New You by Archangel Metatron – Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

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ART : See Your True Colours – Lila Violet @ Redbubble


New You by Archangel Metatron

Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 8th January 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

As the Earth enters into a new cycle/year major shifts of love are being instigated and taking place in this moment. The Earth and humanity are beginning a long awaited alignment with the planet Venus throughout 2016. Venus is known as the planet of love and so a union between the Earth and Venus is and will take place in order to support the Earth in more fully anchoring in to the Era of Love. Thus allowing the Earth to accept her natural vibration while equalling the love frequency created and maintained upon Venus.

It is humanity’s ability to receive and accept which will aid the alignment of the Earth with Venus. As both planets energetically reflect equalling and heightening vibrations of love so the treasures of the Earth will be revealed. By treasures, I, Archangel Metatron, mean the unique sacred wisdom, qualities, Creator vibrations and purpose of Mother Earth and those who inhabit her. As an aspect of humanity your purpose is to receive and accept love so that throughout 2016 you grow and expand as a being and expression of unconditional Creator love. It is important to receive love from the Beings of Venus, your Guides, Angelic Friends, Ascended Masters, Nature, those around you and the Creator. It is essential to recognise there is always an abundance of love available for you to receive. This is not to demand love; it is to nurture yourself with love. The more you open your mind, consciousness and thoughts to receiving all forms of love the easier it will be for you to accept love, thus utilising it in your reality as guided by your soul. A vital focus at this time is to be conscious of receiving the love of your soul, and soul group if you wish, however accepting the love of your soul into all aspects of your being and body will allow for a fuller experience of connection with all aspects of the Creator.

A focus upon receiving the abundant love which is available for you to absorb will allow for brilliant and beautiful experiences to enter into your reality. Receiving the love of the Creator signifies and allows you to open yourself to accept all the support, beauty and joyous experiences which you may have been limiting or hindering from being present in your reality. Receiving at this time will not only allow you to heighten your spiritual evolution and connection with the Creator, it will aid greater experiences of happiness and fulfilment in your reality as well as enhancing your focus upon receiving within the consciousness of humanity. When a larger percentage of humanity’s consciousness is focused upon receiving love then this will impact many people encouraging them to open their hearts to receive love. To them it may not feel as if they are receiving love or divine inte rvention, it may appear as good luck or reward for their hard work. With a greater presence of receiving within humanity’s consciousness the divine Creator will be able to work through many and manifest upon the Earth more fully.

To receive divine blessings or your wishes in your reality no longer is there a need to believe that hard work is necessary. There is a need to instead enhance your inner belief, which is already present, that everything you require is available to you. Through your focus on receiving you can access and experience all you require. Through this shift in consciousness you will be erasing the energy of striving, suffering and lack from your own consciousness and the consciousness of humanity as these are only products of the ego. Imagine a world with less people striving, suffering and experiencing lack, this can occur with your simple focus upon receiving the love of your soul.

Remember your soul is connected to and is all aspects of the Creator.

This is a year for major shifts and accelerated growth within your being which will impact your reality and the consciousness of humanity. The love and support of Venus will create dramatic shifts in your own consciousness and the consciousness of humanity as this will dissolve boundaries and limitations to allow more love to be experienced for all. Processes of release whether experienced through illness, emotions, the erasing of fears or other forms may still be present with you. This will take place until you and humanity learn to heal and release unneeded energies through the power of the abundant love within your being. As you move through 2016 you will be able to acknowledge that you are learning to heal and release fears through the power of your love, this will be a noticeable shift within your being. To you it will symbolise you are taking more responsibility in your own spir itual evolution, accepting your power, following your inner guidance and aligning with all that is the Creator. This will result in a feeling of truly beginning to grasp the process of ascension upon the Earth.

The alignment of the Earth with Venus will allow for new aspects of yourself to manifest from within your being; higher divine evolved aspects of truth. Due to the enhanced love vibrations upon the Earth, around and within you throughout the year you will be supported in divine frequencies to explore within your being. If you have the determination and the willpower to develop your spiritual evolution, then you will notice a greater experience of divine support embracing you and an unfolding of your truth from within your being. This may result in being guided to address certain issues, energies, habits within your being while noticing that they are easily resolved. With lack of will power you may feel you are being excluded from the love pouring into the Earth from Venus with sensations of being stuck, stagnant or trapped. Will power is an essential focus for the cycle unfolding upon the Earth now. Being consciously aware of your will power or lack of will power as well as your focus of creation will arise in many experiences and reality situations. To support this process of learning and growth you may wish to sit peacefully, in meditation or divine connection and ask yourself:

‘What is my will power? Where does it originate from? Does my will power require me to have a focus? What focus would be most aligned to my soul? How can I enhance my will power?’

