Accentuated in the Presence of Bliss ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Krishna Paintings by Rakhi Baird at Artodyssey

ART : Krishna Painting by Rakhi Baird @ Artodyssey


Accentuated in the Presence of Bliss

Bliss 234

I’m in bliss right now. I went through most of the morning in transformative love and then bliss unfolded … when I corrected my impression of what I was looking at and looking for.

I felt the first touch of bliss and then went looking for it, to embrace it.

I thought it’d feel silky smooth and taste good like vanilla or chocolate.

Instead it felt exactly the way I was feeling at that moment. Bliss itself was invisible: Without flavor, taste, scent, feeling. But every other light-filled feeling or state became accentuated in the presence of bliss.

Before going on with this description, I have to add that, when I saw my mis-conception, I dropped it right away and just accepted that bliss was the way I was feeling. I guess bliss encountered no resistance from that point of view because it began to unfold for me.

If I feel happy in bliss, bliss accentuates the happiness. If I feel peaceful, bliss accentuates the peacefulness. If I feel satisfied, same thing.

Bliss allows all the happy children that the divine qualities are to play with each other and laugh in glee.

As usual, when I’m in bliss, all my cares fly away.

I don’t have much of a memory these days at the best of times. But bliss effaces all cares and concerns. I suppose you could say it elevates. Certainly it must raise my vibrational frequency. But that’s all the science I know.

I feel expanded. That’s what I’m experientially aware of. I have more room. Professor William James talked about leaving the astral plane for the mental plane because he needed more room. (1) It’s that kind of feeling.

In this space, I’m filled with the realized knowledge (2) that all is well.  No, not well as long as we dwell at a Third-Dimensional level of consciousness, where all is fear and manipulation.  But well at this particular level, whatever it may be.


(1) “I feel myself growing out of myself in a certain fashion. My adopted [i.e, conditioned] characteristics are becoming too small and cramped to contain my new growth and development, and I will move on most certainly to larger psychological quarters.

“It is not only the physical body we outlive, but the psychological house we have chosen. First after death we add new rooms and suites to accommodate our greater experience, but it is soon obvious that the entire structure has had its day. We must move out of it completely.” (William James through Jane Roberts, medium, The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher: The World View of William James. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1978, 159.)

(2) I’m using “realized” in a special way here: not Self-realized knowledge, but realized as opposed to intellectual or experiential knowledge; knowledge gotten through an “Aha!” experience and known with certainty. I’m not making a claim – open or veiled – to being a Self-realized person. I haven’t achieved that state and probably won’t until we all do sometime in 2017.


Krishna Paintings by Rakhi Baird at Artodyssey

ART : Krishna Painting by Rakhi Baird @ Artodyssey

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