Ascension Compared to the Afterlife “Second Death” – Part 2/2 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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ART : Saraswati – unknown artist

Ascension Compared to the Afterlife “Second Death” – Part 2/2

Ascension 33

(Concluded from Part 1.)

What causes people on the other side of life to leave the Astral Plane for the Mental; i.e., to ascend?

Professor William James explains that staying in the astral body past the time when the desires fade leaves a person feeling as if they’re living in cramped quarters.

“I feel myself growing out of myself in a certain fashion. My adopted [i.e, conditioned] characteristics are becoming too small and cramped to contain my new growth and development, and I will move on most certainly to larger psychological quarters.

“It is not only the physical body we outlive, but the psychological house we have chosen. First after death we add new rooms and suites to accommodate our greater experience, but it is soon obvious that the entire structure has had its day. We must move out of it completely.” (1)

Adding new rooms and suites may refer to moving up the subplanes of the Astral Plane to the highest of the Summerlands, from which the next place to go is the Mental Plane.

Moving out of it completely equates to shedding the astral bodies and, with it, its desires.

After he finishes his afterlife testament, James suspects that He “will then move into the larger framework of myself which I feel is being constructed.” (2)

Sir Alvary Gascoigne describes his transition into the mental body or Merkebah.

“It’s the great strength of the group soul within us that forced me into this. You can’t think how agonizing it was to push off my old, much-loved physical remnant of a body and goodbye for always and ever and become vaporized. That is what it means.

“I said, ‘I will do this,’ and Douglas and Pat, both now high Initiates, were able, with Flo’s help, to drag me – the real me – out of all the soft friendly acts and encounters of the physical.

“It was an experience, I can tell you. Now I’m very glad I’ve been through it, but at the time it felt like annihilation. This is what I ask you both to avoid by accepting the flow of weightlessness into your mind [mental] body.” (3)

Gascoigne could be describing one of two entities. To thoroughly leave the Astral, one must completely dissolve the ties to the old, dead physical body because even though we’ve left it, so long as we remain tied to it emotionally, the tie holds us back from advancing.

Or he could be referring to the astral body as the “physical remnant.”

Frederick Myers, well known psychic researcher in his day, describes the Second-Death process:

“There comes a time when the soul who dwells on the Fourth plane of life prepares for the incident of death [i.e., the Second Death]. This death does not resemble the death of man.

“At this particular point in evolution the soul has perfect and absolute control of form, of his appearance, of his eidolon or living ghost. This is the last veil between him and a conception of existence without form.

“He must free himself before he can go up another rung of the ladder, and freedom can only come through the deliberate process called ‘The Breaking of the Image.’ It is the farewell to appearance, to form as a necessity, to color, to feeling as a certainty, as a condition of life.

“Again the soul enters into unconsciousness; and when he is born into the Fifth stage he has cast from him certain attributes that were his when he still inhabited the Image; for his soul was, in part, that Shape of Light he has now discarded.” (4)

Again Myers may be describing the final release from the discarded physical body or the dropping of the astral body. The image that’s broken is the holographic projection that the being’s lower bodies represent, which are finally discarded on the Mental Plane.

Here is Rosicrutian Max Heindel’s description of the Second Death.

Heindel’s comments show how difficult it is to study the afterlife because of the multiplicity of names for the same region.  What he calls the “Desire World,” others call the Astral Plane.  What he calls the “first heaven” is the first subplane of the Mental Plane; the second heaven is the second subplane.

The “first heaven” is said to be part of the Astral Plane because we’re still in our astral bodies until after the Second Death. Heindel says:

“The change is made from the first heaven, which is in the Desire World, to the second heaven. … Then the man passes into a great stillness. For the time being everything seems to fade away. He cannot think. No faculty is alive, yet he knows that he is. He has a feeling of standing in “The Great Forever’; of standing utterly alone, yet unafraid; and his soul is filled with a wonderful peace. … In occult science this is called ‘The Great Silence.’ Then comes the awakening. The spirit is now in its home-world – heaven.” (5)

“Heaven” of course is the early Christian Fathers’ name for the Mental Plane or Fifth Dimension.

The “Great Silence,” if I’m correct, would be Sahaja Samadhi, our natural state of being.

How do people who ascend to the Mental Plan change? Here Mike Swain shows his psychic father his new form, modelling for him the wider life of the Mental Plane:

“Mike continued to look at his father with an affectionate smile on his face: then, suddenly, Jasper was looking at a mature and wonderfully beautiful soul.

“In a flash he realized that his son’s life had been the final link in a long, long series of lives and that it had been Jasper’s privilege to have been his father while he was alive.

