veil is denser, the time is ended and the space is over. Now the heart has found its Home and the yearning can subside. The journey is complete.

“My one, the journey of life goes not from birth and into ‘death,’ but rather from ‘death’ into ‘death.’ For ‘death’ is an illusion of a quantum scale. The transition of ‘death’ is not a step, but instead, a leap. On the other side of ‘death,’ life lives in the opposite. So to come to one’s ‘death,’ one really comes to one’s Self. Once the ‘Veil of The Illusion of Death’ is lifted, one knows eternity. One knows that they are truly constant and truly one with the universe.”

Master Hilarion continues: “‘Death’ and birth are the same and differ only in semantics. When one dies to one side of the veil, they are born to the other. One reason why travel in the astral is so difficult is because it holds the fear of all those who did not know that fact and were afraid of that transition. However, as soon as they could find their guides, they were able to move into a higher vibration. They then left their fear behind. That fear was then absorbed by the primal masses of thought forms and these thought forms have become the ‘devils’ and ‘demons’ and other forces of darkness. These forces of darkness live off of fear and are repulsed by love.

“Since these beings of fear live just beyond the veil, many can feel it and interpret these feelings as fear of ‘death.’ However, they are really experiencing ‘fear of fear.’ ‘Death’ is not lack of existence, but instead another kind of separation. When on Earth, one is separated from the conscious knowledge of and interaction with their friends and guides on the other side. On the other side, once ‘dead,’ one is separated from the conscious knowledge of their friends and guides on Earth. However, even this separation is an illusion for in truth, all is one. Separation is a state of consciousness, not a state of ‘life’ or ‘death.’ If one is able to achieve a state of consciousness that allows communion with all life while in the body, this ability will be carried across the threshold. Remember that Earth is a schoolroom and that anything that is learned there shall be yours for all eternity. Consciousness is your only eternal treasure.”

Apollo now adds:     “‘Death’ is life and life is ‘death.’ Beyond the illusion of death the truth prevails that life and ‘death’ are two sides of one coin. The two sides of a coin differ only in the symbols that they each represent. Life and death are different sets of symbols that represent existence within a time/space, dense, physical structure and another set of symbols that represent the higher vibration of existence beyond the physical. The transition from physical to non-physical is experienced as ‘death’ whether or not the one can return. Therefore, it is vital for one to be free of the illusion of death and the incumbent fears of ‘death’ that often accompany physical existence.

“One of man’s major evolutionary lessons is to learn that he is not the body but is only using the body as a focus of attention so that evolutionary lessons can be learned. When man was lower on the evolutionary scale, it was necessary for him to learn to own his body so that he could use it effectively. These ‘gods’ in the making looked around their schoolroom Earth to find a physical structure that seemed inhabitable for them. They found a type of ape that could raise to a standing position to better view the world and also had strong mating and tribal traditions. These beings appeared to be the most appropriate of physical structures available and the ‘gods’ knew they could quicken the evolution of the species by inhabiting it with their higher spiritual and mental capacity.

“However, many chose not to take this risk of entering such a dense structure and chose instead to weave a finer body for themselves from the etheric substance about them. For many years and eons the separation between these two groups was strictly obeyed. Each felt that the other had chosen a different path. The end goal of each, however, was the same: to raise their vibration into perfect Spirit. With the downfall of Lemuria and Atlantis, the rules of separation were relaxed. Many of the finer beings mated with those with ‘ape-man’ bodies and their offspring further quickened the evolution of the animal-man. However, the animal-man qualities were stronger and generally overpowered those of the etheric beings. After the fall of Atlantis, many of the areas of Earth were too dense for the etheric beings and they had to retreat to certain areas where the vibration could be maintained at a higher rate.

“However, as Earth continued on its devolutionary path, many of these ‘high’ places withdrew into the ethers taking with them the lighter or often called, Faerie Beings. These Faerie Beings stand at the threshold between the two worlds. They have very different values and philosophies than humans, but since both beings came from the same first cause, they are truly of the same evolution. Faerie Beings who raised their consciousness became Angels and Archangels whereas humans who raised their consciousness became Ascended Masters. Advancement into Light can be achieved from both sides of the veil. The Faerie Kingdom, not bound by time and space as it is known on the physical world, does not experience change as ‘death.’ But they do release one ‘body’ to expand into another. This treatise has been presented to you to help you understand that death is merely the passage into a new life.”

As I walk from the circle, my mind is a blur of images and feelings. Although this is more than I can understand, I will hold it in my mind until I grow into it. I am returning now …

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The Life of Jesus – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

william blake elohim

ART : Elohim – William Blake

The Life of Jesus – Part 2/2

He also talked about his crucifixion, how there was nothing sacred about it. It was painful and brutish. Much more here on this day on which we celebrate his life. This version has been edited for brevity.

Transcript of an Hour with an Angel with Jesus, Jan. 16, 2012

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel on this day, January 16, 2012.

Well, tonight, Jesus joins us once again, channeled by Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love, and Steve Beckow, editor of the 2012 Scenario, will be asking him questions again. So with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

To listen to this show and past shows, click on the link below:


Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And welcome, Jesus.

Jesus: Welcome. And I tell you again, you may call me Jesus, or you may call me Yeshua or you may call me brother or friend. But I welcome all of you tonight. And yes, I welcome the channel as well, and we will work with her to make sure that we can go forward together.

I thank our host for playing these words and reminding our audience about this wondrous soul, Martin Luther King, a man who believed in what he was doing and who brought about great change, not only in your North American society, but all over the world. But I also know that he echoes a question that so many of you hold in your heart, and that is, how long? How long until truth and justice will reign?

And so I ask each of you, my beloved friends, this night, within your own hearts, how long? Is truth and justice and fairness and love resting there? Because that is the nature of my messages. That is the nature of my being. And it is what I truly come to offer. It is about all I have to offer, for I do not bring riches, I do not bring food this day. I am not in the loaves-and-fishes business right now.

But what I bring you is hope, but this hope must be married to what is in your hearts. And if the truth and the hope is not within you, then you do not match it throughout the universe, you do not find it because it is not there with the light within you.

If you ever have any doubt about the truth of your being, about the justice that you deserve, in every moment of every day, in this and every other incarnation you have ever had or will have, then look to my light and let it give you that hope to continue on. Because what you are seeking is right around the corner.

There is far too much discussion these days about ascension, about shift, about movement forward, and about the opening of hearts, about a society that is based on love, on fairness and heart. But it begins with you, dear ones. It does not just begin with me. It is within each of you to effect this change and to build this new world, this Nova Earth, this Nova Gaia.

We are partners in this undertaking, not simply I but the legions that serve and who stand ready to extend their help. But it is in direct partnership. You are not in servitude in the way of waiting for us to do for you. That is not the way of this unfoldment.

It is you claiming your birthright as creators, acknowledging the divinity within you, and from that place, walking in tandem – hand in hand, arm in arm, heart in heart together. So, as many years ago, with your beloved leader, Martin Luther King, I ask you tonight, across these airwaves, to put your hands together and to commit your hearts to this change that we are all seeking.

SB:  Thank you, Jesus. I feel a little sad this week because I’ve lost one of my best friends who believes that this is a hoax, that I’m not speaking to Jesus or Archangel Michael, and that Linda is hoodwinking our listeners. I don’t believe that for a moment. But could you direct your attention to that and tell us whatever you can that would help listeners who are having difficulty with thinking that it is you speaking right now?

J: I wonder how long it will go on, Steve, that people will think that what I say or what I have to offer – as Yeshua, as Jesus, as Sananda, or as any of the Ascended Ones that speak through this channel – how long do people need to think of it as a hoax? What is this issue of doubt? What is this need to not believe?

This is not new. This even predates when I have walked the world. And it has predated many galaxies, even universes that have gone astray. Doubt is based in fear, and it is the fear of being led astray. It is the fear of being wrong or being thought of as foolish or thought of as incorrect.

What I say to you is not as important as what I would say to your beloved friend, and that would simply be, what does your heart tell you? What does your heart yearn for? Does it not yearn for friendship and trust? Does it not yearn for fellowship? Put your faith in me aside and look to the brother whom you have known for so long, and the times that you have cherished together.

Each of you who are listening this night – you, Steve, Graham, yes, the channel Linda – have all had times when you have lost those that you thought were very dear to you, whom you thought loved you and whom you certainly loved, and who have said, I cannot walk down that road with you. I cannot walk that path with you. And even I, in my lifetime, have certainly experienced that.

But I will say to them, and to each of you, what I said then: You do not always have to walk with me. You do not always have to agree with me, for as we have talked about last week, I am one that is interested in lively discussion. But do not give me your doubt. Do not try and place your doubt upon my shoulders or within my heart. But what I would ask of you, do not eradicate the love. Do not eradicate what is so precious and what needs to be, what each yearns to be, unconditional.

What I say to you, Steve, is be courageous as you have been, and accept the support of those who cherish you, myself included. And know a time will come when your friend will be back, and while many feel that they are going through separation right now, the time of union and of new community is truly at hand. It is not a bad thing to have doubt, but it is an obstacle when you let it stop you, when you let that fear interfere with what you wish to do with your life. So acknowledge the fear, acknowledge the doubt, embrace it, and then keep going.

SB: Thank you for that, Lord. Readers have sent in questions, and I feel obligated to ask you some of them. One of them requires me to read a couple of paragraphs, and I ask you to excuse me for that.

Montague Keen published a message recently saying that much of what has been said about Israel and the Israelites actually pertains to the Irish. Montague says there are still one or two of you who have not yet grasped the importance of Ireland. He goes on to say that the ten commandments of the ancient Irish truths are almost identical to those given to Moses. The preservers and disseminators of pre-diluvian knowledge were the Druids. The Druids were Aryans. This means a spiritual caste, not a race. Their languages were Aramaic and Hebrew. They are not Semitic and were not invented by Jews. The 22 letters of the ancient Irish alphabet were the sacred alphabet of the ancient Irish. Now they expect you to believe it is Hebrew. Everything was stolen from Ireland, the Irish people. Judeo-Christianity is but a result of deliberate plagiarism.

I’ve been asked to ask your comment on that, please.

J: Well, it is a night of controversy, is it not?

SB: Yes, indeed.

J: I will be pleased to answer this. And it is important that people know. First of all, when I come to speak to you, I am interested in what you think and what you feel – you, the collective. And so I am pleased when I hear or receive questions from readers or writers. But let us not mistake what we are doing here as a review of history.

What we are doing together is building the future. What we are doing is entering into partnership. We are laying the foundation and building actually the structure, that golden spiral through which each of you are ascending.

When we have spoken of universal law and universal law that pertains above and below, that is basically what your ten commandments pertain to. And there are variations in every culture, for there are rules and laws that pertain to sloth, to stealing, to thievery, to murder, to mayhem, to lust, to greed.

There are many truths that have been in Irish history, in the ancient ways of Ireland. I would have no reason to deny that or to challenge that. But to suggest that the history or the development of the Judaic tradition has been based on theft – I think this is a little overboard, do you not?

SB: Well, it certainly did sound radical to me.

J: It is the need. Again, we are going back to the need. And whether it is of an individual or a group, it is this deep desire to be acknowledged as important, to be acknowledged as unique, to be acknowledged as divine. That is not a problem.

The divinity of the ancient Irish, of the Druids, of the Egyptians, of the Hathors – all beings – is always beyond question. But it is not a contest. The law is – “is”. And it has been understood and translated in many universes. So it was not a race, and it was not a theft. It was a gift.

SB: All right, Lord. Thank you. I’d like to read you another passage that is controversial and ask your comment on it.

“The truth about Christianity is, it is based on fabrications about Jesus’ birth, crucifixion and resurrection, and his teachings were deliberately distorted through dilution and omission. Jesus was conceived and born just like every other human baby, and he never was put on a cross. He was flogged by the Sanhedrin, who ruled church and state, and was banished — they wanted him out of that land, not make him a martyr whose death would increase the numbers of his followers. With his pregnant wife Mary Magdalene, Jesus went back to the East, where he had gone as a youth and spent many years studing with the master teachers.” (1)

Would you care to comment on that, please?

J: I guess I could say that it is wishful thinking and that it is certainly distorted thinking, or distorted channeling or understanding. Yes, I was born. And we have discussed how that had taken place – by the ignition of light, of Holy Spirit, of the energy of creation within what you think of as a virgin womb. (2) Did I assume a human form? Yes, I most certainly did. And I have had human experiences.

But also what I have shared with thee is that I have also been filled with the light of the Holy Spirit and overlit at a very early age, (3) so that sense of knowing, that privilege of connection, not being in the, what I would call the illusion that had penetrated so much of the human race, was not part of my reality.

I’ve been flogged many times, more than I would choose to remember. For justice was not always within the courts, and there were many who thought one way to tame me was to throw stones or flog or jeer. Or yes, even sometimes, to call my teachings or what I believed to be a hoax. There were many who wished I would go into exile. And there were certainly moments when that was, as a human alternative, very attractive. But that was not the path or the agreement.

So no, I did not travel with my beloved wife to the east. Had I studied with masters? Yes. And I was privileged to do so. And in some small way that seed and that exchange of energy contributed to all who were part of those conversations.

You may have wondered when last we spoke why I was so hesitant to say names or places, or who did what, but it was – one of the reasons was that I do not wish people to say, well, he was a student of, or a follower of, and then try and dilute what I have to teach and what I have to say. There are many, many masters that have wisdom and love to share. There are certainly enough to go around. But there is no need to make fantasy out of what occurred in my lifetime. (4)

Did I die? Was I crucified? Yes. And it was far from what many people have thought of as holy or sacred. It was painful, humanly painful, and at moments spiritually painful. But each of you have also known moments of extreme pain, either in your heart or your body, your mental or emotional fields. I am not unique in that way, do not need to lessen it. So no, let us be done with this mythology of the “great escape” once and for all.

SB: Thank you, Lord. There are a cluster of questions about what happened following your crucifixion. By that I mean who went to France. Could you give us more details of the life of your daughter Sarah in France? So could you give us a little bit more detail about what happened to Mary and Sarah and the others who went with her to France?

J: Yes. My wife and Sarah, James, my brother Joseph, and a retinue of disciples who would attend to the family went to France. Andrew as well. The life was very simple, and very quiet. The Magdalena in many ways retreated. But Sarah did not, for she moved amongst the people, and she embraced them. And they embraced her as well. And she is the one who carried the lineage.

SB: Is there anything we should know about the lineage, Lord? Is that a subject that would be profitably explored?

J: No. Because there is too much time and too much interest, although it is a fascinating subject, is it not?

SB: Yes.

J: But many wish to know who was where when, and so I would ask each of you, where were you? Do you remember being with me as we walked those shores, as we trod those dusty, dusty roads? Those paths, those goat paths, really. And then too many are willing to say, well, I was there, I was there at the flogging or the crucifixion, or I was this apostle or that apostle. And in most causes you are absolutely correct, you were. But that is not the issue.

The issue is as those beings you have chosen to come back right now during the fulfillment of the promise. In some ways, the plan was evolved, born, long before I ever walked the Earth. That is most certain and clear. But some think of it as the birth of the promise. You can think of it that way or not. I certainly came to simply remind people about their potential for love.

But now, you who are living in a very different world that is absolutely no different. You are the fulfillment of the promise. And yes, I tell you, aside from myself, that all of you have returned, and as you ascend into the fifth or the seventh, that I will walk with you again. Many of us will. But most of you are already there.

Now, I do not mean to imply that this is simply a rerun. It is not, because there has been such evolution. And there have been some steps forward and some steps backward. But you have persisted, each of you, in your own way, whether you were centurion or governor, judge, apostle, handmaiden. You have said, “I will go again, and I will keep going until this promise is fulfilled.” That is why you are here.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Another reader has asked, if you were the source of the Course in Miracles – I think they want to hear it from your own lips – is there anything you’d like to say about that project and your connection with it? I’m sure our listeners would be interested in anything you want to share about the Course in Miracles.

J: I was a full participant, let me put it that way. Yes, I am a source for that. The full course. I certainly am not the only, what would you call, contributor. What I would say is that there are many – well, there are millions and millions who have taken this and taken it to heart.

Now, what I would like you to do is to speed it up. The lessons are all there. But time really is shortening, you know, in your human reality. Yes, even the number of hours in a day are getting closer together. They are shrinking. I’m sure you have noticed that.

So take these wonderful messages, these lessons, and bring them, accordion them, and then place them in your heart. Yes, still, one, two, three a day – it matters not. The lessons are eternal and valid. But get going with them.

This is not a time to simply be studying. Always the study continues, life after life after life. But it is also a time of action, and that is what the course teaches as well. It is to internalize and then bring forward into your life the essence of love and the lessons of manifestation, of creation, of attraction, repulsion – all of these. Bring them to the forefront now.

SB: Lord, when the prophet Malachi assumed the name Imperator and spoke through the Reverend Stanton Moses – you’re aware of that channel, are you not? (5)

J: Yes.

SB: And when he did, he brought along with him Plotinus, Al Ghazzali, Athenodorus, etc. (6) But you were saying that A Course in Miracles involved a group of beings. Can you name any of the others?

J: You can think of it as the group of ascended masters. You can think of it in that way.

SB: Okay. And you are the head of the Great White Brotherhood, are you not?

J: I am considered the honorary head. I would never imply that I am the head of the Great White Brotherhood. The Great White Brotherhood, like many of the brotherhoods, is also part of the Council of Love. So we are all connected, and all one. But yes, I am part of this esteemed group that loves to teach.

SB: Okay. I thought it was Sananda who said you were the Hierarch. But I’ll let that go.

I have a question from myself, and one that I would like answered for myself, if you would. Jan Ruusbroec in the Middle Ages once described the Christ, and he said this.

“In this darkness an incomprehensible light is born and shines forth; this is the Son of God in whom a person becomes able to see and contemplate eternal life.” (7)

“It is Christ, the light of truth, who says, “See,” and it is through him that we are able to see, for he is the light of the Father, without which there is no light in heaven or on earth.” (8)

Is that light indeed the Christ in its essential form?

J: It is the Christed light, yes, you are correct. In its fullest form.

SB: All right, now, can you – It’d be such an important thing for me if you could discuss your relationship to that light. Were you embodying it in the fullest manner? Was that your role or mission? Or what was your relationship to the Christ?

J: That has always been the fullness of my mission, in whatever form I have taken. I am the light that burst forth. I am the light that came from the heart of One, from the heart of God. And my purpose in all this relationship was to simply ignite not only what has been referred to as Heaven and Earth, but far beyond.

If you look to my essence, dear friend, all you will see is light. That is all there is. And it can assume relationship, and after relationship it can assume various form. But it is – light was beyond the Christ light. Can you think of it as a tiering? It was an implosion, explosion of light, and it has never changed. And it will never change.

SB: And when you say, “I am the light,” who is “I am”? Are you speaking as Jesus, or are you speaking as the Christ, as the light?

J: No, I am speaking as the light.

SB: And is that something –

J: The light that then transfers into the Christ light, that then transfers into the being that you, sitting here this night, call Jesus. But you were asking about my essence.

SB: I am. Is that light that became the Christ, is that the Father?

J: Think of it as a replication of the Father. It did not take away from the Source. It just expanded it. It is part of the infinite extension of creation. It is not born the way you think. It is just an explosion of light, that is.

SB: And that is not the Holy Spirit you’re describing?

J: That is the feminine. And when that also explodes, it becomes the light. And I am that blend.

SB: All right. Well, there’s definitely more for me to understand then because that is a very deep explanation, and not one that I certainly fully comprehend at this moment. But I thank you for –

J: It’s not what you expected.

SB: No, no, it’s not. No, of course, it isn’t, but then my view is simplistic. How can it be otherwise? I know that.

J: You are not a simple man. When you think of creation, when you think of all that is, the creation is more light. And that initial light that bursts forth is who I am.

SB: I will listen to this tape again and again. Thank you.

J: You are welcome.