These are valuable questions which will create awakening of your resonance with the Creator from within.  Your insights are of most value, however I wish to remind you that to receive the abundant love of the Creator will awaken and enhance your will power. Your will power is the potent concentration of your soul born from the energy and guidance of the Creator. It is through acceptance and embodiment of love, of all forms, which encourages the development of your will power.

I, Archangel Metatron, encourage you to acknowledge that a new you will be born throughout this year. Taking place through receiving love, accessing and empowering your will power as well as realising that you are now more than ever responsible for the blossoming of truth within your being and that this will occur through your conscious awareness and instigation of shifts within you.

‘I allow myself to receive love with ease.’

(Inhale deeply and exhale.)

‘I easily access my will power; it is a positive influence in my reality.’

(Inhale deeply and exhale.)

‘I am now consciously aware of the shifts occurring within my being.’

(Inhale deeply and exhale.)

‘Through acceptance of myself and the Creator I am my soul, accessing my truth I feel myself to be a new and enriched version of myself.’

(Inhale deeply and exhale.)

2016, this new cycle will support you in manifesting yourself anew from the purity of your soul, thus creating shifts within your reality which are necessary for your spiritual evolution. It is an opportunity because of the great volume of love, to experience fulfilment, healing, in truth whatever you wish for. I, Archangel Metatron have shared with you simply a focus which will aid you in accessing the beautiful opportunities available at this time. Your inner planes guides are present to support you, we do require more and more that you call upon our assistance, because as you grow spiritually it is easier for us to communicate with you however your responsibility for your spiritual evolution means we can more increasingly intervene only with your permission.

I am always present to guide and assist,

Archangel Metatron

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See your true colours by Lila Violet at Redbubble

ART : See Your True Colours – Lila Violet @ Redbubble

What Exactly Is Unconditional Love? Part 1 – The Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, January 7, 2016

What Exactly is Unconditional Love? (Part 1)–The Arcturians



Part ONE

The Arcturians

Unconditional Love is an inter-dimensional energy field, which serves as a key to open your heart to heal the wounds of many lives of myriad “broken hearts.” How does Unconditional Love heal your myriad incarnation of broken hearts?

This is where the inter-dimensional part comes in. Unconditional love is an inter-dimensional energy field that can capture a low frequency energy pattern and transmute it into a higher frequency of experience. This transmutational energy field is much like the Violet Fire, but not exactly the same.

The Violet Fire works in an alchemical manner in which the actual resonance of a person, place, situation, or thing is expanded into a higher frequency of reality. How does the Violet Fire achieve that activity?

The Violet Fire has the ability to pull a situation OUT of the third-dimensional hologram and into fourth dimensional astral world. When the Violet Fire and Unconditional Love work as ONE, they can shift the frequency of that person, place situation, or thing into a fifth dimensional resonance of light and beyond.

We say “resonance of light,” because that which is of the darkness is released, as it is too “heavy” with human emotions to be transmutable. In this manner, you are like a hermit crab in that you actually shed the “3D shell” that has become too restrictive for you. However, in order to shed this “shell,” you must release it.

This is where the Unconditional Love comes in. Unconditional Love is an energy field, which is much like a tornado in that it is a smaller vortex where it connects with third dimensional earth, but expands into larger and larger cycles as it moves “up” into the higher dimensions.

In other words, as unconditional love is allowed to make full contact with a third dimensional person, place, situation, or thing, it creates a vortex, or portal, which leads into the higher frequencies.

Of course, this vortex of unconditional love does “pull up” the physical matter as a tornado does. Unconditional love “pulls up” and extends the frequency of resonance of the person, place, situation, or thing, into a higher dimensional frequency of expression.