“’At last you can see me as I really am,’ Mike greeted him. ‘Now you can see me with the dark glasses removed from your eyes. …’

“The joy that Jasper experienced flooded throughout the whole of his mind.

“’But for the time being,’ continued Mike pleasantly, ‘I think we’ll all feel more at ease if I retain the outward form of Mike!’

“Jasper could only nod, inarticulate with happiness at the sight of this golden figure.” (6)

Philip Gilbert presented the same sight to his mother, Alice Gilbert, who was also his medium. Philip has always reminded me of Matthew Ward and his mother Alice of Matthew’s mother, Suzy Ward.

“There is a most wonderful young man building up, but in a blaze of light – brilliant white light – he is very advanced.” (7)

“He is far more advanced than you realized on earth. He is working very hard.” (8)

Philip tells his mother:

“I am rather losing my sense of my brief earth-personality and merging into the entity that I have always been – your partner through many lives.” (9)

These then are snapshots of people going through what I believe is the equivalent of Ascension on the other side of life.

Their process is subtractive: They discard the astral body as no longer useful. But ours will be additive: We’ll add our Light Body to our present physical body, simply changing the base from carbon to crystalline.

They describe the need to discard our self-serving interests. We too have been purifying ourselves by completing our vasanas and dropping our conditioning: These acts of purification will naturally lead to a diminution of self-servingness.

However we need to go through neither the onerous spiritual disciplines of our ascended masters nor the rigorous process of the afterlife residents. The gently rising energies are bringing about the desired results and we mostly have to remember simply to remain open to them and all else that comes down the road in this most amazing of lifetimes.

Moreover, as if there were not enough complication already in the study of the higher dimensions generally, we’re told that we’re entering a brand new space and that all the rules have changed.

There’s little chance that scholars can capture what awaits us. Our most likely sources, I think, will be retrospective.


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art saraswati

ART : Saraswati – unknown artist

Ascension Compared to the Afterlife “Second Death” – Part 1/2 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art cat by Cayetano de Arquer Buigas

ART : Cat – by Cayetano de Arquer Buigas

Ascension Compared to the Afterlife “Second Death” – Part 1/2

Ascend 456

Many people believe that our Ascension marks our entrance into the Fifth Dimension.

No, we’ll be in the Fifth Dimension before we complete our Ascension. Then, some time after our entry, we experience a level of enlightenment called Sahaja Samadhi; that marks our culmination.

The Fifth Dimension has twelve subplanes. Ascension occurs deeper into the Fifth Dimension than the first subplane or “vestibule” we initially find ourselves in.

The situation is similar to folks who transition to the Astral Planes, entering the equivalent of the Fifth Dimension on the other side of life – which they call the Mental Plane. People are in the first subplane of the Mental Plane before they have the experience that’s equivalent to Ascension, which experience they call “the Second Death.”

The first death is the death of the physical body; the second “death” is the dissolution of the astral body. The residents thereafter find themselves in the mental body, which we call the Light Body or Merkebah.

I’m going to draw on the afterlife literature from the wiki New Maps of Heaven (1) to describe their experience of the Second Death. I hope this essay will give us hints about what our experience of Ascension may be like.

First let’s establish that many afterlife residents do call this experience the Second Death. Wellesley Tudor-Pole, well known in psychic circles after the First World War for his Private Dowding, transitioned and reported back to medium Cynthia Sandys:  “I woke up there on my second awakening after the ‘second death,’ when I had already shaken off all the earth attachments.” (2)

Shaking off all earthly attachments can have one of three meanings. It can mean that the traveller has passed beyond the realm of desires, or astral plane, and takes up a thoroughly heaven-centered life. It can also mean he’s shed the astral body. And it can mean that he’s gone through the dissolution of all ties between himself and his now dead physical body.

The unnamed spirit teacher speaking through Betty Bethards suggests that a complete transcendence of the personal self is what’s required to leave the astral body behind.

“Only by crucifying the lower self, only by totally destroying that nature of negativity within man can we ever hope to attain the total God-consciousness.

“Actually, the crucifixion of the lower self should be a joyous, not a ‘horrible,’ process. It is a time of great introspection, of deep learning, of understanding your mistakes, your weaknesses, and avowing to bring out only the purest you can find within yourself, and rising at all times to this highest level.” (3)

Arthur Conan Doyle, known more for Sherlock Holmes than his psychic research, tells us what it takes to experience the Second Death and what it brings with it.