SB: You wanted to speak on karma and reincarnation, I believe.

J: Yes, I did. Because there is a time right now, as you may know, of great karmic dispensation. For there is a great deal of concern, doubt, worry, fear, and the circle of karma that has been the circle of life and reincarnation time and time again needs to be discussed. And so we would ask people – all people, all beings, all isms, all realities – to pray, to ask, to request, however you go about this, to ask for this karmic dispensation, to ask for this time that all karma, that is owed to you or that you owe, that all deeds that have been left unattended to, be cleared, so that you are all free during this time of rebirth to go forward without hindrance.

Now, we have talked briefly about immortality and incarnation and reincarnation, for, of course, that cycle has gone on and on. Many of you are starseed and have traveled thousands and thousands of years to be present at this time of rebirth on Earth, the unfoldment of a shift, of the rebirth of love, of a higher dimension of reality than you have known. You have come to witness and to learn about what love looks like and how it is constructed and to help – and your help is needed in this process of construction, and yes, reconstruction.

Each of you has this ability to continue on, free, and to break free of these bonds that have held you in this circle and in this cycle. Now, I am not talking about dying for immortality. I am talking about living and assuming your human form, or, for that matter, whatever for you choose, to continue on into the golden times.

Do not limit yourself to what has been a construct or a belief system of your third dimension, that you only come for a certain length of time and then you disintegrate and you die – not that death is a difficult process. In fact, it can be quite pleasant. But that is not what you are here for at this moment. You are here to fly free in form, whatever form it is you choose. So I’m taking this opportunity to ask each of you to request this gift.

A long time ago, when I did die, there was a great deal of mythology then as well. And the churches who liked to keep control said, “Well, he died for your sins.” That has always been distasteful to me, because it is mired in guilt and shame and blame.

During that period – what you think of as my death and then ascension – was a time then of great karmic dispensation, not just for those present but for all upon the planet at that time. And that gift is renewed during this period once again. And so that is why I ask to bring it to your attention right now. You cannot do this quickly enough. Let go.

SB: Thank you. Could you comment, please, on the teaching that some people say that belief in you will remove all sin? Is that an accurate statement?

J: If you believe in me – and I am going to do this to you, Steve. I am going to turn on it again – I am going to say if you believe in me the way I believe in you, if you love me the way that I love you, the way that the Mother/Father loves you, the way that Sanat Kumara loves you, Archangel Michael loves you, if you love in that way, then there is no sin, because you are in alignment.

There is this belief that good people do bad things. That is not so. When you are in the truth of your being, your mind, your heart, your soul, and if you believe in love, then yes, anything, anything can be forgiven. But the biggest obstacle has always been the forgiveness of self, forgiveness of each other.

SB: There are some who consider that there are levels of knowledge, from mystery to belief to thought to feeling, to actually touching something, and on up to an enlightened or natural knowing. And they say that belief is a low dimension of knowledge. If I simply believe in you as I believe in Visa or MasterCard or the government, so to speak, is that enough to –

J: No, of course not. That is like believing what you are watching on TV, or believing in what you see on the news.

What I am asking – and I invite you to believe in me the way that I believe in you – is to come to know me. The belief is the starting point, the faith is the starting point, but as you come to know me, you come to know all. As you touch me, you touch all. If you know and believe in me, then you are there, you are home. But we do not believe in the way that it is used colloquially or in these levels.

Because if there is a small child who only holds belief, if there is a man on Wall Street that only holds belief, or a shepherd in the Sudan, do I say no, because they have only believed? It is these ones that I feel very often the most attraction to appear to, so that they will have their belief confirmed.

So do not underestimate belief. But I mean it in the truest heart-sense of belief. I do not mean it unwittingly buying whatever is told to you. It is what you explore with your mind and your heart and your very core, and what seems to you to be beyond question. And therefore through that you come to know. It isn’t always through study. Or sometimes the study is directly with me.

SB: That’s very clear. It sounds to me that what you mean by believe in me is somewhat similar to what you mean by “Come to me.”

J: Yes.

SB: “Approach me, love me.” Is that correct?

J: That is correct. And it is an open invitation.

SB: Some of your disciples said to you at one point, “Well, now, Lord, youʼre speaking plainly,” but you were not speaking plainly at that moment, were you? As far as I can recall, what you said had very deep meaning.

J: That is exactly correct.

SB: [laugh] I thought that was a form of a joke that was left in the Bible!

J: Yes. I was teased a lot, you know.

SB: [laugh] We’ve just got a few minutes left. Can you talk to us about Nicodemus and your interaction with him? What was happening there at a deeper level than the words indicate, Lord?

J: It was a soul-to-soul conversation. It was an awakening of his being. It was a plea for belief in justice. It was an opportunity to shift some axis of power. That is what was taking place.

SB: And he was a member of the Pharisees, was he not?

J: Yes.

SB: So he was a member of the powers-that-be of that age and was taking a tremendous risk in talking to you, was he not?

J: He was taking a risk, but understand, he was also representative of a group. So it was not as great a risk as you might assume. You know the Pharisees did not care for me.

SB: Yes. [laugh] Yes.

J: But there was what appeared on the surface and then there were the true questions that we were asking one another. And it was his opportunity to shift and to become a very active supporter. And part of his question to me was, “Will you continue on this journey that you know is going to lead into trouble for you?” That was the real conversation, and what was the purpose of it. And it was about faith.

SB: All right, Lord.

Thank you for coming tonight.

J: You are welcome. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.



(1) I am deliberately not referencing the providence of this quote to reduce the element of controversy. My interest is only in knowing the truth; not casting aspersions at another channel. Jesus could as well have said that the passage was correct as incorrect.

(2) Sri Ramakrishna also had a virgin birth.

[Chandra Devi, mother of Sri Ramakrishna:] “I saw that the holy image of Lord Shiva inside the shrine was alive! It began to send forth waves of the most beautiful light — slowly at first, then quicker and quicker. They filled the inside of the temple, then they came pouring out — it was like one of those huge flood waves in the river — right towards me! I was going to tell Dhani [her neighbour], but then the waves washed over me and swallowed me up, and I felt that marvellous light enter into my body. I fell down on the ground, unconscious. When I came to myself, I told Dhani what had happened, but she did not believe me. She said I’d had an epileptic fit. That cannot be so, because since then I have been full of joy and my health is better than ever. Only — I feel that light is still inside me, and I believe that I am with child.” (Swami Chetanananda, They Lived with God. Life Stories of Some Devotees of Sri Ramakrishna. St. Louis: Vedanta Society of St. Louis, 1989. , ix-x.)

As did Zoroaster and Melchizedek (“Without father; without mother.” St. Paul in Hebrews 7:3.).

(3) Between 5 and 5 1/2, Jesus said last week: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2012/01/transcript-of-an-hour-with-an-angel-with-jesus-jan-9-2012/

(4) To the reader who asked the question about who Jesus studied with in India: notice that Jesus answered your questions without me needing to ask it.

(5) “Imperator” is the first source I’m aware of who spoke clearly of these times. For more on his ministry, see “Imperator’s New Revelation” at http://www.angelfire.com/space2/light11/nmh/imperator1.html Though an Old-Testament prophet, Imperator, in reality the prophet Malachi, bent the knee before Jesus as the one he ultimately reported to.

(6) Writes Michael Tymn:

“[Stainton] Moses continually asked for the earthly identifications of Imperator and the others. Imperator initially refused, informing Moses that revealing their earthly names would result in casting additional doubt on the validity of the messages. However, Imperator later revealed their names, advising Moses that they should not be mentioned in the book he would write.

“It was not until after Moses’s death that the identities were made public by A. W. Trethewy in a book, The Controls of Stainton Moses. Imperator was Malachias, the Old Testament prophet. Rector was Hippolytus and Doctor was Athenodorus. Imperator took directions from Preceptor, who was Elijah. Preceptor, in turn, communed directly with Jesus.

“Other communicators in the band of 49 included Daniel [Vates], Ezekiel, John the Baptist, [Theologus] (1) Solon, Plato, Aristotle, Seneca, Plotinus [Prudens], Alexander Achillini [Philosophus], Algazzali [Mentor], Kabbila, Chom, Said, Roophal, and Magus.” (Mike Tymn to Brother Anonymous, E-mail, 15 March 2008.)

(7) John Ruusbroec in James A. Wiseman, John Ruusbroec. The Spiritual Espousals and Other Works. New York, etc.: Paulist Press, 1985, 22.

(8) Ibid., 74.



william blake elohim

ART : Elohim – William Blake

The Life of Jesus – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

jesus and mary magdalene

ART : Jesus and Mary Magdalene

The Life of Jesus – Part 1/2

At this time, when we honor Jesus as the exemplar of Christ Consciousness, we’re reposting two interviews with him from 2012 in which he discusses his life (this one) and doctrinal questions (next one). 

In this interview, Jesus shares that he was “in-filled” by the Holy Ghost at age 5 or 5 1/2 and that his baptism by John with the descent of the dove was symbolic. He makes a distinction between himself and Sananda, disproving the contention that Sananda is a higher-level version of Jesus.

He discusses his birth, early years, education, travels around the spiritual circuit of his days, marriage to Mary Magdalene, and his daughter Sarah. She is what’s referred to as the “holy grail.” (1)  He made many more revelations.

To listen to this show and past shows, click on the link below:


Transcript of An Hour with an Angel, with Jesus, Jan. 9, 2012

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with channel for the Council of Love Linda Dillon, along with Steve Beckow, editor of the 2012 Scenario.

Tonight Linda will channel Jesus and Steve will ask him questions. So without further ado, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And thank you, Lord, for revisiting us today. I mentioned last time we spoke that it seemed better to reserve a time after Christmas to discuss some of the details of what have come to be called “the lost years,” and also other matters relating to your ministry on Earth. Our purpose is not to cause any heartache to your followers, but simply to iron out some of the mysteries that surround your life. Is that satisfactory to you?

Jesus: Yes, it is. Although I would not say that there are any lost years! But I welcome you, Steve, and I welcome all of you. And you may call me Jesus, or you may call me Yeshua. But I am pleased to be here with you this evening.

S: Thank you. Gee, I don’t think I can call you anything but Lord, Lord! It just comes naturally, and I’d feel a little strange. I’ll try.

Before going on to the lost years, Linda herself has asked me to ask you a question, and so maybe I can ask that first. And that is: what can we do for people who are in despair? And by despair, she means, “Is Ascension really going to happen? Am I going to make it?” She reports that a lot of people are feeling somewhat despondent. Can you discuss that with us first, please?

J: Yes, I would be happy to. For we have all known a dark night of the soul. We have all known a time when there does not seem to be any light that creeps in, either with the dawn or under the doorway, when we forget the light that is our inner light and our inner guidance.

And what is transpiring for many during this time is not simply the concern, or the fear, or the despair, or the lack of hope around the Ascension or around the events of 2012, but also around the issue of their lives, around the meaning of their mission, the fulfillment of their mission, the feeling of love in their hearts, or the lack thereof.

Our Mother [the Divine Mother or Holy Spirit] has said often, where there is no hope there is no life. And I know that many of my followers had fallen into this place, now and then, and even I at times had had feelings of despondency, though I never had the occasion to live without hope.

But this situation is often a residue of what has gone on in the individual’s life, or in the collective’s lives, or even in earlier lifetimes, that is coming to the surface now for complete elimination, for cleansing, for letting go, for whatever you choose to call it. (2)

Now, that does not always help, to know that it is something that you are letting go of once and for all. The ironic thing about what many feel is the lack of hope is not because there is no solution, from above or below or from the inner being, from the soul or from the higher self; often what the yearning is is for contact, for communion, for union, for unity, community, for reaffirmation from the human race, from friends, from neighbors, from family – sometimes even from strangers.

It is the time we have talked about, for action and for standing up and for sharing what you know to be truth, and the truth of your own individual journey. But part of that action is also reaching out to those fellow light-holders, light-bearers, and light-workers who are finding themselves in this predicament, in this place where they do not know how loved and valued they are.

They have forgotten their own inner worth and their own sense of hope. The thing that I recommend, the action that I recommend and ask of you, is to reach out to those, not simply by sending healing, or by sending light and love, but in a physical way as well, by a chat on the phone, by a conversation – in person or [by] other media.

Let the individual know that you are there holding the hope for them until they are ready to resume their place in this unfoldment. It is to reassure one another that you are not alone in this journey, that it is a journey of the collective. And of course that goes not only for light-holders, [but] for those that you think do not understand that they have not understood what this unfoldment, or what 2012 or Ascension or any of this business that we are so keen to talk about, is about, for these are people who also need greater hope.

So have the conversation with them, too. And if they do not understand, it does not always matter. What matters is that you’re communicating caring and love. That is the only thing that is necessary. So this is what I ask for you to do. Extend yourself, and in extending yourself you are giving the gift of hope, you are reinstalling it within your friend’s heart, whether they are family or stranger.

S: Thank you, Lord. Perhaps a subsidiary question to this is that some people – I think of Matthew Ward, particularly – have said that your followers who fall into the category of Fundamentalists will have a great deal of trouble accepting the Ascension, and in fact they may choose not to Ascend, and may choose to leave. Can you speak any words of encouragement to them at this moment around Ascension?

J: Of course I can. And there are many, many who fall into this group. And perhaps it is also with what many have come to understand as Ascension. It is the word, it is the phraseology. And we have run into this for centuries! But it is the word that frightens them, first and foremost. But it is also an issue of self-worth and self-love. But they think in terms of my Ascension, for example, but there have been other examples as well, as you well know.

But we are not talking about taking your corporal or even astral or spiritual body and ascending into the oneness of all, into what they would think of as heaven. We are talking about ascending in a trans-dimensional way. We are talking about movement, and for this reason we have often had this channel use the word shift. But the key to Ascension is not fully, intellectually, just understanding it, or not understanding it. It is the holding of love in your heart. This has always been the case. And it has always been the message.

The Fundamentalists have carved a path – we do not say this in judgment – but rather than carving it with flowers, grass, and moveable sand, they have carved it out of stone, out of rock. And they believe that this foundation is firm. And that is reassuring to them. And of course we always want people to feel reassured, but the difficulty with that is that too much of these beliefs that are human-made, not divinely directed, have become entrenched, and that they think that their path is proscribed. They do not think that there is any flexibility.

They think in terms of reward and punishment. And of course that is of duality. It is of polarity, and at its worst it is of judgment. It is very sad, and sad in the fullest sense of the word, as in disheartening, but also as in pathetic, to feel that we would judge in that way, that some are welcome and some are not, that some are lost and some are found. That there is only a chosen few. That is simply not the case.

Now, when the time comes they will see this. They will be given their own signs and their own revelations, and this will give them the opportunity to move, or not. Many will come. Many will choose at the last moment to ascend and to accompany the rest of the collective in this new adventure. And for them to let go of this yoke that has really been self imposed will be so freeing. And then they will truly know what it is to bask in my love, to walk with us, to share with us – for that has always been the plan. We do not save some and condemn others. That is not the way of love.

Graham Dewyea: Hi, Jesus, this is Graham. We seem to have dropped Steve’s call, so I’m going to monitor the panel here so that when he comes in I can bring him back on. And I invite you, if you’d like, to use this time to speak further of Ascension or any other comments you’d like to share. Thank you.

J: I would like to begin with what Steve has asked me about my early years, about my life as a child and as a young man, as an adult coming of age. And I want to begin by telling you, I had an incredible life as Jesus, as Yeshua. I had an incredible family. Yes, both above and below. And that is where so much confusion often occurs.

But I and my human family, and my beloved mother and my beloved father, and yes, my siblings, my extended family, they were so supportive since the day I was conceived. And yes, of course, it was known, although it was kept in many ways quiet – although it could not be kept that quiet, because I was quite adventurous. They supported my journey, and of course that is why I had been sent to this family in such exceptional circumstances.

At a very early age, around five, five and a half, I was completely, can I say, reunited or filled with the Holy Spirit. That full reconnection to Father-Mother One, what you think of as God or Source, what I think of as Mother-Holy Spirit, took place.(3)

And so that awareness and that connection, that knowing, and what you would think of as information, was available to me from the start, or from the very early age.

But I was also of a very educated family, and one that placed great value – not just my mother or father, but my entire family – who placed value on the learning, and what you can think of as the sacred learnings, of both Hebrew, certainly of the Laws, the Laws as a Jew, but also the universal laws. So I learned not just the languages of Greek, and I travelled.

There is – and I have spoken in other situations about my learning to assist my father in this, what you would now think of as construction business. He was far more than just a humble carpenter, although that is the job that he took or assumed when we first returned to Nazareth. But through these family ties I was brought to study and exposed to many scholars and many different points of view, including the Eastern philosophies.

My cousin, my beloved cousin John, who I loved as a brother, with him we studied and became familiar with the Essenes. So the exposure was brought. The difficulty was very often that I would correct my teachers, or I would challenge my teachers, not in a way that was offensive, for I was a very polite boy, and even a more polite young man. I did not ever wish really to draw great attention to myself. But what I could not understand sometimes was when there was a point of law or a point of philosophy that I knew was either incomplete or not rounded or even incorrect, I would ask about it.

And it was wonderful. This is the gift of being trained in a true scholastic environment: it is not just about obeying or obedience or adherence – and that is also the message that I would give to our fundamentalist friends, or any -ism – it is about exploring.

But it is about exploring from the inner knowing, and from your connection, because there is no being – no being – on Earth that is not touched or gifted with the wisdom, the energy, of the Holy Spirit. It is available, and it is truly gifted to many. Yes, you can turn away and say no, but that has never been understood – not while I was in human form, and not really now. It always comes back to this situation of self-loathing or self-worth, the lack of self-worth.

Now, you would say to me, Yeshua, if you were filled with the connection and the knowing, why was it necessary for you to be prepared in this way? My parents – particularly my mother, a very astute woman – it wasn’t just the value of education and culture. She knew that I would move in and amongst the people, in and amongst the cultures, and that in order to have credibility in my teachings, as I entered my more public life, that there would need to be a full understanding and an acculturation into these belief systems, even those that I did not completely agree with.

And that would be necessary in order for me to be accepted amongst my people. Because, although my message was universal, and always has been, it was to the people of the Jewish faith, those who had been promised and who were looking for a savior, a messiah, for a leader to take them out of this bondage, to make them what they thought would be leaders of the world.

But of course it is not of this world that I lead you. Yes, I teach you, I guide you, I help you. I help you every single day, whether you know it or not. I help you to maneuver and to deal with this world that you live in. Whether you feel that you are on top of the world, on top of your journey, on top of your game, or whether you are lost, I am still with you, and I am guiding you. And I have many voices, and even many faces, but they have always been the same message.

So, now, Steve?

S: Yes, I’m back –

J: We welcome you back.

G: Jesus was just talking about his upbringing and childhood, and just continued on your original question around Ascension.

S: Okay. So have we asked you, Lord, about the manner of your birth yet?

J: What do you want to know about my birth?

S: Well, the problem is that some people say you weren’t born in a manger or a stable, that you in fact didn’t come from parents of a humble and poor background – humble obviously – but that instead you came from a well established family. They weren’t poor by any means. Which version is correct, Lord?

J: We have known good times and bad. I was of a very well-established family. Let me make that very clear. And the establishment of our family was in the lineage, and yes, position, not just in terms of wealth, but in terms of heritage, of respect. Were my parents humble? Absolutely. For they could not have brought me forward if they were not. But as I was saying, in my family there was a tradition, and a deep respect, and yes, in your society you would say an expectation, of what an upbringing would be, and what that would be entailing in terms of training and scholarship, education, exposure, acculturation.

Now, when I was born, when I took form, let us put it that way, upon this beautiful Earth, it was during a time of mass migration and confusion. And it wasn’t what you would think of, has been romanticized as, a stable, a manger, but it was in a very humble situation, where there was a back room, yes, where animals were close by.