This acceleration of frequency from the lower dimensional experiences of reality into the higher dimensional experiences of reality is the healing and transmutational power of unconditional love. Unconditional Love baths that which has fallen into lower resonance with an ever-expanding frequency of resonance.

Whereas, the Violet Fire achieves this rise in resonance in an alchemical, more mental manner, Unconditional Love achieves an increase in resonance by releasing the emotions that are lowering the resonance of the energy fields that surround any fear-based emotions.

Once the low frequency energy fields of fear, anger, and/or sorrow are released, pulled into a higher resonance, the power of the higher dimensional emotions of Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, Unconditional Acceptance and Compassion allows you to release ALL sense of judgment of self or of others.

In other words, unconditional love can be explained by, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” It is the act of forgiveness of any person, place, situation or thing that allows you to release that which is dense (of a lower frequency of victimization) and flow your awareness into that which is light and free (of a higher frequency of liberation).

When you send Unconditional Acceptance into any person, place, situation or thing, you release all sense of victimization because you accept that whatever has come into your life, is there for a higher dimensional reason.

Gaining freedom from that which has wounded you is another blessing of Unconditional Love. When you send Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Acceptance to your self, you free yourself from any old, lower frequency energy patterns that you have collected during your many third dimensional incarnations.

We recommend that you consistently send Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, and Acceptance to ALL the incarnations you have ever experienced on third-dimensional Earth. In this manner, you free yourself from ALL the low frequency energy fields that you have ever left on Gaia during any of your incarnations.

When you send your Unconditional Love into the body of Gaia, you will also clear Her Earth of the many wounds that She has suffered from humanity’s need to have power over others.

YOU can also free others from their lower frequency patterns of behaviors, emotions, and thoughts by sending them unconditional love. However, you can only free them if they are able to accept the unconditional love that you send.

Those who have only experienced human love in a possessive, painful manner, may need a long “time” before they can trust the source of that unknown energy field of Unconditional Love.

It is for this reason that unconditional love of your self is so very important.

However, in the same manner that you must trust others to accept their unconditional love, you must trust your self to receive the unconditional love that you send to your self. This situation is much like presenting someone with protective clothing when they have never worn clothes.

They have fully adapted to be naked, and the clothing may feel cumbersome or even restrictive. In the same manner, if someone has survived their life by never accepting love because it always felt like fear, they will have difficulty understanding that “love” is suddenly a good thing when their abuser often said, “I only do this to you because I love you.”

Hopefully, the above concept is foreign and unimaginable, but to those who have been abused, it is “normal.” We wish to remind you NOW that many of the members of the much feared and dreaded “Illuminati” had to undergo that type of brainwashing when they were children.

When you send unconditional love to those who you may judge as “bad,” that likely unwanted gift, serves as that “tornado” that begins to weaken their attachment to the familiar sensation of fear.

Once they begin to loosen their attachment to the fear that was “programmed” into them, they are able to begin the long process of having some degree of control over their own reality.

Whether that person is from an Illuminati family or any other abusive childhood that may have made them mean in order to survive, they have a different viewpoint of “survival.” They have learned to survive by obeying their parent or authority figure, so when they are freed from the fear that has made them obey, they have a new fear.

This new fear is the “fear of change.” Therefore, some are shown the light to escape, but are too afraid of the unknown to even walk through an opened door. These are the ones who are the most lost and the hardest ones to heal.

Some of these deeply wounded ones often need several incarnations in order to accept any love, even unconditional love. On the other hand, there are more and more wounded ones who are allowing the light to penetrate their form. How do they do that?

They are allowing the light to assist them by taking the risk to believe that, somehow, there is a way out. It is that hope of and faith in a possible reality in which the members of the lost ones are also able to accept your unconditional love that empowers YOU.

Unconditional love ALWAYS includes Unconditional Acceptance and Unconditional Forgiveness, or the love would not be Unconditional. Hence, when you call upon even one of these inter-dimensional traits, you expand your own consciousness into the higher dimensions.

Most important, when you expand your consciousness into the higher dimensions, while you ALSO remain grounded in your physical earth vessel, you assist Gaia to expand Her consciousness into the higher frequencies of reality without damaging Her planet Earth.

Blessings to you all. Please remember you are NEVER alone for you are infinitely ONE with your myriad higher expressions of SELF.

The Arcturians


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Blessings to you all and Happy 2016

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