“That Second Death [is] so marvelous and yet so terrible an experience. For in this life we cling with all our might to – Self. … Why not, when it seems desirable to enrich that personality with all the treasure we can gather by labour of hand or brain. …

“We do not pass naked into the astral, but rather bear with us many an earthly treasure of knowledge, strength and pride of accomplishment.

“And then … crown and climax of all our striving comes utter relinquishment – such is the marvel and miracle of the human soul and spirit.

“To relinquish knowledge, power, accomplishment, all that goes to make our personal self of claims and assertions; to relinquish self-pity, self-centredness, the hope of accomplishment for self; to bare oneself, to become nothing; to restore to the Giver of all … all that one has and is.” (4)

We don’t need to exert ourselves as rigorously as Conan Doyle did. Neither would he have had to if he participated in a planetary Ascension such as that we’re in the middle of.  The “higher beings” who are designing the new realm are flooding us with elevating light which is doing a lot of the work for us.

“Crown and climax of all our striving.” That so much fits with what Sri Krishna said of enlightenment generally: “The reward of all action is to found in enlightenment.” (5)

All that Conan Doyle had to relinquish was everything that tied him to his narrow, personal self.  Again we’re not required to do that rigorous a level of cleansing or purification.

Let’s now look at more descriptions of what the Second Death is like for what it can tell us about our Ascension. “Chan” in Ivy Northage’s Trance Talks describes it.

“[The second death] is not a separation … but a feeling of complete serenity and peace, with no concern for anything, or awareness of people around you. …

“You are supported by something that is almost unidentifiable. You have lost your own identity without any concern or anxiety about it. … It is a true spiritual release, and for a little while you don’t really know where you are. … There is no feeling of distress. It is a kind of oblivion, but a conscious oblivion.

“Then you become aware of what I can only describe as a harmonic reverberation around you, a beautiful ecstacy. … You feel this divine, ecstatic, unified power with such indescribable joy that you just don’t know what is happening to you.” (6)

I’ve experienced what I believe is the ecstacy that he refers to and it truly does wipe away all tears and establish one in complete satisfaction. Mine was a visit to these spheres rather than a permanent transition. I’m becoming convinced that the experience of ecstacy I had only differs in intensity from what we’ll all experience later.

The unnamed spiritual teacher speaking through medium Betty Bethards, in describing the experience, doesn’t call it a death but rather an initiation:

“Once man has completed going through the ‘death’ [or reincarnational] cycles of the earth plane, he never goes through another death cycle.  When one advances through the various levels of the higher planes, there is an initiation which takes place which allows the soul to shed his ‘outer layer’ (as when he shed the physical body).

“The heavier matter which makes up your coat for one level is shed for a lighter coat when you move to the next. You shed your old beliefs and lessons and attune to your new body, a little like a snake shedding its skin.” (7)

The “outer layer” in this initial advance is the astral body. Completing the death or reincarnational cycles of the Earth plane probably means experiencing the enlightenment while alive which is the equivalent of the Second Death: that level is called Sahaja Samadhi, such as Sri Ramana Maharshi had. (8)

While many enter the Mental Plane from the Astral Plane after death, only those who achieved it while in the physical body have finished the reincarational cycle. Those who did not experience it while alive, though they do in the afterlife, must return to the Earth Plane until they do.  At least, that’s the way it’s been. All that may be changed now.

The present generation are watching entirely new rules arise pertaining to spirituality. Here is Archangel Michael confirming that:

Steve Beckow: Is the realm that we’re building and taking our physical bodies with us to altogether new?

Archangel Michael: Yes, it is brand new.

Steve: … Brand new, and the rules have changed?

AAM: That is correct.  (9)

Here’s St. Germaine saying the same thing:

St Germaine: You have declared that as a human race you are doing an Ascension process maintaining form.

Now that does not mean … because you are choosing as a race … you see all the rules have changed.  …

That is the old paradigm: ‘You can’t come here, unless you die.’ Well, that’s not true! That’s what enlightenment and Ascension is about. You can go as far, you can go (10)

In my understanding, the rules for attaining enlightenment have changed, although I don’t clearly know yet in what ways. As well, the “rules” for what enlightenment brings and how enlightenment have changed also seem to have changed. I hope we’ll be getting information over time on what the changes are.

Tomorrow we’ll look more at what impels the individual to undergo the Second Death and what experiential changes it brings.

(Concluded in Part 2.)


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art cat by by Cayetano de Arquer Buigas

ART : Cat – by Cayetano de Arquer Buigas

Arriving into 2016 @ Walking Terra Christa

art lila violet

ART : Lila Violet

Arriving into 2016


new moon_800_500

As the energies are settling into the New Year, we are confronted with the changes that will occur in a planetary and universal level. With the continuation of the lunation cycles, we are now experiencing the New Moon Energies in Capricorn.