But that was not unusual, you know. So yes, in that situation, because of the requirements of government, I was born as [laughs] somewhat of a displaced person. But my family, my family was what you would think of as a very well-placed lineage.

S: Well, that’s very helpful. When your parents left Israel, where exactly did they go? What part of Egypt – I think it was Egypt – did they go to?

J: We went to a small village just outside what you would think of now as Alexandria. It was very humble. But then again there was family. So you have to understand, in our society, as in many of yours, the family took care of us. So it was not that I was in any way, or that our family was in any way, deprived. That simply was not the case at all. We had comfort.

My mother tended, in the beginning – well, always, really, but – to be what I would say would be very protective. She did not want to have me exposed to too many people in a strange and foreign place. She often feared that, should people know of the promise of my being, that it would place me in harm’s way. And so I was kept very close in the early, early years, not that I would wish to go anywhere anyway. But she kept me very close by her side within the family compound.

S: All right. And the Aquarian Gospel describes you as coming into contact with the Egyptian hierophants. Did you in fact take a course of study with the Egyptian priests while in Egypt? Like in the description?

J: Yes, we have. But understand what I say, because I came into my knowing, into the fulfillment with the Holy Spirit, at a very, very early age. And so yes, I studied with the high priests and was exposed to their belief systems. The Egyptians, later the Greeks, the Romans to some extent, although that did not really have great impact at all, but the early times, and the understandings of the workings of the universe, the role of a priest in society was embedded from those early teachings in Egypt.

But it was – also there were studies with the Hebrew scholars as well. I learned Greek. I studied many cultures, and especially from the East, from that tradition, which was common, not unusual, in my family. But it did not – it did not cause contradiction, because there is no contradiction. Yes, you may ask your question.

S: Thank you. When you say that, “I studied with Greeks and Romans,” are you saying that you studied with them in Alexandria, or did you go on the same philosopher’s circuit that Apollonius of Tyana did, namely to Delphi, Egypt, Persia, India?

J: Yes, I travelled a great deal in my early years, as a young man – as an adolescent, and as a young man. My family felt that it was very important. My mother in particular knew the universality of the messages that I would come to share with many, and she wanted me to be fully prepared. Now, she did not always understand when I would challenge or debate, shall we say, some of my teachers.

But they always understood. They welcomed the conversations and different insights. There was no restriction. You see, this is what has been misunderstood. There has always been a feeling that the belief system was very constricted, and it was not. So yes, I was exposed and studied and went on many pilgrimages.

S: Apollonius of Tyana describes a circuit that many people followed almost as if it was well known in those days –

J: It was sequential.

S: Sequential. Did you actually set out to follow that same circuit?

J: Not step by step by step. But through exposure, yes, we did. And when I say we, I mostly mean that I was always accompanied by someone from my family.

S: All right. I know that we have many listeners in India, and I’m sure they would be most interested to know where you went in India at this time, whom you studied with, what lineage they were or what path they followed.

J: What you would think of is it would be the path of Hinduism. It is the path of the Masters, of the Teachers, of the Yogis.

S: Would you have made a distinction between, say, Vedanta [the non-dual path] or karma yogis [the path of service], or bhakti [the path of devotion], at that time?

J: At that time, no, we did not. There was very little. It was more preferential, but it would be more bhakti [devotion] than anything, if you were to look at it in terms of today’s. But it was also very rigorous in terms of also physical discipline and training as well.

S: And where did you go in India to study?

J: Everywhere.

S: I passed a marker outside Pondicherry that celebrated the passage of Matsya, the fish prophet. Was that you?

J: Yes. Yes, it was.

S: That’s very, very interesting. What else should we know about these years before you started your ministry? What else would be relevant to us appreciating you as you began your ministry? What was important?

J: What I would want people to know – yes, in India, in Africa, in the Himalayas, certainly, in what you think of now as the Middle East – was the universality. My family obviously was in the Judaic tradition. But the level of sophistication – and yes, because I had the privilege to travel, to study, but also to work along side many fellow travelers, I was not alone. And I never thought of myself as the only voice, or the only teacher, or the only way. I was one. I was one where the Word, because of the Holy Spirit, was in flesh. But I certainly was not the only one.

So there are those who have said oh, yes, Jesus, another prophet. And then there are those who take great offense at that. I do not. Because each tradition that I have studied, whether it was in India or Egypt or in the temples, or at home, whether it was with the philosophers or the rabbis, they all were really telling me and teaching me the same thing.

And it was ironic in many ways. Yes, I understood – and it was rigorous! Do not think that I got to go on tour and live in the lap of luxury, because there was none of that. Yes, I was attended to. But it was far from luxurious. And there were times when my family depended on the extended family, always, for support. But it was considered important – because everyone knew that I was being prepared so that I know all paths.

So this is not meant in any way to say that what I taught came from here or there. And, yes, I have traveled, even further than most think. As I travel these days, amongst your star brothers and sisters. But it is the universality, it is the community spirit that I would wish to emphasize, it is the community of love.

And that was the message I received. I received it from the high priests. I received it from the yogis, I received it from the teachers and the masters, from the rabbis. They all had valuable teachings, and they taught me also not to be arrogant or conceited, to bring humility to my work, and to know that I was simply honored to be in service, as are each of you.

S: Well, you have mentioned the Holy Spirit in flesh, so I’m going to turn at this moment to another line of questioning. I’m quite sure we’re not going to get finished with our discussion today, so if you’d be so kind as to return next week, we can continue and I won’t try and rush through this, if that’s satisfactory to you.

J: Yes, and why do you think I have turned it in this direction, dear friend?

S: Very good. Thank you. I know I can rely on you to guide me. You mentioned the Holy Spirit in flesh, and that raises questions about your ministry. Do you consider that the word “avatar” applies to you and your ministry? Sri Ramakrishna says….

J: Avatar is not a word that I particularly cherish. (4) Let me put it that way.

S: All right.

J: There are those who wish to label me as an avatar. And I would accept that label, but I would not choose it. I would choose the label, or the description, of teacher.

S: Okay. Well, maybe we could creep up on it then from another route. Sri Ramakrishna considers you an avatar and publicly declared that. Can we talk about who was here then, please? You were here in bodily form. But –

J: Yes.

S: – Sananda was also here overlighting you, was he not?

J: Yes.

S: So that would be a second layer to your ministry, so to speak, the overlighting.

J: That is correct.

S: And then in addition to that, the Holy Spirit descended into your form. Is that correct?

J: That is correct.

S: And did that, by the way, happen when you were being baptized in the River Jordan?

J: No, it happened at a very early age, actually. The baptism was a symbolic refilling, if you want to put it that way. But, no, in order for me to go forward in my journey on Earth, there was an infilling of the Holy Spirit at a very early age, of about five, five and a half. And then it was renewed, or – symbolically renewed – so that the people would know that this was available to everybody.

S: All right. Well, if you were the human form that was overlit by a spirit as exalted as Sananda, and the Holy Spirit descended in you, that I would call an “avatar.” Would you disagree?

J: [Laughs] I do not disagree. I simply say to you that it is a designation that I am not so eager to claim.

S: Okay.

J: Yes, I will accept it. You know there was so much controversy, when I did walk the Earth, not only about my family’s position but about the politics of the “King of the Jews” and wanting leadership and political intrigue. So I am always very hesitant to give myself or to accept designations.

S: I accept that.

J: And I will tell you why. Because you, or your listeners, will then say, “Oh, well, he had this overlighting, he had this infilling, and that makes him different or separate,” and it does not. If anything, it allows me to be closer to you.

S: All right, I accept that, Lord.

J: All right. So I have made my point, then! [laugh]

S: Yes, Lord.

J: And I want you to accept, each one of you, I have often teased this channel that you are M-in-Ms, masters-in-the-making, but now we will call you A-in-Ms, avatars-in-the-making.

S: [chuckles] All right. I had another question for you, but it’s entirely slipped my mind. Were you in fact married to Mary Magdalene?

J: Let me put it this way. Yes.

S: All right. Formally married? I don’t know the customs of that age, so forgive me if I’ve asked an indelicate question, but married according to –

J: She was not my mistress, dear heart, so yes, we were formally married. She was my beloved wife. She was my sacred other. She was my divine other. She was my partner, that made my walk on Earth full with joy – and more human. It was anticipated, you know, that a young man would marry. But it was not simply because of custom, or because I wished to be part of or separate, it was because I wished to be in sacred union with my Magdalena.

The love that we have shared was deep and profound. And there have been many who have naysayed and made up many myths and stories about her. But she was my support as I was hers. She was my sounding board. It was very difficult.

When we came together, she knew. We discussed very fully what the future held and the road that we would walk together. She was one who always prepared ritual, and helped to put ceremony, often, around our situations.

Now, as you well know from the Egyptians, and from the travels to India, I had learned about ritual and ceremony and the importance of it. But in many ways, even from the family that I was raised in, I was a very relaxed and casual person. I wanted to move amongst the people.

And often she would say, yes, we will move amongst the people, and we will have the joining and the teaching, but let us put some ceremony and ritual, for she had also been trained in this way. So yes, not only was I married, we had a family as well.

S: Why would the gospel writers neglect to mention that?

J: It was not considered particularly important, but it was also considered protection and reverence for her.

S: All right. Okay. So you actually had children, did you not?

J: Yes.

S: How many?

J: We had two children.

S: Two children? A girl and a boy, or – ?

J: Yes, we had a son. A son and a daughter.

S: Could you tell us about –

J: Our son died very young. It was very hard. But our daughter lived.

S: And is she the Holy Grail?

J: That is correct. Our Sarah is the Holy Grail.

S: Sarah. Where did she go after you left the Earth? France?

J: She went to the south of France.

S: And was she that which was revered by the Cathars?

J: That is correct.

S: Oh, it takes my breath way to hear you say this, Lord. I actually notice that the time is getting close to our ending, but again, I’m just going to continue next week, if you’ll permit me. So perhaps this could be a wind-up question. Did you teach reincarnation during your ministry?

J: Yes, I did. Now, is that not a radical statement for many to hear?

S: Yes.

J: But yes, I did. Because this was a very common understanding – not always agreed to by the rabbis, but in many of the other cultures. The continuity of life, the continuity of the flame of the soul. How could I teach that you did not die and not talk about reincarnation? How could I raise the dead and not talk about reincarnation?

S: Yes.

J: So yes.

S: But you also – you also say – you also speak about enlightenment conferring immortality. But I take it that by that you mean that someone would not need to be born again, not need to leave the temple and go more out. Is that correct?

J: That is correct.

S: All right. So we are immortal?

J: Yes, you are immortal. Every single one of you. And we will talk about karma and the requirements for reincarnation when next we meet, because this has need to be clarified.

S: And I’m looking forward to that immensely, Lord. Thank you for visiting with us tonight.

J: It is my pleasure. And I bless you, and I thank you. And I give you my love.

S: Thank you. Farewell.



(1) Sarah is of the bloodline of Jesus. She is therefore the sang real, or royal blood, which morphed into the Spanish San Greal and the English Holy Grail. Thanks to Elias for that.

(2) On this time of clearing, see “Saul: All Your Issues are Coming Up with an Intensity that Very Few Have Experienced,” January 9, 2012, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2012/01/saul-all-your-issues-are-coming-up-with-an-intensity-that-very-few-have-experienced/

(3) The Holy Spirit is known in Hinduism as the Divine Mother or Shakti. The difference between the Father and the Holy Spirit is the difference between the transcendental and the phenomenal or between stillness and silence and movement and sound. The Father is not masculine and the Mother is not feminine.

(4) Because it might put distance between him and other people. But was Jesus also just being modest? Is he an avatar or is he not?



jesus and mary magdalene

ART : Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Bodhisattvas – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

BUDDHA Amitabha Buddha, Nepal

Amitabha Buddha Nepal


I was asked the other day why I don’t lay aside what I’m up to and concentrate instead on my enlightenment.

And I replied that I had a mission to fulfill this lifetime and wasn’t going to accept the invitation. Not yet. Another lifetime perhaps.

For me at least, this lifetime is not a race to get across the finish line. It’s about helping anyone else who needs the assistance to get across the finish line. Like you, I have a soul contract and a mission that arises out of it.

You remember the paralympics and the baseball games where whole teams stopped and helped an injured person across the finish line or to home base? It’s that kind of a time for me.

The action of foregoing one’s own liberation to see to that of others is called by Buddhists the bodhisattva vow.  Bodhisattvas are founts of compassionate and loving service.

Not wanting to exaggerate, because a bodhisattva such as Buddhists are referring to is a most venerable being, we lightworkers in a milder fashion operate like bodhisattvas.

Not because we’re less magnificent. We’re not. We come from higher dimensions and the fact of higher dimensionality implies that we’ve ascended before.

But because our mission requires it.  We agreed to work among the population in their milieus and according to their ways.  We said we’d don dense bodies, forget our inheritance and aspects, and work on behalf of a planetary Ascension. All of us have been, as Archangel Michael calls it, “toned down.”

To contextualize Ascension, keep in mind that the enlightenment attendant upon it (Sahaja Samadhi) is an exalted state among terrestrial sages, as Ramana Maharshi exemplifies.

Fifty years ago, if I were to tell others that most of Earth’s population would have Sahaja Samadhi a little ways into the 21st Century, they’d have laughed at me. And yet here we are, buckling our seat belts.

In fact, fifty years ago, most spiritual people assumed that a lower level of enlightenment (Brahmajnana) was full enlightenment. Sahaja Samadhi was little known and almost never spoken of. This conversation could not have been had back then. Unless we’re content with talking to ourselves.

All who accept Ascension and have assimilated the needed light to survive in the more refined setting of the Fifth Dimension will ascend. They’ll have the experience so far gifted only to the rarest of sages on Earth. I’m not sure everyone fully appreciates the gift.

All are welcome to come along. And our job as lightworkers is to see that as many come along as possible.

We’re waiters at the banquet of Ascension. We’re stewards of the Mother’s bounty. We work in the same way as a bodhisattva.




BUDDHA Amitabha Buddha, Nepal

Amitabha Buddha Nepal

“A Call to Love” – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson @ Personal Pathways of Light

'She is Finding Her Wings' by Shiloh Sophia McCloud art

ART : She is Finding Her Wings – Shiloh Sophia McCloud

“A Call to Love”

January 2016

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and the Angelic Realm of Light. Today, we are issuing and requesting a call to Love.

You and your planet are continuing to receive many waves of powerful energy. The results of the impact of this energy will be reflected in the way in which you conduct your thoughts and actions. Therefore, we are requesting a call to Love.

This call to Love begins with the individual and ripples out into the masses of humanity and into the ethers. You are all connected in a great web of life and eternity. You may wish to picture it as a great web of silken thread in which each intersecting point contains the Soul and Spirit of an individual. This is a vast web and spreads far beyond the imagination. It contains a point for each Being, including those in all dimensions of the Universe, both visible and invisible. The silken threads connect the points, and these may be considered threads of Light or energy.

Imagine a gentle breeze occurring in one of the intersecting points. This breeze ripples throughout the web and each intersecting point or Being feels the breeze. This may occur consciously or subconsciously, but it is reflected in the overall knowing of each Being.

The effects of the thoughts and actions of an individual can be compared to the effects of the breeze. What one individual does affects the whole. You and all Beings are connected in the Oneness of Creation. We, in the unseen realms, are also connected with you. Therefore, any thought or action, no matter how small, can have a great impact as it ripples out into the web of Creation.

When you consider that you are part of a great web of Creation, you realize that each Being came from the same Source, even though you are expressing your individuality in different ways. The common thread is that you all came from the same Source.

You each carry a Divine Spark of Light in your heart center. This is the Light that is reflected as your part of the great web of Creation.

In order to begin the call to Love, you may wish to begin your journey with the realization that you are all connected in this great web of Creation.

Then, you may wish to turn your focus to your heart center. Let your attention rest on this area, and focus on your Divine Spark that resides within. It is a beautiful Spark of Light that is always shining and reminding you of your connection to the Creator. It is reminding you that each Being with whom you interact also has a Divine Spark within his or her heart center.

As you focus on your Divine Spark, it grows brighter, for what you place your attention on increases. As you focus on your Divine Spark, you begin to feel a sense of the eternal Love that resides there. Again, the more you focus on this feeling of Love, the stronger it grows. You may find that this Love begins to grow until it surrounds your entire Being and radiates out to those around you. You can continue this practice and picture this Love surrounding your planet and radiating into the ethers.

You begin to realize that your feelings of Love ripple out into the great web of Creation. The more you focus on the Love in your heart center, the stronger your ripple of Love will be.

As you reflect on this web of Creation, you begin to see that spending some time each day focusing on your Divine Spark and its radiant Love and Light can be of great benefit to humanity and the Omniverse.

Further reflection on the Oneness and the interconnectedness can lead you to realize that your thoughts and actions are powerful. Their energy radiates throughout humanity and the Omniverse. When your thoughts and actions are for highest good, this creates an energy that promotes Love and Light. Each individual thought or action is powerful. Therefore, we are asking you to be mindful of your thoughts and to set an intention for highest good.

When many individuals monitor their thoughts and set an intention for highest good, a feeling of Love begins to spread throughout the fabric of Creation. A sense of peaceful Light is available to all Beings. You are a beautiful beacon of Loving Light.

Beloveds, we are very grateful that you have answered our call to Love. We are joining with you as you are turning inward to focus on your Divine Spark and are sending Love and Light throughout the web of Creation.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel, Holy Lady Amethyst and the Angelic Realm of Light
…and We surround you with love

And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email: Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com

Website: www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com


'She is Finding Her Wings' by Shiloh Sophia McCloud art

ART : She is Finding Her Wings – Shiloh Sophia McCloud

The Ascension of Arcturus Part 2 – Coming Home Video @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Ascension of Arcturus Part 2 –Coming Home Video Suzanne lie


The Ascension of Arcturus – Part 2

From Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension 

Book 2


The First Ones to Awaken

When the Arcturians who had become lost in form began to remember their roots, they wanted to re-join with their Arcturian family. Unfortunately, this re-joining would not be as simple as they desired.

Much had occurred in their consciousness since they had forgotten who they were. For hundreds of thousands of turns of their planet, they believed they were separate. Within that belief in separation, grievous actions were committed, and the Awakening Ones had also created injury to the others and to the planet.

To fully awaken, the Awakening Ones would have to heal the injury they had caused. Perhaps then they could reunite with their family who had remained in a formless state.

First, the Awakening Ones would have to forgive themselves for doing harm to others. Then they would have to forgive themselves for falling into such a low state of consciousness that they believed they were separate from their Arcturian family. Believing that they were separate from their family had caused a deep loneliness, which had festered into fear. This fear gave them permission to do harm to others.

Only the healing force of love could heal the scars that their fear had created. But, where would they begin? What and/or who were they supposed to love? They were stumped by this question for a long time before they realized that any permanent solution must begin at the source of the problem.

However, what was that source? Oh yes, judgment is where it all began. Since judgment had begun this cycle of fear—hurt—more fear, only the opposite of judgment could complete this cycle. But, what was the opposite of judgment? They pondered this question for more cycles of the illusion of time.

Finally, after many attempts to find the opposite of judgment, they found the answer. Forgiveness would heal judgment. In fact, to truly clear all judgment, forgiveness must be unconditional. They also remembered that the ones they had to forgive were not just the ones they had judged but also themselves, the ones who had made the judgments.

However, they did not know how to forgive themselves. They believed that first they would need to be forgiven by a being higher and grander than them. Since they held that belief, they made this true. They believed this higher being was the collective of the formless Arcturians.

The important part of this belief was that it encouraged them to communicate with their formless Arcturian family. But, how would they communicate with a being that they could not perceive? Perhaps they could open a kind of portal through which they could transmit their need for assistance.

They were surprised by the word “portal,” as it seemed to arise from a deep inner memory. But, fortunately, they also remembered that a portal is a multidimensional tunnel through which they could connect with increasingly higher octaves of their reality.

