So Strong are the Vibrations – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art  Lotus Woman Meditation  (art  elena.ray)

ART : Lotus Woman Meditation – Elena Ray


So Strong are the Vibrations

Sacred 11I’m in transformative love again. Others call it universal love, unconditional love. It’s all the same.

Something amazing is happening to me. I’m experiencing a revolution in my way of being.  And it’s all a result of these glorious energies.

I used to be the world’s biggest gunnysacker, never letting go of a resentment until all was a desert around me and I was the last man standing. And standing. And standing.

OK, I’m exaggerating – it’s the last bit of drama allowed to me. But I held on to resentments longer than most people.

In the intensifying vibrations that are all around us at the moment, I actually see a huge shift in my behavior.  Hallelujah!

In the last week I had things happen that were aggravating or frustrating.

One was that a friend broke the glass of my favorite picture (“The Audience is Listening,” see “About the Staff”).

Another was that the work that’s being done on my building reached my suite last week and I had to transfer everything from my balcony into my suite.

If someone broke the glass of my favorite picture in bygone years, I’d have been, ahh, irritated.  But today, I simply attended to the mess of glass, spent a half hour getting the remaining glass out of the broken frame, and then got on with my life. I heard myself say that I didn’t care if I lost the picture. I’d get it back in 5D.

I also moved the balcony trunks and boxes into my apartment, most of which was not mine. I could have gotten bitchy about storing other people’s possessions and been nasty to them.  But I didn’t. The minute I finished moving everything indoors, the incident was closed and gone.

That is revolutionary for me and it’s all because of the energies.

If you were as big a gunnysacker as I was, this shift would come as deliriously-welcome news, equivalent to V-E Day.

It’s not a feature of something that I’m doing because I’m not doing anything. It’s a feature of the energies.

We’re looking for tangible evidence that the things we’re following are real. Well, to someone on the awareness path, the way I feel right now is tangible evidence.  Experience is what I learn from and look to for veracity.  I feel love shading into bliss. The depth of the love and bliss I feel right now is for me highly-credible evidence that things are happening energetically.

I know. Some people aren’t feeling anything. I went through years of not feeling anything and now I am.  There are probably many variables involved. There usually are.  I’m sure it will come.

For me, the energies are so high, at this moment, that I’m deep in transformative, transforming, transformational love. It dissolves all issues. It releases all bonds.

Don’t forget that love is limitless. So all I’m ever going to be saying here is that I’m deeper and deeper in love. It may get repetitive, but the experience is not. The experience of love is endlessly new and delightful. There is nothing on Earth that I could compare it to because everything on Earth pales over time except love.

Bliss, enlightenment, and love are all endless. We just deepen more and more into them.

So it’s the energies that are raising my own vibrations to a place where resentment is absent.

Archangel Michael and I discussed this on the last Hour with an Angel and both agreed that transformative love leaves no room for resentment.

This development will spark a character revolution in this one, as I’m sure those who knew me in my bad old days (say, two years ago. No? One?) would agree with.

I never knew I was resenting. I sensed that something was wrong. I couldn’t have put a name to it or put my finger on it.

I never knew that I followed this lockstep pattern of feeling offended and resenting the other person if they don’t make amends. And then I would withhold affection as a punishment. Ho, man, that was my life. F-O-S-S-I-L.

Now, buoyed up by this Salt Lake of love, floating on the surface of life, exposed to the light and relaxed, I just saw resentment drop out of the picture. Just like cold drops out of the picture the minute we walk into a warm hot tub. Just like the fear of death dropped out of the picture the minute I saw I was not my body (OOBE).

I don’t have to resent! I don’t have to punish people! I don’t have to sew drama and reap trauma!

At this moment, I’m deeeeeeeeeeeply in transformative love. I’m telling the truth, right? And the truth is setting me free.  I’m experiencing progressively-more release. Love is arising from this artesian well I call my heart to fill the space thus created.

I’m listening to Viva La Vida and almost dancing around the room. I could lose myself in ecstacy, so strong are the vibrations.  And I surrender and lose myself.

In this state of ecstacy, I can make mistakes. So if you see something unusual on the blog and think someone is asleep at the switch, you’re right. I’m asleep in bliss, asleep in samadhi. Pardon me for a short bit while I retire into meditation.


art  Lotus Woman Meditation  (art  elena.ray)

ART : Lotus Woman Meditation – Elena Ray

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