The New Moon arrived on January 9th, 2016 at 5:30 PM Pacific, 8:30 PM Eastern, and January 10th at 01:30 Universal Time Zone.

It is a perfect time to have the reflection of this new moon as it represents the characteristics of preparing for our future. It is a time to fully look back on what we did not achieve in 2015 so that we can concentrate on what needs to be worked upon by attaining the goals that we desire to create in our lives.

 SELF-DISCIPLINE ~ is the key word of this New Moon.

It is a time for us to dig deeper into our consciousness and truly strive on what we desire to create by looking within our sub-conscious thoughts that mold our reality. Our Higher Self cannot bring forth the dynamics of the Higher Mind if the Physical Mind is still striving for its control. This is where we can get into a danger zone as the old programming can mold who we have been instead of striving on who we are becoming.

This takes great diligence to move into the journey of self awareness and to look at the elements that truly have stopped us from achieving what we desire. We have to understand that these thoughts are not the reality of the Higher Self, but are personality disorders lodged within our Etheric Body (Soul Body) from the many realities that we have experienced in previous lifetimes. Those timelines (or moments in time) are igniting into our consciousness because we are allowing the multi-dimensional self to be part of the earth-based reality.

This is something that has not been achieved previously in any timeline on this earth. We are all parts of our-self or aspects from the many timelines which we have not rectified these issues. They are now appearing within our present reality to be addressed. Although we may not recognize that this is what they are; they seem to be coming from our present thoughts of reality and we perceive them to be substantial in our present life condition.

This is so much further from the truth. There may be parts of our personality that need to be changed from our childhood or adolescent stages, but believe me, many of these aspects we have experienced in other lifetimes. They are appearing in our subconscious so that we can heal them. They are not to be punished but to be nurtured into a healing state of existence.

This moon is allowing us to do just that with more ease and grace than we have experienced previously. It is a moon that represents “nurturing our dreams into a realistic fashion” (

The only way that we can honestly work through these issues is to face them head-on and this is where the Self-Discipline comes into full creation.

In order to make the necessary changes we must allow our Higher Self to help us through the process. If we continually try to figure things out from our mental self, then we will still be stuck on the old merry-go-round that does not stop. We must take time for our inner-self to be blessed with the ability to relax and allow the emotional charges to run through us. They are there for a reason, and it is not because they need to be stopped; it is due to the fact that they need to be noticed and addressed.

We are also gaining much assistance with Mercury being in Retrograde since the 5th of January. Some individuals may think of this time with dread and foreboding, because it can cause havoc in our lives. But the beautiful essence of this alignment is that it is a time for true growth. As the planet Mercury is moving backwards, it teaches us to do the same thing. It is a time when the old issues will arise only to be confronted and healed, or put into wholeness as we like to say in our teachings.

This energy is giving us the grand opportunity to step into a more mature understanding of what we are experiencing. It truly represents Mastery at its core level. This energy continues through the 25th of January right after the Full Moon ignites her blessing on the 23rd/24th depending upon your time zone (1-23-15, 5:26 PM Pacific, 8:26 Eastern; 1-24-16, 01:46 UTC), and represents the sign of Leo with the sun of Aquarius. This full moon cycle takes what we have created from the New Moon and allows the creativity of our projects to be shown in the outside world. Communication efforts will be flowing more easily so that what we have experienced in the previous two weeks can be fully acknowledged. This moon will also illuminate the areas that need to be addressed so if we take the time to do the inner work now, we will be ahead of the energies by the end of the month.

My advice is to utilize the Mental Self during this time to create guidelines to help the physical self to understand what the spiritual self wants to create. Working with journaling is very important along with meditations that will take you through a new doorway. Understanding that it is a time of great movement from one stage to another is especially important to allow the spiritual self to have a more integrated effort within the full-body system.

Take this time to truly allow your creativity to take you through the old parts of your-self that you do not want to experience. Making a Vision Board is a fun way to utilize and manifest your desires while you are moving from the old energies into the new. It is always exciting to look for pictures that depict what we want to achieve in our lives and put them together in a collage’ so that we can view it all through the year. What is actually more enthralling is to see the manifestations occur.

In summation, we are stepping into a new world of transformation but the transition from the old essence must be acknowledged in order for the movement into the new essence can be accepted. It is a most powerful time of acceleration but the work truly needs to be done first within our psychological self so the spiritual self can fully walk through the next doorway of reality.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

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