The Merging of the Portal Openers

The Awakened Ones were persistent and very determined. Hence, they became the Portal Openers, and portals into the higher dimensions began to open. When the Portal Openers sent their consciousness through the higher dimensional portals, they became aware of their own multidimensional nature. In this manner the Awakened Ones commenced their journey back to their Multidimensional SELF.

As the Portal Openers connected with higher and higher frequencies of their expression of SELF, they developed a deeper and deeper connection with their Formless Family of Light. They eventually came to understand that their Formless Family was indeed their SELF at a higher frequency of reality.

With this new awareness about the nature of their true SELF, they could more readily accept unconditional love, which had always been flowing from the Formless Ones. Since unconditional love carries the gift of personal and planetary transmutation, the Formless Ones became known as the Transmuters.

The first, and most obvious, advantage of the acceptance of unconditional love was that it allowed the Portal Openers to love all of life, free of any judgment. Another important consequence of accepting the unconditional love was that it transmuted the Portal Opener’s judgment into forgiveness.

Because the Portal Openers accepted this unconditional love and allowed it to transmute their judgment into forgiveness, their myriad fears were transmuted into love. The return of the feel of love urged the Portal Openers to deeply believe in their SELF.

Hence, the Portal Openers found the courage to open more and more portals into the unknown. As they opened these portals, they increasingly cleared fear from themselves and from their planet. Thus, as they healed themselves they healed their Arcturian Family who was holding the form of the planet.

As fear was cleared from their consciousness, they no longer reacted to the fear of others or the judgment that arose from that fear. Also, as the fear was cleared from the Awakened Arcturians, they could begin to heal the many wounds that had been created by the fearful Arcturians.

Knowing that the creators of fear were driven by fear allowed the Portal Openers to unconditionally love those who were still lost in their judgment of others. With the release of all judgment for the Lost Ones, the Portal Openers began to unite with each other in a very intimate manner.

In fact, the Portal Openers were moving into a state of unity consciousness with each other, which felt vaguely familiar. Gradually they began to remember that once they were all one. This memory planted the first seed of unity consciousness with the planet itself.

The Expansion of Unity Consciousness

Unity consciousness with the planet included unity with the Arcturians who were holding the form of the planet. Unity with the planet had to occur because the Arcturians were the planet. Just as some Arcturians (actually pre-Arcturians) had chosen to be humanoids, others had chosen to be the planet. In fact, these Arcturians who had chosen to be the planet had taken on a denser matter than they had ever known. Thus, they too were lost in form.

If the Portal Openers were to have unity consciousness with their planet, they would have to be in unity consciousness with ALL humanoids. In other words, they would need to include the Lost Ones in their unity consciousness. In this manner, the Portal Openers would know that they had totally released their judgment.

Meanwhile, there were still many humanoids lost in their own judgment. Therefore, they lived in the fear and separation that judgment created. However, they did not want to change. They had experienced power over the others, and enjoyed that sensation. It had been so long since they had experienced unity that they believed only in separation. Hence, they continued to create separation by desiring the sensation of power over others that they judged as inferior to them.

On the other hand, the Portal Openers were finding many portals into the planet, but they did not know how to open them. They imagined they would be opened in the same manner as the higher dimensional portals were opened; however, they did not really understand how they had opened the higher dimensional portals.

They suspected that it had something to do with accepting the unconditional love sent to them by the Formless Ones, now known as he Transmuters. Since the Portal Openers had established a line of communication with the Transmuters, they asked them how the higher dimensional portals had been so easily opened.

The Transmuters, replied, “Our dear Portal Openers. The higher dimensional portals opened so easily because we are ONE Being. We are YOU in the form of a humanoid, and you are us in a formless state of multidimensional light and unconditional love.”

This answer was all they could receive. Some of the Portal Openers were so confused by this answer that they did not give it any thought. However, other Portal Openers allowed this answer to live in their heart, where they did not need to think about it, but they could always feel it.

The Arcturians who were the holders of the form of the planet had largely lost all unity consciousness with their Arcturian family who lived in a formless state in the higher frequencies around the planet. Fortunately, some Formless Ones had taken residence in the deepest core of the planet.

These Formless Ones could feel the Portal Opener’s desire to open the planetary portals, but living in the planetary core had made them forget how to send unconditional love. Perhaps they too could accept the unconditional love from the Transmuters.

When they accepted that unconditional love, they found they could open the planetary portals form the core. Then, these Formless Ones returned to unity consciousness with the Transmuters, as well as with the Portal Openers.

A Problem With The Lost Ones

At the same time, the Lost Ones who had not become Portal Openers still believed in separation and judgment. Fortunately the flow of unconditional love that the Portal Openers had accepted was so strong that the Lost Ones could vaguely feel it, but wondered if they were “good enough” to receive it.

This judgment of themselves and of unconditional love created fear. Then their fear created even more judgment, which created more separation. In response to their growing fear, the Lost Ones who believed in separation created a separate “God.”

They could not believe in unconditional love, so they believed in a God who sent love to only the chosen ones. Hence, the Lost Ones developed rituals and tests to make them good enough to receive love from the separate God high above them in a separate world. The Lost Ones had no idea that their God was their own SELF in its original, formless state of multidimensional light and unconditional love.

The formless Arcturians realized that they had to assist the Lost Ones before they created even more judgment, fear and separation. Thus the formless Arcturians realized that they had to transmute every molecule of matter back into light.

For this reason they created the Arcturian Corridor.

Join us as we Journal our Way to New Earth

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Creating the Future of Ascension – Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na


Claudia Tremblay _artodyssey (21) art

ART : Claudia Tremblay @ Artodyssey

Creating the Future of Ascension

by the Celestial White Beings

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 23rd December 2015 – Original Source – Sacred School of OmNa

Your vision of present and future realities upon the Earth is immensely important in this time of Ascension. You are present as a physical being on this planet to create, your greatest purpose is to manifest the Creator through every expression, action and reaction you generate. This has always been the case however the Era of Love which manifested from 2012 signals for all souls to begin their processes of creation with the Creator, akin to a spider beginning to weave its web. The Creator is inviting you to realise your abilities of creation, more importantly putting them into action in order to weave the truth of the Creator into your reality and the consciousness of humanity. It is time to realise that you are the one who has the power to create the levels, experiences and transitions of ascension of the future. Are you ready to take responsibility and form the ascension of your pr esent and future? Do you know what you wish or are being invited to create? These are powerful questions which require your contemplation.

We, the Celestial White Beings, are a united soul group existing at the 14th dimension and beyond, we supported the creation of the Earth and continue to assist its civilisations. Our energy, as is the same for many star and light beings, is within the foundations of the Earth and your own being. When you hold the intention of activating our energy within your being you allow a network of pure white light to rise up from the depths of your soul anchoring into your physical body and auric field. This network of pure white light is connected to and holds the energy of creation; the energy of creation from the Creator and us, the Celestial White Beings. Activating such a network of pure white light holding the essence of creation will support the expansion and further awakening of your soul, inviting your soul to create upon the Earth its sacred frequency and divine plan. Your soul is waiting and ready to generate and express through your physical body and reality the sacred resonance of the Creator upon the Earth for you and all to experience.

You have the abilities to create and manifest loving spiritual evolution upon the Earth and are already achieving this in every moment of your reality. We, the Celestial White Beings, wish to make you aware of activating our energy within your being to form a pure white network of creation so you may magnify your abilities of manifestation. From a space of pure love and bliss within your heart and soul we wish to encourage you to visualise and hold the intention of a reality for yourself, the Earth and humanity which is truly beautiful, inspirational and filled with the truth of the Creator. By doing so you will reconstruct, purify and recreate the ascension and spiritual advancement pathway humanity as a whole and individually are experiencing presently and in future present moments. The Creator is asking you to be creative, to form a picture from your soul which can be projected int o the consciousness of humanity concerning your own ascension as well as the spiritual evolution of humanity and the Earth. If every soul upon the Earth achieved the same then a major shift would occur over a period of time as each soul’s imprint and projection would synthesis and merge to create a new vision for ascension and experience upon the Earth. The Creator has a new divine plan promoting greater healing, enlightenment and unity, this divine plan is only being brought forth because humanity is ready to evolve beyond limitations. Aspects of the Creator as a divine plan are waiting to be downloaded through your soul into the consciousness and foundations of every human being. Each soul upon the Earth will accept an aspect of the Creator’s new divine plan which will alter the Earthly experience for all forever more. Every day consciously for some and unconsciously for others this new divine plan will be delivered penetrating the energetic and physical struct ure of the Earth to form a new era upon the Earth; a time all have been waiting for.

The Era of Love which began in 2012 is present to encourage all to become love in all ways and forms, in truth it is a period of creation. Love is a foundation eternally present which is expanding from within you, humanity and the Earth so the Creator may manifest upon the Earth through every aspect of your being. This will herald forth the divine plan of the Creator into manifestation and embodiment which is labelled the Era of Remembrance; where all souls upon the Earth will be more connected to the consciousness of the Creator, able to convey and express the wisdom of the Creator more than ever before upon the Earth. The civilisation which you are a part of has the opportunity to move and explore beyond all levels of spiritual evolution and unity with the Creator that have ever been experienced upon the Earth. This is why you are present now and have been present within many of thi s planet’s previous civilisations. You are preparing yourself to experience the Creator beyond anything which has been explored at a physical level before. Your role and purpose in this lifetime is immense and its foundation lies with your ability to create and manifest from the core of your soul, which is where the divine plan of the Creator is embedded.

We ask you not to judge your creations or the energy flowing through your being from your soul. Your judgment is only an opinion born from your current perspective rather than your universal expansive perspective, therefore it can never fulfil or enlighten you.

We wish to guide you in accepting your purpose in this moment, you may wish to use this invocation to begin the process:

‘Celestial White Beings, I call upon your energy of purity, love and bliss to surround me. As I breathe deeply let your pure white light flow into my entire being awakening and activing your energy of creation within the foundations of my being and soul. I allow from your energy and the light of the Creator embedded within me a pure white network of light to expand anchoring into my physical body and auric field. This network of light sends a constant current of the energy of creation from the Celestial White Beings, the Creator and my soul throughout my entire being, illuminating me with light, purity, love and power.’

Take time to imagine yourself as a pure beacon of white light with frequencies of creation flowing from you.

‘I am ready to accept my role and purpose of creating, anchoring and embodying the Creator through my being, supporting humanity and the Earth in achieving the same in order to bring forth the divine plan of the Creator into action. I realise the Era of Love allows time for each person to form a vision of truth from their souls within their hearts to be projected into the Earth and humanity. I accept the support of the Celestial White Beings, the Creator and my soul as I anchor my awareness through my heart chakra into my soul to begin the process of downloading a vision for the future of my own and humanity’s ascension upon the Earth. I am ready and willing to receive, I am ready and willing to create. Thank you.’

We invite you to sit peacefully with your focus moving through your heart chakra into your soul frequencies. Allow energies, visions, frequencies, ideas, colours, inspiration, enlightenment or understanding to form. You may gain a clear picture, you may simply gain a feeling. Over the coming days and for as long as you feel is appropriate imagine you are expanding any insights or energies so they may project and imprint into your own conscious awareness and the consciousness of humanity. This may seem like a simple action or something you achieve often however with your intention and our united energy you are allowing us to co-create with you, downloading and establishing the purity of the Creator to create new experiences for all, born from love rather than fear or suffering. If no inspiration arises, ask your soul what it wishes to create for yourself and humanity, then share this e nergy emanating it from your being to imprint upon the Earth. You may realise that many of your dreams and desires for your physical reality originated from your soul, you may recognise you are more connected with your soul than you had ever possibly imagined.

When you accept responsibility that you are upon the Earth to create from the truth of your soul for your own happiness and the spiritual evolution of all, in truth that you are creating the ascension process you are waiting to experience, then you become a beacon not only on the Earth but the inner planes. The Creator will respond to you working through you in miraculous and surprising ways each moment of your reality, thus allowing your experiences to flow with immense ease and perfection. Your intuition will strengthen as you notice the sacred vibrations of the Creator moving through your reality. To accept this role is not to be concerned about your actions, thoughts and reactions, although these will be required to be aligned to the truth of your soul, it is to allow the sacred downloads from the Creator to be radiated as light frequencies from your being beyond limitations, this in truth is all that is required. You have the ability to truly influence the Earth now from a source of love to support future generations in moving away from limitations and fear into love and peace, essentially healing the Earth through your simple connection with and emanation of your soul.

We, the Celestial White Beings, have observed all civilisations upon the Earth, we believe that this time of the Earth’s ascension is a pinnacle point in the evolution of the entire universe of the Creator. The Earth has the capacity to blossom into a sacred space akin to heaven if born from the truth and love of each soul. A similar opportunity was experienced by Atlanteans, at that time technology clouded the brilliance of the soul and distracted humanity from the truth of the Creator, diminishing the opportunity for united evolution with the Creator within the human body. We can reassure you the outcome of Atlantis will not manifest upon the Earth again as all upon the Earth now (although it may not always seem this way) are ready to convey the truth of the Creator through their physical form to bring all spiritual evolution of the past synthesised as one to create new vibrat ions for all to experience.

We are present to support you eternally,

Celestial White Beings

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Download Audio Version

Watch Video Version


Claudia Tremblay _artodyssey (21) art

ART : Claudia Tremblay @ Artodyssey






Right now, this very moment, as we are all reading this, time is bringing our physical lives to an end. Change and transformation is the nature of the universe. Whether we are the Christ, the Buddha or Krishna, our true selves demand us to examine how we are living each moment. In my own case I am a humble monk who has made many mistakes in my life but feel I have made a contribution to helping touch others lives, which at this current count stands at 180,000 readers over the last 15 years of writing books and blogs.

As spiritual beings we know now there is truly no limit to our potential. All of us can attain the Christ Consciousness, Buddhahood, the Bliss of Krishna. Though we may be ignorant and full of suffering, a mind and heart with pure intention can manifest the Higher Mind and Heart of an enlightening being, a Christ, a Buddha, a Krishna in any moment.

This human existence is precious beyond what we can currently conceive. Our lifetime is filled with indescribable opportunities to realize the miracle of our being, to activate the essence of love in our divine heart, that indestructible drop of compassion, with which we can heal the world.
These opportunities occur IN EVERY MOMENT.
Since our spiritual potential is UNLIMITED and our physical life span in this holy temple of the human body is limited we must take EVERY OPPORTUNITY which means THIS PRESENT MOMENT to do what we possibly can to REALIZE THE TRUE SELF AS THE CHRIST, THE BUDDHA AND KRISHNA.

In living in this human body we are all the same, we share the same SHARED HEART, Our Divine Heart. We have a collective consciousness and also a fundamental oneness where we all experience emotions, so what is true for you is true for me. Love, fear, anger, jealousy, joy and wonder, constantly changing, as are our thoughts, many of which we repeat over and over. Trying to make sense of this life, trying to be free of whatever we perceive is binding us.

Fundamentally we are the same, one family sharing this one planet, all with the desire to be free of suffering.

Enhancing the Divine Heart – an exercise to be free

The Temple of the One Chakra Initiation

Our Mother invites us to enter Shambhala.

To do so center yourself in a way that your heart desires and reach a point of stillness and silence.

This could be using the breath, mantra, divine sounds, union with your Beloved, dancing or any technique for calming the heart, mind and body.

When you are empty inside allow the wisdom of this experience to blend with the following visualization.

Visualize yourself in an extraordinarily beautiful place. This place is OUTSIDE enormous gates to the divine energies of Shambhala.

As we stand together outside the doors to Shambhala, everything we have of value is going to be offered to the Divine Father and Mother in the form we choose. Metatron could be our Divine Father and Guan Yin could be our Divine Mother, for example. So we would offer our belongings, our physical body, our spiritual practice to them by way of prayer or any path your heart may choose. In this case, Metatron and Guan Yin are also our teachers, our gurus, our lamas, our Higher Selves. Our intention is to bring about the welfare of all beings through the love and compassion generated by visualizing ourselves as and in the company of, enlightening beings. Our minds can thus focus, with great power, on what is about to be received.

Taking birth as a child of Our Mother

The Womb of Our Mother Initiation

Our Mother for this could be Lakshmi, Lady Nada, Guan Yin or Mother Mary for example.


Mother Mary – by Ruth Hawkins

We are being reborn. We are drawn into the mouth of Our Father, Krishna, Metatron, Sananda or Yeshua, or Amitabha Buddha, for example, by light radiating out from the seed syllable HUM at His Divine Heart, and we pass through His Divine Body and into Our Mother’s womb where we dissolve in the wisdom of the realization of emptiness (unborn awareness).

So we are motivated by compassion and realizing wisdom consciousness.

The dissolution that occurs when we pass through our Divine Father’s body in rebirth happens by us melting into an ambrosia, a divine nectar, which from His Divine Heart passes across and emerges as ambrosia-Light in the womb of Our Divine Mother.

Ambrosia-Light contains the very essence of all Light Beings.

We then emerge from the womb of Our Mother outside the eastern doors of the entrance to the Shambhala mandala. We reappear in ideal form, having become the Christ, Krishna or Buddha with all the enlightened beings of all time dissolved into us.

Repetition of this step, being reborn, is important, to reach deeper realizations and subtler levels of consciousness.

I am Altair, Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”

Everything is as it should be, or is it? – Pamela Kribbe @ The Jeshua Channelings


Buddha by Mara Diop

ART : Buddha – by Mara Diop

Everything is as it should be, or is it?

by Pamela Kribbe

“This was meant to be”, “there must be a higher purpose behind it”, “everything is exactly as it is supposed to be”. Remarks easily made among the spiritually inclined. Often, statements like these are made in the face of situations or events that seem meaningless, tragic or cruel. Accidents, diseases, grave setbacks put our sense of justice to the test. Why does this happen to me, why did this have to happen? The notion that behind everything that occurs there is a higher order, a divine hand that means well, is reassuring. But is it true?

The idea that everything happens as it should, is a deterministic notion: it states that there is a higher power who predetermines what is going to happen in our earthly lives. This higher power may be God, or your soul or higher self. Whatever it is, the creative power does not belong to you, but to this higher source. The idea that we as human beings have free will and can make free choices is thereby severely affected.

Thus, a paradox arises: starting from a spiritual worldview, most people consider their power to make choices and take responsibility for their life to be essential to who they are. If it weren’t for that power, the whole notion of inner growth and transformation would become obsolete. At the same time, there’s the statement, often sounding like an invocation, that “everything is as it should be”, or as others put it, “everything is in divine order”.

This “glad tiding” that everything is really going as it is supposed to, both amazes and annoys me. First of all, there is massive suffering on earth, which is obvious from glancing through a random newspaper on any day. There is intense suffering on physical, emotional and spiritual levels in many, many human beings, as well as in nature. So how’s everything exactly as it should be?! Second, there is the above mentioned paradox that free will and predestination do not sit well together. This is a point worthy of consideration when you bring up the idea that all is well and in divine order. Third, I have noticed that putting forward this message often goes together with a typical note of pity, a kind of spiritual condescension, conveying something like: “Ah, child, I see you do not yet understand, caught as you are in your all-too-human doubts and moods and emotions, but there is indeed a higher meaning behind all that’s happening, and one day you too will witness it.” People often mean well, I am sure, but still…

When I had just healed from a severe depression with psychotic episodes in 2010, and was still struggling to come to terms with this horrific experience, someone said to me: “it is pretty clear that you had to go through this, and that the purpose of it was that it has enabled you to now help people with similar afflictions”. I could not respond to this suggestion as I was gasping for breath, but later on I realised that there were in fact three implicit suggestions being made: 1. The depression was predetermined and I could not have prevented it, 2. It happened for my own good even though it felt terrible, and 3. The spiritual purpose behind it all was that it would make me a better teacher and healer for other people. The latter suggestion instantly promoted me to martyrdom. What really happened was that I had sacrificed myself and had gone through hell for the salvation of others. Oh my. Kind of flattering to be put on a pedestal like that; but I suspect one has a shaky balance up there.

What stands out about all three suggestions is the big gap between the way I felt about what had happened and the “actual” spiritual truth. What felt succinctly bad to me was “really” a good thing, what I had wanted to prevent most of all had “really” been predetermined and what I experienced as my personal trial during the depression was “really” something I took upon myself in order to become a better teacher for others. The anger, sadness and dismay I felt afterwards about what had happened to me, were simply the ramblings of my ego which could not surrender to the higher order of things. This example shows a general line of reasoning which can be applied to many different situations. The general tendency is to look at an event or situation which at first sight seems terrible, tragic or absurd, and then smooth it down with the help of the spiritual tenet that “things are always exactly as they should be” or “there’s a divine order governing events so at a deeper level all is well”.

What to do with this typical smoothing down approach? The notion that everything is predetermined and proceeds according to divine will, cannot be refuted on logical grounds. It is an irrefutable metaphysical claim, which cannot be falsified (or confirmed!) by empirical evidence. However, it does conflict with our deeply felt sense that we are able to influence our lives, that we have free will and the power to choose. The notion that “all is well as it is” or “all is as it is supposed to be” is in conflict with how we feel in everyday life. Whenever a spiritual tenet is flagrantly at odds with common sense, with our everyday gut feelings, this raises a red flag for me. I believe that true spirituality is quite compatible with our natural instincts and intuitions. Even more, I believe that it is through our feeling nature that we can connect with our souls. More than the mind and the ideologies it makes up, it is the heart, the locus of our feelings and intuitions, that forms the gateway to spiritual truth. Whenever there is a big gap between what feels genuinely good and true to you and what a spiritual teaching professes to be good and true, I would always choose in favor of human feeling as the proper touchstone. The air of complacent superiority with which counterintuitive spiritual claims are often made doesn’t help either.

But what then? If things are not predetermined, if there is no higher meaning behind all that happens, is life then a mere play of coincidence? Is there no bigger story, no purpose to it all? And if it is all free and open, and you still believe in God, why does God allow so much pain and suffering; what would be the explanation of that? I would like to argue that there are spiritually meaningful reasons why things happen as they do, but that does not mean that what happens is good and right. There is a reason for everything, but that does not imply that it should have happened. My claim is that there is a difference between acknowledging a spiritual logic behind events that occur, and believing in predestination. There are indeed spiritual laws at work in our lives, but they are not at odds with our free will.

To clarify what I mean let’s apply it to the example above. My depression was clearly caused by fears and negative beliefs inside of me. I believe it belongs to my soul’s purpose to bring these fears and negative beliefs to the surface of my awareness at some point, so that they may be healed. But that does not mean things had to happen exactly in the way they did, or that I had no choice about what transpired in my life. I remember clearly that before the depression really took hold (and I had to be hospitalized), I received several signals, especially from my body, that showed me I was very stressed and should apply the brakes. I failed to really do that, and that was not predetermined. There is an explanation for the fact that I did not act upon my intuitive hunches and body signals: I was afraid to fail, afraid to say ‘no’ to people, because I valued their recognition and feared rejection. This explains why I did not apply the brakes in time; however, even though there were definite reasons in place, it was still my choice. The very fact that I was aware of those signals and hunches, shows that there was room for choice.

So, in hindsight I made some poor choices. Now, there’s not much use in blaming oneself endlessly about the less than fortunate choices one has made in the past. Reproaching oneself in a harsh manner gives rise to feelings of guilt which are destructive and counterproductive (I speak from personal experience here). To pass judgment on oneself is not very useful. However, to say that I could not help any of it because it was supposed to happen is like going to the other extreme; this is pure denial. There is no getting around the fact that I could have made other choices. The best way of looking back on this is with an eye of compassion and mildness. By being compassionate toward yourself, you acknowledge that you are a fallible human being, and it actually becomes easier to learn from your mistakes. If you are able to forgive yourself, you can see the pitfalls of the past as meaningful lessons which have enabled you to gain insight and make better choices in the future. In that way, tragic situations may become purposeful and meaningful, not because they are intrinsically good or desirable (they often aren’t), but because you are prepared to learn from them and even be transformed by them. Thus, whether something is spiritually meaningful is not determined by the objective events themselves, but by the way you experience and interpret them.

In this way, free will and a certain degree of predetermination can be reconciled. Imagine that your soul wanted to live through certain experiences in this lifetime. That is why your soul chose to be confronted with certain challenges, which were kind of pre-programmed into your life. Certain people you encounter, different opportunities or setbacks that come your way, may indeed be fixed beforehand. The pivotal question, however, is how you, the human you with free choice, will respond to these encounters and situations, and to what degree you can detect purpose and meaning in what happens to you. This is not fixed, and it is your soul’s ultimate purpose to embrace the lessons inherent in the challenges with love and acceptance. That way, you will make different choices in the future and attract more positive encounters and situations in your life, eliminating the need to face the same challenge time and again.

It is often very hard to respond to life’s gravest challenges with trust and acceptance. That’s why I say it is your soul’s ultimate goal. It is often a huge struggle to recognise the value of deep experiences of loss or pain or rejection. Resistance and despair are normal, and very human. Yet I do believe this is our soul’s deepest invitation to us: to embrace even the darkest part of our lives and of ourselves with understanding and warmth, not because it is “good as it is”, but because accepting and working with it is the only way out. It is the only way into the light.

When I was in the middle of my psychotic depression, I did not experience any meaning or sense in what I was going through. For my loved ones, it was a nightmare, too. I was eventually taken to the psychiatric ward of the hospital against my will. My recovery started there. After I recovered, I found out what it is like when deep suffering bears fruit. As soon as I turned toward the light and wanted to live again, I experienced deep joy and took note of the abundance in my life as never before. What was taken for granted before, became a source of wonder and profound gratitude. I would sometimes stop in front of my house, returning with groceries, and just marvel at the fact that there was a place for me on earth, where I could live with the two people I love most, my husband and daughter. I was amazed at the genuine care and support given to me by people around me; what were acquaintances before, now became intimate friends. Not only did the complete breakdown that psychosis brings give me a new appreciation of what I took for granted before, it also gave me some lasting insights which now help me live my life with less fear and more fulfilment. A few years later, I wrote a book about my dark night of the soul, which helped me integrate the whole experience more fully and with the benefit of hindsight. After publishing this book (in Dutch – hope to publish it in English end of this year) I received letters from people who recognised themselves in my story and felt supported and comforted by it. Thus, my dark night of the soul gained in meaning. Gradually, this horrific experience appears in a different light, the light of healing and meaningfulness. However, this does not mean it was “supposed to happen” or that it was “really” a good thing.

Is everything as it should be? Is all well as it is? No! There is much suffering and tragedy on earth. I do believe we attract some negative situations in our lives to become aware of the negativity inside of us (anger, fear, distrust). These situations may in part be pre-arranged. But the purpose behind those challenges is that we make different choices in the future so that we can let go of the negativity and stop attracting it into our lives. A painful or tragic event is not intrinsically good or valuable; it will become that only when humans have the courage and clarity of mind to find meaning in it and be transformed by it. We have a choice in how we respond to “what is”. We have the potential to transform negativity and pain by our inner attitude, and to make life more light and joyful for ourselves and others. This is the true purpose of spirituality. The higher order which we so desperately seek behind the external events in our lives, does not lie outside of us. We need to create it ourselves: that is our mission as free children of God.


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Buddha by Mara Diop

ART : Buddha – by Mara Diop



Love Times Bliss – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

yoga and art gabriela Pomplova

ART: Gabriela Pomplova

Love Times Bliss

As has happened often before, bliss arose a little after noon today.

At first it was just a vague stirring, but now, two hours later, I’m again “steeped” in it.

One can only use metaphors to discuss something like bliss.

It’s so far beyond our ordinary experience that no one has invented words, that are universally accepted, to describe it. Bliss precedes and transcends language and does not depend on it for anything. So one cannot ask it to cooperate in the matter of our description of it.

What it’s known most for is how it lifts us up, elevates us, causes our hearts to soar to a level of enjoyment of life with which nothing we’ve experienced to that point compares.

It’s that feeling of pure enjoyment, a peak experience, a magic moment – however you wish to see it – that one revels in. It has one want to stick out one’s chest and say “Yes!” to life.

But it isn’t vanilla or chocolate. It isn’t hot or cold. It isn’t lavender or rose, green ray or blue ray. It’s one of a kind and seems to have no qualities explicit or implicit in it.

Here I am again at Starbucks, outrageously blissful, feeling as exposed as I could possibly be, and bliss sweeps away the cares I’d ordinarily have about the situation.

In bliss, I softly sway to the music and am carried away from anxiety and confusion. Everything becomes simple. It’s all about the Now and the Now is all about love. The Now is love’s address.  And the chief reward in staying in the Now is the love that’s to be found there.  The Now and love cannot be separated.

I’m practicing remaining consciously blissful and looking at one person at a time.  I feel so shy feeling this much bliss.

Now the bliss turns to love and the shyness goes away. Love is very social. My love takes in everyone around me and presents no problem to me.

How odd that I’d be shown this fact now because it ties right into a thought process I had the other night.

It’d take too long to say how I arrived at this insight but I saw that all of us have two sides to ourselves: the observer and the participant. The two are just as much ego states as are our parent, adult, and child.

I was either in my observer mode or my participant mode, but, when I was in one, I was not in the other. They were exclusive and didn’t necessarily work towards the same purposes.

When I was in observer mode, I was not experiencing and so there was no enjoyment in it.

When I was in participant mode, I was in the Now and so didn’t remember much of what I did, much to the frustration of the observer who wanted me to make a record of the process I was in.

That’s as far as I got with it but I now see a connection between love and bliss and the participant and observer. Love would benefit the active participant in me and bliss would benefit the passive observer.

Now that strikes me as a useful distinction. And, look, the bliss increases. It agrees with me!

But the love does not leave me this time. I have both going on simultaneously. This is new.

I see that love grounds me while bliss unfolds my capabilities, at whatever vibratory level I happen to be at.

Now I no longer feel shy about feeling bliss because I feel love as well and can switch to love if I engage with anyone.  This feels … amazing. Unbelievable.

Add love to bliss and you don’t get a sum. You get a product because they multiply each other.

It isn’t love plus bliss. It’s love times bliss.

Love, bliss, ecstacy – these have no downside that I can see.



art yoga and art gabriela Pomplova

ART: Gabriela Pomplova

Ascension of Arcturus Part 1 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ascension of Arcturus Part 1 from Pleiaidan Perspective on Ascension Book 2


Greetings to you all and Happy Holidays,

I thought a good way to take us through this Christmas season, which is really about the birth of Jesus, but that fact often gets lost. I cannot remember a time in my life when I was NOT talking to Jesus, as I always felt that presence with me.

My Mother was very generous and wanted to give us lots of Christmas presents, which she did. However, I always felt guilty because I was getting the presents on what was supposed to be Jesus’s birthday.

One year I determined that I would say “Happy Birthday Jesus” when I opened every present. However, I was only able to maintain my promise for the first few presents because I got lost in the flurry of “getting new stuff.”  Then I felt bad. That is, I felt bad when I finally remembered the intention I had set.

This year of 2016, which is knocking at the door of our consciousness, feels VERY different than any year that I can remember. Therefore, I wanted to usher in 2016 with “The Ascension of Arcturus.” 

Blessings to you all in the myriad ways that you celebrate our entry into the important year of 2016!


The Ascension of Arcturus – Part 1

From, “The Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension –

Book 2, Life on the Mothership.”

By Suzanne Lie


As the file of the Oversoul opened, it pulled me into a scene from before all counting of time. At first, I could hear only words I did not understand and feel a sense of panic. Eventually, I regained my vision enough to see a scene before me that struck my heart as it reminded me of my Homeworld in the Pleiades.

Beings who looked vaguely humanoid were rushing around in a state of near panic. Something was happening to their planet that they could not understand. My first thought was, “How could these frightened beings be Arcturians?” An instant response, seemingly from the Oversoul was, “They are no longer Arcturians. There are some among them who will remember to return to being Arcturian.”

The Oversoul then told me how formless beings had come from a distant universe to visit the young Milky Way Galaxy. These beings had never known form, nor had they ever lived on a planet. The name of these beings is impossible to translate into any sequential language, such as the one I am using to share my story. Therefore, I will call them “Pre-Arcturians”.

These Pre-Arcturians decided to have the experience of “being a planet,” since being an individual was far below their conception. For millions of cycles, they attached their great consciousness to the orb and the atmosphere of a planet. Eventually, they desired the experience of having forms that could move around on the planet.

They decided that in this manner they could have the different perspective of being on the planet, rather than being the planet. For countless cycles of the planet, some of them lived within their somewhat humanoid forms. Throughout the course of these cycles, the Oneness held the form of the planet and its atmosphere, so that it could be protected and maintained.

Eventually, the planet lowered in frequency enough to have a vague relationship with time. With the new development of time, which was a unique experience for the Arcturians, things began to happen that were not initiated by the Arcturians who were the planetary holders of form.

Having less than infinite creative control of all reality was also a new adventure, and they surrendered to this next experience, never thinking that they could become lost in their own quest. They had never known time, so they had no idea how it could create aging and decay.

At first, they thought that the aging and decay were merely changes. Hence, they embraced it. Too late, after many thousands of cycles of the turn of their planet, they realized that the humanoid encasements began to decay. Having never worn a form, this was quite a surprise to them.

To their even greater surprise, they realized that as they began to decay, they also began to forget. Some of them forgot that the planet was alive with their own Arcturian family. Some of them forgot about their true, formless state, and some of them forgot that they were all one being wearing somewhat separate forms.

Unique thoughts began to enter their consciousness such as separation, time and even age. At first, these previously unknown concepts were exciting. This manner of thought was so different from anything they had ever known. The truth is that they had become somewhat bored in their infinite, formless state of all knowing and all being.

In fact, some of them became so excited by this adventure that they scorned their innate beingness and judged those who remained in their pure, formless state. Judgment was an entirely unique concept, as well as a very dangerous idea. Before they knew it, they began to divide into those who judged and those who did not judge.

Those who did not judge remained in the higher frequencies of their new reality. On the other hand, those who judged began to shift their attention away from the unconditional love and unity with all Arcturians and embraced a growing perception of separation from those who chose not to judge.

Judgment became an important tool for them, as it pulled them into a denser reality than they had ever recognized. This group began to feel that they were better than the others. After all, they were the brave ones. They were the ones who could enter into a novel version of reality, which was unknown in their universe.

They never saw the consequences of their judgment coming. In fact, the notion of consequences was unknown to them. They had not identified that a thought could be separate from the whole. Hence, when some of them began to branch out from the concept of judgment into the concept of comparison, they were unprepared for the separation that occurred.

The separation first began with a differential between those who wore a form and those who remained in the planetary atmosphere as pure beings of light. Then the separation expanded to divide into those who were the holders of the planetary form and those who were the holders of humanoid form.

The problems escalated greatly when the holders of humanoid form began to separate from each other. At first, the energy patterns that connected all the humanoids were visible. However, over the cycles of the spinning planet, the perception of the connecting energy field began to lessen.

Consequently, the separation between those in humanoid form increased, as did the judgment. The humanoid Arcturians did not realize that their resonance was steadily dropping, as it occurred very gradually. Furthermore, they had “time” to unconsciously adapt to these versions of their new reality.

The Arcturians who remained in the atmosphere and the holders of planetary form never left their unity consciousness. Therefore, they remained at a high frequency of resonance and were free of time, separation, and the judgment that had created the lower frequency concepts and experiences.

These Arcturians tried to warn those who had chosen forms, but the humanoids were so enjoying their new adventure that they would not listen. In fact, the humanoids accused their formless family of being afraid to try a new kind of reality. “Afraid?” The formless Arcturians could not even understand that concept.

Once fear was invited into the picture, the formless Arcturians could no longer unite with their family in humanoid form. Something blocked them from full unity. Was this something the concept of being afraid? Unable to intervene, the formless Arcturians gradually discovered that, indeed, fear was the barrier to their reunification with their family in form.

From their higher resonance they could not feel fear, but when they tried to bond with the formed ones they could feel the fear within the humanoids. Why were the humanoids afraid, they pondered? They finally realized that the fear was an end result of what had begun as judgment.

The formless Arcturians were learning a great deal from their humanoid family, but were unable to assist them. Helplessly, they watched as the formed ones became more and more separate. Finally the humanoids became individuals who were totally separated from their formless family, separated from their planet and separated from each other.

The growing fear made the situation go from what was once positive into something that had become very negative. Fortunately, some of the individuals found a new kind of courage—the courage to remember. As these brave humanoids allowed themselves to remember their roots, they remembered their Arcturian family who had never taken humanoid form.

Finally, the formless Arcturians could communicate with their family members who had become lost in their own judgment…To be continued.

veil nine suzanne lie


“The Illusion of False Perfection”

I must remember. I must remember. I must remember. Oh, I am here. Oh, I love it here so much. I wish all of life were as it feels here.

“Perhaps you can help make that happen, my dear.” I am growing accustomed to Lady Astrea answering my thoughts. “Did it help you remember when you called for our help?”

“Oh, yes, dear Lady, it did very much. You are right. Now I can remember something of the other side. I woke up in my bed calling for help. I sat there very confused for a while, not knowing why I wanted help when, suddenly, I remembered. I remembered about the little ‘self’ and the High Self and all about dying to the world so I could have everlasting life. However, I thought it was a most unusual dream, and I vowed, for some unknown reason at the time, that I would fall asleep calling for your help to remember my dream.”

“Well, my love, patience is a thread that weaves a new life. Come now, it is your turn.”

Again I enter the circle. The Ladies smile a welcome as I enter, and I feel an overwhelming peace as they approach to remove another veil. As they do so, the voice of Lady Leto chimes inside my heart:

“The veil of illusion that is lifted this evening is the ‘Veil of False Perfection.’ Many humans seek ‘perfection’ in physical structures and relationships. However, the total ‘perfection’ can only be as strong as the ‘perfection’ of each component. It is rare indeed that a physical structure or a relationship can attain this goal. You, my love, have held the Illusion of the perfect male/female relationship and have suffered greatly when this Illusion has burst.

Know that this perfect relationship can only be possible when both of the partners have achieved their own individual ‘perfection.’ Strife and dissonance is something that is inherent in Earthly existence. The point of confusion lies in determining if one is living the balance between ‘denying the imperfection’ and ‘attending only to perfect aspects.’ This balance can only be attained if the one is able to free oneself of all ‘Illusion of False Perfection.”‘

Master Hilarion now adds: “To seek ‘perfection’ is a divine task indeed. One’s aura greatly reflects the energy patterns of every object or person that they have put their attention upon. As one observes a given thing, their aura resonates to what they are observing. What one perceives is influenced by what one wants to see. If one is looking for suffering, they will see it all about them and their aura will reflect this suffering. If they are looking for love, they will see love all about them and their aura will reflect this love.

However, if one is engulfed in the ‘Illusion of False Perfection,’ they will seek true love or true suffering. Their mental set for ‘perfection’ is then focused more on protecting their Illusion than seeing the truth. In this case, one’s aura will appear like a cloud in a brewing storm. There is a constant, restless movement that reflects the searching/non-searching dilemma when someone truly desires to perceive the ‘perfection’ about them, but their primary goal is really the protection of a fantasy. Therefore, there is no true search and, consequently, no true connection.

“One usually builds an ‘Illusion of False Perfection’ when one believes there is no real ‘perfection’ about them personally. Therefore, their lack of faith directs them to a world made not from faith in the highest self to seek out ‘perfection’ that may be masked by dissonance, but instead to build a field of fear around them which is impenetrable by others.

This fear is based upon their inherent lack of faith in the existence of any true ‘perfection’ and isolates them from others who desire to connect with them on a heart level. To connect with another through the heart bursts all illusion instantly.”

Mighty Apollo now speaks: “To release the fear of reality requires a great faith both in oneself and one’s God. To understand that hardships of life are merely the sets on a stage assists in this process. However, emotions tie one into the drama and make it difficult to understand the true realities of schoolroom Earth. Emotions are a language system and not an entity unto themselves. To understand the language of emotion allows one the tool to assist in understanding the truth.

“The ‘Illusion of False Perfection’ is bound to emotion; the presence of ‘perfection’ can lead to a feeling of euphoria, whereas the absence can lead to a sense of hopelessness and loss. All humanity strives to some degree to experience ‘perfection’ or, if not, they may build the illusion that it already exists for them. The search for ‘perfection’ is inherent in man and has been a boon to human evolution.

Unfortunately, the ‘Illusion of False Perfection’ can hinder or stop this natural evolutionary process. Therefore, it is important to gather courage and faith so that you may burst the ‘Illusion of False Perfection’ and quest after the true ‘perfection’ that is the spiritual basis of all that has been created.”

A million questions swim in my head as I leave the circle. Perhaps, I am looking for the “perfect” answer. “Yes, my one, do not attempt to understand all these words at once. You are communicating with very evolved beings and, just as you must reach to understand, they must stoop to speak with you. Allow their words to gradually become a part of you. Do not ‘effort’ in your process, but rather lovingly ‘accept.’”

“Yes,” I reply, “that is much easier. I will accept…”

Join us as we Journal our Way to New Earth

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Emergence of Change is Upon Us ~ New Earth Frequency Update ~ Dec 2015 @ Walking Terra Christa

flower mauve


Emergence of Change is Upon Us ~ New Earth Frequency Update ~ Dec 2015


Greetings Dearest Beloveds,

We come to you as the Unified Whole Command of the energies of Master Thoth, Master Einstein, and the Great Divine Director representing the 144th dimension of Oneness. We want to share with you about the energetics of the Earth that each of you are experiencing presently.

As we come to an end of a very majestic year, it helps to understand the process of events that have occurred. There is more light within the planet than has ever been received. Since the Solstice in June there are infractions of the angelic essences being more grounded within each human upon Gaia. Many are unaware of this but it is the pathway of the events unfolding within your world.

This makes perfect sense as each of you and all of us within the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light were part of a Divine Plan to bring forth the angelic essences into body upon the Earth during the 1st Root Race. Since that was eons ago then each of you have had to go through a process of remembering these stages within your growth. This is what all of humanity is experiencing presently.

Those of you that are remembering your true essence will stand in front of so many others to help them understand what they are experiencing. Now many of these souls will choose not to remember but the ones that do will have the benefit of so many stepping into this journey of Awakening before them.

The flow of the planetary energies since June of this year is bringing forth the Divine Essence that has never been lost but truly forgotten. As the adjustments are occurring within the Moon cycles, the Eclipses and the Equinox, there has been great turmoil. But amidst the turmoil is truly a depth of peace that is occurring within the planet. The changes that are happening currently represent what needs to arise in order for GAIA to exist in a completely new way of Beingness. She is healing in so many ways and so is each of you.

December is always a powerhouse of energies but this year represents so much more. Do you not remember 2012 when you thought that change would occur more rapidly? I am sure you do and so do we. It has taken us four years to get to the point that more of humanity would start to see that the world would change and this includes everyone upon it. Change is happening as we speak.

As we move into 2016, we have to realize that the four years it has taken for the planet to accept the light infractions, has given every individual more of a stable foundation. Four years ago this was not possible so the changes that have occurred needed to be in Divine Order, and not the order of what many had thought previously. It was seen that so many individuals did not have the capacity to accept the light energies within themselves. The Spiritual Hierarchy within the Unified Whole has taken all that has occurred and put it into wholeness.


Otherwise, Gaia would still be in a process of circling her energies in the same way that has occurred for eons of time. That cycle is now being stopped due to the activations of light within the planet. What occurs presently is that the re-birth is occurring.

Within the process of the re-birthing cycle old elements would need to be revised, purged, and taken out of the existence within Gaia’s pathway in order for the new essences to be integrated within the entire circumference of the Earth.

This is the process that each of you is experiencing presently. Your karma is within your four-body system. Instead of reliving that karma through your outside experiences, it is occurring internally within your Masculine and Feminine Divine. What you have experienced in other timelines that have been out of balance may still be out of alignment within your four-body system. It is part of the Divine Order of Creation to allow all elements to be in balance. In addition, what you have done correctly within your past lives, it being accepted within your four-body system.

The same is true for Gaia. She is healing in the same way as each of you.

This is why there are so many elements that are occurring presently. Tragedies are happening and then healing coming out of those tragedies, or there are events that can almost occur, but then there might be many ‘knight in shinning armour’s’ to show up so to speak. The light is arising within the midst of darkness that has occurred on this planet.

But there is still so much that needs to be done.

The power of the activations in December is preparing the planet and each of you to be ready for more. It is important to realize that your Soul Body of Light – your Etheric Body is holding all of these elements, the light and the dark. And it is being emanated into your Physical Body to be healed and released. The problem may be that many people will not think of their healing in this way and will blame outside circumstances for the challenges they are experiencing within their lives like their health, their physical well-being, their living situations, and the jobs that support all of these elements.


It is important to take this time through the following activations of the Solstice in December to allow the stillness within your heart to permeate through your entire being. On December 25th the Christ Consciousness will be activated through the Full Moon Energies opening up the hearts of many. December 31st will bring forth a day of preparation of going into 2016.

What is occurring for you in 2016?

2016 represents Greater Cycles to Emerge Through Diligence of the Self

The planet is expanding into greater cycles of reality. It represents a year of completion in the sense that the old paradigm of elements upon this Earth will no longer be able to exist. Great changes will result from these elements, but there is a grand design that is at work. It comes from the Divine Essence of Light that each of you come from. It represents the accessibility of more light infractions to be placed within Gaia’s Core; but it also brings forth many challenges of instability to order for the grand cycle of time and space to be realized.

This means it is a time to fully “roll up your sleeves” so to speak and dig down deeper into which you are as a human, as an angel, as a Light Being. It is a time to fully realize the potentiality of what mastery will mean for you and that the old way of doing things can no longer work for you. There will be realizations to allow more of whom you truly are as a Divine Being to be realized and less of what you have been as a human mold the vision that you hold within yourself.

As this month has enfolded, it is giving you the grand opportunity to be more and accept more of the Divine Essence that you are. Your soul is engaging within you in a completely and different way than it ever has done before. Realizations will come to the forefront of your reality to allow the expansion to be part of your present reality.

The Universal Laws will become more important to the world. This possibly may not be in a concrete way, but you will see those elements becoming more apparent within the enfoldment of a society that seems to be crumbling but yet is arising into a new sense of Divine Creation. Each soul within the Earth will need to learn from their mistakes and right themselves in this newly grounded process of light. Those that cannot will cease to be upon Gaia’s essence as that will be their choosing from their soul’s perspective.

Change is happening, My Dearest Ones and you are the Ones that will have to step up your game.

It is a time to know yourself inside and out – through all of your reflections, as the energetic exchanges will no longer allow you to hide within. All will be revealed within yourself. You will learn that you will have to travel deeper into the hidden core of the abyss within you to find your true destiny.

The world of being in love with everything and all around you will need to be realized within your own consciousness and deeper into your Soul’s Essence. Soul Psychology will be the buzz word because all of the lifetimes you have lived will be erupting out of your soul to be healed and accepted as the Divine Being that you are.

All of this is so very beautiful to watch as it is finally being realized within the Hearts and Minds of every soul upon this planet. It is a new doorway, a new essence to be revealed. The way of Ascension Mastery will be the way to exist upon the planet. Individuals will want to know more about who they are, as the search will go deeper than it ever has been before.

The knowledges of the past that have been kept in secret will start to be revealed only in the highest integrity of all individuals. Those that use abuse as they main goal in life will be revealed. The way of walking with the Masters will be realized but only with hard work and diligence.

You see, the New Earth, cannot be realized until all is open into the Light. Every person upon the planet will need to see more of themselves. And the ones that have been following these ways of living will show many others. They, too, will go deeper than ever before as the role of Ascension Mastery will be realized in a completely and different way.

There will be strict rules that will need to be adhered to through the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light. The Spiritual Hierarchy within the Unified Whole will be more realized within the Earth as it was in the beginning but more focused on the end result of fulfillment of the Divine Plane.

So take this time in the rest of December to honor yourself; see whom you are, what needs to be changed, and embrace what you have achieved this year. We are at a huge beginning together. These realizations of what we have desired for eons of time are now coming into the Light. Our Journey is just beginning and what a beginning it is.

Change will happen within each of you through this process. The Solstice is almost upon the Earth and will bring about new realizations of the self as the light infractions of the Great Central Suns come into existence within the planet. These elements represent Divine Mother and Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, through Lord Melchizedek, through Melchoir and then unto Helios and Vesta of the Great Central Sun.

On a personal and physical level some may feel these changes more directly than others depending upon the soul psychology work that you have been doing.  The body is holding all the other energies and in order for the Feminine Divine to come into balance, all the other bodies need to come into alignment.

Teachings will be coming to the forefront that have been lost but only in wholeness of the Unified Whole. Otherwise, there will be dark moments that will be revealed and will fall upon those timelines when those teachings existed for the wrong reasons. Right and Wrong will be the focal point so the element of balance is absolutely necessary. Many Light Beings are here to assist in the process but the important element is that YOU ARE BECOMING THE MASTER, and you must adhere to the rules of mastery by learning the tools and techniques and acting upon them yourself. We are here to help you but you are the Ones that are embodied upon the earth so there is much more that you can do.

When elements around the world come more into balance, that is when we will be able to step forward to walk with you. We, then, will be with you side-by-side as you will have learned the lessons of mastery within a physical existence. We so look forward to this time together in physical form. Until that time we are here to assist you in a multitude of many ways.

Now that as we move into 2016 it is an age that has never before been realized fully. The Christ Consciousness is becoming One within Each of You.

We thank you deeply for the work that you are doing and continue to strive to be more than your Heart has ever known.

The Unified Whole Command within the 144th Dimension of Reality with Master Thoth, Master Einstein, and the Great Director with all of the Beings of Light within the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light.


Note: Click here to listen to LORD ADAMA and LORD SAINT GERMAIN talking about visiting the ROYAL TETON RETREAT (audio excerpted from the Guided Teaching Meditation Journey Walking Terra Christa provided to the WTC ACADEMY STUDENTS this week). We also offer the option to use our Guided Meditation Journey to assist you in your visitations to the RETREAT at this time.

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Thinking, Feeling, and Realizing – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose (11)

ART : A Andrew Gonzales by Catherine La Rose

Thinking, Feeling, and Realizing


I’ve referred to this subject in a number of posts, but I’d like to discuss it more completely here.

We have three modes of “knowing,” each of which impacts us more deeply than the one before.

Intellectual Knowledge

The first is intellectual knowledge. Predominantly everything we’re doing here on the Internet starts out as intellectual knowledge.

Intellectual knowledge is mostly, but not completely, word- or image-based. It consists of one person conveying an idea to another, which in common-sensical language we call getting the idea, getting the word out, passing the message along, etc.

Thought doesn’t stop with the quieting of the mind. Thought in the higher realms is highly and instantaneously creative. It’s creative in this dimension as well, but not instantaneous.

For us, believing is usually seeing.  Our thoughts restrict and restrain us by placing limits on us where no natural limits exist. I cannot do this. I’m not good enough for that. I’ll never be able to do the other.

We bring all manner of illness and disease on ourselves by thinking in ways like others are a pain in the backside or I’m carrying the world on my shoulders. Our thoughts have a powerful influence on our bodies and our lives.

This form of knowing is not only necessary for interpersonal communication, at the level of evolution we’re at, but it forms the basis of the manner in which people in our culture understand what’s happening here and orient to what there is to do.

However intellectual knowledge is shallow in terms of its impact on us. Many people live in a world of ideas exclusively and have very little contact with their heart, with love, or – with the next stage of knowing – their feelings.


Experiential Knowledge

I’ve told the story many times of how, halfway through a three-month encounter group, I suddenly realized that I was out of touch with my feelings.

I vividly remember running down the trail between the residence and the meeting place, shouting at the top of my lungs, “I’m out of touch with my feelings! I’m out of touch with my feelings!” and laughing uproariously.

It took me that long in the group to arrive at the realization that my experiential knowledge was severely limited.

Experiential knowledge touches us more deeply and impactfully than conceptual knowledge. Experiential knowledge includes knowledge obtained from external events like sensations on the body and internal events like hunger, thirst, fatigue, pain, illness, etc.

But its most familiar and important form of content is feelings. “Most important” because people don’t usually act on our behalf until they know how we feel about the matter in question. Feelings are what enroll people to act for us or not.

We’ve all seen the movie in which people are not acting on behalf of another person until he or she breaks down in tears or does or says something else that clearly indicates how they feel about the situation. Then people rush to assist.

Ask a person how they feel and they’re often respond “I feel that.” “Feeling that” doesn’t describe a feeling. It communicates a concept. It still doesn’t convey the information people need before they act on our behalf.

Being aware of our feelings leads to far greater certainty than does simply understanding most concepts. It’s something that isn’t rewarded a lot in our society, although it was for a brief period in the Sixties and Seventies. Then it was forgotten when the growth movement collapsed during and after the recession of the early Eighties.

The more we penetrate into our inner reality, the more impact our knowing has on us. Feeling love, for instance, has far more impact on us than simply discussing the notion of love.

I enjoyed those school and college teachers far more who could assist me to actually feel things connected with a subject than those who merely recited facts. I’d come alive in class when a teacher actually helped me to experience something. Our internal states are more interesting, absorbing, and satisfying than mere intellectual exercises.

Thinking 77Realized Knowledge

And then there’s knowledge gained through realization. We talk about realization in many ways: “getting” something, having an “Aha!” or “Eureka!” moment, seeing something clearly for the first time, having a transforming flash of insight, etc.

In its much deeper phase, we call it illumination, enlightenment, Self-Realization, etc.

Most people – and especially most lightworkers – are given an experience of realization at some point in their lives, usually, but not always, when they’re young.

These are usually designed to awaken interest in us or remind us of the deeper significance of life. The memory of these peak experiences often remains with us throughout our life.

Remember that time the whole family was on the beach and all of us were suddenly immersed in an experience of the most wonderful, enveloping love? Remember the day when I absolutely knew I was God? Remember the moment of intuitive insight that showed you that you were not from here?

When I emerged from the vision I had on February 13, 1987, I knew that the notion that “enlightenment is the purpose of life” was the one thing at that moment that I absolutely knew.  I did not have certainty about anything else in life but that one thing.

Realized knowledge leaves us with certainty, confidence, dedication, energy. We seldom forget moments of realization. They have the impact of us knowing something for certain.

* * *

Without being too rigid, I’d like to suggest that the way we learn is by walking through these three steps: getting an idea of something, feeling it, and then realizing it. Whether we’re on the Third, Fourth, Fifth or higher dimensions, we first begin to suss out where we are and how things work. We then explore the experience of the things we’ve become aware of. And finally we start to get much deeper insights about them in moments of realization.

I know. I know. I didn’t mention love, bliss, and ecstacy. Those are not for me states of knowing. They’re states of being or experiencing.

It’s true that bliss makes a much deeper form of knowing possible than any level of experiencing does without bliss. But when knowing does occur while I’m in bliss, it occurs by thinking, feeling, or realizing.

It follows from what I’ve just said, therefore, that the complete human is a thinking/feeling/realizing being. These processes assist us to reach our natural state, which is one of love, bliss, ecstacy, and beyond.



A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose (11)

ART : A Andrew Gonzales by Catherine La Rose

MARY MAGDALENE: Yeshua’s Healing Work – Mercedes Kirkel @ Into the Heart


art Pure Love Of The Divine fine art america by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

ART : Pure Love Of The Divine – Shiloh Sophia McCloud @ Fine Art America

MARY MAGDALENE: Yeshua’s Healing Work

By Ablakok

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Question: In the lifetime you shared with Yeshua, what did you witness or experience of his healing of others?

Mary Magdalene: Healing was a way that Yeshua could reach the people of the time. Because of the level of consciousness and opening in the people, healing was a way he used to find the crack in the world and show people something that spoke to them directly of God.

It is not that Yeshua came to heal, per se. Healing was a method. Yeshua came to connect people with God. He came to connect the Earth with God, altogether. Healing was one of the strongest pathways to do this. It was a way for people to open their souls to God through seeing what they viewed as a miracle. They could feel God’s work through that miracle. So healing was his tool for bringing his knowledge of God—knowledge in the entire sense, not simply the mind sense—to the people of the time.

If he were to do that now, it may not seem so miraculous as it did at that time. There are many with healing abilities who practice many healing forms now. But it was a very different time back then. People were at a different level of development. Now it is not healing that tends to be the primary vehicle of connection with God for the masses. People are available on very different levels now. They’re available to connect to God much more directly and to know God more through their own direct pathway. So it was different because of that.

Questioner: In episodes of Yeshua’s miraculous healing, laying on of hands, or just speaking or looking at someone, how aware were others of what was being transmitted?

Mary Magdalene: It depends who you are referring to.

There was an inner circle of initiates who were very close and who had key roles in supporting the work that Yeshua was the leader for. Those initiates have been very close to him beyond time. Of course, they were aware. They were the ones who helped with healing him, as well, because he needed healing, too. That was a relatively small group.

There was a larger circle of those who were not as close, especially Essenes. They were perhaps not as connected or far along in their path and their development, so their awareness was simpler. They may not have seen the specifics or understood everything that was happening, or how or why. But they understood in a simpler way.

Then there were the multitudes, which you often call the masses. For the most part, those people didn’t understand. They just saw a miracle and said, “That’s God. Only God can do that.” That is a very simple way of relating to God, a beginning way of relating to God. But it was a valuable way for them.

Questioner: Were the recipients of Jesus’s healing immediately aware of the healing as it happened? In what way did they change their life or soul experience?

Mary Magdalene: It was different for different beings. Much depends on the soul’s readiness. A powerful healing like that has the potential to catapult someone to a new level of faith, ultimately an openness to God. But it must occur on fertile soil in general—not always, but in general. So there were different responses and different trajectories after such a healing.

A healing was not just for the individual. It was not even just for the people who were incarnated at the time, because the healing is carried on through generation after generation through the stories of the healing and the power of the healing as a connection to Yeshua and to God.

Healing is not necessary for connection to God. It is simply one form. Ultimately, healing is not the release of symptoms, nor the release of pain or suffering. Healing is the connection to God. That is the soul’s healing.


©2016 Mercedes Kirkel, http://www.mercedeskirkel.com, All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety, nothing has been changed or altered in any way, and the post includes 1) the title, 2) “Received by Mercedes Kirkel” beneath the title and above the body of the post, 3) this copyright notice (full paragraph), and 4) Mercedes Kirkel’s website (http://www.mercedeskirkel.com).

Holiday Meditations and The Journal @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Holiday Meditations by Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians–The Journal is HERE


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Your Call Home

Coming Home

Blessings to you all 

Sue Lie and The Arcturians

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Receiving the Gift of This Holy Season – Shanta Gabriel @ The Gabriel Messages


website Angels of Joy by Marija Schwarz at Fine Art America

ART : Angels of Joy – Marija Schwarz @ Fine Art America

Can You Hear What I Hear?

Receiving the Gifts of This Holy Season

Dear Ones,

Hark! The Herald Angels are singing. Can you hear the Angel voices? They are inviting you into their midst. The Angels are calling you to rejoice in the Divine Love and Light streaming onto the planet during this special time called Christmas.

Can you hear the Angels whispering to you? Listen with your heart. Allow your whole being to be receptive to these Divine Messengers who have watched over you throughout your soul’s existence. They are here now with one voice singing the idea of Unity within all beings. Making a joyful noise, they offer you the gifts of Divine Light and a Love beyond your understanding. Receive it into your heart and shine this blessed Light out into the world.

Just be receptive now and allow Divine Grace to fill your being. This is one of the Angelic Gifts being offered at this time. Grace is needed to sanctify the Earth, and to bring greater coherence, respect and an honoring of the gifts the Earth supplies in abundance. It is time for the people to offer to themselves and to their planetary home the nurturing it needs to sustain life. When humans honor the Earth, they also honor the elements of themselves that make up the Earth.

Your Birthright

In fact, it is your birthright to live in harmony with the Earth, to feel Divine Love in your being and the power of Life Force surging through you in ever-increasing waves. Allow it to spark every cell in your body and increase love in your being. As you do this, you glow as a radiant light. It shines forth from you and you become the Light to the World that the earth needs right now. It is a choice for you to make moment to moment, and it requires you to create an intention to receive the harmony you want in your life, and a mental flip of the switch within your thoughts to create it.

Becoming a Light to the world is not arrogant. When one carries conscious awareness of Higher Truth, it becomes your duty. As the apparent darkness of chaos and fear are so obvious, what could you need more than Light? At this holy time the Light of the Christ energy is more available than ever before. This blessing carries the energy of Divine Love into your heart and out into your world.

Feel this Light in you that holds the divine qualities of Wisdom and Love, and share it with others. Radiate Light to your government and the world leaders. Send it to areas of chaos in the world, and to those who work hard to ease the suffering in those places. Transmit Divine Light to the environment, and to all the living beings that are not human on this beautiful planet.
Don’t forget to shine the healing Light onto yourself and your families. This energy activates and reconfigures the power that inspires you into Divine Right Action. It is one way to bring harmony and overcome despair within yourself and the world.

And then there were Angels

As you celebrate the gifts of this Christmas season, there are many who remember the Angels during this time more than at any other time of the year.

Legions of Angels are gathering ever nearer the earth now, drawn by the prayers and the thoughts of so many people. This is a tremendous blessing that opens your heart to more love and allows your mind to receive a greater level of Grace. It is a good time to take a moment to honor and connect with your Angelic guides. Ask for personal assistance in all areas of your life and listen – really listen, as the Angels whisper in your heart. They want you to follow your heart’s message and feel the guidance available to you from the spiritual realms.

There is an Angelic representation for the Soul of the Earth and the Heavenly Realms. Your guardian Angel can work with these Angelic beings to bring more harmony within you so you can feel more connection to your Spiritual Source and more inner balance.

Your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel has been given the duty to help you to live in alignment with your goals and intentions for this life. Through your personal guardian angel, you can learn to live in greater peace with yourself as a prerequisite for Peace on Earth. This Angel is also offering to you the ability to feel Oneness and Union with your most Divine Self.

As you have grown into adulthood, your Guardian Angel waits for you to ask for help. Consider that it is now time to ask. Your Guardian Angel has been with your soul since its incarnation, offering guidance and protection so you may find your Divinity and fulfill your spiritual destiny. This beloved angel has intervened on your behalf to relieve your karma and wants nothing more than the fulfillment of your soul’s imperatives.

Take time to feel gratitude for this Divine Messenger who lovingly cares for you and has watched over you throughout your life.

Archangel Gabriel and the Realm of Archangels

At this holy time of the year, there is also more awareness of the Archangels.

Archangel Gabriel holds the empowerment for the winter season, and stories abound of his intervention throughout the ages during the darkest nights. The Archangels are given Divine charge over all communities, nations and seasons. During the 12 Holy Nights beginning December 24, the Archangels freely erase all boundaries between nations and factions. The Light of True Peace prevails in the Heavenly realms, and can be called forth onto the Earth.

Join with the angelic host to spread this Light through your own life and pray for healing of all nations and families. Use this pervasive light from the Archangels to bring greater consciousness through you and all beings on earth. This energy can make a true difference, bringing Peace within all hearts.

The realms of the Angels are available as never before during this precious window of time.

The Twelve Nights of Christmas

There is a stillness of this season that pervades the northern hemispheres as the earth sleeps in the darkest time of the year. People know the sunlight will return, and it is the same with the spiritual realms. With faith, you believe that in the darkest times, the Divine Light will prevail.

There are ancient traditions that honor the return of the Light following the Solstice. As you allow your soul to rest in the depth of the darkness, you can symbolically come into the clarity of the Light and receive a much-needed gift by creating a personal ritual for this time that has meaning for you. Consider the beauty of the symbols within the Twelve Nights of Christmas. You can use the time from December 24 through January 5 as an inner journey to give birth to the sunlight in your being, and illuminate the darkness within and around you. As the Archangels use this powerful time to end separation, they create an opportunity for true world peace when the empowered energy is focused on peaceful coexistence.

The Twelve Nights of Christmas act as windows to your soul’s purpose and can empower your new year. Many traditions light a colored candle for each night. The Twelve Nights can be used as an opportunity to go back through the 12 months of your year and honor your achievements and the lessons learned. Each night can feature a spiritual hierarchy and a virtue that you would like to bring into your life in the New Year. It is a special time to pay attention to your dreams because they could be prophetic during the Twelve Nights. There is also an opening for the clear light of understanding and insights from the Angels that can work through you.

More information about the Holy Nights is available at ShantaGabriel.com here.

Some Christian traditions honor the 13th night, January 6, as Epiphany. As the twelve nights progress, you can set a goal for true clarity and wisdom to enter your mind and heart during the twelve nights. Is it not appropriate for you to receive a clear epiphany about your life as well?

Give and it shall be Given Unto You

It is a wondrous tradition to give freely during this Holy Season.

Your generosity of spirit and willingness to give opens the energy centers within your body so that God’s Infinite Love is experienced. This Divine Love is unconditional and flows so freely, all are blessed by its presence. When hearts and minds are touched in this way, there is a healing. You will never be the same. You can keep this sense of loving gratitude and willingness to give within you throughout the year by setting the goal to do so.

Peace on Earth and Good Will Prevails

By creating your personal traditions and meaningful ritual for this Holy Season, you can use the spiritual support that is available to you. With this support and your clear intentions, you can experience transformation within your being and blessings in your life. Do not let the material world overpower the beauty and depth that truly exists during this special time.

Remember that the Angels are available in this Holy Season and be grateful for their presence. Once again these messengers from God are saying, “Rejoice! Awaken to the birth of the Christ Light within you, and praise God for the gifts and blessings abundantly available to all.”

Let this Divine Light fill you now. Allow it to enlighten your mind and heart, and illuminate every cell and fiber of your being. Your willingness and open-hearted acceptance of this Divine Love blesses your body, mind and spirit. Receive this gift and allow the Light of the Christ to be born within you this Holy Season.

Let this Light shine forth from you so there may truly be Peace on Earth and Good Will between all beings.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: December 18, 2015

website Angels of Joy by Marija Schwarz at Fine Art America

ART : Angels of Joy – Marija Schwarz @ Fine Art America


Our Christmas Gift to You

Please enjoy a beautiful guided meditation from Archangel Gabriel and Shanta that celebrates the birth of the Christ spirit within you.

Listen online at ShantaGabriel.com here.

Also, be sure to read our Celebration of the 12 Holy Nights series. Available here.

December 2015 Solstice Teleconference

December Solstice Teleconference

December 21

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About Shanta

Shanta Gabriel is an author and a mystic, whose life is devoted to Bridging Heaven and Earth by alignment, immersion, and connection with the Archangels. She shares this work by facilitating and inviting people into a direct experience of Infinite Intelligence and Love.

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Preparation for the Next Stage of Ascension – Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na


art Peter Mitchev

ART : Peter Mitchev

Preparation for the Next Stage of Ascension

by the Andromedans

Channelled through Natalie Glasson –  18th December 2015 – Original Source – Sacred School of OmNa Na

Greetings, love and consciousness we, the Andromedans extend to you in support of your ascension and the valuable period of evolution you are moving through at this time. We have spoken in our previous communication with you about the chaos which is developing or which you may becoming aware of within your being and reality. We shared that the chaos has a purpose of awakening a light explosion within your being creating a powerful healing and awakening of divine consciousness for you to explore in your current reality. The Arcturians shared in their communication with you that we, the Andromedans, are selecting evolved souls who are awake and aware at this time to anchor supreme love through their beings into the Earth to influence and support all of humanity to shift into a vibration of love. With the information of our previous communications in mind we wish to share additional info rmation to support you at this major period of your growth.

In order for the light of your soul and the Creator to explode from within your being into a beacon of light there is a need to be aware of the lesson your soul has come to the Earth to achieve and overcome. This lesson, challenge or hurdle has the purpose of creating unison between your soul and every reality of your being, for example, your body, auric field, reality, mind and emotions. Often this lesson, challenge or hurdle feels like a limitation, something you are being denied. Even though you may have placed effort and focus upon healing or transforming this area, it may still feel out of your reach. It may also be the cause or be manifesting as chaos in your current reality.

Any form of chaos is required to be approached from a space of love, even amusement and non-attachment if possible. There is no need to activate drama or negative feelings within in response to small experiences of chaos manifesting within your reality. Allow yourself to enjoy being observant with the knowingness that the chaos is proof that you are moving forth to experience light exploding from within your being. For greater experiences of chaos, you are not required to act or react in a certain way, simply to hold love, forgiveness, faith and trust, for yourself especially.

Your physical body is your greatest companion for your soul as is your reality, however your physical body is in tune, sensitive to and aware of your soul, with the ability to embody your soul. This is the greatest purpose at this time. Many of you may know and experience your soul regularly however the chaos is forming in order to enhance the bond between your physical body and your soul. If you are aware of the single challenge or hurdle in your life which you so wish to experience, then you may realise that to aid its manifestation there is a need to either feel the presence of your soul allowing the soul to connect with your physical body. Maybe you have already achieved this so there may be a need to allow the soul and physical body to work in harmony to aid manifestations in your physical reality. Therefore, there is a need to contemplate whether you are being invited to enhance your awareness of your soul in your physical body or in projections into your physical reality. If you are experiencing physical pain, then it is most likely there is a need to focus upon the embodiment of your soul into your physical body. You may or may not already feel the presence of your soul within your heart and emotions however there is a need to feel your soul tingling or vibrating within your physical body, allowing the soul to make necessary shifts and adjustments, through which greater embodiment will be experienced. If you are experiencing difficulties in your physical reality or your challenge is the manifestation of a situation in your everyday life, then you can recognise there is a need to express the soul working in harmony with the body to more fully anchor these sacred vibrations into your physical reality. This latter request symbolises that you have already integrated your soul with your physical body however the energies are not yet merging with your outer reality.

The greatest restriction to your soul’s expansion and embodiment is fear. While the soul can overcome and dissolve fear with ease. If fear has been ingrained and has created repeated energetic patterns which exists almost like programming within the body, then this is more challenging for the soul to dissolve because it requires a balanced focused between many aspects of your being. When fear has become a repeated pattern programmed within your physical body, mental body or emotional body then it can be released through repetition of spiritual practices to move through the layers of fear creating healing.

Many people upon the Earth are becoming frustrated as they feel their desired experience or outcome is not manifesting. This frustration is a part of the healing process between your soul and your physical body, and your soul and your physical reality. Your soul is required to first manifest into the physical body and then into the physical reality through the physical body. Your frustration is like the storm of chaos rising from within you. In a storm you would find shelter and rest, during your inner storm of chaos you are invited to find shelter in the love of your heart chakra, and to rest there. This is all that is required to bring everything into balance as well as to become aware of the integrated balance of the soul, your physical body and physical reality. Do you believe us, the Andromedans, that resting in your heart chakra is all that you are invited to achieve in this mom ent to heal yourself and reality? Your levels of belief may be low at this time, you may have tried so many different practices and yet nothing seems to support or help you in overcoming your hurdle. It may be that more than ever this hurdle feels impossible to overcome. We understand this as a process of moving into the evolution and embodiment of love. Never give up, although allow yourself to consciously find new pathways or perspectives to support you.

We, the Andromedans wish to share with you some insights to support you at this time:

  • First understand that your physical body is your soul’s companion, therefore your physical body wants to work in harmony with your soul and manifest into your physical reality. Fear is the major limitation of this occurring. We invite you to affirm, ‘My body is my soul’s companion,’ you may also add to the affirmation, ‘the harmony of my soul is experienced in my body.’
  • Secondly we wish for you to call us, the Andromedans, forth to rewire, repair and restore your physical body’s ability to receive the light, love, consciousness, healing and sacred vibrations of your soul with ease and perfection.

‘I invite the Andromedans forth to enhance my physical body’s ability to receive, experience and embody my soul. I invite the Andromedans to support my physical body in rewiring, reforming, restoring and repairing the divine flow of my soul into my physical body, so I may experience the manifestation of my soul within my physical body, resulting in the shifts and healing I desire. Now is the time for my healing and renewal, I open myself fully to experience the greater unification of my soul and physical body. Thank you.’

  • Thirdly, we wish for you to call upon us to rewire, repair and restore the flow of your soul and your physical body’s projection of your soul into your physical reality.

‘I invite the Andromedans to support the merging of my soul and physical body to cleanse, heal and enhance my physical body and soul’s harmonious expression of the truth of the Creator.  May my desired experiences manifest into my physical reality and daily life now for me to experience with joy, delight and gratitude. I open myself fully to experience the greater unification of my soul and physical body in order to manifest my soul in my physical reality with beauty, abundance and bliss. Thank you.’

  • Fourthly, we invite you to call upon us, the Andromedans, to erase all fear, frustration, hopelessness, anger, lack, feeling unsupported and separated from the divine.

‘Andromedans, with your high vibrational light and consciousness, I invite you to move through my being erasing all fears that are hindering my reality, creating chaos within my being and daily life. My fear may manifest as frustration, hopelessness, anger, lack, feeling unsupported and separated from the divine. I honour the fear within me for being present, however I know it is time for my evolution and next ascension shift to take place, this is what I now lovingly command to take place with ease, perfection and the complete experience of love. And so it is. Thank you.’

With our light embracing you it will be as if the fear is drawn out of your being and dissolved in our light.

All of our practices will support you and guide you further into the experience of your light explosion within, however know that the simplest of practices are also relevant such as remaining in your heart space, focusing upon love emanating from your being, even if you feel you are emanating your love against a storm which is trying to unfold you.

At this time your trust is being questioned because of all the energies anchoring into the Earth and evolving from within your being. You are being asked, ‘Do you trust in the power of the love within your being to heal or create anything you desire to experience?’ If you do trust, then the answer is easy. It is natural to not trust completely especially if you are not aware of any evidence of the power of the love of your soul and the Creator in your reality, however we are all moving into a period where everyone does trust in love and love fulfils all.

We are present now to support your healing and to aid the next stage of your evolution which will begin with an explosion of light within you.

In compassion and love,


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art Peter Mitchev

ART : Peter Mitchev

The Role the Celestials Play in our Enlightenment – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

at Behance art, by olga-vercholamova-art

Behance Art – by Olga Vercholamova

The Role the Celestials Play in our Enlightenment – Part 2/2

Angels 213(Concluded from Part 1.)

Through Ronna Herman, Archangel Michael stated that “the Angelic Kingdom amplifies Light.” (1)  In a message through Natalie Glasson, he described his role in sending a particular light dispensation to Earth.

“The light dispensation that I bring forth from the Creator, through the Angelic Kingdom and into my being is a vibration and wave of light which I wish to channel directly into the souls of humanity. It is a new wave, light and consciousness focused upon power and empowerment directed at the soul.” (2)

He described what the light he planned to bestow on people would do.

“My light dispensation at this time brings forth the energy and consciousness of power and strength to be anchored into your soul and every soul upon the Earth.

“My light dispensation empowers the soul offering the soul the courage and magnification that it requires to emerge and project its purity and creations from the physical body.

“As I channel light into your being I am focusing solely upon your soul, surrounding it with supreme love and power to create an activation within your soul to encourage its deeper emergence within your physical being and reality, as well as encouraging your greater recognition of your soul.

“My light is also opening and awakening many channels within your being and physical body to allow and support the increasing surge and flow of your soul. Please call upon me to be present with you and to share my dispensation of light with your soul, if you feel guided to at this time.” (3)

Again through Natalie Glasson, he called it his greatest purpose to anchor in the Creator’s Light among us.

“It is my greatest purpose to act as a divine expression of the Creator, connecting with and reminding souls of the vibration of the Creator within and around them. I carry the light of the Creator to you, I allow for you to see the light of the Creator within me and I support you in realising yourself as an aspect of the Creator in manifestation.

“In many ways I am here to act as an example of the Creator’s light as well as your own light. This is the role of all Angels, Archangels and Ascended Master beings.” (4)

On another occasion, speaking through Linda Dillon, he compared the celestials’ role to delivery agents for the Mother, bringing a third wave of the Tsunami of Love to us.

“There is a new energy, can we call it a tertiary wave, though it is more than that; that comes to the planet directly from the heart of the Mother. And yes, we are herAngels 214 delivery agents.” (5)

Again through Linda, he compared the celestials’ role to that of conduits and listed all the energies they conduct to us:

“Yes, we are conduits as well, allowing the energy of all the various codes, variables, unfoldment of her plan, to fully enter and be anchor, translated, transmuted, through us, through the realms, to each of you, not just to the select few who are lightworkers, light-holders, love-holders, but to each and every being.” (6)

AAM not only delivers the energy, but here he offers to help us assimilate and integrate it.

“Simply call me, Archangel Michael, forth and ask me to anchor and download into your soul and third eye chakra the angelic consciousness of unconditional love and seeing truth. While energy will activate from your soul, hold your focus on the growing energy within your third-eye chakra until you feel the energy present, letting it flow into your mind.” (7)

The celestials must modulate and moderate the Light. If AAM appeared in his magnificence, we’d probably leave the body, he tells us: “For my full presence to suddenly apparit [appear] would probably cause you to drop dead.” (8) I told him that had its advantages. I’d get to go home.

He was not amused.

Conventionally, in Biblical times and later, the celestials have brought Light to Earth. Archangels, Seraphim, Virtues and other angelic spheres have acted as step-down transformers, delivering the Mother’s energy and light to us in amounts that we could assimilate and anchor.

Now they’re joined by terrestrial and ascended masters, to accomplish our ascent up the crystal staircase to heaven and the first mass physical Ascension in the universe, a gradual and sudden process which we’re right in the middle of today.


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Behance Art – by Olga Vercholamova

Fulfilling the Vacancy of Light – A Time of HOPE @ Lightworker

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Fulfilling the Vacancy of Light
– A Time of HOPE 
by Steve Rother

Greetings Everybody, I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service.
I wanted to join in for a moment because I am also having a birthday. Actually I have a birthday every month, but I have not told anyone about it because you do not quite have enough numbers to add up to my birthday. No, we are past the 200,000 mark now and we just kind of forget about it from that point. I wanted to celebrate with all of you though, because you understand what is taking place on Planet Earth and it is  becoming rather beautiful.HopeNow we know you have all these problems that are a concern: ISIS, Al Qaeda, plus all these different things going on in your world that you think you have to control, Dear ones, I will tell you something else. There are so many different divisions of this for you live in one aspect of it only. There are other choices being made and some of the most beautiful parts about this are occurring in another dimension of time and space right next to yours. In the dimension closest to you, if you want to think about it that way,  they have just resolved the situation. There they have found a peace, discovering a way to neutralize the hate and the war on planet Earth. It might even spread to others, so hold a little bit of hope. Why? Because the vibrational walls are becoming mighty thin now and you are going to see a little bleed through from that. All of a sudden you will be walking around thinking, “Oh, the world is a mess! I do not have anything to be happy about.” Then all of a sudden you will find yourself laughing. Well, that is a re-set and what we get to do from this side of the veil. You still have free choice. We do not impose anything on you, but we set up an opportunity for you to see the hope because that is the part that is missing. You understand that when you are looking so closely and holding on so tightly, that you actually project what you want to see on the screen in front of you. Yes, dear ones, you create your own reality this way day after day after day.You Are All Connected

When you do not see your heart’s desire reflected in other people and they do not seem to be going in the same direction that you are, now you will see a little bit of a change. It is that difference that can cause you doubt yourself and wonder what is taking place in the world around you. Well, dear ones, you are all connected in these beautiful ways. Let us just share with you that that connection is growing stronger. As you start unveiling the parts of each other, you will see the ways you are connected. It allows you to see that little shift of your own heart energy, which can make a difference with the people around you. It can even spread out into your communities, cities, countries and every part of the globe, for it is magical energy indeed.
We want to reassure you that you are never alone. Never, ever alone! Oh, you have all these challenges going on and you are trying to figure out the world. That is what you want to do. You want to explain it all on a piece of paper and say, “This is how it works. This is what is going to happen.” It does not always work that way, but you have come pretty close. Now you are reaching a point where you can rediscover your own power and that is beautiful! You have all new rhythms on planet Earth and many of you are trying to adjust to them, but we know that many times you have challenges. Re-member, dear ones, that you have strength built in; you have a part of us within each one of you.

Filling the Vacancy of Light

We want to share with you that over the next several months, there will be opportunities to release your worries and challenges that you experience, always trying to fix the world. You can start letting go of some of those things and enjoy the journey for a little bit. Now we tell you that yes, you are part of the world.Yes, these are everybody’s problems that they have to resolve and communicate with,  and you may have a part of that. For now we will wait and see, but in the meantime you have the ability to ground a tremendous amount of light. That light is in need of being grounded right away, because there is more of a vacancy of light in the Earth than you can imagine. Dear ones, you can be the vessels to bring it through. So what we are going to ask you to do, even as you have all these challenges happening on your planet, is this take a moment out of the games…all of them. Do not judge them as right or wrong, just put them on pause for a moment and work with your light. Bring your light through to planet Earth. Start bringing some of the energy through and for 30 days. Every time you look at something and your mind says, “Oh, my goodness, what is going on?” just stop. Stop whatever you are doing in that instant, take a breath, bring the energy through you and just ground it. It feels wonderful in a physical body when you do that. That is the idea, yes, you have it now! We will tell you first of all, there are some really good people on the job. A lot of Lightworkers are working at this already and we will ask you to send energy to settling the Earth collectively, but do not take it on as your responsibility. That is the important part, because once you take it as your responsibility to fix the world then you go down with it, and we need you. We need you full of energy, full of life, and full of rhythms. We are ready to set the new energies of planet Earth, so take this and make something magical of it. These are the times that all of you wanted to be here. You actually rearranged your whole cosmic schedule so you could be on Earth at this very moment. That was beautiful and we are really proud of you for being here during these times. Trust that you are making a major difference.

Refresh Your Hearts: Grounding Your Light into the Earth

Watch for a couple of things. Number 1: When you are watching your televisions or reading news stories online or in the paper, you often say, “Oh, this is really sad. This is really difficult…” Take a moment, set it down, shut off the television or whatever you need to do and run some energy to that beautiful planet that you are on. She can really use it right now and furthermore, she will provide the essence to help resolve the problem anyway. So, it is all coming in a beautiful path. Yes, you have a few more difficult turns to take. It is no surprise to tell you that you have a few unruly people on planet Earth and they are scared. That is really what this is all about. Now there are a lot of predictions we can make about it, but let us stay removed from it all for just a moment. Let us refresh your hearts and reset a new energy of hope. That is where it comes from and if you cannot find it in your own world, then all you have to do is pay attention to the adjacent reality right next to yours. Sometimes you will find yourself smiling for no reason, but that is a perfect reason right there. We are sending it to you to tickle your funny bone, to remind you that it is a game and you are supposed to be having some fun. Now you have it.

That is what we are going to ask you to do: ground your light into the Earth. She needs the light; she can use your balance in a lot of ways. That will also put your energy to work in a grounding process that is perfect, because each one of you have a little part of the puzzle that is going to be needed to build this new Earth. You all have little unique parts that are beautiful but they all have to come together, which means that you have to have enough communication to do that. Well, that is going to be happening. Now that you have the impetus to do that, do you realize what has happened? Can you see that perhaps this may be the first time that you have all these countries talking to each other? It could be magical. You could walk out of this with a beautiful escalation of vibration. You can walk out of this to live in a whole new place, so expect that. Set that in your path ahead as a crystal. Then when you walk upon it, you say, “Oh look at that. It all happened just the way we wanted it to. What do you know about that? Maybe I am a creator after all,” you will say. Yes, you are more than you can even imagine. The reality is you have done pretty well even though when you first got here, you did not want to do any of that Yes, yes, a lot of you had to panic, and many experienced separation anxiety from being away from home and being alone as a spirit. At least you think you are alone because that is the game you are playing…pretending to be separate. We ask you to connect to the Earth especially during the next 30 days. It will make a lot of difference and send a graceful energy all over the planet. That is your responsibility and it is what you came to do.

Plan B

Many of you came with very unique gifts that you brought here to Plan B. Plan A is over with and it did not end the Earth, so you have made it to Plan B. Now we are excited to see what you can build and do with this place. You have a beautiful garden planet in the universe, so what are you going to make of it — what is next? That is the question we are going to ask you now. You can wait for feedback and see what is happening with the world as things unfold. It is time for the conscious creators to awaken from the dream and enjoy the journey, for it never was about the destination. You do not have to arrive anywhere. Just stay in motion because it is about the journey, which is the whole purpose. So swing way over here, then take a little detour over there. Along the way do not forget to go down here and way up here, then experiment all over the place. Enjoy every part of it, because all of it is for your pleasure; all of it is for you. You are the magicians that set this into motion. We are simply here to help you re-member who you are and help you pick up the pieces from there.

Holding Hands

You had a lot of dreams before you came here to planet Earth, both individually and as a collective. You came in as part of a really large group, the Family of E. You have already made huge impressions and pushed the Earth, as well as  humanity, in a direction of growth and sustained evolution. Magical. Now you get to do it again, but this time open your eyes during the process. Become aware that you are not alone; you are actually holding hands with a group of beautiful people around you. Dare to look them in the eye and offer encouragement. Open those paths ,and you will start to move as a collective of humanity, instead of a group of individuals all scampering around trying to find their own way. Now is the time and you have the motivation to do so. Your leaders are also coming together for a common cause. No matter how difficult you think that common cause is or the challenges on Earth, focus on the positive. Take a look at some of the things that would not have happened had this not been in motion. You are on a beautiful path and you are truly in charge of it, so enjoy the journey. Take it wherever you like it and enjoy the areas of discovery of all kinds of planet Earth. Know above all else, that you are loved more than you can understand. We watch you every day, dear ones. We see some of the struggles you go through, and we watch you taking responsibility for things. We know when your heart is hurting and  we see that sometimes you cannot get your energy out. It is all turning around and you have that part of it deep within you. So, become part of the collective and speak your words. Let it out and do not worry about the effect it has, simply speak it from the heart. Share it in such a way that there is room for other people to have their own truth, too. Although you do not have the only truth, it is also important that you start speaking your truth because you carry that precious little part with you. You may doubt your power and you say, “Who am I? Who am I going to be? Am I the one who saves the world with my little piece that I brought from Home?” Well, you cannot unless you put it down now, can you? That is what we are asking you to do. Put your piece in place. It is time. Above all, enjoy the journey.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways as the collective of what you call the group. That is not a word that we put on it, but we do find it very amusing. And we also find it very beautiful. What is happening here is you have resonated a part of your heart that reminds you of Home and why you are here. So keep up the great work and know that you are loved. There is a brand new rhythm on Earth and you are pretty close to adapting it into your lifetimes. Watch for the hope, dear ones, no matter where it comes from. Accept it. Make a space in your heart for it to come into your reality, and then ground it when it does. You are on a beautiful path. Know that we are right behind you every step of the way.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get and open the door for each other for heaven’s  sake, because it helps a lot. And play well together.


I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service
The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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Birthing New Earth Part 2 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Birthing New Earth Part 2–Suzanne Lie and The Arcturians


Birthing New Earth

Part 2

Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians

Within this NOW, multidimensional light is traveling from the fifth-dimension seeking to share itself with all life. Hence, every being – planetary, galactic, universal – and, yes, even human – is consciously or unconsciously experiencing this light.

Before, we only experienced the fragmentations of the third and fourth dimensional light, but now the light is coming into us without that fragmentation into the seven different octaves. A chorus of unconditional love and violet fire accompany this multidimensional light.

The beings of Gaia, meaning not just the humans, but also the cetaceans and the members of the animal and plant kingdoms, are consistently creating tunnels of Light. These tunnels of light are also tunnels of hope and unconditional love.

Unconditional love is the antidote to fear and darkness.

As these light tunnels open up from the body of Gaia and journey far beyond the third dimension to collect the fifth-dimensional light and love, they also serve to create a healing force against the fear that is forever trying to increase its impact.

Hence, these frequencies of fear are beginning to dissolve under the impact of the multidimensional Light. Those that have lived in, and ruled by, darkness are afraid of this light, as they fear it may end their life.

Because they have not meditated and because they have not allowed themselves to remember their dreams, they do not have any awareness of the light and love that is just beyond the fourth-dimensional Lower Astral Plane in the Land of Faerie and beyond.

Therefore, these lost ones think that they can only live within the third-dimensional reality and fear that it is coming to its conclusion. Actually, tunnels of light surround them, but their frequency is so low that they cannot perceive them.

These tunnels of light have been opened by the members of Gaia to welcome in the wholeness and oneness of unconditional love and light. This multidimensional light and love is first moving into the areas that have opened the portals.

As that multidimensional light moves through the portals into the core of Earth, Gaia accepts and amplifies it so that She can emanate out to the surface of ALL of Her planetary areas. In this manner, Gaia can share Her expanded light with ALL the beings on ALL of Her surface.

Since this higher light emanates, not just from the higher dimensions, but also from the core of Gaia, beings that have not been fortunate enough to be in an area in which there are opened portals, can also experience the higher light.

In this manner, everyone can experience the higher light that has been so generously shared with Gaia via the myriad open portals. As the awakening ones begin to remember their multidimensional selves, they are able to call in their higher expressions of SELF within the Angelic and the Galactic worlds.

In fact, many are asking for, and welcoming, the assistance that the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Antareans, and Andromedens are sending to all the members of Earth and to the Mother Gaia, as well.

Because Gaia is a “cause and effect” planet, the process of transmutation of darkness into light needs to be initiated by the beings that first sent out the darkness.

These beings are only within the humanoid kingdom, as the animal, plant and etheric kingdoms live within the oneness of love for their planet. Thus, those wearing earth vessels are needed to send out the antidote. It is for this reason that many higher beings took a human form to assist Earth.

Even though many of those wearing an earth vessel may not have been the ones to send out the darkness, they who took an earth vessel in order to help the planet.

Gaia is also a cause and effect planet, so the dark ones who have put fear into Gaia’s reality must receive that fear and transmute it by unconditionally loving and forgiving themselves, as well as others.

If they are able to do this, if they are able to accept the effects of their cause and transmute those effects with their own unconditional love, they too will be able to join the great event of planetary transmutation. No one is too dark to be forgiven or too fearful to live in love.

Those who use their free will to choose to assist the planet with Her transmutation will greatly expand their consciousness. This expansion of consciousness is because they chose to contribute in the great event of planetary ascension.

Therefore, they have set out the cause of “we are creating planetary ascension,” which brings back the effect of being “a member of planetary consciousness.” Within this expanded consciousness they can create portals that will open wider and move into higher and higher frequencies and dimensions.

These portals of light will be able to accept more and more multi-dimensional light and unconditional love. In fact, these expanded streams of light can more efficiently move:

Down into the Gaia’s core crystals

Then emanate out of from core and onto Gaia’s entire surface

Into Gaia’s aura/atmosphere

Beyond Gaia’s aura

And into and through the fourth-dimension

When this higher light moves into the core of Gaia, then out into the third and fourth dimensional time-bound realities, the NOW of this light releases the concepts of “past and future,” as well as the separation and limitation created by third/fourth dimensional time.

With the release of the concept of separation, the third and fourth dimensions blend into the NOW of Gaia’s process of transmutation into a fifth dimensional planet of higher light and unconditional love.

In this manner, the illusion of separation between life, which was perceived as living on a physical world, and death, which was perceived as living on a fourth-dimensional astral world, is released.

As these illusions are released, they are replaced with the knowing that “Life” is eternal and DEATH is a third dimensional illusion. Even the fourth-dimension is not ruled by the illusion of death, for that is where people go when they have “died” to their third-dimensional reality.

However, once in the fourth dimension, they discover that they are not dead. It is then that they realize that life continues far beyond that of their physical embodiment.

As Gaia expands more and more into fifth-dimensional consciousness, those who go back into incarnation will realize that there is NO separation between life and death. They will remember that there is no separation between the third-dimension and the fourth-dimension.

With that memory, they will realize that all separation is an illusion of the third and lower fourth dimension. They will remember that they are not separate from other people, and they are not separate from the planet.

Then, even those who initially took an incarnation on Earth as beings of darkness to hold a pattern of power over others learn that there are NO patterns of power over others, as there are no others.

Also, as Gaia resonates faster and faster into the fifth-dimension, any of those of “dark persuasion” will not longer be able to send out any damaging, fearful, harmful thoughts, because these thoughts will immediately come right back to the sender.

Then the sender of fear and darkness will say, “Wait, I can’t do that anymore. I can’t send out darkness because it comes right back to me. However, someone sent that darkness into me.”

Then they might say, “Wait, if I cannot send out darkness, then that darkness that was sent into me can now be released.”

Can you imagine, in fact please DO, imagine a reality in which all those who have ever suffered darkness which tainted them to become members of the darkness, were spontaneously healed of that which first created that darkness within them.

Remember that all of Gaia, all of life on Gaia, all of life on all of the planets, on all of the third-dimension came from the higher frequencies of light that were put through filters to be divided into different octaves.

Then these octaves were perceived as separate. These octaves were even perceived as some being better and some being worse. Then that perception, which was really a judgment, went into people.

In this manner, some people were good and some people were bad. Then the bad people made other people feel bad. But what if the good people realized that they were not separate from the bad people?

What if the “good people” realized that they are the beloved people who have somehow remembered that they are ONE with Light and ONE with Love?

What if they were to share their Light and Love with ALL the people that have formerly identified as bad?

What if there was no separation?

What if those who have defined themselves as bad were somehow able to release that programming and accept the light of unconditional love so that they could unconditionally forgive and unconditionally accept themselves?

Then, would they remember that they are ONE with ALL life? What a glorious healing! What if all of humanity was healed in the Light, and all the darkness was released?

It is you, the members of Gaia, who have the ability to create this reality with your own unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, and the power of your own transmutation via the Violet Fire.

We send you all, good, bad, in-between and whatever labels you have unfortunately attached to your awareness of self…

We send you ALL unconditional love as we Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire.

Blessings, we are the ONE – which the many Awakening Ones have are creating.

Within that ONE, New Earth is born.

Dear Readers, at some point in this article the Sue, who wrote the beginning, became the blend of Sue and the Arcturians, to conclude the message as The Arcturians.

Blessings from us all



“The Illusion of Self”

It worked. It worked. I thought of Earth and then I was there. I woke up in my bed. But now, awakening has a new meaning. When I come here, I feel like I have awakened. Yet I know I must be asleep before I can get here. Then, it is like falling asleep when I leave here, and I must wake up before I can know I have returned. I wonder if all this is less confusing when one is in “I AM” consciousness.

“In ‘I AM’, my dear, there is no confusion, only enlightenment.”

“Oh, Lady Astrea, I am so glad to see you again. I miss you when I am on Earth.”

“But, my dear,” she replies, “I am not far from you when you are on Earth. If ever you want me, just think of me and I shall hear you and travel along your beam of thought to answer you. But come now, my dear, it is your time to enter the circle.”

Why is it that she brings me to the circle just as I wish to ask a question? Oh, yes, I remember, questions are merely a form of doubt. The circle glistens around me as the Ladies approach. I do know that I no longer doubt this experience. I may not understand it, but I no longer question it. As the Ladies take the veil I hear Lady Leto saying, “Dear one, the string that ties the veil of illusions is emotion. Know the emotion that you feel now. Allow it to communicate with you and give you the information you need, then release it so that you may continue with your work.

“The veil that is lifted this evening is ‘The Illusion of Self.’ Within this illusion, personal importance is a source of external reward and success. The ‘self’ is not the same as the ‘Self’, for many ‘selves’ make up the ‘Self’ and many of those ‘selves’ are not even of one lifetime. However, humanity has put such effort into establishing the little ‘self’ that humans begin to believe that that is all they are. They begin to believe that they are the body and that they are ruled by the ego. As an infant and a small child, one knows that there is no separation and that all on Earth are one. Infants and small children ‘know’ that a body holds their essence and they are actually much more than just a physical form. Since the world into which they are born is not yet ready for this concept, the children are taught to become their body, to focus all awareness on the physical form and to become a ‘self.’

“With the release of this veil, you will begin to know and understand all the desires, goals, needs and rewards of this small ‘self.’ Watch each one of these through the eyes of the ‘Self’ and release them all as particles of an illusion.”

And now the mighty Hilarion speaks: “To be able to become one with the High Self is a vast and awesome task. I can remember how I suffered in my Earth lives to accomplish this task. My ego was strong and resented its death. You, my one, have striven first to establish a sense of ‘self’ so that you could better relate to the world that always felt like a foreign planet to you. Therefore, it may be difficult indeed to give up that which you have searched so hard to find.

“Release now the illusion that this small, lonely ‘self’ is all of you. Surrender instead to the Higher Self that you have always felt in the close distance. Fear not the ramifications. I know the reasons for building the illusion of ‘self’ and it is necessary while one is learning one’s Earthly lessons. However, when one moves to the state of teacher, one carries the answers within.

“Release that small role with all its haunting emotions and Earthly strife. You no longer need to suffer to learn, for now you can learn through teaching. Feel the presence of the masters in your physical vehicle. Watch as all that was ‘real’ fades into a symbol. Know the Earth as it truly is—a schoolroom for human evolution. Collect your degrees now and leave your desks. Step up to the podium and allow your Higher Self to inhabit the vehicle that you have worked so long to prepare.”

Although I can barely understand what Hilarion has just said, Apollo now adds, “I see how this is a difficult task for you to comprehend, and I know that it will take all the courage that you possess. To deny the suffering that told you you were alive is to truly face death. Die now, my one. Die to hardships, die to restraint, die to criticism, and die to human love. See your Angels of Resurrection and feel the divine detachment as you are united with your Higher Self. Give away each emotion as it signifies a reaction to your third-dimensional life. Instead listen, observe, and understand the message passed from the third dimension to your Higher Self. Look down into all Illusions that hold the ‘self’ in sorrow and reward. To know the death of ‘self’ is to feel and be everlasting life.”

As the masters finish speaking, my mind is in a whirl. How can they know so much about me personally? Although I don’t yet remember my Earth life too well, I’m sure it was nothing significant. How can they know or even care about one small person such as my ‘self’?

“Because you have called us.” I hear the loving voice of Lady Astrea answer my thought. I realize now that somehow I have traveled outside of the circle or, perhaps, it has left me.

“How do you hear my thoughts, Lady?” I finally ask the question.

“My one, it matters not to me which voice you use as I listen only to your heart. We of the higher dimensions are only concerned with the issues of Earth that affect the true heart. All else is merely a lesson being played and replayed. The lives and thoughts of the human realm only concern us when humans have come to the point in their evolution where they call for divine intervention from their hearts and truly accept it. It is not that we do not love all of humanity, but rather that they are unable to accept our assistance. As long as beings have all their senses focused on the physical world, they are prisoners of that very world which they believe is all that exists.”

I can hardly hear her last words, as I know I am now leaving. Oh, please, let me remember what I have learned here. Oh, please, help me to be awake on Earth…

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 12:37 AM